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  1. dota9

    Spinning reel??

    i wish they put a bait runner on a Stella ? Dude... Really
  2. dota9

    THE BEAST Surf Rig !!!!

    More picture of the vapor girl Both very nice man do you need 4x4?
  3. dota9

    RED Shimano terez rod

    I got white instead plus white braid for my Stella swb 8k
  4. dota9

    RED Shimano terez rod

    It's a sweet rod especially the slick butt version in red! Supposed they discontinued the color but you might want to try west marine they might have some unsold somewhere... I've met a person on the jetty with a red model but a waxwing spec with a cork grip and he was asking 200 I told him nvm
  5. dota9

    Trout rod. Kencor pac 73

    hey I have a Kencor pac 73 forsale I'm asking $160
  6. dota9

    No lobster is worth your life

    It's my own opinion...
  7. dota9

    No lobster is worth your life

    You would think the second person wouldn't leave the 60y/o... Only he care for himself and swam to shore ?? I would differently think I'm at fault for doing so. Once you leave someone behind its over with
  8. dota9

    WANTED shimano jig bag

    Can make it yourself
  9. dota9

    Wide Open Blue Fin Bite on the Ski!!!

    Wow I want a sea motorcycle now
  10. dota9

    Daiwa Luna vs Shimano Calcutta D

    i like the 400d because I have a good grip on it because it fits my palm perfectly and it's tough built for sure and even has the level winder that I like... I don't like low profile reels but I never had the urge for one anyways.
  11. dota9

    Kencor pac 73 trout setup

    Ok I'll update with pictures in the morning
  12. dota9

    Kencor pac 73 trout setup

    $200 3 piece Kencor 7ft long With shimano Sahara 750 reel "rare". 9095628802 pick up in Fontana
  13. dota9

    Shimano Stella 8000PG SWB Brand New

    Free bump it's such a good deal right here...
  14. dota9


    I'm in Montana right now in Philipsburg fishing flint creek(private area) but yeah it's snowing pretty good about 2ft of snow. I've caught a lot of nice fish here! and I'm surely going to miss this place once I leave back to California.
  15. dota9

    Sad News.... Tofino Tour Boat Capsizes

    What I read was there is life jackets floating around but ppl weren't
  16. dota9


    ok I've seen it all
  17. dota9

    10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    Nice how are you breeding those sardines lol nice aquarium u got there and grats on the troll
  18. dota9

    Shimano Vs Avet

    Please correct me if on wrong but I just saw Avet line up and all they have are 2 speed... How about talica II vs Avet flag ship
  19. dota9

    Shimano Vs Avet

    its not about what company is better remember it's what the op wanted A #20 outfit for fw and sw... I don't ever wanna see anyone use a 2 speed in fw unless your river monster Jeremy wade...
  20. dota9

    Shimano Vs Avet

    My #20 outfit is best overall right Calcutta 400D paired with terez 8 medium.. butter smooth,light and comfortable all day performance
  21. dota9

    King Kong parrot fish

    Pm sent
  22. dota9

    Chovie #20 rod

    Terez 8 medium with a Calcutta 400D
  23. dota9

    NaCl or new lexa 400

    How Do u know the weight of those fish.
  24. dota9

    Irvine Lake strugeon exceeds IGFA line record?

    Wow.what kind.of setup did he have reel/pole?