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    Blackwater leader

    Doing inventory at the shop and found 4 coils of 200# Blackwater in back-stock. Anybody interested can give us a call or come by Dana Landing. They list at $129. If somebody wants all of them we'll let them go for less. 619 226 2929
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    Volvo D4

    Friend is selling this motor, I told him I would help out and put a link to his CL ad here. Motor is still in the boat so you can see it run before he pulls it for the re-power.
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    January 14 event at Dana Landing

    Just in case you didn't know about our event at Dana Landing. There are going to be some great sales, along with the free beer samples, and free pulled pork sandwiches we also are going to pay for you to join the CCA. Join the CCA for $40 and we will give you a $40 Dana Landing gift card...
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    Don't miss out

    I wouldn't usually post in this forum, but we have what I feel is a huge deal for long range fishermen this Saturday 1/16. Dana Landing is having a big seminar/sale on Saturday. It is focused on inshore fishing, but I did get a hold of a bunch of Yo-Zuri Bonitos. I got a ridiculously low...
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    Event at Dana Landing January17th

    Bay Bass Tournament kickoff event at Dana Landing Saturday January 17th Event starts at 7:00am with a live broadcast of Let’s Talk Hookup. At 10:00 am host Pete Grey from Let’s Talk Hookup will moderate a panel discussion with some of the best inshore fisherman and lure innovators on the west...
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    Dana Landing has Halco 130's in stock

    We are fully stocked on all Halco as of today.
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    Dana Landing Looking for help

    We're looking for some help at the store. If this looks like it could be a fit for you, stop by and see us. Thanks John Looking for 2 positions: #1 Looking for someone who knows salt water fishing. Duties would include putting line on reels, helping sell tackle and gear, taking charter...
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    Meet Capt Paul Hebert from Wicked Tuna at Dana Landing

    Wicked Tuna at Dana Landing! Join us at Dana Landing and meet Captain Paul Hebert from the boat Wicked Pissah on National Geographic's Wicked Tuna Meet Paul on Sunday, June 22nd from 4-6 PM. He will have pictures to autograph, take a photo with him or just ask a question about Giant Bluefin...
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    Penn Torque spinning reels?

    I figured I would ask this question on thid board because of the experience with spinning reels you guys have. How do the Torque spinning reels from Penn stack up to other high end spinning reels? I know at the price point it would be considered more of a midrange reel. Mainly how is the...
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    Dana Landing lost dog

    Around 1:00 on 10/20 our black pug "Yaz" went missing. She is a very friendly dog, and was most likely taken. Those of you that have been to shop know this dog. She is a small black pug with a white spot on her chest. She is about 10 months old. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Video report

    My brother would never post this. (last week)
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    La Jolla video Sunday

    Fished LJ Sunday after work. Took a hook and hand from my 11 yer old son on his baitrunner trevala combo. He filmed it on his phone, and put together the video. The fish went 27.8
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    Trueline question

    I pulled the cork tape off a truline rod I have fished with for a long time. The blank is a L-VV-7. That doesn't sound familier to me. any one heard of it? It's a little over 7 foot, I always fished 25-30 with it. Thanks
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    Lil Scoot

    I decided to run off some pics of my friend Dave Matsurras Marlin lures. I did the skirts. I don't think dave would post this stuff, but this head has acounted for a lot of marlin off San Diego the last 4 years. Quite a bit has gone into the development of this head. They wanted a head that...
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    what the other side is doing.

    Here was the side banner on google I found today.
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    gusa 79mag

    Pre hastings 79mag blue blank, hyp fore-grip, cork tape butt, no reel seat, with fuji ngk sic guides. Simple double wrap, very light use. You can come by the shop to check it out, just contact me first. $150
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    8/23 flat calm ocean

    I just spoke with our charter boat Blackjack. He had just left Mission Bay and reported a flat glass ocean, with about a 2 foot ground swell.