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    Broadbills Exist

    Totally awesome.Well done.
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    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    Very cool story and well written. Thanks for sharing.
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    The SD 3/28 Quick Report

    Great , to the point info. Thanks.
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    5/31 LJ report

    Grill skin side down with lemon juice , garlic butter ,and a little salt and pepper. Nice job on the report.
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    La Jolla 03/11

    Nice basic report. Thank you.
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    New Del Mar 3/12 AM - wide open smiles!

    Love it. Enjoy while you can, They grow up to fast.
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    Buggin the bay 10/16

    Karma is a good thing. Sounds like an interesting night.
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    local 1/2 day afternoon..

    Awesome to take the little ones fishing. These are the good ole days for them.
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    Perfect. Nice job on the hoo.
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    Oceanside 9/30, same day report

    Nice and to the point post. Thanks
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    If the fktards had a brain they would know you get more DoDos away from the paddy usually. Most of the time the other boats are cool. I've waived in boats and been waived in. You do not ever slide right up on the paddy, that is not the way to do it. Someday maybe that boat owner will get a clue.
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    Oceanside 1/2 mile off the beach report. YT

    Love the iron, love it. Nothing better than getting smoked on the grind.
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    Shelter Island 530 launch

    The only good seal is a dead one.
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    Good Day __Dodo & YF

    Nice grade of tuna. Thanks for the report.
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    Dana Pt - Full Speed YFT and EPIC Hammerhead Video

    Great video. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
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    Late 9/5 report

    Nice save on the day.
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    9mb report sunday

    It was a tougher weekend for the fishing.
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    Crappy Labor Day Weekend for me!

    Can't get them every time. Thanks for the report.
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    Almost wide open onside 9/3

    There are far more numb nuts than fisherman who know the proper way to slide in.
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    15 miles Outside LJ-Aug 29th

    We went out to the 181 on Saturday. Got 3 Nice grade yellowfin and a coulple of lobster bait skippies. Found about 15 very nice paddies with no one home. Metered fish at 175 ft. Chunked for about an hour on each one to no avail. Got the yellowfin on school of dolphin.
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    people destroying kelps?

    A lot of fktards out there. Wouldn't be surprised.
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    The one that didn't get away... mb

    Too funny! Great story. Thanks for the laugh.
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    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    He does seem to be quite the fktard.
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    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    Great pics and great report Thanks for sharing.
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    Big Yellowtail at it again - Coronados

    Nice fish. Looks close to 30 to me.
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    Brought a Knife to a gun fight

    That's fishing. Get em next time.
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    Very cool. I hooked a 290lb thresher once that jumped like a marlin 3 times.
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    its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    Any fucktard that would throw a jig over your bow probably doesn't know how to use a computer.
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    Surf Fish report 7-4 through 7-13

    Been twice lately and have had really hard time getting decent crabs. Hopefully in the next couple weeks they will get bigger.
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    In love with that .... DODO

    Awesome video and great pics.
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    Sunday snap off....

    I had the same thing happen a few years ago. After the line broke about a 150LB mako jumped with my Rapala in its grill.
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    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Nice report. 2 is better than none and it should only get better.
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    More help for the newbie . . . this time inshore kelp

    Find where there is an area with good current, That's key.
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    North County SD Report

    Nice report. Going Friday. Thanks
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    Nados saturday 6-20-2015

    Nice pics, nice report. Maybe if we get a couple weeks of hot weather it will get a little better.
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    Hurricane effects

    I always feel like it pushes the fish up the line.
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    WOW! Impressive big fish on light tackle.
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    Dana point --zero points :(

    The full moon does indeed mess it up for me. Some it doesn't bother others as much.
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    No fish report 5/30

    your post was to the point, thanks. Will use your info on Friday.
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    Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    Fly lining crabs is very difficult.
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    A Football Field Of Bluefin at the South 9-Mile

    Very nice report. Going Friday. Thanks for the info.
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    San Felipe help!

    If you can drive to Percebu which is 28 Kilometers south of San Felipe. You can talk to Jorge Lopez, He runs the cantina, He could probably hook you up.
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    Gonzaga 5/14-5/18

    Very cool. We generally do a 4th of July trip with the boys. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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    5-10 BIG BUT

    If you are only going to get 1 bite, you got the right one.
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    Fishing the Coronados Friday need suggestions on tackle No bait tank available

    Blue mackerel pattern deep diving rapalas. Yo-yo 6x jigs, blue/white and blue/chrome. Surface irons scrambled egg.
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    South of San Felipe and Puertocitos

    Duane. We are heading down on the weekend of the 23rd. Hope to see you around. I'm easy to spot. Red/Grey hair and I usually wear a visor.
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    South of San Felipe and Puertocitos

    2 Weeks ago fishing out of Percebu where we have a house we got into Pinto bass/grouper to 6lbs and about a dozen 2 to 4 lb corvine. Lots of Small cabrilla and a couple halibut. Should only get better. Have fun B safe.
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    Cabo Report

    Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing.
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    San Diego Bay

    Why didn't you throw Nick overboard to fetch it?
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    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    Great save. I hate all fucking seals. The only good seal is a dead one.
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    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    It's not just at night when the cute little mother fkrs are out. Last week off green tank had 2, taking nice lings off the line. Finally threw some bonito at the bastards when we hooked a good one to distract it. We do need to reduce there numbers. Way, way to many aggressive and lazy ones to...
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    What happened at the bait barge

    EB bait guys have always been solid to me and my posse. Some guys would bitch if the found a 5 dollar bill cause it wasn't a ten. Get a life.
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    9/4 catch of a life time

    That catch made my day.
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    Point Loma kelp 9/1

    Nice. Very nice report. Good job on finishing the day.
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    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Great job Dad. Remember these are there good ol days.
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    2 YFT 9 Mile Bank Saturday 8/16

    It's nice to only use 2 gallons of gas. I use at least that to get out of SD bay. Good job on the windy tuna.
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    New to sharking

    Set up a good chum line and use a wounded mac, top of tail fin removed. They will come.
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    Paddy issues solved

    Common sense is not so common.
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    Rpt-01-22-14 Coronados on the 3/4 day San Diego.

    Gotta take the good with the bad. Sorry you missed it.
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    Bugs on the craw sorta of

    Nice job Ray. Good report. Don't let the ass clown ruin your posts.
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    Just a Heads up to SD Lobster Guys...

    Thanks for the warning. Seems like the edge is moving at times.
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    Hooping the Bay

    Should have played poker instead.
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    It has been a tough start to the new year. Don't feel alone.
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    Kids Hoopin - tradition continues:

    Great job Dad. Remember these are the good ole days.
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    peaks and valleys...

    Vessel assist has saved me 2 times. Well worth the 2 bones a year.
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    Magic Paddy Near the 182 on Tuesday 9/10

    Sounds like some are getting a little closer.
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    Picky eaters!

    It's hard to get them to eat when they are on those little pinheads. Have caught some on a TD Minnow when they were shy. That was in Mex.
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    La Jolla Yellows 9/8/13

    Nice report. Nice job on the yellows.
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    Paddy Hopping @ 181

    Nice and quick report. Thanks.
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    SD bay with the lady

    Nice smile on you gal.
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    San Diego 8.17.2013

    Nice video, thanks for sharing.
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    Trigger happy!!!

    Fun to catch, but only good for ceveche.
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    Late report toothy Critters

    Thanks for the report. Glad you at least got 1.
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    Low 9, 226, west,182, high 9 and and in with Yellowtail

    Nice way to end the day. Good job and thanks for the scoop.
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    Steelhead at the 302???

    Light tackle fishing at its finest.
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    Yellows 29 NM 195 degrees off of Pt Loma

    Good report. Paddy jumpers can be quite the cocks. One time we had an assclown jump in and start spear fishing. A couple of jigs real close and a stern lashing by my 2 pals convinced the cheesedick to remove himself form the location.
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    San Diego/Mission bay inshore

    Wow! Nice job on the WSB and yellows.
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    9/6 Dodo and YT Inside 302

    Nice day on the water. Thanks for sharing your day.
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    Dorado and yellows close!

    Nice post. You are 100% correct on staying away from the paddy if you can. The slow troll is deadly.
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    This guy has the right idea!!!

    Just the way I like em, 1 on each side.
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    Tuna pen Giant BluefinTuna

    Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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    Gopro Super Tanker battle video from 5-27

    That was cool. Thanks for sharing it.
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    I broke two of my 10 Commandments of Fishing Etiquette in one shot...

    Glad you had a good day on the water. Try not to let the assclowns actions ruin your day. Karma will come to you and not him.
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    Hopefully the bone smokers will back off the visa request.
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    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    Great pics, good story, thanks for sharing it.
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    26 Grumpy.. You hit the nail on the head.
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    dfg problems suck but....

    I've been checked probably 25 times in my life and had only 1 bad experence. Lobster fishing 1 night came in about 10:30 and had only 2 lobster for 2 of us. Bad night. DFG guy went through my entire boat, every cabinet, everycontainer, ect. After about 35 minutes of searching he let us go. Not...
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    A very costly bass and lobster

    Sorry to hear about your lost R&R. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't lost at least one in a similar manner.
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    Lucky B TV -Sand Bass in San Diego Bay ***Video***

    Great job on the video. Cool music to go with it. Looked like Brandon was putting a spanking on the other guy. Glad you guys shared it.
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    #1 Reason why you shouldn't use a combination lock.

    He's probably the homo who stole my jock strap.
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    F*** SEALS!

    I'd pay alot of money to be able to club them.
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    Can Anyone Recommend a good Guide for fishing SD Bay

    Captain James Nelson comes highly reguarded.
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    Anchorwoman blooper

    She's got sausage on the mind.
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    Got my target fish

    One is always better than none. Glad you had a nice day on the water.
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    Targeting Structure for Sand Bass

    Some very usable info there. Thanks for sharing.
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    5 o'clock somewhere

    That was kinda cool.
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    I'm not Fat, I just puff up when I'm horny.....

    Foul and nasty, I think I'm gonna hurl!
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    Tit 4 Tat

    That's the best one I've seen. Thanks for the laugh.
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    Just kicking back!

    There's gonna be some sore shoulders.
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    Nice report and good job on the bugs.
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    Dana Pt. 1/20/2012

    Very nice picture. Thanks for sharing.
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    SD Bay Report 1/16/12

    I was out also on Sat. Fishing was scratchy but did manage to get some nice fish.
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    Epic Endo!
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    High School Basketball at its worst

    The fat fuck in the middle would have gotten a full speed knee to the balls.
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    PSA from British TV

    That's wrong, very, very wrong.
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    Go Broncos!!!!!

    Made my afternoon. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beat the KTLA weather girl

    If Fox news had a weather girl like that it would be the only one I watch.
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    New and used woman sales lot

    Thanks for the smile .
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    Boob Apron

    Classic. Thanks for the smile.
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    Don't let your boat get caught out in the cold.

    That's a little chilly for fishing.
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    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    What a great post. Best I've seen in a while. Great pics except the moonshine at the end. Gave me a much needed laugh. Thanks!
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    Kayak Halibut fishing

    Excellente! Great video and great catch.
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    WOW! That's the biggest I've seen in a long, long time.
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    Welcome to my Woodshop

    Looks great woodman. Glad you enjoy it.
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    Have you ever had a Cup of Cheese?

    I thought it was amusing.
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    lobster under the full moon........11/8

    I hate seals. They seem to be much more aggressive this year or is it just me?
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    This is why we HATE Prius drivers

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    Buggin' in SD, Bassin' in DP

    Great job DAD. He looks like he had a BLAST.
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    Knifed me a Butt!

    Awesome job. So cool to hear your story.
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    11/3 S D Bay

    That is alot of pulls. I think I'd do a little longer soak.
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    L.A. harbor halibut

    That is a nice clean Hali. Great job.
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    san diego bay11/5

    Nice job on the bugs and the report.
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    SD Bay 11/05

    Harvick is an ass clown.
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    Local lobster with the kids!!

    Great job Dad. Glad you got some.
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    Tips for Newbies and Bug Report 10/25

    Thanks for the insight. I will try it on Saturday night.
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    My Two Biggest Lobsters EVER!!!!!

    Great post. Thanks for the smile.
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    Hoopers Opinion - old, stinky bait or fresh caught?

    I add fresh bait to my already used old bait. Cram as much into each cage as possible. I have used fresh and old on the same night and it came out even.
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    Miss Kentucky likes Da Bears!!!

    Looks like she's enjoying it.
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    Classic! Enjoyed them all.
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    Lost hoop net Saturday night.

    You did not let me know you were going PUTZ>
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    reverse inshore fishing

    I've caught legal lings in 28 ft. of water and sand bass in 240 ft. Go figure.
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    The fog can turn you around in a hurry. GPS helps but it still makes my cheeks tight.
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    Grinding the Crack

    That's got to be the biggest rush a human could get. Made my cheeks tight.
  134. T

    Thief at SI

    A couple years ago someone stole the old used spare tire for the trailer out of the back of my truck at SI.
  135. T

    Now I understand

    My son knows better also. I warned him if I ever saw it he would get a mega wedgie in front of all his friends. Hell if I saw one of his friends like that he'd get one too.
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    EPIC! First time hooping....Killed it!!!

    Nice job newbie. Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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    Wonderful night Saturday night hooping

    We went on Saturday night and got 9 legals in about 15 to 25 ft of water.
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    Sturgeon in LA Harbor

    That's nice to know. You can learn something new everyday.
  139. T

    Death Wish?

    Stupid is as stupid does.
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    Not my BUTT-Checkit out

    That is truely a big ass hali.
  141. T

    Is This Real?

    They have killer whales, we have sea lions.
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    Rockpile 9/23/2011 - Late Report

    At least you put a few fish in the boat.
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    The pelican looks like he's enjoing it.
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    hurricane hilary

    I'd be wary of anything named Hillary.
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    Excellent report on the fishing and the boat.
  146. T


    Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.
  147. T


    I laughed out loud.
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    Chastity Bono TOPLESS PIX!!!!

    Looks more like Rosie ODonnell.
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    Undisclosed location N.County Halibut!!

    Need to be a little kinder on the newbs.
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    Team Basstic - La Jolla Swimbait Yellowtail!

    Great, great post. Excellent job on the pescado.
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    What is this???

    That is 1 ugly mother.
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    Limited out on the hidden

    Nice pics, nice report.
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    Full MoonFish: Epic Battle

    Nice job, nice fish, nice story.
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    Yep, I would have tased her!

    I would have zapped her ass for sure.
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    My Posessed Cat Killing A Mouse

    Cats got some attitude.
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    8-30-11 BFT at the Hidden

    Awesome report with great pics. Glad you got em.
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    South of Hidden Producer Wrapped

    The Mexicans could care less who they piss off or who they shit on. It is fueled by money from the Japanese fish market.
  158. T


    Was it the jackpot fish? Nice job on the big flatboy.
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    1.5 day Prowler trip 8/12-14/2011

    Nice. I would have stuck with the mega bait until proven otherwise.
  160. T

    Future Queen's Ass!

    I think she's going commando.
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    Daughters First Yellow Tail

    Reminds me of the good ol days when my daughter would go. Thanks for the smile.
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    120 miles

    Short and sweet report.
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    big BF near the 182

    Great job. That's making chicken salad out of chicken shit.
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    INDIAN 2 DAY REPORT 7/23-24

    If we can keep the fcking seiners off the fish for a few days, it would be nice.
  165. T

    Hiddenbank to the BFT at the 230 - 7/23

    Need to develop a code of speaking so the fish wrappers won't show up when we communicate to each other.
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    1.5 Dayer on the Relentless

    Sorry you didn't get any stops that produced. Chalk it up as time on the water.It'll come back to you.
  167. T

    we are fucked

    Fuc the tree hugging pricks!
  168. T

    Warning Oceanside Bait Dock

    That's why you don't launch out of O'side.
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    Dana Kids Tournament 6-26

    He probably doesn't care what rod and reel he got, he looks pretty stoked to have won.
  170. T

    Slayed the butts

    Wow! Thats a whomper. Great job.
  171. T


    Any skipper who will help a newb, so you can kill fish is A-OK in my book.
  172. T


    Heard of a large one a little over a week ago up near Laguna. Only a couple Makos locally.
  173. T


    Heard of a large one a little over a week ago up near Laguna. Only a couple Makos locally.
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    Finally...after 6years!!

    Great report. Great job on the door.
  175. T

    I went to the bar

    10 bucks for a Bud lite?
  176. T

    Which Charger fan does this belong to?

    Come on, you know that's a Raiders fans plate.
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    SD Bay Lately (A Pictoral Report)

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing them.
  178. T

    Drinking and driving

    I'd rather have a guy drinking a beer that's paying attention to the road than someone trying to text and not.
  179. T

    A Couple of Funnies

    That's my kind of sunscreen.
  180. T

    Check out the Chicken....

    My 8 year old thought it was funny.
  181. T


    Good post. Any time I get a smile for free its worth it.
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    What the Hell is this?

    Looks like the son of a bitch thats been eating my bell peppers and zuccinni.
  183. T

    Breast Implants made in China

    I knew it was coming and I still flinched.
  184. T

    Nerves of steel...........

    Didn't even blink. The mullet who tried to shoot him should be be in the front row.
  185. T

    First Fish !

    Awesome Dad. Made me smile inside.
  186. T

    Odd Craig's List Boat Listings

    I'd go for the one that can get airborn.
  187. T

    Big boat against bigger one

    I generally give way to the larger boat anyway. Its called survival.
  188. T

    Fishing trips

    Nice chuckle.
  189. T

    A priest that loved to fish...

    Good, clean joke I can tell my kid.
  190. T

    how to get into 3rd grade

    Good questions. I didn't get very many right.
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    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 3/28/11 Our "NEW" Personal Best

    Great writing, fun to read. Excellent job on the big flattie.
  192. T

    shark tow -in surfing

    Don't know if it was real, but it looked like it.
  193. T

    Guy on Freeway

    Some guys are born retarded, others it takes a while.
  194. T

    Huge shark meets kayaker

    Basking sharks don't eat humans.
  195. T

    What makes a good beer?

    Did he get her phone number?
  196. T

    couple yellows

    Thanks for the update. I'm tired of fish that don't pull drag.;
  197. T

    Yes, the sand bass were biting!

    Nice job on the fish. Thanks for the heads up on the Coast Guard.
  198. T

    Old & Dilapidated

    Thanks for the chuckle.
  199. T

    These guys have some big sac

    Major sac, I,m not quite to that level.
  200. T

    Beer drinking pigs!!!

    Waste of a perfectly good beer.
  201. T

    Rut Row

    Thanks for the smile.
  202. T

    Must be nice...

    Where's the trolling motor?
  203. T

    shark tow -in surfing

    Guy's got a screw loose.
  204. T

    White shark tagged...with unintended result

    That's 1 less shark to take my tuna off my line.
  205. T

    Blonde Girl tries to fly

    I think her tits broke her fall.
  206. T

    Desert Golf

    You have to be smarter than the golf ball, or bad shit can happen.
  207. T

    South S.D. Bay great day

    Nice job on the numbers, and the bonefish.
  208. T

    what the hell is this?

    Hey tard. The mudd skipper was a name I made up. I guess I'm not as sharp as you.
  209. T

    3/21/11 N.OC They're here

    Looks like she inhaled the bait. Nice job.
  210. T

    Fishn was good WFO!

    Good day, good fun, good eats, good job.
  211. T

    Find The Canadian

    I like the one on the left of her.
  212. T

    3893 of EXPERTS

    Hook, line, and sinker on me.
  213. T


    Any beer and I'm good to go.
  214. T

    priceless, maybe a repost

    Very good I'm sending it to my wife.
  215. T


    Nice chuckle.
  216. T

    Luckiest people on earth..........

    That's crazy. I had a friend once that had a runaway horse total his boat on the way back from Eagle Lake in No. Cal. When he tried to explain to his insurance guy that a horse had totaled his trailer and boat the guy thiught he had a few to many to drink.
  217. T

    Drunk Priest

    Sick pecker head.
  218. T

    Proposed New California License Driving Test

    Looks like fun. he is a hell of a good driver.
  219. T

    A few to amuze

    Great variety, all were good. Thanks for sharing.
  220. T

    2011 OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4-16-11

    I'm pretty sure I'm in. Question, how many people can we have on the boat?
  221. T

    My biggest butt ever!

    WTG. I can tell by the smile on your face you are a happy girl.
  222. T

    When Life is Getting You Down...

    Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh.
  223. T

    New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish Everywhere

    Great pics, That is a major bendo on the light spinning rod.
  224. T

    Bloodydecks to Launch Bigger and Badder Site

    Can't have to much of a good thing. Looking forward to it.
  225. T


    Welcome Kevin. You ice fishing right now?
  226. T

    One Big Bug in Laguna... In the day!

    Excellent report. Thanks for sharing.
  227. T

    Facebook comment of the year......

    Gotta be looking to hard to see that shit.
  228. T

    Best way to clean rust from stainless?

    Steel wool, then a very light oil.
  229. T

    4+ Gas this summer

    Fucking money grubbing gougers. There is no oil shortage in the US. The price raise is due to greed and possible disruption in the supply line. The towelheads only supply less than 2% of the worlds oil from Lybia.
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    2/23/11 Great Hoopin in SD Bay

    Nice job on the bugs in such a short time.
  231. T

    Imperial Beach "old" kelp line

    Sounds like a fun day. Great job on taking the Marines.
  232. T

    Wooden spoon trick

    Saw a different one, but it's still funny.
  233. T


    You still have to put time on the water, and promar nets do not guarantee you 1 single bug.
  234. T


    Bitter response
  235. T

    Trick shot Quarterback

    Don't let him go to the Raiders. Give them Jamarcus back, I don't think he could hit the outside wall of the gym from 10yds.
  236. T

    South 9 on 2-9-11

    It's cool to take newbs and put them on fish. Good job.
  237. T

    weird fish sighting

    Crazy looking.
  238. T

    Lottery Winner!

    That's good, he was a little slow on the trigger.
  239. T

    You are missing out!!!

    They can have it.
  240. T


    Good post. Thanks for sharing your trip.
  241. T

    good weekend in san diego bay

    Bet you thought you had a nice Halibut. Probably a good fight anyway.
  242. T

    SD Open Bay Bass Tourney

    An awesome job done again. It has to be a ton of work for those guys and gals who put it on.Warmfelt thanks to all who helped. We finished just ahead of you in 17th. Congrats to SD anglers.
  243. T

    This is why you need a gun in your car...

    I wouldn't have hesitated to run his ass over a couple times.
  244. T


    Short, but to the point.
  245. T

    Just a heads up on this weekend (Jan 29).........

    Thanks for putting the note out for all, could save a few people from getting grumpy.
  246. T

    soggy bottom wtf

    Great song and video,\. Thanks for sharing it.
  247. T

    More Booty Shaking...

    I enjoy it, I'd like to take them fishing.
  248. T

    The Cuchini

    I've never seen a camel toe I didn't look at. Ha Ha
  249. T

    O'Side Calicos

    Nice job on the cali's.
  250. T

    So,who all is fishing the Sd Baybass tournament?

    I'm in. Fishing has been good for numbers, but the bigger fish are a little harder to come by so far.
  251. T

    Would Carl hit it?

    That's foul. You'll need alot of flour to find the wet spot.
  252. T

    You guys are gonna like this !

    Classic, really enjoyed it. Sounds like a good time.
  253. T

    Instant headache

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  254. T

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    I think after living in the pens they forget how to live outside of it.
  255. T

    SD Bay 1/9/11. Some bass and a butt

    The lizard fish are becomming a pain in the ass. When I get 1 I usually twist its neck and drop it for the bottom feeders.
  256. T

    Get your heart started for the New Year

    My dad used to tear it up, I'm not nearly as gifted.
  257. T

    This week's Demotivations.....

    Very nice. Thanks for the smiles.
  258. T

    Wear your kill switch lanyard

    I like the notice of the drop of the RPMs.Classic!
  259. T

    1/05- Telephone pole in the channel

    That'll punch a major hole in your hull.
  260. T

    Best way to start the New Year!!! Bugs and halis! 1/1/01

    Sounds like u had a good time, but that water has to be cold as hell.
  261. T

    put 2010 in memory book fishing good

    Thanks for sharing the pics of you year.
  262. T


    You guys must really want some bugs to brave the shit weather. Bigger balls than mine.
  263. T

    Boating and Bugs

    Keep the motor running. If your 2 stroke starts to load up punch it up and run it for about 20 seconds, cleans out any extra crap in your carbs.
  264. T


    Stupid is, as stupid does.
  265. T

    Toad Hali today

    I'm thinking of Heywood. 50 out.
  266. T

    Mission Bay fishing

    Thanks for the laugh Junkyarder.
  267. T


    They are all a bunch of tree hugging ,fucking morons.
  268. T

    Another long night at Cat. Lobstering west end.

    It's all depends if THEY are crawling. They are there.
  269. T

    Alligator fried by electric eel

    That's 1 way to get rid of them gators.
  270. T

    For Saluki Claus...

    Not exactly Metallica.
  271. T

    Toad Hali today

    Smiles all the way around. Good job on the flattie.
  272. T

    santa's wasted

    I loved the face plant on the back of the car. HE'LL FEEL THAT IN THE MORNING.
  273. T

    The Bugs were out, but.... 12-12-10

    Need about a month to let them shed 1 more time. I too have been getting alot of close ones.
  274. T

    Goddammed Kids...!

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  275. T


    Ouch! Stupid is as stupid does.
  276. T

    I love San Diego women

    I think she's been in that position more than once.
  277. T

    Hooping on the Jig Strike San Diego Bay

    Sardines have given me 4 limits of lobsters this season.
  278. T

    Wife Spanked me

    When my wife goes with me I want her to catch more fish than me.
  279. T

    12/05/10 Stormy but Worth it.

    Decent start on your new ride. Good job and thanks for sharing.
  280. T

    Quality Fish - Guadalupe Island 5.5 Day

    Nice report, nice pics, thanks for sharing your trip.
  281. T

    who be touchin my monkey balls

    Old, stupid, but still funny.
  282. T

    Dont fuck with old guys....

    Looked real to me.
  283. T

    Man killed when Boat comes off Trailer

    I think I'd have to leave my boat where it falls in traffic. Prayers to the fam.
  284. T

    great night on the water 12-1-10

    Nice report. Thanks for the pics.
  285. T

    Oh what a season...

    Thanks for sharing all your cool pics. I really enjoyed them.
  286. T

    Rpt-SCI-12-02-10 Slow Start, good ending!

    Great repor, great pics, thanks for sharing.
  287. T

    Dana Point today Nov 30th...

    The water is nut numbing, has been for awile.
  288. T

    Hot chick washing a car video.......

    Had me laughing out loud.
  289. T

    11 27 2010 ATIHC Halibut report W/Pics!

    Awesome job on the win. Thanks for sharing your story.
  290. T

    Bone Head fishing with the Boy Scouts for Bugs

    You have some really cool pics, thanks for sharing and good job on all you caught.
  291. T

    Finally got a few

    Lobster tacos for the Charger -Raider game?
  292. T

    Cat vs gator

    Either a brave cat or a stupid one.
  293. T

    More funny than the Mexican Hammers

    Stupid is ,as stupid does.
  294. T


    Stupid is, as stupid does.
  295. T

    When it's okay to shit your pants while driving.........

    I think he should have hit the brake a little sooner.
  296. T

    Grab a net

    There's been a good show on the animal planet that show yellowfin ripping through the bait ball this week.
  297. T

    The Annoying Orange

    Amusing, a little.
  298. T

    Fog and bugs=adventure

    I hate fog, makes my cheeks to tight when driving.
  299. T

    how is san diego bay doing

    Been doing ok on the outgoing tide. Got about 15 fish last Saturday up to 3 1/2 lbs. 4" brown/pearl swimbaits.
  300. T

    SD Bay Yak Style

    Thanks for the update.
  301. T

    Hooking & Hoop

    Great pics ,thanks for sharing.
  302. T


    Looks like a very clean fish. Nice yob.
  303. T

    Just How Big Do THESE Things Get? Part II

    Very impressive. That's the biggest I've ever seen off a yak.
  304. T

    Interesting fact...

    Gotta have sure footing, can't afford a slip.
  305. T

    just the three of us, Me, Myself, and I

    Awesome job on the bugs. Sometimes when I hit a rut buggin I'll fly solo and it seems to produce.
  306. T

    Oside Flattie Report 11/13

    Thanks for your report, shows that they are there.
  307. T


    I enjoyed your sense of humor.
  308. T

    When a Birthday prank goes very very wrong.......

    It looked real, he had the oh I,m fcked look on his face.
  309. T


    The marlin seemed a little hot.
  310. T

    wheres the bugs in OC?? anyone know?

    Hey newbie, use your graph and find holes and deeper spots, ledges ,peaks ect. You have to try trial and error until you find the spot.
  311. T

    Catalina Fishing/Diving Report 11/5-7

    Really good reading, you are an excellent writer and a good diver. Thanks for sharing your trip.
  312. T

    San Diego Bay and Mission Bay, Winter Bass Action....

    Fish more structure, I.E. Rocks, ledges, points rather than the grass.
  313. T

    SD Big Bay Yak Bugs

    Thanks for sharing your report.
  314. T

    Why it's good to go INTO swells, rather than sideways ACROSS them.....

    The guy behind the bar had the right idea, stay put.
  315. T

    need a laugh??

    Thanks for britining up my day.
  316. T

    Limits for 4 in 2.5 hours! That's 28 lobsters if you can't add. :)

    That's the thing about Lobsters, you never know when or where the big crawl is going to take place.
  317. T

    WSB or Corvina...

    Orange mouth corvina.
  318. T

    So Um Ah ?

    That was 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
  319. T

    2 Divers rescued from Santa Monica Pier

    Wow! Reality check. Prayers to the families and friends.
  320. T


    Cool to see the little one enjoys lobs as much as we do.
  321. T

    Insane hockey fight!

    Saw about 20 game misconducts. I love it.
  322. T

    seal bombs

    Funny-I guess.
  323. T

    A nice night on the water

    Not sure if they crawl from shallow to deep, or from deep to shallow. Last week got some early shallow, then it went dead. Went deep and got 4, then it went dead. Went back shallow and got 2 more. 10 total. Nice work on the limit.
  324. T

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    MFISH618 is right about finding new water. I used to fish a spot in the bay that I had all to myself, now over the last 2 years it has become popular. I can't stand worring if some assclown is going to run over my nets or check my hoops when i"m not their. The further I am away from hoopers I...
  325. T

    Fisherman Daisy

    Sounds like she had a good time.
  326. T

    True Grit!!!

    Where's John Wayne? Looks good.
  327. T

    Nice paint job Kim K!

    Baby got back.
  328. T

    The good old days...

    I always enjoy it.
  329. T

    redondo special 1/2 day PM Yllwtail

    Great job on switching baits to get bit.
  330. T


    O'side used to be good, don't know why it went to shit so fast.
  331. T

    Tough Fishing

    I used cat food 1 time. I will never use it again. Stinky, nasty, boat messing shit.
  332. T

    Dana Point Super Bug 10.17.10

    Thing looks like it's on roids. Nice pic, nice release.
  333. T


    A definite match, good call.
  334. T

    What's your caption for this picture?

    Carl, great line on this is how it feels to be Raider fan. Thanks for the laugh.
  335. T

    Channel Islands Seafood Health Warning

    Its the tree huggers trying to keep fisherman from getting some.
  336. T

    Sd Bay 10/18- killed some lobster........

    Some is alot better than none. Thabks for the report.
  337. T

    Have You Ever.....

    Wow! That pic of the solo lobster is a whomper. Great job and thanks for the Dana report.
  338. T


    Excellent job on the tails, glad to hear they are still around the pile.
  339. T


    Nice job on the bottom critters. Try 30 specta with about 3 ft of flouro leader and you won't lose 1/2 as many tails to the kelp.
  340. T

    How to NOT, get your ass kicked by the police.

    Good stuff. Had a smile on my face for the duration. Thanks for sharing.
  341. T

    What's your caption for this picture?

    A.J. is such a moron. I should have had my QB do a 3 step drop instead of a 5 step drop so he wouldn't get sacked 7 times.
  342. T

    Overcast with occasional drizzle, and sharky as hell.

    Very well written. Enjoyed the pics and your story. Thanks for sharing.
  343. T


    Looks like a hoot, you could really mess up some surf lines with the right paint job.
  344. T

    Returning Soldiers

    I could take a couple of guys in my 20 Wellcraft. Either SD Bay or near inshore. It would be an honor. EMail me on my Bloody decks line. Mike
  345. T

    bailing hay in denmark

    Looks like he was enjoying himself.
  346. T

    Dana Point Hoop Crooks are back

    Find their tow ride in the parking lot and fix the problem.
  347. T

    San Diego Bay Oct 8, 2010

    Short and sweet report, thanks for sharing.
  348. T

    Plan B

    Excellent report, thanks for the scoop.
  349. T

    How NOT to test your air bag.

    Ball buster for sure.
  350. T

    My West oz pilbara fishin vid

    Really liked watching your Vid. Thanks for sharing.
  351. T

    Government stimulates new green jobs

    Idon't know if I'd park my bike there.
  352. T

    Warrior Foundation Tournament Results

    Please let me know for next years, I would love to take out a warrior. I didn't know anything about it.
  353. T

    10/7-lobster a plenty-early crawl SD Bay

    We were out last night. Set at 5:30 and pulled at 7:30. Ended with a total of 12 for the night. We were setting in 15 to 24 ft. Home by 11pm, gotta work ya know.
  354. T

    Big Thresher in Newport Harbor

    About 3 years ago we saw a pup in SD bay.
  355. T

    10-3-10, PL/SD Bay+Oside Harbor drug/bug no bust

    Ya gotta be pretty lame to try to bring drugs in and pull out the boat with that.
  356. T

    steady pick last night

    Nice report, we are going Wed. I'll look for the steady pick. Thanks for the info.
  357. T

    Finally! Halibut in SD Bay 10/4

    Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it .
  358. T

    Sat night Hoopin' and Divin'

    Opening night we got 16 leagels on our first pull. Had to let 2 go and go pick up the nets. Had 3 more. Great night.
  359. T

    first bugzilla of the season

    Nice way to start the season off. Thanks for posting.
  360. T

    Anybody missing a 13/16 box end wrench?

    His donkey farted when he was checking for something
  361. T

    Damn Sea Tow...!

    Good way to blow your lower unit.
  362. T

    Cialis..............for when the time is right.

    That was hilarious, made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckle.
  363. T

    Smoking The Drag ....... Literally!

    I think they cut it it off right before the zing pow.
  364. T

    390 for 1-Ocean Blue Perch and a big ole...

    Judging from your report I think I know what spooled me a couple of years ago on 20lb. I don't feel any better now than I did then. Thanks for the great report.
  365. T

    anyone know what this is

    They are a nasty critter. Heard they are good eatin though.
  366. T

    SD Bay mixed bag 9/28

    Sounds like a productive day, good job.
  367. T


    Fishing from shore makes it a challenge. You could try on the fishing pier at Shelter Island. Go to the far right corner and throw 45 degrees and to the right. I have caught them their in a boat before.
  368. T

    Some demotivational pics

    I enjoyed them. Thanks.
  369. T

    Intense Video

  370. T

    best video ever!!!!!!!!

    What a waste of my fingertips and eyes.
  371. T

    2 days on the Eclipse 9/20-9/21

    You did better than us on the Voyager. We ended up at San Clemente with a handful of nice Cali's.
  372. T

    SD Bay 9/22, nice day out but.....

    The bay has been a little tough lately according to a couple of my friends, so don't feel bad, it still beats working.
  373. T

    local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    Well said. Back in the day seems the boaters had much more of a clue. I've had assclowns ruin my bite more than once. Hope someday it will get better.
  374. T

    What were you doing 9-11-2001?

    I was in a training class. Went on a break and heard the news. Then the second one hit. I left the class and went home and called my dad. Hugged my wife and felt intense anger when I found out what had really happened.
  375. T

    The "A" made it to Cabo

    That's an odd looking craft.
  376. T

    Aztec, 2-Day Charter, Sat 9/11 & Sun 9/12, w/pix

    Sorry you didn't do better, but at least you got some.
  377. T

    Dominator YFT Slay

    Great pics, made me smile too. Thanks for sharing.
  378. T

    1 leopard shark and two new rims and tires.

    Whoever did this for you should be a friend now. Those are the type of people you would want as a friend.
  379. T

    If men made bras

    Now that's custom.
  380. T

    Key Running Back on the Market

    What the heck was he doing?
  381. T

    Damn Day Laborers.....

    Made my afternoon.
  382. T

    Yellowtail on the Qualifier 105

    Looks like you all had an awesome trip, congrats!
  383. T

    Eclipse Overnight 98 tuna hit the deck

    Very, very, nice. Never say die.
  384. T

    Hidden Bank 9/8

    Great report. Full of useful info. Thanks
  385. T

    Weds 9/8 Hidden Bank yft albie report

    I thought bannanas were bad luck?
  386. T

    Another Way to Catch Hidden Bank Tuna...

    To use those flies on convential gear use a clear bobber 9/10ths filled with water, a swivelup about 4 ft. You can throw them a mile. Used on the great lakes. It works.
  387. T

    Candy Girls on Redondo pier

    Thanks for the eye candy, they can give me starbucks anytime
  388. T

    SD Bay Halibut after run to Hidden Bank 9/5

    Halibut tastes better than tuna anyway, nice job
  389. T

    Oside to Solana Kelp-A Good Bad Day

    The smile on your boys face makes it a good trip.
  390. T

    9/6 Oceanside Harbor and Pier Report

    As long as the dog had a good day then alls not lost.
  391. T

    Catalina 9/4/10

    Nice job on the cali's sorry to hear about the starter.
  392. T

    SD Bay is cold and dead! 9/6/10

    I agree on the fishing, I'm hopeing its the cold water that is making the fishing tough and not me.
  393. T

    One Dolla

    That was 2 minutws i'll never get back.
  394. T


    Very heathly, nice job. Thanks for sharing the pic.
  395. T

    Sd bay 8/30

    Thanks for sharing your report
  396. T

    Cool big ship video

    I'd rather be at my desk looking at it on my screen.
  397. T

    Seal huggers are out to get me

    I hate seals. She'd be better off with something in her mouth besides the micraphone.
  398. T

    Not much going on in SD Bay 8/30

    Very good report, thanks for the line.
  399. T

    No Bathing Suits in Lobby!

    I enjoyed the chuckle.
  400. T

    non stop bay action 8-23-10

    Well written. Thanks for the read.
  401. T

    What a serve!

    Is that an orca tossing the seal?
  402. T

    Bird School Bigeyes on the 14!!!

    Thanks for the write. Makes me think of the good ol days.
  403. T

    How my little brother died..........

    Thats good ,thanks for the chuckle.
  404. T

    Lake Roosevelt Arizona

    Its been a long time but we carolina rigged brush hogs and did well. Also we had topwater on splashits in the AM.
  405. T

    Sharing Info

    You guys who are pissing about boats, its not the boat that catches the fish.
  406. T

    Lake Mahove

    Dropshot and carolina rig for the bass, topwater in the morning, cut chovies for the stripers, and lots of sunscreen and cold beer.
  407. T

    saturday where not to look for tuna

    Better to swing and miss than to not go to bat at all. Get em next time.
  408. T

    Legend 7/31-8/02 Albie Slayfest

    Nice job, glad you got on em.
  409. T

    Fast boat stops on a dime

    Where's the bait tank?
  410. T


    Tommy, I don't know you but you are a wealth of information. Thank you and post some more. Tight lines to you.
  411. T

    Condor found the tuna!!!

    Good job, great report.
  412. T

    salmon shark off catalina

    Its just an ugly Mako.
  413. T

    Dang I forgot to put the trailer in the parking lot

    Classic brainfart. Would have been better for them if the tide was going out.
  414. T

    close to south island.....

    Awesome, going Friday. Thanks for getting me out of the kelp.
  415. T

    7/25/2010- Wide open Sand Bass at the Bullring

    That could be a good sign of things to come. Thanks for the info.
  416. T

    What exactly is it?????

    Raider fan popcicle
  417. T

    Caddis Float Tube

    Put a dab of silicone around the threads after your blow it up, this should give you a good enough seal.
  418. T

    A day at Coro-nada

    I hate seals and green water.
  419. T

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    That is a long ass run flying solo. I'd be beaten down for a few days after that. Nice job on your longfins.
  420. T

    Kim Kardassssssssshian

    Baby got back!
  421. T

    best video ever!!!!!!!!

    Lame, pure lameness on your part.
  422. T

    Big WSB off La Jolla

    That's a big SOB, great job.
  423. T


  424. T

    New Lo-ann on bluefin

  425. T


    Seen it before, but it still makes me smile inside. Thank you
  426. T

    Leather Commercial

    Funny. Thanks for the laugh
  427. T

    2 Bluefin and an Albacore

    I don't understand where the fish went that were 105 miles down 10 days ago. Shouldn't they be moving North?
  428. T

    1st Yellow on my own boat!

    Nice yellow, hope you get many more.
  429. T

    9 north/9 south/makos/paddies/LJ 7/14

    Very nice report, thanks for the scoop.
  430. T

    close call and lj report 7-12

    I had one of my 4 tires on my trailor come rolling past me once as I slowed down for traffic. I about shit my pants.
  431. T


    Nice pics thanks for sharing
  432. T


    Thanks for doing the running, and the report.
  433. T

    NADOS 7/10

    1 is better than none. Thanks for sharing the info.
  434. T

    Pt Loma-Whistler's 7-11-10

    Nice report thanks for the info.
  435. T

    Nados Alive with Life-including 2 YT

    Three bluefin on sardines on the 3/4 day boat on Saturday. 26, 28, and 30 lbs. All 3 were off South island. Also a shitload of slimmers.
  436. T

    Sat July 10 Bass!

    Sounds like you had alot of fun, thanks for the story.
  437. T


    Could use 10lb bonies for bait.
  438. T

    53lb Yellowtail La Jolla 7/3 on Reel Hard

    That is a whomper tail. Great job on landing it.
  439. T

    Paddy Tail 425

    If you're only going to get 1 thats the 1 ,Nice fish.
  440. T

    La Jolla WSB

    Thats a hit or miss fish anywhere.
  441. T

    Coronados July 5th

    Thanks for the info, going Friday.
  442. T

    Family killing spreee

    Great smiles. Thanks for the pics.
  443. T

    Can you read or are U a dumbshit

    I guess my old days of herb smoking were OK
  444. T

    Doesn't look real....

    bin ladens asshole.
  445. T

    Bloodydeckers traumatizing an elk

    That is some funny shit. I laughed till tears came. Thanks for sharing
  446. T

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Obviously a former Marine.
  447. T

    This should cause a major Jihad

    I like it. Made me laugh out loud.
  448. T

    1.5 day in the legend

    Good luck, be safe, bent rods with screaming drags to ya.
  449. T

    sharks and yellows

    Wow Keith thanks for the good info. Much appreciated. Tight lines and screaming drags to you.
  450. T

    my first paddy yellowtail

    Paddy fishing is the biggity bom biggity for me. We need a couple of hurricanes down south to bring em a little closer.
  451. T

    Middle Grounds

    Nice info, nice post, thanks.
  452. T

    wsb and sum "butts" at catalina sunday

    Nice fish, and the brats look good too.
  453. T

    The Other Side Of O.....S

    Gotta roll with the punches.
  454. T

    Day saved by a nice Butt!

    Its always cool to take the kids fishing. The nice hali must be some kinda karma.
  455. T

    8 Baits limits of White Seabass in 20 minutes

    That is some serious ass kicking. Great job.
  456. T

    ULTRA 2day Seabass Slaying

    Awesome report, I think I got a chubby.
  457. T

    Jarheads need advice

    Slow troll Sardines just outside the horseshoe kelp north of the harbor. Keep an eye on your graph, if you see a spot of fish drop on their heads.
  458. T

    Best fluorocarbon?

    P-LINE one and only.
  459. T

    does not look fun

    Thanks for the line, I guess I'll catch up on my HoneyDo's
  460. T

    Inspirational Video

    I think he needs a thinner piece of plywood.
  461. T

    My first squid...what a fight

    Looks like Catalina.
  462. T

    CPR Lesson for (straight) Men

    That's waaaaaay better than the CPR classes I've had.
  463. T

    2 trips 1 post

    Wow! Great pics and alot of different fins, great job and thanks for sharing.
  464. T

    The next up and coming pro surfer

    Really cool thanks for showing.
  465. T

    Mission Bay Spookin

    Cool cake! Somebody knows you're a fisherman.
  466. T

    W.O.N Tourney 10th Place

    I'm feeling the same way, a week of good weather and its gonna pop.
  467. T

    Oside Flattie Report 5/15

    Nice report. Thanks for sharing.
  468. T

    T on Sat. Mako on Sunday. Not bad.

    Time on the water= fish. Well done.
  469. T

    My biggest BUTT

    A whomper for sure.
  470. T

    Oil Spill Photos

    That majorly sucks.
  471. T

    La Lolla Yellows 5-12-2010

    Nice info. Heading out tomorrow looking for Ms T. Now we have a plan B. Thanks.
  472. T

    Caught on Surveillance System

    Cool. Thanks for sharing it with me.
  473. T

    So how long do you guys fish in one spot?

    I rely on both. Sometimes there is a spot within your spot that you can hone in on.
  474. T

    3/4 on the San DIego

    Great! Looks like the good weather is bringing on the bite.
  475. T

    $50 dollar lesson

    100% correct.
  476. T

    The Pastor's ASS

    Thanks for the funny.
  477. T


  478. T

    Just Ling-ering around on Sunday

    Bling, Bling, best eating fish we have around.
  479. T

    L.J. Kelp Beds P.M. Session 5.4.10

    I'd like to get the WSB. Thanks for the post.
  480. T

    WWII Photographs

    Those were true Americans with papers.
  481. T

    Anyone go to an Iggy Pop concert lately?

    Looks like warmed over death.
  482. T

    Slug fishing for Calico's

    Ditto the braid with the flouro leader. The braid will cut through most of the hang ups.
  483. T


    Thank you for the info. I think it will take a few days of really good weather to get them going again after that heavy wind spell we had.
  484. T

    Only $179,000?

    You would definetly be the first one to the spot.
  485. T

    208 yellowtail on the San Diego!

    Very nice. Tey are definetly there.
  486. T

    Jumping halibut

    Thats cool to see the halibut clear the water. I once caught a legal halibut fly;ining a sardine in 90ft of water.
  487. T

    Fishing Bird Schools

    The ones that run over the Yellows are probably the same numbnuts that run over the porpose on the tuna.
  488. T


    Wow! Looks like they liked the iron.
  489. T

    Halibut dry spell officially over for me

    Awesome job guys. You were overdue.
  490. T

    Are Tuna Attracted to Diesel Engines?

    Generally they are attracted to tuna of the opposite sex.
  491. T

    Cool updated El Nino Off Shore Fish Report and Graphic

    I wish the red came a little further North.
  492. T

    Tuna in July

    Yellows and yellowfin should be on tap.
  493. T

    Sea Lion on the Roof

    I'd have shot it. I hate seals.
  494. T

    Kon 'Kill'n'Fillet' Vatskalis Sawsharks Slaughter

    A 44 hole in the side of their boat would slow em down.
  495. T

    F- the earth day

    That was right on. I think I'll pour oil on a duck.
  496. T

    This is what it's all about...

    Her smile is worth a thousand words. Thanks for sharing.
  497. T

    Sunday Sheephead Report

    The water looks awesome.
  498. T

    FLORIDA BD'er?......ouch!!!

    Looks like the clown that landed it in Oside a little while back.
  499. T

    Trip to Big Sur last weekend

    A cluster bomb right in the middle of the seals would be nice,
  500. T

    Seahorse trip to SCI on 4/18.... Lots of Pix!

    Very cool to see the little shavers with fish. Thanks for sharing the smiles.
  501. T

    12 year old catches limit of halibut

    Awesome job guys. Spanish mac in SD?
  502. T

    I wish I were a kid again!

    I especially like the kid who goes under the skirt.
  503. T

    Rednecks have all the fun.....

    Totally awesome. Thanks for the smile.
  504. T

    What could be worse than a fur-bag

    I really hate seals with a passion.
  505. T

    Octopus Thievery

    Very interesting.
  506. T

    9 Mile Bank Codding 4-18-10

    I vote foe Mr T as the mystery fish. A few years ago WE caught one in 200 ft of water on a rockcod setup.
  507. T

    LJ yellows 4/18

    Great job. thanks for sharing.
  508. T

    Oceanside Halibut Tournament

    Excellent job on the flatties. Thanks for sharing.
  509. T

    decent day lj

    Very cool, nice assortment of fins.
  510. T

    La Jolla 4/19

    Thanks for sharing the info.
  511. T

    SB limits and...pan sized T

    Sorry but that is just to small to keep. If your looking for table fish go catch more sand bass.
  512. T

    10 foot tiger shark CPR from the beach

    Looks like fun more so than the leopards we get here.
  513. T


    Looks like fun on the yak. Try a Maco?
  514. T

    How to get rid of a one night stand...

    That was some funny shit, thanks for the laugh.
  515. T


    I hate seals.
  516. T

    Hell of a bark.......

    My dog shits piles bigger than that.
  517. T

    Local (AZ) Politics...

    I'm on the fence.
  518. T

    hammerhead sharks in Oceanside?

    They are definatly there in the summer.
  519. T

    Point Loma Or La Jolla Kelp

    A coulple weeks ago we caught 4 nice calicos in 85ft of water while scouting for lings.
  520. T

    Mono over Breaded

    Power pro 50 with 25lb PLine flourocarbon
  521. T

    Sunday Fun!

    That's a whomper. Great job.
  522. T

    Quite a ride

    Nice. Felt like you were almost in their with them.
  523. T

    what the hell!

    Wow! That was alot of action.
  524. T

    warriors challenge 2/28/10

    Good match the one kid was a little more polished. Both gave it their all. Great job DAD. Thanks for sharing.
  525. T

    German Coast Guard

    Funny. Thanks for the laugh.
  526. T

    good day at the bay

    Very nice thanks for sharing.
  527. T

    Need Help w/ ID

    Pinger tag for sure.
  528. T

    Dave's halibut

    Very cool thanks for sharing.
  529. T

    3/28 YT Report

    YOYO is like hooking a VW at 30mph. Way to go!
  530. T

    Oside Ramp

    I'd go to LaJolla and not take the chance.
  531. T

    Catalina 03-25-10

    The time is nearing for the island to go apeshit.
  532. T

    Local fishing with the kids..

    Nice job on the fish in such a short time.
  533. T

    Bottom Jigging bass outside

    Those reds make a fine fish taco.
  534. T

    Even a blind squirrel, finds a nut sometimes.... Thursday Hamachi

    Way to go. Thanks for sharing the info, hope to go Sunday.
  535. T

    Very nice Beach Butt!!!

    Great job. I also like the bloodydecks decal on the bike.
  536. T

    An Eagle vs. Model Airplane

    Cool VID, looks like the eagle is just messin with the plane.
  537. T

    Speed Trap finder...

    Thats interesting, Checked it out for San Marcos and it was pretty close.
  538. T

    3-24-10 Rock Pile yellowtail

    Iron yellows are the biggity bomb biggity.
  539. T

    fri 3-19 &20th Sorry late!

    Nice job on making it back by compass. Thats old school.
  540. T


  541. T

    Bernard Madoff beaten in prison

    I hope the piece of shits asshole is the size of a 2 litre coke bottle.
  542. T

    la oil fields

    I agree, drill more so we pay less.
  543. T

    Starting of the season

    Its always cool to take the kids.
  544. T

    First tuna of the Season

    Hey give em a break. At least they're not No. Cals.
  545. T

    IB Flats "barn Door"

    Well done on his first fish.
  546. T

    14 Mile Bank

    Light tackle paddy fishing.
  547. T

    Mission Beach-LJ Kelp and DFG

    Your not supposed to keep those little ones.
  548. T

    Fished the san diego today.

    Nice, very nice. Looks like fun.
  549. T

    Semi vs car

    Thats insane!
  550. T

    First c-bass limits on the new "Pacific Edge"

    Very cool trip. Thanks for sharing the trip.
  551. T

    Pregnant Fish Fathers Abort Babies of Unsexy Females

    I don't believe in abortion, adoption is better.
  552. T

    Good Time with Good Friends

    These are the good ol days. Thanks for sharing.
  553. T

    What happens after some good Chilli

    Made me laugh. Thanks for sharing
  554. T

    Sick Sea Lions Attacking Each Other

    The only good seal is a dead seal.
  555. T

    One last hoopin hoorah!!! 3-15 am

    Its always nice to end on a good note.
  556. T

    Great way to end Lobster season

    I love lobster. Good job on the quick night.
  557. T

    Slayed them yesterday in the afternoon

    They do have incredible fishing in the big FLA.
  558. T

    Please name this Infamous BDer

    Ray of Team balls out?
  559. T

    o-side pizza dood...

    Get a real job.
  560. T

    San Diego Bay-3/14

    Harbor patrol have no reason to ask for your licences. WTF?
  561. T

    Another Great Season of Lobster Fishing

    Thanks for sharing all your info and pics.
  562. T

    3/12 Yak hooping SD Bay

    Nice report, thanks for sharing.
  563. T

    3/14 Coronados

    Nice ,two fish that pull hard and 20 fish for good eats. Great job.
  564. T

    Catalina or San Clemente

    I'd hit San Clemente first and fall back to Catalina.
  565. T

    Cockroaches & Turds

    Looks like I don't want to be there.
  566. T

    Be careful while driving off road.....

    Lucky he was driving a Chevy. A toyota it would have went all the way to the rear bumper.
  567. T

    Table Saw for dummies

    Pretty cool. I like it.
  568. T

    THE WALL 3-11-10

    Nice job on the basses.
  569. T

    So true. Too Funny

    That is funny, I laughed out loud.
  570. T

    Coronado Islands maps..

    Very cool old school map. Thanks.
  571. T

    dont mess with a white dude who know kung fu

    I love it when the gang weenie gets his ass beat down.
  572. T


    Nice job on the bugs, thanks for the report.
  573. T

    the wash sucked!!!!!!

    Corn dogs always kick ass.
  574. T

    Which fighter is the U.S. Marine?

    I've seen it before but I still gey a laugh out of it.
  575. T

    The WTF thread!

    The one to the guys shin looks like it might hurt in the morning.
  576. T

    nados 3/6

    WE were going to go Friday. Had techinical difficulties and decided to stay local. Got 15 bass and 2 legal halis biggest one was 28 inches. Talked to 2 different guys at the dock and they only had 1 yellow each.
  577. T

    Dead moose

    Crack kills!
  578. T

    Impress your neighbors!

    I like the concept. I'd have to think of a good one to put on mine.
  579. T


    Funny. That guys a little off center.
  580. T

    That's some strong cheese

    Worth watching once.
  581. T

    Silly,silly 6 lb Sandbass (from shore)

    Coulda used that in the Bay tournament.
  582. T

    Catalina lobster ticket from DFG

    DFG will write as many tickets and fines as they can cause their jobs can be cut. I think it's moronic to give a guy fishing with his kids a 238 fine for not having filled out the asswipe report card!
  583. T

    San Diego Recap for February

    I know their freshwater spinning reels are pretty good. I haven't tried any of their saltwater reels yet but I think I just might.
  584. T

    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    If you ask for leinency, you would probably get a lesser fine.
  585. T

    Somali Pirates Letting Illegal Fishing Run Wild

    I don't think the pirates will be messing with any US ships after the last one.
  586. T

    Best of both worlds......

    I'd have to tit fucker.
  587. T

    Eat a bowl of chilli and ride this train.....

    Too funny, thanks for sharing.
  588. T

    This will Brighten Your Day!

    Bad day to be a towel head. It did brighten my day. Thanks for sharing.
  589. T

    Wal-Mart Shopping

    Just for fun the fat broad with 4 boobs should tattoo nipples on her back.
  590. T

    Dont mess with old dudes

    I laughed my anus off. Thanks for sharing.
  591. T

    Worst Tattoos ever.

    That Raider yank is plain ugly.
  592. T

    Any left?

    SD bay is a whole lot better than Mission bay.
  593. T

    Does anyone know ???

    If you have a boat you can get them in SD bay. Meter, and drop on their heads. Alot of times you can find them buy the channel marker bouys. Not sure about the pier.
  594. T

    Good day on the water

    Beats the hell out of sitting around waiting for a break in the weather.
  595. T

    Large Sheephead follow up

    That is a moose. Biggest one I have seen.
  596. T

    One mile sniper kill shot-impressive shooting

    Absolutely awesome. Be glad those guys are on our side. Semper Fi.
  597. T

    Local hoopin 2-22

    You are the lobster mobster. Great job and thanks for all your lobster updates for the year.