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  1. tony_90744

    2016 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    Wasen lucky enough to get one of those big blue fin but was blessed trying and putting in time on the water trying. The yellow fin and yellow tail made my day sometimes. And other times i drove home empty handed. But nonetheless it was a great last few years.
  2. tony_90744

    Making bait in San Pedro Cabrillo Marina?

    Anchor up near one of the pillings the ones alil pass the cabrillo pier and chum chum chum bread and cat food the macs will come. I take a loaf of bread and poke holes in it and hang it about 5 feet under water. Make sure your anchored. One mac finds your chum and they all will find it.
  3. tony_90744

    Is anything biting at the horseshoe?

    Hit up PV for killer calico action. Get small sardines from nachos and chum slowly.
  4. tony_90744

    8/8/16 looking for tuna

    Launched from long beach around 6:30am and straight to nachos to pick up some bait. Got a super nice scoop of med sardines only about 5 rolled all day. Made some macs about 8 or so right by the bait barge to slow troll. Headed south towards the 14mile bank doing 30knots all the way to the 14...
  5. tony_90744

    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    The pursuit is the one boat i vowed never to go on again. There whole operation is screewed up. Those deck hands need to go down to san diego and look at how real deck hands behave. The pursuit is one of the reasons i decided to buy my own boat. And even then i had 1 bad experience...
  6. tony_90744

    Phenix m1 inshore 9'

    Do you still have it. 3109466295
  7. tony_90744

    Wts wtt Curado 300ej

    Do u still have it. Can u send me some pics 3109466295
  8. tony_90744

    BFT at 60 mile bank - leaving san pedro need a HO

    I would go this weekend. Also have a boat 22ft seaswirl. Have all my own gear and then some. Let me know. Thanks.
  9. tony_90744

    1989 Seaswirl needs new shifter cable

    You must have an OMC Cobra. I parted out a 88 seaswirl in january. Also had an omc cobra. I have a like new shifter cable i can sell for cheap. I installed it in hopes of it fixing my outdrive but it was to far gonne. Let me know if your interested. I have a bunch of other parts...
  10. tony_90744


    Were in LA are you??
  11. tony_90744

    New guy here: tuna videos included

    Nice. This trully was an epic year lookin forward to a repeat. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. tony_90744

    Freshly serviced Avet SXJ

    Still have reel??
  13. tony_90744

    I Found Her: My Dream Boat, 42' Henriques Charter

    I think i seen you out by san pedro today fiahing west end of horse shoe kelp. If it wasent you it was a boat very similar. Same paint scheme which is not so common. Nice bot by the way.
  14. tony_90744

    Enrique vives tu en bahia de los angeles? Fui el año pasado a pescar alli con un primo que...

    Enrique vives tu en bahia de los angeles? Fui el año pasado a pescar alli con un primo que vive alli. Cuanto cobras por sacarnos a pescar i cual es el mejor tiempo pa ir a pescar en esas aguas? Gracias
  15. tony_90744

    Sunday 11-29-15

    Nice. Hope to one day take my future kids out like you did.
  16. tony_90744

    Yellowtail Help!

    Try the area around the green buoy outside the middle opening in the break wall. If u have a fish finder troll at 5mph looking for marks. Learn how to use fish finder. Long soak green macks while drifting. Try dropper loop if u find marks down deep. Keep reading and keep asking.
  17. tony_90744

    Yellowtail Help!

    Its alot harder now to find them. There still around but not as many. A few months ago the horse shoe would of been easy to catch yellows. Catalina always seems to have smaller grade yellows. Try live bait. Small macks and sardines. You can always catch live macs around the barge. They...
  18. tony_90744

    Next day Catalina report, Nov 12

    Did u throw out some macs at farnsworth. Ive had good luck there the past few times. Nice 20-30 pound yellows. Landed 6 out of 9 in the last 2 trips i had. Both drifting at farnsworth.
  19. tony_90744

    Calstar 800L and 800XL $120

    Interested. Pm me a #
  20. tony_90744

    long beach yellows 10-31-15

    How big. Were in long beach were u fishing?
  21. tony_90744

    Took My 4 Year Old Fishing (but not Catching) for Wahoo - 10/25/15

    Good example to your kid. Teaching him something he can grow up loving.
  22. tony_90744

    My 11 year old son hooked up and lost his first wahoo tonight

    Nice congrats. Today is the second saturday i troll all day for nothing. Congrats on the almost landed fish. And all the other ones u landed.
  23. tony_90744

    Hand held spot light

    I hate they they fill in the area between the break wall openings to get in or out. In San Pedro and long beach its lined up side to side even at the openings. I wonder if they get caught in the big ships.
  24. tony_90744

    Rpt.-10-18-15 Invasion of Skipjack, Bonito and Yellowtail in our Bass hole!

    Sounds like a nice day of fishing. Man i gotta get out there. Lol.
  25. tony_90744

    Wahoooo day 4 got mine BABY!

    Congrats man. Hopefully this upcoming week is my week.
  26. tony_90744

    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    Work is what pays for us to go fishing. Funny thing is that were always slow at work july thru november every year in the past 6 years i been there. They offer days off or weeks off and no overtime. But no not this year. This year was the exception. 60 hour work weeks for me. Almost...
  27. tony_90744

    Tuna @ Osborne & Santa Barbara Island

    Take lots of anchovies. Got skunked yesterday out there after all my bait died from the trip. Anchovie sardine mix with a few macs. Couldent get just anchovies. Thats all they were bitting on. All the boats around me were hooking up except us. It was alot of smaller grade yellow fin...
  28. tony_90744

    Finally Unskunked

    Got my firsg yft behind catalina on sunday. Also trolling thru a pod of dolphins. On a plain cedar plug. So cool.
  29. tony_90744

    Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    Yeah other boats were catching rat yellow fins. Chumming with anchovies. Didnt see and bigger yellow fins.
  30. tony_90744

    Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    The trip was not bad at all. I cruised all the way there 18-25 from long beach then haulled ass 30-35 home. Tried trolling the bank with tuna feathers and rapalas and cedars no luck. Ill be back next week. Hopefully they will still be there.
  31. tony_90744

    Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    Nachos. In long beach. The sardines had a few anchovies mixed. Very very few. So we made some macs. I called san pedro and they had anchovies. I should of went that way.
  32. tony_90744

    Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    No luck for me out there today. Couldent get anchovies and the sardines from the barge rolled during the trip. All i had was about 30 med-small macks that the tuna completly ignored. Not 1 bite. Atleast the trip wasent that bad.
  33. tony_90744

    Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    I have my boat ready to go. Leaving long beach headed to osbourne at about 3am. How big is your boat how much fuel did u use?? Thanks.
  34. tony_90744

    Catalina 10/11/15 mixed bag

    Nice catch. Love those sheephead. I fished Farnsworth Bank for some yellow tails today. Got 2 on live macks. On the way there from the west end i trolled some cedar plugs and a wahoo bomb on got 2 nice yellowfins on the plugs. They were swiming with the dolphins.
  35. tony_90744

    SOLD Custom Calstar 7' Rods (Cheap)

    Im interested. How can we get in contact. Im in san pedro ca
  36. tony_90744

    Fish report 14 mile/209/Shoe 10-3-15

    I been having good luck making macks at long beach bait barge. 3 guys with sabiki and 1 guy with butter knife made 80 macs in 30 min. Take squid and put small pieces of it on the sabiki. And chum the area with very small pieces of squid. Chum is key.
  37. tony_90744

    Anyone have a report for Catalina??

    Fished front of west end and isthmus yesterday on the GailForce out of La Harbor Sport Fishing and no yellows to be seen. Only 2 small yellows for the boat. Nice calico fishing though. The back side seems to hold the better yellows. Might wanna look into going to Farnsworth Bank. We had 3...