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    2021 Halibut

    Thanks! fb
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    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    A rhetorical question I reckon, but I suspect that the uncaught quota goes to the resource. fb
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    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    Yeah I liked fishing later for sure. I loved sitting on the hook waiting for a rod bender in August, and the success rate was the best I can recall. I didn't appreciate the unpredictability of the dates and short notice, but that's life in a pandemic. fb
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    Fuel at Westport

    No doubt. I had my boat in that exact same position at the hungry whale a couple weeks ago. And I didn't want that corn liquor in my tank, but dammit we were going to fish the next day. It seems like almost all ports I fish out of have this same issue. I'd actually pay more per gallon...
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    Garmin Time Zone Glitch ??

    Mine does that too. Thanks sgwill for the tip, fb
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    Tuna 10/3?

    We're going Saturday. fb
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    9/30 CR tuna. WFO.

    Alright, thanks Mike! fb
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    Tuna dumbass

    Also considering Sat/Sun, fb
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    Tough day of Westport

    Yeah negative on that. I wasn't going anyplace near the eat hole of that thing, he was pissed! fb
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    Tough day of Westport

    I have no doubt ours was a salmon shark. Ate a trolled x-rap, quick run, then sulked 200 ft below the boat before being winched up. I was just bummed it wasn't a tuna. fb
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    Tough day of Westport

    We caught this on Sunday. Looked like a white, 6+ feet long, but I'm assuming it was a salmon shark. correct assumption? fb
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    SlapShot tuna 12 Sept

    I sometimes struggle to navigate and miss things (pots and logs) when it is foggy and dark and smokey all at the same time (ie. Sunday night). fb
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    Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    Herd of Turtles on 68, fb
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    Tuna run Thursday ilwaco

    Also looking at Friday. fb
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    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    I have that radar too, and have nothing but good things to report for a few years now. It was invaluable driving around in the fog last weekend up in 4 (liking the doppler feature). I've had a few things (Garmin hardware) fail me over the last 10 years, but I've also had J&G do my installs...
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    Downrigger Upgrade

    We'd not even be having this discussion if this thread hadn't been resurrected for no reason! fb
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    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    Well OP, hopefully what you've gleened here is that fish are where you find them. Some great info in here. Shallow, deep, fast, slow, plugs, bait, plastic, bent metal. . .they'll eat damn near anything. The reason most folks don't catch is because there's no fish there at that time. Rule...
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    Navionics accuracy

    I've seen a lot of inconsistency along the coast line too with those cards, both NW WA coast and WCVI coast line, particularly in areas with really complex topography. I've never seen it show an island that wasn't there, or worse, vice versa. That's a little scarey given how much I rely on...
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    Advice on loading reel with heavy braid

    +1 on the heavy leather glove program, fb
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    Yeah, dumb name, and likely a PR ploy, but a good idea at heart. Not sure why anybody would be against environmental do-goodism. Nobody's going to call it that. . .the clap sounds good, or maybe the greenhouse. I got season tix so I'll be there no matter what name they come up with. But...
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    Just off the bench

    Nice work, I like the color combo and the finish work. Looks like a whoopin stick! Just wondering, why the under-wraps on the guides? Pretty stuff, have fun getting bent! fb
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    Canada going to be iffy this year

    +1, my June Tahsis trip is toast, and my August Barkley trip is in jeopardy. :( fb
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    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    I agree, I'd happily burn the gas and take a few more waves for the opportunity. Maybe the concern is for safety up the coast and out around the corner. . .if the ports are closed and they don't want any traffic there perhaps the response resources would be compromised? I don't know, I'm just...
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    2020 halibut

    Makah's from what I was told by one of the participants, price of fish not worth it, fb
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    2020 halibut

    They're saying probably August (out at Neah), but need to sort it out among themselves. FWIW they're not halibut fishing either, fb
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    New Transducer need opinions

    I'm in Gig Harbor. I don't have any Panoptix experience under my belt, just been fantasizing youtube takedowns. Day one will be tomorrow for me, I'm sure there will be a learning curve and I don't expect it to be all that great out of the gate, as everything's usually pretty deep this time of...
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    New Transducer need opinions

    I have a similar setup to you, with 7612xsv MFD. I went with the thru hull 175HW a few years as well. There's no question that will be the first of the next two transducers you should get. The bait and target resolution is incredible, even at 300 I can pick out salmon in a wad of bait, and...
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    Ace line hauler Great Customer Service

    Good to hear a positive review, hopefully you get something to pull on soon! fb
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Thanks Mike, for taking the time to post that up. I think that folks would be wise to use an extra brain cell or two, and look more closely at it than just tribal harvest. fb
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Thank you for your work on that, and the info. I have a sinking feeling that we might not ever see crab abundance like we did only 6-8 years ago in 13, and eventually in 11 and beyond. The fact that the population in 13 is not recruiting well without big harvest effort is really troubling...
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    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    Oh, and yes, I have heard the same on the halibut. Things will open more with the next phase, hali in areas 5-10 in mid May almost certainly. What I want to know is how about lings and other non-flatties in the ocean at that point. Don't need to stay or launch at Neah to fish 4. Would be...
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    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    Some top shelf BD shit here, nice thread boys! fb
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Um. . .yeah. . .pretty much yes. Bunch of dumbfuckery. There's lots of good things to protest, but this isn't one, fb
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    Oil bath hubs

    Jesus 10k towing miles a year, you really live up to your handle! I want your vacation schedule!! fb
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    Fishing closure statewide

    On the bright side, the stay at home order is working. It looks like we are probably peaked out on new infections in the population-dense areas in western WA. What should follow is a slow decline (in infections, and probably our mental status for a bit). "Life" might get opened back up...
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    West Coast Unity - could be forced upon us?

    The secret sauce in getting life back toward normal is lab testing. Without widespread availability of covid testing, we can't monitor for resurgence, so we can't relax restrictions. Testing has been the problem, still not widely available, much less adequately available, even in the acute...
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    West Coast Unity - could be forced upon us?

    It had possibilities but I think you're right. fb
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    Fishing closure statewide

    True actually. The shitty thing about all of this, is if we (ie. the US, rest of world) play it just perfectly in terms of level of shutdown and isolation, and are able to save as many people as possible, then in retrospect it will look like we grossly over-reacted. And that's if we play it...
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    Fishing closure statewide

    Well I'll get in line and be the the 100th guy on this board to tell you to fuck off. When I'm taking care of you in our hospital and explaining to you why we don't have a vent available for your lungs which are filling up, please tell me what kind of a hypocrite I am. For the record I'm not...
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    Fishing closure statewide

    So the curve is flattening eh bright boys? Not in Pierce County. . .where the last 4 days rank in the top 5 days in terms of positive test results so far. Wise up you fvcking science geniuses. Maybe stick to what you know, and leave public health policy to people who have a clue. And our...
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    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    I think south sound hatchery rack expectations are down 15-20% give or take compared to last year, almost across the board, for clipped chinook. But that June closure for 11 blows. . .the hood canal stray thing is total dogshit. fb
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    Fish death

    Anybody try the brain stick on halibut? I can definitely see the advantage if it works out, they can really take a punch with the bat, fb
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    Fish death

    Thanks, been looking for something like that! fb
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    Garmin G3 worth it?

    If I'm not mistaken, after you buy a card, you get a free update at anytime up to a year after purchase. I had the same question. fb
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    Garmin G3 worth it?

    To get an idea of your area and coverage, work with Garmin tech support. Call them and explain. Then give them some coordinates on a spot you want with some structure, and ask for a bathy screen shot zoomed up to determine detail, and ask for separate relief shading screen shot. The only...
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    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    I have this exact hull. I prefer it, with the integrated aft seat, to the newer post-2006 232 hull which has the fish box in the transom. It really does not need anything else. I have yet to find a weakness in it and I spend a lot of time on it. Feel free to PM if anybody wants an...
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    Plastic Anyone...

    It's a start And changing our behaviors, and spreading the word is another start. Baby steps. fb
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    Plastic Anyone...

    Now there are plastic-deniers too? If you don't think it's a global problem, then you are just not informed. And pointing out that other countries are worse than the US is a lazy-ass excuse to do nothing about it. Not accusing anybody, just nipping it in the bud, it's a dipshit notion. Same...
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    Neah Bay Moorage

    Yeah too much money for a month of moorage at a marina which might have fresh water sometimes, so I'll sit it out this year. fb
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    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    Yes the glove attachments work like a charm, fb
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    Winter Rod Building Projects

    Wow I thought I had a backlog of blanks to build on, you got me by a mile!! Have a fun winter! fb
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    Garmin thru Hull transducer

    I have that same 7610xsv MFD, and could not be happier with my 175HW for finding bait and picking out targets. I've got lots of screenshots I can dig out sometime if you want to see. For lower frequency deep bottom work I got a different transducer, but hardly ever use it since the 175HW...
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    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Well how did it go? fb
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    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    I had a Whaler Conquest, loved the boat, thought the eurotransom looked pretty cool, but waste of space where you want to maximize space, in my opinion. Now I have a Grady Gulfstream. 2005 model, before they widened the transom by sticking a fish box in it. I've had that boat some years now...
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    WA boat seized in Nootka

    +1, hate to see this. fb
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    Downrigger Rod Holders

    I know what you mean, there has to be a better way, and all the Scotty extenders, adapters and such, are all plastic, and have a habit of breaking (with the exception of the Striker). So I just use the flush mounted gunnel rod holders. And I just grab the rod and move the rigger to steer...
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    I'm kind of a big deal, fb
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    Neah Anhile....

    Nice reports, thanks. It's amazing what happens when they close much of BC's access to their migratory route. . .we get our fish back! fb
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    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    Sure is a solid class of cabbies this year. I killed one once and tried to eat it and it didn't go so well. So I figured I must of screwed it up, and the next one I was really careful with it, prepped it perfectly. Still lousy by my palate, so my cabbie-killing days are over. fb
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    Predators eating adult salmon

    Did not know that SS's were warm blooded. Interesting article, thanks for sharing, fb
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    North of falcon lawsuit

    Maybe they will find departmental budget hits to be "motivational" to apply for our own permit. fb
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    Canada clamps down

    One mile out from the surfline, and in from there I believe would be considered inshore waters. I think an early July trip would be tough to target springs, since you'd really want to be out offshore targeting the migratory corridor for those fish passing by. You might still get lucky and find...
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    No floaters!

    Cool primer, thanks for the link, fb
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    North of falcon lawsuit

    +1, will be interesting to see how it plays out. fb
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    23 ft Duckworth Sinks Near Desception Pass 5/2/19 One Fatality

    Yup that spot is a bitch for sure. I wonder if THEY were the ones to call it in, then disappeared (hence nobody around to corroborate it). Not saying, just speculating. fb
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    Ocean hali/ling report

    +1, too cool to kill, fb
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    Canadian Swiftsure Bank Open for Halibut?

    I think it is confirmed by the absence of a closure notice. Keep in mind the slot limit(s). fb
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    BC license info.... Campbell river store

    Their reg's are going in the tank faster than ours. Definitely check the reg's before trying to soak a line in BC, especially before August! fb
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    North of Falcon Updates

    There's a rumor that area 11 got it's quota squashed due to straying fish from mid Hood Canal. Evidently a few such fish were found there at some point lately. If that's true, then it sets a bad bad precedent. fb
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    Salmon Expedition

    It's a good first step. . .would like to see money put into this extent of survey yearly, over a few decades, to see what happens in different environmental cycles. I bet some of the results would surprise us. fb
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    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    Can you list the good coordinates and waypoints, especially for lings and halibut? You can PM me a big spreadsheet if that's easier. Thanks! fb
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    This is a great example. Different politics in Puget Sound than the LCR, but still worth keeping in mind. Thank you Ron for taking the time and effort to post that information and explanation. I have a better feel for why your contingent has gone on that path, and I can respect that. I think...
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    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    It would be convenient for everybody if this were the case, but unfortunately, we have pretty good means of telling the genetic difference between different stocks of fish, and available data indicates there's a difference between hatchery and "wild" in many instances. So generally, there is a...
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    So let me get this straight. Just grow a shit ton of salmon, and then just let all of the user groups open up on them, that sounds awesome. What a brilliant idea. How come nobody has thought of that before? Here's why. It isn't based in the reality. The available environment and habitat...
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    This isn't good...

    Thanks for taking the time to post that. I don't have that style scupper on my boat, but if I did I would know what to look for now. fb
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    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Basing your opinions on facts and data and science. . .I dunno man, seems pretty elitist to me. :D fb
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    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    I think that given the current state of fisheries and salmon biology, there's just no place for gillnetting as a management tool. Just too dirty of a method. I think the recent decision is a step backward. I respect the thought process and opinions of some of the long-post-writing dudes in...
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    4 year Halibut management plan

    I would prefer a longer, more sustained, reliable, safer halibut fishery for WA. I could tolerate a 4 fish annual tag, but would be resistant to that number shrinking over time. I don't need to kill the big breeders (size limit, release everything over 65 lbs or so is OK by me). That's just...
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    Shorelines of Stone

    Yeah but the seals and the gillnets are bad for salmon, so it must not be any of this other shit that I control, so fuck it, open season baby!! fb
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    Shorelines of Stone

    But you gotta admit. . .totally developed shorelines devoid of normal beach habitat is maybe not good for the ecosystem? Not saying folks gotta agree or disagree with the premise, but closed mind = ignorant no matter the topic, fb
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    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    No specific mention of a fishing closure in the newly designated critical habitat areas, but the designation itself makes it easier to do so, and they are starting to slow-play that discussion a little bit. Our management in WA is really F'd up, but if you've been following this over the past...
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    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Did you hear that balancer whine for awhile before it blew apart? My twin F150s are around 1800 hrs, new balancers awhile back, still going strong. I remember the whine, fb
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    DR Clips...

    yup, this. fb
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    another dead furbag...

    the bite marks are post-mortem. and I agree 13 is about 15,000 short of the mark, fb
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    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    FSR for rust stains, collonite's #920 for most of the other stuff, then follow with wax over the top. Don't get the toilet bowl cleaner or on-off type stuff with acid in them on metals or your trailer or you'll be bummed. For general deck cleaning, starbrite's non-skid deck cleaner followed by...
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    Back to the transducer.....

    Running that B175HW with an .xsv MFD and loving it. fb
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    Area 7 waters

    The sticky spots are tide-dependent and on the outside edges of the islands. . .Cattle pass and Deception Pass on a big ebb come to mind. The inside is mostly easy as long as you know where the rocks are. That's a start I guess. fb
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    gig harbor

    Elaborate? fb
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    9/27 Sekiu Tuna... or Mackerel???

    I caught some jigging La Perouse this summer too, turned them into halibut bait. Maybe I'll think twice next time. fb
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    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    NAILED it !! Total BS. Yes it's been historically warm. . .hmmm coincidence? Also, SRKW's hungry when ocean conditions tank and chinook populations tank accordingly. Let's prop up the whales too, by throwing around money, screwing regulations, contorting everything around us. FFS. . .Let...
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    Barkley Sound end of summer trip w/ pics

    Love that fishery. . .so hoping they stick with data-driven solutions, and not politics, and don't shut down La Perouse bank on account of the whale mafia's PR machine. fb
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    WP albies thursday

    We got one Saturday that would have been 6 lbs on a heavy day. fb
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    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Thanks all, for taking the time to weigh in. fb
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    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Motors are out of the water, but the Aluminum alloy anodes I'm referring to are in the water, mounted on the bottom-side of the motor trim pumps if that makes sense, fb
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    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Interesting topic. I'm no expert, but I'll throw my observations in the hopper. Given my boat is fiberglass, not metal, and it is moored year round, but my zinc anodes (on trim tabs) get used up far far far faster than the aluminum alloy anodes on my motors. And the zinc's actually have a...
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    My Daughter sets New Record!

    That's just a kickass story. . .great job pops! fb
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    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Ha we saw that dude down in my neck of the woods close-stalking a pod of transients last week. He gets around! Thanks for the link to that presentation Edplanko. . .most simplified version I have seen. But like you say, science almost doesn't matter in this PR game. fb
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    Sons salmon

    Um. . .OK?
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    Canada-origin salmon transport

    . . .which will likely be set in stone and permanent next year. fb
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    New Cutwater 302

    Bring er down south before you guys open up there, we'll get er bloodied up good!
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    New Cutwater 302

    That. . .is sexy. fb
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    Wow what a fish. This is wunna them paradoxes. . .if I'd have kept it I'd regret it forever taking such a unicorn out of the population. . .but if I'd have released it alongside the boat, I'd have regretted it forever, having fished my whole life hoping for such an opportunity. That said, I'll...
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    Intersting Math

    Sunday evening I was told 400ish boats fished the Sunday opener out of Neah (avg last year was 600). It was a fish checker who told me this, so not sure how accurate that is, or whether accuracy matters. fb
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    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    He was on his way in, max ebb, big swell at his back, and went inside the rocks from what's been said. Big trailing sea is a lot scarier for me than big one in my face. At least for me. fb
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    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    We were close, listened to it all go down on the VHF conversation between the responding vessel and the CG. Guy on the responding vessel handled it like an absolute pro with the CG in terms of communication. No way I would have had my shit together that tightly in that situation. Nice job...
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    Possession Bar Ling

    Yeah no doubt, and you gotta hold yer jaw just right. fb
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    Possession Lings May1

    Thanks for the report. Just a few years back there were enough fish to sustain all that pressure, but I'm sitting Possession out this year again. I got to feeling bad for those fish, and then there weren't many left. I hope it starts to recruit again soon. fb
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    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    thanks for the heads up, I was debating about that route. fb
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    Ling and Current question

    +1, in the Sound they won't bite worth a shit for me when the tide is slacked out. They need that thing moving. For me 1 kt is best but YMMV, fb
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    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    No, you can't anchor, even after you clear customs on the water, even if you registered it ahead of time. Of course this has sort of been a rule all along (you're touching their dirt), but not enforced until now. fb
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    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    +1 They're already making it harder. With their TAC shrinking after this spring's failed negotiation, the reg's got skinnier. Max size is 115 now (not 133). That doesn't have much to do with the internet, but what probably does, is that now you HAVE to report in person for customs in CA if...
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    Puget sound salmon season

    I know this is all supposed to be a big lame bitch-fest, but what's lost here is that the spring CnR season on the Skagit/Sauk went away many years ago due to concerns for those late spring runs of steel. Through the hard work and advocacy of the many folks who love those fish, and with better...
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    Puget sound salmon season

    I agree, we saw this last year. . .doesn't make any sense that 11 is non-selective, but 13 is mark only?
  114. F

    Puget sound salmon season

    A draft or the inked version? fb
  115. F

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Yeah reality check dude. . .shooting them is the easy part. . .getting legal means to do so, and figuring out what to do with all the bodies. . .not so much. fb
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    Westside of Vancouver Island Trip Planning

    Yes I'd vote for Bamfield, a few less amenities than Ukie, quieter, more old school, which would be a nice change of pace after Tofino (been in all 3). They have all the usual rockfish there, it's only a few stones throws north of Swiftsure so basically like crossing Neah with the San Juans and...
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    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    Don't oversell it! It was believable at first! fb
  118. F

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    3 drops and yer done in MA-11. Why even bother?
  119. F

    Cruise to eat

    +1 on Boathouse 19
  120. F

    Which ACR unit?

    Totally agree with the wearing it strategy. If I go in the drink I want them to find me first, not my boat. Having a compact personal unit makes it more versatile; I also wear it hiking, fishing on foot, floating rivers, hunting etc. I have that ACR PLB-375 too and I just stick it in my...
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    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    south sound gonna be epic. . . .reserve your vrbo in scenic Lakewood NOW !!! fb
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    Who Wants To Be a Skokomish Test Victim?

    so far this is one F'd up thread. . .I'm out, fb
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    Ducer help!

    I had same decision to make last year, and I have the same hull, not that it matters much. I went with the drill-the-hole crowd, B175HW, and then a transom mount as well to do better low-freq bottom-finding in deep water. Perfect combo. fb
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    New WDFW Beta App Available Now

    Point taken! fb
  125. F

    New WDFW Beta App Available Now

    I'd say its a step in the right direction. The geo-locate function is likely to enable the app to tell the user exactly what the reg's are in the spot you're in. To think they're gonna use their sparse funding and manpower to actively track anybody using this app is hilarious. Let's not...
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    Full Raymarine c80 package with radar, autopilot, VHF, sounder module, stereo

    Used Raymarine c80 package: *c80 unit with Navionics west coast and Canada map card, and sun cover; works well *SmartPilot ST6001 autopilot with pump, console, compass unit; powers up, works sporadically *Radar with cord; powers up, returns are sporadic though *DSM 300 Sounder module; works well...
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    King 5 interview on Director Unsworth

    Wow. Quite an account of job performance. Hopefully the devil we don't know turns out OK, and isn't a commercial or tribal advocate, fb
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    Mfd question

    My concern would be that they just bury the Nav charts to kill the competition, and push their current product because they can. Hopefully I'm off base on that. fb
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    Mfd question

    +1 what Wild Bill said about the Garmin. I upgraded to 7600 series plotter from my c80 last year and have been really pleased with sonar performance, running B175HW and GT30-TM, no extra module. Superb performance. I think other mf's are a step behind Garmin's sonar tech every year. Go to...
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    Autopilot stupidity

    No the ol Nap Tyme is on my dock in the harbor. . .looks a lot better now since he got er fixed up. I must say, most of my screwups and the closest I've ever come to hitting anybody or anything (not that close actually), were when the AP was engaged. For the most part it's sure not a safety...
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    Autopilot stupidity

    I know whenever my visibility is limited I always go hammer-down. . .wow! fb
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    Fishing Canadian waters

    "sheer remoteness of the fishing"??? Must be talking about someplace other than the Canada I know. You don't need web advice, just plow over to Constance and anchor in the fleet. . .make sure you give all the other boats plenty of space because their scope swings around when the tide changes, fb
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    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    As with salmon, commercials are catching more and more. . .and more and more, by design,only with halibuts, based on how the harvest is allocated. Resource getting turned into money, for somebody not named you. Blame it on the tribes, or the DFW or each other or Hillary or whomever you want. ...
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    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    +1 I'll never patronize the casinos and the tax sheltered tribal gas stations on the highways, but I have no problem patronizing the Makah's. I might be wrong, but I'm thinking they don't employ too many lobbyists to screw our sport fishing up. Rec's fishing the ocean is in their business...
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    Some Words About Depression

    I'm really glad you posted this. Thanks for helping shed a little more light on a really important topic, and sorry it happened in your radius. The gun thing is legit. . .tons of data out there showing that access to them greatly increases conversion rate from suicidal ideations to an...
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    Must-have for anyone who fishes alone

    Big fan of the auto-tether so far. I hard-wired mine to the helm station, and it's performed perfectly for two seasons. Only mishap was battery in the fob unit dying at an inopportune time when navigating a narrow channel out of the harbor once, but it worked out OK. fb
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    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    Would be great to see tribes and rec's fight together on something, maybe forge some trust going forward. . .one of those "enemy of my enemy" kinds of things, fb
  138. F

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    To get all the WA rods on the water, and to keep it within quota, is a tough equation. I feel bad screwing up a good bitch session, but it's just the state of affairs. fb
  139. F


    Bingo. . .finally somebody who didn't take the bait. fb out
  140. F

    Tuna abnormality? Anyone ever see something like this?

    Abscess. Trim it with a nice cm margin or so and eat the rest, fb
  141. F

    Halibut Meeting

    BC has a quota too. . .just not quite as many mouths to feed, and the slot, so their opportunity allowance works out better. fb
  142. F


    Because they mostly troll up north many are under the impression that lots of boats packed together keeps the school up and snappy. They like fishing all over on top of each other, actually prefer it. Maybe a little education is in order since they don't do live bait stops up there. Or we...
  143. F

    MA ?? Kings

    There's no fish in MA ?? !!
  144. F

    Raymarines New Axiom Pro

    Aside from the cartography, I've been very happy with my Garmin everything-upgrade earlier this year. Everything talks, plug n play, no need for extra sonar modules for the 1kW 'ducer, the doppler sonar is the shiz, and they've been doing it for awhile. . .not a new thing. I know we're hawking...
  145. F

    Area 11 advices?

    If you slow way down and drive by those marks you'll find an epic run of dogfish this year. fb
  146. F

    Tuna Charter

    No, I am TwoLabz, not those other two guys. . . fb
  147. F

    Westport July 1-2 opener

    Sorry to extend the thread-jack, and nice fishing report (!), but. . . some report the blue color is due to accumulation of biliverdin pigment (a bile or heme breakdown product)...
  148. F

    Didya No?

    Hannibal stop wrecking people's bitch-narrative with facts!! LOLLOLLOL fb
  149. F

    You were warned! WDFW pushes 2 fish limit

    I'll oppose a 2-fish limit. Actively. They're using the data they have available to draft this fishery, but as we've seen, they need better data. fb
  150. F

    Couldn't wait to catch a Chinook...

    Some good ones in there, including some American factory-made models! I agree, I think it's gonna be a good year for springs, er, chinook. Actually, it's already been a good year! Good luck all! fb
  151. F

    Recent email ref Halibut Fisheries... and the future

    One strike against the punch card season thing, is that DFW doesn't have the budget to fund the enforcement across the range of a halibut fishery over that long a period, unless they approach things very differently.
  152. F

    Recent email ref Halibut Fisheries... and the future

    Probably the best thing to do at this point is to bitch about it to each other on the interwebz. . . fb
  153. F

    Captain Chat

    I just fiddle with the tabs, but only slightly in a following/quartering sea. I've never screwed with differential motor trimming, maybe that's a cat thing. Might have to try it if things get weird some day. This 232 hull loves the sea behind it. And that spot at cattle does rather suck on a...
  154. F

    Westport has Chovies!!!

    I'll not be in that race either. . .waiting for September or so. fb
  155. F

    Recent email ref Halibut Fisheries... and the future

    The proposal is for 6 fish. . .I didn't think it up on my own! fb
  156. F

    Recent email ref Halibut Fisheries... and the future

    I support a long season with a punch card for 6 fish. I also support a slot on hali size. Flame away. fb
  157. F

    Westport has Chovies!!!

    And the race for the first albacore of the year is on!!
  158. F

    Ultimate Halibut Rig - Gen 2 - Video

    Great post, thanks for bringing it back. fb
  159. F


    I bet you thought you had a lingosaurus on. . .they sure can give you a run for your money on hook and line! fb
  160. F

    What's in you're offshore 1st aid kit?

    All the above . . .and add a handful of aspirin, in case somebody on board is looking like heart attack or stroke. fb
  161. F

    Interesting halibut write up

    That method of determining angler effort for halibut is unbelievable (if it's true). I seriously hope that isn't true. fb
  162. F

    Scored out near PT

    Nice pic, they sure are a pretty fish (once you get to know them), fb
  163. F

    Lingcod in 6 days!

    Da'am, sign me up for that research mission!! fb
  164. F

    Anchoring a closed bow boat

    This is basically what I do. Makes it a piece of cake, although I can always seem to screw it up on some occasions! fb
  165. F

    Makah already taken 26,000# at Neah in 39hrs.. Almost wasted..

    Good point. . .only a few local folks get the proceeds this way. :mad: fb
  166. F

    Looks like MA 5 and 6 winter fishery shut down for 2017

    So you're saying MA13 no es en fuego? I guess I'm gonna have to cancel my VRBO in Lakewood! fb
  167. F

    WDFW announces 7-day halibut season

    I agree, I think we'll get most of the days too, with the fleet spread all over the place, and probability for two weather days in the mix. So is it like. . .ping pong paddle < fly swatter < tennis racket? fb
  168. F

    Looks like MA 5 and 6 winter fishery shut down for 2017

    Am I reading that correctly that MA 11 and 13 are wide open? Not that there's anything to catch there, but. . .? fb
  169. F

    Halibut - 7 days maybe?

    Thank you for fighting for that. . .the 3 days between opener thing would be too hard to swallow. . .I'd imagine that's the case for the small coastal communities too. fb
  170. F

    Garmin maps, bummed

    I think we got er figgered out, with the help of some nice THT'ers. My new 7600 unit comes with G2 built-in map, v2016.0. Maxed out detail settings, of course it's the fishing chart, and still shitty contour detail. Garmin support says it's "the exact same detail as the HD and Vision charts...
  171. F

    Halibut - 7 days maybe?

    Definitely the one-day thing is BS no doubt. The letter about a 7 day request is stupid. We're already going to get a 7 day season, at least, given the bumped coast-wide quota and divided fleet on those first announced days, and they already told us which 7 days. Writing a letter to make it...
  172. F

    Garmin maps, bummed

    Where in the menu? If you're talking about Menu->Chart Setup->Chart Appearance->Detail. . .then that doesn't do anything for contour detail. I'm all ears, if it's a simple setting. Thanks in advance, fb
  173. F

    Garmin maps, bummed

    The QuickDraw function is certainly a plus to map out areas that you're exploring, but I'd really like to have decent cartography in the first place, so that my boat doesn't have to be the hydrographic survey boat! Navionics charts look like they've already been surveyed, and Garmin's charts...
  174. F

    Garmin maps, bummed

    I just recently upgraded my electronics with a Garmin lineup. 7612xsv, B175HW, GT51, Fusion radar, etc. I am so far impressed with the ease of use and performance of all the components. Except for the mapping detail on the fishing charts. In most areas the detail sucks compared to my old...
  175. F

    PA blackmouth

    Escape valve, yeah right, that is until until Canada puts the clamp-down on it by making it harder to do for all us desperate yanks. Already in the works. . .don't hasten it by talking it up. fb
  176. F

    Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Crusted Albacore Tuna

    Good , I love this recipe, we've eaten it at least a dozen times in the last year, a real family favorite. Good tips, as the butter thing seems to be the most challenging part of it, but the warm butter-cold dry fish solution has been the best for me. And as always, don't overcook it. Good...
  177. F

    Neah Bay Lodging?

    Might be an exaggeration, or at least that certainly wasn't my experience. fb
  178. F

    Man down.

    +1 on the kill switch, or better yet, the Autotether wireless switch, might have saved this one. fb
  179. F

    MA11 Opener

    Where's the James White love??? You guys are so hard over Brady you forget who carried the wood. GOD I loathe the Pat's (but much respect for James), fb
  180. F

    NOAA seeks comment on SJI no-go zone....Let's give it to them

    First off, I'm completely totally against this (again). I can understand their argument, when boats are present near the KW's, the KW's engage in less foraging behavior (could be biased). When the KW's are in the zone that's proposed, they are more likely to eat than most other places (cause...
  181. F

    Dowrrigger/mooching rod is it possible!

    I've gone to Rainshadow's BP1145, with 12 inch woven graphite rear grip and 5 inch EVA foregrip. Nice light setup fun for coho's and can turn the largest kings too. Let me know if you want the recipe I use (guides and components). Pretty much switched my whole quiver over to this, fb
  182. F

    2017 license

    Pretty much Mpizzle has it dialed in here. 100% agree with your take on where we should go. Not sure how to get there, but that's the right destination in my opinion. Also that upper length limit maybe equates to like a 65-70 lber. fb
  183. F

    2017 license

    Could be. To extend that point, I'd be all for a boycott, as long as we aren't defunding the one agency that's on our side, fb
  184. F

    twins trim question

    Mine have always done that too. . .for me most of it is battery. Even when everything is topped off though, they aren't the exact same speed/power. I just eyeball them and use the single switches to even them out. fb
  185. F

    What would you do?

    I had almost the exact same situation when I moved to WA some years back, a 17 foot aluminum modified v-bottom (Alumacraft I think) boat with 50 hp Johnson, with nice bowmount trolling motor; even rigged it up with downriggers, rodholders, nice electronics package etc. Back in the midwest used...
  186. F

    Hopefully this was one of you

    That boat is an absolute tank. That was a big clank, and that's all the damage. Gotta give that hull some props. fb
  187. F

    Hopefully this was one of you

    Only a scratch.
  188. F

    Hopefully this was one of you

    I know that guy! Oh man we're gonna get some mileage out of that! fb
  189. F

    Raymarine CHIRP Sonar Screenshots!

    Thanks for the post. I have a question, since I'm in the market this off-season too. . .what is the rationale for going with a wide-angle transducer vs. one with a narrower beam? It seems like wide angle for bigger view of the column to mark fish, and a narrow angle maybe better for dialing in...
  190. F

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Sorry, I'll take a pass on that. No use picking little kitty fights with each other over why we're F'd. Sporties sure are easy to divide, even when we all want the same thing. No wonder we keep sucking hind tit, fb
  191. F

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Thank you for inserting some information into this post Ron, it was starting to look like a sorority cat fight. So does that equate to anticipate May 6, 8, 13 or something like that? Thanks in advance, fb
  192. F

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    With a maximum size, or a slot limit, we'd get to fish longer because we wouldn't attain the quota in a few shotgun dates. I'd rather have a longer season, catch more fish, talk more trash, spend more money on the coast. I'd also rather have 8 30 lbers in the freezer than three 80 lbers. But...
  193. F

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Instead of a minimum size limit, it should be a maximum one. . .protect the big girl breeders and open season on the eater-chickens. Duh. fb
  194. F

    Acid wrap or not?

    Spiral wrap works great for applications when the important part is the line coming in. . . .for applications when the important part is the line going out (long range casting, trotting floats, maybe even a live bait feed?) a standard wrap works better. For hali definitely spiral wrap if I...
  195. F

    Planning summer 2017 guys trip

    I'd put in another vote for fishing Barkley Sound out of Bamfield. We've been going every year for awhile now, and early August is prime. The offshore fishing can be great, and when it's blown up there are innumerable sheltered places to explore inside. Same basic fishery as Ukee only the...
  196. F

    Sunday tuna?

    I'll bite. . .I'll be out on Sunday. fb PS, T2short posts are always always appreciated. always increases the rating on these threads.
  197. F

    MA13 has no fish!

    I've been fishing further south over the past week. I agree, lots of runts this year. You really gotta sort them to get a good limit. I think come Thursday when it's all done, the post-mortem on this south Puget Sound season will read something like. . . they showed up in good numbers, a bit...
  198. F

    MA7 Orca encounter

    I watched that battle transpire off my stern the other day. You looked like you were BUSY! Nice job. One more fish than I got. fb
  199. F

    A11 closing early

    Just might be. fb
  200. F

    MA 11-13 past few days

    Nice looking rod and reel setup there missed'. . .that cork looks like it's been there and done that. fb
  201. F

    A11 closing early

    Ha! Yeah they've been thick lately! fb
  202. F

    A11 closing early

    This is going to be a monster coho run, if ocean catch of numerous oversized clipped fish is any indication. Forecast will be way way way undercooked. We sporties will be way way way overscrewed. . . .again. Somebody's stuffing the ballot boxes on the mail-in catch reports, at least in MA11...
  203. F

    Ucluelet, Westcoast Vancouver Island

    Thanks Hiroshi. . .good on you for sharing the intel on that. I'm hearing small small small feed out there, so I'll swim some itty bitties. Sounds like the Starfish and lighthouse districts are good, as well as outer structure in the Sound, but inside fish haven't shown (yet). Hali's been...
  204. F

    Ucluelet, Westcoast Vancouver Island

    Thanks for the report. I've been keeping an eye on the weather up there too, since I'm headed up Saturday for a 9 day trip. The govt forecast is always way overboard if you're fishing Barkley or the banks. That said, last week did not look stellar, so nice job doing as well as you did. ...
  205. F

    No More Derby Style Halibut Fishery (Please)

    I prefer BC's system myself, slot for length with a catch record card, and open season every day all spring and summer. I wouldn't mind letting all fish over 70 lbs go, if I could fish all year long. Killing a giant is a rush of course, but I could do without it in exchange for a longer...
  206. F

    Summer trip to wa

    I think you guys been trolled! fb
  207. F

    PFDs are a lot easier to wear than trying to swim

    Yikes! That and a couple other stories compelled me to hardwire an autotether in my boat this year. One more layer between me and the end-game I hope, fb
  208. F

    Catch of the day SW Corner

    Great idea on the wood mold and good on Gooch for the gear return offer. I picked up somebody else's gear Saturday too. UV white cuddlefish with a spreader bar and a 2 lb weight as well as 200 feet of black hard line. Some fuckstick dragged it across my anchor line while drift fishing with...
  209. F

    Broker or escrow suggestions for selling boat to private party

    My bank helped me sell my old Whaler 305; I think they held title and ensured funds cleared, for no fee. If I recall they did the same with my current 232 when I bought it. As was said, don't cough up any points to a broker or anybody else. . .finding a good buyer/seller is the hard part! fb
  210. F

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    True that! fb
  211. F

    Get your salmon gear ready....

    Goat's right about this. The reason the rec angling sector is so easy to defeat is that we can't agree on anything, we're easily divided by mundane minutia, and we're tight wads who don't advocate with our wallets. So then we pull in different directions, coming up with different plans...
  212. F

    Tribal Statement Regarding May Fisheries

    Yup that pretty much sums it up. fb
  213. F

    Greenling keep swallowing the hook

    +1 on the P-Line darts. +2 on the color don't matter comment. I switch the crappy split rings off (they rust almost instantly for me), and replace the hardware with a lousy 1/0 siwash, and good to go. fb
  214. F

    Tribes again call off talks

    And so from here on out this summer, NOAA needs to feel some pressure, a lot of pressure, from us, from our elected officials (some of whom are up for re-election this year:-)). We're not dealing with the Muck's or Puy's or Tools anymore this year, although they should feel maximum indirect...
  215. F

    Can someone help me launch in Neah on Friday the 6th

    I'll be there a little later in the afternoon, and I'll have a couple fellas with me, so if you're late, give me a shout (PM if you want my phone number), fb
  216. F

    SouthSounder. South of MA 7ish Somewhere and a #OffshoreNW fly by

    And that's the future of salmon fishing in Puget Sound, unless we majorly get our act together. :(
  217. F

    NOF process

    Thank you for posting the contact info for the federal rep's. I'll write. I wrote our senator as well, congressmen next. fb
  218. F


    They don't have as much $ as the recreational and commercial fishing population of WA. Also they don't have the tolerance for risk. Also, not all tribes are created equal. They have disagreements with each other on this subject. First we need their stance on fisheries to hurt them in the...
  219. F

    SouthSounder. South of MA 7ish Somewhere and a #OffshoreNW fly by

    Get 'em by Saturday, because come Sunday you're going to have some time on your hands for the foreseeable future! fb
  220. F

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    Thanks for the account Genie Aye and Stair Guy. Props to Unsworth and crew for standing up for our 50%. Sounds like the shades need to be drawn open on this bullshit. Tough sledding now. How bad do we want it, and can we come together as a user group, pool resources, and slug it out for the...
  221. F

    WDFW to seek federal permit

    +1 Definitely not sustainable. fb
  222. F

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    Bummer. Any other chances at talks before we go our separate ways or is that it? If that's it, then can somebody chime in who had front row seats, or was in the game? I'm interested in hearing about what tribal offer WDFW walked on? I trust it was a lousy offer, or we wouldn't be right here...
  223. F

    More Ocean Salmon info

    +1 for sure, very well stated. I'm behind WDFW on this one. They showed some sac here, against a shitstorm from all angles; tribes, feds and unfortunately many of us rec's too. Now it's time to set aside the angst and unite behind WDFW. Goat's right, we need to keep our ears open and our...
  224. F


    Yup. White kings. fb
  225. F

    Anyone here do pest control?

    I get them each year around this time (the little suckers that I think are sugar ants), after the first little spring warm spell. This year they are worse than prior years. I use a cheap perimeter spray (both inside and outside around all possible entry points) and after one or two treatments...
  226. F


  227. F

    Sad News.... Tofino Tour Boat Capsizes

    I went on a trip on that boat 4 years ago with my fam. I think I might know where this happened, a common tour stop near a mostly-submerged rock pile off the kelp beds well north of Tofino. When we went they stopped the boat and twirled it broadside there to show the passengers some stellars...
  228. F

    Area 9/ You Gotta know where to look

    Generally yes, hence all the closures. fb
  229. F

    TUNA Buddy Boat Sat?

    Good luck all. I'll be on the bench til Sunday. Leave some for the second-stringers, fb
  230. F

    Area 11 - They're still a few out there

    That there looks like a big 'un! fb
  231. F

    Bamfield/Ucluelet Barkely Sound (Not WA, but oh well)

    Great report. We're headed up end of next week for something similar. I'd heard that high pressure system put the kibosh on the banks with wind, which is a bummer, but nice thing about Barkley is the abundance of protected inshore water with potential. Did the warm water bring bad algae...
  232. F

    MA11 report 6/12-6/14

    I was bobbing around in the fleet on that drift too. Saw that guy catch the fish. . .it really gave him a workout. Tough duty for me so far this year too, fb
  233. F

    A11 Report

    First week of the season was the peak in MA11 last year, as far as I'm concerned. Not that it was hot. . .it's just that the rest of the year sucked so thoroughly. Definitely not the case so far this year though, fb
  234. F

    Ling fishing in the Sound

    I've got a few trips under my belt this year so far, and my success rate is lower than usual so far. Limited sample size though, fb
  235. F

    Area 9 Chinook In Review

    Mpizzle that's one fine post! fb
  236. F

    2006 Boston Whaler Conquest 305 for sale

    But she is trailerable, with a permit of course.
  237. F

    2006 Boston Whaler Conquest 305 for sale

    No trailer included in the deal.
  238. F

    2006 Boston Whaler Conquest 305 for sale

    LOADED and READY FOR ANYTHING. Exellent condition CQ305, kept under cover, and has nearly every factory option with many additional features. Yours for $109,000. •Twin Mercury Verado 4 stroke 250 hp's, run beautifully, Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) with power steering, networked Mercury...
  239. F

    15 lb balls?

    Yeah I've been using braid for some time. I think with heavier balls I'll need to be a little more diligent in junction maintenance. fb
  240. F

    15 lb balls?

    thanks all. next time I'll use the other forum, but thanks for humoring me, fb
  241. F

    Used Taco Grand Slam 270 Outrigger Set

    Pair of Taco Grand Slam 270 Outrigger mounts with 15 foot silver/silver Taco outriggers. Bought a boat which had them mounted on my hard top but I don't need them. They have a couple seasons of use by the previous owner. Metals are in good condition with minimal pitting. Comes with all the lines...
  242. F

    15 lb balls?

    I'm considering switching to 15 lb (from 12 lb) cannonballs on my Scotty electric DR's (1106's) in hopes of fishing a little deeper with more precision. The DR's are 5-8 years old. Has anybody had problems or experience with the heavier balls on those? Speaking with the Scotty rep I know, he...
  243. F

    Decent day in 7

    I call BS on that. I've spent plenty of fishless weeks up in MA7. . .not as many as in MA11, but I'm working on it. Lame post, fb
  244. F

    Catching greenling

    That's pretty sweet! fb
  245. F

    Catching greenling

    The ultralites work fine for greenlings as long as you set the drag and have a clue. My girls got plenty-o-greenlings on them, not to mention lingcod up to 32 inches over the last few weeks. Not advocating ultralites for lingcod, just sayin it's got more to do with the angler than the tool, fb
  246. F

    Catching greenling

    Thanks for the advice. They fillet just fine, like a little ling, just cut the row of bones out as per usual, and they're fun for the kids on ultralites. They eat OK, and the small ones make great bait (insert alterior motive here). I'll try the small jighead/twister tail combo. We caught...
  247. F

    Catching greenling

    Had fun dinking around with bottomfish this year for half of May. Fished MA7 a good deal with my daughters, and had a lot of success. Question for next year: What's good terminal tackle to target kelp greenling with, and what kind of water would you focus on? We did really well on little 1...