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    Rings on Charlie Brown Hooks

    If you're in San Diego, we carry the full line of Charlie Brow, plus lots of other Quickrig hooks and swivels at Dana Landing in Mission Bay.
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    Shogun - Police

    New years eve every night of the summer.
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    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    The west to east migration takes place around either equinox. Biologist told me they head west from San Francisco area, and book straight across the pacific. They don’t know how or why they know to do that, but the pattern is consistent.
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    Personal Best Bluefin

    The IGFA rules were adapted directly from the Tuna Club of Avalon. They're west coast rules.
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    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    One comment on this. On average I believe it's been 15 days from contraction of the virus to the time someone would end up in the hospital. If the amount of people needing hospitals doubled within a week of easing social distancing restrictions, they would have contracted the disease before...
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    Seeker booth shenanigans lead to my first UC blanks at Fred Hall 2020

    Bottom line, factory booths shouldn't be selling direct to the public.
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    Suzuki Mechanic Needed in SD area.

    Had a gear case rebuilt at JPs. No problems on my end, still runs great. Our rental fleet mechanics defer to them on the Honda motors we have on one of our boats. They were able to straighten out some difficult issues we had with those motors.
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    People who fish dark braid

    Wow, John from Dana Landing here. Just to be clear, we don’t have any directive to sell any specific lines, or line colors. Most customers want green spectra. I always ask them if they are fishing party boats and try to talk them into light colored braid, but ultimately it’s the customers...
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    Blackwater leader

    Doing inventory at the shop and found 4 coils of 200# Blackwater in back-stock. Anybody interested can give us a call or come by Dana Landing. They list at $129. If somebody wants all of them we'll let them go for less. 619 226 2929
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    Black Friday deals?

    At Dana Landing, we’re giving a $20 gift card for every $100 spent.
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    Tuna 0 Marlin 1

    That’s the old Burns slot jet. Those are striped marlin killers.
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    New PENN Torque TRQ15XNLD2

    We sold our first one today. It took 300 yds of 65# pro spec, with space to fit 30 yds of 50# xxx mono. We also now have the 25n, 30 and 40 in silver.
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    New Trinidad’s???

    Looks like the Toruim PG, low gear with the power handle.
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    Okuma service in San Diego

    We do at Dana Landing
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    Treble Hooks on Schnabels

    There’s still a Mustad treble hook that comes that way.
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    Finally. CDFW tells the world that the MPAs were unsurveyed.

    Slightly off subject, but the ling cod limits are set by the PFMC (feds) and are based on stock assessment. If stock assessment shows better numbers they’ll push the limit back up, like they did with bacaccio. California won’t do anything with regards to managing fisheries with the exception...
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    Tady 4/0 Light

    Let me know if you haven’t found one yet, I can bring one to Dana Landing for you.
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    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    I'm member, I don't agree with CCA support of the hatchery program, because I think that effort is misplaced. I do however think that the organization is necessary as is increased membership in CCA California. CCA does retain a large lobby firm to help sport fishermen nationwide. This is what...
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    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    This is extremely important, and great advice.
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    Purse Seiners Suck

    No quota
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    It would be tough for us to ban seiners without losing our live bait. There is a possibility that we could buy their projected yellowfin catch before they fish. It could be done through CCA. Obviously the fish is much more economically beneficial to the local sport fishing community than the...
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    If you sabiki those green back sardines into your tank they will live great, no need to cure because they’ve never been in a net. Way hotter than bait you’ll buy at th receiver. The black back ones roll after a couple circles in the tank.
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    Those sardines with the black backs are a different species than the green ones. They won’t live in the bait tank no matter what size. The green/tan backed sardines will live great when you jig them. I asked my friend that recently retired from Everingham Brothers. He called them Japanese...
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    Rubber Winding Check Needed (~.680")

    I have all the rubber wind checks here.
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    Another back ordered VISX thread.

    At Dana Landing we have all of the silver visx in stock. Give us a call 619 226 2929 we can ship if you don’t want to come down to San Diego.
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    Mono specs - my Ande is too thick!

    Remember, Jinkai is very thin and soft. Jinkai mono is all IGFA rated. I have a feeling their leader material breaks at rated # test. The Jinkai leader is also very soft and has relatively low abrasion resistance, we sell it at the shop because some people like it, we don’t rig with it...
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    Yeti drops NRA

    Made in China? WHERE ARE YETI PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED? Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines. Our Hopper coolers, Panga duffels, and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China. The...
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    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    Ahh yes the anger. I’m still amazed he stuck it out as long as he did.
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    How do i prove my residency when I don't have a driver license?

    If you're under 18 you will need to use a parent or guardian ID for the agent to fill out your license. Once you turn 18 you'll need to use your own ID (the system /terminal will make us input that information). The terminal needs some type of state/fed issued number to attach to you during...
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    California White Seabass NEWS!!!!

    Funny, my biologist friends (some that worked on this project) were telling me 15+ years ago that this hatchery program was very ineffective. The health and ability to avoid predators is going to be much lower in fish reared in captivity when compared with naturally spawned fish that have to...
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    Backordered VISX

    Confirmed, at Dana Landing the only one we are out of is the 12VISXS.
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    Backordered VISX

    I think the only one we are out of at Dana Landing is the 12VISXS. I'll update tomorrow when I get to work.
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    Local San Diego rockfish and cod

    What kind of sunblock do you recommend this time of year? Can I switch to the lighter SPF because of the earths distance to the sun?
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    White Seabass Head Drop-off Locations with Freezers

    It's about 470-1 that your WSB is chipped.
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    Better jigstick....for beginner

    One thing I never understood with Seeker. A Calstar 6480 is a copy of a Truline D8, funny that Seeker makes a 6480 and a D8.
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    Better jigstick....for beginner

    That Seeker d8 will do just fine for you. You can easily fish 40 if you want, and it also doubles as a good 40# bait rod.
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    BD members reunion charter trip on the Vendetta Oct. 14th Avail spots open

    Carl is going to beat you guys like a dirty rug :Beat_Them
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    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    At Dana Landing, we rig the majority of our fliers with a single hook coming out of the tail of the bait and pegged into an upright position. We keep a few rigged with a treble hook attached to the back, because some customers insist on that rigging. Rigging with the treble hanging behind the...
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    300+lb Bluefin Landed

    this is Carl on Johnnys account. you have it backwards
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    It did. With about a 1,000 lbs. between them. Mako with World Class Shark Fishing.
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    N Carolina fish report

    LOL I forgot about the Spandex This is Carl on Johnnys log in
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    Release the small tunas guys

    The tuna we catch off socal haven't made the trip west to spawn. Since the days of big bluefin at Guadalupe Island biologists have been checking the gonads of these fish to see if any have spawned. None of them have
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    Release the small tunas guys

    Not mature, those fish have never spawned.
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    Release the small tunas guys

    Keep in mind that no size tuna, bluefin or yellowfin, that we catch off SoCal have ever spawned. You can release, or keep if you want, but size has nothing to do with it except the yield of your catch.
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    Impulse 6 pack Mission Bay, any thoughts?

    That's the one downside to fishing on the Impulse, the Carl factor. Seriously, Matt Barlow wants to catch fish more than any charter group, and he's out fishing on his days off. They had one week last year when the kite bite was going off that they had a 200 pound fish every day but one, that...
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    Issue with Andros 5aii Skipping, 4th time returned to Okuma!!

    Make sure that when filling these reels on the line winder they are in low gear. We noticed that when these reels are on the line winder in high gear, the lever from the line winder slightly depresses the shift button. This will cause wear and burring on the rectangular bar that seats into the...
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    Yummee leader - Floro or Mono?

    We use 400# mono. We ran out of 400# last year and we rigged with 530# that also worked. Can't imagine why someone would use fluoro in this application.
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    Gears For Torque Star Drags

    We have all of those gear sets at Dana Landing.
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    How many of you read #3 and immediately thought ........ ??Fisherman Btw this is Carl on Johnnys account
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    Volvo D4

    Commercial lobster skiff. 10,000 hours never any mechanical issues, a few wiring/computer glitches, but that motor has never been cracked open. He fishes between Mission Bay and Solana Beach 6 days a week during season. Burns 50 gallons a week.
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    Volvo D4

    Friend is selling this motor, I told him I would help out and put a link to his CL ad here. Motor is still in the boat so you can see it run before he pulls it for the re-power.
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    Ken Jones: A Hundred Years Ago at Redondo

    cool link thanks
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    Opah Madness

    will you be my right hand man?
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    Replace HX Raptor with Penn Torque 30LD2 for #40-80

    I would go with the 80# Berkley Pro Spec braid. The 30 will hold 500 yards filled to the top. The guys I know that killed 200 pounders on that reel last year preferred upgrading the handle to the Tiburon T-bar.
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    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    Little Hoquim (sp?) It's at Fred Hall
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    Knots for big game

    I don't fly fish myself, but I do rigging for guides that fish mako sharks off of Southern California. I also use the spliced loop attached to the back of the fly line. They then attach via loop to loop to a Bimini twist on the backing. This was the first connection they had tried in which...
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    Rockcod kick off, late report from Friday (GoPro edition)

    Just finished eating a handful of those bak perch. Excellent table fare, great video!!
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    Trolling with Makaira 20SEa???

    Just remember, the SEa reels are tuned for bait fishing. They have spool bearings that are oiled, not greased. In a heavy spray environment you will see bearing corrosion and failure without constant maintenance. The standard gold Makaira is better suited for trolling.
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    Serial Number on Baja Special 113HN

    The new star is stainless, not aluminum.
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    January 14 event at Dana Landing

    Just in case you didn't know about our event at Dana Landing. There are going to be some great sales, along with the free beer samples, and free pulled pork sandwiches we also are going to pay for you to join the CCA. Join the CCA for $40 and we will give you a $40 Dana Landing gift card...
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    WTB Black Hole cape code slow pitch rod

    I've got that rod in stock. It would probably be easier for Kil to send that out to if he has it in stock.
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    WTB Black Hole cape code slow pitch rod

    I'll check when I get into the shop tomorrow. We do carry Black Hole slow pitch rods. I have to see which models we have in stock.
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    Reel Repair in San Diego

    I'll second that. Disclaimer, he works from our shop. Doug does a great job and for the first time in 2 years he is caught up. We do a lot of Avets and Trinis, and Doug has some good tricks for upgrading the performance on these reels.
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    Tady 14A jigs

    We have the heavies at Dana Landing. All single tuna hook glow. We're open until 7 pm today but we're closed on thanksgiving.
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    Any one tried berkley pro spec braid?

    Our best selling braid at Dana Landing. Every commercial skiff fisherman out of San Diego uses Pro Spec 80 for their surface iron/popper set ups. The feedback is that it doesn't stick to itself when casting. One thing we discovered is that it does not work well on spinning reels, and was...
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    Another "which reel" Thread...

    It's not an AR issue that Carl is talking about. He's talking about an issue with the reel going in to gear. This may be a Carl issue. I have a 30 for fishing surface iron. Great reel. The charter boat Impulse uses the 25n as their main bait reel. Third season, hundreds of fish per reel...
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    Upgrade TLD 15/30 handle

    The old TO16,20,30 handle fits perfect. You will want to use the TO nut and retainer plate as well.
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    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Looks like a Furuno 250 sonar as well.
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    Boston Big Game Fishing Kites..........

    Unfortunately we're still out. The Boston Big Game people are supposed to have them back in stock later this month. I have heard that Seaforth has them and I don't know of anyone else that has them in stock.
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    Looking for a 6 Pack out of SD - 9/10 or 9/11

    Impulse is a good choice. Unfortunately if you want a summer/fall weekend date you will have to book earlier in the year.
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    Flags At the 9 Mile Bank

    Those flags are commercial deep drop swordfish rigs.
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    Looking for a great 6 pack for off shore

    We still have a handful of dates available this summer on the Impulse out of Dana Landing in Mission Bay. I'm biased because I work at the landing, but Matt Barlow is one of the best.
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    Best 6 pack charter out of SD? Please book soon, the calendar is filling up.
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    Oceanside Harbor - Major South Swell This Weekend

    Good move upping the odds on getting a parking space Larry. :D
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    I'm ready for them beast !

    Spoke with a customer the other day, He had the tq30ld topped with 80# braid. He said it cast a popper/iron as well as Trini, and much better than the Tac 12. No fish that day, so just talking about casting performance.
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    BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    You're the one that told me. I think they overestimated a bit.
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    BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    I just got the actual weight. Any guesses?
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    Knot Pullers for Spectra and Hooks - $20 - $30 (Models A and C Available)

    I was able to test a set out at the shop. I was very impressed at how well the surface gripped braided line. This is a really cool product in my opinion.
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    VMC Dynamic hooks

    VMC still makes this hook. No ring. Only problem is they're only available in 1000 packs. If anyone needs 1000 I can order it for them.
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    Seabass by balloon video...

    Very nice
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    Don't miss out

    I wouldn't usually post in this forum, but we have what I feel is a huge deal for long range fishermen this Saturday 1/16. Dana Landing is having a big seminar/sale on Saturday. It is focused on inshore fishing, but I did get a hold of a bunch of Yo-Zuri Bonitos. I got a ridiculously low...
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    Best Knot for Solid Spectra

    I use the fg in the shop 80# and over if the reel doesn't have hollow. Make sure you pull on your rp knots. If the bottom wraps on tha knot slip while it's cinching, the knot will come apart. If you get a chance some time try putting your spectra/mono connections on a line breaker. They all...
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    Fish I.D. Drawing a Blank

    Thread fin bass. We've caught a couple on our skiff over the years. They are rare, the first one we caught took Scripps a week to identify.
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    Replacement Skirts for Lures

    6. 5 is too early for me.
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    Replacement Skirts for Lures

    We have a pretty good selection over at Dana Landing. Stop by and check it out.
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    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    I come up with the pump prices at Dana Landing. The retail prices come from a spread sheet we created in which the wholesale delivery price is plugged into upon delivery. Retail prices are a set percentage above wholesale cost for that delivery. Volume discounts are again based on a...
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    Yo-Zuri trolling speed and skipping issues need help.

    The plastic bill yo zuri needs a snap or ring on the eye, then it should track fine. I just talked to the reps for yo zuri a few weeks ago and they said a snap swivel snapped directly to the lure is needed for that lure to stay down at troll speed.
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    4-Stroke, Best Fuel Choice??

    Fuel at the fuel docks in California has the same ethinol street gas has.
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    What am I doing wrong with this knot?

    If it's 30# p-line cxx and you tied a good sd knot it should break closer to 37-39#. There may be a problem with your mono.
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    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    I think 332 or 99 diameter and width would be perfect. (Tn 20, to 20, and daiwa 40 size reels are all exactl copies of the width of a Penn 99) That size is the best selling in our case no matter what brand.
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    Penn Fathom 25N Freespool Lever Jam

    Maybe when I get back to the shop, I can post some pictures of the slight modification we do to the yolk to aliviate this issue. The tq 15 and 25n are our go to reels for our charter boats. They are the only reels we found that can handle 100+ days a year.
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    Who has torque spinners?

    We have all 3 sizes at Dana Landing in San Diego.
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    My outboard motors trim is randomly turning on and lowering itself...

    That is usually caused by chafing in the wires where they go through your throttle handle. It is a pretty common problem on our rental boats. The chafed wires touching will activate your trim.
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    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    Baby Baja - 3/0 size with same gear/bridge as the 113hn, shrink the spool, frame, and side plates. We service a lot of torques at the shop. This reel would be helped with a stainless yolk, and stainless pins that the yolk rides on. We have also found that by filing ramps into yolk (like...
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    Anyone have any experience with the phenix redeye travel rods???

    I'll double check tomorrow, but I think we have those models in stock down at Dana Landing if you want to pull on them. I'll post tomorrow am and let you what's in stock.
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    Suzuki df 140

    Any alarm?
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    Event at Dana Landing January17th

    I guess I should make sure he is on the schedule.
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    Event at Dana Landing January17th

    Bay Bass Tournament kickoff event at Dana Landing Saturday January 17th Event starts at 7:00am with a live broadcast of Let’s Talk Hookup. At 10:00 am host Pete Grey from Let’s Talk Hookup will moderate a panel discussion with some of the best inshore fisherman and lure innovators on the west...
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    Marlin Fishing 11/8

    I agree with Carl. Great catch for Scootch jr.
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    Blue Marlin Release (Certified ID at Marlin Club ILTT)

    Just a side note, I saw Jerry the day after they caught the fish. He never said anything about it being a blue. When he turned in the pictures to the San Diego Marlin club for the ILTT tournament, the guys at the club told him it was a blue.
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    Epic Marlin Fishing - Tues

    Wow! Congrats. That 1656 and Big Rock Plunger are big lures. What size hooks were you running in those lures?
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    shimano flat fall at fishermans hardware

    We got some 80 gram at Dana Landing today. Their were 4 left when I went home.
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    My First Local Marlin- Released

    Congrats on the fish. I think I may have skirted and rigged that lure. Is that a Costa Rican plunger?
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    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    You more than likely have a washer out of order in your drag stack. This can cause your drag to back off when a fish runs. Pull the side plate, the first drag at the bottom of the main gear should have the largest inside hole. The metal washer above that should be keyed to fit snug on the...
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    Dana Landing has Halco 130's in stock

    We are fully stocked on all Halco as of today.
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    Dana Landing Looking for help

    We're looking for some help at the store. If this looks like it could be a fit for you, stop by and see us. Thanks John Looking for 2 positions: #1 Looking for someone who knows salt water fishing. Duties would include putting line on reels, helping sell tackle and gear, taking charter...
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    Meet Capt Paul Hebert from Wicked Tuna at Dana Landing

    Wicked Tuna at Dana Landing! Join us at Dana Landing and meet Captain Paul Hebert from the boat Wicked Pissah on National Geographic's Wicked Tuna Meet Paul on Sunday, June 22nd from 4-6 PM. He will have pictures to autograph, take a photo with him or just ask a question about Giant Bluefin...
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    Penn Torque spinning reels?

    I found the Alan Hawk review this morning. After reading that, plus your helpful replies, I will have no problem advising the customer on this reel. He wants something that will do big roosters or sails. He wants a nice reel, he just doesn't want to spend Stella/Saltiga kind of money. Thanks...
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    Penn Torque spinning reels?

    I figured I would ask this question on thid board because of the experience with spinning reels you guys have. How do the Torque spinning reels from Penn stack up to other high end spinning reels? I know at the price point it would be considered more of a midrange reel. Mainly how is the...
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    FG Knot

    I have messed around with this knot at the shop for a while now. It is not as easy to tie as the rp knot, but for mono/fluoro over 40# test I don't think their is a stronger knot (insert into hollow w/serve should be stronger). Tie this knot, and pull until it breaks. The line will break away...
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    where to get Daiwa parts?

    Call Doug at Dana Landing before 10am tomorrow. He will order it for you. 619 226 2929
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    looking 4 Fenwick Pacific stik 789

    Thought I had that blank, ended up being a 782. Sorry.
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    Outer frame of pinion bearing stuck in Avet LX 6/3

    In our shop we try to find a large bolt that fits into the outside bearing race. Stick that in, and use it to pry the old outer bearing race out. Be patient, it will come out.
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    trinidad dc

    I have 1 16dc in the case at Dana Landing. $499
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    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Were people this angry when the size went from 11" to 12"? How about before that when it went from 10" to 11"?
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    Mylar Lure Wings

    I'm working on that now. I will let you know what I come up with.
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    410 YFT on EXCEL

    I'm surprised nobody from the boat has let out how much that fish really taped out at. That weigh in is going to be fun.
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    Double Trouble, Seabass video!

    I like how the second fish in the rod holder drags the boat around to the left.
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    I didn't realize La Jolla cove was open to fishing last year.
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    Dana Landing lost dog

    Around 1:00 on 10/20 our black pug "Yaz" went missing. She is a very friendly dog, and was most likely taken. Those of you that have been to shop know this dog. She is a small black pug with a white spot on her chest. She is about 10 months old. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Video report

    My brother would never post this. (last week)
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    code boats

    Funny, they don't talk on vhf or ssb anymore. It is all done on the sat dispatch. Like a sat phone. Other code boats can't hear who you are talking to. The only thing that enforces the "code group" is other boats hearing you talk on the radio. Because they don't use radios anymore, the...
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    Unattended Rod - In gear or not?

    In gear circle or j for squid. Freespool clicker for flylined finbait.
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    Need info on a good 6 pack

    A great day aboard the Impulse!
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    Dana Point 8 24 12 - Paddy holding dorado 5 miles

    Gotta love all the paddy talk. Remember, most of the boats out there are not looking for kelps. It is much easier to spot a stopped boat than a kelp. Two stopped boats are even easier to spot Unless you or me work hard enough to find a kelp, no other boats will be able to fish, and that is...
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    Fishing mexican waters?

    Did you have mex fishing permits?
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    La Jolla video Sunday

    I used a moviemaking program known as "Windows Movie Maker". All you have to do is drag the different image/video cells into an order of your choosing. From there you can choose from a list of different transitions to connect the clips/images. Hope this info proved useful. -Hunter
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    La Jolla video Sunday

    I would love to get Hunter a yellow, but those La Jolla fish are too big this year. He hooked it and tried for a while before he gave it to me. That reel doesn't have enough cranking power, making it very dificult to gain line on that fish. It is amazing what kids can do with tech like...
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    La Jolla video Sunday

    Fished LJ Sunday after work. Took a hook and hand from my 11 yer old son on his baitrunner trevala combo. He filmed it on his phone, and put together the video. The fish went 27.8
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    Xiphias Gladius on a lure?

    I talked to Jerry today at the shop. They were running the lures right behind the underwater transom lights when that thing hit. He said that thing took all the gaffs away the first time they hit it. They broke out the blue marlin gaffs, on the next shot they got him. That thing is a beast.
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    Just heard on lets talk hookup, 400+lbs yft

    They weighed it on a rocking boat, that's where the 418 to 430 comes from.
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    Trueline question

    Don't make fun of me John. You've looked at this rod before. No one thats seen it has ever thought it was a lm 7.
  133. N

    Trueline question

    Maybe I was looking at it upside down?
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    Trueline question

    I pulled the cork tape off a truline rod I have fished with for a long time. The blank is a L-VV-7. That doesn't sound familier to me. any one heard of it? It's a little over 7 foot, I always fished 25-30 with it. Thanks
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    Lil Scoot

    I decided to run off some pics of my friend Dave Matsurras Marlin lures. I did the skirts. I don't think dave would post this stuff, but this head has acounted for a lot of marlin off San Diego the last 4 years. Quite a bit has gone into the development of this head. They wanted a head that...
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    We sell those sleeves at Dana Landing in San Diego. Burns had it as a dcl for 80-130#, and a dbl for 125-150#. They are from Rosco Tackle, the l is for long. The long in those sleeves was a custom cut (we had to order 20,000 of each) Those 2 sizes will cover most of your rigging. I like the...
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    When you cross the border, you can puchase a tourist visa there. This is all that you will need besides Mexican fishing permits, which most tackle shops in San Diego have.
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    Need some help from you lure guys

    bring the heads into Dana Landing, we will skirt them up for you.
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    what the other side is doing.

    Here was the side banner on google I found today.
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    Calling all Truline experts

    I sold all three that I found to John D.
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    1.5 on the CONDOR

    Wow, it sure has been a long time since I've fished on the sport boats. I don't think I have ever been on an overnite tuna trip when the fishing was decent with less than 40 people. Try 62 people on the Prowler, we always considered the Grande a light load with 40 people. Of course then you...
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    gusa 79mag

    I could ship if needed.
  143. N

    gusa 79mag

    Pre hastings 79mag blue blank, hyp fore-grip, cork tape butt, no reel seat, with fuji ngk sic guides. Simple double wrap, very light use. You can come by the shop to check it out, just contact me first. $150
  144. N

    Bird School Bigeyes on the 14!!!

    1986- Lost a 60-70# class fish on the last circle before gaff after 1 hr 15min on 20# We were at the 425 on my friends skiff. Fished that Oct on the Queen. Dumped a 70-80# class fish at gaff after 45 min on 40# with a 4/0 and a chovy. I hooked one later that trip on a mac with 60# on a tt30 I...
  145. N

    Dang I forgot to put the trailer in the parking lot

    We park at least one car a month at Dana that people forget about on the ramp with the keys in the car. We keep the keys in the shop. some arent so lucky.
  146. N

    Dana Landing Block Party 11-28-09!

    Just a quick note on the sales going on. I spoke with Neal from Dolphin Tackle, they will be selling bulk lead, as well as lead-heads for $3 a pound. You just pick out all the items you want and they weigh it, and put a price on it. We will have all clothing (Aftco, Fishworks, Grundens, and...
  147. N

    looking for yamashita color chart

    Check out POP in Hawaii Pacific Ocean Producers
  148. N

    Cat Marlin 2 (Mayhem destruction and the Jinx continues)

    Switch you hooks to a mustad 7691s, and you shouldn't have that problem. Don't knock the shackle rig, it is designed for fishing stripers. Works really well on chugger heads.
  149. N

    8/23 flat calm ocean

    I just spoke with our charter boat Blackjack. He had just left Mission Bay and reported a flat glass ocean, with about a 2 foot ground swell.
  150. N

    what blank to use for a 130lb. troller

    Chair or Stand up?
  151. N

    Ummmm, WHAT THE [email protected]#k GUYS?!?

    As far as the tackle industry being involved, it is being done through ASA (american sportfishing association) The ASA is helping to pull together all of the fishing groups, they hired a lobbiest, and a pr firm. I attended a meeting that I was invited to for ASA members, There was maybe 12...
  152. N

    Torium that clicks

    Just drop in the tn dc spring and dog on any to, or tn. This has been an automatic upgrade for the past year when we service these reels at the shop.
  153. N

    MLPA oversight hearing

    I was at that meeting as well. That meeting was an invite only for ASA members. I sure hope there are more manufacturers/retailers that belong to ASA in So Cal.
  154. N

    THE marine life protection and game code 2850

    Just a couple of notes. 1. The UA proposed maps looked great, but the people I know that are involved in the process said that DFG wants nothing to do with any kind of c&r areas. 2. My hunch is, and I think this kind of played out on the central coast, is that the maps of the areas to be...
  155. N

    JX binding under extreme drag

    Penn solved this with the trq lever drag reels. With the multi disk drag cartridge it dosn't take the big side load to get monster drag presure with no handle load. Unfortunatly the sizes are a little funky, and they probably won't sell very well.
  156. N

    Did "Companys Money" land swordfish?

    Flame seared mackeral Brian
  157. N


  158. N

    QuickRig Bait Bridle Tool

    We have them at Dana Landing. the biggest clip is about 1 inch, big enough for about a 1-2# mac. There is a demo model at the back counter if you want to play with one.
  159. N

    Should I spring for the Trini 20 dc??

    When we got these things at the shop, we took one out of the box to try it out. It is very different. I put it on a 9h teramar and tied on a tady c w/ 30#. We tested it casting into the wind with the control turned all the way up, and no thumb. Just watch the lure, and put your thumb on when...
  160. N

    6 yft ON A 3/4 DAY BOAT OUT OF DANA POINT 8/1

    that was the Alexes from Dana Landing in Mission Bay
  161. N

    6/22 From 976

    Final count, Impulse from Dana Landing 5 anglers, 18 albacore, and 12 yellows. Russ said they could have had 50, if they had some talent on the boat. Oh ya, they were within 30 miles of PL
  162. N


    I was having a lot of trouble with finish, until a customer gave me a small alcohol torch, I guess it's a dental tool. It's just a small plastic bottle with a wick, and a small metal tube bent to 90 degees above the wick. You fill the bottle half full with alcohol, and lite the wick. By...