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  1. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Swimbait/Lead Lot - 100+ New Baits

    Thinning out most of my larger plastics as the fish in my new area apparently only eat the kind of swim baits you need to take a second mortgage out to afford. With the exception of 4 of the 6 MC Weedless baits, these have never been used. MC Swimbaits, Big Hammer, Bass Trix, and Mano from 4" -...
  2. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Huge Rapala Trolling Lot (CD-18, Xrap, etc)

    Starting to thin out a lot of my saltwater baits that I just won't be using now that I'm mainly fishing the Delta and other boring freshwater stuff. Hopefully someone can put these to use. Have replaced the hooks on many of them but some are a little worn. There are two Yozuri deep divers in...
  3. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Salas YoYo Iron Lot

    Salas heavy iron lot - $60 shipped, PayPal F&F or Venmo 4 Yoyo (qty 2) - Scrambled Egg 6x Jr (qty 5) - Green/Yellow, one might be Dorado 6x Jr (qty 2) - Blue Mack 6x (qty 2) - Blue/White 6x (qty 1) - Blue Mack
  4. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 4' AFTCO Fiberglass Gaff

    4' AFTCO Fiberglass Gaff, in great shape. I got it in a trade and have never stuck a fish with it. Located in Lodi, but I can probably ship it in a golf club box if anyone down south wants it. $75.
  5. hbouldin1216

    Guy tries to run a train into the hospital ship in Port of LA

    Used to live in Pedro overlooking the port. This would have been something to see
  6. hbouldin1216

    Official LA County Letter RE: COVID Closures

    Hey guys, one of my suppliers sent me the official COVID letter as to what is considered an "essential business." Figured this would help dispel a lot of the rumors that are being thrown around.
  7. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Shimano/Daiwa Lefty Baitcasters

    Hey guys, moved from Long Beach up to Lodi and am thinning out some of my gear. I know good used lefty reels can be hard to come by so I figured I'd throw these up in case anyone was looking. These were serviced by Performance Tackle in early November but have not been fished. They still have...
  8. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 1985 Evinrude 20HP Electric Start + Extras - $500 NEED GONE THIS WEEKEND

    Hey guys, selling my 1985 Evinrude 20HP long shaft outboard. I have added the aftermarket electric start kit, and also have the 30hp carb/intake available if you wanted to convert it to the higher HP. It took me forever to find all of the parts on eBay, and when I finally did, I ran out of time...
  9. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lowrance HDS12 Live w/ 3-1 Transducer NIB

    "Accidentally" won this in an eBay auction thinking I was bidding on the 9" version from the same seller. By the time I'd realized it, I had already won the auction and the seller was not very cooperative in putting me in touch with the other bidders to work something out. I received the unit...
  10. hbouldin1216

    LB Reel Service?

    I have a host of Shimano, Daiwa, and Okuma bait casters that were fished hard this summer and put away wet. I've been traveling a ton for work and finally got a chance to take my gf out yesterday for her first saltwater bass. While prepping Saturday morning, only 2 of my 9(!!!) bait casters...
  11. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Werner Kayak Paddle - Small Diameter Shaft - $100

    **Posting on behalf of my Dad** Werner Skagit FG Paddle, 240 cm, small diameter shaft for smaller hands, excellent condition, only used 3 times. Only reason selling is because my wife decided that she likes my paddle better for her style of paddling. Link to Werner site...
  12. hbouldin1216

    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    Will be in a position to pull the trigger on a ~21 ft CC in about a month, so I'm starting to research storage solutions. Ideally, I'd like to keep it in the water at one of the Cabrillo marinas as I'm minutes away, but just in case, any recommendations for some "secure" storage in the area?
  13. hbouldin1216

    Warship off San Pedro

    Anyone know whats up with the ship thats been doing racetracks out front of Point Fermin all week? Heard reports that there have been a few ships into the weapons station this week so maybe it's on some sort of security patrol? Maybe one of the former Navy guys on here can chime in...
  14. hbouldin1216

    Trailer Shops in Long Beach Area

    I somehow bent the axle on my trailer near the leaf-spring u-bolts and spindle and need to get a new axle. I suspect it occurred while towing through the construction zone going over the 47 bridge, but nonetheless, it's toast. There are places online but I'd love to buy local if possible. Any...
  15. hbouldin1216

    Fast Tuna Boat

    Here you go boys, huge cockpit, stern-wide tuna gate, and a 50kt cruise. All yours for $55k!
  16. hbouldin1216

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    This is a long shot but this boat was so unique I'm sure a BD'er has seen it before, or might have been off of PV around 2pm yesterday. I tried to get a picture but they all look like shit. From what I could tell, 80+ foot (probably bigger) luxury yacht flat out hauling ass and throwing a...
  17. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Bait Status

    Anyone know if San Pedro Bait or Nachos has anything? Was out Sunday and no one was home on the Pedro barge and Nacho said he was dry due to the storm. The Pedro hotline hasn't been updated since September
  18. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    Grandparents have lived in Cambria for years and we've often gone to the beach at San Simeon. I've never fished it but have seen guys on yaks do real well out there so I'm thinking about pulling the boat up there for Thanksgiving. I have a 14 foot aluminum but it is not beach launch-able at San...
  19. hbouldin1216

    Inner Harbor Bugs - 11/9

    Launched Cabrillo around 6:30pm. Warden came by and checked my gear/tags, and chatted for a few minutes. Nice guy, and glad to see them at the ramp. Weather was absolutely perfect. No wind, and relatively warm. Only saw a few other boats out near the wall but otherwise I had the place to myself...
  20. hbouldin1216

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    While watching the lightning show Friday night, decided to hook the boat up and see what the morning would bring. Alarm went off at 4, weather looked reasonable, so off I went. Launched out of Cabrillo in the tinny in the dark Saturday 10/13 with hopes of yellows at the shoe. I bypassed the San...
  21. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Lobster 10/5 - Same-is day report

    Had a shitty day at work and decided late to go soak some hoops for the first time in a few seasons. Been out of commission with numerous leg surgeries the past two years and my gear was far from ready, but threw everything together, grabbed some mackerel from Fisherman's Access, threw it in the...
  22. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2017 Ascend 10T w/ Extras - PRICE DROP

    Posting this for my younger brother who just moved back from Indiana State University. This was a freshwater boat used for his last semester, and it was always kept inside his apartment. He was pretty spoiled with the abundance of lakes and ponds in the midwest and has switched his focus to...
  23. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    After the past few weekends of 60+ bass (edit: all small, maybe one keeper per day, almost a nuisance sifting through the little ones) days up in Long Beach, thinking of trolling for some bonito tomorrow instead of doing the hoop net shuffle. Sounds like the 60 fathom line outside of dana point...
  24. hbouldin1216

    Brass Fuel Nipples - Any local sources?

    Need to replace the primer nipple on the intake manifold of a 1985 Evinrude 30hp. Looks like the current one is pressed into the plate but I can drill it out and either tap the hole for a threaded nipple or maybe use some JB weld. More concerned about finding a local source because I have no...
  25. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Okuma SCTi Rods - Set of 3

    I have three Okuma SCTi rods that I don't use anymore. They're bitchin rods with the spiral core wrap, but they're a little stiff for the fishing I've been doing. Ton of backbone so I think they might be better bait sticks. Calling them 9/10 cosmetic due to small bits of rust on some of the...
  26. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lefty Reels - SG Release

    SG Release (80lb Power Pro) - $225 Cosmetic 9/10 Mechanical 10/10 Bad ass lever drag reel that doesn't effect the spool resistance as you increase. Nice compromise from a star drag. Made in Virginia and I'll probably regret selling this thing down the line At this time, I'm not really looking...
  27. hbouldin1216

    It's gonna be hot, what does that mean?

    Supposed to be 110 Friday and 105 Saturday with a short-ish interval 5 foot swell. That swell number will likely keep me to booze cruise status inside the harbor, but any idea what impact this will have on the local fishing? Last weekend was Lake Pacific, this weekend not so much.
  28. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Lowrance Elite 5 - $75

    Used in great condition, does not include transducer. Has card slot for 3rd party maps but the stock GPS isn't bad. Includes standard base mount as well as a RAM ball mount (ball only, not whole assembly. $75 takes it.
  29. hbouldin1216

    For Sale New Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XH 25-60lb *NEVER USED*

    As the title says, never-used 909XH. Took the tags off to prep for a trip that never happened. Never been on the boat. $250 local pick up in North OC. I'd rather see someone go slay some yellowtail with it than have it sit in my tackle closet. Text 714-261-1052
  30. hbouldin1216

    New meaning to the term "Long Range"

    Looks like plenty of room for rods and bait tanks on those things. No tuna is too far!
  31. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Custom Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

    Custom-built motorcycle carrier fits into any 2" hitch receiver. I used this to haul by RM250 around on the back of my Explorer and it worked great. Wasn't satisfied with any of the retail units so I had the guys at the aerospace company my mom used to work for build this for me. Solid 2" steel...
  32. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 22 Gallon Towable Dump Tank - $75

    I have a 22 gallon Tow-Along dump tank in great condition. Includes the hose connector as well as the towing fork that will slip over a 2" ball. Measures roughly 36"x20"x10". $125, located in Brea. Text 714-261-1052 or PM here.
  33. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    Anyone see this in the register? The article isn't written very well IMO but this could be why we're seeing more activity/contact with the harbor patrol boats if they're trying to justify their costs...
  34. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance FishReveal - Anyone Try it Yet?

    Looks like it was just released. May have to brave the rain this weekend and try it out. Looks awesome, and it's FREE if you have an Elite-TI or HDS Gen 3/Carbon.
  35. hbouldin1216

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    I've always wanted to take my skiff out to the La Jolla kelp but the 3am departure time from North OC and long drive home has deterred me. I have a window March 9-11 where I'd like to trailer down and stay the night and then launch first thing in the morning. I've heard some horror stories of...
  36. hbouldin1216

    Weekend Warrior FS2600 Toy Hauler - $9500 - PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    2002, Excellent condition, original owner, non-smokers, has been pampered, always covered with a RV cover, has never been in the sand, must see to appreciate, hitch and equalizer bars included, all manuals included, tires only have 2 trips to Bishop on them, new propane tanks, new a.c. shroud...
  37. hbouldin1216

    SOLD 14' Klamath 20hp Mercury 4 Stroke - SUPER CLEAN - $3500

    My dad has decided he wants to sell his skiff and get into the kayak game. You will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner rig than this one. My dad and I spent most of 2015 completely overhauling the hull and then I stumbled into my own boat so this one has pretty much sat since then. We ran it on...
  38. hbouldin1216

    Shoutout to Advanced Marine

    Thank you to the guys on here who recommended Advanced Marine in Costa Mesa. My Evinrude had been hard to start and idled rough, and after prolonged runs at higher RPMs it would die as soon as I cut the throttle. After rebuilding the carb, installing a new fuel pump, new plugs (the wrong ones...
  39. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point 1/21

    Went out of Dana Point yesterday just to get the boat wet after being sidelined for a few months with foot surgery. Weather report was accurate, wind and swell made things a bit sloppy outside. My outboard hasn't been running great so the plan was to try to get some runs and "clean it out" and...
  40. hbouldin1216

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Need to ship a rod tube with a few freshwater rods back to my brother in Indiana. Just a 8' cardboard tube like you would get from Tackle Warehouse, not a big Plano tube. For those of you guys who ship rods, any particular preference between FedEx, UPS, or USPS? Appreciate the tips in advance.
  41. hbouldin1216

    Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag - Medium

    This is basically a brand new bag without the tags. It never left the indoor cabinet where I keep all of my gear. Paid $90 for it, will let it go for $60. Figure one of you guys heading out long range might be able to use it. Text Henry 714-261-1052
  42. hbouldin1216

    Yeti Roadie 20 - $100

    Got it last Christmas and used it on the boat once. Has some scratches (see 3rd pic) on the corner of the lid from where my swivel seat nicked it but otherwise it is perfect. I went with a soft-sided cooler instead that doesn't interfere with the seat. Has always been stored in the closet inside...
  43. hbouldin1216

    Pickup Bed Rod Transport Ideas

    My tow vehicle is a 2006 Titan Crew Cab and I'm wondering if anyone has any DIY ideas for transporting 8'+ rods. I can lay 7' rods diagonally in the bed but 8 footers have to rest on the tailgate, which I really hate doing. The other thing I hate is moving them into the cab anytime I get out of...
  44. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point 11/19 - Picked up a hitch hiker

    Now that the boat is done, finally got a day to go out. The parking lot was basically empty, no one in line to launch, and no wait at the bait barge. Beautiful conditions outside too with little to no wind and swell. I grabbed a half scoop of smaller dines from the barge planning to bottom...
  45. hbouldin1216

    Need Shop Recommendation for Older Johnson/Evinrude

    Hoping someone on here has a recommendation for a good shop with experience on older (1985) Johnson/Evinrude outboards. I have a 20hp and am looking for leaner jets to try at Mammoth elevation. I haven't run this particular motor at altitude yet but previous two strokes have all run like shit so...
  46. hbouldin1216

    Swivel-Eze Wedge Adjustable Pedestal and Base

    Bought these new from Cabelas and mounted them up only to find that the pedestal was too tall for my application. Ended up going a different route. Pedestal is 13" in lowest position and 19" in tallest, operates just like your office chair. Some of these use pins to adjust the height but this...
  47. hbouldin1216

    Minn Kota Rip Tide 55lb Thrust Transom Mount Motor w/ Battery - $200

    Excellent condition Minn Kota Riptide 55lb thrust transom mount trolling motor. This is the new model with the bracket that makes stowing 10x easier, as you just lift it up and pull it in. 48" shaft, 12v power. I put a 3 prong plug on it for my set up but can easily put terminal ends back on...
  48. hbouldin1216

    Coastal Bass 8/12 and 8/13- Lemons Into Lemonade

    Longer read but it's a Monday and you're probably bored at work: Girlfriend was in Palm Springs for a bachelorette and I've had this past weekend circled on the calendar ever since she got that invitation. It may seem dumb coming from a guy in a 14 ft aluminum but when I take people out with me...
  49. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point 7/30

    Finally finished my skiff and the GF decided to cash in her "sorry babe can't hang today working on the boat" chips so off we went out of Dana Point. We've had abnormally good success there over the last year and the bathrooms are "close" so ya... No traffic headed south, nobody at the ramp, and...
  50. hbouldin1216

    Two huge paddies off the San Onofre Domes

    Was driving back from Carlsbad a few hours ago and saw two massive paddies out in front of the power plant. Right on the color break as the water went from green to deep blue. Only saw one boat on them and unfortunately wasn't able to get a pic from the freeway. Just thought I'd throw it out...
  51. hbouldin1216

    WTB Tranx 400 Lefty

    As title states, looking for a Tranx 400 lefty. I have fresh power pro ready to load so line is not a selling point for me. Lots of righties out there but looking for a left handed model. Not interested in anything else so please don't offer. Cash on hand in North OC, occasionally go to SD for...
  52. hbouldin1216

    Shimano Calcutta 400D

    Brand new Shimano Calcutta 400D. Loaded with 50lb white power pro and 20 yard of 25 lb flouro. Bought it for my brother to use when he came home from school in Indiana but due to my broken leg, we never got out. This thing has never been wet, and is showcase quality. It's in a Longfin neoprene...
  53. hbouldin1216

    TRAM 46" VHF Antenna

    Bought this antenna on Amazon for a VHF I no longer have and the company's return policy is pretty much "You should have rejected the package when it was delivered." I haven't opened it. It is much sturdier than I anticipated it being and honestly the quality seems better than the 8 ft...
  54. hbouldin1216

    TranX lefties

    Anyone selling a lefty 400? Would consider a 300 as well. Text pics and asking price to 714-261-1052
  55. hbouldin1216

    14' Gregor Build

    Finally getting around to getting this thread up and going. The broken tib/fib I suffered playing hockey back in December has been the injury that just won't go away, but I'm finally on two feet (well, 1.5 feet is probably more realistic) and my Gregor rebuild is well underway. I picked this...
  56. hbouldin1216

    Re-positioning zinc anode

    Just bought a SE Sport 200 hydrofoil for my 85 Evinrude 20 two smoker. Boat is a 14' Gregor with a bait tank and lots of weight added, and with Overtons blowing everything out, I got a good deal on this foil. I have a problem with the placement of the zinc anode as it's currently placed on the...
  57. hbouldin1216

    Afternoon Options - Any Recommendations?

    Hey Guys, I'll be flying up Tuesday through Thursday to work a trade show at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The show ends at 4 each day, and I'm covering for someone else; this isn't my territory and none of my customers will be there. So instead of heading to the bar after the show ends...
  58. hbouldin1216

    Sober Fishing

    Wanted to post this in the "personal news" section but wasn't quite sure where to find it. If the mods can move it to the proper section, TIA. I also used the search function and didn't come up with much. Without going into the full background here in an open forum (happy to discuss privately)...
  59. hbouldin1216

    Pacific Halibut Season Clarifications

    Just read this article posted by BD regarding the "California Halibut Season." In the article, it mentions "Pacific Halibut," which a quick google search shows the season closed on as of September 26th of last year. It also...
  60. hbouldin1216

    Rough Day for These Guys (Alamitos Bay 4/8)

    Bought a new-to-me 20hp Evinrude (1985 model that can be modded up to 30hp with the bigger carb and intake) for my 14 foot tinny and took it out for a shakedown on Saturday 4/8. I compounded my tibia/fibula playing beer league hockey back in December and had not been on the water since a booze...
  61. hbouldin1216

    WTB 6 gallon fuel tank OC/South LA

    Looking to get a bigger fuel tank for my skiff. Before I get fleeced by West Marine I figured I'd post something on here in case someone has a spare sitting in their garage. Johnson/Evinrude fuel connector would be a bonus but a hose isn't required. Please text pics and price to 714-261-1052...
  62. hbouldin1216

    2004 Honda 9.9 Long Shaft Tiller

    As the title states, I have a 2004 Honda 9.9hp tiller long shaft in immaculate condition. Don't know the exact hours on it but as the second owner, I've put less than 50 on it. Always flushed with fresh water and run out of gas after each use. Starts first pull and runs great. Only selling...
  63. hbouldin1216

    WTB 30# Reel Lefty

    Just picked up a 7' 20-40lb Okuma SCT boat rod today and am looking for a reel to pair it with. Lighter yoyo/bait stick. Checked out the Torium 16HG today and really liked it but figured I'd float something on here first. MUST be a lefty, prefer star drag. PM me or send pics to...
  64. hbouldin1216

    Hydro-Turf as an Alternative to SeaDek

    I'm re-doing the bunks and flooring in my little skiff and had my eye on SeaDek to cover everything instead of paint. However, at almost $10 per square foot for the sheets, I can't justify it. Was at a buddy's place and saw that he had a Hydro-Turf traction pad on his SuperJet and got to...
  65. hbouldin1216

    Looking for a 15-30HP Tiller Long Shaft

    As the title states, I'm looking for a 15-30hp tiller outboard. MUST be a 20" shaft. My preference would be a two stroke for weight purposes but I'm open to anything. Electric start/trim is a plus but not a deal breaker. I'm not opposed to a project if the price is right, so if you have...
  66. hbouldin1216

    Tranx Lefty?

    Any plans to produce the Tranx in a left handed version? I think there's a market for them; any time lefty Lexa 400s pop up on here they usually go pretty quick.
  67. hbouldin1216

    WTB VHF Antenna

    Need to buy an antenna. These things are insanely expensive for what they are new so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone had an older one laying around. Have cash and will pick up anywhere in OC. Thanks! Henry 714-261-1052
  68. hbouldin1216

    WTB Hoop Nets

    Have a smaller skiff so 5 nets would be the most I'm looking for. Let me know what you have, floats and wire bait cages preferred but not required. This will be my first lobster season and I would rather trial and error with used gear. I check the site frequently so PMs are best. Thanks!
  69. hbouldin1216

    WTB Portable Holding Tank - Barker, etc.

    Looking to buy a portable holding tank, similar to the Barker model in the picture below. The condo I rent had a pipe bust and now has a mold problem, so I'll be staying in my Weekend Warrior while all of that gets done. I'd rather not hook everything up once a week to dump the tanks, and I'd...
  70. hbouldin1216

    In Russia, the fish spear you!

    I'll let the video speak for itself.
  71. hbouldin1216

    Is there a way to filter new posts?

    If you click "Newest Posts" from the "Forums" dropdown, pretty self explanatory what you get. It would be VERY nice to set up preferences on the account side that would determine what forums are shown when the "Newest Posts" link is clicked. I'm sure I'm not alone here. i.e. I live and fish...
  72. hbouldin1216

    Live Look at Dana Point

    Giant fog bank just rolled in. Turn that radar on boys! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
  73. hbouldin1216

    WTB Starboard or similar material

    Does anyone have any scrap pieces of starboard or similar material they'd be willing to sell? Have a fish box idea in mind for my little skiff but the stuff is pretty expensive new. With enough silicone I can probably piece some scraps together to make the size I need. Figured I'd float it out...
  74. hbouldin1216

    Should I keep her?

    Took my GF out to Dana harbor yesterday for a little bass action. It was her first time fishing salt but was eager to try after hearing about the big day I had with my brother last week. Launched a little late (9am) but grabbed a mixed scoop of dines and chovies and hit the inner wall. First...
  75. hbouldin1216

    Big Bass Day in Dana Harbor

    Hit Dana Point for the first time today with my younger brother before he heads off to Indiana State to play football next week. Debated between Newport/CdM and Dana, and thanks to a few folks earlier in the week decided to try the new spot. The short putt to the bait barge and harbor mouth...
  76. hbouldin1216

    Corona Del Mar Kelp

    Thinking of taking my 14' Gregor out of Newport Sunday morning and running south to the kelp there at CdM. This is based purely off of 4 month old Google Earth imagery; Is there anything actually there? Other option is to go out of Cabrillo and try to run along the wall up to Palos Verdes but...
  77. hbouldin1216

    Gregor 14ft Build

    Hey guys! It's taken me forever to finally get this thread going, but I've finished what I'm calling "Phase 1" and want to get some ideas/feedback on Phase 2. I'm also ready to reduce my estimated 6:1 ration in terms of "Hours spent in the garage: actual time fishing!" Some background: I...
  78. hbouldin1216

    Weather Sites

    What sites do you guys like to use for weather models? I'm looking for 1-2 that aggregate wind and swell info. Thanks in advance!
  79. hbouldin1216

    WTB Chart Card for Lowrance Elite5

    Either Navionics or Nautic Insight. Going to pick one up this week but I figured I'd check here first. Cheers!
  80. hbouldin1216

    WTB Lowrance Transducer

    I have an Elite 4 head unit and transducer and picked up an Elite 5 head unit for $100 on here. I want to mount the elite 4 in the bow. Figured I'd check to see if anyone on here has a transducer laying around that they don't need anymore. Let me know what you have!
  81. hbouldin1216

    WTB Evinrude ETEC 30HP

    Anybody have one? Can trade a 2003 Honda 9.9 in immaculate shape if you're trying to go thumper, or if you're a dealership willing to take a trade. Thanks!
  82. hbouldin1216

    2003 Honda 9.9 Carb Issues - Help Please!!

    Hey guys, Just picked up a bitchin' little Gregor 14 from BD member Scallywag that came with a 2003 Honda 9.9. The hull and motor are in amazing condition, and I can't wait to get started turning this little thing into a paddy hopper. I'm running into some issues with the motor however. She...
  83. hbouldin1216

    WTB Calico Rod

    Have a Lexa 400 coming in, looking for a 7'6" -8' heavy swimbait rod to pair it with. Like to keep it south of $200. Shoot me a message with what you have.
  84. hbouldin1216

    WTT/WTB 14-16 ft skiff or 15-25hp tiller outboard

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a dependable 15-25hp tiller outboard (2 or 4 stroke) and would like to spend less than $750 on it. This would be a salt motor for taking the 14ft Klamath my dad and I share out into the local bays. My other option would be getting my own little skiff and tailoring...
  85. hbouldin1216

    Lake Skinner - Know Before You Go

    Spent all winter converting our 14 ft. Klamath from a newly acquired rental to comfortable fishing machine. Eager to get out on the water and due to Silverwood (our usual spot) having a mercury problem with stripers, we decided to try something new. Took my little bro out to Skinner and had a...