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  1. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Southern Washington

    I am surprised that my post turned so political. We still have not made a decision on moving. Hard to leave the kids and grandkids. The appeal to me is so much less people excluded Seattle and the state state has a much lower population density. It’s green and clean and I’m kind of sick of the...
  2. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Free outdrive

    This has been picked up.
  3. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Southern Washington

    If my neighbors were shooting guns I would probably ask if I could join them.
  4. Johnlgarrison

    Cuttin bait for lobster

    Have you tried a good pair of kitchen shears?
  5. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Free outdrive

    Hey guys my neighbor has this outdrive he pulled off a 1978 Bayliner it had a small block Chevy If you can use it for parts it’s yours for free. Call or text Jeff at 760-412-2507.
  6. Johnlgarrison

    cedros island in my own boat???

    I just spoke to Jeff and he said to give him a call he would be happy to talk with you.
  7. Johnlgarrison

    cedros island in my own boat???

    Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and is a great guy. My own personal opinion is you should stay away from the island until the danger of the virus has passed. They have stayed safe and the last I heard they have not had any cases of COVID on the island yet. It would be really great to keep it that...
  8. Johnlgarrison

    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    I own a Parker 2320 and had a 2004 Chevy 2500 Duramax. I recently bought Ram 1500 with a Eco diesel. It is a V6 and is rated to 9100 pounds. I think it ties my boat better than my 2500 Duramax. The 25 mpg is pretty cool as well.
  9. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    I had originally posted in another forum and was told no one reads those posts. Nice to see the Washington posts have just as many a-holes as the Southern California posts as I’m used to. A big old Bloody Decks Salute to you buddy.
  10. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    Nope I'm planning on a Viking funeral, you are going to have to wait to buy it off my wife after I die. I love this boat. I sure hope she does not sell my fishing stuff for what Itold her it costs.
  11. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    California is too HOT, it's been over a hundred here
  12. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    I realize It must sound crazy thinking Washington State is not going to be as big of a Shit Show as California. At least it wont be as crowded as California. I wouldn't shit you guys after all you are me favorite turds.
  13. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    Uh yeah sure let's do that. Nice try.
  14. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    Wow! What a bunch of ASS HOLES! I love it I’m gonna fit right in .
  15. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    I have a question for you guys in Washington State. We currently live in Southern California and are giving some serious thought to moving up to Southern Washington. I have lived my whole life here in So Cal, and we are sick of the traffic, heat and many of the people. We are going to be coming...
  16. Johnlgarrison

    Lake Roosevelt

    My granddaughter is almost three and I can't wait to get her out on the boat fishing with Poppop
  17. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Southern Washington

    I have a question for you guys in Washington State. We currently live in Southern California and are giving some serious thought to moving up to Southern Washington. I have lived my whole life here in So Cal, and we are sick of the traffic, heat and many of the people. We are going to be coming...
  18. Johnlgarrison

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Roddy my dad bought it for me at the Fred Hall show in 1970. I was 12
  19. Johnlgarrison

    Left over 'chovies

    If you want to freeze them for bait try placing them on a baking sheet spray with Pam and don’t let them touch. When they are frozen solid place them in ziplocks.
  20. Johnlgarrison

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    I own a 2320 Parker. I would suggest a very large plastic beer mug preferably one with a Raiders logo on it. Pee in it pour the pee over the side rinse the cup in the ocean. No peeing on the boat, yourself or others, problem solved. The Raiders logo cup is a personal preference I just hate the...
  21. Johnlgarrison

    for all the guys who are fishing overnighters +: cheap sleeping bags

    I have been bringing my own sheets blanket and pillow for years. I ask my wife to give me a set that she does not want back and leave it on the boat. I did not due this because I am germaphobic I do it because I don’t want to bring bedbugs or coach roach eggs home. I pack my dirty clothes in a...
  22. Johnlgarrison

    VHF Testing help. Is it working?

    Do you have a buddy with a hand held VHF? Or shop around for a hand held as a back up. I have one I keep on the boat for emergencies.
  23. Johnlgarrison

    Shelter Island rules

    May I suggest if you get asked tell them your buddy’s wife got sick and tired of him fishing so much and kicked his ass out. He lives with me and can’t change his driver’s license because the DMV has been closed.
  24. Johnlgarrison

    Rod wrapping instruction book from 1954

    I picked up a fly tying kit at a garage sale and found this rod wrapping guide from Sila-flex in the box. Any Sila-flex collectors out there that would like this for their collection?
  25. Johnlgarrison

    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    They are not looters. Please call them undocumented shoppers.
  26. Johnlgarrison

    New Parker owner

    Congratulations on your new boat. I love my 2320 best boat I have ever owned. See you on the water. Sticky Business out.
  27. Johnlgarrison

    About the ring size on top tops...

    I have a Plano tackle tray filled with tip tops. I use what ever size tip top I have that fits the rod. I’m cheap and lazy.
  28. Johnlgarrison

    Novice builder

    If I want Flexcoat to be a little thinner I hit it with a heat gun to thin it down. To remove excess epoxy I use spray brake cleaner basically it is aerosol acetone. Way cheaper than buying a quart can from Home Depot. Just spray small amount on a paper towel. I do not sand the blank never heard...
  29. Johnlgarrison

    Mag Bay latest report

    I would love to see her again. One of these days
  30. Johnlgarrison

    Mag Bay latest report

    I was one of the skippers for this boat when we had her up in Newport at the boy scout base. It brings back fond memories of great times on the Westwind. I really am shocked to see her on a trailer, that pretty awesome. Good luck with the repairs.
  31. Johnlgarrison

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    Great job welcome to the addiction. Don’t let anyone’s opinion of your work sway how you build your rods. The best part of building your rods they are exactly that YOUR RODS. I have a bunch of rods I have built during the quarantine and a bunch more to finish
  32. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale All parker owners need these

    Do you have the combo in 3X? How do I order from you?
  33. Johnlgarrison

    Roddy blanks

    i bought a bunch at the Fred Hall show for $5 and have made some nice rods during the stay safe order.
  34. Johnlgarrison

    Bennett’s time capsule

    My grandson turned one the day of the Fred Hall Long Beach. We picked up some size small t shirts. We are putting them away for about ten years.
  35. Johnlgarrison

    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    We had BBQ yellow fin last night. I made a marinade with Thai peanut dressing ( we had a bottle in the fridge with about four table spoons left) soy sauce fresh ginger and tangerine juice. I normally use orange juice but we are out so I used tangerine from my tree in the back yard. It was...
  36. Johnlgarrison

    Coronavirus A Must Read

    Most of you will be just fine, I have seen you fish, you can’t catch anything.
  37. Johnlgarrison

    Super Strong Guide Wrapping

    I use 300# Chinese spectra to hold gaff hooks on. It works great.
  38. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    1) Very sorry to hear your boat got stolen. That sucks! 2) Just a tip for other boat owners, typically your insurance does not cover fishing gear. I have BoatsUS and they have what they call an "Anglers Package" it covers $5,000 worth of tackle in case your boat is stolen or broken into. It was...
  39. Johnlgarrison

    Long Beach Cool Idea for my one year old grandson

    That is an outstanding idea. Although I think his dad should get him that for his birthday. I wish I would have bought one when they first cam out
  40. Johnlgarrison

    Long Beach Cool Idea for my one year old grandson

    My Grandson Lincoln turns one this Saturday, when he is a little older we will make it a tradition to take him to Fred Hall to pick out his birthday present. I went to my first Fred Hall show with my Grandpa and Dad in 1968, I have never missed a show. This year I am planning on getting him...
  41. Johnlgarrison

    2008 2320

    I found a tent on Amazon that fits between the bait tank and the stern. I have a twin bed size mattress pad that is covered in material (Not raw foam) that fits on top of the V-berth. We set up the tent and put the mattress pad in it for a nice place to sleep. this one from Amazon works really...
  42. Johnlgarrison

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    We can agree to disagree. But after 250+ years we Americans still have our guns . I think voluntary self regulation is a much better idea. I do not want to give the legislature of the totally screwed up state the ability to decide how I fish. Once they take away a right we never get it back.
  43. Johnlgarrison

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    Seeing how 99.9% of the members on this site have never even hooked Elvis I think it is insane to even consider. Number two why would anyone agree to add a law restricting our sport? We need to be like the pro gun lobby and never give so much as an inch. Remember being told the MLPA’s were only...
  44. Johnlgarrison

    Rod blank paint

    I have used Krylon and no primer worked great
  45. Johnlgarrison

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    I like Hoochie
  46. Johnlgarrison

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    You are in our thoughts and prayers brother.
  47. Johnlgarrison

    What Happened to Softscience boat shoes?

    No way I love those shoes I have four pairs
  48. Johnlgarrison

    What’s your first memory of fishing?

    My earliest memories of fishing are of fishing with my grandfather. We were fishing the Long Beach breakwater. I caught a black sea bass that was 25 or so pounds. He said “Take a good look you will probably never catch another in your lifetime “ this was around 1968. Gramps threw it back and I...
  49. Johnlgarrison

    Coronados first time

    Keep in mind that the bay bass tournament is this Saturday and Shelter Island is going to be a shit show. Stop by a Asian Market and pick up a big Humbolt Squid for bait. Last much longer on the hook good luck!
  50. Johnlgarrison

    Start em young!

    My son is 30 now. When he came home from the hospital I had a tiny little fishing rod in the crib I had built for him. I did the same thing for his daughter and son. I can’t wait to get them out on my boat. I have a hoodie that has this on it “ Many men spend their life looking for the perfect...
  51. Johnlgarrison

    My 12 year old niece hangs out with bug rider

    Way to go Uncle. It’s funny you took the time to block out the background in the photo that shows about where you were but post a photo of your GPS showing exactly where you were. We all need to make it a point to take kids fishing they are the future of esport and industry.
  52. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Lewmar Windless

    I left you a voice mail message a few minutes ago. I will take it Call me so we can arrange pickup 714-349-6776
  53. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    He makes me smile everyday. This is Blaze 19 month old Great Dane and the best friend I have ever known.
  54. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to all of you
  55. Johnlgarrison

    How to take Children fishing

    Great video as always Dave. I was a skipper for the Boy Scouts and helped run a kids fishing program for many years. The only thing I would add is make sure the kids eat before getting onboard. I found an empty stomach is the biggest cause of seasickness.
  56. Johnlgarrison

    Where to sit on a sportboat?

    You should check out Oceanside Senior Anglers club. They only charter boats that are old guy friendly.
  57. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD Calling all BASSHEADS ! Huge swimbait lot-CHEAP !

    Anyone planning on a trip to Cedros next year should pick up this collection it’s just about perfect for the island.
  58. Johnlgarrison

    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    I’m thankful for my wife who has put up with me for 40 years. My family this year brought us a new grandson. Time to spend with them all.
  59. Johnlgarrison

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    I own a 2320 and it’s the best boat I have ever owned. I got my first boat at 14 As far as the ride goes it’s like any other boat if it’s rough slow down. A few weeks ago we went out to chase the tuna it was like a washing machine. We heard guys offering to give away the bait they had just...
  60. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Project 1981 Skipjack 28’ pilothouse

    If you end up parting it out I’m interested in the windlass.
  61. Johnlgarrison

    I want a parker BUT?????

    Here is my advice. Buy the Parker and rent a wakeboard boat at lake Mead. Better idea find a guy with a wakeboard boat who likes to fish and become friends. problem solved
  62. Johnlgarrison

    Parker 2820 vs Whaler 285 Conquest

    Yeah that’s me I do live in Meadowview. I really like the pilot house and as far as the ride I am very happy with it. I also don’t drive it like I stole it. When it’s rough I slow down a little. If you want let’s take mine out and you can see how nice a deep V rides.
  63. Johnlgarrison

    How do you measure MOA?

    MATH!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me MATH! First they do away with Babe of the Day and now MATH. I’m outta here. just kidding my favorite rifle is my 1944 British Enfield. 303.
  64. Johnlgarrison

    Parker 2820 vs Whaler 285 Conquest

    I have a 2320 and think the ride is just fine. I have a good friend who has a 27 whaler and I think the PARKER is a better ride. I live in Temecula as well. Have you fished a Parker ?
  65. Johnlgarrison

    plans for redoing my boat

    I must ask the question every one is thinking. UH, never heard of a boat sinking due to a Butt Plug. Please don’t explain really don’t want to know.
  66. Johnlgarrison

    Boating etiquette

    Keep in mind if you are diving you need a much bigger gap away from traditional fishermen. Divers shut the bite down most of the time. Also if you drop in the water offshore on a paddy that I’m fishing first I will immediately start cleaning fish.
  67. Johnlgarrison

    Needlefish invasion

    When I was a kid fishing the Seal Beach jetties we would take nylon thread and wind 8 to 10 loops onto the hook of a Rooster Tail. We would catch tons of them and most of the time they were not even hooked simply had their teeth tangled in the thread.
  68. Johnlgarrison

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    Talk to your bank. I have sold several boats over 25k and handled it at my back. Wire transfer
  69. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD Lure retriever

    I made one of these back in the 70s out of a golf ball retriever. I would have so much fun fishing lures out of the trees. I never had money to buy tackle but I sure got a lot of free tackle.
  70. Johnlgarrison

    Part one

    Captain Dave you could post a story about how you saved a drowning Puppy and guys would respond with SEE CAPTAIN DAVE HATES CATS !!!!!!!
  71. Johnlgarrison

    How where to donate saltwater fishing gear rods reel in San Diego

    Oceanside Senior Anglers has a program where they take donations and either use them of use the proceeds to pay for kids and military.
  72. Johnlgarrison

    Check this out.

    You are not a big enough A-hole to have a Parker. There is a test you have to take before purchasing a Parker.
  73. Johnlgarrison

    Bed bugs on boats

    I bring my own pillow and blanket and usually leave them onboard I find an old pillow that’s about ready to be replaced and the same for a blanket. So glad to have not brought those nasty ass bugs home with me.
  74. Johnlgarrison

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    We have a ring door bell with a camera that sends an image to your phone.My wife wakes me in the middle of the night screaming OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT. I’m half asleep and it looks like there is a fucking alien at my front door. Grab my 40 and take a peek out the front through the glass and...
  75. Johnlgarrison

    Hours on an engine...

    A truck vs a boat. A boat is sitting in saltwater it’s entire life
  76. Johnlgarrison

    How to handle Tuna fillets from a sport boat?

    I recently found out that this kind of cello wrap is not food grade and contains chemicals I used to use this for wrapping fish but do not any more. Also don’t put you catch in black plastic trash bags. They are made from nasty recycled plastic and are not food grade.
  77. Johnlgarrison

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    I was flying down the 15 doing 85+ and realized there was a Riverside County Sheriff in the lane next to me. Had a big BD Tuna sticker on my back window. He gave me the BD salute with both hands and laughed. Then he drove away like I was sitting still. Made my day.
  78. Johnlgarrison

    How to handle Tuna fillets from a sport boat?

    If you have a dog I highly recommend you save the blood line and vacuum pack it. Place the bag in boiling water and cook. By cooking in the bag it does not smell up the kitchen. I like to cook it to ensure you have killed any possible parasites. Give your dogs a little bit with each meal. It is...
  79. Johnlgarrison


    I have a sweat shirt that reads “ Most men search their entire life for the perfect fishing buddy, I raised mine”. He’s 30 now with kids of his own and I still love every minute I spend with him. I can’t wait for the grandkids to be big enough to go with us. Very happy for you and your son.
  80. Johnlgarrison

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Uh......... Was the deck hand high when he said that? Yeah let’s go back to giant reels and the need for back up rods. It was so much fun getting spoiled back in the day, let’s bring that back. Perhaps the deck hand should do a better job of working with his clients and watching out for tangles...
  81. Johnlgarrison

    HELP! I need a REEFRUNNER by Invader Boats Logos or stickers, or at least a picture they ......

    I found a guy on EBay who sell boat logos that are vinyl cut logos. I have a PARKER and got one for my truck Did you look on EBay?
  82. Johnlgarrison

    Whats up for Sat?

    I’m going shark fishing. Hope to get a nice Mako for the BBQ.
  83. Johnlgarrison

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Funny I had to look at my profile to see when I joined it was 10 years and one month for me. The most valuable thing I have learned in the last ten years is how to block someone. You know they bust your balls for spelling Bonito wrong and you block them never to see their bullshit again. By...
  84. Johnlgarrison

    Friend wants to fillet his own fish; where in S.D. ?

    About 20 years ago I brought home a 125+ Mako, thought the kids would get a kick out of seeing a Shark. I cleaned it in the driveway and disposed of the guts and stuff in the trash can. This was on a Saturday in September. Fast forward to trash day the following Friday. the night before I drug...
  85. Johnlgarrison

    How to crimp a long sleeve

    WOW that is very helpful information. I have been making Shark leaders for ever and never knew that. Thanks I love BD. Old dog learning new tricks.
  86. Johnlgarrison

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    Sand Bass are like most species they are cyclical and we in a down cycle we did not overfish them. I am 61 years old and have seen Bonito (are you impressed I spelled it correctly) Barracuda Sardines and Albacore come and go. They will be back someday.
  87. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Advice

    I got a text today from Jeff At Cedros Kayak and the got 30+ Yellowtail today.
  88. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Advice

    I just got back from Cedros Kayak and Jeff’s operation is top notch. You can fish the Kayak or his new 28’ Panga. He has a Jeep you can tour the island even a trip to the dump is pretty cool. He has separate air conditioned bedrooms for everyone. Check out
  89. Johnlgarrison

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    My boat is called Sticky Business V when I started selling labels way back when I named my boat Sticky Business and the name has stuck ( no pun intended) for five boats.
  90. Johnlgarrison

    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    Thanks for posting brings back lots of great memories. In 1975 I was a junior in high school I had a 1963 GMC truck with a camper. Spent many weekends camped out in the parking lot. We would buy white feather Crappie jigs and 8# test at White Front for 99 cents and be all set for the weekend. I...
  91. Johnlgarrison

    Anyone have any recommendations on boat insurance in SoCal?

    I use boats us. They have an Anglers policy that covers up to $5000 in tackle. Never had a claim so all I really do is send them a check once a year
  92. Johnlgarrison

    My sad report - Catalina Sunday 06/30

    Yeah Captain Dave you suck all you can catch are those big fat white sea bass.
  93. Johnlgarrison

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    Just curious what do you do to find fish? I find the more research I do the luckier I get. I use Dave’s site, Fish Dope, Bloody Decks, and 55+ years of fishing Southern California coast experience. Never follow a sport boat or Radio fish.
  94. Johnlgarrison

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    Found out we were in 9th. Place!! Wait for next year.
  95. Johnlgarrison

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    I wanted to share our story about our 24 hours of the Yellowtail Shootout. I have been a subscriber to Captain Dave’s site for over a year. I have been fishing the Southern California coast for longer than a lot of you have been around, I’m still learning every chance I get. I reached out to...
  96. Johnlgarrison

    Dolphin hooked on cedar plug trolling

    I would have felt just horrible if that happened to me as well. I hate losing jigs also.
  97. Johnlgarrison

    Overnight On The New Lo-An, Departing 6/21

    I am on the trip the following week let us know how you do.
  98. Johnlgarrison


    Hang in there Dave I’m sure it will get better.
  99. Johnlgarrison


    I am fishing with Cedros Kayak in mid July it will be my third trip with them. They had a 28’ Panga built last year and I am looking forward to Fishing it. I have been to the island with other outfitters and I think they have the best operation.
  100. Johnlgarrison

    Props to the wrappers here.

    First thousand of so rods are the hardest it gets easier after that. The good news is you are going to have a shit load of really great rods that don’t look fantastic but still fish great. Plus remember fish don care what your rod looks like.
  101. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD please delete sometime

    Sorry GARY I could never trust someone with a workbench that is that clean. Just kidding my wrapper is covered with little pieces of thread epoxied to the rail.
  102. Johnlgarrison

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    Oh MAN do I feel stupid I made a spellin miss take. Thank you so much for pointin it out to everyone. We are so lucky to have such great feedback here on Bloodydecks. I have probably caught 10,000 of them and all this time I have been showin my egnoreance
  103. Johnlgarrison

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    Bonita has the same rules
  104. Johnlgarrison

    New Lo An

    I fished her in 1979 we caught Albacore, I hope this was helpful.
  105. Johnlgarrison

    Bait Tank on Parker 2120

    I have a 2320 with a Pacific Edge and love it. Go see Mark Wish at Pacific Edge in Huntington Beach he will take good care of you.
  106. Johnlgarrison

    2320 Bruce anchor issue

    I also own a 2320 and could not agree with Bob more.
  107. Johnlgarrison

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    Here is my recipe for Blue Shark. Place shark filet on cutting board and rub generously with Soy ginger garlic and onion powder let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Now here is the most important thing to do with this recipe. Throw the Shark in the trash and eat the cutting board.
  108. Johnlgarrison


    This explains why I got a call about an outboard bracket I was selling 7 years ago.
  109. Johnlgarrison

    Show me your tackle room at home

    My wife says “We have the worlds largest tackle box, it has a garage door opener on it”. I don’t feel comfortable posting a photo though. Not for security reasons my 165# Great Dane has that covered I just don’t want you guys to know how fucked up I am. The first step is admitting you have a...
  110. Johnlgarrison

    It was some fine weather out there today

    Here is a hint that has served me well in the past. If you Squid is not appealing to the rock fish. Drift off the rocky bottom and target Sand Dabs. Cut the Sand Dabs into strips and use that for rock fish bait. Some days it will out fish squid. Thanks for the report
  111. Johnlgarrison

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    I love the show even the commercials come on guys who do you think pays for the show? I have been listening on the app for a long time.
  112. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 2005 Parker 2520 Pilot House

    Wow this won’t last long. Good luck with sale.
  113. Johnlgarrison

    welding rings on hooks

    I did this years ago. Found some springs in a surplus store. Put the spring in a vice and cut down the length of the spring with a Dremmel using a cutting wheel. Made perfect rings I got a couple hundred for about $2.
  114. Johnlgarrison

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    Way to go on the release. We were out there with you.
  115. Johnlgarrison

    Nados 4/27

    Same story for Sticky Business. We ended up with half ad dozen BIG Bonita and a wet ride home. Loved the pilot house on the ride home
  116. Johnlgarrison

    Nados 4/27

    Same story for Sticky Business. We ended up with half ad dozen BIG Bonita and a wet ride home. Loved the pilot house on the ride home
  117. Johnlgarrison

    Thoughts on downriggers when trolling tuna

    I was looking for something on using downriggers for Tuna and ran across this post. We miss you captain Archer a true legend in Southern California fishing.
  118. Johnlgarrison

    Coronado Islands report 4-19-2019

    Thanks for the repost we are heading down next week. You going back next week?
  119. Johnlgarrison

    I will be on Let's Talk Hookup

    Really enjoyed the show today, especially the second caller he sounded so smart and must be one hell of a fishermen.
  120. Johnlgarrison

    My White Bottom

    I used to do this when I was going to have my boat with no bottom paint is the water for a while. Put a coat of paste wax on the bottom and leave it on. Do not rub it off. When I got home any growth rince right off.
  121. Johnlgarrison

    My latest pilothouse build

    Sweet. Very well done.
  122. Johnlgarrison

    Show your boat name-logo

    I sell labels to explain the name
  123. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale C Dory with Yamaha Four Stroke

    Threaten to get a lawyer that specializes in HOA harassment suits. If they have not enforced the rules and are selectively enforcing now. They may just leave you alone.
  124. Johnlgarrison

    WTB Rod Wrapping Machine Wanted

    I built my own wrapping table I picked up a sewing machine at a yard sale for 5$ and used chair casters (wheels) to make the rollers. The dryer was made from a BBQ rotisserie motor. All in I had less than a $20 bill. I’ll bet I wrapped a couple hundred rods with that thing. I now have a Pac Bay...
  125. Johnlgarrison

    No Ignition but has plenty of battery juice?

    Did you forget to put the little plastic dead mans clip on the do Hickey? I have seen it over and over at the launch ramp
  126. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale 2011 Chevy 3500 Dually

    Perfect if you want to tow the Queen Mary. Great truck good luck with sale.
  127. Johnlgarrison

    Slip rats....

    Get yourself a bag of charcoal and put in a cardboard box. Leave it in the cabin it will help absorb some of the smell.
  128. Johnlgarrison

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    My mom and dad loved to take cruises my dad would buy a telescopic rod and bring a little tackle box with crocodiles and swim baits . He would fish off the docks and jetties . When the cruise was over he would find a local kid and give him everything. Dad said that was more fun than the fishing...
  129. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 4 fred archer books

    I learned so much from Fred and his books about shark fishing I still use many tips he taught me.
  130. Johnlgarrison

    Any interest in a Saturday, San Diego Swapmeet?

    I have a ton of stuff to sell I’m in
  131. Johnlgarrison

    Bomber polarized glasses

    I am on my third pair I love it.
  132. Johnlgarrison

    Leon Todd of CalStar Rods Passed Away?

    I have known Leon for over thirty years and he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Loved to go to sushi with him for lunch. Very sorry to hear this news. Heaven got one heck of a guy this week.
  133. Johnlgarrison

    Need an experienced rewrapper

    I agree with sanding and new flex coat. I would be scared to death to wrap a rod for you if you think this rod is in rough shape. Something tells me you are a perfectionist and hard to please. Just a shot in the dark but my guess. I have been wrapping rods for 40+ years and re-wrapping a family...
  134. Johnlgarrison

    Hobie Seminars at the Long Beach show

    Looking forward to seeing Jeff from Cedros Kayak this year.
  135. Johnlgarrison

    Stereo system for a Davis Cortez

    I found this Bluetooth speaker on Amazon it is 12 volt came with a cigarette lighter plug. I use my IPhone for music and to listen to Lets talk hookup works great. I have found we always do best while listening to Skynyrd cranked as loud as it will go
  136. Johnlgarrison

    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    The 30 cal on the bow travels at around 2400 feet per second.
  137. Johnlgarrison

    2007 PARKER 2820 XLD

    Did you have a Aquasport before the PARKER?
  138. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Life fitness elliptical x9

    You beat me to it.
  139. Johnlgarrison

    Pelagic Crab. What does it mean for the upcoming season?

    Back in the 80s we had winter storms and the beachs were covered in huge piles of red crabs. By July we were catching Albacore on half day boats. Let’s hope history repeats itself. I have told this story on here before but it is worth repeating. We were at Catalina it was 1980 something. The...
  140. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Pacific Trailers Ladder

    I have one of these on my trailer and love it. No more dragging a step ladder around.
  141. Johnlgarrison

    Tower build. Stainless or aluminum

    Mine is aluminum it folds and is pretty heavy to put down by myself if it was stainless I don’t think I could lift it
  142. Johnlgarrison

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    Hey, Hey, Hey watch the PARKER bashing there dip shit. You have to go through a very complicated process to own a PARKER. It is a very exclusive club of real ass holes. Trust me I know. Just busting your balls could not resist
  143. Johnlgarrison

    Bench-top Rod Holder

    So you want to come over to my house and clean my shop? Yours is way too clean and organized.
  144. Johnlgarrison

    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    Mine have always lasted till the day I forgot to put it down and smacked a tree with it on the way home. Smart Ass answer but true I have bought about ten antennas in my lifetime becuase of this. I blame the hot sun, beer, and fatigue not stupidity on most of these purchases
  145. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside 1-4-19 BFT

    Don’t you know there are no fish out of Oceanside? Nicely done. Wish I was not at a dog show I would be out there
  146. Johnlgarrison

    Marking spectra

    Have you thought about using either fly tying thread or rod wrapping thread with a drop of head cement or clear nail polish? Tie a nail knot and use the cement to keep it from moving. Super glue would work also if you only used half a drop
  147. Johnlgarrison

    If this does not make you laugh.You may want to go to sleep

    Funny stuff Dave. Thanks for sharing
  148. Johnlgarrison

    Winter Bones...

    It has been so long since we have seen winter time Bonita. Love them on light tackle. We went out Friday launched out of Oceanside and targeted sharks. We were able to get four blues. Put my buddies son on his first shark. We got one about 80 pounds but it was on 50 wide and 130#. Not mutch of a...
  149. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas to the BD family

    I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas May 2019 be fill with many opportunities to spend time with family and friends on the water. My goal is to catch a Tuna that weighs more than my dog.
  150. Johnlgarrison

    Rods without a reel seats or mount??

    Hey back in the olden days when I was young we used radiator clamps to hold the reel on a jig stick. But I’m older than dirt.
  151. Johnlgarrison

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Some of the best days of my life have been spent Fishing first with my dad and later with my Son. Way to go dad. I have a grandson on the way and I am looking forward to fishing with him
  152. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale 2014 Parker 2120 Sport Cabin

    You may want to list a price.
  153. Johnlgarrison

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    Helping my wife with dog shows. Basically I carry heavy stuff and drive the motor home. our girl Glory was #10 in the country last year. This is her daughter at six months
  154. Johnlgarrison

    Rocket Launchers for Parker 2320

    I have 15 on my 2320 and want more. I’m not happy unless my boat looks like a porcupine
  155. Johnlgarrison

    WTB looking for a trailer for a 16.5 foot boat (sea squirt)

    That is the perfect trailer for your Seasquirt. I owned the 19’ Seasquirt. Great boat
  156. Johnlgarrison

    Availability of Jumbo Squid

    I bought some giant squid from 99 ranch market on Friday we went to the Coronados yesterday and slayed the rockfish. It stayed on the hook so well we were catching 4 or 5 fish on each piece of bait. I went to the 99 ranch in Temecula.
  157. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 23 Parker

    Wow that’s a killer deal this won’t last long.
  158. Johnlgarrison

    Vehicle Gender ID

    Do you know the worst thing about owning a Prius? Telling your parents you are gay.
  159. Johnlgarrison

    WTB k

    I did the same thing last June went from a Phoenix 29 to a 2320 and could not be happier. My all time favorite boat I have ever owned. LOVE my PARKER. Good luck finding you new boat. I really do not miss the $550 a month slip fee, the monthly diver and the San Diego county property taxes. This...
  160. Johnlgarrison

    2007 2320 leak in cabin

    I have the same problem with my 2005 2320. Looking forward to seeing what is said about this.
  161. Johnlgarrison

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    My favorite old time shop was Wayne’s Tackle in Norwalk. Been gone for over twenty years but lots of good memories. Spent way too much time hanging out there.
  162. Johnlgarrison

    Just scored this Yellowtail killing jig!!!

    You should hang onto it until they win a game. Good luck I hope you can fish when you are in your 80,s
  163. Johnlgarrison

    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    X2 He stole it, sure it is not hot? That price is too good to be true.
  164. Johnlgarrison

    Diesel mechanic near Temecula

    America Diesel In Murrieta is great they work on my truck and motor home.
  165. Johnlgarrison

    I found my “go to” fish taco recipe!

    Bisquick, Tapatio, an egg, Coors light,
  166. Johnlgarrison

    Sabre rod, fat butt small tip ultra fast taper

    “Big butt small tip” sounds like you are describing me....
  167. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale 2000 Pro Line 25' Walk Around, *PRICE DROP*

    I love the name. Every time I leave an out of office message on my work email when I’m fishing I say . Thank you for your email I am at an offshore meeting and will get back to you tomorrow.
  168. Johnlgarrison

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    I think a seal birth control pill should be developed. I’m thinking the perfect size would be 7.62 mm and delivered at about 2200’ per second. The pill would be made of lead and covered in brass to protect from salt water corrosion. Your thoughts?
  169. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD Marine Bean Bags (2)

    I have one of these and it is amazing how comfortable they are. I would buy these if I had the room for them on my boat.
  170. Johnlgarrison

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    Yea I wrote a long response to you but deleted it. All the I want to say to you is the following. This site has a bunch of guys who share information friendship and support I appreciate those people. If that makes me a snowflake or a Pussy well guilty as charged.
  171. Johnlgarrison

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    Dude why do feel the need to SHIT on everyone’s post?
  172. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD Solas Stainless 4 blade prop

    What motor did you have this on and why did it not work for you?
  173. Johnlgarrison

    Upper Hidden non stop action

    Skip Jack uses 1) fresh it makes good Poke 2) excellent smoked. I like smoked Skipjack tuna sandwiches. 3) terrific strip bait for Dorado. Also the best catfish bait ever. Works very well for rockfish bait as well. 4) terrific dog food. Very healthy to add to your dogs diet. You can vacuum...
  174. Johnlgarrison

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I had a buddy ask me to we wrap a rod his grandpa bought home when he was a kid. I asked him what colors do you want? His reply was I don’t care. What’s your favorite team don’t have one don’t care what color you use. I threw up my hands and said FINE. I used every color thread I owned that rod...
  175. Johnlgarrison

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    That gave us a new outlook for humanity that day for sure. Glad you posted this saved me from telling the story.
  176. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 2004 Parker 2520 XL PRICE REDUCED!!!

    WOW!!! That is a steal wont last long
  177. Johnlgarrison

    425 Short Report - 9/17

    Thanks for the report good news about breaking going on the trailer if you are going to break that's the place to do it.
  178. Johnlgarrison

    (Fishing is not a crime) Keep local fishing open in Temecula!!!

    We took the pups to the Duck Pond yesterday for a walk. I was wondering if they killed off the fish in the pond. I did not see a single sign of fish life and we walked around the entire lake. I only saw one turtle. I would like to be of help in any way I can just let me know what you need. We...
  179. Johnlgarrison

    Please school me on Newell reels.

    Tweaker is not socially acceptable. They prefer Methacan Americans. I own two Newell’s and have caught just about everything that swims in this part of the Pacific on my 229 Albacore to Salmon
  180. Johnlgarrison


    I did not know Parker built a diesel model. That is a great boat. Should sell really fast
  181. Johnlgarrison

    New to me Parker 2310 "Hung Solo"

    Welcome to the Parker family I recently joined myself. Don't forget that there is a reputation as a Parker owner you need to live up to, ask anyone we are ASS HOLES. I have come to this conclusion by reading many post here on BD referring to "the ASS HOLE in the Parker poached my paddy". See you...
  182. Johnlgarrison

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    My feelings are hurt. Just kidding. No I’m not. I own a Parker and quite honestly have felt the same way. But don’t get me started on Bayliner owners.
  183. Johnlgarrison

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    #1 The only way it is YOUR paddy is to grab your gaff and bring it on board your boat. #2 it is not like freshwater bass fishing you don't need to cast right on top of the lily pad. 20 to 30 yards is close enough. #3 if you have several boats working together it can actually give you better...
  184. Johnlgarrison

    Tackle ho's check in

    Did my wife put you up to this? I am not admitting to ANYTHING!
  185. Johnlgarrison

    Small jump start batteries

    I have one in the motor home it jump starts my 400 hp diesel
  186. Johnlgarrison

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Here is the latest photo of Blaze and his sister and Mom. . He’s 4 1/2 months old and 75 pounds. Love this little guy.
  187. Johnlgarrison

    Nearly donated Komodo at Cedros

    Was that Jeff’s rod or yours? He has a really terrific set up doesn’t he ?
  188. Johnlgarrison

    What paint to use for Outriggers

    I went on EBay and bought 2” shrink tubing that would shrink 50%. It cost me less than $40 for the shrink tube. They have several different colors I went with black. Turned out looking pretty good. Somewhere on BD I posted photos.
  189. Johnlgarrison

    POS drivers

    I had a guy with a SeaDoo trailer hit my boat trailer crushing my brand new lights. I knew this because his trailer had pieces of my lights embedded in his trailer. No note no nothing. I left him a note it read. “ Hey Assshole you hit my boat trailer and did not leave a note. I have taken your...
  190. Johnlgarrison

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    DUDE watch it !!! I’m not afraid to go back to jail
  191. Johnlgarrison

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    I got the BD salute from a Riverside County Sheriff, it was AWESOME!!!!!
  192. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 24’ Wellcraft Arislot

    I can't believe this has not sold, one of the most comfortable riding 24' boats ever made. Hang a bracket and a 250 four stroke on it and you will have a boat that will outlive you,
  193. Johnlgarrison

    Bullet mackerel

    I remember back in the El Nino of 83 we had them all over. I was on the GW out of Seal Beach and asked the deck hand if they were any good to eat, he asked let me show you something. He fillet one and squeezed the filet, the oil that ran out of the meat was nuts. They make terrific bait however...
  194. Johnlgarrison

    I wish our politicians had the stones

    If they really had the balls they would have done it with the crew still onboard
  195. Johnlgarrison

    Do Walk-arounds Ride Better Than Pilot Houses?

    I owned an Aquasport 225 walk around and I currently own a 2320 Parker pilot house. I think the Parker rides much better, much more comfortable in the pilot house. I have owned about 20 boats in my life one of these days I will have to really think about it and come up with the true number...
  196. Johnlgarrison

    Help wanted to spot Spotted Giant Sea Bass

    I think they should have a lotttery like an elk tag
  197. Johnlgarrison

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Holy crap that’s a steal will not last long
  198. Johnlgarrison

    Long Beach Newbie

    The best advice I can give any private boater is set yourself up on an indirect route to your final destination. What I mean by that is if you are planning on going to the 267 out of Oceanside don’t pull out of the harbor and set the autopilot for that spot. That direct route gets more traffic...
  199. Johnlgarrison

    Zero to Hero in one drift

    Hey way to go. When life deals you Lemons make a batch of Margaritas
  200. Johnlgarrison

    Sugar Cured Mackerel Bait

    Great catfish bait is cure mackerel in strawberry jello.
  201. Johnlgarrison

    New to Ocean and Looking at boats

    Three words you must read in the advertisement “Yamaha four stroke “ or keep looking. I have owned over 20 boats in my life the two best had Yamaha’s hanging on the back. I love my Parker with a 250 Yamaha best boat I have ever owned.
  202. Johnlgarrison

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Got a pair on my boat. Picked them up at a garage sale. Knock on wood I have never used them. Hope I never do right along with my flare gun and fire extinguishers
  203. Johnlgarrison

    Skipjack showing up??? Good or bad??

    Some of the best fishing days of my life have had Skippies around.
  204. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Island Tackle Recommendations August 2018?

    If you forget anything go see the guys at Cedros Tackle. They have anything you might want
  205. Johnlgarrison

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    He actually started at Roddy before Sabre. It was like a hundred years ago
  206. Johnlgarrison

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Calstar is still in business because they have always built the best of the best right here in Southern California. God bless Leon and Pat
  207. Johnlgarrison

    2000 Parker 2320 SL 250 HPDI

    Sorry but I’m confused. Are you looking at buying an 18 year old boat with 150 hours on it?
  208. Johnlgarrison

    Nice Yellowtails at the Nados 7/27

    1) thanks for the report. Way to go finding fish I am always way more impressed with reports from guys who catch fish on their own boat. 2) Don’t let the ball busters bother you. Some people complain when their ice cream is cold.
  209. Johnlgarrison

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! Subscribed
  210. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Boat is going to junkyard- parts for sale

    You can also cut a aluminum plate to cover the transom and with the epoxy mentioned about it would be stronger than new. My son fixed his boat this way and it was fixed I
  211. Johnlgarrison

    How much have you spent ?

    You should all quit fishing it’s stupid, take up Golf. You buy fish in the market for much much less that what it costs to catch it.. I’m not saying this because I want the whole ocean to myself, I really think you guys should find a new hobby.
  212. Johnlgarrison

    If you had a 75 foot Megalodon shark as your sea pet,what would you call it?

    Seal Eater..... "Come on Boy, lets go get Mexican food" head to the Coronados for some snacks. it would be awesome.
  213. Johnlgarrison

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    OK Old guy here, watched the video, cant figure out how to subscribe. Can you post a link to where we start?
  214. Johnlgarrison

    Kelp paddy strategies?

    Fish it just like large mouth bass and a lily pad, throw you bait right on top. If someone else comes near it grab your gaff and pull it on-board your boat, after all if you found it it YOUR paddy. Sorry just could not resist being a smart ass.
  215. Johnlgarrison

    WTB Penn 80 Aftermarket Handle

    Go see Ken at Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside he can help you
  216. Johnlgarrison is BonitA or BonitO

  217. Johnlgarrison

    Emergency small craft missing

    So glad it ended with good news.
  218. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 24’ Wellcraft Arislot

    I owned one of these back in the 80's. This is a great hull, if you have never rode in one you . will be amazed. One of the best 24' hulls ever made. Good luck with sale
  219. Johnlgarrison

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    First nice boat. She is older and older boats seem to have more than their share of Gremlins. You know Gremlins that slowly drain batteries. If I were you I would add second battery, my boat has three. Trust me the worst sound you can hear is being 20+ miles off shore and hear the click, click...
  220. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Black male Labrador puppies akc ofa

    Somebody is going to get a new best friend. My puppy is 12 weeks old and we are having a great time together.
  221. Johnlgarrison

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Way to go Dad, some of my fondest memories are days spent fishing with my Son. You are in for some great times with him..
  222. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Ocean ready tuna killer bayliner

    The only thing appealing about that boat is the cutting board.
  223. Johnlgarrison

    Looking for stories of Great White Sharks being fished in California still

    You should talk to Keith Poe the Shark Tagged. You can look him up on Facebook. He is the most knowledgeable person on the California coast I know of on all species of sharks. Good luck on your documentary looking forward to seeing it sometime soon
  224. Johnlgarrison

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    I just wrapped a rod and stood back and said to myself “that’s really pretty “ after seeing your work I SUCK!
  225. Johnlgarrison

    PWC platform for tandem axle trailer

    I have thought that one of these with a 21 aluminum bay runner and put a tent trailer on the platform would be an awesome BAJA setup. Good luck with sale.
  226. Johnlgarrison

    Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    I just did the same thing but ordered on Delivered to my door no shipping cost
  227. Johnlgarrison

    Insurance, boat

    What Al said. Never plan on having a claim. Boats US offers an Anglers umbrella policy for a few bucks a mont additional you get up to $5,000 coverage for your fishing tackle. I have this on my policy.
  228. Johnlgarrison

    Local Knowledge S3 E07 West Bound & Down Full Episode

    Watched the show this morning and really enjoyed it. What are you naming the new boat?
  229. Johnlgarrison

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    My all time favorite snack Little Debbie peanut butter cookies.
  230. Johnlgarrison


    I would con my dad into dropping me off before he went to work. We lived in Downey and he worked in LA, he would drive me and a buddy down before work and pick us up after he got off. I had the best Dad and we were only 11 or so and we knew if we did anything wrong my dad would have our asses...
  231. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Calcutta gaffs! These make awesome Christmas gifts! Many sizes available! Beautiful Turkshead Knots!

    Have you ever thought about making deck brush handles? Think of the possibility of selling one to everyone you have sold gaffs to. I’ll bet lots of guys would like matching gaffs and deck brushes.
  232. Johnlgarrison

    The five stages of fishing local Blue Fin

    I went back in the archives and found my posts from three years ago. With all the non biting Blue Fin showing up this was approiate again.
  233. Johnlgarrison

    Spent the weekend working on Sticky Business (Parker 2320)

    first project was to work on the pilot house deck. I found a roll material like Sea Deck uses on EBay for $60. Made a template out of a cardboard box. All I can say is I don’t see a job offer any time soon from the people at SeaDeck. But then again it cost $60 bucks. Next project was...
  234. Johnlgarrison

    California Anglers, I need your help!

    Do you agree that there was not proper scientific research done prior to closing any of the MPAs? Disagree Somewhat Agree Agree Think the whole process was a political sham I think the entire process was BS,
  235. Johnlgarrison

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    From the looks of your meter Godzill was under your boat.
  236. Johnlgarrison

    California Anglers, I need your help!

    did not take long to complete
  237. Johnlgarrison

    Anchoring at Izor's

    buy a concrete brick for a block wall for about $2 at Home depot, if it gets stuck no big deal. I grew up doing this on the break wall and my dad would use a piece of 1/2" cotton rope attached to good nylon rope, gets stuck cleat it off and put the boat in reverse till the light rope breaks.
  238. Johnlgarrison

    Lost my best friend, and thoughtful gift.

    Thanks Rocky, Blaze is doing a terrific job of filling the hole in my heart, It's amazing how much he reminds me of Rebel. Although I miss Reb every single day, I still get tears in my eyes when I talk about him. Thanks again
  239. Johnlgarrison

    Slot Limit on Sporties - Calicos

    I have traded 20 pound yellows to guys who caught big Calicos. Made a deal if they release the bass I would give them a yellow to eat.
  240. Johnlgarrison

    Ever get advice from a noob?

    I have caught many of my personal best fish after a boat captain told me “That won’t work”.
  241. Johnlgarrison

    Hit the islands

    Trigger fish are easy to clean Use a box cutter to cut the skin then peel it off with a pair of pliers the filet. Or give me a call and I will take them off your hands.
  242. Johnlgarrison

    Happy Father's Day to all you motha's.

    I spent the day yesterday with my Son Tyler fishing the Coronado's, we did great by the way. He surprised me with a pair of Fujinon stabilized binoculars. The kids are coming over tonight for some homemade sushi and I get to spend Fathers Day with my son who is celebrating his first Fathers day...
  243. Johnlgarrison

    Aint no caveman mickey mouse shit.

    Yes way cheaper. Think about this if they fired one at San Clemente island from San Diego Naval Station. It would less than 45 seconds to hit its target.
  244. Johnlgarrison

    Coronado's 6/13, San Diego

    You could post “Today is Friday” and get an argument from some asshole on BD. Thanks for the report.
  245. Johnlgarrison

    Aint no caveman mickey mouse shit.

    That is really badass. But $25000 for the projectile. What is it made out of, kriptonite.
  246. Johnlgarrison

    New to me Parker

    Nice. I recently joined the Parker family myself.
  247. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    here is the link to the guy with the fish stickers
  248. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    I showed a photo to Mark Wish and he said 44 gallons
  249. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    I did it myself I ordered it from this I got the Yellow Tail sticker from EBay the whole thing cost less than $60 for both sides.
  250. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Four grand for a boat seat? Tell you what my birthday is the 15 th of next month. Just in case you were searching for the perfect gift to get me. We took the boat to the Coronados yesterday and I don’t know what everyone is talking about she rode great. Averaged 20+ mph on the way home and it...
  251. Johnlgarrison

    Passport book or passport card for fishing in Mexico?

    I use the card all the time.
  252. Johnlgarrison

    Lost my best friend, and thoughtful gift.

    No He is a Great Dane he is only 3 1/2 weeks old in the photo. He is going to be 185 to 190 pounds in a year of so. Here is a photo of his Mom Glory.
  253. Johnlgarrison

    IPad on your boat what apps do you use

    I am mounting an IPad on my Parker pilot house. I wanted to ask what applications you find are useful on your boat.
  254. Johnlgarrison

    I miss the Shelter Island launch ramp...

    I always tell the DFG girls “ I am flattered but I’m happily married, Please quit hitting on me.” They tend to leave you alone.
  255. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    I have to pay for this thing, working sucks, need to win the lotto so I can call in rich.
  256. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    You are not able to open the pilot house door with it folded down so I need to put it up to work on it. I can barely get through my neighborhood with it folded down, wish my neighbors would trim their trees.
  257. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    I folds down very easily, it can be done with one guy
  258. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    She is standing on the ground, she about 170 pounds right now, had a litter 6 weeks ago.
  259. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Thank you. The only thing I would like to add is new electronics, Joe the previous owner has her pretty decked out. If I was to make a wish list it would be this boat. Windless, Auto Pilot, Radar,Great Yamaha 250 four stroke, even a microwave oven. She is in unbelievable condition. I would like...
  260. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    My girl Glory came out and checked out the new boat, she approves.
  261. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    I have been drooling over Parker’s for years. A few years ago I bought a 29’ Phoenix after adding up all the costs of ownership of a boat in a slip. I decided to sell her and go back to a trailer boat. I decided on the 2320 small enough to tow and big enough to head way off shore. I can’t wait...
  262. Johnlgarrison

    Fuel dock prices; San Diego harbor

    You realize this is a 8 year old post. It was cool to see a report from Keith Poe and Saluki though.
  263. Johnlgarrison

    Lost my best friend, and thoughtful gift.

    Five weeks ago this little guy came along. We bred our girl Glory. She is #10 in the country currently. The reason we bred her was to get me another boy, she gave birth to nine pups eight girls and one magnificent boy. This is Blaze my new best friend.
  264. Johnlgarrison

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Try this recipe. Put the smoked deans in the food processor add some Tapatio hot sauce, green onions and cream cheese. Process this mixed well. Spread on a toasted bagel or crackers.
  265. Johnlgarrison

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    1997 I caught 87 yellows (15 to 25 pounds) 90# Mako on iron and two yellow fin both 35# we were on a one day left the dock at 10:00 pm and was back at the dock by 11:00 am. The captain felt a little guilty we were so far over limit he came back early. yeah I kept all the fish i caught, it took...
  266. Johnlgarrison

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    I really enjoyed Michael Folks I must admit I called it the Shimano commercial. My favorite show currently is Local Knowledge. One thing I appreciate is my DVR only records new episodes the other shows (Shane and Sergio’s) record the same show over and over and over again. I think they do this...
  267. Johnlgarrison

    VHF won't transmit

    Check the antenna connection. I had the same problem and soldered the antenna cable. When I asked for a radio check a guy at North Island responded I was in Oceanside Harbor. I hope this helps
  268. Johnlgarrison

    What's the deal with

    I really don't get the Dave bashing, I signed up for your site Dave right after your started. I am nearly 60 years old and have been fishing the Southern California coast my whole life. I try to learn something new every day, the day you quit learning is the day you quit living. I enjoy your...
  269. Johnlgarrison

    Doorbell security camera

    We have the ring doorbell and I just bought the Ring Spotlight but have not installed it yet. We are very happy with it
  270. Johnlgarrison

    1.25 shrink tube??

    Squidco in San Diego has it
  271. Johnlgarrison

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    I have bought several Trulines that had broken guides for $1 each. I wrap rods for a hobby so no big deal. I went to a garage sale in Laguna Niguel and got 2 50wide two speeds Pens 2 Shimano two speeds flying gaff 25 marlin lures six custom cal star rods and a shit ton of other stuff for $600...
  272. Johnlgarrison

    4/20 stupid fishing

    Sandwich bag full of weed for ten bucks. Yep.
  273. Johnlgarrison

    WTB 20’ Blackman Swim Step

    Check Minies in New Port Beach. It is a boat salvage yard they have really great deals on parts they have taken off junk boats. Good luck
  274. Johnlgarrison

    4/20 stupid fishing

    This was 40 years ago. Went tubing on the kern river with a buddy. We pulled up on a beach on some farmers land. I had a $10 OZ and tossed the stems and seeds over my shoulder. Thought nothing of it at the time. The next year we went Fishing floated down river and stopped in the same place. The...
  275. Johnlgarrison

    Diesel exhaust grime from big trucks on boat.

    Mr. Clean magic eraser works wonders on all kinds of fiberglass
  276. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    Sale pending, sorry guys for not responding sooner
  277. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale 130 lb power pro ace hollow 1500yds

    What is fuel cap and burn rate? Sorry could not resist.
  278. Johnlgarrison

    WTB Cabo 216,walkaround, cc

    just saw this little bigger
  279. Johnlgarrison

    Old stuff..........found in my garage......

    The lures with the spinner blade were made by Sea Strike lure company and were killer jigs for Bonita. Joe Physter the owner of Sea Strike gave me a few about 35 years ago, and said give these a try. My Dad and I used them one morning out of Long Beach, I got 25 Bonita in 25 casts that morning...
  280. Johnlgarrison

    WTB Looking for a Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801. does this help?
  281. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros late June?

    It will ruin you, you will be spoiled and never want to fish any place else
  282. Johnlgarrison

    WTB WTB 28-35' express or WA Diesel or 4 Stroke, also open to partnership

    I think I sold my boat today, we have a sea trail on Sunday. Did you sell the Roballo? if not I would love to come and see it
  283. Johnlgarrison

    WTB WTB 28-35' express or WA Diesel or 4 Stroke, also open to partnership Have you looked at my boat?
  284. Johnlgarrison

    Do I need professional help????

    Rookies jeez! thirty something rods, that's so cute. Learn to wrap your own rods and talk to me about the addiction.
  285. Johnlgarrison

    Pacific bay rod machine help

    I found a large rubber butt cap. It is pretty soft an it slides over most harder butt caps. The ID is 1.25” Because it is pretty soft the chuck holds tight. Picked up the rubber butt cap at Hanks Hardware in Temecula. I’m sure you can find something like this at your local hardware store. I...
  286. Johnlgarrison

    My new prized possession from Fred Hall show

    Eat your heart out boys. I have an autographed Local Knowledge hat. Signed by none other than Ali himself. Don’t even ask to buy it because it’s priceless. The government has not printed enough money. Great to talk with you yesterday Ali appreciate your taking the time. Have a terrific show...
  287. Johnlgarrison

    This is what heartache looks like - Ca. Delta 3.3.18

    Show of hands who hear heard their dad use the word FUCK for the first time when he lost a big fish I know I did and I think my Son can say the same thing. Nice fish bummer
  288. Johnlgarrison

    3D printing boat parts?

    Here is a thought. How about use epoxy and a piece of nylon stocking. It works like fiberglass. Let the epoxy set for 24 hours and use a dremel to clean it up. You have nothing to lose it's already broken.
  289. Johnlgarrison

    Lost my best friend, and thoughtful gift.

    It’s been four months since I lost my best friend Rebel. Truly the best dog we loved each other from the second we met. I was the one who delivered him and at that moment I knew he was the dog for me. My wife Lisa bought me the most thoughtful gift. This fish hook actually contains a little...
  290. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    You find one in that price range in Wilmington Oceanside is one of the few marinas that allows slips to be transferred the waiting list is around 3 years right now.
  291. Johnlgarrison

    I am Back......

    I just signed up and really enjoyed the video I watched. Looking forward to seeing more.
  292. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    Water line is 31' the length from the bow pulpit to the swim step is 33' Oceanside is very strict they even require your boat be measured every two years and they charge me for 31'. I don't why Oceanside requires your boat to be measured every two years perhaps they think boat grow longer ??
  293. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    1995 Phoenix 29 SFX Price: $40,000.00 Great sport fisher for the Southern California coast. These boats are used all over the world for charter boats for their seaworthiness and dependability. Great transferrable Oceanside Harbor slip included, right in front of the yacht club. Dimensions...
  294. Johnlgarrison

    EBay find. Check embroidery thread when searching

    I wanted to share with you guys a steal of a find I came across on EBay. It just arrived in today’s mail. I was looking for some thread deals and came across an auction for 20 spools in various amounts on the spools. The smallest spools have enough to wrap 4 or 5 rods some are full 4 oz spools...
  295. Johnlgarrison

    Will older ceramic guides work with braid?

    Take a cotton ball and pull the fibers across the guide inserts if you have cracks the cotton fibers will get stuck in the cracks. If there are no cracks you will be just fine.
  296. Johnlgarrison

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    You need one of these I got mine from Amazon, it is AWESOME!!!! The info below is from the company website. Following on the heels of the incredibly popular Umarex Steel Storm, the new Steel Force is a 6-shot burst full-auto M4-style BB machine on a fun platform. This addition to the Umarex...
  297. Johnlgarrison

    Smith and Wesson Shield 9 mm

    I bought one and it got stolen at the range when i was not looking, so I bought a Pink one.
  298. Johnlgarrison

    Smith and Wesson Shield 9 mm

    I have the shield in 40 cal and like it, the only complaint is the mag is very hard to load.
  299. Johnlgarrison

    18.5 Center Console 115 suzuki 4 stroke, 6500k obo

    I owned this boat a few years ago and it was a great skiff, you have done some fantastic upgrades. Good luck with sale.
  300. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros in early June

    The halibut on right on the beach in June
  301. Johnlgarrison

    Bucktails for San Diego Surf?

    I would try saltwater buck tail flys like these, rigged like a drop shot.
  302. Johnlgarrison

    unhooking a shark

    It has worked for me for 30+ years. Another tip I use shrink sleeves to cover the crimps, it works well to protect the mono from the sharp edges of the sleeve.
  303. Johnlgarrison

    unhooking a shark

    I make up 8' to 10' 49 strand leader (285 #) with a big barrel swivel on each end. Then I make up a solid steel leader that is about 18" long with a steel hook. This way I can cut the solid wire leader to release the shark. I make up a bunch of the short leaders with hooks and the other end just...
  304. Johnlgarrison

    Bushman wrapped a chocolate Sabre

    Very Nice, I went to the Oceanside Yacht Club parking lot sale few weeks ago and picked up 10 old Sabre's for $20 not each but $20 for all 10. I have wrapped one so far, turned out great.
  305. Johnlgarrison

    Very Simple Clouser Minnow Deep Surf Flies // Bucktail Jigs

    These look great, I love tying fly's. If you don't use a fly rod these work great tied above a swimbait. Works great
  306. Johnlgarrison

    F*&#, Freezer died!

    I had my freezer die on me with about 300# of halibut, salmon and rockfish. The fish was still nice and cold but thawed beyond re-freezing. I lived in Downey at the time. I called our local fire house and asked them if they wanted to have fish for dinner. I explained what happened and they sent...
  307. Johnlgarrison

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    I wonder if someone brought a few back back in the bait tank from a long range trip and released them into the bay to reproduce?
  308. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Sportfishing .v Cedros Outdoor Adventures

    Cedros Sportfishing is the best I have been twice and the operation is awesome. If you like Kayak fishing check out Cedros Kayak
  309. Johnlgarrison

    Dorado Fish and Chips?

    No on cooking the fish, and I like it a little rare. I use about a pound of fish for that recipe
  310. Johnlgarrison

    Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated

    Looks to be a good Ford, it has a Chevy motor right?
  311. Johnlgarrison

    Dorado Fish and Chips?

    I posted thsi a few years ago and went and found the recipe i posted. I hope you enjoy this one: Chop Dorado into tiny pieces about 1/4" Cubes. In a bowl mix together Dodo, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup mayo, big dollop of Scracha sauce, 2 green onions diced fine and panko bread crumbs till consistancy is...
  312. Johnlgarrison

    Over rated tow weight?

    It is not about getting it going it's all about STOPPING IT. It is also not about you but the fucking moron in the Prius who cuts in front of you and slams on the breaks.
  313. Johnlgarrison

    My Son’s Fishing Addiction is Coming Along Nicely!

    Fish and Game has a great book listing all California sport fish. You guys should each get a copy and challenge yourself to catch every species listed.
  314. Johnlgarrison

    Tilapia at Lake Mission Viejo

    I lived in mission Viejo in the 90's at the height of the lakes potential. Lots of double digit bass and huge catfish and trout. So sorry to hear the lake lost nearly all its fish. Lots of great memories on that lake. I had a Trout season opening day 5 fish limit that weighed 27 pounds. I even...
  315. Johnlgarrison

    Triggerfish - Fishing Over a School

    I was taught a trick by a mexican pangero. Us a box cutter to cut the skin all the way around the filet, then use plyers to peel the skin back or off, they filet the meat off the bone. The skin is so tough it will dull a filet knife in seconds.
  316. Johnlgarrison

    Rare restored 1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan w/Mercury 85hp,CMC PT-130 Tilt and Trim for up to 130 H

    I grew up fishing a boat just like this (He bought it new), my Grandpa Ernie had one like this. Thanks for the great memories, good luck with sale.
  317. Johnlgarrison

    PAN PAN PAN very early Saturday 8-26

    Holy Crap a HOAX? What kind of a piece of shit does this kind of stuff?
  318. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside 1/2 Day Yellowtail- Where Are They?

    My son just texted me a photo of a 20 pound yellow tail he's just north of Solana Beach
  319. Johnlgarrison

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Call your local fire department and ask them if they want some fish.
  320. Johnlgarrison

    Wild West

    WOW Looks like a fantastic place
  321. Johnlgarrison

    Dodo recipes???

    Try Wasabi dry roasted almonds with this same recipe.
  322. Johnlgarrison

    Dodo recipes???

    Chop Dorado into tiny pieces about 1/4" Cubes. In a bowl mix together Dodo, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup mayo, big dollop of Scracha sauce, 2 green onions diced fine and panko bread crumbs till consistancy is like a cake batter. Spoon large spoonfuls into hot oil and cook fish cakes till golden brown and...
  323. Johnlgarrison

    Funny Boat Names

    I have been in the label printing business for 30+ years, my boat is called "Sticky Business 4" .
  324. Johnlgarrison

    Grand daughters first fishing trip 7/20

    My Grandaughter will be here in mid October, I dont mean she's coming for a visit but my Grandaughter will be born in October. I need to get to work on her little pink fishing rod so it's ready to be in the crib when she comes home for the hospital. I can't wait to spoil her.
  325. Johnlgarrison

    Nonsmoking Party Boats?

    Buy your own boat so you can make the rules. I quit two years ago and finally hate the smell as much a most people. Cigarettes and cigars don't bother me as much as the sweet Candace stink of vape but it's something you are going to have to put up with. Yes I own my own boat
  326. Johnlgarrison

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    They taste best when you grill them next to a Bald Eagle breast nothing like it
  327. Johnlgarrison

    Shark fishing

    Nothing worse than pushing a rope home. How did the Mako taste?
  328. Johnlgarrison

    Bringing new life to old outriggers

    I used the tihckest tubing I could find, I figured its just liek rod shrink
  329. Johnlgarrison

    Bringing new life to old outriggers

    The ourtiggers on my 1996 Phoenix were getting pretty fuzzy, the fiberglass has splinters. If I spent 22 years in the sun I would look pretty bad also. I am really cheap and do not want to spend several hundred dollars replacing them. I found some 2" Shrink tubing that shrinks 2 to 1 on EBay for...
  330. Johnlgarrison

    Sheepshead at Catalina

    Back in the 70s and 80s my father in law owned the mooring right in front of where I think you are sitting. E8 in Fourth Of July cove, Am I correct? We used to catch tons of big sleeps head there, my wife go one that weighed 21 pounds
  331. Johnlgarrison

    Wide Open Catfish Bite at Chollas Lake

    I used to be part of a youth fishing boat with the Boy Scouts it was very rewarding seeing kids catch their first fish. Keep up the good work
  332. Johnlgarrison

    Making Bait Rigs

    Go to the 99 cent store and buy a pool noodle. Cut about a 3" slice and wrap your Sabiki around the foam. Place all of that ina ZipLock bag. You will have enough to share with everyone on the boat for a buck.
  333. Johnlgarrison

    Decal removal help

    Thanks for posting I need to change the name on my boat. I just ordered this on Amazon.
  334. Johnlgarrison

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    Give Ken at Kens custom reels in Oceanside and see if he can hook you up
  335. Johnlgarrison

    Is there a product to decrease fish scale accumuation on a rod.

    Mr Clean Magic Eraser Works great!
  336. Johnlgarrison

    Saturday, 06/10 Barricuda Fishing, Horseshoe - Middle Grounds

    What a great way to spend the day. Try picking up some long shank hooks, they can save the day. I have caught lots of cuda using heavy wire freshwater bass worm hooks. The only downside is if there are big yellows they can straighten these hooks.
  337. Johnlgarrison

    Hillbilly tower !

    We saw those guys also, Brought back memories of the days when my balls were bigger than my brains. Chashing tuna in a 15' aluminum.
  338. Johnlgarrison


    Great looking boat best of luck with sale. Why is she named Mushroom?
  339. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Shutdown

    If you want to fish the island the best bet is Cedros Adventure or Cerdos Kayak adventures (Jeff has a beautiful Panga, you dont have to fish in the Kayak). You will get all the time on the water you can stand with these guys.
  340. Johnlgarrison

    Does any one know where to get these or something similar

    EBay has those exact jig heads.
  341. Johnlgarrison

    Photo wraps fading!

    We have digital printers that use UV Cured inks that are light fast inks or fade resistant. They cost $500,000 each. Normal ink jet printers from HP or Epson are not fade resistant the first color in the spectrum to fade is the Magenta
  342. Johnlgarrison

    Photo wraps fading!

    I am in the label business and the coating will not have any effect on the UV light fading the inkjet ink.
  343. Johnlgarrison

    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    I Hope this is seen by millions of people. I keep my boat in Oceanside harbor and see these idiots having thier kids pose with the seals on the docks all the time. Wish these people would wise up and realize seals are wild animals. You would not have your kid pose for a photo with a Wolf...
  344. Johnlgarrison

    WTB - Hand held VHF radio

    I bought one of these and was suprised how well it works. Great deal
  345. Johnlgarrison

    zodiac / fender

    Where is the boat at, If I bought it what city would i have to drive to, What is the zip code where you keep the boat?
  346. Johnlgarrison

    zodiac / fender

    Where are you located. Give me an idea of how much $50 or $50,000 you never know .
  347. Johnlgarrison

    Carcass Disposal?

    I brought home a 130 pound Mako to show the kids many years ago. It was a Saturday in September. I placed the remains in a trash bin and on Thursday night I drug that can to the curb. IT WAS HORRIBLE, the stink would knock you down. The next morning two OC Sherrifs were walking around my...
  348. Johnlgarrison

    List of tournaments?

    Check out we have a great club and there are monthly tournaments from April to October. We have meetings the second tuesday of each month at the Oceanside Yacht club, there is a meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 pm. We have a shark tournamnet this Saturday come fish with us.
  349. Johnlgarrison

    Stretchy Mono Brand Suggestion...???

    Soft Steel the best on the market
  350. Johnlgarrison

    Soft Science Shoes - With Socks

    Most comfortable shoes I have ever owned
  351. Johnlgarrison

    How do you store your trolling jigs?

    I use HD Zip locks and store them individually they go into a duffel bag.
  352. Johnlgarrison

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    Kudos to you sir. It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I apologize for calling you a keyboard warrior.
  353. Johnlgarrison

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    Hey there keyboard warrior, pump your breaks. Eddie never said he wanted to fill a killbag with them. He wants to take them on with light tackle. He's an awesome fisherman pretty sure he's would catch and release.
  354. Johnlgarrison

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    I have a shirt that reads "If my Great Dane does not like you chanches are I don"t either".
  355. Johnlgarrison

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    This is Rebel we owned his great grand mother, grand mother and we have his mother. He is my best friend in the world, I love this dog so much.He is the sweetest dog on earth,
  356. Johnlgarrison

    For sale Flambeau Bazuka Rod Case

    Suggestion for the guy who buys this. 1) Get some foam pipe insulation at home depot to wrap the tips of your rods to protect the tips. 2) Paint it so it looks very different from the rest. I went to Cabo and they had a stack of these, make yours look different so you can see it from across the...
  357. Johnlgarrison

    Boat security.

    Is there WiFi where you store your boat? I have a Ring solar powered camera. When the motion dector is on it sends a notification to your smart phone. You can also get live feed when you want.
  358. Johnlgarrison

    shark fishing in socal

    Go to the area of the 267 look for the following. A. Temp break of one or two degrees either up or down, bait schools, working birds or my favorite sign a triangle shaped fin on the surface. Start your chum slick there. I usually fish 3 rods one about 150 feet from the boat with a balloon tied...
  359. Johnlgarrison

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    I use the Chinese braid for rock fishing and it works fine, I use the good stuff on my Tuna and yellowtail equipment.
  360. Johnlgarrison

    Passport Card

    I use mine all the time without any problem. it is great because i keep it in my wallet and always have it with me. Here is a tip when I travel, I take it out of my wallet and put it in my back pack. This way if my wallet gets lost or stolen I have a government issued ID so I can get home.
  361. Johnlgarrison

    Get off your Damn phone!

    Septic Truck? Obviousley he didnt wat to talk to you till you got your shit together.
  362. Johnlgarrison

    Phoenix 29 Flybridge

    That is a killer deal for this boat. I own one and love it
  363. Johnlgarrison

    Mantis Shrimp in San Diego Bay...

    I put one in my 60 gallon saltwater aquarium got up the next morning and there was just one thing left in the tank, that dammed shrimp killed and ate everything in the tank.
  364. Johnlgarrison

    Jig Bucket Hanger

    I have found the best place to get 3 and 5 gallon buckets is a your local doughnut shop. The one near my house sells clean buckets for $1.00 each. They usually have lids.
  365. Johnlgarrison

    Dana Point halibut 1-7-17

    No better fishing partner than fishing with your Son. I even have a hoodie the reads "Most men spend thier life looking for the perfect fishing buddy, I raised mine".
  366. Johnlgarrison

    Saltwater species for a bass guy?

    Cedros Island X2, I warn you you will be hooked for life on saltwater if you go there. Calico bass fishing like no place else in the world. Yellow tail to 50#.
  367. Johnlgarrison


    Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie, but I'm weird. Merry Christmas
  368. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas.... Lets see your family Holiday cards Here is ours

    I have 3 two legged kids and 5 four legged ones. The two legged ones are all grown up.
  369. Johnlgarrison

    What is you fav color plastic for lings?

    Gulp curly tail in PINK!
  370. Johnlgarrison

    1984 Phoenix Convertible w/ twin 240hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP $44,900.00

    Great boat I own a 1996. good luck with sale. Do you know what size and pitch props you are running? I need to re-prop mine.
  371. Johnlgarrison

    Birthday escape. Knife jigging

    Happy birthday Eddie
  372. Johnlgarrison

    Custom Power Wrap thread tensioner question

    I have been using a fly tying bobbin for 25+ years and it works for me. You can pick one up on eBay for a few bucks.
  373. Johnlgarrison

    Mexico Rockfish Limits

    Five of one species ten total
  374. Johnlgarrison

    iBOATS return issue...

    Did you pay with a credit card? If so just call the credit card company and tell them to cancel the payment. If it has been less than 30 days you should not have a problem. By the way that's why I use a credit card.
  375. Johnlgarrison

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    Years ago I heard a story that blue perch are not native to California. Mr Wrigley needed something to clean poop out of the harbor at Avalon. He brought them from South America because they were known for their appetite for shit. Never tasted one myself.
  376. Johnlgarrison

    Help getting started

    You do not need a bait tank my personal best (800# Mako) was taken on a yellow tail carkus. Here is a great chum system. Get your hands on a old milk crate and zip tie a couple of boat fenders or cut a old Boogie Board and zip tie to the milk crate. Get a couple of bungie cords to hold the chum...
  377. Johnlgarrison

    How to make PVC bait tubes for lobster.

    Add some 1 1/2" Drywall screws so the look like a Porcupine. The seals will only mess with them once.
  378. Johnlgarrison

    AT&T Flip Phone

    I have a Fax machine I will trade you for it. Just kidding
  379. Johnlgarrison

    No more Braid tackle

    Here is their information: ADDRESS: 538 E. Rancho Vista Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93550 USA PHONE: Office: (661) 266-9791 Fax: (661) 266-9849 Email: [email protected] Give them a call.
  380. Johnlgarrison

    Is towing an 18' aluminum to LA bay on 13" wheels a bad idea?

    Don't be tempted to fill the boat with gear keep the weight to a minimum.
  381. Johnlgarrison

    Tuna blood stains

    Mr Clean magic eraser is the best thing for cleaning stains on fiberglass. Great for cleaning scales off your rods also. The best advise is clean while you go.
  382. Johnlgarrison

    Is Your Boat Legal?

    This is good stuff. Be sure your boat is equipped with life jackets that are rated to your passengers I am over 300 pounds and have life jackets rated to someone that big. You can have a dozen jackets and if they are not rated to your passengers weight you can still get a ticket
  383. Johnlgarrison

    Hilti shot gun trade for ROD

    Is that for hunting or self defense?
  384. Johnlgarrison

    Forkies at Seal Beach warm water jetty

    We used to catch lots of small yellows there back in the mid 70's along with tons of bonita
  385. Johnlgarrison


    I dont do it that way. My chain is attached to the base of the anchor with the shakel and I wire the chain to the top. That way when it get stuck the wire pulls loose and you pull the anchor when it gets stuck. It is important to swing around 180 degrees to pull it free.
  386. Johnlgarrison

    Go Chargers!!!

    Is it terrible to hope he gets his back broken so he can never stand for anything ?
  387. Johnlgarrison

    World's Biggest Asshole - No, Not Carl

    So who else read this to see if it was about them? I am a asshole and an organ donor.
  388. Johnlgarrison

    Increadable week on Cedros Island WOW!!!!

    It was po It was posted in the wrong forum, I got Ali to move it. It was nice to meet you as well, and who ever it was that farted on the plane, you need to see a good internal medicine doctor.
  389. Johnlgarrison

    Do we still have a marine operator?

    I heard her on the radio last weekend and some Ass Hat told her to get back in the galley.
  390. Johnlgarrison

    Increadable week on Cedros Island WOW!!!!

    This was my fourth annual trip to the island, my first trip was with Rick from Let's Talk hookup and I reserved my next years trip the day I got home. I fell in love with the island minutes after landing my first time. This year I booked with Jeff from Cedros Tackle, what a first class...
  391. Johnlgarrison

    90" Davit complete tear!

    My first boat looked just like that, i paid $20 for it, actually the guy I got it from owed me $15 and wanted $20 for the boat so i handed him $5 and went fishing.
  392. Johnlgarrison


    I have one of these and it sits on the filet table just great.
  393. Johnlgarrison

    Frozen BFT Going Bad

    Do you have a dog? My dogs love, love, love tuna. My wife cooks it by simmering in water and puts a little on his kibble. She puts the water it was cooked in on the kibble. Be careful though, we have noticed it makes them grow really big.
  394. Johnlgarrison

    Newbie here: is this 24 skipjack worth it

    There is nothing in this world more expensive than a "Free" boat. Good luck with what every decide to do.
  395. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside harbor/launch ramp

    Oceanside sucks there are no fish there, go North or go South but don't go to Oceanside.
  396. Johnlgarrison

    Got a necktie - But what's with these guys?

    A friend of mine told me about a guy that got so pissed that they were near "His" paddy he grabbed a gaff and pulled it onboard his boat. He yelled "now no one can fish my paddy" and drove away.
  397. Johnlgarrison

    Towing question...

    I would be much more afraid of getting it to stop than getting it to go.
  398. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside Sunday 7-24....Fish....and FOOLS!

    #1 there are no fish in Oceanside don't fish there. #2 Next time someone starts calling out numbers for your fishing spot, grab your mike and tell everyone this guy is crazy there are no fish here. hopefully your radio is a better stronger radio that his and your signal blocks his. #3 Tell...
  399. Johnlgarrison

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Congratulations on the sale and the purchase. Let's start a Phoenix 29 club.
  400. Johnlgarrison

    Why so many rod holders?

    I am not happy until my boat looks like a Porcupine
  401. Johnlgarrison

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    For many years I was a volenteer skipper for the Boy Scouts, we ran a youth fishing program. We had a rule kind of like fight club, the #1 rule is you don't talk about fight club. The #1 rule on the boat was we don't talk about getting sea sick. I have seen so many parents convince their kids...
  402. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros island at COA

    Cedros is one of my favorite places on earth, I'm going mid August with Jeff at Cedros Tackle, Kayak trip. We will be there for 7 days. Can't wait!!! I hope to spend one full day targeting just broomtail and black sea bass.
  403. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside harbor dredging

    I was there on Friday and it was open, not only was it open but full. There were trucks with boat trailers parked over a mile away from the ramp because the lot was full. The harbor entrance had big waves breaking, be careful.
  404. Johnlgarrison


    These are really great boats, you can't go wrong with an Aquasport. Good luck with sale
  405. Johnlgarrison

    Good day out of Dana Point 7/19

    Nice Two Fin Bluna you go there
  406. Johnlgarrison

    Poor Mans Bait Receiver...

    Here is a photo of the one my Son built for me
  407. Johnlgarrison

    Poor Mans Bait Receiver...

    My son made me one out of the big yellow barrels they use on freeways the thing is huge and works great. I will take some photos next time I'm down at the boat
  408. Johnlgarrison

    150 lb Bluefin off Oside

    Way to go, very happy for you
  409. Johnlgarrison

    Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    Way to go Dan, we should start a club "Big fish on 25# test"
  410. Johnlgarrison

    7/16 Oside

    We were out there with you and had the same results, i could copy and past your report and put my name on it. We finished the day at the barn kept and caught a nice mix of fish bonita, calico bass, sheepshead, brown rockfish, barracuda, See you out three
  411. Johnlgarrison

    Whats the best channel for up to date fishing while out on the waters

    Not trying to be a dick but please don't get on the radio and ask where I'm fishing. It's not my job to help you find fish. What I am saying is "Don't Radio Fish". Also keep in mind there are a bunch of guys that will get on the radio and give fans reports to keep the other guys away. They will...
  412. Johnlgarrison

    Mako bloodline and duck breast question

    I have tasted it and it is pretty metallic tasting lots of iron. I cook it and feed it to my dogs, they love it.
  413. Johnlgarrison

    PacBay power wrapper question (Metal Chuck loosens)

    I have the same problem and have found that I need to use a but cap every time I have used foam pipe insulation taped to the butt cap for really difficult rods. I curious to see if someone can come up with a better solution
  414. Johnlgarrison

    Spoiling spectra onto spinner

    This is what I do. Take a old reel with pretty good drags and fill it with Spectra. Put the reel in a vice and reel the line on your spinning reel with the drag set on the old reel tight enough to put the line on the reel at the proper tension.
  415. Johnlgarrison

    Old brass boat cleats

    "Minnie's" I was there last week and they have them
  416. Johnlgarrison

    A Shark almost ate Keith Poe

    I saw photos Keith posted on Facebook and the shark bit all the way into the gel coat. My old boat has a nasty scratch where a Mako we had released turned around and scratched the side of the boat with his teeth. He really made me regret I did not keep him for the BBQ.
  417. Johnlgarrison


    Nice SLIME STICKS, they can sure be fun on light iron. We got a bunch off Oceanside weekend before but they were all pencils 14" to 18" they were hitting top water jerk baits for green bass. Really fun to watch them smack the top water. Put a Zara Spook in your tackle bag and try that next time...
  418. Johnlgarrison

    Keith (maximus) got a new sled

    Was not old news to me thanks for sharing. I guess only the cool kids knew.
  419. Johnlgarrison

    Reflective Mylar finish????? How ??????

    I have had some pretty good luck with holographic glitter suspended in epoxy. I have also used clear paint with glitter in it and then coated with clear epoxy. I know it's not what you are asking for but thought I would share.
  420. Johnlgarrison

    7/5 oside bassin

    We took my Son's skiff out on the 3rd and fished the barn kelp. We caught over a hundred fish each. I was using a knock off Rapala that was about 4' long. We caught so many bass it was awesome, we would go 15+ casts with a fish every time. We got Calicos and Pencil Cuda 14" to 24" long.
  421. Johnlgarrison

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Way to go Dan. I would like to say to all the idiots on the radio making donkey noises, playing music over the air wave, ETC someone could be calling for help.
  422. Johnlgarrison

    Slob yellowtail 7/2/16

    NICE, you need a bigger ice chest for sure
  423. Johnlgarrison

    Friday report - 20 miles west of Oceanside

    Thanks for the report. I love the name of your buddy skiff, I am also in sales. When I take a day off to go fishing my out of office for my email reads "Thank you for your email I am at a offshore meeting and have limited to access to email"
  424. Johnlgarrison

    WTB or build bait receiver

    Holy Crap !!!! How long did it take you to drill all those holes?
  425. Johnlgarrison

    Does Oceanside still sell bait?

    I was there last Sunday and they had great bait
  426. Johnlgarrison

    oceanside harbor camping

    I was just there this afternoon and they are full. By the way the guest slips are all sold out till the 5th
  427. Johnlgarrison

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Here is a link to my recent post about my new boat I bought it here in Oceanside
  428. Johnlgarrison

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    I just bought a 1996 Phoenix and paid almost twice this. These are awesome boats.
  429. Johnlgarrison

    My first swordfish

    Well done Elvis and a BFT
  430. Johnlgarrison

    Wts :tri 14 $380

    You do realize that Bloody Decks does not charge by the word right? Just kidding good luck with sale.
  431. Johnlgarrison

    14 foot Necky Looksha kayak $600

    I am posting this for my Brother in Law Ron, 909-936-0694 14 foot Necky Looksha Sport sit-inside ocean kayak, yellow. Kayak has two waterproof compartments fore and aft; Pedal operated rudder system; high prow to cut through waves. Comfortable internal seat, skirt and hull tie-downs to secure...
  432. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    Boy o Boy am I glad I don't have to deal with the Scammers and Lowballers any more. Here is a tip to you guys looking to buy a boat, don't start the conversation on the phone with "What's the least you will take for it?" before asking any other questions. I understand you want to get the best...
  433. Johnlgarrison

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    Sounds like fun to me
  434. Johnlgarrison

    Looking to buy a Power Rod Wrapper

    contact captaindorado he has a really nice one for sale
  435. Johnlgarrison

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    I could not agree more, it was so nice to go in the head wash my face and hands in the sink and then crawl into the queen sized bed for a quick nap after catching a nice shark. My back really appreciated it.
  436. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside Launch Ramp

    There are no fish in Oceanside. The ramp is nice be sure park in between the lines not 1/2" on the line or you will get a ticket. The harbor entrance yesterday had 5 to 7' swells.
  437. Johnlgarrison

    Help identify boat

    I had a 1958 Wizard that looked just like this hull It was Sticky Business 1 I'm one #4 now
  438. Johnlgarrison

    Sharks out of O`side?

    I got a 100+# Thresher on Sunday about a half mile south of the Carlsbad power plant we were less than half a mile off shore. We were not targeting them in fact I got it on a swim bait and a Shimano Curadon 300. If I were you I would set up there with a bucket of chum and fish a live Mack...
  439. Johnlgarrison

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    We are in Meadowview.
  440. Johnlgarrison

    It was like hunting elephants with a BB Gun, big Thrasher on a bass rod

    I have a couple pieces marinating in a mixture of pad tai, soy, sweet pepper sauce, finely chopped pineapple, and basil. its going on the BBQ tonight.
  441. Johnlgarrison

    It was like hunting elephants with a BB Gun, big Thrasher on a bass rod

    We took Sticky Business 4 out this morning to look for some bass. Picked up a really nice scoop of mixed deans and macks from the bait dock and headed towards Carlsbad out of Oceanside. I was fishing a 1/2 oz lead head with a spinner blade and a MC Swimbait. First cast got a 12" Sand Bass, a few...
  442. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside Bait Receiver Hours

    When they get there
  443. Johnlgarrison

    Bullet tuna on 3/4 dat boat?

    We got them last summer of La Jolla. Great catfish bait
  444. Johnlgarrison

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    It is with extreme great pleasure that I introduce you guys to Sticky Business 4. She is going to be re-named from Breezy II, as soon as I can. She is a Phoenix 29, equipped with twin Volvo Diesels. She's ready to chase Tuna up and down the coast this summer. It's my goal to get a California...
  445. Johnlgarrison

    Crew treats?

    He never said in leu of a tip but in addition. I like to give a gift when I walk onboard and a tip when leaving. I also recommend this for captains and crew in Mexico I usually bring Marlin lures for the captain and polarized sunglasses for the crew. Then tip
  446. Johnlgarrison

    Crew treats?

    Go to Costco and buy a big bag of white socks.
  447. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    She is read to take her new owner to chase those elusive Blue Fin.. Still available
  448. Johnlgarrison

    BFT on the Downrigger?

    Looking forward to hearing some feedback on this Makes sense
  449. Johnlgarrison

    WTB: 21'-23' Walk Around

    Have you looked at my boat? She's ready to go all you need to do is load your fishing rods and you lunch and you are ready to go chase Tuna.
  450. Johnlgarrison

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    I can't imagine why the guy on the Excel did tell you about Fishermen's processing 2837 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106 Phone:(619) 255-3128 . They will pick you catch up at the dock and filet/ vacuum pack it for .95 cents a pound. Check with them to see where you can get dry ice for...
  451. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    Reduced price by $1000 today to $27,500.00 I will be home today if you would like to take a look at her.
  452. Johnlgarrison

    Boat survey needed

    X2 on Michael Michael dickerson
  453. Johnlgarrison

    Surf Fishing Solmar Beach Cabo

    We spent our honeymoon there in 1979.
  454. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    The motor was throughly checked out when I bought the boat a few years ago and it had no corrosion issues.
  455. Johnlgarrison

    Muhammad Ali - RIP

    RIP He can float like a butterfly again.
  456. Johnlgarrison

    Need prop shop recommendations.

    I have used Hill Propellers in Santa Ana and they did a great job repairing mine. Hill Prop 2683 Halladay Street, Santa Ana CA 800-762-0309. Good luck.
  457. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    I forgot to show the engine hours it has 1099 hours on it. Here is a photo of her in the water
  458. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! This 22 ½’ Walk around is an awesome fishing boat, although it seems like a much bigger boat when you are on it. It has a cuddy cabin that sleeps 2, porta potty, fresh water sink, 8 gallon fresh water tank, fresh water shower on swimstep, transom door, full canvas and...
  459. Johnlgarrison

    Refinishing a rod blank?

    I use a Scotch Brite pad with a little acetone on it. As long it is not a painted blank it works great
  460. Johnlgarrison

    Oside thresher tournament

    We fished it. Ocean was like a washing machine not real fun to fish. We released 4 makos all very small.
  461. Johnlgarrison


    I have been having a problem with my truck battery going dead after it is parked for a few weeks. I just thought I did not go fishing enough. I will be sure to disconnect the trailer and see if that helps. I hook the truck up to the boat in March and it stays connected to the boat till around...
  462. Johnlgarrison

    Anyone kill a mako recently? In Newport

    I have caught hundreds of Makos and that is not a Mako in my opinion. Mako's are blue. Even Dead they are blue. This one was gut hooked and would not have survived for those of you that are pissed I killed this one.
  463. Johnlgarrison

    Jig stick rod holders

    I went to Squidco and bought a butt cap that was smaller OD than the one that came from CalStar
  464. Johnlgarrison

    16Ft Sea Squirt for sale

    These are great boats I owned the 19' Sea Squirt, my Son now owns it.
  465. Johnlgarrison

    1987 38 Mediterranean Sportfisher for sale - San Diego - SPF

    I sent you a PM I would like to look her over.
  466. Johnlgarrison

    WTB 21-23ft boat pref. with cabin or pilot house

    here is a great deal
  467. Johnlgarrison

    1958 Ford F100 body on Chevy 4x4 K5 Chassis w/ 454 aka the BEAST

    This would be an awesome Father and Son project for someone.
  468. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros 3-30

    Great report Jim, thanks for posting. I love that island happiest place on earth for sure. This is a photo of me in the same spot from last September. I was on Jeff' s panga.
  469. Johnlgarrison

    My 2007 Defiance (new to me)

    Way to go that isa real beauty good luck out there. We will watch for you on the 15 heading south
  470. Johnlgarrison

    Home built skiff.

    What a great little starter boat. You should restrict the new owner to under 21. Some you gun with a passion for fishing and a pick up truck. nice work. Did you ever register it? CF #?
  471. Johnlgarrison

    Old Glory Overnight 03/18- 03/19

    There is nothing worse than being a captain and having someone complaining from the deck, "COME ON MAN FIND THE FISH". It's March you are lucky the skipper put the time in to look. Had he found a school of 100 pound bluefin you would be singing a different song. Had that happened would we be...
  472. Johnlgarrison

    20 gallon fiberglass bait tanks blems

    I have one of these same tanks I mounted on my swim-step. I use it for a kill box. Spike a tuna or yellow tail rip the gills and bleed it out for 10 to 15 minutes then place in the fish hold. Works great!
  473. Johnlgarrison

    Catfish Ceviche

    It looks fantastic but I have read too many stories about pulling a 3 foot long worm out of your ass after eating raw or undercooked freshwater fish. Did you freeze it first?
  474. Johnlgarrison

    34' of pure joy

    Nice! Someone should organize a Bloody Decks camping trip. All of us with RV's or tents for that matter can meet up at a campground
  475. Johnlgarrison

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Nothing like the love of a big ol working dog.
  476. Johnlgarrison

    2/24 Lake MV

    I have caught so many trout off that dock. We live there from 1989 to 2000. I lover fishing the lake. I even won angler of the year around 1995. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.
  477. Johnlgarrison

    Another Law Proposed by the Ca. Legislature

    It sounds like a perk to me. You get a new gun and an opportunity to tell Jerry Brown what a fucking douche bag he is. Is there going to be a limit on how long the video can be? It will take me a while to get everything of my chest.
  478. Johnlgarrison

    To Salute or NOT to Salute – BloodyDecks Sticker Etiquette

    I got the salute from a Riverside County Sherriff one morning on the 15. I was going about 80 and he pulled up along side of me and gave me the finger, I read his lips when he said Bloody Decks. I laughed my ass off.
  479. Johnlgarrison

    Tuna crabs return.

    We went South yesterday to the finger bank. We got 6 yellows from 15 to 25 pounds and they were stuffed with red crabs.
  480. Johnlgarrison

    47 days smoke free!

    It has been 140 plus days for me, I quit the end of September. I was thinking about my Son and his new wife that would soon be making me a grandfather. I decided it was way more important for me to be here for that child than to keep smoking. Congratulations on kicking it this far, Keep it up
  481. Johnlgarrison

    Recent home invasions

    I have 5 Great Danes totaling over 700 pounds, I also own a Smith and Wesson 40. Come on in I dare you.
  482. Johnlgarrison

    Cleaning up the garage

    I took a boat seat like the ones you have and mounted it to a office chair base. I is the coolest garage chair ever.
  483. Johnlgarrison

    commander bobtail build

    That is a real beauty, i love the 1911 frame. Just curious if you don't mind what would one like this cost? I am getting back into shooting after 25 years, I'm kinda shocked at the prices
  484. Johnlgarrison

    21st Annual San Diego Anglers Bay Bass Tournament-Sat Jan 23, 2016

    Team Sticky Business will be there See you guys tomorrow
  485. Johnlgarrison

    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    I set the DVR to record it and got up this morning and watched. Really enjoyed it, reminds me of the Spanish Fly show. I have Verizon Fios and it is on channel 168.
  486. Johnlgarrison

    So, what do you do with 100 Sand dabs

    Pop them in the toaster and cook them like Pop Tarts.
  487. Johnlgarrison

    Long day at the Jewel 1/9/16

    Well I'll be darned I learned something thanks
  488. Johnlgarrison

    Long day at the Jewel 1/9/16

    Please excuse my ignorance, I have only been fishing Southern California a short time, since 1960. Where is the Jewell? I have heard Diamond Valley Lake referred but DVL Does not have them Yellow Tail Tuna.
  489. Johnlgarrison

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    You need to do the sale through a federally licensed gun dealer. Pretty sure you would be committing a felony. Be careful
  490. Johnlgarrison

    My 2016 quest How many species can I catch?

    OK I am starting my "Fishing Quest" for 2016. The California department of wildlife publishes a fishing passport. It lists every species of sport fish in the state. My goal for 2016 is to catch as many of them as possible. Wish me luck. Who wants to join me...
  491. Johnlgarrison

    CA fishing licenses 2016

    I bought mine online and it took less than five minutes. Same price as last year
  492. Johnlgarrison

    Who's the Best College Team???

    Where I went "Altered States University"
  493. Johnlgarrison

    Dead owl in the yard this morning..............

    I will take it they are great for making Black Sea Bass jigs. Just kidding I could not resist it
  494. Johnlgarrison

    Xmas Boat

    I saw this posted on Facebook and had to check to see if my boat was still parked in the side yard. I looks just like my Aquasport 225. somebody is getting a great Christmas gift.
  495. Johnlgarrison

    Garmin loses lawsuit

    OH Crap! I recently purchased a Garmin with Down view. I hope they can service them
  496. Johnlgarrison

    Can I sell this?

    If you belong to Auto Club go there and ask what you can do. Just a thought but what if you see it with a bill of sale listing the car as Sold For Parts" ??
  497. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas.... Lets see your family Holiday cards

    The Garrison family would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas or happy holiday. From me and Lisa and our five four legged kids.
  498. Johnlgarrison

    Remember When You Could Use Waterdogs for Bait?

    My dad and grandfather loved to fish them, they were way too expensive for me to fish with though. I can remember a trip with dad and gramps where I was using night crawlers and they were using waterdogs I was slaying the big bass and they could not catch a cold. I was around ten years old. Man...
  499. Johnlgarrison

    Pilar...The Old Man and the Sea

    Wow that is so cool. I would love to see it in person someday. I am a huge Hemingway fan. I was in Miami on a business trip a few years ago and had my meetings cancelled. I drove to Key West (almost 5 hours each way) to have a drink in the bar he drank at. It was a bucket list thing.
  500. Johnlgarrison

    Help in Clarifying Mexican Water Fishing

    Just to be safe be sure you are at lease 12 off shore before entering or exiting Mexico. If you are in waters less than 12 miles off shore you need the permit. I have never heard of anyone getting busted but you don't want to be the first.
  501. Johnlgarrison

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    I am never complaining about my Mom's cooking ever again.
  502. Johnlgarrison

    Need a Recipe

    I vote for the salmon cream cheese stuffed in a jalapeño and grilled on the BBQ.
  503. Johnlgarrison

    What the Hell is this????

    I have no idea who made it but would love to hear how it swims.
  504. Johnlgarrison

    6ft aluminum Gaff bent out

    Downey!!!!! I grew up in Downey 1958 to 1980. Great place to grow up
  505. Johnlgarrison

    Turners Outdoorsman West Covina

    If you don't get help from Turners how about contacting Penn, after all they made the reel you had to return becuase of bad quality control.
  506. Johnlgarrison


    We went out on Tuesday and MB bait had very small chovies, two eyes and a wiggle
  507. Johnlgarrison

    Started building rods

    I hope you kick Cancers ASS and live long enough to need to re-wrap all of these rods at least three times. Be Strong
  508. Johnlgarrison

    11/23 YFT Limits for 3 at 371, Left them biting

    Thanks for the report, I will be out there tomorrow
  509. Johnlgarrison

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    What odes it look like for tomorrow? Any news?
  510. Johnlgarrison

    Wellcraft Airslot 24' Walkaround, Outboard Bracket Conversion, Price Reduced to $12,000

    I owned one of these in the early 80's and you will not find a better riding hull. Never could figure out why Wellcraft quit building them. Good luck with sale
  511. Johnlgarrison

    11/22/2015 Couldn't be easier fishing out of San Diego!

    The photo of your daughter with the phone should be captioned "Hi Mom, dad is taking a nap and I'm driving the boat, he said it was easy because some guy named OTTO PILOT would help me"
  512. Johnlgarrison

    Heads up......Are ya looking for a new Flat screen TV......

    It's really their house but they let us live here
  513. Johnlgarrison

    Heads up......Are ya looking for a new Flat screen TV......

    We picked up a 42" today at Costco today, it was $250 off the regular price
  514. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    If you want 300 pounds of fish fillets jump on a boat out of San Diego and make arrangements with Fishermens processing. If you want to catch a couple hundred huge calicos and yellowtail of a lifetime head on down to the island. On my trips to Cedros Adventures I ended up with about 20 pounds of...
  515. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    I have gotten to actually sit in the Co-Pilot seat, It was not because I was the fattest guy on the flight but because I was the most handsome. At least that's what the nice lady at the Ensenada airport said.
  516. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    With the ability to fly in I think you get more line in the water fishing time than you would on a five day out of San Diego. Usually you are fishing yellows on the afternoon you leave home. I have left the house at 6:00 am and been fishing by 1:00.
  517. Johnlgarrison

    Wide Open Blue Fin Bite on the Ski!!!

    We were out there with you, I think I even spotted Sticky Business III on the video. That was my birthday
  518. Johnlgarrison

    Wide Open Blue Fin Bite on the Ski!!!

    When did you catch em???????????
  519. Johnlgarrison

    Striped bass Oceanside pier on Saturday 11-14?

    Salt water striped bass have a longer name, they are called Striiiiiiiiiiiiiped Baaaaaaaaaaaas, otherwise they are the same. Just kidding with you, they are just like Salmon
  520. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    I have been to the Cedros Adventures location three times and they do an excellent job. I have never stayed with Cedros Outdoor Adventures so I can't give you feedback on them. You will have some the best fishing in your life, each time I visit the island I break my personal best yellowtail...
  521. Johnlgarrison

    Reinell Resto... God help me!

    Your tag line should change from pescadore n Jager to "There is nothing more expensive than a cheap boat" Good luck with the re-build, looking forward to seeing how it turn out
  522. Johnlgarrison

    How to Clean/De-Oderize a Freezer???

    bag of charcoal poured into cardboard soda flats placed on each shelf. Charcoal is a great way to absorb odors.
  523. Johnlgarrison


    What is the size limit for freshwater Halibut?
  524. Johnlgarrison

    Denver is going down to the Colts..

    Good game I enjoyed it
  525. Johnlgarrison

    Not everyone hates the Raiders...

    I was at the game and all the Raider fans were taking photos of themselves with the stadium in the background. My buddy asked me why are they all posing for photos? I told him "The most likely need to prove to their parole officers they were really at the game".
  526. Johnlgarrison

    Will drones revolutionize fishing?

    I see a drone that fly's about 100 feet above the boat and follows along while sending a high resolution video back to a screen. An electronic crows nest. Sounds far fetched but a machine that shows the bottom and fish was far fetched 40 years ago.
  527. Johnlgarrison

    Condolences to Mikey Likes It

    So sorry for you loss Mike, I lost my Dad ten years ago and still miss him every single day. Prayers for you and your family
  528. Johnlgarrison

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    I have a wrist rocket and a bag of old nuts, I also bring ammo for the sling shot HA!!!!!! Well I thought it was funny, anyway sling shot works great. Hit one in the ass and they dissappear like David Copperfield. Ebay is a great source for sling shots look at this less than six bucks including...
  529. Johnlgarrison

    Tribute 2.5 Dayer 10/29/15

    I went on last years trip and we were in such a wide open Tuna bite I caught a Yellowfin on a Tootsie Roll. Great Boat, Great Crew, have a great time
  530. Johnlgarrison

    Go Chargers !!!

    I was there it was brutal to watch. The worst part was the Raider fans, what a bunch of jerks.
  531. Johnlgarrison

    Registration Q, buying a boat with expired Reg...

    X2 on AAA take the current owner to AAA and you pay the fees and deduct that from the purchase price. You can get all the paper work done on the spot
  532. Johnlgarrison

    clauser minnows

    By the way guys even if you don't own a fly rod these work great. Rigged Carolina style for Bay Bass fishing or on a dropper loop for rock fish. I tie my own and your prices are almost less than I can tie my own for. Good luck with sale
  533. Johnlgarrison

    Replacement Skirts for Lures

    Did you check EBay? That is where I have gotten mine
  534. Johnlgarrison

    2015 Striper Fest

    um????? OK?
  535. Johnlgarrison

    The puppies have arrived! Papered lab puppies for sale

    We have Great Danes and litters are a handful, good luck with them.
  536. Johnlgarrison

    SMB 10/10 - Hot as hell, bullets

    I have not caught one of those in 30 years. They make great catfish bait. The meat has so much oil it floats I bet it will work great for lobster bait.
  537. Johnlgarrison

    Place to buy trailer tires?

    have you checked Walmart tire center? I have used them into past and happy with results
  538. Johnlgarrison

    Rod building materials

    Where are you located?
  539. Johnlgarrison

    New jigmasters only $9.95! Yes its an ad from the 60s.

    Used to carry a 35mm film can with a stack of drag washers with us. Change your drags before you went to be for the next days fishing.
  540. Johnlgarrison

    pierpoint pix

    I grew up in Downey and would talk my dad into dropping me off before he went to work in LA. He would drop me off around 5:00 am and pick me up after he got off work. We would fish under the pier just like you. This was around 1968 to 1970.
  541. Johnlgarrison

    ***SOLD*** Anchor windlass (25'-35' boats)

    Is this sold? If not let me know
  542. Johnlgarrison


    I just started wearing one and really like not getting wind burned. I bought the "Buff" brand the same as the company that makes them for Survivor TV show. Picked mine up at Sports Challet for $20 I may look funny but it's better than having the doctor tell me I have cancer again.
  543. Johnlgarrison

    A visit to the real Cedros Island and two personal best's

    By the way on our last day we headed to Punta Norte and Tyler and I each caught over 100 Calico's each and lost count of the ones that were over five pounds. At one point I went 5 for 5 and they were all over 5 pounds.
  544. Johnlgarrison

    A visit to the real Cedros Island and two personal best's

    Here is a video of Tyler catching a really nice Calico from the jetty.
  545. Johnlgarrison

    Who recognizes my new avatar?

    Burt Reynolds old girlfriend?
  546. Johnlgarrison

    A visit to the real Cedros Island and two personal best's

    I got the chance to go with my very good friend Jeff Mariani and my son Tyler to Cedros Island. We were the first guests at his new house he is building. I have been to the island before with Cedros Adventures. It was really fantastic this time to get to meet and interact with the local people...
  547. Johnlgarrison

    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    When I was a kid around 1970 I would fish the GW out of Belmont pier. I would bring a 8' spinning rod with a huge Roddy spinning reel. I would tie on a big Cast-A-Bubble with a swivel and about 3' of leader. I would be able to cast those tiny little anchovies far away from the boat. The old guys...
  548. Johnlgarrison

    Last breath. Where ya want ta be?

    Right after my 90th birthday shot by the jealous husband of a 30 year old hottie.
  549. Johnlgarrison

    will shimano make a 400 size curado?

    I am a die-hard Shimano guy, 90% of my reels are Shimano. I have the Tranx and it is a terrific reel. I also have a Daiwa Lexa 400 and it is a pretty awesome reel, this is my first season fishing the Lexa and it has been very dependable. I am leaving tomorrow for Cedros Island for a week to put...
  550. Johnlgarrison

    1979 corwin enterprises 21ft "ghetto build"

    Good luck with the re-build, looks like a great platform to start with. That hard top looks like it started out as a camper shell.
  551. Johnlgarrison

    What make a Yellow Tail a "Home Gaurd"

    Home guard = Handful of Tylenol required after landing said fish.
  552. Johnlgarrison

    Wrong turn at Cedros

    Got It, Cedros quality, now it all makes sense
  553. Johnlgarrison

    Wrong turn at Cedros

    First of all Way to go fishing with your daughter great memories right there. Your tittle reads "Wrong turn at Cedros" but is posted in the California Fishing Reports. Where were you? I'm heading to Cedros on Wednesday and hoping for some Dorado.
  554. Johnlgarrison

    Shurflo Bait / Washdown pump issue

    I had trouble with mine and we had a piece of plastic in the intake hose. We blew the hose out with the air compressor hose and found the piece of plastic laying in the driveway. We disconnected the hoses on each side of the pump and blew it out. Hope this solves your trouble.
  555. Johnlgarrison

    Well, fuck me.

    Let's hear the rest of the story. What happened? Hope you feel better soon. I also hope the season lasts till long after you are all healed up.
  556. Johnlgarrison

    40 ft Modutec Aguila heads to Mag Bay

    Do you have a website? I will go through some old photo albums from the Westwind and send you some photos
  557. Johnlgarrison

    8-29 Oceanside Report

    Took my son and his buddy out of Oceanside yesterday. Only difference he's 27 and we did not fish the kelp. We went way offshore burned a bunch of fuel for a few Skippies.
  558. Johnlgarrison

    vhf radio checks

    Sooooooo.... What you are saying is even the automated system ignores you? FUNNY
  559. Johnlgarrison

    Tipping question for Cedros Outdoor Adventures

    I have been to Cedros Adventures twice and we tip $40 to $50 per person per day to the captain.
  560. Johnlgarrison

    1998 WORLD CAT 266SC, HONDA 130 4 STROKES, UNDER 700 HRS., $35K

    Are you dead set on a center console? How about a 22.5' Aquasport and some cash? Trailer has new tires and brakes, new Garmin electronics. 2004 Aquasport with 225 Yamaha 4 stroke, ?
  561. Johnlgarrison

    Here come the Skipjack tuna

    Great chunk bait caught my personal best Dorado over 50 pounds on Skipjack chunk
  562. Johnlgarrison

    Got my new reel today for surface irons

    I am leaving for Cedros in two weeks and my Tranx is going with me. This will be my third trip to the Island in three years and it's been on them all. Got my personal best Yellowtail 48.5 pounds on it.
  563. Johnlgarrison


    Thanks for not spilling the ending. I almost didn't read this post I'm on vacation and have it recorder on the DVR. Love the show
  564. Johnlgarrison

    Mastering the art of chunking

    Another tip I you catch Skipjack or Bonita and don't care for them as table fare like me. They make excellent chunk. I have caught tons of Dorado that would not even give a beautiful fin bait a second look on Skipjack chunk. In fact me personal best Dorado ( over 50 pounds) was on a chunk of...
  565. Johnlgarrison

    Mastering the art of chunking

    I have been doing this for years with great success. When we clean tuna, yellowtail, and dorado I save the bloodline and trinnings. Cut them up into small pieces and freeze it. We use it for chum along with cut up dead deans. It works great. We also save our leftover bait and freeze then in a...
  566. Johnlgarrison

    Wahoo at Cedros?

    Yeah BABY!!!!! Can't wait to get there with you Son
  567. Johnlgarrison

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    I laughed so hard I think I POOPED!!!!
  568. Johnlgarrison

    Thank you Everingham Brothers Bait!!!!!

    I agree they are the BEST
  569. Johnlgarrison

    Fished the Oceanside anglers tournament HAD A BLAST!

    We were just told team Sticky Business took First Place Second Place and Third Place!!!!!!
  570. Johnlgarrison

    Fished the Oceanside anglers tournament HAD A BLAST!

    It is a two day so we won't know till later. Final cut off is 5:00 pm Sunday. At 5:00 yesterday we held 1st 2nd and 3rd places. I'm sure someone will weigh in something bigger than 38 pounds.
  571. Johnlgarrison

    Sat Aug 15th YFT Report out of Oceanside

    Great report we were right there with you
  572. Johnlgarrison

    Fished the Oceanside anglers tournament HAD A BLAST!

    We had a great day on Sticky Business III yesterday. We fished 10 to 12 miles straight out of Oceanside harbor. We ended the day with 9 Yellowfin and a nice 16 pound Dorado. Half the tuna were caught on live deans, the rest were on the chunk. If you think chumming chunk does not work you are...
  573. Johnlgarrison

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    This is Rebel, my best friend. He loves me and I love him. The photo below is Rebel and my Wife in the ring. He has numerous best in breed and even one best in show. So proud of both of them. We also own his Mother, Aunt, Sister and Niece. Yeah we are CRAZY that's five Great Danes and they total...
  574. Johnlgarrison

    Making your own ice

    I have found Costco to be the best source and easiest for me. I pull the truck and boat into the gas line fill the truck with Diesel and the boat with gas. While I'm doing that my Son runs over to the store and picks up 10 bags of ice, 200 pounds. Sometimes we even pick up a Pizza for lunch. We...
  575. Johnlgarrison

    Any advice for my CCW interview with OC Sherrif next week

    Don't ask "So whats the daily limit on shooting tweakers"
  576. Johnlgarrison


    They have caught yellow tail in British Columbia, What's next Wahoo?
  577. Johnlgarrison


    We are living in the "Good old days" fellas. All you young guys are going to be talking about the summer of 2015 thirty years from now. Telling your kids about guys catching 100 pound bluefin 4 miles off the beach.
  578. Johnlgarrison

    Go Chargers!!!

    I just told the wife "SHHHHH Chargers are on" I'm glad I already had dinner.
  579. Johnlgarrison

    Oceanside plus 10.

    The smile on the kids face says it all
  580. Johnlgarrison

    Happy Birthday Nunyabizness

    Happy Birthday Maggie, hope it is a terrific one
  581. Johnlgarrison

    Best Month of El Nino 2015?

    I will have to let you know ask again in January
  582. Johnlgarrison

    Precision 12' Outriggers

    I'm in line if the others fall through Call me 714-349-6776
  583. Johnlgarrison

    Shimano Baitrunner 6500B, Penn 700 M Rod

    Mike, just a suggestion but you might want to sell these separately. The rod is not a spinning rod. It would also be very helpful to know where you are located. Good luck with the sale.
  584. Johnlgarrison

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    I have a suggestion.... Find another small skiff in line for bait and split a scoop with them. Buy the full scoop and pull away from the receiver and hand off half the bait to the other guy. My boats bait tank only holds about 3/4 scoop well. We bring a plastic bucket and have the last pass put...
  585. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    The biggest difference is the speed and ease of use. They reccomend using their bags but I think you could use other brands with without any problems. I hated having to make bags using the roll with the Food Saver. When I am processing fish I want to get it done, take a shower and fall asleep on...
  586. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    She ordered from
  587. Johnlgarrison

    Sunday 8/2/15

    OK Guys how many of you scrolled back up to see? Guilty.... Nice fish by the way
  588. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    I smoke cheap cigars, I love my Swisher Sweets.
  589. Johnlgarrison

    302- 371 on 8/1

    Nice Haul, we fished in-between where it was good and where it was good yesterday for a one fish day.
  590. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    Cigars...... I have been able to pass a drug test since Jimmy Carter was President.
  591. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    My plan is to get a 55 gallon drum cut it down to fit. Put a sump pump in it, hook a hose to the pump and water my shrubs with the water. I should end up with the greenest shrubs in the neighborhood.
  592. Johnlgarrison

    Aug.1 Second hand Big Ass BFT report

    Dude!!! #1 rule in life "Tune before Poon!"
  593. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    First I want to thank Marcus for the great deal on the table. We stopped by his house yesterday after fishing and picked up his stainless steel table. I went to Lowe's and picked up some shelving and a 4' x 8' sheet of poly board. This stuff is great only about 3/16" thick and only $20. It is so...
  594. Johnlgarrison

    Full size fillet table

    Call me I am very interested. 714-349-6776 I will be fishing Oceanside tomorrow
  595. Johnlgarrison

    Setting up for a drift

    Save the blood line from your tuna and yellowtail cut it up into about 1" chunks and freeze them. I have had great luck with chunking this.
  596. Johnlgarrison

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    I was going to also suggest doing your own charter for non smokers but it would. Be pretty hard to find a boat with a nonsmoking crew.
  597. Johnlgarrison

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    Perhaps you get your mom to write you a note to tell them cigarette smoke makes your vagina hurt.
  598. Johnlgarrison

    Tuna regulations effective July 30, 2015

    Thanks for the info Joe. Much appreciated
  599. Johnlgarrison

    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    Nice going on the solo trip, that would be a great day for a couple guys. Quit worrying about what the "ASS HATS" are thinking. Most of those guys could not find their own fish if their life depended on it. You single handedly Launched your boat Caught your bait Found your own fish Hell you...
  600. Johnlgarrison

    Raw yellow tail

    Looks fantastic going to try this
  601. Johnlgarrison

    Time for the 130s? Details wanted on monster fish (pic)

    It's all about the angle baby
  602. Johnlgarrison

    Trip Gifts - Crew

    I like to bring my wife's homemade cookies. The socks seem like a great idea.
  603. Johnlgarrison

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Way to go welcome to the ten pound club
  604. Johnlgarrison

    My Great Danes are on TV

    8 months...:rolleyes: Stoked I'm sure! Yeah they are really 8 years old. They look pretty darn good for 8
  605. Johnlgarrison

    Sushi Rice Advice?

    We use jasmine rice and I add one tablespoon of rice wine vinegar for each cup of un-cooked rice. That's it.
  606. Johnlgarrison

    My Great Danes are on TV

    A few months ago my wife had an opportunity to take Belle and Gem our older girls and shoot a Honda Commercial. I am so proud of her she does such a great job of training our dogs. she has me almost trained also. Here is the link to the commercial
  607. Johnlgarrison

    What's your go to knot?

    San diego I think I have tied over a million times
  608. Johnlgarrison

    Making Mackerel

    I have two tips for you 1) If you don't get mackeral at the bait receiver then take a few minutes to catch some yourself. 2) The easiest way to find them is troll a small (3 to 4")Rapala look alike till you hook a mack, then toss a can of cat food in the water. Sabiki up a dozen or so baits.
  609. Johnlgarrison

    Fishing in a lightning storm?

    We were on a house boat on lake Powell. Thunder storms are common there in the summer. I was standing on the back deck fishing my wife said get in here before you get hit by lightning at that moment a bolt cracked off about 400 feet away. I was knocked on my ASS.
  610. Johnlgarrison

    Reel Adventure II Does it again.....Gets Lucky.....

    Way to go Gary. We fished yesterday and got soaked to the bone, I was so glad I had a change of clothes packed away for a dry ride home.
  611. Johnlgarrison

    Saturday 7/18 yft/lighting/rain

    I have people flake on my and it is the last time they get invited. That is almost as bad as taking a guy fishing and pulling the driveway and having them say "Gotta go bro, promised the wife I would be home early" leaving you to clean the boat alone. Way to go on finding your own fish, we were...
  612. Johnlgarrison

    Incredible! Caught a 45 lb BFT in Oside Harbor! Highlight Video

    I am going to head there tomorrow morning thanks for the report
  613. Johnlgarrison

    Hatteras cheap on CL

    Nice looking hull but I will bet in the end that will be a very expensive "Cheap" boat
  614. Johnlgarrison

    Off The Bucket List

    Tuna fishing close enough you can see the cars on the 5 freeway is pretty darn cool.
  615. Johnlgarrison

    Happy Birthday Gil Martin...

    Happy Birthday hope you have a great one
  616. Johnlgarrison

    7-15 out of Point Loma -long winded version

    That is so cool three generations of fisherman. Nothing better
  617. Johnlgarrison

    It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    I want to thank all of you for the Birthday wishes. I must admit I get a little tearied eyed when I think about how blessed I am. My life is better than I deserve. I have my wife of 37 years this August who loves me and puts up with all my fishing trips and two awesome kids. I was talking with...
  618. Johnlgarrison

    Calico bass infested with worms!!

    All Calicos have those, you should always release them eat chicken instead. Just kidding I have never seen Calicos with worms, I would not eat them on a bet.
  619. Johnlgarrison

    Glow in the Dark Blanks U.C.

    I made my own. I bought glow in the dark powder off Ebay. It is used by fingernail ladys to make acrylic nails glow. A 10 gram bag cost about 6 dollars. I did a base wrap in light green and mixed the glow in the dark powder with my waterbase color preserver in did several coats of that mixture...
  620. Johnlgarrison

    My turn - Dana report

    I looked for my boat in the background of your photos. I must have said "What a day!" a hundred times yesterday.
  621. Johnlgarrison

    It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    It started with my Son calling me around 3:00 pm on Tuesday. He said "Hey Pop's how had would I have to twist you arm to play hooky tomorrow and let's go fishing for your Birthday?" Two seconds later we were planning our trip. Wednesday morning we left my house at 5:00 am in Temecula and we were...
  622. Johnlgarrison

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail ( Video )

    I love your videos. If I were you I would wound not give a shit what other people think of how you run your boat. Please keep up the great videos.
  623. Johnlgarrison

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    Congrats on a good day. What's with the artificial grass for cleaning fish?
  624. Johnlgarrison

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    I think the idea to let your wallet do the talking. I will never set foot on this boat and never fish a boat out of LA Harbor sport fishing again. Enough people do this the landing may actually do something about this ass hole. Hopefully the owners read this. I just went on the LA Harbor...
  625. Johnlgarrison

    Looking for new crew this year to fish hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most guys have to search and search a lifetime to find a great fishing buddy. I raised mine....
  626. Johnlgarrison

    Nice Dorado at upper 9 - 7/11

    We were out there with you and saw some dorados but nothing like that one, nicely done! That photo does look like the late 70's only you would be holding a jig master
  627. Johnlgarrison

    Coronados 7-11 Great Weather, Fantastic company & few nice ones

    Took Sticky Business III down to San Diego Saturday 7-11. Launched out of Shelter Island at 5:30 am. The weather was absolutely great we headed to the island at 30+ knots. We fished inland side of South Island targeting Yellow tail. We released 15 rats between 4 and 10 pounds, I caught a really...
  628. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Adventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    Hands down Cedros Adventures you will have the trip of a lifetime. Stop by Cedros tackle and say hello to Omar.
  629. Johnlgarrison


    The most frustrating fish in the ocean.... Glad you got the new boat out.
  630. Johnlgarrison


    My Son Tyler will be out on the water with my boat on Saturday. I will be at a dog show with my wife. No dog shows for the Yellow Tail tournament so I will be there for that.
  631. Johnlgarrison


    Yeah rub it in I have to work.. Good luck with the new boat, looking forward to seeing her.
  632. Johnlgarrison

    Off the grid for a while.

    OK First time ever a post on BD broght tears to my eyes. This is so well said and to the point. Max, I am so sorry for your loss, I agree with ConSeaMatess's post 100%. They say heaven is wonderful beyond your wildest imagination. If that is true how could he not be waiting for you?
  633. Johnlgarrison

    Bluefin & yellows 6-27 4ish miles Firstsss

    way to go Son, Wish I was not a dog show with your Mom. When are you bringing some Blue Fin to the house for your dear old Mom and Dad?
  634. Johnlgarrison

    Hitting someone's trailer?

    Many years ago I came back to my trailer to find half my trailer light stuck in the Sea Doo trailer next to mine. No Note from the Sea Doo Owner. I left him a note telling him that his trailer hitch reciever was in one of the many trash cans on the lot. I pulled the pin pulled his receiver hitch...
  635. Johnlgarrison

    6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    Call your local fire house and ask if they would like some fish. I have never had them say no. They really appreciate it.
  636. Johnlgarrison

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    Thank you for asking the question I wondered what everyone else was doing.
  637. Johnlgarrison

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    I tell them I choose to not participate . I do this for several reasons, 1) I am usually in a hurry to get home to a warm shower and a cold beer. 2) I do not trust they are out to protect my right to fish. 3) Last time I did work with them the guy poured my catch onto the hot pavement and let...
  638. Johnlgarrison

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    My 99 cent store even carries the cedar planks. Yellow Tail with the same recipe tastes great also.
  639. Johnlgarrison

    Pt Loma kelpin'

    Beats the hell out of chasing Bluefin that won't bite.
  640. Johnlgarrison

    Northern 9 Mile / Middle 9 / La Jolla & Tiniest Yellow Tail!

    Although incorrect many anglers including myself refer to "Jack mackerel" and "Spanish Jacks" .
  641. Johnlgarrison

    Who accepts expired saftey flares?

    I keep the expired ones in a separate bag. Had no idea they can write me a ticket. I will never admit to having them onboard. Thank you for the information
  642. Johnlgarrison

    6/19/15 local yellows

    Great day congrats thanks for the report.
  643. Johnlgarrison

    Brian Williams is a PIECE OF SHIT

    Don't hold back tell us how you really feel. I think he's lying piece of shit also
  644. Johnlgarrison

    Fishing tomorrow 6/20

    We are going out of Oceanside tomorrow be on the water around 6:00 Sticky Business.... Standing by
  645. Johnlgarrison

    2002 f250 truck rims, Anchor

    I read your ad and at first I thought you had made a boat anchor out of your truck rims.
  646. Johnlgarrison

    Northern 9 Mile / Middle 9 / La Jolla & Tiniest Yellow Tail!

    Spanish Macs are really good eating if you cook them fresh. I was a cook on a fishing boat and was challenged to cook bait for lunch one slow day, we had a tank of those and a tank of live squid. I tossed the jack fillets in olive oil garlic and scallions and popped them on a hot grill pan for...
  647. Johnlgarrison

    Boat Loans?

    That would make the best bumper sticker ever! If it has tits or a rudder sooner or later there's gonna be a problem.