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  1. hawksfan75

    This weather is getting old....

    Is this an open seat post? Heh… good luck and hope you get to pull on something huge! Interpret that as you may…
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    Brine recipe from Let it ride in the Traeger at 275° Until it hit 150° Then pushed to 350° until the breast hits 163°.
  3. hawksfan75

    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    Now that we have covered the brine, I’ll share my tip. First, spatchcock it. Second, make up a compound butter with all the leftover fresh herbs and stuff it under the skin.
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    3 sided pyramid anchors

    Geometry is not my strong point… heh
  5. hawksfan75

    3 sided pyramid anchors

    I have this one that I think is 30lbs. (I didn’t label it). $60 if you are interested?
  6. hawksfan75

    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    Awesome stuff Dave. Thank you for the work on this and let me know if you need any help with anything.
  7. hawksfan75

    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    Looks like the preliminary halibut dates are out for next year. A long ways to go between now and then, so stay healthy everyone...
  8. hawksfan75

    Aluminum Cargo Carrier (hitch mounted)

    yeah, wife tested positive Thursday. Myself and one of my kids tested positive Saturday. Somehow one of my kids is negative still.
  9. hawksfan75

    Aluminum Cargo Carrier (hitch mounted)

    Next if it ends up available. I’m quarantined for another 10 or so days though.
  10. hawksfan75

    Coleman Propane Lanterns + Propane

    Did you switch to LED? Hope they’re out of the garage soon!
  11. hawksfan75

    Ram mount 6”

    Hey, I wrote the copy on that box! Good luck with the sale.
  12. hawksfan75

    Winding down locally, where is everyone going this winter/spring to fish?

    Just wondering how to get an invite on that trip, lol… or at least version 2. I’ve looked at a similar type trip in Alaska as well. Seems like an awesome way to see an area.
  13. hawksfan75

    Large Walk around vessels....

    The Ms. Magoo is for sale in Westport.
  14. hawksfan75

    WP 10/8 tuna

    You guys sure spell deer hunting funny…
  15. hawksfan75

    Fresh tuna carcs for crab bait - free

    How many hours? What’s your burn?
  16. hawksfan75

    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    Salt away and wax compound are gone. Everything else is still available. found a new can of Boeshield t9 as well. $10
  17. hawksfan75

    kids camo cloths

    I have this. I can’t remember what size your kids are wearing. Labeled as a small.
  18. hawksfan75

    Tuna 10/3?

    I wish…
  19. hawksfan75

    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    Pulled out some of the chemicals stuff. Can package up as well. Star Brite nonskid deck cleaner, unopened gallon: $20 Gallon of Mercruiser 25w-40 oil: $15 Woody Wax with extra sprayers, nearly brand new: $25 303 Aerospace Protectant, two unopened 32oz bottles: $25 On/Off gel bottle, used for a...
  20. hawksfan75

    Preview of opening day for modern firearm season

    Came across this and reminded me of an upcoming sight… Related, does anybody from here hunt the Walville Peak area?
  21. hawksfan75

    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    I know a couple guys up there that seem to be cool and thought I’d hang out with them…
  22. hawksfan75

    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    Have a few things left over after selling the boat that I don’t have a need for. Modified Canon Gimbal Mount. Will fit Scotty stuff now. Unsure of if Canon stuff will fit, heh… $25 Round Scotty Gimbal Mount. No extra holes in this one. $40 Fish on rod holders and mounts $20 for all Main and...
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    I know that redundancy is good but......

    This is like a Where’s Waldo: Enumclaw edition…
  24. hawksfan75

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    What in the methamphetamine is that??!!
  25. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Team Kid n Play got no love today. The fish were out there today. Just not there for us… hoping for a good day tomorrow.
  26. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Let’s hope they like anchovies…
  27. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Auburn Sports Marine charges $9.99 per tray, so you aren’t far off…
  28. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Only one direction though. Those scales are… efficient.
  29. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Apparently green label herring is the new toilet paper. Anybody happen to have any extra? I have some black label I’ll cut into strips but wanting a couple for the diver rod.
  30. hawksfan75

    Area 4

    You can borrow mine and my kids? Lol… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  31. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Be on the look out for team Kid N Play!
  32. hawksfan75

    bra adds

    Those are based on browsing/search histories. Just sayin…
  33. hawksfan75

    Anyone going out in this crap?

    Really hoping it clears out before the weekend. The entire west coast is in desperate need of some lightning-free rain…
  34. hawksfan75

    Free NMEA2000 to USB connector/2 12" RAM E mounts, one with a VESA mount

    That is a D size. E size is comically large and generally only available to government agencies ;)
  35. hawksfan75

    SlapShot tuna 12 Sept

    Glad to hear you were out killing fish still. I left town around 7:30 and got a little worried that you guys weren’t back. Sounds like we were just south east of all the action…
  36. hawksfan75

    Westport info needed

    If Westport Inn is booked up, Chateau is a good place. Unless you’re in a camper or trailer? For moorage, use the DockWA app and make reservations there. I have a referral code that gets you $15 off: 4VVQE Westport Seafoods is the spot for ice into the tote, then you have to get it down to the...
  37. hawksfan75

    Shark ID ??

    Baby shark
  38. hawksfan75

    Boat window hard water spots

    If you add enough vodka to that, you won’t see the spots any more.
  39. hawksfan75

    Anyone Running I-5 between Ventura and Salem Oregon?

    Lol, I’m in Battle aground now. That’s as far south as I’m going.
  40. hawksfan75

    Anyone Running I-5 between Ventura and Salem Oregon?

    Damn, that’s tempting. Would be good to see the home town…
  41. hawksfan75

    Open truck: Portland to Seattle

    I mean… that conversation should probably happen over PM 😂
  42. hawksfan75

    Open truck: Portland to Seattle

    Found myself down in Vancouver/Portland to see my new nephew and will be coming home tomorrow, Sunday, with an empty truck. I can bring anything back and will likely be leaving tomorrow evening. Message me if there’s anything I can shuttle up.
  43. hawksfan75

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    I miss my boat… have fun out there!
  44. hawksfan75

    westport bottom fishing spots

    Did TexMojo have to create a new account or something? Aye.
  45. hawksfan75

    Big angus super scout ul2

    How much? Condition? How old? Any repairs done? Pictures?
  46. hawksfan75

    WTT: 9mm and .270 brass

    Any reloaders want to figure out a trade for brass? I have a couple hundred rounds each of 9mm and .270 brass. Ammo market is batshit crazy so wondering if there’s any interest?
  47. hawksfan75

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Is this on the jet ski? You can’t get away with not posting pictures!
  48. hawksfan75

    Sea lion culling

    “Is this salmon ticking??!!”
  49. hawksfan75

    How do you guys cram pots onto your boats?

    Personally, I’d run only a four pot spread, stack them vertically when not in use and lash them down. I’d probably find a way to have them up in the bow too.
  50. hawksfan75

    Sea lion culling

    Looks like another round of sea lion culling is going to happen. Bigger this time.
  51. hawksfan75

    Another joining the 30' club

    I had a 22’ and wished I had one on occasion… Looking forward to the build!
  52. hawksfan75

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Jerry Jones on the move…
  53. hawksfan75

    WTC package deal - tentative

    Doug, what parts are you needing for the trailer? I have a few things from when I did the brakes on mine…
  54. hawksfan75

    Late season shrimp opener

    Areas 6, 7 E/W and 9. Go get ya some!
  55. hawksfan75

    Ilwaco tuna 8/1-8/3. Great to decent fishing.

    @MarkColeman and crew put a blue fin on the deck too, according to social media… fun stuff out there right now it seems…
  56. hawksfan75

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Just as an aside, I still have the breakaway things from the original post.
  57. hawksfan75

    ‘Butt Stuff Thursday?

    And if anybody going needs crew, all gear is ready and the electric reel is set up.
  58. hawksfan75

    ‘Butt Stuff Thursday?

    Butts, kings and lings? Sounds like an awesome day.
  59. hawksfan75

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    For bearings and trailer maintenance, go to Torklift in Kent. For the waxing, I could do it but I am not a @Genie Aye level pro by any means.
  60. hawksfan75

    New boat ho available

    Letting the uncertain future play out and begging for rides... I wish I had a better answer, lol...
  61. hawksfan75

    New boat ho available

    I know my place on boats, lol. I’m ok with not getting the comfy stern beanbag spot, lol…
  62. hawksfan75

    New boat ho available

    There’s a saying about the day a boat sells being a good one, but watching Beast Wake roll away hooked up to somebody else’s truck sure sucked. So now I join the ranks of the boat ho lineup for now. I have had an opportunity to fish with a lot of folks and have also captained a fair number of...
  63. hawksfan75

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Anybody need a ho, let me know :)
  64. hawksfan75

    SOLD *Sold* 2008 Hydrasports 2200DC

    Boat is pending… and now the regret begins.
  65. hawksfan75

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    Timely thread for me. I just took a deposit on BeastWake. Sea trial Wednesday and then funds will cross paths. The bank still owns a percentage so I get to do some extra running around on her. Anybody have a good bill of sale Template I should use?
  66. hawksfan75

    SOLD *Sold* 2008 Hydrasports 2200DC

    Looking for the perfect mix of family fun and hard core fishing? This dual console setup is perfect. At 22’+ LOA and approximately 3200 lbs as she sits on the water, she’s big enough and sturdy enough to reach off shore, yet nimble enough to run in smaller sized lakes. Approximately 800 hours...
  67. hawksfan75

    BD Decals?

    I have them and I think a few of the salmon stickers they did for us a while back too. PM me your address and I can drop a few in the mail when I get home next week.
  68. hawksfan75

    26' Duckworth Offshore

    *sigh* another one I couldn’t buy. Congratulations on the sale and now to watch the progress on the new ride!
  69. hawksfan75

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    Kelci and I crossed 15 years on Thursday. July 16 is a good day indeed. cheers to you all Norm!
  70. hawksfan75

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    But will it be ready for Cast for Kids??? Those bass guys will pass right through the thigh gap…
  71. hawksfan75

    Yoder YS640 - $800.00

    What’s the upgrade plan from that bad boy? Going to a stick burner?
  72. hawksfan75

    Sekiu Fishing was good.

    lol, for some reason my pictures have been uploading crazy. But it was so vivid it almost looked like that in real life though.
  73. hawksfan75

    Neah Bay Coho

    I can never keep straight if it’s encounters or harvests. Regardless, the math is based entirely on the random guess system and not reality. Some day we will have real-time accurate counting and real-time accurate forecasts and good-faith allocations of quotas and seasons.
  74. hawksfan75

    Sekiu Fishing was good.

    Well, that was a cluster fuck… pounded the green can area with 478831157 people. Only took two home for the weekend but let go about 30 19-20” fish. Oh, and that rainbow yesterday was epic!
  75. hawksfan75

    It’s a beautiful morning

    Area 1 or 3?
  76. hawksfan75

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    They’ve rounded the corner. Just saluted them near Tatoosh.
  77. hawksfan75

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    We did. And what a chaotic mess this place is …
  78. hawksfan75

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    We will be on the lookout at CQ.
  79. hawksfan75

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    Definitely will be trying. Everything is part of the adventure, right?
  80. hawksfan75

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    Well, maybe not. Apparently Olson’s is full. No moorage either. Anybody ever stayed at Anglers Hideaway?
  81. hawksfan75

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    Sounds like there will be a few folks out there this weekend too. Go by Beast Wake on 68. Or, if you see the 6’8 guy wandering around, that’s me.
  82. hawksfan75

    shipping help?

    How big are they?
  83. hawksfan75

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    We are rolling out tomorrow morning and will be in CQ through the weekend. Hope there’s still a few left out there!
  84. hawksfan75

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    Well, as a cheap person I had a set. If you want to swap yours out, be aware that they don’t have any to give you yet. So now I don’t have any jack stands… heh…
  85. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    This one is stamped as having a 10k capacity as well. Thankfully I’m less than half that so should be good for now. Thanks for the pointer though on the solid piece.
  86. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    do you mean this one?
  87. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    I appreciate the offers guys, I am borrowing one from Ryan. All things considered, I really like this hitch. Just wish the one part that breaks were easy to find. Oh, and eTrailer has tripled the price of them since the last time I needed one…
  88. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    Thanks John, I’ll reach out if it doesn’t work with Ryan.
  89. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    Ok, awesome. Text me and I can swing out there if that works.
  90. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    The nylon cap on my Rapid Hitch popped off sometime this weekend and on eTrailer sells them so while I wait for a new one, thought I would see if anybody had a stinger I could buy or borrow? standard one is fine. It would probably be good to have a backup one.
  91. hawksfan75

    Wp moorage?

    If you don’t get through here, DockWA shows space. I have a code to get you a $15 credit if you’ve never booked through it that I can PM as well.
  92. hawksfan75

    Golf and Boating?

    Or maybe it’s like that guy last year who hit a ferry while he was on the shitter? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  93. hawksfan75

    Westport sivers

    Looking like we will be out Wednesday and Thursday.
  94. hawksfan75

    ARSC is Bloody!

    If I'm seeing the right commercial fleet, they're well inside the 125... There's also a large fleet of trawlers off the north beach too. Maybe that's the hake boats?
  95. hawksfan75

    WTB: Towable tube toy

    If only you had named it Thigh Gap…
  96. hawksfan75

    Transport company

    If you drive it yourself, you can also factor in a trip out of San Diego and bring some blue fin home too!
  97. hawksfan75

    WTB WTB - Walk/Pilot/Express 24-29 ft. $50k in the PNW

    I was browsing around and came across this good looking Grady 232:
  98. hawksfan75

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    just south of Lilliwaup. There were others pulling blanks in this one spot as well. But just on each side was fuller pots. All good. We were done before 1.
  99. hawksfan75

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    Mission accomplished. Thanks to @Mr. Doodles for the assist today. We had to work a bit but we finally scratched out our four limits today. Thankful to have a cousin that lives in Hoodsport that let me park at his house.
  100. hawksfan75

    WTB: Towable tube toy

    Looking for a raft type towable tube for the kids. They’re a little small for the inner tube style still but would consider them.
  101. hawksfan75

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    I am going to launch at Union. I have a secret parking spot, which is apparently more valuable than a shrimping spot, lol. Glad there’s still limits to be found.
  102. hawksfan75

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    That guy is a pro. I remember him launching in Neah! Is that Salsbury?
  103. hawksfan75


    Based on Sunday’s forecast, let’s do a bar crossing and see what that thing has! Been amazing to see the journey and your crew’s excitement to run her. I’m just bummed my name didn’t get chosen, lol. Awesome addition to the fleet.
  104. hawksfan75

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    How’d it go out there today. Going Sunday with the rest of the zoo likely, lol…
  105. hawksfan75

    1996 Heritage Softail

    I’m pretty sure this is the plot of a country song, or that movie with Clint Eastwood and the monkey… lol Good luck with the sale!
  106. hawksfan75

    MA4 out of Sekiu Blackmouth

    Hope you packed your sails… good luck.
  107. hawksfan75

    age to start retaining child’s limits

    Yup. And hold a clam net or twist the reel a couple times etc…
  108. hawksfan75

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Going to be hard for you to part with all those family memories. You made that boat your own for sure. Are you moving East full time then? Good luck with the sale!
  109. hawksfan75

    Westport 6-20

    A lot of the charter boats seem to be chasing rockfish still. Waiting until it’s a two salmon limit?
  110. hawksfan75

    Westport 6-20

    Anybody running tomorrow, Wednesday? I have a potential hall pass and trying to figure out options.
  111. hawksfan75

    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    Covington Costco has 7cf ones yesterday and one 14cf in stock as well.
  112. hawksfan75

    Road trip 2020

    Liquor Barn just over the border in Hilt. If you get a couple peoples orders it’s well worth it.
  113. hawksfan75

    Weather Thread

    I think today is the perfect example of can’t fish the forecast. Bah…
  114. hawksfan75

    Westport 6-20

    Just to get everyone excited, I stumbled upon this oldie, featuring @Cornfed @Marlin Mike @Tower Todd
  115. hawksfan75

    Shrimping area 6

    Guess you guys didn’t find my pot, heh…
  116. hawksfan75

    Road trip 2020

    If you cut across Highway 96 in northern CA, I’ll buy you breakfast at my mom’s café in Seiad Valley. It’s called the Seiad Valley Café (creative, eh?)
  117. hawksfan75

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    You mean it’s not all easy limits and home by 9am? some of the info I’ve seen is that fish are scattered. I’d also spend a few moments at meadow point too. Real reports like this are why I haven’t pulled the boat up there yet… heh
  118. hawksfan75

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Mine look like that after a few uses too. But brand new? That sucks.
  119. hawksfan75

    Westport 6-20

    I can’t pull the boat and camper down for the weekend based on what my apps are telling me… looks like coho but Saturday might suck for that too…
  120. hawksfan75

    Throwable PFD group buy

    well, it’s 10x more expensive so it has to be better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like this inflatable one because I can have it way more accessible than the throwable I keep tucked in my cubby. I’m on the fence about it in all honesty but thought I’d share a solid deal.
  121. hawksfan75

    Throwable PFD group buy

    Cross posting something I came across on The Hull Truth. It’s an inflatable throwable PFD. Satisfies the throwable requirement. I just copy/pasted the information from the thread below. Reach out directly to the guy to order...
  122. hawksfan75

    Garmin Dealer

    I’m not smart on mode numbers and such, but saw this deal on WestMarine:
  123. hawksfan75

    Area 4 OPEN

    Here's the Hobuck statement on Facebook: Guess it's time to find a new Fourth of July tradition. It's a damn shame but I fully understand and appreciate their ability to make this decision. Isolate and distance are the best ways to keep from getting the disease. Please wear your masks...
  124. hawksfan75

    WTB coon shrimp pots

    Sent @D3Smartie a text.
  125. hawksfan75

    WTB coon shrimp pots

    I have one. I’m in Kent.
  126. hawksfan75

    Evinrude oops

    I’ve been busy stealing kickers to pay for xd100 oil… 😂
  127. hawksfan75

    Tent Camping With Kids

    Lake Kachess is awesome. MarDon has an awesome playground too. We went to Sun Lakes Resort a couple weeks ago and it was awesome.
  128. hawksfan75

    Westport child care - fish with your spouse and leave the kids on shore

    This is awesome. Make sure she is set up on and SitterCity also. I’ll make sure to reach out when we head down for sure!
  129. hawksfan75

    Westport is open for bottom fish

    no accusations from me. But I was bored today and watching YouTube videos of people and a lot of the big boats still leave them…
  130. hawksfan75

    Lapush locked until Juy 3

    That’s weird. It was June 30. Wonder why they did the extra couple of days…
  131. hawksfan75

    Scratching the itch this week

    yeah, I’m definitely anticipating more of a boating trip than a catching trip, lol.
  132. hawksfan75

    Scratching the itch this week

    Going to social distance from life the later part of the week and will be camping at John Wayne and will be chasing hali and shrimp. Will anybody else be out that way? Be good to have somebody smarter than me to follow around ;)
  133. hawksfan75

    Rupp Center outrigger pole

    northwest green stick?
  134. hawksfan75

    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    I spend too much time reading and learning about all the cool smoking stuff out there. as with all purchases like this, the answer is it depends on your budget. Yoder Rec Tec Grilla Traeger then there’s the big money custom stuff like the Memphis Elite as well. I have a Traeger Pro 22 and...
  135. hawksfan75

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    I have RV reservations for that weekend that I really don’t want to postpone but likely going to have to.
  136. hawksfan75

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    Those were originally scheduled days. But I’ve been told not to count on them…
  137. hawksfan75

    Etec’s toast....

    Unfortunately that’s is a mere TC-W3 and not the pure synthetic liquid hand job the eTec requires in the form of XD100. I’m stuck being hooked up to the good shit…
  138. hawksfan75

    Etec’s toast....

    I have a few empties I’m going to take up to Jacobsen’s.
  139. hawksfan75

    Etec’s toast....

    which store? Define “on sale?”
  140. hawksfan75

    Etec’s toast....

    So mine is a collector’s edition? guess I should stock up on oil…
  141. hawksfan75

    Tired of losing fishing opportunities? Do something

    That looks like an interesting group and their mission seems pretty focused. I’m not familiar enough with the workings but was wondering if there’s any ideas around the potential for success through litigation vs. lobbying through the legislature or even an initiative process? At any rate, if...
  142. hawksfan75

    A6 or A7 Halibut?

    How much of a zoo is it going to be Thursday? Anybody need to adopt a family member that day?
  143. hawksfan75

    My turn: garage sale with bigger items... (Downriggers and pot puller)

    I’ll take the life jackets. I’ll text you.
  144. hawksfan75

    Sun Lakes area?

    Sitting on the dock at sun up, slightly hung over and surrounded by awesome country. Perfection. rainbow power bait under a slip bobber.
  145. hawksfan75

    2020 Shrimp season

    do you have one of those line cutters? If so, I’m just going to follow you around, heh…
  146. hawksfan75

    First Tuna landed in WA 2020

    I would have stayed in Samoa. At least it’s warm there… I hope they can get buyers soon! I feel bad for all of the small businesses that are getting buried by massive corporations
  147. hawksfan75

    2020 Shrimp season

    Of all the random people on the internet, this is one you can trust ;)
  148. hawksfan75

    Sun Lakes area?

    yeah. Sun Lakes State Park. So park lake, deep lake etc…
  149. hawksfan75

    Sun Lakes area?

    Going to go social distance at Sun Lakes Resort. Leaving the boat home since it’s supposed to be in La Push this weekend. Any tips for that area? Shore fishing. Going to run the standard trout gear but not sure what else to target. Going to poke around some of the deer areas too.
  150. hawksfan75

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    I remember that thing passing by me at the corner of Kent Kangley and SE 256th. Amazing rebirth and it looks awesome.
  151. hawksfan75

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Hein Bank is going to look like Seafair…
  152. hawksfan75

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    The Albin is looking awesome. Wish I had some constructive ideas. maybe swap the mount for one of those garelick hydraulic ones?
  153. hawksfan75

    Neah bay reservations

    Hit them up on Facebook messenger. Joey has always been quick to respond to me that way.
  154. hawksfan75

    Animal cage/crate

    That’s what Lorena Bobbit said…
  155. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    yeah, it’s a lot cleaner. Just don’t look on the side where the center marker connects to the tail light, lol…
  156. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    Ok, I’m not the most experienced person and am generally not the best at mechanical stuff. So, I’m proud of what may seem like a minor accomplishment. I completely rewired the trailer, swapped to a junction box set up and all the lights work!
  157. hawksfan75

    Newbie boat buying?

    What he needs is a 22’ dual console with a 250hp motor. He can come see it in my driveway… heh
  158. hawksfan75

    2020 halibut

    Neah is likely shut down until mid June at least. Just like La Push. Super smart of them.
  159. hawksfan75

    Tanacom 750 sale

    damn, that’s a hell of a deal.
  160. hawksfan75

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    That’s old. I emailed them the other day. Here’s the response.
  161. hawksfan75

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    I’ve never seen that sign before. Nice. I just usually wait for @Mr. Doodles To text me 😂
  162. hawksfan75

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Looks like north coast is a no-go until at least middle June... La Push says its closure goes until June 15 as well... Such a hard time for everybody.
  163. hawksfan75

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    In order for a shrimp season to happen, Armeni needs to open. Ugh
  164. hawksfan75

    To everyone getting on the water today...

    We are on the board already!
  165. hawksfan75

    Titan/Dico Model 10 actuator

    Used Model 10 actuator. Needs a new master cylinder and reverse solenoid. I found a too good deal on a new complete unit so swapped the whole thing out. $50
  166. hawksfan75

    Columbia R to open

    That’s going to be the most epic of shit shows…
  167. hawksfan75

    2020 halibut

    Just to take an assessment and make sure I’m accurate: Quileute tribe has extended its “stay home” order to June 4, independent of the states phases. So, no hali fishing there for the me being. Makah website still shows May 15 as the timeline, but no word on if it will be extended, nor if any...
  168. hawksfan75

    Getting the boat set up...

    Oh yeah, on the stereo side, I wired in a Bluetooth receiver to the older clarion unit that is in the boat. It uses the rca plugs that the 3.5mm aux cord used. Swapped out the speakers and had a brand new sounding unit. Only hassle is I had to make my speaker holes bigger. That sucked. I...
  169. hawksfan75

    Lake Washington Troll

    BD perch derby?
  170. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    Don’t forget to wash your nuts… Trailer has four new shoes, new brake lines and new actuator. A quick brake bleed then it’s on to re-wiring the damn thing…
  171. hawksfan75

    Getting the boat set up...

    I have an above-average sized 9 year old. Her neoprene one was too small with a couple layers underneath it. We swapped her into an inflatable this year. I pulled the cord on it while she was wearing it to show her how it works. The little one wears a standard foam one because the neoprene...
  172. hawksfan75

    No holds barred opinion

    Better to look back and know that sitting my ass on the couch saved lives. We know that the only way to damper the spread is to stay away from people, so we should have done that. opinion time now: it should have been more shut down, sooner. We missed major opportunity after major opportunity...
  173. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    Oh god, what have I gotten myself into…
  174. hawksfan75

    Cheapest fuel?

    the Safeway in Federal Way by the mall was significantly cheaper than near us. Pretty decent access as well.
  175. hawksfan75

    Let the games begin

    So my random orbital buffer isn’t good for the cutting part. Got it. Lol… even the best tools are worthless in the hands of the unskilled ;) (like me)
  176. hawksfan75

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    The briskets should all be sent immediately to me for proper disposal.
  177. hawksfan75

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Awesome. We are almost neighbors.
  178. hawksfan75

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    I snagged a brisket last time. A couple more hours to go but so far it looks ok, I guess…
  179. hawksfan75

    Freezer organizing?

    I used bins. My upright is the kind that gets frost build up so a couple bins had to be hacked out, lol. I think I found them at the dollar store.
  180. hawksfan75

    Okuma Cold Water 453d

    only if you actually need it ;) I’ll text you.
  181. hawksfan75

    Okuma Cold Water 453d

    $60 Okuma Cold Water 453d. Was my primary halibut reel but I swapped out for a Tanacom electric reel. Line counter does not work, but otherwise completely functional and ready to haul in a halibut or sturgeon today. Spooled with 65-pound braid with no backer.
  182. hawksfan75

    Pop ups....

    Just a user behavior variable, I keep BD open in a tab on chrome on my iPhone (the last refresh broke my bookmarks), so I’m not loading the home page or starting a new “session” each time I visit. I don’t get the full-page popups etc… like you guys are getting the only issue I have is that the...
  183. hawksfan75

    Ran outta Fish today...

    i would have traded. Dang it!
  184. hawksfan75

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    The ribeye roasts suck. Don’t buy those… (so I can buy more)
  185. hawksfan75

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    kept one end as a roast and hacked up the rest, lol. Have the roast on at 180° for about six hours.
  186. hawksfan75

    More new applicants for crew

    Whatever happened to the Xtaero dude? Maybe @Chtucker knows??? Lol
  187. hawksfan75

    Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Please stay home. Sucks when the government tells you what to do with your body, doesn’t it? For the love of everyone, please stay home.
  188. hawksfan75

    UFP Axle Parts

    Did this sell?
  189. hawksfan75

    Oil bath hubs

    That’s only 25 round trips from my house to Neah… lol I’m stuck with ez lube as I don’t want to swap out my spindles…
  190. hawksfan75

    Pop ups....

    Based on these screen shots, you guys must have some quite questionable search and browsing histories :eek::confused:
  191. hawksfan75

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Generally speaking, how long do I have before I need to cook this brisket? Also, any tips or tricks to get consistent sized steaks from the rib roast?
  192. hawksfan75

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    glad you got it. We were worried about you!
  193. hawksfan75


    That’s the look of “that was fun! Ahhh, fuck now I have to cut all these rock fish…” awesome stuff!
  194. hawksfan75

    Where’s the beef?

    is that a typo or is there some good ol fashioned cattle russlin happening soon???
  195. hawksfan75

    Kids John Deere

    I thought it was going to be a miniature portapotty…
  196. hawksfan75

    Deck Contractor & Boat Detailer (Mobile Preferred)

    I have worked with Brian Olson on a quote for my house. Unfortunately I got laid off the day before he came to give the estimate but he would be doing my fencing and possibly a deck as well.
  197. hawksfan75

    In Need of Boat Trailer

    I’m surprised your boat is that heavy. But if I were buying a trailer, it would definitely be an aluminum I-beam like the one you’re looking at. Oil bath hubs, EOH and lights that don’t have splices buried in the channels of the rails.
  198. hawksfan75

    Big 50

    Pete is one of the good ones. I’m happy to call him a friend and have learned a ton from him. Happy birthday sir.
  199. hawksfan75

    N 95 masks

    if you don’t need them for work, I know a nurse that can use whatever you have.
  200. hawksfan75

    More new applicants for crew

    She goes to a different school…
  201. hawksfan75

    Pop ups....

    I can answer that if that was a serious question? Heh…
  202. hawksfan75

    Pop ups....

    It’s the tax we pay for the privilege to tell lies to each other. but yes, the bottom one is annoying.
  203. hawksfan75

    $5 each item

    Mike, will you be passing in/near Kent? I’m in the East Hill area. I’d like the pliers for the youngest. Benjamin, I can PayPal or Venmo if that works?
  204. hawksfan75

    Premium Beef Sale

    Some serious junk in the trunk. Sorry to have missed the bologna express.
  205. hawksfan75

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    How was Hawaii?
  206. hawksfan75

    Some good Puget Sound news - massive herring spawn

    I think we can all empathize with them at this point…
  207. hawksfan75

    Some good Puget Sound news - massive herring spawn

    Looks like the little guys are starting to hatch. WDFW shared this cool video:
  208. hawksfan75

    Best Braid for Tuna

    Been running Kast King and am happy with it overall.
  209. hawksfan75

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    I have a Seastar Liquid Tie bar that I like the idea of but I don’t have the clearance in the motor well to make it a good system. I’ll look to see if it’s removable as I’d be willing to sell it…
  210. hawksfan75


    Here’s why I’m not allowed to pose with the big fish anymore… what a difference a little perspective makes 😉
  211. hawksfan75

    MMSI directory

    Sure. Is it a google doc? I can nerd out with the best of them. @Titan?
  212. hawksfan75

    MMSI directory

    Bumping this up because I’m now one of the cool guys with an MMSI. Who is the keeper of the list? How can I get on it?
  213. hawksfan75

    WTB: 7.5-8.5’ x 14-16’ enclosed trailer

    Can the samurai pull a trailer?
  214. hawksfan75

    TV Antenna ?

    For me, I wanted to go internet only, but it was cheaper to add the lowest-level cable package onto my internet. The bundle pricing was less than internet alone. So, my stack is Xfinity internet, basic cable, Sling TV Blue/Orange (Gets me NFL/redzone, MLB, NHL and NBA, plus kid channels) and...
  215. hawksfan75

    Lowrance HDS7 gen 2 touch screen

    How much for the card and cords??? 🤣🤣🤣
  216. hawksfan75

    mercruiser manual

    I live not too far from @Cap'n Coldeye and have a gallon of Mercruiser oil to make it a combo deal.
  217. hawksfan75

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Everybody making any decision on this is throwing out ideas and hoping for the best. There’s no playbook for this shit. There’s no right way to manage this. There’s only moves that hopefully don’t kill millions of people and the rest just… sort of happens…
  218. hawksfan75

    Flybridge Improvement Project

    Wanna go cruise Lake Meridian with me? liking the fly bridge railings!
  219. hawksfan75

    Bennett’s time capsule

    A custom filet knife.
  220. hawksfan75

    Whomp there it is

    kicking myself for not ordering all the stuff I needed to do the brakes a couple weeks ago. Harder to justify the expense now…
  221. hawksfan75

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Since there’s a lot of people checking this thread too, I’ll make my mask ask again. anybody have extra masks to share with the awesome team at Valley? Kelci can get them where they need to be! rest up Erik!
  222. hawksfan75

    New set of rod holders

    I know a guy that can reach any row of the rod holders you may have ;)
  223. hawksfan75

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    I’m going to go around and lick everyone that doesn’t take this shit seriously. Sincerely, The husband of a nurse who is fighting this shit from all angles. PS: any of you fiberglass guys have any masks to donate to the nurses at Valley? I’ll pick them up…
  224. hawksfan75

    In a raymarine bind

    @DEEP MAGIK and @Walker Inc. maybe?
  225. hawksfan75

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Well, I got laid off today, who wants to go fish?
  226. hawksfan75

    New bait stop platform

    There’s a similar one for sale:
  227. hawksfan75

    Everett BM Derby

    Is it still on? I know the award ceremony is cancelled but was wondering about the event overall.
  228. hawksfan75

    Advice on trailer tires

    Goodyear Endurance. They’re great.
  229. hawksfan75

    What’s the score got the op derby

    15.7 from Friday still in the lead:
  230. hawksfan75

    OP Derby

    Good luck and be safe out there! Hoping to fish Everett so save a few for me!
  231. hawksfan75

    Ocean Salmon Season option’s

    Is option three closed closed or just closed for sporties?
  232. hawksfan75

    Surf perch derby

    We will be there. How do I sign up? Can my kid be my partner or are they assigned?
  233. hawksfan75

    Borrow/Rent Honda Eu2000 Generator

    I have one of the Costco/Yamaha ones you can borrow. I’m in Kent/Lake Meridian area.
  234. hawksfan75

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    One size does NOT fit all ;)
  235. hawksfan75

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    Thanks for the heads up. This guy followed me home over the weekend.
  236. hawksfan75

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    Anybody using a 600fe? eBay has a ton of them but not sure of any specs?
  237. hawksfan75

    Your Go 2 Shallow Water Bass & Ling Rod.

    I have an Okuma Cedros Speed Jig that I love for inshore stuff. I have a Penn Warfare 20n on it and it’s a great value setup that is a lot of fun yet strong enough to rope in a hot rock fish bite.
  238. hawksfan75

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    Group buy? I’m in for two, lol
  239. hawksfan75

    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    Thinking about taking a day trip on the Clipper…
  240. hawksfan75

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    I’d love to hear what pushed you to the NR? I loved this online at the boat show, but know there’s a couple of other models in this class that would be options as well.
  241. hawksfan75

    New Premier Charter

    welp, you just named the next boat for me, lol… “Reel Writeoff” hahaha 😂
  242. hawksfan75


    Great to meet you Paul!
  243. hawksfan75

    Misc. gear/parts

    Bump. also have a gallon of Mercruiser oil I’d trade for a 6 pack
  244. hawksfan75

    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    I have one for free in the classifieds! lol
  245. hawksfan75

    Off topic: Anyone here do large equipment crating and/or moving?

    I have a long bed one ton and a car trailer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And I work for beer… or, go with a professional. Probably better that way, lol
  246. hawksfan75

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    FWIW, the gibbs rigs and the QCove ones are nearly identical. Except for the pin that plugs into the flasher. The Gibbs one is smaller than the QCove. Going to run some electrical tape around it and call it good, lol.
  247. hawksfan75

    Misc. gear/parts

    Kettle Magma and Eric-sized life jacket are gone.
  248. hawksfan75

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    that’s my favorite game! Is it a fish or just the flasher with weeds on it…
  249. hawksfan75

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Picked up a handful of extra breakaway kits from the sportsman show thinking they would fit my Qcoves but the pins are different. Anybody want them? Trade for Qcove sets? or tips for how to retrofit them?
  250. hawksfan75

    Misc. gear/parts

    yeah, there’s a few places I can drop them for sure. Know there’s a few folks with little ones that might need the infant one at least.
  251. hawksfan75

    Misc. gear/parts

    Cleaning up the garage. Time for some stuff to go… Plano shooters box. Brand new, never used. American flag RV mat. Brand new, in box. I believe it looks like this one. $30 Three quarts of Valvoline 80w90 gear oil. Bought it to do the rear diff of my old truck. No need now. $20 Two...
  252. hawksfan75

    Sevylor Fish Hunter 360

    Raft is GONE! Inflatable raft. Six person/900-pound capacity and can run an electric trolling motor. Comes with two seats and a hand pump. Confirmed, it does have a slight leak. Not sure where and I’m sure it’s patchable. FREE
  253. hawksfan75

    FREE: giant tarp

    giant tarp. Used it on the old Trophy for winter storage. I believe it’s 16x30 or similar sizing. A bit tattered but still good for anything you need to cover. Pick up in Kent.
  254. hawksfan75

    Effects of high water on salmon runs?

    Looks like some hatcheries were hit pretty bad…
  255. hawksfan75

    Free boat crap

    I’ll take the rod holder, corrosion x and hose clamps if I can. Work in Federal Way and live in Kent, so logistics should work out.
  256. hawksfan75

    Effects of high water on salmon runs?

    I recall a couple years ago we had floods that washed away a number of salmon eggs. Are we worried that the last rain events have had similar effects? The Green River is still super high and super fast as is the Yakima and all of the I5 rivers I passed over Sunday. Should we be worried about...
  257. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    haha, my “bucket list” got a reality check from airfare rates unfortunately… those trips will happen though…
  258. hawksfan75

    Portland Sportsman Show

    shoot, missed that! We made the turn and burn today. Booked a trip and bought some pants and my 6 year old won us an Orion cooler from the Toyota corky drop!
  259. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    Decision mostly made. Took a family turn and burn down to the Portland Sportsman Show with the intention of handing somebody a credit card for a deposit. We decided that northern Vancouver Island because of the ability to drive up. We met with the owner of Wicked Salmon/Bear Cove Cottages and...
  260. hawksfan75

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    The kinder, gentler BD…
  261. hawksfan75

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    I think I have some more pictures of that guy somewhere… heh
  262. hawksfan75

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    The “Washington Fishing Reports” aka the main WA board. I think they misnamed it originally and have keptthat name for SEO purposes. And there’s a newbie welcome thread there too ;)
  263. hawksfan75

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    Just use a lead head and a grub. I’ve caught lings salmon fishing there so I wouldn’t waste my time looking for live baits and worrying about being legal. Also, yes, it is confusing. This section is generally for “I went fishing, here’s what I did or didn’t catch.”
  264. hawksfan75

    15 HP Kicker, 1.25 hrs. Still under warranty

    the extra weight is the oil. And the ATM you need to carry around to buy the oil… heh (I have an eTec 250, buying oil sucks)
  265. hawksfan75

    Portland Sportsman Show $550 spooled or $580 with something called a Pescaro rod… should have gone on Black Friday…
  266. hawksfan75

    Portland Sportsman Show

    i just wish that the Englund’s deal on the Tanacom was better…
  267. hawksfan75

    Portland Sportsman Show

    Anybody going down this weekend? Thinking of making a Portland weekend run with the family, which means going to Powell’s and not the, ummm, steakhouse 😝
  268. hawksfan75

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    SOB… I mean congratulations to the new owners and team Carrie!
  269. hawksfan75

    Electronics @ boat show

    A tablet with a dock would be my vote. I don’t understand why MFD’s haven’t actually just become tablets yet. A dock can connect to all this stuff through one USB-C port and be hard connected to the network. I am admittedly not smart about this stuff so I could be wrong.
  270. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    Ok, spent a lot of time researching Winter Harbor area and also Rivers Inlet. Has anybody been to Oli’s? How “rustic” is it? I was also looking into a place like this:
  271. hawksfan75

    Lowrance 9 live Xducer

    Let me know if you’re selling the old MFD. I might be interested in having a second screen because why not…
  272. hawksfan75

    Cabo memorial day

    I fished with @renegademike years ago. Had a great time and I will be reaching out next time I get to go.
  273. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    I appreciate all the intel. Given me a few alternatives to look into for sure. anybody else planning a trip for 2021? The four person rates are much lower than the two person, lol.
  274. hawksfan75

    Mustang HIT PFD deal

    Do they sell them with 500g cartridges? That’s what I need, lol…
  275. hawksfan75

    What? I can totally tow that!

    hey man, meth labs are heavy…
  276. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    my birthday is in June, which is why I am thinking Kings. And my wife is going. She’ll be fishing alongside me on this adventure!
  277. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    Well, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes researching trips to Fiji… this could be more fun than the trip, heh
  278. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    A long-range trip is on the list also, but I think my wife would be miserable on them. Too much dude and too much seasick…
  279. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    Yeah, the northern guys were all saying that the days of 50s are about over… QCL is near the top of the list but is likely a bit out of our price range for the two of us.
  280. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    i kind of like the self charter thing. Doing it myself would be cool. There was an outfit in Sitka that was a blend. Charter for two days then self charter for two.
  281. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    I turn 40 in 2021 and have the green light to explore a once in a lifetime type fishing trip. We poked around all the BC/Alaska lodges at the Sportsman Show, but I would be hard pressed to pick one right now if I had to. So, since BD excels at spending other people’s money, what would you choose?
  282. hawksfan75

    BD late winter/early spring swap meet

    FWIW, I think that the South King PSA swap meet is coming up soon. Or lead melt time?
  283. hawksfan75

    Arizona fishing?

    not to be confused with stripper fishing on Havasu?
  284. hawksfan75

    Arizona fishing?

    Tequila and tacos gets my vote…
  285. hawksfan75

    Goog people

    I was hoping for stories of googans…
  286. hawksfan75

    Raymarine Ray 54 radio

    Bump for this. Best boat show special around!
  287. hawksfan75

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Spooled reel. Sportco has a deal earlier this year of spooled reel and rod for $448.
  288. hawksfan75

    Sportsman Show 2020

    50-pound kings in Alaska.
  289. hawksfan75

    Sportsman Show 2020

    I got the Members flyer in the mail. No Tanacom special listed (bummer, I might finally have clearance to add a couple). here’s the flyer for anybody interested: We will be at the boat show the second weekend. Likely at sails...
  290. hawksfan75

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Who is going to Puyallup this week? Saw some of the Sportco deals and will likely be on the prowl for a few things. Also researching a 2021 trip for when I turn 40… What is on everyone’s shopping list?
  291. hawksfan75

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Shit, I’m free Saturday … let’s cark some tuna.
  292. hawksfan75

    dock cart recommendation

    I just found this one though, lol… says it has a 250-pound limit, lol
  293. hawksfan75

    dock cart recommendation

    I’ve got one of these: It says it will hold 150 pounds, but I haven’t really tested it.
  294. hawksfan75

    Camper/Trailer cables and hitch

    I have the same stinger. It’s awesome. The greaseless nylon caps are sweet too.
  295. hawksfan75

    Vinyl boat wrappers -- need recommendation

    @Reel Hooker is your guy.
  296. hawksfan75

    Salmon/ling jig reel

    A lot of people are running Tranx reels. I like the Toriums as well. I don’t know if Tekoda’s are high speed enough? I am cheap and have been using the Penn Warfare 20n and it’s awesome as a jig reel.
  297. hawksfan75

    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    Resident liberal here, I say we lock the fuckers up that steal… (I also think they should get drug treatment…)
  298. hawksfan75

    Looking for a mini-excavator to move dirt.

    How much tannerite can we buy at a time???
  299. hawksfan75

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Trade you for a VHF, heh… good luck with the sale. Have been on one of these and they’re awesome.
  300. hawksfan75

    Diesel Oil Change

    I’ll buy a couple from you, lol worth the trek to Tacoma at this rate.
  301. hawksfan75

    Raymarine Ray 54 radio

    VHF is back available. Antenna is still available as well!
  302. hawksfan75

    Neah Bay Moorage

    I need to learn the secret handshake with Gene I think. I have my camping reservations at the Quileute resort for Memorial Day weekend already :)
  303. hawksfan75

    Neah Bay Moorage

    Well, here’s my math problem I need to solve for. Launch fees for a long weekend will be $80. Is the convenience of not waiting for low tides, available fresh water wash downs, access to fish cleaning etc… worth the extra cost of moorage? For our one trip it likely is and not having to commit to...
  304. hawksfan75

    Raymarine Ray 54 radio

    VHF is SPF.
  305. hawksfan75

    garage kicker mount

    Just saw this on FB:
  306. hawksfan75

    Raymarine Ray 54 radio

    Upgraded to a Lowrance Link8 and have the old unit for sale. $20 I also have a Shakespeare 5206-C antennae as well. New in the package. $35
  307. hawksfan75

    It is done

    Can we get an all-Eric crew together just because it would be awesome???
  308. hawksfan75


    I really appreciate that! I actually don’t know if I already have one on the boat, lol. Need to investigate what I already have before I start spending money…
  309. hawksfan75

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    A couple of blackmouth days this week should get you to 10 hours… Sorry to hear you haven’t hit the fun part of the new ride yet. I’m off work until the 6th. Let me know if you need anything.
  310. hawksfan75


    Does anybody have experience with a unit like this? I would still need an amp, correct? I was also looking at something like the Fusion black box: the remote pad on that...
  311. hawksfan75

    Fishing Thailand?

    That sounds like an epic trip. Good luck with the planning.
  312. hawksfan75


    so no helmets required? Also, any of you assholes that have overhead speakers, put them 6” higher.
  313. hawksfan75

    Yamaha vs Honda

  314. hawksfan75

    I Need a Small Piece of Teak Trim

    My step father was a fabricator/mechanic. He always told me “A good mechanic always has parts leftover.”
  315. hawksfan75

    Thoughts on re-gifting

    it appeals to my nerd side for sure! So awesome.
  316. hawksfan75

    Here's your sign...

    As long as the breakfast burritos are hot and the herring is cold, Viva La Whale!
  317. hawksfan75

    Seastar kicker cable tie bar question (yamaha)

    I also have the Seastar but it connects a Suzuki kicker to my Etec. I don't have full side to side steering when they're hooked up and the sliding piece (like a trombone) almost put a hole in my transom. I'd put the money toward an auto pilot and an iTroll if it were me starting over...
  318. hawksfan75

    Xd100 oil

    Next if it falls through
  319. hawksfan75

    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    I need to learn how to bird hunt. It looks fun and I had some of @Happy Daze goose sausage and it was awesome. Today involved harvesting a Christmas tree and thanks to @kenzmad for the borrow of a meat slicer 6 pounds of bacon sliced and into the freezer.
  320. hawksfan75

    Is there hope?

    Can you explain this? Not sure what it means...
  321. hawksfan75

    Clama lama ding dong

    I was the fifth headlamp on the left. How'd you miss me??? LOL... Your place looked locked up each time we drove by or I would have popped by.
  322. hawksfan75

    Be Carefull in Wilipa Bay!

    Surf perch?
  323. hawksfan75

    Clama lama ding dong

    Was awesome to run into you too!
  324. hawksfan75

    Clama lama ding dong

    With a forecast that was too good to be true combined with the lowest tides of the fall digs so far, the camper got loaded and we made our way to Westport. shook off the turkey haze and dropped the camper off at Tuna Town to hit Friday night. Took a left off the beach access, found a stump to...
  325. hawksfan75

    Squid coords in MA13?

    How many rods can you fit on slap shot???
  326. hawksfan75

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    I thought maybe you got in trouble or something, heh… we talked about living in an extended stay America but ultimately decided it didn’t pencil out.
  327. hawksfan75

    For All You Desk Jockies

    I don’t see any beer on that table. Pass… ;)
  328. hawksfan75

    Wounded warrior services offered

    Maybe @Offshore Ryan knows of somebody? Amazing offer.
  329. hawksfan75

    Howe Sound

    hmmm, Beast Wake might be in. We’ve been looking for a Christmas break adventure.
  330. hawksfan75

    Impeller kit

    Does this mean the Olympic is back in action??!!
  331. hawksfan75

    Something wicked this way comes

    can’t wait to see it!
  332. hawksfan75

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    Yessir. I just heard back from Mark, he had the info wrong in his story... Back to our regularly scheduled Winter meltdowns ;)
  333. hawksfan75

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    North Coast question. The chart shows North Coast only being open Friday & Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. But Yuasa says it's open Saturday as well...
  334. hawksfan75

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Here was the scene last year: down a guy due to massive chumming, fast drift and a decent swell. my wife and her friend aren’t used to jigging and the workout is getting to them. I do it when I can, but I’m fighting the drift. get two butts to the boat and things are going well. Then we hook...
  335. hawksfan75

    Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    I would suggest that commercials get next year's quota reduced by their overage they had this year. The reality is that there A11 & 13 have been closed the last two year because of lack of crab. I'd rather sit out another year or two or whatever for the long-term health of the resource.
  336. hawksfan75

    Boats fsbo website

    Is this the new Pop Yachts? Those dudes were annoying as hell too...
  337. hawksfan75

    WTB: Used Yamaha F250 Outboard Motor, maybe F225

    Which one is more maintenance?
  338. hawksfan75

    Boat transport company

    I think @Captain Decent had a guy.
  339. hawksfan75

    Need some help with a well and waterline

    This is BD, be careful with an offer like that, LOL...
  340. hawksfan75

    16' Glasply Tiller re-post new price drop

    Can't wait to see that Cold Water jigging up kings at Dalco ;)
  341. hawksfan75


    I was finally able to get somebody to at least acknowledge I was sending them in. Told me they were sending them to officers…
  342. hawksfan75


    I’ve been reporting them all to WDFW.
  343. hawksfan75

    Everything Must Go

    I’ll take the shore power cord. I don’t think I have your number. PM it to me?
  344. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    Has @Reel Hooker seen it yet? heh... Do you guys do hard tops? Not towers but full fiberglass top...
  345. hawksfan75

    RIP Tunahore

    Holy shit. How sad. Tuck was a good guy. I hope his family is ok. What a shame.
  346. hawksfan75

    Downrigger advice

    They got stolen from the shop? That’s horseshit. Sorry that happened man. and yes, get the 2106.
  347. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs Tampa Bay

    Come be my guest for the Seahawks game. Seats are in the Hawks nest. Section 149, row CC $100 and a couple beers for BD.
  348. hawksfan75


    If you're just looking to replace the Big Chief, the Bradley's seem to do really well. But, the general "smoker" category will get you 1,493,435 answers and options, lol... Pellet vs. offset vs. kamado etc... I have a Traeger, when I kill it I will be buying a Yoder. Alternatively, I might...
  349. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    Bass for the bass… keep their heads ringin
  350. hawksfan75

    Winter boat projects...

    Coleman has a sweet setup in the classifieds
  351. hawksfan75

    This is going on my next cat...

    Will it also have quad 350s??!!
  352. hawksfan75

    Charter recommendation - Seattle in November

    Unfortunately November is kind of a dead zone for us, especially with Puget sound closures this year. Best bet is one of the river guides but that might mean a couple hour drive.
  353. hawksfan75

    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    This seems like a good thread to make this ask. I have some charter specials I need to service. Anybody willing to teach me how? I can pay for your time if need be. Some things I just can’t learn from YouTube. Plus it will make me finish the project and not leave my reels in a heap.
  354. hawksfan75

    First deer camp

    Yup. All farmland. Wheat, soybeans, etc…
  355. hawksfan75

    First deer camp

    Bull. I wouldn’t have let her get near a rattler. She was trying to save the four barn cats that thought they could take it on, heh…
  356. hawksfan75

    First deer camp

    Due to some work needs, my planned five days in deer camp turned into only a day and a half in the field. But I had my oldest along for her first hunts and some awesome memories on the land that my great, great grandparents homesteaded in Dayton. she’s usually not this adventurous, but she was...
  357. hawksfan75

    Dodge Ram Spare

    Anybody lose a tire hunting this weekend?
  358. hawksfan75

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    I have a first gen 250. About 800 hrs and so far so good. Buying oil gets a bit old but that’s my only gripe
  359. hawksfan75

    Dodge Ram Spare

    Picked up an extra, brand new spare thinking one of my others wasn’t fixable. Discount Tire was able to plug and patch it so now I have an extra. Firestone Transforce HT, 275/70/18 mounted on a steel rim, will fit most Dodges. $180
  360. hawksfan75

    Great to see you guys

    Saw the IG post, nice cat!!!
  361. hawksfan75

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Anybody got a seat? Heh…
  362. hawksfan75

    Transducer for Westport?

    *sigh* I need more money, lol…
  363. hawksfan75

    Hawks rams tickets

    So jealous!
  364. hawksfan75

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    I built a little stand for my lantern but found it to be just another thing I have to drag around with me. I took to just using a flashlight plus my head lamp. Use flashlight to find a show then use head lamp to keep on it. I picked up a Claminator clam gun for my wife. I’ll likely be getting...
  365. hawksfan75

    In case you have't heard.. Coho rule change

    So they’re going to reduce netting also, right? For conservation purposes…
  366. hawksfan75

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    Trust me, I always make sure that folks know what they’re getting with me. And I know that I don’t get to ride in the bean bags at the stern…
  367. hawksfan75

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Is @xtaero still around?
  368. hawksfan75

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    @Captain Decent you have a seat open still ?
  369. hawksfan75

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I’ll volunteer to be the cigar smoking dude in the video once it’s built!
  370. hawksfan75

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Yeah, @Nick Rudnick is likely the guy.
  371. hawksfan75

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    I assumed that’s a yard trailer from the boat being hauled out. Likely not the dummy’s trailer.
  372. hawksfan75

    2014 26’ North River Offshore

    I’m waiting for it but unfortunately I already split a boat with the bank…
  373. hawksfan75

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Eagerly anticipating the event this weekend. Who else is captaining this year? Who is pre-fishing Friday? I’m debating on going up Friday and staying in my camper in the parking lot that night. See you all in Everett!
  374. hawksfan75

    Downrigger Rod Holders

    My only issue with the Orca is how much they torque. The ones I have used look like they’re about to spin around Exorcist style. I think something like the 447 might be a good solution:
  375. hawksfan75

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    I don’t get it. What’s the issue here? Only thing I see wrong is there’s no way the Shop n Kart would have prices that low…
  376. hawksfan75

    2019 cast for kids

    I’d rock a 5.5’ ultralight for trout/sea bass etc… that would be pretty cool actually.
  377. hawksfan75

    2002 Rampage

    Shit, my wife likes it. Too bad the bank still owns some of my DC…
  378. hawksfan75

    2019 cast for kids

    Can’t upload the panorama shot and need to pull a couple of videos still but what a day. We pulled up just outside of the VMAC and set up just outside of everyone and proceeded to put on a show until our arms got tired of pulling in fish. Made the run to the north end and the girls were ready...
  379. hawksfan75

    Who wants to take my spot?

    Post in the fishing chit chat section. That’s where the CA dudes hang out.
  380. hawksfan75

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    How much to get your boat out on a perch trip tomorrow? Meet you at Coulon at 0700?
  381. hawksfan75

    Ice failure

    Is it winter already?
  382. hawksfan75

    Seattle to LA and back

    Careful, he’s likely to bolt that thing into the stabicraft!!! Lol… enjoy the adventure man
  383. hawksfan75

    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Of course right as I go back to work. Enjoy the run around. I’m looking forward to seeing it.
  384. hawksfan75

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Sorry, we have perch to catch!
  385. hawksfan75

    Yamaha OX-66 Work

    Good save! Looking forward to taking some of your money at the Everett Derby…
  386. hawksfan75

    Is it worth it to book a Tuna trip this year?

    Follow all the 6-pack guys on Facebook. They’re constantly putting out calls for open seats.
  387. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Raiders

    Sold. Go Hawks!
  388. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Raiders

    Lower price. Make an offer.
  389. hawksfan75

    OT Fleet management software/app See who your RAM Mounts rep might recommend?
  390. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Raiders

    Selling for below face. Seats are in Hawks Nest and are an awesome view and great time. Selling for $120 for the pair or willing to trade for something cool.
  391. hawksfan75

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    We will swing by for sure. Thank you for that information @wdlfbio. Looking forward to this year’s event.
  392. hawksfan75

    Mayhem WFO Tuna

    Heard you on the radio calling out numbers 23423498957 times, lol... Sorry to hear about her ankle, that sounds horrible.
  393. hawksfan75

    .270 brass

    FML, my tired brain completely spaced on this tonight. I was only there for a couple minutes. We can link up another time. And I’ll have more for you then!
  394. hawksfan75

    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    Capt. Pete will be there!
  395. hawksfan75

    .270 brass

    I’ll have it with me and we can figure it out. A 12-pack of something brewed in this state would work just fine, lol
  396. hawksfan75

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    Was the muffler bearing spinning in reverse?
  397. hawksfan75

    .270 brass

    Will you be at PSA tomorrow?
  398. hawksfan75

    .270 brass

    Does anybody reload .270? Have about 150 rounds of brass, only fired once. Not sure if there’s any monetary value but let me know.
  399. hawksfan75

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    Good, somebody to keep me in check!
  400. hawksfan75

    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    No wonder people end up shitting in buckets while fishing!
  401. hawksfan75

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    S O B! I want it but I can’t have it :( Is she in Kent? If still available this weekend I’ll make an appointment maybe.
  402. hawksfan75

    WP fuel

    QMart in Aberdeen.
  403. hawksfan75


    Took the family out for the last day of Kings in A10. No chinook love but did get a few pinks for the smokers. Pinks were chonky though so they actually had a bit of life to them.
  404. hawksfan75

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    I’ll be out tomorrow. Headed toward Jeff Head. PM me and we can link up. BeastWake on 68.
  405. hawksfan75

    Westport Tuna 8/11-12/19

    Did I read correctly that you overnighted on a 20’ raider? That’s awesome on a number of levels. Way to stick with it and put meat in the box.
  406. hawksfan75

    Retort tuna canning?

    I learn best by seeing/doing. Is anybody in south king county going to be canning anytime soon? I’d love a lesson and to help out.
  407. hawksfan75

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

    @tacklejacked :)
  408. hawksfan75

    Westport tuna run....8/9-8/10

    When a mommy tuna loves a daddy tuna very much, sometimes they wrestle…
  409. hawksfan75

    Tuna Tuesday

    What’s a salmon…
  410. hawksfan75

    Tuna Tuesday

    So I went looking at the charts because I’m considering going on an adventure. And I found this area in the vicinity. Does @TexMojoII know about this?!?!?
  411. hawksfan75

    Flew my drone around the 32' Liberator.

    We’d tell you but then… well, you know …
  412. hawksfan75

    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    I figured out what is spoiling you guys. Blue whales!
  413. hawksfan75

    Overnight tuna

    Need a deckhand??? That’s an awesome adventure
  414. hawksfan75

    First family tuna run

    Awesome work! Do the boys know how to cark tuna know??? Also, who wants to adopt me?
  415. hawksfan75

    WTC results 2019

    But who won??!!
  416. hawksfan75

    Free appliances.

    How tall is the fridge? Might be a nice upgrade for the beer fridge
  417. hawksfan75

    Any Westport Tuna for sale

    Show up on Saturday afternoon and just grab a few out of the black carts that are coming up the ramp toward the weigh station. Those will be some piggy tuna. Just be ready to run fast though... heh
  418. hawksfan75

    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    No shit?!?!??!! At that area? Holy smokes that’s awesome!!!
  419. hawksfan75

    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    Yup. I’ll show you my boat and you show me a cashiers check lol…
  420. hawksfan75

    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    I am team dual console all day. Checks off every one of your boxes. I’ve seen some older Grady Freedoms in your pice range. Mine is 24’LOA, has open bow, vaccu flush head, downrigger mounts, plenty of storage, set up to pull tubes/skis and fully enclosed with the canvas up. Have been 40 miles...
  421. hawksfan75

    WP Slip

    There’s an app called DockWA and they rent WP slips. I’ve usually gotten spots with it. You can enter this referral code: 4VVQE to get ?10 off I think as well.
  422. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Broncos

    No longer for sale. Taking my youngest to her first game. Go Hawks!!!
  423. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Broncos

    New price. Below face. Open to trades.
  424. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Broncos

    On solo dad duty so selling my Seahawks vs. Doncos tickets for Thursday. Hawks Nest, section 149, row CC. Selling for below face value. $65 each.
  425. hawksfan75

    Wanted- licensed plumber

    That sounds like some nonsense a home inspector would find. Hope this is a good sign already ;)
  426. hawksfan75

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I figured I'd be able to trust the folks on float 17 or 19? heh... If the "tides" look good, maybe the girls need a fishing day...
  427. hawksfan75

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    What a week for my wife to be hiking the Wonderland Trail. I am tempted to come out for this but I’m on kid duty. Maybe if I can find some Westport child care? Hmmm
  428. hawksfan75

    Cast 4 Kids

    No, seriously. Sign up.
  429. hawksfan75

    Anyone Headed to LA?

    Shoot, I was just in NorCal. Could have at least gotten stuff half way. Good luck! I think @dragonballs had some stuff to get down there too.
  430. hawksfan75

    Cast 4 Kids

    Let's see, fish a derby that I've never even weighed a fish in for, let alone come close to winning or... do I fish this? Easy decision...
  431. hawksfan75

    Bananas were on board.

    This thread is perfect (aside from the damage of course). Some good, old-fashioned BD brothahood in action.
  432. hawksfan75

    7/26 tuna report

    @Ragin Cajun had a similar issue if I recall. Something to do with the voltage.
  433. hawksfan75

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    Covington Costco has this LEM MaxVac Pro for $600. Not sure if it does retorts or not but looks like it’s $1,000 anywhere else.
  434. hawksfan75

    Boat insurance

    A lot of us go through Anchor Marine. I “think” @Pau Hana is back with them.
  435. hawksfan75

    Tuna are here!!

    According to FB, at least one got weighed in to the derby by 3pm.
  436. hawksfan75

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    I use the Dodge knot. Wut?!?
  437. hawksfan75

    1999 Lindell 36 Sportfisher for sale

    Take us tuna fishing on it with a big for sale sign on her!
  438. hawksfan75

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    I saw you a few weeks ago at Shilshole. Nice fuel efficient setup, just be careful of the deck knives I suppose…
  439. hawksfan75

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    Am I seeing that right? Pending already? How’s performance with the single 300? I’m interested but the timing is atrocious…
  440. hawksfan75

    Tuna are here!!

    Kerry is vaguebooking some jumpers as well. Has it begun??!!
  441. hawksfan75

    Tommy? Are the Tuna here yet

    To be fair, my 8 year old is in the first picture and she’s just there for the hotdogs…
  442. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    All my doors are weighted the same way. I might add some more though just to be sure. I’ll send the go pro down with the next one.
  443. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    I had about 6-8 pounds in each. Will bump that up next time. I figured that with the slow swells we would be ok. But that’s a good point.
  444. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    One of the other things of note was that I was marking water as high as 67.5° and that was out at the 200’ line.
  445. hawksfan75


    Just posted in the other thread. I, personally, didn’t expect that to happen that far off shore…
  446. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    We caught fish. Didn’t limit but we also didn’t run as far north as the Charters. We worked GH and pulled a decent fish from there and got to play with some unclipped coho. Birds, whales and the works. It all moved along after tide change so we moved to north beach to explore then fished the...
  447. hawksfan75


    We caught a sea lion in 200fow today… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  448. hawksfan75

    FS: Two Scotty 1106 downriggers with gimbal bases

    That was an epic day! I still use those TDRs you sold me too!
  449. hawksfan75

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    That’s a good call. I wonder if there’s a recipe for if it loses WiFi to send me an alert… hmmm
  450. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    I’m all locked and loaded with the Dans. Dropping some crab traps then northward bound unless somebody tells me any different. Threw the rock fish gear in the boat just because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Time to go get some.
  451. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    It’s my anniversary too, lol. 14 years… She is working so said go for it!
  452. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    I saw that and @Genie Aye's report as well. Looks like the charters were up that way as well... Maybe I'll just put in at Redondo...
  453. hawksfan75


    Once you sign up, there's a pretty sweet deal on the Penn Battle in 5000 size:
  454. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    Anybody going to be out? I'm likely going to make a turn and burn from Kent. Anybody want to go with? Have an open seat if anybody has some weekday free time!
  455. hawksfan75

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    Problem is, if power to the freezer goes, my WiFi is likely gone as well. I’d love to have a good option as well
  456. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/13-14

    Launching in La Push or WP, lol… heck of a crab haul. I bought some bigger bait bins so I’m going to get it dialed in!
  457. hawksfan75

    WTC. Still room for teams. Lets GO!!!!

    If anybody is looking to put a crew together, I’m available ;)
  458. hawksfan75

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    Careful with what you ask for. I’m not allowed to hold fish anymore because they all look like shakers…
  459. hawksfan75

    Porta porty

    That’s a new definition of back trolling :D
  460. hawksfan75

    Turn Key 2320 Parker extended cabin

    @bdrlgion just go straight to baller status. This will be just fine on the lakes too ;)
  461. hawksfan75

    Porta porty

    Q, I'd say that you have a shit eating grin on your face, but given the context maybe not so much...
  462. hawksfan75

    Crab bait wanted North Sound

    Winco has chicken quarters on sale for $.89/lb
  463. hawksfan75

    26 osprey repower

    I have a 250 etec with 760 hrs. 2.2-2.4 all day at 20-38mph. Above 38 and she gets a bit thirsty. And that’s with my large self and three others on board. I like the Ospreys for sure.
  464. hawksfan75

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    I’m not very smart about all the technical pros and cons. My ‘18 RAM 3500 had handled everything I’ve asked and then some. It’s the Tradesman level trim so not as cushy as others. I will say the F-450s I see running around look pretty awesome. Ms. Eliza looked good in her float 12 home...
  465. hawksfan75

    Fresh westport reports needed

    Almost forgot. I spotted the artist formerly known as Tracker. lol
  466. hawksfan75

    whats with all the dark colored shirts for sale

    Heck yeah, I agree! Thankful for the Columbia stuff for sure. Now to find the cool stuff in a 4x-Tall!
  467. hawksfan75

    Fresh westport reports needed

    And because pictures or it didn’t happen…
  468. hawksfan75

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    Story time! I just want to hear the experience!
  469. hawksfan75

    Fresh westport reports needed

    Final tally for the weekend: three crabs, one unclipped coho release and a mild sunburn. Nothing broke, nobody got hurt and the kids had a good time.
  470. hawksfan75

    Fresh westport reports needed

    In summary, the best action this weekend was at the fuel dock…
  471. hawksfan75

    Fresh westport reports needed

    I covered shallow yesterday. Nothing at 180, 120 or <60. Trying gh this morning then who knows from there…
  472. hawksfan75

    Need tax advice, any consultants on here.

    My guy is in Gig Harbor. Straight shooter and up to speed on how to help yourself if at all possible. Let me know if you want his contact information.
  473. hawksfan75

    Shake'n Break In

    One of my projects for when I get smarter is to program a Bluetooth servo I can control from my iPhone.
  474. hawksfan75

    Shake'n Break In

    The fix is to tighten the screw tighter than you think it should be tightened. I have an '18 and same issue. Online research shows this to be a common problem for these.
  475. hawksfan75

    Anyone have a parking spot available in WP 6/27 to 6/30

    Norm, your kindness is appreciated. I will text you and work out details. Thank you!!!
  476. hawksfan75

    We have discounted open seats this Friday for Halibut, Salmon, and Lingcod!!!

    That’s a heck of a deal. I like your forecast better than the one I’m seeing …
  477. hawksfan75

    Ilwaco Fast and Furious...

    All Rivers posted yesterday they got more than 25 to the boat yesterday.
  478. hawksfan75

    Westport Accomodations.......

    Plus 1 for Westport Inn. But, keep an eye on Groupon. The Chateau Westport pops on there pretty often.
  479. hawksfan75

    Looking to buy a boat

    I think that's the one Kerry is running as his second boat in La Push this year... @Cohoho?
  480. hawksfan75

    Anyone have a parking spot available in WP 6/27 to 6/30

    Where did you end up? I am now looking. Got the green light!
  481. hawksfan75

    Anyone have a parking spot available in WP 6/27 to 6/30

    Good to know. I might be in the same boat.
  482. hawksfan75

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Those are fatties! Awesome
  483. hawksfan75

    Proper report

    That’s a yuge goldfish!
  484. hawksfan75

    Salmon fishing technique

    We call it the fish call. Fish respond to the sound of a Bud Light opening or will hit when you’re taking a leak.
  485. hawksfan75

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Sooooooo, anybody catch fish?
  486. hawksfan75

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    If you come down to Kent to do it, I’m nearby and can lend a hand or hand off banquets.
  487. hawksfan75

    Make it stop

    Charge double and call it the Bering Sea Experience.
  488. hawksfan75

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    Just came to post that. Oh man. I don’t need the fish but it’s so fun! And salmon too…
  489. hawksfan75

    Make it stop

  490. hawksfan75

    Piggy Lingcod

    She’s been eating good! Wow, huge Dino fish!
  491. hawksfan75

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    I’ll be rolling into town tomorrow afternoon. Silver Dodge Ram 3500 with a Lance camper. Oh, and I’m 6’8 so if you see me say hi!
  492. hawksfan75

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    I’m serious. I’d pay legit money for a Bouy 10 cast and blast permit.
  493. hawksfan75

    Missed connection...

    The first rule of fight club is not to talk bad about its sponsors…
  494. hawksfan75

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Where do I submit my application for a tag?
  495. hawksfan75

    Missed connection...

    Perhaps you’d like to see her in better light??
  496. hawksfan75

    Missed connection...

    Did somebody say Fatty Patty?!?!?
  497. hawksfan75

    Missed connection...

    So the boot in the bilge was part of the mating ritual?
  498. hawksfan75

    Self guided boat rental in Sitka?

    We are in port from 8-5p so the full day. Every other port is a mad dash through town. This seemed like a good way to see nature and maybe tug on an Alaskan fish. @DaKanati i talked to a guy that rents the rigs out and he said the same thing. Sounds like they get the June hogs as well. Still...
  499. hawksfan75

    Self guided boat rental in Sitka?

    Posted in the AK forum as well but figured I’d ask you all too. Has anybody done the self guided trips in Sitka? Going to be there on July 10 on a cruise and will be trophy hunting Kings. All the other outfits like Kingfisher and Reel Class seem to be catered to multi-day trips and renting the...
  500. hawksfan75

    Self-guide in Sitka?

    Anybody done the self guided trips in Sitka? Going to be there on July 10 on a cruise and will be trophy hunting Kings. All the other outfits like Kingfisher and Reel Class seem to be catered to multi-day trips and renting the boat seems to be the most cost effective way to go.
  501. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Swapped an ocean trip for some quality lake time last weekend. Now I’m looking forward to this coming weekend. Anybody planning a one-day run? Would love to hitch a ride if so. I might be looking for crew otherwise.
  502. hawksfan75

    WA BOLO.

    Have you looked in all the barns?
  503. hawksfan75

    Maui Jim Stingray Excellent

    are these prescription or not? I actually might be interested at this price.
  504. hawksfan75

    Swinomish crabbing 8-1

    At this point, the fishing I do is far more “ceremonial and subsistence” than much of what the Co managers do…
  505. hawksfan75

    BD missed connections

    Is that @Emzbuddy? Actually, I think he lives south …
  506. hawksfan75

    Twin G2 300HP ETECs - 460hrs

    Any xd100 you have to sell??? :D
  507. hawksfan75

    Help Me Find Tax Loopholes

    Call your accountant. If my 22’ dual console qualifies for a second home, then I guarantee you that yours does. As for the sales/excise tax, I generally get that back as a deduction. Step 1: call your accountant Step 2: collect rewards points on your credit card.
  508. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Good luck to the little dude! And yeah, if anybody has an open seat for Saturday, I’m your guy. Otherwise I will see if we can swap to Neah and get the girls out on some halibut inside.
  509. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    I’ll fish the kid’s snoopy rod if need be…
  510. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Hey man, I just stood there and looked pretty while Mike told me what to do… PM inbound
  511. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Only got out one day of memorial weekend and only got two on the boat that day. Slow day for us …
  512. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Have a camp site reserved in La Push for the next opener. Who all will be out there this go around? Anybody have an open seat? I don’t think my kids are ready for a halibut run and we used our childcare credits with grandma over Memorial Day weekend. I still have all four punches left on my...
  513. hawksfan75

    Halibut update 5/31/19

    Who is going to Neah or La Push for the 6-8? I need to get some birthday butts!
  514. hawksfan75

    Fusion MS FR7022

    I’ll take them. They should be an upgrade to whatever muddy sounding stuff is on the boat now. I’ll pm you
  515. hawksfan75

    Enertia Eco's on heavy alum monohull w/ F300s?

    As a few others can attest, I make great ballast when it comes time to on the water testing... I look forward to the build thread!
  516. hawksfan75


    It’s flush mounted. I am intrigued to know your methodology for this float test ;) Some day…
  517. hawksfan75


    Can I bring my Lowrance over and you can double check I have entered the ling cod hole coordinates properly??
  518. hawksfan75

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    Somebody apparently had an octopus on the dock on Sunday. I didn't see it but heard it was a dandy...
  519. hawksfan75

    Car insurance broker

    I use State Farm, but I've been with them for years. I also just found out that Esurance doesn't cover one tons (or van conversions)
  520. hawksfan75

    Crazy tides in PA

    Yeah, interesting. Never seen that for multiple days.
  521. hawksfan75

    Shrimp Gear

    Sure. Pm me.
  522. hawksfan75

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    La Push has been shut down to anything under 40’ all morning.
  523. hawksfan75

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    The lingcod rule got changed when the slot limit went away. In a sense, yes, influenced by charters.
  524. hawksfan75

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    I have this one. Probably won’t start my truck but it will do a boat, the Subaru and anything else no problem. BEATIT B10PRO QDSP 800A Peak 12V Portable Car Lithium Jump Starter (up to 7.2L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) Battery Booster Phone Charger Power Pack with Intelligent Jumper Cables
  525. hawksfan75

    June Chinook Options?

    Ocean opens June 22.
  526. hawksfan75

    Electric Reel choices

    Okuma Coldwater powered by caffeine and donuts...
  527. hawksfan75

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    Current scene at WDFW: Guys, who the fuck forgot to add the 3x multiplier before posting the numbers?!?!?
  528. hawksfan75

    Solvkroken Norwegian Cod Jigs

    Only the ones you have painted purple?
  529. hawksfan75

    Maui Jim’s peahi

    Sweet glasses. I just bought new ones though. Branded as Ugly Stik and cost me $5 at Wally World.
  530. hawksfan75

    La Push roll call

    Guess I’m having an extra beverage Thursday night …
  531. hawksfan75

    La Push roll call

    We are in the camper, site 39 I think.
  532. hawksfan75

    La Push roll call

    Alright, in a week's time I'll be pulling into La Push, getting ready for four days of fish slaying. Who will be out there Memorial Day weekend? Anybody want to coordinate a dinner or something? Anybody pulling out after this weekend have open moorage by chance? :) I'm excited as I haven't...
  533. hawksfan75

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    The Hull Truth is leaking again… lol
  534. hawksfan75

    Anyone Know Pacific Trade and Transport or Blue Coast Yacht?

    I’ll deckhand, errr I mean relief captain. I take payment in rum and tacos.
  535. hawksfan75

    Almar in CA

    I bet that’s Kerry’s second boat for Offshore Northwest.
  536. hawksfan75

    Meat Lines x4

    @South Sounder get on it!
  537. hawksfan75

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    I just go to WFO to get on plane because it's fun... Enjoy the ride and fuel burn be damned!
  538. hawksfan75

    No floaters!

    I was told at some point they were too bony to mess with so I've always kicked them back... Related, I think I need to get a new in-shore descender. Anybody have one of the shallow models?
  539. hawksfan75

    Neah round 2

    Any chance you can post a picture of your rig? Is it anything different than the tuna cord sliders I've been using?
  540. hawksfan75

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    I can't tell if this is a joke or not, lol...
  541. hawksfan75

    Shrimpin ain’t easy

    Actually, it was. Calm waters, a few less people than normal it seemed and home in time to get the kids to their softball games.
  542. hawksfan75


    Listen, if the gremlins in the servers are going to bump up old threads, can't they at least include the pictures too?!?
  543. hawksfan75

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    Holy shiiiiit... Where do I submit my application to be your next kid??? That thing looks awesome and all the customizations are great, especially that change to the head. I especially appreciate the TPF (tall person friendly) changes as well. Sincerely, a 6'8 guy...
  544. hawksfan75

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    They use the same formula that they use to predict salmon runs. I think you’re better off drawing random numbers out of a hat… for them to have such specific numbers yet not do an accurate count/check every boat is a flat out fabrication, IMO…
  545. hawksfan75

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Let’s work something out Norm. I’m working from home for the month. Let me know if you need anything done around the house too.
  546. hawksfan75

    Salmon Bellies for halibut bait

    I’ll swing by tomorrow as well. What time are you there Bill?
  547. hawksfan75

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    What year is the hull? I like the interior layout. To hell with the stoves and sinks, lol...
  548. hawksfan75

    Help planning a Westport Albacore trip...

    First of all, the forum titles are misleading. There's a general Washington board here: Secondly, any of the 6-pack guys run good operations. All Rivers, Offshore Northwest, WA Tuna, Alpha Angler are just a few as I haven't...
  549. hawksfan75

    Opening day!

    Only the finest powerbait. Preferably with a few years age, lol. Nice and hard…
  550. hawksfan75

    Opening day!

    Well, opening day plus one. We had Little League opening day Saturday, so the trout were safe for an extra day. Took the kids to a youth only pond nearby and they roped in a few. Good times powered by chocolate donuts and chocolate milk.
  551. hawksfan75

    WTB: gaff

    Looking for a gaff that’s longer than my cheap Danielson one. Anybody have an extra they’d be willing to part with? Aluminum or Calcutta would be considered.
  552. hawksfan75

    Next Tow Rig?

    They seem to have a slight issue with that starboard outdrive? It doesn't beat the full-length school bus that I see in Neah...
  553. hawksfan75

    Seeking Mooching leads 2-6oz for sale

    How many are you looking for?
  554. hawksfan75

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    You must have added a spoiler too. It's science that those things make cars go faster...
  555. hawksfan75

    A couple of ladner shrimp pots for sale

    He’s down by me. Bring your radio install tools when you come down ;)
  556. hawksfan75

    Fill an ice tote in Everett area???

    Star Ice and Fuel in Fife/Federal Way. Call ahead and get crushed in 50 pound bags or 1,000 pound tote fills.
  557. hawksfan75

    Electric or propane heat?

    While we are here, any of you guys service this stuff? My a/c and other stuff could use a tune up.
  558. hawksfan75

    Beer flash

    It looks like it could use a wash is all…
  559. hawksfan75

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    Yeah, you sneaky SOB... I'm just thankful it didn't somehow fly out of the truck... @FVSerenity no hot dogs but some hella good halibut chowder, maple bars and tuna nuggets that had even this fat guy full...
  560. hawksfan75

    Electric or propane heat?

    When I get cold, I make another cup of coffee or put on a hoodie. Apparently I'm doing it wrong...
  561. hawksfan75

    North of Falcon Updates

    Here's the summary from WDFW:
  562. hawksfan75

    Lead melt April 13th info

    I think @TooManyHobbies needs to just post it publicly. Thank you @dragonballs for welcoming this crew in. Thank you @Emzbuddy for all the help and graciously sharing your supplies and knowledge.
  563. hawksfan75

    Lead melt April 13th info

    As a reminder, I'll be driving up from the South End (Kent) and can fit folks (up to four others) or I can ride with somebody as well.
  564. hawksfan75

    I need a tractor, w backhoe

    Looks like there’s a few at auction this weekend.
  565. hawksfan75

    Rookie shrimper with gear

    We’ll turn you into a master baiter in no time…
  566. hawksfan75

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Who is running the carpool from the south end? I can drive or ride from Kent area... @Master Chief, any idea what the wires are for the 3, 4, or 5oz flutter jigs?
  567. hawksfan75

    Westport Moorage available in June/July

    I bet @Captain Decent would be all over it
  568. hawksfan75

    Testing the waters

    I don’t need more gear I don’t need more gear I don’t need more gear… Thankfully you are far away from me, lol
  569. hawksfan75

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    Is that mark on the hood from a bear???
  570. hawksfan75

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Can folks post up what jigs they are bringing? I'd like to coordinate with people on a couple so I know what parts to bring besides lead. Specifically I'm wondering if anybody is bringing flutter jig molds so I know which eyes to buy or reimburse for etc... I'd also like to probably make...
  571. hawksfan75

    Necro threads rising

    I have been having all kinds of performance issues with the site like it showing alerts for new posts yet no new posts found, not marking threads I've read as read etc... Not sure, but maybe @Ali and the team is doing some work with it?
  572. hawksfan75

    What is this animal

    Clearly a racphin...
  573. hawksfan75

    Spring break 2019

    Drive down to the Oregon dunes and rent ATVs and go play in the sand!
  574. hawksfan75

    Public Hearing on Ocean Management Salmon Options

    Any reports from this? How is the relationship with the charters?
  575. hawksfan75

    Painting a Hull?

    Ryan, I think he just volunteered to help with sanding, lol!!!
  576. hawksfan75

    Lee Pro-4 20 Lb Lead Melting/Pouring Furnace

    Do you still have all that lead too? I might take this. Depends on if I can source some lead...
  577. hawksfan75

    For Sale 31 Bertram - TOTAL restoration March 2019

    I noticed the E-Tecs had 500 hours? Did they come off the Bertram 31 that was re-done as a walk around in Westport?
  578. hawksfan75

    WTB small chunk of 12 or 10 gauge wire

    I probably have enough at home to make it happen as well, but I'm further than Ryan (but not by much...)
  579. hawksfan75

    Trailer hitch versus guns...

    Yeah, stubbing my toe on them really sucks...
  580. hawksfan75

    Star board near Oly

    If it works, I’m happy to grab you some from Interstate here in Kent and meet up. I’d imagine there’s somewhere in Tacoma at least that has it though.
  581. hawksfan75

    Business opportunity

    Well shit, I PMd him as well. I’m a long time marketing and PR guy. Time to get a BD startup together… Find me on LinkedIn and I’ll put some feelers out? Eric Berto is the full name.
  582. hawksfan75

    ...and it’s over.

    Have a freezer full of everything. Downside to kids that don’t eat fish. Time to give even more away…
  583. hawksfan75

    Seattle SX Room

    Can you re-schedule the night instead of cancel?
  584. hawksfan75

    School Me on Moorage

    I agree with @Cap'n Coldeye on the yacht club there. Having a near-by launch is almost worth it alone. La Push sells out its monthly moorage well in advance. Westport used to do a 3-month summer only deal, but they stopped that a couple years ago.
  585. hawksfan75

    Camper repair

    Thanks to @kenzmad for the loaner remote, it worked like a champ. New remote on order and we'll be back in action for the next trip.
  586. hawksfan75

    Camper repair

    @J Woodman yeah, it’s a remote control unit. I saw the replacement remote on Amazon today. I have a power cycle trouble shoot from the factory customer service rep I will do to check. @StupidCarpenter I appreciate that offer, really do. I will reach out if I get in too far over my head...
  587. hawksfan75

    Camper repair

    Anybody smart about truck campers? I have wireless power jacks on the camper and they randomly quit working Sunday when it was time to leave the beach. I have a couple trouble shooting things I can do, but might need an expert. Any recommendations on where to take a truck camper? Or, anybody...
  588. hawksfan75

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    I'm out for the derby. Beast Wake wasn't quite finished with its trip to @Happy Daze's boat spa in time heh... Going to dig some razors instead
  589. hawksfan75

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    I'd have to cut the middle and wear a pair on each leg...
  590. hawksfan75


    How does it get cut? Do you get whole shoulders or belly? How about the ribs?
  591. hawksfan75

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    You’ve been off float 12 for too long…
  592. hawksfan75

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    I can vouch for that purple one... Alan and his buddy put on a clinic for me a couple years ago...
  593. hawksfan75

    WTB Snow Skis

    I have an old pair of shoes you can have. For somebody your size, they'd function as skis... LOL!
  594. hawksfan75

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    Ohhhhh, that is neat… hmmm makes my dual console affinity all tingly.
  595. hawksfan75

    Split a bulk order of cooking pellets?

    Wow, that’s incredibly cheap. Does he have his own mill for pooping pellets?
  596. hawksfan75

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    That’s not the OS, but pretty cool layout for folks that fish the Columbia and B10.
  597. hawksfan75

    Split a bulk order of cooking pellets?

    Yeah, I’ve been running those. The ones I linked to are (allegedly) full wood vs. a bit of flavor and filler wood. I also have read they burn better than the Traeger ones.
  598. hawksfan75

    Split a bulk order of cooking pellets?

    Thinking about doing a bulk order of cooking pellets as I continue to lean on the Traeger for cooking duties. Found this deal: The math works out to $26/bag vs $37.50 per bag on Amazon. Anybody want to split an...
  599. hawksfan75

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Let the orcas clean up the overstock…
  600. hawksfan75

    Ace line hauler for sale 350 obo

    Want to buy my shrimp traps instead? Then you'll have a use for it!
  601. hawksfan75

    Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots?

    The Fish Washington app has that. They've worked pretty hard on the app and it seems to be mostly functional now.
  602. hawksfan75

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Anybody fishing this? March 16/17.
  603. hawksfan75

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Should anybody ever want to test their boat under a load, I can be available. My 22' and my 250 Etec haul my fat ass and fish around just fine thankfully...
  604. hawksfan75

    Stopped by ACI today

    The only negative aspect of the ride I really haven’t liked is when running eastbound and a sponson digs in and steers for you and feels like you’re going to tip over. I could have done without that, lol.
  605. hawksfan75

    Boat speakers

    Pete, I’ll bring my Bluetooth speaker whenever I run with ya. Problem solved \m/
  606. hawksfan75

    Defiance 220ex repower

    In fairness, I was one of those guys on some of those trips, so that tends to skew the data a bit… lol
  607. hawksfan75

    Defiance 220ex repower

    What's the max for the hull? That's what I'd do... Not helpful advice but I'd also want to make sure I don't spend money to end up in the same situation. Throwing bad money at good...
  608. hawksfan75

    Hilton Head SC

    Didn't @Badfish Pat move out that way?
  609. hawksfan75

    Just waiting and waiting

    As a lot of folks know, I've also watched them wheel my wife behind the doors and that feeling is indescribable. She's in great hands at the UW and I'm looking forward to our next clam outing and seeing her pull your wagon around without an issue!
  610. hawksfan75

    Another moving to Washington thread

    As one of those wackadoo liberals who also moved from California, welcome! Enumclaw is a cool little town, close to the mountains, far from city life etc... Boat will be fine for sure. This state has it all. Ocean fishing? Yup. Skiing? Yup. Hunting opportunities? Allegedly, but I'm a failure...
  611. hawksfan75

    Clam Digging

    Six kids and a buddy that had never done it before. Finished with about a total of three limits between us all. It was a bit crowded where we went but everyone had fun and we didn’t lose a kid!
  612. hawksfan75

    Clam Digging

    Westport or ocean shores? About to leave Kent with the kids and some other rookies to go get sandy.
  613. hawksfan75

    Clear those flat roofs

    I’m up near Lake Meridian, 264th/Kent Kangley. PM me if that works. As for the gutter, I think they’re fine and not looking to replace by any means. I have a downspout that needs to be fixed and the others that go under ground inspected etc…
  614. hawksfan75

    The boat show, the boat show, the Great Miami Intl Boat Show

    Freeman… Or world Cat 295 DC. Oh wait, that’s me.
  615. hawksfan75


    Yes. We should do it again.
  616. hawksfan75

    Truck Questions

    FWIW, I’m 6’8 and fit fine in the back seat of my ‘05 Ram 2500 quad cab.
  617. hawksfan75

    Clear those flat roofs

    Any of you guys do roofs/gutters? Have a few shingles that have come off, need the moss knocked down and would like the gutters cleaned and a consult on leaf/gunk guards as well.
  618. hawksfan75

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    The Sidekick or whatever you built can't get you out of there???
  619. hawksfan75

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    No plow, but I do have a video camera for the next time you try this… Wish I could actually be helpful.
  620. hawksfan75

    Friday Harbor side bet

    Who won? Everyone stay warm? How much fireball was consumed?!???
  621. hawksfan75

    Seattle Party Boats?

    Your timing is not the best. Our winter fishery is just chinook. Nothing else open. If you’re in Seattle proper, I think Offshore Northwest is running trips. Also Allstar Charters catches fish. Good luck!
  622. hawksfan75

    Friday Harbor classic

    If you crazy bastards are still fishing this, word is that the Washington Park ramp took some damage earlier this week:
  623. hawksfan75

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Shit, now I want it back! Every day could be a tailgate!
  624. hawksfan75

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Sold. The looks I got while carrying it onto the train this morning were so worth it, lol...
  625. hawksfan75

    New World Cat?

    I’d prefer this one…
  626. hawksfan75

    Cold Weather Boat Prep

    Outboards are down and water tank should be empty... Colder than the shady side of an iceberg...
  627. hawksfan75

    Polishing Aluminum

    I use Flitz and a rag. But if you have a bench grinder, you can use a rubbing compound on it. Likely could do it with your cordless drill too. But I'm not an expert. I use Flitz on my stainless on the boat and it works great.
  628. hawksfan75

    Good Price on DR balls..

    There's a 2500# sailboat keel on CL right now. Anybody want to split it and have a good log splitter?
  629. hawksfan75

    When you realize your ISP/TV provider doesn't have the Superbowl on

    Fuck the Patriots. That is all. Carry on …
  630. hawksfan75

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Double post somehow… And crabbing sucks.
  631. hawksfan75

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Sounds good Rodney. We can figure out logistics somehow. You still working downtown? @Salmon King Eliminating a redundancy is all ;) but, you’re not wrong either.
  632. hawksfan75

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Grillsmith brand propane cooker/fryer. New and unused in the box. $35
  633. hawksfan75

    Tanacom 750

    This is a pretty unbeatable deal I think: Who wants to buy me two?
  634. hawksfan75

    New boat at show?

    Have you seen the Parker 2540??? I keep asking @FHisherman to get one out here for me to test drive... Or at least figure out why it weighs so much. I'd like to climb around the World Cat DCs as well. Anybody have a spare comma for my savings account?
  635. hawksfan75

    4 - Free Tickets for Sails and Ales Feb 1st..

    I likely will have an extra or two, courtesy of the email promotion I received :)
  636. hawksfan75

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    Now I miss Mark the weather man…
  637. hawksfan75

    2 large bumbers, free

    Shit, I was her for the numbers… thought somebody was giving away WP rockfish cords…
  638. hawksfan75

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Just be warned that those plastic wrenches are bullshit and will round off just from being looked at funny...
  639. hawksfan75

    WDFW License Question

    Orcas ate all the pinks. But check out these fucking TROUTS we planted in that obscure pond in eastern Pierce county that has like zero oxygen turnover... Sorry, what was the question? #triggered
  640. hawksfan75

    Re-Spool Time...

    I'm slowly moving to the same stuff on all my reels but I still like mono on my DR rods. Less knots I tie the better. I've been buying KastKing braid lately and the only thing I do is have different colors on each rod, especially for hali fishing etc... Makes the inevitable fuckup just a bit...
  641. hawksfan75

    Anyone scuba dive?

    If I could pick a spot, it would be the rock pile. Could you imagine the lead recovery operation that could happen out there???
  642. hawksfan75

    Actually going to 'attend' the Sportmans show!

    It definitely won’t be the same without the shop there.
  643. hawksfan75

    Anybody clamming Westport this weekend?

    Tonight sucked for us. Poked a few hundred holes probably but only brought home one clam… ah well. Beautiful night!
  644. hawksfan75

    Anybody clamming Westport this weekend?

    Will be out at about 3:30 and hoping to find them with the lower tides.
  645. hawksfan75

    Smoker chunked wine barrel oak pieces - Free

    BRB, making new account, will be named cohohoho... ;)
  646. hawksfan75

    Smoker chunked wine barrel oak pieces - Free

    Dang it. I'll text you tonight. Hopefully they're still around :)
  647. hawksfan75

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Anybody needs an extra team member etc... :D
  648. hawksfan75

    Wandering poles

    Oh they'll soon be carrying a package alright...
  649. hawksfan75

    Wandering poles

    Earth's magnetic northern pole shifts more rapidly than scientists had planned for: For anybody that does long-distance navigation, this could impact your systems. The model was supposed to be updated but the federal government shutdown has...
  650. hawksfan75

    Area 9/10 sunshine

    This was the first trip she willingly grabbed it and put the wood to it. She’s held one before, but not willingly. I think Sunday was the first time she didn’t sleep on the boat either, lol…
  651. hawksfan75


    Saw the boat flying by an undisclosed location yesterday as we were pulling gear to go home. Great experiences for sure!
  652. hawksfan75

    More Illegal Fishing Charters

    I bet this is the dumbass that was advertising on Crags List this summer.
  653. hawksfan75

    Area 9/10 sunshine

    One pound Harbor Freight dead blow. Makes sure the kids are on the mark.
  654. hawksfan75

    Area 9/10 sunshine

    What a great weekend to realize how dirty the boat was! Saturday I put in some work with @Jasongind and the kids and we put a 7.5 And some others we didn’t have to measure in the box. Sunday was family day as the wife, kids and I had a great day on the water. A little less action today but a...
  655. hawksfan75

    1/12 PnP

    Thanks for joining me!
  656. hawksfan75

    Jump box recommendations

    I've got this one. Keep it charged and handy, either on the boat or in the truck: Since I think BD eats Amazon links:
  657. hawksfan75

    Sporty but Fishable

    Cool, they got my new clam gun on the camera! Clam Exterminator 8,000!!!
  658. hawksfan75

    Career change??

    I'd be good as ballast. If you ever need a fat guy to test weight limits, I can pass along my billable rates. I can accept pay in the form of full growlers...
  659. hawksfan75

    Boat Upgrade Options

    If he buys a used boat, I already called dibs ;) Spending other people’s money are my favorite threads on BD…
  660. hawksfan75

    Alaska or BC for anniversary?

    ^^^ That's a good idea.Take her to the Sportsman Show and you guys can "shop" there. Also, both those places sound cold. I'd go see Coleman in Costa Rica, lol.
  661. hawksfan75

    Boat Sinks

    Or Cutwater did.
  662. hawksfan75

    Marine Fuel (ETHANOL FREE) locations?

    Allegedly the card lock in Westport across from the Whale allows you to use a regular credit card. But it's never worked for me. So I end up at the Whale because I'm going to be burning whatever I put in anyway...
  663. hawksfan75

    Wine Barrels - A hobby gone wild...

    Should have bought something from you when I could afford it still. Man, this stuff is awesome...
  664. hawksfan75

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I am working on it, lol
  665. hawksfan75

    Winter Derbies

    Anybody needs crew for any of them, I’m in! My crew is apparently a summer only crew, lol @FHisherman let me know when you get a 2540 ready ;)
  666. hawksfan75

    Tow Boat US

    I think @TunaHore drives for them.
  667. hawksfan75

    My 2018 Montana Whitetail

    How about Hollywood?
  668. hawksfan75

    Warm Under Garments

    I employ a method of lots of dark beer and cookies in the warmer months. I find that come the cold months I stay much warmer than most.
  669. hawksfan75

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    Related question for the group as well. What is your favorite nook and cranny tool? I have been using a cheap toilet brush but I have some hatches and such I can’t get clean for the life of me…
  670. hawksfan75

    Razor Digging Thanksgiving Weekend

    Absolutely. Will be a last-minute decision for sure.
  671. hawksfan75

    Razor Digging Thanksgiving Weekend

    I went to Western, therefore Bow Down!!!
  672. hawksfan75

    Razor Digging Thanksgiving Weekend

    Who will be out this weekend? Supposed to be raining a bunch but lower tides than the last opener so I wonder if the big ones will be out? I am looking at Twin Harbors for a go at it Friday night...
  673. hawksfan75

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    This is not an educated person's opinion, so I'm wrong, I'm sorry. but, since you're going to be waxing it, I have found that Flitz is great for small scuffs and rust marks. It is also awesome for doing the stainless. For bigger/more intense stains, if this shit doesn't get it off, it's...
  674. hawksfan75


    Never eaten it. But I’d save the fuel and tie up rigs for blackmouth instead…
  675. hawksfan75

    No longer a boat ho...............

    Spring fishing??? There’s fish out there now!!! Enjoy the cruising and comfort fishing. We will all be jealous of the comfort during blackmouth derbies!
  676. hawksfan75

    DR Clips...

    Check to make sure the sliding part hasn’t been bumped. I was having an issue and found they had been adjusted the wrong way…
  677. hawksfan75

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Damn, sorry to hear that. I think I had a couple hours turning wrenches on that motor too. I hope this isn’t too big of a headache for you
  678. hawksfan75

    Want to buy/borrow/rent pressure canner

    Thanks for the offers everyone. I think I have a loaner worked out. That said, any recommendations on what to buy?
  679. hawksfan75

    Starry Clams

    After spending the weekend digging in the hard pack sand of the north beaches I am tempted as well. Anybody have head to head experiences of the cheap SMI I have vs the expensive ones?
  680. hawksfan75

    Want to buy/borrow/rent pressure canner

    Well, a good weekend of razor clam digging with the full family has me in search of a canner. I'd like to smoke some up and get them on the shelf. I have a few tuna loins to do as well. Before I plop down for a new one or hit the thrift stores, figured I'd check to see if anybody has a spare...
  681. hawksfan75

    We need your help Washington

    That thing will look fucking sweeeeet on my $30 Daiwa Beefstick halibut rod :devil:
  682. hawksfan75

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Erik, are you looking for the radar still or has the search changed to looking for an MFD unit now? As the atheist in the group, I'll keep my eyes open for you!
  683. hawksfan75

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    You buy one yet?
  684. hawksfan75

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    I found my new honey hole last night. Eight limits in our group in about an hour or so plus or minus a few barley pops along the way…
  685. hawksfan75

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Tough digging for us last night north of Roosevelt access. Super deep in the hard sand. Likely staying near our campground tonight.
  686. hawksfan75

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    That's the plan. Somehow Ocean City State park is booked even though it's not taking reservations??? We can go to Westport too as well. Not locked into any one place...
  687. hawksfan75

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Any recommendations on where to stay for the north beach digs? State Park not taking reservations and a couple places are full or not answering their phones...
  688. hawksfan75

    Area 7 waters

    I use this to research current and tides:
  689. hawksfan75

    Duck gun

    Duck hunting is on my list of something to learn. I've tried once but I have no idea where to even start and where to go. My cheappo Mossberg is going to have to suffice though...
  690. hawksfan75

    Diesel heat

    Hand warmers and some whiskey in the coffee…
  691. hawksfan75


    Can we get some ram mounts spotlights to use???:frehya2:
  692. hawksfan75

    U Ship

    Do you need DOT registration and insurance and such? What are the requirements?
  693. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    I appreciate that. Bagged the trip based on the forecast I saw when I was about to get out the door. We will be there Veteran’s Day weekend though.
  694. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    Who will be out tonight? Anybody want to buddy clam? Heh…
  695. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    Well, I nearly lost the four year old but that's only because I almost just put her outside because of her attitude, heh... Watching the WX for tomorrow to see if we can get down there...
  696. hawksfan75

    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    Anything you're thinking would be a good downgrade for you? Anything like a Hydra Sports 2200DC for example? heh...
  697. hawksfan75

    Halibut season setting meeting

    Charter boats can fill Saturday boats for just rock fish pretty easily. By having hali dates on Sundays, they can fill those boats too. This is a byproduct of low biomass and low quotas. I haven't seen the official forecasts yet, but I'm not optimistic about June dates like we had this year...
  698. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    Well, I appreciate all the guidance and tips for the lights. Based on the “tides,” I’m not terribly optimistic about this trip happening on to hoping Veterans Day looks good.
  699. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    Not her first rodeo :)
  700. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    For me or the four year old?