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  1. farout

    Boat Buddy Friday 10/23 - 425/371

    Probably see you boys out there, 22.5 cayman The Job Good Luck!
  2. farout

    WTB 80# Flatfall rod

    Phenix PHD 700XH Hybrid like new 300.00
  3. farout

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond PSW 807ML (inshore)

    still pending if it falls thru will refresh this and shoot you a dm
  4. farout

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 40H reel (silver)

    Used Saltist for sale it has some scratch's and scrapes but mech. is fine work horse reel that has caught some fish full of 65# power pro braid. 80.00
  5. farout

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond PSW 807ML (inshore)

    Selling my calico rod Inshore Assassin Series 8'-0" rated 10-30# (I fish 65 braid) Rod is used with a few scrapes but is still a solid stick. 160. takes it.
  6. farout

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    your thread kinda went sideways Cesar! LOL good luck!!
  7. farout

    SOLD Lexa 400 HS-P

  8. farout

    SOLD Lexa 400 HS-P

    Sale pending
  9. farout

    SOLD Lexa 400 HS-P

    For sale Lexa 400 6.1:1 1/2 full of 65# power pro. Great reel I used it for Calico fishing just ordered a new one so thought I would pass this one on, got some scrapes but mechanically is fine and ready to keep fishing! 120.00
  10. farout

    SOLD 55# 12v Minn Kota Trolling motor (Riptide)

    42 inch shaft still has the sticker on it, but it is missing a letter.
  11. farout

    42 inch shaft and yes a letter is missing but motor has not seen much use don't know the age

    42 inch shaft and yes a letter is missing but motor has not seen much use don't know the age
  12. farout

    For Sale Kodiak Pro Flow bait tank 17 gal **SOLD**

    Like new 17 gal bait tank with 500 gph pump. 250.00
  13. farout

    SOLD 55# 12v Minn Kota Trolling motor (Riptide)

    Like new Minn Kota trolling motor with new 12v battery (12/17). 450.00 takes it.
  14. farout

    SOLD 17ft Glastron 1977 1400. now 1200.

    1977 Glastron w/ 115 Evinrude 2stroke New wheel bearings and tires New trailer wiring and jack Registered thru 2019 Titles in hand Nothing fancy but she runs and floats! Trolling motor and bait tank not included (selling separate) 1400.00
  15. farout

    2008 Sea Chaser 1950 RG ***SOLD***

    Couple more photos, she is ready to go !!
  16. farout

    2008 Sea Chaser 1950 RG ***SOLD***

    Thank you for the kind words George, and good luck with your new boat!!
  17. farout

    2008 Sea Chaser 1950 RG ***SOLD***

    For sale Sea Chaser 1950 RG by Carolina Skiff Yamaha F 115 4 stroke with approximately 900 hrs 52 gal fuel tank 2 bait tanks Bimini top Minn Kota 24 v trolling motor Furuno 1870F ff / chartploter (less than a year old) It's a great 19.5 ft skiff for fishing or hooping nice open layout, been...
  18. farout

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    Price seems fair to me especially with that 250 4 stroke been awhile but I remember seeing it on the water, nice looking rig. Good luck with the sale
  19. farout

    WTB 18' or so CC

    2008 Carolina Skiff Sea Chaser 1950 RG with F115 yammy about 900 hrs. easy to tow, good on gas, fishy as hell. low book is around 10, PM me if interested.
  20. farout

    BFT Friday and yesterday

    Good job on the tuna, your gf pinned to the rail is classic !
  21. farout


    All this wall talk makes me want to hit it !!
  22. farout

    For Sale Trinidad 16 N (gold)

    Lightly used 16 narrow for sale listed on e-bay 3 day auction.
  23. farout

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    If you don't have a flag I'm gonna run you over, I don't want to but I'm just sayin.
  24. farout

    Kaenon polarized sunglasses

    love them I got 3 pairs
  25. farout

    Bass Gear

    Thanks, I'll take it text sent
  26. farout

    Bass Gear

    whats the specs on the react bay ?
  27. farout

    Gloomy Day 12/1

    I want a day like that !!
  28. farout

    Am I too greedy?

    If I can get a limit and be back early I'm all for it, after catching tuna all morning doubt I would be interested in soaking bait for halibut. Those boats are out there every day during the season if I get my fish I'm good, let them get back maybe the next trip won't be as good but the capt...
  29. farout

    Saltwater Bass Series Mission Bay Calico's

    Congrats to you and Tj, nice bag !
  30. farout

    New Backyard PB

    Congrats Matt beautiful fish, good luck this weekend !!
  31. farout

    help fishing mission bay

    Check the tides look for some water movement in or out, I like to fish the 4 inch Tenacious swimbait its completely weedless great in the grass.
  32. farout

    Tailwalker Report 6/2/14

    Thanks for the report Rich, Good Luck out there !!
  33. farout

    Looking For New Reel

    I,m sure you will get some different opinions on this one but I have revo,s, Lexa,s, curado's and if I could only fish one reel it would be the Toro 50, its solid, feels good in my hand, casts great, strong drag takes a beating and comes back for more. I don't know if it is sealed any better...
  34. farout


  35. farout

    Two Trips One Week

    Good stuff !! gotta like the yard house.
  36. farout

    Sewer slugs

    Nice Spots !! thumb is classic.
  37. farout

    Wall Session 3/15

    Great job Cesar, date night and calicos perfect !!
  38. farout

    Newport spots for tots

    Fished the spots for tots charity event with my Son on Sat. what a beautiful day! Fishing was slow but we had a great time and caught a few.
  39. farout

    fishing clothes

    For myself I like Shorts, pants, or jackets with zippered pockets if I am carrying keys, wallet or anything else I don't want to loose or have fall in the drink zippered pockets help. Shorts that can carry pliers are cool and cargo style pockets for misc. "stuff" seem to come in handy.
  40. farout

    looking for a decent pair of shades

    Lots of good sunglasses made these days, I have a couple of pairs of Kaenon's really like them, if you have not looked into them check em out.
  41. farout


    Looks like your baits are getting it done !!
  42. farout

    new to spotties

    Been fishing the 4 inch Tenacious on a 3/8 or 1/2 oz head slow grind or stop and go lot of hits on the drop. Good luck !!
  43. farout

    RadioSilenceFishing: T H E R A P Y S E S S I O N S

    Jimmy is the Man, thanks for sharing !!
  44. farout

    Fishing tools?

    On my boat I just have a cheap titanium set that stays on the boat. If I fish a buddys boat or party boat I also have the p-line Adaro's, I like the case and lanyard they don't wander off.
  45. farout

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Congrats and thanks for the info, words of wisdom right there
  46. farout

    Got em again at Catalina

    NICE !!!!
  47. farout

    Shimano south east Teramar inshore rod

    For sale inshore Teramar baitcasting rod TMC X70 MH 7' 0" rod line 15 - 25lb lure 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz medium heavy extra fast Rod is used but in good cond. just making room for more gear !! $ 80.00 this is the south east rod not west coast. Thanks
  48. farout

    Anyone hittin the wall tonight 8/23

    Wish I could, Good luck out there !!
  49. farout

    Tough fishing, but another great San Diego adventure!

    Sounds like an adventure !! better than sitting at home.
  50. farout

    Salt Water Bass Series Mission Bay 8-10-13 and AOY

    Well Done !!!!! congrats
  51. farout

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Vertical, nice shot and nice fish !!!
  52. farout

    Pt. Loma Evening Session 06-28-2013. 8.25lb Calico

    That's the way to end the week !!!!!
  53. farout

    Various Rods and Reels for Sale (Photo Heavy)

    yes the spinning rod is what I am looking for.
  54. farout

    Various Rods and Reels for Sale (Photo Heavy)

    I'll take the seeker inshore 708 pm sent
  55. farout

    Wall PB...!

    Nice fish Cesar congrats on your pb !!!
  56. farout

    Dana Conditions Report

    Thanks for the report.. Nice hali !!!!
  57. farout

    Cabrillo Beach Tourney and LB

    Looks like good times !!!!!
  58. farout

    Local Pond Putting Out Pre-Spawners

    fat girls.......... I like.
  59. farout

    SBS Long Beach

    Congrats on your PB ! Well done
  60. farout

    R A D I O S I L E N C E F I S H I N G: JACK

    Lots of storys, can't wait.
  61. farout

    LB Wall

    Fished the wall that night as well, cold and slow it was managed a handful of bass nothing big. Nice to be on the water tho!
  62. farout

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Bass regs have been the same for what 30+ years? change is over due.
  63. farout

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calicos

    Another rough winter day in so cal.
  64. farout

    SWBA Round 1 Ballast Point Brewing

    Nice job boyz ! see you in Long Beach
  65. farout

    SBS-Great Day

    Sounds like you were on them, congrats to you and Reebs !!
  66. farout

    Long Beach Night

    Looks like a good time ! I like the sand eel thing different.
  67. farout

    Wallbanger this saturday

    Denek hope you guys had a good time and caught some big uns. Cesar I would of thought you would of fished this? wish I had made it.
  68. farout

    Light bait baitcaster

    Doing well Cesar, wish there was a place a guy could test reels side by side to compare. hopefully some will chime in with some opinions. Good luck with your quest !
  69. farout

    Light bait baitcaster

    X2 on the lexa 100 just picked one up been pitching 1/4 to 3/8 so far so good. Lews not good on the light weights?
  70. farout

    californian teramar fenwick inshore rods

    Teramar still for sale !!
  71. farout


    Thank you Ron and thanks to all veterans for your service !! Freedom isn't free.
  72. farout

    californian teramar fenwick inshore rods

    Clearing out a few rods these are used but in good condition. 1. Turners Californian tournament series 6 ft 6 inch 12-20 lb. used it in the bays, I cut off the hook keeper it rubbed my hand 20.00 sold 2. Shimano Teramar TMC-76MH 7 ft 6 inch 15-25 lb. 1/2 to 1 1/2 oz...
  73. farout

    Curado 300 e,ej or Abu Revo inshore

    Revo no regrets
  74. farout

    Mitchfish swimbaits battle Cystic Fibrosis

    Order is in, thanks!!
  75. farout

    FLW BEST in the WEST

    Congrats and good luck !!
  76. farout

    Accurate, Daiwa

    Pm sent
  77. farout

    Accurate, Daiwa

    pm sent
  78. farout

    Good low profile reel?

    Revo Inshore
  79. farout

    This Sat Aug 04

    If you mean sat aug. 4th we will be out there. Heading south
  80. farout

    oppertunity knocking

    oh sh*t !!!!! Nice job
  81. farout

    Toro 60: HS, 5.4:1 or Winch

    Vote for the 60 yellows to 35# last year no problem. Good luck !!
  82. farout

    Seeker Blue LIghting & Shimano 4000d

    Good to meet you today Jason, thank you for the Seeker its like brand new! Frank
  83. farout

    "Five Days in Cedros for Calico Bass" full length :30 video ...

    AWSOME !!! Thanks for sharing the video, it is now on my to do list big time. and now I know what transom trash is, very cool !!
  84. farout

    Reel advise on bait fishing and plastics

    Revo Toro, it will handle anything you will hook.
  85. farout

    Got em! La Jolla with PB

    Nice fish right there !! Good luck on your quest for a double digit.
  86. farout


    Tommy have seen you slinging fish tacos at a lot of events over the years, THANK YOU !!!
  87. farout

    WFO 8-10 inch spotties! lots of pics!

    Better check that tape measure, NICE !!
  88. farout

    Mission Bay Checkers 7/23

    we fished the north end / inside in the morning but left and fished our way up the coast, the morning was the best bite for us and yes it was a great day !!
  89. farout

    La Jolla Kelp 07/23/2011

    Nice job on the bass! I need to check out that squid.
  90. farout

    Mission Bay Checkers 7/23

    Got out today with my son we launched out of mission bay and made a right, nice day on the water had a steady pick on the calico's all morning, always good to be on the water see so much cool stuff. all bass released to play another day.
  91. farout

    SD Bay

    Nice job !! We were on the bay till about 9:00 yah the evenings are the best. Looks like you are from my neck of the woods hope to see you out there someday.
  92. farout

    S.D. bay W/family

    The whale was out in front of downtown I was fishing kind of out in front of the Coast Guard station waiting for the family and it hung out with me was crazy boats zooming all around finally saw its tail as it went under never did see it come back up. Hoping he went back out with the tide.
  93. farout

    S.D. bay W/family

    Did a afternoon session with grandkids w/o spots we had a great time. Also saw a small grey whale in the bay was surprised I had not heard anything about that. He wants to know if SWBA has a 6 and under category.
  94. farout

    11 Pound Calico

    NICE FISH !!!!! Good try on the release maybe it was just her time. 10 lb or 11 lb still a nice bass.
  95. farout

    beach and bay bonanza and a new PB

    Way to go on the PB !! Nice spot.
  96. farout

    "LOW-TEK".....NO MORE

    NICE !!!!
  97. farout

    New Calico Article

    Good job Erik, keep bringing em !!
  98. farout

    SD Bay 2.27.2011

    WTG looks like a fun day !!
  99. farout

    SWBA / Spotted Bay Bass article in PCS

    Enjoyed the read, Good Job !!
  100. farout

    {R A D I O * C H A T T E R}

    Nice Butt Justin !! Good Luck to you guys this season.
  101. farout


    Who cares about the next generation. Wipe um all out like the buffalo or any other animal we choose to.
  102. farout

    San Diego Bay art

    Nice Matt !! Local artist local flavor that painting should draw some coin. Now T shirts are in my range hope to get some at the show.
  103. farout

    S U B J E C T : Lopaka

    Like the crank.
  104. farout

    N A D I N E ! ! ! (for you Le Rapista.)

    UNREAL !!! Thanks.
  105. farout

    Randomly found this

    Interesting that the size and possession limit looks like it hasn't changed from 1962. cool stuff thanks for sharing.
  106. farout

    SD Bay 1/20/11 - Some prefishin'

    NICE !! Looks like those heads are working !
  107. farout

    First bass :)

  108. farout

    Dominator Moves to Point Loma Sportfishing Under Threat of arrest

    Point Loma Sportfishing just gained a great boat. Best of luck to you boys on the Dominator, see you in 2011 !!
  109. farout

    December Weekend. DVL*

    "deadstick backlash pattern" :rofl: ( I know that one ) Nice fish
  110. farout

    Jim Edwards Benefit Tournament PLEASE LEND US A HAND

    SOUNDS GREAT !! See you in the morning.
  111. farout

    Green ones 11/19

    He was throwing light 6 lb stuff but I lean towards going a little bigger just because..... a different day
  112. farout

    Green ones 11/19

    Fished DV this morning with my son weather was cool and drizzly, managed to catch a few on the topwater nothing huge but really enjoyed the time on the water. Lots of shad still around the fish we caught were stuffed like pigs! Saw some striper boils by the marina on our way in, fishing on Fri...
  113. farout

    Jim Edwards Benefit Tournament PLEASE LEND US A HAND

    Thanks for the info Tommy, can't catch fish but I do like fish taco's so see you there!
  114. farout

    Rods/ teramar and daiwa sealine 30 reel

    New prices on items left, those that bought items thanks and good luck !!
  115. farout

    Rods/ teramar and daiwa sealine 30 reel

    Just selling some so I can buy some.... Daiwa Sealine X30 SHA reel with 25# mono Great cond. less than 1 year old 70.00 Old school Sabre ( not penn ) rod CA 666oc 6'6" 20-50 lb Fair 25.00 Daiwa coastal spinning rod cc 761 XHRS 7' 6" X heavy 12-30 lb Good 25.00 Shimano Crucial rod CRC 70...
  116. farout

    Newell Senator seeker $65ea!

    I will take the Seeker 270. will pm
  117. farout

    Abu Garcia revo inshore or shimano curado 300e?

    Revo, I have both and really like the Revo for inshore.
  118. farout

    Offshore bow tank 20 gal

    Looking to buy a low profile bait tank ( 18 inch height ) like the oval Offshore bow tanks. Approx. 20 gal. Thanks, Frank (951) 723-0758
  119. farout

    Which Bait Casting reel to get

    I have two Daiwa coastals I use in the bay zero problems I like them. But in the kelp or offshore I have a Curado 300, like it so much I will get a 2nd one hopefully soon. Guess it all comes down to $$$$$. and how much you can throw at it.
  120. farout

    DVL Guide for Striper

    Hear good things about Art Berry. Good Luck!!
  121. farout

    Raymarine SR 100 new in box

    For sale SR 100 Sirius satellite radio Weather receiver. Unit is brand new never out of the box. Item I.D. # EO30008 500.00 call 951 723-0758 if interested
  122. farout

    Long beach launch ramp?

    Well, some like it some don't. Short no wake and close to fishing sounds good but shallow water and steep ramps don't. Guess I will go and check it out for myself, Thanks
  123. farout

    Long beach launch ramp?

    Looking for some info. on South Shores launch ramp in Long Beach I have never fished the area but plan on heading up. Anyone use this ramp and can give me some info? Good or bad? Thanks
  124. farout

    How is the weather at 230 Today

    Thanks for the info guys heading out to the same area in the AM as well.
  125. farout

    Rpt: 9/17 43 does it again

    Heading out right now Thanks !!!
  126. farout

    8-01-09 Albys 3 in the box

    We were trying to sneak up on them !!
  127. farout

    8-01-09 Albys 3 in the box

    Fished Sat made it out to just North of the East B-fly was chasing spots of bluefin that would pop up but no go, Had a hickup with the boat (maybe a fuel issue) so decided to troll towards the barn (SI) got 3 albys at about 32.32 117.50 Clean water 70.5 troll fish saved what looked like a...
  128. farout

    Leadhead painting

    I use fingernail polish lots of colors to choose from.
  129. farout

    Sabre rods vs. Calstar/Seeker/????

    I have a couple old Sabres I use every time I go, can't imagine going fishing without them !! Back in the day they were it for us, must be an old guy thing. Yellows at the bubbler wow those were good times!!
  130. farout

    Bluefin are biting

    We were fishing SW of the 43 sat. and watched you slide in in front of the school, we noticed you did a great job perfect position. I don't know if guys are not knowing or just don't care.
  131. farout

    YFT 9-13-08

    Quick report, fished with Monte and Cliff today plan was to avoid the crowd and try to find some fish. We ended up SW of the 43 fishing the mammals for 4 YFT all bait fish, nice water about 70 degress. Didn't see much on the way out just a few b.a.w.'s Not an epic day but always good to be on...
  132. farout

    Hurricane Bank 09-12-2008

    Nice job at the Hurricane !!!! I better go buy some fuel cans.
  133. farout

    Coronados/nada 9 mile YFT 9-3

    Thanks Wayne !! Hopefully he can get out some more before the boat sells, that Parker sure is a nice fishing boat !
  134. farout

    Coronados/nada 9 mile YFT 9-3

    2 on Sumo, Gerry Garcia, 4 (two lost) daisy chain, Mean Joe Green GOOD LUCK !!
  135. farout

    Coronados/nada 9 mile YFT 9-3

    Fished the Coronados Wed. morning for not much, 69 degree water at south kelp 70 at the middle grounds. Made the choice to head offshore to fish the tuna but bait pump takes a dump, great. But N/W of the islands we get in with the mammals traveling North we stayed with them and got 4 YFT on the...
  136. farout


    Did a two day last month nice boat had a great time, lots of Alby's!!
  137. farout

    Thanks to Inthefield for debugin me

    Just want to say thanks to "Inthefield" (Tom) for helping me get rid of the termites on the 32 ft Pacemaker I just bought. Tom you were very professional and you explained everything very well, and on top of that gave me a smokin deal !! I am one step closer to getting out there ! Hope you...
  138. farout

    Clam's and a Boat fire!!!

    Fished the bay Sat. kudos to the skipper of the Producer listened to him call in the fire on 16 and sounds like they stayed till everyone was picked up. Good Job!!
  139. farout

    Pest Control in San Diego

    Need to have my 32' Pacemaker treated for termites any one Know of a good service to do this? Thanks, Frank
  140. farout

    7/7 Albys at 182

    Went short today started at the 302 not much life so headed north toward the 182 stayed south east of the ridge in US waters and had a steady pick of trolled / baitfish from about 7:00 till noon final count 14 albys 20-30 lbs seas not bad average temp about 64.9 purple and black and mean joe...
  141. farout

    Offshore 7/7

    Y not join the fun, S.I. 3:00 am C-ya out there !! Fear Knot ch 72
  142. farout

    AA Marine experience?

    Got my boat at Johnson and my buddy got his boat at Johnson they have been great for us.
  143. farout

    My Wife got a new Parker 2820

    Hello Dave !!! Congrats on the new boat !! I'm pretty sure I talked with you and your wife sitting on the 28 'er at the show. That is one sweet ride, enjoy !! Frank
  144. farout

    SD bay 12/29/06

    Thanks for the report !! I plan on fishing the bay tomorrow and staying on the water to bring in the new year. Question for you at plsf do you just tie up at the H+M landing dock and walk up ? Thanks for the info, Frank
  145. farout

    10-02-06 Channel Islands Trip aboard the OLLIE "R"

    WOW !!! Way to get on the fish Joe !!
  146. farout

    5-20 @ 302 yellows + great white

    You probably think this is b.s. but 3 of us headed out of s.i. about 5:00am picked up a nice mix from e-bros and made bait (macs and huge smelt) at pt. loma (w/o pencil cudas) headed out to the 9 mi. bank for theshers- no love, hit the 182 then swung south to the 302. just north of the high spot...