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  1. Johnlgarrison

    For Sale Free outdrive

    Hey guys my neighbor has this outdrive he pulled off a 1978 Bayliner it had a small block Chevy If you can use it for parts it’s yours for free. Call or text Jeff at 760-412-2507.
  2. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    I have a question for you guys in Washington State. We currently live in Southern California and are giving some serious thought to moving up to Southern Washington. I have lived my whole life here in So Cal, and we are sick of the traffic, heat and many of the people. We are going to be coming...
  3. Johnlgarrison

    Thinking of moving to Southern Washington

    I have a question for you guys in Washington State. We currently live in Southern California and are giving some serious thought to moving up to Southern Washington. I have lived my whole life here in So Cal, and we are sick of the traffic, heat and many of the people. We are going to be coming...
  4. Johnlgarrison

    Rod wrapping instruction book from 1954

    I picked up a fly tying kit at a garage sale and found this rod wrapping guide from Sila-flex in the box. Any Sila-flex collectors out there that would like this for their collection?
  5. Johnlgarrison

    Long Beach Cool Idea for my one year old grandson

    My Grandson Lincoln turns one this Saturday, when he is a little older we will make it a tradition to take him to Fred Hall to pick out his birthday present. I went to my first Fred Hall show with my Grandpa and Dad in 1968, I have never missed a show. This year I am planning on getting him...
  6. Johnlgarrison

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    I wanted to share our story about our 24 hours of the Yellowtail Shootout. I have been a subscriber to Captain Dave’s site for over a year. I have been fishing the Southern California coast for longer than a lot of you have been around, I’m still learning every chance I get. I reached out to...
  7. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas to the BD family

    I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas May 2019 be fill with many opportunities to spend time with family and friends on the water. My goal is to catch a Tuna that weighs more than my dog.
  8. Johnlgarrison

    Spent the weekend working on Sticky Business (Parker 2320)

    first project was to work on the pilot house deck. I found a roll material like Sea Deck uses on EBay for $60. Made a template out of a cardboard box. All I can say is I don’t see a job offer any time soon from the people at SeaDeck. But then again it cost $60 bucks. Next project was...
  9. Johnlgarrison

    IPad on your boat what apps do you use

    I am mounting an IPad on my Parker pilot house. I wanted to ask what applications you find are useful on your boat.
  10. Johnlgarrison

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    I have been drooling over Parker’s for years. A few years ago I bought a 29’ Phoenix after adding up all the costs of ownership of a boat in a slip. I decided to sell her and go back to a trailer boat. I decided on the 2320 small enough to tow and big enough to head way off shore. I can’t wait...
  11. Johnlgarrison

    My new prized possession from Fred Hall show

    Eat your heart out boys. I have an autographed Local Knowledge hat. Signed by none other than Ali himself. Don’t even ask to buy it because it’s priceless. The government has not printed enough money. Great to talk with you yesterday Ali appreciate your taking the time. Have a terrific show...
  12. Johnlgarrison

    Lost my best friend, and thoughtful gift.

    It’s been four months since I lost my best friend Rebel. Truly the best dog we loved each other from the second we met. I was the one who delivered him and at that moment I knew he was the dog for me. My wife Lisa bought me the most thoughtful gift. This fish hook actually contains a little...
  13. Johnlgarrison

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    1995 Phoenix 29 SFX Price: $40,000.00 Great sport fisher for the Southern California coast. These boats are used all over the world for charter boats for their seaworthiness and dependability. Great transferrable Oceanside Harbor slip included, right in front of the yacht club. Dimensions...
  14. Johnlgarrison

    EBay find. Check embroidery thread when searching

    I wanted to share with you guys a steal of a find I came across on EBay. It just arrived in today’s mail. I was looking for some thread deals and came across an auction for 20 spools in various amounts on the spools. The smallest spools have enough to wrap 4 or 5 rods some are full 4 oz spools...
  15. Johnlgarrison

    Bringing new life to old outriggers

    The ourtiggers on my 1996 Phoenix were getting pretty fuzzy, the fiberglass has splinters. If I spent 22 years in the sun I would look pretty bad also. I am really cheap and do not want to spend several hundred dollars replacing them. I found some 2" Shrink tubing that shrinks 2 to 1 on EBay for...
  16. Johnlgarrison

    Increadable week on Cedros Island WOW!!!!

    This was my fourth annual trip to the island, my first trip was with Rick from Let's Talk hookup and I reserved my next years trip the day I got home. I fell in love with the island minutes after landing my first time. This year I booked with Jeff from Cedros Tackle, what a first class...
  17. Johnlgarrison

    14 foot Necky Looksha kayak $600

    I am posting this for my Brother in Law Ron, 909-936-0694 14 foot Necky Looksha Sport sit-inside ocean kayak, yellow. Kayak has two waterproof compartments fore and aft; Pedal operated rudder system; high prow to cut through waves. Comfortable internal seat, skirt and hull tie-downs to secure...
  18. Johnlgarrison

    It was like hunting elephants with a BB Gun, big Thrasher on a bass rod

    We took Sticky Business 4 out this morning to look for some bass. Picked up a really nice scoop of mixed deans and macks from the bait dock and headed towards Carlsbad out of Oceanside. I was fishing a 1/2 oz lead head with a spinner blade and a MC Swimbait. First cast got a 12" Sand Bass, a few...
  19. Johnlgarrison

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    It is with extreme great pleasure that I introduce you guys to Sticky Business 4. She is going to be re-named from Breezy II, as soon as I can. She is a Phoenix 29, equipped with twin Volvo Diesels. She's ready to chase Tuna up and down the coast this summer. It's my goal to get a California...
  20. Johnlgarrison

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! This 22 ½’ Walk around is an awesome fishing boat, although it seems like a much bigger boat when you are on it. It has a cuddy cabin that sleeps 2, porta potty, fresh water sink, 8 gallon fresh water tank, fresh water shower on swimstep, transom door, full canvas and...
  21. Johnlgarrison

    My 2016 quest How many species can I catch?

    OK I am starting my "Fishing Quest" for 2016. The California department of wildlife publishes a fishing passport. It lists every species of sport fish in the state. My goal for 2016 is to catch as many of them as possible. Wish me luck. Who wants to join me...
  22. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas.... Lets see your family Holiday cards

    The Garrison family would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas or happy holiday. From me and Lisa and our five four legged kids.
  23. Johnlgarrison

    A visit to the real Cedros Island and two personal best's

    I got the chance to go with my very good friend Jeff Mariani and my son Tyler to Cedros Island. We were the first guests at his new house he is building. I have been to the island before with Cedros Adventures. It was really fantastic this time to get to meet and interact with the local people...
  24. Johnlgarrison

    Fished the Oceanside anglers tournament HAD A BLAST!

    We had a great day on Sticky Business III yesterday. We fished 10 to 12 miles straight out of Oceanside harbor. We ended the day with 9 Yellowfin and a nice 16 pound Dorado. Half the tuna were caught on live deans, the rest were on the chunk. If you think chumming chunk does not work you are...
  25. Johnlgarrison

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    First I want to thank Marcus for the great deal on the table. We stopped by his house yesterday after fishing and picked up his stainless steel table. I went to Lowe's and picked up some shelving and a 4' x 8' sheet of poly board. This stuff is great only about 3/16" thick and only $20. It is so...
  26. Johnlgarrison

    My Great Danes are on TV

    A few months ago my wife had an opportunity to take Belle and Gem our older girls and shoot a Honda Commercial. I am so proud of her she does such a great job of training our dogs. she has me almost trained also. Here is the link to the commercial
  27. Johnlgarrison

    It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    It started with my Son calling me around 3:00 pm on Tuesday. He said "Hey Pop's how had would I have to twist you arm to play hooky tomorrow and let's go fishing for your Birthday?" Two seconds later we were planning our trip. Wednesday morning we left my house at 5:00 am in Temecula and we were...
  28. Johnlgarrison

    Coronados 7-11 Great Weather, Fantastic company & few nice ones

    Took Sticky Business III down to San Diego Saturday 7-11. Launched out of Shelter Island at 5:30 am. The weather was absolutely great we headed to the island at 30+ knots. We fished inland side of South Island targeting Yellow tail. We released 15 rats between 4 and 10 pounds, I caught a really...
  29. Johnlgarrison

    The five stages of fishing local Blue Fin

    For those of you that have not experienced interaction with the big boys off our coast I thought I would share the five stages of chasing them. Stage One Excitement... You are off shore in the distance you spot a little bird hovering, turn the boat that way then another bird appears and...
  30. Johnlgarrison

    Looking for former Sea Scout crew members from the West Wind II

    I was wondering if there are any of you guys from the crew of the West Wind II out there. I was a volunteer skipper from 2000 to 2006 on the boat. Would love to hear from someone the boys now men from the crew. I saw an ad for her on Craig's List last night and it brought back some really great...
  31. Johnlgarrison

    My Son with the greatest catch of his life

    On Saturday my Son Tyler (GoFast88 on here) married the most wonderful girl ever. His Mother and I could not be more proud of him. They are in Costa Rica on their honeymoon. He has 3 or 4 days of fishing scheduled, I told you she is a great girl. Way to go Son, Ashley is a keeper.
  32. Johnlgarrison

    I am looking for a camper shell for 2005 Silverado long bed

    I am looking for a 8' white camper shell for my truck. Anyone have one they want to sell? I have been checking Craig's List but have not found anything. Also looking for some off-road tires if anyone has a place they recommend Thanks in advance for your help Johnny 714-349-6776
  33. Johnlgarrison

    I'M READY!!!! all set for the season, New Truck, Rebuilt Trailer, New Electronics!

    Let's start with the boat trailer. My Christmas present from my Son was to go through the trailer for me. He replaced all the brake lines & rotars, wheel bearings, tires and master cylinder. Next I went to the Clark County vehicle auction and picked up a 2005 Chevy Silverado with a Duramax...
  34. Johnlgarrison

    Buying Diesel Truck in Nevada question

    I have the opportunity to buy a Chevy 2500 4X4 Diesel in Nevada. I need some help to know if there is anything tricky about registering a out of state truck in California. The truck is a 2005.
  35. Johnlgarrison

    New Greenhouse NO I'm not growing weed

    I have always wanted to have a greenhouse. I love fresh veggies and there is nothing like a homegrown tomato. I picked up a 10' X 13' Harbor Freight greenhouse. I made a deal with my Son Tyler and his buddy Derek to give them each $100 in gas and bait credit on the boat if they would put it...
  36. Johnlgarrison

    Santa brought my gift early this year. 40' Tiffin Phaeton motorhome

    Wife and I bought each other a gift this year. We have been saving for years and finally got the motorhome of our dreams. It's new to us but it's a 2007 40' Tiffin Phaeton 400 HP diesel pusher. Something to ride to dog shows in style in. Even has a king sized bed. We have reservations at Chula...
  37. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    If you are offended by Merry Christmas boy-o-boy are you on the wrong website. I want to wish all by Bloody Decks Brothers and Sisters a Merry Christmas and wishing you better Health, Happiness, and I don't know if it could possibly be any better but fishing in 2015. From, The Garrison Family
  38. Johnlgarrison

    Happy Veterans Day to all of you who served

    I loved to call my Dad and Uncle on Veterans day and thank them for their service to this great country. Dad served in Korea and Uncle Jack did 30 years in the Sea Bee's including 5 tours in Vietnam. They are both gone now. I am thankful for the service of all the men and women former and...
  39. Johnlgarrison

    2004 Tropical 40 Diesel class A motorhome

    This is one of the best buys you will see on a Diesel Luxury Motor Home with 3 Slides . This is a beautiful 2004 Tropical 390 Sterling Edition with only 40,000 Miles . options , Aluminum Frame, Aluma Guard Power Awning , Full heated basement with pass through storage, Three Power Slide Out with...
  40. Johnlgarrison

    Tribute Halloween Trip of a lifetime (Yellowfin on a Tootsie Roll)

    I went on the Soft Steel 3 1/2 trip onboard the Tribute. Let me say the crew was fantastic, great group of guys. I went onboard not knowing anyone and got off the boat with 19 new friends. We left Thursday night and headed offshore about 60 miles. I woke up around 4:30 and went on deck it was so...
  41. Johnlgarrison

    $1,500.00 budget for a plotter / sounder. What would you buy?

    I have a 23' Aquasport walk around cuddy. I have a Garmin that is 10 years old and want to upgrade. I want a unit that has a split screen that will show both the plotter and the sounder on the same screen. What would you buy? What would you stay away from? I would appreciate your feedback
  42. Johnlgarrison

    Who has plans for Super Bowl Sunday? I signed up for this today

    I went year before last and had a great time. I signed up for this today. Anyone else want to go?
  43. Johnlgarrison

    New Avatar "MY LUCKY SHIRT"

    I was looking at some photos of this summer and cropped a photo from this season. A buddy of mine embrodered some sweat shirts and a really great Dickies work shirt with my boat name on them. It's been such a awesome summer have not really had a chance to wear the sweat shirts but this shirt has...
  44. Johnlgarrison

    Who's Going? Tribute 3 1/2 Day October 30th through November 3

    Sponsored by Okuma and Soft Steel. Ultra limited load of 20. I will be on the trip. First multi-day on a sport boat trip for me in over 20 years and it was on the Holiday.
  45. Johnlgarrison

    Do you own a Suzuki DF-90, DF100, DF115 or a DF140 four stroke?

    I have the service manuel on CD. I no longer have the boat and will be glad to give it to anyone who can use it. I think I paid about $50 for it. It is the service manual in PDF format. Anyone need it?
  46. Johnlgarrison

    Home made glow sticks

    I saw this on Facebook so it must be true, right? Thought this would be very cool for lobster season.
  47. Johnlgarrison

    I think I found the perfect tow vehicle

    I have been looking for a new tow vehicle for getting my boat to the launching ramp, this looks great
  48. Johnlgarrison

    Family time, Oceanside, 267 & There about on Sticky Business III

    Took my Son Tyler and my wonderful soon to be daughter in law Ashley fishing Saturday. Launched out of Oceanside was surprisde to see the long line for bait, it took about a half hour to get bait. It was worth the wait, got a scoop or very nice deans from 5" to 9" with a few Spanish macks mixed...
  49. Johnlgarrison

    Saw this on Fish Mavericks going to have to give it a try

    So I'm watching this new show on NBC Sports called Fish Mavericks. This is the third show I have watched and it been pretty goofy so far. Todays show they showed this trick that they picked up from a local in Venice Louisiana. They have one sweet boat, heres a photo. Here is what they did...
  50. Johnlgarrison

    Listen to VHF online ?

    I was looking for a source to listen on-line to the VHF radio and ran across this site. It has a live webcam of San Diego Bay and you can listen to channel 16 live. The only bad thing about it is I get jealous of the guys out on the water while I sit here at me desk working...
  51. Johnlgarrison

    8-2-14 Report and Something that me 56 years to do...

    I CAUGHT MY FIRST BLUEFIN!!!!!! I have caught thousands of Tuna in my lifetime and the the Bluefin Tuna has eleuded me, till today. OK here is the fish report. We hit Shelter Island at 5:30 and headed over to the bait barge. What a freaking mess, everyone was inline being real gentlemen, then...
  52. Johnlgarrison

    7-26-14 fished between 43 and 182 for a 1st Tuna and 2 personal best

    We hit Shelter Island Saturday morning at 5:15am. We got inline at the bait receiver had about 30 boats ahead of us. The guys on the reciever were working hard serving both sides of the receiver. It went a lot quicker than we thought. Tyler was able to put about a half dozen macks while we...
  53. Johnlgarrison

    Saturday July 26th Who's going? Where are you headed.

    We have a trip planned for this Saturday. All I know for sure right now is we are launching at Shelter Island around 5:30 am. We will be on 72 "Sticky Business III". I would love to hear your plans, let's work together. I am hoping after 56 years I can break my Blue Fin cherry. Wish us luck!!!
  54. Johnlgarrison

    15 Yellows and 6 Yellow Fin, pretty awesome day!

    Left Shelter island around 6:30 heading toward the 302. We passed a boat around 8:00am heading with limits of Tuna. Had a really nice guy on a Mako call us into a paddy and we limited out in about 45 minutes. Managed to get Derek his first Yellow Tail. We trolled for tuna never really losing...
  55. Johnlgarrison

    181 & 182 Sunday 7-6-2014 SUCKED!!!!

    OK, Started off the morning by thinking I would adjust the rod holders on my bow rail. Broke the weld that holds the rail down to the deck. Fixed that temporairly to keep it from vibrating and breaking worse. Fished the 181 & 182, tons of signs of life, we say Dolphin (Not porpoise) grey whales...
  56. Johnlgarrison

    Some days lucky for the fishermen other days lucky for the fish.

    I had a pangero tell me that in East Cape a few years back. Yesterday was defiantly "Lucky for the Fish". We were asked to post fish reports even the crappy days, so here you go Yesterday (7-3-2014) went from a fishing trip to pretty much a boat ride. We launched out of Oceanside with the plan...
  57. Johnlgarrison

    Sticky Business III 6/29/14 Yellow fin @ 425 and a little beyond.

    We left the house in Temecula Sunday morning at 4:00 by 5:30 am we were loaded with a tank full of nice 5" Anchovies and heading South. It was a lumpy trip down to the 425. We found a paddy along the way but no one home. We saw the seiner fleet along with 5 or 6 tuna pens all near or on top of...
  58. Johnlgarrison

    Great tip for Sabaki storage for about $1.50

    I was getting some gear ready to go out tomorrow and came up with this way to keep Sabikis out of the way and free from tangles. Cut a 8' length of light weight PVC pipe in half to 4'. Apply sticky back Velcro to the top and bottom of the pipe. Cut 6" of the loop Velcro and stick about 1" onto...
  59. Johnlgarrison

    Squid Porn great photo

    My Son shot this with his IPhone the other day. I thought it was cool looking it is now my wallpaper on my computer. Just thought I would share.
  60. Johnlgarrison

    New Stainless Steel prop

    I have this 14" prop fits Suzuki 115 & 140. Brand new never used. I bought it for my old skiff and never used it. has them for $400.00 MAKE ME AN OFFER 714-349-6776 [email protected] Located in Temecula. Not...
  61. Johnlgarrison

    Mako fishing with my Son on Fathers day

    Had a wonderful Fathers Day with my son today, Shark Fishing at the 267, we picked up a nice one for the BBQ. GREAT TIME. Got a phone call from my baby girl (27) Kristen, while on the water wishing me a happy Fathers day . Came home to a dinner prepared by my wonderful wife Beef Wellington...
  62. Johnlgarrison

    Great tip for cleaning scales off equipment

    I was out in the garage and noticed that I did a crappy job of rinsing off the rods on my last trip. I had scales dried on the handles and on the blank. I went into the laundry room to look for something and picked up a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, WOW it works so freaking good. I then tried it on my...
  63. Johnlgarrison

    Cleaning corroded aluminum hull?

    My Son bought his first boat today and it is a nice 18' Western. The hull is pitted and needs some love. What would you suggest he clean it with?
  64. Johnlgarrison

    ROCKFISHING While everyone was at the Fred Hall show

    Headed out of Mission Bay on Sunday 3-9-2014 to do some Rockfishing. What a fantastic day, took off the jacket 15 minutes into the trip. Nice flat water and we loaded up. I had my son Tyler and his friend Derick. I have to say I am so proud of my son, he is 24 now, it seems like yesterday I was...
  65. Johnlgarrison

    Share your Grand Father fishing stories

    After reading the "El Nino" stories on another thread and enjoying hearing everyones memories. I thought I would ask you guys about your Grandfathers. I was really lucky I had three grandfathers well two grand fathers and a step grand father, and they all fished. My Mothers Dad Grandpa Ernie was...
  66. Johnlgarrison

    14 new additions to the family

    Our little girl Abara had 14 bueatiful puppies yesterday. She is a Great Dane, and a wonderful mom so far. We have 8 boys and 6 girls all doing well. I wanted to share with you guys. I can't imagine what it is going to be like in 8 weeks when they weigh 20 pounds.
  67. Johnlgarrison

    Do you guys use LinkedIn for that thing we do between fishing trips?

    I was curious if any of my fellow Bloody Deck brothers use LinkedIn for business. Between fishing trips I sell labels for packaging. I find LinkedIn very good for generating business leads. If I can be of any help to your business here is my contact information...
  68. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas let's see your Christmas cards

    I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas what a terrific year 2013 has been for me and my family. I am a truly blessed man. Health, wealth, friends, family its all good. If I am lucky next year will be even better.
  69. Johnlgarrison

    Ghost Shrimp in Chula Vista area

    We are planning on spending New Years at the Chula Vista camp ground in the RV. I want to buy some Ghost Shrimp for fishing the back bay. Any recommendations on where to buy them?
  70. Johnlgarrison

    Cedros Adventures 8-19-2013 Great time, Great fishing, Great facility and service

    Finally got a video of the yellow tail fishing uploaded: Went to Cedros Adventures with Rock Cod Rick from Let's Talk Hookup. Last year when I got home from the Cedros trip I sent my friend Joe the photos and he called me a few...
  71. Johnlgarrison

    Kick ass Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard

    Not sure if anyone has posted this before, if it has it's worth posting again. These guys rock the best song ever written. I am a proud American and not even a little ashamed to admit that our National Anthem brings tears to my eyes. This version...
  72. Johnlgarrison

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Headed out of Oceanside today with my Buddy Louie the DoDo Man. We wanted to head to the 267 and fish for some sharks and see if we could get his Nephew his first shark. Well after 4 hours and 40 pounds of chum we were about ready to head for the ranch. Then a 50# mako showed up and we were able...
  73. Johnlgarrison

    425 and the 101 Sunday great day

    We left the house (Temecula) at 4:30 and headed for shelter island. Got the boat in the water and was heading out of the harbor by 6:00. We could not believe how great the weather was. It looked more like a lake than the ocean. We found a patty and picked up two nice yellows 12 to 15 pounds. We...
  74. Johnlgarrison

    Shimano ROCKS!!!

    I wanted to share with you guys a great customer service story. I took three reels to Shimano for repair. The first was a TLD25 that was totally worn out, the brass was green and it would barely go into free spool. The second was a Corvalius 400 with a broken clicker and worn out drags, the...
  75. Johnlgarrison

    Almost a limit at Tijuana Flats and a good samaritan

    My Son Tyler and his buddy Derek and I decided to go fishing and hit the Sand Bass bite off Tijuana Flats this morning. We launched at Shelter Island and headed to the bait barge for some chovies. As we pull in my Son says Damm I must of left my wallet in your truck. I figure some things never...
  76. Johnlgarrison

    First trip on my new boat Sticky Business III

    Last week I purchased a new to me boat a 23 foot Aquasport Explorer, this is the boat I have wanted my whole life. A walk around with all the bells and whistles, one that is going to be dependable and reliable. She is all that and more, man oh man what a feeling when she first slid off that...
  77. Johnlgarrison

    My life long dream came true today

    I have wanted a boat like this my entire life. Well today my dream came true. I picked up my 23 foot Aquasport Explorer 225. I am still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I bought it from another Bloodydecker, I can't get over what great shape this nearly ten year old boat is. She...
  78. Johnlgarrison

    Heading down to San Quintin in May

    We are planning a trip down to San Quintin in mid May. Thinking about staying at the Old Mill. Any suggestions on what pangas to charter and any helpful information will be greatly appreciated.
  79. Johnlgarrison

    I'm so proud of my wife and dog

    From time to time I post photos of our dogs here on Bloody Decks. My wife Lisa breeds and shows our Great Danes. A little over 2 years ago we had a litler of pups and I managed to convince Lisa to let me keep a male. We have always had females and she was reluctant to have an in-tact male around...
  80. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas to all my Bloodydeck Brothers

    Happy holiday wishes to all of you and your families. I hope 2013 brings a better year for us all.
  81. Johnlgarrison

    2013 challenge, catch a fish that weighs more than your dog

    My goal for 2013 is to catch a fish that weighs more than my dog. Who's up for a challenge? Anyone else up for this challenge? Not to catch something bigger than YOUR dog, but my dog. Here is a photo of the little guy,
  82. Johnlgarrison

    Great day with my Son and good friends

    We headed out early this morning at 4:30, picked up 2 scoops of BIG deans and Macs. Headed offshore to the 1010 trench. We traveled about 55 miles offshore from Point Loma. We were on my good friends Jeff's boat Tuna Bomber. It's a 27' Wailer with twin 225 Yamaha's It is one of the best fishing...
  83. Johnlgarrison

    DFG wanted to know if we were harrassed by seals

    Got stopped by the DFG guy with a clipboard at the oceanside launch ramp. He asked what we had caught and I told him we were skunked. He then asked if we were harrassed by seals? I said "Why, are going to do something about them?" he stated their is really nothing they could do. I said sure...
  84. Johnlgarrison

    Soft Steel is the best!!!

    I just returned from Cedros Adventures and had the chance to fish Soft Steel Monofilment. I picked up some 100 yard spools of 40# and 50#. I was so impressed with this line, I have never pulled so hard on a fish and not had the line break. This is great stuff, you need to give it a try.
  85. Johnlgarrison

    My adventure at Cedros Island

    Let me say this was with out a doubt the BEST fishing trip have been on in my life. We booked with Cedros Adventures about a year ago, we went on the Let's Talk Hook Up trip. Rock Cod Rick was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He's welcome on my boat any day. The guys from Cedros...
  86. Johnlgarrison

    I have such a terrific wife!!!!

    So about a month ago my wife asks me what I want for my birthday. I tell her Shimano is making this really cool new reel and it would be perfect for my upcomming trip to Cedros, it's called a Tranx. I figure she would go on-line and see how much they cost and tell me "NO FEAKING WAY". So I...
  87. Johnlgarrison

    I think I caught somebody's pet

    Rebel and I went to Harveston lake today, it's a little park lake near my house here in Temecula. Rebel likes it because he likes to see the ducks. Caught about 50 Bluegills, it was a fish on every cats. I saw something that looked like a paper towel in the water but it moved. Tossed a night...
  88. Johnlgarrison

    New Champion ... WAY TO GO REBEL!

    I have posted photos of the dogs in the past and I wanted to share my good news with my Bloody Decks friends. Today at the Pasadena Kennel Club dog show my dog Rebel won and now is a AKC champion. The best part is my wife Lisa was the handler. You see many people use professional handlers but...
  89. Johnlgarrison

    discovered the hard way something about sculpin

    Headed to the Coronado’s on Saturday we brought along one of my Son'sfriends for his first saltwater fishing trip. Our first stop was at Pukey pointnear North Island. We were killing the Sculpin and when the first one came onboard we told the newbie to be very careful as they are poisonous. He...
  90. Johnlgarrison

    New AKC title for my Dog "CGC"

    Had a great time this morning I put a CGC title on my dog Rebel. CGC stands for canine good citizen, it's the first of a series of AKC obedience titles. My wife has always done the training with our dogs. I decided I wanted to give training a try, after all Rebel is my dog, at least that's what...
  91. Johnlgarrison

    Happy holidays to all Bloodydeckers

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and 2012 brings us all tight lines, and great days on the water. I enjoy reading about all of your adventures and sharing mine. My Christmas wish is 2012 is filled with days on the water with friends and family, OH some decent fishig would be an added...
  92. Johnlgarrison

    My old boat getting a face life 19' SeaSquirt

    I recently purchased a 23' Crestliner and was going to make it my project boat. Well after spending a bunch of hours working on it I decided it was too far gone and sold it to Ryan to part out, just too many spots that were very corroded . So I decided it would be a good time to give my old boat...
  93. Johnlgarrison

    Gil Outboard bracket

    I have the Gil outboard bracket for sale. It came off a boat that had a 200hp outboard. The price is $450.00 what I paid for it and that's a steal. I just checked on Ebay and they are going for $700.00 and up. If you are interested give me a call 714-349-6776
  94. Johnlgarrison

    1994 Crestliner walk around cutty PARTING OUT

    OK I bit off more than I could chew. I bought this 1994 Crestliner thinking I could convert it to an outboard. I am going to sell the hull hull for scrap metal. The aluminum hull is beyond what I am able to fix. If someone could recommend a good place to sell the hull for scrap I would...
  95. Johnlgarrison

    I am so proud of my Wife and Dog

    We just got back from the Great Dane National, the largest Great Dane show in the world. Hundreds of Great danes from around the country and the world. Lisa and Rebel were up against the best of the best. They took second in their class. I am so proud of both of them!!!!!
  96. Johnlgarrison

    Starboard source in Southern California

    I tried searching the forums and could not find anything (I need help with doing this as well) I could not find anything on a local source for Starboard. I am restoring my boat and need to pick up some of the white synthetic board. Are their manufacturers under other brand names other than...
  97. Johnlgarrison

    11 new members of the family were born this weekend

    I know everyone who has a dog thinks that breed is the best. Well if you don't agree with me that Great Danes are the best dog ever it's probably because you have never been owned by one. Our girl Belle had 11 beautiful puppies on Sunday, 5 boys and 6 girls. The reason i'm posting this at...
  98. Johnlgarrison

    painting aluminum boat?

    I am looking for suggestions for painting an aluminum boat. I have used Rustoleum on some old boat of mine. I want it to look good but don't want to spend $35.00 a quart at West Marine. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
  99. Johnlgarrison

    22 1/2' Crestliner cuddy restoration Sticky Business III

    I have been looking for a walk around cuddy cabin project boat for a long time, something I can spend the night on at the Islands. I picked up this one last week for $700.00 with the trailer. The guy I got it from had removed the outdrive and motor, he saved me the work of removing it myself. I...
  100. Johnlgarrison

    2006 32' National Sea Breeze Class A motor home

    Price : $45,000.00 no BS price Year : 2006 Make : National RV Model : Sea Breeze 1311 Location : Temecula CA Type : Class A Mileage : 20,500 Air Conditioners : 2 Slides: 2 bedroom and kitchen salon Awnings : Yes Leveling Jacks : Yes Fuel Type : GAS Engine Manufacturer : Ford Engine...
  101. Johnlgarrison

    My dog Rebel at nine months

    When I am not fishing you can usually find me with my wife at a dog show. Lisa breeds and shows Great Danes. They have always been her dogs till Rebel came along. Nine months ago our girl Belle had a litter of nine beautiful pups. But their was this little guy just one pound ten ounces and I...
  102. Johnlgarrison

    IGFA world record White Sea Bass

    I was curious just how big the IGFA world record white sea bass was, so I checked the IGFA website and found out that Lyal Baumgardner back in March of 1953 caught a 83 pound 12 oz monster at San Felipe island. WAY TO GO LYLE!!!!
  103. Johnlgarrison

    Can you identify this fish?

    I wanted to post this photo my Son shot this yesterday of my white sea bass, it looks a little like something out of a science fiction movie.
  104. Johnlgarrison

    My new personal best WSB

    Went with my Son and buddy Jeff on his 27' Whaler. We picked up a scoop of really great deans and had plans on heading to South to Imperial Beach. We had gone less than 2 miles south and saw lot's of birds working and decided to give it a shot. I grabbed my lightest rod I had brought. A 9'...
  105. Johnlgarrison

    My new personal best WSB

    Went with my Son and buddy Jeff on his 27' Whaler. We picked up a scoop of really great deans and had plans on heading to South to Imperial Beach. We had gone less than 2 miles south and saw lot's of birds working and decided to give it a shot. I grabbed my lightest rod I had brought. A 9'...
  106. Johnlgarrison

    Outboard service manual for $5.99

    I neded a service manual for my Suzuki 115 the dealer wanted $90.00 for it. I thought I would check EBay to see if I could find a gently used one. Their was a guy selling PDF versions of the manual for $5.99 with free shipping. I purchased one and sent the seller an email asking if he could...
  107. Johnlgarrison

    Free rod wrapping bench

    I have built a new rod wrapping bench and need a new home for the old one. I am keeping the rod wrapping machine but this table will work great to hold your machine and the rest of your stuff . It is 8' long and has casters so its easy to roll around. Give me a call 714-349-6776 Bench is...
  108. Johnlgarrison

    Giant TV Mitsubishi projection TV

    We have a 73" Mitsubishi projection TV that will not fit any ware in the new house. Model number WS-73513 Here is the description I got off the internet. Projector Technology: CRT Screen Size: 73 inch Aspect Ratio: 16:9 4:3 Enhanced 14:9 Digital TV Standard: HDTV Built-in Tuner: ATSC NTSC...
  109. Johnlgarrison

    2005 Case Tractor DX26

    SOLD, SOLD SOLD, 2005 Case DX26 tractor 4 wheel drive power steering Narrow model to fit into barn stall. Diesel Engine with 189 hours 48” mower attachment and rear bucket scraper. Hardtop folds for easy storage Not sure if any of my fellow Bloody Deckers have any need of a small...
  110. Johnlgarrison

    New best friend

    This is Rebel he is my new dog. My wife has been breeding Great Danes for quite a while and for years I have been trying to talk her into keeping a boy. Well for my Christmas present she let me keep a boy. He and I already have a special bond, as I sit here typing this on the couch Rebel is...
  111. Johnlgarrison

    Merry Christmas

    To all my friends on Bloody Decks I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday. My Christmas wish is the rain will stop and 2011 will be a better fishing year, oh yeah and a bigger boat.
  112. Johnlgarrison

    New wrapping bench GETTING ORGANIZED

    Well we sold the house after it being on the market for what seemed like forever. I knew I would have to move all that tackle in the garage so I decided to build a new tackle bench. I have my rod wrapping table with dryer and all my "Stuff". I added a big drawer for my fly tying stuff. It is on...
  113. Johnlgarrison

    Ten new additions to the family

    Thought you guys might like to see this, we have been delivering puppies since three yesterday afternoon. The tenth one was delivered just before ten this morning. They are doing great we have seven boys and four girls. All very healthy and strong, Belle (the Mom) is very tired but doing well...
  114. Johnlgarrison

    T-Shark, Sand Bass, Calicos and one little Lobster.

    Launched out of Oceanside Sunday afternoon around 3:00 with the kids we headed straight out from the pier about a mile looking for macs for the lobster nets. We started catching 4" to 5" great baits if we were going fishing for yellowtail kinda small for the traps. I decided to pin one on and...
  115. Johnlgarrison

    Wounded Warrior Tournament on Sticky Business

    Had a really great time at the Wounded Warrior tournament. I was really impressed with the job they did organizing this event. We arrived to breakfast and hot coffee, goodie bags filled with tackle, ball caps, a t shirt for the event. Western outdoor news even gave us each a subscription. After...
  116. Johnlgarrison

    The Grandma Scam

    You hear stories about scams and rip off’s on the news but never think it will happen to someone close to you. My Mom got a phone call with a hysterical girl sobbing and crying uncontrolable. My mom said Kristen is that you? Then a man came on the phone and said this is officer Smith (don’t...
  117. Johnlgarrison

    Coronados Sunday September 3rd Caught FISH!!!

    My Son Tyler and headed out early Sunday morning, launched at Shelter Island and were on our way by 5:00 am. We picked up a ½ scoop of deans and were off to the Coronados. We started off slow trolling deans without any luck. We did see the guys onboard “Going Coastal” catch a nice 20+...
  118. Johnlgarrison

    Tomorrow Sunday heading out to the Coronados

    My Son and I are heading out to the Coronados tomorrow morning. Plan on launching at Shelter Island around 5:30am. Any suggestions on places to fish would be greatly appreciated. Plan on rock fishing and looking for Calicos. Hopefully a lost yellow tail. A guy can wish can't he? My boat is...
  119. Johnlgarrison

    I won a $140.00 JACKPOT

    I got a call from a old friend of mine he had two guys can't make the trip he had booked for his company charter. He asked if my son and I wanted to come along, well it took two seconds to decide. We went to Point Loma Friday evening and got on board the Daiwa Pacific. We all went to the...
  120. Johnlgarrison

    Our first trip to the Coronados on Sticky Business

    We left the house at 3:30 am and had the boat in the water at Shelter Island by 5:00. Picked up a nice mix of Deans and Chovies and were on our way. It was lumpy but not too bad. Arrived at the island and tried every trick I know to catch Yellow Tail and boated 0. We had a couple of hook up but...
  121. Johnlgarrison

    Need Advise first trip to the Coronados tomorrow

    My Son and I are heading to the Coronados tomorrow morning the 4th. I picked up a Mexican license for each of us today. The boat is all set. Planning on launching at Shelter island. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. My boat is called Sticky Business it's a 19' Sea Squirt center...
  122. Johnlgarrison

    San Onofre barn kelp

    I have not posted on BD before so here goes. We took my new boat "Sticky Business for the first time on the ocean this morning. Launched at Ocean Harbor at 6:30, picked up a half scoop of deans and headed for the barn kelp off San Onofre. Caught a few Calico's the biggest one was about 2 1/2...
  123. Johnlgarrison

    1981 Sea Squirt

    Hey guys kinda new to the forum. I recently picked up my 1981 Sea Squirt it is an old boat with a nearly new motor. The 2002 Suzuki has 25 hours on it. I named her "Sticky Business" thought it was a good name for a guy who sells labels for a living. Really looking forward to getting offshore...