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  1. hawksfan75

    Substantiated 2021 Halibut Rumors

    Looks like the preliminary halibut dates are out for next year. A long ways to go between now and then, so stay healthy everyone...
  2. hawksfan75

    Preview of opening day for modern firearm season

    Came across this and reminded me of an upcoming sight… Related, does anybody from here hunt the Walville Peak area?
  3. hawksfan75

    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    Have a few things left over after selling the boat that I don’t have a need for. Modified Canon Gimbal Mount. Will fit Scotty stuff now. Unsure of if Canon stuff will fit, heh… $25 Round Scotty Gimbal Mount. No extra holes in this one. $40 Fish on rod holders and mounts $20 for all Main and...
  4. hawksfan75

    Open truck: Portland to Seattle

    Found myself down in Vancouver/Portland to see my new nephew and will be coming home tomorrow, Sunday, with an empty truck. I can bring anything back and will likely be leaving tomorrow evening. Message me if there’s anything I can shuttle up.
  5. hawksfan75

    WTT: 9mm and .270 brass

    Any reloaders want to figure out a trade for brass? I have a couple hundred rounds each of 9mm and .270 brass. Ammo market is batshit crazy so wondering if there’s any interest?
  6. hawksfan75

    Sea lion culling

    Looks like another round of sea lion culling is going to happen. Bigger this time.
  7. hawksfan75

    Late season shrimp opener

    Areas 6, 7 E/W and 9. Go get ya some!
  8. hawksfan75

    New boat ho available

    There’s a saying about the day a boat sells being a good one, but watching Beast Wake roll away hooked up to somebody else’s truck sure sucked. So now I join the ranks of the boat ho lineup for now. I have had an opportunity to fish with a lot of folks and have also captained a fair number of...
  9. hawksfan75

    SOLD *Sold* 2008 Hydrasports 2200DC

    Looking for the perfect mix of family fun and hard core fishing? This dual console setup is perfect. At 22’+ LOA and approximately 3200 lbs as she sits on the water, she’s big enough and sturdy enough to reach off shore, yet nimble enough to run in smaller sized lakes. Approximately 800 hours...
  10. hawksfan75

    WT Buy/Borrow 2 5/16” hitch

    The nylon cap on my Rapid Hitch popped off sometime this weekend and on eTrailer sells them so while I wait for a new one, thought I would see if anybody had a stinger I could buy or borrow? standard one is fine. It would probably be good to have a backup one.
  11. hawksfan75

    WTB: Towable tube toy

    Looking for a raft type towable tube for the kids. They’re a little small for the inner tube style still but would consider them.
  12. hawksfan75

    Throwable PFD group buy

    Cross posting something I came across on The Hull Truth. It’s an inflatable throwable PFD. Satisfies the throwable requirement. I just copy/pasted the information from the thread below. Reach out directly to the guy to order...
  13. hawksfan75

    Scratching the itch this week

    Going to social distance from life the later part of the week and will be camping at John Wayne and will be chasing hali and shrimp. Will anybody else be out that way? Be good to have somebody smarter than me to follow around ;)
  14. hawksfan75

    Sun Lakes area?

    Going to go social distance at Sun Lakes Resort. Leaving the boat home since it’s supposed to be in La Push this weekend. Any tips for that area? Shore fishing. Going to run the standard trout gear but not sure what else to target. Going to poke around some of the deer areas too.
  15. hawksfan75

    Titan/Dico Model 10 actuator

    Used Model 10 actuator. Needs a new master cylinder and reverse solenoid. I found a too good deal on a new complete unit so swapped the whole thing out. $50
  16. hawksfan75

    Okuma Cold Water 453d

    $60 Okuma Cold Water 453d. Was my primary halibut reel but I swapped out for a Tanacom electric reel. Line counter does not work, but otherwise completely functional and ready to haul in a halibut or sturgeon today. Spooled with 65-pound braid with no backer.
  17. hawksfan75

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    Picked up a handful of extra breakaway kits from the sportsman show thinking they would fit my Qcoves but the pins are different. Anybody want them? Trade for Qcove sets? or tips for how to retrofit them?
  18. hawksfan75

    Misc. gear/parts

    Cleaning up the garage. Time for some stuff to go… Plano shooters box. Brand new, never used. American flag RV mat. Brand new, in box. I believe it looks like this one. $30 Three quarts of Valvoline 80w90 gear oil. Bought it to do the rear diff of my old truck. No need now. $20 Two...
  19. hawksfan75

    Sevylor Fish Hunter 360

    Raft is GONE! Inflatable raft. Six person/900-pound capacity and can run an electric trolling motor. Comes with two seats and a hand pump. Confirmed, it does have a slight leak. Not sure where and I’m sure it’s patchable. FREE
  20. hawksfan75

    FREE: giant tarp

    giant tarp. Used it on the old Trophy for winter storage. I believe it’s 16x30 or similar sizing. A bit tattered but still good for anything you need to cover. Pick up in Kent.
  21. hawksfan75

    Effects of high water on salmon runs?

    I recall a couple years ago we had floods that washed away a number of salmon eggs. Are we worried that the last rain events have had similar effects? The Green River is still super high and super fast as is the Yakima and all of the I5 rivers I passed over Sunday. Should we be worried about...
  22. hawksfan75

    Portland Sportsman Show

    Anybody going down this weekend? Thinking of making a Portland weekend run with the family, which means going to Powell’s and not the, ummm, steakhouse 😝
  23. hawksfan75

    Only turn 40 once…

    I turn 40 in 2021 and have the green light to explore a once in a lifetime type fishing trip. We poked around all the BC/Alaska lodges at the Sportsman Show, but I would be hard pressed to pick one right now if I had to. So, since BD excels at spending other people’s money, what would you choose?
  24. hawksfan75

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Who is going to Puyallup this week? Saw some of the Sportco deals and will likely be on the prowl for a few things. Also researching a 2021 trip for when I turn 40… What is on everyone’s shopping list?
  25. hawksfan75

    Raymarine Ray 54 radio

    Upgraded to a Lowrance Link8 and have the old unit for sale. $20 I also have a Shakespeare 5206-C antennae as well. New in the package. $35
  26. hawksfan75

    Clama lama ding dong

    With a forecast that was too good to be true combined with the lowest tides of the fall digs so far, the camper got loaded and we made our way to Westport. shook off the turkey haze and dropped the camper off at Tuna Town to hit Friday night. Took a left off the beach access, found a stump to...
  27. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs Tampa Bay

    Come be my guest for the Seahawks game. Seats are in the Hawks nest. Section 149, row CC $100 and a couple beers for BD.
  28. hawksfan75

    First deer camp

    Due to some work needs, my planned five days in deer camp turned into only a day and a half in the field. But I had my oldest along for her first hunts and some awesome memories on the land that my great, great grandparents homesteaded in Dayton. she’s usually not this adventurous, but she was...
  29. hawksfan75

    Dodge Ram Spare

    Picked up an extra, brand new spare thinking one of my others wasn’t fixable. Discount Tire was able to plug and patch it so now I have an extra. Firestone Transforce HT, 275/70/18 mounted on a steel rim, will fit most Dodges. $180
  30. hawksfan75

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Eagerly anticipating the event this weekend. Who else is captaining this year? Who is pre-fishing Friday? I’m debating on going up Friday and staying in my camper in the parking lot that night. See you all in Everett!
  31. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Raiders

    Selling for below face. Seats are in Hawks Nest and are an awesome view and great time. Selling for $120 for the pair or willing to trade for something cool.
  32. hawksfan75

    .270 brass

    Does anybody reload .270? Have about 150 rounds of brass, only fired once. Not sure if there’s any monetary value but let me know.
  33. hawksfan75


    Took the family out for the last day of Kings in A10. No chinook love but did get a few pinks for the smokers. Pinks were chonky though so they actually had a bit of life to them.
  34. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Broncos

    On solo dad duty so selling my Seahawks vs. Doncos tickets for Thursday. Hawks Nest, section 149, row CC. Selling for below face value. $65 each.
  35. hawksfan75

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    Covington Costco has this LEM MaxVac Pro for $600. Not sure if it does retorts or not but looks like it’s $1,000 anywhere else.
  36. hawksfan75

    Westport 7/16

    Anybody going to be out? I'm likely going to make a turn and burn from Kent. Anybody want to go with? Have an open seat if anybody has some weekday free time!
  37. hawksfan75

    Self guided boat rental in Sitka?

    Posted in the AK forum as well but figured I’d ask you all too. Has anybody done the self guided trips in Sitka? Going to be there on July 10 on a cruise and will be trophy hunting Kings. All the other outfits like Kingfisher and Reel Class seem to be catered to multi-day trips and renting the...
  38. hawksfan75

    Self-guide in Sitka?

    Anybody done the self guided trips in Sitka? Going to be there on July 10 on a cruise and will be trophy hunting Kings. All the other outfits like Kingfisher and Reel Class seem to be catered to multi-day trips and renting the boat seems to be the most cost effective way to go.
  39. hawksfan75

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Have a camp site reserved in La Push for the next opener. Who all will be out there this go around? Anybody have an open seat? I don’t think my kids are ready for a halibut run and we used our childcare credits with grandma over Memorial Day weekend. I still have all four punches left on my...
  40. hawksfan75

    La Push roll call

    Alright, in a week's time I'll be pulling into La Push, getting ready for four days of fish slaying. Who will be out there Memorial Day weekend? Anybody want to coordinate a dinner or something? Anybody pulling out after this weekend have open moorage by chance? :) I'm excited as I haven't...
  41. hawksfan75

    Shrimpin ain’t easy

    Actually, it was. Calm waters, a few less people than normal it seemed and home in time to get the kids to their softball games.
  42. hawksfan75

    Opening day!

    Well, opening day plus one. We had Little League opening day Saturday, so the trout were safe for an extra day. Took the kids to a youth only pond nearby and they roped in a few. Good times powered by chocolate donuts and chocolate milk.
  43. hawksfan75

    WTB: gaff

    Looking for a gaff that’s longer than my cheap Danielson one. Anybody have an extra they’d be willing to part with? Aluminum or Calcutta would be considered.
  44. hawksfan75

    Camper repair

    Anybody smart about truck campers? I have wireless power jacks on the camper and they randomly quit working Sunday when it was time to leave the beach. I have a couple trouble shooting things I can do, but might need an expert. Any recommendations on where to take a truck camper? Or, anybody...
  45. hawksfan75

    Split a bulk order of cooking pellets?

    Thinking about doing a bulk order of cooking pellets as I continue to lean on the Traeger for cooking duties. Found this deal: The math works out to $26/bag vs $37.50 per bag on Amazon. Anybody want to split an...
  46. hawksfan75

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Anybody fishing this? March 16/17.
  47. hawksfan75

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Grillsmith brand propane cooker/fryer. New and unused in the box. $35
  48. hawksfan75

    Anybody clamming Westport this weekend?

    Will be out at about 3:30 and hoping to find them with the lower tides.
  49. hawksfan75

    Wandering poles

    Earth's magnetic northern pole shifts more rapidly than scientists had planned for: For anybody that does long-distance navigation, this could impact your systems. The model was supposed to be updated but the federal government shutdown has...
  50. hawksfan75

    Area 9/10 sunshine

    What a great weekend to realize how dirty the boat was! Saturday I put in some work with @Jasongind and the kids and we put a 7.5 And some others we didn’t have to measure in the box. Sunday was family day as the wife, kids and I had a great day on the water. A little less action today but a...
  51. hawksfan75

    Razor Digging Thanksgiving Weekend

    Who will be out this weekend? Supposed to be raining a bunch but lower tides than the last opener so I wonder if the big ones will be out? I am looking at Twin Harbors for a go at it Friday night...
  52. hawksfan75

    Want to buy/borrow/rent pressure canner

    Well, a good weekend of razor clam digging with the full family has me in search of a canner. I'd like to smoke some up and get them on the shelf. I have a few tuna loins to do as well. Before I plop down for a new one or hit the thrift stores, figured I'd check to see if anybody has a spare...
  53. hawksfan75

    Night clamming tips

    Likely headed out for this weekend’s dig but I’ve only done the daylight openers before. Do you guys just carry lanterns or what’s the best light source? I have head lamps but they’re not the best. I’ll have a kid to manage as well, so I’ll have her lit up too heh… Who else will be out?
  54. hawksfan75

    Free commercial floats

    Have a few commie floats I picked up thinking I wanted to put them in the garage. Decided I was wrong, heh… Pick up in Kent or might be able to hand them off in WP next weekend for the clam dig.
  55. hawksfan75

    Navionics may have exposed personal data

    Looks like it's time for another password change round... Navionics disclosed that it had allowed a database to be visible without a password or encryption: The article states that none of...
  56. hawksfan75

    Everett derby lodging

    likely going to be fishing the Everett derby. Is there somewhere I can sleep in my camper in Everett or nearby? I can’t find any official rules about staying in the marina for one night.
  57. hawksfan75

    Seahawks Preseason

    Selling our tickets to the Colts and Raiders preseason games. Seats are in the Hawks Nest, section 149/row CC. $75/ea for the Colts $90/ea for the Raiders Open to trades as well.
  58. hawksfan75

    Anybody salmon fishing 7/29?

    Going to make a run out for salmon out of Westport tomorrow. Anybody want to buddy boat or share intel? I also will have a seat available. Pm me for mobile number.
  59. hawksfan75

    Sugar-free smoked salmon

    Has anybody found a good recipe for a sugar-free dry brine? I follow the old salmon university process and it is great. But my wife is in full Leto mode so I’d like to find a sugar-free brine. Best I’ve found is a short soak using just rock salt, rinse and dry then season and smoke.
  60. hawksfan75

    Found one I can’t make look small

    As with any trip on the ocean, I learned a lot this weekend. I’m thankful for those that I can openly ask questions and advice from and I am also learning I am starting to have some knowledge and advice I can pass to others as well. I learned that there is an art form to crabbing in Westport...
  61. hawksfan75

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Well, we just bought a camper to put into the bed of the truck to give us a comfortable place to stay for overnights to the coast and hunting camps. I pick it up Friday and push off for Neah Bay first thing Saturday. I have to use a hitch extension to tow the boat with it so I’m already a bit...
  62. hawksfan75

    WTB: Torklift Fastguns

    Anybody have a set they're not using? Looking for the spring-loaded locking ones. Thanks!
  63. hawksfan75

    La Push Memorial Day

    alright bitches! It’s go time for some fish killing. Tides, “Tide” and other natural occurrences be damned. I’m rolling into town Friday morning after landing at SeaTac at 11:50 pm Thursday night. :rockin::rockin: Who else will be in town this weekend? Who has the Fireball?
  64. hawksfan75

    Potential open seat/bedroom in La Push

    Unfortunately my buddy and his wife had a family medical emergency to tend to and have had to cancel their trip with us to La Push Memorial Day Weekend. We have a 2bd cabin with an open bedroom and just the wife and I on the boat at this time. I've reached out to a few folks but most have...
  65. hawksfan75

    Concrete patio contractor

    did a search and didn’t find much. We would like to go from our 15x10 aggregate patio to a 35x17 or so covered stamped or polished concrete patio with a built in fire pit and maybe some benches as well. Anybody here do that sort of thing?
  66. hawksfan75

    Magma grill and gimbal mount

    Please get this out of my garage. $125 Includes brand new regulator and NIB cutting board attachment as well as gimbal mount.
  67. hawksfan75

    WTB: Torklift Tiedowns for a Dodge Ram 2500

    In Search of some Torklift frame-mount tiedowns. Specifically these: Torklift D2102: I'm also looking for rear ones but not sure if I'm going to keep OEM receiver or swap out to heavier duty.
  68. hawksfan75

    Garage/home theater speakers

    Upgraded to some Polk reference series speakers and I have a nifty Bluetooth setup in the garage so these are available. The floor speakers are KLH 9912B with 12” drivers and Sound great. They’ve seen very little use. The sub is a Kenwood with speaker level input. It’s a passive sub and...
  69. hawksfan75

    Value rods and reels

    Not everybody can afford to run Islanders and we're not all prostaffers. This means a few of us have to run entry-level and value gear. I was curious what value gear folks have run. I have a couple of things I've been extremely happy with. Okuma Coldwater reels. I run a 453 for halibut and...
  70. hawksfan75

    WDFW releases North of Falcon meeting schedule

    Lots of opportunity to rally and a lot more opportunities to participate closer to home this year: Feb. 27 is the first look at forecasts and opportunities to the public. 9am-3pm in Olympia. I also caught the news that Ryan Lathrop is moving on to...
  71. hawksfan75

    Ruger LCP .380

    Selling the wife’s LCP. It has less than 75 rounds down the tube and I clean it after each outing to the range. Comes with: Pistol Original packaging Two IWB/OWB holsters Carrying case Ammo: two boxes of range ammo; 19 rounds of Remington 102gr bjhp; 21 rounds of hornady 90gr xtp and 14 rounds...
  72. hawksfan75

    Anybody running a 2540 yet?

    I'm smitten with this new model and looking for more first-hand information on it. Anybody run one yet? It's a lot heavier than other 25' models so was wondering how it performs, how it fishes, how the creature comforts are etc...
  73. hawksfan75

    NYE Clam Digs

    Go comment on Norm’s Post, heh…
  74. hawksfan75

    Hope you have your antifreeze in

    We are hitting mid 20s overnight up in the Kent foothills and I know there’s lots of places that are colder. I hope everyone gets through winter with no issues and ready to get some black mouth and be ready for spring!
  75. hawksfan75


    Four seats for MNF. Section 319, row S. $500 BD offer for all four. On CL for $800 for the set. I will be at the game with the wife too. Go Hawks!
  76. hawksfan75

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Would like to fish the derby on Nov. 4/5. Who else will be out there? Anybody need an extra teammate or looking to join a team? Trying to game plan and get the gear set up for blackmouth.
  77. hawksfan75


    two tickets in the Hawks Nest for tomorrow night’s game. Section 149, row cc $275 for the pair.
  78. hawksfan75

    Put your reel in a box

    Thought I would share a really cool present I got the other day from my best friend. They had come across this at an antique shop in Mt. Vernon and it has been really fun to learn about this old piece of fishing history. It's a Victrola reel box. Basically it's a spring motor from a Victrola...
  79. hawksfan75

    Salmon for Soldiers roll call

    Excited to actually get on the water this year. I'm coming up Friday and fishing Friday as well as Saturday. Who else is going for some humpy madness? Also, anyone nearby have a spot I can put up a tent Friday night so I don't have to drive back and forth to Kent?
  80. hawksfan75

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    tl;dr Here's the photo set from the weekend: Full Story: I had the pleasure of documenting the 2017 Washington Tuna Classic. This year was going to be a bit different. I had a plan, I had some good gear and I had a boat. I hauled the boat down Friday...
  81. hawksfan75

    Saturday boat ride/salmon

    I am going to be photographing the WTC this year and have a few fun things planned. I am going to be out on the water for the shotgun start. I was wondering if anybody is going to be in WP but doesn't have a ride Saturday and is capable of driving a boat? I think I'll need some help with...
  82. hawksfan75

    Anybody hunting Wednesday 8/2?

    Thinking about making an ocean run Wednesday for salmon. Anybody else going to be out?
  83. hawksfan75

    Suzuki 9.9 kicker idle issue

    After having the new kicker out a few times, I have an issue with the tiller throttle vibrating itself back to idle. I've tightened the tension screw as tight as I can get it but it still won't hold above idle, which was fine for kokanee fishing but not so good for kings. Has anybody swapped...
  84. hawksfan75

    Where will you be burning fuel this weekend?

    Trying to plan for the weekend... lots of options between A9, 10 & 11 putting out fish. But, Westport is heating up... Where should I burn my fuel this weekend? Where will you be?
  85. hawksfan75

    Neah Bay-be!

    It's midnight on the Fourth of July and I'm covered in Chinook scales after vacuum sealing fish all night. I love it. Made the run up to Neah with the wife, 3-year old and 6-yea-old to enjoy nature and also to hopefully get reacquainted with what a salmon looks like. We got in late Friday and...
  86. hawksfan75

    Neah this weekend

    Sounds like it's going to be crowded at Neah this weekend. Who will be up there? I just made the call and have moorage Saturday through Tuesday. We will be tent camping at the Cape and I'm hoping to put the kids on some fish. I'm getting antsy...
  87. hawksfan75

    Shrimp Gear

    Testing the waters so to speak and listing my shrimp gear for sale. I have the following: Four large rectangular spot prawn traps. They're fishy and catch limits. Weighted properly and rigged with bait tubes One tiger shrimp trap Hose reel with four, 400' shots with all stainless hardware...
  88. hawksfan75

    Mac's prop saver

    Brand new Mac's prop saver, Model 3, fits Yamaha 8 & 9.9 high thrust kickers. I need a different model for my Suzuki. Looks like they're $130 + tax in stores so I can do $115.
  89. hawksfan75

    Humminbird GPS pigtail

    connection for a Humminbird unit to a GPS unit. Works with any NMEA 0183 unit. Free.
  90. hawksfan75

    Mercruiser lower unit oil seals

    Found some stuff from the old boat. Package of drain plug seals for a Mercruiser lower unit. Free
  91. hawksfan75

    Before I drill some holes...

    My downriggers currently use the gimbal mounts and they're sort of patched together. After messing with them one too many times, I'd like to mount the pads permanently. I have a few questions before I drill holes in the boat. Do I need to alter the non-skid or can I just mount and seal around...
  92. hawksfan75

    Who is going Sunday?

    Who is making a halibut run Sunday? I've had a couple of skunk trips lately for Kokanee and last halibut day so looking for some blood.
  93. hawksfan75

    Have a seat? Want a seat?

    The wife and I are headed to WP for the halibut day Sunday. I have a seat or maybe two open on my boat. PM me if you're interested. Preference to those with electric reels [emoji867][emoji867][emoji867] Alternatively, if anybody is running from WP and has room for two, we'd take that too...
  94. hawksfan75

    Chelan/kokanee fishing

    Heading to Chelan for Memorial Day and have no idea what I'm doing over there, lol. Can I use my salmon gear for kokanee trolling or do I need those noodle rods? Also, what downrigger releases are you guys using for those light fish? I was reading about vertical jigging for macks as well? I...
  95. hawksfan75

    May 21 Halibut!

    Official announcement: Let's get some! Redemption trip for team Beast Wake.
  96. hawksfan75

    Ho'in for butts

    Wednesday was going great. I had a good meeting in the morning and was quickly moving through my packing for the adventure to come. My goal was to be on the road by 4 pm for an 8pm arrival in La Push. I'm putting the last of the gear in the truck and then I see "it." A puddle under my truck...
  97. hawksfan75

    Any La Push open seats?

    My truck blew another coolant line on the oil cooler and I can't for the life of me get it fixed on my own. My crew is already in La Push and I'd like to find them an open seat. There's four of us but there's three people I want to get out. I can stay on land. Text me at 425-753-2222 with any...
  98. hawksfan75

    Anyone clamming?

    Running to the coast for some razors tomorrow. Anybody been lately? Westport or ocean shores? Not driving to Long Beach for the extra 10.
  99. hawksfan75

    Opening day for trout

    Let's see your full stringers! Got both kids out this morning and nobody else at the Old Fishing Hole in Kent.
  100. hawksfan75

    Post-towing inspection

    Had to tow my cousin's runabout a couple of miles across Lake Washington after the motor crapped out. I made a bridle and used my stern cleats (they're basically on my swim step) and I kept an eye on my engine temp. So, what else should I inspect and check out? It was a small boat and the...
  101. hawksfan75

    WDFW announces 7-day halibut season

    Here's the press release: "The scheduled season dates are May 4, 6, 11, 21 and 25, and June 1 and 4, provided there is sufficient quota to accommodate all these fishing days. These dates apply to halibut fishing in Puget Sound marine areas 5-10 and in ocean...
  102. hawksfan75

    Any North of Falcon information?

    Was anybody able to make it to the meetings in Lynwood today? Any updates? Any info? Any presentations of facts(alternative or otherwise l)? Thanks!
  103. hawksfan75

    WTB 2005 Ram 2500/Cummins 5.9L service manual

    Had a coolant line blow out this afternoon and it appears to be an external oil cooler but nothing I'm finding online has it on the schematic. It's an aluminum fluid heat exchanger that's by the oil filter. Anybody have a shop manual I can borrow or buy? Want to figure out how the hell to get...
  104. hawksfan75

    Power paint roller

    Black and Decker Power paint roller. Has pad for decks/siding and attachment for a 5-gallon bucket too. $25
  105. hawksfan75

    Sea bass recipes

    I've hit the time of year where I've exhausted my fish taco and baked filet with herbed mayo/bread crumb crust. Let's hear your favorite black rock fish recipes. I'm going to try my hand at oil poaching halibut soon too... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  106. hawksfan75

    Some light salmon reading

    Just started with this but wanted to share. The PFMC has published an analysis of the 2016 run.
  107. hawksfan75

    Post op check in

    Day two of post op is almost in the books. Her surgery took about 5 hours and went really well. She's in a shitload of pain but has a tremendous team around her. She's in good spirits. But we aren't sure yet if the problem has been solved as the pain from the screws in her skull are masking...
  108. hawksfan75

    Time share week

    Throwing it out there if anybody's planning some travel between now and August 5. We have a timeshare week that we won't be able to use because of my wife's surgery in a couple weeks. Basically if the time/location you want is available, we book it and you pay us. Here's some of the...
  109. hawksfan75

    Canvas snaps

    my canvas attaches to screws ins that are embedded in a rubber strip on the windshield. Several of the screws have pulled out or shifted causing the canvas to not secure well and blow open. I've tried re screwing the old ones in but I was curious if I can adhere them in there? Any way to...
  110. hawksfan75

    First freeze

    While I've had frost a couple times in my area, the first wide spread freeze is forecast for next week: Make sure you're machines are prepped and ready for winter. I'll be...
  111. hawksfan75

    Black(mouth) Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    Anybody getting out there today? I'm going to give it a shot out of Everett tomorrow (and probably Sunday) with the kid. I have an open seat if anybody wants to go play in the rain. Time to play with the new kicker!
  112. hawksfan75

    Snomobiles and enclosed trailer

    Posting for my cousin. He's selling a two-place enclosed trailer with a 2012 600RMK with 144 miles 155 track and a 2013 RMK 800Pro with a 155 track. He's asking $16,000 for the whole package. PM me for his phone number.
  113. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Atlanta

    Who will be there. I might be setting up a tailgate if anyone wants to stand outside and drink beer. Sort of like salmon fishing in A11...
  114. hawksfan75

    Need extra hands?

    In an effort to learn more, if anybody will be butchering an animal in the south Puget Sound area (Seattle to Tacoma) I'd like to help. I've never done it and YouTube can only teach so much. PM/text me if you get an animal down.
  115. hawksfan75

    Diesel mechanic

    My 5.9 Cummins needs a spa day and a bit of love. I'm coming up on 150,000 miles and would like to get it tuned up and taken care of. It's plain stock and I've had it since 120k. I would ideally find somebody who could show me the basics on it so I can do it my damn self. But I would take shop...
  116. hawksfan75

    Prophets of Rage concert tickets

    Two lawn tickets for the Prophets of Rage lawn tickets for Sept. 11 show at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater in Vancouver $50 Price is for the pair and is face value minus Ticketmaster fees. Can transfer via email with paypal payment or trade for gear or whatever. I realized I'm too fucking...
  117. hawksfan75

    A11 closing early

    Apparently A11 had an encounter quota and we're going to hit it by Friday... Such fucking bullshit.
  118. hawksfan75

    WTB: 15-pound downrigger weights

    I need to pick up a couple of 15-pound downrigger weights. The supply on Craigs List seems to have dried up a bit. If you have one or two extras, let's make something happen.
  119. hawksfan75

    They tried...

    Left for work this morning and noticed something on the ground behind the boat. Jumped out of the truck as I thought maybe I left something behind while cleaning it yesterday. When I got to it, I notice that it's the tie bar for the kicker lock. Kicker is still on the boat so something must...
  120. hawksfan75

    Open seat, Saturday Westport

    Had a person back out last minute. Anybody want to join @silver slayer and I, aka Team Shrek, aka Team Barely Legal for a morning of salmon chasing fun? PM for details.
  121. hawksfan75

    Two kings in Westport

    Press release just crossed my feed. Two chinook retention out of Westport: SWEET! Who will I see out Saturday?
  122. hawksfan75

    Area 9/10 opener

    Anybody else hit the opener today? I was out with the 173637 other boats at possession/PNP and only have some good dungees to show for it. I might go back to sleeping in, heh...
  123. hawksfan75

    Plumber and/or contractor

    Had my home inspection today for the sale of my house and it turns out I had a tiny leak behind a wall and have some water intrusion and need to get a quote to have the leak fixed and the drywall replaced. I tried searching but the threads about plumbers were fairly old. The house is in Kent.
  124. hawksfan75

    Boat fire at Des Moines Marina

    A 40' cabin cruiser caught fire at the fuel dock today. That's some scary shit to consider how it could have ended...
  125. hawksfan75

    Eight flashers and bag

    Eight flashers, a mix of Hot spot and pro trolls. All are basically green. Keeping the stash of Q-Cove $65
  126. hawksfan75

    A11 Saturday June 25

    Who is heading out tomorrow? I've never caught a puget sound chinook so I'm not yet familiar with patterns and time of the year, especially in the south sound. In looking at creel reports it's a couple weeks early. Is it worth getting the boat out tomorrow???
  127. hawksfan75

    Discovering Discovery Bay

    Took a long weekend camping trip to Sequim and camped in the John Wayne resort tent area. The plan was for me and a buddy to head out early in search of Hali then pick up the wives and kids for some shrimping and cruising. But the wind had other ideas. Headed out Saturday am and quickly learned...
  128. hawksfan75

    Salmon Seasons announced! Looks like we have seasons! The article makes no mention of what the other "half" numbers are or how the splits work, but here we go... Here are some of the highlights...
  129. hawksfan75

    Sequim/John Wayne ice

    Headed to camp at John Wayne this weekend and we've never been there before. Is there good ice nearby or should I be packing my own up there? How about fuel at John Wayne? I'm assuming it doesn't have the same challenges as La Push? Who else will be up there this weekend? Missed the prawn...
  130. hawksfan75

    Two tent sites at John Wayne for Memorial Day

    Trip is back on. Let's get some shrimp and Hali!
  131. hawksfan75

    Doin work in Westport

    Made @T2shortB famous in a work video...
  132. hawksfan75

    Chilled halibut

    Anybody doing a tote for Sunday in Westport open to splitting it? I only have coolers/fish boxes and if I could get ice in WP that'd be aces.
  133. hawksfan75

    Want to buy/borrow large sledgehammer

    Have some fence posts I need to repair and need a large 10/12 pound sledgehammer. I'd prefer to borrow one but if you are selling one that's ok too.
  134. hawksfan75

    Offshore World Classic

    Team WTC is currently in 13th: The first place boat has double the points and has been yarding in the sail fish it looks like. Good luck to Mark, Tommy and the rest of the crew!
  135. hawksfan75

    Shrimping gear available for "rent"

    I'm going to be in La Push for the one-day shrimp madness in the Sound. I have four full shrimp setups that includes: Square pots with bait cages 400' shots of rope on a hose reel with stainless connections Four buoy setups on weighted staffs Scotty Put Puller That I would consider renting...
  136. hawksfan75

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    WDFW just posted the shrimp seasons. May 14 is the day... I think I'll be selling my shrimp gear... Puget Sound recreational shrimp season opening days are: Hood Canal Shrimp District (Marine Area 12): Open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 14, 18, 28 and 30...
  137. hawksfan75

    Miscellaneous items

    I'm cleaning out the garage in anticipation of listing the house for sale. I know none of this is pretty... Dexter 6k brake drum. Needs a new stud pressed in and has a small dent but has zero miles on it. Free Coho cleaner fish cleaner system. I don't have railing to the aft so no way to...
  138. hawksfan75

    Trailer hitch stinger

    Torklift 2" ball that I used for my Ram 1500 $20 (or trade for lead?)
  139. hawksfan75

    Any NOF updates

    Was anybody able to attend the Mill Creek meeting about the Sound on Saturday? It looks like there's an ocean meeting in Westport tonight as well: Haven't heard much on the Sound seasons (if any) and thought I'd see if folks have been able to attend?
  140. hawksfan75

    Westport babysitting

    I know some of us need a nanny after the barley pops come out but this one is for my kids. We booked a weekend for the halibut opener but didn't notice that our usual babysitter (grandma) was out of town that weekend. Any of the locals have a sitter recommendation for a 5 and 2 year old...
  141. hawksfan75

    Official 2016 Halibut Seasons

    The worst-kept secret in fishing is now official. Hope you weren't waiting for this press release announcing the 2016 Washington halibut seasons to make your reservations... Press release: Important details: 2016 Puget Sound halibut seasons Marine Area...
  142. hawksfan75

    WTB: Rubbermaid totes

    Getting ready to move and need to store some shit for a month or two. Looking for the 42L or bigger totes. Would prefer to borrow but can buy as well.
  143. hawksfan75

    Clothes for the above-average male

    Everything is gone. Thanks for marveling at my awesomeness. Clearing out my closet and have two big bags of clothes I'm offering for free. They're in the 2-3xl range and 46/48 waist in the jeans. I need true tall sizes and most of this isn't tall. A lot of Polo, Columbia, GAP etc... In...
  144. hawksfan75

    Westport halibut hotel deal

    Can't figure out how to get the referral code on this, but what the hell. Chateau Westport has a good Living Social deal that's valid for Halibut days. I just booked mine, so figured I'd share ;)
  145. hawksfan75

    Magma rail mount grill

    Good condition Magma rail mount grill with a blue canvas cover. Make me an offer or trade for a good jigging reel (can offer cash on my end as well depending on the deal).
  146. hawksfan75

    Split some StarBoard?

    I'm going to be making a cutting/bait table and need roughly a half sheet of Starboard. The biggest single sheet I want is 36"x24" and then some 4"x36 and 4x24. Before I go digging through scrap bins I thought I'd see if anybody wants/needs a half sheet. I've got a bit of a discount from Laird...
  147. hawksfan75

    Light reading

    Wondering if anyone has a copy of either "Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical Handbook" or "Boatowner's mechanical and electrical manual"? Going to be rewiring some stuff on the boat and thought one of them might be helpful. Anyone have a copy I could borrow or a recommendation that I buy a copy?
  148. hawksfan75

    Boat Show/Sporstmen's Show Shenanigans?

    Planning a couple outings and thought I'd see if anybody else is going to the boat show or sportsmen's show. I'll be at the boat show. We're doing a giveaway with BD Outdoors and need to drop some stuff off there. I'll also be there for Sails & Ales. I'm hitting the Sportsmen's Show on...
  149. hawksfan75

    Hali gear and salmon flashers

    Getting some stuff organized and streamlining some gear. I'll have some more stuff once I get through my grandpa's old tackle box. Located in Kent and work in south Seattle. I'm looking for a few things in trade (with some cash on my side): Downrigger reel Bait aster reel for a float rod...
  150. hawksfan75

    WTB Storage

    I've asked this before, but as we get toward the next season, I'd like to get a better storage/access for the boat. Thought I'd ask here if anybody wants to make some extra money by letting my rig take up some storage space. Here's what I need: Anywhere between Des Moines and Seattle, as far...
  151. hawksfan75

    Halibut Date Rumors

    I didn't think any of the season setting process had started, but Big Salmon just posted these up as the dates they're holding for halibut. Only three dates... Anybody have any official clue as to where this information is coming from? December 31, 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU NEAH BAY...
  152. hawksfan75

    WTB: Teak Isle Locking Latches

    Anybody have any of the stainless Teak Isle round latches they've taken off of any old tackle stations or similar, I'd love to pick them up. I figured used would match the boat a bit better ;)
  153. hawksfan75

    Fiberglass help please

    On my last outing, I dropped the lid to the fish hold onto a bucket and broke a chunk off of it. I have all of the gelcoat materials from a repair on the Trophy, so I'm going to do this myself. Here's the process I'm thinking of and wanted to sanity check before proceeding. Clean the...
  154. hawksfan75

    Boxing Day Blackmouth

    Anybody planning on heading out this weekend? The boat's been in storage too damn long. If I go, I'll have an open seat, likely out of Everett.
  155. hawksfan75

    Aluminum jet ski

    Why aren't these more popular? Hey Goat, can you make one of these?
  156. hawksfan75

    A 10 crabbing

    Christmas crabs!!!
  157. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Whiners

    We're having to sell our tickets to Sunday's game against the 49ers. Tickets are in the Hawks Nest. Sec. 149, row CC. Asking $400 on CL, but BD pricing in effect. Trades for gear/trips are on the table as well.
  158. hawksfan75

    One day to hunt

    I'm going to find myself in Richland tomorrow and I'm thinking about hunting on Sunday before heading home. I'm committing great Internet atrocity and asking for help. Any good elk areas between there and Kent? I've got a few spots I've hit in the Bumping unit before, but open to suggestions...
  159. hawksfan75

    Chumming in A9

    State just said no blackmouth season in A9 as well... I hope A7 is ready for its 2-day blackmouth season...
  160. hawksfan75

    Prepare to be mounted

    I have another thread about having a few extra days off... Well, why would I have a few days off? Because I'm changing jobs. I will be joining the team at RAM Mounts to run its communications. I'll be overseeing all things PR, social media and some of its other cool marketing things as well...
  161. hawksfan75

    Three days to fish

    I find myself with at least two full days next week with a green light to go fishing. I'm off Sunday-Tuesday and not sure where to go. A9 silvers? A11 boat rides? Coastal rivers that I have no clue how to fish? Stay home and save my gas money for winter blackmouth? Any ideas or suggestions...
  162. hawksfan75

    Man swims 55 miles of the Green/Duwamish

    Pretty cool stunt this guy's done to explore the Green/Duwamish watershed. Such an important water way and a lot of interest in protecting it. Seeing him swim through schools of pinks only makes me more frustrated my kid didn't catch one the couple times we were out, lol...
  163. hawksfan75

    Seahawks ticket

    My wife can't make the game today and I'm looking to sell a single ticket. Would trade for credit toward a tuna outing etc... I'd also consider selling the pair. Seats are in the Hawks Nest, section 149 row CC.
  164. hawksfan75

    Congressmen announce Puget Sound S.O.S. Act

    Posting for those that are smarter than I and more familiar with the issues than I am to comment on:
  165. hawksfan75

    Everett Coho Derby

    It's not fishing if you're not peeling $20 bills and throwing them overboard, right? Might as well pay a fee for a perfectly good weekend of fishing :frehya2: So, who will be there? Will I get to see Cornfed and T2Short running up the ramp only to be denied the opportunity to weigh in again...
  166. hawksfan75

    Herring filets for coho

    Any tips/tricks/recipes for prepping some herring filets for Coho catching? Do I just filet the frozen bait I pick up from the store? Do I brine/flavor? Not something I've had in my arsenal before as I've either trolled whole herring or hardware. Any advice is much appreciated.
  167. hawksfan75

    Mercruiser Oil

    Have a gallon of Auburn Sports Marine Mercruiser oil. New, unopened. $20 or trade for...? Looks like they cost $25 at Auburn...
  168. hawksfan75

    North end temporary storage/moorage

    Anybody who moors in Everett or Edmonds going to be out of the water in Sept.? I'm going to be doing Salmon for Soldiers and the derbies up that way and thinking of leaving the boat up that way for Sept. I have an option in Marysville right now, but if anybody has storage space or moorage let me...
  169. hawksfan75

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    Going out boating and will likely be doing the PSA derby Saturday. Looking for a ringer to join the boat so I can have somebody else to blame for nothing to show but a nice tan. It's hot out and the fishing is not. I'll be looking for pink jumpers and crashing birds while doing circles in the...
  170. hawksfan75

    Airmar P66 Mount

    Had a mishap with a swimmer last weekend and the transducer popped the locking latch off the mount. Anywhere sell these locally or do I need to order the mount off the internet? I'll be up in Bellingham this weekend. Does LFS have them maybe? Anybody have an extra they want to sell? heh...
  171. hawksfan75

    A11 crabs

    Finally got out for some leisurely crabbing this weekend. We didn't do too well. Lots of red rocks, only two keeper dungies for our efforts. But, I'm only posting the report to share the pictures. You guys have your fancy autopilot systems for trolling, I have the best autopilot system money...
  172. hawksfan75

    Washington coast and Puget Sound charter operators

    Please pm me if you run an official charter in the Washington marine areas. I'm working on a project to help folks select the best fit for them.
  173. hawksfan75

    Any pre-sockeye season tips for Baker Lake?

    Headed up for the Fourth at Baker Lake and hoping to get the kids into some trout, but haven't done well there before. Any tips outside of going the next weekend? ;)
  174. hawksfan75

    A11 Report

    Took Stryker and my daughter on a nice boat ride. Got to open up the Etec a bit, but besides that, here's what we caught: A whole lot of bullshit.
  175. hawksfan75

    New Westport Brewery

    Looks like a new brewery/pizza joint is opening up in Westport:
  176. hawksfan75

    An ocean captain's tale

    A weekend of firsts for me this weekend. First fish on the new boat. First halibut for three of my crew, including my wife. First seabass for the same three. First cabazon for me. First time meeting a ton of BD brothers. First time captaining my own boat in the ocean. Weeks of studying...
  177. hawksfan75

    Electric gremlins

    Out looking for seabass and the MFD goes haywire. I've attached a video showing what it does. In addition to the MFD issue, one of my iCommand gauges was out too. Lost power to the rocker switches on that side of the dash as well. Run back to port and take a break to clean up and when I turn...
  178. hawksfan75

    Want to rent: house in Westport

    I'm planning my best friends bachelor party and the group has decided a weekend in Westport fishing and hanging by a camp fire is the perfect weekend. Before I book a place on VRBO/AirBNB I thought I would check to see if anyone here would have a place to rent for 7 of us the weekend of June...
  179. hawksfan75

    Open Seat: Neah Bay Halibut

    We are headed to Neah for the Memorial Day Weekend Halibut opener and thanks to work stuff (boo) my friends are not able to make it out there until Friday afternoon. As such, I will have a seat open for the Thursday halibut day. I will also have a seat for Friday rock fish and/or salmon fishing...
  180. hawksfan75

    WTB: Pot puller

    I'm looking for either a Scotty or Ace puller for the boat. I've only got gunwale gimbals for now, so no gas pullers for me. Let me know what you've got and if we can get it before Saturday :) Conversely, I've got an open seat for A10 shrimping if anybody wants to bring their own pot puller...
  181. hawksfan75

    Ugly Stik vs. Tidewater vs. Celilo

    I'm looking for a halibut setup to add to the arsenal. Since I'll only use it once or twice per year, I'm not looking to go super expensive with it and am not buying the Lamiglas or the Shimano Trevala stuff. I'll likely be pairing with an Okuma Coldwater or Penn 113h reel. All three of these...
  182. hawksfan75

    Shrimp "season"

    Just noticed that WDFW updated the shrimp season page yesterday. The rumors of a one-day season for the south sound are true. Unreal...
  183. hawksfan75

    Downrigger mounting

    Trying to determine where to mount the Scotty deck plates. It's currently using the gimbal mounts but I want to be able to use a pot puller and I want to ensure they're not able to torque out of the gimbal mount. Is there a formula on where along the gunwale the plates should go? I guess...
  184. hawksfan75

    Look at these curves

    Well, the deed is done. The wife and I found what we have been looking for. Offshore fishability? Check. Pump out head? Check. Lakes, big rivers, puget sound, offshore? Check. Ability to kick back with a frosty beverage? Check. Thanks to @Lion11 aka Paul for selling us his rig. She's a...
  185. hawksfan75

    SOLD! 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT

    SOLD! Well, here she is... After all the help in my WTB thread, listing the current truck. Dodge Ram 1500 with quad cab, 6-speed manual transmission, tow package and good rubber. She has the 4.7L v8 and has performed flawlessly whether in the mountains or on the freeway. I am the original...
  186. hawksfan75

    Half-price inflatable PFDs

    West Marine has inflatable PFDs on sale for buy one/get one. Just ordered a couple and thought I would share the link. Looks like the deal ends tonight.
  187. hawksfan75

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton truck

    Looking to "upgrade" my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 to something with a bit more pulling power. I bought it new and am a bit out of the loop on buying a used truck. Here's the punch list: <100k miles Diesel Quad cab (needs to fit rear-facing car seats) Tow package $20k budget (with a little flex...
  188. hawksfan75

    Tacoma Boat Show

    Haven't seen much chatter on the boat show down this way this weekend. Anybody planning an outing? I'm thinking about going Friday evening to see if anything's different from the Seattle show and pick up a few odds and ends. Anybody headed to the show? More importantly, anybody want to meet up...
  189. hawksfan75

    North of Falcon forecasts

    Not sure how many of you are on Twitter, but Mark Yuasa has been live-tweeting the forecasts from North of Falcon:
  190. hawksfan75

    Ocean Halibut Dates Announced

    Hadn't seen official word on the site yet, but looks like the dates for coastal Hali are out: "The northern coastal season off Neah Bay and La Push will be open May 14...
  191. hawksfan75

    Proposed 2015-2017 seasons online and available for comment

    Just found the proposed dates for upcoming hunting seasons: Search through the PDF and note some of the changes. Removal of the 2pt. minimum on the west side. Also a possibility of a 4-point minimum in 117 and 121... Here's the link...
  192. hawksfan75

    Springer Season Set

    300,000 fish forecasted... Season opens March 1-April 10. I need to figure out how to experience this zoo...
  193. hawksfan75

    Anyone fishing tomorrow?

    Know it's a long shot, but after walking the Sportsman Show, I am now twitching to wet a line. Anyone heading out Sunday and need to split fuel costs or want company on a river? My cell number is 425-753-2222 if so. /shamelessbegging
  194. hawksfan75

    Penn downriggers

    Three Penn Fathom Master downriggers. One 620 with braid and rod holder. The other two are 600s. One has braid and the other has cable. The one with cable was a backup and is nearly brand new. I also can sell 10-pound balls and extra releases. Prices are all over the map online, so I'm open...
  195. hawksfan75

    O/T Seahawks Game

    I remember a few of you saying you were going to the Rams game a couple weeks ago. I was wondering who will be out Saturday and if there's a tailgate my wife and I can crash? Odd timing of the game and lack of child care means we won't be tailgating at our usual spot likely. I'm pretty fucking...
  196. hawksfan75

    Springer guide?

    Did a quick search and didn't find much, but was wondering who you guys would recommend for a Springer guide?
  197. hawksfan75

    Steiger Craft

    Has anybody ever seen a Steiger Craft locally? Would love to poke around one, specifically the 23DV Miami or the 255/26 DV Miami. It's a great blend of what I like about the Parker/Defiances with a bit more refinement like a Grady. If there's any opinions on them, I'm open to that as well.
  198. hawksfan75

    Sublease a slip

    Putting it out there for anybody looking for some water time, my slip at Des Moines Marina is open through the end of the year. I'm happy to transfer it over for super cheap. It's a 22' slip but they make some exceptions for size. I'd trade for a good river rod/reel combo, boat time next...
  199. hawksfan75

    Bill of Sale template

    I've found the DOL version, but curious if anyone has a Word or PDF version I can customize? Looking for one with As is/where is language that I can use. Save a step and email to me: ericberto @ gmail . com
  200. hawksfan75

    Bamfield Tuna Classic

    I don't remember seeing this discussed here, but thought I would share. There's a tuna derby out of British Columbia and just stumbled across the report: Pretty cool environment for a tuna derby.
  201. hawksfan75

    Temporary storage?

    Hoping to find a quick solution. My HOA is getting upset about me having my boat trailer in the driveway. Would anybody happen to have space I can park my trailer for the week until I can move it out to Fall City next weekend? I can pay in beer or cash. I'm open to longer-term arrangements as...
  202. hawksfan75

    Area 11 open seat for 10/5

    Taking my daughter out tomorrow and thought I would offer up an open seat for fishing Redondo and/or other areas tomorrow. Leaving Des Moines marina at about 6:30. PM if you're interested. And if there's any recent intel, I'm all ears.
  203. hawksfan75

    Winter Crabbing

    Winter crabbing opens everywhere except areas 10 and 11 (dammit) starting tomorrow. Bummer I don't get to pick any up while blackmouth fishing. I'm intrigued to see the harvest numbers in our areas from this year.
  204. hawksfan75

    Banner day in A11

    Haven't seen many reports out of A11, but it did good for my daughter and myself. Headed out of Des Moines and cruised south a bit. Dropped two rigs with a lot of green over the said and first fish hit not too long after that. Ended the day 3 for 3 and had a bit of size to them. All bucks also.
  205. hawksfan75

    Road Construction on I-5 in Olympia

    Just sharing a heads up for those making runs to Westport in the coming weeks. Work on I-5 could be a pain in the ass for you:
  206. hawksfan75

    Westport going to two chinook

    Looks like MA 2-4 will be going through two chinook per day instead of a mixed bag: Now to get back out there...
  207. hawksfan75

    Seahawks vs. Chargers preseason

    Our child care option for Friday night fell through and we can't find a third ticket for our four year old, so we'll be selling our seats for Friday night's preseason game. Seats are in the Hawks Nest, Section 149, Row CC. Asking $120/pair which is face value. I'm open to discussing trades...
  208. hawksfan75

    Shot in the dark: Open seat Sunday?

    Being "that guy" and looking for a change of scenery from A11 for Sunday. Anybody happen to have an open seat for fish/crab? Have own gear, gas money and ability to scrub a non-skid deck. If that doesn't work, I'll likely have an A11 open seat for the morning. I'd be in to drive to the coast...
  209. hawksfan75

    A11 gave me crabs

    Spent the weekend working some home waters. No salmon to show for it, but a happy kid and enough crab to make everyone happy is ok with me. We trolled a well known point north of des Moines and mooched the rip with only a dog fish and sand dab to show for it. Fun weekend that burned only...
  210. hawksfan75

    South King County PSA Salmon Derby

    I'm thinking about entering for the fun of it, but I'm a big fat goose egg on my MA11 catch card. Anybody either want to either join up and enter or have a spot on their boat? I keep my boat in Des Moines Marina, so easy trip to weigh in at least...
  211. hawksfan75

    2005 Trophy 1952WA

    On the hunt for a 21-24' DC (Robalo R227, HydraSport 2300DC, Striper 220 etc...) but to make room this needs to go. Boat is located in the Seattle area. Price is at $16,000 but open to offers. Let’s start with what’s new or recently repaired: Just tuned up (new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, all...
  212. hawksfan75

    Honey, I broke the vacuum sealer...

    I finally get to post up a report that ends with me catching fish. What a fabulous weekend it was. An offer to join @Badfish Pat on his boat Thursday combined with a hectic work schedule caused us to leave the boat at home for the weekend and hope for the best over the rest of the weekend. We...
  213. hawksfan75

    Probable A11 open seat

    So, it's not Westport, but I'll likely have an open seat on Saturday for a ride through A11, hitting the usual spots. I'm finalizing plans soon, but wanted to put it out there. PM me if you're interested. I could fit two others, but only have two downriggers.
  214. hawksfan75

    Fourth of July in Westport

    Just confirmed that we'll be headed down to Westport for the long weekend and will be taking the boat along to try our luck. I have read, re-read and will likely re-read again the posts here, LeRoy's Ramblings and NOAA about bar crossings, reading the water etc... but there's no replacement for...
  215. hawksfan75

    MA6 Hali

    Sure as hell wasn't mine, but somebody drug up a 192 pounder last weekend. Was it somebody from here?
  216. hawksfan75

    2005 Trophy 1952WA

    There comes a point in a boat owner's life where you hit a crossroads: Buy a new, bigger boat or learn to play golf ;) Regardless of which path I choose, the journey starts with selling the source of a lot of memories in the short while she's been part of the family. Currently listed for...
  217. hawksfan75

    Hell of a boat ride...

    Spent the weekend in Anacortes at Washington Park. Had decent weather Saturday and Sunday but unfortunately the highlight of the weekend was the whale we saw spout off then wave it's tail at us. Tried shrimping out of Burrows with the fleet there. First pot over and we note the current is...
  218. hawksfan75

    WTB/rent trailer storage

    I am looking for a place closer to either my house in Kent or Des Moines Marina to store my trailer. I currently have a place for it in Fall City, but that's a long drive to pick it up. It's about 22' with a swing tongue. PM me if you have space and what a price/trade would be.
  219. hawksfan75

    DIY Bottom paint

    For those of us in neighborhoods that don't allow us to store our boats and such, where do you take your boat to do off-trailer maintenance? I have very quickly been converted to the land of bottom paint with the Trophy and would like to do it myself. It looks fairly straight forward and a bit...
  220. hawksfan75

    Homemade pot pullers

    Any of you ever made a pot puller? Went shrimping last weekend. Pulling pots by hand sucked... A lot. So, I'm looking at options that don't require a $550 puller, a $80 adapter because I have Penn downrigger mounts and then wiring in a Scotty plug that will only get used for this setup. I...
  221. hawksfan75

    Trout madness

    Anybody gritting out the lake opener tomorrow? I'll be out hoping to put the three year old on some rainbows in Renton/Kent. All the while I will be dreaming of my halibut trip...
  222. hawksfan75

    WTB A few items

    Been watching the Net for a couple of things: * shrimp gear. In need of full setups as well as separate lines and floats * harpoon. Would prefer a 6' but a 2-4' would be great too * downrigger rods. Anything that is an upgrade over the Daiwa Wilderness would be great * anchor rode. Need a roll...
  223. hawksfan75

    Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2 vs. Raymarine Dragonfly

    Recent electronics "challenges" have me thinking about an upgrade again. In looking within my budget, which is <$1,000 (ideally that number would actually be closer to $500). Thanks to mailin rebates, Cabela's has the Lowrance HDS-7 with LSS-2 as a combo for $1,000. The Raymarine Dragonfly 7" is...
  224. hawksfan75

    Any house painters?

    Did a search for this, but got tired of scrolling. The house needs to be painted and if there's any recommendations or bruthas that do house painting, I'd love to support them.
  225. hawksfan75

    Spring seminar at OE

    Anyone planning on going to the seminar this saturday? Nelly will be telling us how to catch shrimp and bottom fish. It's a five-hour class though, so I'm not sure if I can commit to the whole day but was curious who else would be there.
  226. hawksfan75

    Best PFD for a toddler

    My 3 1/2 year old has outgrown her PFD and I'm on the hunt for a 30-50lb size life jacket. We haven't had her through full swim lessons yet, so we are looking for something with head support too. Most of what I'm seeing falls into two camps: Cartoony stuff that looks cheap/not as awesome as it...
  227. hawksfan75

    Shrimp season confirmed

    WDFW Announced this years shrimp season. I didn't follow the seasons very closely last year, so I am not sure if this is better, worse or the same. What I am curious on is the furthest south one can reliable shrimp. MA7 is closed over Memorial Day Weekend...
  228. hawksfan75

    WTB: VHF

    I had some water infiltrate my radio and I think it's toast. It appears to be sending out morse code or something similar and the LCD is all fucked (official description). Anybody have something that I can tie in to my GPS and will function well? Doesn't need to be anything super fancy, just...
  229. hawksfan75

    Did I buy the wrong rod?

    Just received my brand new Okuma Cedros speed jigging rod for halibut. I bought the 6-foot medium/heavy rated for 50-100lb braid. It's not as stout and has a lot more action at the tip than I thought it would. Am I just not used to this style and it will be fine for halibut, lungs and as a...
  230. hawksfan75

    Sensei Sticks

    Anybody familiar with these: Looks like a good, local alternative to the Ugly Stick rods and the Lami sticks that are good for bottom fishing...
  231. hawksfan75

    Timeshare Week sale/trade

    Selling our timeshare week that expires April 9. We also have an option to extend the week for an additional $125. Since our daughter was born, we're using all of our vacation time to be with her. Essentially, you let us know a week you want to go on vacation and we tell you where you can go...
  232. hawksfan75

    Seahawks/Cards tickets

    Given that I have a newborn at home, the wife and I are sitting out Sunday's Seahawks game. I have a pair of tickets in the Hawks Nest (Section 149, row CC) for sale. They're on CL for $250, but might be able to work something out with a brother here, that would be most excellent.
  233. hawksfan75

    O//T My next fishing buddy

    Well, I mentioned at the south-end get together that my wife was due any minute. Friday night was apparently any minute because after about four hours of labor, out popped this awesome little kid. This is Sydney and she'll be riding soon with my older daughter on the boat in no time. She was...
  234. hawksfan75

    Huge Sunfish hauled in from Elliott Bay

    Massive opah pulled in by a tribal gillnetter deep in Elliott Bay. Would have been crazy to see that thing making its way up the Duwamish/Green...
  235. hawksfan75

    Leader tips and tricks

    I know this is rudimentary knowledge for most, but I'm trying to teach myself this whole fishing thing. I've tied a few of my own leaders for spoons, but I'm going to give a shot for some hoochie leaders tonight and I want to be sure I'm "doing it right." I tried the search function, but it...
  236. hawksfan75

    Dig out the crab pots!

    Fall/Winter season opens Tuesday. Time to get the new catch cards!
  237. hawksfan75

    In need of trailer help

    Hanging my head in boat owner shame... So, I am replacing my second axle in three months. The bearings spun and the hub wobbled and caused a bunch of damage to the spindle. There's a couple of problems with this. The first is three fucking months?!?!? When the shop did the last replacement...
  238. hawksfan75

    Evening silvers

    It seems that all the reports and info I read has everybody getting their fish in the morning bite. But what if that's not an option? I'm headed out Sunday evening and only have the time to fish the incoming evening tide. Going to run out of Everett (Maybe Mukilteo) with the wife and kid and...
  239. hawksfan75

    For sale/trade: Seahawks Preseason tickets

    Hey guys, I am having to sell our preseason tickets for the Broncos/Raiders games. Our seats are up in the Hawks Nest and the face value is $55/seat. So, here's an idea of what I'm looking for: Trade for space on a boat, a decent river rod/reel setup, an hour or two of labor to help me figure...
  240. hawksfan75

    Everett to Oak Harbor

    A quick look shows it being about 35 miles to run from Everett to Oak Harbor. I'm visiting my grandparents who live in Oak Harbor this weekend and thinking about taking the boat. I'm trying to decide between trailering the boat and launching in Cornet Bay or mooring over night in Oak Harbor...
  241. hawksfan75

    Posting a report to prove I do actually fish ;)

    Well, I haven't had anything to report since I have yet to catch anything with fins since I have had my boat. But, the crabbing this year has been awesome. Saturday in with the carpet bombing somewhere near Redondo, I had nearly a limit in one pot. Even after battling the females and...
  242. hawksfan75

    Anyone have tent space for WTC?

    I have volunteered to come be one of the official photographers at the WTC next weekend and I'm wondering if anyone has a spare 10x10 spot I can set up camp for Friday/Saturday nights? Ken/WaveDancer might have bunk space, but the tent might be a better fit. I could pay for the spot and such...
  243. hawksfan75

    Open Seat, Area 10/11

    Plan on putting in on Redondo at around 0600 and then buzzing north to toss some crab traps in the water and wave shiny things. I hate putting the boat in by myself :) Happy to have the company on board!
  244. hawksfan75

    Humminbird 787ci

    The last few outings, the images and data from the fish finder have been all over the map. This last trip was way worse. Pictures are a little hard to see, but we were in about 80 feet of water, on the troll and it was bouncing us anywhere from .6-6 feet in depth and showing only solid mass...
  245. hawksfan75

    Humminbird 787ci

    I'll be posting this in the boating forum, but was curious if any of the locals had some insight. The last few outings, the images and data from the fish finder have been all over the map. This last trip was way worse. Pictures are a little hard to see, but we were in about 80 feet of water...
  246. hawksfan75

    Trophy live well

    I have a 2005 Bayliner Trophy 1952WA. It has a live well, but the challenge is that the tank doesn't fill up. Instead, it will pump water in, then instantly drain out the through hull. I can't figure out how to keep the tank half way full. Any tips/tricks/insight?
  247. hawksfan75

    Hood Canal Adventures in fiberglass land

    hoo boy! Four nights of awesome boating and crabbing and salmon fishing on the south end of Hood Canal... Or so I thought :) As it turns out, all of the ramps within a 20-minute drive were tidal and also don't have a dock. What this meant was no AM fishing for the boys and a dinged up bow of the...
  248. hawksfan75

    State budget deficit could mean suspension of all statewide fishing activities

    According to the Seattle Times, the potential inability to agree on a working budget could suspend all fishing seasons effective July 1. Holy shiiiiiiii...
  249. hawksfan75

    Wednesday PSA meeting in Kent

    Curious who I get to meet on Wednesday in Kent? If anybody wants to meet before/after, Airways Brewing is close by and has some amazing brews :) I'll be the 6'8 guy who looks clueless... heh
  250. hawksfan75

    Join an FNG running around Pt. Defiance tomorrow?

    Just got the go ahead to hit up Pt. Defiance tomorrow after my wife's first ultrasound on baby #2! I'll be mooching the outgoing tide and motor mooching the slack since I don't have the EZ Troll on the Trophy yet. Open seat on board if anybody is willing to share some tips, critique my boating...
  251. hawksfan75

    Area 12 rules deciphering

    In planning our 4th of July trip where we'll be staying at Dosewallips St. Park, I noticed the following: SALMON South of Ayock Point July 1-Oct. 15 CHINOOK - min. size 22". Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 4 (combined). Up to 2 CHINOOK may be retained. Release wild CHINOOK and...
  252. hawksfan75

    WTB: Lead

    Anybody have any mooching weights, 4-8oz or bigger cannon balls looking to get rid of? Doesn't need to be pretty or shiny and new. Maybe you just re-cast new stuff and have a bunch that's been knocked around a bit? Perfect... I'm learning and so far learning has meant creating artificial reefs...