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  1. Fishemup

    New Tackle Store in Nuevo

    I stopped in the new tackle store in Nuevo Vallarta. Saw the bill board on the hwy 200 and never took the time to stop. Today wife was out to lunch with her girl friends, so I took the time to stop. Sure glad I did, this shop is very well equipped with everything a PV fisherman needs. Hector the...
  2. Fishemup

    PV Tournament

    Got invited by my neighbor here in Nuevo to fish on his team for the 60th Torneo de Pesca in PV. 12-14th. Day one fished corbetina for nothing. Day two fished the zone out of Punta Mita 10-15 miles. One 22# Dorado off a log. Day three we went to El Banko with maybe thirty other boats. Picked up...
  3. Fishemup

    El Morro Thurs

    Got a load of live bait from the bait guys in Nuevo. Glad they are still working. Started outside the Middle Reef where we caught Pargo and AJ's last week. Worked our way out to El Morro and slow trolled that area until about 1pm for nada. Knowing the full moon was out I should have self in and...
  4. Fishemup

    Drag problem EX-30

    Got a new EX-30 for Xmas, my second one. Just loaded it with line and went to set the drag. The drag knob will tighten down but it won't back off very far. It stops and the drag pulls very hard to the point where it is hard to pull line. My other EX backs way off. Is there anything I ca do to...
  5. Fishemup

    Maximus Heading Out

    Sitting on my deck having a cocktail and just saw Maximus heading out of Nuevo Marina with the sun setting in the back ground. They are looking good. All the guys are on the back deck, I can feel the excitement. Wind is down and I expect a great trip ahead for those guys. Wish i was aboard...
  6. Fishemup

    Prison Riot

    Heard on the Banderas Bay Cruisers Net this morning that there was a riot last week at Las Marias Islands. It is now under control, but the security zone has been moved out to 20 miles and security has increased. Port Capt. has advised caution. Haven't seen Maximus at the dock for over a week...
  7. Fishemup

    PV Hitch Hiker

    Heading off shore yesterday when I looked down and saw a big Iguana walk casually to the stern of our boat. Scared the crap out of me. We finally moved him up to the bow where he looked over the rails and I think was a little surprised to see he was about 5 miles off shore. It sat up there for...
  8. Fishemup

    PV south side report for Wed.

    Took my neighbor Capt. Happy, back into the same area as last week. Water temp is now 88 deg and looking blue. Hit a football YF Tuna around 10:30 and then it was Skipjack mayhem. Boated eight and then stepped up the lure size to discourage the little fu------ers. Had a huge boil on one out...
  9. Fishemup

    June 1-2 PV report

    Ran into Danny and Scott Osuma fueling up the Marla's in La Cruz. They were heading up to the tourney in San Blas. Hope they had good luck and hopefully someone will report. Danny and Scott confirmed the earlier post from Capt. Jaun Moll (thanks Capt) about the tuna bite off Yelapa. Danny got...
  10. Fishemup

    La Cruz fuel dock - Ethanol?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the fuel sold at the La Cruz fuel dock has ethanol in it? We have been keeping our tanks topped off when we are going to be away for awhile and the boat was on the trailer. Always told this helps avoid condensation in the tank. We have had water issues in the...
  11. Fishemup

    Punta Mita Lobster

    A buddie of mine has a condo in Punta Mita and he was down a couple of weeks ago. One evening they walked down to the marina and saw some local fisherman carring a basket of lobster off one of the pangas. As best they could understand from the fisherman they caught them free diving. Language...
  12. Fishemup

    July31st w/ Chuy Gorrillas on Strike One

    Just got an email from my fishing buddie here in the SF Bay area. He made a quick trip to Punta Mita and caught some nice pargo and a few tuna. He was very excited about his favorite panga Capt. Chuy's new super panga "Strike One". Looks like a nice addition to the Punta Mita fleet. Here is...
  13. Fishemup

    Nuevo Marina Snook

    Quick trip over Memorial Day weekend. Not enough time to go offshore, because of condo business. I did cast a few plugs off the dock in front of the condo, but have never caught a snook that I hear are in the marina. I saw a couple of locals come down and one guy had a spear gun. He walks out on...
  14. Fishemup

    3/2/09 Roosters with Danny G on Dhamar

    My buddie Gary and I were back in PV for our annual Homeowners meeting for our condos. Last year, about this time, we went with Capt Danny Gomez on his panga Dhamar and had a great day on the roosters. We decided to get out with Capt Danny again this year. When we called Danny to see what was...
  15. Fishemup

    PV Feb.26-5

    Going down for a Home owners meeting at our condo. Hope to get out a couple of days. Anyone else fishing next week? Any private boaters need a couple of mates to share in expenses and clean up? Danny Gomez we sent you a email. Paul
  16. Fishemup

    Delray Beach at Xmas

    Going to be visiting my Mom over the Xmas holdiays looking for someone that might have room for 2-3 to share their boat. We're good for fuel, washing and cleaning fish! Father passed away a couple of years ago so we sold his boat, miss getting out there and don't care to ride on the Sea Mist or...
  17. Fishemup

    Boat insurance for boat in Mexico

    Sorry guys no fishing report, but with Barbie fishing rod making the board it may be time to ask a question. Just wondering what my fellow gringos have for insurance on your boats that you are keeping in Mexico? What companies, coverage, cost? I also understand that the boat permits are no...
  18. Fishemup

    July 4th World Cup

    Anyone fishing the July 4th World Cup out of PV? My friend, Dave Christman, is bring his Egg Harbor "Easy Doz It" over from Cabo to PV to give it a shot. He will be in Paradise on July 1st and heading back across on the 8th. I'll be on board, so please give us a shout. Paul
  19. Fishemup

    37' Bertram for sale in Cabo

    Last week I posted in the classified section a 37' Bertram that is located in Cabo. This is for a friend of mine and I can forward questions to him or his phone number is located in the ad. Good opportunity to find a awesome boat already down there. Ready to fish! Thanks, Paul
  20. Fishemup

    PV Marlin Tournaments?

    I have a buddie that likes to fish Marlin Tournaments. He thought there is one in June or July, but we can't find any info on it. Can anyone give me any info, the dates and maybe a link to this tournament? I know about the Pez Vella y Marlin Tournament in November and of course the Bloodydecks...
  21. Fishemup

    Rooster with Danny Gomez on Dhamar

    My partner and I went out with Danny Gomez yesterday 2/6/08 with Danny Gomez and mate AKA, Snoop Doggie on the panga Dhamar out of La Cruz. Danny runs a very comfortable panga with brand new twin Merk 90 four strokes. I think He said he got almost 4,000 hrs out of his old pair. I was impressed...
  22. Fishemup

    Dana Point boat

    Sorry to put this thread on the Mexico board, but I know a lot of the viewers here might be able to help. My boss is looking at a 52' Egg Harbor Sport Fisherman by the name of Southern Cross. Do any of you guys know this boat and can share your thought on it. He plans to leave it in Cabo...
  23. Fishemup

    Delray Beach - Xmas

    Sons and I will be in Delray Beach over Xmas and would love to find a private boater that would like some boat buddies to share expenses and cleanup. Fished the area for years until we had to sell my Dad's boat due to illness. So we know the ropes and have a 25' Grady that we fish in the San...
  24. Fishemup

    PV week of June 4th

    Just returned from ten day vacation in PV. I was able to fish two days out of Punta de Mita with Capt. Chewey and Mate Tomas on the super panga Jennifer. Nice boat and a great fisherman. Friend / fishing buddy, Bob Locker couldn’t stand to see me go fishing by myself and he found a last minute...
  25. Fishemup

    PV June 3-10

    I will be in Punta de Mita the first part of that week and in Nuevo Vallarta the end of the week. Is anyone else going to fish during this time? I would be interested in sharing a charter or sharing expenses and work on a private boat. Thanks, Paul