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  1. Jiggermeister

    Clear Popper Help

    I was wanting to turn some colored poppers into clear. I dipped some in acetone but I want to polish it clear again. I was wondering what polishing agent and Dremmel tip I could use to polish these again. I tried a cotton wheel and tooth paste and couldn’t get it as clear as I wanted it. Thanks...
  2. Jiggermeister

    SOLD BNIB Black Makaira 16

    For sale BNIB matte black Makaira 16. Asking 550, local sale San Diego.
  3. Jiggermeister

    Grande 8/23/20

    Full day on the Grande. The counts were bad for the whole week. I thought about canceling, but I had a friend coming in to fish and I had cancelled on him once so I decided to just suck it up and go. I knew the water at the islands had turned several days before from other people’s reports, but...
  4. Jiggermeister

    Liberty 7/18/20

    It was the first overnighter in a couple of years. I got asked to go on a private charter by a friend. It was the a very limited load of 21 people on the Liberty out of Fisherman’s. My first overnighter in a couple of years. The bait was not the best condition, 1/2 was nice the other 1/2...
  5. Jiggermeister

    SOLD JRI5s

    For sale 3 unused JRI 5s, 35 dollars local sale San Diego.
  6. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Used Phenix BD 909xh

    For sale used Phenix BD 909xh, DH. 220 Located in San Diego.
  7. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Calstar 700ml 140

    For sale used Calstar 700ml-c 20-40 lb. The one guide with oxidation is shown in pictures. Local sale, San Diego.
  8. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Daiwa Sealine SL20SH JPN

    Like the title says, WTB sealine sl20sh in good condition, Japanese made. Located in San Diego.
  9. Jiggermeister

    Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    It was my first trip back after quarantine and first trip out of H and M Landing in who knows how long. I don’t know why but I wanted to hit the Islands rather than go off shore. I booked my ticket earlier in the week. As the week progressed the Islands option started looking better and better...
  10. Jiggermeister

    TRADE Accurate Valiant 500n for 500n lefty

    Want to trade accurate valiant 500n for a lefty version, this one is a red/silver.
  11. Jiggermeister

    Lexa 400 knob/handle upgrade

    I am looking to replace the power handle on a Lexa 400 (gray). I was wondering if any of you guys have replaced the handle + knob or knob of the Lexa 400. If you could post results good/bad and pictures. Thanks in advance.
  12. Jiggermeister


    4 PL68 jigs for sale as set, 20 dollars local pickup, San Diego
  13. Jiggermeister

    Where can I fish?

    I’m located in San Diego and would like to fish from shore. I know a lot of city maintained spaces are closed off, and so is all of Mission Bay. It looks as though San Diego Bay is not closed. Does that mean I can fish Shelter Island? Has anyone tried recently? Thanks in advance.
  14. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Penn Fathom 25N ld2

    Like the add says WTB penn fathom 25N ld2, in good condition, and hopefully local to San Diego.
  15. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Trinidad 20 gold, 225

    For sale Trinidad 20, with gold clamp. 65 lb izorline spectra. Asking 225, located in San Diego.
  16. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Torium 16HG

    For sale great condition Torium 16HG, 65 spectra up to the top, clamp and box included. 165
  17. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Delete

    Revo Toro NaCl60- 65 lb spectra to 25 lb mono. Sold Trinidad 12A, 50 lb spectra to the top. Sold Saltiga 15H, 40 pound depth hunter, drag could use servicing, 290 Lexa 400 HD, left handed 65 lb spectra, Sold Lexa 300 PWRL, left handed, jigging world handle and original handle, 50 Samurai...
  18. Jiggermeister

    8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    It was my first time going out for yellowfin this year. My friends and I booked the trip two weeks in advance. It looked pretty promising but Saturday’s counts dipped and with the boat traffic it looked like I might become a pick bite. I brought a friend who had just caught his first yellowtail...
  19. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Price Drop SKB 7100

    For sale SKB 7100, located in SD. Pick up only. No trays. Asking 165.
  20. Jiggermeister

    Coronado 7-14-19

    Jumped on the Liberty 3/4, reservations said 62 ppl. The last counts said 56 so maybe 6 ppl slept in? It looks like we had 160 yellowtail for the day. The bite was super early, most of our fish came before 10:30 am. All techniques worked. I regretted not taking a YOYO setup bc a lot of the fish...
  21. Jiggermeister

    Stickbait for tuna

    I’ve been seeing a lot more people throwing stickbaits on the tuna when they’re on top. Any advice on brand, size, and retrieval to get bit. Also what hooks are you changing the stocks out for, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Jiggermeister

    6/22/19 Liberty

    Fished the Liberty on Friday with 34 other ppl. Bluefin where 60-80, one straggler at 30lbs. It was about 3 hr boat ride until we started fishing, which isn’t bad at all. Fished within site of the Nados, everyone was in the same area. Long drifts with the same school or different schools coming...
  23. Jiggermeister

    SOLD Avet JX MC

    For sale Avet JX MC, I don’t remember what it’s spooled with, but looks like 40 mono on top. Comes with box and clamp. Asking 150 Shimano Curado 301e, Sold Daiwa Saltist 35ld 2spd, spooled with 50 jbraid with enough room for top shot, box and clamp. Asking pending Located in San Diego
  24. Jiggermeister

    SOLD GFR 800ml and Daiwa SL30SH

    for sale: the GFR 800ML is used a handful and is pretty clean, tuna cord and turks, 200 SL30SH was clamp, no box, and 2/3-3-4 full of 65 lb izorline spectra, 60 Located in San Diego
  25. Jiggermeister

    San Diego Bay 3/2/19

    I have been itching to go fishing, thought I’d make the rockfish opener this past weekend but the weather didn’t cooperative. I hit up San Diego Bay for a bay bass session. High tide was around 8:30 pm, we started at about 7 and fished for about an hour and a half. I took a friend who has never...
  26. Jiggermeister

    2.5 SA80 11/10-11/11

    Boarded the Sea Adventure 80 for a 2.5, leaving 11/9 but fishing two days 11/11-11/12 on the banks, Cortez and Tanner. Both days we had a plunker bite. It was a fun couple days on the water, we failed to catch limits. The fish were 20-60lb grade, mostly fly lined deans, a handful on FF. The bait...
  27. Jiggermeister

    Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    All the usual boats were booked up for the week, so I made a last minute call to fish with a friend on the Pride. It was a limited load,14 people, fishing overnight. When I arrived at Seaforth it was packed, especially for a Thursday night. I took this picture on Friday when I got back, but...
  28. Jiggermeister

    New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    Try leaving work early on a Friday to catch a boat, and something at work will mess it up. I got a late start and a long ways to drive down to San Diego. The problem was the GPS said ETA was 6:30 pm but I needed to catch a 6:00 pm boat. I called down to the landing to see if they’d wait for me...
  29. Jiggermeister

    WTB Old School Avet MXJ

    Wanted, the old Avet MXJ with the metal Tbar handle. Let me know what you have through pictures and how much you want for it, must be willing to PayPal and ship.
  30. Jiggermeister

    WTB Daiwa ARSC1 Clamp

    Like the title says want to buy a clamp new or used, pm with price and condition. Must be willing to ship and accept PayPal.
  31. Jiggermeister

    WTB Phenix M1 rods

    Like the title says looking for Phenix M1 MX-S78M(spinning) and MX-74ML(casting). It is the M1s with the brown handle. Local pickup in the IE or possibly San Diego.
  32. Jiggermeister

    Low profile reel for the bay

    I’ve been fishing the bays from shore lately. I just got a light rod 4-10 lb to throw swimbaits or drop shot with. I didn’t have anything to put on it because I usually use spinning rods to fish the bay, so I made do with a Curado 301e last night , not fun. I was looking for more of a 200-100...
  33. Jiggermeister

    12/2/17 Pacific Queen

    I saw the reports of bluefin for the past couple weeks with most boats catching limits. I decided to chance it late in the year and go out one last time. The boat was on an overnight trip and got in around 8-8:30, they had 29 BFT and had to leave them biting to make our trip. The boat was...
  34. Jiggermeister

    Phenix BAX

    Hey can anyone tell me any information on a phenix blank BAX908, I can't find any information on this series. Did phenix make a limited run or what's up, any information would be helpful, thanks in advance.
  35. Jiggermeister

    WTB Okuma Komodo 364 Lefty

    Okuma Komodo 364 lefty, the older model, must be in good condition. PM with prices and pictures. Thanks in advance.
  36. Jiggermeister

    Black Gold Penn Torque Stardrag Clamp

    I was just wondering if the penn torque 15 BG in stardrag came with plastic or metal clamps. Also if anyone can send a picture of the clamp assembly that would be much appreciated. Thanks I'm advance.
  37. Jiggermeister


    Seeker SJ 90F, interested in rod or blank.
  38. Jiggermeister

    7/22/17 Grande

    It looks like all the off shore reports are all the same so I'll keep it short. I jumped on the Grande because I thought it would be a lite load, ended up with a full house. It was wide open on the yellowtail, plus we had a a good amount of dorado in the mix. The last stop of the day was wide...
  39. Jiggermeister

    Seeker SJ 90F

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys knew of a shop carrying these blanks, it seems like I have to order them at most stores and it'll be a while. Thanks in advance.
  40. Jiggermeister

    Rod choice for big poppers

    I was out last weekend throwing a Halco 160 on a Phenix 909xh and Tranx 500 HG. I wasn't unhappy with the distance I was getting but after every big cast as the popper was going out there I would feel my rod excessively wobbling (think boingggg). I felt that my rod choice was lite for what I was...
  41. Jiggermeister

    Flatfall buy one get one free

    Just went to Turners and saw them on sale, buy one get one free!
  42. Jiggermeister

    Mission Bay 4/28/17

    The weather was up offshore so a friend and I decided to putt around the bay in a skiff. We launched from Seaforth and fished mission bay with swimbaits. The fishing was difficult, the wind was ripping through the channel. Final count 1 spotted bay bass, 2 sand bass, 1 calico, and 3 halibut...
  43. Jiggermeister

    Liberty 4/15/17

    I had been wanting to go fish for while, the counts have been good, the weather was supposed to be good so I decided to take the wife on her first "real" fishing trip, one that was targeting something other than rockfish. The swell was pretty bad getting out and I thought it would lay down as...
  44. Jiggermeister


    I just picked up a challenger 801mh and a two piece 9.6 Striper nano blank. I was hoping to get them wrapped. I was wondering if you guys have got any of these rods wrapped here locally (SoCal) and if you guys would recommend the wrapper you used. Thanks in advance.
  45. Jiggermeister

    Custom wrap for blackhole

    I just picked up two blackhole blanks a challenger 801mh and a cap cod striper 9.6 2 piece. I was wondering if you guys had a recommendation on where to get these wrapped, location doesn't matter because I will have to drive anyways (southern califonia), perferably someone who has wrapped some...
  46. Jiggermeister

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    I was going to get a trip together with some friends, want to target shallow water rockfish and yellowtail, any suggestions on on four packs, pretty flexible as far as landings go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  47. Jiggermeister

    WTB Talica 8 or 10 clamp

    Like the title says want to buy either size clamp, must take PayPal, must be able to ship. PM what you got with price.
  48. Jiggermeister

    Clamp for TN12

    Does anybody know if the clamp assembly from the Talica 8 will fit on a Trinidad 12 gold? Or if there is an aftermarket clamp that works well with the reel? Thanks in advance.
  49. Jiggermeister

    Charkbait Sale

    I was at Charkbait yesterday and found out they were no longer carrying Seeker and Calstar. The seekers were 50% off sticker and the Calstars were being sold at cost. If you guys are local to one of these stores, it might be worthwhile to go check it out. I'm not affiliated with Charkbait...
  50. Jiggermeister

    Curado EJ

    For sale shimano Curado 300 EJ, with white 65# power pro. It has a few minor dings, located in Chula Vista, SD for this weekend only. 175, send PM with number for pictures. No box, reel only, great mechanical condition.
  51. Jiggermeister

    WTB 7.2, 7.8 Terez Spinning

    I have a trip coming up and will be going with my father, this will be his first time fishing and I thought a spinning setup might be easier for him to use. I'll be leaving for SD from Riverside so anywhere along the way that is convenient to pick up from is a possibility. Also I have a lot of...
  52. Jiggermeister

    WTB OG Killer Jigs

    PM with pictures of what you have and how much you want for them.
  53. Jiggermeister

    Electric grunion

    If anyone is interested The Longfin has the LC flash minnow in electric grunion as of 3/22/15.