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  1. Mickeyfin

    Boynton Beach vicinity

    can anyone provide information on the local drift boats? Heading there in mid-April and would like to get out on a 1/2 day boat. Maybe catch something tasty :) Thanks Mick
  2. Mickeyfin

    For Sale 6 INSHORE RODS

    Here's a few rods to sell. Thinning the collection Pictures on request. PICK-UPS ONLY! Located in Santa Monica thanks, Mick Lamiglas X80hbc-11 8' 15-40# Tip shortened. Previously too whippy ASKING $79 Daiwa Tatula 7’2” 12-25# ASKING $79 Powell Diesel 765MH 8' 10-25# ASKING...
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    All pms replied New prices above Thanks Mick
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    All pms replied and new price for 40N
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    replied to all PM's and updated status in my post
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    All reels sold! Thanks Mick Thanks, Mick
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    Was thinking panga trips, unless there was worthwhile offshore info. Haven’t researched either Puerto Escondido or Huatulco yet. It depends where we decide to stay. This would be a winter time trip Thanks, Mick
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    anyone here have any advice and info about what to expect if fishing in Oaxaca, Mex. Thanks,Mick
  9. Mickeyfin

    UC Rod 60#

    Thanks y’all for the good advise. Going to have a Predator 7’6” custom rod built by Cosmo’s All the best Mick
  10. Mickeyfin

    UC Rod 60#

    i have a penn fathom 40 w 80 spectra. Looking for a bait casting rod to use for 60lb. Can’t decide which of the UC rods to choose, maybe the Raptor? Thanks, Mick PS: 7 to 7 1/2 ft
  11. Mickeyfin

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    with a little effort the LR fleet can setup a counting sheet for individuals to have a running record of the catch. On longer trips I have an idea of the fish count but it can be + or - 2, which isn’t good enough considering the consequences of going over limits Mick
  12. Mickeyfin

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    The best meal thread got me to thinking about the subject. So rather than hijack the thread it seemed best to start anew. I can attest for the many delicious meals I've had on LR boats [up to 8 days]. I'm sure it gets better on 10-15 days. I'm curious about which boats have the healthiest...
  13. Mickeyfin

    How many of you are fishing your SX Raptors as a 40# setup?

    I have the sxj raptor. Good for 40# except when targeting those big bluefins Mick
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    last call thanks, Mick
  15. Mickeyfin

    Simple question

    good suggestions and advise. Think I will start with a few visits to the local range to tryout rentals and go from there. thanks again, Mick
  16. Mickeyfin

    Simple question

    Lots of robberies in the neighborhood lately. Avoided this decision for many years. I could read (forever) orask for help on BD. I’d be grateful for suggestions of which hand gun would be a good choice Thanks in advance, Mick
  17. Mickeyfin

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    WTG! Congratulations, Mick
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    bump. Couple of changes and new prices Mick
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    Another weekend bump. Last call Thanks, Mick
  20. Mickeyfin

    I Said Goodbye to a Friend Friday Afternoon

    Sorry to hear this. I hadn't fished with Bill in a decade. I remember a 7 day trip on the Rooster very well. An all around excellent trip with Bill as the CM. RIP. Mick
  21. Mickeyfin

    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    Visit the local tackle store. Pulling on some rods and handling some reels will help narrow the field. Mick
  22. Mickeyfin

    quick report

    10/1 Sunday. Trolled around the 224, 302, 371 and 425. Scratched out a few yellowfin and bones. Nothing over 8#. Rough as $hit from the moment we left the harbor. No bait stops. One keeper. Where'd they go? We had good info, but it's still yesterdays news :) After 10 hours, the best part of the...
  23. Mickeyfin

    9/30 what paddies?!

    That $ucks. Putting some gas in the boat then on to the landing. We’re in a 23’ Grady and white Tundra truck. Drop by later and we can discuss Mick
  24. Mickeyfin

    0CT. 1ST

    looks like we are heading to Dana to launch on Sunday. Anyone else planning the same? Go gettum, Mick
  25. Mickeyfin

    Which UC Rods?

    I can reply in 30 days. Since I read this yesterday we could start the count at 29.:-) Mick
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  27. Mickeyfin

    Weather projections

    there appears to be some yellowfin is US waters. Yesterday a 3/4 boat, the Pursuit [22nd St landing] did well. That may be the best alternative. Mick
  28. Mickeyfin

    9/2 thru 9/10 Excel/Gallagher Fish Explosion

    Always the most detailed report. Heading to BS on Friday to stock up on jigs Thanks Mick
  29. Mickeyfin

    Weather projections

    Same here. Planning on a run to Catalina add some gas then go to Clemente this weekend. Anyone interested in sharing info while on the water? Best Mick PS: probably launch from 22nd St. Boat stored in MDR. Not sure of departure time/schedule just yet
  30. Mickeyfin

    Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Don't see any reports of tuna in the Catalina vicinity, except yours. Impressive catch! Planning a PB trip next weekend, weather permitting to Catalina, then on to San Clemente. Hopefully yellowfin and bluefin find us. Mick
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    updates have been added above. If I haven't made contact then the reel/rod is pending or sold. If anything changes I will add new updates thanks, Mick
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    10/7 LAST PRICE DROP Thinning the collection. Every rod and reel is well cared for and in above average condition. Pictures on request. Pick-ups will get priority over shipping. Located in Santa Monica. Thanks for your interest. Mick REELS DAIWA TATULA 100 W/45# SPECTRA--------------5.4:1...
  33. Mickeyfin

    LIMITS (60) Bluefin 90-160lb on the Ranger 85 1.5 day

    Fishing trip of the year! Way to go Mick
  34. Mickeyfin


    I was having a discussion recently about deep freezers vs freezer refrigerator fish storage.I tried to convince others the benefits of a deep freezer but didn't have the technical explanation to make the point. Does a new side-by-side refrig. function as good as a dedicated deep freezer? If not...
  35. Mickeyfin

    West Coast Wahoo

    October it is. I think I'd rather chase wahoo and all the excitement that comes with hooking one over a fat tuna Thanks everyone!!! Mick
  36. Mickeyfin

    West Coast Wahoo

    over the years I've heard about great LR wahoo trips in the summer and fall. Assuming these are the 2 best seasons to go for wahoo which would be the best months? Thanks, Mick
  37. Mickeyfin

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    After 1 trip I'm 2 for 6. I hear that's an expert. See Huck fin for the straight scoop and Fishy B.for East Coast style :) Mick
  38. Mickeyfin

    Lupe rod for tac 20

    I think the 770h is a good choice. I went with the United centaur rod for my talica 20 Mick
  39. Mickeyfin

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Way to go. Think I will hop on a Tornado trip next week Mick
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  41. Mickeyfin

    Best 2-Speed for Flylining?

    I have a 12 & 20 Talica. They cast a small bait great. There are no tension knobs on lever drag reels, such as your JX. As stated above "train your thumb", the solution is easy. Practice casting 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sliding sinkers at the park. It will payoff the next trip when big fish are just...
  42. Mickeyfin

    Phenix Black Diamond vs Calstar Graphfighter

    They are my 2 faves I have plenty of calstars and phenix for offshore fishing inshore I like the phenix 926L to cast and a calstar 700m for dropper loop Mick
  43. Mickeyfin

    4x reel

    The rod sounds like it's best for inshore fishing irregardless of the reel. Go gettum, Mick
  44. Mickeyfin


    Reduced to $395 Looks new. Im selling a hardly used T5ii 18mp with an 18-55mm lens, battery/charger, memory chip-and leather case. Never left the house. The $750-900 and I have seen sales for about $650. I'm asking $425 obo. If you like photography this camera can do it all. Please post or pm...
  45. Mickeyfin

    Expensive reel purchase debate

    I'd consider stepping up to a Talica 20 over the 16 Jmo Mick
  46. Mickeyfin

    Just Keep Skipping Just Keep Skipping - Jumbo BFT

    Way to go! Congrats of the big fish 1/2 a rod. Mick
  47. Mickeyfin

    Channel Islands

    Day trips find them on the backside of Anacapa. Go gettum, Mick
  48. Mickeyfin

    Citica- No free spool

    Assuming you opened up the reel to clean the inside then Re-open and make sure everything is seated correctly. Close and retry spinning Mick
  49. Mickeyfin

    Call to Action SB 187 - 12 month Fishing License Bill moves forward.

    Maybe there will be something for fishermen to cheer about? Politicians have voted and won every anti fishing bill. Mick
  50. Mickeyfin

    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

    As suggested earlier by Bob the penn fathom 40/2 speed and a Phoenix HX 7'2" rod are a terrific combo for about 5 bill$. I've used a similar set-up for the local big bluefin in recent years. Go gettum, Mick
  51. Mickeyfin

    Bluefin Redemption

    Fantastic day on the water. It's as good as it gets to be able to share it with your son! Go gettum, Mick
  52. Mickeyfin

    WTB live bait rod

    A good 8' rod is the calstar 270/8H rated 15-40. Soft tip to cast bait and plenty of backbone to fight big fish Mick
  53. Mickeyfin

    saltiga 15

    Definitely handles anything inshore and school tuna. Don't know about it looking sexy. I have other ideas when it comes to sexy, hehehe. Mick
  54. Mickeyfin

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Way to go !!! I keep hearing to use the small hooks. Any truth to that? Thanks, Mick
  55. Mickeyfin

    Stand up reel for 80-100# tuna

    Picked up a Talica 20 and UC Centaur for 80-100#. Looking forward to putting it to the test in 2017 Mick
  56. Mickeyfin

    Drag clicker reel for private boaters

    In case this hasn't already been suggested.......... I recall a few people interested in inshore reels with drag clickers. Check eBay for "drag clicker kits" sold by dr. Trout from Russia, yeah Russia but it's no ripoff. Also, selling on the Tackletour website in the "reels" section posted by...
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  58. Mickeyfin

    lexa 300 hd vs curado 300ej

    I have both. Never had problems with either reel. My curado's are much older and as always buttery smooth due to the different metals and more teeth in the Curado gears Ymmv Mick
  59. Mickeyfin

    fishing Havana Cuba

    Check with E Hemingway for the latest report. Hope you can brings your own tackle. If the boats are anything Like the cars, I'd want to wait a few years for just for safety Mick
  60. Mickeyfin

    Which rod for your Tranx 400HG ?

    The folks at Shimano made theTerez reel seat big enough for up to a 300 size reels. NOthing else will fit. From one who know, Mick
  61. Mickeyfin

    200 Sized Baitcaster for Calicos...???

    heck I fish some 100's for calicos but like the 300 size best Mick
  62. Mickeyfin

    "Best" Small Lever Drag Reel?

    Not sure if the Avet sxj raptor qualifies as a smaller reel than stated above but it's fun to fish. Got close to getting spooled but was able to land a few 50# bluefin Go gettum Mick
  63. Mickeyfin

    Looking for a new reel for yellowtail and tuna!!

    In my experience the Daiwas are best or 2nd best inshore reels. For off shore they are not a preferred choice with the exception of the Saltiga. Ymmv Mick
  64. Mickeyfin

    Looking for a new reel for yellowtail and tuna!!

    It's tough to beat the Penn fathom 2 speeds in your price range Mick
  65. Mickeyfin

    Tranx 300 will/will not fit on which rods (reel seats)?

    The only time I experienced trouble with reel seats was with the Terex wax wing rods series. They are limited to inshore reels only. Have you compared the reel foot With other Models? Mick
  66. Mickeyfin

    Pro Gear Violators?

    Hey, the reel is 4 sale at charkbait Go gettum Mcki
  67. Mickeyfin


    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone fishing freshwater rods in the Pacific. I'm casting mainly 1/4 to 3/4 oz plastics in the Channel Islands If so then which rods do you use? thanks, Mick
  68. Mickeyfin

    SX raptor uses?

    I was using the narrow SX Raptor with 40# fluoro on schoolie 15-40# yellowfin. It was fun to watch the line strip down to a few cranks B4 turning the tuna back to the boat. The little SX is tougher than you think Mick
  69. Mickeyfin

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    Phenix Axis 7'2" rated 25-60# Go gettum, Mick
  70. Mickeyfin

    FlyLine & Egg Sinker Rod Suggestion...???

    Pick up a calstar 270/8H rated 15-40. It's one of the best for fly line and light sinker fishing Mick
  71. Mickeyfin


    anything new coming out for Penn reels in 2017? thanks, Mick
  72. Mickeyfin

    Suggestions on casting rod - $180

    Check the Phenix Axis lineup of rods. Cost is a little more than $180 ($225-260) but definitely a great choice Good luck Mick
  73. Mickeyfin

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Although I haven't gone longer than 8 days I suggest buying all you can from Cabelas and ask them to help finance the trip in some way. Tell them about all the good publicity they will receive as well as opening the doors to new business opportunities such as chartering fishing trips with...
  74. Mickeyfin

    Guadalupe YT

    On my 1st trip to the Lupe I got busted off 3 straight times. My buddy May he Rest In Peace reached over to my Penn Baja reel and slammed the drag up all the way. I looked at him in surprise since I didn't know any better but. From that point on I hooked and landed every YT. What a blast it was...
  75. Mickeyfin

    Talica II 12 or 16 ?

    What application and line are on the above reels. Same questions for a new Talica Mick
  76. Mickeyfin


    weekend bump
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    Sunday bump
  78. Mickeyfin

    Black Friday reel choice

    Th Penn Fathom 2 speeds are hard to beat for under $300. I have 2 of them. Landed a 65# bluefin on the fathom 15/2 speed in August My fave for tuna is still the Shimano 12/2 speed. It feels and fishes the smoothest It's hard to go wrong with any of the current crop of 2 speeds Go gettum, Mick
  79. Mickeyfin

    Looking for a 60 lb Rod

    Ditto.... I have the 765ML and the Penn torque 40/2 speed for 60#. Mick
  80. Mickeyfin


    Thanksgiving bump
  81. Mickeyfin


    Thanksgiving bump
  82. Mickeyfin


    Good luck hooping Mick
  83. Mickeyfin


    a few goodies to sell and give away Daiwa ALPHAS SV 105SH [JDM]-has 7.2 gear ratio, filled with 30# power pro. Great light bait [< ¼ oz.] caster. In near new condition. Have box and papers. SOLD SHIMANO CALCUTTA 200 TE DC-has 5.1 gear ratio, filled with 50# power pro & 20# fluorocarbon...
  84. Mickeyfin

    Help deciding on 5th setup for 3 day

    you need a 5th AND 6th set-up most of which is covered above. Thinking a 15-20# bait for the finicky fish and a 40# bait reel. go gettum, Mick
  85. Mickeyfin

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    shimano and daiwa inshore levelwinds have cast controls Mick
  86. Mickeyfin

    Another "which reel" Thread...

    I'd skip the new Daiwa b/c bugs are common with new models. Same goes for Pro Gear. After a decade they pop up and get back into business then within 3 months are discounting the reels and 6 months bring out new replacement models. Smells fishy [not Tang, Fishy] All may be ok with the new PG but...
  87. Mickeyfin


    interested in obtaining a pro kit with most of the contents. Daho or Toro needles, crimping plier, various crimps, 3 spools of hollow, etc. thanks, Mick
  88. Mickeyfin

    a reminder about tape on the arbor of a spool

    Ditto! I've been coating spools with Boeshield T-9 forever to eliminate corrosion. If spectra slippage occurs I wrap a few turns of mono on the spool Mick
  89. Mickeyfin


    Interesting that JB 80 is thicker than 100#. Thanks for the replies, incite and advise Best Mick
  90. Mickeyfin


    No experience with hollow spectra. I will be loading a new Talica 20 with solid. Haven't decided whether to use 80 or 100# nor the manufacturer.I noticed some 80 spectra breaks at well over 100#. So why not use 80 spectra knowing I could get more line on the reel and fish 100 flouro/mono...
  91. Mickeyfin


    check the fishing reel section. Looks like the Penns are discounted 20%. Offer good to 10/22 go gettum, Mick
  92. Mickeyfin

    Which Talica for 80-100# Spectra?

    Recently picked up the 20 exactly for 80-100# Mick
  93. Mickeyfin

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Fish stopper Deep color Roses and guns Velociraptor Mick
  94. Mickeyfin

    Talica 10 or 12?

    I use the 12 mainly for 40. Terrific reel Mick
  95. Mickeyfin


    thanks guys! I spoke with UC last week and they claimed the new Centaur was an 80# rod and the raptor was 60#. That's why I asked. Either way the new Centaur blank has been ordered. Planning to use it for 80 but glad to hear it will handle more. Go gettum, Mick
  96. Mickeyfin


    ↑ Need some advise............ I'm not as familiar with the rod ratings for UC line-up as I am for Seekers and Calstars. Interested in knowing the recommended line rating for these UC rods. For example does the 50-80#, 7'6" raptor rating fish best at 50, 60 or 80? Same question for the 7'6"...
  97. Mickeyfin


    moved to LR board Thanks, Mick
  98. Mickeyfin

    UC RaptorI

    Where do the line ratings fall for the above rail rods. For example does the 50-80# raptor rating fish best at 50, 60 or 80? Thanks, Mick
  99. Mickeyfin

    UC RaptorI

    turns out UC has a new model coming out that will be rated in between the Raptor and Viper. Just what I wanted! Mick
  100. Mickeyfin

    which reel?

    so many choices. Ain't fishing great! Suggest you drop by the nearest tackle shop and try a few reels before deciding. My only suggestions is that it's hard to beat the fathom 2 speeds costing less than 300 bones. go gettum, Mick
  101. Mickeyfin

    TAC12 Rod And line

    I went with 80# spectra. No regrets. Using either 40 or 50 top shot. Fished with a Calstar 765xl or phenix 809xh shortened to 7'6" Among the best reels ever made for casting sardines and power Go gettum Mick
  102. Mickeyfin

    UC Raptor

    thanks Guys. Next rod is the Raptor Go gettum, Mick
  103. Mickeyfin

    UC Raptor

    Aha, glad to hear I'm not going blind Billy, were you interested in a 60 and/or 80 rod. I thought the raptor tip was softer but didn't get to check the power Thanks, Mick
  104. Mickeyfin

    40 lb. set up

    For 40# A Talica 12 with 65 spectra and calstar 765xl has been the 1st rod out of the rack on every tuna trip. This will cost a little more than you wanted to spend. It's worth it imho Ymmv Go gettum, Mick
  105. Mickeyfin

    UC RaptorI

    Checking out the rods at Bob Sands recently and thought one of them was a 7'6" raptor rated 60 to 100#. Can't find it online? Anyone come across this model? Thanks,Mick
  106. Mickeyfin

    UC Raptor

    I was checking out the Raptor 7'6" rated 60-100 at B.Sands recently. Compared it to the Calstars 775 Xh 60-120 [very similar] and Phoenix axis models. I liked the action of the raptor and calstar to use for 80#. Afterwards I tried to look up the raptor on line and couldn't find it anywhere. Hope...
  107. Mickeyfin

    hi guys i need your opinion about

    .Fun reel on school size tuna. Almost spooled twice on 30-40# fish I left it in the rack on a recent bluefin bite Mick
  108. Mickeyfin

    Shimano Talica 2 speeds

    I have the 12 & 20 talicas and was curious about whether distance casting sardines will improve by adding TS301 oil to bearings like the Makeiras. Anyone try this? Thanks Mick
  109. Mickeyfin

    Which best for 60#, Penn FTH40NLD2 or Avet HX 5/2?

    Hey Jim how goes it. B If the HX is not the raptor version then use it for 50# and the fathom for 60 Go gettum Mick
  110. Mickeyfin

    Fathom 25/30 2spd for current tuna?

    Got a 74# on my fathom 25/2 speed. Tough fish. Had enough line capacity and the reel was up to the task. I prefer regular/narrow reels over the wider models. Go gettum Mick
  111. Mickeyfin

    Penn fathom 15-2speed

    The reel was purchased about 1 1/2 years ago. Used it on only 3 trips, Thanks for the suggestions Tony! Mick
  112. Mickeyfin

    Penn fathom 15-2speed

    Had trouble with this reel 2 days ago fighting blue fins . The handle becomes hard wind and wants to go backwards in the midst of the fight. It eventually catches but then does it on the next 1/2 a crank. What's wrong? Thanks Mick
  113. Mickeyfin

    Looking for a great 6 pack for off shore

    Limitless. They are expensive but super aggressive at finding fish and putting the petal to the metal. Good luck, Mick
  114. Mickeyfin

    Calstar GFGR875H LR Wahoo Special

    The 875h was going to be my next rodbut my custom wrapper suggested the Phoenix 809xh with 6" cut from the butt. Turned out to be a great decision. More backbone and casts like the calstar Ymmv. Go gettum Mick
  115. Mickeyfin

    PENN Torque II spinning reels: New for 2017

    Gear ratios and line capacity? Thanks Mick
  116. Mickeyfin

    Seeker , shimano terez

    PM and text sent re:terez go gettum Mick
  117. Mickeyfin

    very interest in terez. Just 1 question about handle. Please call or text at 310 780 1830 thanks...

    very interest in terez. Just 1 question about handle. Please call or text at 310 780 1830 thanks Mick
  118. Mickeyfin

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    X3. its interesting to see which spool can spin the longest but means nothing on the water. Thats as valuable as a roll of toilet paper spinning on its holder It's all about which rod and reel combo casts the longest Mic
  119. Mickeyfin


    Thanks for the suggestions. I have a couple of Halco Roostas on the way and will order more poppers before my summer trip. I plan to use a Calstar 765L with either of these 2-speed reels a talica 12, fathom 25n Spinning reels feel awkward to crank on tuna Maybe I missed this in the replies but...
  120. Mickeyfin


    just started reading about fishing with poppers after recent West Coast catches. Better late than never LOL. I would be interested in unbiased opinions from the fishermen that use poppers regularly on the left coast. What has been working and how to fish best them? Sizes, colors, single or...
  121. Mickeyfin


    have a brand new in box Canon rebel T5i camera for sale. Includes aCanon 18-55 IS TSM lens kit and all the standard camera manuals and components. These sell for $550-600. Asking $450 add $15 for shipping located in Santa Monica or meet in Burbank text 3107801830 for fast reply thanks Mick
  122. Mickeyfin

    New Progear Reels

    i used to own 7 progear reels. When they folded I got rid of all but 2 of them over concerns about parts. At 1st I was exited to see PG return after so long. Maybe Newell's are next?LOL That said I am concerned about their staying power. I think Its a bad sign when their reels are being...
  123. Mickeyfin

    Best spinner $200-300 max Thinking 6500ish

    Check out the reel REVIEWS and rating LISTS of inexpensive to top of the line spinners in this website. I have referenced this guys advise for a couple of spinners Mick
  124. Mickeyfin

    2 speed reels

    Penn reels on sale at tackle direct Go gettum. Mick
  125. Mickeyfin

    2 speed reels

    Any one of the recommended reels will get er done. I think the Penn Fathoms are by far the best bang for the buck. I own the 15 and 25n Both have performed great for fly line and hi speed jigging. Price wise nothing compares. Quality is superior for a 2 speed costing under 3 bones Go getum Mick
  126. Mickeyfin

    Penn 525 Mag

    Per Scott's bait and tackle the 4.25-1 low gear sets are no mas:(. Thanks for the suggestions Mick
  127. Mickeyfin

    Penn 525 Mag

    looking to swap the stock 6.1 gears with a set of 4.1 gears for the Penn 525 mag. Are they around? If so who sells them thanks Mick
  128. Mickeyfin

    Fins 40g

    Thanks for sharing the good, bad, experiences and impressions of fins spectra. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks Mick
  129. Mickeyfin

    Calstar Boomer Jr

    Great rod. Mine was setup with 80# and penn 50s Best on a private boat due to length. Go gettum Mick
  130. Mickeyfin

    Looking for anchovy casting reel

    That's true. Don't mind a small sacrifice of casting distance for the added backbone of the CS 270/8H Never no when Big Moe will show up Mick
  131. Mickeyfin

    Fins 40g

    i plan to use the 85# spectra on my Talica 12/2 speed with a 40/50 fluorocarbon top shot this year. Hopefully the Fins newer and thinner spectra will be up to the job chasing mostly schoolie tuna. Has anyone tried Fins spectra? Thanks Mick
  132. Mickeyfin

    Rod for talica 12ii

    I have been using a Calstar 765XL or 765L for 3 years. Surprisingly they cast very well. Last year I used th Talica 12/2 speed with a cut down 7 1/2' Phenix axis 809xh and was happy with the results. It's a win win reel with a good casting rod. Go gettum Mick
  133. Mickeyfin

    Looking for anchovy casting reel

    I have used the Penn 525 & calstar 270/8h rated 15-40 forever. Before the Penn the Newell 220's were the bomb. There are probably newer reels for chovie casting but don't think they are better by much? Anyone ever compare? It's understood a spinner will cast further although don't know which is...
  134. Mickeyfin

    Recommend a 50# Reel

    80 spectra on a 12-2 speed, not the talica 10. My mistake Mick
  135. Mickeyfin

    L'archipel des Chesterfield, Nouvelle Calédonie Jan 2016

    I feel so sheltered after reading and looking at the awesome picture from fishing expeditions. Are you still located near east NY. That's where I grew up Go gettum Mick
  136. Mickeyfin

    Trip Cancel

    Me too..... Mick
  137. Mickeyfin

    FS - Calstar GFGR 765-L 30-80lb - SOLD

    One of my favorites. Even casts sardines with the right reel Go gettum Mick
  138. Mickeyfin

    Trip Cancel

    Sad to say but it will be difficult for the L/R fleet to stay afloat in the next decade. There doesn't appear to be enough passengers long term. I will probably do a L/R trip before I retire but don't think I will continue due to cost and time. Too bad the L/R fleet travels at a snails pace...
  139. Mickeyfin

    PENN CLASH 5000

    a reasonable offer will be considered thanks Mick
  140. Mickeyfin

    PENN CLASH 5000

  141. Mickeyfin

    Recommend a 50# Reel

    So many good choices. I have a penn 40 2speed penn 25n 2speed and Shimano 10 2speed. Totally happy with all. Lots of tuna died The Shimano did most of the work due to best bait casting Go getum Mick
  142. Mickeyfin


    All pm's and emails answered. thanks, Mick
  143. Mickeyfin


    FINAL REDUCTION above. Prices are firm. Thanks for looking Mick
  144. Mickeyfin


    I used a torque 40n 2 speed last year with similar success on yt. Even landed wahoo's. Got to be careful not to use the low speed too early in the fight when 'hoo fishing. They can surprise you with a lightning fast change of direction Mick
  145. Mickeyfin

    daiwa.lexa 400 vs. shimano tranx 500

    Most everyone seems to prefer using the Tranx with various artificials. What about throwing sardines ? Thanks Mick
  146. Mickeyfin

    Which reel? Penn torque or Truth SS?

    the penn torque 2-speed is not much more money than the single speed model. No brainer IMHO go gettum, Mick
  147. Mickeyfin

    Monster grouper from shore on PENN torque spinning reel

    It would be interesting to see if the Torque could stop a Black Sea bass Mick
  148. Mickeyfin


  149. Mickeyfin


    new years bump
  150. Mickeyfin


    ***WILL TEXT PICTURES ON REQUEST*** Selling these 2 highlighted rated reels to make room for more reels ALPHAS SV 105SH [JDM]-has 7.2 gear ratio, filled with 30# power pro. Great light bait [< ¼ oz.] caster. In near new condition. Have box and papers. Reel cost $200. Asking $150 TYD-REDUCED TO...
  151. Mickeyfin

    3 reel lot for sale

    pm sent Mick
  152. Mickeyfin

    Talica 20 or makaira 20 which casts sardines best?

    the Talica will cast better "out of the box". Both other very good reels Mick
  153. Mickeyfin

    8ft Calico Rod Under $100 - Help!

    check out turners Lamiglas x-11 models. Mick
  154. Mickeyfin

    Another rod selection thread...

    got a lamiglas x11hbc 8ft rated 15-40 from Turners for 100 bucks. Whippy tip for bait and plenty of backbone. Feels like a $300 Loomis go gettum Mick
  155. Mickeyfin


    swimbaits work best at the Channel Islands. Haven't had much luck with the others. I will be on the water on Wednesday and will fish slugs, viejos and weedless again Go gettum, Mick
  156. Mickeyfin


    Looking for a Shimano Tallus 7 ft.heavy rated 50-100. Thanks Mick
  157. Mickeyfin

    Order PENN custom reels by 11/13/15 for Christmas delivery!

    Can the torque 2-speed be customized? thanks,Mick
  158. Mickeyfin

    daiwa.lexa 400 vs. shimano tranx 500

    I sure have learned much from the thread....Thanks! Hey Mark- Buying a tranx and lexa means I have to buy rods to match. That's 2 more rigs sitting in the corner calling out "take me fishing" hehehe. I might pick-up the tranx next. It looks like a fun reel to fish go gettum, Mick
  159. Mickeyfin

    daiwa.lexa 400 vs. shimano tranx 500

    I always thought the daiwa.was meant to compete with the low.profile shimano at near half the price. Is this correct?. What are the advantages of each based on shared BD experience. Thanks Mick
  160. Mickeyfin

    Romo now on the Indpendence.

    Not a bad quarterback either Mick
  161. Mickeyfin

    Penn Squall 25N

    Warning Not all reels fit the waxwing rods they were made to fit bait casters only. Try it b4 youbuy it Mick
  162. Mickeyfin

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Looks very interesting and innovative. Its good to.see something new and different. Actually, Im looking at the Metanium for my next reel. Maybe I will wait to.see.some.reports on the beast 1st Thanks for.the review! Mick
  163. Mickeyfin

    WTB A Good Quality Spinning Rod

    I have a SHIMANO TALLUS SPINNING ROD that is in new condition. Asking $100. pick-up only TLS72MHBBL 7'2 Medium Heavy Fast 40-80
  164. Mickeyfin

    COMING SOON: New Pro Gear Reel V50

    Pro Gears were awesome reels in their time. I still own and fish a couple of them. Good luck Mick
  165. Mickeyfin

    Fake Flatt falls

    The fakes are priced same as the real flat falls. Mick
  166. Mickeyfin

    Calico Bass Report

    That's a beast. What do you estimate? Way to go!!!!! Mick
  167. Mickeyfin

    What's your go to mono?

    Inshore..Ande tournament green Offshore..big game and momoi Mick
  168. Mickeyfin

    Ideal 30lb Rig for New Angler

    penn fathom 25n/2 speed and a calstar 700M or 700mh or the Phenix Axis 7'2" [25-60] Go gettum, Mick
  169. Mickeyfin

    Talica Owners

    I use the Talica 12 with 40 floroI give it an A for sardines For tuna Mi k
  170. Mickeyfin

    All around Baitcasting reel???

    curado 300 ej and 300 dsv for everything except the pelagics. One size does not fit all except maybe the big calcuttas.LOL go gettum, Mick
  171. Mickeyfin

    Opinions wanted

    Hey Reelman, when I checked out the Komodo it seemed best suited for heavy bait/plastics and the Citrix for light. What have you read? best, Mick
  172. Mickeyfin

    W T B Swimbait/ Inshore rod Found it Thanks

    I have a new Daiwa Tatula 7'2" rated 12-25#. Casts as well as some of my 7'11" rods and light as a feather If interested $80. best, Mick
  173. Mickeyfin

    Small reels vs big Reels

    Save money for the trip 1st. Then look for a trip sponsored by one of many reel manufacturers. Most bring enough rigs to try out. For example,Avet, Penn, and Accurate to name a few sponsor multiple trips each year. Bring some hooks and flourocarbon and you are good to go. Mick
  174. Mickeyfin

    Go to rod for local

    another vote for old school Calstar 270H/8'. Throws bait, plastics and jigs well and has the pulling power to finish off anything local go gettum, Mick
  175. Mickeyfin


    FIN NOR LETHAL SPINNING REEL MODEL LT100 Big game spinning reel in new condition filled with 80# power pro spectra. Taken on 1 trip last summer. The reel received highly positive reviews from Alan Hawk Have box and papers. Pictures texted on request…...
  176. Mickeyfin

    Bait Weights

    Curious how many ounces a 3-4 inch anchovies and a 5-6 inch sardines weigh? Best guess thanks, Mick
  177. Mickeyfin

    Phenix psw 808 mh 15-40lb. casting rod any good?

    1st Phenix rod I owned. One of the owners suggested it for casting sardines. No complaints. I'm using it for 20-30# bait and plastics. go gettum, Mick
  178. Mickeyfin

    How do you store your hooks?

    I do the same Mick
  179. Mickeyfin


    Thanks, JD. I wanted to check out a glass 704CB. Dick's doesn't carry. Mick
  180. Mickeyfin


    looking to check out Dobyns rods. Has anyone come across these rods at FH? thanks, Mick
  181. Mickeyfin

    Help me pick a new 50# yoyo rod .... Phenix? Terez? Trevala? Hercules?

    I like the 6 1/2ft Calstar 765L rated fast 30-80#. With aPenn Baja special drags locked down the rod bend went 1/4 to 1/2 way up before shutting off. That worked just right for my back :) go gettum, Mick
  182. Mickeyfin

    Raivavae, French Polynesia Jan 2015

    That's a colorful assortment of fish. Do they taste as good as they look? Mick
  183. Mickeyfin


    JRI, thanks for putting this together. Picked the winning team and that's about it. Coach Carroll made the dumbest goal line call I've ever seen:confused: Mick
  184. Mickeyfin


    add me in Patriots win 30 to 21. How do you figure by quarters. Is there boxes to fill in and where to find? thanks, Mick
  185. Mickeyfin


  186. Mickeyfin

    Daiwa T3MX JDM Reel

    So Daiwa USA services a JDM reel? Shimano doesn't. Mick
  187. Mickeyfin

    rod for My talica 12 2speed

    I have the same reel. Using either a calstar 765xl or phenix 809xh with 6" cut off the butt. Both set-ups have worked out great w/40#. I would think a calstar 765L, 700MH, Phenix 700XH, 809xh, etc would do the job. Don't know seeker and shimano rods to advise v go-gettum, Mick
  188. Mickeyfin

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Wow, didn't see that one coming. LOL I've been fishing the phenix 808 for quite a few years. Nice rod for inshore and off. go gettum, Mick
  189. Mickeyfin

    Great Prices for Saltist Reels & Question

    I bought tackle from Colgard earlier this year. Everything went well. Once in a while they run an irresistible[to me] sale. go gettum, Mick
  190. Mickeyfin

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    Been there a dozen times or more since 1993. Read 1 too many horror stories. Last trip was 2002 but did go fishing to the mainland around 2007. I prefer visiting Baja from a SD charter these days :) go gettum, Mick
  191. Mickeyfin

    Maxels ocean max jigging vs PE Power Spell or 2 speed?

    If choosing a the single speed why not consider a level wind reel? Penn makes the fathom, Shimano has the tekota, Daiwa has a saltist & seagate,etc. The Daiwa's are 6.1 or more gear ratio. The other 2 are 4.3 & 4.2. Winding up from the depths will be easier than non-level wind reels. All these...
  192. Mickeyfin

    WTB.Seeker blue lightning 807. trigger stick

    am interested in adding the above rod to an already overstocked collection. Please let me know if interested in selling one in reasonably good shape at a fair price. go gettum, Mick
  193. Mickeyfin

    Throwing plastic w/ straight spectra???

    I use a double uni knot for the spectra to mono connection. For mono to flouro or spectra to flouro I tie the Seaguar knot. The Uni isn't the smoothest of knots going thru the guides but not a problem imo. I use a short 2-3' piece of flouro so it never makes it thru the guide tip. go gettum, Mick
  194. Mickeyfin

    Rigging Weedless Swimbaits

    both swimbaits will do well. There is no special rigging I can think of. Various jigheads are available at your local tackle shops. I have the best success with yellow and red heads ymmv. Go gettum, Mick PS: Since you are in Malibu the kelp beds along the Malibu/Ventura beaches are holding...
  195. Mickeyfin

    Throwing plastic w/ straight spectra???

    of late on most reels I am using 20-30 ft mono on top of the spectra for all types of Ca./Mex. fishing trips. It seemed the fishes hard jerks experienced w/straight spectra increase chances of losing the fish. A 20' mono top shot cushioned the hard fighting fish. Yellow or white spectra is...
  196. Mickeyfin

    Reel for plastics in thick kelp

    One of many local kelp rigs I use is the curado 300ej on a Calstar 270/8H. Plenty of backbone and a tip that is soft enough to cast light to medium size jigs and plastics. I do 8-12 calico trips a year out of Ventura. It was pretty cool catching yellowtails with calico tackle along the coast a...
  197. Mickeyfin

    Okuma-Andros vs Avet SX Raptor ???

    I looked into all the smaller reels for 40# and went with the new Penn Fathom 2 speed 15 model. Haven't fully tested but feel confident it's up to the task Mono Capacity yd/lb 355/12 305/15 200/20 Braid Capacity yd/lb 415/30 Max Drag lb 20 Gear Ratio 6.1:1 / 2.8:1 Retrieve Rate 31/14 More...
  198. Mickeyfin

    First 40lb Set Up

    Hate to admit it but the talica 12/2 speed is the best casting 2 speed I have come across. Mine has 65 spectra/with 40 on top. Mick
  199. Mickeyfin

    New toy

    a bait rod.. Mick
  200. Mickeyfin

    New toy

    Recently picked up the Penn 15LD/2 speed for 30-40#. I'm going to use it for inshore this week just to try it. Filled w/65# spectra + 30 flouro TS. It's on a Phenix 808MH (15-40#). I was thinking I'd try to throw some light jigs and use it for dropper loop yellowtail but the real plan to add to...
  201. Mickeyfin

    Looking for a 2 speed reel

    Recently purchased a Penn Fathom 15/2 speed for 30-40#. It seemed like the best reel and deal. Plan to use it in a few weeks. Go-gettum, Mick
  202. Mickeyfin


    300ej is sold
  203. Mickeyfin


    All reels sold. 2 rods left. thanks,Mick
  204. Mickeyfin


    btt. the Curado 300ej is available again. Previous buyer flaked. Mick
  205. Mickeyfin


    FYI, still have ABU GARCIA REEL FENWICK ROD LAMIGLAS ROD. ***Big thanks to the BD members that made purchases. All were 1st class. thanks, Mick
  206. Mickeyfin


    prices added. thanks, Mick
  207. Mickeyfin


    I have the following to sell. See pictures below Prefer pick-up in Studio City or Santa Monica. Shipping xtra in conus PICTURES ON REQUEST FOR RODS Fenwick 660/6’ [30-80]-ASKING $25 Trolling rod in good condition. Lamiglas 7'AR [50-100]-ASKING $80 Good condition. Rated fast thanks, Mick
  208. Mickeyfin


    looking for 2 spots on a charter departing Sunday night 9/21 for preferably a 1 day trip. We might consider a 1.5 day as well. thanks,
  209. Mickeyfin


    looking for 2 spots on a charter departing Sunday night 9/21 for preferably a 1 day trip. We might consider a 1.5 day as well. thanks,
  210. Mickeyfin

    Sept 5

    there is a vague familiarity to this post, like I've come across these posts before :) Good to hear you guys are still fishing, best, Mick
  211. Mickeyfin

    Revo NACL vs Daiwa Lexa, Okuma Komodo or Curado 300EJ

    I average 10 calico trips a year for the last 5 plus years. My preference of low profile reels for plastics and bait are the curado 300dsv, 300ej/lexa 300 tied and Abu 60 hi-speed. In addition, I bring 1-2 star drags for dropper loop and surface iron. Sorry to say the Abu is difficult to work on...
  212. Mickeyfin

    Help me choose a reel

    Penn Baja special 4.1 gear ratio is a great 50# reel with about 25# drag It's not just a Baja reel go gettum, Mick
  213. Mickeyfin


    Got the reel from SRMO last week. Just in time for my trip! The test. If anyone fished the Fin Nor lethal 100 reel what lb test is being used? This seemed like a good reel if long long casts with light baits is the ticket. I leave on Tuesday on a 4 day tuna trip out of San Diego. I picked up...
  214. Mickeyfin

    Spineless Cousinstackle!

    just curious. What was the rod rating & length? thanks, Mick
  215. Mickeyfin

    Incredible fishing 100 miles off Madeira Beach, Florida

    how deep were the fish? thanks, Mick
  216. Mickeyfin

    Which Reel do you like better?

    I have a talica 12 2 speed and think it's the bomb. I am sure the othesr are excellent. You left out one of the best of all... a Penn torque 2/speed go gettum, Mick
  217. Mickeyfin

    Penn Torque 2 Speed vs. Talica II?

    The talica 12 2/speed is a greAt casting reel with the right rod. I'm using it for 40 /50#. This year. I picked up Penn torque 40 2/speed for 50/60 #. Can't wait to. Try it. Mick
  218. Mickeyfin

    List of Reel Repair Places...

    Mike Grossman aka Hawk has been taking care of my reels for over a decade. Never a problem, fair prices and terrific work.Don't know if he's interested in doing any more work these days? He is located in Encino California and can be reached at 8183435588 Mick
  219. Mickeyfin

    Tackle Shops near West LA?

    lincoln pico is well stocked & sports chalet are closest Bob Sands carries most everything & Cosmos is an excellent rod wrapper and offers good deals go gettum Mick
  220. Mickeyfin

    Fin Nor Lethal 100

    I bit on buying the reel due to a great eval. by Alan Hawk. No experience with big game spinners. Would like to use this reel for tuna fishing on the west coast due Best case is a rod that can cast small baits [anchovies & sardine] far. So what rod and line would you choose? Thinking the reel...
  221. Mickeyfin

    50/60 lb rod

    765L for 50# and 765ml for 60#. No complaints on these great calstars. I did add a phenix 809xh with ,6" off the bottom for 50 that seems like a weener Go gettum, Mick
  222. Mickeyfin


    I was on a fishing trip in March in Ft Lauderdale There were about 15 on board. The mate set out 6 trolling lines. We were not permitted to throw a bait or an artificial in the water every time a fish was hooked on the troll. Is this regular procedure? thanks, Mick
  223. Mickeyfin

    New 5 and 4 day trips in August Intrepid

    too bad it just became available I am set for a four day on the 19th Mick
  224. Mickeyfin

    Cook Islands Fishing

    My buddy has a place there and brags about the yellowfin tuna close to the beaches. Don't know about charters. go gettum, Mick
  225. Mickeyfin

    Daiwa EMP6000A Emblem Pro

    Salt Water Spinning Reel with Spare Spool Lightly used on 2 charters. Never surf fished. 1 spool filled with 50# power pro green, 2nd spool with 20# mono With a reliable manual bail trip and large diameter, tapered spool, these reels were designed for optimum casting performance. Super...
  226. Mickeyfin

    Line Setup for Bluefin Tunas (or Island Yellowtails)

    I am using 25 to 50 yards of mono in rough water conditions. and a short top shot of spectra In calm waters Go gettum, Mick
  227. Mickeyfin

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    I landed 16 tuna up to 40# on the talica 12 fishing 40 or 50# top shots last year. When I sent it in for the annual maintenance there was zero wear on the drags. That sold me. I've since added a penn torque 40/2 speed for 50-60#. The freespool and drags are amazing. I tried to send the Penn to...
  228. Mickeyfin

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    OKUMA HELIOS 273. Is this reel really da bomb for casting 1/4oz. or is there something better in salt...including spinners? thanks, Mick Continuing what Matt said, if you're looking for a reel to handle 1/4 to 1/2 oz baits, the Okuma Helios 273 is AMAZING. I've never used a reel that casts...
  229. Mickeyfin

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Ya know.....there are a fair amount of bigass black sea bass where I fish that will eat my hooked white.sea bass and take.all the.line. otherwise the drags on every low profile reel I use are good enough to stop every other species. Point is what good is.25# drag on a reel with 150 yards? Ya...
  230. Mickeyfin

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    These are Calico charters. One method is to throw light leadheads with squid or plastic away from the boat and let the current take them back to the kelp beds or reefs. The extra line is for long soaks and in case a yellowtail decides to chew on it. Works pretty good. We got easy limits plus...
  231. Mickeyfin

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    I cast very lite plastics. Maybe thats why? That's my experience Sorry, dude it's true. Mick
  232. Mickeyfin

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    I fish 10 bass trips A year with the lexa 300, curado 300 Dsv & ej and the revo. all 3 perform well and without problems. The. Curado 300ej the smoothest feeling drags and best casting reel forr 1/4 oz. ounce plastics aand up your mileage may vary Mick
  233. Mickeyfin

    Which 2spd is a better caster...JX-Raptor,TAL-12,or Mak-10Sea???

    The talica 12/2 speed w/40# worked flawlessly on tuna last year. I picked up the penn torque 40/2 speed for 50 & 60 for 2014. It spins great. the okumas were too heavy imo. Looking forward to on the water comparisons Mick
  234. Mickeyfin


    BUMP. Last chance price reductions. See above Thanks, Mick
  235. Mickeyfin


    I am looking for a used model but would gladly except a deal on a new 40/2 speed. Send me your best offer to sell..... if interested. thanks, Mick
  236. Mickeyfin

    WTB 2 Speed Avet or Equal

    Avet hx black with 80# spectra $300 shipped. See post on rods and reels for sale Thanks Mick
  237. Mickeyfin


    Gentlemen, I can text the pictures of rod & reel Please send a phone# Joezee, The HX is the early model, not raptor and/or mc thanks, Mick
  238. Mickeyfin


    I see reels listed with max full sunset I am used to full and max. Please describe the difference. thanks, Mike
  239. Mickeyfin


    LAST CHANCE PRICE REDUCTIONS 2/20 AVET HX Black with 80# spectra and 60# mono top shot in excellent condition. Have box & papers asking $300---------REDUCED $289---------REDUCED $275***PENDING*** Everything else sold, thanks! thanks for looking, Mick
  240. Mickeyfin


    DAIWA SALTIGA 30 with 65# spectra and 30# mono top shot. Recently serviced and ready to fish. 5.4 gears, has light scratches on L side plate and top. Asking $225 DAIWA SEALINE X30SHA with new handle and 30# mono in excellent condition asking $60-----PENDING AVET HX Black with 80# spectra and 60#...
  241. Mickeyfin

    fishing wax wing

    FYI, the wax wing rods are made for baitcasters only. If you decide to try it on anything else you will be disappointed by the limitations Shimano built into these great rods by making the reel seats so small. Mick
  242. Mickeyfin

    Gear question

    1 dropper loop rig is all you need Bring 3 inshore rigs 1 bait 1 plastics and 1 for variety I prefer level winds inshore. If wsb or yt show up that's what the variety rod is for. Usually I set this up with dropper loop or sliding sinker w/25-30# floro. Check with the mate on what is working for...
  243. Mickeyfin

    Phenix rods

    great prices, JW. I have too many bass rods already or I'd grab both Mick
  244. Mickeyfin

    Curado 300 vs Lexa 300 vs Toro NaCI

    I am bringing this back up because I fished both the curado 300 & lexa 300 for bass all year. Honestly, I don't think one stands out over the other. Both reels did well whether fishing big baits such as fat squid or 2 on a lead head or 1/4 oz plastic for calicos. A few hook-ups on big...
  245. Mickeyfin

    Another Calstar GF875H

    that looks cool. What kind of guides is that? Mick
  246. Mickeyfin

    WTB CRUCIAL rods older style with cork

    what model? I have an extra 8' crc-x711h in excellent condition. Great rod,imo mick
  247. Mickeyfin

    I need a 2 speed

    2 speed reels start around $400 & past $800, so $500 don't sound so bad imho :) Mick
  248. Mickeyfin

    What's your favorite Rod/Reel to fish live bait (Anchovies/Sardines)?

    I use a shimano crucial crcx711H & curado 300dsv for 15#. no matter what you decide for the rod get a level wind reel for the lady.
  249. Mickeyfin

    Smallest 40# Reel You'd Use???

    a penn fathom 25n and daiwa saltiga 30 are 2 reels I use that can go to 40#. I wouldn't recommend a pro gear [even though I have-em] since they have been out a business a long time. There are some powerful good casting lever drags on the market as well. go gettum, Mick...
  250. Mickeyfin

    808 or 809

    the 808 was practically made to cast light weights like 1/4 oz plastics at calicos. 809 is rated for 1/2 oz and up and a real beast. It can be used in shore & off shore for schoolie tunas as well go gettum, Mike
  251. Mickeyfin

    Help Please: Rod Recommendation and a Reel Question

    hey Jason, since you are located in the valley I suggest you visit Bob Sands tackle on Van Nuys Blvd. They have a huge selection to choose from, do long range charters and will get you set up right. go gettum, Mick
  252. Mickeyfin

    Versatile 50# reel?

    pm sent
  253. Mickeyfin

    Wanted to Buy (WTB) - 50lb bait rod

    I have a Lamiglas Bluewater 6' A/R guide rod rated 50-100#. I use it for 50 & 60#. It is in excellent condition. Asking $145 obo Pictures texted on request Mick
  254. Mickeyfin

    Need Good Custom Rod Builder In L.A. Area?

    pm sent go gettum, Mick
  255. Mickeyfin

    Curado 300 vs Lexa 300 vs Toro NaCI

    interesting topic. Looking forward to the continued experienced opinions I am a big fan of the curados. Picked up a Lexa and giving it the full test on bait & plastic fishing this year. I have an older abu revo 7.1 that hasn't seen much use. go gettem, Mick
  256. Mickeyfin

    Bait caster or...?

    I would choose an 8 ft. spinning rod rated 15-40 such as calstar 270H [great casting rod!] with the above Penn spinner. Charkbait is currently running deals on these. go gettem, Mick
  257. Mickeyfin

    West LA Fishing Tackle

    closest to WLA is Lincoln Pico sports on Lincoln in Santa Monica. The guy is well stocked with tackle and short on personality. Big 5 & Sport Chalet is next. Best all around shop is Bob Sands in the valley. I truck into Koreatown to Cosmos rods and reels. go gettum, Mick
  258. Mickeyfin

    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    think of it like going to a restaurant. Start at 15% then decide to go up or down from there based on the fishing experience. Sometimes there are factors beyond control so keep that in mind. A crew shouldn't be punished for poor conditions. If the Capt invited dead heads on a private charter...
  259. Mickeyfin

    Something unique

    sounds good. Buy it and let us know how it fishes :) Mick
  260. Mickeyfin


    pm sent
  261. Mickeyfin

    Need help in picking 30/40# reel

    I like the Daiwa saltiga 30 for tuna. Picked up a Penn fathom 25n that seems like a good 30#. Only used it inshore so far. Mick
  262. Mickeyfin

    Daiwas New Lexa B/Caster

    yup. It's like the curado. Seems the size is in between the 200 and 300 curado No reel I know of is like the tranx go gettum,Mick
  263. Mickeyfin

    swimmy rod for calicos

    For plastics I like the 8' terez wax wing & 1st generation 7'11"crucial rods both made by shimano. They kill calicos dead and can handle the hungry big fish that pops up go gettum, Mick
  264. Mickeyfin

    conventional or low pro baitcaster

    For inshore fishing I like low profile bait casters for throwing plastics all day and work fine with bait. Larg level winds are good for rock fishing go gettum' Mick
  265. Mickeyfin

    Santa Monica Bay frustrations

    there are calicos and occasional wsb in and around the Malibu kelp and up past the county line. go gettum', Mick
  266. Mickeyfin

    Makaira 16 II

    what is the spectra capacity for 80# and drag? thanks, Mick
  267. Mickeyfin

    Who has the rod I'm looking for?

    I had 6" extension added to the butt of a Powell Deisel & Shimano compre. Works fine go gettum, Mick
  268. Mickeyfin

    Lexa 300HS-P VS. Curado 300EJ

    statistics are near identical. I have fished the curado 300ej for 2-3 years & just got the Daiwa lexa 300. Looking forward to comparing them this season. Mick
  269. Mickeyfin


    i think boomers are glass not the graphiter models. Nice rods either way Mick
  270. Mickeyfin

    Crucial or Teramar for a 8-15# calico combo?

    I went with the crucial for calicos. In fact I bought 2 of the 7'11" crcx models. In 2012 Shimano updated the crucials. I hear the older crucial models I have are now the new compre's. go gettum,Mick
  271. Mickeyfin

    Which rod for a new Lexa 300

    Shimano crucial crc-x711h. I have 2. One for throwing plastics the other for leadhead with squid. go gettum, Mick
  272. Mickeyfin

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    I have 4 reels. All are terrific, imo penn 525 mag penn fathom 25n penn baja special penn 50s
  273. Mickeyfin

    Mauii fishing

    How is fishing in mid-December? I will be there for a week arriving 12/11 staying at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort. Interested in either an inshore or an off shore trip depending on what's running thanks in advance for your advise, Mick
  274. Mickeyfin


    new prices last call
  275. Mickeyfin

    Reels and a Rod

    pm sent Mick
  276. Mickeyfin


    you got it....finally. The usps 2 day priority failed to deliver on time. Sorry. good fishing, Mick
  277. Mickeyfin


    please check your PM. Mick
  278. Mickeyfin


    Baja boomer spoken for Mick
  279. Mickeyfin


    I&#8217;m selling LR gear. Rarely used. Open to reasonable offers *FENWICK SEAHAWK 660 6&#8217; 30-80#. In excellent condition asking $29.......NEW PRICE $25 *LAMIGLAS BLUEWATER XL A/R 6&#8217; 50-100#. A rare and terrific rod asking $129.....NEW PRICE $115 *PENN 50S Filled w/135# spectra in...
  280. Mickeyfin

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    between 4.1 and 5.1 gear ratio would be perfect. Like the baja special. It will kick butt thanks, Mick
  281. Mickeyfin

    I need a good Los Angeles tackle shop

    I'm in SM too......I go to Cosmo in Korea Town and Bob Sands in the SF Valley. Not much to choose from locally. Go gettum, Mick
  282. Mickeyfin

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    These are great reels imo. I'll probably sell the 50S penn 525 mag penn fathom 25n penn baja special penn 50s [modified] gettum, Mick
  283. Mickeyfin

    Looking For New Bass Reel

    Shimano curado......Any model. Check around. They could had found in the $200 range Mick
  284. Mickeyfin

    Cheap Penn fathom 25N online

    good deal thanks,Mick
  285. Mickeyfin

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    I'm interested in the fathom 15 & 25n with 4.8:1 or lower gears. thanks, Mick
  286. Mickeyfin

    8' 20lb stick

    pm sent Mick
  287. Mickeyfin


    I shop Bob Sands in the SFV on occasion & Cosmo's in Koreatown. Mick
  288. Mickeyfin

    Seeker G6490 & Calstar 700XH

    pm's sent on Calstar. Please keep in touch. thanks, Mick
  289. Mickeyfin

    Shimano Calcutta 300D or Trinidad 10A/12A

    trinidad 12a. is best for offshore. A calcutta 300 is a good choice for inshore. Given your interest in choosing one or the other I'd pick the Trini go gettum, Mick
  290. Mickeyfin

    penn 525 mag

    oh well, thanks for the info Mick
  291. Mickeyfin

    penn 525 mag

    does Penn make a lower gear than the 6:1 for the 525? thanks, Mick
  292. Mickeyfin

    Who makes the best hooks?

  293. Mickeyfin

    American Angler Review?

    I gave an honest reply. No need to go through the details. Rather then air the dirty laundry I'd share them in private. I too saved all year to fish a 5 day trip and it was worst I've experienced. I don't visit this site as much as others but I'm active on other fishing websites that date back...
  294. Mickeyfin

    American Angler Review?

    ok, I'll be the 1st to give it a thumbs down. I did a 5 day trip run by Sam that was a big disappointment. Your mileage may vary. Mick
  295. Mickeyfin

    What rod for diwa 30sha

    don't think so? Here's the website tocheck Mick
  296. Mickeyfin

    What rod for diwa 30sha

    calstar 270h/8' Mick
  297. Mickeyfin

    Rod for Talica 12 II - Terez or Phenix?

    I picked up the 8'mh terez aqua on sale. Very cool,imo Mick
  298. Mickeyfin

    Daiwa T3 or Shimano TE DC ?

    check They specialize in this type of reel Mick
  299. Mickeyfin

    calstar,shikari & avet

    to All, the jx is spoken for. I will contact the other interested parties if the deal falls through on Friday. Thank you for your interest. Mick
  300. Mickeyfin

    calstar,shikari & avet

    sent pm and/or pix to all who left a msg. thanks, Mick
  301. Mickeyfin

    calstar,shikari & avet

    Prices reduced
  302. Mickeyfin

    Calstar 270-8h

    Great rod for inshore and offshore,imo. good luck in your search Mick
  303. Mickeyfin

    calstar,shikari & avet

    this is a calstar baja boomer roller guide rod 5'6" rated 50-100#. It's in pretty good condition. A few scratches and rubs, nothing major. Sorry no pictures, condition as stated Asking $140 obo prefer pick-up to see rod REDUCED TO $120 shikari 7'7030 sold Avet jx 6/3 2 speed SOLD ***just...
  304. Mickeyfin

    Terez Waxwing rod advise

    I fished both [of my friends] rods and went with the MH and a 300ej to throw plastics at calicos. The M seemed soft for this application but better for bait Mick
  305. Mickeyfin

    Penn 706z

  306. Mickeyfin

    Penn 706z

    since there's interest I will post picture and decide on a price this weekend. thanks, Mick
  307. Mickeyfin

    Penn 706z

    i have a surf reel that made it to the beach once about 10 years ago. It looks like its in demand these days when I check ebay. It's a 706z no bail surf reel. What's the big deal? thanks, Mick I'd like $ price $140 includes shipping for the reel .Shipping $ n/c thanks, Mick
  308. Mickeyfin

    Best place to service reels?

    In L.A. I give my reels to Hawk. Drop me an email and I will pass along the contact info if interested good luck, Mick
  309. Mickeyfin

    Avet HX & JX

    pm sent Mick
  310. Mickeyfin

    What kind of line to use for yellowfin tuna

    ya, use 80# mono. Big game & Izorline mono. are excellent quality and reasonably priced go get'em Mick
  311. Mickeyfin

    Rod recommendation

    a Calstar 270h/8' rated 15 to 40# kicks a$$ for an inshore/offshore rod with 20-25# line. I'm pretty sure it close to your $150 price tag go get'em,Mick
  312. Mickeyfin

    Advice on rod to match to Curado 300E

    My 2 Curado 300's sit on a crucial crcx 711H and Terez waxwing 8'mh go get'em, Mick
  313. Mickeyfin

    What is a Good all around kelp reel

    I suggest 50 or 65# braid to fill the spool. Use a short fluorocarbon top shot in calm waters and long [mono or fluoro] top shots in rough conditions. There's too many reels to name. In general you can't go wrong with a penn ,daiwa, avet or shimano. go get'em,Mick
  314. Mickeyfin

    800xl or 800xlh for calico bass/ plastic swimbaits?

    I'd give the edge to the Calstar 800xlh. I'm using the 800L for 1 to 1 1/2 oz plastics and/or bait. go get'em Mick
  315. Mickeyfin

    Your Favorite Set-up

    Local island fishing is the Shimano Crucial 7'11"H and Curado 300dsv o'nite Tuna fishing is Calstar 700m and Daiwa Saltiga 30 ymmv Mick
  316. Mickeyfin

    Rod/reel for BIG baits?

    Okuma Big Bait Rod 7'11" Extra Hvy 2-10 oz. $130 and Newell 332 or calcutta Level wind 700 Mick
  317. Mickeyfin

    Best Steak Joint?

    I 3rd Maestro's in Bev. Hills. Also liked a joint called the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica Mick
  318. Mickeyfin

    Best reel choice for a Calstar 800xl

    IMO, the 800xl is a good 15# rod and can handle light 20# duty. There's plenty of reels to choose from, too many to name. There's a poll below on reels for 20# to give you some ideas. Check it out good fishing, Mick
  319. Mickeyfin

    Swimbait rod, rated for 1-3oz.

    I have an OKUMA 7&#8217;11&#8221;H rated 12-25# for tossing 1-6 oz baits in very good condition asking $75. Prefer pick-up in Santa Monica thanks, Mick
  320. Mickeyfin

    what rod for lightweight casting?

    got it! It's probably too whippie if for salmon. Anything besides phenix? thanks, Mick
  321. Mickeyfin

    what rod for lightweight casting?

    trifecta rod? Never heard of it and can't find it. Sounds like what I'm looking for. Please tell me mo' or send a link thanks, Mick
  322. Mickeyfin

    what rod for lightweight casting?

    a country mile:cheers: Want to get to the calico's Nice fish, capt. Mick
  323. Mickeyfin

    what rod for lightweight casting?

    hi All, I know this is the building board so figuring these are the peeps with the most knowledge to ask. I'm looking for a spinning rod to caste 1/8-1/2 oz. baits. Length can be anywhere from 7-8'. This is for local and island fishing surface & kelps. I prefer a faster rod action and...
  324. Mickeyfin

    Top 3 reels For All around kelp fishing.

    none of the above,imho. I'd choose between the following reels...................... Penn 525 mag [don't know the newer Penn models suggested above], newell 322/332, daiwa sealine slx 20/30[don't know the newer Daiwa model suggested above], shimano calcutta 400/700. Any of these will work well...
  325. Mickeyfin

    Phenix or Terez Rods?

    what are you targeting? There's lots of models to choose from Mick
  326. Mickeyfin

    a good saltwater casting reel

    for beginners I'd get a levelwind. I' assuming this is for inshore fishing? If not the calcutta there's cheaper models made by Shimano diawa abu garcia etc. that are reliable. Look at some of the low profile reels as well. good luck in your search Mick
  327. Mickeyfin

    penn 525 mag

    is there another Penn handle I can swap for the stock one? thanks, Mick
  328. Mickeyfin

    newell 533 narrowed

    Robert, my buddy sells the 533's and makes the modified newell 522 from 540's & 533's. I have the 322 & 522 he built for me. The 522 5.5:1 is among the favorite LR wahoo reels Do a search for newell 522 or 533? or email Jerry Downie <[email protected]> aka Reelman at <...
  329. Mickeyfin

    Calstar rod 4 sale

    this is a calstar baja boomer roller guide rod 5'6" rated 50-100#. It's in pretty good condition. A few scratches and rubs, nothing major. Sorry no pictures, condition as stated Asking $140 obo prefer pick-up. Shipping at buyers cost thanks,
  330. Mickeyfin

    Inshore Rod for sale

    santa monica
  331. Mickeyfin

    Inshore Rod for sale

    BLACK FRIDAY prices :) Mick
  332. Mickeyfin

    CalStar Rods

    pm'd you mick
  333. Mickeyfin

    Inshore Rod for sale

    OKUMA 7’11” H RATED 12-25#. This rod is made for flinging big baits, plastics and surface jigs. Lightly used. It’s in excellent condition. Sells for $130…………….asking $85......REDUCED TO $65 Pictures & specs at...
  334. Mickeyfin

    looking for 2 rods

    calstar 700H and 700XH. thanks, Mick
  335. Mickeyfin


    I have 2 inshore rods for sale, ***PICK-UP ONLY*** OKUMA 7&#8217;11&#8221; RATED 12-25# It&#8217;s in excellent condition. Sells for $130&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.asking $85. Pictures & specs at ***ON HOLD***EXECUTIVE ACTION...
  336. Mickeyfin

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    bump, new prices
  337. Mickeyfin

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    Bump....... Citica,& Daiwa reel, & fenwick rod still available. thanks, Mick
  338. Mickeyfin

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    Bump....... Citica,reel, calcutta & fenwick still available. 2 deals didn't complete thanks, Mick
  339. Mickeyfin

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    sent a pm.I have the 720. 815 was sold Mick
  340. Mickeyfin

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    Agreed, best I've ever seen Mick
  341. Mickeyfin

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    here's some goodies to sell. Prefer pick-up in Santa Monica or Studio City but will ship at buyers cost. Pictures on request Daiwa millionaire cv x300a. USED asking $75............NOW $60 Fenwick seahawk 660/6 30-80# USED asking $35.....NOW $25 Shimano crucial crc x76mh 7 1/2 'SOLD Shimano...
  342. Mickeyfin

    4 sale-penn 30s

    I have a Penn 30s set-up to fish 100# by Cofe It's in new condition, been on a boat ride. $600+ invested The reel is 3 years old taken on 2 trips. I used it to troll once and it sat in the rack the other trip. It has 500 yds 130# jb hollow spectra, accu-clamp, cofe free-spooler and ramps up to...
  343. Mickeyfin

    Hot deal

    Looking to pass on this Senor Tuna trip due to injury. Cost is $295. Will take $200 firm **April 25/26,'09 – Pacific Star - Pierpoint Landing - Local Island - two (2) day trip thanks, Mick
  344. Mickeyfin

    PV 11/29-1/2

    Considering a trip at this time and could use some guidance to where to stay near fishing docks. Reasonably priced accomodations preferred for 2. Will probably look to rent a panga for 1-2 days as well. We're shopping the airline rates thanks in advance, Mick PS: I'd be interested in...
  345. Mickeyfin

    SD restaurants

    any word on the Little Italy restaurants and of course the good seafood choices? Spending a weekend at Humphrey's thanks, Mickeyfin:)
  346. Mickeyfin

    Fun Weekend at Castro's 4/29-4/30

    Great trip! Best I've had in a long time. Adventurous, scenic, terrific weather, friends & fishing. Is that a fur jacket in your profile picture? best, Mick PS: Kobe was clotheslined, NFL style
  347. Mickeyfin

    MDR charter

    bee sure 2 post it!. I live close by and would most likely be available best, Mick