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  1. spike

    Tyson, well deserved WIN!

    I know it doesn't have to do with Long Range fishing, but many of you know Ty Valli formally of the Q-105 & RR3, a long range deck hand for many years. He and I worked under Jack Webster, Sam Pattela, Andy Cates, Jeff Debuys and many more. He's my best friend, I've known him since we were both...
  2. spike

    Limits of Kelp Paddy Yellowtail 8/4/13

    Launched at Shelter Island Sunday at 3am traveling South West. Found a decent sized kelp during grey light by nearly 6am. We slid up and loaded up on Yellows! They were biting! No great shakes, they were 10 to 15lbs, but still fun and loads of them! Got some on sardine before switching to...
  3. spike

    Camping Twin Lakes with the Family picture Rundown!

    Fishing Lake Mary- My 2.5 year old son really enjoyed it and caught over two handfuls, it got to the point that he would wait for the bite and bring it in himself, nothing big on the Rainbows, all pretty small. My daughter only wanted to bring in a couple but she did catch the biggest of the...
  4. spike

    Shogun Bluefin Rain!

    Fished aboard the Shogun for a 1.5 trip which departed at 4pm Wednesday the 10th. Once we loaded on some fresh big "hog dick" sardines Captain Cole hustled down the line wanting to start at 130 miles South. Around 3am it begin to dump, rain drops the size of quarters, still very warm outside, it...
  5. spike

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Fished aboard Aaron & Cole of the Shoguns skiff Friday afternoon till Sunday morning with Tim Williams in search of the ever elusive coastal tanker seabass. We got to the area at 4pm and jigged up some squid and quickly putting it to good use going 4 for 5 on big fish. As darkness came upon us...
  6. spike

    Target not acquired, only innocent Bass-standers.

    Fished down the beach Saturday night till Sunday morning, 5pm till 7am, in between Honey Do's, would loved to have given it more time, it was just not in the cards. Left DP and hustled down the beach with Squid & Mini Mack's as ammunition. Our goal was set on Tanker Biscuits, we made a few...
  7. spike

    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    I'd been watching the weather leading into yesterday for a few days, and with the bitchen forecast that was predicted for Monday, and unable to soak a line Sunday due to Mothers Day, I opted to try my like for a San Diego Yellowtail mop up. I thought the warm high pressure would spark a decent...
  8. spike

    Voyager - Todd - 4/21 - Nados

    Fished with the new owner of the Voyager, Todd, formally of the Pacific Voyager. We fished the Coronados, sun up to nearly sundown, bouncing from spot to spot with zero success and not much to look at in the way of Yellows. We fished all the spots around the Nados at least once if not some...
  9. spike

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    I decided to try my luck fishing aboard the 3/4 day boat the San Diego Monday. After two down days of catching for the fleet Saturday & Sunday I was a little leary, but better to go out on the up swing than the down swing. Me and my buddy Ryan Burson thought, maybe less boat traffic, warm days...
  10. spike

    The San Diego St Patty's Day Yellowtail "whale of the banshee!"

    Fished 3/4 day aboard the San Diego Sunday for St Patty's Day, a full boat, but the Yellows wanted to bite! Good grade Yellowtail, 18 to 33lbs and every fish was hooked on the Yoyo jigs, Blue & White, Scrambeled Egg, Mahi Patteren, and Mint & White were what got bites, so obviously color was...
  11. spike

    "The Local Angler" Targeting Local Slugs 365 days a year!

    I've just finished reading Brandon Haywards new book "The Local Angler", and I got to say, it's not only a good interesting read, but it also may be the best handbook a local angler could get there hands on, especially for the private boater. Local fishing has evolved in the sense of, coastal...
  12. spike

    Rockcodding aboard the Pride, 3/2

    Fished Friday night for Saturday aboard the Pride, and first off I'd like to apologize for being late but thanks for coming back for me. Weather was fantastic, and the codding was ok, I'm not gonna saw epic, but, the quality of the Reds was outstanding, I'd say for fishing baja, best average...
  13. spike

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    Here is a short history lesson (copy and pasted) which aids in the mystique of Clipperton atoll. I would urge all Long Range vets to vist this unique and distant fishing destination! And if you do head there I would recommend getting a hold of Jacques Cousteau's documentary about Clipperton "The...
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    John Clayton reports
  15. spike

    Lost DOG!!!

  16. spike

    Christmas Wishes!

    Here are a couple hopes I have for 2013, I guess you can call them Christmas Wishes! 1. No more nonsense school shootings, it's very disturbing the tragedy in Newtown, that can not happen again, ever. I hope the famlies of the victims manage a decent Holiday, I could not imagine having to...
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    Help BD member Aaron Yee win a free trip.

    Help BD member Aaron Yee win a free fishing trip aboard the PRIDE by likeing his photo. A good guy and pleasure to fish with and deserving of a free trip. Hit the link bellow and hit "LIKE"!/photo.php?fbid=10200171550115681&set=p.10200171550115681&type=1&theater
  18. spike

    I've seen it all now.... Nice to know some folks are crazier than us! I'm sure they get some of the some posts over there. "BS with out Pic's", "You stole my spot!", ect....
  19. spike

    Bat's, Blacks, & Turkeys

    Fished squid grounds and structure around Dana Point for the ever ellusive Winter White, unfortunately all we caught was the normal seabass bicatch. Squid is thick anlong the coast, maybe too many offerings amongst our few, but still easy to make. Set up a few hours prior to sun up, battling...
  20. spike

    Aaron Rogers Retires!

    Aaron Rogers Retires, From Eating Sausage! I guess people can change.... Aaron Rodgers Gets Engaged........................ to a "Woman" In a move that I'm sure shocked his male...
  21. spike

    Freedom tonight? Considering fishing aboard the Freedoms extended overnight trip tonight, should only be a few anglers, right now only three are signed up but I bet it gets out with 13. Hoping for WSB, Yellow, and some Butt's & Lings! Break a leg!
  22. spike

    Pacific Star 2 Day

    Let's Make this as simple as possible.... The Good - 1)Over 400 mixed fish for the boat, great action to say the least 2)I caught plenty of fish, limits of YFT for me on the first day of fishing and handed a few off plus put two in the galley, I was cooning! I also kept two big Mahi & two...
  23. spike

    Baby Pelicans?

    Baby Pelicans, where the fuck are they? I've fished for quite along time, and been to the bait receiver a millon times, I go to the beach all the time and for a long time. I'm on the water a lot! Obviously Pelicans have been a big nussiance this year in the hundereds & thousands, but where...
  24. spike

    Local Flats & swimming with Dolphin

    Fished out of Dana Point Sunday, never got too far from port, best fishing was 14 miles off the beach for a nice open water stop on Flats on some Terns, plus we pound sargaso's for a handful as well, along with some tiny Yellows which were released. Good local Dorado fishing up to 18lbs, three...
  25. spike

    Packer Fans Bring You the Most Disgusting Thing You'll Ever See

    And there goes your broken mind, into a thousand shards of red hot shrapnel, never again to have the ability to form a coherent thought or thing of beautiful things like puppies, rainbows, and Vikings touchdowns. These two Packer fans have forever torn the light from the world. This image was...
  26. spike

    "Why am I not getting bit" What NOT to do.

    During open party trips I see a lot of small mistakes which hinder the success of anglers, little things that are the reason they are not getting bit. You have all heard what your suppose to do, but here is a run down of things you don't want to do. 1) Don't hold on to your bait! Once you...
  27. spike

    Offshore Kelp Paddy Yellows

    Departed on the Pacific Star Saturday morning on a reverse day & a half, reason being it was suppose to be a two day but we had some mechanical issues and were unable to depart at our scheduled time. Luckliy we did get off the dock and have the opportunity to make a catch. Sunday we found a few...
  28. spike

    Sunday - Pacific Queen - Coronados

    Been real busy with work, I was trying to get out to the Coronados Friday then Saturday but was unable to make things happen. Luckly I saw the Pacific Queen was online for an overnight so I hopped on there rather than take out the "Tin-Can". Slow for the most part but we scrathed out 13 Yellows...
  29. spike

    Mammoth Lakes with Midgets!

    Camped Twin Lakes Mammoth June 24th thru the 27th with the family and some friends. A great time all in all, kinda windy during the day in certin areas but we found spots that were sheltered. Typical Bears every night, nice hikes, horse back rides, zip linning, and fishing for kids. We caught no...
  30. spike

    Pride 1.5 trip, SCI & La Jolla

    Left Thursday night for a local Seabass hunt aboard the Pride out of Seaforth. We arrived first to SCI where me immediately had a full float of squid, plugged the boat and then some in the course of an hour, thanks to Dean's (bankrobber) under water light. In the morning we gave it our best for...
  31. spike

    Freedom for Holy Calico

    Typically Mothers Day for me involves a bunch of bull shit, so as of the past few years I've been fishing on Fathers Day. I wanted to fish open party so I could get a couple naps in, and also wanted to try Seabass & Yellow fishing. I jumped on the Freedom, and though I was hoping to fish SCI we...
  32. spike

    Opinions, Mammoth Twin Lakes. The last week of this month me and the family are going to Mammoth, the 23rd thru 27th. We are staying at Twin Lakes Campground and I was curious not only about best methods of fishing, and where to fish, but also fun things to do in the area...
  33. spike

    On the water catch report! Pride Sportfishing!

    Pretty decent snap last night on some excellent grade Seabass aboard the Pride out of Seaforth Sportfishing! For the most part we all were using 40 to 50lb mono, 1/4 oz glow slidderes, and an 8/0 Aki Twist hook, as well as a TLC glow jigs. We landed four Seabass up to 50lbs but unfortunatley we...
  34. spike

    Sunday Butt's

    Worked a charter aboard the Pride Saturday night for Sunday, a small group of guys iterested in catching Seabass. Unfortuatley conditions were backwards than they had been the previous week with screaming up hill current. We managed to crowd about 70 peices of squid which was enough for our...
  35. spike

    I wish we had more time.....

    I was invited to fish with Trevor, Don, and Brando out of DP last night, before we left the slip I said that they should go with out me, for I needed to be back to the dock at 4:30am, and that they would be losing fishing time with me aboard. They said that they were all in a simular predicament...
  36. spike

    JACK Me-Hoff

    Ran down to the Coronados Sunday with hopes of Cream Corn Yellows up high and dry and waiting to die. We got a gentlemens start departing at 10am with the notions that we were hoping for an afternoon of mayhem. We got some sardine which were pretty tattered and beat up with a lot of red boy, by...
  37. spike

    Dead Body found at Sea, Coronados 5/6/12

    While fishing Sunday around the Coronados, Kevin Veal and I saw something in the Middle Grounds which at first we thought was a dead bloated Sealion, as we got closer to the floating object we were stunned to see human arms and legs, absolutely shocking. We were in disbelief really of what we...
  38. spike

    Coronados 4/22/12

    Fished with Aaron & Christina on Sunday, we had pretty high hopes of getting a decent shot on Yellows. We altered our plan and opted to not fish with the fleet, but instead push South bellow the line and find some of our own fish. We got an early start and bounced around every nook and cranny of...
  39. spike

    I'm sorry to announce SeaHorse Sportfishing is no more

    I'm sorry to say that the SeaHorse out of Dana Wharf has been sold and will no longer be running out of Dana Point. The boat has been sold and plans to be renamed and convereted into a dive boat out of LA. The deal went thru yesterday and was hauled out in Newport for inspection. I have had...
  40. spike

    This sure fucks up the inventory
  41. spike

    Seabass Mission report, No Seabass

    I fished Friday & Saturday nigth aboard the Pride out of Seaforth Sportfishing. I'll try to make this short and sweet, seeing how it is a non catch report. Friday night; Making squid was nearly impossible we only managed jigging up about 20 pieces which were for the most part were spawned out...
  42. spike

    Seabass Mission

    While all you anglers are fishing Cod this weekend I'll be trying for the ever elusive Seabass aboard the Pride out of Seaforth Sportfishing. Join us this weekend and get your shot at a local trophy sea bass. With plenty of squid around and good weekend inshore weather we have very high hopes...
  43. spike

    Any new developments on the Mexican visa issue?

    Spring Yellows are around the corner, and I want to be prepared, whether I fish from SD into Mexico or drive into Ensenada. I have a few questions; Should I still purchase a year round Mexican fishing License still? And could that be used from SD & Baja (I have never driven across to fish...
  44. spike

    "No time for Swimming" Accurate Video Jack Nilsen of Accurate made this video of Sharks feeding on YFT at Hurricane. Must see, great under water shot's!
  45. spike

    What was your favorite catch of 2011?

    What was your grandest catch or fondest memory on the water of 2011? Every forum member is welcome to participate, CA, Baja, Long Range, Washington, ect.......... Happy Holidays and best of luck in 2012!
  46. spike

    Saluki, assumptions are true, he's a.......

    Welcome to Facebook Road Weenie.
  47. spike

    La Jolla night aboard da'Pride

    I fished the full moon aboard the Pride out of Seaforth Sportfishing, once again in search of the elusive Seabass. Flat seas and nice weather on our stroll out to the squid grounds. With the full moon I did not have high hopes of crowding or jigging many pieces, but we were actually very...
  48. spike

    It was a nice try

    Fished aboard the Pride with friends some old and some new, Friday night for the ever elusive White Sea Bass, and once again they slipped us the fin. We made it to the bait grounds and made two tanks of squish and a trash can full in about ten minutes, pretty easy. Maybe one can say we caught...
  49. spike

    What's going bump in the night in LJ?

    I'm not sure, but it looks the Pride out of Seaforth is going to take a gander Friday night into Saturday am. <TABLE border=1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width=440 background=images/background.jpg bgColor=white align=center><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=center width=30 align=middle></TD><TD...
  50. spike

    Beach Bait, and seal nabbed a big Butt

    Plenty of bait balls tight to San-O yesterday inside the small breakers. I'll let you know I was not fishing, nor will I have a chance to in the next couple weeks, but if I had some free time I'd get my ass to San-O to do some surf fishing. Three hours prior to the evening High, I had the dogs...
  51. spike

    Freedom for Sheep

    Fished San Nicolas Island aboard the Freedom Sunday, and once again Tommy & the crew did an outstanding job. We found big sheephead that wanted to bite, fish up to 15lbs, as well as a hand full of decent lings. What worked best for the big Goats was 1/2 or 3/4 oz lead heads tipped with live...
  52. spike

    Wild Hair up my Ass, Delusion of Grandeur

    Saturday I traveled North from San Clemente to Morro Bay in hopes of getting in on some of the good Albacore fishing that has been taking place up their. I had hoped to ride the Pacific Queen, but their schedule did not fit into my plans of being at work early Monday. With the SoCal reports...
  53. spike

    Running up to Morro Bay

    I'm traveling North Saturday to fish Sunday out of Morro Bay aboad the Fiesta for Albacore. I wanted to ride the Pacific Queen, but their trip to not fit into my schedule. A few questions, what sould I bring or not bring? Pound test, mega bait, fish trap ect.....
  54. spike

    The LA Chargers vs the Minnesota Vikings week 1

    Go Fuck Yourself Charger Fans. :rofl:
  55. spike

    Bolting for 296 on the ground, again! I told myself I was not going to take part in any bashing of other teams in the Sports Forum of BD this year, but I seem to have no self control. Can the Chargers stop #28? Obviously last time they...
  56. spike

    Bass Tactics SCI, SeaHorse 8/28

    Overnight aboard the Seahorse for fishing Sunday, over all the fishing was slow, it really took some work to make a catch. Clear skies, light breeze, warm weather. In certin areas their were sheets of little Bonita, 5 to 12lbs, full speed on the surface iron & yoyo jigs, I tried hard to maybe...
  57. spike

    Peak of the season, middle of Summer, WTF.. Clams?

    I enjoy BDoutdoors, don't get me wrong, but this is something I have thought about everytime I come across BD's homepage for the last few days. "WTF is with these scallops?" It's the middle of Summer, and the fishing is good along the Left Coast, from Baja, SoCal, and up to the North in...
  58. spike

    Seahorse Wedding 1/2-day

    Congrats to Tyler, owner operator of the Seahorse and Katherine who got married to each other Saturday! Katherine, new co-owner of the Seahorse, "What's yours is mine" The day after the wedding Tyler invited friends and family to come out for a short half day trip. I brought my...
  59. spike

    "We got another kelp" Pacific Queen 1.5

    Pacific Queen Day & a half, Wednesday night till Friday morning, with workable fishing conditions. Twenty of us anglers kept over 60 mixed fish, caught next to 80 with releasing smaller yellowtail. The majority of our catch was good grade Yellowtail, 18lb average, mixed with nearly two handfuls...
  60. spike

    Sticking my neck out....

    The offshore fishing will be better this week! Well it can't get much worse. Alot of the problem over the weekend was it was blowing like a whore on dollar day, many boats got the shit kicked out of them, or stayed tied to the dock. It's hard to work or fish in sloppy seas. Weather is...
  61. spike

    Happy Ending Weekend

    Tale of two quick trips; 7/22/11 I stepped aboard the Pride out of Seaforth Sportfishing in hopes of catching another costal tanker seabass Friday night. Squid making was scratchy, with very few caught, but Capt. Greg had plenty of fresh dead to fish with. La Jolla was littered with skiffs...
  62. spike

    Coastal Tanker Pride!

    I fished aboard the Pride Saturday night till Sunday morning on their coastal seabass special trip out of Seaforth Sportfishing. Myself and 14 other anglers had high hopes of getting into some seabass, and this trip really fit into my schedule having to be home in the morning. We started out...
  63. spike

    Pride & Prejudice; I hate Whites

    I fished aboard the Pride out of Seaforth, Saturday 6pm till Sunday 8am. An evening Seabass trip which really fit into my schedule nicely because I am quite busy at home currently adding a bedroom for my 5 month year old son. Captain and friend Greg Gawitt got us to the bait grounds near La...
  64. spike

    Carpet Guy?

    I started a room addition on the 28th, a floating ceiling above the living room, a room for my youngest, like a loft addition. I will be looking to have the new room carpeted as well as two other rooms and the stairs. Maybe 600 to 700 sq. ft. I have a question, or two. How much of my stuff...
  65. spike

    Plan B = FAIL

    The Plan was to go to La Jolla and fish seabass & yellows till about midnight, but with all the hot scores of buddies having stellar sundown fishing at Catalina we opted to head out West. The goal was to be in early regardless of the fishing, some of us had to work, early. So instead of fishing...
  66. spike

    SeaBass Helmet

    FishDope told me where to go, I should have listened. Fished Thursday afternoon untill the wee hours of the night in search of the ever elusive Coastal Tanker. Fished aboard a private boat and just stayed local to Dana Point not willing to travel because we all had to work in the morning. Don...
  67. spike

    Quest to Perfection

    Sunday aboard the Pacific Quest, Capt Josh has us approaching yesterdays hot spot only to find a couple handfuls of boats already on it. It sounded like the fleet had yet to catch much so Capt Josh set us up inside and away from the fleet. We dropped the anchor at 3am, it only took 40 minutes to...
  68. spike

    Releasing Black Sea Bass Alot of controversy has been made about the metods used while releasing Black Seabass, which is good, it means we are doing our job as anglers. We are consciously taking steps to preseve our ocean and save a depleted yet protected species...
  69. spike

    Awkward Family Photos I'm not going to get shit done today.
  70. spike

    Chubasco Friday Yellows

    I had a great time aboard the Chubasco on Friday. A great load of anglers, and some hot sticks, as well as a top notch crew, it was a pleasure to fish with all. Weather was lumpy a bit, and the Yellows were pretty much off the bite, maybe due to heavy boat preasure. We had 28 anglers aboard and...
  71. spike

    Seahorse leaving Tuesday night for SCI!

    Tyler with the Seahorse is trying to get enough anglers together to make it to San Clemente Island for Wednesday fishing. They did catch 2 yellows on live squid that they made on Sunday. Currently they have a handful of anglers on the books for tonight but still need a few more with the way fuel...
  72. spike

    Pacific Voyager, 5/1/11, Someone took an Upperdecker along the Baja Coast

    Thursday of last week when I saw the Pacific Voyager go online for an open party trip I jumed on it, it's rare they do open party trips. Capt Mark called it a Yellowtail or bust trip, I was down, and eager to throw on some yellow. We departed Saturday night with a great load of anglers, some...
  73. spike

    WSB strike out Friday & Sunday funday

    4/15/11 Fished for coastal tankers Friday, 2pm till beyond sundown, Dana Point area. For the most part conditions were crap, green, cold water, 57.3, but decent down hill current. Fished with mackerel & fresh frozen squid, no success, right at dusk we had some pretty good wormed marks but, no...
  74. spike

    News of Albacore & Bluefin tuna, they are getting closer

    I just spoke to Aaron Barnhill, Capt. of the Legend and RP at times, who was a crew member aboard the stellar Royal Polaris trip with atleast 9 Super Cows. Not olny was their trip a success, but they saw small dabs of BFT & Alb at 180 miles S. of the Point. Hopefully we will be in full swing...
  75. spike

    GWS pic! Santa Rosa 2/1/11

    Great White Shark This pic was taken last week from a friend of mine, 2/1/11 on the backside of Santa Rosa Island while on a surf trip. Kinda a niffty shot! Someone lied to me, this pic is from the Lupe, not Santa Rosa
  76. spike

    Congrats Women of Wisconsin!

    Women in Wisconsin Experience Abnormal Activity Titled "Limited Sexual Intercourse" From the Purple Jesus Diaries In a ground breaking study released early Monday morning by a group of local scientists in lab coats and a few wearing spectacles, they discovered a phenomenon in the state of...
  77. spike

    for the BD Sports Forum users.....

    <CENTER></CENTER> I think this demotivational pic has a lot of symbolism for this weekend Super Bowl! That being said, Steel will slice the Cheese. Pittsburgh running attack to grate Cheese Heads Defense.
  78. spike

    Jay Cutler is a ................... (fill in the blank)

    PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will NEVER, win a Super Bowl. Sorry Bear fans, you just ate a bowl of dick soup. At least look like you want to win standing on the sidelines, on your hurt vagina, try to help and coach up the rag doll QB's that went in to replace you. He must have had the Packers minus...
  79. spike

    Conference Championship Games, who wins

    Sunday January 23rd Green Bay at Chicago (+3.5) 12:00 p.m. FOX New York Jets at Pittsburgh (-3.5) 3:30 CBS I'd like to see some close, hard nose football, hopefully they each come down to the final two minutes. That being said, I'll take the points in each game. I like the the Steeler...
  80. spike

    Tinkerbell Pole battles at the Vine!

    Took my daughter Emmarie to Lake Irvine Monday the 17th for her second fishing trip. She went 2 for 3 on quality stocked rainbows. Slower than our last time, no bumps till mid day. I will say I saw alot of shore based anglers got early mid morning action. Many folks on the water today for the...
  81. spike

    Wild Card Weekend, who will prevail?

    Who do you like this weekend (just this weekend). Dog's & away teams this week, should be interesting. Saturday's Wild Card Games: New Orleans at Seattle (+10.5) 1:30 p.m. NBC New York Jets at Indianapolis (-2.5) 5:00 p.m. NBC Sunday's Wild Card Games Baltimore at Kansas City (+3) 10:00...
  82. spike

    You think Rex Ryan has Sexy Hooves?

    Just goes to show, "Everybody Fucks Different" New York Jets' Rex Ryan: Foot-fetish report personal matter - ESPN New York The New York Jets are on the verge of making the playoffs, but the focus once again is off the field as coach Rex Ryan is being asked whether his wife, Michelle, posted...
  83. spike

    "At the Rail" Long Range Fishing..... the book

    Current Conditions - At The Rail: Long Range Fishing Anyody had a chance to get their book yet, mine is in transit. Just curious what you thought of it? I am sure Bill & Paul did a suburb job with it, just curious what "you" as na angler have gotten out of it. I believe their is a book signing...
  84. spike

    TravisT, Happy MF-ing B-day!

    Happy Birthday KID! Good luck at school.
  85. spike

    Happy Birthday Jamie Thinnes

    Happy Birhtday to Jamie Thinnes of Seasons Sportfishing!
  86. spike

    By week 17, Play off Picture!

    2010 NFL Playoff Machine - Simulate Matchups and Scenarios - ESPN Wow, a shocker out of the NFC North
  87. spike

    Happy Birthday PullinAhi

    Happy Birthday Ryan!
  88. spike

    Happy Birthday el capo

    Happy Birthday Hulsey!
  89. spike

    Our Daughters 1st fishing trip, Lake Irvine 11/17

    Fished the Vine Wednesday after my day of work, a last minute trip to say the least. We boarded our rental boat at 1pm, and were in search of our daughter Emmarie's 1st fish, it did not take long. We trolled the NW shoreline of the lake, and as the first hit happened and line peeled off the...
  90. spike

    Hard work pays off,

    Some of you may know, or fished with Jordon Garcia orginally with the Seahorse. The kid has not had the greatest environment to grow up in, maybe he was dealt a bad hand one could say. But at an early age he acquired a workers permit and worked weekends aboard the Seahorse. This last Summer...
  91. spike

    I think I have grown & matured.....

    I believe I have grown and matured, and at this point in my life I think I am metally stable enough to be let back in the Bass Club.
  92. spike

    Capt. Tyler & the Seahorse, tanked with Squid going to SCI tonight $100

    Capt. Tyler is running the Seahorse out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing tonight, they are all ready jugged with squid. The cost is $100 and the trip is a go. San Clemente Island is open and no one to my knowledge has been able to give it a good check since it has been primarily closed. The weather is...
  93. spike

    1st time aboard the Freedom, 1st time fishing SBI

    I liked the both! I jumped aboard the Freedom Friday night for fishing Saturday, with full tanks of squid. Our destination was Santa Barbra Island in search ot Yellows. We began fishing prior to sun up, and things go going around 7:30 am, our first little flash of yellow, I eneded up not...
  94. spike

    Exclusive video of Favre & no Pant's!

    YouTube - pants on the ground favre
  95. spike

    Legend 10/9/10 1.5

    I was suppose to be an angler aboard the Accurate 1.5 trip on the Legend untill I got the call from Capt. Aaron Barnhill asking me to work the trip which I agreed to. I arrived to the boat and their seemed to be a scheduling conflict, the normal deck technitian showed up and needed the cash more...
  96. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2-day, slim pickens but rewarding

    Senor Tuna two day aboard the Pacific Voyager The skinny; Tough fishing, though we did see many fish. Weather was lumpy & breezey. Water temp 66.5 average Light line & small baits are what worked. I try to fish one of Georges Senor Tuna trips once a year and I always make sure it is aboard...
  97. spike

    So.... seems like Vincent Jackson will be on his way out of SD soon

    <!-- end mod-article-title --><!-- begin story body -->Wonder where the class act & law abiding citizen lands..... San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson will be eligible to play in Week 5 if he's traded under the terms of a settlement between the NFL and the players union, a league...
  98. spike

    Is there a Game tonight?

    There is a storm brewing in the Bayou. a Purple Haze looms over Louisiana, preparing to rain on the Saints parade! Vikes 24 Saints 17
  99. spike

    Hooops, Happy Birthday

  100. spike

    Legend 2-day 19th thru 21st, slow but fun

    I had a week off of work, most of my time was spent in the land of a thousand lakes with my family, & Brent. Upoun my return home I was seeking a 2 day or putting my skiff in the water. I got a call from Aaron with the Legend asking me to work a trip for him, and thought with the way fishing is...
  101. spike

    Good news for Albacore fisherman

    The sportfishing boat the Success was the highliner for the SD fleet yesterday, they returned to port from a 2.5 day trip with 12 anglers & boated 19 albacore, that's one Albacore every three hours & sixteen minute average. :shithappens:
  102. spike

    Fished from the Long Board

    No Waves, tried fishing from a board. Fished outside San-O, from Churchs to Dog Patch prior to low tide yesterday afternoon. Pretty fast drift with the West breeze. For bait I used fresh dead squirts, with 20lb flouro & a 3/0 hook, and a 1/4oz to 1/2oz slidder rigged with a carolina keeper. My...
  103. spike

    Sunday aboard the Seabiscuit

    Short run down; Great boat & crew but fishing did not transpire to the previous days flurry of Seabass. Weather was lumpy & breezy fishing Santa Rosa, making bait was a sinch, full float. Our total, 4 wsb, 4 toad calico, 4 log barracuda, 6 hog sheephead, 1 nice ling, 122 miscellaneous rock...
  104. spike

    Alb's gave us the FIN (ger), boat & crew were solid

    I had a charter that I put together for a handful of my best customers, none of the 10 anglers I brought had ever been offshore fishing, and most have only fished salt water a few times or not at all. We departed Friday 7/9 on the Pacific Quest out Fishermans Landing, it was only an overnight...
  105. spike

    Grunion...... RUN!

    Fished SC last night, 11pm till 1am, walked over a one mile stretch of beach. Heavy shore break and many loose floating kelp and weeds made it tough to keep baits out with out getting tangled in all the paddy debris with the surge. Grunion were not thick by any means, a few here and there, I was...
  106. spike

    I have never been so mad at BD!!!!

    My all time Tetris score in the Arcade was not saved. I think I took 1st place, I had over 95000 points, the all time leader has 950336. Give a dude a break, I am sitting hear at my desk pretending to be diligently working while playing Tetris, I think I took 1st or atleast 2nd.
  107. spike

    Mention Bloody Decks save $20.00 on your 1.5 Albacore trip Friday night

    The Seahorse out of Dana Point is running a 1.5 albacore trip Friday night. The price of the trip is $215.00, but tell them your a BD member and save $20.00! With 3 deck boxs of Sardine & Chovy Dana Wharf boats are easily in proximity to a new batch of fish that has been seen out to the West...
  108. spike

    Chewing on it, yesterdays hot spot

    Departed Saturday night to fish Sunday following the epic Seabass bite that was unleashed at the island. I fished with some friends aboard a Skippy, three pretty inexperienced anglers who were each wanting to try their hand at a biscuit. I brought four of my own rods minimum 30lb, they three...
  109. spike

    Scratching the Yellow off our Chubby

    Fished aboard Chubasco II Fathers Day. We travled South to fish Islas Coroandos with a healthy batch of sardines, along with many other sport & private vessels. It seemed that there were quite a few other BDer's aboard who were a pleasure to fish with for the first time, the boat did seem to...
  110. spike

    Hey Soccer fans.....

    I have never understood your sport, nor do I want to know anything about it.
  111. spike

    "Fishing" for Seabass, "Catching" Calico Bazz

    Pounded away in search of the ever elusive "Coastal Tanker", we had plenty of fresh dead thanks to the Horse & the Boardroom, thanks guys. Fished from 2pm till beyond dark for no sniffs from any Ghosts, but caught decent Bazz. More info at
  112. spike

    This has got to be a BD member.

    Someone get a hair cut?
  113. spike

    2 day Pacific Quest to Catalina.

    Departed Sunday night aboard the Pacific Quest after it sounded like pretty good weekend fishing, we had pretty high hopes to nail this one out of the park with two days at the Islands, we were mistaken. Pretty slow fishing, in most part due to lack of conditions and current. The fish we landed...
  114. spike

    Took my wifes, cousins, husband fishing..... what does that make us?

    Absolutely Nothing! Fished on the San Diego for the first time, and actually my first 3/4 day in a very long time. Weather had some residual lump to it from Sundays wind and swell, but it ended up being very nice conditions latter in the day. We started off with decent action on nice log...
  115. spike

    Weather moving forward...... it BLOWS!!

    Just when SCI & Catalina are starting to come together, hope it stays to the North. Wind Outlook Winds at 7:00 this morning were light and variable most everywhere. Onshores are expected to increase by late morning, then reach 15 mph this afternoon. A hefty trough is about to descend on the...
  116. spike

    White Shark sighting, SoCal 5/6/10

    I had a great afternoon of surf yesterday, just South of the Contest at Trestles (San Mateo area). I was at middles, only a few guys out, most were up the beach watching the contest. The water was a very clean green, and the temp was around 60F. Their were balls of fin bait in the surfline...
  117. spike

    Another Mex Panga caught in CA waters with drugs

    Illegal immigrants, drugs found on Catalina Island motorboat | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times Wheres our offshore Minute Men? I guess it's much better than Isla. Santa Rosa.
  118. spike

    1st of many!

    My daughter was playing around with her little rod & reel yesterday, when all of a sudden she started to get the hang of casting! She is only two years old and is all ready getting the hang of it, I could not be more proud. This picture was taken with my phone, not very clear, and her poor...
  119. spike

    4/8- The Legend continues......

    The Legend continues to put the wood to the Yellows Departed Wednesday night with Captain Aaron Barnhill aboard the Legend. The weather was epic, flat calm, and the fishing sounded stellar that day for Yellows. Junior angler TJ with crew memeber JJ The morning started off well fishing...
  120. spike

    Homade Surf Video, Dominican Republic

    YouTube - Just another epic day at Canal Here is a Vid my younger cousin made from the Dominican R. He was born and raised in Minnesota, but after his Mom fucked up countless times with DUI's & drug charges, Olen (my little cousin) who is now 15 years old has been living in the Dominican...
  121. spike

    Photo near Mexicali, during the Quake

    Guy said he almost soiled his pants.
  122. spike

    After the Quake, road to Mexicali

    These photos were sent to me from a guy who grows green onions & cilantro in Mexico.
  123. spike

    Downrigger for sale,w/ 15lb weight

    Cannon Uni Troll HP Downrigger (s/n 02171294) 1000ft of 200lb stainless cable boom extension hand crank Rod holder mount & flush if needed 15lb finned ball weight and accessories $175.00 Does not included shipping, I would rather sell it in person, and I am willing to drive to...
  124. spike

    Big Bear, Snow Summit, 3/28 & 29

    Took my wife to Big Bear for some late season riding. The snow was great, man made and left over natural from storms in the past. We had a great couple days riding Snow Summit and never once waited in line for any lifts, their would be runs with out any one on them and the whole mountain was...
  125. spike

    Happy Birthday "get some"

    Good luck on the Mighty Snook Hunter today Eric.
  126. spike

    Killer Dana Surf Sale, 20-60% off

    Hope this is ok to post. Times are tough, maybe a little savings.
  127. spike

    Seahorse Tuesday Night for WSB

    The Seahorse is trying to get off the dock Tuesday in search of more Seabass. Yesterday they had a handfull for 7 anglers. Currently they only have a couple on the books with reservations. If you have the chance to fish mid week, this is a great opportunity to try for WSB with a limited load...
  128. spike

    Legend Yellows 3/21

    I jumped on the Legend Saturday night for fishing Sunday. The primary focus was Yellowtail. Seeing as how the Coronado Island bite had fizzled out we were left with two choices, fish the non-biting Nados, or go in search of new fish. Capt. Shawn stretched the legs of our 1-day South well beyond...
  129. spike

    LT, offered more $$$ with other teams, went to NYJ for work load Good for LT, but obviously we wanted out of SD.
  130. spike

    In search of- john belushi video "luck of the irish"

    I can not find this video on the web, it's an absolute classic. Any help would be appreciated.
  131. spike

    Seahorse, 3/12, SCI! Good times, Six anglers!

    We fished the Seahorse, last chance trip & only ended up getting six anglers. I called everyone I knew to go, to leave Thursday, but I know it's tough last minute on a work day, but I needed to go. We had a great time, I do not want divulge too much because the Seahorse gave their fishing info...
  132. spike

    Charger & LT fans, how do you feel........

    LT said that he would not stay with the Chargers and restructure his contract to take less money to stay with his former team. But currently he is talking to teams about becoming a third dwn back, which would require taking less money than his asking price. Tomlinson has 'heard what I like to...
  133. spike

    marijuana smugglers caught off I. Santa Rosa

    Agents report finding ton of marijuana, beached smugglers on local island Ventura County Star That's a long ride in a panga. SOB!
  134. spike

    Vikes at Saints

    This should be a fun game to watch. Dallas was the first team to beat the Saints and in the Super Dome none the less. The Vikes just stomped the red hot Cowboys, Dallas being all the so called "experts" Super Bowl favorite. I believe Adrian Peterson has a big day, even if the Saints stack the...
  135. spike

    Storm Swell, Salt Creek

    All photos taken the 17th thru 21st by Jeromy Hansen
  136. spike

    KD board society

    Killer Dana Board Society 2010 January Some good reads from time to time, all written Kacee Spurney from Killer Dana.
  137. spike

    Tandem Family surfing at San-O

    YouTube - Family Tandem Surfing 1-10-10 The link above is a BD member, Gabe "Cure Well" (of Cure Well Bait Receivers) & his family. I have been trying to take pictures recently of the epic swell we have had since last Saturday. My photos have been far from great so I have basically deleted...
  138. spike

    Weather comming, "El Nino" releated

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Interesting weather pattern building. If it comes to fruition, might cause us some problems. <o:p></o:p> Anyone who ever said that winter weather in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =...
  139. spike

    I am enjoying the new Forum

    Recently my wife and some friends went and stayed at a cabin in Arrowhead. It was the first time we had gone up and not taking the snow boards, but we had some new riders and kids who got their 1st chance to play in the snow. (We took a little time as well to watch the trottling of the NYG by...
  140. spike

    Vikes vs. Bears, suck a fat one Cuntler

    Out with the Turkeys, in with the Bears Avatar bet, like it or lick it Saluki!
  141. spike

    Avatar bets.......they are so last year....

    Well its that time again, when the Minnesota Vikings travel to Lambeau field to take on the Green Bay Packers. As always, it's a given that Tues and I will have a one week avatar bet, the winner has control over the losers avatar. Tues has been cutting and pasting since the last Packer...
  142. spike

    Steeler fans.........

    Eat a dick, avatar bet for who ever is in,I know that there are some of you around the sports forum. One week, and the winner decides the losers avatar. (vermonster?)
  143. spike

    I know Del Marsh; Charger Game

    As my wife and I took our seats for the Monday night pounding from the Broncos the man in the seat in front of us removed his sweat shirt. It was a "I know Del Marsh" T-shirt, ourr eyes lit up. It was very cool to see. We sparked up conversation with him, I believe his name was Tim (it was very...
  144. spike

    Please add a Caption! (jaydog)

    Your not going to believe where Jay pulled this out of
  145. spike

    Fudge-Packers and Cheese Heads

    Packer fans! More hilarity and immaturity after the jump &#8230;
  146. spike

    Nine, Brett Favre, NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YouTube - Hitler Upset Vikings Sign Brett Favre this may be a repost, but it is very funny!
  147. spike

    Cosmic Creek Challenge, this Saturday and Sunday

    Saturday and Sunday at Salt Creek. Hosted by Killer Dana & Billabong. The Pros surf Sunday, Rob Machado and Tom Curren will be in it, among others. It may not be to late to sign up for amature events. Surfers in the contest to not ride their own boards, but draw from older 70's & 80's retro...
  148. spike

    Saluki, quit texting me in the 3rd Quarter, Vikes are 3 & 0

    Brandon, I know the only reason you continue to text is because of your pathetic man crush. We all know you stroke the shaft and fondle the boys, but please keep from texting me, only Bear fans take it in the rear. (that photo does not say much for Packer fans either) Three weeks in a row...
  149. spike

    SpikeFace 9/21 w/pic

    Had a short work day Monday, very short. We left the head of Dana Point just passed 8am on a small skiff with my friend Gabe of, we had no offical plan. We knew it may get a bit windy in the afternoon which it did so we opted not to make a long run offshore but stay close or...
  150. spike

    Watching NFL games online?

    Has anyone tried this? It sounds like there is quite a catch. How to Watch NFL Games Online For Free | If there is another site some could recommend I am all for it.
  151. spike

    390 kelps, one stop shopping!

    Left Dana Point around 10pm and headed South to the 390. We opted to stay to the West and work our way in, hopefully encountering less boat traffic. At 6am we slowed from 10.5 knots to a troll and began to look around, not a boat in sight, except for a Newport overnight boat up to the North. The...
  152. spike

    In rememberance of a great man and expert angler

    Many Bloody Deck anglers have had the privilege to fish with Del Marsh, a great fisherman, storyteller, and friend. Del passed away Sunday with his long time friend Jack Nilsen by his side. Del was reluctant enough to hear some of his friends wish him well Saturday morning from tuning into Lets...
  153. spike

    New-Lo-An, scratchy overnight, but time well spent.

    Need less to we were unable to find an eager school of Alb's or BFT. We slid up on a few dabs of pudlling fish for not much, the effort was their by both Captain Marcus and all the anglers. The weather was grease, absolute Tahitian Dreams. We had opportunities on fish, and stopped the boat...
  154. spike

    Yes on the Garr

    Fished San Clemente area, in search of the elusive yellowtail down around Mateo. We started fishing around 2pm, we made about 50 mini macks and a handful of spanish, we did have some sardines left in the dockside bait receiver. We made a few anchor tries and fished hard till 7pm. The Barracuda...
  155. spike

    Sprinkling of Albacore for the SoCal Northern fleet

    Departed Saturday night aboard the Seahorse out of Dana Point with a healthy load of nice sized anchovy and a tad bit of hook size sardine, not much hook size dine was at the bait receiver. We traveled South West thru the night and woke up in clean 69 degree water. Early in the AM we slid up on...
  156. spike

    My Wife's Walk for a Cure, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

    My wife Jamie has opted to dedicate her time and money to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this September. Her and a few friends are going to walk as a team going a distance of 39.3 miles in a span of two days, they will camp on night. Jamie and each of her team members are raising money to...
  157. spike

    C-bass strike out, but kid got fish down the coast

    Departed Friday evening around 5pm with plenty of live squid, we were in search of the elusive SeaBass. We plugged away along quite a few spots all with down hill current and 63 degree water temp. We chopped ringlets and chummed quite a bit of live steady on every anchor try. He had small sand...
  158. spike

    Seabass & Calico action aboard the Dreamer

    I had the chance to fish a private charter aboard the Dreamer with a great group of anglers. The weather was very nice and the Calico fishing was awesome with steady toad quality checkers constantly coming over the rail. We did also get one early flash on the seabass, where we went 4 for 5 on...
  159. spike

    Kayak Bait Reciever

    Hey guys, I have had a lot of interest in kayak receivers lately. If you know anybody who might be interested, please pass this email along. The price is $275.00. The size on this model is approx. 18" wide x 12" deep. You can contact me directly at (949) 429-2788 or visit my website at...
  160. spike

    Seahorse, picking away daily!

    Jake Crawford with a nice C-bass aboard the Horse. Tyler & the crew of the Seahorse have been getting out about six days a week to the WSB & YT grounds. They have had live squid every trip and should be online thru all next week, for as of now they have reservations on the books everyday. They...
  161. spike

    BD small business member with nice ad in PCS

    This month in Pacific Coast Sport Fishing their is a nice size ad of Gabe's (Cure Well's) dock side bait receivers. Many BD anglers have helped him sling shot his small company into the for front of boating gear for the hard core fisherman. Very cool to see the little guys doing well.
  162. spike

    Seabass flash aboard the Pacific Quest

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 11"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 11"><link rel="File-List"...
  163. spike

    re-post, Father & Son get some WSB

    But again, Spiro, congrats on your catch, and getting your boy out, thats what its all about, and a nice post. Mardiosa limits again (owp) <HR style="COLOR: rgb(0,0,0); BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(0,0,0)" SIZE=1>Fished the Mardiosa today with the Performance Tackle charter. We got...
  164. spike

    25-30lb Yellows at SCI aboard the Seahorse

    Fished Sunday out of Dana Point aboard the Seahorse, we had a great group of Bloody Deck anglers. We steamed West to San Clemente Island and scooped some squid, plus they had a bunch left over from the previous day. Saturday the Seahorse had a strong day with 28 YT's, & every angler caught one...
  165. spike

    Thank You MNF for getting rid of the worst comb over in sports history

    Jon Gruden joins Monday Night Football team, replacing Tony Kornheiser - ESPN Good bye Korn-Hole.
  166. spike

    BD trip aboard the Horse to SCI for YT's!!!

    We got a nice group of anglers together to fish the Seahorse, quite a few BD anglers showed up and we had a great time with lots of laughs. We made some squid once we got to San Clemente, but also we had 10 scoops aboard already. We fished the bait grounds in the morning and went three for...
  167. spike

    Yellowtail Jackpot discount offer, this weekend aboard the Horse!

    This Saturday & Sunday the Seahorse is offering a special side jackpot, the biggest YELLOWTAIL for each seperate trip wins 1/2 off their following trip aboard the Seahorse. Right now Captain Tyler is only charging anglers $100 for an overnight any how, that my fellow anglers is cheap overnight...
  168. spike

    Catalina weekend WSB & Calico

    Fished with Barto, Gabe & Hoops aboard Hoop's Skip Jack. We departed Friday morning at 4am, very foggy and a huge ground swell. We made are way over to Catalina to find there was no live squid available but we did have plenty of fresh dead, or at least we thought. The first anchor job produced...
  169. spike

    Inshore bottom grabber afternoon

    Fished with Tyler aboard the Horse, pretty nice having the whole boat to fish from.We tried various spots thru Laguna Beach with live squid as bait. We did not fish long, but did well on some little bottom fish. The water was a bit dirty green, and a cool 59 degrees. We caught 8 sand bass, 8...
  170. spike

    yes, I am spamming you, get over it.

    I desperatly need to recycle this post back into the BD mix for a friend and fellow BD member. I understand these are tuff economical times and most anglers are not in the position to be purchasing new fishing equipment. I'll I ask is that maybe you know someone that may be interested, and you...
  171. spike

    41lb SeaBass aboard the SeaHorse

    Report from Captain Tyler from Sunday fishing; the angler was Tutt "We had a great day on Calico fishing at SCI today, as well as a decent haul on some nice rockfish. The highlight of the day was a 41lb seabass that we landed on 30lb test using a live squid. We did hook three total that swam...
  172. spike

    Improving the Swim of Surface Iron, with out wiring

    This is in response to a thread that was brought up about "fine tuning" non swimming surface jigs. This takes a bit more time than quickly wiring with single strand but is clean and really gets jigs kicking. Its all done by silver soldering a smaller eye ring to the existing ring of the...
  173. spike

    I kissed a BD member at the store yesterday

    I stumbled upoun Tim ("Rubberhook2") at the grocery store in San Clemente yesterday. I have never met him previously but seems to be a stand up, polite guy, and obviously one heck of an angler from what we have seen on BD in the past. It was a pleasure to meet you Tim, hope to share the rail...
  174. spike

    Looking for Yellow Killers, Tonight!

    The Seahorse is looking for anglers who fish the heavy or surface jig. Tyler came across a few spots of breaking fish out to the West, and wants to get out tonight and put a catch together. They hooked some fish yesterday put it sounded like most of the tackle anglers had was on the lighter...
  175. spike

    Seabass Strike Out, but still a great trip.

    Hoops and I left for Catalina Friday, arriving at the East end at 1:30 pm to get a hearty scoop of live squid from the Carnage. We fished various spots around East for only some Calico action, no Seabass. Fishing the East till about dusk we had seen only two other boats, very quite. Prior to sun...
  176. spike

    BD member Jeff (jec6446) aboard the RRIII

    Ande Cates hoisted a 327.4-pound yellowfin tuna on the certified scales for first-time long tripper Jeff Cakin of Leavenworth, KS. jec6446<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1253217", true); </SCRIPT> Registered User Name: Jeff Age: 28 Vessel: 16ft Aluminum Deep-V...
  177. spike

    Two words for all you who think the Irish are Lucky

    POTATO FAMINE!!!! How about that? It scares them, doesn't it? Well, it should. That's why they came here in the first place.
  178. spike

    Reds aboard the Seahorse at SCI

    We departed Friday night on Mike's (el capo) charter aboard the Seahorse for his new lure company, Happy Ending Lures. We had a great, fun group of anglers, some from BD and some from ST. We all met up in Wind & Sea prior to departure and had a few brews and some grub. It was great seeing alot...
  179. spike

    Great rockfishing at SCI aboard the Seahorse

    Fished Sunday aboard the Horse, out of DanaPoint for the rockfish opener to SCI. We had smooth weather and steady action on the bottom grabbers through out the day. Captain Tyler and crew worked hard to put us on some pretty decent fishing. We took a deck box of medium sardines and loaded up on...
  180. spike

    Things you can not say while drunk

    THINGS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Innovative 2. Preliminary 3. Proliferation 4. Cinnamon THINGS THAT ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Specificity 2. Anti-constitutionalistically 3. Passive-aggressive disorder 4. Transubstantiate THINGS THAT ARE DOWNRIGHT IMPO...
  181. spike

    Buc's release Derrick Brooks, and five other Vet's | News It appears Tampa Bay is going in a new direction, they released five notable veterans, but more surprising the let go Derrick Brooks. The Tampa Bay line backer has been to countless probowls and was the foundation of the Tamp-2 deffense. I am not a Buc's fan, but always...
  182. spike

    happy birthday..........SNEEKEE

    Happy Birthday Robert!!! Don't get bucked!!!
  183. spike

    Trip for the Plastic Fleet to SCI

    Qualifier 105,Long Range Sportfishing, San Diego, California, Fishing Baja California
  184. spike

    Be a Dick........ at the Fred Hall Show?

    Just curious, but what is the most whacky things you have seen at the FHS? I once saw a guy walk up and give Dan Hernandez about five icecream sundays, and it was not out of kindness.
  185. spike

    Special trip, for PB'ers, Long range'ers, Bass Anglers & Kayakers

    The Qualifier 105 will be doing two, 2.5 day trips to San Clemente Island May 8th thru the 10th & May 15<SUP>th</SUP> thru 17<SUP>th</SUP>. This trip is very unique because their will be many different platforms to fish off of, the Q,105 will run three of their hard bottom skiffs for targeting...
  186. spike

    An old photo of the Q105 I found a while back

    I recently got a scanner so I can add some cool old photos that I have. This is a photo I found outside of town in Cabo at a little bar, I told the guy that I work on the boat, he looked at the photo and said "You don't look that old" (black & white photo). I made owner John Klein a copy a few...
  187. spike

    Super Bowl, who is going to win?

    I hope to see a close game, two different styles of play. The Steelers are a smash mouth, pound the rock team with the highest rated deffense of the year. The Card's are a finesse team with an explosive air attack offense who seem to have snuck into the big game.
  188. spike

    1/10 LJ slow fishing but a good time none the less

    Fished with Jaydog on Saturday morning around La Jolla area, in search of the elusive Yellowtail. We never connected with any of what we were after but had a nice time especially with the nice conditions from the offshore breeze. We caught barley a handful of mixed bottom grabbers, sculpin...
  189. spike

    Divisional Playoffs, All Familiar Foes

    All of this weeks playoff games feature teams who have played each other atleast once this year. Each prior game was decided by less than a touchdown, hopefully these rematches will be as entertaining as previously played. I just thought it was pretty interesting that each match up were played...
  190. spike

    Compare Stats of NFL playoff teams.

    Super Bowl 43 Graphs - Multi Team Pretty neat little thing to check out if you love football.
  191. spike

    SuperBowl, and then their were two....

    Which two teams (one from the AFC & one from the NFC) do you think will end up playing for the title in Tampa? Its pretty surprising that all home wild card playoff teams are underdogs this week. Normally I have noticed that duing the first week of playoffs two home teams sneak out with a...
  192. spike

    Fishing Colnett aboard the Cortez 12/27

    We departed Friday night with a great group of anglers around 6pm. The weather was still a bit breezy but we traveled down swell for most of the night, prior to sun up the wind picked up. Blowing from offshore, combined with the North West wind we already had and steep ground swells left the...
  193. spike

    Email outbox problem

    My emails are having a very hard time getting out, it takes a while for them to leave my outbox. I am having no problems receiving emails, and know that they are comming in normally. I reset the server but still have the same issue, if anyone may know how to fix this problem I sure would...
  194. spike

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    Lions vs Colts I predict that the Lions go into Indy fired up and play like their hair is on fire, I bet the Lions execute their best game plan ever and play like champs..... and then only loose by 30 points. :rofl:
  195. spike

    Lil' Sleeze, don't call me when your in my neighborhood....

    Call me when your on my block!! Lil' Ceez (Bear fan) called me when the Detroit Lions were up on the Vikings by three points and wanted to make an avatar bet, probabbly cause the Vikes spanked da'Bears last Monday. What an idiot to bank 30 days of an humiliating avatar on the winnless Lions...
  196. spike

    All right Saluki, your next........

    Sunday Night Football, Bears vs Vikings Avatar bet, 30 days up, no excuses........ pansy Surprise Avatars, meaning you won't see it till after the game
  197. spike

    Dana Point, 11/22, slow but fun

    Fished the afternoon out of Dana Point, we went in search of lings around a couple Laguna spots but struck out. The water was much cleaner than the previous weekend and the temp was 60 to 61. Once our little ling spots did not produce we went in search of butt's, we only managed one short and...
  198. spike

    Happy B-day el capo

    Hope you got some waves
  199. spike

    Afternoon Butts (11/15 w-pic)

    We fished Saturday afternoon out of Dana Point, we had some sardine and soap bar macks from a month ago in Gabe's receiver that were hearty. We fished along South Laguna for a couple hours mainly using 20lb mono and 1/0 hooks with a 4oz torpedo sinker. We a great action on smaller fish, we...
  200. spike

    Hey TUES, I am calling you out!!

    Now I know your still butt sore about Brett Farve going to the Jets, I am not sure why the hell you cheddar heads think he is the Dali Lama or somthing, fuck Farve, he his just another MOFO up their with a bunch of cheese and shit. YouTube - John Randle Now that I have you riled up here is...
  201. spike

    Coach Singletary

    Over the weekend replacement head coach for the 49ers Mike Singletary had kicked 1st round pick TE Vernon Davis off the field during the game and told Davis to hit the showers early because all he was doing was being a distraction to the team. Now I am not a 49er fan but I do like what...
  202. spike

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Jaydog...........................................................Lebowski ... Saluki..........................................................Hitler .. el capo...................................Spicoli ....... Lil Ceez............ Tony Montana ...
  203. spike

    Catalina 10/9, not much doing

    Fished Catalina Sunday(10/19), we had a tank of greenbacks as well as a sprinklng of really nice dine's. We had heard about the heavy amounts of Bonita on the front so we opted to try some spots along the back. The water along Palisades was a bit cooler so we steamed past that area. The weather...
  204. spike

    Wedding Invite

  205. spike

    I wish I had been this smart, Boy Scouts battle Breast Cancer

    12-Year-Old Boy Scouts Volunteer To Give Women Breast Exams | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  206. spike

    Romo-sexual OUT.......

    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a broken pinkie on his throwing hand and might miss up to four weeks. <!-- INLINE HEADSHOT (BEGIN) --> <!-- INLINE HEADSHOT (END) --> Romo broke his right pinkie on the first play of overtime in a 30-24 loss at Arizona on Sunday, according to a...
  207. spike

    Bait Receiver web site

    Cure Well Check out the new web site
  208. spike

    MNF, Vikes @ Saints

    1. I predict a final score of Saints 28 Vikes 24. 2. I believe A.P. runs for 200 yards and 3 TD's but Brees and company stretch the defense and acumulate 400 passing yards. 3. I know that having Tony Kornhole in the booth is a cancer that needs to be put to an end.
  209. spike

    very sad, Kicker for the Buc's loses newborn

    Obviosly this is a very sad story, hopefuly Tampa Bay can rally around their kickers loss and pull out a win in honor of their child. A very unfortunate incident, I could not even imagine how one would deal with such a tragic event. I know that a Buc's win can hardly ease the pain of a loss of a...
  210. spike

    Sunday, calm weather but scratch fishing

    I had the oppertunity to fish offshore Sunday but I was pretty weary to commit because of weather reports from Saturday, even though weather was forcasted to come down. The other reason I did not want to go is cause I was hoping the Minnesota Vikings could finally win a game and I wanted to be...
  211. spike

    These clowns could be brothers

  212. spike

    What te HELL!!!!!

    If one types H-E-R-M it comes up as my name, I love it, thats a riot. Y-F-T comes out YFT, that Ali and Jason are smart M-F mother fuckers. (this is just a test JT= mallarad)
  213. spike

    NFL TV network guide

    NFL TV Distribution Maps I do not have the NFL ticket, I think you need a dish for that, anyway I have Cox Cable, and this site worked well for me last year for finding the games that were going to be aired in my area. This site is not a necessity but it helps plan my day.
  214. spike

    Happy to have our daughter home!!!!

    Thank you all for the warm wishes and prayers. We returned home this afternoon after a long emotional 12 days. Emmarie ended up with a pacemaker and is doing great as of late, she is almost her old self. After all was said and done we saw a dramatic change on the rhythm of her heart and the...
  215. spike

    Upshaw passed away

    Gene Upshaw, former hall of fame right gaurd and a leader of the players union passed away. Sounds as if he has been battling cancer. I am sure he is not regaurded by all as a great contributor in the NFL with his latest union personel qualms, but still sorry he passed...
  216. spike

    Anyone interested in Dockside Bait Receiver?

    This is from a friend of mine who lives in San Clemente, if there is any interest I can PM you his phone number. Hey guys, I just wanted to put the word out. I have been making custom bait receivers. The response I have received thus far has been very good. I make them in all sizes ranging...
  217. spike

    Random pictures from the past

    Now that I am no longer in the sportfishing industry I look back and wish I took more photos, something to show for my travels. Being a member of BD has helped me get in touch with many former great anglers who I used to fish with aboard the Q105 or RR3. Anway my buddy Glenn U. who I came in...
  218. spike

    20 Flats, 2 YFT, & warm weather 8/9

    We fished Saturday locally, we left Dana Point Harbor at 2pm with a good tank of sardines. It did not take long for us to find a kelp with fish on it but only managed to scrape one Mahi off the kelp though. We kept rolling South and found a big pod of hole heads with little dabs of fish with...
  219. spike

    I know its only Preseason but this guy must be CUT!

    I had the NO & AZ game on while tinkering in the garage, I was not watching the game but I was listening to it while I respooled a couple reels. Tony Kornhusker is a complete tool box, there are a million other people that can do his job better calling games. Its like he dummies down football...
  220. spike

    Yes, another Farve Poll

  221. spike

    Farve watch, he said she said

    I have seen monkey shit fights at the zoo more organized than this mess. It is like a chick fight, Farve says they said, and the Packers said Farve said, just figure it out. The Packers would be fools to trade with in the division, and Farve is a fool to ask. No wonder they say Rogers is the...
  222. spike

    Packer fans, can't live with'em, can't kill'em

    But this girl is pretty classic YouTube - Pretty Girl's Brett Favre Farewell Tribute Song!
  223. spike

    the Outside

    Ran down the Coast Tuesday afternoon and fished inside of the 209. We found a few small kelps with no fish to speak of. It was kinda windy but fishable, our time was limited but we found a decent kelp and Gabe and I each hooked a YT off the thing. We got bit using 30lb flouro carbon and...
  224. spike

    Senor Tuna, Pacific Voyager smorgasborg 2 day

    <HR style="COLOR: #465473" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> I had the wonderful opportunity to fish aboard another Senor Tuna trip aboard the Pacific Voyager. George does a wonderful job arranging a class act of anglers and I appreciate all of his hard work that goes into the...
  225. spike

    Brett Farve is........

  226. spike

    SCI 7/13 All the Bass you want & one YT

    Went fishing with my friend Gabe on his skiff, we departed at 3pm with a scoop of poor dry and red butt sardine and chovy. We had a bit of fresh frozen squid to use as well so we were not to concerned with the quality of the fin bait. We looked at some kelps on the way over for nothing and got...
  227. spike

    Run & Gun, Baby Giants aboard the Horse,

    At the drop of a hat Saturday night I decided to spend some time on the water. I was going to drive down to San Diego but I then decided to fish out of Dana Point, and instead of driving S. for an hour I could spend that time having some beers at Wind & Sea. Upoun departure on the Seahorse...
  228. spike

    For those of you long time Q-105 vet's

    I received a call from Cal Link yesterday, he is going to be running the Thunderbird out of LA during the weekends. I know he is fishing SCI today and has another trip tonight. I was going to ride with him during on of the up comming weekends if anyone is interested. Cal is an exceptional guy...
  229. spike

    Tired dog

    For anyone with kids and pets An old, tired-looking dog wandered into the yard. I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home. He followed me into the house, down the hall, and fell asleep in a corner. An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out. The next...
  230. spike

    Great two day deal!!!

    Just FYI, the Seahorse out of Dana Point has a two day leaving Tuesday night, the price of the trip is only $200. The trip is going to be Island bound, Catalina backside or SCI, this is not an Albacore trip. With fuel so high mid week customers have been limited this year for most sportboats...
  231. spike

    Catalina, was slow

    Fishing was tuff, we arrived to Catalina around 5:45 am, a little latter then expected. We got a heavy scoop of squid from the Pacific Carnage at the East End and turned the corner to find not as many boats as I had expected, but they came in full force around 7am. Mike J. (Big Game) said they...
  232. spike

    Well, we got that out of our system

    Thresher fishing was stupid wide. We went out Saturday afternoon with 300 of our closest friends, I will say Thresher fishing is economical. I would venture to say there were about 100 boats out trying for Threshers, and it appeared every boat had their chances. We went two for two and high...
  233. spike

    For those of you that love to Rant, here is somthing that is gone on long enough!

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=637 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=616 height=446> </TD></TR><TR><TD width=135 height=5><!-- this is a spacer below the graph--></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> This is absolutely ridiculous and it is only going to get worse. They are raping us at the...
  234. spike

    Thanks El Capo

    Mike wrapped me one of my Super Seekers yesterday, the thing came out tits. Just black, no gucci weaves or anything, I am very happy its completed and ready for the yellow. The blank was the CJBF100 one more to go, but like I said take your time. Much appreciated, and thanks.
  235. spike

    Aftco Parking lot Sale

    Anybody going? I'll be over their around 9 am. Here is the address 17351 murphy ave irvine ca 92614
  236. spike

    New Lo An only $199 for a two day!!!!

    Leaving tonight 5/2 from Point Loma.
  237. spike

    SCI 4/27

    Fished the Seahorse Saturday night for Sunday. The weather was grease through out the trip and we had a pretty decent pick on various fish all day. We arrived around 2am and folks tried for WSB in the dark where a few had been hooked the day prior. No biscutits, so we pulled the hook and...
  238. spike

    Short day, short report

    We were going to try SCI Sunday but we heard no reports of Yellows being caught from Saturday, so we decided not to go with the price of fuel the way it is. We stayed inside to target threshers with my newly aquired down rigger. Cool green water with streaks of plankton bloom in it, alot of...
  239. spike

    Boat Insurance!!!

    Great boat insurance, cheap. 714-606-0645. I had a great experience with this guy and want to return the favor.
  240. spike

    In search of the elusive WSB (4/4-4/5)

    Took off Friday on the MyTy, out of HB with Hoops, Capo, and Barto. We arrived to Catalina around 3:45 pm, and got some squid from a buddy off the Slide area. We tried a few different spots prior to dusk for no luck, just before Sundown the current finally made up its mind and was pulling steady...
  241. spike

    Light Load this weekend aboard the Seahorse

    As of now Tyler has only two reservations aboard the Horse out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing. I know that he will run even if he only ends up with ten anglers, this could mean lots of rail space. The boat will fish either Catalina or SCI with live squid targeting WSB, YT, Bass, & Cod. This weekend...
  242. spike

    Dana Point BD chapter at Swallows day.

    Quite a nice little Saturday at the Swallows Day Parade. San Juan was blocked from the onshore wind and it was rather warm. We watched a bit of the parade, it was cool, I had never seen it. It just so happens that once we got to the Beer Garden we ran into some of our friends (also BD members)...
  243. spike

    Help teach SNEEKEE english

    This Friday night at Dana Wharf Sneekee is departing on a overnight aboard the Seahorse. If you have any desire to meet the infamous myth and fish alongside him please call the Wharf office, 949 496 5794 or 1800 979 3370. The trip should leave around 8pm Friday and return around 7pm Saturday...
  244. spike

    March Madness, Seahorse at SCI Sunday

    Getting ready to take off from Dana Point Ty, Cal, Spike, Beak, H.D., Jon Poker Jakie caught the first fish on a squid, mine got taken by the fur bag hooked on a 6x Ty & Butch with a squid taken YT Taylor with a nice Yellow Grant with another nice Yellow, the Seal once again...
  245. spike

    California U.S.A.

    This is just a question regarding the use of the forums. I really enjoy the way BD has expanded in to so many different states and Countries, I like reading reports and seeing pictures of different locations (how many pics of ALB's does one really need to see). My question is about the "inshore...
  246. spike

    Farve is OUT 3/4/2008

    According to reports on several websites Tuesday morning, Brett Favre will retire after 17 record-setting seasons, telling the Green Bay Packers his career is over. This comes just days after the Packers official website mistakenly posted a story that Favre would retire. Favre has flirted with...
  247. spike

    Butter Milk Biscuit

    Fishing was really pretty tuff do to lack of conditions. We did not get over to the Island and get set up till 5am, all the squid one boat could load. Mid morning I saw good marks on the up and down and jumped down to get ready...................... just then Mr. Coors Lights (James) rod bends...
  248. spike

    I thinnk.....

    I think giant squid fishing and hoop netting need their own public forum on BD. I think the anglers that go out and target those elusive giant squid may appreciate a place to chat about rigging and the art of landing one. I also think the "salty hoop net veterans" do not wish to keep having to...
  249. spike

    Berman losing his Skull

    YouTube - Chris Berman Goes Crazy
  250. spike

    Help Save Trestles

    Artist's rendition of proposed 241 Toll Road through San Onofre - and what you can do to help, TRESTLES: BEFORE AND AFTER | Surfline hit next on the images to see what may happen
  251. spike

    only one team can take down Brady & the Patriots

  252. spike

    Jesus saves

    <FONT size=3><FONT face="Times New Roman"><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 1.5pt; PADDING-LEFT: 1.5pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1.5pt; WIDTH: 495pt; PADDING-TOP: 1.5pt" width=660>I Saw a billboard that said:<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Need...
  253. spike

    Salukis new Avatar.....

    Yesterday Saluki and I made a bet on the Viking vs Bear Game, the winner gets to choose the loosers avatar. It was a game with many turnovers but the Vikes overcame their mistakes to take the victory. Which avatar do you think best fits Saluki for the next two weeks? 1) 2) 3) 4)...
  254. spike

    Allright Saluki, Vikes vs da'Bears

    I have a small bet in mind, if (when) the Vikes rumble over the Bears I get to choose your avatar picture for the next month. If da'Bears can squeak one off you can choose my avatar. Pretty harmless bet, are you in?
  255. spike

    What do you think of this Clown

    I think the man is a coward. I am no Falcon fan by any means but you think he could have finished the last three games of the seasons. If I was a college recruit I would not commit to a coach who I thought may tuck his tail and run. You got a job finish it, try or try not, don't just quit.
  256. spike

    Defensive Player of the year (NFL)?

    Its pretty safe to assume that Tom "the flim maker" Brady will be the offensive MVP, and is there any doubt that Adrian "ALL DAY" Petterson is the rookie of the year, but who is the stand out canidate for defense? I think their has been some flash in the pan players but no stand out dominant...
  257. spike

    I don't drink, smoke, or rat my hair

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">well I don't rat my hair:rofl: My...
  258. spike

    Vick pleads guilty,

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" width="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off"> RICHMOND, Va. -- Atlanta Falcons...
  259. spike

    Saw an old friend in the parking lot, went fishig

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off"><HR style="COLOR: #465473" SIZE=1><!--...
  260. spike

    looking for a restaurant recomendation

    in BEND OREGON? Sneekster, any help
  261. spike

    SCI & a decent sargasso

    <HR style="COLOR: #465473" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Left early in the am Saturday, we got a healthy scoop of great sardine from Dana Points bait dock and left for SCI. At dawn we were still 12 miles shy of are waypoint, we stopped on three kelps for nothing and then...
  262. spike

    Well my ex-wife was good for somthing, 7/7

    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt1 vAlign=top align=middle colSpan=4></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> Looking back all those years ago on my wedding to my ex-wife I say to myself............ "What the hell was I thinking"...
  263. spike

    Plenty of action

    Flew solo yesterday cause Herm (the dog) was still worn out from a day at the beach. I pulled away from the dock at 2:30pm and got a scoop of sardines and then went outside to make some mini macks. I got four macks pretty fast and high tailed it to the Barn kelp to try for an evening shot of...
  264. spike

    My wife is a trooper (La Paz 6/9 thru 6/16)

    We went down and fished with an old friend, Jonathon from Tailhunter International, the service that he and his bride to be, Jill provide is first class. Jamie (my wife) booked this trip a long time ago to be our last vacation before we try to have children. It seems that I have a strong seed...
  265. spike

    PICs of Killer Whales from the Seahorse

    some killer whales we saw yesterday 80 miles offshore, they just got done eating a dolphin and played with the boat a little... ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p...
  266. spike

    Hermans first Garr

    Just the two of us, and 200 of my close friends around us<!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Went out for an hour and a half Saturday afternoon, I got 29 Herman got one. It was pretty wide outside of DP. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  267. spike

    Seahorse 5/28 SCI

    Gabe with a nice yellow Tim was the Surface jig man this day Tim (unutsack) all bent over Eric (the Beak) (non grata) (getsome) The weather was great new fans of the Seahorse with Tyler Terrance I have gaffed Beaks fish many times before so I assisted with this yellow as well...
  268. spike

    Gave the BD salute

    To a crazy looking MF. After a few times of giving the finger to old timmers and groms, I give to a guy that I thought might shoot me. Anyway once he saw my sticks hanging out of the back of my truck he put two and two togther and said "whats up". I live up there off Via Presa in RSC as well...
  269. spike

    From Dana Point to O-side.......HELMET

    Fished with my X brother inlaw on Sunday. Started off Sano for theashers in clean water 59.5, alot of bait and birds, anyway no strikes. Traveled down to O-side for a few Garr, nice size snot sticks. Popped the tops of the beers and travled back up to Sano, we fished a secret spot of mine for...
  270. spike

    Red tide, limiting areas to fish

    Left out of Dana Point yesterday afternoon, needless to say the red tide is worse than last week for sure. From the time we left the harbor to Sano we were in the thick of it. About four miles out it cleans up in spots, but the downhill current defently has it rolling on down to O'side. We...
  271. spike

    Anybody fish aboard the SEAHORSE 5/14

    Head the WSB were WFO, they had to drive away from them!
  272. spike

    Looking for a 100Lb needle

    I have other various sizes but before I go out and spend $60 to $80 bucks I was curious if someone might have an extra to sell, or know of a way to get it with out buying the hole kit. I would settle for an 80lb needle as well, thanks
  273. spike

    Looking for a 100Lb needle

    I have other various sizes but before I go out and spend $60 to $80 bucks I was curious if someone might have an extra to sell, or know of a way to get it with out buying the hole kit. I would settle for an 80lb needle as well. Thanks
  274. spike

    2 day on the Pacific Voyager 4/28-4/29

    Two day Senor Tuna trip 23 anglers, 20 YT, limits Reds, 105 barracuda, 105 bonita, few lings and calicos Fished above San Martin and the following day at Todos Santos, many more pics by TB on the Senor Tuna site <HR style="COLOR: #465473" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!--...
  275. spike

    New member here

    Good morning to one and all; I went on a little vacation (sorry no pics) One might say its a resurrection; unable to converse almost like a monk; Now I am much more layed back; Humbled and I have choosen to walk the earth until I find my place in life; Anyway I am glad to be back and can't wait...
  276. spike

    limited load YELLOW fishing at SCI tonight

    the SEAHORSE has a trip tonight departing out of Dana Wharf, targeting primarly YELLOWTAIL as well as ROCKCOD. the YELLOWS were sure up frothing around over the weekend and the weather is ideal. see ya out there. Sea Horse Sportfishing tell them Bloody decks sent ya, mabe they will...
  277. spike

    quality red & yellow aboard the mighty seahorse

    here ya go SPYDER, sorry no pictures of lizzard fish. oh and BLACKFISH we caught most fish on jigs. anyway fished with HOOPS and KB on the seahorse saturday night for sunday.travled to SCI with great weather and a excellent grade of fish. we had steady action all day long, yellows were up...
  278. spike

    the seahorse tonight for YELLOW

    there are still plenty of spots left to fish SCI for yellowtail and rockfish, the boat leaves tonight out of dana point. 949 4965794
  279. spike


    fished trails yesterday between 2pm till 4pm, two corbs released (sorry left camera in the truck) beautiful afternoon, no breeze, sunny, flat calm. my dog had a nice swim, he hates releasing fish. caught fish on the squid egg three inch swim bait. hope to see everyone at the show, i will be...
  280. spike

    go bored, tore apart the fireplace

    sorry if this is to lame for this, mostly testing posting photos. did this monday & yesterday
  281. spike

    bye bye tuna

    parcells to retire from big D
  282. spike

    Doheny surf fishing

    Fished this morning at 10:00 am, had 7 spotfin croaker all descent size. I was using a white 3 inch swim bait, just south of the creek. Saw a few other anglers fishing with bait (not sure what it was) but they had the same action.