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  1. hooook-up

    SOLD Talica 25 II 2spd

    Practically new, dropped a flat fall maybe 10 times, bought for a 2day on Labor Day, never found the big boys. 500 yd 100# power pro with 100# mono top shot. Zero nicks or scratches! $550 Box, clamp, tool, oil and Reel cover included
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    SOLD Shimano Talica 25 II Graftech 7’8” XXXH $700

    Both are Brand new never used, 500 yd Max Quatro +80# mono, box and clamp incl.
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    tile guy needed San Diego

    @rojodiablo does great work!
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    WTB Inexpensive jig stick reel 30/40 series daiwa sealine...

    I’ve got one in excellent almost new condition with clamp
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    Any residential Heating and AC guys here?

    Same here but in OC
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    SOLD Phenix /Torium 9’ Jig Combo

    Excellent condition, both well taken care of. Reel always covered and just serviced by Shimano at Longfin. PRICED TO SELL $350 Brian
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    FREE up to $100 off ebay, today only

    Sweet new penn fathom 40 II for $196 delivered
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    For Sale Phenix PSW909H jig stick

    9 foot jig stick, great condition, always rinsed and wiped down. Reel seat not deckhand. $220
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    WTB 17' to 19' center console bayrunner

    I’m about to put this on market for $12k low hours just serviced ready to go 2003 Gregor Pac19; 2003 boat/motor/trailer, includes dolly, cover, dual GPS/FF
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    Need Baja surf/fish info

    I am planning on taking my son on a surf/ fishing trip to Mexico. Need some info on where the best surf spot is, but within a 15-20 min drive of a launch ramp, I will be pulling down my Bayrunner. Would like to stay within approximately 2-3 hour drive of the border. Thanks in Advance,
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    My Son's First Lobster Trip- 12/9/2017

    Which Harbor? I have been hooping and diving quite a bit in Long Beach this year and not much luck, mostly 1-2 per night.
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    Hey i just bought a Gregor very similar to this one. Could you tell me about the trim tabs...

    Hey i just bought a Gregor very similar to this one. Could you tell me about the trim tabs? Brand, size, cost end where you got them. I would appreciate it thanks
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    Opah!!! Happy April Fools Day!
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    Long range gear, worth anything??

    Got a bunch of hooks too?
  15. hooook-up

    Long range gear, worth anything??

    I bought a wood long range box at a garage sale, it was l oaded with these rigs. Are they worth anything to anyone or is it old useless gear. Its all in very good cond. But not sure of age so would the mono be an issue?
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    New Food Saver 3400 $100

    New in box retail/amazon $139 selling for $100 Brian 714-476-4721 FV magnolia / 405
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    SoCalWahoo Club Member

    SoCalWahoo Club Member
  18. hooook-up

    SoCalWahoo Club

    SoCalWahoo Club
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    What should I do to maintain my Torium and Talica after a days fishing?

    I'm assuming wd40 is good to use? That is what i use, in the same manner you suggest, as well as do the same to my rods. Kurt, do you see any reason not to use it on my rods as well?
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    2 bait tanks price drop

    keep alive 30 gallon price drop $95
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    Local Knowledge Series Preview

    When is the next new episode? What month was the first SD portion filmed in? Looked kinda bumpy out there, Great show BTW
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    commercial lobster traps 4- $25 each

    YOU MUST HAVE A COMMERCIAL LICENSE IF YOU PLAN TO USE THESE TO CATCH LOBSTER!!! i have 4 traps in good condition, $25 each 714-476-4721 Brian, text me and i will send pics
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    WTB 60-80 gallon fiberglass oval bait tank

    I'm looking for a 35-40 gallon tank, are you selling your old one?
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    Rpt.-12-19-15 Salsapuedes Lings, Critters and a Tail!

    Thanks for report Cory, I was following OP in Baja section, I'm looking to go down in spring too, if you don't mind, let me know when you're headed back down and I'll tag along with my boat.
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    Bait tank help

    did you ever get it installed? i was looking to buy that tank
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    2 bait tanks price drop

    15 Is sold, 30 gallon still available, taking offers???
  27. hooook-up

    2 bait tanks price drop

    One "Keep Alive" 30 g $95 lid has one broken tab needs repair or replace, still have tab. And a 15 gallon is SOLD Brian 714-476-4721
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    Reliable kill bag, 72x30 huge like new

    Yes but Only one left, still available
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    looking for baja fishing convoy groups

    Me too, trying to find some spots where the wife and 7 year old daughter will have a good time as well. Keep in touch!
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    looking for baja fishing convoy groups

    want to trailer my boat to San Felipe and beyond for fishing camping and good times, i have done a little traveling to Ensenada a few times but not with my boat, would feel better with experienced travelers/groups.
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    Reliable kill bag, 72x30 huge like new

    $225 brian 714-476-4721
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    WTB fuel bladder 10-20 gallon

    looking to buy fuel bladder
  33. hooook-up

    Bait tanks

    Both are 32?
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    1) Juvenile Corrections Officer 2)Largemouth Bass fishing 3)10.5 4) Yes ................... "liked" on FB x2
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    Coronados Friday

    Another epic score Thomas!! how many Ono do you got now 5-6? Best photo is the one with the wahoo cookie cutter. You guys always kill it, now let's see the food porn.
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    New Trinidad 10a $400

  37. hooook-up

    SOLD Reliable kill bag $240 30×72 wahoo size!! Sold

    Used xlnt cond. $240 firm!! Msrp $365+tax=$400 Brian 714-476-4721
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    $400 NEW trinidad 10a

    Window of opportunity closed, I was trying to get some fast cash.
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    New Trinidad 10a $400

    new trinidad 10a spooled with 275yds. 30# PowerPro $400 Brian 714-476-4721
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    Well it's officially off-season. must be time to start targeting Opah!!!
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    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    include total time spent trolling too
  42. hooook-up

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    10/24/2015 63# 8 hours troll time (2 days)
  43. hooook-up

    First Wahoo!!! Solo and in November!

    welcome to the club!! way to put your time in!
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    $400 NEW trinidad 10a

    Hmmm no thanks^^^
  45. hooook-up

    Trinidad 16na $350

    Trade for new in box 10a?
  46. hooook-up

    $400 NEW trinidad 10a

    or best offer???
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    SOLD Avet lx raptor

    Sold about an hour ago
  48. hooook-up

    SOLD - Thanks BD

    Where in OC ?
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    Trinidad 16a new $400

    Box? Ship to OC?
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    $400 NEW trinidad 10a

    $400 brian 714-476-4721 filled with 275 yds. 30# PowerPro
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    SOLD Avet lx raptor

    Brian 714-476-4721. $365 firm!! Or poss. Trade for newer 20A
  52. hooook-up

    okuma Andros 5IIa 2 spd

    only a few months old, kept reel cover on it but has a few very minor nicks. 9/10 cosm. 10/10 mech. $240 firm!!! Will post pics tomorrow with 65# braid backer and 100 yds. Fresh 40# Izor. Brian 714-476-4721
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    perfect kayak fishfinders NIB lowrance elite 4 and mark4

    Mark4 sold, still have elite4x $120 obo
  54. hooook-up

    Lowrance Elite 4x HDI w 83/200 transducer $120

    Brian 714-476-4721 new in box!!!
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  56. hooook-up


    i see in the lower corner of the box on left that it says "supports downscan with optional transducer sold seperately" is that what you are refering too? if so then, just like the box says "sold seperately" sorry. but it comes with the 83/200
  57. hooook-up


    they are included in box so they should work just fine
  58. hooook-up

    perfect kayak fishfinders NIB lowrance elite 4 and mark4

    Both are SOLD !! have two NIB lowrance fishfinders one is an Elite4x HDI w 83/200 trans. and the other is a mark4 HDI with 83/200 trans. Elite4 is sold Mark4 issued
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  60. hooook-up

    Are the Avet Raptors Really Worth More $$$ Than Metaloids?

    I have had the sx raptor for about two years and I got the andros 5IIa at the FHS 2015. I have not been able to cast the Andros as far as the raptor and I have had more backlashes with the Andros. I would trade my Andros for an sx raptor in a heartbeat.pulling on big fish they are pretty...
  61. hooook-up

    probably stupid ? but...

    done that a few times but kids want to get out and swim, go tubing etc.
  62. hooook-up

    probably stupid ? but...

    I only fish saltwater and my wife would like to take the family out for fathers day on our boat, but needs to be on lake because her and my daughter get seasick. Here is the stupid question. Are there any lakes within an hour or two of O.C. that don't require inspection? I have a mussel fee tag...
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    Another Great Day Catalina 5/14

    I told you to bring a 9 footer! J/k at least you got to pull on a few, I was working.
  64. hooook-up

    3/4 day on the Pursuit

    Bring a 9footer! I went on a Wednesday for $45 and it was three rows deep in the stern. Get there early!! As they do not rotate, so first come first serve on the prime spots on the rail. The Jackpot was pretty decent with all the heads on board, but with the 3 hour ride back it was all gone...
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    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 or 9

    max budget is $1000
  66. hooook-up

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 or 9

    READ The title^^^^ Prefer NIB gen 2 or 3
  67. hooook-up

    BBQ-Magma 100$

    I thought so too but it also says " we never used???"
  68. hooook-up

    BBQ-Magma 100$

    Is it used or new?
  69. hooook-up

    LaJolla Best Yellow to Date!

    X3 I will take a YT, especially a 40#er!!! :appl::urno1: Very nice!
  70. hooook-up

    SOLD Avet sx single speed with Seeker 7'SOLD

    sorry Junior, Toms out, Combo still for sale!
  71. hooook-up

    SOLD Avet sx single speed with Seeker 7'SOLD

    i think junior is in at $115? Tom?
  72. hooook-up

    SOLD Avet sx single speed with Seeker 7'SOLD

    Junior wants the reel and Tim wants the rod, if you guys BOTH want to pay $115, I would go for that, but price is firm! Reel is a little more expensive initially but has a little rash, and rod is perfect, so I would say they are of equal value.
  73. hooook-up

    SOLD Avet sx single speed with Seeker 7'SOLD

    Avet sx with new never used 100yd. 20# top shot over 65# spectra reel is 8/10 cosmetic (some rash) 10/10 mechanical. Seeker BSC 270-7 , 12-20#, 10/10, $250
  74. hooook-up

    sold Brand new Okuma rod that came with Andros II $40 SOLD

    What I was told was it IS made by Okuma, special production for Turners, I was told mxr is metaloid extreme rod, retail value is $89 . Yes, Maxpowers, if I can't get at least $30 I will probably keep it as a loaner so my brother doesn't try winding my irons through the guides on my Phenix's...
  75. hooook-up

    sold Brand new Okuma rod that came with Andros II $40 SOLD

    Okuma MXR 7' 15-40lb. New!! $40
  76. hooook-up

    17' Western Wide - FRONT ROW - Complete refit

    Reminds me of mine, sold it two years ago for $4200(not nearly as nice as yours)and have regretted it ever since. thinking about getting yours.
  77. hooook-up

    Concrete in HB

    Call Paul! he does great work!
  78. hooook-up


    go to home depot. the biggest one local to you. they have good remnants at super cheap usually around $100 for 12x12 room or bigger. then get a dood off clist to install it. your welcome!:cheers:
  79. hooook-up

    need a shower/tile guy?

    I ended up getting it done from Paul R. "Rojodiablo" him and his son did a Fantastic job for a great price!!!
  80. hooook-up

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    socalwhiteboy- you are personally responsible for this guy if he tries to float tube it out to the "secret spot" !:cheers::appl:
  81. hooook-up

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    Got two, at the "secret spot" off Long Beach. Both on tady 4/0 blue-white in about 150-160 ft. First one bit early a.m. while sitting around waiting for things to get started. Second fish was on a bird school, but when I got it to deep color and the damn Sea Donkey took off with it by the tail...
  82. hooook-up

    need a shower/tile guy?

    Does he service OC?
  83. hooook-up

    Freedom 100+ mixed tuna!!! 11/18 Can't get link to work but checkout that 976 thing!
  84. hooook-up

    need a shower/tile guy?

    Still looking, need done ASAP!
  85. hooook-up

    Bug diving Oceanside jetty/harbor?

    How did you do? I am spending the weekend at the Marina Hotel and might try to sneak away for an hour or so to get some dinner. Thanks
  86. hooook-up

    wow great way to start out on BD you fucking noob! how bout a fish report instead of a spelling...

    wow great way to start out on BD you fucking noob! how bout a fish report instead of a spelling lesson Googan!
  87. hooook-up

    60# and 80# 2lb spools Ande $10

    Half full spools of 60-80# line. $10 each
  88. hooook-up

    Shore fishing rod holder Sand spike $20

    3rod sand spike $20 Brian 714-476-4721
  89. hooook-up

    tuna stick 20-50 lb.

    New Californian (Turners Brand w/ lifetime warranty) 25-50lb. tuna stick brand new, took on one trip and not used. Need money for two day trip on Friday. $70 Brian 714-476-4721
  90. hooook-up

    Coeur d'alene info please!! i know not Wash. but...

    whatever is biting, doesn't matter bass , crappie, pike... will be taking my 6 year old daughter out a few times as well, so quantity over quality on those days, if you know what i mean?
  91. hooook-up

    Coeur d'alene info please!! i know not Wash. but...

    Any help is much appreciated, not looking for coordinates just some generally useful info. Spending a week at Moms house in Hayden and looking for some info on the lakes in that general area. species? bait? spinners? general areas? good shore fishing area? as i will have access to a boat for...
  92. hooook-up

    First legal WSB

    Where the Cuda are the Ghosts are. Take your shirt off and soak it and lay it on top next time, he looks a little crispy. Great catch:hali_olutta:
  93. hooook-up

    which campground???

    PLEASE HELP!! Want to take my wife and 5 year old daughter camping and kayak fishing in a couple weeks. I have a Suburban and a tent and 3 kayaks. My daughter has been begging me to take her fishing, but i don't do the fresh water thing very often. I am in OC but would drive anywhere up to...
  94. hooook-up

    My 5 year old slayed sbb

    Looks like a day to be remembered for sure! Good Job Dad!
  95. hooook-up

    Achilles Inflatable Dinghy (Great Condition)

    how bout a JBL sawed-off magnum, used twice, still has stickers on it.
  96. hooook-up

    looking for info....

    found it!
  97. hooook-up

    looking for info....

    A few years ago i saw a product online, i think it was from the UK. Basically it was a system to attach inflatable chambers to the sides of an aluminum boat. Basically turning it into a large RIB. I have googled the crap out of every different description i could think of, Any help would be...
  98. hooook-up

    newport peir

    Holy crap you get some kind of holding a grudge award! 8 YEARS later with a comeback!! my 5 year old daughters voice, singing the same Disney song over and over...Let it Go-oooo..Let it Go-ooo!..
  99. hooook-up

    surf fishing 3 rod sand spike

    weekend bump, still avail.
  100. hooook-up

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Whats the best way to pin on a chovie if your targeting OPAH ???
  101. hooook-up

    Clearing out the freezer!

    looks goods, whats the recipe?
  102. hooook-up

    Catalina Bonito - 2/22

    I wanna know how you catch flying fish eggs???:rofl:j/k looks amazing!!! what kind of camera do you use? the colors in your fishing pics are so brilliant.
  103. hooook-up

    Suggestions needed please..

    Hawkgobbler69, tell us a few of your fish stories, the ones about all the 5-7 trips you've taken using only single gear high speed reels.
  104. hooook-up

    surf fishing 3 rod sand spike

    cheaper just to buy it off me.:D
  105. hooook-up

    surf fishing 3 rod sand spike

    This was my 3rd place prize for Ronnie Kovach's Surf slam a few years back. never really used it too much. $25 Brian 714-476-4721
  106. hooook-up

    ladder and surf fishing 3 rod sand spike

    i have an extra dive ladder $10 and a surf fishing sand spike $25 Brian 714-476-4721
  107. hooook-up

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    no band aid, they used super-glue, and thanks but i'm already hung!:rofl:
  108. hooook-up

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    No, getting it cleaned out hurt more. Just scared the hell out of me. Very easily could have been MUCH worse, which is why i posted.
  109. hooook-up

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    i have a cap on my LUCKY one, this was my back up unlucky gaff, thats why it was hanging in garage. ps.1 unlucky gaff up for grabs, come get it and its yours. CAP NOT INCLUDED, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANT INJURY THAT MAY OCCUR.
  110. hooook-up

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    asked the doc to just put one of those cool ear stretchers that all kids are wearing.
  111. hooook-up

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    Learned this one the hard way today while cleaning up the garage. Tip: ALWAYS KEEP A CORK/CAP ON YOUR GAFF!! even if it's just hanging up in the garage. I bumped it with my shoulder with my head down and it fell from hanger, It went thru the back of my ear, out thru the front all the way to...
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    Fishing on the San Diego

  113. hooook-up


    the trinidad was nice, but CRASHBURNS post was Very Nice!!! by the way BOTD is a little further down the page, but thanks for the random post!
  114. hooook-up

    Anyone have info (411) on the coronodo islands? Navy, Yellowtail?

    Good day on malahini today. I think The Belle did a little better. All on heavy iron 4/0's. Blue /chrome and blue/white worked for me. There were some 35lb. + fish in the mix but none for me, but this one wasn't too bad and he had a little brother too.
  115. hooook-up

    Anyone have info (411) on the coronodo islands? Navy, Yellowtail?

    got about 14 on Malahini today.
  116. hooook-up


    i'll be there Wed. 4:00-4:30 How to ride and release an Opah. Then 4:30-5:00 How to free-gaf spawning top water Opah.
  117. hooook-up

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Does anyone know where to get these engraved or laser etched like "Poncherello's"in Orange County. I picked one up at a garage sale.
  118. hooook-up

    3 lots of fishing tackle/ hooks etc. $25 each

    ALL GONE PENDING PICK-UP!!! Brian 714-476-4721, I have 3 different Lots of tackle for $25 EACH #1 hooks- way over $100 worth of hooks, all in new cond. and sorted by size in box with baby powder to stop corrosion, #2 swivels/ connectors, #3 lures- all with new hooks and no corrosion. plus if...
  119. hooook-up

    Pro Gear Reels for Sale

    whats year of mfg.? also what is drag/line#/capacity for both? and how much for both package deal?
  120. hooook-up

    scrapping an old aluminum boat?

    thanks, thats what i was wondering
  121. hooook-up

    scrapping an old aluminum boat?

    anyone ever scrap an old aluminum boat? or know where or if it can be done. if so how much did you get? ps. anyine interested in an old 14footer w/trailer im taking all offers. i will put in classifieds later.
  122. hooook-up

    like new 2008 Merc 15 hp 4stroke

    SOLD SOLD SOLD less than 50 hrs. have all reciepts. great motor for RIB or small skiff or kicker. pull start $1350
  123. hooook-up

    2008 mercury 15hp kicker or ???

    SOLD SOLD SOLD2008 Mercury 15hp tiller. 4stroke , pull start, Great for a little skiff. This motor is pristine with less than 50 hrs. All receipts and books from original purchase. $1350 OBO
  124. hooook-up

    Lobster bait
  125. hooook-up

    San Diego 3/4 day - Sat 1/18 w/ Booger

    Talked to office today,Monday, they didn't go out today but are a definite go for tomorrow they said. I'll probably go on Friday if they are still around.
  126. hooook-up

    need a shower/tile guy?

    STILL LOOKING! I already tore out old shower. I need someone to build a new one, preferably tile? also travertine floor! Anybody have any recommendations for Huntington Beach area? Hopefully a fellow BD'r. STILL LOOKING!
  127. hooook-up

    Big Bug Released

    Based on a recent picture of an 18lber i saw in the paper, I'd say this one is an easy 36lbs.
  128. hooook-up


    ^^^^^NICE!!! I was so busy thinking about how tasty it looked I almost missed seeing the by-catch in the corner!
  129. hooook-up

    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft

    lets see a pic or two! he's not the only one looking for a boat.
  130. hooook-up

    Cabo Surf Fishing

    still waiting for someone to make a shirt "No I didn't pee my pants, I am a surf-fisherman". but I am in OC your in Cabo, You win!
  131. hooook-up

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending Dec 20th, 2013 - Woody Hunting Knife

    Not what I was imagining when I told her to "put her legs behind her head and grab her ankles"
  132. hooook-up


  133. hooook-up

    Ocean Kayak tandem

    if your serious i would meet you in O-side, either way thanks. Also willing to trade for a clean 21ft. Parker
  134. hooook-up

    Ocean Kayak tandem

    Yeah I thought so too! Thanks
  135. hooook-up

    Ocean Kayak tandem

  136. hooook-up

    ocean kayak malibu 2

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Tandem kayak good condition 2paddles and one seat included $300 firm
  137. hooook-up


    I know a few guys are looking for these, no affiliation, just posted jump on it,
  138. hooook-up


    There's a carbon dioxide layer??? I was almost ready to attempt, but this sounds like rocket science now! WTF is a carbon dioxide layer? OOOOHH Nevermind, You're talking about making beer now. You got a beer recipe to go with turkey?
  139. hooook-up


    :git::git::rockin::git::git: :gaygroup::gaygroup::beerbang::beerbang::cheers::drunk
  140. hooook-up


    You're not going to die! Not from BFT anyway. :hali_olutta:
  141. hooook-up

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    Not to be a douche-bag but it's not "obscure" or "arcane". You/We need to know the rules and that is pretty much right at the top of the list! May I suggest you get a hard copy and read it, seriously, I guarantee you will find at least 3 or 4 items that you will say"I never knew that" and it...
  142. hooook-up

    1998 seaswirl striper CC

    Dammit how did i miss this been checking in every day or two, exactly what i been looking for, can i be next in line if the deal falls through?
  143. hooook-up


    SOLD..... I mean "gifted" pending pick-up.
  144. hooook-up


    ???? Did I miss something?
  145. hooook-up


    I have a 1 1/2-2 lb. vacuum sealed pk. of BFT should be cooked today or tomorrow, I thawed it on Sat. alond with about 10 other pounds to smoke and didn't use it all, don't want to refreeze and don't want to give anymore to the cat. It is still good just ate some from another pack thawed the...
  146. hooook-up

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    I sure wish Tommy would have got me a Bubba Blade with the tapered flex blade. It's the only knife capable of fileting these tiny fish he keeps catching! And I wish he would stop trying to convince me that..... the smaller the meat the better it tastes.
  147. hooook-up

    Catalina 10/11 - Tons of Bonito

    and he catches fish on DUCKS colors?
  148. hooook-up

    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Looking for some stuff for the mancave. Do you have any pics of mounts or anything else that would look cool on the wall/table?
  149. hooook-up

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    For the discrimating angler who likes their women like their gear, REAL! Not a Plastic Fantastic! Accurate!
  150. hooook-up

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    when the post count hits 400! So was it a female(red) or a male(doughy white)opah?
  151. hooook-up

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    NOTHING!, You gotta put the wood to those Molas AKA Opah. Before the have a chance to run on you!
  152. hooook-up

    Markus Rocked a 124lb BFT on 1.5'r 8/27

    Listened to that report as well, i was laughing my ass off and sadly disgusted at same time. I will be ready for my 2-day on the Eclipse tomorrow. Wish i could send that report to everyone on the passenger list to make sure we are all on same page. Oh and then there is this for this weekend...
  153. hooook-up

    2002 Chevy 2500HD TOWS ANYTHING!!!

    A steal at $7000 8.1L , 4x4, 3/4ton w/ Allison Trans. air bags, 152k miles, tow package with elec. brake controller,super clean body-no dents, selling for my neighbor.Original owner w/ all paperwork!! He wants it gone, already bought a new RV, He will take care of final transaction, but if...
  154. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    I made the seat that sits in front of the(i believe)stock console, and the bait tank, if you look at the very first picture in post #1, is just a 15 gal. plastic bait tank that sits over the rear hatch and is easily taken out, as i usually fish with plastics and don't use live bait that often...
  155. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    Well if there is a small craft advisory you probably shouldn't go out, i have before and its just slow going. Previous owner took it to Coronados and Cat. numerous times, personaly i have only taken it out 17miles straight west of Mission Bay then north another 10, and back in and back down...
  156. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    check it out today, and post one of these tomorrow!
  157. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    top-yes, motor 97
  158. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    hull alone is 650lbs motor another 150-175 deck and other BS 200-300. so around 1000-1200 GUESSING. but i tow with a late 90's toyota 4banger stick and you can barely tell its there.
  159. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    Bump for BACK ON MARKET!!
  160. hooook-up

    New Charter Operation at Crystal Cove

    Damn, shoulda wrote your name on it and it would have been yours, abandoned vessel!Crabber Pockets a Panga The Santa Barbara Independent I was there yesterday too, seriously gonna put a can of spray paint on my boat, this is happening way too often, and i could use an extra panga.
  161. hooook-up

    Izor Sand Bass late report 7-6

    Damn! That is a clean looking turd roller! Nice Job
  162. hooook-up

    Heckled by harbor patrol for my big butt

    Third week in a row she said that too! First a 26" then a 32" now 38".She must be new, but I will take that compliment any way I can get it.
  163. hooook-up

    Heckled by harbor patrol for my big butt

    Hit up nacho at 7am for some nice size dines, then went to my spot and did multiple drifts for about an hour and got slammed by what i think may have been a 25+ lb. butt. So I switched from 20 to 30 lb. floro-leader. Went ahead and anchored up in a spot where i got hit a few times while...
  164. hooook-up

    4Wheelparts $125 gift card

    I figured this would get more attn. in this forum. I have posted details in Misc. for sale section. Want to trade $125 gift card for something fishing related or fishing store gift card. Brian text me 714-foursevensix-4721
  165. hooook-up

    $125 4wheelparts gift card trade for???

    So i got a wallet back that was stolen about 5 years ago and it still had my gift cards for 4WheelParts for $125. I checked and they are still good and valid. Anybody want to trade for $100 gift card or better for a fishing store charkbait/ sport chalet/bass pro or ???? something fishing...
  166. hooook-up

    GRIPE! Lowrance Rebate!

    THIS IS THE EAIL I SENT LAST NIGHT AND GOT A DECENT RESPONSE TODAY- PROMISE OF A $100 VISA GIFT CARD-STAY TUNED! I purchased a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI "gold" at the Newport Beach, Ca. store and received a rebate form for $100. I had heard of a few issues with the West Marine-Lowrance rebates, so...
  167. hooook-up

    GRIPE! Lowrance Rebate!

    Yep. Still waiting.....BS
  168. hooook-up

    GRIPE! Lowrance Rebate!

    Wow, Same thing just happened to me, denied rebate for purchasing wrong product from West Marine NPB, somebody should straighten this out so they don't have a bunch of pissed off customers/lost sales. Funny thing was i talked to the guy at West Marine and told him i had read this on here and he...
  169. hooook-up

    Big Bait Big Fish

    So headed out to see nacho at about 8am for some xtra-large model fin-bait hoping to get a few butts, he tipped me off to a spot to try so that's where i checked out first. got a couple baits in the water and i see something attacking bait on the top. I scrambled to tie a wire leader onto the...
  170. hooook-up

    Palos verdes tanker seabass

    Nobody will be in PV, I hear there's a hot Opah bite in Newport, that's where i would go!
  171. hooook-up

    Palos verdes tanker seabass

    way to put yer time in , all 20 min.:finger: oh and did i tell you, you suck!
  172. hooook-up

    Even when you do everything right...

    If your going to run an aluminum boat, or any boat, that far you need multiple pumps, i have a western that i carry 3 electric pumps and a manual pump and actully needed to switch one out on the water yesterday as well. I have them all pre-wired with quick connection clips and hoses already on...
  173. hooook-up

    Mexican fishing licenses

    so i got my license,easier than Cali !! ? but now what do i need for my boat? ps. not trailering, just for leaving from SD port and returning, don't know if it matters.
  174. hooook-up

    Lowrance Elite5 DSI DVD

    Just purchased a Elite 5 DSI Gold and am looking for a instructional dvd to "borrow" if anybody has one or wants to sell one cheap.
  175. hooook-up

    Weather this Saturday?

    Eldorado reported this morning (fri) flat calm grease cond. at SCI on 976tuna, hope that helps
  176. hooook-up

    Rpt-Wed-03-13-13 Coronado Tails!

    :hali_olutta:holy crap, here we go.... way to get it done.
  177. hooook-up

    Best batteries at decent price

    Prices look very reasonable, what are you using on your Runner?
  178. hooook-up

    Best batteries at decent price

    So getting ready for the upcoming season and thinking one of my upgrades will be new batteries. I have searched the forums but would like some current info. I am sure i am not the only one looking for some fresh batteries. Lets hear what you found, especially if it was a great deal still going...
  179. hooook-up

    Pit Bike - Fat Boy

    street legal??? I should get this for my 16 year old. he THINKS he deserves a car. HAHAHA!! good luck! enjoy the bump
  180. hooook-up

    2006 toyhauler 23' NRG

    might be a tight fit for that 10'-10" to first cabinet
  181. hooook-up

    2006 toyhauler 23' NRG

    i guess i am throwing in a baseball glove too???????:zelfmoord
  182. hooook-up

    2006 toyhauler 23' NRG

    FREE QUAD TOO!!! 250 EX
  183. hooook-up

    2006 toyhauler 23' NRG

    excellent cond. sleeps 8 on board feul station, generator $12K brian 714-foursevensix-4721
  184. hooook-up

    18' CC Bayrunner with 50HP 4 stroke super clean, low hours

    I believe the hull is 600lbs on an 18footer. Motor around 400?? add ons 200-300, so 1200-1300 lbs. easily tow mine w/ toyota 4 cyl. at $4.00+ gal. these are the way to go!!!! nice boat, almost sold mine a few months ago, glad i didn't
  185. hooook-up

    Hello: new from FL

    Welcome, why the hell would you leave florida, i have been there twice and hated to leave both times. Being from Fl. do you dive/spear or just h&l ? Oh Yeah more pics too!
  186. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    will be at the wallbanger this saturday if anyone wants to check it out with some cash in hand, again, no silly offers!
  187. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    no meter/ if you know what your doing and you have a gauge your welcome to stop by. She runs purr-fect.
  188. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    yep feeling sick of it already, stupid offers without even looking at it, took it off craigslist already, too many morons! I will just keep if i cant get a decent offer, I love it!!
  189. hooook-up


    anyone ever use strips of humboldt squid? used it off a 40lber one year, made small "steaks" and just cut strips of it off as needed, worked good, not great.
  190. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

    here, edit:pics are today,not date on photo
  191. hooook-up

    17.5 ft western "bayrunner"

  192. hooook-up

    float-tube and misc. stuff

    caddis float tube $50 near new.SUP paddle $25. kayak anchors w/rope $10, 14 ft. controls $20, other misc. stuff in pic. make offer Brian 714-four seven six-4721
  193. hooook-up

    ATV Jet ski are you ready for it?

    with a big gas tank you could go from glamis to san felipe
  194. hooook-up

    To many Haters...

    If you post a few pics of some short WSB they will leave you alone. Sometimes it's fun just to pop a bag in the micro, grab a beer and enjoy.
  195. hooook-up

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Parking Lot Sale

    nice first post JEFFSTER!!:supergay: j/k
  196. hooook-up

    First T ever for the Hardwire! 10-14-12

    Very nice job on the T and the release. Love it when you target a species with success.
  197. hooook-up

    Bubba blade, do they ever go on sale?

    their having cyber sale now 2 knives,shirt,hat $140+ free shipping
  198. hooook-up

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Parking Lot Sale

    thanks for the PM andy! i will be there. save me a XF-f/d with bells and whistles
  199. hooook-up

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Parking Lot Sale

    has anybody ever bought one of these? what were the "blems" crack? scratches? ?????? what did it cost to fix if so? Birthday is next week, trying to talk the wife into letting me spend some extra cash. thanks for any info!
  200. hooook-up

    DFG Wardens Cite Lobster Stealing Suspect

    they should let him go.........right into a crowd of commercial lobstermen.
  201. hooook-up

    Bug/ hooping/Diving Tues night

    where were you diving? vis was about 3-5 ft. sat night in LBC
  202. hooook-up


    Hey Sam, let me know if you ever want to go get some bugs or go spearing, just been getting into the freediving thing the last 3 years but still got alot to learn and don't mind paying gas/launch for a few pointers here and there.
  203. hooook-up


    Launched out of HH Sat. night at about 5pm with the usual suspects. Looked for some bass before dropping hoops. Hit the super secret "automatic hook-up spot" for nada, think the tide was too low. Hit a few more spots on the way to Pier J "area" before some hooping/diving. Water was 65*-66* and...
  204. hooook-up

    alternative lobster bait

    salmon heads 99ranch market, also just noticed they are sellind big mackeral at Stater Bros. 4 of them in a pack for $3.99 in the frozen dept. by shrimp also last year we got our bait stolen by the dogs and went to nacho's and got a few tuna heads for $5 not sure if he always has them or just...
  205. hooook-up

    Best worst day this season!

    maybe it was Chad "reed04"'s kelp kamakazi buddy, maybe he ran it over and dragged it down to the 1010
  206. hooook-up

    Dodos = Dinner

    Great day !! Flat calm, left DP at 5am, about 15 miles and and hour later found 71* water,and 2 paddies with nada pescada, watched a small fleet sit around a giant paddy with jumping dodos but didn't see anyone hanging so we motored further west about a half mile and found a very small stringer...
  207. hooook-up

    2 Day Eclipse

    Had a great time on the Eclipse also, i just wonder how many we could have scored with better weather. But you are right the Eclipse crew, and food was top notch. Will definitely be back again.
  208. hooook-up

    Avet sx 2 speed blue

    pics? may be interested
  209. hooook-up

    AVET LX 2-speed reel

    wasnt it already $250?
  210. hooook-up

    Pride Overnighter 8/26

    big one (in 2nd pic) is tagged #6 the other is 14 , i dont think he was saying those are both his fish, just the bigger one.
  211. hooook-up

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    the only thing hotter than a HOT CAN are my HOT CANS!! (or 2 hot cans)
  212. hooook-up

    Any info on PRODUCER appreciated...

    Been on the Producer numerous times, always had a great time, never heard a word ever from any decky about tips, Great boat my personal favorite for overnight.
  213. hooook-up


    sweeet, and nice crocs! must be Jeff
  214. hooook-up

    whats available 1.5/2day Aug17th

    looking for two spots on a 1 1/2 day or 2 day leaving friday
  215. hooook-up

    My old boat getting a face life 19' SeaSquirt

    Do you still have the T-top? just completed resto on my western "bayrunner" and was looking for one. P.s. that thing looks clean!!
  216. hooook-up

    May Florida Keys Fishing Report

    i will be there in 2 weeks, should i make reservations or just call a day or 2 before??? I WANT SOME DODOS!!!!! AND A WAHOOOOO!!
  217. hooook-up

    Finally got my first fish on a lure! Big hammer ftw!

    unibutter and a black or red 1/4 or 3/8oz. hammerhead w/ 3"halloween BH has been working for me also yellow head w/ 4"sexy smelt killed it saturday morning ended up with about a dozen or more, at least 25 between the two of us(released). Dont even take the boat/hit the dock without unibutter...
  218. hooook-up

    Pt Fermin, the wall and a Ling

    nice ling, we saw you pulling on it, we were just inside from you in the tin boat, we ended up getting about 12-13 checkers and a couple sandies, mostly off the walll and the oil islands.
  219. hooook-up

    naples, miami or keywest?

    Thanks guys! lots of great info! looks like i will need to find a six=pak that will take a single or double, after combing thru the florida section i have heard alot about RT, he sounds like "THE MAN" any other recommendations for 6pks out of the Keys that would take a single or double to...
  220. hooook-up

    naples, miami or keywest?

    Thanks, but is that where i should be looking to fish for dorado / tuna ??? sorry, first trip to florida soo... just trying to get the wife to book a hotel as close as possible to the best fishing area. Thanks again
  221. hooook-up

    naples, miami or keywest?

    going to south florida for the first week of June, would mostly like to catch dorado/dolphin, wahoo and tuna . where is the best spot of the three to hop on a boat and have the best chance at getting any of those during june. any somewhat affordable party-boats? please any info appreciated
  222. hooook-up


    cash talks!! yes its avail.
  223. hooook-up

    Aluminum Center Console

    are you sure its not a 1986?? it looks identical to my 86
  224. hooook-up


    not sure, came with the boat, couldn't find a year on stamp,i think late 80's anyhow gave up on the thought of a kicker with extra wieght of larger motor i dont want to add more. but also looking for a good quality newer marine radio or fishfinder as poss trade
  225. hooook-up


    not sure if its still running, took it to shop to check up before a vacation ,ran it sat and sunday before w/ no problems,got it back from from shop and it wouldn't start.was upgrading anyways 40 hp was to small for my boat,it's been sitting for 9 mo. $400 OBO or poss. trade for ????? t-top?3...
  226. hooook-up

    Marine Wardens Snare Poacher

    never trust ANYONE from ROMOLAND!!!
  227. hooook-up

    going to miami then USVI

    What is the best/cheapest way to get from miami or surrounding area to US virgin islands, taking the wife for her 40th for a little diving and fishing. any info appreciated. THANKS also any good fishing charters around the Naples area too.
  228. hooook-up


    just found out its not MRSA, it is psuedomonas basically from jumping in contaminated water Long Beach Harbor:skullbone "the funnel":skullbone, go ahead and eat the krabs just dont go in the water!! l
  229. hooook-up


    friend convinced me to eat crabs out of LBharbor on Sunday, Tuesday came down with MRSA, no joke!! dont even touch those nasty things, Bugs only!!
  230. hooook-up

    Tohatsu Nissan 40HP outboard

    tiller or steering???
  231. hooook-up

    Best time of year in Fl.

    i am planning a trip to Naples, sometime/anytime in the next year and would like it to coincide with great time to fish. would love to catch mahis,tuna, or swords, not really interested in tarpon. So what month is usually the best? and any suggestions on landings/charters, i dont mind driving a...
  232. hooook-up

    late report on WSB

    Way to go Jeff, Mr.Smith told me about it Saturday morning. Cant wait to get my boat re-powered so i can borrow some of your numbers.Good Job!
  233. hooook-up

    Ocean Kayak

    For sale ocean kayak Scrambler XT angler w/ upgraded seat and paddle pic of kayak is my avatar it is in great shape, $350 obo Brian 714-476-4721
  234. hooook-up


    so i went to court, fishing without a license $490, having your reciept for your original, priceless, $0. Too bad i wasted a day at the san pedro courthouse. if you ever have to go there bring quarters, metered parking and they dont have change or a machine:finger:
  235. hooook-up

    One crazy night (with a little bit of fishin) CDM/NPH

    i believe you can fish on public beach anytime of day open or closed, i was in Huntington fishing well after closing and a lifegaurd came up and said beach is closed , then , oh your fishing its ok. not positive but i remember seeing something on the news about the bums in laguna couldnt be...
  236. hooook-up


    keep eating those LBC turdrollers, that F-ing polluted fish will get to him before "killa-kayak" will. Fish-on Brutha Fish-on, GO RAIDERS !!! J/K
  237. hooook-up

    HOOTER'S GIRLS 1/2 Day On Western Pride This Saturday May 7. Free Prizes & Treats.

    I think i will buy my wife a mani/pedi for mothers day and have it scheduled at noon on Saturday:hali_olutta::boobies::hali_olutta::boobies::drool::boobies::hali_olutta:
  238. hooook-up

    SM 4/16 - Excellent Bass And Rock Fishing!!!

    Great Job ! those are pigs, that last calico looks like he got rolled in the dryer for an hour or two!
  239. hooook-up


    Anybody ever got a "fishing without lisence in possesion" ticket, i was fishing on GOD DAMN! JULIO CHAVEZ DAY! F&G pull up, sir do you have a license, sure no problem oooops because my license is now 3 feet long it would not fit in my neck lanyard holder so i rolled it up a shoved it up in...
  240. hooook-up

    What size motor for a 17ft. western

    no, not sure of prop, just brainstorming and looking at options, tomorrow i plan on towing it around to a few shops for more insight. just trying to get somewhat informed.My first boat, and i want to make a sound decision as i plan on taking my kids out and want to feel comfortable i am going to...
  241. hooook-up

    What size motor for a 17ft. western

    Thanks for the advise. You are absolutely right about going over and not through. Does anybody have anything to say about Amber Marine in Costa Mesa or have any other recomendations of where to go for a good used 2stroke, also where to go for good prop guy. Thanks
  242. hooook-up

    What size motor for a 17ft. western

    I have a 17ft. western, center console (bayrunner style),with wood floorboards,bait tank etc. and the suzuki 40hp seems a little underpowered. any suggestions appreciated. i was thinking about throwing a merc. 100hp would that be overkill or weigh too much. the suzuki runs great just seems a...
  243. hooook-up

    8.8 EarthQuake in Japan

  244. hooook-up

    Oxnard fish report in the Register

    It's not a type-o, it's part of the MLPA, they are closing some spots but opening up sea lion season.:gaygroup:
  245. hooook-up

    Oxnard fish report in the Register

    :2gunsfiring_v1:I Should have been there i guess? sounds like a great time, todays OC register, Oxnard landing reported 4 boats 62 anglers, 700 sea lions, 1 elephant seal, 6.550 sand dabs, 68 rock crabs , 10 spider crabs. Does anybody have any firsthand info or Pics.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  246. hooook-up

    Newport Harbor and Jetty Halibut Report

    X2 on pirates cove ,especially in front of the last 2 houses on the left when leaving the harbor also the small beach before that. i have caught all mine there with halloween, BH w/red or black hammerhead & unibutter. lots of small flounder there too,fun on light set-up. Good luck!
  247. hooook-up

    Long Beach Sunday 1/9

    fished the oil islands- chafee,white,freeman last night at worst possible time, low tide,cold and windy 5-7pm still ended up having a good time and got a mixed bag 2 sandies, 2 calico, 1spottie-good size a solid 5# cabezon 1sculpin and an octo. all c&r. all on 3" and 4" hammers in halloween with...
  248. hooook-up

    giant squid

    after you pull up the bucket and throw the ink all over the boat, pull the soles off your shoes and soak them in milk for two days and fire up the grill. mmmmmmmmm
  249. hooook-up

    Happy New Year...Bugs Were Crawlin'...

    went out last night also, started at fed. breakwall for nada, stopped at island freeman and got one aprox 3.5#er. Total 4 sets. Left huntington at 6 back at 12. we did nail about 7 assorted bass while soaking. also jumped in the water for about 10 minutes only to find near to no vis. 3-4 ft. and...
  250. hooook-up

    Let the shit talking begin

    I envied you the other day when you posted about nailing you girl in-between pulls, as i have not broken in my new (to me) bayrunner yet. today, i do not.:rofl::rofl::idiot::idiot::rofl::rofl: PS. going lobster diving sat night and have an extra...
  251. hooook-up


    i've had 2 of them for a couple of years and they have worked great so far.Caught lots of 25# grade tuna /yellowtail and they have held up just as good as my seekers, and you can't beat the return policy if they do break.
  252. hooook-up

    WTF OK prowler 13 $450

    Sorry Iceman, had to post, Sportchalet OK prowler 13' $450 online !!!!!!!! smokin' deal i am sure they will be sold out QUICK!!
  253. hooook-up


    I have a delivery for MUCHOS BURRITOS (see sign in background)
  254. hooook-up

    Swordie on Producer overnight 10/10

    Here it is now. teriyaki style!!
  255. hooook-up

    Swordie on Producer overnight 10/10

    if you had 8 gafs in you and got flopped on the deck you might look beat up too. just sayin'. three of them broke off.
  256. hooook-up

    Swordie on Producer overnight 10/10

    here's a pic from last night, thomas (another passenger) just sent me.Had a great trip again on The Producer and i didn't even catch a fish. Crew and passengers did an awesome job landing that swordie.
  257. hooook-up

    10/10/10 Inside the Lower Hidden

    Me and buddy were there on the Producer, the boat got 9 BFT and a 200lb. swordie on a 30 lb. rental rod, a real team effort crew/passengers, report to follow i am sure.
  258. hooook-up

    photo editing

    will photo edit a picture of you, on any local bait barge with fish of your choice ( maybe a wahoo):rofl:
  259. hooook-up

    Bait Barge beat up pretty bad at Dana Pt. PICTURE

    me and a buddy and our two 12 year olds were out on the kayaks at that time in HH it was absolutely crazy the way the tides were moving, over at the north end of the bouy line into the wetlands it was like somebody was lifting up a table and the water was just pouring out of the back of the...
  260. hooook-up

    A Day that almost Didn't Happen w/pics 11/1/09

    Halloween Hammers are the best, try em' with hammerheads red or black Kill-em, nice job! its been weeks for me. but i think this weekend i will get out, after my sons "Bell Game" GO FV KILL EDISON!! if you fan out the weed gaurd that works well too!
  261. hooook-up

    lobster yakin

    anybody wanna got out with first time hooper! i got the nets, looking to go out tomorrow night ,sat. night, around 9 or 10 to ? long beach or little corona. i am in Hunt. Bch./FV, prefer to go out with somebody with some hoop exp.
  262. hooook-up

    Dana PT to 43 on 9/05/09

    i was on the pride and we saw schools of breaking yellow fin all over but they didnt want what we had. took two 12 year olds to catch their first tuna but no luck, but they saw thier first marlin soaking in the sun.and i got my son off his spinner finally, he got plenty of practice runnin and...
  263. hooook-up

    PENN 24KG 2 speed

    Penn formula 24kg 2speed , gently used in excellent cond. only problem its missing small "PENN" badge on side, easy to replace if you want does not effect performance $150 firm ,i also have a penn 345 gti level wind $75obo i can email pics if your interested 714-476-4721 brian
  264. hooook-up

    Need 1 angler for coronado trip saturday......

    whats the catch? money/anchor bitch? interested OOOPS too late
  265. hooook-up

    Can my boat make it at Huntington Flat?

    been there done that! in my kayak and a buddy's 18 ft. bowrider, just get there early and leave early no problem!
  266. hooook-up

    best camera for CPR

    looking to buy a new camera for CPR any recomendations?or horror stories of a camera to stay away from? trying to keep it under$200
  267. hooook-up

    big hammers for fresh water bass

    well i am leaving Idaho without catching a single fish on the BHs, I tried many different color/head combos but no love. Small mouths on both lake coure'de laine and Hayden lake loved to eat the yamamoto 3" and 4" white grub on a cotee to follow when i get home. Thanks for the advice...
  268. hooook-up

    big hammers for fresh water bass

    i have never had one split either but i do value your (or anyone elses)opinion. which swimbait would you recommend?
  269. hooook-up

    big hammers for fresh water bass

    going to Idaho for a week to fish around Lake Coure'de'laine ,i caught alot of bass there last time on typical freshwater bass gear but this time would like to try BH's. Anybody had any luck with them in freshwater? colors? sizes/ etc.?
  270. hooook-up

    7/11 Humbolts in the Shallows

    2 things wrong here, you didn't keep any for bait, not enough pics. of LEENA!!!:drool:
  271. hooook-up

    Fun setup???

    we have starry flounders all over the place:_smack_:
  272. hooook-up

    Kayak Bait Reciever

    refer to fishkillers bio/ enuff said, i agree they are awesome just not perfect for kayak fishing, i only replyed because of spikes tude with my "opinion"
  273. hooook-up

    Kayak Bait Reciever

    i am guessing spike is going to make a post about grabbing your ankles now, because he probably wont make a cent off kayakers who dont want to pull around a oversize baittank with a price to match.apparently he doesn't like to be critisized!:hali_parkutuli:
  274. hooook-up

    Kayak Bait Reciever

    looks like an anchor to me, even those frabills are a pain to pull around, but they are only $8
  275. hooook-up

    P/V WSB

    kayaked the crap out of it the last two sat/sundays. weekend before last i got a 24"WSB, talked to a pb'er he caught 9 last saturday 1 legal, i will be there all 3 days this weekend and i think i will bring my spear too. ps. pb'er said they were biting on dines, not live squid
  276. hooook-up

    How many rods is enough????

    I have been yak fishing for a couple years and i dont use anything over 25, unless your going to la jolla or cat you probably dont need anything bigger as the fish pulling you around on your kayak will take some of the pressure off the line. example the guy that just caught the 50 lb WSB on...
  277. hooook-up


    best bet hit the beach just south as close in as you can get or go further south to sandy beaches in laguna.
  278. hooook-up

    Cobra FnD XF?

    check out boaters world they are going out of business saw FND there last saturday at los alimitos location $719 they may still have it but i would look up phone#s on the web site and call all of them to see what they got
  279. hooook-up

    Fished Palos Verdes 5-3

    i yaked it sunday morning with the kids, managed 2 calicos 1 legal 1 dink and a 24 inch wsb all caught on 4" BH
  280. hooook-up

    BBW May 2nd

    We will be there 3 adults 3 kids, p.s. Andy i would like to try a hobie w/pedal system, will you be loaning any of those out?
  281. hooook-up

    47.5lbs HALIBUT

    DIY Mounting fish jaws - Ausfish Australian Fishing Forums
  282. hooook-up


    yes,more info please, looks awesome. pm or post more info
  283. hooook-up

    BBW Take 2!

    where will the launch point for newport be? coast gaurd? yesterday was great day on the harbor, it was slow but the butts were off the hook (or on the hook).I think junior div. would be cool for the kids too.
  284. hooook-up

    BBW Take 2!

    I will be there with a friend and 2 kids.thats 4 total
  285. hooook-up

    Kayak launch near O.C

    newport-go to the coast gaurd station on the south side.H.B- left turn before the bridge to the regular boat launch, launch right from the parking lot next to the apartments. LBC - cherry beach - great halibut spot
  286. hooook-up


    those things are great bait, year before last they came up and we had bait all summer, the turd rollers love that sheeee-ot!
  287. hooook-up

    Jet Powered Kayak ?????????

    saw one in newport last summer, looked like fun , but no storage, jet ski motor in a yak for double the price of a hobie , 3 1/2 Gs , sold by some company in canada, ehhh.:food-smiley-014:
  288. hooook-up


    if you want to make one on the cheap just take one of your kids/ or neighbor kids boogie boards and cut a hole the size of a 5 gallon bucket drill a buncha holes in it and "stick it in the hole" i tried it and it did not seem to create too much drag but if your planning a long paddle you might...
  289. hooook-up

    san felipe in winter

    Right on, good luck in puerticitos, i will be watching for a report
  290. hooook-up

    san felipe in winter

    Thanks Vergie thats the kind of info i am looking for.
  291. hooook-up

    san felipe in winter

    anybody fish San Felipe ,kayak or otherwise,in the winter? thinking about making the drive down in jan or feb. DRIVING/FISHING/HOTELS ETC. suggestions or tips would be appreciated. i know about the risks already,went to ensenada a couple months ago and had a great time.I have checked out many...
  292. hooook-up

    Channel Islands 2 Day Mothership

    hey andy, how bout' a report.i tried to hop on but got denied by the wife. maybe it was the whole anniversary thing on sunday.any way how did you do?
  293. hooook-up

    F'n New Guy rod and reel advice

    i would stick to the harbors hb/nb/or long beach.LB has alot of easy launch spots with a wide variety of fishin spots piers, islands,jettys,etc.eventually you can go hit the local oilrigs they are a great paddle in the summertime.have a great time i am sure you will be hooked.Oh yeah! and don't...
  294. hooook-up

    12-1-08 LA/LB Halibuts

    nice job, i knew i should have paddled out to get some live ones,it was too damn foggy.hope its clear this weekend.
  295. hooook-up

    anybody fisk LB harbor today?

    what was your weapon of choice/success live bait or plastics/crocs ?
  296. hooook-up

    anybody fisk LB harbor today?

    sunday launched at belmont pier at 5 am tried to make bait for about an hour , no luck, after the pea soup fog cleared i hit island White for a bunch of shortbites at the boat dock, 7 hours on the water and 1 short butt caught about 50 yards off the pier on 3 inch BH. still better than...
  297. hooook-up

    anybody fisk LB harbor today?

    4 might be do-able, i have been out to the flats on the yak,this summer i launched from bolsa chica in the surf and paddled out to the flats and killed it in the cattle boat slick , the best kayak adventure so far , i am not too sure about 6 miles though.
  298. hooook-up

    anybody fisk LB harbor today?

    i am planing on hitting the breakwall tomorrow ,sunday,and was wondering if anybody was out today, looking to score some loster bait (bones) if they are still around? any other action? thanks