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  1. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Swimbait/Lead Lot - 100+ New Baits

    Thinning out most of my larger plastics as the fish in my new area apparently only eat the kind of swim baits you need to take a second mortgage out to afford. With the exception of 4 of the 6 MC Weedless baits, these have never been used. MC Swimbaits, Big Hammer, Bass Trix, and Mano from 4" -...
  2. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Huge Rapala Trolling Lot (CD-18, Xrap, etc)

    Starting to thin out a lot of my saltwater baits that I just won't be using now that I'm mainly fishing the Delta and other boring freshwater stuff. Hopefully someone can put these to use. Have replaced the hooks on many of them but some are a little worn. There are two Yozuri deep divers in...
  3. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Salas YoYo Iron Lot

    Salas heavy iron lot - $60 shipped, PayPal F&F or Venmo 4 Yoyo (qty 2) - Scrambled Egg 6x Jr (qty 5) - Green/Yellow, one might be Dorado 6x Jr (qty 2) - Blue Mack 6x (qty 2) - Blue/White 6x (qty 1) - Blue Mack
  4. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 4' AFTCO Fiberglass Gaff

    4' AFTCO Fiberglass Gaff, in great shape. I got it in a trade and have never stuck a fish with it. Located in Lodi, but I can probably ship it in a golf club box if anyone down south wants it. $75.
  5. hbouldin1216

    Maritime Skiffs

    That 23 is sickkkkkkkk
  6. hbouldin1216

    SeaDek in LA!

    Glad to hear. I live up north now but SeaDek was worth the drive to Mission Bay to pick up. I think you guys will do very well in that area.
  7. hbouldin1216

    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    Couldn't agree more. I stopped listening because he constantly talks over the guests. Funny looking at my comments above from April 2019. My how things have changed. Nick, if you're reading this, crack yourself a personality beer if you need one prior to starting, but then maybe turn it down a...
  8. hbouldin1216

    Purchase ammo in Montana, privately ship to Brother

    I like this, but also glad I'll be able to buy from you in a few weeks.
  9. hbouldin1216

    Stop pig hunting for 3 years in CA

    They're a major problem in the wine regions, but most of the owners are too liberal to see the reason in having them hunted. Good chance of cold-calling private wine growers in Paso Robles for permission to hog hunt their land. I was a member at kukkula before the owner changed and remember the...
  10. hbouldin1216

    Skiff Recommendations (Welded, 14-15 ft?)

    What's your intended purpose? Rec or commercial? I have a 25hp on my 14' welded Gregor but if I went heavier gauge, 40-60 would be my HP target. Lund makes a really nice heavier gauge aluminum tiller boat; we have a Lund 16 with a 40hp Honda at the family cottage in Canada that gets the job...
  11. hbouldin1216

    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    If you have video evidence of them pulling your pots (easily identifiable with new ID numbers) and they have an outboard, what are the rules for lobbing a .45 through the engine head? Probably not in our favor but could it be considered defending property?
  12. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Ammo, Multiple calibers available.

    Wish I were closer. Just paid $400 for 500 rounds of 9mm FMJ and 100 rounds of .45 hollow yesterday and I was lucky to get it. I get to the store an hour before they open and am usually first in line every Tuesday morning. They receive on weekends and I buy as much as they'll sell me
  13. hbouldin1216

    A guy walks into a bow shop

    Gun shops are just as bad. Walked in today to get some dove shot and ended up buying a Glock 21 just because it was on the shelf
  14. hbouldin1216

    OC, State Regulators Raise Concerns Over Public Access in Dana Point Harbor Developers’ Plans

    Would be nice if people who actually boat/fish would be the ones penning these articles. Those boat-only parking spaces in the launch ramp lot are never coming back...
  15. hbouldin1216

    Police Reality TV

    Live PD was awesome, but it started to create "celebrity cops" and I know a lot of the cities/counties didn't like it. Sticks from Tulsa, that huge jacked black cop in South Carolina, etc. My brother was doing a lot of ride alongs with the Jeffersonville, IN department when he was working on his...
  16. hbouldin1216

    Political BS Boat Parade in San Diego Bay

    The Biden flags on sunk vessels are A+ level trolling
  17. hbouldin1216

    Purchase ammo in Montana, privately ship to Brother

    Think you're going to have a tough time shipping it due to weight. Anything that heavy is going to be double-checked. Technically illegal to bring out of state ammo into CA unless it's being sent to an FFL. I'm headed to Tahoe next weekend and have been researching running into Nevada to buy...
  18. hbouldin1216

    This sucks Poor family

    Lol at "zooming by." It's almost like the wake boats going "wake speed" caused waves big enough to surf? Who'da thunk it?
  19. hbouldin1216

    Chinese fleet

    No surprise, this is just a bigger scale bucket brigade. Their audacity to think the rules don't apply to them infuriates me
  20. hbouldin1216

    Diamond Valley & Skinner

    Apologies if this was mentioned above but your biggest issue at Skinner or DVL will be getting that boat on the lake. Both are SUPER strict on the zebra mussel and if there is even a DROP of water in the bilge, bait tank, lower unit, etc. regardless of whether it is salt water or even water from...
  21. hbouldin1216

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    Tahoe is amazing if you've never been, and most of the stuff on the Nevada side is still open.
  22. hbouldin1216

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    Those are nice fish for that lake. The launch ramp Nazi/quagga inspector made the process not worth it after a while. Lifeguards are not very fisherman-friendly either.
  23. hbouldin1216

    WTB Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    Have you looked into storage units? Before I bought my house, I lived in an apartment and found a 25x10 storage unit that would let me work on the boat there too. Paid about $160/mo but it was literally my garage. Only downside is they didn't have power, but you may be able to find one that...
  24. hbouldin1216

    Boat Covers

    If your Walmart has a boating section, it's the cover they sell off the shelf
  25. hbouldin1216

    Land-Based Shark Fishing

    He moved to Arizona, sorry bud!
  26. hbouldin1216

    Bassing PV to Izor’s 5/29

    Nice day Kurt! Send that lizardfish back down for a Hali
  27. hbouldin1216

    Simrad GO9 XSE 3g package

    If you have the west marine warranty then you should be able to exchange it in-store no questions asked.
  28. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    Nothing wrong with keeping a few of those 15-17" eaters from the wall. I don't care if that pisses off the guys in the wrapped boats and jerseys, they taste too good. I really miss those days when your thumb was so beat up from lipping calicos that your iPhone screen wouldn't recognize the touch.
  29. hbouldin1216

    ? Where to Car Park when meeting at Davies Launch Ramp?

    Can park underneath the Ralph's if the owner is willing to swing back their to the dock. Makes loading the coolers even easier. Had no idea this existed until I fished with Benny Florentino.
  30. hbouldin1216

    Komodo 471 ss vs Lexa 400 HD xsp

    I'm here in the Delta, if I were fishing the bay for what you've described then I'd be bringing the 471 along with my Torium 20
  31. hbouldin1216

    Komodo 471 ss vs Lexa 400 HD xsp

    I have both the Lexa and the Komoda in 300/400 sizes. The Komodo 471 is a big reel, and it has a clicker if you have the need for that. Nice to have the option if you're fishing bait. The Okumas both feel much more stout than the Lexas, but they are heavier as a result. If you're casting all...
  32. hbouldin1216

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    It's gonna vary by person, CBD does nothing for me whether topical or edible.
  33. hbouldin1216

    4/16 Cat

    They actually came aboard your skiff to measure barracuda? That sounds like an undercover sobriety check to me, especially in these times. Would like to hear more about how that went.
  34. hbouldin1216

    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped/White Bass Hybrids In SoCal, AZ, Or NV?

    Come up to the Delta right now before it gets too hot. There are some absolute tankers
  35. hbouldin1216

    Commercial hacks

    Off topic, but saw a mention of it earlier and I know there are residents of San Clemente on this board. How much of your tax dollars went into filling that skate park with 37 tons of sand? There were a dozen skaters there over the weekend with shovels and buckets hauling sections of it out. How...
  36. hbouldin1216

    Is Rockcod season opened in NorCal?

    I would screen shot that webpage and show it to any warden that asks.
  37. hbouldin1216

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    A lot safer for those noble LEOs to contact an otherwise law-abiding fisherman than any of the thousands of homeless vagrants in a one mile radius, and that's ignoring downtown.... I'd like to think those guys believe this shit is as asinine as we do but I've lost faith. San Diego has quite...
  38. hbouldin1216

    Recreational fishing closure??

    They won't even cede to a 12 month license term, what in the hell makes you think they'll actually pro-rate the fees?! Also, haven't Inyo and Mono counties effectively shut down the season on their own by closing all of the hotels/campgrounds?
  39. hbouldin1216

    Pop ups....

    Hand up, I use an adblocker and understand your point. Thats being said, other sites I frequent are unusable due to the ads and I'm not turning it on/off site to site. You're still getting to count my page views and youtube watches to sell to advertisers. Add a patreon link, I'll gladly kick...
  40. hbouldin1216


    Check your renter policy. Mine covers break ins and I added a camera to my balcony that covers both of my spots just in case. It's the only camera in the complex. Outdoor Camera Wireless - 1080P WiFi Outdoor Security Camera, FHD Night Vision, A.I. Motion Detection, Instant Alert via...
  41. hbouldin1216

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    250k+ alcohol related deaths last year. Liquor stores were deemed essential. The number of COVID deaths as a proportion of our overall population is an absolute pissant but sure lets go wreck the global economy over this.
  42. hbouldin1216

    SUP fisherman arrested

    What a waste of resources chasing a fucking paddle boarder off the water. That looked like very effective social distancing to me
  43. hbouldin1216

    Guy tries to run a train into the hospital ship in Port of LA

    Used to live in Pedro overlooking the port. This would have been something to see
  44. hbouldin1216

    Sierra Trout Opener and Covid 19

    Has the BLM closed the public campgrounds? Are the hotels in Bishop still open?
  45. hbouldin1216

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Orange Man tried to shut the borders down months ago but was called a racist. Take your bullshit up with Pelosi and her cronies.
  46. hbouldin1216

    Mission Bay Closed?

    100k deaths out of 327 million people is 0.030581% of the population. Here are the flu stats from the CDC website for 2018-2019. Estimated flu-related deaths totaled 68,315. 0.020891437% If we imply 200,000 deaths due to COVID, we're talking...
  47. hbouldin1216

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Media shows the graphs with spiking positive cases, but that's a direct correlation with the amount of testing kits now available. COVID deaths still trending under the line for "normal flu." Media is still ramping this up to be the next plague when it just isn't. If a Dem was in the Oval...
  48. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Nissan titan 4wd

    Beast of a tow vehicle even though the MPG sucks. I don't think I'll ever sell my 2006 w/ 126k miles. GLWS, someone is getting a great truck. If it doesn't already have it and you don't mind the noise, the Flowmaster/K&N Cold Air Intake combo adds a ton of torque and 1-2 mpg on top.
  49. hbouldin1216

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Frankly can't think of a safer place to be than on open water on my boat. What is happening in New York is their problem, not ours, and a result of New Yorker mentality that they are better than everyone else so the rules don't apply. If you're at risk, stay home. I wasn't aware there were so...
  50. hbouldin1216

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    Let that SeaVee eat! Would love to see the lifeguards try to stop you.
  51. hbouldin1216

    Cabrillo beach launch ramp Closed

    Garcetti is trying to out-bitch Newsome. Thank god I moved out of there. A lot of the state-run lakes in Norcal are closed but the private launches on the Delta are still open. There must have been 100 trailers in the lot at B&W saturdy afternoon.
  52. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Traxxas X-Maxx 1/5 Scale Huge RC Monster Truck

    Had an OG T-maxx and a GS Storm Truggy conversion. Miss those things, but don't miss paying for broken A-arms and servos every weekend
  53. hbouldin1216

    Official LA County Letter RE: COVID Closures

    Hey guys, one of my suppliers sent me the official COVID letter as to what is considered an "essential business." Figured this would help dispel a lot of the rumors that are being thrown around.
  54. hbouldin1216

    Whale in LA harbor??

    I've seen them a ton inside up by cabrillo. Bit scary when one blows in 20 feet of water within casting distance when you're on the hook in a 14' tinny.
  55. hbouldin1216

    Flipping thick cover for bass in Palmdale, CA

    Are those private docks?
  56. hbouldin1216

    Fishing license for guest on boat

    Double check, but I think you can get her a lobster card without needing the full license.
  57. hbouldin1216

    Best Phenix for Tranx 400

    Call Fishermans Access in Brea. They're still blowing out their Phenixs leftover from Fred Hall
  58. hbouldin1216

    Fishing license for guest on boat

    Sierra wardens are much more logical than those on the socal saltwater beat.
  59. hbouldin1216

    Fishing license for guest on boat

    This for sure. Cheaper to buy the license and not worry about it than deal with DFG having a bad day.
  60. hbouldin1216

    Casting issue Komodo 400SS

    by hanging up, is the thumb lever engaging mid-cast? Theres a troublesome gear in there that I had to have replaced...
  61. hbouldin1216

    Best Phenix for Tranx 400

    Tranx 400 is a "small" 400 sized reel. I wouldn't put it on the 909. I fished bass with it on a 8'2 M1 Inshore
  62. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    I was at the MD&M Show in Anaheim a few weeks ago which is a huge medical device trade show. Heavy Asian contingent, many wearing masks. Made me think a little but if they weren't calling that show off, I wouldn't be too worried about Fred Hall.
  63. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2 Complete Raymarine Dragonfly Sets - $20

    If you have the transducer mounts, they're probably worth $20-40. Cheap plastic that break just launching the boat. I had one of these and it was the biggest piece of shit I ever bought, but there is someone out there with a busted transducer mount that doesn't want to pay the $79 for Raymarine...
  64. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Shimano/Daiwa Lefty Baitcasters

    Hey guys, moved from Long Beach up to Lodi and am thinning out some of my gear. I know good used lefty reels can be hard to come by so I figured I'd throw these up in case anyone was looking. These were serviced by Performance Tackle in early November but have not been fished. They still have...
  65. hbouldin1216

    Stranded swimmer while bugging Mdr

    Would imagine one of those "packages" would look pretty different than some guy out for a swim. Time of day aside, I think all of those people who just swim laps outside the breakers are weirdos. They make pools for a reason. Good on you for the save, once I'm away from my hoops I turn the music...
  66. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    I have a Safeco policy through a broker buddy of mine that covers agreed upon value for ALL of my rods, reels, tackle, and boat electronics through my homeowners policy. Boat policy through Geico/BoatUS only covers the hull, motor, and trailer, and when it comes down to dollars, really only...
  67. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    My truck got hit in my apartment complex and obviously no note was left. I bought one of these and mounted it to my balcony angled at my two parking spots. Works great and you get 14 days of 24/7 recordings via cloud storage for $6.99 a month. I'm going to buy another one and mount it to cover...
  68. hbouldin1216

    Vagabond Closing!

    It would be a $5 uber at most
  69. hbouldin1216

    Vagabond Closing!

    Best Western Island Palms is fantastic. Little bit pricier but more room to spread and prep gear. Just down Shelter Island Dr. You can also usually park right outside your room.
  70. hbouldin1216

    Looking for a fishing buff

    The AFTCO ones run small. Sims makes a good one for bigger heads but it's still tight. Best one I've found (7.75-8" fitted cap size) is the columbia omni-freeze...
  71. hbouldin1216

    Convert 2014 Yamaha 20hp TILLER to REMOTE

    Price it out here
  72. hbouldin1216

    Convert 2014 Yamaha 20hp TILLER to REMOTE

    Should be pretty easy to do, and there have been a lot of Livingston builds with consoles. Search for those and see how they rigged them.
  73. hbouldin1216

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Sorry to hear this. I just moved from Long Beach to Lodi (the 209 is the 909 of NorCal) for work and yet was blown away by the number of boats parked in driveways/property lots that are completely unlocked, yet apparently undisturbed. Maybe it's the distance from Mexico, but given crime in...
  74. hbouldin1216

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    If the Yak is under 14 ft you can launch from sailboat cove without being inspected. You still have to pay to get in the park but the people at the main gate are a bunch of donkeys...the ranger over by the main boat launch is borderline Nazi as stated above. That lake is way more trouble than...
  75. hbouldin1216

    Davies Launch Ramp changes

    Nowhere to tie up unless you beach the boat next to the ramp. I launched my tinny there all the time since the angle is less susceptible to big tides. On a big swing, that current at Davies definitely made things interesting for me.
  76. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 1985 Evinrude 20HP Electric Start + Extras - $500 NEED GONE THIS WEEKEND

    Video of it one-push starting and idling. Aftermarket kill switch with leash was also added.
  77. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 1985 Evinrude 20HP Electric Start + Extras - $500 NEED GONE THIS WEEKEND

    Hey guys, selling my 1985 Evinrude 20HP long shaft outboard. I have added the aftermarket electric start kit, and also have the 30hp carb/intake available if you wanted to convert it to the higher HP. It took me forever to find all of the parts on eBay, and when I finally did, I ran out of time...
  78. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lowrance HDS12 Live w/ 3-1 Transducer NIB

    Black Friday Bump ***Here's a link to the eBay listing. I started the auction at 2k, so if you've been on the fence, you can try to go get it over there. In watching similar auctions, they've all come back up to the $2500 price point so I still think this is a more than fair deal***...
  79. hbouldin1216

    do people ever fall off their boat

    Fallen out of my tinny twice. both times scared the shit out of me, and the last time was out while hooping solo so I was wearing my XtraTuffs. Fortunately they're somewhere at the bottom of Long Beach Harbor while I'm at my desk, but even while holding onto the side of the boat those things...
  80. hbouldin1216

    travel rod recommendation for lexa 400hd

    I have one of the Okumas and the guides are pretty cheap. Have broken two of them. I'll probably check out the Phenix
  81. hbouldin1216

    WTB Lefty conventional reels

    Sent you pics of the SG, West Marine also has 40% off on Okuma reels for Black Friday. Think it's online only though, just got the ad in the mail
  82. hbouldin1216

    WTB Lefty conventional reels

    I have two Release SG reels in lefty that I have personally never used, nor will I as I'm moving to norcal and have to relearn how to fish delta green bass/stripers. I'll post pics in the morning. Bad ass reels made in the USA, and you can increase the lever drag without it increasing the...
  83. hbouldin1216

    In need of outdoor storage for 25 ft deck boat for the low low price

    They don't have hose outlets but they do take quarters
  84. hbouldin1216

    What are the top 3 fishing shirt companies?

    Aftco shirts are so comfortable I wear them 90% of the time off the boat too.
  85. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lowrance HDS12 Live w/ 3-1 Transducer NIB

    bump, going to re-list on eBay but hope a BD'er can take advantage of a good deal.
  86. hbouldin1216

    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    This station and the one in Savi Ranch/Yorba Linda are the ones I was referencing. You'd think they were giving it away for free, and the Savi Ranch line is loaded with $70k suburbans and other luxury SUVs
  87. hbouldin1216

    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    I guess it might make sense for a boat, but always laugh at the people waiting 20+ minutes to save 10 cents a gallon versus the chevron a few blocks away on a 12-20 gallon fill up. Probably idle through half of the savings sitting there in line.
  88. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lowrance HDS12 Live w/ 3-1 Transducer NIB

    anything shown on the screen is a reflection of my cabinets, this thing is brand new
  89. hbouldin1216

    Lobster...u tell me..

    From my understanding, there aren't but a few wardens that regularly patrol LA/OC; as I've run into the same guy 4 or 5 times at the ramp. Younger guy in a Chevy, very professional every time, "hey I notice you went out 10/28 but didn't fill in your catch, here's a sharpie." Easy to report as I...
  90. hbouldin1216

    Props to the Native Sun

    "Call your wives, we'll stay out all night if we have to!" might be the greatest sentence ever written on this site
  91. hbouldin1216

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Depends on the warden you run into but attitude towards them goes a long way. I haven't had a bad experience with them aside being checked twice on opening weekend, and while a slight inconvenience, no issues. They checked my gauges as I had just dropped my first set; had three Promar gauges...
  92. hbouldin1216

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    As you said, if it's sitting there in the long-term lot aka general parking lot, thieves will have plenty of time to snag it. Easy to say the lock rusted and they're trying to replace it. But it will deter the tweekers looking for a quick grab. Can't tell you how many trailers I walk past on the...
  93. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lowrance HDS12 Live w/ 3-1 Transducer NIB

    "Accidentally" won this in an eBay auction thinking I was bidding on the 9" version from the same seller. By the time I'd realized it, I had already won the auction and the seller was not very cooperative in putting me in touch with the other bidders to work something out. I received the unit...
  94. hbouldin1216

    Helium Prices!

    This is like asking why gasoline is cheaper in AZ vs CA. I haven't checked the tax/fee breakdown on Helium but would imagine it's similar to gas
  95. hbouldin1216

    Do The Sportfishing Boats Ever Pay For Spotter Planes?

    Does Carl fly for the fleet or strictly for the Pilikia operation?
  96. hbouldin1216

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    A good tongue lock is like $20 at Home Depot. Half that at Harbor Freight but those rust FAST. Get a hitch lock while you're at it. Never understood why people spend all of the fishing costs and ignore $40 worth of locks to protect their trailer.
  97. hbouldin1216

    Stainless steal prop vs aluminum

    I got almost 2.5 mph increase with the stainless prop on my new EFI Yamaha 25. Holeshot is way better too. The aluminum props on those smaller motors are super soft but I think your application would really benefit from an SS prop. No negatives aside from the cost and if you're really worried...
  98. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2007 Gregor Baja skiff - LOADED

    Interesting. Rig looks solid as hell; if I hadn't just repowered mine I'd buy, yank the console and just run it as a tiller with the freed up deck space. Easy to RAM mount the Garmin and relocate the VHF. These boats are eminently customizable. GLWS.
  99. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2007 Gregor Baja skiff - LOADED

    Cool rig. Is the helm functioning? Why the tiller?
  100. hbouldin1216

    LB Reel Service?

    Ended up dropping them at Performance Tackle. Thanks all for the recommendations
  101. hbouldin1216

    MDR launch fee raised

    I'll gladly pay for wash bibs, only thing I've seen is the foot shower near the outhouses. Also, lets fix the huge potholes at the head of the ramp while we're at it. Absolute axle eater
  102. hbouldin1216

    LB Reel Service?

    I'll hit him up. Let me know when you're up my way and we'll get out there for sure.
  103. hbouldin1216

    MDR launch fee raised

    couldn't tell you the last time I paid to launch at Cabrillo. Just keep an old ticket in the window; I've probably launched 50 times since the last time I paid. Used the money I saved on a RinseKit so I can wash the trailer down. Put a wash down system in and I'll reconsider.
  104. hbouldin1216

    Restaurants near the landings

    This will sound weird but the restaurant at the Best Western on Shelter Island is really good and open to the public. I stay there often when I'm in town for work, partially due to the food, partially due the spotty bite in the marina on the backside of the property
  105. hbouldin1216


    that looks like every smuggler sub I've seen on the NatGeo shows. Did you call it in?
  106. hbouldin1216

    LB Reel Service?

    I have a host of Shimano, Daiwa, and Okuma bait casters that were fished hard this summer and put away wet. I've been traveling a ton for work and finally got a chance to take my gf out yesterday for her first saltwater bass. While prepping Saturday morning, only 2 of my 9(!!!) bait casters...
  107. hbouldin1216

    Trolling Skipjack on the Nimitz aircraft carrier

    This is awesome, thanks for the share. Hope they snuck those 80W's into the DOD budget somehow.
  108. hbouldin1216

    Masked Lobster Bandits

    My condo has a car port with a heavy metal gate where I store all of my nets. Few inches above and below the gate (talking 4" max) and while pulling into my garage, saw a coon somehow squeeze under the gate. Opened the gate and saw a full-blown family in there, one of them close to the size of a...
  109. hbouldin1216

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Theres a 30 page thread on THT about this if you happen to have popcorn and a 12 pack handy
  110. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Motor Guide Xi3 with Lowrance Elite Ti2

    Fishfinder/mount + tax damn near kisses the asking price. Free bump for an absolute steal.
  111. hbouldin1216


    The only issue i've had with it (applied over wood decking on an aluminum boat) is that I should have added a few extra coats of spar urethane before applying it. It seals water into the wood and delaminates it, which I was warned about prior to installing but didn't pay enough credence. No...
  112. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Motor Guide Xi3 with Lowrance Elite Ti2

    Damn, don't have the space for the 24v set up otherwise I'd be all over this. Spent more than that on a new 12v Xi3 and quick release mount. Someone is going to get a sick deal.
  113. hbouldin1216

    Low ceiling people input wanted - 9' rod with 8' ceilings

    All of my rods are stored in a hanging rack with reels attached. If you have a lot of similar rods with reel seats in the same spot, you'll get some contact if they're on the wall.
  114. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Motor Guide Xi3 with Lowrance Elite Ti2

    Would you be willing to sell the Elite separately?
  115. hbouldin1216

    Can't stop, won't stop. 9/25 and 9/27

    Love the fight guys getting into fishing. Clay Guida is a bad dude
  116. hbouldin1216

    FREE In need of bait scoop

    Walmart sells promar bait nets for $3.99...
  117. hbouldin1216

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    Set your traps, put the tunes on and have a beer or two, go pull em, rinse and repeat. The first time you pull even a single legal, it'll all make sense, and as others have said FLAP FLAP FLAP. I still giggle like a school girl when I have a successful pull.
  118. hbouldin1216

    California Fishing News

    Let's go Big E!! For anyone skeptical, this is a really concise, aggregated collection of reports throughout the Bite, and the weather reporting is a nice touch. Went to college with Ernie and he's as good as they come; this is what Let's Talk Hook Up used to be before becoming one giant ad...
  119. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Sent you a PM and will call in the morning.
  120. hbouldin1216

    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    Thanks Bob, I used to launch out of there all the time when I lived in Brea. Nice ramp and I agree about the sherifs. Was hoping to find something a bit closer to me, but it looks like I could dry store there and grab a transient slip in Cabrillo for a few nights to have it closer to my house on...
  121. hbouldin1216

    Recommend Hotels 2 nights near Fisherman's Landing

    +1 for the Best Western Island Palms. That's where I always stay when I'm down for work. Use, free cancelation 24 hours out if in case you ever were to need that option.
  122. hbouldin1216

    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    Bringing this back up as I'm narrowing in on a rig. Cabrillo Dry is sold out and has a huge waiting list. The last 30' slip was just taken too. I may look into King Harbor, but I'm going to take a shot here. Is there by chance a member on here with space to park say an 18ft parker CC? Would...
  123. hbouldin1216

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    Never ceases to amaze me who's on this board. What were the odds the actual doc that worked on this guy is a member?! Great job, sir, and thanks for the first-hand update. Blessed Sacrament Church in Placentia is hosting a CPR class Sept. 21st. Cost is $45, PM me if you're near Placentia and...
  124. hbouldin1216

    How To Cast Iron – Pro Fishing Tips

    If that Tranx could talk....
  125. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Shamrock 246 Walkaround

    Very interested depending on price
  126. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Werner Kayak Paddle - Small Diameter Shaft - $100

    **Posting on behalf of my Dad** Werner Skagit FG Paddle, 240 cm, small diameter shaft for smaller hands, excellent condition, only used 3 times. Only reason selling is because my wife decided that she likes my paddle better for her style of paddling. Link to Werner site...
  127. hbouldin1216

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    Safeway in Point Loma opens at 5. How early do you need it? Edit: Kurt, at those hours easy parking for your rig
  128. hbouldin1216

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    What am I missing here? A legal fish was legally harvested, passengers got fillets they couldn't have dreamed of when they stepped on board? As far as I know, a rod/reel caught sword can't be harpooned boat side like they can in florida, right? What other options do you have??
  129. hbouldin1216

    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    Nice day!! Daughters face says it all...good karma coming your way for that! EDIT: The only thing keeping this post from perfection is that we didn't get a better pic of the wife. You couldn't have joysticked into a better angle for us?!
  130. hbouldin1216

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    I need to renew my tow service, but what other options do we have in the Long Beach area? My motor died up off of Pt. Fermin and they said it was going to take them an hour to get out there. I was in a 14 ft tinny and the swell/wind was starting to get big, stressed my situation, and nothing...
  131. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance Autopilot Cuts Corners

    Kurt, is the "dock-to-dock" feature on? It will consider your track inefficient and try to improve it as it thinks it has safely cleared the jetty. Trying clicking that off and you might have better results.
  132. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2017 Ascend 10T w/ Extras - PRICE DROP

    The kayak is in Brea. Posted for my brother. Text the number in the PM for more info.
  133. hbouldin1216

    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    Thanks, will update if/when i find something. Looking east, kinda want to make a trip out of it and drag pops along.
  134. hbouldin1216

    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    This might be the answer, going to go over this week and check that facility out. Thanks for the recommendation
  135. hbouldin1216

    The Four B's at San Clemente Island / Saturday 8/3 Report

    You and Decker are like Jordan and Pippen. I'll let you fight over who's who but the reports never disappoint when you two are in the boat.
  136. hbouldin1216

    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    Will be in a position to pull the trigger on a ~21 ft CC in about a month, so I'm starting to research storage solutions. Ideally, I'd like to keep it in the water at one of the Cabrillo marinas as I'm minutes away, but just in case, any recommendations for some "secure" storage in the area?
  137. hbouldin1216

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    Every time I'm at Ballast Point and that thing is tied up, I wonder a) how it still floats and b) who in there right mind takes one look at that piece of shit and decides to buy a ticket? Not surprising. Edit: Old post, comments on the old rust bucket still stand.
  138. hbouldin1216

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I again stayed at the Best Western property across the street and the amount of transient RVs was staggering. Instead of installing a green belt, maybe they should institute "No Autos Without Boat Trailers" rules like some of the Long Beach-area ramps enforce. I think SD has an ordinance that...
  139. hbouldin1216

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    I fish weekly from PV to the flats and I'd say our catch ratio is at least 10-1 Calico to sandy, although Lal and the boys on the Ducky don't seem to have much issue finding them.
  140. hbouldin1216

    Catalina ski race today

    Yep, recognize that spot at Ocotillo. Watched Ronnie Renner session that one.
  141. hbouldin1216

    Catalina ski race today

    Media has been crucifying Tom Brady for jumping off of a small rock with his daughter, hope they don't get their hands on this footage! Nice to see some parents letting their kids grow up the old fashioned way.
  142. hbouldin1216

    Catalina ski race today

    Pretty crazy that those guys and gals are SKIING to Avalon faster than that SeaHunter 45 can run. Bunch of absolute psychopaths, i think my knees would blow out before I even popped out of the water.
  143. hbouldin1216

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Thought about this too, why didn't the guy on the barge tell him to go get in line? Buddy deal?
  144. hbouldin1216

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    That's definitely the same guy who cuts the launch line and says "I'll only be a minute" and ends up launching with his straps still on. You handled this better than I would have.
  145. hbouldin1216

    shears to cut braid?

    Whatever the West Marine brand is (Blacktip?). Short stubby things with big finger loops. I leave them on the boat and they have outlasted my much more expensive Rapala shears. These are $5
  146. hbouldin1216

    SOLD 1998 Wellcraft 210 CCF

    Beautiful boat, any pics of the bow area?
  147. hbouldin1216

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Do more research on this, as most rental companies do not allow towing, nor do they allow crossing international borders. You may be better off looking for an older used truck that you can park and use explicitly as a tow vehicle.
  148. hbouldin1216

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    The engine is capable but the suspension and brakes are woefully outgunned on the legs you're describing. I towed a 10,500lb toy hauler 20 miles with my 5.6 v8 Titan and let me tell you, the trailer was driving us, not the truck.
  149. hbouldin1216

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    That episode of Cast n Crank with Dave was awesome. I think Dave gets a lot of hate because he's not very eloquent when communicating through a keyboard, but listen to him talk and you know he's the real deal. Cheers from a friend of Pat Lyons and the Lyonfish.
  150. hbouldin1216

    Daiwa Proteus - Scam?

    Never heard of that site but I've seen Proteus rods on sale in that ballpark. Also note how the prices add $X for the different models
  151. hbouldin1216

    Blue Heeler Puppies

    Glad to hear. Any more details on Facebook taking the post down? I'll bet if you advertised them as companion dogs for social justice warriors claiming PTSD every time Trump tweets, they would have boosted it for free.
  152. hbouldin1216

    Blue Heeler Puppies

    Wish you were in California, I'd take a female. Hope they can go to good homes.
  153. hbouldin1216

    Inshore mako

    Yes, but this was very clearly a "look at me" report and not one targeted at the surely numerous folks on here looking to hook a mako of any size out of a piece of plastic. My question still stands.
  154. hbouldin1216

    Inshore mako

    Honest question: what response were you looking for with this post?
  155. hbouldin1216

    You may like this

    This was really good Dave. Congratulations on your sobriety, funny to hear they have meetings in Cabo!
  156. hbouldin1216

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    Have eaten plenty of calico caught off the wall and I've never had an issue. I just don't keep anything caught after a rain, but right now the water is super clean.
  157. hbouldin1216

    6" Deck Boots

    If it ever gets sloppy to the point that 6" boots are a concern, I'll be wearing rain pants so it wouldn't really be an issue. Only time my feet have ever gotten wet while wearing them was when I slipped off my trailer tongue trying to launch. Not sure tall boots would have been any better in...
  158. hbouldin1216

    6" Deck Boots

    Just bought a second pair of Xtra Tuff ankle boots for the boat as I used my original pair as much, if not more, off the boat as I did on it over a three year span. Super comfortable when washing cars, washing the boat, and with all the rain we had this winter, I would even wear them while...
  159. hbouldin1216

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    I think GoFundMe is one of the worst things to happen to the American public in a long time, but should that worst case scenario come to fruition, I'll bet an awful lot of folks both near and far would step up to back Kellen if needed.
  160. hbouldin1216

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    Was completely unaware of this until that SDFish video randomly popped up on my youtube feed. I read the whole report and it's definitely worth it. There is an interesting correlation between when his biggest claims were made, the rise of social media, and when the rumors started popping. On...
  161. hbouldin1216

    Any tips? Shark fishing from pier.

    Belmont Pier is going to be your best bet for sharks, just make sure to cut the lines on the ones with shorter tail fins and white bellies
  162. hbouldin1216

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Jerky, trail mix, and RX Bar Peanut Butter. 10g protein per serving. If you have a preferred protein shake, it's easy to bring pre-portioned bags and your shaker. I'm not a big breakfast guy on land, let alone boats so these work well for me. Mtn Ops has a really good meal replacement shake but...
  163. hbouldin1216

    YTSO Report-Ballast Point Fishing Team

    That's a nice fucking day for the HangTime boys. What a haul!
  164. hbouldin1216

    Warship off San Pedro

    Looks more like a signals boat with that big mast but I'm no expert, hence why I was curious.
  165. hbouldin1216

    Warship off San Pedro

    Anyone know whats up with the ship thats been doing racetracks out front of Point Fermin all week? Heard reports that there have been a few ships into the weapons station this week so maybe it's on some sort of security patrol? Maybe one of the former Navy guys on here can chime in...
  166. hbouldin1216

    I need a Jig stick

    Phenix 909 is sick, I have the DH version which is nice to be able to dial in where your reel is. I like a lot of butt available for leverage and run the reel several inches higher than where the reel seat would be positioned.
  167. hbouldin1216

    Sea lion out of control

    Oregon is starting to put them down due to steelhead and salmon, and they were the cause of the steelhead closure in the Russian River while I was in college ten years ago. These things are literal sea rats and serve no purpose other than being shark food, and clearly the sharks need to do a...
  168. hbouldin1216

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Isn't that thing like $75+? You can get scrap Starboard from plastic/composite suppliers for less than $20. Not sure where you are but Paragon Plastics in Anaheim has great prices on their scrap stuff.
  169. hbouldin1216

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Consider using starboard and bolt it to the transom using the holes you previously drilled and some 4200. Gives you much more flexibility when positioning the bracket without adding more holes in the boat.
  170. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2017 Parker 2320

    Is that Billy's old boat? Unreal rig
  171. hbouldin1216

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    Not saltwater but something similar happened to my dad at Convict Lake. I was like 13 or 14 at the time and my buddy had just got a new setup for his birthday. We used to soak bait along one of the banks and would have 20+ rods amongst the four families we always did this trip with. We would...
  172. hbouldin1216

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    To be fair, when they're charging $20 to park, they can afford people out there directing traffic. But I'll agree, what could absolutely be a shitshow is shockingly efficient.
  173. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Grady White Escape 20 w/ Yamaha 175 - $14k

    What is the max HP on this hull? Priced right to slap a 200 Suzuki on it. If still available in September, that would be my plan.
  174. hbouldin1216

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Thanks, I think there are many on here in similar situations so not a derail.
  175. hbouldin1216

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    I have BoatUS and understand it's free/included with membership right?
  176. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Yeti Tundra Haul SeaFoam Green

    Curious how the wheels have held up for you?
  177. hbouldin1216

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Always owned by some Guy Fieri-looking asshole too.
  178. hbouldin1216

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Davies turns into something out of Mad Max once school gets out. Nothing like a wakeboard boat backing diagonally across all four lanes and then backing off so fast he ripped the prop off on the rocks by the bathroom. I felt bad for laughing but I know I wasn't the only one.... You also get a...
  179. hbouldin1216

    Cabo 41 – Phoenix Rising

    I get the paid advertising slots but considering BD's relationship with Junior and Senior over at the original Cabo (now Mag Bay) I'm a bit surprised to see this, especially since Barrett is working on his own 42. Oh well.
  180. hbouldin1216

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Great to hear Cory! How amazing is science that you can be up walking so soon after having your chest split open?! I was in the hospital for four days with a compound fractured tib/fib and while that first bowel movement felt like I was shitting out a boulder, the feeling after was *almost*...
  181. hbouldin1216

    Shout out to Advanced Marine

    Have had much better luck with David than Derrick. Sounds like you got him on a good day
  182. hbouldin1216

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    This x 2. Very workable fish, can do tacos, grill/fry fillets, I even know a guy who does a killer calico ceviche. If you want to stock your freezers full of filets, go get some rockfish. But tough to beat Calico prepared any way mere hours after you caught it. The 15-17" size recommended by...
  183. hbouldin1216

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    There are a couple of really clean Livingstons for sale on this board. I have a 14 foot Gregor that fits in my condos garage without issue and I've had it a few miles out on the right days
  184. hbouldin1216

    Inflatable PFD's

    I don't hate the extra vis of the bright orange either being in a small skiff.
  185. hbouldin1216

    Inflatable PFD's

    I'm 260 and it floats me. I've worn it wake boarding too with no issues.
  186. hbouldin1216

    Inflatable PFD's

    I've been told this same thing by actual Coast Guard, got a warning because I was not wearing the inflatable PFD. OP, as a fellow big man, I can only say to avoid the Cabelas models. I had one and wanted to test it prior to re-arming and i still had to tread water to stay up. If I was...
  187. hbouldin1216

    Sea Horse Dana Point 100+ Albies mushroom/fly/e. Cortez

    Guys that were out there can't reminisce? K!
  188. hbouldin1216

    Trailer Shops in Long Beach Area

    Thanks guys, spoke with West Coast and am getting the ball rolling with them.
  189. hbouldin1216

    A Tribute To My Dad – A Message From Joe

    Someone cutting onions for lunch? Sorry for your loss, Joe. He was a good man to get you into fishing and glad the passion returned
  190. hbouldin1216

    Trailer Shops in Long Beach Area

    I somehow bent the axle on my trailer near the leaf-spring u-bolts and spindle and need to get a new axle. I suspect it occurred while towing through the construction zone going over the 47 bridge, but nonetheless, it's toast. There are places online but I'd love to buy local if possible. Any...
  191. hbouldin1216

    Sea Horse Dana Point 100+ Albies mushroom/fly/e. Cortez

    Ya, probably why he asked what he was up to these days lol
  192. hbouldin1216

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    hope this goes through. Left messages in the general box of both numbers but lord knows if those will ever be heard. Thanks for sharing the info!
  193. hbouldin1216

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    That video looked like it was shot in the mooring fields. Has anyone ever seen one in that tight amongst all the lines? That was my first indication to think it was fake. I could maybe see that first pass but they would have certainly "felt" that shark pass the second time with it's mouth open...
  194. hbouldin1216

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    This one seems a little fishy imo....
  195. hbouldin1216

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    Heres the post with a few of the pics
  196. hbouldin1216

    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    Right there with you man, good luck!
  197. hbouldin1216

    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    My concern would be how it handles wakes in the harbor. Even on mine, I've had some situations out at the wall where i was literally kneeling on the floor to keep from flipping/getting tossed. But again, only one way to find out!
  198. hbouldin1216

    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    Oh hell ya! Love seeing these. Agree on the tippy-ness there, you may want to leave the area between the front and rear bunks open and just deck the bow and stern as you have it framed. Fun project nonetheless and I hope you can make it work. Only one way to find out, right? That's the beauty of...
  199. hbouldin1216

    Stocked Trout Fishing

    As said above, a lot of times the stockers school up in tight and you're casting way past them. Try casting more parallel to the bank and working out from there.
  200. hbouldin1216


    No offense but if the ~$200 storage fees are more than you want to spend a month on a 26 foot boat, you may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to using/maintaining it. Something to think about before hauling the thing out from Alabama
  201. hbouldin1216

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    Not sure how they would do it but can they track the survivability (not counting the ones that end up on boats) of the fish released?
  202. hbouldin1216

    Insetta 45 – This One’s A Tiger

    Woof, swing and miss on the looks here. Freeman killer this is not
  203. hbouldin1216

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    Can the mods make this a sticky? Thanks for the info!
  204. hbouldin1216

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    Fruit of the Loom?! In 2019?! If you're not wearing 100% micro-modal undies purchased through an instagram ad or podcast read, then you might as well free-ball smh. Anyways, NADA blows for boats. Take Hismosa's 20 Skippy. I know nothing about his boat in particular other than it will likely be...
  205. hbouldin1216

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    Re-read my post, did not want to imply it would end in fisticuffs. I don't imagine the conversation would progress much beyond that initial number, however, and I would be stewing about my time wasted for a verbal kick in the dick. Hence no handshake
  206. hbouldin1216

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    Everyone negotiates differently but if that were my $100k boat and you came with that offer it would not end with a handshake
  207. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 1995 Dauntless whaler ($10,000

    You're confusing your sales. Everyone knows that lumberjacks throw the "fir sales" and beaver hunters chuck the "fur sales."
  208. hbouldin1216

    Fast Tuna Boat

    Here you go boys, huge cockpit, stern-wide tuna gate, and a 50kt cruise. All yours for $55k!
  209. hbouldin1216

    For Sale New Freeman Boatworks Build - FOR SALE

    What's Freeman's standard deposit? I've seen some guys claim as low as $5k down to get in line. Hell of a flip if you can turn that into $75k
  210. hbouldin1216

    Boat Sinks Because of a Broken Trailer Axle?

    Just passing on what the guy who took the video said he saw. But the time they dragged the thing up the ramp and the tow truck came, it very well could have drained by then. Who knows how much time had passed? Probably burned out the bilge pump in the process because it very clearly was not...
  211. hbouldin1216

    Boat Sinks Because of a Broken Trailer Axle?

    There was speculation on THT that the drain plug was out and the boat was so full of water it broke the axle when they tried to pull it out. The guy who took the video posted that over there. Once it was on the flatbed, the driver couldn't secure it so he wasn't going to haul, hence they tried...
  212. hbouldin1216

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    Yep, was going to amend that. Had never heard of them until yesterday and the lightbulb went off. There's a 47 Calcutta Express Cat on THT being built with the Arnersons. Did a little research and that rooster tail is it. So badass. Absolute fuck you money running those things.
  213. hbouldin1216

    Fishing channels on youtube...what do you like?

    All of these. Bryan Timm has some unbelievable videos, and great music on all of them. Warbaits is good if you’re into bass. Stoked on Fishing is hit or miss. I really like Saltwater Experience and Into the Blue which are Florida offshore shows.
  214. hbouldin1216

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    My exact thought when I saw the rooster tail was that I'm glad I'm not paying the fuel bill! I saw two center consoles heading back and was praying they'd be BD'ers, that was you guys! Awesome video, thanks for posting it. Now who can ID the thing?
  215. hbouldin1216

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    It might be this thing, or a sister ship. No details on the link but that's exactly the silhouette and rooster tail of the boat I saw.
  216. hbouldin1216

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    This is a long shot but this boat was so unique I'm sure a BD'er has seen it before, or might have been off of PV around 2pm yesterday. I tried to get a picture but they all look like shit. From what I could tell, 80+ foot (probably bigger) luxury yacht flat out hauling ass and throwing a...
  217. hbouldin1216

    Whenever you think you have a bad day at the launch ramp...

    Someone send this to the retards in Sacramento who thought boater safety cards would solve dumbassery. Florida has had them for as long as I can remember.
  218. hbouldin1216

    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    did you take the test in person? I have BoatUS and thought you could do it online? This is going to be an issue as I sometimes have buddies drive the boat while I rig stuff and if they're going to be expected to have a boater card, not a chance they're taking in-person tests.
  219. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Break Wall Question

    Not saying it's not doable. There are plenty of days when it's flat. Also plenty of days where the weather man is wrong. Cabrillo is an easier place to get the feel for the wall, just my opinion. If fishing bait, Davies maybe better because Nacho's is far more reliable than San Pedro Bait. I...
  220. hbouldin1216

    Two Harbors?

    Laugh out loud funny post. I, too, am interested in the responses but holy shit that was poetry
  221. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Break Wall Question

    For human-powered craft, that makes sense. OP has a 15 footer with 40hp, much rather go bow into the shit than try to surf through the washing machine. My2cents! Your results may vary.
  222. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Break Wall Question

    I go all the way to PV in my 14 tinny. Launch out of Cabrillo, shortest run to the wall and more protected when the wind comes up. I've had some absolutely pucker-factor days making that cross from Nachos back into the channel. That thing turns into a washing machine if you're not paying...
  223. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Nice bass! How was the parking situation at the ramp? And x3 on the big boats. Was on the wall last night lit up like a christmas tree and damn near got swamped. I can't believe the wake those sport fishers throw up.
  224. hbouldin1216

    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    Benny and Matt Florentino, Jimmy Decker, Erik Landesfeind, Matt Kotch, Eric Bent, Matt Moyer/Ballast Point Fishing, Joe from Performance Tackle have all come on, and probably a bunch of others I've forgotten. Evan Salvay was awesome. It's a who's who of SoCal fishing. I have no affiliation at...
  225. hbouldin1216

    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    The beauty of the pod is that they aren't sponsored by anyone (yet.) They're getting personalities in this sport on the mic, and giving them a platform to open up. Just because they had Billy K on doesn't mean they support selling spots. Just because they had Chad from HUB on doesn't mean he...
  226. hbouldin1216

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    covers nice but that bait tank/leaning post is even nicer!
  227. hbouldin1216

    4/9 LBC Wall

    half oz sinker is just enough weight to get the bait down away from the birds but still light enough for the bait to swim. I usually run a small pink bead to keep the egg slider from hanging up on the knot.
  228. hbouldin1216

    Navionics webinar on targeting bass on deep water structure now on YouTube

    Same here, going to go play around with it this weekend. Thanks for doing these Erik!
  229. hbouldin1216

    Navionics webinar on targeting bass on deep water structure now on YouTube

    Money I spent on a half-day with Benny Florentino was arguably the best fishing investment I've ever made. Only downside was extreme boat envy, that Ranger is badass.
  230. hbouldin1216

    Worse than Sea Lions?

    fucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thattttttttt
  231. hbouldin1216

    Free Navionics Webinar on Targeting Deep Water Calicos and Sand Bass April 9th

    These are great, really looking forward to this one.
  232. hbouldin1216

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Dramatically reduces roll on the drift. I've only seen it in action dockside but it must work offshore, as it's becoming standard on most of these bigger CC
  233. hbouldin1216

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    Assuming the purpose would be to either shore fish or book a boat once ashore at one of the stops, wouldn't the crew see the rod case while going to the shore boat?
  234. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Launch Ramp Mess - Potential Solution

    Email sent. Broke down line by line what I used to spend when I launched there. Would often place pick up orders at Wind n Sea/Watermans and made sure to include that note as well. Was thinking about towing down and go for halibut but doesn't seem worth the mess.
  235. hbouldin1216

    Non-Profit Fishing Survey for High School Engineering Project

    I would encourage your group to look at the mortality of seiner by-catch (I'll bet it's close to 100%) before you focus on single-hook recreational anglers that are generally well-intentioned. Circle hooks are already designed to minimize deaths caused by gut-hooking and work well, often at the...
  236. hbouldin1216

    For Sale okuma nomad travel NTi-S-703M-MH with reel

    Thats a sick deal. I have the casting version of that rod and honestly find myself using it fairly often on the boat at home.
  237. hbouldin1216

    Banging a Fur bag

    Giggling uncontrollably over here, that was awesome.
  238. hbouldin1216

    FREE Shipping?

    Sounds like it was a one-way trip for the rod, otherwise I'd recommend paying the airlines. UPS wanted $80 to ship an 8ft tube from CA to IN. My brother ended up just paying $35 to check it on his Southwest flight home from christmas.
  239. hbouldin1216

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Looking out my window over Cabrillo its blowing like hell. White caps inside.
  240. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Gas cans for small outboards

    I'll take one, please shoot me a text 714-261-1052
  241. hbouldin1216

    Buying a boat without a title

    I know this is an older thread, but I'm wondering if anyone has an outcome that they can share. I was just gifted a Lido 14 from my neighbor but he can't find the title, and as far as I can tell, it was last registered in 2003. That link posted above is no longer active; if I draft a bill of...
  242. hbouldin1216

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    How many Fish Dope memberships do you need to sell to offset that shitty union wifi? Been there, done that. Might as well be the 17th century in there when it comes to wifi/cell service.
  243. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Waterfront FL home, boat lift, private beach access, 60 mile run to Bahamas under 500K!

    That's a dream set up and pisses me off at the same time lol. Condo shopping in the Long Beach area is absolutely insane.
  244. hbouldin1216

    xtratuff 6" ankle boot longevity issues????

    Mine have been worn weekly since 2016, and not a single issue aside from replacing the insoles twice, but my left foot is still fucked up from a bad break so I'm super picky on insoles.
  245. hbouldin1216

    No SoCal love for aluminum PH's?

    Primary use in PNW is due to shallow water/rock/gravel protection. That's not really a concern down here, and the added weight of fiberglass improves the ride. Pilothouses are the closest I've come to seasickness and would much prefer to throw bibs on and get a bit wet on a center console.
  246. hbouldin1216

    Hobie Outback, buy used or bight the bullet new?

    If you're not looking for the pedal drive, this would be a good option for you. My brother is getting back into dirt biking so I bet he'll work with you on the price.
  247. hbouldin1216

    Ever broke you femur?

    Well yes, I wasn't sure of your stance but the 420 option definitely helps
  248. hbouldin1216

    Ever broke you femur?

    Compound fracture of the tib/fib playing hockey. Whole "foot pointing 100 degrees in the wrong direction" type deal. Nail running from knee to ankle and 8 screws. The nerves were the worst; would feel like someone was holding a blowtorch to the bottom of your foot and there was nothing that...
  249. hbouldin1216

    Brand new Daiwa Lexa 300 $147

    Good looking out, if they had a lefty I'd be adding to the collection. Bad ass little reels and those grips are really nice.
  250. hbouldin1216

    Decent Spinner with baitfeeder

    please report back once you've had a chance to try it out. Looking for a similar reel to have on hand for guests, picking out backlashes all day get's old.
  251. hbouldin1216

    20 year old on PWC drowned near L/B

    Very sad, those guys haul ass and can easily see getting pitched off at speed and by the time you get your wits about you, the ski being too far away. Helmets/goggles reduce peripheral vision too, only reason I can think that no one noticed him come off. Wonder if that short weather window...
  252. hbouldin1216

    How to use Navionics Dock to Dock Autorouting to navigate unfamiliar waters

    Ehhh, the Navionics contour lines are much more detailed. It shows pinnacles where the stock lowrance card does not. Even if you don't get the chip for your finder, the mobile app is pretty dang good. Makes looking for spots whilst on the couch much easier. I wish the app was included with the...
  253. hbouldin1216

    Boat Capsize

    Think it would be tough to prove that the farm was negligent as the farm by no means impedes passage unless the boat was on autopilot and no one was on watch. I have no idea what happened but i think this is anything but open and shut. The "why didn't they just go around it" question that the...
  254. hbouldin1216

    Boat Capsize

    Tragedy? Yes. Could the farm add more visual aides? Probably. Can the victim's family prove negligence? That will be tough. It's marked on Navionics, not sure about paper charts.
  255. hbouldin1216

    Just a guy trying to catch some fish

    Just a guy trying to catch some fish
  256. hbouldin1216

    Fred Hall Shows - SD or LB

    I just moved to San Pedro and am looking forward to being at the LB show first thing on the first day. Did a saturday and that was a mistake, unless you're there to get shitfaced, then definitely go Saturday
  257. hbouldin1216

    Simrad Go9 peformance

    You should consider the Lowrance Elite 9Ti. Identical software wise and has control buttons in addition to the touch screen. I have the 7 and absolutely love it, but I lose bottom at anything over planing speed. Not a huge issue for my skiff as I'm strictly inshore.
  258. hbouldin1216


    can't wait for the video of this
  259. hbouldin1216

    Silverwood Lake one 2-1-19

    When I was in high school 2005ish we used to get stripers on the leadcore with a feather near the damn. When i came home from college in 2011, made a few trips for nothing. Then I discovered calico bass and have maybe fished for trout three times since. The only thing more boring than dragging...
  260. hbouldin1216

    Carolina Skiff DLV series for bay and lakes?

    They're fine for the lakes and harbors but you'll definitely need to pick your days outside. Wear comfortable shoes and stand, don't sit, unless you want a bruised tailbone
  261. hbouldin1216

    Great deal on Navionics and Garmin Charts

    I paid $99 to renew my card this year. Can't imagine fishing without it.
  262. hbouldin1216

    Need a boat towed from pompano beach fl to Ventura ca

    I have this guy bookmarked due to other Bder's feedback should the need arise.
  263. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Bait Status

    Anyone know if San Pedro Bait or Nachos has anything? Was out Sunday and no one was home on the Pedro barge and Nacho said he was dry due to the storm. The Pedro hotline hasn't been updated since September
  264. hbouldin1216

    Is Chartreuse ever thrown on the West Coast?

    South Bay Area as in LA or San Francisco? Pretty different fisheries
  265. hbouldin1216

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    i have a 20 gallon tank with an 800gph pump and can keep 5 for the requisite time. I have a ball valve in-line that i can use to reduce the flow for smaller bait, but the extra water seems to make a difference for the bass, especially in the warmer harbor water. Maybe try a bigger pump, or if...
  266. hbouldin1216

    Suzuki 30hp 2 stroke (cabrea)

    Did you check the timing? Hook up a tach and see how many RPM's you're getting.
  267. hbouldin1216

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    How long and how old are your kids?
  268. hbouldin1216

    Lobster weather window

    awesome, thanks for the tip. Been using frozen macks and results have dropped off from the early season.
  269. hbouldin1216

    Lobster weather window

    Do you cut them up or stuff them in still swimming?
  270. hbouldin1216

    Lobster weather window

    Nice haul, what was the bait?
  271. hbouldin1216

    Sea Shepherd Attacked off San Felipe

    Frankly, would rather have our guys that are over in the sand pit down in Mexico. Wipe the cartels out and give the Mexican people a chance to fix things. There are good people down there but the corruption is so rampant they can't gain any ground. Even the "good" afghanis are only good until...
  272. hbouldin1216

    Marriage is like Halibut Fishing

    Find you a girl who can reach into the bait tank and hook her own sardine. I'm still looking for her.
  273. hbouldin1216

    Stolen toy hauler

    Surprised at the number of break-ins at Sunset due the the Sheriff dock there, although the two times I've been contacted by them on the water I was less-than-impressed with their professionalism. Hope the trailer is found. A tongue lock and cable through the wheels is cheap insurance and...
  274. hbouldin1216

    Lobster hoop-netting inside Dana Pt Harbor from jetty or dock?

    I was told by the sheriffs that traps are not allowed inside the harbor as they would be a navigational hazard (it's small enough as-is without having to dodge floats) but the ocean side of the breakwall is littered with commercial traps all the way up to salt creek. I would call to check as my...
  275. hbouldin1216

    Went skulpin fishing, Big BFT showed up!

    Per Instagram Landesfeind and Decker got one on a pretty small hardbait, presumably further north since they weighed it at BAC
  276. hbouldin1216

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Any car over 6k needs to be serviced despite what the manufacturers marketing wing might tell you. I have no idea how we got on this subject but the moral of the story is not to buy used rental cars.
  277. hbouldin1216

    Refugio State Beach

    Last time I was up there (5+ years ago) there was so much loose grass in the water that it was difficult to keep your baits clean. If you can get out past the breakers, which are usually pretty small, you'll have better luck.
  278. hbouldin1216

    fishing yacht joyride?

    Kind of impressive he got that monster away from the dock and out into the harbor.
  279. hbouldin1216

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    It's not about how they're driven, as I think the days of renting a car, paying the $15 insurance, and then jumping them over train tracks is long in the past. But they're literally not serviced. Due for an oil change? Oh shit, LAX is short and needs cars so off they go. The pre-sale service is...
  280. hbouldin1216

    Be sure to get a new Fishing License!

    Lobster card is valid for the entire season and is separate from the regular sport fishing license as I understand it. For example, pier fisherman that are not required to have a license are still required to have a lobster card.
  281. hbouldin1216

    San Diego Bay Bass Tournament, Feb 2, 2019

    It is, a local Boy Scout troop is helping out with that per the entry form.
  282. hbouldin1216

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    "Rental companies" and "well-maintained" should never be in the same sentence. Most of the 10-12K mile cars that they sell have been serviced once if lucky. They run the piss out of those things, don't ask me how I know.
  283. hbouldin1216

    Break in at Sunset Aquatics Marina

    Bold move with the sheriffs office right there, but then again there aren't a ton of cameras around. Sorry for the losses, tweakers suck
  284. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    Dana Point is an amazing ramp with great bait/ocean access, but that area may be the most unfriendly to trailer boaters of any on the coast. No easily accessible gas stations/restaurants with room for trailers. Even the west marine doesn't have room for trailers. They simply don't give a fuck...
  285. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Left Hand Curado and Metaloid

    That era Curado are bullet-proof. I'd hop on this if I didn't already have three
  286. hbouldin1216

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    I am way in on this!
  287. hbouldin1216

    Organizing Tackle... How do you?

    Mine are sorted as follows and I'll take 5-6 of them based on what I'm going after: -Terminal (hooks, weights, swivels etc) -Warbaits (all of my lead heads) Plano 3730 -Spotties (smaller swim baits) -Kman (4, 5, and 6" Kman specials) -Weedless -Viejos/Mano (5" and larger swimbaits) -Surface...
  288. hbouldin1216

    What is your fishing obsession?

    Fly casting to calicos is on my list for 2019. My brother would send me pictures of the 5+ lb largemouths he'd catch on a frog-type fly back in Indiana. NEED to get a calico on the fly
  289. hbouldin1216

    What is your fishing obsession?

    hatching and executing a plan and having success is better than an IV drip of Dilaudid. Right now my obsession is developing new recipes and getting people who aren't big fish eaters to make the switch.
  290. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 19’ Seaway

    that thing is badass, GLWS
  291. hbouldin1216

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    It's softer than your deck but it's by no means a lounge cushion. I think you would find it beneficial from a grip perspective while casting but she will want something more substantial for laying out
  292. hbouldin1216

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    I didn't finish the whole episode so I'll need to go back and re-listen. Was not meant to be an endorsement but can see how that could be perceived.
  293. hbouldin1216

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    Chad was just on the Cast and Crank podcast, and I don't know the guy from Adam but it sure seems like he's trying to do right. Incentivizing kids to get into fishing, tournaments with all proceeds guying to CCA, etc. He's on the Shimano pro staff so does that mean you guys sold all of your...
  294. hbouldin1216

    Label marker?

    If you have a Grainger account, Brady sells a shrink tube printer that is the best on the market (I used to work for a competitor and we couldn't get close to this thing). Might be able to get it on Zoro for less. They're going to get you on the refills but shop around...
  295. hbouldin1216

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    I looked at the Hydro-Turf but it was still the crumbly piece of shit that it was when I was in high school working at a PWC/jetski shop. Any sort of sun exposure and even mild degreaser would completely erode that stuff. Hydro is local to me in Anaheim and they could not have been more...
  296. hbouldin1216

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    Waiting patiently for pics of your boat
  297. hbouldin1216

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    All you need is a knife and a straight edge...the adhesive is pre-applied to the foam. Take your time when laying it down because it doesn't come up once it's down.
  298. hbouldin1216

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    You can buy the large sheets from Blue Seas Fab for I think $120 each. I used four to do my skiff and have a tad left over. I've found that the sheets are much better than the marine grade ply I applied them too. Three coats of spar urethane and they're delaminating while the foam is still...
  299. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    Any more info on this? Thanks!
  300. hbouldin1216

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    Cabrillo had a lot of grass in it (more than usual) but was generally free of trash
  301. hbouldin1216

    My new gregor hoopster

    Would be interested in this as well.
  302. hbouldin1216

    Spotty Combo

    The 13 reels are sick. I haven't tried the Tranx 200 yet but I have one of the newer curado 201s and it might be the worst casting reel of the dozen or so that I have. You have to make knob adjustments on a bait by bait difference and is too much work when fishing in tight to the...
  303. hbouldin1216

    Storing Lobster in a ice chest

    I fill the cooler (Yeti 45) about half full with water from the bait tank and toss them in there with an aquarium bubbler. I also prop the lid open with a 2x2 so that the bubbler hose doesn't pinch and fresh oxygen is getting in. Never had them in there much longer than 12 hours but they're...
  304. hbouldin1216

    Recommendations on private or limited load fishing charters

    Search for 4-pack and 6-pack charters if you want an ultra limited load
  305. hbouldin1216

    Show your bugs

    That's a monster. Not sure I'd know what to do if that thing was in the bottom of my hoop. Haven't had huge numbers but have managed some good eats (and no skunks)
  306. hbouldin1216

    Need a good hotel.Please suggestions.

    Whenever I'm down there for work I stay at the Best Western Island Palms. Good rates, great rooms, and easy access. I much prefer the open facing "motel style" hotels for work trips and this fits the bill. Food from the hotel bar is pretty good too. I do protein shakes for breakfast so can't...
  307. hbouldin1216

    PQ canceled. Lobsters instead

    Boat nets, 10 max regardless of how many people. The Gail Force draws a number and that's the order in which you pull. Haven't heard of many situations as equitable for all passengers as the one OP experienced.
  308. hbouldin1216

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    This is laughably false. The RTIC guys sold moving boxes and just happen to be efficient at scaling manufacturing. Think they had their hands in the new "mattress in a box" thing too. Rotomolded coolers aren't rocket science and they're probably being made in the same factory overseas. Knowing...
  309. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    Thanks for all of the tips, rain kept me off the water this trip but will try again in a few weeks.
  310. hbouldin1216

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Nat Geo's "Wild Justice" knows that poachers come in all shapes and colors
  311. hbouldin1216

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    Golf is my only other vice, and it somehow turns out to be even more expensive than fishing. And unlike fishing, where a bad day at least turns into a boat ride (yay optimism!), a bad day of golf really makes you reconsider why you actually pay to play that stupid sport. So maybe it's not a...
  312. hbouldin1216

    New to me 2010 2520

    Clean rig, truck included. Sits really nice even when hooked up.
  313. hbouldin1216

    how to remove a thread

    Go to the edit tab and it'll open up the code box. You'll see the picture code pretty clearly. Delete it and save and then you're good
  314. hbouldin1216

    11-18 Dana Point

    Jesus what a mess, good one you for scooping that up
  315. hbouldin1216

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    At least he's on the far left side and the whole ramp area isn't blocked. That transition from ramp to flat isn't very gradual so if he hit it too fast would've been easy to see it hop off enough to break stiction
  316. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    I've considered a beach-launch rig that would be portable for places like La Jolla and am working with a fabricator friend to sketch something out. In the meantime I will be launching out of Morro Bay weather-dependent. I see some spots on Navionics that would be worth investigating but any...
  317. hbouldin1216

    Fisherman's access sale

    I talked to Mark the other day, if you look them up on instagram there are several more pages of deals on rods and reels. $50 off Nomad rolling bags, BOGO on clothing. Click the pic below and it will take you to their page where you can scroll through. Don't need an account to view. Same thing...
  318. hbouldin1216

    Sunset Aquatic Marine hit and run

    Discussions about local government structure aside, any update on if the cameras caught it?
  319. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    My dad wants to take the yaks and I said "not a fucking chance." Thanks for the reminder, I'll send him that story.
  320. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    Mine has decking, bait tank, and two batteries, not to mention a motor that is thru-bolted to the transom. It doesn't look promising unless its high tide and no surf, and even then...
  321. hbouldin1216

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    Grandparents have lived in Cambria for years and we've often gone to the beach at San Simeon. I've never fished it but have seen guys on yaks do real well out there so I'm thinking about pulling the boat up there for Thanksgiving. I have a 14 foot aluminum but it is not beach launch-able at San...
  322. hbouldin1216

    Lobster Crawl

    I've managed to get legals the last two times out in the Long Beach inner harbor and both were near the top of a big incoming tide. This past Friday was a waxing crescent and had 2 keepers, 1 short. Only other time out was 10/5 on a waning crescent with 3 keepers, no shorts. Extremely small...
  323. hbouldin1216

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    This will be a must-listen!
  324. hbouldin1216

    1970 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar

    Have you seen this 20 running around Newport Harbor? I had to stop and double back the first time I saw it. Unbelievable boat. <blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink="" data-instgrm-version="12" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px...
  325. hbouldin1216

    Sunset Aquatic Marine hit and run

    If there's any lot that will pick that up on surveillance it's that one. Good luck in the hunt.
  326. hbouldin1216

    Inner Harbor Bugs - 11/9

    If DFG wants to fish the heads out of my asshole neighbors trash they’re more than welcome to. I’m busy warming up the grill
  327. hbouldin1216

    Inner Harbor Bugs - 11/9

    Launched Cabrillo around 6:30pm. Warden came by and checked my gear/tags, and chatted for a few minutes. Nice guy, and glad to see them at the ramp. Weather was absolutely perfect. No wind, and relatively warm. Only saw a few other boats out near the wall but otherwise I had the place to myself...
  328. hbouldin1216

    Shelter Island 9/27/18

    That ramp plan still looks like an absolute nightmare. Prime location, poor execution
  329. hbouldin1216

    Anyone fishing in this wind?

    I'm headed out tonight. Hope they die off a bit but I'd rather have the Santa Anas inshore than the same degree prevailing
  330. hbouldin1216

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    Not all lawyers are scumbag ambulance chasers. Larmo, thank you for your service to those affected.
  331. hbouldin1216

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    Would highly recommend the Cast and Crank podcast if you guys are into podcasts. They had Eric on and you could tell the tourney passion wasn't there anymore. An episode with Chris Lillis said the same. The spirit of the tourneys just wasn't the same once they lifted the boundaries and guys with...
  332. hbouldin1216

    BOAT BUGS - what are they?

    not a tick, just another crazy critter that eats dead shit in the ocean. Looks like it has a hard shell?
  333. hbouldin1216

    11/1 and 11/4 Lobster Fail and Bait Report

    I saw someone a few weeks ago in huntington harbor with a similar net storage system made out of stainless, although it looked like it plugged into rod holders rather than rely on the swim deck. Would love to know what that cost.... Your system works, guys who care what it looks like probably...
  334. hbouldin1216

    My new gregor hoopster

    coat some 3/4" ply and throw it down on the floor. Those channels can be a bitch at night
  335. hbouldin1216

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    If it was anything like it was in Dana Point, the fog was thick as cotton but then you would bust into these pockets of perfect clear skies. Not that I've ever been inside the eye of a hurricane, but that is what I equated it to.
  336. hbouldin1216

    10/28 178/N9/La Jolla

    Good on ya, the Pacific is a much different animal than the muddy ponds and rivers they're likely used to. I always give my southern friends and family shit about the water they willingly jump into; they can't believe I swim "where there are sharks!" I always said, "Well at least I'll see it coming"
  337. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Cabo 226

    Would love to take a ride on one of these. Seems to check all of the boxes for what I'll be looking for next spring. Super clean, GLWS.
  338. hbouldin1216

    I caught an Octopus on a jig

    Caught one in Long Beach harbor on a live sardine. That was a first.
  339. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach harbor overnight trailer parking?

    Sunset Aquatic/Huntington Harbor is much better and only about two miles south on the water. There is a Sheriffs Office in the same parking lot. About as secure as it gets and can stay for up to 72 hours
  340. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    The Florida/Gulf guys would rather have Merc/Yam/Suz x 4. They see the 7s as go-fast motors. If you have 3-4 hours to spare, go down the rabbit hole over on THT lol.
  341. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    Kind of surprised no one from the gulf coast has bought this and brought it back. As Shad said, if it had quads it would probably would've never made it to market
  342. hbouldin1216

    Pepper Park Gate Locking -FYI

    good info thanks
  343. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2017 Center Console - Cape Horn - Price DROP

    There's a 32 (I think) in the Sunset Aquatic dry storage that I always drool over through the fence. Awesome ride, just a "bit" out of budget though!
  344. hbouldin1216

    AIS Transponder Help

    Still one of the cleanest dash set ups I've seen. I have no idea how what guys are thinking with some of the consoles I see on used boats
  345. hbouldin1216

    Kids sunk their boat right at the end of the Los Al jetty

    Every interaction I've ever had with the Sheriffs has been negative, even if it's just asking them a question.
  346. hbouldin1216

    Parker 2320 and Trolling Motors

    some of those new outboards are light as hell, can you run a separate fuel line to the tank? Not sure if the Etec complicates the rigging or not.
  347. hbouldin1216

    Need a Ride to Fishermans Landing

    Depending on your time frame, if you can get to Angel Stadium I can take you the rest of the way. Shoot me a PM. I can stay overnight and see some customers Tuesday and expense the gas coming home. I have a Titan.
  348. hbouldin1216

    Kids sunk their boat right at the end of the Los Al jetty

    Lucky they launched Davies and not HH, I've found LBPD to be much more understanding than the OC Sheriffs. How far from the ramp did you see them turtle? Priority to the cooler makes me think drain plug
  349. hbouldin1216

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    While this sounds noble, it also sounds like way too much work. I just wanted my hook back and this was the first one that was actually in the beak and not down the pipe. As you can see, I don't have an abundance of space to keep seagulls while they come out of whatever coma you described lol
  350. hbouldin1216

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    While watching the lightning show Friday night, decided to hook the boat up and see what the morning would bring. Alarm went off at 4, weather looked reasonable, so off I went. Launched out of Cabrillo in the tinny in the dark Saturday 10/13 with hopes of yellows at the shoe. I bypassed the San...
  351. hbouldin1216

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    I'm lucky that my brother's mother-in-law owns an optometry practice so she is constantly sending me polarized stuff to try, and if I like them I can buy them at cost. I have two pairs of Oakleys that I switch between based on low-light/bright sun. The lens colors do make a difference in...
  352. hbouldin1216

    Trout season coming right up

    Lower Owens up in Bishop once the season closes further up the road is definitely worth the drive. No giants but plenty of fun on the light stuff, and the bigger browns tend to come out and play
  353. hbouldin1216

    Buoy light riser

    Interested in this as well
  354. hbouldin1216

    Where to buy terminal tackle?

    Tackle Warehouse. $10 next day shipping if you need it fast. I buy local when I can but they are the next best thing
  355. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Lobster 10/5 - Same-is day report

    They were starting to roll in as I was pulling my last few nets and that helped make the decision not to drop a 3rd set. Long period but they were as big as Ive seen them inside the break wall in a while.
  356. hbouldin1216

    Long Beach Lobster 10/5 - Same-is day report

    Had a shitty day at work and decided late to go soak some hoops for the first time in a few seasons. Been out of commission with numerous leg surgeries the past two years and my gear was far from ready, but threw everything together, grabbed some mackerel from Fisherman's Access, threw it in the...
  357. hbouldin1216

    Local Knowledge S3 E12 "It's Been Real" Full Episode

    You guys are doing something right if you just had an Andros built for Season 3 and then SeaVee is going to build two boats for season 4...
  358. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2017 Ascend 10T w/ Extras - PRICE DROP

    Posting this for my younger brother who just moved back from Indiana State University. This was a freshwater boat used for his last semester, and it was always kept inside his apartment. He was pretty spoiled with the abundance of lakes and ponds in the midwest and has switched his focus to...
  359. hbouldin1216

    Large black weiners

    boy that's some title!
  360. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Makes perfect sense, thanks for the tip
  361. hbouldin1216

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Any of the local divers using those HECS suits? Mix of the camo and materials is supposed to neutralize a lot of the signals humans put off. Imagine being a beta tester for that thing!
  362. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    How far back do you run your baits? I'm wondering if mine were too long and weren't diving right. Suffice to say I don't have consistent wakes to drop back to as a bigger boat might. Also, how frequently do you check the baits for debris? Every time I reeled up I had grass, lord knows how long I...
  363. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    trolled a few hours this morning for nada from the Clemente pier up to the point from 160' to 220'. Rapalas in blue/silver/purple and colt snipers in green mack. Was a beautiful morning and then the wind started picking up around 9:30 so I worked my way back in. Water temp was 67ish. Take that...
  364. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Didn't get back from the concert until almost 1am so I slept in, audibled and headed to Long Beach. All the short calicos you want at the Esther rig and some 2 pounders at the wall. Trying for the bones first thing tomorrow morning. Seems like theres a window early before the big swells start to...
  365. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Awesome, thanks to all. I'll report back tomorrow either way. Going to head out tonight and drop anchor outside Doheny for the Eric Church concert and make sure the boat floats with the new thru-hull. If anyone else is out there and wants to link up, call Tinacious on 72.
  366. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    I've converted 90% of all of my stick baits to single hooks for this exact reason. I'll look into the jet heads. Bass are fun but I want to try something different and this looks like it's in the realm of my little boat.
  367. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Finding birds and casting into them or were you marking them?
  368. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    After the past few weekends of 60+ bass (edit: all small, maybe one keeper per day, almost a nuisance sifting through the little ones) days up in Long Beach, thinking of trolling for some bonito tomorrow instead of doing the hoop net shuffle. Sounds like the 60 fathom line outside of dana point...
  369. hbouldin1216

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Social media driven. Gotta just stop worrying about stuff like this because it will never make sense to those that don't grasp it. And its not exclusive to Salty Crew. I know of 2 guys that never fished saltwater before seeing Salty Crew stuff at Tillys, which led them to booking a tuna trip...
  370. hbouldin1216

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    You might be too lean on your low speed fuel mixture. Those carbs have separate circuits so that's why your top end seems normal.
  371. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Really Nice Arima

    Pics here might help, that link isn't public
  372. hbouldin1216

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    coulda fooled me with those glass skills. Really impressed with the new Suzukis. Bad ass rig that will surely continue to rack up the hours.
  373. hbouldin1216

    Lal's big Biscuit picture!

    Anyone doubting The Ducky is just a fool. Hell of a fish!
  374. hbouldin1216

    Shamrock motor issues

    Almost sounds like the ignition retarded itself, I would check all of your connections there. Fuel issue would be making all kind of bumbling and stumbling
  375. hbouldin1216

    Favorite Bay rod for bass and hali’s

    Phenix M1 inshore. fill the quiver
  376. hbouldin1216

    Robalo's Get Bit - Full Speed Foamer Bluefin Report With Video

    Bouncing tuna in a bay boat....doesn't get much sicker
  377. hbouldin1216


    I went down the fucking rabbit hole with this guys channel. Weird dude but damn are those things efficient
  378. hbouldin1216

    What are the important channels to place on scan mode??

    I monitor 9, 16 and 72, although 72 is a crapshoot on what you're going to get. The others are imperative IMO
  379. hbouldin1216

    Century boats opinion

    Deadrise looks 18ish? It will ride better than your whaler
  380. hbouldin1216

    Targeting stripers in so cal..

    I think he's talking the salty variety
  381. hbouldin1216

    Looking for a new cooler for the tower seat! Anyone have good advice on brand and size?

    Billy K used to have a big igloo up top that doubled as a tower seat. There's a Parker 25 in the Dana Point lot with a bitchin welded aluminum ~40ish gallon box up on the cabin top, which I would assume is a fish box but looks good enough to be a fuel cell. Doesn't seem like weight is an issue
  382. hbouldin1216

    Century boats opinion

    Where is the boat in question? The THT guys are way more boat-centric and there are numerous existing threads on them. They have the same issues with finishing as any of the entry-level boats so it might make financial sense to send someone out to look at it first. Pics are often deceiving...
  383. hbouldin1216

    Best store bought fillet knife for the money

    I love my Forschner, they can be had for less on amazon
  384. hbouldin1216


    those'll do! Nice job, looks bumpy out there!
  385. hbouldin1216

    New to me 1988 15' Gregor

    That's a score. I have the same motor on my 2004 Gregor 14'. I have a 30hp carb and intake manifold for it if you find yourself wanting a bit more power. It was too much for my rig, I had to go back to stock.
  386. hbouldin1216

    boat trailer wash down

    I do unless I launch out of Sunset. The water is a minimum of $2.50. I am going to look into that mobile sprayer that was posted above. I stripped and painted/rebuilt my trailer in the spring and never want to do that again.
  387. hbouldin1216

    WTB Looking for inexpensive reels and rods for my annual SD summer charity charter...

    Can we kick in some cash to help with the charter? I can't remember what I gave last year but I don't have much to give aside from an older saber rod, which I'll try to get to Matt.
  388. hbouldin1216

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    slang for "cool"
  389. hbouldin1216

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    I will say I've had some hairy moments in my 14ft tinny coming into Huntington Harbor where sportfish wakes have almost flipped me. Big boats move much faster than they look, and I could see how a kayak could easily be flipped if it took a wake the wrong way. It's like the motorcycle vs car...
  390. hbouldin1216

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    Center console = your weight is centered if you go solo. I have a 14' Gregor with only one 20hp johnnyrude and at ~260ish pounds I had to get creative with the weight distribution to balance everything out. A center console would do a lot to eliminate that, and a wheel is a lot easier to use...
  391. hbouldin1216

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    The fact that they stated "no evidence of a crime" on Labor Day weekend would seem to me that the fault was on the kayaker and not on the powerboat captain, and that he/she was able to provide (maybe video) evidence to that. If this was "Drunk boater runs over kayak" then that would be the headline.
  392. hbouldin1216

    Batchlor party success NLA

    Put this quote in the BD Hall of Fame
  393. hbouldin1216

    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    If anyone has 100' lines in decent shape and is looking to upgrade, I'll buy your old ones. Mine were toast last year but I never got out due to ankle surgery. Fortunate that I can hang the nets from a beam in the shed so I don't have any rodent issues with the nets themselves.
  394. hbouldin1216

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Gonna go out on a limb and assume this was a rental? Watched three rental yaks almost get run over by the Cat Express in Dana Point on Saturday. Paddled right in front of it as the crew were out on the bow screaming at them. My solution is to stop renting them in the smaller harbors. People...
  395. hbouldin1216

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Did that tow guy have to go all the way up the hill? That's some shifty driving with that rig
  396. hbouldin1216

    Thinking of taking my bass boat out of San Diego

    You can fish local in it no problem. Hell a guy on here caught a marlin solo on his glitter boat a few years ago. But how the hell are you going to find paddies sitting a foot off the water? I do have to agree with the "If you have to ask..." sentiment.
  397. hbouldin1216

    WTB Outboard for 14' Aluminum

    2 stroke? 4 stroke? shaft length? tiller or remote? max hp? budget? Those details will likely help.
  398. hbouldin1216

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    This guy called his shot in a way that would make Babe Ruth buy him a beer. That cage is pretty damn ingenious.
  399. hbouldin1216

    Bass during summer solstice?

    go spend some money at Outdoor Pro Shop and pick their brains. Ilsanjo at Annadel is another good one if you're willing to hike. The frogs on a sunset bite were killer back in the reeds
  400. hbouldin1216

    Bass during summer solstice?

    cast parallel to the banks rather than straight out. You'd be surprised at the size of the bass you can catch five feet from shore. I went to Sonoma State and fished a lot of the smaller lakes in that area and did well with frogs and crawfish imitators. My PB largemouth was a six pounder out of...
  401. hbouldin1216

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    More photos of that cage setup around the tubes!
  402. hbouldin1216

    For Sale *$115,000* 1998 38' Phoenix Convertible - Full Tower, New Generator, Bait Slammer, etc

    these listings are getting to be cruel and unusual. You could eat off of those engine mounts
  403. hbouldin1216

    Simrad transducer questions

    Either Garmin or Airmar make a puck style transom mount transducer. I have the Lowrance version of the TotalScan transducer and it's fantastic if you're not on plane, but won't track bottom above 12 knots no matter where I put it on my boat. Many of the reviews online say the same. The thing is...
  404. hbouldin1216

    Brass Fuel Nipples - Any local sources?

    I don't think this is a fire risk, the older Johnnyrudes used a primer instead of a choke. The primer pulls fuel from the float bowl and shoots it into the intake to aid in cold starting. These parts aren't easy to find new but I have two of them, both with broken nipples so I can experiment a...
  405. hbouldin1216

    17' Whaler killin' the tuna!

    Bryan's Youtube is a must subscribe. Language warning but the edits are as good if not better than any of the other popular ones.
  406. hbouldin1216

    Brass Fuel Nipples - Any local sources?

    Need to replace the primer nipple on the intake manifold of a 1985 Evinrude 30hp. Looks like the current one is pressed into the plate but I can drill it out and either tap the hole for a threaded nipple or maybe use some JB weld. More concerned about finding a local source because I have no...
  407. hbouldin1216

    12V Batteries Combined in SERIES - Different Size/Capacity OK?

    Costco sells the Interstate batteries and I've never had problems with them. Warranty and easy of exchange is why I buy them. You could run those optimas in parallel for a house bank and have whatever the combined a/h is but charging will still be an issue when they don't match
  408. hbouldin1216

    Small Outboard Motor Help!

    I have an 85 20/30 in Brea that I have gotten pretty intimate with over the last few months. I'll shoot you a text.
  409. hbouldin1216

    Sea Hunt Triton 24

    Approximately 87000 threads on The Hull Truth about them. They seem to be held in slightly higher regard than Robalo, Key West, etc but as with any production boat in that price tier some will have their problems.
  410. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Found this Trolling Craigslist

    Hurricane boat? Run a check on THT. If it wasn't posted directly in the classifieds there, someone saw it on CL and started a thread asking questions.
  411. hbouldin1216

    08/18 – La Jolla, N9, S. of the 209 – Big Dodo

    Holy shit, gonna have to bookmark this and come back for the long story but the short story was enough of a teaser. Good fishing!
  412. hbouldin1216

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    Matt's got the best deal in town! Bow to himself while you drive the boat and take all the glamour shots. Another awesome report.
  413. hbouldin1216

    Parker vs Davis rock harbor

    That'll eat a Parker alive and then have Defiance for dessert, and if this board is any indicator you'll probably sell it for what you paid for it.
  414. hbouldin1216

    Waterproof VHF Handheld Recommendations below $100?

    None of the ones under $100 work unless you stand on your outboard to transmit. Spend a bit more and get a quality one. I just ordered this one on the recommendation of someone else here, as my cheapo west marine vhf never worked past 100 yards...
  415. hbouldin1216

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    haha that's all that matters bro! Hope you get it figured out. Plenty of good tips here, just depends which Indian you want to make Chief.
  416. hbouldin1216

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Put castors on the side of the ramps if you're worried about the weight. Roll them out of your garage and put them in place flat, then flip em back up and roll them back in. When we built quarter pipes and other ramps for skating back in the day, that's how we moved them around. Am I crazy for...
  417. hbouldin1216

    FREE Bayrunner 16 Thanks For The Help Guys

    You can see the stoke! That's awesome.
  418. hbouldin1216

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    2x6's and plywood. Building ramps is way easier than breaking concrete.
  419. hbouldin1216

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    That's a sweet find
  420. hbouldin1216

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    Got this one from academy. The trash bag holder is a nice touch
  421. hbouldin1216

    Recomendation For A Tru Hull Transducer

    I'd be leery of those Carbons, something just seems off for them to slash the prices to the degree they did. How do you call something Carbon that looks exactly like it's predecessor, uglier than the competition in a flush mount setting, and as best I can tell...isn't made of carbon? Slapping...
  422. hbouldin1216

    Pacific Quest crashed

    Not wasting any time are they?
  423. hbouldin1216

    A shout out to those that helped my son today.

    Look for "Triple Antibiotic" at CVS. The ingredients will look similar to Neosporin but it seems to work better for me. I'd still hit the urgent care to get something oral just to be safe. Helluva fish!
  424. hbouldin1216

    What's the best ff/chartplotter for under $1000

    I have an Elite-7 Ti and have very few complaints about the unit itself. The software is the same interface as the high-end Lowrance units (Simrad appears to be same backend but the icons are different) and the features they don't include are of no consequence on my small tinny. Throw a...
  425. hbouldin1216

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    I knew I remembered this boat from somewhere. Maybe they were running a surf trip? Clip starts around the 4 min mark if it doesn't do so automatically. Looks like it ditched the crows nest for the spreader lights but I think that footage is pretty old. Just remember wondering where all the...
  426. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Wilson 21 1981/2015

    Those look like drone shots to me...
  427. hbouldin1216


    I don't have any experience with that amount of rods per say but I flew weekly for about 5 years on the trade show circuit and UPS/FedEx stuff had zero problems while we constantly had issues with the equipment we carried on the plane. Airlines are a bitch, I think you're better served going 3rd...
  428. hbouldin1216


    That Tiara was bitchin, lets see the new ride!
  429. hbouldin1216

    Taking my whaler out for the first time

    Make sure your radio works and watch out for the rental jet skiers. Excessive amounts of morons in a relatively small area.
  430. hbouldin1216

    WTB WTB: Okuma Citrix Travel rod 7-11 H or XH

    I think those of us that have them don't plan on parting with them lol. Incredible rod for a four piece. Might check with Fisherman's Access in Brea. I want to say I got mine 25% off there.
  431. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance Carbon price drop!

    Can't imagine they were selling many when they were priced the same as a Simrad NSS9 evo3, which is a much better looking unit imo.
  432. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lefty Reels - SG Release

    Bump, Torium and Release still available.
  433. hbouldin1216

    WTB Torium 16 Left hand retrieve

    Here you go, I'll be in Ventura next week
  434. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 1978 Mako 21CC, Yamaha F200 four stroke

    Awesome boat, just curious is that exposed plywood on the port side gunnel just forward of the console?
  435. hbouldin1216

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Sharks aside, sounds like you have some serious electrical gremlins. You sure all your fuses and grounds are good? If they are, you have the worst luck in the world
  436. hbouldin1216

    Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    I watched the video again and must say you have some big ass balls for that cultural deep dive you went on.
  437. hbouldin1216

    La Jolla 7/21/18

    Definitely trying that recipe. Gotta get a fish basket I guess! I was out of Dana Point Saturday morning and same shit, white caps by 10am and the swell was definitely bigger too. Windy forecasted the wind properly but all other sites I use ( is a nice one that I don't hear...
  438. hbouldin1216

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    That's the good stuff!
  439. hbouldin1216

    Lexa tranx or ?

    The Komodos have SS gears and a clicker even on the 364. They're not the most aesthetically pleasing but the bang for the buck is tough to beat. You can't see the inner gear through the glass case so many move on. Maybe they'll take a page out of Daiwa's book and dress it up a bit. The Tranx...
  440. hbouldin1216

    Lexa tranx or ?

    I'd love a power handle on mine. The reel still fishes like the day I opened the box.
  441. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Bunch of Lexa 300s new in box

    Great seller, fast shipping. Reel is bad ass, those Winn grips are a game changer
  442. hbouldin1216

    Lexa tranx or ?

    I just sold my Tranx 301/401 and went with a new Winn Grip Lexa 300 and the Komodo 364. I prefer the cast control on both to what was only a spool tension knob on the tranx. I spent more time picking out backlashes than I did casting. If you did manage to find the sweet spot, the reel was butter...
  443. hbouldin1216

    SOLD 2009 68' Little Hoquiam Long Range Yachtfisher - Sold in Just 53 Days

    Holy shit. That hydraulic rod storage/holder setup is incredibly thought-out
  444. hbouldin1216

    LAX Long Term Parking

    I always use The Parking Spot on Sepulveda. There is a Century Blvd location as well. I think it's $16/night if you park on the top level of the structure. Very secure, frequent shuttles and right next to the runway. They're the yellow buses with red or blue spots that you always see doing laps.
  445. hbouldin1216

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    Nice ride Kurt!!
  446. hbouldin1216

    Mexicat sea trial

    That's bad ass, love the tow shot
  447. hbouldin1216

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Not affiliated but this just popped up on Craigslist. 216 for $5k
  448. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lefty Reels - SG Release

    No, I'll ship it for $160. Welcome to BD!
  449. hbouldin1216

    How to speed up passport process?

    If you have a valid passport, you should be able to get a card much faster than if applying new. I think you can even do it online if you know your passport number.
  450. hbouldin1216

    How to speed up passport process?

    I sent to the Federal building and stood in line for about 6 hours on a Monday, paid the expedite fee and had to go back to pick it up on Thursday. That was another 2 hour wait, because you're literally waiting for the mail trucks to pull up and offload them. It can be done but it ain't fun.
  451. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2014 Hobie Pro Angler 12 For Sale 2800 W/Extras

    Assuming you've also listed this on Big Water's Edge?
  452. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Okuma SCTi Rods - Set of 3

    I have three Okuma SCTi rods that I don't use anymore. They're bitchin rods with the spiral core wrap, but they're a little stiff for the fishing I've been doing. Ton of backbone so I think they might be better bait sticks. Calling them 9/10 cosmetic due to small bits of rust on some of the...
  453. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Lefty Reels - SG Release

    SG Release (80lb Power Pro) - $225 Cosmetic 9/10 Mechanical 10/10 Bad ass lever drag reel that doesn't effect the spool resistance as you increase. Nice compromise from a star drag. Made in Virginia and I'll probably regret selling this thing down the line At this time, I'm not really looking...
  454. hbouldin1216

    It's gonna be hot, what does that mean?

    Supposed to be 110 Friday and 105 Saturday with a short-ish interval 5 foot swell. That swell number will likely keep me to booze cruise status inside the harbor, but any idea what impact this will have on the local fishing? Last weekend was Lake Pacific, this weekend not so much.
  455. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    Overkill meaning it's more than you need for the job but it will still work, testament to the tank that the flow is clean. I have a 700gph hooked up to my 18 gallon oval and have no issues. It actually helps flush the scales out faster.
  456. hbouldin1216

    WTB Pliers and belt pouch

    Matt's spikes are legit, I have two of them. Still as sharp as the day I picked them up.
  457. hbouldin1216

    WTB Pliers and belt pouch

    He had both last time I was in there. Bad ass little shop right around the corner from the landing
  458. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance Hook2 help needed

    Bucket of water or not, it's still going to read your garage floor. Unhook the power cable and connect everything once you get on the water. It'll read fine as long as you've installed the transducer properly.
  459. hbouldin1216

    First Custom Pilot House on a 177 Tahiti Skiff

    Such a sick little rig. Did you put a bait tank on it? Or do you guys strictly spear?
  460. hbouldin1216

    Is there multi-day parking at launch ramps? Cabrillo? Davies?

    Cabrillo uses different machines than Davies/DP/Sunset etc and you can add whatever time you need. You can even pay for a half day if you're only going to be out a few hours. As for safe parking, I don't think there is such a thing anymore with the homeless problem plaguing seemingly every...
  461. hbouldin1216

    map chip help

    I find that the chip is worth it. I geek out on charts and try to find spots of interest based on the contours. It's then an easy sync to my Elite 7Ti. I use Navionics+ and just re-upped for $99; I've found that the detail is better than the Garmin or CMap charts I've tried. And if you buy the...
  462. hbouldin1216

    Looking for best price- new Yamaha 9.9 high thrust 25” shaft, elec start Doesn't look like you're in TN, so no tax and free shipping. ***EDIT: They don't sell Yamaha anymore. Disregard unless you're open to another brand.
  463. hbouldin1216

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    That Lightspeed build thread on THT is one veryyyyyyy expensive rabbit hole to dive down. So much composite
  464. hbouldin1216

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    I was laid up from a surgery when they bought that thing and watched the whole weekend on Billy's IG story. First look, sea trial, etc. They took ~$200k cash in backpacks for the deposit on a commercial flight (albeit first class) through TSA like it was nothing. Anyone comfortable doing that...
  465. hbouldin1216

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    Thats the Freeman Billy K's buddy bought. There are videos on his instagram of it doing 50+ over to SCI
  466. hbouldin1216

    Kodiak bait tank P.O.S.

    Post pics, I'm sure we can come up with something.
  467. hbouldin1216

    Davies Ramp Question

    99% sure it was CC only a few weeks ago.
  468. hbouldin1216

    If it don't fit, you mustah quit!

    I have a 22 gallon in my 14 Gregor. Go for it!
  469. hbouldin1216

    Looking for the local Truckee River, NV fishing report??? Anyone????

    The only reports that matter up there
  470. hbouldin1216

    Catalina Report 6-14-18

    PIG calicos. Nice job on the release and good times with pops
  471. hbouldin1216

    Buying FFM in TJ

    It's right at the actual crossing, you'll see signs for temporary permits.
  472. hbouldin1216

    SOLD 2016 Ranger RP190 / RB190 Aluminum Bay Center Console

    These are actually really cool, well-built boats. Perfect from running coastal and inshore. That's a smoking deal
  473. hbouldin1216

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    I have the P-line stainless pliers with the cutter and they have held up well. The cutter has no problem with 80lb braid and the blades can be replaced. Handles are bare so they could be wrapped. Spring-actuated and have that really quality feel. The sheath is absolutely useless though as the...
  474. hbouldin1216

    Trolling Motor Advise Needed - Which Brand? What Thrust?

    Get the longest shaft you can afford, it'll keep the prop in the water if you get into a heavy wake situation or fish in tight to the rocks. You can always raise it up in the clamp if you don't need the length on a particular trip.
  475. hbouldin1216

    Swivel-Eze Wedge Adjustable Pedestal and Base

    Sorry that I'm just now seeing this, the base does require a cut out for the drop. This set up is still available and I would like to get it out of my fishing cabinet. Make an offer.
  476. hbouldin1216

    SOLD 2004 Sea Pro 2200 Center Console

    Does it come with your halibut spots? Lol. Nice boat, seen it at the ramp a few times. GLWS
  477. hbouldin1216

    80$ for 1/2 scoop squid and 1/2 scoop of sardines at nachos

    That seems ok? It's $35 for a half scoop of dines at EB in Dana Point. I remember last summer squid alone was like $70 for a half.
  478. hbouldin1216

    Bay Boat Offshore

    Erik takes his Robalo 226 all over the place, and I know some of "those guys" on instagram do the same in their Robalo 206. I've ridden on Ben Florentino's Ranger 2510 which is technically a bay boat but rode better than some Grady CC's I've been on.
  479. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Lowrance Elite 5 - $75

    That was quick, sold to Glenn
  480. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Lowrance Elite 5 - $75

    Used in great condition, does not include transducer. Has card slot for 3rd party maps but the stock GPS isn't bad. Includes standard base mount as well as a RAM ball mount (ball only, not whole assembly. $75 takes it.
  481. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 22 Gallon Towable Dump Tank - $75

    bump make offer
  482. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 2003 Sea Pro

    Super clean. How long is it?
  483. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 21' Bayrunner Baja-not mine, craigslist

    Looks sick with the bracket. How did it ride?
  484. hbouldin1216

    Balloons Blow!

    Pretty crazy that the cartels are digging tunnels that far north
  485. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Custom Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

    Sold! Thanks Brian!
  486. hbouldin1216

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    If you have a Sprouts/Whole Foods/etc nearby, you can get good beef jerky without all the salt. It's pretty much a straight shot of protein and you can shake it out of the bag into your mouth if your hands are a mess. If I'm not leaving at the ass crack of dawn, I usually take a double scoop...
  487. hbouldin1216

    Catalina Memorial Day 5/27

    This looks like it just earned a spot in the rotation. Are you a premium member? If so, any feedback on the accuracy of the forecasts?
  488. hbouldin1216

    Catalina Memorial Day 5/27

    What app is that if you don't mind me asking?
  489. hbouldin1216

    Catalina Island Calico Bass Report Sunday 5/20

    Nice to see the bass bite picking up, thanks for the report.
  490. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 22 Gallon Towable Dump Tank - $75

    Bump $100 obo would like this gone
  491. hbouldin1216

    Anybody have ideas for trolling motor on a bayrunner?

    Not a 19, but you could do something like this.
  492. hbouldin1216

    Robalo Cayman 246 Build

    Hasn't this boat been listed with Kusler Yachts? Awesome boat that I've definitely "built" many times on their site, just curious if you decided to keep it
  493. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Custom built 22' Cuddy Cabin Diesel Outdrive $15k

    "You got a shitter in there?" is a laugh out loud funny question. I'm giggling like a school girl. Super clean boat, GLWS!
  494. hbouldin1216

    For Sale New Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XH 25-60lb *NEVER USED*

    As the title says, never-used 909XH. Took the tags off to prep for a trip that never happened. Never been on the boat. $250 local pick up in North OC. I'd rather see someone go slay some yellowtail with it than have it sit in my tackle closet. Text 714-261-1052
  495. hbouldin1216

    Help with a 24volt Trolling motor hook up and install to a plug
  496. hbouldin1216

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    I think there were multiple file types that it will import. If you have a smaller file and want to shoot it over I can try to import it. I have a little tinny so your waypoints are safe with me lol. Shoot me a text 714-261-1052
  497. hbouldin1216

    Cinco De Nada in the LBC

    it's a lot of work in a smaller boat to stay in the zone. I have a bow mount trolling motor on mine and can use that to keep the bow into the drift and jog out to the side as needed but you end up in the kelp in a hurry and it's super thick on the inside right now.
  498. hbouldin1216

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    If you have a Mac, try GPX Editor. I think it was like $4 in the Mac App Store but it's the easiest waypoint manager that I've found. Google Earth-type interface let's you create spots on the computer too.
  499. hbouldin1216

    WTB 17' to 19' center console bayrunner

    Goddamn, wish this was getting posted in about a month. Be shocked if you make it through the weekend
  500. hbouldin1216

    WTB 9.9-25HP Tiller Outboard Motor - Short Shaft

    You're in luck with the short shaft, Craigslist is full of them. Finding a long shaft is an absolute bitch though.
  501. hbouldin1216

    Offseason Hoop Net Storage

    Mine are hanging on a beam support in the garage on standard rubber-coated hooks from Harbor Freight. I haven't been able to get them wet since the 2016 season but the netting and rope are safe from rodents. Getting them off the ground is key
  502. hbouldin1216

    Maintain your trailer bearings I got lucky!

    This is what we call the Carlisle Special. Had this happen to two of the tires on our Weekend Warrior. Lucky you saw it when you did.
  503. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 22 Gallon Towable Dump Tank - $75

    Yes, can be used for black or grey. It has a hose connector at the top to rinse out any black water residue. Tank opening is the standard RV sewer size.
  504. hbouldin1216

    New meaning to the term "Long Range"

    Looks like plenty of room for rods and bait tanks on those things. No tuna is too far!
  505. hbouldin1216

    Kicker quick clips

    They are a bass fisherman's dream. Makes switching out baits a breeze. I have experienced some bending on the lightest size but have not lost any lures or fish as a result. You can get away with running heavier than you might think based on test size. In my smaller boat that is anything but a...
  506. hbouldin1216

    SOLD Custom Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

    Custom-built motorcycle carrier fits into any 2" hitch receiver. I used this to haul by RM250 around on the back of my Explorer and it worked great. Wasn't satisfied with any of the retail units so I had the guys at the aerospace company my mom used to work for build this for me. Solid 2" steel...
  507. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 22 Gallon Towable Dump Tank - $75

    I have a 22 gallon Tow-Along dump tank in great condition. Includes the hose connector as well as the towing fork that will slip over a 2" ball. Measures roughly 36"x20"x10". $125, located in Brea. Text 714-261-1052 or PM here.
  508. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    Only complaint I have are the bathrooms. The ones by the harbor office are nice and clean but the public ones over by the fuel dock are a HAZMAT situation.
  509. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    Anyone see this in the register? The article isn't written very well IMO but this could be why we're seeing more activity/contact with the harbor patrol boats if they're trying to justify their costs...
  510. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance HDS12 Carbon Map Chip

    Navionics hands down
  511. hbouldin1216

    Boat Loan Advice

    I remember a similar thread a while back where the partner stopped making payments and the bank was trying to get the boat, but it was sitting on a trailer the other partner paid cash for and titled in his name. They couldn't take the boat because they didn't own the trailer and it gave them...
  512. hbouldin1216

    It was a Sand Dab sort of day. 03.31.18

    You must have caught the sheriff on a tough morning. 4.5 in my boat puts out a bigger wake than the Board Room does and they've never bothered me about it.
  513. hbouldin1216

    Bait docks open on Easter

    They'll both be open. Squid is another question
  514. hbouldin1216

    need alittle help with giant fish location!!

    There are a few grays that have been out in front of the Huntington Dog Beach the last few days.
  515. hbouldin1216

    2017-18 Lobster Season is Over

    I never even got to go. F**king foot surgeries. At least it will be easy to report.
  516. hbouldin1216

    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    is the Outdoor Pro Shop still in business up there in Rohnert Park? That was my go to when I went to SSU, the new shop on the other side of 101 was really sick. Glad to hear they're still around.
  517. hbouldin1216

    Sea Dek is it worth it?

    I can't recommend it enough. Hit up Blue Seas Fab on here, they're the local distributor and give BD members a deal. No problem getting blood off when it's fresh, if it dries it just takes a little soap and water. Oil comes right off too. My install is over wood and it sticks very well to the...
  518. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance FishReveal - Anyone Try it Yet?

    I did it this way, my boat is not in range of my home's wifi. It definitely seems buggy and I have reverted back to the prior firmware until they fix it. Depending on which sonar frequency you choose (in my case, 80/200/mid chirp/deep chirp using a TotalScan transom ducer) I would get a lot of...
  519. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 14' Gregor bass boat

    Pics will help rain or shine. I'm comfortable saying all potential buyers will be more interested in shots of the boat, trailer and motor than of fish you've caught off it. We know what a crappie looks like. GLWS, I'll be watching this thread
  520. hbouldin1216

    Weekend Warrior FS2600 Toy Hauler - $9500 - PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    Sorry for the late reply but this trailer has been sold.
  521. hbouldin1216

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond PSW-809h 20-50

    Cast further, but you'll work harder to get it in
  522. hbouldin1216

    Pioneer sportfish 202

    They're highly thought of over on The Hull Truth but I've never seen one out here. The schematics look like you're going to have to get creative with storage.
  523. hbouldin1216

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    The problem is that these particular people don't want to be helped. They have no interest in taking advantage of the resources available to them; they just want to live off the grid and and grift off of the rest of us. Jail is an even more expensive option from a taxpayer perspective but you...
  524. hbouldin1216

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    They had to go somewhere once they got kicked out of the river bed by Angel Stadium and their motel vouchers ran out.
  525. hbouldin1216

    Looking to buy Fish finder

    I have the Elite-7TI with TotalScan and love it. Same software as the HDS just doesn't have radar capability. The new FishReveal update that they just released for free looks to be a game changer. I'll post a review of it tomorrow. Buy online, the sales tax savings is substantial
  526. hbouldin1216

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    This would be a good one to look at
  527. hbouldin1216

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    If you go the Robalo route, make sure to pour a drink and settle into the 130 page thread over on The Hull Truth so you know what to look out for. They've been growing so fast that a lot of owners experience some fit and finish issues, electrical, etc. They all love the boats but it's a good...
  528. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance FishReveal - Anyone Try it Yet?

    My advice would be to wait on installing it. Their servers are getting hammered and it's taken a 6th try to finally get a download to finish. It looks like the update installed but I'm not seeing the FishReveal option. Think there might be some bugs
  529. hbouldin1216

    Lowrance FishReveal - Anyone Try it Yet?

    Looks like it was just released. May have to brave the rain this weekend and try it out. Looks awesome, and it's FREE if you have an Elite-TI or HDS Gen 3/Carbon.
  530. hbouldin1216

    Recommended trailer boat for SoCal offshore

    search the boat classifieds here on the forum. Most of what's available will be well-equipped for these waters, which is pretty different fishing from the gulf
  531. hbouldin1216

    Snacks on overnight trips

    low sodium jerky from Sprouts or Whole Foods is always my go to on the boat. Quick shot of protein
  532. hbouldin1216

    For Sale 16’ Westcoaster, fully loaded, extremely capable and versatile

    Congrats on the sale, definitely saving those pics for a future project.
  533. hbouldin1216

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    You didn't miss shit on the water either. Dodging post-storm debris in the inner harbor should be a sport in the next olympics.
  534. hbouldin1216

    WTB WTB Trailer Jack

    Got a new Fulton off of Amazon for $40 and shipped same day through Prime.
  535. hbouldin1216

    anyone use paypal?

    Venmo is owned by PayPal and I have never had an issue with it, but it's more of a social thing in which you can pay friends for stuff. I've transferred up to $2500 multiple times for "skill-based sports entertainment" purposes but these aren't complete strangers. The advantage is that if you...
  536. hbouldin1216

    New to CA. Would appreciate some advice

    Exactly, I should have phrased my comment better. You're definitely more in touch with your bait on a conventional reel not to mention eliminating line twist.
  537. hbouldin1216

    New to CA. Would appreciate some advice

    A lot easier to fish live bait well on the true free spool that a conventional reel offers.
  538. hbouldin1216

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    I shipped an 8' rod tube via UPS to Indiana for $38 ground. It arrived without issue but I packed the snot out of it. Bubble wrap at both ends (the small bubbles) to take up the excess space. With three rods if you shook the tube there was no rattle.
  539. hbouldin1216


    Weather looks fine inshore out of Orange County, I'll be out there
  540. hbouldin1216

    Fred Hall worth!?!

    Tradeshows are a part of my job description and I can say with 100% confidence that Del Mar is the WORST trade show site in the country. That facility is an absolute joke, but I'm sure FHS gets a good deal on it.
  541. hbouldin1216

    And it begins...Drones!

    It's all I can do to remember to turn the GoPros on. Last thing I want to worry about when fighting a fish is where the drone is....
  542. hbouldin1216

    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    If you choose to go off the beaten path, be careful wherever you go. A few wrong turns and you're in the shit. the closer to the water the better...
  543. hbouldin1216

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    I checked Campland out and they're booked out that weekend which seemed odd.
  544. hbouldin1216

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    The Dana looks a little rich for what I'm trying to do. I may just sack up and leave o dark thirty. I appreciate all the input!
  545. hbouldin1216

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    Do they have a ramp? I've added too much shit to beach launch it
  546. hbouldin1216

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    I've always wanted to take my skiff out to the La Jolla kelp but the 3am departure time from North OC and long drive home has deterred me. I have a window March 9-11 where I'd like to trailer down and stay the night and then launch first thing in the morning. I've heard some horror stories of...
  547. hbouldin1216

    Question about Phenix M1 inshore rods?

    I had recently bought a 711MH new and then found a used 82ML on here for $100, first time out the cork butt end came unglued and fell off. Called up Phenix and they swapped it out for a brand new rod. After that type of service, I'll be switching as many of my sticks over to Phenix as is feasible.
  548. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point February

    The bait has been awesome out of DP lately, bouncing sardines off the bottom a bit further north did me well last weekend
  549. hbouldin1216

    WTB Shimano Bhaltair fishing reel bag

    I just sold one on here a few weeks ago but tackle warehouse has them for a good price and I think $5 shipping if not free
  550. hbouldin1216

    Trout Fishing in Orange County

    Laguna is all but dead. The bucket brigade keeps more than gets stocked. Was riding through there on the Fullerton Loop three weeks ago and saw a guy loading a 7 lb bass into his van. No shame whatsoever, and I'll bet less than 10% of those guys actually have licenses.
  551. hbouldin1216

    Tybee Island Help

    The hurricanes have really blown that place out. I have a bunch of family in Savannah and we've never had much success in the marshes or out of Tybee.
  552. hbouldin1216

    Weekend Warrior FS2600 Toy Hauler - $9500 - PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    Price Updated, Dad wants this thing gone. If you have been looking at toy haulers and have been turned off by how beat up most on the market are, you'll appreciate the condition this one is in.
  553. hbouldin1216

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    We're on the same side here fellas. I think the results would have been similar against a v6 Yamaha I'm just saying this test is not apples to apples. Displacement is a completely different conversation. I would have taken the highest-displacement 200 and put it up against the G2 to really prove...
  554. hbouldin1216

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    I'm a two stroke guy but this test has a lot of flaws. Even the smaller HO (6 cyl) going up against a 4 cyl Yamaha is not a fair trial. That 200 is a base model motor going up against a hot rod.
  555. hbouldin1216

    Profile Boats - aluminum anyone ?

    Aussies build some bad ass tin boats, can't fathom what it would take to get one over here though
  556. hbouldin1216

    Owner Pro Pack hooks 2/0-4/0 CHEAP

    Grade A seller, any 2/0s still available?
  557. hbouldin1216

    Weekend Warrior FS2600 Toy Hauler - $9500 - PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    This thing still has the original carpet and couch covers. My brothers are both off at college and we haven't been able to take any family trips in a while. Time for someone else to enjoy it.
  558. hbouldin1216

    Weekend Warrior FS2600 Toy Hauler - $9500 - PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    2002, Excellent condition, original owner, non-smokers, has been pampered, always covered with a RV cover, has never been in the sand, must see to appreciate, hitch and equalizer bars included, all manuals included, tires only have 2 trips to Bishop on them, new propane tanks, new a.c. shroud...
  559. hbouldin1216

    DMV Registration

    Im wondering if they had a vendor issue. Im in the label business and we do a lot of municipal permits that use the same 3M tamperproof adhesive the DMV specs. They didn't do a total recall but my company received a note concerning the material. I paid mine online in November and got them within...
  560. hbouldin1216

    Catalina Vacation

    Subscribed to this thread, last few times I stayed on island I must have gotten the wrong chefs because the food left a LOT to be desired for the price. Bluewater was a total bust but we had a good time at the Descanso Beach Club. I'm assuming it's finished now
  561. hbouldin1216

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    I have a Yeti 45, Rtic 65, and just got a Rtic 20 soft side. I think the Yeti hard sides are built better than the Rtics but that little 20 is about the best damn thing ever. The latches on my Rtic have stretched and the gasket doesn't seal as well as the Yeti seems to. The Yeti 45 stays in my...
  562. hbouldin1216

    SOLD 14' Klamath 20hp Mercury 4 Stroke - SUPER CLEAN - $3500

    My dad has decided he wants to sell his skiff and get into the kayak game. You will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner rig than this one. My dad and I spent most of 2015 completely overhauling the hull and then I stumbled into my own boat so this one has pretty much sat since then. We ran it on...
  563. hbouldin1216

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 2/4/18

    I feel you on the conditions. It was so glassy I took my 14' tinny all the way to the domes from Dana Point the same day. More of a boat ride than a fishing trip but that was a lot of fun. Good current early on at Salt Creek but the water was clear enough to see bottom in 25 feet.
  564. hbouldin1216

    Need advice on my project 14 ft Livingston Skiff

    A 9.9 kicker? Why? Sell that thing and put it towards your electronics. Should be an easy sell if it's in good shape. +1 for the Elite 7TI
  565. hbouldin1216

    Emotional Support Animals

    It takes about 2 seconds on line to file the paperwork needed for an ESA. People just use it as an excuse to fly their pets for free. Unless you have a physical disability (I've heard of a lab whose owner has frequent seizures and the dog is trained to roll the guy over on his side so he doesn't...
  566. hbouldin1216

    I just bought this boat and need GPS/Finder Combo advice...

    XSE is now the XSR with radar capability. They're straight touch screen only, so if you ever get into any sort of sea state you don't have the buttons. Firmware is the same as the Elite Tis and the Lowrance have the buttons just in case. Same transducer. The Simrads look awesome but the feedback...
  567. hbouldin1216

    I just bought this boat and need GPS/Finder Combo advice...

    Elite 7TI with Total Scan transom mount ducer (Chirp/Side/Down) can be had with a Navionics card in the $700-800 range. Same tech as the HDS 7 Gen 3 with fewer buttons but still retains the touch screen and uses the same software.
  568. hbouldin1216

    Salton Sea lately

    We used to use the Salton City RV Park dump station coming home from Ocotillo Wells or Glamis. How those people can live there with the smell is absolutely beyond me, let alone fish it.
  569. hbouldin1216

    Lobster info for rope/buoy

    Best of luck, just know that Cat is a totally different game than inside the harbor and I would err on the side of the guy who's boat you're going out on. Wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer stated something that wasn't true
  570. hbouldin1216

    Lobster info for rope/buoy

    Oh boy, upon further review I'll recuse myself of this thread. There seems to be a lot of information missing. Fit your gear to the puller or expect to pull by hand is my parting note
  571. hbouldin1216

    Lobster info for rope/buoy

    Diameter is just whatever you're conformable pulling. Length is obvious, if you're at catalina add 50 feet of line because of the current. There are new regs regarding posting your ID# number on all floats, so you're better off not cutting corners on a float and sticking with something. Plenty...
  572. hbouldin1216

    Hello new boater with first boat

    check out wayyyyy more ideas for customizing boats exactly like yours over there. And then once you get dialed, come on back and join the party!
  573. hbouldin1216

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    Launched around 8am out of Cabrillo as it had the "best" forecast conditions from Long Beach to Dana Point; it was a lake as Shin mentioned, 2-3 swells that were totally manageable in my boat since there was no wind ripple at all. Ran as far as White Point but am still fighting some outboard...
  574. hbouldin1216

    What size battery for fish finder and bait tank

    I ran all of that plus a stereo off a Walmart Marine group 24 and it would go all day no problem
  575. hbouldin1216

    Large Group Charter Accomodarions in Bay Area

    Former fraternity president checking in here....consider the extra curricular events when you plan your trip. If your group is anything like mine was, guys are gonna be hammered and may not deal with the offshore conditions well. Also make sure you get the money in advance from whatever number...
  576. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point 1/21

    posted a separate thread because Advanced Marine was that good but it was an issue with the manual primer and I was using the wrong spark plugs (NGK instead of Champion). No issue with compression as my sore arms will verify
  577. hbouldin1216

    Fishing boat rentals ?

    Haven't used them but I've seen the boats out of Dana Point and Davies before. They look clean. Hard to miss with that bow paint job.
  578. hbouldin1216

    25' Hydra-Sports Walkaround w/Evinrude E-Tec 250

    These guys are awesome, I would not hesitate for a second on a motor worked on by them. Fair question as to the cause of the problem but whatever work was done, was done right.
  579. hbouldin1216

    Shoutout to Advanced Marine

    Had the supposed NGK equivalent plugs when it really needed champion. They burn differently. Timing was out of whack and it was running too lean, despite the low speed setting being about two turns richer than the manual specd. SuffIce to say I’m buying a different manual.
  580. hbouldin1216

    Shoutout to Advanced Marine

    Thank you to the guys on here who recommended Advanced Marine in Costa Mesa. My Evinrude had been hard to start and idled rough, and after prolonged runs at higher RPMs it would die as soon as I cut the throttle. After rebuilding the carb, installing a new fuel pump, new plugs (the wrong ones...
  581. hbouldin1216

    Nissan Titan trailer light problem

    Interesting. I've had a few problems but was able to trace it to a trailer ground issue. Can you post a pic of where those fuses are? I'll make a note to buy some spares but it will help to know where they're at.
  582. hbouldin1216

    pairing lexa 300hd

    I have an M1 MH with a Tranx 300 and a ML with a Curado 300. Can't ask for a better rod for that size reel. I have a like-new 8 ft. Okuma SCT 12-25 or 15-30 that i'll sell for $120 each if you don't want to spend the money for an M1
  583. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point 1/21

    Fresh gas, new plugs, new fuel pump, carb rebuild kit, all of the above. The idle/low speed circuit is the problem, as the motor runs great at higher RPM. Its just getting it started and in gear and rev'd to that point. May be something with the manual primer, as I experimented with it in an...
  584. hbouldin1216

    I heard they sued after this accident...

    If this happened in California, they'd give the driver the death penalty and close off the whole river to fishermen to avoid accidents like this in the future. $350k seems low
  585. hbouldin1216

    Dana Point 1/21

    Went out of Dana Point yesterday just to get the boat wet after being sidelined for a few months with foot surgery. Weather report was accurate, wind and swell made things a bit sloppy outside. My outboard hasn't been running great so the plan was to try to get some runs and "clean it out" and...
  586. hbouldin1216

    Buoy 10 Boat Accident

    Just because you're on auto pilot doesn't mean you can leave the helm. Glad everyone was ok. The prop marks in the port gunnels were nuts
  587. hbouldin1216

    Which Plug and Receptacle for 60 Amps? I used 6awg on mine due to the long run to the batteries. Probably could have gotten away with 8...
  588. hbouldin1216

    Pumps/ seastar steering

    We were supposed to meet up on that Kodiak but I never heard from you. Sent you a PM, is it still available? Might be down in SD next week. Shoot me a text, you have the number.
  589. hbouldin1216


    In college, I sold an iPhone on ebay back when you could actually get good money for them. Guy made me an offer but wanted to end the auction and deal with it offline. My naive self went for it and shipped the phone to Dallas upon receiving an insanely official looking email from paypal saying...
  590. hbouldin1216

    One ridiculously kickass 15' ocean boat!!

    Tin boats and E-Tecs, that's what Aussies do!
  591. hbouldin1216

    2007 Parker 2320 fully rigged.Mint! (SOLD!)

    If his instagram story a few weeks ago was any indicator, his new ride is a 42 Freeman Cat. I think that's a fair replacement lol
  592. hbouldin1216

    Fishing allowed within the Port of Los Angeles?

    The areas that aren't open are pretty well marked or buoyed off
  593. hbouldin1216

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Need to ship a rod tube with a few freshwater rods back to my brother in Indiana. Just a 8' cardboard tube like you would get from Tackle Warehouse, not a big Plano tube. For those of you guys who ship rods, any particular preference between FedEx, UPS, or USPS? Appreciate the tips in advance.
  594. hbouldin1216

    Tackle shop needed in Orange County

    They've expanded quite a bit in the last year, they have the whole building now. Way more rod offerings than before but Melton's is going to have more heavy stuff. FA does a lot of lighter fresh water in addition to the big stuff
  595. hbouldin1216

    Tackle shop needed in Orange County

    Either Melton in Anaheim or Fishermans Access up in Brea. Melton's is more your way
  596. hbouldin1216

    February 18 Free Seminars,Beer,Food, Swag!!!!! you don't need an account to view the page. The bucket holder looks pretty trick
  597. hbouldin1216

    Need help regarding a 70 inch “Green Marine”

    South County, are you near Dana Point? If so, go check out Hogan's Tackle. One of the best shops in OC and they'll spend the time to get you dialed in. Thank you for your service.
  598. hbouldin1216

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    looks like a ton of boat for the money
  599. hbouldin1216

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Pops is the original owner on a 2006 Duramax 3500 and it towed our loaded 30' Weekend Warrior (~15000 lbs) from Anaheim to Yellowstone/Rushmore/Zion without a hiccup. Made the run up to Bridgeport without issue, and all the way to Reno in a moving truck role to move my brother in/out of college...
  600. hbouldin1216

    lite waterproof jacket

    I have this and can layer up like the Michelin Man underneath. Water/wind proof, but you'll definitely want a fleece or wool layer under it if it's really cold.
  601. hbouldin1216

    Selling Old Boat buying New Boat... Need Help

    Seems like most guys out here go walk around or pilot house once you get into that size range. Have you looked at the bigger CCs in Florida? They're way more prevalent out there and you can probably find a deal that still makes sense to ship. Just make sure you survey it and it's not a...
  602. hbouldin1216

    Selling Old Boat buying New Boat... Need Help

    If you're throwing "Mako" in there with that budget then you've definitely been out of the game for a while. Those boats are mass-produced junk now. Lot of better names out there around your price range
  603. hbouldin1216

    Parker 2100 DV Center Console

    Talk about a blank slate, holy smokes. Don't think this one will last long.
  604. hbouldin1216

    Free Spotted Bay Bass Webinar Thursday 1/11/18

    These are awesome, glad you're doing them again this year Erik
  605. hbouldin1216

    Gps/fish finder for fresh and salt

    There are a few Hobies on CL that might work, but would be tough to beat the Bayrunner 18 with the 50hp on here that's for sale for 10,500. Expand out to Boat Trader. Still a lot of good boats there that don't pop up on CL or BD
  606. hbouldin1216

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    Are you batteries forward under the bow fish box? and if so, 24v or 36v?
  607. hbouldin1216

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    Transom mount would solve the shaft length but it would work much harder to keep the boat on target. It would be constantly running. I had a tiller controlled transom mount TM that was such a pain in the ass and now I have a BT-controlled bow mount that has changed the game. Way easier for it...
  608. hbouldin1216

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    I got to see Kurt's 180 last week and was blown away by the amount of free board on it. I'm 6'4" and had to get on my tippy toes to see over the bow while it sat on the trailer. There's definitely a market for longer-shaft TMs out here on the west coast. Even the highest end Minn Kota maxes at...
  609. hbouldin1216

    Gps/fish finder for fresh and salt

    Second this one. This is still a top of the line unit with expansion capabilities and the transom-mount transducers are MUCH better. I went "affordable" with a Raymarine Dragonfly 5 and just ditched it for the HDS7 since the price came down with the new Carbons. I initially loved the Dragonfly...
  610. hbouldin1216

    24 Skipjack Open converted to pilothouse - less than 20k

    The BD difference when it comes to clean skipjacks lol
  611. hbouldin1216

    RADON 15

    Looking forward to see it finished. You're looks like a much more reasonable ride.
  612. hbouldin1216

    RADON 15

    $30k gets you a well-equipped brand new Robalo 160, whats the draw on these things? If I'm spending that much on a boat I'd prefer the batteries be enclosed in something other than a milk crate...
  613. hbouldin1216

    Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag - Medium

    Sorry I didn't see this until now. It is still available.
  614. hbouldin1216

    Float tubing

    Launch out of Dana Point and kick over to the inside of the outer break wall. The drift is minimal, you're protected from all the boat traffic and that wall is loaded with bass and halibut. PM me and I'll send you more details.
  615. hbouldin1216

    need a good Yamaha dealer near Newport Beach

    Highly regarded as a Grady White dealer but I don't hear much about their service capabilities. If all you need is someone to plug into the diagnostics I'm sure they can do that.
  616. hbouldin1216

    need a good Yamaha dealer near Newport Beach

    Call Tradewind Inflatables. They're in Santa Ana but they're a Yamaha dealer and probably have a tech that can check your boat out. I worked with them on my Honda and can't recommend them enough. Worth a call. (949) 574-8667
  617. hbouldin1216

    Yeti Roadie 20 - $100

    They're the proverbial pussy magnet. Set it down on the beach and get your camera ready!
  618. hbouldin1216

    Huge Warbaits lot

    Finally got a response via PM, these have been sold
  619. hbouldin1216

    21 Gregor

    When I redid the deck on mine, I used 3/4" exterior ply and used three coats of spar urethane to seal it before topping it with SeaDek.
  620. hbouldin1216

    Navatronics or light House charts

    Can't go wrong with Navionics. My head unit doesn't stay on my boat so I'm able to update the charts before each trip. There is always new data every time I do it
  621. hbouldin1216

    Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag - Medium

    Bumping this back up. Have had a some interest and a lot of questions about the size of the bag so the dimensions are 16" X 7.5" X 11". You can reconfigure the dividers however you want based on the size of the reels you're using.
  622. hbouldin1216

    Interesting Sign

    This is what I hate about the automated ticket booths. Most of us have to actually get out of our trucks to retrieve the ticket. There was an attendant up until recently that would tell you to never mind the ticket and just drive on through once the arm lifted.
  623. hbouldin1216

    Interesting Sign

    Lol don't you have to pay to get the ticket? Or is this a Xmas present from them today?
  624. hbouldin1216

    Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag - Medium

    This is basically a brand new bag without the tags. It never left the indoor cabinet where I keep all of my gear. Paid $90 for it, will let it go for $60. Figure one of you guys heading out long range might be able to use it. Text Henry 714-261-1052
  625. hbouldin1216

    14' Gregor Build

    Thanks again for this chart. Just ordered this one from West Marine and will swap it out while I'm laid up (again) post-surgery.
  626. hbouldin1216

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    Looks like the stealth ship in "Tomorrow Never Dies." That villain's name was Elliot Carver too, pretty funny!
  627. hbouldin1216

    WTS/WTT 2 New Louisville TPX 33"x30oz Baseball Bats

    That Response was the best bat I ever swung. Bought three of them from eastbay when they announced they were discontinuing them. May have to pick this up for old times sake