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  1. fishmanbh

    Kicker brackets, small. Old school

    Best offer...
  2. fishmanbh

    Older Suzuki controls and cables

    these came off a older boat that had a 70 hp Suzuki 2 stroke. Motor was blown and removed years ago. I don't know what these fit, that part is up to you. It works.Best offer. Call eight58-seven75-seven812
  3. fishmanbh

    Bow rails Bow rails!!! Whole, pieces and parts.

    All the SS on the big tall rail is new and has never seen salt. It's easily customizable and removed as it was made extremely tall and not secured. All bases and connections on tall rail are new. Also a toe rail and lots of good pieces/ connectors and a few handrails I think. Mostly SS, some...
  4. fishmanbh

    Old merc Bering carrier and assoc parts plus trim tilt.

    This stuff came off a 1974 merc 85hp motor. Propshaft, betting carier, gears, trim tilt and a steering bracket I think. Was all working years ago. Motor and other parts motor long gone. I don't know what other applications may apply. No shipping. Pick up in spring valley San Diego only. Free to...
  5. fishmanbh

    Years of being a boat junkie stuff new and old

    bow rails whole, pieces, and parts. Bimini top. Outboard motors 9.9 hp 2 stroke runs excellent long shaft off a friends sail boat kicker with pitting on lower. 15 hp 4 stroke hardly used. Rod holders, radios, fish finders, pedestals, seats pumps, fuel tanks, life jackets, B4 duo props stainless...
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    70lb wahoo on the iron.

    We had a charter on sunday and it went well. We left MB and trolled towards the corner. We spotted a string of kelps and turned that direction. We were trolling wahoo and marlin jigs. A 36lb wahoo hit the jigs as we approached the kelps. The kelp produced small tuna and rat yellows. There were...
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    Here is some pictures and some unedited video from two trips... Fishing for big makos is about as good as it get right now! There were several fish caught between an estimated 200 and 800lbs! There were also several smaller makos that were mostly left to circle the boat. We pulled the hook on a...
  8. fishmanbh

    mercuy parts/motor wanted

    I have a 2001 200 hp mercury EFI serial number 0T305811 with a 25"shaft(xl). The motor mounts have worn through the mid section. Looking for anything from just a mid section to a whole motor. Thanks.
  9. fishmanbh

    SOLD!!! fully working beater. its a cool boat... just not pretty

    Up for Sale: Old school hand laid fiberglass PERFORMER. Powered by a mid 70's 85hp mercury 2 stroke that runs good. Power trim/tilt. NEW internal and external wire harnesses. NEW steering cable and wheel. Fairly new throttle/shift cables. She runs great and is a solid and stable fishing...
  10. fishmanbh

    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    The mako... The hammer... Both caught off Los Angeles 10-10-14.
  11. fishmanbh

    merc mechanic/ dealer near San Pedro

    Blew up a 2001 200 hp merc efi today. anyone know a place that can fix or put on a new power head ? Thanks.
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    Greenpeace just left my house...

    They are looking for donations and proceeded to tell me "the vast majority of what the commercial fishing fleet catches is endangered species and they just discard it overboard". They also said their working to expand the current MPA's on the west coast. Regarding the southern California...
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    wsb and halibut

    Gotta brag sometime. Got a nice suprise when the rod went bendo and 200 yards peeled off my penn 500. I knew immediately it was no ordinary fish. It felt like a wsb but I was in disbelief. Bat Ray, bsb, no not a shark. 20 min later I saw confirmation. It was huge. Another run or two and I was...
  14. fishmanbh

    Repairs on a Suzuki stroke? who? where?????

    anyone know of a good place to repair a 225 hp Suzuki 4 stroke? Or at least plug it into a computer.... Anywhere in socal or AZ???
  15. fishmanbh

    room for rent....

    room for rent in spring valley. $525 plus 1/3 bills. likely to be a 3 or 4 month deal as i am considering moving. share a bathroom with a guy who is never home. smoke outside if you smoke.
  16. fishmanbh

    Excessive smoke from a 2 stroke leaving oil slick merc efi 200?????

    too much smoke and an oil slick when started... does any know what the problem is?
  17. fishmanbh

    2 days of monster mako fishing...

    Saturday we chummed up several fish between 20 and 150 pounds. we also chummed up a 700+ and a 600+. unfortunately, we pulled the hook on both fish. OUCH! Sunday we didnt pull the hook on any big fish. Thats because we didnt see any. largest fish for Sunday was about 200 pounds. NOT what were...
  18. fishmanbh

    contractor for a remodel/estimates needed

    the plans are done and we need an estimate and some work done from a LICENSED contractor. anyone interested? tear down a room, level/redo foundation, build bigger room, ect. we dont need an electrician or any finish work.
  19. fishmanbh

    heads up on some yellow tail schools....

    i had a couple of mako trip in san diego this week. it was good, 7 for 9, and 7 for 7. both days i saw schools of yellows that no one was fishing... from pt loma to LJ around 250-300 feet. big schools swimming around with no one around... im not saying there everywhere but someone may want to...
  20. fishmanbh

    another big mako 6/11/13

    Another great trip targeting trophy makos. First, a small fish of about 50 pounds showed and we watched it swim around the boat. Moments later the right one appeared. I was looking down messing with some chum and Andrew says "that one looks a little bigger". It was. About 600 pounds bigger... We...
  21. fishmanbh

    NOT so EPIC mako fishing...6/8/13

    about 10-12 makos showed at the boat... the largest was a tad over 100lbs. not the size were looking for. going back out tomorrow to try again...
  22. fishmanbh

    more EPIC MAKO FISHING super moon sunday

    3 fish. 500, 700, and another 700. That's right! Lets just hope the pics show up. In no particular order because i stink at computers.i think there was 5 other smaller fish to 200lbs also. NOW GO FISH!!!
  23. fishmanbh


    INCREDIBLE DAY OF MAKO FISHING!!!! 4 fish over 350 lbs and 10 or 11 makos from 30 to 120 lbs. showed at the boat. we pulled the hook on an 800-900 pound fish after 35 min only to hook into a 700-750 minutes later. there was another 700 at 10:30 am that we never got a hook into. there was also a...
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    ANYBODY SELLING A GOOD ECONOMY CAR? honda, toyota, nissan ect... low miles, clean. 10k max. hopefully more like 7k... thanks.
  25. fishmanbh

    3-25-13 islands rockpile short report

    perfect weather,3yt yoyo 1 @south kelp [email protected] rockpile. 3 lings, 3 reds,1 sheep , few misc. the mexican navy got me on the way home. id,license, boat reg. they made us put on our life jackets and sent us on our way in 15-20 min.
  26. fishmanbh

    just outside of mission bay 3-10-13

    left the ramp midday with the intentions of targeting halibut. i made some perfect size macks and put em down just outside some areas of stringers... the wind and current were pretty much opposite each other and it made for tough drifting through the stringers. a few hours of this and i decided...
  27. fishmanbh

    old school metal gas cans

    one mercury and one omc. the merc is a 6 gallon can and the omc is a 5 gallon. both are in good condition. the merc can has some surface rust and peeling paint but is totally useable. the omc can is looking good... hook me up with something fair, throw me a 20, whatever.... located in spring...
  28. fishmanbh

    2003 fifth wheel
  29. fishmanbh

  30. fishmanbh

    shipping fish???????????

    does anyone know the least expensive way to ship fish to a residence across the country? san diego to texas exactly. im getting some crazy high quotes from ups/fedex. thank you.
  31. fishmanbh

    another half day mako trip in san diego quick report

    we had another half day mako trip. 2 kids and 2 adults. 4 makos hooked and 3 brought to leader. both kids got theirs. NOW GO FISH!!!
  32. fishmanbh

    a local 6 pack 3/4 day in dan diego may 27

    we had a group of kids and 1 adult aboard the NOMAD from mission bay. at the bait barge we were able to get a scoop of deans and 2 scoops of small chovies. although small, the chovies proved to be the hot bait. we started by anchoring in the kelp in la jolla. with the "chovies a chummin'" we...
  33. fishmanbh


    im looking for an outboard. used. cheap. ideally it will replace my 1974 85 hp merc. yeah i know. replacing old with old is probably a waste but im poor. does anyone have a good deal on a motor? theres gotta be a cherry old merc laying around somewhere.
  34. fishmanbh

    a 6 pack mako shark trip

    we had a great group of guys out today on a bachelor party 6pack. the plan was to catch a shark. we left from mission bay aboard the NOMAD at 11:00 and headed out to the grounds.... the water cleaned up nicely and capt. Jack pulled the throttle back and ordered that the chumming begin. with...
  35. fishmanbh

    3 vehicles 71,000 mile EXPLORER, older RV, 67 CAMERO

    a few vehicles for sale here....... figured id see if there was any interest here first. if there is any REAL interest pm me your cell number and ill send you picks when i can.(i suck at computers so no pics here). REASONABLE OFFERS will be considered. ive just started cleaning them up and...
  36. fishmanbh

    a BD roommate?

    BD MIGHT be a better place to look for a roommate than craigslist..... anyone need a room in spring valley for $550 plus 1/3 bills?
  37. fishmanbh

    smart phone GPS/fishing apps

    i got a smart phone. its an android from verizon. what are the best fishing related/GPS apps available? im not interested in games. just the best GPS for a phone. thank for any suggestions.
  38. fishmanbh

    cap and rotor for a 1975 merc 850

    does anyone have an unused cap and rotor for sale for my mid 70's merc 850 (85hp,4 cyl)? thanks.
  39. fishmanbh

    halibut was the target species fri 6-4

    so i launched outa mission bay around 6 am and headed south to pt. loma. red tide was in full force. i continued looking south past green tank and the water started to clean up a bit. it was still a little off and i wasent getting any bites except a ling. i continued south to the point where it...
  40. fishmanbh

    got a bobcat??? want to scrape a yard???

    ive got a landscape job in clairmont and need the yard scraped. some bushes need to be removed, a few inches of dirt taken out, and a couple of old brick walls knocked out. its a standard track-home. i need an estimate and would like the work done asap. all dirt, weeds, bushes, and bricks need...
  41. fishmanbh

    conditions and fish report for lj fri morning

    i fished today(fri), and also on the 22nd. on the 22nd i saw large schools of breesin yellows mostly around noonish. today i never saw them pop up(although i left around 1:00). there is still a ton of bait around but i couldnt find much to eat it. the 22nd produced some barries, rockfish and a...
  42. fishmanbh

    todays paper, outdoors spotlight

    Ed Zieralski says it like it is in the sports section today. thanks ed!!! check it out. the article is posted below.
  43. fishmanbh

    fuel tank repair

    yep my tank is leaking. can anyone recommend a repair shop that can clean, repair, and possibly expand my fuel tank???? thanks for any help!
  44. fishmanbh

    manifolds and risers hot tank?

    get new or will hot tank work. where can you get a good price on new? thanks for any help.
  45. fishmanbh

    spark problems--malory ignition--chev 350

    after our recent rains i took the boat out to discover it ran crappy. i removed the cap(crab style) and there was definately enough water to cause the problem. now, after drying and a shot of wd-40 and a new cap and rotor the engine wont start and some of the wires are not getting spark. its a...
  46. fishmanbh

    "i smell a strong odor of marijuana"

    fished lj 1-20. kept a nice sandy and had fun pullin on smoothhounds that continually broke me off. all on the spanish macks, dropper loop style. nothin goin on the slow troll/surface. tons of bait, whales, porps and even saw a 20# mola mola go air-borne. pull up to dana to get checked by dfg...
  47. fishmanbh

    another sd bay pre-fish 1-10

    bites o plenty on the swim baits with the larger models biting through the 10#. razor clams in the mouth of some fish made color choice easy but browns worked too. lesson of the day is 10# is no good. good luck out there.:urno1:
  48. fishmanbh

    need pinion gear for peen 500.

    anybody know where i can get a fair deal on about 5 pinion gears for a 500? who has em cheap in san diego?
  49. fishmanbh

    volvo duo prop and 280 swap

    is it possible to swap a duoprop and a 280? removing the duo from a 4.3 block and mating it to a 350. visa versa with the 280. is it doable and is it a good idea? the duo is on a 20' boat and the 280 is on a 24' flybridge. i want it the other way around. suggestions and comments of pros and cons...
  50. fishmanbh

    volvo dp and 280 swap question

    is it possible to swap a duoprop and a 280? removing the duo from a 4.3 block and mating it to a 350. visa versa with the 280. is it doable and is it a good idea? the duo is on a 20' boat and the 280 is on a 24' flybridge. i want it the other way around. suggestions and comments of pros and cons...
  51. fishmanbh

    aug 28 a lil pl and a lil lj

    been slackin on the reports so here ya go. started in pl an drifted squid for a variety of the bottom critters including a 4 lb whitefish and some chubby treefish. it was good in the right spots just n of greentank. made some macks in pl(as bait has been a little harder to come by in lj) and...
  52. fishmanbh

    fluro? have you had a problem with fluro breaking???

    sometimes it seems fluro is a little brittle. ive had problems with it breaking. has anyone had simmilar problems?
  53. fishmanbh

    lepard sharks at lajolla shores

    does anyone know if they are there right now(aug 23 08)??? the woman and kids want to go see them but im not sure if they are there now. do you know????????????????????????????????????????? thanks.
  54. fishmanbh

    goof off / fish report lj area and out a bit. tue.

    started early and made some macks. trolled the spanards a bit and then killed the motor leaving the macks soakin. dropped squid and occational mack in 90- 120'..................... i had my roomate and his 16 yr old from oklahoma on the boat so i dindnt want to bore them with the mack soak too...
  55. fishmanbh

    another local mack soak sunday

    went out late. about 2. made some bait and did my thing. 3 or 4 hit and runs and then 1 that stuck. lost to the stringers. did get a monster bari if you care. yellows are there still.
  56. fishmanbh

    local mack soak

    conditions were good today with life abound. bonies, baries, bass, and bait everywhere. 5 or 6 biites from the tails with 3 that made it to the hook. 2 were landed. the first went about 10 the second weighed in at 30.7 on the dana scale. weather was perfect for the woman. she caught more than...
  57. fishmanbh

    lj afternoon mack soak report. wed.

    soaked macks from perfect to large and got no bites from the right kind. i was outside the kelp up to .25 mile. baries are fairly thick throught the general area of nw if you interested. bait was plentiful. some bottom biters on squid in 90 to 130'. water was green near the buoy line and dirty...
  58. fishmanbh

    lake of the ozarks

    im going to oklahoma and we are renting a lake house on the lake of the ozarks for a week in early july. has anyone fished it and what is going to bring in numbers or size? thanks for any help.
  59. fishmanbh

    sd bay on wed....

    weather obviously sucked so the bay made a good alternative. the bite is still good. i used plastics and a friend used squid. total of about 25 sandies. 10 or so spotties a handfull of calicos. 3 short halies. interesting fish of the day went to a 2lb lizard fish(never saw one that big before)...
  60. fishmanbh

    lj surface report for friday

    after catching some barries i decided to catch some macks and slow troll those around. 3 bites total. two for my newb roomate and one for me. the roomate decided to put his new(first ever) reel into freespool and looses his first yt. then he just flat out missed. my turn came along and produced...
  61. fishmanbh

    slow day in lj 5-19

    short trip to lj produced some bait and thats about it. went out about 10am returned about 2pm. no bites on the slo trolled macks. a few cudas followed the jig. didnt try anything else. i stayed near the kelp. water is lookin good.
  62. fishmanbh

    a peek at ib and some bay action on wed

    wanted to look at ib so i went there. kelp is strong but the water was dirty green with some red in it. conditions down there stunk. good thing we got 2 legal halis and some calicos in the bay first.
  63. fishmanbh

    sd bay on moms day and lj and mission bay sat

    fished sd bay today for 18 quality sandies with the womans 6 yr old. definately enough action to keep a 6 yr old happy. yesterday i worked a 6pack and the clients did well on the bottom critters in lj. when they turned green we went into misson bay and got 3 or 4 buts with one being legal. a...
  64. fishmanbh

    it was WIDE OPEN TODAY!!!! may 6th

    on sand dabs and macks!!!!!:finger: but,,,,,,, while i was kickin it soakin some macks(and slayin the dabs). i get a quick clicker and wonder if mr.T is around. the clicker zipped a couple of times. minutes later i see a bait fish porpoise, and, a tail slap around. in casting distance, actively...
  65. fishmanbh

    i didnt plan on chasin yellows. 4-10

    woke up with an urge to fish. figured id take it easy and maybe get some bottom critters. checked emails before i left and there was an ad from west marine that said....get on the water. i took that as a sign and loaded up the lake boat as the big boat is getting some work done. i grabed some...
  66. fishmanbh

    lake morena easter weekend

    did a little camping and some fishing. if your into trout then you want to go here. took my little buddy out yesterday and we caught 26 trout in 3 hours. we broke our old record of 21. the day before we got 18 in the same amount of time. light line and good times.
  67. fishmanbh

    whats black, white, and yellow?

  68. fishmanbh

    another lj report for sat 2-16

    left dana landing fri nite. looked around for the small squirts with a floating headlight from nw to blacks, outside the buoy line. didnt find any. broke out the frozen squid and started fishing before grey light. got a couple calicos. hooked into a larger fish but my dumb ass likes the 20# and...
  69. fishmanbh

    radios, antenas and their range..... mine stinks!

    ok. i seem to receive clearly, some,but not all boats, from long distances. radio checks from anyone further than a couple of miles are unanswered. does anyone know if it is my radio or antena? both maybe?
  70. fishmanbh

    tackle tray and lure clean-up?

    hey folks. does anyone know of a cleaning product that is effective in cleaning out trays and lures? im tired of wiping everything out or off with a rag. please tell me there is a miracle product out there. thanks
  71. fishmanbh

    sd bay bass predictions

    tough bass fishing, but a nice 18lb 5 fish limit will win it. more halis than normal. i will win. next.
  72. fishmanbh

    no luck in lj unless you need bait

    weather was still the lake it has been. bait was easy to make. put macks up top and down low for not. did get to find out how fast my wood boat goes.....41kts. lots of life. didnt see any squid but i could catch the smell of some(believe it or not)from time to time lookin around outside.
  73. fishmanbh

    old school mercury marine key blanks 1971 mercontroll

    r1040e key blanks for sale or trade or whatever. i messed up i need 1040e not r1040e. anybody have any?
  74. fishmanbh

    peen 500 sideplates. got any?

    anybody have some clicker side, sideplates they want to sell or get rid of? clicker working of course. thanks pm please
  75. fishmanbh

    3 hours in lj on tue nov 13

    roomates boat again. looked a little outside on the way to nw and never saw any serious concentration of anything. slowed and trolled small rapalla types(bass lures) around the kelp for a pick at some 2# bonies. also lots of bait in the water(mack). awsome weather! shirts off! barely touched the...
  76. fishmanbh

    lj 11-6 11-230

    started off slo trollin deans and macks for about 2 hours. did not produce. then headed out to nw in about 100' and drifted south with a strong current. nothing off the bottom but a steady pick of bonies with a cuda in the mix. bones to 4# barie was legal. also picked a fat calico. if you put...
  77. fishmanbh

    outdrive mechanic. help me please!

    does anyone know a skilled person who can do some work on my volvo duoprop? its a 290 dp c1..i think. i will pay cash, or if interested will trade out work or almost anything i own that is = in value. work can be done at my home in spring valley or in your shop. absolutely no tweekers...
  78. fishmanbh

    volvo duoprop question please help...suggestions

    ok. had a lil problem today. my outdrive started making a knocking noise only when i turn to the right or left. it seemed ok going straight. the more i turn the louder it gets. im guessing u-joint. do any of you know if this is correct? also, is this a problem i can fix myself or should i take...
  79. fishmanbh

    half ass point loma afternoon drift wed

    out in roomates ski boat today. took beers and a block of squid. drifted from a lil sw of mb in 120 feet all the way to 1 mile s of green tank. few assorted bottom critters and some macks on the bottom. cold water if his ff is correct 62-64 degrees. i did see a non mamal large object swim by...
  80. fishmanbh

    lj 9-7

    decent pick at some reds and other assorted bottom critters...reds up to 3.5 lbs a lil off nw...smaller baits. couple short lings on the big deans. soaked macks and some deans up top for a boni but no yellows. seals were a lil more bothersom than normal. didnt see any surface action or bait...
  81. fishmanbh

    lj 8-31 noon - sunset

    small dean chovi mix and off to lj. did pretty well on bass bonies and barries......and oh yeah a billion macks. mostly at anchor offnw area. slo trolled some of the smaller mack from 5 -6 oclock for no yello....heard of a few tho. once again, good luck at the zoo this weekend. p.s. hooked a...
  82. fishmanbh

    8-24 lj

    yellows still goin strong. personally i only got one cause of the 14-16 in greenbacks i was trollin but thats fine by me. if you get deans i think youll do much better. lotsa short bites. saw a huge yellow follow my rollin mack to the boat, musta been near 30 lbs. lots of other guys (w/baitanks)...
  83. fishmanbh

    a lil lj info 4 u

    went to lj on 8-15 around 1pm. made some spanish mac and slo trolled. listining to radio chatter and talking to the horizon on a fish/dive trip it seems there was a good morning yellow bite. i was short bit several times by yellows bonies baries and seals... had to make bait 3 times. had a...
  84. fishmanbh

    8-6 different stuff non fish report

    drifted for halis close to home for not. went a lil ofshore and north for not on feathers and rapalas(approx 5 miles out to 5 n of lj). saw lots of schools of mac. went to lj and made some spanish mac. slo trolled for not. heard a guy who was killin calicos on chovi. lots of bait. saw a huge...
  85. fishmanbh

    8-2 quick, close paddy yt

    left mb at 10 am. went due west. planed on looking at n9 then shoot to lj. found a big paddy and got bit. hand off to pops and cast another. hook up. dad farms. mine is about 25 lbs. paddy shuts down and we looked around. lots of birds,bait,mamals for not. saw 1 other paddy. no go. never made...
  86. fishmanbh

    late 7-23 lj

    hit water at 130pm lucky me. made some spanish macks slo trolled and got short bit twice. then landed a 13 or so pounder...yellow that is. in by 6. half went down shashimi style the other half on the grill. fish was fully consumed 3.5 hours after death. fresh yellow is pretty dam good!
  87. fishmanbh

    late lj 7-19

    cudas and calicos bit pretty good. bass like the chovies although i got a 4 lbr on the dean. slo trolled deans hopeing for yellows but too many barries. slashed baits galore. short trip. 1 pm - 5 pm. awsome weather.
  88. fishmanbh

    lj yellow dads day

    there still there. took my friend spencer who had his first fathers day. hard work puttin him on his 3rd ever yellow. got spanards and greenbacks . greenbacks are useless for me again. bit on the spanish at 8:20am....spencer farms it after 2 or 3 min. 2 more hours of slo trollin and zzzzzzzzzz...
  89. fishmanbh

    yellows 6-12

    went to lj and got 3 yellows. slow troll spanish macks through the stringers. rodney on a parker hooked me up with some deans but i never got bit on them. thanks anyway. there are more fish than you think there. got shortbit nemerous times. lost some to the stringers. also got barries and...
  90. fishmanbh

    soakin big macs and trollin rapalas in lj wed

    rapalas first......1 hour no go. did get a huge 12+ barri the other day tho. made macks.....drift, nothing. slow troll.....zzzzzzzzz,,zz,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzz. on the 40 hooked up. lost, clean break 4 in from where the hook used to be. an untrained eye says something with a white belly jumped... i...
  91. fishmanbh

    i know why no one reported lj fishing 4 tue.5-8

    it sucked. well at least if all you do is soak macks all day. water seems to be cleaning up a little with some green patches amongst the chocolate, defenately improved from a few days ago and 1-2 weeks ago. water also warming up. did pick some calicos and bait was no problem.
  92. fishmanbh

    lj black on mon apr 2nd

    went out with my new roomate who has a sweet beater and told him we would either catch something big or nothing at all. soaked some macks and ended up hooking this. got him on the 20# and made my day. released successfully after hook removal and a quick pic with the cell phone. by the way i...
  93. fishmanbh

    ouch it still hurts

    fished lj thurs morning in the little aluminum boat. made some 10 inch spanish macks and started to fish. put one down on the bottom and got bit.... and well i suck. didnt let him eat it long enough.... nice big tiangular teeth marks very sharp. ok, no problem. little while later i got one on...
  94. fishmanbh

    lapstrake hull on a trailer. best bottom paint?

    working hard on my hull, ill be replacing some hardware and re-painting the bottom. this boat now sits on a trailer. what kind of bottom paint should i use, and do i need to remove all of the existing anti-foul bottom paint. any and all suggestions will be greatly appriciated. thanks.
  95. fishmanbh

    had to burn fuel to remove tanks and have them enlarged

    i went on a boat ride today to burn some fuel and maybe catch a shark or halibut. so... i went a little outside of nw to troll from there to torrey pines. i saw a small mako near the south end of the canyon about 7 miles off lj. no go. i saw a jumper outside a little further. no go. made way...
  96. fishmanbh

    sd bay pre fish again

    checked things out again. managed around 12lbs for 5 fish. other fish caught. over all looked pretty slow... saw one guy catch a small one, one guy said he got 3 small ones. partner landed a small hali.
  97. fishmanbh

    more info on ff/gps

    thanks to x mas and my b day i get to spend more cash than previously thought. PLEASE anyone tell me about your ff/gps. what do i buy around a grand or less? oh and please keep it simple im clueless wit electronics . been driving by compass for years. thanks for any ideas.
  98. fishmanbh

    sd bay pre fish

    tides were similar today so i gave it a shot prior to the sd anglers bay bass tourney. took pops (total amature) and pulled a decent 5 fish limit. [email protected]#,[email protected]#,[email protected]#. total was around 14-15 #. a few others caught. didnt try for halies. i didnt fish my usual spot(which kicks but) but i did find...
  99. fishmanbh

    new ff/gps combo. whats good under $800

    any suggestions appreciated. im getting a new ff/gps what are your recomendations? ive got a 20 footer with a 150 nm range and do all types of fishing. thanks for your help.:cheers:
  100. fishmanbh

    looked outside today 12-7

    decided i needed a boat ride so i went to the head of that push of "warm" water. pretty much lifeless as expected. went west of the 182 from mb then south and back across the 9. paddys were few and only found in the 64 degree water(fog probably didnt help much, not to mention lack of fish)...
  101. fishmanbh

    11/7 rockpile

    managed one 10# yt, lost 2, swing and miss on one. plenty of bonies. assortment of bottom dwelers. weather, perfect. water, 65-67 mostly 66. cleaner than the islands. kinda blue w a hint of milky green mixed in. the trick on the yellows was to lure the seals away then haul ass back to where you...
  102. fishmanbh

    mb to n9 to n of 182 thurs

    played deckhand for pops again. we did well. ended handing 4 dodos to dad he got 3(first landed saltwater fish ever). i also got 3. largest fish, 21lbs 7 oz. looked for tuna also but only saw them briefly once at the 9. up one second and down the next. dodos came on pattys and troll(pink smoker...
  103. fishmanbh

    8-29 lj afternoon w/ pops

    hey people. went to lj today w/dad(freshly retired). made macks spanish and green and also some dean near childrens pool(bait is everywhere). pulled some drifts off the hotel for some short bites. moved out to the "point" (where kelp used to come all the way to the surface) and fly line...
  104. fishmanbh

    8/25 mb to between 9&182 fsh and water report

    ok all you sat. people here is the close to home straight out(mostly) report. i left mb just before grey light. water temp started at 63. it quickly rose olny a few miles out. temp at the 9 was mostly 71, plenty of life there. at the north end maybe 1 mile nw i stop on the first patty. instantly...
  105. fishmanbh

    8-08 pt loma mid day and guy goes swimming

    went out around noon with girlfriend and 5 year old. did pretty good. we got several baracuda a nice bony and a 8#yellow for about 3 hours of playing deckhand. if you know what your doing then you should be able to get more yellows.we hooked a few more but 5 yr olds only reel so fast and so...
  106. fishmanbh

    7-8-06 fishing rpt.

    when grey light arrived we were about 7 miles west of the coronados. still unsure of where to go we decided to move toward the islands as we were already sleepless. good move. about 5 miles shy we spot a patty. buddy warren hooks and farms a nice yellow on the iron....throw bait...
  107. fishmanbh

    going to east cape!

    hey people i'm a new guy to this site but a long time fisherman in SD and other waters. any way, i'm taking the family to east cape. never been. any recomendations for a family including 2 adults,2 kids, and 1 senior for the first week in aug. ? by the way i just got a new (old) boat so get...