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  1. morfius

    SOLD SOLD! Couple Avet SX Raptors

    **Green Raptor sold** I have 2 Raptors I don’t use: gunmetal and green. The gunmetal comes with box. Both are spooled with 50lb or 65lb spectra. I can’t remember now. Both are mint/near mint. Check out the pics for condition. The green one has a small scratch on the handle. See the last pic...
  2. morfius

    For Sale SOLD Trinidad 20DC 🦄 $900 SOLD

    Now that I have a kid, I haven’t been able to use this as much as I’d like. It’s been fished, but not hard. Pics speak for themselves. Reel is clean for the most part, with minor scratches. Let me know if you’d like more pics. I think $900 is a fair price. Don’t bother with lowballing. I’m not...
  3. morfius

    WTB Starter Penn, Daiwa, or ? 2-speed reel

    Looking for a basic 2-speed for a beginner new to the yo-yo and rockfishing game. Size 20-30/35. Let me know. TIA
  4. morfius

    WTB Shimano Symetre 1000FL/3000FL spool

    Like the title says, looking for spare spool for these reels. Please let me know if you’ve got one or both. Thanks
  5. morfius

    SOLD OG Saltiga 20

    Have a few more reels to clear out to make space for my new stuff. Prices are for face to face transaction and are OBO (within reason). Will accept PayPal and ship at cost. Talica 8ii that works perfectly. This is my ugly Betty - she's got some battle scars but I've taken good care of her...
  6. morfius

    For Sale OG custom Pro Gear CS501

    Clearing out more of my stuff to make room for new stuff. All reels work 10/10. Pics should speak for themselves. Prices OBO, but be reasonable. I'm not a tweaker in need of a fix. Original Pro Gear CS 501 customized with blue spool and star. Spectra backing and 20lb topshot. $180 SOLD Calcutta...
  7. morfius

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    Haven't posted a fishing report in a loooong time, but this trip deserves one. Booked this 2-day trip back in January and convinced my buddy to do the same even though he didn't know if he could get the days off. Told him he could always cancel 30 days in advance and get his money back...
  8. morfius

    What's a super 12?

    Hey guys, was wondering if someone with knowledge can help me. I recently bought a Penn 12 that's been two-speeded and blueprinted. What I'd like to know is what's the difference between a regular 12 that's been mod'ed by Cal and a super 12? What makes a super 12, well, super? Any info would be...
  9. morfius

    For Sale Newell 332, last one

    220 SOLD 1 332 SOLD 1 left Making room for some new toys. Have an S220 and 2 no letter 332-5's. All work great and spin like Newells. All have clamps, backed with braid, and topped with relatively new mono. Hasn't been fished since being put on last year, but if you're a stickler, you should...
  10. morfius

    Fishing weatherman farts on live TV

    Our good friend Chris Dunn, aka the Fishing Weatherman. Chris is a good sport and I'm sure he can take some good natured ribbing for this. I just saw this today, but it actually happened about 6 months ago.
  11. morfius

    WTB Spool for gold Shimano 16

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a spool for a gold 16. Doesn't have to be new, but no corrosion. Anyone got a spare lying around? Hoping not to break the bank.
  12. morfius

    WTB 80-100lb spectra

    Looking to spool my Accurate BX2-30 so I can chase the big fish out there this weekend. Thanks
  13. morfius

    Advice for fishing near Portland?

    Hey guys, hope this is the right place to ask questions. My wife and I will be spending some time in Seattle and Portland the second week of January. I'd love to get on the water and check fishing in the Pacific Northwest off my list of things to do. Do you guys have suggestions or can point me...
  14. morfius

    How's the fishing in Seattle in January?

    Hey guys, hope this is the right place to ask questions. My wife and I will be spending some time in Seattle and Portland the second week of January. I'd love to get on the water and check fishing in the Pacific Northwest off my list of things to do. Do you guys have suggestions or can point me...
  15. morfius

    FS Trinidad 40N $500

    Have multiples and don't need this one. Freeing up funds for the holidays. Comes with clamp and upgraded drags. Pictures speak for themselves. $500 firm. SOLD
  16. morfius

    Price Drop FS Shimano Trinidad 30A

    Looking to sell a few reels. The 14A as a couple scratches and a little bit of the clearcoat has come off. The 20A is basically new. I got it, spooled it, decided to go in a different direction, took the line off. Clamp has never even been out of the package. Can't find the paperwork...
  17. morfius

    Price reduced. FS Calcutta 401D, (2) Calcutta 300D

    Have a few reels that aren't getting used. All work perfectly. A few scratches, as you can see, but no major rash. $225 for the 401D Now $210 $215 for either 300D Now $200
  18. morfius

    Need help identifying a Pro Gear

    Bought this guy a while back. Solid reel, but I'm curious to know what model it is, in case I need parts to have it serviced. Any Pro Gear wonks on here that can help me? It measures 3in in diameter, 2-1/4in from outside edges, and 1-3/4in for the spool arbor. Gear ratio is 3.75:1. Any help...
  19. morfius

    WTB Spheros 8000/10000 SW spare spool

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a spool in good condition. Not looking to break the bank. Thanks
  20. morfius

    Rockfishing SBI with epic weather!

    My friend wanted to do one last rockfish trip on his boat before the season closed. Window of opportunity looked like the weather would be good for Thursday. Launched from Cerritos Bahia Marina in LB at 6:30. Weather was awesome, with hardly any wind and flat calm seas. Cruised at 31...
  21. morfius

    FS Curado 200E5

    Has a few scratches and a ding on the left side plate but it's all cosmetic. Works great. $140 OBO
  22. morfius

    FS Gold Trinidad 16N (sort of) $275

    For all intents and purposes, this is a Trini 16N. The left sideplate came from a standard Trini, but the spool, body, right sideplate and everything else is from a 16N. I've taken it apart and made sure everything got lubed and greased. Everything works perfectly. So if you're not hung up...
  23. morfius

    Accurate conversion

    Figured it out. Please delete.
  24. morfius

    Accuplate conversion

    Hi everyone, hoping you guys can drop some knowledge on me. I have a set of Accuplates for a Senator 4/0 and want to do the conversion myself. Where can I find a tutorial? Got to this point and was stumped about how to remove the lever from my old reel to use in the new plates. Any help...
  25. morfius

    FS used Torium 30HG $140

    Got a reel I'm not using. Minor scratches and some bubbling of the paint, but inside is smooth as can be. Freespool is great and drags are super smooth. No clamp. Pick up in HB or Westminster preferred; will ship on your dime. Low ballers will be ignored.
  26. morfius

    WTB Talica 20ii

    Posting this for a friend. He is looking for a clean, or if the price is right, a new TAC20ii. PM or post here. Thanks
  27. morfius

    FS Pro Gear 541 (black), Saltiga LD20ii, Sustain 4000FG

    Recently upgraded/changed out some gear so letting go of a few things. Reels have seen action, but have also been well-kept. Aside from some light scratches, everything works perfectly. All reels serviced at end of last season and have not been used since. Pro Gear 541 has 80lb Jerry Brown...
  28. morfius

    WTB Symetre 2500/3000FL spool

    Anyone have a spare spool they want to get rid of? Lent reel to a newby and it came back with the lip tore up. FL series only please.
  29. morfius

    SOLD! 2015 Stella 20000SW PG

    Practically new. No flaws that I can find. No box, but I have pouch and paperwork, as well as second handle shaft for right handed retrieve. $800 OBO. Can spool with 100lb mono for another $20.
  30. morfius

    FREE couch in Santa Ana

    Free sectional couch for the taking. Everything is still in good shape. Cushions aren't flat or lumpy. Comes from clean, non-smoking home. MUST PICK UP BY END OF DAY 3/9/16. I am not holding this for anyone. First come, first served. Located in Santa Ana, near Bristol and Warner. Reply with...
  31. morfius

    FREE couch in Santa Ana

    Free sectional couch for the taking. Everything is still in good shape. Cushions aren't flat or lumpy. Comes from clean, non-smoking home. MUST PICK UP BY END OF DAY 3/9/16. I am not holding this for anyone. First come, first served. Located in Santa Ana, near Bristol and Warner. Reply with...
  32. morfius

    Please delete

  33. morfius

    FS Shikari spinning rods

    Have a few light tackle rods I don't use much. All rods are mint condition. Prices are OBO (within reason). Daiwa Spinmatic 802 ULFS 2-piece. 8ft 2-6lb $20 SOLD Phenix Elixir FX801-2 2-piece. 8ft 1-6lb $150 SOLD (2) Custom Shikari one piece rods . 8ft. Not sure what model they are...
  34. morfius


    Reels are all clean. Would rate them 7-9+/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. Shipping on your dime. Paypal accepted as friends and family. Otherwise add 3.5%. Curado 301E $150 SOLD It has a little scratch on the hatch. Couldn't get my camera to focus on it. Calcutta 400D $225 SOLD Little...
  35. morfius

    WTB 40# or 50# braid. Looking for a good deal

    Like title says, I'm looking to buy some good quality, inexpensive spectra in the 40-50# range. Not in a rush. Just looking to respool my reels some time this winter after the season ends. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance
  36. morfius

    FS New Calstar 765M 40-100lb

    Have a new, still in the plastic, 765M I want to sell. This rod has the ring guides as opposed to roller guides. Big BFT are being caught. Don't be undergunned. $300 OBO. Google if you need pics, since this rod is NEW.
  37. morfius

    FS Shimano Curado I series baitcasters

    Have the following for sale. All in 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. $110 each. (1) 200PG - SOLD (2) 200I (2) 200HG
  38. morfius

    FS Shimano Torium 20

    Just serviced and everything is clean. Spins well and drags are smooth. I have the clamp, just not in the pics. $125
  39. morfius

    FS New Stella SW20000PG

    SOLD! Trying to raise some funds. Reel is new, with paperwork and pouch, but no box.
  40. morfius

    SOLD! NIB Shimano Sustain 10000FG

    SOLD Reel is still sealed in the box. Brand new. We all know what they look like. $280. PayPal gift. Ship on your dime.
  41. morfius

    SOLD Phenix Mirage trout rod

    SOLD! Have a 9/10 ultralight Phenix rod I'd like to sell. It's super clean. $110 face to face or ship at cost (~$20 for shipping and tube). Here are some specs: MF561-1 5'6" 1-5lb 1/32 - 1/8 oz. 1 Moderate action. Alps seat with Exotic Burl / Cork EVA Split Grip
  42. morfius

    Need a couple ho's?

    My buddy and I are hoping to fish next week. He desperately wants to catch his first tuna of the year. We can go any day except Wednesday. We're both non-smokers and might have a beer or two but generally don't drink on a boat. Know the drill with gas and cleanup. Thank you in advance.
  43. morfius

    FS Shimano Calcutta 300TE

    This reel is mechanically perfect. Has some slight rash, but it's all superficial. $215
  44. morfius

    FS Alutecnos 20

    Got a pair of Alutecnos single speed reels. These are awesome bait and light trolling reels, with serious drags. Both were serviced at end of last summer and have not been used since. $250 each.
  45. morfius

    FS Shimano spinners: Saragosa, Sustain, Stradic Ci4 & Ci4+

    Have a few spinners for sale. All reels have been serviced and are 10/10 mechanically. Prefer face to face, but will ship for $5 more. Paypal accepted as friends and family or else add 3.5%. Saragosa 20000SW. 9/10 cosmetic. Only marks are 2 scuffs you can see in the pics. $275 Sustain...
  46. morfius

    FS 2 Accurate 270

    Got 2 of these for sale. Both have been well cared for and maintained. The one with the stamped sideplate was serviced 6 months ago and hasn't been used since. $220 each OBO
  47. morfius

    WTB Newell screws

    I have a Newell 546 that's missing a couple screws. One for left sideplate and one for right sideplate. Thought I'd check here before looking on ebay. Anyone have spares or know where I can get them? Thanks
  48. morfius

    FS Few more Shimano reels

    Have a few more Shimano reels for sale. Prefer face to face, but will ship for $5/reel. Paypal accepted as friends and family or else add 3.5%. Reels have been serviced and work perfectly. New, no box, Thunnus Ci4 8000 $200 Sold Mint Stradic Ci4 4000F $150 Sold Mint Calcutta 200D $215 Sold...
  49. morfius

    FS Shimano spinners: Sustain, Stradic Ci4 & Ci4+

    Have a few Shimano spinning reels for sale. All reels are either mint condition or new. Prefer face to face, but will ship for $5 more. Paypal accepted as friends & family or else add 3.5%. Here goes Sustain 3000FG mint condition $215 Sold Stradic Ci4 4000F mint condition $150 Sold...
  50. morfius

    FS NIB Shimano TLDII 20A

    Have a new in box TLDII 20A. No pics, cuz it's NEW. $200
  51. morfius

    FS Gold Trinidads

    Got a few of the Gold Trinidads for sale. The 16 and 20 have upgraded carbontex drags. The 14 has stock drags. All have been serviced. They've also had their drag plate upgraded by Cal Sheets. They show the usual signs of use, but are still very clean. Trinidad 14 with clamp $200 Sold...
  52. morfius

    Suggestions for which boat to rockfish right now

    It's been waaaay to long since I've been able to get on the water. Would love to do some rockfishing on an overnight-1.5 day trip. Doesn't look like Seaforth has anything going out right now. Anyone have suggestions for boats? Thanks in advance!
  53. morfius

    FS Calcutta 400D, 401D, 200D

    Got a bunch of Shimano Calcutta D series reels. All reels rate 8.5-9/10 cosmetically (except for the new 400D), 10/10 mechanically. If you need more pics, PM me with your email. NEW with box Calcutta 400D $280 SOLD Calcutta 401D $250 This one has a couple of hairline scratches by the handle...
  54. morfius

    FS Shimano conventional reels

    Have some more reels up for sale. Reels range from excellent used condition to new in box. All have been serviced and will perform flawlessly. Paypal accepted as friends and family or add 3.5%. Shipping $5. Shimano Trinidad 12 gold version. Has the clamp. $200 Sold Shimano Trinidad 12A...
  55. morfius

    Killed em on the Islander

    Late post cuz I've been busy the last couple days. Got a chance to fish the Islander 1.5 that left last Friday and came back on Sunday morning. Fishing started late for us because Capt. John wasn't seeing any fish but had intel that there were lots of fish further south. So he made the...
  56. morfius

    FS Lots of Salas and Tady jigs

    I have a couple HUNDRED jigs. Mostly Salas and Tady, with some Ironman and others mixed in. 6x, 6x Jr, 7x, 45, AA and the like. Surface and heavy irons. New to well used. Lots of colors and patterns. $20 for 5 or $35 for 10. Face to face transaction or ship on your dime. PM me with your...
  57. morfius

    FS Shimano Curado 300EJ

    Have a new, no box Curado 300EJ for sale. Sticker still on the spool. Can spool with about 150yds of 50lb spectra for free. $180. I accept Paypal gift or add 3.5%. Shipping for another $5. Sold
  58. morfius

    FS Loomis and Truline rods

    Got a few rods that would be great for the tuna and yellowtail bite right now. G Loomis BBR 966C 8ft Mag-Heavy 25-45lb line rating Sold Truline BJ7 7ft. Great for 25-30lb. Deckhand wrap with cord and turkhead. $200 OBO Truline CX4. Hard to find black glass. 7'6". Great 25lb rod...
  59. morfius

    FS Shimano bass combos

    Got a couple of setups that would be great for local bass. First is a Shimano Calcutta 100B matched with a custom 6' graphite rod. It's the one with the calico decal and tapered foam grips. Second is a Calcutta 200B matched with a custom 6'6" graphite rod. It's the one with the blue and red...
  60. morfius

    FS Talica 25II

    Have a very clean Shimano Talica 25 2-speed. Couple of small dings that look worse than they are since I really tried to get up close. Just went over it so it works perfectly. Has a couple hundred yds of 120lb powerpro. Has clamp but no box. Might have a reel bag as well. $500. Will ship...
  61. morfius

    For Sale: Stella 10K, Sustain 5000FG, Curado G's

    Got a few more things for sale. No trades please. Offers welcome, but I'll ignore lowballers. New with box Shimano Stella 10000SW. Box is a bit worse for the wear, but reel is new. Have pouch, manual, and accessory piece to change from left- to right-handed. $650 Sold New, no box Stella...
  62. morfius

    Suuuuuper late report. Vagabond 6/8-6/13. Killed em!

    Sorry for the super late report. I haven't had much free time to write and wanted to do justice to the boat, the skipper, and the trip. We departed at 10AM and spent the next couple hours getting some very well cured sardines. After getting bait, Skipper Mike begins the welcome...
  63. morfius

    My WSB season keeps getting better

    Late report because I've been swamped, but my friend and I were on the Ultra out of 22nd St. Landing earlier this week for a charter. We fished San Clemente. Weather was super and squid was plentiful. I was awakened by the sounds of heavy footfalls followed by some thuds on the deck. Turns...
  64. morfius

    For Sale: New Shimano Spinners

    All sold. Thanks! Got a few new spinning reels for sale. Reels are new, but no boxes/paperwork/spare spools. No trades please. Pm me with your email if you need more pics, but these reels are new so there aren't any marks on them. (2) Stradic Ci4 4000F $150 each Sustain 3000FG. Comes...
  65. morfius

    For Sale: Shimano Calcutta 400D, 400TE, Trinidad 16N, Trinidad 30A Curado 300E

    All sold. Thanks Got a few more reels for sale. No trades please unless you've got an unusual or rare reel. Mint Calcutta 400D with box. Only a couple tiny nicks. $260 Sold Calcutta 400TE with box. Has hairline scratches, but not too bad. New 15lb mono. $240 Sold Trinidad 16N in good...
  66. morfius

    What a way to kick off my summer

    Let me start by saying that I've only caught 2 wsb ever and the last one was 5 years ago. Saw that the Pride was starting to get on them and my schedule aligned with Capt. Greg's running of the boat, so made the decision to sign up for his $100 wsb deal. What a great decision that was! We...
  67. morfius

    For Sale: Shimano Sustain, Stella, Tranx HG, TLD 30II, Torium 16

    Got a few reels for sale. Prefer face to face deals, but will ship for another $5. Paypal gift please. Used reels have been serviced and spin great with smooth drags. New Sustain 2500FG includes kickstand $220 Sold Mint Stella 4000FD. Not a single scratch or scuff. Comes with pouch...
  68. morfius

    Shimano Spinners: Stradic, Stradic Ci4, Saros A

    All Sold Got a bunch more reels. All are new or near mint condition. The used ones have a scuff here or there. Tried to get a few pics of the scuffs. Money back if you're not happy. I'll be happy to ship for an additional $5. Paypal gift or add 3.5%. Here goes: Top Row New Stradic Ci4...
  69. morfius

    FS More Newells

    All sold. Got another batch of Newells for sale. Prices are OBO, but let's be reasonable with the offers. OG P440 with box. 4-stack drags. Great shape. $175 Now $160 Sold S338 Brand new, never used. $140 Sold S338 Mint condition. $125 Sold C631-4.2 in great shape. $200 Now $180...
  70. morfius

    For Sale TLD 10, 15, 20

    Got few TLDs for sale. All work great. Just a little faded. Can ship for $5 more, paypal gift. TLD 10 $80 TLD 15 $65 TLD 20 $85 Spooled almost full with 65lb Izorline braid.
  71. morfius

    8-9ft Calstar G Loomis Shimano (Made in Washington)

    Price reduded Got a few long rods for sale. Descriptions are from left to right. Prices are OBO, but please be reasonable. 1. Shimano Calcutta 825FR Made in Washington. $120 Sold 2. Calstar West Coast WCDH 220C. 8'6" 15-30lb. Great chovie stick. Cork tape is a little old. $90 Now...
  72. morfius

    Old School Shikari rods

    Got 3 Shikari spinning rods. They are 8ft, custom wrapped. These would be great for big trout or surf fishing. Not sure of the blank, but I'd say 6-12lb test range. Come with old model Shimano reels: Stradic 1000, Symetre 1000, and Sonora 2000. Reels are a bit dusty but work fine...
  73. morfius

    Accurate 197 and 270

    Got a couple more reels. Both just serviced by Accurate, with the receipts to prove it. 197 is spooled 3/4 with 40lb braid. $260 Sold 270 spooled 2/3 with 50lb braid. $230
  74. morfius

    Shimano Trinidad A, Talica, Calcutta D

    The weather's getting warmer and the yellows are starting to show. I have a few reels to sell to finance some trips. :rofl: I can spool with mono and possibly some spectra, depending on what weight you want. Prices are OBO, but let's not go crazy. Lowball offers will be kindly ignored...
  75. morfius

    Pac Star rockfishing as SBI 3/10/13

    Got back REALLY late last night from another epic trip on the Pac Star. Our original plan was to fish Santa Barbara and San Nicolas for two days but the storm and wind made conditions too rough to go out on Friday night. So Capt Mike delayed our departure til Saturday night and told us we'd...
  76. morfius


    I have some unexpected time on my hands tonight. Just wondering if the jumbo squid are still around and if so, which boats are running? I can drive as far south as Dana Point. Thanks!
  77. morfius

    Candy bar, Newellie, Kicker irons

    Got a few old irons that I think fome collectors would like. There are 6 irons in all: 3 Kickers, 2 Candy Bars, 1 Newellie. The Newellie and the white Kicker are heavy jigs, the rest are surface irons. Selling as a lot. $60 obo. Now $50 obo
  78. morfius

    Bowen's and Plano tackle boxes

    I have a Bowen's Sportsman and a Plano Guide series tackle box. The Bowen's box is in good condition. No rust on the hinges, locks are easy to open and close. Measures 18 x 11.5 x 11.5. Comes as seen, with some weights, hooks, swivels, leadheads, and plastics. $125 Now $110 The Plano is in...
  79. morfius

    Large Pelagic kill bag 58x28

    I have a used but good condition Pelagic kill bag. It's in good shape. No holes or big tears. The only 2 things I can find wrong with it are a little tear by the drain plug and the zipper is busted. $130 obo. Sold
  80. morfius

    Good quality boat rods

    Sold I've got a few rods that aren't getting used. They have some mileage on them but are still in good shape and very fishable. Selling as a package so please don't ask about splitting them. I prefer face to face transaction. Custom wrapped Calstar Grafighter 700L in black/purple with blue...
  81. morfius

    Voyager 2.5 day. Plugged the boat!

    ***EDIT*** Video in post #25 and long report in #27 Exhausted. Just got back, rinsed the gear and put the fish on ice. Will give the long report later. Here's the short report for now: Day 1: good fishing with some nice dodos, about 20 YFT, and all you could want rat YT Day 2: WFO! More...
  82. morfius

    Pinion gear

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pinion gear for a Newell 300. If you have one that you can part with, please let me know. Thank you.
  83. morfius

    Shimano Trinidad 30A

    I have a LNIB Trinidad 30A. Comes with box, tools, paperwork, everything. Can't say it's new because there is one tiiiiny scratch on the bottom of the reel. Can you see it? $400. Paypal and shipping extra. SOLD
  84. morfius

    2 lots of irons

    Got 2 tackle boxes full of irons. Various sizes, colors and patterns. SOLD Lot #1 for $30. Most are new with a couple used ones in very clean. shape. 4 UFO 1's 4 UFO 2's 6 UFO 3's 3 TLC FIRE 1's 2 TLC FIRE 3's _____________ That's 19 irons for $30 SOLD Lot #2 for $40. Half are new...
  85. morfius

    Tiagra 16

    Both reels sold. Got 2 Tiagra 16s for sale. First one got the freespool treatment by Cofe. Also blueprinted to fish up to 80lb. Spooled 2/3 full with 65lb spectra and topped with 50lb Izorline XXX. Was made into a topless reel as you can see. Used, but in excellent shape. Second reel is SOLD...
  86. morfius

    Tiagra 12

    SOLD-Thank you
  87. morfius

    Voyager 85lb and 98lb BFT

    Can't believe no one has posted a report or mentioned this. Saw on Voyager's/Jodie's facebook they got these bad boys on a 1 day trip! I wanna hear a report from whoever was on this trip!!!
  88. morfius

    Cheap rods under 7ft

    I have some Seeker, Calstar, Sabre and unknown blank rods for sale. There are 13 assorted rods in good/very good condition. Some factory wrapped, some custom wrapped. Unless otherwise stated, all rods selling for $60. I will be coming to SD this Sunday to fish and can meet you at Seaforth. If...
  89. morfius

    Cheap rods 7-8ft

    I have some Seeker, Shimano, Garcia Conolon, and Sabre rods for sale. There are 14 assorted rods ranging from good to near mint condition. Some factory wrapped, some custom wrapped. Unless otherwise stated, all rods selling for $60. I will be coming to SD this Sunday to fish and can meet you at...
  90. morfius

    Quality fish and good karma on the Voyager 8/3-8/5

    After paying my dues with a couple of fruitless trips earlier the summer, I finally got to bring home some fish. Long read but I think it's worth it. While waiting at the dock, heard some talk about a couple boats doing VERY well. Once we loaded up, Jodie confirmed the news. He had talked to...
  91. morfius

    Medium Tackle box

    I have a medium sized tackle box I'm not using. Brand is Bowen's and measures L17.5 x W11.5 x H11.5. Includes all you see, along with some lead and plastics. Comes with 40 irons and some trolling feathers. Makes of the irons include Salas, Tady, Straggler, Dix, Ironman, Jackpot and a couple...
  92. morfius

    Large tackle box

    I have a big tackle box taking up space. Not sure the brand, but it measures L24 x W15 x H18. Includes all you see, along with some lead and plastics. Comes with 56 irons, trolling lures, and some hoo bombs. Makes of the irons include Salas, Tady, Straggler, Ironman, Dix and a Rapala. Condition...
  93. morfius

    Accurates and Newells

    A few more reels I'd like to find new homes for. Coming down to SD to fish out of Seaforth this weekend if you want to meet. Accurate Boss Magnum 197 with cast control and ~250yds of 50lb spectra. $260 -SOLD Accurate B-270 spooled with 20lb mono. $260 -SOLD Accurate B2-270. Not quite new...
  94. morfius

    squid boats

    Anyone out there know what boats are working the dana point area? and if you do, do you know their number? my buddy is thinking of going out in the morning and wants to know if there's squid available. thanks
  95. morfius

    Truline LM7 black glass

  96. morfius

    Clean reel bearings?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, so please move if necessary. I've recently started servicing my own reels and have noticed that some of the bearings are packed with grease or have too much lube in them. So here is my question: How do I clean out the bearings in my reels? I want to use...
  97. morfius

    My first time at DVL 4/9/12

    Like the title says, this was my first trip to Diamond Valley. Got the call the fish were biting really good on Sunday. Headed out there at 4:30 Monday morning to meet up with a new fishing partner that knows that lake well. Couldn't have asked for better conditions. Sunny and warm. Better...
  98. morfius

    Rods. Lots of them. Conventional

    Bought some new toys and in an effort to consolidate, I need to get rid of some old ones. Some of these I will keep, depending on which other ones sell. All rods are used, unless otherwise stated. All rods in great shape (8-9.5/10 condition). Prefer face to face but will ship for an additional...
  99. morfius

    Fishing the Aztec before the storm 3/31

    Since my 3 day trip got cancelled on Wednesday, I scrambled to find another boat that was willing to brave the weather forecast and go hunt some bottom critters. Settled on the Aztec since I like fishing Seaforth and Phil's BBQ is 5 minutes away. :oinker::oinker::oinker: Met a fishing buddy...
  100. morfius

    My Trip got cancelled. What's available?

    FUCK! Got the call a few minutes ago that my 3 day trip on the Fortune this weekend got cancelled. AGAIN! Can't blame the captain though. But I have the itch and need to get out. Are there any boats fishing overnight, 1.5, 2 or 2.5 days this weekend? Prefer something in SD so I can drop...
  101. morfius

    Dana Point/San O sucked today

    Got a call last night that one of my fishing buddies wanted to fish this morning for a few hours. Thought it might be my only chance to fish this weekend with the storm coming. Launched from Dana Point harbor around 7:30. Decided not to buy bait. Spent over an hour trying to make bait at the...
  102. morfius

    Tiagra, TLD 10, Calais

    TLD 10 in great condition. Comes with clamp and new 25lb mono. $90 Shimano Tiagra 12 in 8.5-9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. Backed with 65lb spectra, topped with 30lb P-Line mono. $260 Shimano Calais 200A 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. Has tiny scuffs o nthe reel that I can't get on...
  103. morfius

    Super Seekers, Black Steel, Cumara

    NWT Super Seeker 196-8 CT 12-20lb. Shrink tube and turkshead $280 NWT Super Seeker 270-8 with reel seat 15-25lb. $280 Seeker Black Steel 270-8H. 20-30lb. In excellent condition with gold guides, shrink tube and turkshead. $140- SOLD Shimano Cumara CUS-DX68M spinning rod. 6-12lb. Mint...
  104. morfius

    Hooping before the storm

    Late report but better late than never. I haven't hooped nearly as much this year as in years past. I've been itching to go, but scheduling a trip has been hard this season. So my buddy and I went out early on Friday to get some bugs before the storm rolled in. We were on the water by 3...
  105. morfius

    Accurate 870 w/ cast control

    I have a practically new 870E I'm selling for $300. I had it mounted on my D8 for a couple trips but it never got used because there was never a good enough tuna bite last season. Not a mark on it and can pass as new. Spooled with 30lb mono and comes with box, papers and everything else a new...
  106. morfius

    Shimano Curado 300E

    SOLD! Mint, and I mean MINT condition. It's never been used, but since I don't have the box, I can't say it's new. No blemishes at all. $170. Prefer face to face deal. If you want it shipped, shipping and paypal on you.
  107. morfius

    Fished for trout, snagged a bass

    Calm down, don't get your panties in a bunch. There's a story behind this. Finished my day early and decided to hit up LMV as they just stocked yesterday. There were big fish to be caught, but it was really slow. So while soaking a doughbait on the dock, I turn around to see a large fish...
  108. morfius

    Yozuri & Rapala lures

    SOLD! This lot includes 2 Yozuri-F, 1 Mann's, 3 Rapalas, and 1 unknown diving lure. All in very good shape and hooks are very sharp. $50
  109. morfius

    Zukers and assorted tuna jigs

    I have an assorted lot of 7 Zukers feathers and other tuna jigs. The Zukers are unused and unrigged. The rest of the jigs are pre-rigged. $100.
  110. morfius

    Shimano, Daiwa, Calstar

    I have a few setups I'm looking to move. Reels are in great condition and have just been lubed and greased. They are 10/10 mechanically and spin great. Rods are factory wrapped Grafighter 700 series in great shape as well. Here goes: Calstar Grafighter 700L matched with a Shimano TLD 10. The...
  111. morfius

    Turkey day half day

    I've been on a few trips in the last couple months but have been too busy/lazy to post a report. But four of us went out today for a half day and it was really great. Weather was chilly but water conditions were perfect. 60-61 degrees, nice current most of the time, light breeze, and cured bait...
  112. morfius

    Shimano TLD 10, Penn 12T, Newell P447F, Trinidad 20, Penn Jigmaster

    Some reels I'm not using anymore: Shimano TLD 10 that's super clean: $100-SOLD Penn International 12T spooled with 25lb mono: $160-SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 with a Pro Gear handle: $225 (I can put the stock one back if you want) Also has gold Shimano clamp and carbontex drags. Newell P447F...
  113. morfius

    Eclipse did some damage 9/5/11

    First time on the Eclipse for me and I was very happy with the experience. I was a little nervous because of reports from a friend said the weather was nasty. Skipper Rick gave the normal speech and confirmed that the weather was up a bit, with wind 10-15knots and 5-6ft swells but assured us it...
  114. morfius

    Daiwa Saltist lever drag reels

    I have way too many reels, so I'm gonna sell a few to fund my next fishing trip. Lowball if you must, but I'm not in a hurry to sell these, nor am I desperate. Here goes: Daiwa Saltist LD20 2-speed. It's immaculate and could pass for new except for a tiny scratch on the left sideplate. You can...
  115. morfius

    Silver Avet JX 6/3

  116. morfius

    SCI on the Freedom $99 special 7/27-7/28

    My buddy and I really wanted to chase the tuna, especially since they showed up in promising numbers early in the week. But checking the reports from Wednesday and early Thursday, it seemed like we would be spending 3 bills to see lots of fish swimming and jumping around. So we decided to hop on...
  117. morfius

    Shimano Triton Beastmaster 12/30 with Beastmaster rod

    I have a really clean Triton Beastmaster 12/30 matched with a Triton Beastmaster rod. The rod could use some love as there is oxidation on the guides but not in the inserts. Right now, the reel is spooled with 25lb mono. Not sure what it's worth, so make me an offer.
  118. morfius

    O-fucking-sama bin fucking Laden is fucking dead!

    didn't know where else to put this. have never been happier about a guy taking a dirt nap
  119. morfius

    Newell P440F, P447F, G338F and some rods

    Selling a few things I hardly ever use anymore. Used the 440 and 447 mostly for bottom fishing and the 338 for bait. All reels in very good shape and were just serviced (by me). The 440 could use new line. Also have rods to go with these reels: Calstar 665, unknown Calstar blank 6.5ft good for...
  120. morfius

    old school Saltiga 40 with box

    title just about sums it up. clean with just a few light scratches on the left sideplate. just serviced and spooled 2/3 full with 50lb braid. looking to get $320 for it.
  121. morfius

    mako flies into dude's boat!

    crazy chit!
  122. morfius

    NWT St. Croix Mojo Bass dropshot rod

    I went a little overboard buying a crapload of stuff at Dick's clearance sale of their fishing equipment. I don't really need this rod so I thought I'd pass the savings on the a fellow BD'er. This is new, with tags, and receipt in case anyone needs proof that I bought it last week. After the...
  123. morfius

    Successful end to my season. Got my bugzilla!

    I haven't had the time to do much hooping this year. Seeing as how the season is ending soon, my buddy (who prefers to remain anonymous) and I went out last night. This was going to be my last trip of the season because I'm going to be too busy the rest of the week to go out again. It's been my...
  124. morfius

    nice day on the water 2/20/11

    Sorry for the late report, but there wasn't much going on anyways. Got a chance to go fishing on my friend Mike's Skipjack yesterday. Launched at 7:30 and headed out to find anything that would bite. Dropped anchor about a mile or so from on of the oil rigs and soaked some cut squid. And...
  125. morfius

    spool for Trinidad 16N

    Hi all, I'm looking for a reasonably priced spool for my Trini 16 Narrow. The older gold one, not the new A model. Thanks in advance
  126. morfius

    spool for Newell P440F

    i was told the p440f and the 533 use the same spool. anyone have an extra spool for this reel lying around? please pm me with the price. thanks in advance
  127. morfius

    Awesome fishing at Colonet on the Voyager 12/12/10

    As you know, the weather this weekend was just about as perfect as it can be. The fishing was even better than I expected. Jodie put us on some great spots and we all limited out on reds. Lots and lots of multiple reds were hooked. There were some salmon grouper in the mix but not in significant...
  128. morfius

    Magic Chef electric stove and oven

    This is a Magic Chef Time Savor electric oven and cooktop that is about 10 years old. It's clean and the range works perfectly. The oven stopped working a couple years ago and we just never got it fixed because we don't bake much. We are now getting a new oven and range for the house so this...
  129. morfius

    Senor Tuna fishing trip 11/12-11/14

    Got back from fishing San Nicolas and Santa Barbara aboard the Pacific Star last night from yet another successful ST charter. Like all ST trips I've been on, this one was great! Saw some familiar faces and made some new friends. Waiting to board First off, we made our own bait right...
  130. morfius

    Penn 16S with T-Bar handle

    practically new penn internationall II 16S 2-speed reel. old handle was replaced with mk II t-bar handle. spooled with fresh 40lb mono. $300 obo. $280 $270
  131. morfius

    New Lo-An 9/10: 82BFT, 21YFT

    Just got back and cleaned up from a last minute trip aboard the New Lo-An out out Point Loma. First off, I want to say that I paid perfectly good money for a fly-by-night operation that doesn't care whether I catch fish or not. Instead I got courteous, polite, knowledgeable and helpful crew...
  132. morfius

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20 DC

    Brand NEW, not a scratch on it Trini 20 DC. $350 No pics cuz it's NEW. Might be willing to trade for a reel of comparable value, ie. Talica. Shipping and Paypal on your dime. Lowballers welcome, if only for entertainment value. :rofl:
  133. morfius

    Voyager 2-day 8/13-8/15 late report

    i'd been looking forward to this trip for months because of all the hype about el nino this and el nino that. put off earlier trips so i could save the dough to go on this one. guess i should have gone when the bluefin showed up for the handful of days...:zelfmoord anyway, 15 of us get on the...
  134. morfius

    rod clamp for my pro gear

    i've got a pro gear cs 501 and need a clamp for it. i'd prefer blue or silver. please let me know if you have one and how much. thanks
  135. morfius

    fishing on the Spectra 7/22

    I've been trying to fish on the Spectra for weeks but my schedule and theirs never worked out until yesterday. It was worth tweaking my schedule! If you have not fished the Spectra before, it is a top notch operation. The crew (Capt Chris, Auggie, Ted, and Dennis) were professional...
  136. morfius

    Huntington Flats

    Sorry for the late report but I crashed as soon as I lied/layed? down yesterday and didn't wake up till 5am. Anyway, fished the Flats yesterday with my new friends Mike and James, and just about anything that would float and had a prop. We fished mostly around the fringes of the crowd, not...
  137. morfius

    Jigmaster 99, Senator trolling setup

    I've got a jigmaster 500 converted to the 99 (albacore special) with a Tiburon frame and spool. Switched out the standard handle with a power handle. It's really clean and has 40lb string on it. $100 obo Also have a Senator 6/0 that's just been serviced and greased and spooled with 60lb mono...
  138. morfius

    good 20lb spinning reel

    hi, i'm looking for an inexpensive spinning reel to pair with a rod i have to be used as a beginner setup for my friends. i would prefer a baitrunner 3500 but something of similar size will work. i have cash but also lots of gear if you are up for a trade. thanks
  139. morfius

    old school Phenix rods, Calstar Baby Boomers & Avet and Trinidad

    First up, I have 3 of the old Phenix Boron bass rods in good/great condition. They are 5 1/2ft long. 1st is rated 6-15lb, 2nd is rated 8-17lb, and 3rd is rated 8-20lb. I took pictures but you can't see anything unless it's a closeup and then you don't get any perspective. You'll just have to see...
  140. morfius

    Rockfishing San Nicolas w/ Senor Tuna

    Fished the Pacific Star with Capt. Mike Bullard over the weekend. I got started late and had to hussle to get to the landing in time but all was well once I got on board. Fished with an awesome group of people from BD and Senor Tuna. Made some new friends (Odium, Johnnyfish, Bounty....) and...
  141. morfius

    any overnight trips this week?

    not sure if this belongs inshore or offshore but i just found out i've got tuesday, wednesday and thursday (2/23-2/25) off. after reading all the reports about the fishing at colonett, i really want to try out. does anyone know if there are any trips and which boats are going there this week...
  142. morfius

    any overnight trips available?

    not sure if this belongs inshore or offshore but i just found out i've got tuesday, wednesday and thursday (2/23-2/25) off. after reading all the reports about the fishing at colonett, i really want to try out. does anyone know if there are any trips and which boats are going there this week...
  143. morfius

    Penn reels with Accurate and Tiburon upgrades

    i have some leftover gear from my last post that didn't sell as well as some more stuff i'm looking to get rid of. pm me if you want more pics. 1) penn senator 4/0 with accurate frame, accuplates and pro gear handle. great shape with some minor scratches. $220 2) penn jigmaster 501 (actual...
  144. morfius

    got soaked

    first off: kids, don't try this at home! checked the weather reports and thought we might sneak in a little hooping tonight so that we could have some fresh lobster for the big game. on the water by 4:30 and it didn't look too bad. windy with barely a drizzle. started getting wetter as the...
  145. morfius


    we wanted to take advantage of the weather and decided to try to get a few bugs before the next storm rolls around. on the water some time after 4 and set our 10th hoop at 5:15. started pulling 20 minutes after the sun went down. first set had 7 legals and 1 short. after resetting our last net...
  146. morfius

    Calstar, Shimano, G-Loomis rods

    Hey guys and gals, here are the rods I'm looking to sell. Will post pics in the afternoon. If you want close ups of any particular rod, pm me and include your email address and I'll get them to you asap. All prices are OBO but I'm not desperate so lowballers will be ignored. factory Calstar...
  147. morfius

    Newell reels

    for those of you who have the time to educate a noob, i've always heard about newells and how great they are. can anyone out there tell me the history of carl newell and his reels? which series came out first? how many series are there? what's the difference between the P, G, R, L, S (am i...
  148. morfius

    Our first limit!

    My buddy the boat owner and I have been doing the hooping thing for a several years now. After putting much time and money on the water, we've only started to experience any measure of success about 2 seasons ago . We've never caught limits for the two of us in one night before and at the...
  149. morfius

    or Trade Miscellaneous gear: rods, reels, flying gaffs

    the season's over and done so now i'm cleaning out gear that just doesn't get used. some stuff is great for beginners while some is for the hardcore fisherman. some if it's mine, some of it is a friend's that's too lazy to do it himself. lots of gear and prices are somewhat flexible. i've sold a...
  150. morfius

    three bugs and lost gaff

    got off work early today so went out on my friend's boat to do some hooping. tow the boat to huntington harbor and on the water by 4:30. lots of wind and chop heading out but died down later in the night. long story short, we got 3 legals and 2 shorts. kept the shorts and threw the legals...
  151. morfius

    Did someone get some gear stolen recently?

    not sure where to put this but thought i should get the word out. i also posted this in the classifieds. i saw an ad on craigslist late last night for an avet pro ex 50/2 used for 5-6 times and comes with box and paperwork for $200. i sent an email with my number to the seller who said that...
  152. morfius

    Did someone get some gear stolen recently?

    not sure where to put this but thought i should get the word out. i saw an ad on craigslist late last night for an avet pro ex 50/2 used for 5-6 times and comes with box and paperwork for $200. i sent an email with my number to the seller who said that if i came by right away, he'd sell it to me...
  153. morfius


    hi everyone, the season is finally picking up and i'm looking to go fishing. i'm looking to go out labor day weekend. does anyone have any recommendations or preferences on which boat to jump on? thanks in advance for any all all advice. tight lines!
  154. morfius

    PB YT X3

    dead tired so will give short version now. 195 miles traveled. water ranged between 68-70.6. my first bluefin was also first fish on the boat. cool, skunk is off. 1st yellowtail off a paddy near south island is my personal best. cool! next yellow is bigger so new pb. even better! 3rd...
  155. morfius

    where to fish?

    so it turns out i have friday off. i would love to go out and do some fishing. any recommendations on an overnighter or 1.5 day? i'd prefer to fish out of san diego for the shorter ride to the fishing grounds. thanks for any and all suggestions
  156. morfius

    While everyone else was targeting the cudas and sandbass.....

    late report but better late than never. my buddy and i went out on sunday morning looking to put some fish on the boat. got a great scoop of chovies from nacho and decided that we didn't want to deal with the crowds chasing the cudas and sandbass. hit a spot that had produced some good...
  157. morfius

    Some rods and reels before I put them on Ebay

    Like the title says, I'm selling some stuff and thought I'd give fellow BD'ers first dibs. Items go on Ebay the day after I come back from my overnighter on the Apollo on Wednesday, July 15. Pictures of reels only because it's too hard to get a good picture of a rod. Here's what I have: REELS...
  158. morfius

    fishing in Cabo

    hi all, i know this is the wrong forum but i thought i would get more exposure to my question over here. i also have my question posted in the fishing in baja section. anyway, this is a little late to pose this question but some friends and i going to cabo on wednesday and would like to go...
  159. morfius

    fishing in Cabo

    hi all, this is a little late to pose this question but some friends and i going to cabo on wednesday and would like to go fishing. i am probably the most experienced angler (not saying much LOL) and my friends just want to pull on some fish. doesn't have to be anything fancy: local inshore...
  160. morfius

    Which boat do I pick?

    I have a question and if this is the wrong forum, please excuse me and point me in the right direction. I bought a reel at the Fred Hall Show in LB and got a free overnight trip out of it. My choices of boats to go on are the Apollo, Vagabond and Freedom. I believe these are Shimano...
  161. morfius

    Which boat do I pick?

  162. morfius

    APB on "Dirty Oar"

    a friend and i got some salmon heads and mackerel this afternoon a headed out from huntington harbor around 5 with high hopes. the weather cooperated as we had mild temperatures, no wind or rain and decent tidal movement. since NO ONE was around our not-so-secret spot, we set 7 of our nets. we...
  163. morfius

    late rockfish report aboard the voyager

    jumped on the voyager overnighter for some rockfishing along the coast and it was the best $99 i've spent in a long time. met some great fellow anglers and the experience was great. the only thing better was the weather. flat as a sheet and warm, almost hot. we fished between 250-400 ft and...
  164. morfius

    old sabre rods

    i put this question in another part of the forum but need an answer quick so please forgive me for asking it here. i have a chance to buy a couple very old sabre rods that say "golden sabre" on them. also have the word "nypoxy" on them. they're long (like 8 ft). i was wondering how much...
  165. morfius

    Sabre Rods

    i had a question and wondered if someone here can help me. i have a chance to buy a couple very old sabre rods that say "golden sabre" on them. also have the word "nypoxy" on them. they're long (like 8 ft). i was wondering how much they're worth so i don't overpay for them. can somebody...
  166. morfius

    magging an avet sx

    i've heard of people 'magging' their avets. what does that mean? what is the advantage of a 'magged' reel vs. one that is not? how is it done? easy to do or more difficult? and finally, would it be a good idea to do this to my sx? a lot of questions, but i'm a dumbass :gay: any and all...
  167. morfius

    rod clamp for saltist 30TH

    i have a saltist but no rod clamp or screws. called daiwa and was told it would take at least 4 weeks to get parts in. don't want to wait that long, itching to try it out on my new 700ml. been looking around but can't find spare parts. can anybody help me? thanks in advance
  168. morfius

    which is the better line?

    i've recently invested in some better reels and rods. now i'm wondering 'mono or fluoro?' can anyone tell me the strengths and weaknesses of either. cost? how often they need to be replaced? any brands that you think are good? you know, talk to me like i'm a complete idiot that doesn't...
  169. morfius

    went fishing saturday, caught 2 fish

    sorry for the really late post but i couldn't find my camera. haven't gone out for a while but got an invitation to fish my friend's boat on saturday. really nice weather, great bait (squid), perfect conditions. no fish. moved around a lot trying to find them, but not much success...
  170. morfius

    late report for 7-9-07 on the ocean odyssey

    short report: 3 guys, 14 fish, 1 jackpot long report: i wanted to get on a 2 day or 1.5 day trip over the weekend cuz i've been seeing the reports about the albacore going off. problem was, i was a groomsman for a friend's wedding on saturday :nopity: hmm... childhood friend's wedding or...
  171. morfius

    ridiculous 2 days of fishing

    went fishing saturday morning on my friend's (thomasfishing) boat with his son and another friend. we wanted to slay some wsb or yellows, but the skipper heard there would be wind and swells so he decides to stay close to home. based on what i've been reading about the fishing at catalina, it...
  172. morfius

    slow at catalina

    my buddy calls in sick, then asks me if i want to go to catalina with him yesterday. so off we went. cleared HH around noon. one of the smoothest rides i've ever experienced going over there. fished the east end. not a lot there. got a handful of small bonita, 2 opaleye, and a few blue perch...
  173. morfius

    First real post

    Been lurking around the fringes, reading everyone's posts and waiting for the day when I can put up something worthy. This is my first real post and I had to wait almost a week to get the pics.:nopity: But here goes....... Left Wednesday 11/22 from HH around 11:00 with two friends. Plan was...
  174. morfius

    fishing in cancun?

    i'm going to be in cancun with my family at the end of the month. nobody else fishes but me. was hoping to get some suggestions on where to go, who to talk to, what to bring (if anything), and what i can expect down there. any help will be appreciated. hopefully i'll have some pics from this...