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    For Sale Tiburon Smart Shift 6 Back From Kens $ 375

    Ahh Jeez MIke- still want my Harrnell?
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    SOLD JRI jigs all surface

    I'd be interested in 2 3s and 3 4s.
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    WTB Older rods

    I'll trade or $500 OBO.
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    WTB Older rods

    How about a 670 psychedelic?
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    What island is this?

    Named for the English pirate/privateer John Clipperton. Only atoll in Eastern Pacific. Also know as the Isla de Passion. Bizarre history of insanity, murder, abandonment, and rescue from a Guano harvesting enterprise over a hundred years ago. Possession of France and administered the the Tahiti...
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    For Sale Tiburon Smart Shift 6 Back From Kens $ 375

    Is it still for sale? I need an extra 6.
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    Black Truline rod

    Crap. Hope you didn't pay over $50 for it.
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    For Sale Composite jigs

    Ah jeez. Ken- the fixed hook one is worth $25 alone.
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    For Sale Jerry Brown Hollow Spectra, 40 #, 2100 yds

    That's a lot of 40#. Don't have 80 or 100?
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    For Sale MOVED -- Fin-Nor No 3 -- MOVED

    These should go fast. Are they listed in the main section?
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    SOLD Withdrawn-Fishing Lures Jigs

    Ah jeez Bruce- if you need $40 we could just pitch in a few bucks each and you can keep your lures
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    For Sale Mint Stella 18000SW and Titan TPX800M

    Stella's do retain their value, but is it the latest 2019 re-design or is it a 2018 or earlier?
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    In the 13th century. They had no renaissance.
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    No truer words have ever been spoken! I've told his time would be better spent learning Russian folk songs instead. Russians are cheating, lying, brutal, conniving motherfuckers that will do anything to push their own way of life upon us- whatever that happens to be presently. Never mind the...
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    For Sale Fuji Guides Aftco

    If Dan doesn't take them I will.
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    TRADE OC/IE Tiburon SST 16

    Last one I bought was at Ken's booth at Fred Hall............and you know where I'm going with this.
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    SOLD Schnabel’s

    See you have your Salvadore Dali mask on today.
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    SOLD Schnabel’s

    I'd buy a couple- black one, blue w/silver chevron, shiny one too.
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    For Sale TRULINES (4) 3 NEW 1 USED ONCE

    4X-$125. LM8- $200. BVB57- $0. BB57- $0.
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    Truline Hxc 7'

    "We". What the Funk and Wagnalls is up with that?
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    SOLD iiSharp jigs !!

    Old or not, if you want to dance you got to pay the piper. In March a prominent jig guy sold 7 to a guy for $120. He'd of given to me for a $100, but I was a little late. He then put me in touch with a guy who bought most of Craig's inventory at the end. I thought he'd give me a fair price...
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    SOLD iiSharp jigs !!

    You guys know the molds are floating around out there, somewhere. All the new jigs- 44 will out fish everyone.
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    SOLD iiSharp jigs !!

    I've got 4 dozen. 25% heavies. $1000 takes it and I'll throw in the Bowen Baja Ranger jig box!
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    Best $40 ever!

    Picked up a JX this morning from the factory service. Thank you George and the technicians that rebuilt my reel. Works far better(25-30%) across the board than when new. Reel is going into third decade of service. I bought it 2007-2008. I have used it a lot in the 40-50 bait role. Bought...
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    WTB Trulines d8,d8h

    Was that "sneakers" for trade? I have a pristine purple D8. You got a grand? Wrapped about 15 years ago from virgin blank. Had a reel on it one time, one trip, never used.
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    Abel fly reels for sale

    Oh me, oh my! Surprised I haven't seen more Abels.
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    ID help with jigs

    Brick and mortar?
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    ID help with jigs

    "Business of fishing"! How's that?
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    ID help with jigs

    Sputnik! Where did you get that?
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    For Sale Very old aluminum lures.

    SIC prices the Putter at $145 and the 101 at $300. My 101 is not stamped. You scoffers have any? "Want to dance? You got to pay the Piper". Make me an offer........
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    For Sale Very old aluminum lures.

    Putter-stamped. Starman Candybar 101- no markings. $325.00 OB0.
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    For Sale 10wt Fly Rod Reel Combo

    What would you take for the rod?
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    For Sale Accurate ATD30T

    Only time I ever score a reel on B/D is when it's posted in the wrong section!
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    WTB Looking for Green MH, Black MH Truline not progear.

    I'll check what I have in the pile. Get back to later.
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    For Sale Penn 16/0 Reel-excellent condition

    You have both harness lugs, right? Solid cast bronze spool? Not three piece, right?
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    2 stick baits and the popper- $100. Not I interested in the knife jigs.
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    I'd be interested in the 'Madonna and Child' plate in the case. Also, original owner deminuative?
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    WTB Red Trulines

    No interest in A red 39? Have you ever seen a red M8? I've only seen green.
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    For Sale Moving out of state selling all my rods

    What do you want for the D8? All the rods about $275?
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    Truline D8 glass help

    Today is a bad day to take a picture. When the sun comes out I'll take a picture of all the glass colors up to the time of Collins death. I do not have any of the crap that was made after that. Caramel, chocolate, green, black, red, purple and various browns. Part of my problem is that I'm color...
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    Truline D8 glass help

    5" off the tip! "Scored"!!!!! WTF- size 18 or 20 tip? Full length in pristine condition is the score. Like this:
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    For Sale 2014 GMC Savana Cargo Van

    Can you send pictures. Craigslist expired. Still available?
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    SOLD Nissan titan 4wd

    Might be interested.
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    Truline D8 glass help

    How about more pics? Red one cut from butt? How do you know it's an OD8? Writing? Or what?
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    Alternative to FlexxRap

    Benzoin tincture. Pharmacies may have it on the shelf. If not, readily available on line. It will toughen the skin quickly in the affected area. "Calico Bass Thumb" mitigated.
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    Don't vote Democrat.

    Jackie Lacey's husband is a registered Democrat. He had no problem pointing a handgun at some early morning protestors. Did any of you guys notice that. You guys have to understands that "Dems" are armed to the teeth, as am I.
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    TRADE Truline " LM9 " cut down to "8" foot to swap for red glass BO36

    No truer words have ever been spoken about you putative LM9.
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    Job Opportunity at Avet

    I'm calling the plan tomorrow morning
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    TRADE Truline " LM9 " cut down to "8" foot to swap for red glass BO36

    In Hamlet Queen Gertrude says,"the lady doth protest too much, methinks". Who knew Shakespeare could be relevant here on bloodydecks!
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    TRADE Truline " LM9 " cut down to "8" foot to swap for red glass BO36

    You know, I've got a pristine AT50 trolling rod. I'll trade you for your lm9. It seems like you like trolling an awful lot.
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    FREE forget it

    Text address- I'll be right over.
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    WTB truline D8 40#

    Son, everybody wants a 40# D8. Do not be discouraged. Keep searching. As President John Kennedy said, "we do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard". Ask questions. Seek counsel. Buy the half a dozen or so rods that every novitiate does. Get burned. Develop an "eye''...
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    Job Opportunity at Avet

    ? I mean it.
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    Finding Some Cool Jigs Lately

    Jed a Welsh was an outdoor writer.
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    TRADE Truline " LM9 " cut down to "8" foot to swap for red glass BO36

    How is the ridge on the blank? How far does it go up?
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    For Sale Clearing out the last of my reels- Newell Reels

    Do the little blue clamps come with all the reels?
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    For Sale Penn 114h wahoo special 86.00

    What else do you have floating around? Some. Stuff has a greater value than others. You don't happen to have any rods or lures do you?
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    Long Term Reliability of Fuji Reel Seats - Custom Rod

    Having some fly rods built. Kitted the 13-15 wt. & 12 wt. with Alps triangle seats. Used the Fuji type on a couple of 11 wt.s and an absolutely adorable titanium colored Alps on an 8 wt. There are no clamps on a fly reel. If I'm hanging a Super 14, 13, or 12. I don't want to break it off. Also...
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    For Sale Penn 114h wahoo special 86.00

    I've got a set of Accurate high speed gears. Never put them into the narrowed 114H I have. Did the calculation and it takes in less line per crank than a 349H do to the spool diameter. I have fond memories of a Stika trip when fishing it on a cut Truline with 80# and. Salas Yoyo 3 I caught a 25#...
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    Job Opportunity at Avet

    When can I start? Should I call the plant and talk to Scott or to Sarkis?
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    Jackoff, oh, I mean, Jackfin!
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    TRADE Truline BOG D8 Blank Red Glass

    Isn't that one of Texastunas' alias'?
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    Old Post.

    Old Post.
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    Salas PL68?

    I'll take it. I know what it is.
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    SOLD Stickbaits for sale

    Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest said, "you got to get there fastest with the mostest". In this case it probably didn't matter as he's been arrested or his meth dealer whacked him.
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    SOLD Stickbaits for sale

    I was #2, so I'll have to try harder! Oh, he didn't sell them to me.
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    So where is the 140 Trulines?
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    Spinner Conundrum

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    For Sale EX Seeker

    "Willing to trade all of the above items for 1 black Truline D8". Yeah, that and your first born male child!
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    This is not going to be a popular answer. As much as I like Jeff's OCT and Jerry's #3, if I had only one jig to throw it would be a mint/gold/white IISharp 38. 38 is "C"/PUTTER length. I've caught everything on them- calico, 'cuda, bonito, and yellows. A little light, so 25# or 30# is required...
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    If you can only pick 4 phenix rods...

    I love Phenix. Brought my first one in 1976. I have a 10# fly rod of theirs! My suggestion is you buy 4 randomly. Then by 6-10 more later.
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    Homicide jigs

    I remember seeing something with an address on Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica. Had to be some connection to Douglas Aircraft. Aluminum scrape was freely available. As I remember it Captain Putter also cast the first cast aluminum in Santa Monica.
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    Roddy Powermaster Factory Lengths

    Hey Tom, I was still in junior high school when Roddy went out of business. I believe that was 1966.
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    Patriot reels

    For once I actually agree with you. I would never our flag on a fishing reel. However, I'm certain the boys at Avet could put for instance the Russian tricolor or even the red blue and red tricolor with the gold hammer and sickle in the corner with a star representing the former Armenian Soviet...
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    WTB Looking any psychedelic, green, or odd colored Sabre blanks or rods for sale

    I have a 670 psychedelic. New, never wrapped, hasn't spent more than 30 in direct sunlight.
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    Bed bugs on boats

    No sheet, pillow, or pillow case is going to protect you. The bed bugs are dormant for the most part. Down in the crevices- all the little nooks and crannies in the wood supporting the bunks. Body heat arouses them and the crawl out to feast. If it is really true a boat has bed bugs that is a...
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    Bed bugs on boats

    Sometimes thought apocryphal, but I have been assured by the son of an ancient Pedro seiner captain that it is absolutely true, there was a very large seiner in the early 50's that was infested with bed bugs. Before the wide spread use of hydraulic power take offs to pull the net a lot depended...
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    Vintage Truline Rods

    Wowsers! "The world of Truline is a mystery and a trap" is the best way I've ever heard it put. Heads-up: Fred Hall has the potential to be a Truline armegedon this year. I'm getting there early to get a good seat for the shit show. Provided it occurs.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I'm getting use to the look of it. Quite a change. For what I use the website for I'm beginning to become comfortable with it. I've been watching a item in the classified since mid December. It has limited appeal and, frankly, is of doubtful use. I've wanted one for a while and do I really need...
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    SOLD Bnib Tiburon Smart Shift SST7524 (Reduced Price)

    "The haggis is in the fire for sure,"
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    SOLD Or trade Truline TnT

    Meridian? Hoosier or 🥔?
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    SOLD Or trade Truline TnT

    8'3". I'll look for a model number, but it may not have one. Blank has Jerry Morris' writing on it. He had Sabre and Harnell build copies of Trulines as John's sales went south after the mass aerospace lay offs of the early 70's he cut production. Blanks for custom rods, and that was Morris'...
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    SOLD Or trade Truline TnT

    I have a unique virgin Harnell from 1970. You will not believe the rod. Get it and it will be your go to 25-30# rod forever.
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    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Has anybody mentioned Tom Payne Sporting Goods in Gardena, Ketchum's on Hathorne Blvd. or A, B & S on Hardy and La Brea in Inglewood? Did I mention Grand Value store on Market in Inglewood. Bought my first Truline from them in 1968- a C4X-1 for $34.99 on layaway. Got it for Christmas. Can't...
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    Makira spinning.

    Are they any good? Want something comparable to Stella 14000 and 18000(thousand, not hundred, right?). I don't want to bite the bullet on the Shimano even though there are some deals available. Also, I try to avoid their stuff.
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    For Sale Truline tnt for sale

    I sent a p m too. I will buy.
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    SOLD Bnib Tiburon Smart Shift SST7524 (Reduced Price)

    Ok. I'll check around. I'm a vintage guy primarily.
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    Old Lead-Head lure

    But to this past summer on bloodydecks. So they're around. Keep your eyes open. if I'm not mistaken a guy was trying to sell one for 50 bucks recently. I bought two rigged for $50.
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    For Sale Old saber

    That's a piece of history. That's what it was like before it changed. Can't make the guide out. Ceramic? Or metal? Circa 1975, maybe a little earlier.
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    Called it!

    Got my deposit back for G/T trip to Arabia.
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    SOLD By

    Brings a line from Hamlet to mind.
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    SOLD gone!

    How many JRI do you want?
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    SOLD Found

    Trade you a D8.
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    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    After all of this do you think my chances of getting a free hat from Steve Carson at the Fred Hall show are any better? I told him that the last Penn reel I bought was 25 years ago and I would be willing to buy again if I had the hat as an incentive. Online! Brick and mortar! Supporting or...
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    For Sale Truline Rods

    I'll be up in your area late Wednesday through Sunday. I'll give you a call and maybe I can take a look at your stuff. Tony
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    Best Bloodydecks Sign

    De gustibus eat non disputatum!
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    SOLD Bnib Tiburon Smart Shift SST7524 (Reduced Price)

    Kirk: "Spock, comment?" Spock: "Very bad poetry, Captain." 41" Ton, my friend; 41".
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    Pure Fishing group acquisition.

    20th century was the century of the Penn reel. The 21st is not, nor shall it ever be; Van Staal, Fin Nor aquired or not.
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    the first truline collectors?

    The collecting impulse is in many ways beyond me. I do have friends that are inveterate collectors of jigs and Penn Reels. They seem to enjoy it! But......, can anyone say they truly enjoy collecting Truline? Isn't it more like a mental obsession coupled with an allergic reaction? Recently I...
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    Vintage Truline Rods

    What the, what the.... guess my browser got updated at work! I can now do replies. Could you show the jigs better. There may be something of value. Also is that a Vivif or a Hoochy Toad?
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    Pacific Islander

    On that boat with my dad when I was 13. Curly Oliver & Royce Potter had it. Later that summer we wanted to go fish with them again but the boat was broken. From what I remember they blew an engine up and that was that. Don't think it ever ran out of Cisco's again. I can remember much as I did a...
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    Pacific Islander

    Awesome. That boat is a drake craft, right? What was it originally? And when was it built?
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    For Sale Trulines

    6x, green 39 and green d8 are gone.
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    For Sale Trulines

    Sure thing. Send me your address. I'll cut it in half and send it USPS.
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    For Sale Trulines

    Corbra red pending. 6X pending. Truline- macht mit qualitat!
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    For Sale Trulines

    ORD8, green D8, red 6X, Cobra Red D8, red 39, green 39, 39L & black D8. Condition mint to near mint. X4 from virgin blanks. X3 rewrapped w/ little or no use. X1 original owner for 35 years. $33,500.00 or best offer(obo)
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    SOLD Abel Fly Reels !

    Anything you say Ray my friend. Guess no answer is just as much of an answer than an answer is! Anyway, should, well, my offer become acceptable pm me your PayPal and I'll take of it immediately.
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    SOLD Abel Fly Reels !

    Bump. Also✓ PMs.
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    Oh, that's about $90 retail with tax.
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    As Jerr said, do not paint it. Value drops to zero. You're a little overpriced, but considering how much Trulines are going for we may be in some new paradigm!. A PUTTER, yes. 110, no. I got one in better shape, no ®. But your's is earlier with the bronze ring. I'd be willing to trade a half...
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    People who fish dark braid

    Hey- doesn't matter how old you are if you have your head stuck up your ass!
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    Boat Jigs

    I remember your dad. Didn't he become Torrance PD? I gave Bruce on Sport King JerryJig- that had a Sport. King sticker on it.
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    Truline 39

    It's alive, it's alive! My thread is back! AND WELL IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Considering one just sold for $7000.00, 39s are the place to be. "Now I am a rich man! Yabayibiyibiyibiybiyibiyah!" I use a real big crutch tip for my TNT and QR6.
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    TRADE MUCHAS Enchiladas! *SOLD*

    Hey Jesse- at today's prices $30,000!
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    WTB Penn 1.5 Fly Reel

    Andre- watch B/D closely. There's a guy, Real Deal OG that has all sizes of Abels cheap, dirt cheap.
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    SOLD Enchilada Negra *SOLD*

    I put in a substantial bid. The final purchase price as I understand it was way north of a thousand more than I offered. I have a red one and a green one. A black one in the middle sure would it look nice. In 1973 I bought a black one from Millie's. About 10 years later delaminated on me. I have...
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    For Sale 5/0 Ringed Gorilla Pro-Pack - $9.99

    X3 arrived. Why not. Favorite hook anyway. Thanks for letting me know.
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    For Sale Jigs

    How do you say it in Zagreb, 'the barking is wrong tree up the"?
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    SOLD Newell 338-5 w/ power handle

    Interested. Text me your phone # and I'll have my son meet you(he lives on Westside) My number is 310 736-8231 Tony
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    TRADE TruLine 6x

    Are those Mildrum conventional guides? Or Perfection? What colors are the wrap? Black/white/black, is that what I see?
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    For Sale Tackle

    Whoaaaaaaaah! Dudes! What the.......... .....?
  122. H

    For Sale Tackle

    Okay. I will do it. I'll take the entire lot 4 $1,500! Please text me at 310 736 8231. Tony
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    TRADE TruLine 6x

    Where is the catch?
  124. H

    Mike- LM7. Might be interested

    Mike- LM7. Might be interested
  125. H


    That is strip it.
  126. H


    Would you trade for something? As you can tell from the less than overwhelming response, this particular rod has limited interest. For me, it is just another project. I would straighten it, extended 4 in, have it wrapped and fish it.
  127. H

    SOLD Tib

    Do you have a 6?
  128. H

    I have some blanks that need to be rigged. No holes. Will need paint. Treble and fixed(yes! I...

    I have some blanks that need to be rigged. No holes. Will need paint. Treble and fixed(yes! I have the right hooks). Saw you did a mackerel; there is a IISharp dark yellow with almost a navy stipes that I've always loved. Friends with Jeff Villapondo and Sal Russo. Hope that doesn't go against...
  129. H

    The Captain that is....

    Hey Omar! Lost your phone #. Message me. Bruce! BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!! As far as I'm concerned: "Clear it! Clear it! Clear the area!" Pushing you out of the way is not being a helluva fisherman, just an asshole. I love to see when he's snake bit- and that does happen.
  130. H

    For Sale Unmarked 6’10 Blank octagon

    We know the rod. I picked up a black one last month. Do you have anything else?
  131. H

    SOLD Truline

    LM9 TNT RD8 Ages? Something special I'm missing?
  132. H

    SOLD Truline

    Now we see if the getting out is as easy as the getting in was.
  133. H

    For Sale Penn 3/0 H upgraded senator

    Wow! Upgrade! One piece solid bronze spool- state of the art!
  134. H

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Fishing with Bruce in early 2000's,- April, around the backside, somebody got some really big Barracuda at the Vs the previous afternoon. We fished most of the west near Ben Weston for junk and a dozen or so 4-5# yellows. We came back and set up where the rumored 'cuda were. Threw bait. Nothing...
  135. H

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Did anyone check it for spelling and punctuation? Hey, did you ever wonder why a jig stops working or never worked? Have you noticed the popularity of the Megabit, Point Wilson Dart, Colt Sniper stuff? Salmon jigs(love to see a guy toss one into the kelp)! Guess swimming action is not all that...
  136. H

    For Sale TruLine Rod 8’3

    Okay. You collect jigs? I'll trade you some jigs.
  137. H

    For Sale TruLine Rod 8’3

    Sure would like to know what rod it is. I'd trade you something for it, but I'm not looking that hard for another project.
  138. H

    Phenix Megalodon 800H Question

    Isn't it rated pe10?
  139. H

    SOLD $475. New HXW Raptor w/ MC And 100# Diawa 8x J Braid

    Might be interested. What is the low gear ratio 1.9/1 or 2.4/1?
  140. H

    Cork tape?

    Trying to strip some 40 year old cork tape a TR6 true line. What a mess!
  141. H

    Bone, Horn & aboloni Jig & and Barracuda jr.

    You can tell the difference between a bone and a horn jig by looking at it closely. In a horn jig you will see what appear to be pin prick holes. There is some kind of mite that lives the bone and leaves a little holes as it exits.
  142. H

    What’s your Yo-yo set up?

    EX3 speed-150# & 775XXH, DX2-50-100# & cut D8, HXW Raptor-80#& cut D8, HX-60#&39, HX-60#& TNT, SST16-60#&Cobra 50. Guadalupe here I come!
  143. H

    WTB Carpenter Monster Hunter

    At least I know what you mean. Try calling United Composites. Rumored to be working on a rod with comparable or superior charactistics.
  144. H

    For Sale Avet Reel bag - Large

    So, your "price drop'' was from $60 to $60. I was not making an offer. Hence the question mark.
  145. H

    For Sale Avet Reel bag - Large

    Firm? WTF! 9:58 yesterday, "Bump, price drop." You said that........., not me.
  146. H

    SOLD BNIB Accurate Tern 600XN

    Need a 600ex otherwise I'd buy that reel in a heartbeat
  147. H

    TRADE Truline BOG D8 Blank Red Glass

    What is the condition of the blank? Has it ever been wrapped? How many times? Has it been sanded and refinished? Are you open to an inspection? That is, are you willing to allow somebody to pull on it? Finally, are you open to a trade 4 one or more other Trulines?
  148. H

    Bed bugs on boats

    P/C at work will not work! Pillow cases, blankets, wipe the bunk down, bed bug repellent, tent the boat, my God- you have no idea how screwed any boat that has them is! The insecticide that kills has been banned. Some pretty nasty shit- kinda like Russian nerve gas. Toxic as hell! Bed bugs...
  149. H

    SOLD Tiburon 12

    Just want the reel. Do not fish ugly sticks Reel only.
  150. H

    WTB Aluminum spool for Penn 2/0

    When did you get out of the penitentiary? And doesn't a 500 spool fit?
  151. H

    For Sale SOLD Avet hx raptor

    Would you trade? Do you have the actual t-bar that came with the reel?
  152. H

    For Sale SOLD Avet hx raptor

    Is that a stock t-bar?
  153. H

    For Sale Bait-O-Matics

    16 oz. and 16" we got a deal.
  154. H

    Truline VBG 7c vintage and glass ID

    Question is not what color, but how much?
  155. H

    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    Hold it there, Cowboys! There's a lot of talk, but about what? What's the price? For what's described it had better be "not much". Truline made a lot of crap. Can you participate in the mystic if you have a 1X or a hershey LM8?
  156. H

    If I were 37 instead of 67 I'd be up for it. Otherwise...…..

    If I were 37 instead of 67 I'd be up for it. Otherwise...…..
  157. H

    Wiffle ball handle for Newell's

    Hey Jerry, me too!
  158. H

    I’m concerned

    NIMBY, not hardly. Nimrod.
  159. H

    VIDEO: The association of Bluefin Tuna and Bryde's Whale in So Cal

    I really am a fan of the rorqual family whales. The three ridges in front of the blowhole are clearly visible. Thanks for putting the footage up
  160. H

    SOLD Mexican Wahoo Bomb

    How much do you want for it? And by the way the Salas family has been in this country for about as long as mine. That is for well over a hundred years. That lure was manufactured in Southgate which the last time I looked what is not in Mexico.
  161. H

    For Sale Killer jig and salas

    That EX has seen better days.
  162. H

    For Sale Bill Fisher CH-18 Swager

    Trade? Sure. What you looking for?
  163. H

    Value of Roddy BR100

    Looks like the Roddy market is a little soft. I could use one- maybe. I know where Vista is. I've almost been there once. Not something I'd want to purchase or trade for sight unseen. Had a Roddy demolished by some guy casting and could use a replacement.
  164. H

    WTB Tern 500x

    Anyone got an extra one?
  165. H

    SOLD W A H O O jigs 14 pieces sold as a lot, PRICE DROP

    Oh I see- 2 lots. Thought it was for both. 28 jigs for $110. Little under $4 a piece, good. That would be a good deal. Oh well.
  166. H


    Cut Ulua with LX 2peed, cut 540 with 338, Phenix xxxxxxxxxh 9'2" with HXJ, 10' ATC with 533, 39 with LX 2 speed, RD8 with JX 2 speed, etc.
  167. H

    Penn International 50 Year Anniversary

    Josh- didn't I get an Abel from you?
  168. H

    SOLD Marauders, Big catchy tackle, more lures

    I'll take the reverse Tony the tiger and the purple one with the black stripes. Both are around 10 inches. I have your PayPal.
  169. H

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    1-South African 2- Silaflex 9' 2- 540 3- Ulua 2- ATC's(remember them!) 1-Phenix 9'2" xxxh(50# rod) 1- Roddy unsanded cut BR 100(50# rod) 4-39s 9- D8's 1 OD8 Had an H9 destroyed on the Native Sun.In the rocket launcher on my tackle box. Some guy hooked my tip casting and broke off 6". Moon was...
  170. H

    SOLD Marauders, Mauauders, Marauders

    Interested too. Call Tony 310 736 8231
  171. H

    Albacore season

    1984 was at that time the most successful season on record. (supplanted later). I was finishing up graduate school ad could not find a job in my field. I went fishing on the Electra and wound up working for a few months. Lots of Albacore. After a broken shaft and some cocaine fueled madness in...
  172. H

    For Sale Tackle box/35 jigs/Marauder

    Ah jeez- could use the crimping stuff. As for the rest...…...
  173. H

    New Lo-Ann late report

    $20 usually gets my box taken down and a hat put on an "good'' bunk. I know that is cheating to a certain degree, but as is written on the "Great Seal" of beloved City- Money talks, bullshit walks. And besides, how may body parts have you had replaced, anyway?
  174. H

    Albacore season

    Speaking of the seventies, I just got back from a 3day on the Ranger. Boy that brought back memories. One of those memories was the Albacore in 1970. Fish showed up between the San Juan and the Rodriguez in early July. Cisco had the Electra, China Clipper and Ranger 85 as the three main...
  175. H

    GT Poppers

    I'll take three.
  176. H

    Truline Collins mh81

    Just so you guys know, the Griffin is the main feature of the Collins family crest. There are numerous examples, different, but employ the Griffin motif in the main. Wish there was a way of flattening out the curve of the rod to help distinguish the other images. And what is that just above the...
  177. H

    SOLD Sold c

    I'll take them.
  178. H

    Vintage Molded Jigs?

    Everybody keep looking in your garage.
  179. H

    SOLD Salas & Tady Big Tuna Jigs

    So, my buddy say 7. I see 9. Is 9 correct.? Looks like a great selection! Are you interested in trading for some vintage stufs
  180. H

    G/T poopers

    Could you send a pic?
  181. H

    Going out on a limb

    Ahh Jezz, J.D.- I love a good poem. Mazeppa, Hiawatha, Danny Deever or Prufrock your poem is not. Kirk: "Spock, Spock! Analysis?" Spock: "Very bad poetry, Captain." Also, what is the Green Flash to you, anyway? For us it is when the last bit of the suns disk disappears below the horizon. At that...
  182. H

    G/T poopers

    Bump. Come on some of you guys must have some!
  183. H

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    Caught about a half a dozen yellowtail at Guadalupe 2 years ago. Only time fished. Tiptop is Mildrum size 16. Smaller and it's not a rule 39. I've got a couple of those too.
  184. H

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    I suppose I'm never going to be doing any business with you anyway but if I were you I wouldn't put a picture up of the butt end of the 39 that looks like it's delaminating. By the way what's the tip size on that putative 39? Hey Jerry, I put the jiffy Pop on now!
  185. H

    Fishing Iron with straight spectra

    Whatever you say Lyon my friend whatever you say
  186. H

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    I like it better than vermilion rockfish. I think it is the best traditional White fillet fish in southern California. White sea bass are a little different. I think he calico Bass fried with cracker crumbs and egg it's about as good as a fried fish gets. I like to take calico bass fillets and...
  187. H

    G/T poopers

  188. H

    G/T poopers

    Looking for high end stuff like Hammerhead. 150g +. These things are pricy, but I need 6-12.
  189. H

    WTB Big Poppers 150gr.+

    Hammerhead, Maniac, primarily high end stuff.
  190. H


    Ready for the D8! Oh, what size is the roller tip?
  191. H

    WTB Truline RD8-Cobra glass

    The whole Cobra glass thing amazes me. I'm Color Blind, as are a high percentage of males. Browns, greens and reds are hard for me to distinguish. And as for purple- I've never ever seen any purple Truline except for ones made prior to John acquiring the business in the early 50's. I have two...
  192. H

    WTB Truline RD8-Cobra glass

    Any assessment of the "Cobra-ness" of this D8?
  193. H

    WTB Truline RD8-Cobra glass

    "Serious", indeed. This Cobra enough for you Truliners my friend. 1st purchased at Hermosa Tackle Box 1975, sat in Huntington Beach garage until 2012, wrapped 2015 and fished one day- caught x1 yellowtail and few calicos.
  194. H

    Legends of the Freelance

    Have not been down there in years. Just not up the parking challenge anymore. I do remember several notable past trips- went tuna fishing and catching with 78 paid, stone cold sober slipped on the top Galley step and my butt hit every step going down(swelled up like a basketball, purple, yellow...
  195. H

    Best way to Figure Out How Light you can go Below a Rod's Rating?

    Frankly, a concern like this puzzles me. It is as plain as the nose on your face that if you worrying about how much below or, for that matter, how much above you need MORE fishing rods. As my friend at La Maison de la Mouche Dudos in Paris says, "Plus de cane a peche, plus de cane de peche...
  196. H

    Info wanted on Seeker 530

    Finally something I'd you an old blank for!
  197. H

    Taking Lures/Jigs on a Plane?

    How about this- Emerits Airline wants $250 for a "bazooka rod tube."
  198. H

    Taking Lures/Jigs on a Plane?

    How about lures, pliers, line, hooks in checked luggage?
  199. H

    I need some fresh squid...

    Squid like that need to be cleaned, the tentacles minced, mixed with chopped pine nuts bread crumbs, a little ricotta cheese a smidgen parmesan fresh basil ,stuff into the body of the squid. Braise slowly in white wine with shallots and capers. Plate the squid add a little cream reduce the...
  200. H

    It's JUST another $20....sheesh...

    Getting rid of the riff Raff. Unfortunately, I is one!
  201. H

    Grinding Heavy Iron - Reel Choice

    60# yoyo reel- built like a tank, 46" per crank, low gear 2.4:1 You got IPT for 349H Master Mariner? That was my "go to" 60# yoyo reel for years. Now, mostly, an HX 2 speed.
  202. H

    Rods??? How many

    Rocket launchers on.... Look familiar?
  203. H

    SOLD Ringed Owner Mutu & Mustad Sea Demon Circle Hook Set

    Sure thing. Tony Rezzato 6275 Canterbury Dr. #208 Culver City, 90230 Send me your paypal info.
  204. H

    Kmart 207

    Most of what I remember had to do with hunting. Sure there were the reels and rods, but rifles and shotguns we're even more prominent. I remember large artist rendered pictures all around the outdoor section of the Sears in Inglewood. I even bought a pair of Ted Williams waders for duck hunting.
  205. H

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS

    Hold on there cowboy- does the YTS have Newell speed gears. Also, pic does not load for me. What color is the knob?
  206. H

    Couple of Observations About the Poseidon and Legend Boats

    Anybody want to know why the step on the Legend?
  207. H

    PAWPAW vintage porcelain sign

    Where oh where is dear little Bobby.....? Way down yonder in the paw paw patch.
  208. H

    For Sale Vintage surface irons!!!!!

    Okay. I'll take that black Robin. Also, in the top picture top row the three on the right starting with the yellow and white jig. In the bottom picture bottom road the first to polish ones. Shoot me a price.
  209. H

    Accurate Pit Ball Clamp

    I love my "pit bull" that Matt Harper gave me for my BX2-50 after its catastrophic anti-reverse failure. Could you make a "pit bull" for HX series Avets? You'd sell a bunch. I'd buy half a dozen at least.
  210. H

    For Sale Vintage surface irons!!!!!

    2nd pic, 4th from right, white- got a name on it?
  211. H

    New star drag

    Has something changed? Did they propose to come out with larger reel? Did I miss that. Last time I spoke to Scot he said the spool diameter was slightly less than an SX. Level wind available, too. As I have said, Muskellunge reel. As for Al..............
  212. H

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    Been working on a few rods. Had some blanks. Got an RD8 from Steve Hahn 15 years ago for a couple a hundred, picked up an ORD8 from Moe for a few hundred(had the Fishing Tackle Unlimited price sticker on it!), got an HD8 from a guy for $100(dad wrapped it and passed, never used), have a 36 I...
  213. H

    Jackpot Money

    Anybody notice that some operation s have done away with it?
  214. H

    REVIEW COMPARE AVET REELS HX 2-speed HXW 3-speed RAPTOR Gear Shift Button Stick Out Line Capacity

    Anything you say Phillip my friend! I'm certain I'll fork out the money for an HX 3 speed. I just don't care for the longer shift button. One of the Avet aftermarket gurus says he can't understand why they did the HX 3 speed & not a two speed with with lower gears. Is it a bait reel or a jig...
  215. H

    REVIEW COMPARE AVET REELS HX 2-speed HXW 3-speed RAPTOR Gear Shift Button Stick Out Line Capacity

    Why not a two speed with the low 1:1.3 instead of the 1:1.9?
  216. H

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    Jesus, Al! Did you just get out of Tehachapi? Will took care of 2-50 last year to my complete satisfaction. Tried the Valiant on your sponsored RP 7 day last year. Strapped it on a TNT. Outstanding! Truline never looked as good Sleek,! Cranked it at Guadalupe a few times and...
  217. H

    Trueline Dynamo 1c7x gem I found.

    That's 300 U.S. Dollars, right?
  218. H

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    Hippys love organic glitter for their festivals Hippys?
  219. H

    vintage captain photos....

    Robbie Church! Actually worked with him for a little while on the City. Last time I saw him was after a Conception bass trip with Merrit. He had that live fish boat "Island Hook", right?
  220. H

    WTB Truline TNT or XR7 cobra

    That was, and fish it.
  221. H

    WTB Truline TNT or XR7 cobra

    Oh I just found something in the rack. Got this almost 15 years ago. Cost me fifty bucks. It was a cut D8. 2 in cut off the tip and 4in cut off the back. Wayne Alan's name was written on it. I'm going to stick a couple of inches on the back Ed and fidget.
  222. H

    WTB Truline TNT or XR7 cobra

    I found a couple of crappy TNT's Pete wrapped for me in early 90's. Real crap. Pre- Collins death but these were seconds I picked up from the Fisherman's Spot dirts cheap. They had a ridge on them! Cut a little off the tips ad butts. Pulled on them hard, caught yoyo fish on them. Have not used...
  223. H

    Truline Collins mh81

    "Whatever you say Jimmy my friend." Is the color other blank black? And if it is could you put up pics that show the finish on the rod. The wraps, reel seat, and cork look a little thrashed.
  224. H

    FREE Nothing is free

    Charles Portis says,"nothing is free in this life. You have to pay for it one way or the other. The only thing that is free is the grace of God."
  225. H

    Oman fishing

    Finally got a reply from Ed and Angela Nichols at no boundaries. Looks like I will be going next February. They have build 8 mothership and will be operating seven day packages anyone interested in going? I really need to do this. Do this while I still can. I'm getting old. Anyway, just picked...
  226. H

    MAC Irons. Anyone know the history

    Atomic Worm senior? Perhaps you could tell us more about that jig, Bob? As I remember it bears a strong resemblance 2 a popular large Salas lure. Perhaps you could put a picture up.
  227. H

    recent maintenance experiences

    I brought in a thrashed LX 2D factory in the morning.$40 service. Best money I have ever spent. New bearings, whole bunch of other stuff, they even buffed the real. It works better now then when I bought it in 2007. It is worth going in early to get that kind of service. Overall I was there 25...
  228. H

    MXJ use

    30# bait reel. Pair it with a 8' green 5x or a really interesting red cobra 36.
  229. H

    Jig porn

    Here's some real porn.
  230. H

    WTB Catch Spinner Heads

    That's right, 6oz spinner heads! Anybody got some to sell?
  231. H

    For Sale Rigging ?? Tools

    Okay. I am working tomorrow. Headed back from Van Nuys then. Off Thursday and Friday. Take them for sure.
  232. H

    For Sale Rigging ?? Tools

    Cutter. Got the swag from Bob. I'm local. Pick it up today if you want to.
  233. H

    For Sale Rigging ?? Tools

    I'll take the top one! It looks cool.
  234. H


    Any 6oz. ones anybody willing to part with? Wish I could just buy the heads.
  235. H


    Any available from members? Or, does anyone know how or where to just purchase the heads? Where is the factory? Phone number?
  236. H

    Mexico Annouces 22 Vaquita Remain

    Hopefully biologists will save some DNA. Sometime in the future when both Mexico and China change and cloning becomes a reality the Vaquita might be reintroduced.
  237. H

    Mexico Annouces 22 Vaquita Remain

    What I understood was a population of 60-70(3-4 years ago) if completely left alone in a sanctuary comprising the entire upper gulf would have "recovered" by 2080. Too many gillnets. Torvova bladders worth a lot of money. That fish's restoration from near extinction brought about the demise of...
  238. H

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    Anybody see the relevant South Park episode?
  239. H

    Open eye treble

  240. H

    For Sale Truline Dynamo L75-2 fishing rod exc cond grn glass rare

    Rare indeed. That aluminum ferrule is unusual. Most of those two piece rods had chrome plated brass locking arrangement. Heavy. That rod was about as sexy as a two piece ever got. I'd of paired it with a Mitchell 402 and 15 to 20# Meslon. Popcorn! Derision. And why not? Some guys are clueless...
  241. H

    Oman fishing

    Thanks guys for the help. And keep it coming! Did get a response from no boundaries. Hopefully Ali will get there and be able to give me a little heads up. Thanks again.
  242. H

    Oman fishing

    Anyone have information/opinions on fishing in Oman? Looks like the Giant Trevally fishing is outstanding. Other stuff as well. Hallaniyat Island is the place to be. I've tried to inquire with "No Boundaries", but no luck. There was a guy posting on B/D on Oman fishing who allegedly resides in...
  243. H

    Why Newell’s?

    Anybody ever have one blow? Or the handle snap off in the middle of winding on a fish? I had to blow. They make a very curious metallic sound when they do blow your side played out. Only one did I have a handle fail. Went back to metal ones after that.
  244. H

    Why Newell’s?

    I have 220 that eats line. Eats up to 25#. Sent it to the factory multiple times. They charged me and Carl even yelled at me. The thing never has been right! Gay! Gay! Gay?????????????????????????? I'm straight. I use Newell's, but have been so to speak bent over, fucked in the ass and the only...
  245. H

    Why Newell’s?

    Because no reel ever looked better on a Truline.
  246. H

    Taco Whore

    Fish and cheese: Ahh jeez, Rick! This has to stop. What's next? Gorgozola in poke. Instead of seared tuna why not a sashimi fondue? Instead of wasabi use reggiano parmesan! Stilton and squid?
  247. H

    2 speed question

    All Prussian officers spoke French in the 18th century. French military science was premier. The actual Fredrick the Great quote is, "L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'auldace". Now back to reels. I have a 300, 332, & 338 with 3.6 to 1 gears in them. It's early to put the pop corn on!!!! Can any...
  248. H

    2 speed question

    Yes. On the other hand, no. Get a 220 and a 332- learn how to cast. Remember what Fredrick the Great said, "Le cast, Le cast toujour Le cast".
  249. H

    Legend says all time best jig

    How many of those you got? Because, if you............... need a few more I could arrange that for you. In fact, I know a few guys that could arrange that for you. You want them we got them. Come on down!!! However, should anyone want a real legend I am bringing several stamped PUTTERS to the...
  250. H

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Ken's Custom Reels, if they have a booth, usually has some great deals on Tiburons. Frankly Fred Hall is "Le event sociallogic". Day one I'll see a 100 folks l know! That's why I go. Oh, by the way I am bringing a few very early stamped PUTTERS. Text me at 310 736-8231 if you have cash on March...
  251. H

    Reel for Truline bxm?

    How long is it? And do you really have a 6 series Newell? Because if you don't, I may be able to accommodate you!
  252. H

    Accurate vs Avet: Which do you prefer?

    Hubris or prevarication?
  253. H

    For Sale Ross Canyon BG4 Fly Reel

    I like how the RR looks like Rolls-Royce. Looks like a great real. 8 weight? You know we are kind of partial 2 the company Ross bought down in this neck the woods. Good luck with sale. Do you have any other interesting stuff? I come up to see my son.
  254. H

    Need help identifying rods

    I hate to be the one who asks. How long is it? And do any of the other ones appear to be of the truline persuasion?
  255. H

    My Home made Wahoo bombs

    I like to use the 4oz and 6oz Catchy spinner heads. Anybody got any they want to sell? I make all colors as long as they're green!
  256. H

    El Niño officially announced

    Madden Julian Oscillation is the Man Bear Pig of Pacific tropical weather! Seriously, I've been looking at Columbia University forecasr Madden Julian Oscillation! That is the Man Bear Pig of Pacific Tropical weather. What I like is the Columbia University ENSO site. They list by months the...
  257. H

    El Niño officially announced

    Anybody see the South Park episodes with Al Gore trying to kill man bear pig? Those are hilarious. I think eruption at Krakatoa had more to do with it then anything else.
  258. H

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    Boy oh boy!!!! Remember when Penn stopped making them in the late 80s-early 90's? They were going for outrageous prices. For a short period they were the "Truline" of fishing reels! Maybe nostalgia will bring that back, but I doubt it. I have six or seven, some Tiburon, some Newell, an...
  259. H

    Swap meet This Saturday

    Only 42 degrees kickoff time. I'm going to bed early.
  260. H

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    I dumped 2795 plus on a 7-Day last September. It seems like the right thing to do at the time. This year I'm not going back on that trip. It created some cash flow problems at the time considering I had just gotten up an 8th day in July and was taking my son on a 10-day in the first part of...
  261. H

    For Sale Fishing Swap Meet SF Valley

    My weather channel is calling 4 sunny weather on Saturday. I will still be bringing my orange poncho. I never thought I would say it, but the last thing in the world I need is another rod or real. The great Dane about this what means the great thing about this swap meet is the little stuff. I...
  262. H

    Beachamp wire

    How long have you been in the penitentiary?
  263. H

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    When Jimmy Petersen bought the First String from Russ Izor around 1990 he moved it over from 22nd Street to L.A Harbor S/F. Peterson was looking out the office window and saw a couple of guys go down the ramp, get on the boat and go down into the engine room. He went down to the boat ASAP. When...
  264. H

    Please identify old lures

    Hey Tim! You going to be at Fred Hall?
  265. H

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    If those blue fin don't conveniently stack up on Cortez Tanner or desperation but instead run up the ridge the outside Santa Rosa island or maybe Rodriguez dome we'll see how the price hikes go! Better yet what if they go back to Catalina like they were historically? There would be reverse 3/4...
  266. H

    For Sale TADAY Jigs

    What model are the bigger single hook ones? Are they new? Five bucks a piece is okay, three would be better.
  267. H

    Please identify old lures

    Tut would be able to answer any questions regarding the "V" or "W" markings. As for the Salas and Diamond Jigs- pretty much worthless. The bone jigs don't seem to be anything special unless there are some abalone inlays that are not visible. The Candybars are interesting and sought after. They...
  268. H

    For Sale GreenTruline 39

    I think this actually a Cobra glass rod as opposed to those they say are, but aren't. The pattern of the glass is not the same as usual. Cool color. D8 only on bottom. That places it '73-'75. I didn't start seeing Truline wirtten on the blank until '76. I remember getting a bundle of blanks in...
  269. H

    Jigmaster re-assembly: video for a rainy day

    Whoever got done first dot-dot-dot.
  270. H

    Jigmaster re-assembly: video for a rainy day

    Back when I was a young man and alternating between going to college working on sportfishing boats and and tackle stores, there would be times when several of us would get together and we would disassemble grease and lube replace the drags and put the reels back together again blindfolded and...
  271. H

    For Sale GreenTruline 39

    Hey Tim!!!!!! Amish wrap- no ostentation whatsoever. Besides it drives the rod wrappers nuts. It's triple wrapped. As Cal Worthington said, "proof positive". And you are my guy!!! We're you with me when l bought that black 39 in '74 or was it Oefinger? You wrapped it for me. The top section...
  272. H

    For Sale GreenTruline 39

    Hey- you guys missed the coffee can of PUTTERS or what? Thank God I've been allowed to have this Truline hobby. Made new and wonderful aquaintances and friends. Gentleman. Goodnight and Good bless you all.
  273. H

    For Sale GreenTruline 39

    Pristine original 39 circa 1965. One million dollars -$1,000,000 or best offer.
  274. H

    SOLD 8ft Truline

    I couldn't get the attachment to load. What is being put up for sale? And how much?
  275. H

    For Sale Fishing Swap Meet SF Valley

    Tell you all what I'm looking for. Catchy 4 & 6oz. spinner heads. Call or text me at 310 736-8231. I'll be there early. Also, Pep or KILLER 5s.
  276. H

    Penn 114 6/0 Senator Broken Clicker

    Here's a thought. A few years ago I sold two brand new 114 s. Tried to get $20 a piece for them at the swap meet. Wound up selling both for $25 and threw in hey 259 Long Beach as a bonus real. There's a swap meet coming up in the West valley. That's probably a long way for you. If I were to find...
  277. H

    Xr7 ?? ID

    Show us more of the glass pattern.
  278. H

    WTB Lamiglas heavy 528, 8 ft, blank or wrapped

    Hey Jesse- coming out for Fred Hall?
  279. H

    WTB Lamiglas heavy 528, 8 ft, blank or wrapped

    Hey Jerry. Great to see you posting. Do you mean 528?
  280. H

    For Sale Fly fishing Rods & Reels #!

    What do you want for the 5 wt. Sage?
  281. H

    Next Avet Sale..?

    I suggest you talk to Ed at Cabbage Key Tackle in Florida. He may still but a few years ago was the largest Avet retailer in the world. He has "specials", blems, and the lowest prices anywhere. No tax, free shipping. Got an HXJ Raptor from him a few years ago. Price was awesome. I ordered it...
  282. H

    For Sale Mint unwrapped D-8

    I picked this D8 up from a guy whose father had wrapped it, never got to use it, then passed away. Cost was a hundred bucks. Cork with AFTCO reel seat. Perfection guides and the damnedist triple wrap you have ever seen. The old guy wrapped it himself with almost the entire blank covered in...
  283. H

    Thoughts on Seigler reels

    Looks like the conventional reels r1 speed. Correct? Are there guys marketing 3-speed reels here now.? Looks like they make an interesting high end fly reel with a livre 2 adjust the drag on the kranks sid. Nice innovation but I'm lost in to able reels.
  284. H

    For Sale Mint unwrapped D-8

    Jesus- sure killed this thread with a little Latin. Well, mutatis mutandis, what can be taught or learned? "Caveat emptor" oops! Perhaps. How about this: Get burned on a purchase and you will develop keen Truline eye. Hope El Tigre didn't pay $300-$400 thinking he'd gotten the best of someone to...
  285. H

    Hurricane salt tackle

    Salas 1x3 clone.
  286. H

    For Sale Fishing Swap Meet SF Valley

    Love this swap meet. Always find something good. Going to bring a VBG65 factory wrap. Thickest walls I've ever seen. Guy wanted to buy it from me last year. Superb condition. super rod, but did not want to pay the price. "You want to dance, you have to pay the piper."
  287. H

    For Sale Mint unwrapped D-8

    "Et tu, Brute." I mean Blake.
  288. H

    Fish unique to southern California?

    Couple of things I noticed in the posts. Several folks mentioned trout. Brown trout are native to the Danube River basin. Golden trout too as far south as the tehachapis. Steelhead are supposedly a unique subspecies all the other steelhead trout in California but just below point conception. All...
  289. H

    For Sale MC Works Northern Blue 565HS Custom

    Best of the best of the best at a fraction of the the price.
  290. H

    Alba-core vs. Yellowdale

    "I like to fish for Sheepshead, they taste like lobster." "Oh my God, you need to be on psychiatric medication. What has my sport become." "I going to the bow to cast a jig for Yellowdale." "All jig fishers are assholes." I'm sure my quotes are wrong, but that's the gist of it.
  291. H

    Sufix or Big Game?

    I've returned to XXX after a foray into Pline. Sufix is regular Izorline,
  292. H

    Rod parts for sale

    EVA- inside/outside diameter? How many pieces? How much? You are where?
  293. H

    Alba-core vs. Yellowdale

    Can't find the video any more. Other stuff like "I want to catch a Bluefin Tuna." is up. Anyone got a link?
  294. H

    Hyperspeed for casting

    332-338 Newell
  295. H


    What I'm going to miss the most is that little CD. Frankly, I love bagpipe music from the caucus mountains. That will be truly missed.
  296. H

    For Sale 3/4 day trip on Liberty/Fishermans Landing & Bait

    Put a pic up. $65 for $150 trip is almost too good to be true.
  297. H

    -Looking for crew

    Marcel, Momi, and all the Villanuevas! Garth, Patti, Jim Butler, the Colonel, Whitey! Did the 90's really happen. Is your dad OK?
  298. H

    Pros of a lower gear ratio

    Capt. Bruce Root of the SportKing used 3.6 to 1 gears in Newell reels fishing Barracuda where the slow retrieve is desirable.
  299. H

    Pinhead BH89 - 8'9" 20-50# ?

    There are real ones available. This time of year people need cash. I sold a couple of nice Trulines recently- cheap. I don't have an 89 right now, but I'm sure there a few around.
  300. H

    Truline fishing rod

    Jesus Mike! Still willing to sell me those cabaloys?
  301. H

    -Looking for crew

    Is this the storied franchise Marcel or someone else?
  302. H

    Pinhead BH89 - 8'9" 20-50# ?

    Is it a Seeker or a Truline?
  303. H

    Truline fishing rod

    Just so you know Ron, no two piece Truline is "collector's" rod.
  304. H

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    that's my main box. About 240 lb fully loaded. I take a Shimano soft bag for all my crimps & rigging equipment. I take a milk crate with tools advise. Usually I take three to five dozen additional lures just in case. And if I m fishing Poopers, I have a separate box full of those.
  305. H

    SOLD New Tiburon SST-7524- 2 Speed -reduced

    Bump indeed. I really, kinda, sorta, just maybe wany to get that reel.
  306. H

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    15 years ago this musician aquantance came back from a "gig" in Tokyo and told me he ate whale sashimi. I asked if he knew the Minke whale's brain is a little larger than two times his own. For some reason that sickened him as well as it should all of us. Especially on multi day trips how many...
  307. H

    Tackle ho's check in

    Wish the guy who raps my rods a Merry Christmas. He told me the rest of the guides we had on backorder have arrived. I paid him $650 for the guide so far and I still owe him another 200 dollars. A lot of the stuff is for fly rods. Recoil titanium strippers and snake guides. Enough to build 5 or...
  308. H

    Oil & Grease for reels?

    We all have our special formulas. I like to use extremely high viscosity end Mill Grease embedded with graphite powder from nuclear reactors(the neutron bombardment makes the graphite slicker). As for oil- Sperm Whale only. Have a sushi chef fried that goes to Japan and keesters a vile or two...
  309. H

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    Been using Teva closed toe sandals. Especially for Wahoo fishing. Hey you Xtra Tuff guys did you know that when I bought my first pair from Union War Surplus in 1973 we all refereed to them as "dairy boots"? And why?
  310. H

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Like the color choice, Jerry.
  311. H

    Seen it or not?

    I'll give you $25 4 the 349 Master Mariner. In this day and age that's a pretty fair price. Otherwise there's not much there of interest. Looks like whoever brought those reels at sideburns at the time.
  312. H

    Hxj Raptor recommendation

    I woke up at about the same time this morning thinking about my Tiburon SST that is in a paper lunch bag after I took it apart and could not put it back together again. With respect to the HX raptor j or hxj raptor, haven't you noticed the J as in jigs. It is truly and outstanding 50 lb surface...
  313. H

    WTB WTB Truline Black D8

    That black rod was a factory wrap. Guy fished it once, said it wasn't for him, gave to son-in-law, he stripped it, wrapped it "deckhand" style with cork tape, caught one 80# BFT back in '92, put it in the garage after that where it sat until 2016. A certain young friend of ours was causing a...
  314. H

    WTB WTB Truline Black D8

    There,'s one. Green D8 and red 6X also. Fish 40 on the black D8. 40-50 on the ither ones.
  315. H

    For Sale Black 6/0 Penn Senator

    I believe it was 1963 Penn came out with the "high speed" Senator series 112H, 113H & 114H- gear ratio went from 2 1/4 to 2 3/4. Most important was a one piece bronze spool. Yours is vintage. Most likely with 3 piece pressed spool. Could be solid, to as they were quickly upgraded. I had a...
  316. H

    New star drag

    Wonder if will have a thumb bar?
  317. H

    What reel for a Truline 3x?

    Funny you should mention a 3X. Buddy of mine was talking about his last night, "a whippy halibut stick rated 15-60"! If its been cut how'd you determine it was 3X? As for the reel- period correct, of course: Surfmaster 100 or Squidder 146- Newelled out would be alright.
  318. H

    What do you like for a tackle box on public boats trips?

    Amen! I've got some specific views on tackle boxes- I use only wooden boxes. A tackle box is your nerve center on the boat. Free, quick and efficient access to terminal tackle is essential. For me that means no zippers, no pulling out plastic boxes, no trying to find a place to put that box ...
  319. H

    Lexa 400 differences

    Thanks fellas for the feedback. I'll fish it.
  320. H

    Lexa 400 differences

    I have a question and I have had nothing but trouble with corrosion in the few Daiwa reels I've owned. I picked up a Lexa 400 in 2014, never caught a fish on it. Thinking of using it as a medium/light pooping reel. Fished next to a guy who had a Shitmano about the same size that was working...
  321. H

    WTB Any old Roddy for sale?

    Have a cut unsaded BR100-9'3''. Did not see light of day until two years ago. True 50# rod. I fish a 533 on mine. It is 52 years old an has caught one fish on it. $900. You'll never see one like this again. Good until at least 2050 if fished hard.
  322. H

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Bought a spool of 20# Meslon there in the late 60's and when I got my first car I went there and bought a 228 Lamiglass. That store must have a lot of interesting stuff in the back. A couple of years ago I came in there and asked Paul if he had the phone number of Capt, Chris that use to work...
  323. H

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Harry's Bait and Tackle on Culver Blvd. in Playa Del Rey. Around for years. Smelled awful. Years of rotting bait and the work of a vicious dog named Bruno that was kept behind the counter. When he died there were questions whether or not the store would have to be demolished due to the smell...
  324. H

    Calstar 775H or XH or another 7'6 Rail Rod for #60-80 Sardine Fishing

    You could get both. I just had a xxxh and an xh wrapped. My guy is reasonable, South Bay-ish, and can get the rod "kitted up" to your exact specifications from Calstar. PM me if you want the number.
  325. H

    Please Take the BD Survey

    Thank you for this opportunity.
  326. H

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Trading Post in Huntington Park. They had an add in the Los Angeles Times each Friday in the Outdoors section. Bought a 114H from them in 1966. Also, House of Jigs on the Compton/Long Beach border. Lots of great models. I believe Eric has an add from them in one of the historic posts.
  327. H

    Christmas 2018, what fishing related gifts are you asking for?

    Seriously- what I would like is a half-dozen JRI's. Maybe a combination for novice jig fishers, or all the same for specific purpose. Give that to an angling buddy and see the reaction. I wish he put together gift packs. Stuff my stocking anytime. Hint, hint.
  328. H

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Did anybody mention Midway in San Diego?
  329. H

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Hey Steve- there was a shooting over near the ships chandlery right behind where the H&M boat's ran from. Think it was called Carter's. I was up there with my son visiting the natural history museum, the mission and taking in the holiday spirit at Christmas 2006-7 and the little shop(by the...
  330. H

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Did i get my posts axed? I mentioned Hy Green's All Year Sports Den managed by Al Rutsager on La Tejera in Westchester, The Grand Value Store on Market St. in Inglewood owned by Sid and Mary (bought my first Truline there), AB&S on La Brea in Inglewood owned by Pat Sullivan and managed by Mike...
  331. H

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Oh, one more- Ernst and Rucker Hardware on Crenshaw south of Stocker. They were the booking agent for Tony Reyes in 60's & 70"s. I paid in early 1972 for a trip later that month after spending the summer on the Ranger. I bought weird wood trolling lures there, too.
  332. H

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Oh I almost forgot. I suppose it was just barely 30 years ago when it first open and is now closed. How can we fail dimension purfield Pro that's fail to mention purfield Pro tackle. Mark and then dick we're special and it was my favorite Watering Hole.
  333. H

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Let me add a few more. There was hi greens all your Sports Den on La Tijera Boulevard in Westchester. Ab&s Sporting Goods in Inglewood. They were big on freshwater bass. Soul a lot of ambassadeur reels. Finally let's not forget the grand Value Store on Market Street in Inglewood run by Sid and...
  334. H

    if you could only own 4 Trulines. What would they be?

    Jesus H. Christ! Well, ........,..........,........,........... .....................,.......,.............? .......................,.. ............! .........................,...............! .........?....., a 9174 Mustad and, finally, Frank Lo Preste. That all being said, back to Truline. How...
  335. H

    if you could only own 4 Trulines. What would they be?

    Did you work for Purchell? Oh, yes: SX CXM M8 6X
  336. H

    Vintage Pics

    Any one notice the New Lo-an in the several of the pictures?
  337. H


    "Modern esthetics"! Well and good, just in wrong section.
  338. H

    For Sale PENN SENATOR 114-H $40 bucks

    I can still remember the sound of the clicker while sitting next to the Christmas tree in 1966 after coming home from midnight Mass.
  339. H

    Surface Iron - Tips and Opinions wanted

    After a foray into P-line I've come back to Izor XXX. I might try spectra to a very short mono leader(floro or not). I've done this before skip jig fishing and find that it casts pretty well especially if you use a product on it. As for jigs stick with JRI. Personal favorite is the "3". "7" is...
  340. H

    WTB WTB 6oz. Catchy spinner heads

    Looking for the 6oz. spinner heads>
  341. H

    What angle are you working on?

    Drone for ''double trouble" rig.
  342. H

    WTB WTB 6oz. Catchy spinner heads

    Prefer unrigged. Color not important. 6oz, size.
  343. H

    For Sale Torpedo sinkers 16/24/28/32oz

    I'll take some of the heavier ones. Work in Van Nuys on weekends.
  344. H

    Reel deal 2 speed squidder

    None of the pictures above show a bent handle. The three hole handles we bent to move the knob closer to the reel addressing the torque. Look at the Avets handles too.
  345. H

    Penn 349 Wahoo Special -Accurate side plates- Acurate Spool

    I'm going to have to take a look at mine. Bought it directly from the factory in '97. Thought it would solve problems with heavy yoyo. Still 39" per crank. Got about 50 349H washers Thank God for the HX 2 speed.
  346. H

    Which surface JRI?

    Must not forget the JRI 1 & 5. I've used both in the last week for bass and yellows with success. Also, snagged a Wahoo on a wired brass single hook 6. Frankly, the Wahoo fishing was not great on my 10 day. JRI 6 was only jig fish.
  347. H

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Sunglasses are a tool just like he rod, reel, line, hook, pliers, and lure- everything else too. Don't skimp on glasses. I bought a pair of Maui Jims Red Sands in their darkest shade, light lenses, with 2.5 readers. They performed flawlessly on the 10day I got back from yesterday. Good fit and...
  348. H

    truline butt cap?

    Give me a call or text me you number at 310 736-8231. Just got back from a 7day, going on 10 on 2nd- been busy. I've got some. I'll look when I get home from work.
  349. H


    In "Sportking Speak", i.e., the peculiar language of Skipper Bruce, they are called "Santiagos". Use 'Santiago" in a sentence: Got flamboozed by a Santiago flanker just outside the vortex zone-ice!
  350. H

    Superior Service

    7:05am. in Chatsworth.
  351. H

    Superior Service

    What a great service experience at Avet this morning! Maria was awesome. She had my thrashed LX rebuilt in 20 minutes; polished and free spool spinning like a perpetual motion machine. Also, got EX series clamp nuts and the composite reel clamps. Thanks again for the great service!
  352. H

    Spinning reel for Truline 4x

    Obvious- Mitchell 402! That's what I had on my C4X-1in 1968.
  353. H

    SOLD Trinidad 40 reel

    I have a Truline D8 for the SST.
  354. H

    So i have this old rod.

    Only in the store one time in 1973 to purchase a black Truline 39 blank. Paid $28 for it- no tax. Outrageous.
  355. H

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    Hold on there, Cowboy! Those IISharp jigs should not be included with the other two! Long, long before JRI I stopped fishing Tady and Salas. IISharp was the go to jig. I wish JRI would do some of their paint and color schemes. Craig Morton had a dark yellow and navy blue mackeral. If I had that...
  356. H

    WTB 2 Newell 300 series aluminum OEM handles

    Not interested in pristine three hole handles?
  357. H

    Tackle ho's check in

    My rod wrapper checked in wth the most recent component purchase. $680. That's a lot of guides!
  358. H

    Tackle ho's check in

    I've bought a little this year mostly Abels , fly rod blanks, components, a Tiburon or two, weird Tulines, a few rail rods and a JRI order. But how about this: What did I stop myself from buying? 1) SCS 50 3 speed. 2) HX Raptor 3 speed. 3) Accurate Valiant 800 and 1000. 4) Accurate Tern 500. And...
  359. H

    Homemade irons from 60's

    Hey Ken- you selling those?
  360. H

    Help, Need Info. on vintage Pre-Garcia Mitchell Expert Conolon Fly Rod

    Just curious, what makes you think the rod was made with a Colon blank?
  361. H

    Xtranormal viedo- Albacore vs Yellowtail

    It seems that YouTube has pulled that hilarious video. They have things like I want to catch a giant bluefin tuna or I want to be a hedge fund manager or I'd like to have Russian prostitutes P somewhere. Anybody familiar with this video? And could possibly give me a link to it.
  362. H

    Bartender Surface Iron Jig

    Much to someone's consternation I gave Capt. Jonathon of the R/P a Bartender last year. It was a bigger one, new, but not of the substantial value of the medium one. If I can find the one medium one I have I'm going to fish it. Use it on a caramel D8 with a 259 and a transmission to be entirely...
  363. H

    For Sale Trulines- blanks

    Trades would be possible. P/M or call me with what you have in mind.
  364. H

    For Sale Solid ring ball bearing swivels

    Are the tens still available? I will take them if they are. Please text me at 310 736 8231 Tony
  365. H

    For Sale Trulines- blanks

    BORD 8 pending. When it comes to Truline there are only three important things: condition, condition and condition.
  366. H

    For Sale Trulines- blanks

    Sure thing. I'm in Culver City. Work in Van Nuys. Tomorrow after work I'll be padspas through. Text me your contact info and we can hook up.
  367. H

    For Sale Trulines- blanks

    3 blanks for sale. B0RD8- excellent condition. $450. BOR36- excellent condition. $400. Chocolate D8 circa 1965- very good. $900. PM me.Or call @ 310 736-8231.
  368. H

    For Sale Abel Big Game #3 large arbor Fly Reel

    3 or 3N? Also, what's the other side look like and do you have an extra spool?
  369. H

    For Sale Butch Green Jig Model Wooden Tackle Box

    They are special. Last one I picked up was for $65. Have two- one for II Sharps and the other for JRI. $40 is a steal!
  370. H

    WTB Truline spinning rod ul

    Got something that might work. Think I have a Cardinal 4 on it. 10# rod. When I get home from work I'll check.
  371. H

    New star drag

    Hopefully a thumbar too! Slightly smaller diameter spool than SX. Wonder if when you turn the handle it goes back into gear. Going to be able to crank a Lac Seul Turbo all day long!
  372. H

    House of Jigs for sale

    Really cool. Has the House of Jigs paint job!
  373. H

    Garibaldi Tuna 8-2

    Holy crapoli! It's a place name. Down here it's one of the two State fishes.
  374. H

    Garibaldi Tuna 8-2

    "Garibaldi? Is there a meaning I don't get?
  375. H

    SOLD WTT seeker blue ex blanks and other seeker blanks for truline or Green Sabre blanks or rods

    Got an RD8. I bought it in '88. Never seen daylight(bought it at night). Oh, does that blue color have a name?
  376. H

    New star drag

    Yea! See you there. Bringing my son. There may be a "fly in the ointment". And perhaps only Avet could do this. The TEE PEE, Powerhouse, and ReelDeal transmissions where used to increase the gear ratio of 3 to 1 geared PENN reels in the 50's, 60's and 70's. The later two comprised the majority...
  377. H

    Silent dogs

    Turned the handle on a 5500C. Quiet, but there is a very soft click sound, if you really listen closely. Or it might be wishful thinking. Hey, if you want quiet, buy a Valiant!
  378. H

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    That Hershey D 8 has gone to a new home. Thanks guys for all the interest!
  379. H

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    That Hershey D 8 has gone to a new home. Thanks guys for all the interest
  380. H

    New star drag

    Hey Harry & Sarkis!!!!!! Forget about "YOUR SPONSORED TRIP"(like the Trump touch?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. How about this: Give or let me buy one to take on my Shimano 10 day on the Royal Polaris in early October. 30 potential customers including the Rep. I'd make him catch a tuna on it! Now that would...
  381. H

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Are you talking about a chocolate from the 1960s? They have a smooth finish. I have one of those if you want it. It is a d 8 with a little cut off the bottom side to make it exactly 8 feet. Stripped, in in excellent condition considering it was made when Kennedy was president. Any others you're...
  382. H

    How much have you spent ?

    On the last day of my R/P 8day earlier this month we fished BFT 25 to 50 miles from the barn. Chased meter marks all day until the end. Acres of foamers - herds visible in all directions. As the daylight waned we could get closer before they sunk out. I hooked(snagged) two winding through...
  383. H

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Got one- really a nice rod. When I stripped it the finish really came off under the guides. Guy who built it put a lot of stuff on threads. Besides John's rods really had the durable shine. Not the post "93-4 ones. Also, has reel seat and cork- which is not coming off easy. Never caught a fish...
  384. H

    WTB Truline heavy 7’

    Phenolic resin fiberglass rods are making a big come back with the fly guys right now. So, there is nothing inherently heavy about the construction. If you take a CJBF8 Seeker, for example, and compare it to an ORD8 you might find the D8 weighs a little less. Thick walls were an attempt to...
  385. H

    For Sale Truline red likely 4x

    Ok, Ok, Ok! haven't bought a Truline for two years. Consider the trigger pulled. I'll send you a PM with all the contact stuff.
  386. H

    For Sale Truline red likely 4x

    Not a 4X. NF2 on those. Jesus, I really don't need a project. I'd strip it. Aaaargh!!!!!!!!
  387. H

    What heavy Trulines do you fish?

    I fish TNT's, D8's, 6X, and 39's
  388. H

    For Sale 9 Harnell / Harrington used rods for sale one lot

    The one on top has blank through handle, correct? 1 of 9, right? Whatever the answers, they are rare.
  389. H

    New star drag

    Hallelujah! Few things prove the existence of a loving and benevolent Diety- garlic and onions for example, or the occasional miracle. Now, "Proof Positive", as Cal Worthington would say; the Avet star drag! Thank God I have been allowed to live this long.
  390. H

    SURFACE IRON ROD THROW DOWN!!! Truline versus Roddy

    I've got two Roddy jig sticks- both from unwrapped blanks that had never seen the light of day until a three years ago: fishing 40# & 50#. But I think I favor the Trulines more because of versatility. I have Truline jig sticks to fish 25#, 30#, 40#, 50# and 60# surface iron. Don't think Roddy...
  391. H

    Why has Shimano not pushed slow jigging here in USA?

    I'll be on the Shimano 10day in October. I'm certain we would all be thrilled if your Rep demonstrated the slow-pitch technique. Also, I'll be on an 8day day after tomorrow. As mentioned by Shannon above, we have been using this technique for years; not just for Rockfish, but Seabass, Black...
  392. H

    Vintage jigs?

    Top to bottom: $7.50, $10, $15, $10, & $15.
  393. H

    SOLD Green Truline 4x

    I'll give you a 220 for it!
  394. H

    Cattle Boat Burger

    An absolutely awesome burrito with fresh salsa and a coke for $7 on the Monte Carlo yesterday afternoon- I think you might be referring to a San Diego 3/4 day boat with even the limited load-40- gets pretty bovine. The meat on that boat is special; the same as used on the R/P. Simply the best...
  395. H

    Rude Dog Wahoo bombs

    You selling them? If so, how much?
  396. H


    There is a picture, or at least there was, at "Pacific Edge" that corresponds to the brochure It is of the landing about the same time as brochure. I stayed up late to watch "Fishing Flashes". I remember two episodes or segments; one on catching squid for bait and the other about "that guy"-...
  397. H

    1 day fishing license for friend from Hungary.

    Sullo, Fogas, and Harszca are the three main sport species there. Throwing a few brown trout and the very rare Danube River salmon those are about the only thing worth fishing for in the Hungarian Nation. I have fish there several times. Buying a non-resident license is a surrealistic...
  398. H

    SOLD Mamiya Marfix J System (rare Japanese Jigger)

    You guessed wrong, Josh. What's the low gear ratio? Oh, that's right, it doesn't have a low gear. "Bringing coal to Newcastle", is, I believe, the saying that covers this. The finest saltwater reels in the world are manufactured in Southern California. We need not look anywhere else.
  399. H

    Golden Dot Mono ?

    First sporting goods store I worked in was Hy Green's All Year Sports Den in Westchester. 1971. A full service store- shoes, gloves, camping, diving, trunks, sweats, guns, knives, rackets, bats, balls and fishing. We had a boxes of Golden Dot up on a shelf in the back room. Nobody wanted it and...
  400. H

    Truline 4x Purple glass

    I've been to that building. Are you looking to sell it? That rod is a great example of the attempt to strengthen the rod and give it a faster tapper. I have a VBG like that with the #2 pencil sized inside diameter. As to its value............ It's a 4X. Along with the LM7 they were the two most...
  401. H

    Too Sharp Jigs

    Tommy - I'd be interested in some. Are you selling them? If so, I'd pay a fair price. Tut is pretty much spot on in his appraisal. That's about what I sold them for to a guy a few years ago. Call or text me at 310 736-8231. Tony
  402. H

    50 rig what reel

    I fish 50 lb mono on LX and hxj real, Raptor or otherwise.
  403. H

    Customer service question / issue

    Randy- I suggest you find a Jons Market. Look for a bottle of Ararat Brandy, preferably 10 years or more old. Find out when Sarkis will be there. Take whatever you need to have repaired in. Give him the bottle of brandy. In the future you will find any problems you have will be taken care of...
  404. H

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    Ben -at my rod wrappers for dinner Friday night. He got two rods kitted up for me at Cal star. 1 is a 775 XXX h that I'm fishing a a T-Rex on with 200 pound. The other is a 775 xh that I'm building 4 A HX Raptor and 80 lb. I have to 775 XXh's that I fish a t-rex with 130 and and HX w with 100. I...
  405. H

    Interesting article on opah

    Speaking of Monterey, I remember this rumor in '76 or 77 that boat's targeting Albacore were getting hammered by Opah. They were even bitting the feathers! I worked at a tackle shop and we were going to drive up, but didn't as they, as well as the Albacore, shut off.
  406. H

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    Al, real simple: After my brand new- out of the box- BX2-50 failed on a 2011 Independence trip, you repaired it. In addition Matt through in a Pitbull clamp. Catastrophic failure on my third Yellowtail lead me to use the reel after the repair as a paperweight only, albeit an expensive one. In...
  407. H

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    So let me see if I have this right: The $250 "upgrade" of my BX to a DX after the failure of the ARB resulted in a reel that has "frequent failure of the dogs." And.... there is an upgrade to another ARB. Is that what your saying? Wow. Is that how you remember it? What have you guys been smoking?
  408. H

    General Info on the Independence

    I was on a spring trip in 2010. We went to alejos rocks. The weather was awful. Jeff said it was the worst weather he'd ever fished at the Rocks. On the anchor for 3 days. Finally moved a little bit on the third day when the weather came down. However on the second night they serve lamb chops...
  409. H

    SOLD Roddy 9H

    Best rod they ever made. Good luck with the sale. Should go fast.
  410. H

    Truline pricing question

    Best Truline I ever got-$95 w/overnight shipping from San Diego. Goodluck. Give us an update.
  411. H

    Truline pricing question

    Hi Jerry! Anybody see that Abel super 11? Sweet reel. So tempted to buy it. So far this year I have purchased an Abel 8, 10, and 12. Along with this 6 saltwater fly rod blanks to have made into rods. Good deals. $1500 bought nearly $4000 worth of stuff. Great deals from B/D and links. I love...
  412. H

    WTB Truline Dynamo 4" Cap

    I'm in the Valley tomorrow. I'll see what I can find. Give me a call at 310 736 8231. Call around noon. I might have an extra. Tony
  413. H

    Truline pricing question

    "sixties era rods"? "custom wrap"? Hey Chuck- put some pictures up. I'm certain I can tell you what they are actually worth.
  414. H

    Truline letter designation

    Hey Jerry! Give us the answer to the 36 question, again, please. Arguably, the 36 was the most popular rod Truline ever made, that is, with boat crews. It was the go 25# rod for captains and deckhand alike. Rick Oefinger informed me in the early 2000's that he finally retired a 35 year old...
  415. H

    Truline letter designations

    "39" refers to 39 thread which designated a class of trolling rod. '15thread, 27thread & 39thread" corresponded to 30#, 50# and 80# classes The term "thread" refers to the number of individual strands used to weave a linen line. Rod manufacturers of the 1960's especially made the entire spectrum...
  416. H

    Blanks et al

    Now I have to put these things together. I like kitting rods up myself. Going with EVA for handles for the most part and a small Alps triangle seat. Fighting butt with the option of adding a 12" or so extension on the heavier rods. There is a Super 11 up on the boards. Wish it were a 13 or...
  417. H

    For Sale Jigmaster, 113h, 114h and lots of others CHEAP

    How much for the 99's w/ Newell components?
  418. H

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    Contact Rollie and Helen's Musky Shop. They might be able to tell you more. Also, Mick Drury at American Hardwood Lures.
  419. H

    Tackle bags, tackle boxes.

    Here's something.
  420. H

    Tackle bags, tackle boxes.

    Sure thing! I'm on the elliptical for 2 hours. The fat man needs to lose some weight. I use a Butch green long-range box that I have had for many years. The guys on the RP complain that it's the heaviest tackle box they've ever loaded! It doubles as a bench when all the seats are taken. Also on...
  421. H

    Tackle bags, tackle boxes.

    There is a wood box posted in the General section. There have been several other boxes posted recently. A couple of years ago a guy named Jim sold custom wooden boxes appropriate for local fishing. That's what I'm using now. Here is my concern and my pet peeve. I find often that fellow Anglers...
  422. H

    Truline letter designations

    Hey Jerry! Great to see you posting again! As for the previous post there are some possible errors. First TR6 is the tuna Wrangler. I have owned two and still have one neither were Factory wraps. Second the designation R in RD8 according 2 to legitimate unnamed sources indicates a person's first...
  423. H

    For Sale AFTCO Max Force Stand-Up Harness

    You have to redo your post. You listed it as maxiforce. It should read Max Force. The former sounds like it's used for something other than fishing on certain days during the month.
  424. H

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Last fall on a 10-day we hit a kelp that was loaded with Dorado. We made one drift past it and it was pandemonium. Some guys got three or four fish usually smaller ones. I like a bigger bait and fish outside. I got two nicer ones and put my rod in the rack. We made two other drifts, never got...
  425. H

    For Sale Bowen’s sportsman wood box w/key

    I'd buy it I didn't already have a half a dozen! Why can't people use something that works instead of the bags.
  426. H

    TRADE In need of 8 wt Fly Reel

    I picked up a Super 12 recently. Keep your eyes open. There at some great deals on B/D. By the way what rod?
  427. H

    TRADE In need of 8 wt Fly Reel

    Been a couple of Abel's posted recently. All were a little larger than you need.
  428. H

    Braid Chum Mate

    About the same as a veg-o-matic.
  429. H

    Truline 39

    Jesus Jesse, you got up early this morning. It's alive! It's alive! It's alive! The 39 post is revived. Thank you. I expect you are coming out here soon for the June heat trip. If you're in town stop by and say hello. If there's anything biting we might even be able to get something together. My...
  430. H

    For Sale ‘08 Shimano Stella 8000 and 20000

    That van Staal should go real fast. What do you want for it?
  431. H

    For Sale Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 ***NEW***

    None was used. What else could it be? .
  432. H

    For Sale Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 ***NEW***

    I asked the guy at the company why it was so expensive. He said it was a secret. He was able to tell me for sure that no titanium or boron had been useda
  433. H

    For Sale Torpedo Sinkers 4 Sale ~!

    PM sent. I need the heavy ones.
  434. H

    Reel size numbers comparison...???

    2", 2 3/8", 2 9/16", 2 3/4" & 3". 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 & 6/0. Penn 140, 259/500, 112, 113, &114. Avet sx, lx, hx, & t rex/ scs. Newell 2 series, 3 series, no 3/0 size, 5 series, and 6 series. Inch measures are close. As for the Asian stuff your guess is as good as mine. As for baitcasting 50-too...
  435. H

    What is your dream gun?

    76mm SIV divisional gun. Soviet, period correct.
  436. H

    NON - Smokers

    Less than 8% of Californians smoke. Last 10day I was on two passengers smoked, three crew members. Things are changing. I really think we all need to say something. You know about 85% of people with psychiatric illness smoke. So, I keep that in mind. Serious smokers are very probably disturbed...
  437. H

    30# socal set up

    Holy, crappoli! This is the Avet page! Then, well, it's an MX and a D8 or 5X.
  438. H

    30# socal set up

    Obviously, a Newell 332 with a good drag and a D8- Truline or otherwise.
  439. H

    Is this normal? Avet JX Raptor

    How about Ed at Cabbage Key? No tax, free shipping. 14 for me so far. Looking for SCS 3speed and HX 3speed. I'd have more if it weren't for the five SSTs I have for Wahoo. Hari said it was coming........ Where is the star drag reel?
  440. H

    775H or 775XH

    775xh. Have you pulled on them yet? Also, I have a good wrapper. He can also get the components and have the blanks kitted up. He's building an xh and xxxh for me presently.
  441. H

    PH D8

    Why not a real one?
  442. H

    turbine rod

    Mike Inscore of Lomita is a great wrapper and a specialist in re-wrapping and wrapping Trulines. P/M me if you want his phone #. He has others available.
  443. H

    Fuel surcharge in 2018?

    Thank God I'm in a position where I have two regular trips I go a year. I'm planning on adding a third but in order to do that I really have to use the first two as Leverage. The boat I fish on I really like. Therefore, if I want to play I will have to pay whatever they ask and I will be fine...
  444. H

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    There's roughly$3,000 worth of reels. Having rods built for two of them right now. I try to avoid paying exorbitant prices 4 Factory fly rods so I have my rod wrapper build them. They are considerably cheaper that way. Not much difference then having any kind of Rod wrapped.
  445. H

    Physical Training Ideas

    I like to fish surface iron. I also like the yo-yo. I also bounce very heavy iron for groupers such as jri 8 and Salas PDQ slash yo-yo one. What I've been doing as I have a trip coming up on the RP is 2 do specific exercises related 2 the the specific type of repetitive actions involved. I...
  446. H

    10 ft ulua

    Obviously a 332 or 338.
  447. H

    Blanks et al

    Update: procured 12wt. and 15wt. two piece blanks that are late GUSA Had a "Windjammer" in early 2000 that I lost in Mexico. So we will see how these two compare. Picked up another 11wt., a 9wt., and a Shikari 10wt. Rod wrapper is "on notice"! If you need a truly gifted custom rod guy, I have...
  448. H

    Customer service question / issue

    I prefer Sarkis.
  449. H

    For Sale Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 ***NEW***

    Anything else? A reel to go with it- a combo.
  450. H

    The magic DIX DRAG!!

    Mike -I have to have it. We can make arrangements at at your leisure.
  451. H

    Truline Rods B4B

    Picture would be helpful.
  452. H

    Old Rain Check

    Wonder who "JT" was?
  453. H

    Truline tuna tamer info please

    Here are a couple of period pieces. One is a QR 6 and the other Maybe a Socorro special. Surprisingly the sabre is quite Stout. It bends about the same as the QR 6. I remember the the Socorro special having a bigger butt. This might be a slightly lighter version or about 6in were cut off of it...
  454. H

    Truline tuna tamer info please

    "Tuna Wrangler", I will check tonight.
  455. H

    Dauntless v Valiant

    Super 11, 12, & 13. With these you have a drag when the handle spins backwards.
  456. H

    Truline tuna tamer info please

    Jimmy- what did you say "TR" was? I was trying to strip mine but 40 year old double wrapped cork tape is a mess
  457. H

    Truline tuna tamer info please

    Anybody remember the Sabre Socorro special? And Truline's answer to it the RR/QR 6? I'll have to post a picture. There's a Truline thick walled-ultra fast tapper(HT75?) that was a reaction to a Fenwick that came out in '71. Lots of broken rods. Not that heavy. Also, let's not forget one if the...
  458. H

    SOLD Salas DX lure lot

    Like the color choices! Really an under ratted Salas jig.
  459. H

    Blanks et al

    Got two blanks- 10-11wt. One at 9', other at 8'6"; both fast, one a "jungle" type. Working on two- three more.
  460. H

    For Sale Lot of 10 Trulines

    That counter top is gorgeous! Sardenian granite, right?
  461. H

    Yeti drops NRA

    Gun owners represent about 20% of eligible persons in this country. Are you claiming people who fish own guns at a higher rate? I support 2nd Amendment rights. I own guns; historic, related to reenacting. I love hunting, but can't afford it. Fishing is expensive enough! It would be interesting...
  462. H

    Blanks et al

    Need blanks for Super 10, 11, & 12. I thought Truline was overpriced. $175 of materials, components, and labor- $895 retail.
  463. H

    Abel Arm

    Abel arms secured for Super 11 & 12. Now I need to build rods. Any suggestions? Want 81/2'- 9'.
  464. H

    What Is This Creature???

    Nobody's concerned about the other fish's name? Sea Slap is one thing, but the other is named for a 19th century Italian revolutionary. What's up with that?
  465. H

    Avet Reel bag.

    The big one carries a lot of stuff. In my big bag I have two T-Rex, 3 HX Raptors, a DX 250 accurate and a super 13 Abel fly reel. It has a lot of pockets and space 4 coils and lots of other stuff. I'm looking for a small one to go with the two big ones I have now They are First Rate. Don't...
  466. H


    Thank wrap looks familiar.
  467. H

    Need Advise.......... Which rod size?

    I own several spinning reels and rods. All of the spinning rods are either factory rods or blanks from Phenix.
  468. H

    For Sale Rod clamps for Daiwa and Newells

    Will they work on a Tiburon SST or an Avet?Avet made a polycarbonate clamp originally and would include it and an aluminium.
  469. H

    Abel Arm

    Anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one.
  470. H

    WTB Truline D8 red

    Gesu, Giuseppe, e Maria! OK, let's talk. Got an offer for it yesterday. $800. Not enough. Blank cost me $400. $100+ in titanium guides. And wrapping...... Look- I have TNT I first fished on a 1977 10 day and still fish hard. I've treated well. It's in better shape than most if the stuff that...
  471. H

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    Let's keep our fingers crossed. And who knows, they might schedule another one. 22 months from now! Hope I make it
  472. H

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    Sure wish I would have heard about it earlier. Right now, I'm Number 8 on the waiting list. I suppose if I meant to go I will. February 2020 is a long way off.
  473. H

    WTB Vintage surface irons

    Are you serious? That is, do you want jigs from 50's and 60's? Bartender, PUTTER, Explorer, 3n1, Atomic Worm & Candybar with out the circle "r", perhaps?
  474. H

    Truline 39

    Well, it's not a size 16 like a '60's and 70's rod.
  475. H

    Truline 39

    Here's my counter part. Used carbide guides.
  476. H

    ??? For Reel Smart Guys?

    349 came with a chrome plated bronze spool. Newell made a narrow spool as well as the Wahoo Special conversion kit. Accurate, too. Gear ratio is 3.25/1. Just turned the handle and counted. Got my first one in 1973. State of the art as a you reel. Penn stopped making them in late 80's. They...
  477. H

    Liberty out of Fisherman's Landing

    The one day San Diego trip was hard 40 years ago. Old guys now have a chance. Thread my 50# and 40# surface iron sticks, then the 60# yoyo. Try to be the first on board. Tackle box in rack; rods in the holders and I'm tucking myself in for a nap before they untie the stern line.
  478. H

    WTB Truline D8 red

    The one in the middle red enough? Hey Jesse- recognize the 6X on the right? You wrapped it. Mike Inscore wrapped the middle one. Caught a YT and a couple of Calicos in 2015 on it. Fished one time. Wrapping is what I call "Amish". That is plain without ostentation.
  479. H

    Truline 39

    What's the best Truline you've got and why? Tell you about mine: About late 2013 there was this rod on eBay. Cobra 50. Wrapped black and yellow with hypalon and a Fuji reel seat. Bidding was low. So I bid and then got out bid- you know how it goes. So, I get into this pissing match. I win! I...
  480. H

    Collins Series ????

    They came often enough with gold plated reel seat and gold plated carbide guides.
  481. H

    WTB Sabre 670-8h

    Found it. At rod wrappers house. May not be an "H"
  482. H

    FREE Transport Fish Box

    Wow. Just what I need. My son is in Santa Cruz. Give me a call at 310 736-8231 Tony.
  483. H

    Fred Hall worth!?!

    It's the Hajj and Long Beach is Mecca. Besides I have to give the R/P a check.
  484. H

    guide recommendations for rail rods?

    Tim- if you need a rod builder, I have one for you. Not sure why anything other than heavy duty titanium guides are being suggested. Guess PacBay or Amtac Titannium Turbos would be my choice. Back to the rod guy. He knows what he's doing. He's been around for a while; has fished and worked the...
  485. H

    Truline 39

    You are welcome.
  486. H

    For Sale Accurate Dx2-400

    What's the spool diameter? I might have a use for it if it's the right size. Measure it straight across the top of the reel. Width would be great too.
  487. H

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    I remember this horrid Tuna trip on the "Pacifica" (does it still exist) where we just were getting bit well but had to leave biting fish so we could fuel before they let us off the boat. So we got back to the dock at the same time as the other boats that did not fuel and watched them unload...
  488. H

    WTB Sabre 670-8h

    Hey- I'll check. Got one at my rod wrapper. No sure it's an H, but it's cheap
  489. H

    Truline "insight" general knowledge

    I grew up in Westchester; went to Visatation Parrish and sang in the choir. The Arguelles families also sang in the choir and I was gaga for one of the daughters. Anyway two families. Two brothers; one a fire captain and the other police captain. Both were friends of John Collins and frequently...
  490. H

    Help with Fish ID?

    Oxijulius Californica. Also known as senorita fish. Wrase, indeed. Makes it a hermaphordite.
  491. H

    Old Newell - What Have I Got?

    Pulled a couple of Blackies and 300C's. Good to go. Rebuilt them after my heart surgery in 2015.
  492. H

    Truline 39

    50 posts! Praise Jesus! The post has risen from the dead! Last week was the ''riddle of the missing 39". It was found! He's what I know: 39's were made in green, black, and red glass(some people say purple, but it is red to me). In 1987 we had Rick Oefinger of the City of Redondo contact Truline...
  493. H

    In depth explanation required please............

    90% of what we do can be accomplished with two rods- one to fish 15-20# and one to fish 30-40#. Two reels- 2" diameter and 2 3/8"(Newell 220 and 338 size, for example. Presently, I have 16 blanks at my rod wrapper. I need to buy a 777XH for a Raptor-we will build it soon. Also looking to build...
  494. H

    Coupon for the 2018 LB Fred Hall Show

    Thank you! $3 is $3.
  495. H

    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

    40 turn Albright. I made sure it gets nowhere near my thumb.
  496. H

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    Anybody see that 140 with the Powerhouse on posted a while back? Had a nice 3 hole handle! Handle looked good. I use to have Powerhouse on a black 4/0. Had a four hole Newell 4/0 base with out flanges, bars and Newell spool. What a piece of work. Still have the high speed Accurate 6/0 gears to...
  497. H

    WTB Truline DM7

    No, Brandon, I have not. What do you think the M7's worth?
  498. H

    For Sale Avet Handle knobs new and old style

    So, those two handles will not replace the standard knob on an Hx, for example. Right.
  499. H

    WTB Truline DM7

    Last one I picked up was a few years ago at Fred Hall. I get up in the parking structure and look to see if I see anybody carrying sticks in the line. Went up to the guy and he had a factory wrap M7 and some Garcia-Conlon spinning rods. He told me he was taking them in to sell to the guy at the...
  500. H

    Installing Ceramic Bearings For My Newell Reel!

    Dear Mr.Takahashi Does your "Blackie" still have the aluminum spool? If so you should consider the difference in mass between it and the graphite spool- roughly 4X. The laws of inertia do apply! So, I may be using a "G" series reel with gummed up bearings and still outcast you! As you do I...
  501. H

    remember the tiburon 8?

    OK. I'm servicing mine!
  502. H

    WTB Truline DM7

    Couple of 7' sticks that don't have "7" in them- TNT and Cobra 50(I have one that was a factory wrap- most likely cut from something as there is no writing on the butt). Cobra is best $50 I ever spent. I have two green M7's and they are note the same. One is as stiff as any D7 I have ever seen
  503. H

    Cold Shrink Foregrip

    "Creep"! The only way the 3M stuff will ever move once you've put it on is when it is cut off.
  504. H

    Reel engraving

    Jesus! That's a Langly, isn't it?
  505. H

    WTS Truline Dynamo 15 thread

    What size is the tip? I'm serious. I might be able to use this. Also, is there a gamble on the butt?
  506. H

    Blank ID

    Nhan, are you sure you want to know? Are you ready to be initiated into the cult of Truline? Many go in and they never are the same again. Like Moses' countenance was forever changed after the burning bush. Truline does that to a man. Beware.
  507. H

    Never used Hodgman XXL wader for man

    The fat man use on the elliptical right now. I'd take him if they were 3x. God dang it. I'd say 3 months Maybe and and they would fit. Should you not sell them. And three months pass, give me a holler.
  508. H

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    Star drag 2.4" diameter. Width between LX and JX. I'd put the Newells away. I just can't bring myself to fish with the Japanese and Korean stuff.
  509. H

    Blank ID

    Roddy, indeed.
  510. H

    Favorite SoCal Rod by Category?

    Surface iron- D8 Yoyo- TNT Yoyo heavy- 39 Heavy bait- 6X Medium bait- D8/36 Lighter bait- LM9 Heavy surface iron/poopers- RD8/lighter 39 Rail rod- Calstar 775xh, xxh, and xxxh. 6465xh, xxh, and xxh- depending upon application. Ultra heavy fly-lifting- 9' heavy Phenix pooping rod 2 piece. Heavy...
  511. H

    Vintage boat sorta...

    Buddy of mine said a friend had 12 chartres on the Sea Jay this year. Asked me if I was interested and I said no. Have not fished or set foot on that boat sense I last work on it. That was 47 years ago. Jesus, how time flies. Here's a thought. What's the oldest sport fishing boat you ever fished...
  512. H

    Lets see those old irons

    Those holes are for extra weight. PUTTER.
  513. H

    Lets see those old irons

    Single hook Atomic Worm, big Apache, and Salas 4x400(very unusual- no one has ever seen one before. Sorry, hit twice! Salas 6x6 & 5x6. Below, early 4x's.
  514. H

    3M Cold Shrink

    If it doesn't go. I can drive over tomorrow
  515. H


    Hey Ryan- sorry to hear of your trouble. I remember the Encore and Charisma ''fire bombings" Only other thing I can remember was in August of 1984 the SportKing didn't run one day because of a bomb threat. I hope the DHS-port security mentioned above puts some teeth in the investigative efforts...
  516. H

    Christmas Island

    Curiously enough I was talking to a No. Cal fly shop day before yesterday about a trip there. I'm not sure I'm really a fly guy. Bonefish don't exactly thrill me. The G/T's do, but there are better places to fish them. Guess I have to go once.
  517. H

    Factory or Custom rods

    I'm buying my rod wrapper dinner this weekend. I try to keep on his good side. I have a few projects in mind. Only one must do, a 775H for an 80# rail rod. But there are a bunch of other projects as well. For the most part I use seine twine for the handles and no reel seat. Exceptions to this...