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  1. jim isbell

    YT and Dorado 11/17

    The Color of a Dorado will shock me forever, especially when it just came out of the water, one dip to clear the blood and that could be a framed picture--yeah I know, this is "bloody" decks, but for the framed shot-you know what I mean.
  2. jim isbell

    Redondo fishing 11/21/2020

    I guess I must swho my age, I love a bikini, but dental floss up the ass is not appealing to me--just looks nasty.
  3. jim isbell

    New Hustler On the Big reds

    Some of em look tiny, were they all legal?
  4. jim isbell

    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Just my two cents--I have a dog--never been sea sick. But the other two dogs, get just horrible. Bottom line: I LIKE them to come, but I don't think any of them enjoy it all that much. Also, you got two choices, tether or not tether. If they go overboard--happened to me once, if they are...
  5. jim isbell

    Redondo fishing 11/21/2020

    In person, it looks a lot better. Those two straps are massive; as you wait they slip one on fore, the other aft, then they tighten them--slowly and lift just a bit, making sure they have the balance point. When they do the lift, it really is very, very secure looking and performing. Check me...
  6. jim isbell

    Refunds due to Covid

    Consumer protection people always advise the credit card, just for that reason, yet, I must say the very few times I had a solid case-the credit card people would simply refuse to back me. So I don't know. But I do think the good faith, for both the landing and the angler is to put it on a...
  7. jim isbell

    Refunds due to Covid

    That is a constructive way to handle it--something other than keeping the money OR giving it back. Just apply it to a future trip--that makes sense and nobody gets hurt. As to asking the landing, so far no luck in getting a word back---but if I book a trip, I will ask for sure. Thanks for the...
  8. jim isbell

    Refunds due to Covid

    For the safety of the fleet-for THAT, they will not let you aboard, giving your money back, THAT is a different question.
  9. jim isbell

    Fisherman without license

    Yeah, correction noted, thanks
  10. jim isbell

    Refunds due to Covid

    That's good to hear, but I wonder if it is a 5K "long range trip"--they say at 2 weeks prior to departure, you must be paid in full. I wonder, in that case, if the day you board, you flunk the test. I wonder then.... I got to say, I see the sympathy for the angler--and the boat/landing; after...
  11. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Six years later...they don't make Scopace anymore--nor any other pill form Scopolamine. One exception--you can go to a compounding pharmacy--but good luck getting a prescription to go there. Take Kaiser for example, generally they will only write a script for what THEIR pharmacy stocks--and...
  12. jim isbell

    Refunds due to Covid

    If you have paid in full for a long range (or one day for that matter) on a Sport boat--and you flunk the Covid screen, what then? Do they keep your money or some of you money? I asked one landing--they wouldn't really answer me.
  13. jim isbell

    Fisherman without license

    If you get stopped on the water by DFW--and some guy on your boat does NOT have a license, what is YOUR liability--as boat owner?
  14. jim isbell

    Another super!

    Don't know how this guy did it--but I saw a guy in a small boat, not a lot of freeboard, he put the gaff in the mouth-no, he did not lift it himself, he just pulled and dragged it across the transom and slipped it in that way. Another time, I was with a pangero, he gaffed the head, and looked...
  15. jim isbell

    For Sale 23 Seaswirl in Ventura.

    Seems underpriced, am I wrong? Are prices down right now?
  16. jim isbell

    For Sale 20 ft Custom Center Console w/ Honda 150 (285 hours) / $22K

    That sounds great, and for anyone with greater need--for whatever reason, I'll bet she could handle an aux tank in any number of well placed areas. Re that Honda, still number one in my book and the hours, so low hardly worth mentioning.
  17. jim isbell

    For Sale Livingston 19 Cat- Yamaha 115 $22,500

    I have only been on a smaller Livingston but saying it's "stable" is an understatement, on the tiny one I was on, you could STAND on the rail and not a budge, which is why divers like em so much , in and out of the smallest boat with no tip of any kind. Notice on the first picture--there is a...
  18. jim isbell

    Taking Doctors for some tuna

    I don't know, those two docs are not wearing a mask AND they don't look too worried, when you think about it.
  19. jim isbell

    Taking Doctors for some tuna

    Didn't look like the Doctors got sea sick--just good old fashioned cast iron stomachs. And I'll bet they didn't worry too much about stopping the bleeding.
  20. jim isbell

    FREE SLIP AVAILABILITIES, 25-50'! prices vary

    I wonder how often people buy a slipped boat, and not contract for the slip. Anyway, hope you get em rented out right away.
  21. jim isbell

    Big Halibut and a story- Sd Bay 10/2

    Great post, thanks for the story and the great photo. Reminds me of a write up from an outdoor writer, years ago: "why, with 5K in tools, do I still fix the trailer, with a big stick-and a rock?"
  22. jim isbell

    FREE SLIP AVAILABILITIES, 25-50'! prices vary

    These days, that's a pretty big deal. I wonder if these are newly built, or openings possibly related to Covid-19. Either way, thanks for posting, I'll bet it generates the business, good luck.
  23. jim isbell

    Can anyone identify this fish caught at Cat backside?

    Not a bad policy "when in doubt, throw it out" but yeah, biggest Sargo I ever saw. Of all the things they called it here, I would add "lucky Sargo"
  24. jim isbell

    This is what fishing in OHIO is all about!

    Nice video, thanks for posting. I've seen em that size and larger in the Gulf, often full of worms. But re. the worms--I've also seen the worms picked out--and there is nothing wrong with em, pick out the worms, and use high heat--if they are dipped in batter, deep fried, no one would ever...
  25. jim isbell

    software for MPA's

    Looking for MPA downloads, so far problem is they want you to have an I-phone, which I don't or they want a monthly fee for the "free" download. Question, is there a good recommendation on the most economical way to go, thanks.
  26. jim isbell

    SOLD 2006 Parker 1801 w/ Yami 115

    What a great package. Really appreciate the dual axle trailer, people will tell you "you don't need a dual on an 18 footer", but you do IMO, for many reasons. Can you comment if there is any perceptible difference in how she runs/handles with empty or full bait tank?
  27. jim isbell

    For Sale A must see… Mako 236, Turnkey, highly versatile, and one of the nicest boats on the market

    What a great looking post, features and digital images. Looks just great, hope you get a buyer soon.
  28. jim isbell

    FREE Not Mine 17' Shamrock in Mexico Anyone seen It?

    I could not find evidence at first, seems they made them in the past and on occasion you can find one. Just saw this, as an example" Features of Shamrock 17 Center Console: Basic data Type: Power boat Year : 1985 Length: 5.10 m Location: Florida (United States) Name: - Flag: - Shipyard...
  29. jim isbell

    FREE Not Mine 17' Shamrock in Mexico Anyone seen It?

    I am unaware of ANY Shamrock that short, 20 foot is the shortest length I have ever heard of
  30. jim isbell

    It's Been A Long Time! Epic Saturday!

    Yeah, I got the email--missed where it was from; then again, who really cares if I ask that question---you either answer it, or ignore it, or....give a shit for some reason I guess.
  31. jim isbell

    It's Been A Long Time! Epic Saturday!

    What are the tuna limits in SOCAL?
  32. jim isbell

    Hidden bank limit dodo

    That shot might be an optical illusion--but it looks like that fish is almost as long as the lady--and that would mean it was a huge dorado. Were there in fact, a lot of big Dorado, what size did they average? thanks for the great post.
  33. jim isbell

    08/29/20 – 9 Mile Bank and the Nados

    Quality processing of those fish--and great photos too. People that don't use a vacuum sealer take notice, check it out, how good those seals look--that fish will taste fresh a LONG time from now--if any is still around. Thanks for the cool post.
  34. jim isbell

    SOLD 1999 Boston whaler dauntless

    If you ad seasick--as mine are, it can close it out for sure. But I'm hoping for that best on that deal, lots of people who don't eat fish, can still catch fish. Hope your boy at least likes catching fish.
  35. jim isbell

    8/30 Dodos and Dales

    That's a report and that one shot of you with the big Dorado, framing stuff for sure. After all these years, still one on the most beautiful fish in the ocean as far as I'm concerned. Thanks
  36. jim isbell

    SOLD Robalo R190

    Besides a great hull and engine, this has a dual axle trailer, can't say too much about what a big deal that is, in my opinion. You don't need a dual--until you do, then you are DAMN glad it IS a dual, like with a blow-out, which you probably will have at some point. Next issue, weight...
  37. jim isbell

    SOLD 1999 Boston whaler dauntless

    Funny you would say no time due to two young kids, as I have been spending that last week being sure my two grand kids are set up for my boat, ages 2 and 5-but I think I see your point. I did sell my skiff as it's free board was just too small, and I could see them popping out, so I got a rig...
  38. jim isbell

    Pacifica Killed the Big Boys yesterday!

    Sounds great--give it to us son, rod/reel, line test, hooks, walk us through that beast of a fight--rod tucked under your arm?--hard to believe but I've watched it, how long?--did you pass the rod off a few times. For us stuck at home, we need to hear about it. How do they clean those, assume...
  39. jim isbell

    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    Fished with spinners for so many years--and never had this problem. I'm wondering about your knots--is there any curl in the line after it breaks? Braid to mono or fluoro is not a tough knot, but it does take some practice--and no insult intended if you are already on it. But, one thing you...
  40. jim isbell

    For Sale 2004 17' Arima Sea Chaser - $17,000

    I had the 19 Sea Ranger, loved it. And with the Honda, don't see how you can go wrong with this deal. Just my two cents; I had a 2 stroke and he cost of repower was just too much, this is a solid deal. Re. your garage full of tackle, can you take a snap shot and/or list some of it? Thanks
  41. jim isbell

    For Sale Boat Slip Rental

    Well, this may be only the obvious, but I imagine you can go on a wait list-assume they have one--while hoping to get a good lead. Also, probably obvious, but get on the list to any and all other harbors that may be OK for you--Dana Point, etc
  42. jim isbell

    8/22/2020 LB wall Nacho end

    IMO, many can not afford more, and overstretch to get one beyond their means--so they end up with an old tub, lousy engine, and then ask YOU to ow em when they crap out on the water. Another thing, "less is more" cause you can easily tow it, you burn less gas--way less and you end up saying "no...
  43. jim isbell

    SOLD ...............

    Fair, honest ad, good luck with the sale.
  44. jim isbell

    8/22/2020 LB wall Nacho end

    Funny though how the "small boats' are the ones that actually go fishing, way more often than the big ones.
  45. jim isbell

    Farmer Juan 8/23

    That backlash can happen anytime, with any gear. It's just part of the deal, it's not even farming IMO. I think it's farming when you screw up, you didn't.
  46. jim isbell

    8/23-8/25 New Lo-An Company Charter 1.5 day (BFT Limits)

    THAT is a great report--the fish may or may not be there, but a quality captain and crew guarantees your best shot--and a good time however it goes. And thank you, for the details, always bringing an assortment of hook sizes and line sizes is a good idea. You never know the size of the...
  47. jim isbell

    SOLD 25 CC for sale

    In one note, all the things off the cuff people want to know --is there a slip fee, how much? --slip fee transferable? --location where she is slipped? --bottom paint condition? --Steering and electrical system condition? --trailer available, if so, condition/price? --cruise and top end speed...
  48. jim isbell

    SOLD 25’ whaler outrage twin Honda’s LOW hours

    Buyer, let us know in the fish reports where you go, what you catch--and pics too, what a perfect fishing rig
  49. jim isbell

    SOLD 25’ whaler outrage twin Honda’s LOW hours

    Total prejudice, but when I see those Honda's, I feel like you are getting more hours than you should expect to get from any other motor--never heard word one against them, anywhere from anyone. And with that solid a hull--just seems like a great rig to me. When you look at any used boat--you...
  50. jim isbell

    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    Thanks for posting--all boaters need to hear this and think about how fast things can go wrong--not even time to drop the anchor. But, for sure, do have an anchor READY--not saying you didn't, just saying be as ready as you can. The anchor is overlooked by too many
  51. jim isbell

    SOLD Livingston Skiff

    The stability of ANY Livingston has to be seen to appreciate. Divers like em cause they can get in and out, even a small one with not one iota of tip when you are getting in. You can literally stand on the edge, no chance of capsizing this boat. I fished with four guys on the "little" 10...
  52. jim isbell

    SOLD 25’ whaler outrage twin Honda’s LOW hours

    In my mind, that is a good combo, an older hull assuming inspection shows it as good and newer four strokes. The only thing I can think of (it happened to me) is when the engines weigh more than the original design. In my case, it forced the transom down, the bow up. I was able to compensate...
  53. jim isbell

    For Sale 24’ Shamrock WA Hardtop

    The good news is that it is in no way too big to put her on a trailer, lose the slip fee and gain mobility. Then again, you need a tow vehicle-and a place to park her. But I prefer that option over a monthly slip fee and far greater wear when she sits in the salt water 24/7.
  54. jim isbell

    Amazing Coronado Island Fishing

    And watch the "grinders" outcast you with small dines, all day
  55. jim isbell

    SOLD 25’ whaler outrage twin Honda’s LOW hours

    Rare to find a Whaler in that apparent shape with a Honda or twin Honda power, usually a Merc, as they have long had a deal between them (Whaler and Merc). This looks like one cool rig.
  56. jim isbell

    A wild day offshore 8-20

    Sounds like a white, moral of the story is have your camera ready at all times, fresh batteries--turned ON. It's no time to be farting around for the camera, turning it on--finding it dead--my kind of shit for sure.
  57. jim isbell

    For Sale 24’ Shamrock WA Hardtop

    Great rig, can you tell me if there were more than one model at that size and which model is this Shamrock. I looked at them a long time ago, really impressive in quality and there was something unique about their hull as I recall. A keel that offered amazing stability and prop protection?
  58. jim isbell

    For Sale SKIPJACK 24 flybridge $2500

    Fair enough, a project boat. If you can offer just a few details, that might really help people not waste your or their time. Fiberglass condition? Trailer details, make, condition, how much work needed there, brake system, any electronics present and/or working, etc./all. Anchor, line and...
  59. jim isbell

    San Pedro angler suffers multiple injuries from Bluefin Tuna.

    All the money and time spent--and not 20 bucks for a rod belt, rather stick the rod but in your bare stomach-really? And how long have they had those belts--50 years or more?
  60. jim isbell

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Yeah man One day have the little one's see Grandpa saying "fuck you" to whoever is looking--cool stuff for sure. We are living the day of class.
  61. jim isbell

    Maiden voyage that gave me a fucking heart attack

    NOT saying you, but it does remind me of how many "don't have a clue" what goes on with their thru hulls, or the hosing, and what not of their boats. As an example, boats after a certain year, MUST have a shut off--I installed one on my boat, one bitch let me tell you. Not a hard job--but the...
  62. jim isbell

    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    Thanks for that update--on another part of the bd site, somebody has put down two or three applications you can get on your smart phone; what I remember best is that one of em works in this way: while you have a firm link, you can download supposedly the latest and greatest maps in terms of and...
  63. jim isbell

    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    I have not been there in a while, are the MPA zones still in the same spots--easy to understand where they are?
  64. jim isbell

    For Sale Boston Whaler 17 foot Montauk For Sale in San Diego PRICE DROP $17,900 OBO

    Small thing, but I like it has a bilge pump AND is self draining--as I understand it I should say. That means if the pump quits working -and they all do at some point--you still have no worries if she takes on water. It also does not take a 3/4 ton truck to easily pull it, my 1/2 ton would do...
  65. jim isbell

    New Huslter Over Night 14-15 AUG 2020

    37 pounds BEFORE fillet is a lot, sounds like you stoked the freezer with the very best there is, IMO.
  66. jim isbell

    For Sale 2007 Grady White 185 Tournament 62 hours on F150 $16.5 Yorktown, VA

    I know that boat--no surprise the ad has been deleted, sold without doubt
  67. jim isbell

    For Sale 2016 Hobie outback limited edition loaded

    Well, I hope you get your price, and good to be clear you will not negotiate. That way, people know not to offer, say 3400--hope you get every dime you insist on.
  68. jim isbell

    WTB Kencraft 220, 215, Hydrasport Vector 23-24’

    I would use Craigslist, set it up for a search, they send you an email anytime that boat/engine package is listed. And boat trader too, chances of a hit from just this group is not too large. Then again, you never know.
  69. jim isbell

    2016 23 Steiger craft Chesapeake

    This Harrison guy just wanted to torture us--that's why he included pics of her on the water--really rub it in. Hey, that's part of the kick of a new boat. Seriously, very cool boat and look forward to the one thing that comes with the turf: photos of big blue fin.
  70. jim isbell

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    We all know, but I'll say it anyway, a yellowtail does not get fat and sluggish as they grow, a 25 pound fights like the Devil, I can only imagine the fight--can you give some more on that, how tight did you have the drag, how much line it fired off that reel?
  71. jim isbell

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    Like so many things, there has to be something in the middle, staying at home, in bed, afraid to answer the door on the one extreme and Devil may care on the other. As so many of you said, it makes a hell of a difference if you are young and strong and if you are 60 and up, with some health...
  72. jim isbell

    For Sale SOLD 2008 Parker 2320

    Red hat and poach chum lines???? PS Sorry, have not been on this site much of late--I'm sure someone can educate me to what is probably obvious to the rest of you guys.
  73. jim isbell

    For Sale SOLD 2008 Parker 2320

    This is an interesting one. You have rumors of bluefin on the one hand, yet the economic issues coming from Covid, One mark of a healthy economy is things sell--buyers and sellers are good things. She looks prime, let's see how she moves on an open market. It's a lot of boat/engine/trailer...
  74. jim isbell

    Where to find CA MPA maps

    Thanks one and all--just heading over to DFW to get their "latest" and what a pain, not knowing at certain times if my hard copy maps of MPA's are current. Thank you PS. Do any/all of these aps ALSO give the fishing regs aside from the MPA's?
  75. jim isbell

    For Sale 1991 Trophy model 2003 ( Custom Wheel House )

    I like so many things on this boat. Not too big, not too small, love that tandem, so many boats lack it, you often don't see it until the boat is huge, this is so much better than a single. And the engine, and the design. Do you have rough performance numbers, speeds at cruise, WOP, mileage...
  76. jim isbell

    For Sale 2004 Pro-Line 33 Walkaround - $119,500

    For many of us, for sure for me "less is more" in so many ways. And today, you can have a whole lot of boat in a much smaller size range, easy to two but plenty competent in the sea.
  77. jim isbell

    How to slow a boat down for trolling

    Buckets are a last resort IMO, but better to have one rigged and ready just in case. If you have a small boat AND lose your power, trust me, you want something out NOW to keep that nose into the swell, otherwise it could cost you more than you can imagine if you start taking on heavy water...
  78. jim isbell

    drift chute?

    Anyone out there ever use a bucket? I know, not designed for it, but I mean a marine, reinforced bucket and handle, like the new Igloo models? Not as good, but beats...nothing else if you are in a pinch and lose your power in a blow.
  79. jim isbell

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Appreciate you and good luck. To "the golden state" it actually makes me kind of sad how things are going, how so many of us feel like we're being driven out. One of my old, liberal friends recently told me "yeah, you can use a gun to save someone's life" and I said "yeah, then they bust you...
  80. jim isbell

    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    I like the way you put that "didn't get arrested". We were going to go over the wknd, then we sorted how long it has been since we went, so decided to wait until we went to the DFW and got the latest on marine closures, regs and what not, "getting arrested" just doesn't seem that odd a chance...
  81. jim isbell

    Okuma's Helios Spinner! How Good is it Really?

    I just ordered my first Helios from eBay at a very good price; yeah, probably one of the older BUT, the good news is from what I have read, the functionality should be good. Going back many years, I bought an "Epixor" and paid very little. But, SOLID AS A ROCK AND LIGHTWEIGHT. And after many...
  82. jim isbell

    For Sale 2004 Pro-Line 33 Walkaround - $119,500

    Wow, good set of shots, I checked out the craigslist full add. Nice looking set up, same with the fish and crabbing shots--and great looking family. Must be tough to let her go. Good luck with the sale.
  83. jim isbell

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Makes me stop and ask "do I have both the equipment and knowledge I should have--if I am nearby when something happens? If I hear lat/long coordinates and "nearest vessel" go to those coordinates, can I do it quickly and correctly? And do I have what I need to stop blood flow, and do it damn...
  84. jim isbell

    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    We have always cleaned them like any other fish, and have steaked or filleted, I really like the fillet cause you lose that super slimy skin that way. Baked or fried, no real issue. I would say they are "moderate" in taste, not the worst, or the best, but they are ok, the fresher the better...
  85. jim isbell

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    You said it right, you want to both "have fun" BUT as you say, never let the guard down. I always feel for the guy who is sentenced for life to think, over and over and over again-not just what he did, but what he failed to do.
  86. jim isbell

    WTB Arima Boat Wanted - Cash in Hand and Ready to Buy

    I had he 19 Ranger and know the pros/cons of the design. Good luck in getting one, we had luck using on line systems that send you an alert whenever one is on Craigs list and I think you can set it up to hit on any number of cities and states. It can tell you the minute one is listed, most...
  87. jim isbell

    For Sale Radoncraft 16

    I had a 19 foot, similar design; one thing I experienced was that WITH the wind, she took off like a shot, but in the wind, it was hard to make any progress--at all. Once, 1/2 hour towards Catalina, I checked the GPS--1/2 hour made 1/2 mile, almost no forward motion of any kind. And the wind...
  88. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I agree--"camp out" at the Kaiser Urgent Care and do the squeaky wheel thing, you know "I'm sick as hell from my VERTIGO whenever I am in the back of the van--or on my boat" and they should write you a script. Bad part is the patch is so damn expensive and good for three days--which you pay...
  89. jim isbell

    SOLD Quick Reels

    What will surprise you, if you can find the info to confirm (which isn't easy) is how much drag these "old" reels have. Just my opinion, but for that price you can have back-up reels that are better than many of the Chinese made stuff you have right now. ANY downside? You bet, weight is one...
  90. jim isbell

    SOLD Boston Whaler 150SS (15 ft Super Sport) with 90hp Honda 4-stroke

    Sounds like you are on it Red; another thing that helped my skiff was a simple "Dolphin" that I bolted to the cavitation plate, it really sucked the front down with any kind of speed. That said, when it is balanced without that--as it sounds like your's is, that's the very best
  91. jim isbell

    SOLD Boston Whaler 150SS (15 ft Super Sport) with 90hp Honda 4-stroke

    Just an opinion. It being "over powered" is not an issue, because you can go as fast as you want and not have it all the way opened up--which is good, keeps the RPM down and still gives what you want--and mpg's are better too. The issue, if there is one, is weight, it if tips the bow up due to...
  92. jim isbell

    Ardent XS 1000 Reel

    Fact is, I was WAY out of date when I wrote that, seems ?? they are no longer made in the US and from what I read, are not that well thought of, my error
  93. jim isbell

    Ardent XS 1000 Reel

    Well, it would be nice--being American made and all, that at least SOMEONE here would offer their opinion--pro or con, rather than simply ignore them, and talk Shimano. And that is no disrespect to Shimano--but not even an opinion on Ardent? Hey we gripe about nothing American made--then...
  94. jim isbell

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    I can't believe your skill, not kidding. You say you wrote all this with your phone? If I don't have a full size keyboard--forget it, hunt and peck, no way, not that much. Anyway, good luck selling this great boat/trailer/engine/cool stuff package.
  95. jim isbell

    SOLD 2005 2660 WA ProKat

    PM means personal message; I'm not quite sure how the system works here, but it means he wants to talk to you about it. Good luck with the sale of this fine boat.
  96. jim isbell

    SOLD Grady-White 20' Center Console Fishing Boat

    I just had someone else tell me the same thing--no big deal not having the max, but this WAY too far the other way. I wonder what the total cost of swapping out the 90 for something you might actually want to have? Quite a bit I'll bet
  97. jim isbell

    SOLD Grady-White 20' Center Console Fishing Boat

    PS. I'll bet this sells in a day or two.
  98. jim isbell

    SOLD Grady-White 20' Center Console Fishing Boat

    If it checks out--which it most likely would, I can't see where you can go wrong. Consider this hull is self bailing, heavy build, they cut through chop like crazy, stable. Electronics, what the H else could you want for that little money. And don't forget "upgradable" platform, buy it now...
  99. jim isbell

    SOLD Grady-White 20' Center Console Fishing Boat

    Just an opinion, but I think there is nothin wrong with the 90, true, no rocket, then again it may be all you need, 90 percent of the time. Selling it and buying another is a hassle and expensive. If it were me, I would buy it and...see how it goes
  100. jim isbell

    SOLD Grady-White 20' Center Console Fishing Boat

    What a great looking rig; love that double axle trailer. Even if it were a light weight hull, you can't beat--but don't often find, that dual axle trailer, both for safety and load carrying
  101. jim isbell

    TRADE Hobie Powerskiff... for your Arima?

    Just thinking out loud, but to find the right Arima, at the right price for a trade--well that may take a while. At the same time, IF you found that Arima BUT they don't want to trade--which is pretty likely, then maybe you could buy it--then sell this one for the best price you can get. Good...
  102. jim isbell

    TRADE Hobie Powerskiff... for your Arima?

    Fishing with your Mom-HOW COOL IS THAT? And what a great add you put together. This boat is perfect--for damn near--anyone. Already got a big boat? Who cares; if I had ANY room for a second boat, I would have one--like this boat. Smaller boats are the boat that actually go anywhere, that's...
  103. jim isbell

    Our Florida at it's very best

    Thanks again and thanks for being part of Bloody Decks. I sent you guys an email with questions--and you guys came back with good info right away, thanks for that too. Be safe out there--glad to know by the way, you guys are set up well, with EPIRB technology. You know, in third world...
  104. jim isbell

    Our Florida at it's very best

    Thank you Dee, funny by the way, my older brother went by "Dee Dee" when we were kids, now just "Dee" (John David). Anyway, all that is left for me--who have never been in Florida is to sort out best time of year. THANK YOU for taking the time to send me the note, I simply must fish Florida...
  105. jim isbell

    Our Florida at it's very best

    Thanks for posting; hey, for the visiting guy, can you run down the best way to bring fish home? Are the limit/limits allowed reasonable? Can you fillet your own fish, if you prefer, freeze it up in your hotel room? Stuff like that, thanks.
  106. jim isbell


    Good report, thanks for posting; tight lines.
  107. jim isbell

    Anyone interested in a Grady White 228 with only 15 hours on it?

    Plus trailer fee if you need a trailer, and shipping fees, if you are not local to the seller.
  108. jim isbell

    For Sale 12' Valco All Aluminum Boat - $1200 (Los Angeles)

    I wonder what it retailed for, brand new, in 1962?
  109. jim isbell

    Livingston Build

    I realize you probably thought of this Portaslayer, but I would just advise to look it up on Youtube, in recent years I can't think of a thing I needed to learn, that I failed to learn by just watching a video of someone doing it--for free, on Youtube. Hope you and the daughter have fun while...
  110. jim isbell

    SOLD SeaSwirl Striper 2100 $22000

    Nice rig, can you tell me how she rides with the inboard? I've only been on outboard powered boats, I'll bet the inboard balances her out very well?
  111. jim isbell

    Taxman don't bite my swim step 3.9.2020

    What kind of taxman (shark), edible?
  112. jim isbell

    SOLD 2002 Hydrasports 23WA with Trailer (located in Orange County, CA)

    Now that is a well put together ad, smart to show it on the water, with the Christmas lights--helps people envision a day, or night, on the water. Or on the trailer, nice rig, good luck with the sale
  113. jim isbell

    SOLD 1996 Parker 2110 with 2002 Honda 225 - SOLD

    Now there is a nice rig, bet that Honda has impressed the H out of you. And too cool to see the kids jacketed properly, you make a good example to other people who maybe need the tip. Double axle trailer is the only way to go, in my mind anyway, no downside to that choice. Good luck with sale
  114. jim isbell

    For Sale Walkaround w 2017 Suzuki 150 n more

    That engine alone will sell this rig for you; that said, can you tell us a bit more, about the hull--what year, length? How about the nice tower. Good luck with the sale. PS Smart to take photos on the water..looks great.
  115. jim isbell

    For Sale 2011 Livingston 12’

    If you have never been on one of these, you have no idea how stable they are. Popular with divers, cause you can pull out of the water and never start to tip it, or stand one one rail--it won't budge. Three years back on Crowley I watched three big guys flip their aluminum skiff, by standing...
  116. jim isbell

    SOLD Cabo 216, 2017 Yamaha F150

    Well that design, best boat I ever fished on
  117. jim isbell

    For Sale 2017 20' MayCraft CC

    I had a 20 foot CC from another maker, this Maycraft has much better freeboard, and it comes off as a much larger boat--because it IS a larger boat, heavier and capable. And there is a lot you can do, to customize an open boat like this, I moved the batteries from the stern and better balanced...
  118. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    and sometimes, getting a prescription is--impossible. I have one, but can't count on EVER getting it renewed. Do you know why? Because Scopolamine these days is a DATE RAPE drug, so good luck getting Doctors to write you a script, I'm talking about the tablet. The patch, no problem, because...
  119. jim isbell

    For Sale 14' Canoe $100

    Car top boats of any kind as so much fun. AND, they are often the one you actually USE, the larger boats sits there, most of the time. Once you learn, if you don't know how, to mount it on car top racks, it is so fast, so easy, and you can take it to so many places, bays, lakes, rivers, any...
  120. jim isbell

    For Sale 24' Starcraft Bluewater CC

    Well, if there WAS NO engine, or BOAT, 100 dollars for the trailer alone would be way too low. That means, to me, that it is already sold at basically a give a way "price"
  121. jim isbell

    November Catalina Tuna

    Jonathan, I have noticed over the last several years that you have some fantastic photographs of fish you have taken. I'm sure I don't need to tell you a lot of em are frame worthy and always enjoy seeing what you have to offer. Great work, really love the set--fish colors are just great...
  122. jim isbell

    TRADE 2015 Yamaha 150 SHO

    That is key information, I was just thinking about the weight differential between the 150 and 115. I had, by the way, the Yamaha 115 four stroke on my old 20 skiff--it replaced a lighter 115 2 stroke and the four added so much weight that it tipped the balance of the boat. I then shifted the...
  123. jim isbell

    TRADE 2015 Yamaha 150 SHO

    Just thinking out loud Cal, but would you not be ahead just running your 150 at 3/4 throttle, max? That way, you would get the top end speed of the 115, without any strain on the engine AND, have reserve power for one of those days when you have an extra heavy load in your boat? And, it would...
  124. jim isbell

    For Sale 2006 Wellcraft Coastal 290 FOR SALE

    Gary, looks like you have pretty well the sister ship to the Wellcraft.
  125. jim isbell

    For Sale 28' Carolina Classic 2002

    She's a beauty and love her name. Don't care how much you know, or think you know--seems like it very often comes down to that. Good luck with the sale.
  126. jim isbell

    For Sale 1997 wellcraft ccf 160

    Thanks for posting Frank. I think it might help to give a few more details, asking price, app hours on the engine--does she run alright? Trailer condition, any cracks in the gel coat, stuff like that. Looks like a nice skiff
  127. jim isbell

    For Sale 2007 PARKER 1801- YAMAHA 115

    Nice set up, really appreciate the dual axle trailer, so often at 18 feet, all you can find is one on a single--and the dual is soooo much better for safety reasons.
  128. jim isbell

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Yep, and when YOUR five your old end up in the hospital--wonder how "snowflake" like YOU might get--right buddy?
  129. jim isbell

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    This happens a lot--but mark this. ONE DAY, maybe even a child will get hit in the head with a lead weight. Imagine. Now EVEN IF the private boater WERE in the wrong--as they sometimes/sometimes are not--in the wrong, can you imagine in court over a child's severe injury or death, the defense...
  130. jim isbell

    For Sale Grady White overnighter 20

    Beautiful 20 footer and love that dual axle trailer. Perfect size, in my opinion, to do it all. Lakes, bays, open ocean too.
  131. jim isbell

    For Sale 15 ft Boston Whaler

    That is such a great, all around boat, lakes, bay and even off shore with caution. No big deal to tow, good mileage, easy to store
  132. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Can't argue with Gary on that--it is a FACT. And lots of people who get sick do just that. Years ago, over 100 miles out, I got so sick--you know the old saying 'thought I was gonna die and afraid I woudn't". Yet, 40 years later, I go all the time, and use Scopolamine, get dry mouth and never...
  133. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Yes, "Hope" Pharmaceuticals no longer make the tablet form of the drug--BUT if you can get a prescription--good luck by the way--a "compounding pharmacy" can make you up a small batch. I know this for a fact, I have some of the tablets right now by going that route. The problem is finding a...
  134. jim isbell

    Safety on the Water

    On a mooring, or tied to a dock, you can still sink, you can still have a fire.
  135. jim isbell

    Safety on the Water

    I see the thread for the tragedy on the Conception was pulled, probably a good idea, but wanted to mention just one thing that might help many of us, if not all concerning the subject of having a "roving" person or maybe two persons (4 hours each) to see the boat through the night, as opposed to...
  136. jim isbell


    Nice boat, IMO most if not all the guys on this site would want to know minimum about her power plant--diesel?, tank size, range, cruise speed before going any further.
  137. jim isbell

    For Sale Slightly used Naval boat

    Let me low ball offers.
  138. jim isbell

    Cat West end 9/5 and 9/6

    I KNOW what you mean about priceless time with a grown son or daughter, I really do. It's something to think that years and years and years from now, she will say "remember that time when Dad took me fishing"---and she WILL say that, and remember that. Just too good.
  139. jim isbell

    BD SoCal Fishing Spots powered by Navionics

    Thanks for that; can you tell me if any of the charts feature MPA locations-if not, where I might find that? Garmin charts maybe?
  140. jim isbell

    For Sale 2003 Proline 25 Sport

    Great looking rig, I would toss in a picture of her on the water; price seems fair, good luck.
  141. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Thanks Tom, next step is to find out if my Garmin unit will accept them, or if Garmin has it's own charts with same info. Next trip to West Marine I guess.
  142. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Just ran across this old BD post on this subject
  143. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Well you make me feel a little better when I admit I am uncertain, though I am sorry you got a ticket. Here is one where you can get nailed to the wall. Go To the so called Dog Beach at Golden West and PCH, start walking north--if you just keep going you can end up in an area so protected that...
  144. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    My unit is older, but I did buy a new SD card, I'll check out if it is on there; if not, maybe I can get a newer unit over at West Marine, insuring it has what I need. Thanks for the tip, this proves I am WAY out of date, the last time I looked into it, they did not show the zones. I hope the...
  145. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Thanks. It sounds like the best approach is to insure I have current maps from the DFW--which gives the Lat/long, then use my boats system find the lines. The phones sound like they my always be problematic.
  146. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    you say skiffs followed you in--did they proceed to fish in the closed area, or did you notice?
  147. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Thanks to both of you. I really had thought SOME of the zones were fully "no trespass" at all. Also, re. the maps, I assume on our local waters, reception is good enough to always be able to determine where you are relative to one of the MPA? Thank again for the input. And I will go by Fish...
  148. jim isbell

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    What is the current thinking on the best way to stay clear of any and all MPA's? Talking chart plotter downloads, or phone app's that are current and as fail safe as one can get. I still end up on boats, or surf fishing in areas that may/may not be "safe" to fish, and I still hear debates...
  149. jim isbell

    For Sale Shamrock 246 Walkaround

    Maybe some more details--maybe a word for those who don't know the unique way this hull is shaped--some of kind of running board for stability if I recall? Cool boat, thanks for posting
  150. jim isbell

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    and even when it works out--as yours did, it is time to reflect about having a life jacket on, maybe an EPIRB or PLB on that jacket. As you say, it all worked out, which is good, but it should make one and all think about how we do things and how unforgiving the sea can be.
  151. jim isbell

    For Sale Defiance Yellowtail special 2009

    Thanks for posting, I'm not too familiar with Defiance, can you tell us Matt how she handles, miles per hour and so on? She looks nice.
  152. jim isbell

    For Sale 2011 12’ Livingston (Victorville)

    I just wanted to add, that this is a RARE boat to find used; and if you have not been on one, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I fished once, in the ocean, in one of these--four big men, and we all stood up and casted for hours. Could not believe how steady it sat in the water. I have heard diver's like...
  153. jim isbell

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    A lot of people really enjoy taking an anchorage and spending the night out there. It can be lots of fun, but it has potential dangers too, so look sharp. For example, while asleep the rocking motion can "saw" the anchor rope against a rock and cut it. I have a friend who woke up to find he...
  154. jim isbell

    Are you calling me Yellow? Punching well above our weight class at Cat Isl.

    You say Under gunned-and maybe.... but at the same time, THAT is what makes it so much fun. Getting blasted a time or two is nothing short of what we go for, as far as I am concerned anyway. Not to mention, just about the time you are not under gunned, you can't get a pick up.
  155. jim isbell

    Liberty 7/11 Touch and Go

    That was a good report, thanks for posting.
  156. jim isbell

    For Sale 1996 Arima Sea Chaser, Loaded! ready to fish!

    I owned one of these-the 19 Sea Ranger and can tell you they are a great boat. They have a clear, "trade-off" but that trade off is honest. They are super buoyant, and very light weight. That means they need very little HP to push them. And very little truck to pull it on the highway. And...
  157. jim isbell

    6/18/19 daughters first overnight

    Glad she does not get sea sick, that stability in her system is something you might take for granted, but it's a great thing. Good report
  158. jim isbell

    For Sale 1981 Wellcraft Sportsman 248

    "Coffin bunks", I love that, as long as you are 6, 3 or less, you ought to slip right in. Good luck with the sale.
  159. jim isbell

    WTB Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    Sounds like Shad is THE source; second place, maybe, is what I would do--march over to AAA, and see their experts. They have helped me a lot with my out of state boat and trailer requirements.
  160. jim isbell

    For Sale Arima 19 ft. Sea Ranger 2008

    in the original summary, he stated it clearly on the first line
  161. jim isbell

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    Hope you have a good way to freeze, keep it fresh. We got one of those deals that suck out the air, best thing we ever got for that, 6 months later, still fresh as the day we caught the fish.
  162. jim isbell

    San Clemente 5-31-19 to 6-1-1

    I was going to ask---did not think going ashore was allowed.
  163. jim isbell

    For Sale 2016 Robalo R180 (lots of mods + trailer) - $27,000

    The price "would be" $36,755 without all the modifications, taxes, freight and prep. Freight is approximately $1500 when speaking to Tilly's Marine. So what IS the price please? Is it local here in SOCAL for those who do not wish to pay the freight, or is it out of town and freight for sure is...
  164. jim isbell

    Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    Really nice report--great photos. Thanks
  165. jim isbell

    Best floro to mono knot?

    Just my two cents, not meant to be worth anything more. I have NOT found fluro to mono to fail in that way; I just use two uni knots, and cynch em together, but I have tried a few others, like the Albright and found it to hold as well. But you might/might not want to try using a small, metal...
  166. jim isbell

    Juvenile Great White

    That's really two nice shots; I hear today you can make easy blow ups--can't remember where I just read about it. But adding just a little contrast and that could be a great stand alone print for your office, den, whatever.
  167. jim isbell


    Hope you are correct Mike. An approximate 300 boat reduction in parking is pretty bad, I know it looked fine last time I was there, but it has been a while.
  168. jim isbell


    It's NOT old news--not to me. Then again, I launch at Long Beach and only rarely use Dana. This is the first I heard of it and had not idea it was old news.
  169. jim isbell


    Assuming this reduction is permanent, we then lost around 300 of the original 400 spots. It also means then, that during the busy times, neighboring ramps will be hit harder, and we will feel it in Oceanside to the South, and Newport to the North, maybe even feel the crunch in Long Beach. I...
  170. jim isbell

    For Sale 14’ Aluminum w/ 25 Honda

    PERFECT example of "less is MORE", because with this rig, you actually TAKE it, instead of the big ass "sportfisher" that always has something or other wrong and sits in the driveway. At the same time--just an opinion, this is a perfect bay and lake boat, and I for one would not want to go...
  171. jim isbell

    For Sale 23’ custom

    Just curious, when you finish all the work, then the boat would logically be worth more--will you adjust the price accordingly? Seems only fair to you, that you should.
  172. jim isbell

    The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Well done. Just wondering, does anyone anymore wear the belt with the receiver for the rod? I see lots of shots with guys taking on fish this big, on their hands and knees, or rod tucked up under their arm, or in the nads--does anyone use one of those belts anymore?
  173. jim isbell

    For Sale 12' Fiberglass bay boat

    Actually being heavy--though not good for one guy lifting, is still good to hear. I have never seen a super light do well in any kind of chop, but I'll bet this skiff would surprise people. Can you tell me what year the Merc is? How many hours, roughly. Don't care about the cosmetic side...
  174. jim isbell

    For Sale 12' Fiberglass bay boat

    Nice looking skiff, may I ask the weight? For me, it would be a car topper, with my back, kind of need to know.
  175. jim isbell

    4/20 basic report point lloma area

    All I know is that photos can be VERY misleading, looking way bigger, or way smaller, than they are. Maybe he weighed it, don't really know.
  176. jim isbell

    For Sale New Freeman Boatworks Build - FOR SALE

    I know of a 34, 37 and maybe..a 42, realize you don't want to bury us in information, still Some info might be nice.
  177. jim isbell

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Now in THAT case, I truly do hope it is ignorance, I would hate to think anyone saw the flag, knew what it meant, and went ahead anyway. But even if just ignorance, that proves the need for some kind of certification to operate a boat of any size, IMO. The one above is called "flying...
  178. jim isbell

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Big boats that do that prove a few things, one that money alone does not make a competent boater, two, in some cases--and I never know which, they are either truly--so stupid that they don't realize what they leave behind as they plow through, or worse, that they DO know what they are doing...
  179. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks for this tip, I was not aware. I am curious re. two things though: where do you get "CBD"?, and why did you not take the Scopolamine? I don't like the patch in that it takes longer to get into the system than the old tablets that they used to have--which they don't have any more. But...
  180. jim isbell

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    Yeah, but it's not just the years--that fiberglass looks extremely good, I have seen boats half that old with worn fiberglass, far from any sheen on it, at all. Yours looks just great.
  181. jim isbell

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    That's close enough to 16--to say 16
  182. jim isbell

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    If I were buying, all I would want is an engine compression check, which if you have a gauge, anyone can do in a few minutes. Other than that, what you see is pretty well what you will get. What a great way to get into the local salt water scene with a great for the price boat.
  183. jim isbell

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    I owned the 19 Arima, and for those who do not know, I can tell you, this is a GREAT boat, especially for the money. If it has one downside (and ALL designs have a downside) it is that it is very light, very buoyant. That means it is SAFE--and that is what should matter most, but because it is...
  184. jim isbell

    SOLD 2010 sea hunt 225

    Smart ad, great photos. May I ask where you got the simple blue tarp--looks great by the way.
  185. jim isbell

    35.7 Homeguard

    That's a big Yellow, period. PLK?
  186. jim isbell

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    I'm one of the lucky ones; my boat can be rinsed down at the ramp---or if it were to be shut down, rinsed at home, I have one of the old Orange County properties and room between my house and the neighbors, to put her under the tarp and rinse there. I fear that condition will go away at some...
  187. jim isbell

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    and that is fair enough Jaime, thanks for the tip.
  188. jim isbell

    For Sale 1987/2005 GRADY-WHITE 25’ SAILFISH (Model 255) $35,000

    I wonder how many people know the 25 is better than the 23--and not just for the extra two feet. The 23 is wider than the 25 and thus not really street legal on the trailer. My friend got the 25 over the 23 for exactly that reason. I have no idea if that width problem is ever enforced, but at...
  189. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    No, you are the one that is right--it is not a pill anymore. I just recall looking at the one the compounding pharmacy made--it is a capsule. Still of course a lot easier to take then that damn patch. The patch has about three times as much stuff in it, lasts three days and normally I only...
  190. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    The pill form of the patch is not made anymore by the one, major pharma that once made it. You must go to a "compounding pharmacy" but first you need a prescription from a doctor. NOT easy to get, my Kaiser Doctor for example, simply will not write it because the Kaiser Pharmacy can't provide...
  191. jim isbell

    More from the Californian in Texas

    Can you tell me if--and how much if true, did you see worms in the meat? I have heard due to warmer water there that they get a lot of that. No doubt they have way more fish, don't get me wrong, just wondering what you saw there?
  192. jim isbell

    For Sale 2012 Scout 245 Abaco: new boat arriving soon

    Sounds like I am out of date Rusty, I have not been there for a while. But I mean, the harbor is so close to open water. Cool boat you have, by the way, same as my friend's Cabo--one of the best hulls around IMO.
  193. jim isbell

    For Sale 2012 Scout 245 Abaco: new boat arriving soon

    Good info John, she looks to be a beauty and good good luck with the sale. For those who don't know, Dana is a great place to launch, very close to very deep water--not the long, tedious drive to find blue water of other areas.
  194. jim isbell

    For Sale 2012 Scout 245 Abaco: new boat arriving soon

    The new boat will be in the slip, is THIS boat also in a slip?-is the slip available or is there a trailer involved? Thanks
  195. jim isbell


    Reminds me of a deal that happened to my friend this year. DFG--I mean DFW, boarded him, and checked--the bait tank. Said he had illegally small barracuda among the damn Bait. Let him off with a "warning", so I guess in the future, we need to inspect our scoop of bait---"hey, that's not a...
  196. jim isbell

    For Sale 23’ Custom Pilothouse Walkaround

    Thanks for the memory jog, I remember now. Jim
  197. jim isbell

    For Sale 23’ Custom Pilothouse Walkaround

    Nice boat Andrew, may I ask what that white railing just down from the rub rail is?
  198. jim isbell

    2018 AFTER THANKSGIVING HALIBUT CLASSIC Results, Recap & PhotosPhotos

    I agree Mike, they look great. How did they get the height above the rigs?
  199. jim isbell

    For Sale Small Boat my friends wife says $450.00 come get it

    Oh heck ya--I'm not the owner, but I can tell "by lookin", course you need to drop her down to one person, big gas tank in the passenger seat.
  200. jim isbell

    First Time Poster- Torrey Pines Massive YFC

    I got my largest this year in Seal Beach (see photo); it was a full 18 inches and it was the largest I ever got. Four inches larger is a HUGE difference, yours is a beast, did you weigh it? Secret bait, or can/will you say? Can you give more of a blow by blow, line class, how did it...
  201. jim isbell

    Redondo Bonito Fri 11/16 still there - videos

    My feeling is they simply follow the boats. I've watched em hang near the boat and when you hook up, they don't even swim to the fish; they seem to KNOW that fish IS coming to the boat. Then they saunter their lazy ass over and take the fish.
  202. jim isbell

    Us vs the seals

    Does anyone on here know the current status of legal, ethical "deterrent"--no, not the 357 kind. I had heard you can use a paint ball gun, but don't know if that is really true. Or a sling shot, just not toward the face. Just don't know what you can do, legally, other than cut and run.
  203. jim isbell

    Redondo Friday 11/9 Bonito are still there

    I assume we can still drive to Redondo, and put in via their lift? Thanks for the report.
  204. jim isbell

    San Onofre & Dana Point 11/6/18

    Great report, when you say you "hoisted" the white, do you mean you tried to bounce it instead of gaffing it?
  205. jim isbell

    Oceanside shore fishing

    One more issue, Ryan, I think you are clear in many areas, but this map shows the so called "marine protected areas" (MPA's) and I see at a glance there is one near Dana Point; I'm no expert, but you kind of need to be if you fish...
  206. jim isbell

    SOLD 10' Livingston - Excellent Condition. 10 HP Tohatsu & New Trailer - $1950 (Dana Pont)

    Just in case you don't know about Livingson boats. Years ago, FIVE of us fished one in Redondo Harbor. FIVE men STOOD and casted--no chance of any kind to tip that beast over--no chance. I hear divers love me cause they can crawl into the boat, with full gear and no way, no how, will it tip...
  207. jim isbell

    Oceanside shore fishing

    Long time surf fisherman. And this is just an opinion, but one many of us surf fisherman share. STAT OFF THE PIERS. They tend to bring slob type fisherman, you know, trash, liquor, homeless sleeping there, maybe it goes along with no fishing license required. You see undersized--everything...
  208. jim isbell

    Boat US confusion

    But do they offer on the water towing? Or do you mean, let AAA fix you up with the Boat US system?
  209. jim isbell

    Boat US confusion

    Like most people I know, I renew by boat tow and insurance every year; fact is, it is normally done automatically, I don't even see it. But this year I ended up-for some reason, with three bills: one for towing, one for insurance and one for "membership"; that "membership is only 10 bucks...
  210. jim isbell

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    I'll only say this, something I learned from my old boss. I was saying that when you file a report, there is no way authorities can tell who is telling the truth. But my old boss said, and I have never forgot it, was this "yeah, but after time, it DOES Show if the other guy has fifty...
  211. jim isbell

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Respectfully, I hear that Dave
  212. jim isbell

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Just read that we pay China to take a lot of our plastic garbage, they in turn toss it in the sea. One thing for sure, it can't go on that way; we know now plastic breaks down to tiny particles that small fish eat. So no matter how you feel about it, you probably don't feel good about that...
  213. jim isbell

    Robalo's Get Bit - Full Speed Foamer Bluefin Report With Video

    Yeah, but it's only broken because you caught so many fish
  214. jim isbell

    SOLD 1984 Boston whaler -22-Outrage with Honda 225 *Price reduced $14,000 great deal

    Compliments to your boat--and your advertisement. I always tell people to put down a shot ON THE WATER. That makes people understand what the heck they are buying it FOR. Looks just great, I'll bet quick sale at that price.
  215. jim isbell

    What are those damned tuna feeding on?!?!

    It is actually EASY to hook one. Tiny hook, tiny bait, very, very, very light line. Never get one in though. If that bothers you, back to square one.
  216. jim isbell

    Full speed at the dog beach

    Sorry but "ripping up fish and burying em" is not a cool message, sorry, but it ain't, we can all do better than that. Eat em or let em go.
  217. jim isbell

    Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    Five guys? That is just about right to split that blue fin, am I right?
  218. jim isbell

    La Jolla- Yellowtail- It’s biting! 8/31

    Tell your buddy, two tips on not getting sick: one, use the Patch, but TWO, take it the night before, if he wakes up with total dry mouth he will be find for the day. I KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS. It works, but takes time to get in your system
  219. jim isbell

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    And that much info is more than fair, IMO
  220. jim isbell

    Hydraulic Steering kits

    Thanks Mike, I can well imagine the difference, just like the old days when I drove a car without hydraulics. When they first came in, it was night and day and I expect no less in this deal. I got time, so thought I might try doing it myself. Thanks for the tips, Jim
  221. jim isbell

    Hydraulic Steering kits

    Installing myself a Hydraulic System for my boat--19 foot, fairly heavy hull with 115 Yamaha outboard. Right now, steers like a beast with manual. Do any of you guys have a preference as to brand? Sea Star, or other; I have looked on line and found ZERO as regards pros/cons of different kinds...
  222. jim isbell

    Catalina on the Ahra-Ann Sunday 8/26

    Looks to me like that 5th Photo down from the top, the one with you and your son, should be printed and framed. Now and even many years from now, it will be a great memory. And it looks like you kept him free of sunburn, no easy task on a boat, where the sun bounces back at you from the water...
  223. jim isbell

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Great report, thanks for posting. Of all the great shots you took, only one shows a guy wearing a rod belt, all the rest in the gut. Do you find the belt helps?
  224. jim isbell

    Hydraulic Steering vs Mechanical

    Thanks for the discussion. I see now that some people call em "torque tabs" which makes more sense to me anyway. The question remains, even IF you have hydraulic steering, should the trim or torque tab be adjust so that the boat stays on course even if your hand is off the wheel? I would say...
  225. jim isbell

    Hydraulic Steering vs Mechanical

    So, that must defer from "Bennet Trim tabs" which are not what I am talking about at all?. Those trim the boat up and down, side to side. This small item is tiny, there is only one and it is turned right or left under the engine's cavitation plate to counteract the the torque pull of the...
  226. jim isbell

    Hydraulic Steering vs Mechanical

    I'm late to the party on this, but thanks. One question though: after I install the hydro system, is it fair to say you must STILL be mindful of that little device (sorry, don't know the name) that sits under the prop and can be adjusted to combat the effect of torque steer?
  227. jim isbell

    SOLD Shimano Torium 16 barely used

    Just curious-did he know you already had a deal in progress?
  228. jim isbell

    Fished Friday and Sunday dana point

    Even though most of us do it (me too) it still amazes me when we get bit, hook a fish and THEN start messing with the drag setting. No big deal if they are hitting in good numbers, but when you get bit only once or twice, it becomes a big deal.
  229. jim isbell

    08/18 – La Jolla, N9, S. of the 209 – Big Dodo

    Just one comment about the plug. I saw a guy recently--right after washing down his rig after fishing, he then drove back down to the ramp, backed his rig almost to the water's edge, put on the brake and went back there and unscrewed his plug, and a shit load of water came pouring out. He told...
  230. jim isbell

    South bay beaches

    I have not been fishing that far north--but I have had good luck of late with "the long rod", I always carry two, one for fishing the wash just a short distance out, and the long stick to get out there a bit. I have used Lug worms, threaded way up the line (hard to rob the bait) and just...
  231. jim isbell

    Yes Fish in Oceanside!! and Minke whale visit

    Thanks Mark, great report, great video
  232. jim isbell

    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Great report Ming--all sounds good but not sure about getting in the water with this super warm water. All kinds of things--some biting things are out there, be safe.
  233. jim isbell

    Sometimes you must take the FAT GIRLS home from the ranch, this big girl has not skipped a meal. #To

    Great report, great photos, but a few questions: what did she weigh? I used to see guys using a harness, but not anymore. Now it is rail rods, handing the rod off to 2 or more guys--is the harness not in favor anymore? Last, I think yours is the smallest boat I have seen take a big blue fin...
  234. jim isbell

    I Was Almost Killed By Discarded Fishing Line!

    Like most people, it makes me sad and angry to hear this. For years, I have NOT been proud to be a "fisherman" because so many have screwed it up for the rest of us. It is so damn lazy--and thoughtless to leave a booby trap for others. As bad as it was--you could easily have been killed as...
  235. jim isbell

    Offshore in August?

    SURELY, someone on this board can offer Chad some general info as to what fish run this time of year--some idea of the best areas--Venice and/or other areas in the general vicinity? Chad, I've had very good luck logging on to YouTube and punching in something like "August fishing in Louisiana"...
  236. jim isbell

    Looking for a reference: Boat, trailer, engine mechanics shop

    Yeah, you are dead right of course. And if I have a good reference for two or three, then that is pretty good. I do use by the way, West Coast and just had my trailer over there and was happy with em. Right next door to them is "[email protected] marine" and I was also satisfied with them, so that IS a one...
  237. jim isbell

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Coming from a guy over 60--with a bad back, shit man, you look like Kal Drogo, tell me one thing: did you fight those fish with a harness, or (what is hard for me to even fathom) with the rod tucked under your arm, or into your gut?
  238. jim isbell

    Looking for a reference: Boat, trailer, engine mechanics shop

    In the SOCAL area, where is the best place to go for a trailer boat, where they do good work on the trailer, the engine, and the boat?
  239. jim isbell

    Secret spot for yt

    I did get 99 percent of that the first time. But when I saw you had a Yak, I thought maybe "Mexican yellowtail" were NOT caught in Mexico, just a way of referring to them. But yeah, I did get most of it up front. re. the "secret spot", though I get that too, most of the guys frown on that, at...
  240. jim isbell

    Cabo 216 W/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    Really appreciate your care of the thru hulls, often overlooked and oh so important. Re the closed transom, it looks great and very professional. My friend has that very hull and has thought about enclosing it, and I'll say I have never been aboard a nicer hull design, at least for my taste...
  241. jim isbell

    WTB sea worthy boat

    NOT trying to complicate this, but I wonder how many guys on this site, or anywhere really have the same definition of what "sea worthy" really means? I know guys who really don't believe--just to give one example, that any boat less than a certain size is "sea worthy". And by sea, do you mean...
  242. jim isbell

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Great report--I thought you were going to say "it was time for me to tackle up for the big boys", but as Eastwood says "man's got to know his limitations" and, good for you. Fish your way, nothing wrong with bass fishing for sure.
  243. jim isbell

    Emergency small craft missing

    Go down to West Marine some weekend and see what they have in the way of EPIRB, PLB and so forth. Dirt cheap for the peace of mind AND maybe saving a life. To date, they have in fact, saved so many lives.
  244. jim isbell

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    It's not really that easy to get a great shot--of the fish, of you, and the two girls. I would recommend you frame that one and twenty years from now, I'll bet it will be a family favorite
  245. jim isbell

    Catalina YellowTunas

    My friend has the same boat, and loves it. Only thing he needed to do was relocate the batteries from the stern; IMO, you will not find a better boat or deal out there than the 216 or 226 Cabo
  246. jim isbell

    Slot Limit

    Nothing against the IDEA, I just didn't know we had them here in SOCAL? Do we?
  247. jim isbell

    Headed out locally out of Dana Point

    Hey Derek, it says under boat "not yet", is that correct or do you have something now? If you do have your own boat, or are riding on someone's, the advise from me is always the same: check the weather the very day you plan to go, it's not just safety it is the difference between a good time...
  248. jim isbell

    7/9 181-182 corner 43 La Jolla back to Dana Point

    With all respect, I doubt you suck at fishing, you spent too much money and, and much more important, you have given too much time for that to be true. And those commercial guys are NOT better just cause they can wrap em.
  249. jim isbell

    For Sale 21 ft Key Largo w/ 200 hp Yamaha 4 stroke

    That looks like a Great deal to me Craig; my only suggestion is pop in a picture of her on the water. That isn't logical but I think it helps people imagine owning and using the boat.
  250. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    I did not hear back from you Matt, but do let me know if you are still interested in selling. At that price, I assume it may be sold.
  251. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    I've seen em well over 200
  252. jim isbell

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    You are right, the only sanity is to pay--then decide if you EVER will go down there again. If you think about it, it is bad either way, if the guy fleecing you is a regular citizen or a cop, both ways are bad. I almost worked a project there, and was told by the company "when you get off your...
  253. jim isbell

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Similar for us--you know, I don't mind, at all, people who still go, and I think I know why they go. But I do mind when they come off like I am being paranoid. A few years back, my group was held (so sorry senor, we are too late to make your flight), which was bogus of course. After lots of...
  254. jim isbell

    So sick of California, CA taxes, Gov Brown

    I read that for the first time in history--more people leaving than coming in. That's a sad fact and we all know why. The horrible part, is "they" have us by the fishing and hunting balls--and they know it. The ONLY reason many of us stay is that we resent being driven out. So many red states...
  255. jim isbell

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Well stated, I don't go, anywhere in Mexico--still, well stated, appreciated
  256. jim isbell

    Toronado Half Day out of Long Beach 7/1 - BFT??

    Maybe so, but I'm also thinkin 1 1/2 day boat-anything is possible but.....
  257. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    Matt, I talked to an engineer who told me "nothing can be wrong with that tank that a brush and cleaner can't fix". So, if it is not sold, I can come today and pick it up, if that's OK. If yes, I would like to come before afternoon traffic gets bad, how would the cash and 1:30PM work for you?
  258. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    My question shows my ignorance, thanks for the patience--this is my first bait tank
  259. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    Overkill, but that does not mean, it will kill--the bait, right? I got the impression you were very happy with it's performance?
  260. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    Matt, That's a good price, the very tank I am about to buy--new. I can come to SD, but just one question: it's condition? How long has it been stored outside? I can see grey, what appears inside? Will a good bleach and cleaning put this tank into good workable condition, as I said, the price...
  261. jim isbell

    For Sale Kodiak 14 gallon bait tank

    Thanks for that key tip Jeff, I'm getting this one and wondered if the 500 size was right, sounds like 800 is the correct size.
  262. jim isbell

    Away from the crowds yellows 6/30/18

    Thank you Frank, I have all three, but may I ask: does my friend (taking his boat) need that temp importation permit and manifest as it is a private boat, same size as yours?
  263. jim isbell

    Away from the crowds yellows 6/30/18

    Good job guys. I just bought the new permit required to go down there, can anyone tell me if the form, passport and Mexican license all you need, or something on top of those three?
  264. jim isbell

    For Sale Boat Seat--reclining

    Seat (see photos below) came off a Campion; I hear they are the same seats found on some Bayliners. Along with the seat, is the roller that allows the seat to be used, or reclined. Excellent condition, looking for $150 or best offer. I'm in North Orange County and more than anything, looking...
  265. jim isbell

    WTB Boat: purchased.
  266. jim isbell

    WTB Boat: purchased.

    Hello Dago, good luck as this is a tough search for sure. Your budget is identical to mine. What I found, was there was no boat in that range, that was in good shape, for that amount. I DID in fact, get a small cuddy, an 18 foot "Campion" (not Champion--Campion), number one boat in Canada but...
  267. jim isbell

    Wash, rinse, repeat... good day

    Sounds like you had a good plan, followed it and came home safe, well done
  268. jim isbell

    Limit by 730 and then some

    Great trip, can you review for some of us, who are not in the know, what paperwork you need to work the Coronado Islands?
  269. jim isbell

    Bait tank

    Rookie question, sorry. I hear arguments FOR the inlet at the bottom and FOR the inlet at the top. Top guys say the most crap is at the bottom, and so bottom eject gets most of that shit out, but other guys say incoming from the bottom pushes the crap to the top and out that valve. Who's right?
  270. jim isbell

    What is the best fillet knife?

    I think it is hard to say that any one is "the best"--the best at what? I mean, if you doing fine fillet, not touching any bones, that is one thing. But if you mean, rough fillet that goes through bones and stays at least reasonably sharp, that is another. I don't know anyone working on a...
  271. jim isbell

    What is the best fillet knife?

    There are so many--and none of em should last ONLY a few years, I don't care how many fish you clean
  272. jim isbell

    For Sale NorthRiver OS considering down sizing will consider TRADES + cash or sell

    I say this each time I see one of these (little Johnny one note) but I can't help it. IF you know these boats, you don't need convincing. But---if you have not seen one or been aboard, you have no idea the heavy gauge used to make em. I was on one only one time, but won't forget how rock...
  273. jim isbell

    SOLD Custom 23' Aluminum Pilothouse -Honda 225 <100 hrs

    I sure hope you have exhausted all chances for a back--fix. I have a badly slipped disk and have at least some idea what you are going through. Good luck with the back and the sale.
  274. jim isbell

    Little Girl Commands Pack of Ravenous Pit Bulls

    Just a comment from "an old guy", who has had dogs all his life. Not every dog that does something terrible is a pit bull dog, BUT, if you look at hard statistics, every year it is published, most the child deaths ARE from Pits, sorry, they are. And I can't see "bad owners" as the only...
  275. jim isbell

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    You must be pretty damn young and strong Ron, at 250 pounds and down in the water, getting that guy up was no small thing. It also sounds like the kind of deal where you wake up the next day--and no damn well why your back is hurting like hell. Glad you are BOTH OK---come home safe, that's the...
  276. jim isbell

    Catalina report 5/28. Clean water and the wife

    Looks great--is your name really Nick Shamrock? Either way, that is one cool boat--and cool family too.
  277. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    The attitude of someone who was "born solid"; trust me and ask the Navy it is in your inner ear and that's why Scopoloamine works, for those that need it.
  278. jim isbell

    The hits keep coming, San Clemente 5-18-2018

    Fact is, you put in the time, glad you hung that one
  279. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    This is a "magical" drug, another chemical name for Scopolamine. Today, getting this drug in ANY FORM other than "the patch" is not possible in the US--other than via a compounding pharmacy. I just had some made by the Orange County Compounding Pharmacy in Irvine, but you must present a...
  280. jim isbell

    For Sale North River Seahawk 21ft 2007

    I always say this but it is worth repeating. Here in SOCAL, we tend to think of aluminum as thin skinned--you have NO IDEA the gauge and commercial quality of this boat, until you step into one that is floating, waiting for it to heel over. And you feel like you stepped onto concrete, I'm not...
  281. jim isbell

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    I know we are talking about thieves--and somebody said they probably won't do anything. Well, let me tell you, a few years back, my son in law had his head caved in (attacked from behind) with a golf club, surgery saved his life and left him weak on that part of his head. No more sports and...
  282. jim isbell

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    I hear a lot of comment about the "system" being broken, but it seems to me, if you have any system that can take, say 500 cases in a certain amount of time BUT you get 5,000 crimes, THAT is the problem. I don't know if the system is over run or not, but I hear it is. Police can't make society...
  283. jim isbell

    WTB Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    I sincerely wish I COULD disagree with Leon--but I can't. Fact is, saltwater boats cost way, way too much, even used boats, for the budget of most people. I have a friend, who spent less than that money for his boat--but he is a retired engineer and went through every system-he is both...
  284. jim isbell

    Needing some good pointers for rock fishing on private boat

    Ryan, Most of the guys will not just give their coordinates for spots that have taken em years to find. But they sell books with LAT/LONG coordinates, then (assuming you know how) put some of them into your Chart plotter, and use "go to" to get to those spots. Generally you set up and have...
  285. jim isbell

    For Sale 2003 Edgewater 265 EX - Newport Beach - $72,500

    Looks like tons of room to fish--do you have roughly the GVWR? Must take a pretty substantial rig to pull her?
  286. jim isbell

    Spectra to mono knot - The "John Collins / Royal Polaris" knot

    I can't help it, I'm little Johnny one note--but it always seems to me crap made in China is...crap. Hard to find anything, including spectra not made in China and it seems like--all of it (spectra) breaks way before the line test rating anyway. With all the good things about braid, seems to...
  287. jim isbell

    SOLD Aluminum Row Boat Dory $200

    I had something similar so many years ago, but still say "less is more" because I took that thing (car top) sooo many places. I had a little 6 Johnson, the hull and the engine were light, so convenient. The cool part is the versatility, and as you say, you don't need to legally or physically...
  288. jim isbell

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Beautiful, simple, clean lines, well presented. I'll bet you get all kinds of interest, thanks for posting.
  289. jim isbell

    For Sale 84 Chris Craft Scorpion WA

    My friend owned this very designed and fished it for many many years. It took him WAY offshore too many times to count, always brought him home safe. I recall fishing with him and the way this hull sliced through the waves, you know, you sort of brace as you come into a wave--then no bouncing...
  290. jim isbell

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    I see no reason for the weight breakaway to be ANY heavier than needed to get the bait down there. You WILL on occasion sit it on the bottom, even on the ecology side, why tear up the bottom more than you need? On the bait side, heaviest weight line you can use and still get bit, heaviest drag...
  291. jim isbell

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    Just a side, my opinion. Boat "Ho" is out of line because when guys took me, when I did not have a boat, a paid my share and did all I could--they took me because they wanted someone to share expenses, not just cause we were friends. "Ho" got nothing to do with it, IMO.
  292. jim isbell

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    I heard one guy say the one thing he didn't like was how they mark the boat deck, that you need to use a mat, have you found that to be true?
  293. jim isbell

    Boston whaler 11 sport

    That's a nice boat, do the console and wheel make it impossible to car top?
  294. jim isbell

    2008 Glacier Bay 3080 Alaska Edition. In superior condition

    Any pics, I can seem to get this system to go back to "Go to first unread"
  295. jim isbell

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    Well it's both isn't it. Wheels on tackle box when there is no cart--like the long walk in San Diego from where I park--all the way to the dock, then cart from there. And I go lots of places where there is no formal dock, no carts. I'll check out the 7100 and 7300, sounds like they might be...
  296. jim isbell

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    Hey Greg, with all the expensive stuff I got--I too make no apology for my Ugly sticks, from trout to a 200 pound class braid spinning rod.
  297. jim isbell

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    I know this is an old thread, but looking at nice bags or boxes for the first time. One thing I DO KNOW, for a fact--wheels baby, don't lift that beast when you can roll it, protect your back for fishing. Whether it's a long run down a dock, or a longer run from some distant parking area, to...
  298. jim isbell

    SOLD 2008 Mako 241 Inshore - $21,900

    Nice boat, I can sort of? see why it is called "inshore" but I think that is unfair; that rig would be OFFSHORE, for sure, if I had it.
  299. jim isbell

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    Thanks Gene, they look really nice. I may have to swallow hard and pay the new price, (about 5K) but it would be good to replace what I have now.
  300. jim isbell

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    I assume you mean ABT trailers--I'll check em out right now--thanks
  301. jim isbell

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    Do you know the make, and where to get one?
  302. jim isbell

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    This is good stuff, thanks. As to my research, this article is the first thing I have found so far. You say "if" you go you think there is a better material than aluminum? I'm surprised, going on line under "salt water boat trailer" I am finding just about zip--Pacific Trailers...
  303. jim isbell

    Line test: how high is too high?

    OK, 500 pounds is soooo high, all you do is limit line capacity, you don't gain anything. And OK, 50 pounds too light, as the title says "what is too high", not "how hard can you pull"
  304. jim isbell

    Line test: how high is too high?

    Putting aside leaders, at what point is your main line so high in test pounds--it no longer does anything except reduce line capacity on your reel? For example, I have heard (don't know if true) that if you tied 50 pound test to a tree, the average guy is not capable of pulling so hard (with...
  305. jim isbell

    Fishing after spine surgery

    Well Dave, that sounds very promising, tight lines (in time)
  306. jim isbell

    Livingston Build

    I love Livingston boats and you have to fish one to see how stable they really are. At the same time, flushing up the deck puts you higher in the boat than was the design--but I doubt stability compromise would be much of an issue, though I'm no marine architect. Your reasons for doing it are...
  307. jim isbell

    Fishing after spine surgery

    Agree with the guy who said ask the Doctor, but I would also ask the physical therapist, they are the motion experts. As I understand it, the physical therapist knows the range of motion you can and even should do--and which motions you must not do--or not do for a certain amount of time.
  308. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Frequency does matter, for most of us. You might try this, go out in the afternoon, and spend the that night in the harbor, at anchor. See how you do the next day. Re. products, Scopolamine has helped me for years, but now they don't make the tablet form--only the patch. And the patch is for...
  309. jim isbell

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    Jerryl. I was just thinking of Zane Gray, who said re. fishing, that you spend an entire life learning, always more to learn. Something as "simple" as this and I still learn more and more. Just one example, just now thinking for the first time about putting pressure WITHOUT dragging the line...
  310. jim isbell

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    I don't think you can go wrong this way, AND I notice that after I do what you described, it stays tight during the day. Some say as soon as you start casting and using it, it is no longer that tight, but somehow that isn't true. Once it goes on tight and wet, it seems to stay that way...
  311. jim isbell

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    I used to wet a paper towel or cloth with fresh water, and bring the line in through the towel, taking off any salt--most of it anyway. A guy told me "dead wrong, look at your anchor, it is the SALT that keeps the rope from rotting. But I hear you about salt buildup, not sure if it would cause...
  312. jim isbell

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    I believe trailing the line back is the only way to go, especially for a spinning rod. Don't even bother trying to put it on tight; on the trip out, let it ALL out, then use a rag or other way to keep tension, though as you say, after a bit of line, it is plenty tight. Wind it in wet and tight...
  313. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    I have a damn fine conventional that is strong enough to take on a big Yellowtail, but still has a line winder on it. True, those kind of reels get only get so big, but still, the reel has given me a lot of pleasure (Shimano Calcutta). But I also notice that spinning reels get a lot more line...
  314. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    IMO--a lot of guys will never admit that the birds nest thing you mentioned happens to them too. I do admit some guys have casted conventional so long, and they are so good, it really is second nature and birds nets are sort of a thing of the past. And I also got to say, spinning tackle can F...
  315. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    I carry a scale on the boat now, pretty accurate. It's hard to believe how high I can dial it up to on my two modern spinning reels--50 on one, 65 on the other; of course we both know you never go that high, but it means you don't have to strain the system to hit mid 20's or even higher.
  316. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    I hear you on all that--I don't use a rail rod (to each his own), and I don't pass off the rod, not yet anyway. I saw a guy with a rig like mine, with rod holder and no brace, take a 300 blue fin, himself. Balanced gear, when that big fish ran he just let it run with arms straight out and...
  317. jim isbell

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    Well, I have a much shorter side rail than your's, but it attaches to the frame much like your's. But there are two--one set at the rear (the twin PVC tubes that come up pretty high) and then at the bend, the shorter than your bunk guides. The bottom line problem is the fact that the trailer...
  318. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    I ordered the 120 spool, the plan is 100 pound braid, 80 pound fluoro, Carnage 2, their 6' heavy jigging rod rated at 80-200 braid. The idea is reef fishing where I'm told if you get hit by a big fish, there may be nothing much you can do if it buries the jig into the rocks, but this is a good...
  319. jim isbell

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    Thanks George, I too have not had wet feet in too many years to count. The only thing I would add for anyone reading this is a caution if you have a system like what I had on my 2000 Yukon. The so called emergency brake could not hold back the weight of the truck--in my driveway. That brake...
  320. jim isbell

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    Hi George, the Captain was talking about "side guides" that help keep the boat floating straight and true as it comes onto the trailer. If it veer off course, say do to string winds, it can end up way too far right or left. I called them "sides bunks" but I mean the same thing. I've always...
  321. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    The reason what you pointed out is hard to argue with--is line capacity. With 65 pounds of drag--verified--my Quantum PTSE 100 Spinning Reel beats most conventional reels, YET, there is no doubt who wins the capacity wars. And in an anchored boat, you sure as shit can't chase em. I get over...
  322. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    I have the size one smaller than you, (the 100) an IT is rated at 65 pounds of drag. One question though, I have heard that the 120 and the 100 are the same reel, just different spools--is that true? Same source says the 60 and 80 are the same deal and I think their 40/50 size is the same...
  323. jim isbell

    Jig/Popper setups

    My Qantum has---65 pounds--verified drag and you are right. On the other hand, I have seen huge fish with drag settings much lower, like 30-40 beating a huge blue fin; fact is, heavy drag, short time fight, for sure better than on all day.
  324. jim isbell

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    He Captain, just one question if I may. My current trailer has guides for the back of the boat (PVC with LED light kit) and the standard side bunks to be installed further up towards the bow. How far up? Midpoint of the boat, or further. How about inches from the bunk to the hull, I have...
  325. jim isbell

    New PENN Carnage II rods for 2016

    Thanks. Yeah, I did "find" them at West marine, but only via special order. I may just go ahead, sight unseen. And I think--check me on this--but I think West Marine will order one, and you can still decline if if you don't like it. But even if they don't, I think I will go ahead and give...
  326. jim isbell

    New PENN Carnage II rods for 2016

    Second problem Steve: I can't find one to actually lay my hands on. I've been to Turner's, The Long Fin, Chark Bait, and several more. I can buy one sight unseen, but would rather see one in the flesh. I am hunting the 6', heaviest spinning jigging rod they make.
  327. jim isbell

    Saturday 1.5 Day New Lo-An

    That's a good report, thanks
  328. jim isbell

    Mustang Party Boat Crew

    Yeah, but I watched a guy fishing a full spool of 80 spectra with 200 pound leader, that made sense. His drag maxed out with the 80--no need to go any higher, but the 200 was to keep a big blue fin from biting through the line.
  329. jim isbell

    Mustang Party Boat Crew

    Good to hear I'm out of date on that one. I the past, I was told time and time again "bring NOTHING lighter than 40, or 60, or 80" But even as teenagers, we would then board and more than half the time it was the guy with super light line that got bit.
  330. jim isbell

    Valuing Used Honda Outboard??

    Just to offer an opinion. Be sure you actually RUN any kicker on a regular basis. But one as expensive as a Honda, if it seems to be in perfect condition, I don't think I would take that option. True, it is not longer under the same warranty protection, then again, buying another is a lot to...
  331. jim isbell

    Does anyone remember this recent posting?

    Thanks man, I'll do a search right now.
  332. jim isbell

    Does anyone remember this recent posting?

    Carter, I don't recall, but you have helped, cause now when I skim the pages, it will be lot easier to find. By the way, I have started the search for known, excellent boats and the New Lo An already came up and is on my list to pick from. Thanks Carter (same name, Carter, as my Grandson by...
  333. jim isbell

    Does anyone remember this recent posting?

    My memory is for sh...., but maybe a week or two past, some guy talked about one of the best boats he has ever fished, and had a GREAT photo spread of the boat and crew at work--one shot was showing that even taking on bait was the best effort he ever saw by a crew. Lots of details about this...
  334. jim isbell

    Relentless 3/4 11/24/17 - Good Fishing, Heart Failure!!

    What a great day out there. To each his own, but for me, I believe I would go with them again, but NOT use the voucher; I mean if you have bad weather, it is not the fault of the boat--this too, hardly their fault. It speaks well of them, for sure to offer it, but maybe best to show our own...
  335. jim isbell

    Prowler 11/26/17

    Any words about how well the boat was run, the captain, the crew?
  336. jim isbell

    Mustang Party Boat Crew

    and I agree--always about tossing in a light rig in case the big fish just are not around. They really should NOT give that advice, It should be "you MUST bring am 80 pound class rig, but remember to bring a light one too, just in case". But they don't do that, and they should
  337. jim isbell

    Mustang Party Boat Crew

    Thanks for that, I have ben trying to find a good boat.
  338. jim isbell


    Here is my suggestion as of Today, Sunday the 3rd. A week or so ago?, there was an entry here, can't recall if it was under "offshore" or "near shore" fish reports. Some guy wrote in about what he called the best boat he had ever been on, or some such wording. He noted important "little...
  339. jim isbell

    Bait Tank Bait Capacity

    Fished with a guy a few months back who CAUGHT all the chovies himself and did not spend a dime. Got me thinking, since most of the time, we don't use 1/4 of the bait we buy and it really didn't take much time. They guy knew his area, and used Sabiki jigs to catch em pretty fast. We had more...
  340. jim isbell

    Bait Tank Bait Capacity

    Thanks Buster, I know this is an older post, but I am just learning, this helps a LOT. thanks
  341. jim isbell

    WTB bait tank oval or round

    Just a question if I may. Are you saying the smaller tanks just don't get it done, no matter the quality and engineering of the tank and the systems?
  342. jim isbell

    Mako off Redondo 270

    I hear all that, but there is something between "hater" and "lover" and that should is those, like me, who don't know enough yet, and just want to talk about it, to learn. Are Mako's this size sexually mature--hell, maybe they are, I don't know. But if they are, I tend to agree with those that...
  343. jim isbell

    Successful Solo Sojourn - 11/15

    I figure Mackerel Man had a heart attack when you asked him to spike that yellow; good report. Losing the anchor, rope and rode is a warning to us all, especially if you are doing an all night trip and it cuts on a rock in the middle of the night.
  344. jim isbell

    The "San Diego" 11/6. YELLAS !

    Now THAT is a write up, thanks. Of all the things you said, I have to add that I have NEVER had the crew go round and make sure everyone was rigged up right, never. You might get good corrections, but to prevent problems from get go sounds like--the best I ever heard of. Simple, true, but I...
  345. jim isbell

    Bait Tanks

    Thanks to all plumbed it is.
  346. jim isbell

    For Sale 2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    I would only ad, that some of us--even those like me, who can't afford the boat, really do enjoy seeing a beauty like this. Even the one picture shows the beauty of her lines. If that makes me a "yacker" I too, like you, don't care. As far as anyone being "offended" by the price, I have not...
  347. jim isbell

    HH WSB

    You know Mark, and this may seem a little thin--but it really matters how YOU feel about it, not anyone else. Go with your gut on that one. Some would say that fish in a marina are more likely to carry pollutants, than an open water fish, (I tend to feel that way) but again, go with your gut Mark.
  348. jim isbell

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    You said it right, "WAY BETTER", I second that. And though I have fished since I was a small kid, I don't mind this way of making a point, and giving me, and maybe a few others (who knows?) something to think about. Turn that around to people that try to make some point by killing people-and I...
  349. jim isbell

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    No hate from me George, I would only point out that Dad was on the scene, and for all we know, (long time sea sick guy myself) the boy was stable, hydrated and doing OK. What do I mean? I used to go on albacore boats--best deal for me because while trolling, I was much, much better, then when...
  350. jim isbell

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I also enjoy the 216, my friend who owns it says he would like the model with the closed transom--but I don't. The downside of the closed transom is this: IF you take on a wave, the water can't roll right back out, like yours can. The one thing he did, that made sense to me, was move the...
  351. jim isbell

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Nice boat Arnold. When my friend re-powered his Cabo he had to go for less power than was on it before because today's four strokes weigh so much more. Then again, the 150 Honda he put on it works great. Question, why does yours refer to "Marlin"? PS Great looking kid you got there.
  352. jim isbell

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Nice boat and engine; just curious why you don't go ahead and use the engine, and see how it goes. It's sure plenty of power for the hull as I understand it.
  353. jim isbell

    Solo Swordfish

    This was the polar OPPOSITE of luck, you earned that fish. You had a plan, you executed your plan, and you did it many times and stuck with it, and made it work.
  354. jim isbell

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    Thanks for the input, I am a bit new to fishing with the loop. Why so heavy on the line for the weight (60 pounds)? Yeah, I can see it's lighter than the main line, but if you need to break off the weight to save the hook and main line, why not go say 20 pound for that line? Breaking off 66...
  355. jim isbell

    Surf perch report

    I had some red tailed just recently; after hearing all about how bad they were, I was surprised at how good the fish I had actually tasted. The guy who cooked em up commented that you do NOT hit em with high heat, but with medium heat, then with patience (did not get the time) until "they get...
  356. jim isbell

    I am an idiot PV 10/23

    If you gain Wisdom, as well as knowledge,in my humble opinion, you will be far ahead of many of your learned colleagues. Focus and concentration are for EVERYONE, any degree not withstanding.
  357. jim isbell

    Cabo 216 W/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    My friend has the same boat, with 150HP Honda, so I can vouch for it's balance and speed with the 150 HP, this is one heck of a boat IMO.
  358. jim isbell

    Drag poundage

    You are right and I think most of us have "felt it" fishing a big fish. You realize at a certain point, with a lot of line out that you are going to lose that fish if you don't mess with the drag. Flip side, they tell you when you start, to "NEVER touch that drag" after it is set. Not true in...
  359. jim isbell

    Drag poundage

    I may get the dumb guy of the year award, but I am going to ask anyway--I've won that award before, so be it. OK, I have a reel that is rated to put our 22 pounds of drag--that's a LOT, in my mind. I have a scale, that is supposed to be pretty accurate. I tie the line on to the scale, scale...
  360. jim isbell

    Limits of YFT at the 425 by 7:45 with Team Bubba Jean- AGAIN

    Thanks for the report, what size, roughly were they running?
  361. jim isbell

    150 YFT?

    With light tackle, from a sport perspective, nothin wrong with bonito
  362. jim isbell

    Max drag for Shimano Baitrunner 6500B?

    PS Yes, I do understand that concept and therefore why we set the drag at approximately one third of the break point of a line--I get that. I had a different question, concerning how the rating for a reel is made. If it IS "maxed" at 18 pounds, how does the REEL hold up as line strips and the...
  363. jim isbell

    Max drag for Shimano Baitrunner 6500B?

    Thanks for that tech discussion. I do in fact have an old 6500 and LOVE the reel, also own the 3500, 4500--I guess they did not make a 5500? Love these reels by the way, and the superiority of a bait runner is beyond question in my mind. Thanks again
  364. jim isbell

    Max drag for Shimano Baitrunner 6500B?

    So the question remains: if the drag is rated to 15 to 18 pounds, and it is set at such, and a big fish just about empties the spool, is it safe to say then, that at this point, the reel is handling much more drag pressure than 18 pounds, or, are you now asking WAY too much of the reel?
  365. jim isbell

    Max drag for Shimano Baitrunner 6500B?

    Great to have you here, as a rep. My question is simple, but I really don't know the answer. And this one applies I guess to all makers of reels. When you say the drag is rated at 18 pounds, I have learned just recently about the fact that 18 pounds measured on a reel that is filled to the...
  366. jim isbell

    Shady overnight trip

    One fish taken, pretty bad. Half the catch for the day, shit, sounds like what has happened to us--in Mexico. I believe that big a problem--being theft, calls for asking the landing operator to do something about it. Maybe send them a demand letter, tell them you want THREE fresh caught fish...
  367. jim isbell

    TOADSTOADSONLY! Would you quit your job to go chase Trophy Bluefin?

    Great report Great report, thank. May I ask, is there any reason you guys do not use harnesses for those big fish? Seems like you know what you are doing.
  368. jim isbell

    ToadsToadsOnly Unicorn’s Grazing the Blue Pacific

    OK, those photos are GREAT and any one of me is ready to be mounted and hung. And, with all respect to our Gay friends, the fourth shot--is not gay, AT ALL (not that I need to tell you), she, and the two BFT are gorgeous.
  369. jim isbell

    New PENN Carnage II rods for 2016

    Now THAT is feedback, thanks Ryan. I looked at em, over at Bass Pro, they look really nice, just can't tell until I hear from people like you how they really work. Thanks again.
  370. jim isbell

    Looking for budget jigging rod (don't laugh)

    Thanks Ron, from your tip I'm heading over to West Marine right now to get their heaviest spinning jigging rod, less than 6 feet. Funny thing about these rods, and I mean the entire line: when I was a kid, they were the best for the money AND made in America; oddly, to me anyway, they are now...
  371. jim isbell

    Penn Trolling Rod

    Can you elaborate why the Carnage is not a good match? Thanks
  372. jim isbell

    New PENN Carnage II rods for 2016

    I have read a ton about "what they SHOULD do", and not much about actually fighting of fish. The few actual use reviews I have read include 2 or 3 now with the rod breaking while in use. One was blamed on "leaving the rod in the holder" and the other for "high posting" and someone said "don't...
  373. jim isbell

    Redondo Canyon Sunday 10/8/17

    In my opinion, that shot of you and the nice looking young man should be framed and mounted.
  374. jim isbell

    Late report , sick day for my kid!

    Sounds like, if she doesn't get SEA sick, and you don't snap at her, too much then maybe a fishing partner for life. I'll bet in a few years, we will see more photos, the only difference will be HER driving the rig and snapping at Dad for "being too damn slow", like me.
  375. jim isbell

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    I'll be she could; sounds like she is like my wife and come to think of it, I'll bet she would in fact, rather have the cabin, than the boat if push came to shove.
  376. jim isbell

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    SHE wants? What? You want--her to learn to fish. Seriously, nice boat and good luck with the sale and hope you find the right cabin.
  377. jim isbell

    Rpt.-10-03-17 Tanner Brute Tails+Bluefin.

    Why all the comments? Because you give great reports. You make us feel like we were there. And I love that hat! Now that keeps the sun off your face, a few roastings and people learn what you already know.
  378. jim isbell

    Tribute 10/2

    I guess you are right Jerry about work and schedules and such....but, I also see a lot of people who want to go with me--for free. And I have a small boat compared to yours. Sharing expenses on a 30 footer costs a bit, especially if after tuna or such offshore, and of course expenses should be...
  379. jim isbell

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    To me, that is a big ass Yellow Chris, and the photo that makes it clear is the one with him on the deck, over the hatch--also, the one with you holding it up. Good omen for your boat. Re. the reel, I have the same and it has been tough for many years. Maybe a little under gunned, the big...
  380. jim isbell

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    I've seen em caught on the surface and at the very bottom so it's possible. I do think the bigger fish are down deep as a rule, you know the Home guard fish
  381. jim isbell

    Black Pearl Report For 10/01 - Tuna At Catalina

    I really believe bringing it in fast is the right thing to do: if you want to release, it is the best way, and if you want to keep-is is also the best way, because you clear the deck for others, you also have less risk of it getting fouled in other lines, or the hook working it's way out.
  382. jim isbell

    Black Pearl Report For 10/01 - Tuna At Catalina

    Sounds great BUT I want Andrew to tell us about the fight of that big Yellowtail he caught-what pound class of line, your rod and reel--how did it fight Andrew? How long did it take to get it in?
  383. jim isbell

    Boat launch

    Yeah, but that was his point--it was that full, according to this guy, every spot taken
  384. jim isbell

    Boat launch

    That's a huge launch area, and no, never seen it. BUT, I have seen it pretty damn close to full, so not surprised. My own theory is the improvement of both near and offshore fishing the last few years. I do wonder, did you wait a bit until someone left and then get in?
  385. jim isbell

    First day out on my Cabo 216 -Halibut La Jolla Kelp

    PS Again, love this boat, the same model of Cabo my friend owns, and I fish on it with him all the time--great boat IMO. It was "Hablibut Harvey" 10 years ago (November 2007 report), on this site, that made the statement I was remembering: "The company went out of business around 1994-5...
  386. jim isbell

    First day out on my Cabo 216 -Halibut La Jolla Kelp

    My friend fishes that very boat, I doubt you will ever beat it. The one thing he did was move the batteries forward away from the stern. I don't know if you heard about the tragedy years ago with a Cabo when a wave killed the batteries in the stern and sadly, lives were lost as they were...
  387. jim isbell

    Farnsworth Bank Report Sunday 9/24

    I only recently got that through my thick skull--what you said about "nothing I could do", because, there isn't anything you can do when they are that big and close to structure. If you lock the drag down, the hook tears out, or the line brakes. If too heavy line, no hookup. Sometimes you...
  388. jim isbell

    150 Oil Rigs Saturday Morning Short Report

    Has he tried Scopolamine (the patch). For me, very simple, sick without the patch, not sick with it
  389. jim isbell

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    It is the Quantum Cabo 1000 size, here is a review from Alan Hawk. Retails at less than 300, so far very happy with it. It's a beast. Looks wise, it’s a fine looking reel although not exceptional. Silver and black are usually a safe bet, and they mix well with the blue highlights. The body is...
  390. jim isbell

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    My coffee grinder carries 450 yards of 100 pound braid, and has more than 65 pounds of drag, how much drag does you reel boast? NOT saying the spinner is the best choice, for sure it is not, so don't misunderstand, but it's the old saying: it ain't Grandpas spinner. PS I agree on the Ugly stick.
  391. jim isbell

    Setting the drag

    Sounds like you have had some great replies, just let me add this. Sometimes, when the fish are just too big, there really isn't anything you--or that deckhand could have done. Just happened to me yesterday near one of the rigs of Huntington beach. Huge dean, nice rod/reel, 65 Braid, 25 fluoro...
  392. jim isbell

    Circus in la jolla 9/15

    I assume he meant, "no weight"
  393. jim isbell

    14 mile bank - 9/6

    Thanks for taking the time, appreciate it.
  394. jim isbell

    14 mile bank - 9/6

    Just asking....besides location and temp/clarity of water, what other things do you like to see on the water when you are after BFT? Moon phase, tidal action? I know, I can hear the smart ass comments already, have at it. But I'll bet out of 10, one or 2 will actually have something worth...
  395. jim isbell

    1988 Cabo 216 CuddyCon – FULLY Refurbished in 2016 - $23,500

    and for those that don't know this hull---you have no idea what you are missing.
  396. jim isbell

    Dana Point 7/30

    We first started doing that, waiting in the bait line and putting on sabiki's and such and started putting larger baits in. But that is not good for catching dines and chovies. How do you catch em?
  397. jim isbell

    Coronado Island Bluefin

    Why didn't I think of that.............
  398. jim isbell

    Dana Point 7/30

    Compliments to the lady, it's easy to go when you feel great, harder to hang in there like she did. They say that the more time she is out there, the more her body will get used to the motion, hope that is true and you guys have each other for years of time on the water.
  399. jim isbell

    Coronado Island Bluefin

    Because I have never got a blue fin--can some of you tell me, cause for sure you know: compare a 30 pound blue fin to a 30 pound yellow fin, fight wise. I ask cause I've caught the yellow fin.
  400. jim isbell

    First time fishing on a kite Saturday

    And like everything else you have ever done, the 2nd will be easier. Not EASY, but easier
  401. jim isbell

    30lb yellow at church rock

    I'm getting the picture now, I love the blow by blow. You know, I worry so much about the Seals--huge ass, coming out of nowhere, that I would be tempted to try and get em bled into a cooler--or bring em in, tie a tail rope and be ready to go, get the boat moving, then put em on the rail, slit...
  402. jim isbell

    30lb yellow at church rock

    Good job--one question: how close, or were you close to being spooled? You MUST have had that drag down pretty tight and it must have a decent poundage of drag to boot
  403. jim isbell

    SOLD>>>Sancha has to go...Clean Seacraft 25

    Well, I guess you are getting "birdy" Pajaro to get a new girlfriend--I get it, men are like that. But from what I can see, you are leaving a beautiful, lovely woman for a newer beauty. I don't know man--hope it and she, works out. But I'll bet, years from now, you will still think about the...
  404. jim isbell

    SOLD>>>Sancha has to go...Clean Seacraft 25

    I would think she was designed to be what she is: inboard power balanced. Do you know if she is workable with an outboard? I mean, I know you can do it, but would the balance simply be wrong with that much weight hanging off the back?
  405. jim isbell

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    From their point of view, you have no business going in; if it were me, I would man the helm and keep out and let the angler do all he can to get the fish in. I can IMAGINE a scenario where it could make the difference in getting it in--or not getting it in, say a big tuna taking so much line...
  406. jim isbell

    Remember when?

    If memory serves (it often doesn't) there was a posting on here, by a guy who caught---if I remember correctly a very, very large BFT, maybe just over 300 pounds. He did it stand up, and the story had one photo of him on the fish, not using his arms, but leaning back, almost full squat and as I...
  407. jim isbell

    Thursday 7/20/17 at 43, to Clemente island.

    But Alaska too has been hit--hard. Last time fishing there, I was "encouraged" to let ANY large halibut go. Pay all that money, keep one--or if you a heart--let that one go. I asked about the commercial guys, do they "take it easy on the breeders" and they told me "no, they kill em all, any...
  408. jim isbell

    Thursday 7/20/17 at 43, to Clemente island.

    Just remember, as soon as they remove our meager quota, everything will be Okee Dokee. Just ask the officials, they will explain to you how it works. As a no nothing, I don't understand it. Do I sound bitter? It goes WAY past that.
  409. jim isbell

    Grady vs Whaler

    Well Ben, first, they are both great boats by most everyone's thinking. But you say that you won't get into the details--but for me, without the details, hard to comment. Examples, if they are in the 20 foot range, as you say, that could be maybe 19 to 25 feet, so first, are they both, the same...
  410. jim isbell

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    I don't know man, I was happy for you at the first, BIG fish, by the 2nd, it was none of my damn business, and by the 3rd, I was thinking just awful things about you guys. But seriously, great report.
  411. jim isbell

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    I'll bet everyone knew this post would draw a LOT of comments. I think Grumpy said it best, "conditions can change" and they ALWAYS can. It is true though that the most important thing is level of preparations--if you are in a boat as small as some of those, with bass bass boat low free board...
  412. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    You sound like a few of my friends--they just don't get sick. I envy every one of you, cause natural is better, that's for sure.
  413. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I've fished offshore for 40 years, most of the time OK and when going way offshore have always use Scopolamine, always has worked
  414. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks Gerry, I'll try that. I think, could be wrong, that they make em at 0.4mgs
  415. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    As a follow up, that product is also Rx, and back to needing a doctor's note to buy it
  416. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Seriously, what is an "Atomic Warhead"
  417. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks for that tip--I have filed 2 complaints, and have not found a doctor yet, but am ready to go outside the network. But even looking there, no luck yet. Found one doctor but I could tell she was not comfortable at all, and I don't want that. I want someone who can understand why I want...
  418. jim isbell

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    I can see it Josh---big---ass---yellowtail. Love it
  419. jim isbell

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    Can you show the Kangi's that mean "big ass Yellow Tail"?
  420. jim isbell

    182 to the 9 mile to point loma kelp

    Good looking boy and good hat to keep him out of the sun. Glad he hasn't "learned" yet to wear a backwards hat.
  421. jim isbell

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    Kurt, I think you said it right, it is a fair "starting point", one big thing I noticed when I sold mine recently was that it listed "outboard motor" and did not take into account condition or 2 vs 4 stroke, or if it were one of the new, enhanced two strokes. And let's face it, the engine is...
  422. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    The orange county compounding pharmacy can make 0.6 and 0.4 mg per TABLET, just like the ones I used to get when the tablets were made. Again, the problem is the doctor to write the script. I'm Kaiser, and their bottom line is this: we HAVE the patch and you WILL USE the patch, not the...
  423. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    That's all great advise, but to my knowledge, the only pharma that made Scopace tablets no longer makes em, and you need to go to a compounding pharmacy to get em made. AND, after 20 plus doctors I've called, not a one will write the script.
  424. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Bruce, I just read the packaging insert information for the drug, it sounds like it really should work very, very well. On a funny side, it says to "be careful if you do anything that requires being alert". I guess for guys fishing offshore, we should be OK
  425. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks Bruce, I will look into that one; I think I have the worst Doctor out there in terms of writing me a script for anything, but at least if this one is not controversial, and is made, I might find someone who would write it for me. Thanks again
  426. jim isbell

    Bait Tanks

    Ha--you made me laugh Mike. Love the highly technical point
  427. jim isbell

    Bait Tanks

    Thanks Patrick, no, I'm not worried about the cheap, just trying to understand how the different systems work. I DO know self contained can be crap, but I don't know if there are better, self contained. My last boat HAD a plumbed system--and it didn't work worth a crap. No, I'm NOT saying...
  428. jim isbell

    Bait Tanks

    Thanks for the feedback. The thing is, I have read--but don't know, that IF the self contained has BOTH an aerator (to kick out CO2 AND an oxygenator) bait can last all day. That's why I posted this, to get feedback just like yours. I'm thinking it could be that to add the oxygen simply costs...
  429. jim isbell

    Bait Tanks

    With a fairly small boat, I wondered if I would be better off with a fully plumbed bait tank, OR one of the self contained models that do NOT allow water exchange, but comes with a aerator and a bubbler, the first to add oxygen, the second to expel CO2. Obviously, the coolers/bait tanks are...
  430. jim isbell

    Bait Tanks

    With a fairly small boat, I wondered if I would be better off with a fully plumbed bait tank, OR one of the self contained models that do NOT allow water exchange, but comes with a aerator and a bubbler, the first to add oxygen, the second to expel CO2. Obviously, the coolers/bait tanks are...
  431. jim isbell

    Rpt.-Sun.04-30-17 Izor's, 150 and the Shoe!

    Great report, thanks. I wonder how many people know about the famous "rubber ducky"--that maybe this boat was named after? Is Callahan out there?
  432. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    A nice guy on this site has offered to help me via where he works. But I can tell even that Doctor really isn't comfortable and I don't think I want to push it anymore. I have read that these days, Scopolamine is used as a date rape drug--you can't abuse it with the patch, but you can the...
  433. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I know a commercial fishing guy, he goes out every year for about four months, and he tells me that every single--damn year, he is sick the first day or so. He just takes it, real bad the first day, better by the next. In the old days, when people crossed the ocean, no, they did not ALL get...
  434. jim isbell

    Tying the Circle Hook

    Here is the GREAT news: no one is asking you to believe it, it was shared because my catch rate more than doubled--way more than doubled, when I noticed by pulling both tied hooks one turned IN, one turned AWAY from the fish's jaw. On the water, it worked, or as you correctly pointed out...
  435. jim isbell

    Tying the Circle Hook

    You could be right Alex--what I did was tie it both ways, then sat there at the table, with one at a time, in my hand and pulled. I could see the one hook, being held between my thumb and finger, rotate one way, and the other rotates the other way. Still, not proof I admit. Then again Alex...
  436. jim isbell

    Tying the Circle Hook

    I do, out of Long Beach, San Diego, north as far as Ventura, and so on. The people I fish with also do the same; maybe we are odd men out, I don't know.
  437. jim isbell

    22ft Hewescraft Searunner for sale

    I can understand that reply, I really can. I was shocked in Washington at a dock with one tied up. I was looking it over and the guy said "come aboard"; what I said was literally true. Never been on such a heavy gauge aluminum boat, in my life.
  438. jim isbell

    Tying the Circle Hook

    Have you ever notice that on some days, every bite with a circle hook leads to a lost fish? And yet, on other days, it seems everything sticks? At least fore me, it was proven it was the way I was tying the circle hook. Years ago, with a "Guide", I lost--or never hooked, every single Tarpon I...
  439. jim isbell

    Fun day of fishing on the Malihini yesterday

    I did enjoy the shots, good spread of photos; I was just thinking how well it showed WHY a lot of us go offshore, or inshore. Every time you go out, seems like you see something interesting, something kind of cool and something beautiful. Those fine looking young men you took looked like they...
  440. jim isbell

    Cayucos beach

    Good report, thanks. The shot with the perch on the rocks, that says it all, to me. It isn't until you go north of LA that the world becomes beautiful, or so it seems to me on the beach. Always good to get out there, even if you put up the rods and just walk the beaches.
  441. jim isbell

    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    Two years back, out on a boat to Catalina, the crew was insisting that tiny juvenile bonito be kept--nothing else going that day, and they wanted to show numbers for their take. They sure as H would insist that any bass even if barely legal go in the sack. You are right about "bass fisherman"...
  442. jim isbell

    4/17 pac queen limits of bluefin

    Good report, thanks. Was this day and half trip?
  443. jim isbell

    Looking for a realtor.

    Hi Gary, Good to see you have already received some good replies; please keep me in mind as a back-up if you still need help. I know a very good realtor, young, but old school honest and I guarantee he would work his but off for you, and I know him well-he never pressures, never. Use him or...
  444. jim isbell

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    OK, and you can have my email too, if you prefer; I don't care if the guys on this site have it [email protected], and, thank you again
  445. jim isbell

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    As a side, there are speculations why doctors don't want to write it. One is, when you approach them, and have never seen them before, they see a new patient who wants a drug that today, has become a powerful date rape drug; it leaves the person docile and effects short term memory. So a salty...
  446. jim isbell

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    Sorry to broadcast my ignorance, but I don't know what it means to "PM" (personal message) someone. Without your phone or email address, how do I do that? Is it part of this system (on bloody decks) that I have not learned about?)
  447. jim isbell

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    Yes, I do recall now, you have mentioned that before. AND I WILL TRY IT. THANK YOU. I'll try it first on a local run
  448. jim isbell

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    For many years (40 plus) I have used Scopolamine tablets, nothing has ever worked this good, for me. It is the difference between being sick and not feelings any motion sickness. BUT NOW, the one company who made it, Hope Pharma, quite making it. NOW, you can only get "the patch"--behind the...
  449. jim isbell

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Then again--if he planned it, luck had nothin to do with it. Wish we knew more about when/where
  450. jim isbell

    Bluefin Tuna O95 11/22

    Seems to me what everyone and their uncle learned with these BFT (exceptions of course) is what it means to set a truly, heavy drag. That you damn well better. And that when you do, it is so hard it feels like it will pop off the fish (and sometimes does) but..........good things happen when...
  451. jim isbell

    Ranger 85 2 Day Late report

    Nice shots, thanks for the report and photos. I am always surprised how many people still poke the rod under their arm, even with fish this big, instead of the belt with rod holder. THAT must be hard to work with, for sure. Sounds like a good day
  452. jim isbell

    And the beat goes on....WOW.

    I'm getting where I recognize you guys--just too cool and great photos too. I'll bet you either A, have a huge freezer and/or B, give one heck of a lot of fish away, especially this year.
  453. jim isbell

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    Someone said apologize to the wife for the addiction. But remember, the wives follow (a lot of em) the advise "give a man a fish and he eats for a day--teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the whole weekend". Sounds like that addiction needs no apology.
  454. jim isbell

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    I hear all that. I too watched an old guy, doing great with everyone else doing lousy. One tip he gave me, that I never forgot: when you hook the dine or chovy, put the hook on the side of the bait facing you as the bait drifts away. It swims more natural (I could see it after he told me) but...
  455. jim isbell

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    When I was a kid, the captains would see blue fin, and just keep on going---"can't catch em" was all they would say, cause that's what everyone believed--and it was true, at the time. And today? Yeah, we have all these techniques, good techniques but not one of em guarantees you a thing...
  456. jim isbell

    Tuna Hunt--11/9

    Thanks for posting, it shows the face of fishing very well. Do you ever fish the big tuna/others with a rod holder belt? Looks tough taking on a fish with the rod poked under the arm.
  457. jim isbell

    22ft Hewescraft Searunner for sale

    Is that apples to apples, meaning, are we talking two boats of the same size, or comparing one small Hewes, to one large boat of a different type?
  458. jim isbell

    22ft Hewescraft Searunner for sale

    THIS is a boat for people who know what they are. If you have never been aboard, you have no idea. On the water, step aboard, wait for the boat to heel over--it won't. Feels like stepping from cement--onto cement, no shit. Awesome boat
  459. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks George--today, the door is closed, no prescription, no product with Scopolamine. And for sure, none of em offer shipping to the US, except one from Canada, but you need the prescription. My solution is simple: I plan to call Kaiser and be the squeaky wheel, pointing out that they have...
  460. jim isbell

    Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    Well, they say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity--to me, it sounds like you guys did in fact have both: prep/skill and opportunity
  461. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    It is hard to know all the reasons, not being in the board meeting when they decided. Probably is most of the things we have heard--for sure, if it is being widely abused and is not making much money, I can see why any Pharma would take a hard pass on making it. Re. sharing it, that can be a...
  462. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    As I mentioned, doctors like to recommend what their own pharmacy carries, and none of em carry the tablet form anymore, only the patch. Also, as a powerful date rape drug, they also don't want you to have it. But I think as I am on file with Kaiser for using the tablets, I can probably...
  463. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Well see, that is what I was talking about--MY doctor will NOT write me a prescription for it, and over 10 others have refused as well, for the reasons I outlined. The only answer I have, right now, is to use a list of doctors the compounding pharmacy will give. One of those docs will in fact...
  464. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Gonzo, may I ask how long since your last order; what I found today is the foreign pharmacies I contacted would not ship to US, and/or required prescription in order to ship (Canada)
  465. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks Gonzo
  466. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Gonzo, THAT is a hot tip. I'll do that in just a minute, in fact, I had noticed you mentioned Kwells--and forgot to ask you just what the active ingredient was--THANK YOU, for that tip, this might be the tip of the year for me. I owe you one.
  467. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    That's all pretty well said Gonzo--the only thing that ever did work for me was Scopolamine, in the tablet form. Because it totally dries the inner ear you get serious dry mouth--compared to sea sickness--not a problem. But guess what--now, the only pharma that made it, Hope Pharmaceuticals...
  468. jim isbell

    10/6 267 to 14 mile

    Your are right, most people don't. Just talking about it, most people have jobs, and are lucky to get out in their boats even a few times a year. So they can't possibly keep up with the pros who do it for a living. Honestly, a lot of us, for that reason have learned just a bit about where to...
  469. jim isbell

    10/6 267 to 14 mile

    Misunderstanding, I was NOT saying that the private boater should "add' to the party boats chum line--I said, the private boater, standing down current a respectful distance FROM the party boat, bothers--no one. And on that note, I have had a spot, as a private boater "all to myself" when Party...
  470. jim isbell

    10/6 267 to 14 mile

    I would just add that IMO, nothing wrong with fishing down swell to a party boat--and their chum line, providing you are NO WHERE NEAR that boat. And there is no need to get in close, that big chum line you put out brings fish to them from a very long way, and that is where you can sit, not...
  471. jim isbell

    2015 Parker 2320 winter projects

    I hope a lot of new boaters--and some old ones, read your post, carefully and notice the safety things you included. Thru hull fittings are often overlooked, but I see you added the 90 degree shut-offs--that is using your head and might save lives. Thing about prevention--you never get any...
  472. jim isbell

    dana point 9-25

    Yeah John, not much of a report--but an honest report, and that helps right along with every honest report to help somebody else plan a great trip. Thanks for posting.
  473. jim isbell

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I don't know HOW you got it at that price, I really don't. Re. your question, no, this boat is only good for small lakes----NOT. I fish with a friend on his, one of the nicest offshore, trailerable boats I have ever fished on. One key thing my friend did, was relocated the batteries from the...
  474. jim isbell

    Catalina Half Day Tuna - 9/24

    I do remember your great shots from earlier this year--or was it last? I have a great shot of you with a huge Dorado--this one's great too. I think one of your keys is getting that shot, immediately after the fish comes out of the water--frameable stuff for sure.
  475. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    How do you know what I want to hear?--I for one, am still learning, unlike others who seem to "know" how it all works. If you are one who truly knows, good for you. Re. do I think the trailer axle is robust enough--yes, if it is not over the max capacity FOR that axle, why would it not? But as...
  476. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    Here is a key video, in my opinion that has bearing on this, worth your time I think:
  477. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    You are wise, and somewhat unusual to know, and think about this. My experience is that guys just put any size camper up there, without a thought. We found the lightest camper known, the 4 wheel, all aluminum camper. As light as it is, it BARELY meets the GVWR with just my wife and I, and...
  478. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    No Lee, I'm not determined to try it, just talking it through at this point. Fact is, for longer tows, I'll probably solve this by taking off the 8-900 pound camper. THAT for sure works well--and the entire idea of the camper was that is modular--easy off, and fairly easy on. No need to drag...
  479. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    Hi Lee, thanks for the help. But is not the very purpose of a WD hitch to help"distribute" weight from the back axle, and place some of it, on the front axle? My understanding is that this is exactly what it does, and IF it does put some of the weight from the back axle to the front axle, then...
  480. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    Good tip. I pull the loaded rig to the boat ramp WITH the camper, and as you say, not too big a deal. But sometimes I go as far as five hours, one way. Looking at the rig, you can see it needs leveling, too much weight at the tongue interferes with braking performance. And while I know bags...
  481. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    I'll try Clyde, but first admit I may be off base--which is why I am looking for inputs, thanks to all for those inputs by the way. Let me explain it this way--imagine if you had so much weight in the BED of the truck that it collapsed the springs, literally no more room to go down--can't go...
  482. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    Yeah, I know both limits--total and per axle. Fact is, I'm within limits, barely for carrying capacity, and way, way in limits for towed load. adding the tongue weight puts me slightly over in total carried weight (GVWR). The easy solution, when not camping is simply take off the camper, then...
  483. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    I did not make the problem clear. The truck is carrying an 800 pound camper on it's back--that ads an enormous amount to the tongue--adding this last 300 is 300 MORE than is already bearing down on the tongue. What I'm not clear on, is how much of the 800 pounds from the camper is AT the...
  484. jim isbell

    Weight Distribution hitches

    Wondering about WD hitches--anyone have experience? I see several makes, they all of course advertise to be "the best". Has anyone experienced a hitch that handles all of the following: allows trailer to back up works with surge brakes straight forward assembly Also, wondering if existing...
  485. jim isbell

    2003 Glacier Bay CC 2260/ Twin Yamaha HP 4 strokes - price reduced

    With that wide walk-around, I would imagine it would be very easy to sleep 2 or more on deck for overnight trips--nice boat.
  486. jim isbell

    Buying boat from out of state

    Oh yeah--I know ALL ABOUT IT. Just did it two months ago. A boat from Washington. Even "doing it by the book", is no small thing, and the all powerful state is ready to fine you if you get it wrong--OR, if you get it right, but don't get your ass in a move on, fast enough for their deadlines...
  487. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    OK, I looked it up. As Rick pointed out so courteously, Federal law supersedes any medical need, or prescription. Think of it like a gun law, yes you can "have" one, but you generally speaking, can't have it with you. Even with a "permit" that permit is no good in all kinds of places. So you...
  488. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Some of us are just "asking a question", because we don't know. In the case of medical need, for example, does that violate federal law? Maybe it does--remember, I am just asking. I do know there is a conflict in society these days--some people can legally use it if they have, say, cancer of...
  489. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    You make a good point. I wonder if a person with a medical note, and legally prescribed MJ was on a party boat--would the boat captain and/or landing then allow that passenger? Larger question--when your pot is legal--legally bought and used, does that mean "only in your own home"? OBVIOUSLY...
  490. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    No Kidding, I've heard that pot is one of the best products for nausea--so I DO wonder how it might work on the sea? And with a horrible back condition, maybe I would have a better chance to get a script for THAT, than for the needed scopolamine which my doctor won't write. Food for thought...
  491. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    That's useful info--thanks dog. When I spoke to the woman on the phone from Stephens (in NC) she apparently did not know there was a local outlet. I'll check em out--I wonder if my dentist can write the script? Be it yes or no, I'm sure I can get some doctor or other to write it. thanks again
  492. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I for one, struck out with Stephen's Pharmacy. they told me, they could not ship over state lines and to contact a "local compounding pharmacy". Check, next I found one, in Irvine. Check. Now, went to my Kaiser Doctor and he said "I'm not comfortable with using a compounding pharmacy--the...
  493. jim isbell

    Fishing JURASSIC PARK after dark

    That's good information, thank you for that. An interesting issue, to me, is the difference between very, very limited take--and no take. Use elephants as an example: today, in one of the only areas in the world that is having success in staving back complete eradication of the elephant, is a...
  494. jim isbell

    Fishing JURASSIC PARK after dark

    Very, very well done, and well presented. I saw these fish at the Brazos River in Texas while working there--they are truly amazing fish. And so good to see you handle them with respect. Do you know if people take smaller specimens for the table? Another amazing, large freshwater fish that...
  495. jim isbell

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    The other thing I'll ad Scott, is that with a ring, you can tie about twice as fast, maybe three times as fast. The knots are great for line to line joining, but even when you get good, it takes more time than a clinch knots to the ring. Super fast is mono or fluoro leaders pre-made up with...
  496. jim isbell

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    Mike, I have seen what you are talking about--totally agree. With a lot of mono out, you actually give up the advantage of the thin, light spectra.
  497. jim isbell

    Big Eye & Yellowfin Tuna At The Canyon, August 2016

    You guys kicked ass--then whoever took those shots kicked ass again. GREAT SHOTS,
  498. jim isbell

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    Doug, maybe, cause I don't know Joe's reasons, but maybe it came from the time when people were not good at tying fluoro to braid--now, there are two or three knots that I know of (and others too) that I am totally confident in, so for me, no issue at all. I was even shown one, last year, that...
  499. jim isbell

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Problem is, that leads to-carnage
  500. jim isbell

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    What a time it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow. On that first shot, the guy on the deck, is he lifting with his rod under his arm? That looks like a hard row to hoe.
  501. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Here is the list of certified techs, No, I have not used them prior, just read good things about them. And have been over there and met Tim-seems like a good guy. Issues, I have streaks in the oil, this can be cause by several things--I...
  502. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    And Anaheim boathouse has a designated--by Yamaha, certified Yamaha technician
  503. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Also, why would I go 52 miles round trip, when I can go SIX miles round trip?
  504. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Maybe someone can tell me how to withdraw a listing--I am doing so at this time and don't know how to remove it. I just changed the oil--did not like the streaking I saw-so am taking it in to the Anaheim Boathouse (I hear their reputation is very good) to sort out whatever may/may not be...
  505. jim isbell

    1998 Kencraft 220Wa 23ft

    That is an impressive looking rig---good luck with the sale--nice boat.
  506. jim isbell

    Huge 269-pound bluefin tuna on PENN 50VSW at the 43

    Geeeezzzzzzzzz.........looks like a scene from "Wicked Tuna"
  507. jim isbell


    did you see this one? It's 2003, but only 197 hours
  508. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    As I mentioned in the add, I have zero concern about "low ball" offers, and honestly don't relate to those who take offense--it's business. The buyer wants a good deal, and in turn I want as much as I can get--AND the boat is worth what it will sell for, and not one dime more. So make an offer...
  509. jim isbell

    WTB 17-21 Center Console

    I like the fish layout on the header
  510. jim isbell

    WTB 17-21 Center Console

    Hi Adrian, Well written, is this the Adrian I know? Jim
  511. jim isbell

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    And I could look it up too, on the net. I just thought people on here, full of anger might actually KNOW the rules, being that they were so sure he was out of line. One thing I heard, was that there was a mile limit, that if you are inside that limit, you can't seine. Again, I'll look it up...
  512. jim isbell

    Rocky point Area 8/21

    That open cooler, that shot, shows why even a "slow" day on the ocean is the reason most of us fish the ocean, rather than lakes. And I'm not putting down fresh water, just saying........
  513. jim isbell

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    With all the back and forth on this one--I just wish someone would educate just what are the rules right now for seiners. Is there a limit to how close in they can come--if so, how close? Type of nets allowed, take, etc./all? That kind of information would beat to hell all the insults...
  514. jim isbell

    Parker 1801 livewell drain

    It may be only 18--but it is one hell of an 18, and for sure is capable offshore. The key thing, IMO, is be sure your anchor is always ready--always. If you ever lost power in a heavy sea, you need to be sure you can keep your bow into the swell while you called for help. A sea anchor is the...
  515. jim isbell

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Just to help me understand better--will the DSC alert be received by you, regardless of which channel you are on, or, do you need to be on 16 to receive the alert? Thanks
  516. jim isbell

    Boat Survey

    That's a hard one Dennis--maybe it shouldn't be, but it is. My boat, that I am selling right now is being looked at by a guy who wants a survey--don't blame him. But the only shop in my area with a certified Yamaha mechanic is booked out for weeks, and it could sell by then. All you can do...
  517. jim isbell

    Center Console! Fish Killer!

    Andy, THAT is a nice rig, and a value. Those 2 stroke Yamaha's, from everything I've heard, are tough to beat, and with the tower, and electronics and on and on, this is a great way for someone to break into salt water fishing without spending a fortune to do it. I'll bet she sells quick
  518. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Reason? Because Scopolamine is the ONLY thing that ever worked for me. That said, sure, I'll try the ginger. But for people that have something that works--they hesitate to experiment on themselves, that's why they stick with what works. And the Navy has used Scopolamine for a generation...
  519. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I'll tell you something else--I just spoke to Stephen's on the phone. They told me point blank they DO NOT ship to California, it's not legal for them to do so. So I don't get why someone recommended them--maybe some change of late? And Stephen's told me-go to a local compounding pharmacy...
  520. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Hi Dan, Yeah, it's available, but I have had two offers now, both below the asking price. As I said before, it is worth what I can get, not one dime more. But as it has only been listed for four days now, I am waiting to see if I can get the price I want, or at least closer to it then I have...
  521. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Here are a few more pictures per various request: in the console to see the wiring drop down, the on board battery charger, under the boat for the look from stern forward, low at the stern to see the drainage and circulation ports, from the front to get some idea of the deadrise, the newly...
  522. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    The problem I described with older hulls with four stroke engines can be handled two ways: one, use a four stroke either at the lower end of the range--up to midpoint of the range (which is what I have) two, go with the enhanced two strokes, like the Evinrude E Tec-2 stroke with similar...
  523. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    I know what you mean, I really do. If I change it to 14K, or best offer, it locks me in and with the amount of interest already shown (and two offers made) I am trying to leave it open ended. For 8-10K, yes, I do think you can find something nice. That's a lot of money, and in the used boat...
  524. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Hello Robin. The ad reads "or best offer", so that covers any price drop.
  525. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Yes, negotiating with a potential buyer, but as of now, still available
  526. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Patrick, I'll take some more shots today, also forgot to mention the boat has an on board battery charger. One guy is looking at the boat in a few minutes, honestly if it sells I doubt I'll get to the photo--but if it does not sell, I'll try and get it done today
  527. jim isbell

    FS: 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    Nice boat--nice fish, and beautiful family. Tons of memories I'm sure.
  528. jim isbell

    Got. Two

    Boy does that prove it doesn't have to take 8 hours
  529. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    The big thing, besides the extra's we've added, is that it has been covered, that's why the gel coat looks so new
  530. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    I don't know how I missed that--the ad was updated just now with the year for both hull and engine, 2003. The glue you see was added as the rubber gasket was not sealed, so when I take the cowling off--which I do a lot for maintenance, I always had to re-align the rubber gasket. Added Gorilla...
  531. jim isbell

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    Removing add temporarily, boat going in for service at the anaheim boat house Hull and Engine, 2003 · Large fish or dry goods locker up front (A 40 inch Yellow Tail will fit in there) · ALL hatches waterproofed —gaskets new and tight, seam line sealed. This is a dry bilge. · Twin marine...
  532. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    That's HUGE news--for me. The small pharma, that used to make it quit--and since then I was completely unaware anyone made it GREAT NEWS and I really thank you for the reference, I will check it out NOW
  533. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Scopolamine is the ONLY thing I know, that helps AFTER you start getting sick. BUT, to my knowledge, the one pharma that made the pill form of the drug, quit making it. Now, as far as I know (and hope I am wrong) you have to use that transdermal patch
  534. jim isbell

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Now THAT is interesting to me. We know that sea sickness IS related to the inner ear and though I can't see how music could settle the problem there, it is very intriguing. I also have thought of late, if pot could help. My friend, that died of cancer fought terrible nausea and only pot...
  535. jim isbell

    Yellowtail Conservation

    Due to the last season, maybe two, my freezer is still stuffed with yellows--thawing each and very week to use them-and not waste them. Can't imagine keeping a tiny (or any yellow) right now. Agree with you, totally. Any fish, that has not reached sexual maturity, just seems wrong to take em...
  536. jim isbell


    You got boat fever, like me. Too bad-no known cure. (and that is a nice boat by the way--what length?)
  537. jim isbell

    [email protected]

  538. jim isbell

    knots for 80-100lb flouro

    You said it right, "if done correctly" and the good news is that all you have to do is visually inspect the crimp, and you can easily see if you have done it right. The downside is obvious, if you want or need 50 yards of line FROM the crimp, you can't wind it back on; barring that problem, the...
  539. jim isbell

    209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    Nick I've had WAY too much of this shit happen to me--I know how if feels. And worse, how it leaves you. You NEED to take a piss like no one's business, and before you can "run over there" you have to secure fort knox. This is about society, if there is too much of this, no way, no how can...
  540. jim isbell


    Sorry John, I thought it was on there---165. If you would like, I can take off the cowling, take shots of the engine, it looks as you would expect--very, very little signs of wear.
  541. jim isbell

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    I hear you there, hoo and Dorado look nothing alike
  542. jim isbell


    Hi John, I placed this on this site a week or so ago, if you did not see it The Sailfish has a four stroke Yamaha 115 (19.8 length) and is pretty nice I must say with lots of extras added by me. I have not yet...
  543. jim isbell

    fish on north 9

    Good report, thanks Dan. Good advice too--as you say, when people get excited is when reasoning vanishes, like the fish. I'll bet your freezer is already stuffed, maybe that's for the best--looks like you got a little sunburned?
  544. jim isbell

    Return to Paradise

    NOW THAT IS A FAMILY VACATION. And that last shot--go ahead and get that framed, and hang in the house, IMO. Fifty years from now, they will both look at it (come to think of it, make two framings)--and remember when.
  545. jim isbell

    Thoughts On Rat Yellows

    You won't get any hate from me Chris. I saw a party boat 2 years ago that was pushing pretty hard the keep of juvy bonito, geez. I just don't think they wanted to come back with empty sacks--they forget it does not reflect badly on them to come home empty, if they did their best--but sacks of...
  546. jim isbell

    WtB 18' to 21' center console

    I ask Chapo because I am getting ready to list my 20 foot "Sailfish" with 115 four stroke Yamaha, very low hours. It's pretty nice, but I don't think I would really want to sell it, then need to sell a car--too much time to both sell the boat, and then sell the car. No disrespect intended, it...
  547. jim isbell

    WtB 18' to 21' center console

    Hi Chapo....or is it "El Chapo"?? Seriously, do you know the fair market value of the Impala? Thanks
  548. jim isbell

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    THAT was quite a story, and what a fish. The fact that you fought the fish without handing off made the record possible, if she had just weighed a bit more. But then, who really cares--enough steaks to fill your freezer and then some--plus the fight of a lifetime. Thanks for the details...
  549. jim isbell

    Towing a 2120

    That's good detail George--I have heard a lot of numbers sort of tossed around, but appreciate the distinction between the 7-10 percent. I would toss in that even if you get it right where it is supposed to be--but still have rear end sag, you can add stronger shocks and/or an air bag to "keep...
  550. jim isbell

    Towing a 2120

    Yeah, you can tow it. A guy on this site a few weeks ago was talking about towing something similar and commented that he "put it at 70mph" and how well it towed. Hope you keep it slower and a TON of space between you and the car in front of you. The other thing is tongue weight; I had to...
  551. jim isbell

    C Dory Boat

    For sure Mike you got a boat no one can knock, I don't think. But junk?
  552. jim isbell

    La Jolla reserve question

    Hi Todd, Not sure, but I use my IPad with the free download "fish alerts" and it shows me to the inch where I am relative to the MPA's. When you get near one, you can click on it, and it will show you the exact rules inside them. Of course, I can't say it is 100 percent, because they could...
  553. jim isbell

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    It is good when you tell a story like this--makes everyone think---hard about being double sure before pulling out. Just like on the job, accidents happen when? At the end of the day when you are tired. Glad no one got hurt, re. insurance, I figure it will be a high deductible, still, we pay...
  554. jim isbell

    1986 blackman billfisher straight shaft 50K

    Mike, I see it there in the title------ 1986 blackman billfisher straight shaft 50K
  555. jim isbell

    Ella Mae gets her BFT @ the 43

    Well done Art. Sounds like you did little, if any handoff of the rod. People tend to forget that if you do handoff, if you get a record fish--it is not a record--rod can't touch the rail and you can't hand off. I usually get my ass chewed at this point, pointing that out, but personally I...
  556. jim isbell

    Great Day @ Crystal Cove "The One That Got Away"

    Notice how many people--no matter how much they pay for reels, or how much they CAN pay for a rod, get an ugly stick. I can see you got the same one I have and I know why.
  557. jim isbell

    Boat went down right next to us.

    First, thanks and even though it may seem obvious--thank you for pointing out that you don't tie to a potentially sinking boat. If you ever are uncertain, and wish to "tie", tie to HIS boat--leave your side free so you can let the damn thing go if you need to. You got me thinking about all...
  558. jim isbell

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Sounds like you almost lost count of how many swords you saw--in one day; that story right there explains why we go, you never know what might happen on any day.
  559. jim isbell


    Well, the businesses started there and have not expanded to the west coast. Even if a certain boat is great, it is still a tough business to expand. Some have, think Boston Whaler, though you still see a whole lot more of the Whalers on the east coast than here. It is a pain, I'm constantly...
  560. jim isbell

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    The first time you go and use the water taxi, you will see for yourself--usually after the big mistake--what the big mistake is. After they give you a mooring site, and you pay for that, then the "water taxi" takes you maybe a whopping fifty feet to the dock--no, you are not allowed to swim 50...
  561. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    The other thing I wanted to toss in, and one of the best pieces of advice I ever got when I started boating was from an engineer, who does all his own work. The advise was to (whether you do it yourself of have it done), be 100 percent sure of the plumbing of the boat--the thru hull fittings...
  562. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    CHECK THIS OUT. For asking price of $5K, Arima 17, looks good from what I can see, and a Suzuki engine. A bit of a drive, still:
  563. jim isbell

    Point Loma Macrocyctis kelp beds??

    Wow Eric, what a great graph. Looks like a lot of spikes, not just during the period i in question, but across the entire range you sent along. Thank you and I'll keep that very good link
  564. jim isbell

    Point Loma Macrocyctis kelp beds??

    If it is water temps--can anyone verify that with temperature values that changed in the time period he described?
  565. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    Craigslist information: You guys probably know this, but in case you don't. If you want to search all the craigslist sites with one search, go to "google advanced search", then put in your keywords, then scroll down to "site or domain" and put; the downside is you will get hits...
  566. jim isbell

    Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    Remember Billy on your last post? I said you play second fiddle to none--and you did it again. Nice technique by the sharp looking young man--is that rod sticking into his leg, or is there a belt? Either way, he has a perfect angle--and again you proved what a quality spinning outfit can do...
  567. jim isbell

    Finally Yellowtail

    That second photo down is great--say all they want about "bloody", those two big fish look great just as you set em up.
  568. jim isbell

    Finally Yellowtail

    That's good advice for any fish--treat the meat with respect; even if you are "just going to smoke them", you'll get a better product.
  569. jim isbell

    6-22-16 TUNA, EVERYWHERE!

    I have found two ways to enjoy them: first, if they are bled immediately--but be careful if you are thinking of hanging them over the side to bleed--seals. Second, if they are smoked--and with a home smoker, you don't need a ton of salt, that basically ruins them IMO.
  570. jim isbell

    Take out 4 people for around ~$600?

    I hear you on that--it's all personal taste, a lot of guys love the party boats--I don't, but a lot of guys do. One thing I will say, if you do get on one, pick it carefully, they are not all the same.
  571. jim isbell

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Beautiful boat and interesting layout. Do you have any pics of the cuddy? Tow weight?
  572. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    try this
  573. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    Well I agree with you Bob--but with the budget he stated, I doubt he can get a well equipped, safe, reliable engine, hull, and trailer, that's all I'm saying. He may get an Arima, with an old Merc that hardly works--if works at all, for that money, IMO.
  574. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    Steve, thanks Man, you made me laugh today
  575. jim isbell

    Which boat to buy

    I'm with you Roger--no one should be rude. Good luck, up front. Here is the key question to me--you told us your budget--what about your time? Do you have quite a bit of it? When it comes to ocean boats--you WILL pay a lot more than your budget OR, you WILL pay a lot with your time. Ocean...
  576. jim isbell


    I hear you on that Jeff--bottom line, is any of our boats are worth--what we can get, if that is more than NADA, good for the seller and the other way around happens too. I see some guys wait a long time--but they do get their price, just by being patient. Then again, if your back is to the...
  577. jim isbell


    Jeff, Is your boat in storage AT Dana Point? I go down there all the time for dinner, thought I might check it out next time I am that way, if it is still there
  578. jim isbell

    Japanese in the Sea of Cortez?

    And I hope you are right Bill; my worry is a big payment to Pesca from anyone might gain them entrance. Or, simply Mexicans who commerical catch, then go out a certain range and meet up with a big foreign processing ship
  579. jim isbell

    C Dory Boat

    I have read good things about this boat--but can't really sort out how good they might be for fishing. I'm talking about rail space to mount rod holders, things like that. And room for a bait tank, etc. I have a chance to buy one (22 foot model), but it is out of state; anyone know where I can...
  580. jim isbell


    It's in the ad, next to the last line
  581. jim isbell

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    Billy, You play second fiddle to NO ONE. And you also, while you are at it, offer proof that there is nothing wrong with today's spinning reels and they even have advantages--some people don't like that--but it's true, and provable. To your two personal photos--good work. To the little guy, in...
  582. jim isbell

    Reefrunner 171 $9500. obo

    I think all that, boat, 4 stroke, trailer, tower, etc./all for 10 is a deal--I think that engine was made all, or in part, by Yamaha--maybe why it has held up so well. I have the 115 Yamaha 4 (2003), works like a watch
  583. jim isbell

    Reefrunner 171 $9500. obo

    Looks like a great boat Mike--just wondering the year of the Merc and the app mileage you are getting.
  584. jim isbell

    Incredible month of personal best's, insane fishing and good friends

    Being honest, I am only "so happy" for the other guy. First few shots, OK, nice guys getting good fish--then it went to "none of my damn business how many fish they have" and after about 10 shots, "these assholes..............."
  585. jim isbell


    The other thing I would add, is that Yamaha has a great reputation, the only thing I ever heard about old Yamaha two strokes, was that it might be better to premix the oil, like the old days--some guys claim that the one failure you might get (if it is so equipped) is the oil injection system...
  586. jim isbell


    There are a lot of 19ft CC's, but very few this nice IMO. My problem is I need a 4 cause I fish lakes a lot too, but for anyone looking for a portable but capable offshore boat, can't imagine getting any better for the dollar, providing the survey checks out OK, which it no doubt will. My two...
  587. jim isbell

    You dirty gun owners

    I'LL SIGN THE PETITION, but also want to say... Once per day, almost every single day, when I log on, I see in one form or another, some article that blames "gun people" for death. I always feel compelled and write a reply. No, I don't think my comment gets wide circulation, but I feel like I...
  588. jim isbell

    1999 Kevlacat 2000 CC OB $13,995

    Drove this boat, looked it over. We have decided on a cuddy, but let me say, it is hard to imagine more boat for the money. Twin four strokes, low hours, LIGHT enough to tow to the High Sierra with a 1/2 ton truck, with ease. Competent enough to take to Catalina, how many boats can you say...
  589. jim isbell

    1999 Kevlacat 2000 CC OB $13,995

    Hi Trevor, I have a few more questions, can I have your email so we can more easily talk? I'm at [email protected], thanks
  590. jim isbell

    1999 Kevlacat 2000 CC OB $13,995

    Thanks for showing us your boat, she is very nice. One thing though is I can not find even one reference to this boat at 21 feet, nor did my tape measure her that long. The only 21 footers I founds were clearly cuddy boats, not CC's. Another tough part, is that NADA does not go back as far as...
  591. jim isbell

    1999 Kevlacat 2000 CC OB $13,995

    Hi Trevor, Is it possible to come see her tomorrow, the 12th?
  592. jim isbell

    1999 Kevlacat 2000 CC OB $13,995

    Hi Trevor, One of my friends fishes this boat, so I know how nice they are. Can you tell me a few things about her? --mileage at cruise and WOT? --condition of bottom, does she need paint? --Width on the trailer, is she street legal in CA?
  593. jim isbell

    Crowley Lake incident and warning to boaters, Saturday 4 June

    Four of us took my 20 foot skiff to Crowley and fished both Saturday and Sunday--the 4th and 5th of June. We had an experienced Crowley angler with us, who acted as guide and we took a number of nice brown trout, maybe 2 pounds (10 fish total over two days) and one larger Rainbow, closer to 3...
  594. jim isbell

    Hydra-Sports 2150WA

    That's a great boat history, and a great boat as she sits, thanks Rod
  595. jim isbell

    Hydra-Sports 2150WA

    Rod, do you have any performance numbers-top speed, cruise, mileage?
  596. jim isbell

    Hydra-Sports 2150WA

    This looks like an ad for one of those classic cars that has been stored in a garage--and looks like it just came off the showroom. I have heard nothing but good about that hull and I owned a Johnson just like that--it acted like it was going to run forever, and I've never seen one that clean...
  597. jim isbell

    boat weight.

    Pardon the pun, but you and I are in the same boat. My trailer is very nice, but A, is single axle and B, no brakes. I too think double axle and brakes are the way to go. I take it easy, and keep a good distance; still brakes and dual axle is just better, the biggest reason is if you blow a...
  598. jim isbell

    boat weight.

    I know you did not ask--but in case you or others reading this did not know, at 3K pounds, you need trailer brakes. Remember you need the total weight which includes the trailer, boat, engine, "stuff' and if you take it to a certified scale you might find you are over 3K. And even if you are...
  599. jim isbell

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    PS I bought my Arima, years back, from a Pastor there in your area, on one of the islands--we worked it out and he towed it all the way here (although the wheel bearings were burnt out) And when I sold it, I towed it to WA, so your distance does not put me off--it just isn't that far. And...
  600. jim isbell

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    Thanks for weighing in on that. I had a 19 Sea Ranger Arima with the Pilot House. Maybe it was the Pilot house, but one day we tried to go to Catalina--never made it; it was a little rough, but nothing terrible. I had a 120 Johnson, and the wind hitting us head on, made forward motion next to...
  601. jim isbell

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    Yeah, but on the flip side, a Grady or a Parker is a beast--takes a lot of HP to push it, a lot of HP and torque to tow it, and not the mileage. As boaters we all know it is a trade-off. I find that once you are ON a Grady or Parker, you are happy, but it also seems like they stay at home a...
  602. jim isbell

    My "new" boat!

    You ARE going to love your new rig. Grady's are heavy and well put together, that is the downside. But in the chop, they slice through. A few years back, I was in rough water, going up and down like a cork--safe, but slow. Couldn't wait to make harbor, and right next to me came the identical...
  603. jim isbell

    1992 Truline Sport Cat $1400

    Brian, If you push the throttle forward, and flip down the seat, can you flip this hull over for easy access to the hull? And what is is it's weight? I need to know for car topper reasons; my camper already pushes the weight limit for my truck--thanks, cool boat.
  604. jim isbell

    1992 Truline Sport Cat $1400

    I wonder how many people know HOW stable this thing is. A diver with all his gear can climb in, and hardly tip the hull, at all. Stable is an understatement. Also, seems to me, you could buy this and use it as is OR give it some care, bottom paint, put a new four stroke and a nice little...
  605. jim isbell

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    I owned an Arima for some time--your description makes me think of that boat. I really liked the lightweight, ease of towing, did not require a large truck to pull it yet, the problem I had was wind and the Arima did not cut the water, it road way, way up on the water. I never felt threatened...
  606. jim isbell

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    Nice boat--with a single axle trailer, I assume she is pretty light, do you have the rough weight handy? Top speed, cruise speed, rough mileage?
  607. jim isbell

    Another 23 inches halibut 05-12-16

    Hi Thanh, it's called "FishAlerts" and is a free download. I don't know, but have been told there are more detailed apps that you pay for--but so far FishAlerts has done everything I need. Keep in mind, though that if you don't have a data plan, you do need to download and store the map--one...
  608. jim isbell

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Misunderstanding, I SUPPORT you sticking with the diesel, I was saying to the people who suggested an outboard, that adding an OUTBOARD might be "messing around" with the design.
  609. jim isbell

    Questions for the Guys who Use *Terrafin on IPAD while on the Water

    I don't have that app, but I do have the FREE "FishAlerts" and it tells me exactly where I am relative to the MPA's. And NO, you do not have to have the monthly "data plan", but you do have to buy the IPad that has the CAPABILITY for wifi and cell--only those IPads have the GPS chip in them...
  610. jim isbell

    Monster 41.8 pound Sacramento River striper

    Hey now wait a minute--Dad looks plenty strong to me--he can heft that big Striper
  611. jim isbell

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    My two cents: a lot of us like Outboards, yet, I think it is good to check the original DESIGN of the boat--it may well have been built to balance with the diesel inboard; messing around with the original design may/may not be a problem, but in my mind that should always be considered.
  612. jim isbell

    The Maximus

    It would be good to hear the cause of the water incursion--if they know and want to release it of course.
  613. jim isbell

    The Maximus

    For us small boaters, the causes of "taking on water" are well known, and a reminder to pay attention--NO criticism towards the Captain and Crew of the lost boat--NONE. Just saying--for us, we need to look sharp and prevent "taking on water" as opposed to reacting to it after it starts...
  614. jim isbell

    Another 23 inches halibut 05-12-16

    Good deal--going south you hit an MPA at some point--I just got the free app for my Ipad which shows where it is--you probably know, I don't off the cuff
  615. jim isbell

    Another 23 inches halibut 05-12-16

    Well done--was that Orange county? One nice inexpensive thing I just got at a tackle store is a tape measure that has one of the mountaineering rings attached, so it hooks on my belt while surf fishing--also just saw a rod with inches clicked off on the rod, another great way to bring a tape...
  616. jim isbell

    Bad back boating help

    Another thing that one of the other guys alluded to--have her move to the back of the boat, if there are seats there. SIT DOWN--we don't want her bounced out, that's for sure. See if sitting back there makes a difference--I'll bet it makes ALL the difference
  617. jim isbell

    Water conditions

    Here is a good place to go: And this one is AMAZING: You can "click twice"--the first click on the map--go try it--the first click will change the screen to a smaller map, on the right of the screen. That...
  618. jim isbell

    just serviced my motor but it won't go passed 2000 rpm

    Good tips given--try them out. Take off the cowling and hook up the hose, get the water flowing and start the engine. Have someone slowly advance the throttle while you stand back there and LOOK. It might be obvious--sometimes it is. Try the rusted linkage idea and bulb pump--see if you can...
  619. jim isbell

    Galvanized Trailer

    I'm no expert on trailer prices--but I don't think you are asking too much. Of course I also always say "it is worth exactly what you can get--fair or unfair" and I just don't know what a trailer like this is going for. It appears to need very little work--do you know the condition of the...
  620. jim isbell

    Need an affordable way to move boat around my backyard without truck

    Trailer Valet and Powercaster, which costs more, which works best?
  621. jim isbell


    This has probably been thought of--just the same. Don't boat alone--if you get tossed, yeah, it's great the engine gets killed. But you may not be able to swim back to the boat if the currents and winds are not in your favor. And think of this: if you ARE boating with a buddy, and you fly out...
  622. jim isbell

    Need an affordable way to move boat around my backyard without truck

    THAT is super cool, thanks for that post
  623. jim isbell

    Bad back boating help

    From everything I have read--no one regrets the expense of a shock absorbing chair-it's one of those things that years and years later, you don't know how you got by without it. On the flip side though, if you install it at the driver's seat only, and she does not drive the boat--then not much...
  624. jim isbell

    Bad back boating help

    Joe, understand I would NEVER but in--but you did comment it was a "new" 25 foot boat, so the price for that chair--to allow your wife presumably to go fishing with you, does not seem that high--not relative to the price you no doubt paid for that fine rig. Shy of that chair--my only advise is...
  625. jim isbell

    Seasickness question????

    Hi Jim, I'm Jim from Anaheim, and have been more sick than anyone I have ever known--who still goes anyway. So my credentials are good. Trust me on this Jim, sea sickness is caused by both physical and psychological factors. If you are scared, and thinking about it--your stomach will produce...
  626. jim isbell

    New 1st time Boat Owner - What should I do to better be prepared?

    Hi Draglock. You know how when you drive a car, you can get lazy after so many times with no problems--then suddenly out of nowhere, someone slams the brakes on in front of you? Same thing with boating--you can go along without incident for too long, so the same kind of vigilance is in order...
  627. jim isbell

    It's Official...

    If he is good at what he does--which I assume he is--no, it's not bad. I think it is totally normal to have either time, or money--but seldom both. So you can buy a boat, which does not mean you know the first thing about running the boat, docking, safety, not to mention fishing. LOTS of...
  628. jim isbell

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    Most of us stumbled on it when a boat cut it's engine and you casted iron on a stop--suddenly the cap decides to move 500 yards or so, and your iron got dragged with you--then pop, you got hit. Is that trolling? Not sure, but since it worked, you then decide to just troll one--and it gets bit...
  629. jim isbell

    Livingston 9' LV 9 for sale

    What is the condition of the underside--any pics? Total weight?
  630. jim isbell

    Late video report from the 425

    Great Video--thanks for posting. The way you shot it from taking bait--tossing bait, catching fish and underwater view--just great. Re. the music, just my opinion--but I prefer the sounds of the sea--no need for that and in my opinion, distracting. But that's just me--maybe people find it...
  631. jim isbell

    2003 seafox wa

    More details would be great, aside from pic's: weight of towed rig, engine hours, what series of Merc engine (regular 2 stroke or Optimax) year of boat/motor and trailer, electronics aboard, anchor and rode? All that stuff; nice looking rig
  632. jim isbell

    Coronado Islands and points south 5-5-16

    Jason, that kind of day shows that you have to be ready--fresh line, good hook, tied right, good bait--and your little Buddy with you to make it right
  633. jim isbell

    Hello from Texas - New to BD

    Sue, I too thought of sea sickness--maybe that is not your problem but "easing into it" for most people mean a half day, or 3/4 day boat--just in case. And I do agree on the "patch"--Scopolamine, BY FAR the best thing out there. And as they said, it MUST be put on hours before you get on the...