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  1. blubby07

    FALL FISHIN 10/24/20

    After so many years of cutting fish I now take it all to the processor unles its just a few. Congrtas man nice haul!
  2. blubby07

    The sword teased us then finally committed

    Love the write up felt like I was there super cool! Waters looked like glass and a big congrats and yes Eric’s is the best!
  3. blubby07

    For Sale Very nice marlin lures

    $50 each sold as a set of 6 includes bag. text or call Josh 760-715-1637
  4. blubby07

    For Sale Marlin lures for sale excellent condition.

    I have 6 very nice rigs like new condition. will only sell as a set of 6 with bag. $50 each text or call josh 760-715-1637
  5. blubby07

    Looking for a Parker 2300DV

    there was a killer one at west coast marine with a blue hull, not sure if its still there
  6. blubby07

    She is finally home

    way cool stoked for you, I love that stern rail!
  7. blubby07

    SOLD Boat Trailer for sale $

    $800 need it gone now
  8. blubby07

    What’s my boat worth?

    Actually that’s what I’m getting for it
  9. blubby07

    What’s my boat worth?

    You guys are crazy thanks for the help 😂I knew I could count on you!
  10. blubby07

    What’s my boat worth?

    That was at catalina for my buddies bachelor party. those girls are Olympian athletes from Australia. 😍
  11. blubby07

    What’s my boat worth?

    I have slowly done a ton of work to this 1989 bayliner cierra 2556 flybridge. New fuel injected Volvo penta with 200 hours, dual prop Volvo penta outdrive. new starter new fuel pump new alternator new water pump new manifolds and risers new power steering pump. auto pilot,old furuno radar. new...
  12. blubby07

    SOLD Boat Trailer for sale $

    Price drop to $1400 need it gone
  13. blubby07

    SOLD Boat Trailer for sale $

    25ft long 8 ft wide
  14. blubby07

    Oceanside reports question?????

    This guy came outta Oside 12 miles off the beach on a tiny paddy
  15. blubby07

    SOLD Boat Trailer for sale $

    Just purchased a new trailer for my boat my old one isnt the most beautiful on earth but still a solid trailer for boats 18-23 $1850 obo Got new leaf springs two years ago, new winch and strap, new side bunks,new bearings surface rust. 760 715 1637 Josh
  16. blubby07

    Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    awesome work almost look like they had zero boat pressure on them for a couple months:)
  17. blubby07

    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    OK i feel bad bexause of our situation, if u fish SBI fish any jig or small smapi YELLOY do it trust me
  18. blubby07

    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    Not at all only the first miles was bumpy but its not like our waters it turns quickly,my favorite spot is san miguel for rockfish the waters feel similar but Miguel will love u then kill you quickly, i think sbi has a little more protection from point conception.
  19. blubby07

    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    I am a san diegian just had to take a long trip, thats what i love about my 21 Parker cc i can hold 3 scoops of bait and have so much range w 95 gallons its awesome. Ive been fdrom MB to the dd 220 and back or from oside to the w butterfly and back. Also trailer to Baja ,san Quintin, etc i have...
  20. blubby07

    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    Dana point as well as Ive heard it’s privately owned
  21. blubby07

    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    Now I want nick!!!!!! Oh yeah and tanner and Cortez 😬
  22. blubby07

    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    Left Friday morning 4am headed to marina del Rey with family and very close friends that have been in the house a month. Met good friends w their boat at the ramp about 6am, off to fish sbi for my first time ever. Met with a somewhat confused sea that continued to change and ultimately glassed...
  23. blubby07

    Covid19 tuna spike

    Dang man i want one how much?
  24. blubby07

    Stolen Boat San Diego

    That boat sticks out like a sore thumb i will keep my eyes peeled. sweet sled
  25. blubby07

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    These pandemics always start from this crap. Just stop eating critters that shouldn’t be eaten.
  26. blubby07

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    I say stop eating bats and monkeys from wet markets!!!!
  27. blubby07

    Boat Ramps closed?

    This is ridiculous i was thinking of just going out for bottom critters to share w neighbors, i own my own business and thankfully can wheather this storm for awhile but would like to get outta the house and bring home fresh tacos for friends and family and anyone else who needs it! Closing...
  28. blubby07

    Social distancing at its best

    Wow I didn’t expect that!!!! Hahaha I say go fish and if u land a cow then share w others.
  29. blubby07

    Social distancing at its best

    My boats headed back out tomorrow this time to skip the yummy
  30. blubby07

    Social distancing at its best

    Since I can’t work I went fishing to have a little normalcy. yes I know I’m suppost to stay home but I had plenty of hand sanitizer and toilet paper on board. left sd bay at about 7am to rough seas. plan was to head to the hidden bank. went thru the s 9 lots of life. kept going until right b4...
  31. blubby07

    Question about the recent statement from the state department

    Yeah im thinking the same thing, i just wanna get out for some normalcy
  32. blubby07

    Question about the recent statement from the state department

    I had planned to take my boat from san diego bay and try and get on these fish down south tomorrow. I see the state department went level 4 and said if your outta country come home if your in the country stay here, curious if that would effect-apply to fishing down south? thoughts? I tried...
  33. blubby07

    Finally did a very needed facelift to my Parker 21

    Oh and my motor has 2100 hours so I took it to west coast Parker in Costa Mesa and had a major service done,timing belt, clean injectors, plugs, fluids, thermostat etc and it hauls butt faster than ever at 40 knots wot
  34. blubby07

    Finally did a very needed facelift to my Parker 21

    Geese sorry guys my phone is super glitchy and posted multiple pics of same stuff sorry about that🙄
  35. blubby07

    Finally did a very needed facelift to my Parker 21

    I bought my 21cc Parker new at the Anaheim boat show in January 2006. I remember seeing it sitting outside with its t top and trailer, literally the first boat I saw. I was initially Iooking at a triumph but am glad I went with my little Parker. this boat has never let me down and killed many...
  36. blubby07

    Gonzaga bay need some info on a captain please

    Gentlemen im planning a trip with some bros to trailer our skiffs to Gonzaga late April- Early May. We will have 4 sleds total and would like to pay a local to take us out on one of our boats to show us the ropes, probably fishing 3 days. Any help in the right direction would be much...
  37. blubby07

    2320 Parker

    Looks amazing great work! Still have the c80?
  38. blubby07

    For Sale Furuno Equipment

    Top pic info: Multi Function Display TZTBB Processor unit Type: MPU-002 (New in a Box) $ 3,500 OBO Second Pic Furuno Radar ( complete) Modele : DRS6A With New cables $2,000. OBO Third Pic Furuno Color LCD Sounder FCV - 1200L Controlar Only with Screen. $1,500. OBO Call or text Matt...
  39. blubby07

    For Sale Bait tank and leaning post for sale

    off my 21 Parker cc works perfect just upgrading to a much bigger tank. Holds a full scoop no problem. $650 obo Text 760-715-1637 Or call but I never answer my phone according to my wife
  40. blubby07

    Did you hear that?

    Im fishing san salvador knoll tuesday and hear its going real good. We will see
  41. blubby07

    12/1/19 WO YT Bite on pattys

    Put on a traeger and enjoy!
  42. blubby07


    I get the hottest peppers on earth and shove them down the mouth of sardines and Mack’s. Simply toss overboard and enjoy the show!
  43. blubby07

    Ytail and yfin no love on a cow and lost my grundens please help

    had everything ready for a cow and headed toward the 60 mile bank. On the way hit a paddy for wide open mid size ytail that turned into yfin. Our goal was a cow so s west we went. Flew the kite w a dead flying fish and just could not connect. I lost my grundens somewhere on the 5 headed...
  44. blubby07

    Finally found some dodos

    Yes Monday and we were about ten miles west of the 425. I have this thought and have no idea if it’s legit but I never run outta the harbor straight to high spots, I always will run south or north a few miles and then go to the spot. I just figure this way I’m not running thru the same water...
  45. blubby07

    Finally found some dodos

    I did notice they have lights on them. I wonder if they are smart enough to move outta your way? I bet they cost a lot more than a prop and they probably don’t wanna lose em. It looks like the whole board is covered in solar so they can run indefinitely. They don’t look like they would do...
  46. blubby07

    Finally found some dodos

    I think it’s gonna be a late bite. I’ve been marking bait outta Oside like I’ve never seen before. When these fish find it ! Oh dang it’s gonna be on! I remember a couple years ago just A few miles off cbad getting limits of good quality yfin. It won’t be long!
  47. blubby07

    Finally found some dodos

    They actually were holding fish that wouldn’t come up
  48. blubby07

    Finally found some dodos

    left mission bay at5am with a scoop of dines headed for the 9 water was 69 decided to head south west of the 302 then come in east to the 425. Water hit 72 we spot a paddy and out comes to greet us about 50 or so nice dorado! It was good to finally see them. The ocean was like a lake and we...
  49. blubby07

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Congrats and nice write up u should start a show or something:)
  50. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    I am def propped right hmm
  51. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    I have both but prefer the aluminum because if i accidentaly hit something in the water i like the idea of a bent prop instead of a bent drive shaft
  52. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    Just replaced anti syphon and fuel line but that was a great suggestion
  53. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    plugs have been changed and new filters. yeah im gonna toss out a bunch of crap under the consul and go on a diet
  54. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    well you may be onto something because i did change to new tach! My god your brilliant!
  55. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    I’m noticing I’m only getting 4700 rpm at wot. I’ve always gotten like 55/56? Not sure why. I have 2200 hours btw
  56. blubby07

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    guys I have a 2005 y f150 and for the life of me I can’t figure out if it has an air filter? Anyone know? Thanks
  57. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    And he was def asleep in a bad way
  58. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    I’m becoming convinced and i own a carpet cleaning company!!
  59. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Yep I’m convinced rolo is correct they are grey in color and have 4 gills So cool to get to see one even if it did eat a hockey puck and died!
  60. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Rolo I just about fell off my couch laughing !!!!!!
  61. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Thanks for your knowledge the only thing that has me scratching my head is the gills, there’s only 4 and they are very small. Here’s a couple better pics
  62. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Maybe but this guy only has 4 gills I could see
  63. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    It does look like he swallowed a hockey puck so maybe we need to consider banning hockey pucks along w straws? Maybe cardboard hockey pucks‍:)
  64. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    No blood at all it had bait around it but I didn’t mark anything around it. Total fish count was just the 1 blufin and skips. Lots of sj around. My guess is in the next few weeks it’s gonna go off up north off Encinitas to Dana as I went out last week and could not believe the amount of bait...
  65. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Here’s another look at the mola Mola?:)
  66. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Whats up Brian hope alls well with you! Not talking about the Mola im talking about the shark. Maybe watch the video for a better perspective im very clear on what a mola is just put the mola in because it was cool
  67. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    And I mean did an orca or white bite the tail off? Anyone know what kinda shark it is?
  68. blubby07

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    headed outta shelter island w a healthy scoop of bait. Kinda weak but we expect that this time of year. Went out with a couple good friends and my buddy’s future son in law. Plan was to head east of the upper hidden and look around but for some reason I decided to go west of the Nados then point...
  69. blubby07

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    I agree Gonzo is a little raw but he makes me laugh! And has been on this sight along time! And I bet if you were in trouble at sea he would risk life and limb trying to help you, I dont know him but he strikes me as that kind of man. You cant say he beats around the bush! And yes get a...
  70. blubby07

    Oside Nada 9.16.19

    I just cant understand closing a harbor boat launch, seems like it should be illegal to me. The whole point of a harbor is for boats not triathlons and business meet and greets. So lame but thanks for the report
  71. blubby07

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    Here it is on the grill! Did up the collars as well
  72. blubby07

    Local wsb June 28th

    I’m so jealous I’m sick!! Congrats I’ve been trying to get one for 10 years. I’ve caught an Oprah but not a wsb! Lol I meant Opah not Oprah:) I’m sure opah tastes better.
  73. blubby07

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    Yeah same friend with the ling drove to Monterey bay and put the wood to the king salmon the day before. He brought some for lunch.
  74. blubby07

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    He had this other ling deap inside him it was dead and we threw it out. Stank!!!
  75. blubby07

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    No actually he ate the large jig we were offering and just the tail of the smaller ling was hanging outta his mouth.
  76. blubby07

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    Fished with some good friends outta Channel Islands and wanted to share this beast with fellow bders. Thought he was stuck on the bottom and up come this slug with another ling in its mouth. Got one wsb and limits of quality lings etc but had to share this one. Spent the day exploring the...
  77. blubby07

    My first yellowtail ever - video

    Good job and yes thats a nice sled your buddys got! Just wait until you hookup to a 30lb ytail my goodness they have shoulders
  78. blubby07

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail Limits Released Limits Killed (video)

    You are hardcore! Thanks Cory always enjoy your videos
  79. blubby07

    BFT Go Here Saturday

    Yes what they said! Much appreciated
  80. blubby07

    cool video on the Channel Islands

    My friend shared this with me and I love fishing these islands thought you might enjoy it as I did.
  81. blubby07

    Headed to lupe for the first time

    Not going to lupe? ugh thanks for the heads up and advice.
  82. blubby07

    Headed to lupe for the first time

    Headed on the indy for my first trip hopefully to lupe on a 5 day dec 26. Never been and wondering what setups you would suggest, I have an avet pro ex4/02 as well as some 2 speed fathom 40 and a bunch of smaller stuff. Hoping to travel somewhat light, so how many setups would you bring on a...
  83. blubby07

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Hey if it looks good eat it! Congrats on catching the trippiest fish I’ve seen! Looks prehistoric. Report back and let us know how it tastes
  84. blubby07

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    I used to mako shark on a regular basis for a number of years and as it’s been stated they are highly unpredictable. It’s like they each have their own personalities, some give virtually no fight and others even smaller are mean as heck! I had one I thought was subdued on deck ( like giant...
  85. blubby07

    7-11 Free Slurpees

    Last weeks huge lings, this week tail next week we have got to get out and find the tuna! I love this pic !
  86. blubby07

    7-11 Free Slurpees

    Great day on the water Joe and the poke was awesome despite me eating it on a paper plate‍♂️I’m lazy
  87. blubby07

    Basking sharks in the channel?

    what a cool experience! Thanks for sharing I would love to see one
  88. blubby07

    Alaska on my 20 year anniversary.

    Well I’ve got a local picking me up dockside in his 2530 to fish all day. Halibut then lings. Pretty stoked!!! Out of Ketchikan
  89. blubby07

    Alaska on my 20 year anniversary.

    Would anyone other than my buddy joe who has fished Alaska join in? Because he hasn’t
  90. blubby07

    Alaska on my 20 year anniversary.

    Really joe, When’s the last time you fished in Alaska? Hmmmmm never oh that’s right! Dork and yes I will bring you back the cheaks jack wagon.
  91. blubby07

    Alaska on my 20 year anniversary.

    Never caught salmon plenty of lings and Hali
  92. blubby07

    Alaska on my 20 year anniversary.

    Headed on the Star princess to Alaska for a two week cruise then land tour. I have no clue the best spots to fish but we stop Ketchikan , Juneau,Skagway. Then on land Mtn McKinley lodge, Denali wilderness lodge then Fairbanks riverside lodge. I’ve been an avid fisherman my entire life with my...
  93. blubby07

    SOLD Parker 252

    And it kills fish!!!! Gonna miss her:( Your breaking my heart joe!!!!!
  94. blubby07

    Plugged every hole with yellow tail w/ VIDEO

    Bait stayed alive all day for all concerned
  95. blubby07

    Bluefin on the Old Glory 10/8

    Very nice report and congrats on the sashimi!
  96. blubby07

    Beats being on land!

    Fun day on the water Joe, Land really does suck! Can’t believe how many fish came up after sunset that wouldn’t eat! I bet their keyed up on squid!
  97. blubby07

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    This post has turned:supergay: Great job on the fish vue
  98. blubby07

    Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    Some people have a sense of humor Joe!
  99. blubby07


    :eek2:Dang bro I’m in! I’ve got thousands of hours on the water let’s go that looks sick! sci and jumbos are awaiting. Seriously though that’s a really nice sled! Congrats and screw the sporties if you have acsess to that doc!
  100. blubby07


    That was pretty entertaining! Some days you step in it and some days you don’t!:shithappens: I think someone should do the right thing and take you out on their boat!
  101. blubby07

    Tuna on a dinghy

    Those models are at skr and rock pile, I would go there rather than sci on that sled. At least you have a Yami! Thanks for the report and keep em coming as long as you can. I just know from many and I mean many days offshore that even on nice calm days with fair weather predictions its changed...
  102. blubby07

    Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    Last time we were on the water joe! Was awesome!
  103. blubby07

    Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    Since it’s been forecast to be rough we decided to stay local. We headed to San o and started searching for life. Water was a murky 70 degrees and that’s when it all came together. Rod went super bendo and up comes the craziest shark I’ve ever seen! Please help identify? Thanks in advance for...
  104. blubby07

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    By the look of him I bet hes wrenched on boats, maybe take that pic to some of the mobile mechanics that work around the area as most of them work all the harbors up our coast. I will forward the pic to one I know.
  105. blubby07

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Killer and congrats on a slob! Idk about 150 though, maybe 149!
  106. blubby07

    Full moon.......notta problem!

    Oh yeah and then there’s.....
  107. blubby07

    Full moon.......notta problem!

    Man Joe that trip was epic! You put me on my pb bluefin with great friends! That fish absolutely rocked me, I almost tossed my cookies. Thanks Joe for putting me on a fish and trip I will never forget! The only thing that would have made it better is an autopilot:rofl: Checkout my hook, almost...
  108. blubby07

    Rpt.-2 day 07-30-17- Relentless WFO Tails and Dorado!

    Cory, Let's go fishing I will pay for everything! Would love to have you on my boat. I'm serious, pm me and let's go. Your a fish magnet
  109. blubby07

    Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    Cory strikes again! Just awesome thanks for the great report
  110. blubby07

    Kelping - 7/24

    Hey Josh Congrats on a job well done! I hope you get that yummy up soon!
  111. blubby07

    Kelping - 7/23

    You haven't pulled on nothing either Joe!!!! Big dummy
  112. blubby07

    Kelping - 7/23

    Skip skip boom was very cool I've got the skip part down, now I just need the boom! Nice trip and fish! Thanks my brother is in town from Phoenix and now I think I will leave the skipping and pull on some ytail.
  113. blubby07

    Looking for someone experienced with the yummy free trip

    It was a great experience, I fished with a cool guy named stephan he was all set up with the kite and yummy. We did 160 miles total and trolled the paint off that yummy! Unfortunately we didnt connect with a fish but we did everything right and fished out west of the 43 very little signal of...
  114. blubby07

    Looking for someone experienced with the yummy free trip

    Heading out of Oceanside on my 21 Parker cc on Friday the 21st. I'm looking for someone who has experience flying the kite to show me and my two buddy's who also own boats how to fly the kite. If you've only done it a couple times please don't respond. Plan is to leave Oceanside at 5 and head...
  115. blubby07

    6/10/17 - 189lb BFT on the Kite! @302

    very nice thats what im trying to make happen! Congrats
  116. blubby07

    June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    Joe!!!!! I told u to buy a Parker
  117. blubby07

    June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    Here's a quick video
  118. blubby07

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    One Day I hope soon! Congrats! Strong work guys
  119. blubby07

    Opah Madness

    Did u read my post turkey lips? It says when I caught the Opah! And yes very barrel chested
  120. blubby07

    Opah Madness

    My smaller opah.
  121. blubby07

    Opah Madness

    Jerdog is correct I caught a 80 lb Opah may 15 2014 long soaking a sardine on 20 lb floro. It was on a tiny paddy just looking for ytail. It seems like I hear a lot of opah caught in April and may but who knows. With most of the paddys dry right now it might be worth getting a line deep.
  122. blubby07

    4/19 Upper Hidden

    It's the best way to go as I like my c80 but I don't think they were designed to be taken on and off multiple times with all those tiny pins. Since I added the stand alone f/finder-chart plotter its real nice and u have a backup gps for cheap! Tight lines and thanks for the report
  123. blubby07

    4/19 Upper Hidden

    I think I have an old Raymarine dsm one tiny pin broke on the back of my c80 and Raymarine said to buy an entire new unit. Instead I opted to keep my c80 as a chatplotter/radar and put on a stand alone fish finder. If I can find my old dsm u can have it. 760-715-1637 Joshua
  124. blubby07

    Channel islands 4-15

    sounds like a killer day! congrats
  125. blubby07

    4-5-17 Report

    Thanks Dude, good intel
  126. blubby07

    4/4 - BFT were EVERYWHERE! (just not biting and only 10-12 lbs)

    Thanks for the good intel and timely report! Much appreciated
  127. blubby07

    Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    There's a memory that will never be forgotten!! Excellent report and congrats to all of you. Sounds like you've got an awesome dad too
  128. blubby07

    SQ report

    Sad to be leaving the old mill this morning to return to the rat race called work:( Had a blast for a week fishing and relaxing with family and friends. Trailered my Parker down and got Oscar to take us out twice. Although we tried hard the ytail evaded us but we still had a blast pulling on...
  129. blubby07

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    Dude that's an awesome story though! I can only imagine how frustrated you were! We will definitely be getting a guide for day one and turn on tracking for any other days. Thanks for the input as I definitely want to avoid that scenario. Reminds me of many years ago heading out of San Diego...
  130. blubby07

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    Thanks guys for all the help. I will definitely get a guide for the first day at least and start a route on my gps and talk with the locals. Much appreciated and will post some pics on my arrival back home!
  131. blubby07

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    Im planning a trip with wife and friends to San Quentin for a week around the end of March and had a couple questions. I will be towing my 21 Parker cc and have located safe storage for it but someone suggested a guide to get out of the channel? Im not sure if thats because it gets really...
  132. blubby07

    Finally received my sheepshead replica check it out!

    Perfect thanks! That was too easy
  133. blubby07

    Finally received my sheepshead replica check it out!

    Well it took about 5 months but just received my 25.5 lb sheepshead. Pretty stoked but I have no idea the best way to hang on the wall? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  134. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    thanks for the info!
  135. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    anyone have numbers for golden reef?
  136. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    Thanks guys for the help!
  137. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    Thanks guys for the help!
  138. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    I'm not just looking to fish, mainly camping and dirt bIke's but thought I would have a friend bring the boat to get on the water. An hour drive south doesn't sound too bad. Bringing the wives kids etc
  139. blubby07

    San Felipe????

    Hey guys quick question,I am planning a trip with some friends to san felipe for a week in November. I have never fished there and was wondering if anyone has any advice as to where to fish? I will be taking my 21 parker so I have plenty of range, thanks in advance!
  140. blubby07

    Halloween tuna

    well i guess im going fishing
  141. blubby07

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    speaking of cabs does anyone know why some are red while others are brown or green? in that last pic you can see the color difference well. Just curious
  142. blubby07


    You sir have a huge Butt! Congratulations
  143. blubby07

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Motor is Scania? I had never heard of it before but my friend who is a diesel mechanic said they are the hot motor now. I guess they like to be ran at higher rpm Maybe someone here knows where their from or more about them than me?
  144. blubby07

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Yep Friday was the day we were out there, it was super nice out but your right Miguel can turn on you in a heartbeat! Funny the captain says to me I think its gonna be socked in fog tomorrow and I wake up on saturday and sure enough its completely socked in, i wish i knew the ocean like he does.
  145. blubby07

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Been a captain over 40 years. He's done pretty much everything but this boat is waiting for its lights. Light boat/ lobster. Pretty fast boat at 45 ft and 23 knots
  146. blubby07

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Did my annual trip to fish Miguel with friends. Got to my timeshare in Oxnard and my buddy who just took delivery of his brand new boat from Canada says come check it out. I tell him I'm gonna fish my 21 Parker and he says let's take mine so ....ok cool and off we go and my friend who lives in...
  147. blubby07

    Can you reccomend a satellite phone?

    Thanks Rick will check it out.
  148. blubby07

    Can you reccomend a satellite phone?

    Thinking about finally getting a sat phone and have no idea where to start, can anyone reccomend one their happy with? Basically I just need it to text and make a call to the wife and other fishing buddys. Hoping to stay somewhere around $500 or so. Thanks in advance
  149. blubby07

    Big mistake 8/20

    Hey man at least you got to pull on one! I've gone 2000 miles and got one 70 lbs! If I had a beer for every big bluefin I've seen I would be hammered drunk! Cool report! Thanks and yes you will dream about that fish until your in the grave
  150. blubby07

    Finally connected

    That's getting it done! Strong work guys beautiful fish, congrats!
  151. blubby07

    corner/182/181/N9 Long boat ride

    Thanks for the report, I heard it was sloppy out there and that never helps!
  152. blubby07

    Fish Counts Dropped Big Time

    I have literally covered over 1500 miles on the water in just the last 2 months. I only have one decent bluefin to show for it along with mostly ytail. With that said its not due to a lack of fish. Each time I've gone out I've found huge foaming spots of giant bluefin and just cannot get them...
  153. blubby07

    24' SKIPJACK flybridge

    Nice looking boat for a new owner looks like they will be getting alot for their $ I hope it goes well.
  154. blubby07

    Oceanside 7/29

    Hey Steve It was nice meeting you and I'm glad you were able to get on the water for some therapy! Thanks for putting in a good word about my boat! Glad you enjoyed it, and a very cool shot of Alex on that Dodo
  155. blubby07

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Can't we just give peace a chance?
  156. blubby07

    Bluefin/yellowfin location

    left Oside and headed to the 209 parking lot with 50 other boats and decided to go in a direction where I couldn't see any boats. Long story short massive amounts of bluefin/yfin foaming on anchovy under white tornadoes. At one point my little 21 cc was completely engulfed with huge 100/200 lb...
  157. blubby07

    time to fish

    In 3 weeks the fishing should be wide open so my offer is still good just let me know. Have fun on your trip!
  158. blubby07

    Dana to 181+dick move

    The prop is your friend!
  159. blubby07

    time to fish

    Huntindog, I live in Oceanside and rent out one of my boats, I have a 21 ft Parker center consul that I rent on boat bound and it is fully loaded with everything you need to get offshore to fish/spearfish. If you would like to spend a day on the water with your wife and son and a buddy or two...
  160. blubby07

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    I don't even know what to say? I've done well over 1000 miles with one 65 lb fish to show for it! I'm gonna keep going, thanks for the motivation!!!!!! And congrats my heart started beating fast, you should write books bro
  161. blubby07

    Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    That's just awesome! If it broke off you would forever wonder what was it? Congrats!
  162. blubby07

    Not the biggest but the biggest for me!

    Likewise Steve I hope you plug the boat!
  163. blubby07

    Not the biggest but the biggest for me!

    After 7 trips this year and about 900 miles I finally landed my personal best just 11nm out of Oceanside/Carlsbad. Not sure of the weight ? After running and gunning throwing everything at em we decided to just drift and long soak a Big Mack it bit 60lb mono on a slow retrieve. Right at color...
  164. blubby07


    Hey nice boat where did you rent that bad boy? Looking forward to Thursday joe!
  165. blubby07

    Lenco trim tab control box buzzing

    Fixed!!!! Bad ground, thanks for all your thoughts:)
  166. blubby07

    Lenco trim tab control box buzzing

    went fishing the other day and all of the sudden my trim tabs no longer work. I have new actuators and everything was working fine. Now when I hit the switches I hear the control box buzzing? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for any help
  167. blubby07

    First bluefin cow

    congrats gonna try and get some tomorrow
  168. blubby07

    I got taxed hard today!

    Thats just insane, what a cool story! Thanks for sharing!
  169. blubby07

    5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    Just Awesome, Cant wait till Monday and Thursday! Thanks for the report
  170. blubby07

    Migel Island 5/8/16

    Thats Miguel for yeah, I love that island and have never been disappointed! Weather permitting of course. Man ive had it glass out there and literally finish a beer and all of the sudden your staring at 9 plus foot swells 6 seconds apart! Crazy place seems like it loves you one minute and is...
  171. blubby07

    Shark identification ?

    anyone know what type of shark this is? Cute little guy, released safely:)
  172. blubby07

    Channel island lings

    I use a huge white grub with a 8-16 onch led head and pin on a whole squid. Drop it to the bottom and bounch 6 or so feet off and repeat, try to stay up and down or you will lose alot of jigs. The bigger the jig the better you qualify your fish
  173. blubby07

    go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    Thats just awesome and great job on the release! Im a true beleiver in eating them under 150 Congrats, take those pics and get a replica made! Big bucks though, Thanks for a great report, shes probably eating a seal right now, they are great for pest control
  174. blubby07

    Great day at the islands

    Diving in the 70s? Carefull John you're dating yourself! I'm going to do just what he does especially with kids. I bet very few will ever get it right!
  175. blubby07

    Hi Rocky Do you still make fish mounts? Thanks, Josh

    Hi Rocky Do you still make fish mounts? Thanks, Josh
  176. blubby07

    Oxnard fishing conditions

    Ive found the weather to be completely unreliable, on my most recent trip it was forecasting not so good conditions until the day before. You just have to be able to pull the trigger when its good on a moments notice. I wouldnt put too much stock in a report 5 days away for that area.
  177. blubby07

    Sheephead Jaws?

    Here's my jaws, fish went 24.8 lbsjust need to peroxide them. i did exactly as u recommended thanks!
  178. blubby07

    Sheephead Jaws?

    Thanks bro thats awesome! Can you tell me where you got your replica?
  179. blubby07

    Great day at the islands

    If you like huge whitefish check this one out from my last trip! I think ive found the depth the biggins like
  180. blubby07

    Sheephead Jaws?

    Anyone know how to preserve the jaws from a large sheepshead? Ive heard of guys doing it but have never done so myself. Thanks in advance
  181. blubby07

    Great day at the islands

    Yeah thats painted cave and thats it in the pic, it does open up to a huge cavern but the tide was too high and I wussed out!
  182. blubby07

    Great day at the islands

    He bit a small strip of squid, nothing fancy
  183. blubby07

    Great day at the islands

    Decided to get on the ling COD bite since they are spawning and trailered my boat to Santa Barbara. My buddy was visiting from Phoenix and wanted to get on the water so we told the wife see yah and had a really quick trip. We stayed at my time share at Mandalay Beach in oxnard and got up at 4Am...
  184. blubby07

    Today report

    Thanks for the report and Scott nice mako!!! Sounds really good
  185. blubby07

    425 -> 371 ->302 Nada

    Thanks for the report, a couple yellows sound pretty nice. Next time
  186. blubby07

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Its nice to hear some good news in this world we live in. Congrats all the way around and he looks like a good boy!
  187. blubby07

    The San Diego got em today!

    very cool, Where bouts?
  188. blubby07

    Took 1 for the team! Offshore 30 miles exploratory trip!

    Thanks for the input, could be any day now!
  189. blubby07

    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    I enjoyed the show as well, too bad its not an hour long. looking forward to the show during our season! I need all the local knowledge I can get!
  190. blubby07

    YT 150 area 1-2-16

    Very nice tail, Those deep water yellows taste better in my opinion. Awesome fish! Congrats
  191. blubby07

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    Gotta love Miguel, what an amazing place to see and nice size fish. I make an annual trip there for the very same reasons you stated. Thanks for the report
  192. blubby07

    Finger Bankin 1/2/16

    geeze this guy is exhuasting to listen to, could you imagine being stuck on a boat all day with him? Great report and congrats on a stellar day of fishing with friends at the finger!
  193. blubby07

    Busted at Miguel by Dfw, Sort of

    Yeah but I have a yearly timeshare and some friends that live in SB so it makes a nice trip. Not just doing it for the fish, the islands are an amazing place to visit!
  194. blubby07

    12-20 Mackerel Bank/SCI

    Dang man you've really been giving it a strong effort , thanks for keeping us in the loop!
  195. blubby07

    Shogun 12/19 report

    I couldn't agree more, I heard a saying that when a man dies "A library burns" The younger generation does well to get as much knowledge and insight as they can from these older men before their gone.
  196. blubby07

    Shogun 12/19 report

    I would have a blast learning from some older anglers, You never know it all when it comes to fishing! unreal
  197. blubby07


    Strong efforts thanks for sharing the Intel!
  198. blubby07

    On the water (slip) halibut report

    Too cool chillin and grillin on the boat and land a couple quality fish! Life is good! Congrats
  199. blubby07

    Coral sea, Santa Barbara

    sounds great I just love those islands especially Miguel! Thanks for the report and enjoy some killer eats! DO they have to stop in Ventura to get bait? I know there is a receiver in SB but Ive never seen it open?
  200. blubby07

    Big tuna 225lbs =good eats...RR3 scores

    X2 please the jerky recipe looks insanely good!!!!
  201. blubby07

    Late report/video

    Good times and a killer season! Just did a trip to miguel for rockfish and allready looking forward to next season, thanks for the video
  202. blubby07

    Have you seen this? Divers beware too funny!

    My whole bodies a flotation device:rofl:
  203. blubby07

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with us! it is just awesome
  204. blubby07

    No bugs I got this instead!

    wow very niceI will take that over a lobster anytime!
  205. blubby07

    check this out

    thats pretty sweet
  206. blubby07

    So your fishing in the channel and your boat breaks down

    Pretty sure his wife wont be fishing anymore!
  207. blubby07

    GROW little yellowtail GROW!! video

    I couldnt agree more it seems like they are alot whiter in color when they are deep as well. I caught some big chuckles the other day that had huge whole crab in their bellies! They taste like crab I bet these deep water ytail are feeding on all sorts of good stuff
  208. blubby07

    2016 El Nino prediction LOOKS GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!

    Sqid need colder water so in that way it is harder to get on squid beds, I have a friend in ventura who has been a captain for 43 years and owns huge light boats and he said this years el nijo hit them all in the pocket pretty hard. Due to the warm water,his boats hold 90 ton of squish at a...
  209. blubby07

    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

    Wow just wow! That's nuts!!!
  210. blubby07

    Busted at Miguel by Dfw, Sort of

    All I know is the guy who boarded my boat was Dfw. His hat and badge said Dfw Warden. When we returned his call he answered his phone, Department of fish and wildlife. Who cares anywase? They were cool and I was glad they were out there! Get off the computer and make the trip to Miguel:) It was...
  211. blubby07

    Busted at Miguel by Dfw, Sort of

    Trailered up to Santa Barbra to make my annual trip to the island for Lings. Got to the spot for limits of killer rockfish in a couple hours. Then we get boarded by fish and wildlife and were told we have 7 lings for 3 guys and have to throw one back. We explained the new limits were 3 but we...
  212. blubby07

    .............Don't be a Dick....

    cool boat man it looks like something out of mad max!
  213. blubby07

    Knock down on the troll 11/23

    Just killer way to go! thanks for sharing such a cool video, love the wsb!
  214. blubby07

    oceanside bait barge

    does anyone know if oceanside bait company is open on Thanksgiving? Thanks in advance
  215. blubby07

    Boat stereo recommendations?

    I got tired of buying and wiring sterios so I just got a nice waterproof Bluetooth speaker it's simple and sounds good. Plus you can take it camping or wherever. Just my 2 cents
  216. blubby07

    Seal gets an e-ticket

    That was way cool thanks for sharing! The commercial before it says I love wild life how do you love wildlife? I love seals 100 ft in the air!
  217. blubby07

    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    Here's a bug from Miguel
  218. blubby07

    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    Sooooooo where's the spot? I promise not to tell anyone! o
  219. blubby07

    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    Yeah it looks wild but im fishing around thanksgiving so hopefully this wind will be long gone by then. I know it can get bad quick out there!
  220. blubby07

    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    wow thanks guys! Hears a little spin, Can a person have their limit of 10 rockfish plus say 10 bass or 7 lobster? Yes Miguel is just that good:)
  221. blubby07

    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    Doing a 2 day trip to Miguel for lings and am planning on anchoring up to stay a night to do some hooping Doea anyone know if I can legally be in possesion of two days limits if you are fishing 2 consecutive days? I looked at the dfw book and am conrnfused?
  222. blubby07

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Thats a very nice rig im sorry to hear, I own a carpet cleaning business and am all over sd county my eyes will be peeled for a blue 2530.
  223. blubby07


    hey Aldrin the fishing sucks lately:)
  224. blubby07

    Headed to SCI tomorrow oct 15, question

    I see the yellowtail are biting well at Desperation reef? Is this the same as the 29 Fathom spot? Ive only fished sci once and am excited to be going tomorrow hoping to get some yellows and the bigger grade calico. Also wouldnt mind a little direction for some decent rockfish spots. thanks in...
  225. blubby07

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    A huge congrats way to put in a strong effort and get one!
  226. blubby07

    Oceanside 9/29 and bad bait

    they now have the best bait ive seen all year mini macs and nice green back dines, bait lasted all day but couldnt find the fish! I was also out on tuesdsay and that bait was confetti bait, so small it was stupid!
  227. blubby07

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Dang man that's just nuts!!!!! Congrats
  228. blubby07

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    Yep bullet tuna, cool day and with pops to boot is just killer!
  229. blubby07

    9/18 Wide open 302

    Fishdope reports boats being checked as far out as the 117.30 line which is pretty close, I think mex is saying 12 miles from the nados. I hope not because being deported would suck!
  230. blubby07

    9/18 Wide open 302

    No man no crap talking look at all my threads I heard this on fish dope. Reason I ask is I dont have a passport and am planning on fishing that area very soon. Not being sarcastic at all, Im not one of those guys
  231. blubby07

    Please identify my fish

    Thats just awesome hang that pic on your wall!
  232. blubby07

    9/18 Wide open 302

    very nice! Im not sure if its true but have heard rumor of the navy checking boats as far as the 302, Any signs of mex navy out there?
  233. blubby07

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Front page? Killer fish congrats!
  234. blubby07

    Dana Pt - Full Speed YFT and EPIC Hammerhead Video

    very cool video keep em coming Congrats! ps keep the bait net out the bait tank:) looks like an awesome time with good friends, nice memories
  235. blubby07

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    I have had a very hard time with the mac this year even mini macs, ive been bit when the blufin were here but the yfin just seem to want the dines or chovie. IDK its always something different, I guess thats what keeps it interesting. I heard you and tailwalker on fish dopes live vhf feed I...
  236. blubby07

    How to properly fish someone else's paddy

    You could just climb on top of that huge paddy and take a nap!
  237. blubby07

    SCI Bluefin

    That's how to get it done! Congrats
  238. blubby07

    9/5 Picker paddies off Del Mar

    Hey Rob it was nice to work with you and glad you got some!
  239. blubby07

    9/1 fish instead of dove

    Love the details thanks and congrats!
  240. blubby07

    Bigger yellowfin 30th Aug 2015

    Way to get some when it's been a bit slower out of Oside! Congrats
  241. blubby07

    Bunch o' DODO's

    In my dogs mind I am:)
  242. blubby07

    Oceanside for the Week

    Cool thing to do, those turtles are awesome! Congrats on the fish too!
  243. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    Thanks thats a cool site
  244. blubby07

    Bunch o' DODO's

    Mike that looks like a killer day on the water! Congrats
  245. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    Ha yeah always in the natural environment makos threshers etc, anywase hope you enjoyed the video. Ive got to upload the news clip to youtube but if you really want to see it you can google it. She said that her producers would vamp it up so they showed a teaser early in the day. They have aired...
  246. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    Kristen Keogh, she is from surprise az. Pretty girl, very nice too just moved to Sd 2 months ago. I know everyone likes the girl but can anyone tell me the sex of the shark? Just curious
  247. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    Sweet man looking forward to it!
  248. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    Here's the news clip. I would like to say I've touched a white shark in its natural environment what's so funny about that? Seems awesome to me, but maybe im missing something? Can you explain?
  249. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    oh he will get me back but I didnt make the video! Just posted it
  250. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    :fighting0061::worship::Romantic_:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: Joes an awesome guy and friend! Here's to many more days on the big pond!:hali_olutta:
  251. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    can anyone tell if its a male or female? shark of course
  252. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    I know it cracks me up! Adrenaline is def pumpin. Here's the news girl on my boat I'm like is this for real ? My buddy says josh call the news and im goin whatever they don't care. I called and they said they are on the way now ! It's their feature story. They wanted to know if I called anyone...
  253. blubby07

    Tax man video as promised

    haha ch 10 news came out and interviewed me tonight at 11. Pretty girl!
  254. blubby07

    The tax man!!!!! N

    Here's another pic, the video is lame as i accidentaly hit slo mo Dang it. The friend on my boat has a nice camera and she got some amazing full body shots i will post asap
  255. blubby07

    The tax man!!!!! N

    Guys this was a giant grown white! I've been waiting 20 years to see this and im blessed to witness this amazing creature. My friend got way better pics and I will post them
  256. blubby07

    The tax man!!!!! N

    Yes Oside 10 out s west. Almost ran him over and thought it was a whale shark! Turned around and followe him and immediately said Omg its a huge white! He was amazing just cruzin slow at one point he was 1 ft under my boat and I swear he was 20 ft We'll probably she as it was probably 6 ft...
  257. blubby07

    The tax man!!!!! N

    no tuna but checkout this big white shark!!!! Big big big shark!!
  258. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    Haha diffrent thread you helped me out. With some stuff in my boat. It's been awhile but finally got out on it
  259. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    Randy I took my 2556 liner to catalina for 4 nights and it was awesome ran great!!!! It's like a floating apartment!
  260. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    Dont eat at "joes" He has a killer restraunt in downtown carlsbad! Cafe topaz Bfast and lunch. Guess what's now on the menu? Yep ahi!!! I love that he found a way to make$ on my boat!
  261. blubby07

    Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    So true I was at catalina not long ago and there was huge stingray hanging out by my bait bag. At first I was like why is this guy hanging by me. Then after he sunk out and continued to come back I realized he's hanging by my bait bag. I actually got to pet the big guy!
  262. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    I love that gaff I've had it forever and have gaffed hundreds of fish without a problem. I don't think I have the room for a 6 ft gaff but will look into it. When fishing solo it's the bomb diggety
  263. blubby07

    people destroying kelps?

    Was just at the harbor talking to a guy who came from Canada with his 14 yr old daughter to fish my boat today and tomorrow. He found a huge kelp near the 267 landed 12 dorado and 2 yfin. His eyes were huge as he said all of the sudden a huge whale came straight up under the paddy mouth wide...
  264. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    Yeah I fish to have fun, if I loose one no biggie. I don't understand ticked off fisherman? I'm Blessed to just be out there instead of on the freeway in rush hour traffic.
  265. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    That's just weird, none of that on my boat!
  266. blubby07

    How to gaff a fish

    went out with some buddys and got on the yfin. 12 out of Oside Total count for the day was 21 yfin 1 dodo. Got my buddy on video with his gaffing "skills" our poor friend Andre with the Orange hat on lost 3 fish in a row and looks like someone peed in his Cheerios.
  267. blubby07

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    Pic is classic, No way on earth this is made up. People need to relax and just"give peace a chance" Someone asked on another thread what ch 72 is like and here's an example! Funny story thanks for sharing ! Drinking beer while on the largest body of water on earth? How could you? Thanks for the...
  268. blubby07

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    Dude I just sharted!!!!!!! That's got to be the best ever!!! Congrats you seem like a bunch of crazy beer drinking fools! Your my kinda people Love it what a memory!
  269. blubby07

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    Fi first time on a fish and she was yellin omg its pulling so hard! Too fun to watch. As soon as we got one in I had another to hand to her. Me and my brother were cracking up! But yeah I told her you've got the rod upside down! I don't want my graphite usa hasting stick broke I love that stick
  270. blubby07

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    I was wondering all the same things no doubt he knows his rig, maybe a buddy unhooked it thinking he was helping? Maybe he will see this and tell us poor guy i woulda stood there and cried! Mint green hull looked like it was off the showroom floor.
  271. blubby07

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    Ive seen him before and the outboards are down as it looks like the trailer sits nice and high, even with them down they are still a couple feet off the ground. Doesn't look like they need to be up.
  272. blubby07

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    No he was launching and it came off and smashed and crashed all the way down the launch until it was in the water and the motors were both down! So sickening
  273. blubby07

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    Out of Oside fish were caught at 33/06 117/36. Still sick over this guys boat, I think they were verados. When he pulled into the lot i said now that's a sick boat!
  274. blubby07

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    Got to fish with my big Brother and his wife and got on the fish early. 7 nice fish in the cooler and pulled into my driveway at 815am 73 degree water found them breezing all by ourselves, chuncked and had a massive school under the boat! So much fun to see her catch her first tuna. Boats show...
  275. blubby07

    What boat for 30k?

    Love my Parker built like a tank. Downside is not a lot of storage. The 2530 is their best design but hard to find. As long as the motors are newer I wouldn't hesitate with mid 90 s boat
  276. blubby07

    Getting blood off the deck

    Thanks guys love the responses!
  277. blubby07

    Getting blood off the deck

    Hey guys, Just wondering what you're using to get blood off your decks and up under the rails. Thanks in advance
  278. blubby07

    8-10 oceanside quality yfin

    had an amazing day on the water for 21 yfin 25-50lbs and 1 dodo only 10 miles out of oceanside. just killer fishing all around chunk and live bait. no pics as you have seen many yfin but oceanside is loaded with fish! go get some. water was 71-72 all day, fish were on paddys, birds, and dolphin
  279. blubby07

    Oside 8-5-15 7 and 1/2 fish

    that second pic of that smaller yfin is really beautiful. congrats guys!
  280. blubby07

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    just killer! congrats gonna try to get mine in a couple weeks
  281. blubby07

    Oside report 8/6 and tuna ID needed

    yft an easy way to id is blufin will always have straight silver anal fin absolutely no yellow. Congrats nice fish all around!
  282. blubby07

    OPAH 7/30 Ranger 85 1.5 day

    Very nice fish and go eagles!
  283. blubby07

    Boaters overboard in dana point

    Coming back from the 1010 one evening the water was really rough and my buddy was driving my boat and got knocked over. He had the lanyard on so the boat stopped but I had no way of starting the boat and he had all his fowl weather gear on and was drifting farther and farther away. Some how I...
  284. blubby07

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    Just incredible! And with long time friends would be so much fun, congrats and thanks for such a detailed report I felt like I was there! Very cool indeed
  285. blubby07

    My First "Bloody Deck" 8/3/2015 O'side

    Well done and congrats on the new boat! Was it on a bird school or paddy?
  286. blubby07

    Epic Day My First Bluefin

    very nice fish congrats and good eats!
  287. blubby07

    Mon. O-side got em

    Thanks for the same day report, Great job!
  288. blubby07

    Date Day

    That's hilarious, I'm Gonna be in the same boat taking my wife to catalina for a few nights and she gets seasick so she's made it known that she doesn't want to stop along the way cause that's when she gets sick. Maybe I will make it about whale watching! Congrats on a nice fish and date day.
  289. blubby07

    181 report

    no I didnt. Dang man I cannot upload these pics to save my life!!!!
  290. blubby07

    181 report

    im broke so its worth it for now
  291. blubby07

    181 report

    rented my boat to a nice couple who drove all the way from Redding to fish Saturday thru Monday. Saturday they landed a nice yellowfin at the 181 and today returned to catch dorado and yellow tail and saw huge spots of Big blufin that would not bite.will post tomorrows results. sorry guys but I...
  292. blubby07

    Can still see old name on Transom. What to do?

    Just throwing this out there I do stone restoration and was wondering if 600 grit diamond discs on a makita then 800 then 1000 I have up to 1800 would work? I have the same task at hand
  293. blubby07

    15 Miles West Of Mission Bay 7/18/2015

    great job guys and nice gaff shots!
  294. blubby07

    fishing report

    You can rent my boat on boatbound and catch blufin 6 miles off the beach and avoid this garbage:)
  295. blubby07

    Ten Hrs later...

    NFIO? I dont think soooooooooo! Congrats on the fish of a lifetime!
  296. blubby07

    BFT & YFT 7/16

    very nice! indeed, Congrats
  297. blubby07

    8 miles off Dolly

    So what should I do with all this blufin? Have my neice make sushi!!!
  298. blubby07

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    What a great Dad! Way to go congrats and cute kid! My wife gets seasick instantly so I finally got her to get a prescription from the doctor and we're doing our first trip to catalina. Hopefully the first of many!
  299. blubby07

    8 miles off Dolly

    Yfin went 32 I think
  300. blubby07

    8 miles off Dolly

    No just happened to get a couple in the scoop. But you can tell the big boys jumped all over the macks
  301. blubby07

    8 miles off Dolly

    8 miles off the domes 7/14 was a steady plunker bite on some nice feesh! Got spooled by some big boys. Heard some guys landing 100 plus blufin in the same spot. Ended the day with 7 blufin 1 yfin 1 dodo. Slow troll was deadly and if you have big macks it's game on with the big boys.
  302. blubby07

    its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    Couldn't agree more! It's just fishing not warfare people need to chill. Risking injury to someone possibly even falling overboard and drowning because of a kelp paddy is just stupidity. Take a Xanax and then go fishing if your prone to unbridled wrath! It's never okay!
  303. blubby07

    Buddy boat Tuesday 14

    headed out of oceanside tomorrow. Plan is to head toward 267 and surrounding areas. Anyone else headed out that direction? Let's share some info Josh on gettin groceries 72
  304. blubby07

    need welder to repair cast aluminum housing for tilt and trim

    I've never done it but I know an amazing welder in oceanside. His name is Jeff company is Acuweld he is the very best in my opinion. Call and ask if he welds it. Super nice guy, tell him Josh sent you
  305. blubby07

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Thanks for the advice!
  306. blubby07

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Sounds like words of wisdom, while im very experienced with offshore fishing im not so much with island booze cruzin.
  307. blubby07

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Anyone ever tie 2 boats together and put out 4 anchors for 2 boats?
  308. blubby07

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Thanks guys, My buddy reserved the spot cause it looks awesome and is private so we have the beach to ourselves. Plus he has kids so they can camp on the beach. I'm Going to look into the best way to anchor, I would also prefer to moor but I guess if anchoring gets sketchy I can always go get...
  309. blubby07

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Heading to Catalina at the end of the month staying at a spot called lava wall. I understand its anchoring only and you take your dingy to the beach. It's my first time on my new to me 2556 cierra. My buddys also taking his boat. Has anyone stayed here? And should i anchor both bow and...
  310. blubby07

    Possible Opportunity

    Must be nice!!!!!!!!! How about a chick intrested in boats? Even better
  311. blubby07

    Best Way To Use My Whaler As a Ski Boat?

    West marine has exactly what you need. Just got back from big bear pulling my nieces around on wakeboards and tubes. It's a very simple harness with a float that then attached to the rope and your a ski boat! It goes from cleat to cleat and will not get caught in prop, super easy. Just thought...
  312. blubby07

    Can anyone explain the extra boat taxes in California

    It's a hair over 1 percent and when I first received mine I thought it was a joke! Well guess what it's not, I didn't pay it and said what are they gonna do? Well here's what they did, slapped a lien on my boat and placed a registration hold thru the dmv so I c not register it until I payed. So...
  313. blubby07

    PLEASE HELP...!!!

    I agree early 80s looks really clean! Congrats on your boat.
  314. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Trim tabs now work perfectly it was just a bad ground! Glad it was simple. Got the bait pump and wash down pump working and she's com together nicely. Just wanna be ready for the heart of the season. A big thanks to everyone for all the help. Question, is there anything that I can use on the...
  315. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Small male, probably 45-50 lbs thought about releasing it but havent taken one in 3 years and it is so good ive been really wanting some. Chummed for 30 mins and he came right in. I must say its way nicer to shark fish on a boat with accommodations then on a cc especially when its misty and...
  316. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Haha yup I'm a big dummy the port trim tab is down about 3 inches! Is that enough to really make a heavy boat lean right?
  317. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Ok so I finally did a shakedown cruise. The Engine ran perfect. Trim tabs don't work and when on plane it lists to the right pretty bad. Not sure what would cause this? I only had about 15 gallons of fuel in it me and two buddys. Just everytime i get on plane it hangs right but when sitting in...
  318. blubby07

    sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    Gon zo I think your awesome it would be way cool to fish with you! gonzo, I always enjoy your posts! Your hardcore, i bet it would be fun to fish with you:)
  319. blubby07

    Carlsbad solo trip

    very cool thanks for the report, those tacos look amazing!
  320. blubby07

    sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    Here we go again Gonzo, always beating around the bush not telling us how you really feel inside:)
  321. blubby07

    Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    Great info and cool fishing buddy! Thanks Simon, i guess we will have to really be ready this year! Awesome report thanks
  322. blubby07

    Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    outstanding bf enjoy the sashimi!!! Congrats! and keep those reports coming
  323. blubby07

    Can anyone help identify what outdrive I have?

    Thanks guys much appreciated! Does anyone know if its a 290? Thats what my buddy called it.
  324. blubby07

    Can anyone help identify what outdrive I have?

    Haven't owned the boat very long and cant find any numbers on the outdrive except for whats here next to the shifting cables. I know where to fill it with new oil but cant locate the oil level plug. Thanks
  325. blubby07

    Opah at the 43

    So sweet! Congrats and enjoy. Thats one heck of a memory that neither of you will ever forget! Just awesome
  326. blubby07

    Opah at the 43

    Started around may last year as well. Congrats! Looking forward to seing the pics!
  327. blubby07


    Oh well never mind then, carry-on!
  328. blubby07


    Raymarine s1000 installed in an hour or so and acurate. Perfect autopilot for a small boat. Only &1000$ new. It connects to any gps not just Raymarine
  329. blubby07

    Treating your glass?

    Thanks guys rainx it is!
  330. blubby07

    Treating your glass?

    What do you guys suggest treating your glass in your cabin with so water sheets off? I was just thinking rain-x curious to see what others suggest
  331. blubby07

    Go West Young Man

    Great news and info congrats guys!
  332. blubby07

    C/L 20' Skippy FB for less than 2K

    I can only see the rough not the diamond. Man thats a huge project!
  333. blubby07

    Vessel name change.

    I agree with Joe, Its just superstition nothing wrong with changing a lame name. But I don't believe in superstition while some do.
  334. blubby07

    Captains License 100 ton questions

    its something I wanna work on getting just for the education alone!
  335. blubby07

    What do you think my boat is worth

    Should have weighed it but pretty sure it wont go 14 I have some other pics i will have to post! Everyone seems to love this fish!
  336. blubby07

    New boat soon and need some recommendations or reviews

    Hey congrats on a nice new sled! I know how it feels! You sit in it and pretend you're on the water yet? Comon admit it! Seriously happy for you, see you out on the big pond.
  337. blubby07

    What do you think my boat is worth

    Nope but it tasted good! I swear I thought it was a tail! It fought hard, thats San Miguel Island for yah. I'm 290 and that thing is longer than my upper torso! Pb whitefish for sure
  338. blubby07

    What do you think my boat is worth

    Actually this is what bit on the bulldog, now im just bragging, May 15 last year to be exact
  339. blubby07

    What do you think my boat is worth

    Correct french bulldog aka Gus
  340. blubby07

    What do you think my boat is worth

    Just testing the waters to see what my Parker might bring if I sold it. 2005 21se 770 hours with yamaha 150. Pac yacht tower t-top Ray marine c80, radar autopilot. Pacific trailer Turnkey boat well maintained. I bought another boat and am curious what it might bring, 95 gallon fuel tank 35...
  341. blubby07

    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    Frank, nice kill! If i had your property i would have done the same thing to protect myself, sylvia and dogs! Btw thanks for your advice on that boat, it's coming along really well! See you soon!
  342. blubby07

    Pacific Trailers in Chino what a joke!

    Some days you step in it and some days you don't. I hate days when it seems like everything is working against you. Glad the boats home safe n sound
  343. blubby07

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    Seawich marine in vista has a floor model yamaha 250 with 50 hours under full warranty for i beleive 13,900
  344. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    Yeah i cleaned out the old fuel and added fresh and it ran perfect until the pump went out. i never ran the old fuel through it, but who knows the engine only has 5 hours on it
  345. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    Boat sat for 10 years so fuel was definitely bad and had sat in that pump the whole time. I cleaned out the fuel tank and will definitely take your advise on the gas and filter thanks!
  346. blubby07

    California luxury tax.

    when I first bought my boat new and got this tax bill I thought it was some kind of mistake and didnt pay much attention to it. They placed a non registrable lean on it and when I went to pay for my next years registration dmv said nope. So I payed and have been paying every year since, It...
  347. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    Just pulled the pump apart and cant beleive how nasty this is! Volvo should have to recall any pumps that have this paint on the inside its just stupid!
  348. blubby07

    Pourable Transom on the West Coast

    Keep up the hard work chris! Rent my boat in the process
  349. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    Pulled the fuel pump apart and its loaded with nasty black paint as was said. I notice it has a resevoir for water going to it? can anyone tell me what purpose this serves? Thanks
  350. blubby07


    I could use a trip like that after working on my boat so much, Congrats!
  351. blubby07

    Electrical repair reccommendation

    Dr electron knows his stuff, big time.858-752-3198 His name is allen
  352. blubby07

    Are Rivieras any good????

    I still want to be your friend
  353. blubby07

    Parker 1801 any good?

    Not sure on the 18 s My 21 new was 40k I think 23 is a bit high. Whats the hours on the boat?
  354. blubby07

    Are Rivieras any good????

    Can i be your friend? Ive fished near a riviera like your talking about and they look sweet!
  355. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    yep ive got the dreaded whine from the fuel pump! cant wait to see what these cost
  356. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    so when i turn the key to the run position i hear the pump but at the shrader value for checking fuel pressure theres no pressure at all. When i fire up the engine and push the shrader valve gas bubbles out but not with any kind of pressure. I'm Thinkin your right. Dangit!!
  357. blubby07

    Parker 1801 any good?

    Rod holders up front are better for tossing iron so no rods are in the way. It looked pretty nice to me
  358. blubby07

    Parker 1801 any good?

    Theres one in oside harbor next to kens fir sake I think its an 06 If I remember it's about 20k Great boat that can do just about anything including offshore trips
  359. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    So you think i fryed the fuel pump?
  360. blubby07

    Volvo Penta idles rough rpms up and down please Help

    Hey guys, So I installed new fuel filters on my 2004 vp 5.7 GI-E and didnt realize you should fill them with fuel before putting them back on. Now when I start the motor the rpms go up and down constantly and then it cuts out all together. Im new to the whole inboard out board motor thing and...
  361. blubby07


    Nice feesh!!! Thanks for the report. Mid May and its gonna break open!
  362. blubby07


    way to get it done and thanks for posting! Enjoy
  363. blubby07

    Struggled a little this week

    One way ive been able to find structure is when the lobster pots are out. These guys know where the rocks are and drop close to these, then mark them on the chartplotter and before you know it you will have a nice little variety to get some taco meat year round.
  364. blubby07

    Theft from Newport Dunes dry storage. ** Hit again**

    My goodness sorry to hear! I just read this thread and it raises my blood pressure just thinking about it. Its hard to imagine how pissed you must be! I really hope these guys get caught
  365. blubby07

    Question about wheel bearings...need help.

    Geeze ive got a pacific trailer 2005 year and ive only greesed the bearings maybe once a year with bearing buddys and have never had s problem. Ive towed my boat from sd to az as well as to santa Barbra etc. never had a problem. I'm Still on my original bearings. Maybe im just lucky?
  366. blubby07


    maybe a little late but im in the business. Go to Rayo wholesale in Oceanside tell them Joshua from spotless interiors sent you in and they will give you true wholesale prices and hook you up with an installer easy as can be
  367. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Thanks good to know I will keep up on the oil, i think it just looks awesome with the raw wood.
  368. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    I kept going back and forth so I decided to do a 4 step process, Powerwash , clean with teak cleaner and brush, Apply teak brightener, Then oil the heck out of it. It sucked up so much oil it was crazy! Some guys say spar varnish it but thought i would try this first, so far so good. What are...
  369. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Just a quick update, Ive been working on the electrical and got the tilt motor all sorted out with the help of friends. Worked on the teak outside and it cleaned up pretty good, also fixed the vhf radio and have that working well.Buffed out the starboard side and that shined up nice, gonna do a...
  370. blubby07

    279 - 4/11

    Nice report thanks!
  371. blubby07

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    they will never reply, from what I have been told by those who have been stopped is they just want to see that you have proof of payment.
  372. blubby07

    boat batteries

    Costco batteries used to be made by optima. Not sure anymore
  373. blubby07

    any feedback on raymarine autopilot??

    I have the s1000 and love it works flawless and only $1000.00
  374. blubby07

    Buying a new motor out of state.

    Not sure what motor your looking for but seawich marine in vista has a yamaha 250 or 300 floor model with 50 hours under full warranty for i think about 14k looks sweet
  375. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Yes and pulled them off to check for corrosion and they are good to go added new grease
  376. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Well it keeps getting better I thought the outdrive was Omc with a vp lower unit turns out its a volvo penta outdrive alltogether its a 290? Put in new fuel line today and put some new fuel and it runs perfectly
  377. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Well bench tested the tilt motor and it works fine. Not getting 12 volts to the motor and the electrical looks like a pile of spaghetti power goes up to the flybridge so im thinking of making it really simple up top. All i think i need is horn trim tabs ignition and thats about it. I can turn on...
  378. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Yeah you were right Frank! Ok i have 12 volts at the pump but no dice so i guess i need to pull it and see if it can be rebuilt or just needs to be replaced. Maybe theres a relay on the motor thats bad hopefully
  379. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Thanks guys, the only things im trying to figure out is the tilt motor doesnt work and the switches up top on the flybridge dont work. It's probably something simple but i have zero experience with electrical so to me it looks like a nightmare! I'm Sure the wiring just runs parallel from the...
  380. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    For sure thanks!
  381. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    since i clean upholstery and carpet for a living I dialed in the interior. Then put in a new starter and batteries turned it over and she fired right up and purrs so stoked!
  382. blubby07

    How much to install an autopilot?

    I have a 21 parker and bought a raymarine s1000 and installed it in just a couple hours myself. It only cost $1000 at west marine And works perfectly. If you're mechanically inclined at all they are pretty simple and come with instructions. Bring over a fishing buddy drink beer and install.
  383. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Got it home and this girls heavy! 9.6 beam on a 25 ft boat. 1989 is the year. 6 hours on a vp gxi 320 horse new motor. Trailers been in the water twice and the brakes and everything worked perfectly. So far so good all the lights , nav , inside, helm, autopilot all works well. I will post...
  384. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Totally agree, but with a trailer thats worth 3k and a boat with everything on it And a good fishing friend whos an Ase cert mechanic i just dont see how i can lose even if i parted it out.
  385. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    What budget did I mention? And im 39 so not old just getting older thanks for your comment and i will give you your very first like!
  386. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Motor fires fine so im picking it up tomorrow and the work begins, Thanks for all the input and its fuel injected not carb so thats pretty sweet. Also the lower unit is volvo attached to an omc outdrive? does that make any sense $4500 Good deal? Proud owner of a Bayliner? What the…Never thought...
  387. blubby07

    Raymarine C80 vs a78

    I installed the s1000 2 years ago and couldnt be happier, its never failed me but you have to always have gps signal as it has no compass. But for the $ its an awesome little autopilot, the only thing ive had to do is replace the batteries in the remote a couple times.
  388. blubby07

    So I eft some squid in my freezer

    Im in the carpet cleaning / upholstery cleaning business for 20 years. Call or google search interlink supply order a product called hydrocide or skunk out its used for dead bodies vomit urine etc. its about $60 bucks per gallon and can be applied to anything with a pump sprayer. It works!
  389. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Heres a few pics
  390. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Thanks Grumpy good info!
  391. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Thanks guys im leaning toward another season on my Parker
  392. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    Thanks i think thats the plan is to go over with some fuel and batteries. Its 5.7 fuel injection
  393. blubby07

    1989 Bayliner ciera 2556 input needed

    So I know that Bayliner does not have the best reputation but wanted to get some feedback as this boat kinda fell in my lap. I currently own a Parker 21 cc and do some pretty hardcore offshore trips with it and love my boat but as I am getting older it wreaks havoc on my body ie 1010, lower...
  394. blubby07

    2014 Epic Summer

    way cool video and toad seabass ! Still trying to get mine!
  395. blubby07

    Post thanksgiving Hamachi

    Way to go guys "The right kind"!!! For sure
  396. blubby07

    Fish are still biting at the island...

    this season just continues awesome post and catch guys, congrats!
  397. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    Wi Had my mlpa map and no did not fish richardson just took pics I had a friend with me whos a local and has dove and fished the islands for 40 years and showed us all around. Hes also a photagrapher by trade and wanted to get us some cool pics. I dont think Wilson is closed yet i may be wrong...
  398. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    I may sound stupid but does anyone know what the smaller black fish is? Thanks
  399. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    60/100 feet the lings are spawning in shallow water. I have a couple hundred lbs of dorado tuna and ytail in my freezer with many offshore trips under my belt. This was in the top 5 best trips of my life. Fishing was awesome but just paled in comparison to just exploring this amazing place. I...
  400. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    about 2 hours or so water was nice but took my time as it was my first trip out, I feel blessed just to have been there and experienced this majestic place!
  401. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    yes cuyler harbor and yes it would be absolutely perfect to stay the night!
  402. blubby07

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    Always wanted to fish the islands and finally was able to. Left santa barbara at 530 and headed to Miguel. Was not disapointed as we caught quality fish. Limits on lings. Huge whitefish,reds,sheephead. After a few hours i wanted to checkout the islands. Ran in tight to miguel backside of Rosa...
  403. blubby07

    *Yearbook* Jan 1st - Dec. 31st 2014 Bring it!

    May 15th Half way to 181 aprox 45 min to color on 20 lb floro, one off the bucket list!
  404. blubby07

    11-4-14 out at the 302

    thanks for the report! Yep shes singing
  405. blubby07

    10/29/14 dodo limits and YFT

    Nice job guys congrats on the fish and new boat, that's a big motor for a 21 cc I bet she flat moves!! Whats WOT? just curious as my 21 has a 150
  406. blubby07

    The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    awesome video and yes one of the best seasons I can remember! Thanks for sharing the video and pics
  407. blubby07

    10/22 San Salvador-East Butterfly

    Thank you very much nice report!
  408. blubby07

    10/19 302->230->182->N9 Nothing.

    I agree its not over but you have to be lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The weather has made it very tough to spot anything. Us waters are mostly dry and you have to go nearly 50 miles to get to the fish. I havent heard of much tuna unless your way south! Thanks for the...
  409. blubby07

    Dodomania 10/18

    Thought 2 dorado equals 5 and 4 would complete a daily bag limit of 10. I guess I was wrong and made a mistake hope I can be forgiven. Hope u enjoyed the same day report for whatever its worth.
  410. blubby07

    Dodomania 10/18

    Fished with a buddy on his Blackman to the knoll for no life then on east see a cool guy on a striper hooked up so I asked him if we could join him. He says no paddy just lots of open water dorado.He was allready limited,troll anything hookup chum kill fish repeat, After an hour or so many boats...
  411. blubby07


    yah i want one of those kind in a bad way gonna try tomorrow if I could land a wahoo and an opah in the same year!…….:) Thanks for trying and reporting
  412. blubby07

    I went deep on my little boat 10-15

    Awesome way to get it done!
  413. blubby07

    Dumb dumbs

    geeze very nice indeed! thanks for the report
  414. blubby07

    10/15 DORADO

    thanks for the intel, will be out there saturday
  415. blubby07

    A Day to remember 10/13/14

    sweet and nicer grade of fish than most lately!
  416. blubby07

    Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    Epic just Epic! Killer video footage! Man i want a gopro! Congrats man
  417. blubby07

    ONO you Didn't!

    Unreal epic season! Congrats sounds like a crazy battle
  418. blubby07

    10/10 Wahoo at the 302

    Man i want one so bad congrats!
  419. blubby07

    10/10 Wahoo at the 302

    Man i want one so bad congrats!
  420. blubby07

    Local Dorado

    Awesome sounds like some new fish have settled back into local us banks gotta love it!
  421. blubby07

    Friday 10 Oct - All Dee-Dodo-Long-Day EASY Mexican Limits

    Yep thats what i found too straight dodos. But they are tasty, congrats mike! Gettin home early w limits is a good thing
  422. blubby07

    Just Another Marlin Report

    Congrats good intel!!
  423. blubby07

    Horseshoe - gangbang:

    Yah i hate those skiffs! Oh wait i own a skiff and do 200 plus mile trips on it! And slay the fish!! Thanks for the offshore report
  424. blubby07

    La Belle Nouvelle Caledonie September 2014

    Wow I just stumbled across this thread on accident you guys are liven!!!! Simply amazing, Can I be your friend?
  425. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    How do you sell it? I was thinking i will pick up this stuff that smells like a dead body and where do i put it and store it and then who buys this nasty stuff? I gaffed it for a second and almost tossed my cookies. I bet it was a sperm whale as they eat squid and i found that squid bit in half
  426. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    Hey grumpy I went deep south:) Please dont show that video clip again:)
  427. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    Yah i saw that but when u get up close to it oh man is stinks sooooo bad no way that you can pick it up and i have no clue what to do w it if i did. It must have weighed 200lbs
  428. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    no it was near the whale vomit just grabbed it to check it out. Btw the whale vomit was holding dodos as well. It looked more like stomach lining than vomit.
  429. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    Update, this day even got stranger. so as i mentioned i lost my boot on the way to si somewhere along the way my fishin buddy texts me I found your boot on the shoulder of the freeway at palomar aiport rd!!! stoked as I just ordered these and wore them once!! Mike go get em good to hear from you
  430. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    Just fun! Only burned 63 gallons and put another waypoint way south on my plotter, im tired of looking at concrete freeways!
  431. blubby07

    Bloodmoon,fog,whalebarf,squid,fridge,huge paddy,lots of dodos,wed 10/8 180 +miles

    Left si at 245am 2 scoops head towards d220 coridinates in pic is right on that paddy loaded w dodos water 72.5,then back to the upper 500 and inside the hidden 5 miles small paddy with more dorado then ive ever seen really fun on the popper! weird day lots of lifeless water in beetween stops...
  432. blubby07

    390/1010 area wed oct 8

    Hey guys im fishing wed leaving si at 3am anyone else gonna head south? Let me know and lets work together. Josh on gettin Groceries ch 72 and 18
  433. blubby07

    let me save you some fuel

    Geeze that video is gonna give me nightmares! Lots of marlin being hooked if thats the kind your looking for I saw one hooked and heard of 3 more also saw 2 big mako one doing summersaults about 10 ft in the air! Pretty cool
  434. blubby07

    let me save you some fuel

    Left mission bay and headed to182 then onto the 43/226 and home for a big skunk. No life only micro ytail on huge paddys. Hope it helps Moral of the story is head deep south
  435. blubby07

    Dana Point OPAH!!!

    Awesome catch congrats!
  436. blubby07

    slow day

    As well as this one!
  437. blubby07

    slow day

    Got this one 7 miles out of oside a couple weeks ago!
  438. blubby07

    There really aren't any fish in O'side......

    Yah the local banks are pretty dry right now. Gotta run 50+for good fishing. You will slay em next time. I heard the water was crazy rough today!
  439. blubby07

    Buddy Boat wed 9/24

    Cool let me know im gonna head that way early tuesday as well as wednesday so I should have some intel by wednesday. Got a couple other guys from fishdope working the area as well
  440. blubby07

    Buddy Boat wed 9/24

    Hey Fellas, Planning on heading south towards the hidden on wednesday leaving Si early. Anyone else going to be fishing that direction? Also open to any suggestions as to where to fish, would like to get some more eyes on the water. Josh on Gettin Groceries channel 72 then drop to the other one...
  441. blubby07

    277 tuesday dodos opah yft

    Way to go thanks for the cool pics!
  442. blubby07

    Bluefin question

    Has anyone been stopped in mexico with bluefin onboard that you know of?
  443. blubby07

    First timers luck

    Good for you man I kept my first marlin and it was awesome! Big Congrats Btw put the wood to the fish at the 371 today! Sweet
  444. blubby07

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Funny a few weeks back same exact thing happened to me. I was also on a paddy and called in another boat Jaesea, we were working the paddy together when way off in the distance I see the Sea trek headed straight for us and sure enough stopped 20 ft off our paddy without asking etc. I split and...
  445. blubby07

    50.1lb WAHOO ON THE JOKER 8/30

    Outstanding! Congrats epic fish!
  446. blubby07

    Local Marlin.

    If they had gaffed that marlin green and pulled him on deck then the humor would have begun! Talk about hearing some Fbombs dropped! Cool video footage best played on mute.
  447. blubby07


    sweet thats a toad! Congrats
  448. blubby07

    Heading to 209 tomorrow

    Agreed head to the 43 bigger grade there,and large volume of fish!
  449. blubby07

    Big Butt Bite to Boat (ok, Kayak) video

    Another reason to say thank you Greg! Ive always enjoyed your videos, you da man!!!! Keep em comin!
  450. blubby07

    Mako Shark on a fly ( video )

    very cool stuff! Thanks for posting looks fun
  451. blubby07

    Gay Bass fishing at the secret spot 6-8-14

    Nice job! Ive yet to catch a legal wsb, I need to get out more congrats!
  452. blubby07

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Congrats! Thats an awesome opah! love the pics, seems like its gonna be a good year! Should be report of the week.
  453. blubby07

    182 181 209 report

    mixed chovy dines as well as a few macs tried it all. wish I had squid
  454. blubby07

    182 181 209 report

    Not far at all heres the spot
  455. blubby07

    182 181 209 report

    Left Oside at 6am headed south 15 miles or so off La Jolla then to 182 181 209: 127 miles total and no love absolutaly no paddys offshore that we could find no life whatsoever, first time skunked on not even finding a paddy. Water ranged from 64.5-69.6 warmer up north. Did find a solo paddy off...
  456. blubby07


    I have to agree and I actually caught an opah last Thursday! Sweet! Its crazy how this thread of demeaning someone has 24 pages and one who actually caught an opah has four. Shows what people love, beating the crap out of some one. Sad.It does stink that a poor mola has a spear in his head...
  457. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    Thanks for letting me know thats awesome!
  458. blubby07

    La Jolla 35lb Yellowtail Video, on Kayak

    I feel like i just went fishing! Awesome thanks
  459. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    I did took a ton of em! heres a couple
  460. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    Yah me too, I stopped at pac coast and tackle and one of the guys there thats been deckhanding all his life said hey I will do it right now for a chunk, so that was easy. Fillets are 5 inchs thick! I would have screwed it up for sure
  461. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    I know its only downhill for him now! I was thinking the same thing. There was alot of coaching along the way but he fought that thing hard I derive way more pleasure in getting buddys hooked up, especially when its their first time. Hes only starting to fully understand how rare these are and...
  462. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    I know im still smiling first fish on the boat for 2014 is an Opah? Cant beleive it
  463. blubby07

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    Took my boat out at 1030 this morning to just get it wet after doing all its maintenance for the first time this year. The ocean was glass so ended up heading towards the 181, about halfway there spot a small paddy and long soaked a dine on 25 lb floro and got picked up. Thought tail at first...
  464. blubby07

    What a difference a year makes. South 9

    Congrats man that is awesome! People think im crazy on rough days offshore on my 21 cc as well. Killer catch!!!
  465. blubby07

    9/28 - Tuna, Dorado, and Yellows on the 181

    Right on!!! Cool to see on our local banks congrats!!! Is that a 21 se?
  466. blubby07

    Tuna Pens 9/26 long ride on a small boat but got some!

    Hi Mike yah 69.5 all day. Sorry to hear about your motor, hope your able to get it fixed quick!
  467. blubby07

    Tuna Pens 9/26 long ride on a small boat but got some!

    Yah im an idiot with the computer. I have a mac and cant figure out how to rotate the pics, maybe you can tell me how?
  468. blubby07

    Tuna Pens 9/26 long ride on a small boat but got some!

    At work right now but i will post numbers asap. About 60 south and ten miles southeast of the hidden. There are 4 pens. Navy was no where to be seen. Set your radar at 12 miles if your near the hidden and you should see them
  469. blubby07

    Tuna Pens 9/26 long ride on a small boat but got some!

    Left the point with a scoop and a half at 630 headed south towards the knuckle. Weather was rough so we stayed closer to the coast hoping it would lay down we almost headed back but the sun started to come out and it did finally lay down. Got to the 475 and found some nice paddys but only one...
  470. blubby07

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    It seems that if his dog went overboard he must have idled up to his dog to retreive it and fell over trying. This would make me think that if the dog was able to swim to shore that it must have happened shortly after departure. This guy must be relatively close to shore. But how long even if...
  471. blubby07

    Fishing the 238 Friday 6th. buddy boat?

    Plan is to leave mission bay around midnight and head for the 238, im on a 21 c/console and would love to share info on the water. Josh on Gettin Groceries ch 72
  472. blubby07

    slow troll live squid?

    Was wondering what is the best way to slow troll live squish ive never tried it. was gonna head to the nados friday thought I would try. or maybe just long soak on a drift? Any suggestions thanks in advance
  473. blubby07

    RPT: 16 AUG 13 Went the Distance - BFly, Mushroom, and the Dumper. Flattest ocean!

    Mike nice job out there what a great day on the water, we fished the 1010 last year together on some kelp paddy yfin hopefully we will have a good september congrats!
  474. blubby07

    Yellowtail and Dodos on the Sauerfish

    nicely done if I ever need to put together a 6 pack this is the boat im going on for sure!
  475. blubby07

    Any been to the 43

    Was thinking of heading that way too but from what ive heard its dead slow I think im gonna head towards the 60 mile bank from the butterfly alot better chances in that area in my opinion. Hope you slay em!
  476. blubby07

    Fatty Surf Perch

    nice surf perch thats a toad! Try posting that dude in the surf fishing forum.Congrats!
  477. blubby07

    Hidden Bank Bluefin frenzy/slaughter

    way cool thanks gonna be back there on friday!
  478. blubby07

    First tuna of the year! 7-24

    I have all raymarine electronics,which if I could do it over again I would change but I bought the s1000 smartpilot, its an entry level pilot that works soley off your gps signal "no internal compass" but its dead on accurate for $950. If you lose gps signal you have no pilot thats the down side...
  479. blubby07

    First tuna of the year! 7-24

    set out the light at dark and we were done by ten,huge amounts of squish in the water!
  480. blubby07

    First tuna of the year! 7-24

    Made some squid at crystal pier and headed to the pens arrived at 430 am to some snotty weather that built all day, came back up the line at 8-9 knts miserable on a 21 cc! but got some 3 bft 1 dodo lost a couple,all came on the long soak with live squid, I pinned two on a 3/0 they seemed to like...
  481. blubby07

    Ran Long fri 7-12 and 7-13

    sweet Ross sounds awesome thanks for the report, no reason to doubt you at all as those are definately the right spots. Thanks again
  482. blubby07

    105 Miles RT, One Big YT

    Killer! Time on the water with Dad is priceless! Great job!
  483. blubby07

    Sea Bass Video

    Excellent job guys thanks for the video, puts me on the water for a few minutes love it.
  484. blubby07


    Dang! Good Job,thats almost as big as you! Congrats
  485. blubby07

    Yellowtail Limits on the Sauerfish Charter

    Thanks for the report! Looks like we may have another good season. Im installing my first autopilot tomorrow cant wait to get on some of those ytail congrats!
  486. blubby07

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    I payed more for my 21 cc great buy! congrats 29000 w twin diesels sheesh
  487. blubby07

    Even when you do everything right...

    Glad to hear you and the wife are ok scary experience none of us would ever want to go thru,the last person I would want on board with me if something like that happened would be my wife.I cant imagine how you must have felt/thought in your mind. Good for you for not panicing and taking the...
  488. blubby07

    Two year plan need help!

    Good point,thanks
  489. blubby07

    Two year plan need help!

    Hey Fellas im looking to upgrade in a couple years from a 21 cc to something in the 24 - 26 ft range with some protection from the elements,as im not getting any younger and trips to the 1010 and d220 are getting really hard on me. I need something trailerable and am looking to spend under 40k...
  490. blubby07

    Oceanside 4-5-13

    Right on thanks for the info,nows definately the time to get the boat dusted off!
  491. blubby07

    solo run to point loma

    way to go gonzo! and you didnt even have to beat up any homeland security,sounds like a nice day! congrats
  492. blubby07

    Late report 3/28 @ the rockpile

    Great Job! Heading there myself on thursday
  493. blubby07

    Fishing is FUN!!!

    Hehehehe! So much fun! Thanks for the video
  494. blubby07

    BSB video

    Love em Greg keep em coming!
  495. blubby07

    Barn Kelp Sand Bass

    Very cool sounds like a cool idea,did you finish all 24?
  496. blubby07

    ensenada 2/8 YELLOWS

    Strong work fellas nicely done! Congrats!
  497. blubby07

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    Thanks for the good advice, last year i put the wood to the fish and had one of my better seasons yet. Honestly I dont mind when im on a bite and someone aproaches from a distance slowly and asks for permission, ive even had some guys ask where I would like them to set up a drift ask if I mind...
  498. blubby07

    Rpt-Thur.-01-31-13 Winter Yellowtail go on the chew!

    You are a fish magnet! I always look forward to your posts, i need this guy on my boat! Congrats
  499. blubby07

    Took my neices fishing great day!

    Left oceanside at 1030 and headed south to ponto art reef and fished the lobster traps on some nice structure only got 2 legal fish but the sand bass and calicos along with an assortment of others were on the chew steady,there was also alot of squid in the water.These were the first fish they...
  500. blubby07

    Oside whales breaching pretty cool!

    Thanks i got them all on video but dont know how to upload the videos so i took a few screen shots of the pics,ive seen hundreds of whales but never a breach and to have it happen so close to shore and unexpected was cool to say the least!
  501. blubby07

    Oside whales breaching pretty cool!

    Went out for a boat ride and some nice weather and found these two whales breaching over and over again, and super close to shore pretty awesome to see as the first one went airborn just off my bow and we didnt even know they were there! Can anyone tell what type they are?
  502. blubby07

    19.5' 1973 Aquasport w/ Yamaha 115hp from Spring Valley

    I will keep my eyes out god I hate thieves!Taking another mans boat is one of the ultimate sins in my book,next only to touching my wife!I hope you find them and get to sock them in the face repeatedly
  503. blubby07


    fished almost once a week this season loved it!
  504. blubby07


    Last thanksgiving night fishing the 209 for mako got one onboard that was very angry he chased me and my buddy up and around my center console and back down to the stern where he bites into my hydrolic steering line leaving us with no steering at the 209 in the dark,that sucked.we got back in...
  505. blubby07

    Albies 100 miles West of Oxnard

    Right on very cool off a big ship! congrats
  506. blubby07

    Oct 27 1010 report

    Thanks for the report nice job on the fish!
  507. blubby07


    Killer whats your favorite way to cook em up? And how long will they stay alive after they are out of the water? Ive never fished em before and wanna take my wife out and give it a try! Congrats!
  508. blubby07

    What is this!

    Will pm you if I get something going always nice to have more eyes out there
  509. blubby07

    What is this!

    Left friday night fished saturday 10/20
  510. blubby07

    What is this!

    Funny my wife is getting the same line, im headed to palm springs for a little r&r for a week but if its still on when i get back im headed out on my 3 rd last trip of the year:)
  511. blubby07

    What is this!

    sweet! enjoy!
  512. blubby07

    What is this!

    yesterday saturday, cool thing is no one was out there not one time did a boat molest our paddys
  513. blubby07

    What is this!

    Other than awesome! Left MBay at 730 pm went to crystal pier and met up with Darryls brother Jim on the mary claire he loaded us up with squid thank you Jason and appreciate the call to stop shy of the knuckle for some larger grade ,everything was ecxactly as fish dope said, we asked for 2...
  514. blubby07

    Bluewater Video, Yellers and dodos

    Super cool Ben thanks for sharing I think videos like that help me to be a better fisherman on top of the water cause theres no way im gettin in it! Ive taken my share of mako over the years and I know im on their list! Funny i was at the 209 with my buddy on his blackman about 2 months ago and...
  515. blubby07

    Hurricane Paul Update

    Thanks for all your input awesome! Why phoenix, my brother lives their we call it the cat box! Thanks again
  516. blubby07

    San Clemente Report

    what he said I have fished once a weak this season local banks to start were good mostly dorado and yellows then it slowed.After a few more trips to 209 277 181 etc I headed south 1010 hidden and so on each time was a nice load of bfin yfin dorado and ytail,just spend the money and get fish...
  517. blubby07

    10-5 -12 hidden

    My neices Erica on the left and alyssa made bfin poke and ytail hand rolls it lasted about 10 mins!:hali_olutta:
  518. blubby07

    10-5 -12 hidden

    Maybe we got bit on something huge sawed us right off wasnt shark super fast on 40 lb floro nice being out there with you guys,glad you got some!
  519. blubby07

    43/Butterfly Action?

    Excatly what he said make squid in the cove yellows all over and bfin as close as five miles outside
  520. blubby07

    10/4/12 Magic Paddy aboard The "Swell Chaser"

    Awesome i was supposed to join you guys that day but had to postpone for one day,I did get into them good on friday though,enjoyed your post on bd and fish dope congrats!
  521. blubby07

    Cold weather coming next week

    The fishing is going to get better I think in two weeks we may be catching tuna on our local banks. my trip yesterday was catching yfin 5 miles from cnados that tells me they are getting closer if not allready here I know some have been reported at the 43,still I hope they will come in 209 181...
  522. blubby07

    10-5 -12 hidden

    old surfboard bag works great! wildly stronger and keeps ice longer! Plus I dont want to buy a real fish bag,truth be known
  523. blubby07

    10-5 -12 hidden

    Left mb at 730 pm thursday and tried to make squid for my first time, it was just like fish dope said right off crystal pier 90 ft let the lights go and squid were there right away!so cool and fun to see , I had no idea how to get these guys so I tried jigging them but I had the light out and...
  524. blubby07

    WTF Would You DO?

    man if that didnt get the eye you are very fortunate, one of my closest buddys was working on an old vw bus restoring it,when he was doing the headliner with a screwdriver it slipped and went directly into his eye popped it all of the fluid drained out he is now blind in his left eye and was...
  525. blubby07

    10/2 Hidden Bank

    HaHa i was thinkin the same thing looked kinda freeky,good job
  526. blubby07

    378-1010 and 60+ mile ride home in hell!

    Yah my buddy has his old surfboard bag and that thing holds ice forever and holds a ton of fish! we love that bag it also has a zipper for a skeg to come out and at the end of the trip we just unzip it and it drains all the blood perfect!
  527. blubby07

    378-1010 and 60+ mile ride home in hell!

    I have two livewells one right in front of the console and one below the leaning post both will hold a scoop easy.
  528. blubby07

    1010/Hidden Bank

    :appl:well done!
  529. blubby07

    1010/ Hidden Bank

    Been there done that ball crushing ride home! Fishing was good though
  530. blubby07

    ORCA'S on the Fishfinder !

    I also had a crazy experience this year coming back north 5 blue whales headed south ,the very last one suddenly turned and headed straight at my little 21 cc right b4 it got to us it turned upside down ,maybe 6-10 ft under my boat you could see its white belly and fins 3 times the size of my...
  531. blubby07

    1010 7 yt 1 dodo 2 albies 1 skipjack 9/29/12

    Great job guys looks like a great day and yes the seas have been angry my back is still killin me from fridays 1010 run congrats!
  532. blubby07

    fish info. clemente ?

    water is brutal give it a week!
  533. blubby07

    14 Mile Bank

    Try SCI yellows are showing in decent numbers along the front side and always good bass and rockfish! Your boats got the range.Take that striper for a run!
  534. blubby07

    9/28 hidden bank and 390

    Was out there as well on my 21 cc I finally just stripped down to swimming trunks opened a beer and went with it, most miserable long wet ride of my life every wave was sheeting off me and my cc is considered a "Dry" cc at least the water was warm! Glad you got some. Hey youve got to go when the...
  535. blubby07

    378-1010 and 60+ mile ride home in hell!

    yah the producer did show up at the end how was your ride home mine was terrible
  536. blubby07

    378-1010 and 60+ mile ride home in hell!

    Left the point at midnight 9-28 to nice conditions 2 scoops of the worst bait ive ever had 3 quarters rolled within the first couple hours in great conditions going about 12 knts.Arive at the 387 around 4ish and shut down for some sleep,wake up at first grey troll towards 1010 10 mins in jig...
  537. blubby07

    302 ,230,hidden dads first trip back in 8 years

    Congrats what a nice local trip with dad,see there usually always right. Very cool pics of those blues not to tasty but awesome anywase,stoked for you and your dad!
  538. blubby07

    9/24 Producer produces WFO

    very cool ,how was the weather,and any fog in the morning? thanks trying to plan a run to the area on my 21 parker,glad you got into em!
  539. blubby07

    Tuesday 9/18 1010 Trench - New Yawkers Kill'em

    Very nice hoping to do that same run next friday thanks for the report!
  540. blubby07

    1010 without GPS or bait

    You sound like my kind of people,I know the happy dance well,solo trip to the 1010 sweet! I did a solo trip to SCI out of Oside my buddies all think im crazy,I always where my life cord no biggie
  541. blubby07

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    For goodness sake please change that avatar! I just threw up again!
  542. blubby07

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    I tend to think its the same as insurance no tip nesasary , besides what a cool job I would love to be on the water everyday and probably make some good friends with cool boats, offer to take him fishing
  543. blubby07


    Nice was in that area the day before on my buddies 23 blackman,such a sweet boat nobody home, congrats on a nice tail!
  544. blubby07

    Emergency Helo extract at Sea 9/14/12

    Was listening to that unfold on ch 16 while fishing on friday and pulling for you guys,if it was the same incident sounded like a stroke,great job on the eclipse!
  545. blubby07

    Team Hanna + Fish Dope info = Dodo 9/15

    Nice report but please change the avatar as I vomitted down the front of my shirt!
  546. blubby07


    Killer solo trips are nice once in a while to clear the mind.Congrats!
  547. blubby07

    Underwater Clips from the 181 & 182

    Wow your first post was riveting ! Especially to a kid who's first post rocked, I am on the edge of my seat for your next! How else do you get down other than diving and kicking?
  548. blubby07

    Underwater Clips from the 181 & 182

    Wow noah only your first post and it rocked! Keep em coming really enjoyed it! The name of your boat should be the ARK! Congrats
  549. blubby07

    Paddy Hopping at the 209

    Thanks for the report headed out tomorrow!
  550. blubby07

    Today was supposed to be the day!

    Man thats tough I have owned so many used boats vessel assist knew me by name until Finally on a beautiful January 2006 I bought my first brand new Parker off the show room floor their last 2005 from sundance marine at a nice discount,its almost paid off and ever since instead of worry about...
  551. blubby07

    209 shark

    Typical behavior for mako as well I actually gaffed one when I didnt have a shark set up on the boat,they cruise right up to the boat,it was then pandemonium! I later found out its illegal to free gaff a mako,my bad wont do it again! It then bit into my hydrolic steering line leaving me at the...
  552. blubby07

    267 and the 209 Sat 9/8

    Agreed I always have a shark rod ready to go,seems whenever I havent in the past they cruise right up to the boat,mako is one of my all time favorite I usually take a couple a year and my wife loves it.
  553. blubby07

    182 ON THE "ON ONE" 9/10/12

    Cause he doesnt want to buy his fish from albertsons.
  554. blubby07

    mission bay fines

    Yep your gonna take it in the shorts, Worst part is youre being more cruel to yourself by living in Victorville,Yikes!
  555. blubby07

    San Onofre surf - Sat. 9/8

    Never saw a goat from the beach very cool,Ive been thinkin about trying san o beach now I think I will thanks. That video on the boat is the funniest ive ever seen!
  556. blubby07

    9/8/12 Inside 230 and 302

    Good job not easy in rougher weather, Congrats!
  557. blubby07

    Long Beach to the 209 or Bust!!!

    Way to put in the time,congrats!
  558. blubby07

    Cabo to San Diego with Captain Dave Hansen

    Is it just me or is Ashs avatar the funniest ever! I took a pic of it and show my friends and they all die laughing ! Well not the avatar but the two kids fishing:)
  559. blubby07

    Cabo to San Diego with Captain Dave Hansen

    Stellar, That will never be forgotten,those memories are few and far between,Congrats on an amazing trip! The only thing that would have made it better is if I was there:) Thanks for sharing, serious.
  560. blubby07

    Guadalupe Island PB Report 8/16/12 to 8/21/12

    Dream of mine,congrats! I wanna be your friend!
  561. blubby07

    A Couple! Is better than none

    Big Mike if I had to do it over again I would not go south out of oside I would look to the north west and pink and white is supposed to be the color although i trolled the pink and white off my rigs,get out 12-18 miles straight out and head north west, you may get em! Tight Lines! Next week...
  562. blubby07

    A Couple! Is better than none

    Left oceanside this morning and headed due west 17 miles stop on our first paddy and land a nice bull dorado and one yellow medium size,the paddy had alot ! of yellows as they would come right up to the boat,and refused to eat,chunked, slow trolled threw iron not having it.So some divers pulled...
  563. blubby07

    9/3 on the Blackjack...need I say more

    glad im not the only one who posts sideways pics Great Job guys!
  564. blubby07

    Pacific Queen Carnage

    That crew works hard to put you on fish,good cook to! Congrats
  565. blubby07

    Oceanside YT & Dorado

    very cool glad to here I'm headed on thursday seems like theres been alot of good fishing out of oceanside lately! Thank goodness cause I live about 5 mins from the launch. Congrats I had a similar but not quite as good last friday on dorado and yellows.
  566. blubby07

    Dorado and yellows close!

    WOW! Must have struck a sensitive spot! Are you one of the guys in the picture! Just Sayin :-)
  567. blubby07

    Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    what about people throwing irons doesnt seem safe to be in the water with a bunch of ticked off fisherman. Doesnt seem cool to me at all. I know I would not be happy
  568. blubby07

    White Shark spotted on a Patty

    well everyone keeps debating who has the rights to the paddys, now we know
  569. blubby07

    Dorado and yellows close!

    Cory i would love to have you on my skiff ,you are a fish attractant !
  570. blubby07

    Heres the pics

    Only by my wife!:)
  571. blubby07

    Heres the pics

    Yah got a head cover from pac coast bait and tackle it has uv protectant in it and your face doesnt get burned or wind chapped. First time I tried it and it works awesome covers ears back off neck and makes you look like a redneck. I love it. My buddy with me looks like a tomatoe, and i hate...
  572. blubby07

    First Offshore trip

    looks like you were all smiles on that trip,feels good to finally get some! Congrats!
  573. blubby07

    Heres the pics

    great if I can just figure out my pics.
  574. blubby07

    Heres the pics

    My neice works for apple and got her uncle Josh a brand new 27 inch iMac! Pretty cool niece huh?
  575. blubby07

    Heres the pics

    see the pine box in the last pic, it was floating in the middle of no where so we grabbed it and cleaned our fish on it in my front yard, worked out perfect!
  576. blubby07

    Dorado and yellows close!

    Yep the umbrella looking down to see the fishy is awesome !
  577. blubby07

    Heres the pics

    Killer day! So much fun and only 50+ miles give or take ! sorry for the side view , thats about how i feel right now! Still cant figure out my new Mac!
  578. blubby07

    Dorado and yellows close!

    Unbelivable ! Pics say it all!
  579. blubby07

    Dorado and yellows close!

    Left oside at 6 with the best bait ive ever had .Only 3 died all day,We stayed in close 10-12 miles off shore and found a pattie off del mar with dorado and nice grade 15-20+ lbs,then up north pattys with yellows,stay Close! So many idiots running full speed up to a few feet from the kelp,Please...
  580. blubby07

    Visa check

    I have a 21 parker and have never been the least bit worried and have done some much longer hauls,is 3 feet that huge of a difference? I carry 95 gallons and get around 3 mpg on the sweet spot,nice wheather going downhill.You should be fine as long as your motor isnt a piece of crap
  581. blubby07

    Warning: Don't do this on the next 8.29.12

    Dont feel to bad ive done 186 miles for nada that really stunk,took me two days to recover! Oceanside to the east butterfly and back!At least you dont have any quit in you.
  582. blubby07

    Trolling local banks on small boat

    Currently on my 21 parker I troll 3 a dorado feather a cedar plug up the middle and rapala x rap. Wanted to see what others think on local fishing for dorado yt and possibble tuna? Also do you think its best to troll from pattie to pat tie or just run and cover more water? Seems like the troll...
  583. blubby07

    Don't over shoot the fish!

    I agree ive overshot the fish a few times this year only to come home and find on fishdope people getting them real close
  584. blubby07

    o side paddys... report

    At least you got a couple little guys good ceviche! Thanks for the report,more of the same find the right patty
  585. blubby07

    Fishing Right of Way

    :2gunsfiring_v1: Agreed set up a slick for mako just out a couple miles at carlsbad canyon and had two guys come rippin through my slick just a hundred feet from my stern!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  586. blubby07

    9 mile, 182 and 43 for natha

    Been there done that went over 150 miles on wed for nada.worst part is the bait barge is supposed to open at 5 and the hung over bait boy or whatever his title is didn't show till 7 there was a line of boats a mile long!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  587. blubby07

    O'side Dorados

    Great first post,and congrats on those dodos I also got some out of oside last week.What general direction were you in?And dorado aren't the easiest to land by yourself good work!
  588. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    Thanks it was a fun day,going out tomorrow let u know how it goes
  589. blubby07

    FUN with the Dodos!!

    Great work,nice reward! Awesome pic of the dorado in water! Congrats
  590. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    There was a couple of bottles of water in that pic!
  591. blubby07

    Dorado jumping, Blue Whales under the boat

    Cool and scary i don't like being a bath toy it has happened to me before I try and give the whales a little space! Thanks for the report! Sounds like you had a nice time despite no fish, its all about loving the experience, catching fish is a cherry on top for me! Would prefer being on the...
  592. blubby07

    Fished 182 and Upper Nine 8/20/2012

    Nobody likes mondays not even fish! To much pressure from the weekend! Thanks for the report!
  593. blubby07


    I agree fish dope shows fish as close as just a few miles,funny the other day I found a patty holding both dorado and yellows hooked up and a boat came in and sat 2 feet from the patty the bite then died. The spotter plane shows a nice patty with a bunch of boats right up on it and the dorado...
  594. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    Yep you pretty much nailed it.I thought everyone was!
  595. blubby07

    TANKER SEABASS....K&M San Quintin

    Epic! My friend owns a home in San Qunitin right on the bay, went there when I was young 15 yrs old and have an open invitation to stay at the brick house with its own water tower. Im still nervous about traveling through mexico,but as soon as I feel its safe I will be fishing with K&M they seem...
  596. blubby07

    Lots of Meat!

    Awesome haul! Just wondering why you went to ensenada if the plan was to work the island? Just wondering no criticism you guys killed it,would have loved to have been with you! BTW awesome sled!
  597. blubby07


    DANG thats awesome I love fishing mako! 300 is about as big as I will attempt to keep,but a 7oo lb model is perfect to take pics of,why you may ask?because I don't have the guts to attempt that big of a shark its like trying to wrestle 3 fullbacks! congrats matt thats a memory you will never forget.
  598. blubby07

    Oceanside ?

    Im also headed out wed maybe we can buddy boat hail me on 72 Josh on delingquensea
  599. blubby07

    what should i do?

  600. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    Sheesh im tired I had two huge jobs today after fishing 15 hrs yesterday,oh well now the wife and I are enjoying some good eats! Thanks
  601. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    You know it they also come in handy when you forget your balloons for shark fishing! Check this out
  602. blubby07

    8/17 Monster Dodo

    Awesome I passed you guys on my way in to mission bay on the cc parker,glad you got a pig.
  603. blubby07

    Saw a tuna breaking water heading to Catalina Island yesterday

    Cool I also saw a school? of mollas about a dozen chillin together,as far as the tuna Ive got no reason to doubt you very cool,maybe a good sign of things to come!
  604. blubby07

    sunrise to sunset!

    Left oceanside at 530 to glassy conditions headed south west. Found a kelp that produced two yellows and two dorado,yellows were medium size 10-12 lbs kelp was off del mar maybe 15 miles out. Got one dorado just slow trolling an area of hot water after seeing one jump.Ran out of beer so headed...
  605. blubby07

    Tweekers suck!

    Quote "STOP BREAKING THE LAW LOSER! What movie is that from?
  606. blubby07

    Fishing 8-17 12

    Fellas I'm fishing tomorrow ,planning on a long trip out of oside down to the nine and out 10-15 miles if anyone wants to buddy boat hail on 72 delinquinsea Ive got a gut feeling its gonna be good! But Ive got a big gut! And I plan on my share of beer! Fish dope shows most fish inshore within 10...
  607. blubby07

    Giant Ray!

    Tell your fiancé not to hold his thumb on the drag when something bigger than him is ripping line.Actually as a mean joke I've told my buddies when they hook up to a tuna or shark for their first time to be sure and hold their thumb down on the spool as hard as they can to help slow the fish...
  608. blubby07

    3hr. Jug Fishing 5-14-12 Catfish

    very cool that gar looks like it could bite your butt off!
  609. blubby07

    Fly Fishing at the MARLBORO Ranch in Montana

    wow unreal!
  610. blubby07

    Giant Ray!

    I think your right dude i couldn't get it over the rail no matter how hard i tried! and I'm pretty dang strong if I don't say myself! Humble as well:rofl:
  611. blubby07

    OTW signs of stroke

    Gregs the man , fish killer-life saver! Way to go!
  612. blubby07

    Giant Ray!

    sure thing I've been called a lot worse!hope you guys are doing well
  613. blubby07

    Giant Ray!

    Yah I would prefer something else as well but can't pick and choose whats gonna eat my bait. was fun though dreams of giant halibut crossed my mind! Dangit!
  614. blubby07

    San Clemente Island

    whoops sorry anchovies will help
  615. blubby07

    San Clemente Island

    some yellows but mainly the calicos are on the chew ,big boys deep in the kelp
  616. blubby07

    Tweekers suck!

    So true I would be asleep in like 30 minutes!
  617. blubby07

    Tweekers suck!

    Boes a big boy i know I've met him!
  618. blubby07

    Giant Ray!

    My wife and i have the boat slipped in Oceanside and hung out tonight to bbq and have some cocktails.I can't possibly be on the water and not get a line wet so I toss out a dropper loop with two whole dead squid on 50 lb spectra and relax and have some cocktails , at about 8pm BAM the rod goes...
  619. blubby07

    Dana Point

    cool pics thanks for the report!Never get tired of seeing the dolphin play in my wake
  620. blubby07

    8/11-12 Pacific Queen Rocked

    I agree fished PQ last year on what turned out to be the roughest day Ive ever been out,they never let up. fishing was slow but the crew did their very best to put us on fish,the food was killer too.since we hadn't caught any BF they used their own to make us dinner,class act!
  621. blubby07

    Tweekers suck!

    Recently had my 15 year anniversary my wife bought me a fillet table for my boat one from west marine magna brand.I keep my boat at a buddys house and someone went through my boat and took it:2gunsfiring_v1:He's on two acres and the property is gated,never had a problem before. There have been...
  622. blubby07

    It's BEAN a while.....

    Thanks for the info looks good!
  623. blubby07

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    Yeah people get upset until you catch fish and their little ones light up in curiosity I always let them touch the fish tell them what it is etc they love it!
  624. blubby07

    Malibu Turtle...WTF?!?!

    Very cool never saw one,I heard dorado hang around those guys
  625. blubby07

    Pt. Loma 8-11-12

    very cool to spend a day with pops,and nice haul! Thanks for the report
  626. blubby07

    Redondo 8/8 and 8/9

    Thats cool I've never got one,they are really awesome looking,I've heard they are good eating as well.Thanks for posting
  627. blubby07

    Lake Elsinore

    It does have the biggest thermometer in the world! People who don't want to be around anyone,Its a God forsaken place for sure.
  628. blubby07

    First String was First Rate! Video Slideshow to prove it!

    :beerbang:You Rock! I wish soooooooo bad that my wife would fish with me ,she also gets sick bad right out of the harbor.Sweet pics and slide show and yes that BF at color is picture frame worthy! your man must be proud! Fish on:git:
  629. blubby07

    san diego bay fun

    Dude your face says it all ...Yeah Baby! Groovey, Digin it!
  630. blubby07

    Halibut: From bite to boat and back. (video)

    Gregs my new hero,did you see how cool calm and collected he is-had this been me it would have been pandaemonium! The video would have been very different yak would have tipped over rod would have been dropped would have lost my fish finder halibut would have bit me on the butt and i would have...
  631. blubby07

    Tanner, Gambled and lost.

    Did u eat the sand dab at least? Thanks for the report
  632. blubby07

    Leopard Sharks!

    very cool I would love to catch one,that kid behind you looks stoked! did it clear the beach of swimmers? Oh and one more thing I would have no problem whatsoever with you eating it,people can be so lame-sharks are here to swim with?huh then lets go out to the 209 set up a chum slick and let em...
  633. blubby07

    August 4-5 ... San Clemente Island Success + Black Seabass Release video

    Thanks guys nice haul and boat with family at sci = awesome memories
  634. blubby07

    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    Man it hurts my ears to hear the words sold and parker together-unless its for a bigger one!
  635. blubby07

    Caught Bluefin and prepare a good meal

    Dude im so hungry right now,that looks amazing!