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  1. Steveo77

    What’s up with the windy app

    I haven’t been on the water in a while, so I haven’t checked the marine forecast. I’m thinking about heading out next weekend so I go to the windy app that I use and it’s not showing the swells and duration. Do you need to subscribe now to get that info? Has anyone else here notices this...
  2. Steveo77

    8/22 nados and MR. WONG!

    My. Wong had me in stitches all day. Oh yeah, back to the report.... Got to pukey around 7:30 or 8 I think. Dropped on a spot right away and put some reds on the deck then went looking. Middle grounds and north island. The meter was blank for the most part. Went to the north side South Island...
  3. Steveo77

    Cat 8/1

    Nacho had fin bait only. Swell was low and did 30 on the way out, as soon as the visibility would allow. Wide open bonito and calico in the AM. We left them biting to look for yellows. Worked our way to Farnsworth and didn’t see anything on the FF, boils or bait balls. Moved around the back...
  4. Steveo77

    Guest slip in San Diego Bay?

    Hola Cholas. I want to get a guest slip inSan Diego bay but don’t know what marina, who to call, or if it is on line. I’ll be launching from shelter island and going to the slip from there. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  5. Steveo77

    Catalina backside 7/3

    Launched from Davies yesterday evening and went strait to nachos for some fin bait (he didn’t have candy). Had to put up the isinglass because it was so windy and bumpy which made the crossing slow. Got around the east end at about 8pm and saw good marks just past church rock. dropped the hook...
  6. Steveo77

    Nados 5/23

    I’ll make it short. Launched at 4ish. Only 2 other boats at the ramp and two boats in front of us at the bait receiver. Left San Diego bay at 5ish. Bait was great, none rolled all day. It was petty lumpy out there so we averaged 12mph pointed towards Pukey point. Trolled Raps around north...
  7. Steveo77

    Coronados 2/29

    North island; A lot of birds but none diving. Saw a lot if bait at 60-0 but that was it. Metered a big area for a while then moved on. Middle grounds; Metered toward a high spot and saw worms there. Chummed it right away and they started boiling but didn’t bite. I kept chumming in between...
  8. Steveo77

    March 1st weather

    FML hopefully it changes.
  9. Steveo77

    FREE Wall mount Tackle tray holders

    2 of them Free. Come pick up in Rancho Cucamonga. Call or text me. (909)644-0205
  10. Steveo77

    Flat fall or CultSniper?

    So I’ve got a cult sniper that I haven’t used yet. I also have plenty of flat falls that I have used many times that produced well. I looked up some videos and it seems like you work both jigs the same way- the action is on the drop. Is the cult sniper really a better jig with better action? Or...
  11. Steveo77

    Coronados first time

    I am stoked to get out to the Coronados for the first time. Finally got all my paperwork in order and the FMM’s approved for this Saturday. I have my plan ready and can’t wait to start marking some stones and dropping some lines. The Mexico limits say 10 total with a 5 species limit. So I have...
  12. Steveo77

    Bottom paint average cost

    I’m sure it’s been covered on here before. Thinking about slipping my boat. What would an average cost be on a good quality bottom paint job? 26-0 outboard boat. Thanks in advance BD
  13. Steveo77

    Channel Islands 12/29

    Launched from Oxnard at about 6 am Hit the gap first for a slow pick of rockies (a lot of dinks). Ran up the backside of Santa Cruz and drifted a few spots for nothing. Turned the corner between Rosa and Cruz. Looked for structure for a while and finally found the right drift. Limits of huge...
  14. Steveo77

    CI 12/29 Sunday

    I’m launching from Oxnard around 6am. Heading up the front side of Santa Cruz toward Santa Rosa looking for stones. If you wanna buddy boat hit me up on 72. Vessel name is Grumpy.
  15. Steveo77

    Fish Dope Charts Error?

    I’ve been getting this every time I try to look at the charts. I use an iPhone that has current updates. Anyone else have this going on?
  16. Steveo77

    Best hand held vhf?

    I’m in the market for one but don’t know shit about them. What features have the best range? What brands are most durable, reliable, have coordinates, etc.... personal recommendations will be extremely helpful. Thank you BD
  17. Steveo77

    Saturday in the bay

    Had a relaxing day planned in San Diego bay. Fishing was slow in the am and turned on during the outgoing tide. Scratched out some spotties on fin bait after multiple drifts. Not much current throughout the day. Had to kick the motor in and out of gear. The wind finally picked up enough to get...
  18. Steveo77

    On the water report. 11/24 Cat

    Almost to the west end. It’s FLAT! Let’s see what today brings.
  19. Steveo77

    Cat 11-10

    Short and sweet. water was 65-65 Bait was live squid from nacho Windy in the AM with some chop but nothing crazy. Flattened out mid day or so. Not a lot of boats out. Backside produced a lot of Sheephead and calicos around the rocks from Ben westin to cat harbor. 3/4 glow egg slider, or...
  20. Steveo77

    Mr Wong

    I don’t know him but he seems to be pretty popular. He has helped a lot of people out there. I sure would like to meet him one day.
  21. Steveo77

    Catalina 10/5

    Woke up bright and early and shaved. Jumped in the silver bullet and pointed her toward Newport dunes with Grumpy behind. Launched around 5ish and only a couple other boats there. It was dark AF. Got 2 scoops of big ole giant deans. And off I went for the west end. Oh yeah, by the time I reached...
  22. Steveo77

    For Sale 2 stroke oil

    6 gallons of quicksilver 2 stroke oil. 15 bucks a gallon. Brand new never opened. Pick up only. Thanks for looking, Steve
  23. Steveo77

    For Sale Parting out

    Parting out 98 Johnson Ocean Pro 225, including gauges and controls. Repower next week, so if you want a part just give me an offfer. The trim pump is new. Carbs rebuiltast year. Cowling is in great shape. The motor is blown. After Monday I’ll let the shop take care of it.
  24. Steveo77

    Custom pilot house

    Stole this off a FB page. Seems legit.
  25. Steveo77

    For Sale 25-0 toy hauler

    Hey guys. I’m selling my toy hauler. I bought it new in 2006 and didn’t get much use out of her. I just went through and replaced some big ticket items to get her ready to sell, including the awning, tires, carb in the generator, jacks, and the motor for the electric beds. Everything works and...
  26. Steveo77

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Launch from Davies around 4:30 AM. Called the carnage and they had squid at the island so We B-lined it to Avalon. Condition were super flat and there was no wind. Things felt fishy. Passed a lot of kelp patties on the way, and a lot of porpoise. Water temps were 63-64. The plan was to get...
  27. Steveo77

    La Jolla Sunday 5/26

    Launched from Dana landing at 5:15 am. Got bait and ran out to grab some Rockies before hitting LJ. Wind was a 10-15 so it was hard to set up a drift, but scratched out 6 staries then headed to JL. Dicked around there looking for marks, birds, puddles, etc.... There was birds, and a ton of...
  28. Steveo77

    Airmar question

    Here is my question; My FF is a lowrance HDS7. It’s dialed in with the transom mounted transducer. The boat has a thru-hull transducer installed that I cannot find on the settings on the Lowrance. The cable says Airmar #C47 M2004. I could not find this model in any of the options in my FF. I...
  29. Steveo77

    Newport Bait Reciever

    It is back now. I called today and he just set up, hoping to get some bait tomorrow. Just thought I’d pass on the info. I’ll be in the harbor this Sunday drifting for flatties.
  30. Steveo77

    Two Harbors?

    So I’ve heard that there is a restaurant there, and camping. I fished the backside last weekend and had to blow some mud. So I figured I’d shoot into 2 harbors and hit up the restaurant, and have lunch after blasting a dookie there. First of all, I think I saw captain Ron out front when I...
  31. Steveo77

    Catalina 4/13

    Short and sweet. Nacho had decent sardines, no squid. Weather wasn’t bad. Little wind/medium swell, but averaged 21 on the ride out. Slowed trolled the finbait form church rock to China point stopping at all the rocks on the way to look for life.... only perch were around. Passed farnsworth...
  32. Steveo77

    Custom Tower

    Stole this off the web
  33. Steveo77

    Channel Islands 3-16-19

    Conditions called for 2/15 and 5-7 knot winds- lies. Launched at 7. Only a couple other boats there at channel island harbor launch. Very nice facility. Jammed to the east end of anacapa and the wind was blowing like a mofo. Tried to drift a couple stones for nothing. We were rocking and...
  34. Steveo77

    Channel Islands 1st timer

    I’m planning on heading out to the Channel Islands this weekend, weather pending. I’m looking for info on where to launch. I can google and find a ramp/ramps, but I’d like to know which is best, if there are shitters there, water, secure, steepness, parking, etc.... Thanks BD. This community...
  35. Steveo77

    Rocket launchers on Amazon?

    Anyone use these? I am intrigued by them. Seems legit but I dunno. Amarine-made 5 Tube Adjustable Stainless Rocket Launcher Rod Holders, Can Be Rotated 360 Deg
  36. Steveo77

    88 cent Sabikis

    Bass pro shop in Rancho Cucamonga has 88 cent sabikis right now. I just loaded up on them. Not sure how long they’ll have them in stock. Their in the bargain bins up front.
  37. Steveo77

    FREE Free Wash down pump

    I upgraded mine so the old one must go. It’s a 4 gpm, west marine brand, not sure about the PSI. It squirted, just not hard enough. It still works and has all fittings with it. Free if you can use it.....not free if you going to sell it on offer up or something I’ll post pics tomorrow...
  38. Steveo77

    LB local spots 1-27-19

    Launched from Davies at around 9ish. Damn it was busy. Didn’t have a plan, other then to dial in the sonar and mess with my trailer while the boat is off it. So it was a low pressure day- just kinda wing it and dick around. So we get candy from nacho and work the wall while I play with the...
  39. Steveo77

    150 and the platforms 1-5-18

    No BFT or YT for us. Water temps 60.7 A lot of bait and birds at the west 150 in the morning. We stayed there jigging our flatfalls and colt snipers hoping a breezer would come through the bait zone, and that didn’t happen. Sometime mid morning we pointed to the rigs and saw the fleet LMAO...
  40. Steveo77

    12-29-18 Cat west end

    The plan was to hit nachos and B line for the west end humps to fill the sacks, then play around the beaches and rocks. Been checking the weather for the past couple days and said F it. Smooth seas don’t make good sailors. Turns out, it was a beautiful day. Not even 5 knots at the island in...
  41. Steveo77

    12-22 Newport weather report

    The morning started out fucked. I overslept and didn’t leave my pad till 7:30ish. I’m about to jump on the freeway and realized that I forgot the key for the boat. FML. Turn around and get my key, and resume. As I get closer to Newport, the fog got thicker. Sure shit, it was super foggy all...
  42. Steveo77

    A drone following me???

    So I’m southbound from Palos Verdes by the light house that’s on the hill about 4:30 PM last night. My buddy notices a BIG drone following us. We look at it for about a minute and it heads back to the land. Not sure how long it was there before we noticed it. We were the only boat in that area...
  43. Steveo77

    Rocky point 11-20

    Got there about 8:00 with the live squid and started with the egg sliders. Targeting yellowtail today. Kelp cutter rigs and 30# floro 65-0 feet of water 65 degrees water Kelp is 40-0 below us The plan is to stay in one spot and chum, chum, and chum some more. No bite at first, and chummed...
  44. Steveo77

    Clean your pee hole!

    So here is the deal. It’s a new to me boat with a new powerhead. She’s got roughly 250 hours on her new powerhead. 98 Johnson 225 ocean pro. I’ve been noticing it pisses like when you wake up and piss after you knocked one outta the park the night before.... almost like a V pattern or side...
  45. Steveo77

    Local LB fishing 11-18-18

    launched form south shores around 6:30 or so. Hit nachos and he had Candy! Grab some candy and ran to the shoe. Dropped on some structure and worked a few drifts for some billshit sand dabs. Worked a few areas for the same results and then decided to run to Izors. About mid way, ran across...
  46. Steveo77

    South shore launch ramp

    I never launched there. How’s is the facility? Parking? Shitter? Water bibs- Quarters? Easy solo launch next to the dock like Newport or MDR? Secure? Access? Credit card payment or cash? I like Davies but can’t launch solo there. Also, how is the launch at Huntington? LOA is around...
  47. Steveo77

    Cat shitfish report

    launched Newport around 6am or so. Got little dinos and pointed to Isthmus. No wind, no swell.... no problem Got there and played with the perch for a while then decided to troll rapalas around for some bones. No dice.... got too impatient. Jammed up to Johnson rock. Scratchy bit of calicos...
  48. Steveo77

    Catalina 11-3-18

    Launched Davies around 6 am. The plan was to fish the front side with the candy that the carnage reported the day before. Couldn’t reach them on the radio so we got a half scoop of deans from nacho before we headed out. The channel was flat and weather was great. Got to Isthmus and no...
  49. Steveo77

    City fishing

    I copied the link from FB so hopefully it’ll play
  50. Steveo77

    Bottom paint recommendations

    Any recommendations on bottom paint near the IE or OC? Gonna be putting the vessel in a slip soon and it’s all new to me. Gonna zinc the trim tabs per recommendation and need bottom paint but don’t know where to start. 2600 striper Thanks in advance
  51. Steveo77

    How to fix a leaking hull

    Life hack
  52. Steveo77

    Outboard in a slip

    So I’ve been a boat owner for about 5 years now. I go offshore, Catalina, inshore, etc... I’m on my 3rd boat now and like my previous boats, this one is an outboard 2 smoke. I’ve been tossing around the idea of putting it in a slip but not sure how to flush while in the water. The motor is...
  53. Steveo77

    I ate butt last night

    Newport harbor 9-16-18 on the kayak Live sardine Carolina rigged 10# floro 1/0 hook 10:00 am 24” and harvested Water is cooling off but still nice Was targeting butts today- only drifting live bait at the usual spots. Picked up a few spotties along the way.
  54. Steveo77

    NPH inside 9-2-18

    Newport Harbor. The plan today- fish live bait on 8# floro during low tide. Got to the cost guard station nice and early to meet my buddy there to launch at 6. Started offloading my stuff.... FML forgot my paddle. No worries. I got a plan. Ryan towed me to the bait receiver and I had a small...
  55. Steveo77

    Newport Harbor 8/26/18

    The place-Newport Harbor The plan- launch at 6:15, throw plastics around the moorings and docks for a few hours. Then make some Mack’s about an hour before the shift change to target flatties. Leave at 11:30. So I started off on the moorings with chartreuse hook up baits. 3 casts in BOOM! A...
  56. Steveo77

    MDR bait receiver

    So I like the facility and ramp at Marina Del Ray but didn’t know there was a bait receiver there. I launched from there a couple weeks ago and got bait in king harbor (Great bait BTW), and noticed the bait receiver in MDR on the way back in. I’m looking for info on how the bait is and the...
  57. Steveo77

    8-19/ 267-279/209/ 14 mile bank

    launched at 4:30 from Dana point and headed straight to the 267-279. Stopped twice to blow mud in my Home Depot bucket and pointed back south west. Got to the 267-279 at grey light and zig zagged. Saw one dry patty but chummed it anyway and soaked some bait. No dice. Headed to 209 after a...
  58. Steveo77

    Boat name painter

    Hello Ladies. I’m looking for a recommendation on someone who can paint my boat name on my transom. Mobile would be best but will travel. Thanks, BD rocks!
  59. Steveo77


    So I just installed the amazon app on my phone and I’m surfing the pages looking at shit for the boat. I learned a new gay term today. See the pic below. Who new a gaff was a pair of chonies made to look like you have a vag.
  60. Steveo77

    Cat 5-25

    Left Davies at 9pm Thursday night. Loaded up some micro candy from Nacho and made like a tree, and split. Very bumpy. Got to the west end at 12:30, dropped the pick and tossed out the dropper loops. Froze my balls off for the next few hours on anchor watch and only got to hear the clicker once...
  61. Steveo77

    To foam or not to foam

    Good afternoon ladies. I’ll be installing a new tank in my whip soon. IMCO is building ME a 3/16 aluminum 130 gallon tank for gasoline- yeah buddy. So, I have a few questions for the experienced guys here. - what should I coat the tank with- and where to buy it - should I foam it or tab it...
  62. Steveo77

    4-7 Palos Verdes and the trench

    launched around 10. Missed the tide swing like a mofo but had to get on the water. Hit PV for nothing. Tossed hook up baits, flat falls and squid. Spent some time there then hit the trench. Wind started picking up so I put 16 ounces on. Not enough. As soon as I set my drift, I was blown off...
  63. Steveo77

    Launch ramp at Marina Del Rey

    Does the launch at MDR have docks along side of it? I need to launch solo and don’t think I can climb into my boat from my tailgate. Thanks in advance
  64. Steveo77

    Bait docks open on Easter

    I need some help here. How do I find out if the bait dock at Dana point or Nacho is open tomorrow (Easter Sunday)? And if they got candy? Gotta take advantage of the full moon!
  65. Steveo77

    For Sale 84 Chris Craft Scorpion WA

    It is a big little boat. 21-6 with bracket. Motor is an 89 225 Yamaha. I got it 2 years ago from another BDer and said it had about 100 hours on rebuild. It runs great. I’m guessing I put another 100 hours on it. I got water In the fuel so I flushed it all out, replaced all new fuel lines, new...
  66. Steveo77

    2002 F350 7.3 diesel Low miles

    105,000 miles. Transmission has already been done/ with receipts 2WD 2005 grill 2005 tailgate with lock (matching key) Rear bumper with back up sensors 6 inch lift, 35 inch tires Four-inch exhaust Air cleaner Chipped Trans Temp gauge Steering dampener Airbags for towing Trailer brake...
  67. Steveo77

    2 guys 1 boat

    Got candy from nacho and made like a tree and split! Flat ride out to the west end. Hit The usually coves for the usual suspects at 6am. My buddy Gordo lands 2 goats, 1 dink and 1 so so. Released both. I had a mystery fish that cut my line. Wasn't gettin any more action so we left that spot...
  68. Steveo77

    Y off a thru hull?

    So I want to install a wash down pump. I have a thru hull for my bait pump. Can I T or Y off that for a wash down pump?
  69. Steveo77

    Catalina 11-6

    launched from Davies at 5am, and hauled ass to nachos. Got some candy, seen one of his chihuahua's take a dump on the dock, (funny) and pointed west. Swell wasn't too bad on the way out. Averaged about 20 on the way out to the west end. Had to slow her down a little bit when we got closer. Not...
  70. Steveo77

    Catalina 8-27

    left Davies at 4:30, got a nice scoop of dines from nacho and headed off. That crossing was like my old lady...nice and flat. Water temp stayed around 70-71. Played on the east end and back side all morning. Trolled live bait and rapalas for a while, didn't get any love. Drifted on some...
  71. Steveo77

    NPH Butt 6-4-16

    Launched at 6 and started hitting the docks. No love there, so started hitting the moorings. Bouncing off the bottom was getting short bit, so put on a smaller swim bait, and boom, picked this sumbitch up. Decent size for NPH standards. Picked up a sandy on a 3/4 lead head and big grub, and the...
  72. Steveo77

    OMG JAY! Another one!

  73. Steveo77

    Fuel cell and pump

    90 gallon cell and 15 GPM fill-rite pump. First $500 takes it.
  74. Steveo77

    94 evinrude vindicator 200 sale or trade

    25" shaft, hydraulic steering, cables, controls, trim pimp, etc... Conplete set up that I took off my boat. History of this motor; I bought a boat in December with this motor on it. Previous seller said it ran, but needed the fuel system gone through because it sat for a while, and the last...
  75. Steveo77

    Evinrude mechanic

    Anyone have any suggestions of a mechanic that can work on a mid to late 80's model evinrude? I'm open to all areas. Thanks BD
  76. Steveo77

    Chris craft scorpion

    I seen one of these on Craigslist a few years back, but didn't have the $ for it. So when I saw another add on CL, I had to jump on it. She needs some work, but that's alright. It'll keep me out of the bar. I'm looking for any experience that anyone has had with one of these boats, is it a wet...
  77. Steveo77

    $500 bucks and it's yours

    -1976 marine specialty. -1984 merc 150. All new fuel lines, oil res, oil lines, spark plugs, water seperater. Impeller done last year. -30 gallon bait tank/800 GPM pump with through hull and new brass fittings with shut off valve. -VHF -Lowrance GPS and FF ( I'll update the models later. Can't...
  78. Steveo77

    It's a fuckin baby wheel Jay! I got a kick out of this. Thought I would share with my mature colleagues.
  79. Steveo77

    150/ 6-14

    Slow today. Got to the 150 around 6AM. Bait was beat up, Nacho was friendly. Water temp 65-66, worked the area for a few hours, no marks, no bird activity. Soaked alot of bait, and on long soaks, I got a lot of boners because my bait would start running like a raped ape, but it was short, and...
  80. Steveo77

    Plane crash in San diego bay

    i just heard about it. Anyone got details?
  81. Steveo77

    Goddamn cheeseburger

    a divorced father takes his 2 boys, age 5 and 8 to a restaurant to get lunch one day. The waitress comes to take their order, and starts with the 5 year old. When she asks the 5 year old what he'll have, he says "I'll have a goddamn cheeseburger" When the dad hears that, he reaches across the...
  82. Steveo77

    TC's in NPH, WTF?

    I was on my kayak in Newport harbor and came across a few dead tuna crabs. Is this Odd? Or is it like whatever?
  83. Steveo77

    Florida cc's

    Why are they packing so much horsepower in Florida on those big cc's? Triple and quad 300's? There's gotta be a reason, and if the only reason is to show how big their penises are, then that's legit too. Anyone know?
  84. Steveo77

    New oil lines on a merc outboard

    I got a new reservoir and lines for a 84 black max 150. How do I purge the oil line to remove any air before installing? Thanks for the help. Any info helps. I'm looking at YouTube also, but I'm pretty sure BD members will come throug with good tips n tricks.
  85. Steveo77

    Launching yak in NPH?

    Hey man, I'm fishing Newport harbor tomorrow in a yak. I don't know where to launch, other then private little beaches. If anyone can help me out with a spot to launch that's legit ( other then the dunes), that'll be great. Otherwise, imma have to be a dirtbag and hurry up and run down someone's...
  86. Steveo77

    88 suburban 4wd trade for boat work

    It's down there in my signature. Anyone interested in doing deck replacement, trailer work, or an overhead rack with rocket launchers, replacing cables, gimme a call. There's miscellaneous stuff too, pick what you wanna do, and we can work something out. If serious, I can text more info on the...
  87. Steveo77

    2 smoke fuel/oil

    I have a black max 150. Any opinions on ditching my oil res. and running mix fuel. Anyone do that? It's my first boat, and dude that sold it to me said he done that to all his boats. Would I need a different fuel filter? I'm new and learning and spending $$$ too. All info helps, and the...
  88. Steveo77

    Lemon pledge on your boat

    I sprayed a strip on my boat and it turned out alright. Fuck it, imma do the whole thing. Anyone else heard of this to bring out the color in old paint? If not I will keep you posted in a month or 2 if its still shining or foggy again.
  89. Steveo77

    Gay roommate

    How do u know when ur roommate is gay? when his dick starts to taste like shit
  90. Steveo77

    Nados sat 5-25

    Fished with seasons sportfishing with captain Duane running the boat. There was a couple boats where we were at and shit loads spread around the islands. Picked up a YT after about an hour just to feed it to a goddamn seal right next to the boat. Dealt with them seals until more boat showed up...
  91. Steveo77


    What's your preference on how to hook a dine and why. I mean, when surface fishing for yellows with seals everywhere. You know, like the nados
  92. Steveo77

    More pix

    More from my previous post. Just getting the hang of posting pix. Looking for some info on the hull
  93. Steveo77

    Marine specialty??

    I don't know shit about boats yet. I got this last year on a trade. The title says marine se, and the dude I got it from said it was a marine specialty, ex rescue vessel. I've googled it and can't find anything like it. Can anyone give me any info about this hull? Thanks and I'm looking forward...
  94. Steveo77

    Uploading pix

    How do you upload pix on a thread???? Any help would be appreciated
  95. Steveo77

    Vessel assist or sea tow?

    Going to FHS tomorrow. Gonna get one or the other for my old sled. I'm a noob to boating and don't know which one is better or more reputable. I don't plan on going far from shore for the first year. What do you all think? Vessel assist or sea tow?
  96. Steveo77

    Heading to bolsachica

    Gonna try and hit the high tide today at bolsachica. Gonna set my son up with a Carolina rig with a gulp worm with smelly jelly and imma long rod it with a dropper loop with squid. Any tips or suggestions?