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    I got an Ace Line Hauler with the optional Bullydog hands free attachment. The base attaches to a Scotty Down riger mount. Works perfect! No issues. $600 I live in Rancho Cucamonga, if you want it you need to drive to me because I don't have time to drive. Text me at Mario 9517416780
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    Up for grabs a 4 blade stainless prop. MERCURY REV 4 PROP 19P. See photo for specs. Its in perfect condition. $600 I live in Rancho Cucamonga and don't have time to drive to you. If you want the prop please text me and plan on picking it up. Mario 9517416780
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    SOLD 10 Promar Lobster Nets

    $250 I accept BTC also. Set of 10 Nets. In good condition with added lead weights on the nets. See photos for size. I'm in Rancho Cucamonga and don't have time to drive to you so if you want it send me a text and plan on picking it up. Mario 9517416780
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    For Sale SS Merc Revolution 4 prop. 19P

    $600 Got a used prop in excellent condition. See photo for specs. I'm in Rancho Cucamonga and don't have time to drive to you so if you want it send me a text and plan on picking it up. Mario 9517416780
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    SOLD PVC Lobster bait cages.

    $50 OBO Container with 20-30 pvc Lobster Bait cages. See photos for dimensions. Im in Rancho Cucamonga, no time to drive to you. If you want them Text me and co e pick them up Mario 951 741 6780
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    250 HP Yamaha , Trim Tab use depends on gear fuel people and other factors but I don't use much Trim. Couldn't tell you how high I mounted the bracket, sorry. Mounting height depends on bracket angle and many brackets have different angles.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    SOLD MY 89 CABO 226. $35K. I am attaching a video overview of the entire boat below. Engine hrs were about 1800-1900 on Yamaha F250. New fuel tank, hoses, wiring, many modifications.
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    WTB Cabo 221 or 226

    For sale. CABO 226 Mario @ 9517416780
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    FOR SALE. CABO 226 UNFORTUNATELY we are parting ways. I have some financial decisions to make and I can't afford to keep her. Asking $40,000. Many upgrades. Amazing Electronics package- Dual 12" Simrad screens with 4G Radar. All electrical wiring is new. Fuel tank and fuel lines new. Batteries...
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    8/2 Humble Pie

    15# Line and a #2 hook? Anyone tried it? Was the hot ticket last year. Spinning rod made for a good cast
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Cabo did use plywood. 2 layers of 3/4" ply and lots of fiberglass. Some transoms will have a bit of water in them around fittings. Use a hammer and gently hit the transom and listen for a sound difference. Might indicate delamination. Those stringer cracks are high up enough that your...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Stringer to transom cracks can be repaired by sanding them a bit and layering 1708 with epoxy. Hardest part is sanding. The minor cracks in The deck are just cosmetic and can also be fixed
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    Cabo Boat Owners

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    For Sale Aluminum Outboard Bracket

    Got several buyers, I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    The original bracket for my 226 is for sale. Aluminum bracket in good condition with no corrosion. See pics below. I finished the new all Fiberglass/Coosa bracket/swim step install. The kids love it and the transom float much higher now.
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    For Sale Aluminum Outboard Bracket

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    BRP discontinued G2 outboards.

    The Technology should be sold to an outboard company that will only use it on outboard motors, this way they will never compete with other BRP products. Not having to do an oil change is huge. Also no timing belts or tension er pulling. My Yamaha belts are $250 and the pulls was $450. Not...
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    Look but can't touch

    Remember last year started with a light line bite. Limits with 15lb. What test were you using?
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    BRP discontinued G2 outboards.

    I'm sad. BRP will be focusing on other lines. Not sure why, but it had to do with C19 and declining market share. But darn I had planned to re power with a G2. I felt it was a better engine the yamaha. More torque, better fuel economy, less maintenance and longer maintenance intervals, no...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Best solution is to install the largest Armstrong bracket you can stick on the transom. Your boat will float much higher. Then move the batteries.
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    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW

    Sorry, sold it
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    Need you to recommend a upholstery shop to make a custom boat cover. Please PM or reply to this thread. THX.
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Lord, I lift up Sheryl to you and pray for healing in the name of Jesus. Touch her body and make it well again. Please strengthen her and her family during this difficult time. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name.
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    Any tips? Shark fishing from pier.

    Look up the "Trolly Rig" and use a live bait
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    Fishfinder interpretation of tuna

    Depends on ping speed and boat movement. Also the scroll speed matters.
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    WSB advice needed...

    Yup read Into the Gray
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    Yellowtail Rig

    Take the Meds the night before the trip and the morning of the trip. Use Bonnine, it's over the counter
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    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Thank you! Good tips!
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    For Sale 22' CC. Sea Hunt Triton 212 19.5K OBO

    SOLD! 2002 Sea Hunt Triton 212 Mercury Saltwater Edition 150HP Low Hours. 22' foot Center Console Aluminum I Beam trailer. $19,500 obo Overall boat is very clean. Designed on the East Coast with huge bow flare that can easily handle 3-4' swells and keep you DRY. Easily fish our local Islands...
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    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Lol.making my list of boats to avoid doing business with
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    YFT BFT8/3

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    Tons of Fish Sunday 7/8

    Has anyone tried to draw these tuna in with chunks? Seems like a few years ago the tuna would get worked into a frenzy on the chunk
  33. 909MARIO

    Tons of Fish Sunday 7/8

    very sorry for the loss of your good friend. My condolences
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    You dont need to move the seat very much to access the sending unit. Lift the seat on one side a few inches and place some 2x4s under the lip. Then do the same on the other side. Now that the seat is up a few inches just slide it back away from the Cuddy Cabin about 6 inches and you can access...
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    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Juan. I will be in PV from 6/15 through 6/23. Are you available for charter? I would love to do some inshore fishing and help you fill your freezer! I'm staying near the marina. Please PM me.
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    Azores Reel Help

    I have several of the first edition Silver Azores spinning reels. I know Okuma has a new Blue Azores lineup. Other than sizing differences and a metal drag knob what are the differences in the reels internally? Thanks for your input?
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Cool how much?
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    replaced my windows. I used 3/8 inch smoked acrylic and cut them a little oversized about 1 inch larger than the actual hole. Then I used 3M double-sided tape body tape. After fixing the windows and place I used a black waterproof caulking silicone. Hardest part is polishing the edges of the...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    FYI. How to install a Fuel tank. This is how I installed mine. AND I HAVE ATTACHED A LINK TO MY GOOGLE ALBUM WITH PHOTOS OF THE FUEL TANK INSTALLATION. PM ME WITH QUESTIONS. 115 Net Gallons made by IMCO SAN DIMAS. Removed old foam and tank due to a...
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    Restoring/Repainting outboard bracket

    I removed the bracket on my Cabo. 226. It is very difficult and you may risk damaging the bracket. I would suggest painting the bracket while it's on the boat with a two-part epoxy paint such as Alex seal. PS. I still have the bracket and I will sell it to you if you want. I removed it to...
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    San Nicolas On The Toronado

    Quick report. Fished Sunday 3/24. Fished with my Daughter, Dad, Brother and a bunch of friends on a chartered trip (Thank you Matt!) Excellent fishing. Limits of massive rockcod and near limits of Lingcod and some big White fish and Sheepshead also came over the rail. No WSB but someone did...
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    No man. I said I loved my Andros. What's your problem?! I said I had no issues.
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    My Andros 5II works great. I use up to about 12 to 15 LBs of drag max. At higher drag settings you might have bearing issues. They are not thrust bearing like the Makairas and thus the side load on the bearing can cause damage. Side load is caused by the lever drag and the helical cut...
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    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    I do not believe that seahunts use wood in the hull. I know for sure that the transom is made with Coosa board. I believe the stringers are also Coosa or some other composite but I can't say for sure
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    What knot do you use for spectra to terminal tackle

    Spectra to terminal= improved clinch knot
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    Cabo Surf Setup - Baitcaster?

    Check out Steven Jansen. Local cabo guide. His lures are great! The Cabo Killer will cast a mile and so do his other lures found on Amazon for sale. Plus they catch just about everything down there. I use the 10' Okuma Nomad spinning rod with the Azores 65 reel filled with 65# braid with...
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    Leopard shark fishing from shore LA

    Corona Del Mar. Also anywhere you find a Jetti mouth fish the down swell side
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    Leopard shark fishing from shore LA

    Best bait is a fresh caught Surf Perch. It's what they are usually hunting and eating. I take a lite rod and catch my bait then rig up my heavy and pin that perch on a 5/0 circle hook. caught and released a few of these with perch
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    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    Great report as usual! Any chance you can post that curry fish recipe?
  50. 909MARIO

    09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    Awesome report, what make and model boat are you on?
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    Catalina 9/1/18 Backside Looking for Cows

    FishTrack. But you need a subscription
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    The 150

    Yeah I get that, but as for me I would rather troll way back and get bit VS troll close and not get a sniff. Trolling outside the kelp line in LJ usually results in a yellowtail running into the kelp. You might also get rocked but if it's just kelp you can deal with that. Good luck
  53. 909MARIO

    The 150

    Mission Bay It has nothing to do with the structure. Sound of your engine idling & The boat passing by can scare fish away. Slow trolling way back is one way of dealing with this. Keeps your bait farther away from your boat.
  54. 909MARIO

    The 150

    Troll off La Jolla in 90 feet of water, slow troll sardines way back
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    SCT Rods

    The SCT Albacore rods do have a softer tip and a more parabolic action than the other SCTI or Shadow stalker rods.
  56. 909MARIO

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    You haven't heard? Just tie a dock line to the paddy aND Tow that sucker away with you when the Googans crash your party. LOL
  57. 909MARIO

    I'm off the DL late report (video)

    Hardcore what kind of boat are you fishing on? Great video thanks for sharing
  58. 909MARIO

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    # 18. LOL, What kinda fish is that?!
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    Like new prop. No Nicks or dings. 4 Blade Mercury Revolution Stainless Steel prop. 19P Right hand rotation $475. FIRM LOW BALLERS IGNORED.
  60. 909MARIO

    Dorado gone crazy

    Thought I read 2 guys. 5 guys, good for you. Nice catch
  61. 909MARIO

    Dorado gone crazy

    35 miles south = Mexican waters. Hmmm, sounds like 2 guys should have kept 4 fish total. Unless you were in US waters. JMHO.
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    OB conversion for my 20 Blackman

    Just wondering where you got the Shamrock console from? Is it a shamrock or is it a blackman?
  63. 909MARIO

    Looking for stories of Great White Sharks being fished in California still

    Anything that eats sea lions is the friend of fishermen here in California. We don't like the sea lions because they constantly steal the fish we catch right off the hook. So makos and great whites are our friends
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    Trolling at Catalina

    Yep this is a better approach. Or if you get some big sardines those work really well. Troll them way back
  65. 909MARIO

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    Cool. Check out the G Flex 650. 150,000 psi! mixed with 1/4" or 1/8" chop fiberglass and its virtually indestructible.
  66. 909MARIO

    Stern corner bait tanks

    You notice in the video on the bottom that the system is adjustable with a valve. When you're running from the harbor to the fishing grounds you have your bait tank set so that there is no sloshing. When you get to the fishing grounds you change a valve setting so that the water level is lower...
  67. 909MARIO

    Stern corner bait tanks

    Your idea reminds me of my Cabo 226. I have Stern Corner bait tanks. They are 25 gallons each and I really wish they were 30. I played around with modifying the bait tanks. Yellowfin Yachts have a type of bait tank that is sealed. When you close the lid to the bait tank though water level will...
  68. 909MARIO

    How do you rig your anchor?

    That's what I use. It's a single strand stainless steel baling wire. 2 wraps seems about right. It breaks but it's hard to break. I've been stuck a few times and it took a bit to break it
  69. 909MARIO

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    Why not? Why doesn't it compete with a weld. Doesn't it depend on the application ? Welding is not perfect either buddy . Yeah I agree you should correct the design flaw . But even well designed towers that are built by pros have cracked. Every weld creates a weak spot. Heat applied during...
  70. 909MARIO


    Do I use acetone as a thinner or what should I use
  71. 909MARIO

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    2 YEARS LATER, JULY 2018 AND STILL HOLDING STRONG. NO CRACKS. :) If you take note my repair also includes fiberglass chop mixed with West systems epoxy. Quarter inch chop mixed with epoxy is freaking strong. If you want to do a little experimenting you can fill a PVC tube with the same mix...
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    Haha, good idea, didn't even see that section!
  73. 909MARIO


    Help me out guys. I don't wrap rods but I recently got into wrapping handles with Paracord. I added some nice Turks heads and wraps on handles and now I need to know how to seal it. I tried searching the forum but could not find a answer. Do I use epoxy? If so which brand? THANK YOU!
  74. 909MARIO

    Cancun Cuda

    Nice report, I'm in Cancun right now. Do you remember the name of the charter and the price you paid?
  75. 909MARIO

    Island Bluefin

    :eek: What the... Absolutely Amazing!
  76. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Saw this 216 on TV
  77. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    They are separate on the 226. I assume the same on the 216. should be sealed. My stringers are glassed and butted against the transome that is glassed. I cut into one of them to check and to reinforce it. the wood in the stringer does no touch the wood in the transome. they are seperate by glass
  78. 909MARIO

    Talica 8 for WSB and Yellowtail?

    I'm not a fan of Max Quattro. That stuff sucks IMO. I prefer Origional Powerpro, the Max Quatro on my reels has started to fray after 2 seasons and just a little bit of abrasion weakens it significantly. So for me I would not use it on the Tac 8, especially if your fishing it as a kelp...
  79. 909MARIO

    Okuma Website changes

    I did, same problem
  80. 909MARIO

    About Shout out Okuma

    Sounds like they tried to make things right. Why not call Ron again and see if he can send the right screws before calling them out?
  81. 909MARIO

    Talica 8 for WSB and Yellowtail?

    The 10, Yes. The 8 is also powerful but lacks the line capacity. You only get 235 yds of 65# Powerpro on the 8. Big WSB could spool you. But hey, that's fishing. I'd rather have a Talica 10 or Talica 12 fishing WSB. Too each his own
  82. 909MARIO

    Talica 8 for WSB and Yellowtail?

    True true but I would hate to lose that trophy 60 lb white sea bass because I brought a knife to a gunfight. From time to time those tanker sea bass come through
  83. 909MARIO

    Makaira SEa for Calstar 800XXH

    Bro, that rod is a great rod for 80#. Its rated 60#-100# but 80# is the sweet spot. I would go with a Makaira 20sea and you can put 600yds of 100# hollow with a long top shot. That will give you plenty of line if you hook a big one and it wants to run on you. The Makaira sea 20 has awesome...
  84. 909MARIO

    Okuma Website changes

    I have been searching the new website for a few days. Congratulations Okuma on the nice new look of your Website. I like the video links added to the products and i like many of the new features. I do have some questions and suggestions. I wanted to know why some of the rods are not on the...
  85. 909MARIO

    Liberty (all day FRI) vs. Tribute (overnight FRI - SAT)

    Sorry should have said check the offshore forum. This is the SoCal inshore section. There is also a SoCal offshore
  86. 909MARIO

    Liberty (all day FRI) vs. Tribute (overnight FRI - SAT)

    Tribute gets my vote. I like the bunk and took full advantage of laying down until I heard the skipper announce another spot coming up. Got good rest and still fished hard. Fishing early morning we had limits of YT by 8:30am. Check the Offshore report for 5/7. Looked for BFT after getting...
  87. 909MARIO

    Tribute - 5/7 Report

    The crew worked hard, VERY HARD!.. Great to see 3 guys up and searching with Gyros looking for that next spot of birds! That was my first trip on the Tribute, I will be riding with them again. Landed 7 YT myself.
  88. 909MARIO

    Cedros "A" new jigging rod for BFT and YFT

    I just ordered the same rod and I'll let you know how it feels. I'm pairing it with a Okuma Andros 12 II S narrow. Going to fill it with 65 lb braid and about 50-100yards of mono Top Shot
  89. 909MARIO

    For the trout nerds

    LOL, I thought you were kidding. Hope the price tag is lower.
  90. 909MARIO

    Talica 8 for WSB and Yellowtail?

    For WSB and YT? I think Brandon Hayward (WSB legend) uses a Tac 12 filled with 65#.
  91. 909MARIO

    What do you use your Trinidad 10a for?

    Who needs a 2 speed for this line class? If you do, better hit the gym.
  92. 909MARIO

    Andros 16 cababilities

    Wow awesome
  93. 909MARIO


    Looking at spooling up my Andros 12NII with 80# Threadlock hollow. Any idea on how much line I can get on it? Love this reel!
  94. 909MARIO

    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW

    For sure, Install is easier but you will need to cut out two big holes in the boat as opposed to one big hole. Haha. A local fiberglass repair guy should be able to install it for about $300. Shoot, I might install it in my boat soon anyways.
  95. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Going to a new home in Santa Barbara. Congrats Brian.
  96. 909MARIO

    Okuma Reel Service

    Just want to say that the service department is amazing. Big thank you to Mike at Okuma. Also Ron, and Sherri, A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. The Service department is extremely busy with people having reels serviced right now getting ready for the upcoming season. Despite being super busy...
  97. 909MARIO

    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW

    BTW, I saw your YouTube video congratulations on your new Parker purchase. This transducer will compliment it very well. Check out the picture of an example of a flush install
  98. 909MARIO

    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW

    I have two ways to install it. You can have a custom pocket made in the hull. installed this way it comes out really nice. option 2 is to have it bolted to a bracket that is on your transom. Basically mounting a stainless L bracket on the transom. And then bolting the transducer so that it...
  99. 909MARIO

    SOLD Aluminum Row Boat Dory $200

    Yup, but that's because I sold it to a friend. Sorry.
  100. 909MARIO

    SOLD Aluminum Row Boat Dory $200

    SOLD NO TRAILER - NO PROBLEM *FITS IN A PICKUP TRUCK BED. *Does not need to be registered with DMV since it has no trailer and falls into the same category as a Kayak. *Light weight Aluminum Row Boat with WHEELS! The wheels make this girl easy for 1 person to roll down to the dock. Just...
  101. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Thank you. Yes the 25 Gal bait tank is under the seat just in front of the console.
  102. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    350. Also compression test done at Dave's Marine service center yesterday. Came back good. PM me i can send you a pic with the receipt showing all cylinders and compression #s.
  103. 909MARIO

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    ROFl:hali_ruahahaha::nutkick: That's what I was thinking when I read his post. Who fishes 100/60 in the kelp, then Lips a "waahoo".
  104. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Ray! Thanks man. I can always use a Deckhand.. what I love about this boat the most is the hull design and bow flare, amazing how well it handles rough seas and still keeps me dry. Very high freeboard and very little spray. Looks like we're in for another great year. Fishing reports are...
  105. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    About 2.5 - 3mpg at cruise of 22mph. It's a 150 horse so it's not too fuel thirsty. At WOT it should be about 15 Gph. The boat is not equipped with a flow scan, so these are my estimates. You can get more info on the engine from the manufacturers website below...
  106. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Thanks, The white stuff is vinyl and it has Velcro sewn to the edges. the Velcro is attached around the wires and back of the console. I think it is so that the wiring is not exposed when someone uses the Porta Potti
  107. 909MARIO

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    2003 Sea Hunt Triton 212 $21,900 2nd owner Super Clean, Excellent Condition! Selling because I have a 2nd boat. My Cabo. This boat is very dry due to the huge bow flare and high freeboard! Johnson BRP 150hp Saltwater Edition 350hrs. Engine tested at Daves Marine service center shows good...
  108. 909MARIO

    For Sale 14x40 Fraser Gyro Binoculars

    Fraser Volpe M25 Gyro Stabilized Binoculars . These are the Military/ Law Enforcement version. Same as Mariners 14x40 but have a reticle and the gyro is activated by squeezing the housing. Check out the link below to learn more about them. Used them for a few seasons. Work great. includes...
  109. 909MARIO

    Red/cod bite??

    Simrad, but Lowrance or Garmin work well
  110. 909MARIO

    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW Selling Airmar Transducer. Brand New. The PM275LH-W gives you two Transducers in one. PRICE IS $1100. Essential for less than one B175HW you get TWO TRANSDUCERS. Or you can spend over $2300 and buy a B175HW &...
  111. 909MARIO

    Red/cod bite??

    My tip to you falls inline with what these guys are saying about looking for structure. A good pile of rocks will almost always hold fish. Get a sounder with Structure Scan or something similar. " Structure Scan" will blow your mind. I can cruise around and find rock piles easy in 300' of...
  112. 909MARIO

    TRADE 2003 Carolina Classic / KAMD300 (Completely Rebuilt 1/2018)

    what is your best mpg. Cruise speed, max speed etc?
  113. 909MARIO

    tip of the month

    Thank you Dave! Ignore the haters
  114. 909MARIO

    Weird starfish

  115. 909MARIO

    Oceanside 1.27.18

    Trigger Ceviche! Bomb!
  116. 909MARIO

    Simrad radar question

    4G. cuts fog just ez
  117. 909MARIO

    Frustrating night hooping

    TO ALEXES, Really sounds like a selfish and dangerous move. Not very professional.
  118. 909MARIO

    The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    Damn bro you hookups were like a broken record
  119. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Yup, still got em. I will PM you with my cell #
  120. 909MARIO

    1988 Cabo 216 CuddyCon – FULLY Refurbished in 2016 - $23,500

    Very clean! Love it. Looks like you did everything to it that it needed. Some lucky person will score. Hey can you tell me how much you paid to have the upholstery done at Kens? Thanks
  121. 909MARIO

    Dodos and Yellows on the 43 8/16

    Written like an expert Novel writter
  122. 909MARIO

    1999 Parker 2520

    Nice Parker. Good Price ! Should sell fast. I would love to know a little about the Bertram you finished building please
  123. 909MARIO

    Blue Fin deep at 182

    Many guys up north use down riggers for BIT with great success.
  124. 909MARIO

    AGM Odyssey Batteries PC2150.

    MY PRICE $150 FIRM. RETAIL IS $350 Odyssey battery PC2150. I have 4 of them. Like new, Static Voltages are over 13.3v! I believe this is the most powerful battery they make. CCA 1150 Reserve Capacity 2 hours Manufacture date 10- 2014. Put in service 6- 2015. Taken out of service 11-2016...
  125. 909MARIO


    Selling Cabo 216 Pads. Almost a complete set, just need the back rest for the front seat. SET INCLUDES: 2 Bolster pads, 2 cooler seat pads. 1 cooler back pad. 1 captains seat pad. These only fit a 216 not a 226. Like new! Made From good quality Vinyl! The wood was sealed with Thompsons water...
  126. 909MARIO

    Is Andros 12NSii or

    Wow. Thanks for the info.
  127. 909MARIO

    33' Knight and Carver

    Love it! Sent from my SM-G935V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  128. 909MARIO

    Boat security.

    car alarm with motion activated field. Have a car alarm guy install it. connected to a small 12v battery. Have him disarm the shock sensor and adjust the motion field so that it only alarms when they enter the boat. The motion sensors are adjustable. He can also install a relay that...
  129. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    The pictures below are from my friend Cory's boat. Cabo 216 "In God's Time". He spent about 2 years working on it before he used it. New Suzuki, custom leaning post with Pacific edge bait tank, tower fabed of SS, more rocket launchers than NASA, and much more! Sent from my SM-G935V using...
  130. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216 New seat pads

    Selling Cabo 216 Pads. 2 Bolster pads, 2 cooler seat pads. 1 cooler back pad. 1 captains seat pad. These only fit a 216 not a 226. Like new! The wood was sealed with Thompsons water seal before the cushions were made. I'm selling them for a friend. My buddy Cory had them made for his...
  131. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I'm not sure. It fishes 3 guys comfortably and 4 is crowded. Sent from my SM-G935V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  132. 909MARIO

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    use an aluminum fuel line, fish it in toward the back. It will bend but is semi rigid. once in it should not move around. I would try this first because it's the easiest fix. If it doesn't work you can always try something more complicated. And it also won't cost you much. You can also find...
  133. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Selling Cabo 216 Pads. 2 Bolster pads, 2 cooler seat pads. 1 cooler back pad. 1 captains pad These only fit a 216 not a 226. Like new! The wood was sealed with Thompsons water seal before the cushions were made. I'm selling them for a friend. My buddy Cory had them made for his boat...
  134. 909MARIO

    Feel the Steel

    I bet the were checking you out because they thought you were running drugs. lol Great videos. Thanks for sharing
  135. 909MARIO

    AGM Battery. Odyssey Group 31 PC2150

    2 left. All the info you need is in my description Sent from my SM-G935V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  136. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I had the B75M. It is a great transducer. Do you fish 100-360 feet? If so get the B75M. If your looking for Tuna or fishing under 200 feet the B175HW is Amazing! The reason I liked the B175HW was the wider angle covers more area and the Q value was lower meaning It is more sensitive. Sent...
  137. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    It does not fit. Sorry bro. I have a Cabo 226 with a Airmar B175HW -20 degree I believe the brass housing is exactly the same as yours. Just return it and get the other one. I bought the 0 degree one and it was too wide so I returned it. Bottom pic is my boat. P.S. Mount it as close to the...
  138. 909MARIO

    Simrad Go9 Radar Chart Overlay

    Derby, I stand corrected . The Point-1 and GS25 are almost identical . I have the GS25 and MARPA does not work with my NSS evo2. I even called Simrad tech support. They told me basically I needed one of the better rate compasses. I do however get the radar overlay. I was kind of...
  139. 909MARIO

    Simrad Go9 Radar Chart Overlay

    I believe the GS25 only gives you Radar overlay. You would need theRC42 or Point 1 for MARPA
  140. 909MARIO

    PT Loma Sand Dads 3/21

    Excellent details. Great report Sent from my SM-G935V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  141. 909MARIO

    2005 Yamaha F150 Thinking About Selling

    Nope just have yours painted white. 900 is low hrs on a yamaha. Sent from my SM-G935V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  142. 909MARIO

    AGM Battery. Odyssey Group 31 PC2150

    MY PRICE $150. RETAIL IS $350 Odyssey battery PC2150. I have 4 of them. Like new, I believe this is the most powerful battery they make. CCA 1150 Reserve Capacity 2 hours Manufacture date 10- 2014. Put in service 6- 2015. Taken out of service 11-2016. Used as back up power in a group of...
  143. 909MARIO


    Thanks man Sent from my SM-G935V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  144. 909MARIO

    Blue Monday

    Great report. I got the solution for Cormorants and other pests that is 100% legal and eco friendly. Buy a airsoft gun that has Full Auto Fire and load it with bio degradable bbs. works great and is easy to grab wit just one hand while holding a rod in the other
  145. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    Thanks bro!
  146. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    Thank you for the encouragement! post some pics of that paint job! I also research the he'll out of everything. Last year I built an amazing aluminum I beam Trailer with Tanden Torsion axles and Electric over hydraulic disk breaks. I researched everything. I get compliments often at the...
  147. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will consider it.
  148. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    Thanks for the reply. If I bought one it would be Hermco not Armstrong. Aluminum is strong but any chip in the paint is inviting corrosion issues similar to fuel tank corrosion. The aluminum bracket I have has signs of corrosion and was powder coated about 5 years ago.
  149. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    True, but I'm a DYI kind of guy with more time than money. :) new bracket is about $2300. making one is 1/4 that cost.
  150. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    Hermco makes fiberglass brackets. Just FYI, roving is used by many boat builders to build up stringers and for strength. I am familiar with the other woven glass products. I did say I was using 1708 Biaxial mat. could also use 1808 but I have about 10 yards of 1708.
  151. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    How thick would my fiberglass layup have to be to equal 3/8" aluminum plate strength? I am making a Outboard bracket for my Cabo 226. My outboard is a Yamaha 250. I have a outboard bracket but it is a single-engine setup and is small and provides very little flotation. I am building the mold...
  152. 909MARIO

    Almost Paradise – but colder! Catalina hooping report 01/16 and 01/17

    It is legal to use Bonito for lobster bait. Just make sure you do not exceed your limit of Bonito, I believe it is 10
  153. 909MARIO

    Catalina lobsters before the storm 12/20

    Yup. it was miserable at Catalina the day you left. huge wind waves! sideways rain. 5 bugs in 4 sets.
  154. 909MARIO

    "Go-To" Lingcod Rig

    Nice. got any pictures of these? Are they for sale
  155. 909MARIO


    Saturday night departure fishing Sunday is the best weather window. low wind.
  156. 909MARIO


    Bluefin are still here. Nice weather window coming soon. 11/30.... Fortune 1 1/2 day boated 33 BFT for 18 anglers. Outrigger overnight had 10 anglers land 7 BFT. Let's keep these boats running out to Tanner Bank and hopefully this bite will still be going when I get a few days off work...
  157. 909MARIO

    Bluefin Tuna O95 11/22

  158. 909MARIO

    Registering a 26 foot panga from Mexico in CA.?

    Weigh it at a truck scale
  159. 909MARIO

    Fuel tank advice wanted

    You might like David Pascoe's article. He is a yacht surveyor and knows his stuff. I mounted a 115 gal tank just like this article shows.
  160. 909MARIO

    Lobster crab bait cages

    16 cages. $40. These sell new for $5 a piece but I am asking half that amount. Will consider trading for lead weights. 10oz, 4oz , 16oz etc. PM me.
  161. 909MARIO

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Thats what I was thinking. Even with good radar I would not go that fast at night. How many of us have seen pallets and stuff floating during the day that would destroy a boat going 30 at night. Even on a full moon it can be hard to see something. Normalization of deviance. Look it up.
  162. 909MARIO

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Yeah I remember you.. Nice BFT. Did you have the light blue line on your reel?
  163. 909MARIO

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    You guys got balls! 42! Wow, flying! Hey, nice job. How many did you hang? How much fuel did you burn? Where did you launch from?
  164. 909MARIO

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Yes Squid. the BFT was loaded with Squid when cleaned it.
  165. 909MARIO

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    I was told we were on Tanner Bank. But the Navionics app on my phone showed we were on Cortez bank. Maybe we were told Tanner to throw off the boat traffic. Whatever.
  166. 909MARIO

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    On my way home so I will try to keep this short. excuse the bad spelling I'm using voice to text Got on the overnight trip on the El Dorado. $135. Fish Tanner Bank caught 1 nice bluefin tuna. See photo about 100 pounds. Captain and the crew working very hard. 40 passengers as you will...
  167. 909MARIO

    How to make PVC bait tubes for lobster.

    X2 exactly what I use
  168. 909MARIO

    Flushing engines

    Never run the yamaha engine on the flush hose hookup. only flush with the engine off.
  169. 909MARIO

    Bias ply vs Radial trailer tires?

    I would keep looking. you never know when you might have to drive on one good tire. You want that one tire to be able to handle the load for a bit. happened to me, glad my tire was rated for the next weight rating up. had a bearing blow out and the spindleor was so badly damaged I could not...
  170. 909MARIO

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    I don't think you made the wise choice. I'm glad you got a good deck hand. I also hope you got some fish. But fish are not worth your life. Be careful out there, people die every year. The ocean is not forgiving.
  171. 909MARIO

    LA harbor lobster report

    Probably just migrated to deep water.
  172. 909MARIO

    LA harbor lobster report

    They are deeper. 90+ feet. harbor is shallow. seems like the bugs have been deeper. I was pulling bugs in 80-110 last night
  173. 909MARIO

    Chem lights

    Bump, Great lights!
  174. 909MARIO

    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    Got a picture of that old school rig? Many of us would love to see it
  175. 909MARIO

    Desperation BDay Present 9-13

    Great report and heads up on the squids
  176. 909MARIO

    Andros handle knob change

    try a touch of Kroil first
  177. 909MARIO

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    I LOVE THE WAY IT LOOKS! :appl: OKUMA GETS AN APPLAUSE FOR DESIGN ALSO :appl: Its on my bucket list of things to get. Great write up John
  178. 909MARIO

    Sirius XM Marine Weather

    $$$ look at the subscription cost. It is $$$$
  179. 909MARIO


    Thanks for the tip! I have never tried using one but it looks sweet on videos I have seen. I would like to try the Anchor ball method one day. I use a Lewmar Windlass so pulling is not usually a problem. I can usually get a good angle on the anchor to try to free it from several...
  180. 909MARIO


    Yup, thats why i use the bow Cleat and I am very careful about how much power I apply.
  181. 909MARIO


    Because the chain can get hung up in a Crack or wedged in between rocks. Sitting on the end like I have it just gives me a bit more clearance. Also if the anchor is still stuck after the trip wire breaks the end of the wire should pull through the clamp with a lot of force and you only lose...
  182. 909MARIO


    Tired of loosing anchors that get stuck? This is not the only way to rig your anchor but it is how I rig my anchor. Im sure other guys have some great variations. Parts used: 14# Bruce anchor 2' - 3/16" stainless wire. 3 - #5 stainless clamps 1 - 1/4" stainless shackle Basic operation...
  183. 909MARIO

    Striper Bass Fishing

    Great report.
  184. 909MARIO

    Best VHF radio?

    I got a simrad RS12 new in box for sale. $150. Has NMEA 2000 interface so it can talk too your chart plotter. HI power, 25watts of power. Has MMSI DSC, coastguard can pinpoint your position when DSC button is pushed. Has TRI watch so you can monitor three channels. More features. Text me...
  185. 909MARIO

    Simrad VHF RS12 $160

    Got a new Simrad RS12. New in box. I can ship it. Text me for details. $150 FEATURES: DSC -MMSI one push of a button and coastguard distress pinpoints your position HI power-25 watts. TRI watch - monitors three channels at one time. NMEA 2000 OR NMEA 0183 compatible, allows communication...
  186. 909MARIO

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Simrad radar has an option to set a zone alarm. Anything coming into your radius sets off the alarm. You set how big of an area you want it to cover. Technology like that can save lives. He could have set it to 1/2 mile while in AP.
  187. 909MARIO

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Autopilot? Report Says just before hitting the island the boat was going in circles. Autopilots do that when they arrive at a destination. Maybe the pilot feel asleep? Just my guess.
  188. 909MARIO

    Need to help pls

    To start you will need a Mexican license and you should get auto insurance for Mexico
  189. 909MARIO

    Sonar Screenshots - Paddy

    Transducer? Probably BFT
  190. 909MARIO

    Learn How To Catch More Fish!

    Probably. Most everything is made in China now. I'm good with it. The quality is still amazing. I don't think the fish mind either. :)
  191. 909MARIO

    Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    Congratulations man. I could only hope to hang one like that. If you don't mind I would also like to know the approx speed your trolling the Yummy at and how the yummy was rigged. Floro,mono, weighted yummy? Thanks!
  192. 909MARIO

    Learn How To Catch More Fish!

    I use them and I love them. Good sticks. Remind me of Cal star Graffighters
  193. 909MARIO

    First Time FisherChicks

    I love reports like this
  194. 909MARIO

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Such a great job bro. I read every page. You inspire me to do the same to my Cabo.
  195. 909MARIO

    Phase Seperation in Fuel, or unluckest SOB on BDD?

    Buy costco gas. Always keep your tank full with no air in the tank. Use Startron fuel additive. Don't let fuel sit for longer than 4 months
  196. 909MARIO

    8/17 425

    Did you get an FMM
  197. 909MARIO

    What to get - Simrad or Garmin ?

    For inshore and offshore fishing I like the airmar B175HW.
  198. 909MARIO

    Save gas, stay home....or not? 8/13 Dana Point

    Thanks for the report. What area had the Tuna?
  199. 909MARIO

    8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    Best news I have heard all week. God is good
  200. 909MARIO

    Yamaha 350 HELP PLEASE.....

    Also could be a bad sensor. I had a similar issue and I had a Yamaha technician diagnosed it as a sensor that was bad. I could get the boat up and when it got over 4000 RPMs it would cut back to about 2000 RPMs like the motor was governing it. I can turn the engine off turn it back on and get...
  201. 909MARIO

    New boat? Advise on electronic package

    Everything you said sounds good except the last part about getting a 1000 watt transducer. Structure scan uses 600 watts and normal chirp mode uses 250. Buying the 1000 watt transducer may be more beneficial because the sensitivity of the transducer is better than a 600 watt. My example would...
  202. 909MARIO


    Depends. PM me and I will explain. Sorry it's not that simple and I don't want to type a long answer.
  203. 909MARIO

    huntington harbor

    I just want to share with you what usually works for me when I'm fishing by myself or with other people that are new to fishing the harbor. Buy some Berkley jerk shad in a dark color like Browns or motor oil color. You want the ones that are about 6 inches long. And buy a couple packs of owner...
  204. 909MARIO

    130-210 kHz vs 150-250 kHz

    The B175HW should only be 150-250 kHz. Maybe they came out with a new model do you mind sending me a link to what you looking at. I'm interested.
  205. 909MARIO

    Frozen BFT Going Bad

    Dude. Make tuna Jerky!! It's good
  206. 909MARIO

    130-210 kHz vs 150-250 kHz

    You're probably talking about the airmar transducer. B175HW is the one you want. You should look at the sensitivity ratings for each transducer and go with the transducer that has the higher sensitivity. The transducer that goes down to 130 is the medium range Chirp transducer and I don't...
  207. 909MARIO

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Nice report. Sorry to hear about the throttle cable. Hope you get that fixed soon and good luck next time
  208. 909MARIO

    Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Gaff the kelp paddy and slowly motor away. :)
  209. 909MARIO

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    OR just buy a nerf football. Fits all shapes of holes
  210. 909MARIO

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    2 words NERF FOOTBALL! All you needed to do is just shut the boat off jump in the water and plug the hole with a Nerf football piece of cake done in 20 seconds.
  211. 909MARIO

    Butt Cap Stuck To Gimbal... cure?

    It's an air lock so what you need is to drill a small hole in the bottom of the cap. Problem solved.
  212. 909MARIO

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    I would gladly make my own bait if dfw would let us throw cast nets like Florida anglers do!
  213. 909MARIO

    Andros A5ii for 40# Bait

  214. 909MARIO

    Catalina for first time

    Always check
  215. 909MARIO

    7/23 Foggy Cruise to the 14 on the 14' Skiff

    Saw a wood pallet out there. Very dangerous at night. That thing can punch a hole in your boat quick. BTW how many of you carry a Nerf football or a wax gasket for toilets so that you can seal up a hole in your boat if you had to??
  216. 909MARIO

    7-24 INSANE BFT off Carlsbad!

    Seiners are a problem. I dont like how they wrap tonnage of fish.
  217. 909MARIO

    7/21 PB bluefin

    Your one of the few lucky ones who got one that day. Great job! They were very boat shy.
  218. 909MARIO

    Today's Report - Fog! 7/23

    Radar saved us on that same day. Drove for about 5 miles until we came out of fog and into clear skies and kelp paddy fishing
  219. 909MARIO

    Simrad evo2 7"

    Nice! Glad I could help. We're you fishing fresh or salt water? Nice fish marks!
  220. 909MARIO

    Simrad evo2 7"

    X2. Probably the thermocline or micro organisms like krill. Also have seen red crab at about that depth but on my machine it looks a bit yellow.
  221. 909MARIO

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

  222. 909MARIO

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

  223. 909MARIO

    Knocking sound in My Bravo II Outdrive

    Cant be good when the Tuna hear that. Hope you get that fixed.
  224. 909MARIO

    Grady White 209 Escape Trailer Issues

    Yup! nothing worse than salt on drum brakes of your truck.. Also longer tongues make backing easier. long trailers are easier to steer than short ones.
  225. 909MARIO

    July 13th approx 13-15 miles out of Cbad

    Nice, I think your on the right track with changing the hooks out. Would like to know if anyone here is using a larger hook.
  226. 909MARIO

    Input Needed: Which 8 FT Jig Stick

    Fiberglass rods are more parabolic and the graphite rods are faster actions. I prefer the old style fiberglass when throwing a jig it's more forgiving when you cast
  227. 909MARIO


    Hey guys I've been looking for an electric knife sharpener. Which model and brand would you recommend. Thanks
  228. 909MARIO


    Man this is AWESOME! I would love to own 2. One on a short stick for YoYo. One on a long rod for surface iron! Great idea Okuma!
  229. 909MARIO

    Insane foamer action

  230. 909MARIO

    A Good Yamaha mechanic...

  231. 909MARIO

    Need help with my fishfinder

    Call Raymarine. The guys must not be familiar with your Dragonfly. Maybe manual mode is the answer. slower ping speed or manual depth range may be the answer. Good luck.
  232. 909MARIO

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    Andrew, The transducer used will depend on the unit controlling it. They are not all compatible. But If all you do is fish offshore then you will probably want to spend your money on a good set of Bino's. Good Bino's will put you on fish more than a good transducer and sounder offshore...
  233. 909MARIO

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    Check it out. This packaged deal comes with the Total Scan Transducer which does Chirp and structure scan!!! The go series are sold with and without transducers. If you buy it with the transducer you get a really good deal...
  234. 909MARIO

    Recommended transducer

    Hello, check the specs on the BSM3. It outputs the same wattage as the EVO2 unless you have it connected to 2000Watt transducer from Airmar. But under 2000 watts it still out puts the same; 500. So what I am saying is they are the same unless your buying a 2000 watt transducer.
  235. 909MARIO

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    simrad Go series. Comes wtih a nice transducer. Good price point
  236. 909MARIO

    swith panel reccomendations

    Blue Seas.
  237. 909MARIO

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    It cracks, but so does Aluminum. It takes over 7,000 psi to crack the West systems Epoxy. Should be fine, it wont see those loads. As for adhesion, i think being inside the tube it wont go anywhere. Thanks for the suggestion.
  238. 909MARIO

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    Sounds good but expensive. I called around and got many quotes. Gusseting and welding according to my welder is not a sure thing either. The area that is damaged can be welded again, you would have to cut out the old section with epoxy and weld in a new section of pipe. Just depends on...
  239. 909MARIO

    New record BFT 269.7

    :appl::chestram2 AMAZING!
  240. 909MARIO

    Okuma AZORES Jigging rods

    Leonard, call them directly and I bet they might let you go down there and pull on a few rods
  241. 909MARIO

    Saturday July 2nd. (4) Medium sized Bluefin Tuna.

    Great report! Something g I learned this year reading a book about Tuna and science. Tuna will feed around the clock and eat 25-30% of body weight per day. They bounce dive day and night. This is a feeding behavior where they dive down 200-400 feet and stay down to feed on deep water stuff...
  242. 909MARIO

    DIY pressurized bait tank

    Exactly! I am surprised more tank makers have not caught on to this great idea.
  243. 909MARIO

    CRUZ popping rod for large BFT?

    I have the 65 size Azores with 350yds 80# max Quatro. I feel like I should have gone 1 size larger
  244. 909MARIO

    DIY pressurized bait tank

    I'm glad you posted this. I have been thinking of ways to mod my bait tanks that are built into my boat. I had an accident that helped me discover how well this works. I had some anchovies that got stuck in the Overflow drain on my bait tank on a fishing trip and what resulted was...
  245. 909MARIO

    Size comparison Pic - Andros 12, Mak 10, Penn Torque

    Thank you for posting this. I was wondering how they looked side by side
  246. 909MARIO

    16 miles out from mission bay

    Mark, how is it that I am "an a-hole"? How was my reply worse than C-Goat who told the OP "F_U" or Randy C suggestion? I simply suggested that he can find joy and happiness without alcohol. Nothing more or less. I can see you getting upset if I was suggesting some religious views or other...
  247. 909MARIO

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Holy cow. I'm jealous! Great write up. BTW, been loving Local Knowledge, that day would have made for an amazing episode!!!!
  248. 909MARIO

    Got them to bite

    Fudge!! Down right brutal! Amazing story bro. Truely,
  249. 909MARIO

    Quick Father/Son Venice Swordfish Report

    Sweet, thanks for the report
  250. 909MARIO

    16 miles out from mission bay

    Drinking was fun. Now I have just as good of a time if not better while still having Joy, happiness and loving life without drugs or alcohol. Hoping you discover the same for yourself. You also will have more $$ in your pocket. Just saying.
  251. 909MARIO

    CRUZ popping rod for large BFT?

    Just bought the Heavy Model, feels great! Cant wait to pull on a fish.
  252. 909MARIO

    Buy a boat they said...It will be fun they said...

    B.O.A.T = BUST OUT ANOTHER THOUSAND. I feel your pain and victory man! Cant wait to see BLOOD ON THAT DECK.
  253. 909MARIO

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    If you have an aluminum T-Top with a crack, many people will tell you that welding the crack is a temporary fix until it cracks again. They are probably correct. Replacing a Tower is $$$$. So I hope this repair saves someone from having to scrap a tower and drop a few grand on a new one. I...
  254. 909MARIO

    Wrapped side cutters & Needle nose pliers

    KROIL is the best product for parts that are frozen or seized up. It penetrates when other oils will not.
  255. 909MARIO

    Flying Fish at Belmont Shores?!

    I could only hope these Great Whites grow and grow and hang around our Harbors for a Nice Seal Sandwhich!
  256. 909MARIO


    All shots OFFSHORE, Airmar B175HW and NSS12, looking at the top 200' water. Most of these are Bluefin, caught one but had foamers around the area. Some of the blobs you see are Anchovie. Screenshots are a few weeks old. Enjoy. PM me for settings.
  257. 909MARIO


    Some shots in La Jolla.
  258. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    A few more with B175HW. The last one is of Bluefin, notice the right side of the screen. I was only looking at the top 200' of water and slid up on a foamer. The yellow thick line was Anchovie. Really hard to screen shot that when all I wanted to do was grab a jig stick.
  259. 909MARIO

    Recommended transducer

    B175M or better would be the B275LH-w which gives you a high wide frequency for offshore tuna fishing and the low frequency for bottom fishing. Just need a box that splits the signals so that you can select the High or low side you want to use. Contact Simrad tech support on instructions for...
  260. 909MARIO

    Popping combo for BFT - HELP!

    John, what leader length and pound test for the top shot?
  261. 909MARIO

    LB to AV bank Mac bank 6/24

    bleed and ice those Bones after catching, they make amazing Sashimi!!! No kidding.
  262. 909MARIO

    Messed around and got a triple digit

    You caught that on a MEGA BAIT and not a FLAT FALL or COLT SNIPER?!! NO WAY!! LOL, Congrats!!
  263. 909MARIO

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl:FINE REPORT!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  264. 909MARIO

    CRUZ popping rod for large BFT?

    Looking for opinions and experience. Just wondering if any of you have pulled on a large BFT using the CRUZ popping rod "Heavy" model.? Thanks
  265. 909MARIO

    Chart Data Simrad Nss 12

    I have Navionics platinum+ West, I prefer it over the Insight maps because the bottom contour Bathymetry lines are very detailed, I think its 1 ft contours up to 90 ft and then it goes to 3 ft contours after that. This helps when fishing structure and also helps find good Cod spots. Also if...
  266. 909MARIO

    Chart Data Simrad Nss 12

    With 2 NSS units you can run both sides can and chirp at the same time. No BSM needed
  267. 909MARIO

    Chart Data Simrad Nss 12

    Your transducer. Might want to return it and gonwith the B175. Its not about watts, its about the sensitivity of the element. Also, if you think your NSS is putting out 600watts on the B75 your miss lead. The 600watts is only the output for the structure scan transducer. The output to the...
  268. 909MARIO

    First bluefin cow

  269. 909MARIO

    Inverter question

    Ahh, I understand. Gotta make the wife happy bro.
  270. 909MARIO

    San Diego 3/4 6/14 Big Bluefin

    Its very important to have your drags set correctly!
  271. 909MARIO

    San Diego 3/4 6/14 Big Bluefin

    Fished a Calstar 90J with a Trinidad 20. 80# braid with a casting length of 40# mono. Use a heavy Jig for the distance. I got a nice BFT with this using a blue/white JRI 66. 60#er in the boat in 5 min.
  272. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    HI again, I updated my settings above. I had a few days of fishing offshore and played with my setting. I will post up some photos soon. Got some great Screenshots of BFT under the boat. But I wanted to share a Picture I got while fishing for COD on the anchor. This Transducer will mark...
  273. 909MARIO

    Inverter question

    Dude, why use a microwave? Just get a Butane burning stove. They are like $20 bucks and the fuel cans are about $2 each. You can then use a regular pan or pot for cooking, Make coffee with a percolator or just boil water and buy instant coffee. Save you $$ on fishing gear and buy a simple...
  274. 909MARIO

    Trolling east end Catalina

    Rapala Xrap20 any color or Sardine if available. That should produce Bonito. I dont think you will see any Tuna, But ya never know. Good luck
  275. 909MARIO

    Fisherman 1/3, Seal 2/3

    use a FULL AUTO air soft rifle with biodegradeable ammo. it works!
  276. 909MARIO


    Just want to share a little info that some of you may use: Used the squid light for something other than squid. Got a huge float of Red Crab off of LJ and filled 2 - 5 gallon buckets with red crab in about 20 minutes. This is good bait and easy to make. I bagged it up in freezer bags for...
  277. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Good choice. I have a 2007 Yam 250. The 226 sits ass heavy compared to a 216, but I think it is dues to the extra fiberglass on the enclosed transom. When on plane its not an issue and I love having the extra power, I can cruise at a lower RPM. My plan is to have a full floatation Armstrong...
  278. 909MARIO

    Makaira 10 se

    I AGREE!
  279. 909MARIO

    Calstar 90j

    Same, I have the T90J . All Glass, I like the way the rod loads up when casting with the glass rods.
  280. 909MARIO

    Derby, hello! Are you using a B175HW? If so, what are your settings and how deep are you able...

    Derby, hello! Are you using a B175HW? If so, what are your settings and how deep are you able to mark Rock Cod? Are you able to mark Halibut and if so what do you look for on the screen? Thanks!
  281. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    Hi Andy, I recently installed the B175HW. Took it out for a day- test run. I like it! So far I was able to fine tune my setting and this was what I had by the end of the day on a Simrad NSS evo2: BOTTOM LOCK - OFF PALETTES- #4, the one that is all black in the background. RANGE-AUTO but...
  282. 909MARIO

    Fraser Volpe MK-X Repair?

    They charge a flat rate of 750 to repair any damaged part or parts. 750 total
  283. 909MARIO

    Fraser Volpe MK-X Repair?

    They charge a flat rate of 750 to repair any damaged part.
  284. 909MARIO

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Great idea putting up this thread. I look foward to seeing everyone post pics of Cabos. Especially yours Cory P. I have a 89' Cabo 226. 2007 Yamaha F250 with merc Revolution 4,19P. New fuel tank from IMCo San Dimas, 115 Gal net. Batteries in cuddy. Profish windlass. Simrad electronics and...
  285. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    Using Simrad NSS evo2
  286. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    I'm using Simrad nss12 evo2
  287. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    For sure. Also if after changing the setting you still have issues then try adjusting TVG up but no more than 4, and try setting noise to the lowest filter. Good luck
  288. 909MARIO

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    Turn Scroll speed down on a drift and up when running. If scroll.speed is up while drifting your screen will show long worm like marks and not arches. Also, turn your ping speed up. Also, Try setting color line to 35, the higher your color line is The more clutter you will get, that might be why...
  289. 909MARIO

    NSS EVO2 Transducer question B275LHW compatibility

    Call simrad tech support. I'm not sure
  290. 909MARIO

    Azores Spinning Reels???

    In what way? Specifics please? Have you fished an Azores?
  291. 909MARIO

    Anchor Choice

    X 2
  292. 909MARIO

    Anyone knows a mobile outboard tech?

    Nope. But got a good mechanic in Santa Ana. Works on Merc and Yamaha. PM me for the #.
  293. 909MARIO

    Need help with DIY glass and gel coat repairs.

    Cabosil is the filler. Aka fumed silica
  294. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Hey I gave you some bad info look at the posting right before this one and you'll see I updated it
  295. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    UPDATE! Simrad 3D Hey I need to make a correction because I talk to Simrad technical support. There is no way to directly connect that new transducer to the NSS. It still needs to go through the 3D Broadband computer which cost about $1,000. The Simrad update only allows the NSS unit to talk...
  296. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Buy from Gil at Semper fishing. Best
  297. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    I think you got this if you can use a hole saw. Watch this:
  298. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Most people don't realize this but the Simrad unit only puts out 250watts rms. The BSM 3 is exactly the same, 250w. If you were thinking that you need to buy the BSM because it puts out more power then you are wrong. The NSS put out the same power. They both bumps to 500w rms running the...
  299. 909MARIO

    Simrad NSS9 evo2 $1450 SOLD

    I have a Simrad NSS 9 evo2. Works perfectly fine. Selling because I bought a NSS12. 951-741-6780. Mario
  300. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Yeah I really want to see the 3D in salt water!
  301. 909MARIO

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    You will be good with the B175HW for rock fish to about 300'. FYI the transducer for the structure scan is only $200, LSS2. But the 3D is like $1000. 2D is also excellent for finding fish since fish usually relate to structure. If I was fishing inshore only and could only have one transducer...
  302. 909MARIO

    Yah or na..?

    Buy the nss12. Reman, from Gil at semperfishing. I just bought one. $1900. Now I can run two transducers. One on my Nss9 and one on Nss12. No BSM needed. Also, if you have the B175M you should look at the B175HW. You don't need the low version unless you deep dropping to 1000' plus. The...
  303. 909MARIO

    Reels for sale shimano telicas, trindad 40 avet mxl

    Post up your PayPal info or a go fund me account and I can send you a little $$. I pray your wife recovers bro.
  304. 909MARIO

    Simrad Electronics

    Yes and that 3 D unit is incredible!. But the LSS2 transducer runs off the NSS only and the new 3D unit has a separate CPU.
  305. 909MARIO

    Simrad Electronics

    BTW the B75M works great!
  306. 909MARIO

    Simrad Electronics

    Don't forget the LSS 2 structure scan transducer! It's a must and uses a separate port to plug into on the back of the NSS. It's only $299. It scans 300' to each side of the boat giving you 600' of coverage. Also down to 300' depths. It's my go to when hooping lobster and looking for new...
  307. 909MARIO

    bloody deck special: yamaha diagnostic software kit

    EBay $60 Brànd new just hooked up to my laptop
  308. 909MARIO


    Broncos 24. Panthers28
  309. 909MARIO

    How to remove old, dry marine growth from aluminum?

    Go to the dollar store and get toilet bowl liquid cleaner. It's acid and will eat it up. It also etches the aluminum a bit but not much, just makes it look dull. Test it in a small area. It worked for me. You might need to let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing
  310. 909MARIO

    Anyone have a Yamaha trim cap spanner wrench in San Diego?

    eBay, bought mine for about $30
  311. 909MARIO

    Aluminum dual axle trailer 27' loa

    Bump. This is a good Aluminum frame trailer. Just needs brakes, probably cost about $200 to DIY new brakes. Good luck on the sale.
  312. 909MARIO


    AIRMAR B75M. It's in great condition,used. Picks up bottom very well, marks cod and yellowtail beautifully. Includes pigtail for Simrad or lowrance unit. 1 year old transducer with box. Bronze thru hull transducer with 0 tilt. 600 W transducer. It has a depth of 800 ft; an operating...
  313. 909MARIO

    WTB Aluminum boat trailer.

    I am looking for an aluminum boat trailer. My boat is a 22 foot V-hull with an 8' beam. Cabo 226. Ideally im looking for: Tandem drop V torsion axles 3500# with removable spindles. Surge brakes or elec over hydraulic on one axle. 2 Spare tires and spindles. All Stainless hardware. Led...
  314. 909MARIO

    WTB Aluminum boat trailer.

    I am looking for an aluminum boat trailer. My boat is a 22 foot V-hull with an 8' beam. Cabo 226. Ideally im looking for: Tandem drop V torsion axles 3500# with removable spindles. Surge brakes or elec over hydraulic on one axle. 2 Spare tires and spindles. All Stainless hardware. Led...
  315. 909MARIO

    Buying a Trailer out of state?

    Simple question. If I buy a boat trailer in Arizona do I have to pay sales tax I'n CA where I live?
  316. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216216

    Thanks. Those compartments can go about 5 or more inches deeper. I took a marker and drew a line on the inside about 5 inches from the top. Using a angle grinder with a cut off wheel I cut the compartment along the line. you don't want to use a jig saw or any other blade because you don't...
  317. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216216

    My buddy CoryP has a Beautiful 216! He worked on her for 2 years before she saw water. I wish he would post some pictures up. His work is amazing. I often consulted him when working on my boat. He's just not really tech savy at posting pictures but he can rebuild an engine or just about...
  318. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216216

    Port side starting battery
  319. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216216

    House batteries
  320. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216216

    Here's another option for you guys. Move the batteries out of the pass through storage and into the cuddy. Then you can store stuff in the pass through for easy access. Only catch is you cant use lead acid batteries in living space due to off gassing. But the benefit is that the weight is...
  321. 909MARIO

    Is this a good Switch Board?

    The breakers. Do they match the max load of each appliance? Or are they all standard 15A breakers. Wires can fry if the breakers to high.
  322. 909MARIO

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    16# Bruce Anchor. 40' chain
  323. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    $400 sounds nice. Wish I could avoid insurance on personal effects, but I do need at least $5k on personal effects. When I add up the replacement cost on rods, reel, tackle and other gear it adds up fast. I bet many guys on BD got rod and reel setups that are $900 each. Medical I might be...
  324. 909MARIO


    Do you free dive? I see a lot of lobster when I swim out from the surf
  325. 909MARIO

    Salmon heads???

    Mackerel work fine, why buy salmon heads?
  326. 909MARIO

    Fuel Tank Cleaning Yellow Film

    Hi, the stuff In your tank sounds bad. Maybe just old fuel, or maybe worse. I hope for the best for you. Is your tank removable or is it foamed in? If you can remove it, you should, then clean it with a couple of gallons of acetone. Drain as much fuel as possible, add 2-3 gallons of acetone...
  327. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    This is my Boat US "Angler" package. "Agreed value". This does cover Mexico waters through Boat US membership. 5K coverage on fishing equipment.
  328. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    This is my GEICO quote. Numbers are "agreed value". They would only ensure the boat for 18,500 based on the highest estimate from sources like NADA. I was hoping to get it insured for 40K. Replacement cost for just the engine would be 15k used. The engine is a 2007 F250 Yamaha. Electronics...
  329. 909MARIO

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    Hatch open
  330. 909MARIO

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    This is a close up of the hatch. The old hatch was cut in half. One half is now under the windlass epoxied in and gelcoated over. Under that half is a stainless plate to reinforce the windlass. The other half is now the hatch to access the rope and chain
  331. 909MARIO

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    This picture is a little hard to see but its a Profish 700 Free fall on a Cabo 226. I will post more photos to show how it was installed.
  332. 909MARIO

    How to add pictures in posts

  333. 909MARIO

    How to add pictures in posts

  334. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    Just got Boat US quote back. It was high, calling Geico soon.
  335. 909MARIO

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    Nice ride! I have a 226 also. I have done many upgrades, moved batteries, electrical, thru hulls, fuel tank, windlass, etc. If you have questions regarding upgrades or fixing stuff let me know, I would love to help. Wish I had an answer for your current question.
  336. 909MARIO

    Anyone Else Own An Airmar TM150M Transducer???

    On more thing, if your screen ever turns brown while in very deep water say 3000+ Feet. It's probably because bottom lock is on. Don't ask me how I know, just turn it off if your running offshore fishing Tuna and you only want to see about 200-300 feet below you. Good luck and tight lines
  337. 909MARIO

    Anyone Else Own An Airmar TM150M Transducer???

    Great! I'm happy it worked for you. I was thinking about the bottom lock and how you turned it off later on and it still worked. By chance with bottom lock off did you move from deep water to shallow water and then back to deep water again, and then still see it working? I ask because when...
  338. 909MARIO

    L B Breakwall Hooping

    Full moon. Bugs don't like the light. They don't crawl. i did the same thing in LB years ago. Same results. Some times the night calls for a full moon but the moon does not rise until after midnight. On those nights it's pitch black until the moon rises. Next time check the moon rise and...
  339. 909MARIO

    Aftermarket boat ad on's that pay for themselves when you sell

    I got one!! Get a FLO SCAN! It will pay for itself before you even sell the boat. You will find that sweet spot in the RPM range that gets you the best MPG and saves you $$$$$.
  340. 909MARIO

    Windlass for 21 foot boat?

    Everything you said is spot on!!!
  341. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    Thanks Sergio
  342. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    LI just requested a Boat US quote. Next I will call geico. I will post the results when I get all the numbers
  343. 909MARIO

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    I currently use AAA to cover my boat and trailer. I am considering switching to a different carrier. Who would you recommend and why? I fish So cal. Might like to trailer to Baja. 22' Cabo. Do multi day trips. Usually have 2-3 People onboard. Several thousand in gear and tackle on boat...
  344. 909MARIO

    I always burn my bait pump! Help!

    Yes they are bad. Not made like they use to. Get a Jabsco cyclone
  345. 909MARIO

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    Love the simrad. I know its money but man its nice. The 4g radar is sweet also. I fish Cat a lot, you need to get the structure scan, its so easy to find fish around Cat using it. Helps with hooping also
  346. 909MARIO

    Anyone Else Own An Airmar TM150M Transducer???

    Also upgrade your simrad software firmware. This might help. I like noise turned off and gain to auto +2. Turn on bottom lock, that might help
  347. 909MARIO

    GPS Power cable issue

    You will probably need to buy a new cable. I do t think anyone sells it
  348. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216216

    Really nice work! Did you do the carbon fiber yourself, if so,please explain how you did that. Thanks
  349. 909MARIO


    X2 for Gil Travis, he has great prices and he knows his stuff! He will equip you wit the right gear for the type of fishing you do. He set me and many guys up.
  350. 909MARIO


    Lucky, contact Gill Travis, he is the man. He set me up also. Just out of curiosity what kind of fishing do you do? Anything deeper than 350'? I have a B75M but I would like the B275LH-W.
  351. 909MARIO


    Hey nice catch, just leave some to eat seals.
  352. 909MARIO

    Am I Crazy?

    BUY A PLB instead of the VHF. Or buy both, but if I had to buy one it would be the PLB
  353. 909MARIO

    Am I Crazy?

    Yes, I own a waterproof handheld VHF, but they have a 5 mile range at best. Also, line of site can be an issue. the coastguard could be on the other side of the island and they would never hear you because of line of site. Also, if other boats around you are not scanning CH 16 when you send...
  354. 909MARIO

    Am I Crazy?

    Three words: Personal Locator Beacon. Your vhf won't work if your battery dies or your boat flips
  355. 909MARIO

    Am I Crazy?

    Launch from Cabrillo launch ramp. Shortest distance. If you go you should carry a PLB. Personal locator beacon
  356. 909MARIO

    Okuma Azores spinning reels!

    Max cuatro has the diameter of 50. It's thinner. Also, it was put on very tight, as it should be. Other then that it is the diameter of 12# mono or .32 mm. If you cross reference this to Okumas specs for the reel it states the reel can hold 430 yards at that diameter. So looks like you...
  357. 909MARIO

    Okuma Azores spinning reels!

    I used the 65 size with about 400 yards of 65lb power pro max cuatro.
  358. 909MARIO


    Get the new Okuma SCTi-C-861XH! They look and feel sweet. Rated as an inshore rod but it's perfectly fine fishing heavy stuff Great rod 8'6". 24ton carbon blank, Fuji K guides, great action perfect 30-40 lb rod. $169.
  359. 909MARIO

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    Check out Life Line AGM batteries. The best. Also have high reserve capacities for the size and they come in many sizes and shapes!
  360. 909MARIO

    Battery for 20 gallon bait tank

    You need to find out how many Amps the pump will draw, then figure out the maximum number of hours you will be running the pump. Multiply the hours and Amps and you will have the number of Amphours needed. then find a battery that can provide 2X that amount and you will be good to go.
  361. 909MARIO


    Cod stacked up on the bottom.
  362. 909MARIO

    Catalina fishing

    Hey bro, Lobster opener will be a ZOO near the Isthmus because of Buccaneer day festival held there. So I would stay away from the Isthmus if your going this weekend. Look around the East End between Seal rock and Church rock. Fishing has been steady and good in that zone. Birds, Current and...
  363. 909MARIO

    Whats the best Maps/Charts? NON DIGITAL

    Looking for a good source of Charts and maps made out of that waterproof paper. What brand do you suggest and why? Thanks.
  364. 909MARIO

    New Trick For Cleaning Fish

  365. 909MARIO

    VHF Channel @ Catalina that's on a Repeater?

    I want to be able to communicate @ Catalina with friends while on opposite sides of the Island. Does Catalina have a Antenna with a repeater and if so which Channels are on that repeater?
  366. 909MARIO

    Which hoop nets do you recommend and why ?

    Ambush by Promar. I like that they stack nice, also bugs have no problem crawling in them.
  367. 909MARIO


    Hello, Im planning on going to Catalina for the Lobster opener and spending a few nights with my two boys, 9 and 10 years old. They like to fish but also love snorkeling and I want to make this trip as fun as possible for them. Any suggestions and tips on good snorkeling spots would be...
  368. 909MARIO

    Light stick?

    Update. Bought 12 and they work great! Fast shipping also. 3 days.
  369. 909MARIO

    50 yard top shot with fluro leader

    1 more reason. Hot baits get bit! Short top shots help the bait swim better than long topshots or straight mono. The reason is because spectra has less drag in the water. I keep it between 3-8' long then its all spectra.
  370. 909MARIO

    Pretty incredible modern jack-pole video

    That was awesome!
  371. 909MARIO

    Light stick?

    Thank you. I had the same question.
  372. 909MARIO

    Felt like an out of towner !

    Last Sunday was coming home from Catalina in Nasty swells and wind. Going through the 105 area I see 5 boats total. Then I see the biggest spot of diving birds, must have been 100+ birds like Nat Geo! Then this Guy in a Skip Jack comes and Trolls right through it over and over again until the...
  373. 909MARIO

    Okuma Parts / Customer Service

  374. 909MARIO

    alternator issue

    BATTERY CABLES. I would Check your battery cables. I bet they are old and corroded inside. This creates resistance and greatly reduces your charging capacity. You can tell they are corroded when they are hard to bend. If the Alternator is good and the cables are good, consider getting a...
  375. 909MARIO


    ahh yes scroll speed was fast like 6. I was to lazy to change it.
  376. 909MARIO


    They can. If you have that toggled on. My first picture does not have location, my second picture does. I personally don't care unless I'm hooping lobster because fish have tails and don't stay on the same spot, lobster tend not to move too far.
  377. 909MARIO

    Okuma Azores spinning reels!

    I give it more than a entry level review, based on personal experience. See that AJ in the picture above. The Azores didn't bind up at all with about 30#s of drag needed to keep that AJ out of the reef.
  378. 909MARIO

    Okuma Azores spinning reels!

    Used mine to pull on Amberjack in Mexico. They were big AJs. One in the 50#s range. You know how hard they pull, they don't call them Reef Donkeys for nothing. Had no problem with the reel spooled with 65# braid and a 80# Floro top shot. Also, I was using a three piece Okuma travel rod...
  379. 909MARIO

    Top Two Choices of fish finders for Tuna and why?

    Yea know, it's more about the Transducer than its is about the head unit. Most units will give good results, but the transducer is where things change. Science has demonstrated that tuna show up best a certain frequencies. Between 60-88 kHz. So I would find a transducer that covers those...
  380. 909MARIO


    Would love to see your screen shots. Here are a few of mine. B75M transducer. these are from last week on the hook at Catalina. We were catching Yellowtail and Bonito mixed.
  381. 909MARIO

    Can't go wrong at Catalina

    Nice post. How did you fish them? circle/J hook. Dropper, flyline?
  382. 909MARIO

    Simrad evo2 7"

    This second photo shows the screen without the blacked out bottom. This is with good settings, and I was moving. The blue fuzz is from having my gain set a little high A+4. I don't mind the fuzz because I know its just artifact but here are my setting: Nss9evo2 B75M transducer. Ping-Max Noise...
  383. 909MARIO

    Simrad evo2 7"

    This first photo shows the screen with the WRONG SETTINGS. Notice the blacked out bottom part of the screen even though I'm in 1500' + of water.
  384. 909MARIO

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    I AM 99% SURE THIS WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEM: I have the Nss 9. after playing with it some more and talking to Simrads Guru Steve. STEP ONE: On the Sonar Echo page go to menu - then you will see a option called "VIEW" click on it and you will see an option called "SPLIT" in that menu make sure...
  385. 909MARIO

    Simrad evo2 7"

    I AM 99% SURE THIS WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEM: I have the Nss 9. after playing with it some more and talking to Simrads Guru Steve. STEP ONE: On the Sonar Echo page go to menu - then you will see a option called "VIEW" click on it and you will see an option called "SPLIT" in that menu make sure...
  386. 909MARIO

    24 Skipjack fuel tank replacment?

  387. 909MARIO

    2 speed reels

    Only use the low when the fish are down and don't want to come up. IF the fish is at the surface, he could turn at you and if your in low, you wont be able to crank fast enough to retrieve line fast. You might loose the fish. so leave it in high gear until straight up and down.
  388. 909MARIO

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    Check again bro. The BSM 3 does not have an update, only the BSM 2. But the NSS ALL have updates. Here is the link. I Just double checked. Home Support Downloads NSS evo2 Software Update NSS evo2 Software Update RELEASE DATE: 30th July 2015 Recommended for the entire range of Simrad NSS...
  389. 909MARIO

    Offshore Simrad NSS 12 Settings Help

    First get the update released by Simrad on July 30, 2015. Also update the BSM firmware. This fixes a lot of bugs including the temperature issue. Then while in DEEP water set it to something like this. Scroll speed 4, TVG 1, color line start at 30 and slowly go up until blue fuz shows up...
  390. 909MARIO

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    No bro, don't lessen the drag, rather, test it with a scale, set strike to pull 1/4 the break strength of your line. 30# line should pull about 7-8 lbs at strike. You cheat yourself if you set your drag too lite and might as well fish a lower line class.
  391. 909MARIO

    Big Bonita at The 150

    Ummm, actually it doesn't dry it out, the salt within each cell pulls the fresh water in via osmotic pull. So the cells swell, then lyse, aka "pop" causing the meat to take on a mushy texture. This continues until the salinity outside the cells equalizes with the salinity inside the cells. Now...
  392. 909MARIO

    Top Two Choices of fish finders for Tuna and why?

    Best fish finder this year is a good set of eyes and maybe some Binos. Gyros would be my first choice but I don't have that $$$$
  393. 909MARIO

    Simrad evo2 7"

    Yup, also turn auto gain off and set it to about 40-60
  394. 909MARIO

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    Floro to the hook, San Diego Jam Knot
  395. 909MARIO

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    Braid to Floro. John Collins knot.
  396. 909MARIO

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    REGARDLESS of the knot and connection. Always TEST your stuff when your done tying by slipping your hook around something sturdy on the boat and pull like hell, if it does not break it probably won't break off on a fish. My 2 cents.
  397. 909MARIO

    Okuma 2016 Sneek Peak

    Okuma Icast 2015 had some good videos on new stuff on YouTube.
  398. 909MARIO

    Rail Rod for 80-100#?

    Sounds good to me
  399. 909MARIO

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Ahh yes. No expert here although, I do know the limits. I re read your fourth paragraph and I guess it's just the way you worded it. You made it sound like those last big fish were the Blufin you were trying for at the 43. So it seemed you had caught a few in the 60+ pound class and that you...
  400. 909MARIO

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Nice kill! Just an FYI, you were not close to limits because the Bluefin limit of 2 is in addition to your daily total of 20
  401. 909MARIO

    Rail Rod for 80-100#?

    Rail Rod for 80-100#? Fishing spectra to a short Topshot. What would you buy and why?
  402. 909MARIO

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    looks like they are more than 200 feet from the beach to me. No one would know if a swimmer is in the water without a flag up being that far from shore. Just be safe and fly a flag.
  403. 909MARIO

    O'side 8/24

    I read that you chunked but did you also fish a chunk? Some guys chunk but then all they do is Flyline live bait.
  404. 909MARIO

    They want the CHUNK!

    Your question is not stupid. It depends on how strong the clicker is. My buddies reel has a strong clicker that wont birds nest. I had a lever drag. Okuma Andros 5 AII. The first time it almost bird nested when I got hit but after that I used a little tension.
  405. 909MARIO

    They want the CHUNK!

    Short story. Caught YFT chunking offshore near DP Saturday. Live bait got ignored. 1-2 chunks per min kept them with us. Put the rod in the rod holder and put the reel in free spool then put the clicker on. Then grab the line at the end of the rod tip and start feeding line to the chunk so...
  406. 909MARIO

    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    You circle it 100 yards out so you don't get lines in your prop, all the while trolling a 4 ounce torpedo with a large hook on it to snag a few lines.
  407. 909MARIO

    Help me pick new VHF antenna

    I got that galaxy, I got a radio check from my house in Rancho Cucamonga from a guy on the 14 mile bank!
  408. 909MARIO

    Good YT on the 150!

    Love that ICE MACHINE in your garage!
  409. 909MARIO

    The Dead Bait Issues Continue

    That size tank is what I had, I used a 1100 Rule and had great results.
  410. 909MARIO

    The Dead Bait Issues Continue

    I AGREE WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT! One person who knows more than all of us regarding bait tanks is Mark Wisch from Pacific Edge. Hes been doing tanks for like 40 years. If you read some of his articles on installation and trouble shooting bait tanks you will find that fill time does not...
  411. 909MARIO

    The Dead Bait Issues Continue

  412. 909MARIO

    Fiberglass reinforcement and windlass install: Who do you recommend?

    Pacific Edge, Mark Wisch install these
  413. 909MARIO

    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    Not going to recommend that boat again! He would be pissed if you anchored in his chum line like he did to you.
  414. 909MARIO

    Blue Fin limit is 2. Can I have 6 on a 3 day trip?

    Derby, thanks for the apology. From time to time I do the same thing. No worries. Well, as for the Blufin, I need to call a warden and talk to someone in charge to see how they interpret the law. I will get back to ya when I find out. Thanks for the help.
  415. 909MARIO

    Andros clicker?

  416. 909MARIO

    Blue Fin limit is 2. Can I have 6 on a 3 day trip?

    Derby, its as clear as mud to me. Don't assume I did'nt "look it up". I in fact did look it up before posting this. BUT its not clear to me. Therefore I had to ask. This is an excerpt from the DFW website link you gave. "(b) Bluefin tuna - The special limit for bluefin tuna is 2, which...
  417. 909MARIO

    Andros clicker?

    My friend bought the Andros becasue of the price point and quality and also because he knew his son if given a Talica might damage or loose it. He has always been a Shimano guy and owns several Talica II's. I persuaded him to get the Andros for his boy. Being that he is use to and knows very...
  418. 909MARIO

    Andros clicker?

    A good friend of mine bought a A5N II for his eight year old son. He has caught a few yellowtail and yellowfin with it. Engaging the clicker and disengaging the clicker is too hard for his son. It Is very firm and even he has trouble moving the clicker button. He told me about it and I looked at...
  419. 909MARIO

    Cast nets?

    The regulations allowed Northern California fisherman to use cast nets. Why can't the Southern California fisherman use them? What's the difference
  420. 909MARIO

    Blue Fin limit is 2. Can I have 6 on a 3 day trip?

    Blue Fin limit is 2. Can I have 6 on a 3 day trip?
  421. 909MARIO

    Near the 267 Sunday 8-9-15

    Wish we could use cast nets like the northern Cali guys. Then you could make bait quick
  422. 909MARIO

    Silver Bullet Strikes Again

    Buy a full auto Airsoft gun. They work great on seal. You can get biodegradeable BBs
  423. 909MARIO

    Cabo Cuddycon 216 passenger and load rating

    nice boat. Have fun!
  424. 909MARIO

    Help me find right prop

    I also suggest looking up Prop Gods for more help.
  425. 909MARIO

    Help me find right prop

    Don't test it with a light load. Load it like you would when fishing! Full of gear, fuel topped of and ice and all, then see what your max rpm is. Don't make the mistake of going light and getting stuck with a prop that won't work well when your using the boat with a full load. With a full...
  426. 909MARIO

    Removing and reinstalling a gast tank center console Question

    Your opening a can of worms if you pull your tank! Try whatever you can to feed the new hose through. Get creative! If the current hose goes to the fill port you might consider cutting a 6" hole just below the fill port to access the fill hose. Feed the new hose to the tank through the new...
  427. 909MARIO

    Cancun Fishing trip...SUGGESTIONS?

    Just jump on a panga. Let them know you want to bottom fish and troll. Or else they will troll all day. Good luck.
  428. 909MARIO

    The perfect size Makaira for big local Bluefin

    How much 100# hollow can a Mak 16 Sea hold?
  429. 909MARIO

    We Sucked!!!!!

    Good report. Thanks
  430. 909MARIO

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    Don't foam it. You will get crevice corosion. Follow this mounting guide.
  431. 909MARIO

    WOW! Done by 8 AM

    Wow! amazing:lux:
  432. 909MARIO


    I'm amazed at how fast it moved from one spot to another
  433. 909MARIO

    SoCal Offshore Kayak 2015- BLUEFIN

    Your OFFSHORE far enough! Good catch
  434. 909MARIO

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    Get a Panga, not a big 30' cruiser. The ocean is usually way calm off of Playa. That's why they can just anchor a whole fleet of pangas right on the beach without the protection of a harbor. Literally I saw 20+ pangas just yards off the beach. super pangas handle smooth in moderate seas. Take...
  435. 909MARIO

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    He is right on. Best place to spend a day. The Xcaret park is awesome!
  436. 909MARIO

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    I just went to the beach the day before and booked it then. This way I can talk to the guys a bit. I think I put $40 deposit down.
  437. 909MARIO

    I have the same Cabo 226. We are blessed to own such sweet rides. If you ever need a hand or...

    I have the same Cabo 226. We are blessed to own such sweet rides. If you ever need a hand or have a question about working on it, hit me up. I have upgraded so many things and rewired it completely. Even moved batteries to the cuddy and made those boxes in the cuddy much deeper. Good luck...
  438. 909MARIO

    Dana Point 8/1 & 8/2: Las Vegas Boys Killed it

    Dude the guys are from Vegas. They probably dont catch Threshers that often. Give him a break, I'm happy he kept that Shark. Enjoy those steaks bro!
  439. 909MARIO

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    Look at all that fat!! Looks like pork!
  440. 909MARIO

    Yellowtail, something big and......7/24

    Good report! NIce yellows. Try free spooling for a few seconds to avoid breaking off the fish. Swing the rod around the bow then engage reel.
  441. 909MARIO

    Teching him fishing.. lots of Dorado!! Nauti Girl's boat - pics. Video

    Great to see you taking kids fishing! Good for you.
  442. 909MARIO

    137# Bluefin, 43, 8-1-15

    Beautiful Fish! Also love that boat, CABO 226 right? Nice!
  443. 909MARIO

    Cabo Cuddycon 216 passenger and load rating

    Hmm. My buddy has one. I have the 226. 2-3 guys is about all you can have and really have a lot of fishing room. 4 is a bit crowded. 5-6 people just for cruising. Keep in mind the free board is not really high so it depends on sea conditions. These are great boats. You will love it! The...
  444. 909MARIO

    Oside a small pair 8-1-15

    x2. Love the black socks and flip flops! I thought us Mexicans and Asians were the only ones that did that. LoL!
  445. 909MARIO

    august 1st out of dana

    Nice! Love the fast report
  446. 909MARIO

    Suggestions on Binoculars

    Bushnell H2o 7x50. $73. Amazon. Work great. Nitrogen purged. BAK-4 prism. water and fog proof
  447. 909MARIO

    Storing fishing rods in garage

    Usually the issue is mono deteriorates in the garage.
  448. 909MARIO

    Holy Shit. I caught fish today. 7/26 report

    Looks like a navigation hazard. I would hate to hit that thing
  449. 909MARIO

    Anyone have a review on the Andros a 5ii?

    OK. But that's not the way strike is supposed to work. Also as for capacity, I got 380 yards of max quattro 65# on mone. Plenty of capacity. It freespools excellently, like a Talica II..
  450. 909MARIO

    Anyone have a review on the Andros a 5ii?

    Strike is only 2 pounds when full is set to 10 pounds
  451. 909MARIO

    Anyone have a review on the Andros a 5ii?

    It is a awesome reel. I have one and have fished it. My only complaint is I do not like the drag curve. I was fishing 40# for tuna, so I set my drag at full to 10-11 pounds of drag using a scale. I followed the rule of fishing drags at 1/4 of my lines rated capacity. But at strike my drag was...
  452. 909MARIO

    Update on BFT bag limit/closure....

    Umm. I want a freezer full. I happen to like it even after it is frozen. And I got 4 kids so this also helps offset food costs. :)
  453. 909MARIO

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    I was there 3 weeks ago but I booked a panga. Guy named Juan with a super panga and Twin Yamahas . we trolled, 15 min out the harbor hooked up on a 60# blue Marlin. Landed it after 25 min battle. Then told them I wanted to bottom fish. The setup a drift with dead bait in about 300' bam! Dad...
  454. 909MARIO

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Absolutely the best report of the year on BD!
  455. 909MARIO

    Bait tank fill time

    Your spot on!
  456. 909MARIO

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    I have been wanting to have someone crowed me out on a kelp so I can pull off the "Tow Trick" that's when you pull up to the kelp patty, tie off a huge chunk and tow the whole thing away with you. Lol!LOLLOLLOL
  457. 909MARIO

    New lo-Ann sat 6/27

    Tell me more about the kite? Who used it?
  458. 909MARIO

    Big Bang...No Buck

    Great post but.... Why would you drive right into them? That will always put the fish down. slowly motor up current or up wind of them staying at least 100 yards away. kill the motor and let them come to you. This way the fish stay up and give you a better chance at hooking up. Just my 2...
  459. 909MARIO

    Flat fall jigs

    Check out the Crippled Herring, better action, slower flutter. Been around for years, popular on the East Coast, Flutters slower than the FFs. Much cheaper.
  460. 909MARIO

    Flat Fall - Advice

    Ya know, the Crippled Herring Jig Flutters better and has been around for years.
  461. 909MARIO

    yellows deep east of oil rigs

    south. you can see them from the 150.
  462. 909MARIO


    CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER/NCEP/NWS and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society 5 February 2015 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Synopsis: There is an approximately 50-60% chance of El Niño within the late Northern Hemisphere winter and early spring, with ENSO-neutral...
  463. 909MARIO

    Lets all go to BOX Cyn!!!

    Its one spot out of hundreds of miles. Ain't gonna hurt even if a purse seiner came through and wrapped every school in the canyon.
  464. 909MARIO


    Looking for 4 oz torpedo's 8-10 oz torpedo's 16 oz torpedos 2 oz egg sinkers I want to buy a large quantity. Probably around 40-60 pounds total. Anyone got a connection to a seller.
  465. 909MARIO

    Cabo 216

    He's done all the work that this boat needs. I know because I own one. this is a good price. Somebody's going to be real happy with this.
  466. 909MARIO


    Still no solid answer, I have emailed two additional people at Navico.
  467. 909MARIO


    Thanks for the reply, hopefully someone has a solution that allows me not to need two cards. :)
  468. 909MARIO


    Hopefully someone knows a solution to my "Techy" question. I have already contacted Simrad support but Tech support was unable to answer my questions. He said it was "over his head" and I needed to contact Navico but he did not have the support phone number. Navico has a link to email...
  469. 909MARIO

    Simrad NSS EVO2-What transducer for So Cal?

  470. 909MARIO

    Sat 12/20 Huntington Oil Rigs

    AIR SOFT works on the dogs and birds. Biodegradable amo of course.
  471. 909MARIO

    Secret spot gives up more pig yellows

    Can't wait till the storm passes.
  472. 909MARIO

    Simrad NSS EVO2-What transducer for So Cal?

    Got the B75M, love it. Used inshore and off shore. Awesome for metering cod also. NSS9evo2. Want to try a b175hw but not shure if I need a bsm2? Also have the lss2 structure scan and it's great, especially for lobster structure.
  473. 909MARIO

    YT and seals

    Must have been a Mexican Sea Lion!
  474. 909MARIO

    YT and seals

    use an AIR SOFT GUN with Biodegradable BBs. So far it has worked for me, scared off a sea lion yesterday. I called DFW and the officer told me that they only enforce the laws and that USFW United States Fish and Wildlife makes the rules. So I called USFW and got the Info from that officer. So...
  475. 909MARIO

    Ducky hits the shoe !!11-6

    Bonito??? I recently tried bleeding and Icing down the a Bonito I caught. I was SURPRISED at how good it was as Sashimi! Put it this way, my wife hates any fish that tastes "Fishy". I served her some Bonito Sashimi and she loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From now on Bonito are...
  476. 909MARIO

    How would you fish these....

    the crippled herring is one of my favorite lures. I like to drop it down to the and then with a long sweeping motion of the rod pocket up 5 to 6 feet. Then drop it down to the bottom again try that at a few different water depths. It's a killer jig. One of my favorite secrets. Works good on...
  477. 909MARIO

    I need help getting a 4 blade propeller 4 my 1997 225 Yahama outboard!

    The revolution 4 is a great PROP
  478. 909MARIO


    So WHY can Nor Cal Anglers use throw nets for Squid and Anchovie but So Cal Anglers have to use Sabikis or go to a bait barge? I know that asking for a "Scientific explanation" is probably asking to much but if any of you work for DFW would you please explain this on to me? Thank you...
  479. 909MARIO

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    Wish we could use cast nets for bait like Northern CA. I do not know why DFG has that restriction on SO Cal. Either way, let it go and just be happy that sometimes we get more than what we pay for.
  480. 909MARIO


    The mistake was trolling. These fish are on the bottom. Go from spot to spot looking for marks on the bottom that are larger than say calico marks. Then once u find em drop a jig or bait down
  481. 909MARIO

    10-20 Monday Horseshoe Yellows

    We got a 25lber in the 150 bubbles area on friday. lost another on a Pink Lucanus Jig. LOL. Lings were chowing also.
  482. 909MARIO


    I am looking to switch to a 4 blade prop on my Yamaha F250. I was hoping to find a retailer that will allow me to test a few different props if I agree to buy one of them. I was hoping that the retailer was located near the water so that I could exchange props quickly the same day. I don't...
  483. 909MARIO

    El Nino Latest Forcast

    basically they forecasted an El Nino for all of 2015. You can click on the report here.
  484. 909MARIO

    El Nino Reported.Latest Forcast

    basically they forecasted an El Nino for all of 2015. You can click on the report here.
  485. 909MARIO


    Does anyone use 1/4" diameter rope for Hooping? On my long ropes for deep drops 100' I know that current can be strong and pull netsoff spots, some of that drag is from the rope. So it seems a thinner diameter would help reduce drag. I also like how it coils up and takes less space. I will be...
  486. 909MARIO

    Is there an SD card that shows our SoCal MLPA boundaries?

    Simrad insight maps show them. Just need to turn off the "fishing chip" view.
  487. 909MARIO


    How much RODE (anchor rope) have you been able to fit in your anchor locker of a CABO 226? Reason Im asking is that Im looking to buy 8 plait Rode for my cabo and I really don't want to over buy just to see what fits. Also do not want to go to West Marine and pay premium price for rope just to...
  488. 909MARIO

    BAIT PUMPS!? recommendations please...

    Well, sounds like JABSCO CYCLONE is for me. I was concerned about AMP draw because I will be spending many overnight trips out at the Islands and running a Pump all night can drain the batteries. But I think the CYCLONE will be a great pump. Thank you everyone for there input. :appl::-)
  489. 909MARIO

    BAIT PUMPS!? recommendations please...

    copy that, do you know the model #
  490. 909MARIO

    BAIT PUMPS!? recommendations please...

    Looked into the Jabsco Cyclone. They are not self priming but they look like they are made well. Click HERE for spec sheet link. Instructions seem to indicate that this pump does not do well in wet locations. Anyone have any experience with this??
  491. 909MARIO

    BAIT PUMPS!? recommendations please...

  492. 909MARIO

    BAIT PUMPS!? recommendations please...

    Yup. he checked everything as he should. He is a professional mechanic for the fire department and is very meticulous about his work. wiring plumbing and everything was all laid out on paper before IHe even started work
  493. 909MARIO

    BAIT PUMPS!? recommendations please...

    So a friend of mine has gone through about 10 Rule pumps just this season. Thank God he has the West Marine warranty on the pumps or he would be out a lot of cash. Rule pumps suck! Can anyone please offer a different brand recommendation? He has a split 50 gal bait tank . Pacific edge brand...
  494. 909MARIO

    NSS 7-16 evo2 Share your Tips, Tricks and setup advice?

    Would like to know if any of you with Simrad electronics have some good tips? I found this tutorial on YOUTUBE for marking birds with the 4 G.
  495. 909MARIO

    Simrad NSS12 Won't Show Mexican Border

    Got the NSS 9, Do the PLATINUM CHIPS show the MLPA's?
  496. 909MARIO


  497. 909MARIO


    I'm torn. Do I go with flat style or the Promar conical style. It seems many guys are going back to the flat style.
  498. 909MARIO


    Sorry Mr. Jigs, really want the FCV 587. Thanks Anyways
  499. 909MARIO


  500. 909MARIO


    I am looking for a Furuno FCV587 If possible I am interested in the 1k watt transducer also. let me know what you got. Thank you , Mario. 9Five 1 741 678zero
  501. 909MARIO

    Help with a Cabo 226

    I am interested in buying it. We could also work out a deal where you could use it after I repower it.
  502. 909MARIO


    Anyone want to share their Jerky Recipe for Fish? I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  503. 909MARIO

    Shooting sport caught fish

    Not illegal. I have spoken with game wardens on this. If you are catching the Shark with hook and line and you bring it boat side - you can dispatch the shark with a gun or bang stick.
  504. 909MARIO

    Wellcraft 24 ft custom fishing boat

    any photos of the stern from the inside cabin area.
  505. 909MARIO

    CABO 216 or 226 - WANTED

    I am interested, please tell me about your 216 Thank you
  506. 909MARIO

    CABO 216 or 226 - WANTED

    I am interested. tell me about it Thank you
  507. 909MARIO

    CABO 216 or 226 - WANTED

    Nice. Thank you. That's far for me to drive for a note.was it for sale?
  508. 909MARIO

    CABO 216 or 226 - WANTED

    Hello. I'm looking for a CABO 216 or 226. I really like the lay out of these older boats. If you have one, even if it needs repairs, please contact me. PM me or call me. (951) 741 6780. ask for Mario.
  509. 909MARIO

    29' Dyer diesel sportfisher

    $10,000 . When can I pick it up?
  510. 909MARIO

    Deep Drop Fishing

    Bro that's crazy! I never thought halibut would be so deep. Do you think southern cal has halibut that deep? thanks for the info
  511. 909MARIO

    Deep Drop Fishing

    Very nice. Thanks for the info. I will look into this. How did you attach to the rebar and what diameter rebar do you buy?
  512. 909MARIO

    Deep Drop Fishing

    Any one have experience fishing for bottom fish in water deeper than 400' in Mexico. I know it's illegal here in CA? Also I loose a lot of weight using 30lb mono. Any tips for not loosing so much weight.
  513. 909MARIO


    Thank you!!! I will give it a try
  514. 909MARIO


  515. 909MARIO


    :eek: What, did I read that correctly, 976TUNA posts 8 BIGEYE for the thunderbird 1 1/2 day boat!! AWESOME!Anyone able to confirm or deny this?? Any Idea where they fished?
  516. 909MARIO


    we bought Fords at Fleet prices for a very Large Fire Department in the LA Area. We have over 100 Fords which are being phased out. LET ME SAY THAT WE NOW ONLY BUY DODGE DIESELS. I recall the first stations to get the new Fords with all the EPA stuff that makes them clean Idle Diesels...
  517. 909MARIO


    we use to have a whole fleet of FORD diesel trucks, dont buy them, they break down. we now have Dodge Diesels.
  518. 909MARIO

    LINGCOD - Can you suggest some jigs and plastic to use?

    Hi guys, I know about Diamond jigs but was wondering what else is effective for lingcod. I like using plastics and lead. Thanks!
  519. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    What ever life throws at you, Dauntless has you covered.
  520. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    What ever the sea throws at you, Dauntless can handle it. - - - Updated - - - Its not just another reel, Its the new go to in your arsenal.
  521. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Its not just another reel, Its a way of life.
  522. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    What ever life throws at you, Dauntless has got you covered.
  523. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Some things in life will make you covet. Accurate Dauntless - - - Updated - - - Some things in life just make you lust.
  524. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Thou shall not covet your neighbors wife, nor his goods. So get your own. Dauntless by Accurate
  525. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    She's smooth, sexy and will make you lust. Her name is Dauntless by Accurate. - - - Updated - - - Thou shall not covet. Dauntless by Accurate
  526. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    When it sounds to good to be true, seeing is believing. Dauntless 400 by Accurate. - - - Updated - - - When it sounds to good to be true, seeing is believing. Come see the Dauntless 400 by Accurate.
  527. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Beautiful women that can fish and the new Accurate Dauntless. To good to be true!
  528. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    She's smooth, sexy, engineered to perfection, the envy of every man. Accurate Dauntless.
  529. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    She's smooth, sexy and engineered to perfection. Accurate Dauntless.
  530. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    She can conquer them all, Big and small, Accurate Dauntless.
  531. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    She can handle the big ones also. Accurate Dauntless
  532. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Built for the Big ones, light and smooth enough for the small ones.
  533. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Big game or small, The Dauntless can handle it.
  534. 909MARIO

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Its not the size of the reel, but how you use it. Dauntless 400
  535. 909MARIO

    tackle recommendations for current 1.5 to 3 day trips

    If you get sawed off on a hot bite you will wish you had those extra rods ready as back ups. I got sawed off but had my backup and was back in the game in seconds
  536. 909MARIO

    Bluefin tackle

    please forgive my bad spelling I am using voice to text. I just got back from a day and a half yesterday. Blue fin tuna or averaging 20 to 50 pounds. Guys with light line got bit the most. 25 pound or 30 pound test line. But they paid the price. Lots of fish lost and 1 guy fights for an hour and...
  537. 909MARIO

    Nados: 8/27 Yellowtail

    I'll be there in the morning. Thanks for the report
  538. 909MARIO

    Best 8' bait stick to pair with a Trini 16A

    Tzc80m. Great stick. Lifetime over the counter warranty. I have landed 60# thresher with this stick. Perfect 4 25# line
  539. 909MARIO

    yellow tail people are keeping

    TO EACH HIS OWN. So long as its legal. If you think its not sporting to catch small Yellows on heavy tackle then use some 4 lb trout gear. You wanna throw them back then throw them back. You want to keep your 5 fish limit under 24" then keep them. I personally fish for fun and for meat.
  540. 909MARIO

    yellow tail people are keeping

    Throw back the small yellows and just keep the little Sculpin:rofl:.
  541. 909MARIO

    Okuma high performance level wind?

    I am looking to purchase a level wind reel with the following features: Aluminum frame Non disengaging level wind. smooth drags up to,15lbs excellent free spool capacity of 300 yds of 40 lb braided line. centrifical or magnetic cast controll. helical cut stainless gears. good quality corossion...
  542. 909MARIO


    How is the Shadow Stalker Blank different from the Cedros Coastal?
  543. 909MARIO

    Best Chum Method

    Harbor freight tools has a chum maker called a wood chipper. Cost about $100. Money well spent. now I take home macs and throw them straight in, put a bucket underneath and your done in minutes. freeze and save. I also take leftover bait, freeze first then throw into wood chipper for less...
  544. 909MARIO

    BEST SWIMMING SUB 5" IRON weighing MORE than 3 ounces.

    Who do I call to get jro jigs
  545. 909MARIO

    Colt Snipper. No assist hook?

    hi guys I just picked up a colt sniper. I love the look and design of this Lure. but the treble hook looks a little weak and although this Lure is a bit small I still would like to use it on local yellowtail and school size Bluefin. I was wondering why no assist hook. Does the treble hook...
  546. 909MARIO

    My Next Okuma...

    Just use the 16II, whats a few more ounces. are we men or mice? :fighting0061:
  547. 909MARIO


    I really love my Cedros Coastal rod. I heard recently that this line will be discontinued. Why? Was it not cost effective to manufacture. It sure is a awesome rod. Will it be replaced by another model?
  548. 909MARIO

    Cedros Coastal Question

    Hi, I own that rod. It can handle a line class of 25# and 30 # JUST FINE. What reel do you use, I have an Abu Garcia revo toro 60HS. I would be more concerned about the reel. The rod is not much of a issue. I spool #65 braid to #30 mono or floro. and use short top shots. Its my light Iron...
  549. 909MARIO

    BEST SWIMMING SUB 5" IRON weighing MORE than 3 ounces.

    thank you for your input
  550. 909MARIO

    Drug pangas. Where do they go after confiscation and how can i buy one

    does anyone know where they go and if they are auctioned off
  551. 909MARIO

    Pressure canning tuna. Jars vs Retort bags

    Buy jars once.. buy new bags each time.. hmm sounds like jars are cheaper
  552. 909MARIO

    BEST SWIMMING SUB 5" IRON weighing MORE than 3 ounces.

    Hello! I am looking for the Iron that Swims better than most. Can be fished subsurface and weighs more than 3 ounces. My primary use will be Along kelp lines and between kelp lanes for Yellows and Calico's. Thank you for your input!
  553. 909MARIO

    float tubing newport harbor.

    Forgot to mention that while your slowly kicking and dragging the Carolina rigged Anchovies, I would also have a bass rod and toss different jigs like Gulp Jerk shad rigged on a weedless hook.
  554. 909MARIO

    float tubing newport harbor.

    I use to fish there out of a Float tube until I got a boat. Honestly you have an advantage. You can fish near the beach on the other side of the breakwall where the swimmers are, boats cant go there. Here is the deal... So here is what I did for some good action. Park at Corona Del Mar...
  555. 909MARIO

    Yesterday at the 14 mile

    We found more kelp past the 14. Lots of bait. Any day now and the switch could turn on.
  556. 909MARIO

    1.5 day and gunny sacks?

    Grabbing some popcorn for the show:hali_ruahahaha:
  557. 909MARIO

    Tuna near Catalina.

    I hope someone hooks up and posts a report.
  558. 909MARIO

    Tuna near Catalina.

    Fished Catalina front side east on 8-6. Slow bite. Water67-68. No yellows seen or landed. Around 1pm decided to look for paddies. Searched and found many with only lots of bait on them . Small paddies, biggest one the size of two front doors. Now for the Tuna part. Saw some dolphins...
  559. 909MARIO

    14 MILE BANK, 267, and Cat East End, Sea Doo paddy hopping report 7-18-13

    Just imagine what a large Mako would have done. Good photos and cool report
  560. 909MARIO


  561. 909MARIO

    where to fish flats or horshoe?

    BTW, High tide will be right at sunset tomorrow and fishing 1 hour before and 1 hour after should be awesome.
  562. 909MARIO

    where to fish flats or horshoe?

    Im wondering the same myself. Except I launch tomorrow around noon. I was thinking the flats but then I heard that the Bass are coming out of Spawn mode and moving more toawrd structure spots now. So my guess would be Izors reef. I am also debating just fishing Palos Verdes for Calico bass...
  563. 909MARIO

    What pressure do you use when setting drags

    I have asked guys to set drag by feel and then tell me what it was set to and they are almost always way off. So IMHO I dont trust drags set by feel. I set mine to 25% pulled with line through the guide with a bend. Use a digital hand scale like the one Berkley sells and have a friend help you.
  564. 909MARIO


    Newport had some as of 7-18. they seemed to have alot!
  565. 909MARIO


    Good job. I was just listening to Lets Talk Hook Up Radio and the guest speaker was a Marine Biologist who tags these Makos and studies them. He was asked on radio about catching and keeping Mako's. What I learned from the Marine Biologist is that we can catch and keep what is rightfully ours...
  566. 909MARIO

    Blue Fin Tuna.. Do you use Jigs? Your preferred method.

    Hello, Need your advice. With all the Local Blue Fin within 1-2 day range can you share with me your advice on fishing the Jig. I have only used knife jigs for Blue fin. Thank you. When do you like to you use a Jig vs Live bait. Which Jigs / swimbaits (sizes, colors, etc) Whats your...
  567. 909MARIO

    night fishing.. lights out?

    Lights out bro. IMHO. Reason - attracts the Dogs at Cat.
  568. 909MARIO

    Tribute 1.5-day (6/29)

    These Bluefin are boat shy. HINT - If more guys were like you fishing the deep jig or very long soak on bait we might see some better numbers in the counts. NICE CATCH!
  569. 909MARIO

    Whats a good Jig stick reel

    Saltist Black Gold size 20.
  570. 909MARIO

    Tribute sportfishing

    Good skipper last fall. Put me on many fish!
  571. 909MARIO

    Flourocarbon Age

    Flouro carbon was designed for long term use. It is not affected by UV. It actually is a hazard in that it does not break down in nature like mono will. so any flouro thrown out will be around for a long time.
  572. 909MARIO

    polarized sunglasses

  573. 909MARIO

    Sardines anyone?

    Yup, Chum it with cat food or even dog food. Meter around to find bait balls. chum them up with cat food, use that Sabiki to fill your tank.
  574. 909MARIO

    Any one try NU Ice?

    i have been looking at this but have not tried it. I like the idea of not adding "Fresh water" Ice to my ice chest full of fish. Fresh water breaks down tissue, it causes the cellular structures to swell and then pop. This is why fish kept on ice to long will get mushy. Nu Ice would seem to...
  575. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    STAMINA - - - Updated - - - ENDURANCE
  576. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  577. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  578. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    ALCHEMY - - - Updated - - - ILLUSION - - - Updated - - - SORCERY - - - Updated - - - DIABOLIC
  579. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    DOMINATION - - - Updated - - - DOMINATE - - - Updated - - - SUPREMACY - - - Updated - - - DOMINANCE
  580. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    HOSTILE - - - Updated - - - ENGAGE - - - Updated - - - RAVAGE - - - Updated - - - HAVOC - - - Updated - - - COMBAT - - - Updated - - - SUBDUE
  581. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    SHADOW - - - Updated - - - MYSTIC
  582. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    STORM - - - Updated - - - CYCLONE - - - Updated - - - TEMPEST - - - Updated - - - ASSAULT - - - Updated - - - CONQUER
  583. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  584. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  585. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Impact - - - Updated - - - BLAZE - - - Updated - - - ​THUNDER - - - Updated - - - ACCELERATE
  586. 909MARIO

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  587. 909MARIO

    bait tank

    good job.
  588. 909MARIO

    Oceanside makos

    Release the girls and benefit. I love anything that eats seals