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  1. Mr. Doodles

    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    Just remember, size matters and if you are taking up the road they will get out of the way Slow and steady they will move... no???
  2. Mr. Doodles

    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    Yep that is best grew up there now live south least amount of obsticles Or 509 to 99 through the tunnel first exit after crossing aurora bridge go to the left straight ahead until you get to leary then right and keep going
  3. Mr. Doodles

    Survey says....

    Can we get a decent fishing season to go with those?
  4. Mr. Doodles

    Double Ooops

    Hard to believe but these POS's are still there most likely as stated before they were a floating homeless camp and the POS homeless drug addicts have just moved on and left their mess to the rest of us as they normally do... How long do we have to put up with this crap? Anybody seen Denny park...
  5. Mr. Doodles

    Double Ooops

    Still there including the Vespa
  6. Mr. Doodles

    Double Ooops

    Still there this am even the vespa is still on the sail boat, Im suprised the pack rats have not carted everything away by now.
  7. Mr. Doodles

    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    Why dont you just buy another boat then you won't need to sell these things... Problem solved... You can thank me later
  8. Mr. Doodles

    Meadow Point

    What best goes with those big metal flashers spoons? Hoochies?
  9. Mr. Doodles

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Customer service sucks almost everywhere these days... but really? towed home from sekiu because you had no chart plotter???? Sekiu became famous from people fishing from kicker boats with nothing for navigation... Just a compass will keep you facing in the right direction it's pretty simple...
  10. Mr. Doodles

    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Just curious, Whatdoes a beast like that get for milage unloaded? Loaded?
  11. Mr. Doodles

    Q-cove flasher leashes??

    Maybe someone with a 3D printer??? Seems to be a comon problem these days...
  12. Mr. Doodles

    The Paragon

    WOW now that is sweet! Congrats on your new boat and your pending retirement Looks like you will be too busy to work. Enjoy!
  13. Mr. Doodles

    New boat ho available

    Congrats....I guess....but bummer. You're always welcome with me if I ever put mine back together.
  14. Mr. Doodles

    A-10 Crab Report, Accidental Nookie, and Likely Crab Poacher Alert

    I would have to go back and read up to be sure but I do believe there is stipulation that you can't remove the fish from the water unless you are on a boat over 30' or so. Again don't quote me on that but check the regs Just checked unlawful to bring a fish on board (over the gunwales) if it is...
  15. Mr. Doodles

    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    And we wonder why our seasons are so F'd up at this rate there will never be improvement what a bunch of crap!
  16. Mr. Doodles

    A-10 Crab Report, Accidental Nookie, and Likely Crab Poacher Alert

    Thats a no no ptobably should not advertise it
  17. Mr. Doodles

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    2 words... "Wood blocks"
  18. Mr. Doodles

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    Thanks again ! Great day!
  19. Mr. Doodles

    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    Are you guys on drugs????
  20. Mr. Doodles


    Lol I am in no way associated with, or responsible, for "whackadoodles"or anything they say or do.
  21. Mr. Doodles

    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    A 11 was carpet bombed a month or so ago I dont think they got much they did not stay long and every time i watched them through the scope it looked like all they did was pull them up and toss them back I was amazed at how far a co-manager could throw a crab...must be some kind of ceremony or...
  22. Mr. Doodles

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    Sounds like you guys should get together on design and talk with either Rudnick or Capt. Decent for custom covers
  23. Mr. Doodles

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    I did watch through my spotting scope when theh were picking pots out of Redondo and saw them tossing lots back they were tossing them as far as they could from the boat could not tell if they had any keepers or not
  24. Mr. Doodles

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Has anyone heard how the harvest is going in MA11? Size and quantity? After 2 years with no crabbing it would be interesting to know what they are getting.
  25. Mr. Doodles

    But yet we cant fish....

    There may be an opening in N Korea for him...
  26. Mr. Doodles

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Let the carpet bombing begin..just looked out over Redondo and our co managers are doing a fine job of harvesting the the resource im sure there will be nothing left by the time we get a chance..
  27. Mr. Doodles

    Looking to buy a 12-14 Livingston/style boat.

    FYI someone just posted 13 livingston on seattle CL $800. On a trailer no motor Just fyi
  28. Mr. Doodles

    Sea lion in the woods!?!?

    And where did they release this furbag???????? The columbia since there are no issuss there and it must be their natural habitat....
  29. Mr. Doodles

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Double hook up?... How does that work if you're solo?
  30. Mr. Doodles

    Salmon Stuff

    Say it ain't so...
  31. Mr. Doodles

    WTb reel repair

    X2 he will get the job done!
  32. Mr. Doodles

    Washington park launch

    I'll see your wash park shit show and raise you 1 Redondo shit show great weather shrimpin coming Saturday and no docks for another month or so...
  33. Mr. Doodles

    Beer flash

    TTT Who's in?
  34. Mr. Doodles

    WDFW Crabbing dates SCREWED US ALL AGAIN -

    Your forgetting thar our Co managers would have to get their 50% or more...
  35. Mr. Doodles

    Beer flash

    Anybody interested in a quick BD flash mob at the yardarm in Des Moines? No actual flashing allowed... Next Friday 4-19 4 or 5pm till? I know we got a bunch of locals let's have a beer and talk shit Who's in?
  36. Mr. Doodles

    Rookie shrimper with gear

    Not to worry Jamie we got you covered
  37. Mr. Doodles

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    OK Dave, you talked me into it...Skagit River Blakes river resort, mid 80's. The guy I went with had been fishing it for years and had put several in the box in the 30-40lb range...before going I was telling the guys at work that I was going to the Skagit with Ben and was going to get a...
  38. Mr. Doodles

    WTB Snow Skis

    Yeah... that would be a very funky smelling bobsled... Don't think I would want a ride in that one..?
  39. Mr. Doodles

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Agree 100% with this don't care about the politics or circumstance but a call to the CG is definately warrented...if there were casuaties or survivors help would be on the way that much sooner if not and CG tells you the situation nothing lost
  40. Mr. Doodles

    Need to Read....Crazy fishery ideas/myths

    What scares me is that it seems that most of the public thinks that the Orca are starving because of us...when we all know the problem is habitat... We can only mitigate that issue with increase hatchery production not solve it but at least it is a start. I have always been dead set against the...
  41. Mr. Doodles

    Son's First Ho

    Little piggies are fat and getting fatter get them while we can! Thanks Jason and Liam good times!
  42. Mr. Doodles

    A2 7 days a week...2 kings. Starting tomorrow.

    Well if they are going to 2 kings a day it must mean they are going to close it in a week.... How STUPID is wdfw that they would open MA11 to 2 kings a day then close it a week later???? That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard...Opportunity My ass!! Might be time to hang the...
  43. Mr. Doodles

    Hard Fishing / Beer Fishing

    Way to go but this year is just beginning her at home! Still time to get more! Athough they were few and far between for us yesterday... Cheers!
  44. Mr. Doodles


    Who is fishing the PSA Derby this Saturday?
  45. Mr. Doodles

    Found one I can’t make look small

    Nice grade of fish! Way to go!
  46. Mr. Doodles

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Congrats on a nice rig ! I think he just called you fat???? Looks like you need a new truck now. Should make for good times!
  47. Mr. Doodles

    This won’t end well.

    Sounds like we need one of those on the Columbia to help take care of the birds feeding on the Salmon smolts.... I wonder if they have one that could take care of Sea Lions????
  48. Mr. Doodles

    Breaking News, High Seal Numbers Decrease Salmon Populations!

    I'm not convinced the reef is a good thing depending on where they place it and why they put it in... If it is there just for divers it does nothing for the rest of us , the fish population, or to enhance the fishery, and then they will probably just make it off limits to fishing anyway... it...
  49. Mr. Doodles

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Stay a a ay from the commie shrimps they run strings of pots and even when you think you are far from their boys their ground line runs all over the place and you will loose your gear...gets a little spend and does not put shrimp on the barbie...
  50. Mr. Doodles

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    They don't give a shit about fishing seasons... they just want to fill the paid parking...
  51. Mr. Doodles

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    And after you launch your 25' boat and dink around for 20 min trying to get it started only then realizing you forgot the plug when your toes Start getting wet...the just pull up the ramp and sit there while it drains for another 20 mins then repeat the sequence over again...wait...did you put...
  52. Mr. Doodles

    Coonstripe shrimp pots for sale.

    Anybody willing to share coonstripe Intel in areas 10,11 and 13?
  53. Mr. Doodles

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Yeah last 2 years has been pretty dismal in all my area 11 spots closed is good...for now... but lets hope it recovers.
  54. Mr. Doodles

    FYI Des Moines

  55. Mr. Doodles

    Bye bye West San Juan Chinook Fisheries!

    Hey! Here's an idea..... Why not crank up the hatcheries to 11 and make as many Chinook as possible then everyone will be happy!
  56. Mr. Doodles

    In the water somewhere

    Do you fish the power bait naked or dressed?
  57. Mr. Doodles

    Here we go again

    WDFW in secret negotiations with tribes This stinks were screwed going to be a lot of boats for sale soon...
  58. Mr. Doodles

    Hope you have your antifreeze in

    Someone needs a hoby....
  59. Mr. Doodles

    Did you thing our seasons were bad before?

    Probably less impact in the south sound...who ever thought the south sound would be the place to fish...
  60. Mr. Doodles

    Not news to anyone that fishes

    It doesn't help any that after we have destroyed habitat, replaced the wild populations with hatchery raised fish then only do the minimum to restore habitat we then cut hatchery production to 10% of what it once was. Realistically we can't fix the habitat or bring back the wild fish all we can...
  61. Mr. Doodles

    Most stupid survey ever! well spent... because we don't need to spend it on the resource right? We don't need to produce more fish or restore habitat let's spend all of the money rewriting the regs.... Politics...WDFW management sucks... Maybe ask our co-managers I'm sure they could rewrite our regs for us....
  62. Mr. Doodles

    Lower unit knockKnock does not rise and fall with engine speed

    No not positive it's the lower pretty noisy back there with the 2 stroke Prop hub seems logical as the nut was loose but still does it after tightening it going to drain and change the lower and change the hub and see how that does
  63. Mr. Doodles

    Lower unit knockKnock does not rise and fall with engine speed

    Maybe... that would be dumb but possible I have 2 and rarely turn the second 1 on... I will have to check on that...
  64. Mr. Doodles

    Lower unit knockKnock does not rise and fall with engine speed

    a couple weeks ago while running to West Point I may or may not have hit something not sure but we started hearing a knock that was hard to pin point, after listening and searching for the source we decided it might be coming from the lower unit but the circumstances don't seem to add up for me...
  65. Mr. Doodles

    Edmonds coho

    We launched at Redondo at 5:30 with plans to run all the way to Edmonds but just past Alki heard an unusual knock coming from my lower unit that we could not put a finger on so we dropped lines and fished west point to medow point picked up 1 at west point on a hoochie and that was our only...
  66. Mr. Doodles

    New to the forum

    Very nice will you be out Sunday? I'm thinking of running north
  67. Mr. Doodles

    I heard a rumor

    Yep no fish in 11...please move along...
  68. Mr. Doodles

    Good Morning in MA11

    Nice work grasshopper...
  69. Mr. Doodles

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    How do you cut plug a feed pellet?
  70. Mr. Doodles

    Caught My First Salmon Today

    I liked it better as Damon, oh well as the years pass you can always remember your first Salmon, Damon
  71. Mr. Doodles

    Caught My First Salmon Today

    Great day Jason! Lets do it again there are bigger ones out there!
  72. Mr. Doodles

    A good day in MA11

    Not sure never measured it...but it covers the motor well on my Trophy they went 7 & 8 lbs can't seem to find the bigger ones most I have seen this year are in this range. 2 distinctly different fish 1 chrome bright and the other longer and skinny with a green cast to him, both males and empty...
  73. Mr. Doodles

    A good day in MA11

    Flying solo today done by 9:15
  74. Mr. Doodles

    Arizona Angler sets new Washington State Record out of Westport many sand dabs did he have?
  75. Mr. Doodles

    EB Cords

    Saw them splash a bow picker today at Redondo headed north gotta get the EB fish before the sporties get a chance at them Talk about low class WTF
  76. Mr. Doodles

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Wow...Alice just quit while you're ahead...oh wait you're not...give it up! Cheers!
  77. Mr. Doodles

    What happened in Everett today?

    Here we go again... just gotta test Darwin... These guys pull up to the Redondo ramp, cut in front of the line then after being politely told of their mistake continue to back down the launch, not ready gear still in the truck proceed to load gear on the ramp not a single wearable PFD 4 people 2...
  78. Mr. Doodles

    Boat storage?

    Anybody looking for boat storage?
  79. Mr. Doodles

    Where will you be burning fuel this weekend?

    Heading to mid channel bank tomorrow!
  80. Mr. Doodles

    Kingslayer lures

    With all of the millions of options out there for catching salmon (seriously almost anything will work at any given time ) I don't know why anyone would spend that kind of money on one of these... The trick is to get your offering in front of as many fish as possible, fancy gear catches...
  81. Mr. Doodles

    Things not to do while fishing

    Don't drop the phone either....don't ask...
  82. Mr. Doodles

    Things not to do while fishing

    Ive seen Eric fish..not suprised to hear that....:frehya2:
  83. Mr. Doodles

    Looking for Easy steer brackets

    Thanks Todd, That would be great let me know if you find it
  84. Mr. Doodles

    Looking for Easy steer brackets

    Anybody have the brackets that mount OB to OB ? I have the bar but need the brackets. Low budget...
  85. Mr. Doodles

    July Coho...

    3" candlefish or herring couldn't tell which they were, too far gone....
  86. Mr. Doodles

    Long Beach Wa

    Sounds like a lot of work why don't you just go fishing ?
  87. Mr. Doodles

    July Coho...

    Seems early but while searching for Kings today in MA 11 we ended up with a limit of Coho, nothing big, but dinner none the less. Picked them up on standard King hardware down about 70-80 ft in 130-140 fow, the last 3 all came in about 5 mins. And before we knew it we were done... limits of...
  88. Mr. Doodles

    Long Beach Wa

    Sounds funky but run up to Oysterville and walk through the cemetary...really old (some back to the 1800's) tombstones with interesting inscriptions about those who were lost at see and washed up on the beach etc...
  89. Mr. Doodles

    Is the state goi g to let us fish?

    I think most of us will fish reguardless, we should fly a black flag and fish in defience of the closure as a protest. I am fishing this weekend! Opened or closed...
  90. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 Crab

    Witn the dismal showing of Dungies it would make more sen see to close it rather than take what few males are left leave it open for Rock only...
  91. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 Crab

    I'm no fan of the tribes or their methods but living close by a Redondo I can tell you there was not much effort put into the area from th north tip of Vashon to Commencement bay by the tribes this year...they were in only a short time and I don't think they did well which is probably why they...
  92. Mr. Doodles

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    For all of you from the north end just remember there are still no fish in area 11 Carry on Oh and now the fish decenders are mandatory...but that's a good move Cheers!
  93. Mr. Doodles

    Crab Seasons?

    Yep.. im blind in one eye and cant see out of the other...didnt click on the link to view seasons... I would still expect them to open it on the fourth...
  94. Mr. Doodles

    Crab Seasons?

    I don't see the specific quote that says thurs thro monday in their release...but maybe im blind or just caht read...that said they have always had it open on the fourth in the past but who knows things change. I bet it is open on the fourth... Cheers!
  95. Mr. Doodles

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Shrimping continues daily in some areas...and increased limits to boot! MA6 on Sat we took advantage of the new 120 limit first pot came up with 279, 4 of us on the boat with limits by the third pot and had to dump about 100 back out of that one...fourth pot came up stuffed like the first and we...
  96. Mr. Doodles

    Before I drill some holes...

    First things first... with solid mounting you need to be sure where you want them. Some like them forward and some like them aft, mine are aft, at the back corners and i like them there less chance of getting in the prop, out of the way of the net, and for me easy to use. Also if you're going...
  97. Mr. Doodles


    Well ended up doing the run down to ma13, 3 guys, 4 pots, 4 hours, a game warden and about 100 of your closest friends all with. 4 pots of their own...what waste we got about 60+/_ spots and 120+/- coonstripes we got so screwed this shrimp season and it looks like no end to the future...
  98. Mr. Doodles

    Fuckers Almost Got The Kicker, But....

    That sucks! Hope it works out quick... I think it is time we go back to a system of poor houses put these tweekers there involuntarily with no end date, offer them training and work opportunities whithin that system and they can either work their way out and to being a responsible par t of...
  99. Mr. Doodles


    Ok...I think Seabeck is out for me but the Pizza sounds good! :cheers:
  100. Mr. Doodles


    A little advice please... How functional is the launch at misery point? Docks? Hazards? I do drive off and drive on the trailer is the beach suitable for loading crew? Cheers
  101. Mr. Doodles

    Any word on crab season setting for areas 7/9/10?

    They have now... Just started carpet bombing from Redondo .
  102. Mr. Doodles

    Wounded Halibut

    Boat prop?
  103. Mr. Doodles

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    We were in area , 10 and had our 3 limits at tbe 4rth pot and dumped back about another limit from that pot. We still had 2 in the watef (we had reset our first 2 pots since they started slow 50, and 35) when we pulled those they both had well over 100 each that we had to rail dump... Shallow...
  104. Mr. Doodles

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    Up until Just 2 years ago 13 was open for Spots 7 days a week after the opening through the end of May total and complete bullshit! I think Ryan is right what do we need WDFW for? Maybe we could defund them and use the money to buy fishing allocation from the tribes...
  105. Mr. Doodles

    Shrimp "Date" announced for Area 10, 11

    13 gets the "motherload" 2 days 4hrs each!!! Woo Hooo!
  106. Mr. Doodles

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    They just converted their halibut long liners added the pot pullers and they're ready to go!
  107. Mr. Doodles

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    TOO LATE!!!!!! I saw them dropping pots at pt Robinson yesterday....
  108. Mr. Doodles

    Goatram's B-Day

    Happy birthday this place wouldnt be thd same without you
  109. Mr. Doodles

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    Wow talk about BS...I was under the impresion that it was open may 6 and then they would see about more days after that, but if you look at the reg it says "scheduled to open" not open on as othet areas say...just BS! I'm going may 6 open or not! I think we all should!
  110. Mr. Doodles

    Coho Numbers

    And all the while the tribes will be putting out tv comercials of what great stewards they are of the resources and environment...
  111. Mr. Doodles

    Aint Nothin Free

    I think you are going to need a bigger driveway.......
  112. Mr. Doodles

    What a joke

    Anyone seen the tulalips comercial on tv about consevation and fighting global warming??? What a joke...they even show them measuring a Dungie.... Arrrgh.....
  113. Mr. Doodles

    New Name- South Sounder

    Whats up with all the name changes? who's everyone trying to hide from Cheers Chris!
  114. Mr. Doodles

    HALIBUT 2017

    Total loss of confidence in both the state and the feds...can't wait to hear how Salmon season will go...and shrimp...and crab... not sure if I will even buy that fancy new overpriced license for reduced oporrtunies to fish here in my home state....this pretty much SUCKS! No fear...
  115. Mr. Doodles

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    No fear...I just saw on the news the the Puyallup's are building a new Casino so now they they will have more money for polititians...that ought to help.....
  116. Mr. Doodles

    HALIBUT 2017

    No, this is one of the big blue and white boats...Trident I think...
  117. Mr. Doodles

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    Fixed it for you!
  118. Mr. Doodles

    HALIBUT 2017

    Right now 645pm there is a trawler working north and south between Redondo and the channel bouy off of Des Moines Looks like he is running gear up and down I would assume he is testing getting ready to go north but it sure would suck if they let those guys back into the sound... I wonder if...
  119. Mr. Doodles

    Fresh comercial caught CoHo salmon $4.00 lb in Ballard

    From what was said at the SKC PSA meeting last week there is also non native Coho gill netting going on in north Puget Sound... yet no sportsfishing....all gill nets should be banned
  120. Mr. Doodles

    The latest electronics by Sony !!

    God damn off season when do we get to go fucking salmon fishing again....
  121. Mr. Doodles


    This would be it still fishing if you don't use hooks?
  122. Mr. Doodles


    Salt in the wounds....
  123. Mr. Doodles

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    I wonder if anyone even checks there credentials?
  124. Mr. Doodles

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    It' all about respect wether you agree or disagree with all that happens in our country. Today first thing I did was lower the flag to 1/2 staff in honor of Patriots Day, (no not NE) this is with respect for all who sacrifice and serve no matter how much or how little. (Again, it's respect for...
  125. Mr. Doodles

    Coho fuckery

    What a crock of shit!!!! I think maybe it's time to quit buying fishing licenses no poit to it... Make sure when you see those fresh coho for sale you ask where they came from then politely say no thanks!
  126. Mr. Doodles

    MA 11-13 past few days

    Out this AM in 11 nothing... That's a wrap... just in time for the Coho...NOT!! this sucks!!! Time to hurry up and wait for next year and the fun that is a Co-managed fishery ...BS
  127. Mr. Doodles

    Coho fishing in northern hood canal?

    Looks like this is all that is left, anybody willing to share some basic info on this area? Never have fished 12.
  128. Mr. Doodles

    A11 closing early

    There are plenty of coho in 11 I've seen a few and they don't normally get here this soon... last year they they wefe a pretty rare sight in 11
  129. Mr. Doodles

    A11 closing early

  130. Mr. Doodles

    MA 11-13 past few days

    Been out only a few times and did put 1 nice fish in the boat but seems like a lot of just sub legal sized fish (20-21") around that are extremely FAT look like a mature fish only short...Jacks maybe?
  131. Mr. Doodles

    Mooring at des moines?

    After this tour be sure to call Admin Leave for a ride home you will probably need it:rockin:
  132. Mr. Doodles

    Mooring at des moines?

    The tides at GH is great and a nice cruise around the harbor for the nubes, There are a couple places at narrows marina and Paulsbo can be nice if you want a longer excursion or even Downtown Seattle is only a 40 minute boat ride away let me know if you need any spots for fish or crab
  133. Mr. Doodles

    Skok fishing

    I wonder why is is so pissed off at the fish? What could a fish do to make him want to beat the shit out of him like that?
  134. Mr. Doodles

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    Better check I think you need at least an enhanced drivers license....
  135. Mr. Doodles

    Thinking about mooching this summer.

    Another thing to try is to troll your mooching rig weight and all and when you hit a herring ball yank it off the rigger and start mooching right on the spot picked up a few over the years doing that
  136. Mr. Doodles

    Yellow Legged Frog Survey

    I think we saw this last year too....
  137. Mr. Doodles

    Point Defiance Trailer parking??

    Just go to Redondo they have 8 spaces available.....
  138. Mr. Doodles

    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    You suck I'm too far away to make it! Have fun!
  139. Mr. Doodles

    Need pot puller help

    It also helps to stay away from the commie shrimpers...lesson learned....
  140. Mr. Doodles

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    Here's a good one, Yesterday on a test run with a buddies boat we returned to the ramp at Coulon park and a couple pulls up to the dock in a boston whaler the guy gets out goes and gets the trailer backs it in then stood on the dock and watched the wife (or gf) run the boat onto the trailer...
  141. Mr. Doodles

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    Not so fast grasshopper area 6 is just a short day trip and it is open every day!
  142. Mr. Doodles

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    YES...They are out there.....but you have to find them.....and you can have a lot more
  143. Mr. Doodles

    Native netting video

    Wow! I had no idea that gill nets and the tribes were so into conservation maybe if we all changed our ways and started using gill nets the salmon could finally recover to the historic levels that once were... Who's with me? Get a gill net and start conserving :appl:
  144. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 3-25-2016

    Just fishing no catching thats why they don't limit our seasons much down here in the south sound... Looks like a nice day though... congrats on just getting out there Cheers!
  145. Mr. Doodles

    Pile / Surf Perch

    As kids we used to target them by searching around the pilings under A dock at Shilshole, best bait were the sand/pile worms . (The green ones that have the nasty pinchers when they bite) We colected those from under rocks along the beach at low tide they were great bait for other bottom fish...
  146. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo madness!

    So you thought the redondo launch was a Clusrer F!!! You ain't seen nothin yet... Today they are setting up to rebuild the boardwalk that was dammaged in last years storm it will take from now through August to complete and as i drove past the boat ramp I look over and see that they have most of...
  147. Mr. Doodles

    Tablet holder

    Would you Ram mount that blonde or mount her some other way? And would the screw mount work for her too?
  148. Mr. Doodles

    You fucking whiners

    Still hate it!!!
  149. Mr. Doodles


    Agreed this sucks!!!! As Allen said probably won't be here ax much Cheers!
  150. Mr. Doodles

    Best gift ever

    What could possibly go wrong? Merry Christmas to all !
  151. Mr. Doodles

    Alki Squid?

    Ryan, If your brave and lau ch at Redondo there is an access lader off of the pier if the water is not bad you can pull up to the pier to load passengers off the ladder. Done it a couple times saves you from the beach or running to Des Moines
  152. Mr. Doodles

    Dockwise Heavy Lifters in Port Angeles Harbor

    Well...Seattle made sure they knew they were not welcomed....who needs jobs anyway?
  153. Mr. Doodles

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Sometimes when fishing is slow.......
  154. Mr. Doodles

    Wash Tuna Iron Worker Shirt - Small

    Think i just thrww up a little bit....
  155. Mr. Doodles

    Wash Tuna Iron Worker Shirt - Small

    Could we see it with the GF's assets in it (or almost in) for comparison?:devil:
  156. Mr. Doodles

    Crab Thieves MA 11

    Guys... While there are plenty of scumbags out there you have to think of all the crab you do get and the value there of... We often soak overnight and rarely have problems and most problems are due to floats getting run over or fouled with debris (or drifting if you don't use weight in your...
  157. Mr. Doodles

    Squid everywhere

    Nice going but posting at 1:23am??? I had to work today at 6am so probably a good thing I lamed out...
  158. Mr. Doodles

    Squid everywhere

    Just none of that blue taco shit!
  159. Mr. Doodles


    While that may be the truth the hard part of this is that they are right on this one.... However even though we need to partner with those that seem to opose us at times in order to win the war l just can't stomach even thinking anything good about the WFC therefore i chose to remain silent on...
  160. Mr. Doodles

    Squid everywhere

    No I'm out this time maybe next time still calling for 15-25 and 2-4' waves on Wa Marine forecast and rain but your right... probably won't be bad being protected from the south. call me a pussy but I'm staying home and eating Taco's
  161. Mr. Doodles

    Help me find a flatbed for my 2015 Chevy 3500 Dually

    There is a place called "The Fab Shop" in Edgewood, I have no experience dealing with them but they always have cool shit sitting at their place. Worth a look!
  162. Mr. Doodles

    Squid everywhere

    anybody hitting Alki by boat this Friday? Who's in?
  163. Mr. Doodles

    MA 11-13 11-2-2015

    Very nice flat water...but imposing sky... I heard that the Dolphin ran off with tne humpbacks that he was roaming with saw a report of them off of Port Townsend a week of so ago Any pot s in the water ? Saw 3 Seiners working south of Pt. Beal today and gill netters running north yesterday.
  164. Mr. Doodles

    Official BD South Sound Get Together- Dec 12th 1600 hours

    In...unless work rears its ugly head...can be a bit unpredictable this time of year. May have room if someone needs a ride... Swanny? Could hit the crab honey hole on the way down....
  165. Mr. Doodles

    Electric reel question

    It may be true... why risk it send them to me
  166. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Looks like this is dying on the vine so... bag it I will still be out pulling pots and going to meet Admin Leave at the Tides about 1:00 so if your out there stop by! We 'll try next year! Cheers!
  167. Mr. Doodles

    Need help in Tacoma

    I would think home depot or Lowes should have that
  168. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Thanks for the info bummer you can't make it.... I think next year we should do the first weekend after winter opening we could move north if 11 doesn't open.
  169. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Hey look Eric's got Crabs!
  170. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Well, seems like whatever day we do this there are those that can't make but looks like this sat has the most interest so lets try that show up about noon to 1 and stay until? Conditions seem to be improving bring your drink of choice and a crab cooker if you can. who's in? We can try to plan...
  171. Mr. Doodles

    Alien invasion?

    Dan have you been hittin' the hooch a little lately? Your last few posts have been a little "out There":ele::Smoke_Emoticon::ele:
  172. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    OK added a poll for the day, Most votes wins! Could be flirting with the weath...err...Conditions, maybe if someone is out that way stop and see what the place has to offer for shelters?
  173. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Cool see you there rain or shine
  174. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Ok sounds like we have interest lets try this Saturday it will be a BYOS (Bring your own shit) How does 1:00 pm start for lighting the cookers sound ? and go from there. if you have a cooker bring it post up if you're in i m sure there will be plenty of crab but some may do better than others...
  175. Mr. Doodles

    A big Boil

    Pulling the pots today with Ryan we were talking about a little shin-dig and maybe getting some of the Brothers together for a Crab boil and beer /BS session. Seems a day on the water pulling Dungies and then meeting at Dockton over on Quartermaster Harbor would be fun anybody up for that?
  176. Mr. Doodles

    Shout Out to Tha Brotherhood

    That's just how we roll...and what makes it so great to be a part of all of this! Then today had a great day pulling multiple limits of Dungies before puttind Clockwork back on the trailer Good times indeed!
  177. Mr. Doodles

    Crummy Start to my day!!! my 1997 Luhrs Sank at the dock

    Wow! that's gotta hurt hope sll turns out ok for you...
  178. Mr. Doodles

    Three days to fish

    No Problem..... Take the 405 express lanes and rush through rush hour.... Is that about the stupidest jingle you ever heard???.
  179. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    That was me you gave the salute to, :finger: Going out today to move the pots and try to find some keepers!
  180. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    We consistently pull full pots at Redondo 8-40 crab per pot but.....they are 99.999% female, we seem to get 1-2 keepers at most out of 4 pots at depths from 30 to 170 feet. I just don't get it, lots of crab just no males not even under-sized males just got to keep hunting for new areas. Plenty...
  181. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    Eric, when ? Maybe see you out there... Chris lets get aftef them!
  182. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    Pots soaking now!!!! maybe we should do a BD crab feed?
  183. Mr. Doodles

    WA Record Opah for ARSC?

    Very Cool indeed... Nice how he gets the sponsors into the story, that's giving them what they pay for! good job! Cheers!
  184. Mr. Doodles

    Summer crab cards???

    Woo hoo!!!!!
  185. Mr. Doodles

    Bubba The Magnificent has left the fishing grounds :(

    Sorry for your loss but the memories live on forever, after all they are family...
  186. Mr. Doodles

    Coho hot spots for Soldiers????

    Check out the outdoor line podcast from last week "what's cookin" it will steer you to the right places Good luck cheers!
  187. Mr. Doodles

    Summer crab cards???

    time is running out...
  188. Mr. Doodles

    Congressmen announce Puget Sound S.O.S. Act

    This scares me... lot's more political waste and regulations that will do nothing more than is already being done and will in the end restrict our fishing and hunting opportunities all the while our co managers will be unaffected...
  189. Mr. Doodles

    Everett Coho Derby

    I waited by my phone for the call to come plck up that new hewescraft but alas the call did not come.... oh well, some lucky fucker won it! hope they put it to good use... cheers all! now the big ones can come in I'll be chasing them next week!
  190. Mr. Doodles

    Everett Coho Derby

    Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, September 20, 2015 beginning at approximately 3:00pm at Everett Bayside Marine and Outboard, 1111 Craftsman Way, Everett, WA 98201. ALL PRIZES YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN – NO EXCEPTIONS Doubtful... But good luck! Not sure you are going to want to see the game...
  191. Mr. Doodles

    Hoodsport Kings are open again!!!! (meh)

    Maybe we could try Dwarf tossing????
  192. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 9-13-15

    That sea lion up that marker is funny as hell, it would be fun to get his attention with a pink salmon and see if you could get him to do a swan dive off that tower...
  193. Mr. Doodles

    2015: The Summer of Tiny Puget Sound Silvers and Pinks

    Damn.... and we were so looking forward to your visit.... Cheers!, Clintondickhead
  194. Mr. Doodles

    2015: The Summer of Tiny Puget Sound Silvers and Pinks

    Just wow...we fished the ECD today nodda! 1 shaker 2 drive by's never saw a neg fly. really thought it was going to be a good fish day.....well let's hope they are still on their way nice day anyhow just to be on the water makes everything better cheers!
  195. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 - They're still a few out there

    Good to see you on here! and it was great meeting you on the dock! Nice fish I still hear of a few coming in and the Coho are just getting started I don't think it's over yet just need to find the time to get back out there! Cheer!
  196. Mr. Doodles

    Edmonds Coho Derby Saturday, September 12 win $5000!

    I'm in ! Always a good time!
  197. Mr. Doodles

    medical records

  198. Mr. Doodles

    Corrosion problem on new boat

    Sounds like it's time to "get Jesse" How does a boat labeled "offshore" have a warranty that is void in saltwater? is that not the very definition of "offshore" ?
  199. Mr. Doodles

    Titan model 10 disc brake actuator and easytroller plate

    I believe that goes to the back up light circuit...
  200. Mr. Doodles

    Suspicious Birds

    and usually tote'n a T-8 Yami
  201. Mr. Doodles

    The Brain Spike

    And make that lanyard a few inches short of your big toe!
  202. Mr. Doodles

    Pinks in Area 11

    3 of those kings were on 1 boat they were caught deep I heard but no details, I fished Redondo today just 1 pink back out tomorrow to try again.
  203. Mr. Doodles

    Pinks in Area 11

    I was out yesterday and today trolling for kings and let 3 pinks off the hooks at Redondo and saw many caught today at 3 tree saw many picked up by the troolers.
  204. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert. Enviros to shut down our hatcheries-Need your help ASAP!!!!

    Starting my list now... it would be nice to post a list somewhere so that all can see but I don't know if that would be ok or not.
  205. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert. Enviros to shut down our hatcheries-Need your help ASAP!!!!

    Done. Who funds these clowns? How can we find out, and go after their funding I would think not supporting their supporters would be a good place to start also as hard as it may be the tribes may be the most powerful force we could work with. I am far from fully understanding all of the issues...
  206. Mr. Doodles

    MA 11, slow fishing but dolphin show was cool

    Saw that guy hanging around the boathouse after the awards on Sat looked like he was just playing with the boats as we were getting ready to leave the dock.
  207. Mr. Doodles

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    oh, but you should have gone, plenty of freebies and drawings for some great prizes I turned in a 2.71lb coho and i took home a really nice little deep fryer Roger turned in the pink and even after it had been bled and cleaned right after being caught it still weighed in at a whopping 2.03 lbs...
  208. Mr. Doodles


    Does this really work? I'd like to try it in MA11 but don't need the extra gear if it is just the latest fad and doesn't really work??? :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: Cheers Bros!
  209. Mr. Doodles

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    The Edge of 11 may just be the place to be... Have you been fishing both sides of 3 tree? maybe see you out there, we are leaving Des Moines Marina at about 4:30 lines will be in at first light wherever we may be... keep hearing of pinks and not much else would be funny to see a pink win the...
  210. Mr. Doodles

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    My take on MA11 right now is that we are about 1-2 weeks early for the good bite. That said seems to be a few nice fish from Pt. D., Dalco and GH then I hear a few from Pt. Rob and Redondo 1 off the dock about 8lbs so there seems to be a few fish around... I usually seem to get a fish from 3...
  211. Mr. Doodles

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    Your in luck they rent stand up Paddle boards now at most areas!
  212. Mr. Doodles

    Open Seat for A11 boating cruise

    I'll be there! let's hi-jack this thread... :finger::finger::finger::finger: Who's in for the derby? Sorry Eric, See you out there! Waterdog, what do you know? I got some idea's but.... I heard 1 from the Redondo dock and 1 other from that area today plus a few "Stinks" Cheers all good...
  213. Mr. Doodles

    Toilets for sale or trade - but not rent

    Maybe UB could do some rod holders for them? put the BD stickers on and now they will sell like shit!
  214. Mr. Doodles

    Someone needed to say it!

    HELL YEAH!!!
  215. Mr. Doodles

    BD Salute

    me too! and sometimes even without the sticker!
  216. Mr. Doodles

    MA11 - the skunk is off the boat

    Looks like someone still had a good time! That's what counts!
  217. Mr. Doodles

    Area 9 Kings

    very nice! better hurry if your going to do it again...That one on the right looks like a piggy! cheers!
  218. Mr. Doodles

    Anyone have hand held video inspection tool

    Cell phone video on a stick or what you have been there done that
  219. Mr. Doodles

    Area 9 7/18

    always nice to add a little excitement to the day it's what you will remember for a lifetime! I remember this 1 time out of Redondo, my buddy was about to net my fish when..... the story doesn't matter but the memory does! Good job! cheers!
  220. Mr. Doodles

    area 9 kings help

    Just to be sure we can avoid your numbers...What are they?
  221. Mr. Doodles

    Sekiu ??

    YEP Yep Yep!! just what these guys said nothing like a big king in close in the early AM I would add don't be afraid to go with a big lead like 8oz and real slow that's the way it always was and will still work! "Classic!!" Cheers!
  222. Mr. Doodles

    A11 crabs

    Sounds like Darwin is on the job...just might take a little longer
  223. Mr. Doodles

    Lake WA Sockeye / Ballard Locks

    not looking for us vs them but only to look at the situation as a whole so that the available resource can be sustained and the available harvest can be utilized fairly as we all have a claim to it. I would like to see us at a place where we could all be proud of the native heritage here in the...
  224. Mr. Doodles

    WP Tuna 7-10

    Try Adjusting the position of your transducer out of the prop wash if possible or at least deeper into the water you should get at least some improvement
  225. Mr. Doodles

    Ever had braid on your DR get cut off by the DR boom pulley?

    I would also stick with the 250# braid I want all the strength I can get wile setting out my 12# balls remember no stretch means a quick snap if there is any drop...make sure you have the rubber snubbers also they will save you a lot! Cheers!
  226. Mr. Doodles

    Ride out to the grounds with Team Genie Aye. ..

    So... as stated before crossing the bar is safe provided you have proper knowledge and equipment...
  227. Mr. Doodles

    Lake WA Sockeye / Ballard Locks

    Like the rest of the economy we need to look at resources globally crying about what happens locally doesn't really matter...because the solutions are much greater than our local issues.
  228. Mr. Doodles

    Lake WA Sockeye / Ballard Locks

    It seems to me that the way these resources are allocated is the problem... the reality is that the non natives have 2 user groups, commercial and sporties, the natives have 3 user groups ceremonial and subsistence, commercial, and sporties. Now, if we split the available fish into 3...
  229. Mr. Doodles

    Lake WA Sockeye / Ballard Locks

    Yeah, but they won't no... they will wait for their kings at the locks too!!! as said it's really sad that they can disrespect their heritage that they claim to be so proud of. Maybe that Indian in the old commercial with the tear in his eye wasn't really crying about litter?
  230. Mr. Doodles

    Harbercraft Input?

    It's 4th and long I think I would punt......
  231. Mr. Doodles

    Electric gremlins

    I think Aaron has hit on something here the cables could be the issue maybe check they're resistance and get a look under the insulation but again clean everything 1 terminal at a time and each wire and I bet you will solve the problem also as stated charge each battery and check to see if they...
  232. Mr. Doodles

    8-1 Crabbing

    There are no crab in Puget Sound...
  233. Mr. Doodles

    A11 Report

    North bay at 3-tree or Pt. Beal either north or south of it both can be good slack is best on both tides again, think "river" and get out of the current. best spot of all is in front of my house...
  234. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    Ron, Where do the Whale activists that want to remove dams on the Snake river etc.. to increase Chinook for the whales fit into this? Do they advocate Hatcheries? and are they friend or foe to the Sport fisherman, commercials and tribal? Still seems to me we all need as many fish as we can...
  235. Mr. Doodles

    Uniflite FrankenPup

    Beautiful work as always, love following your projects have fun and enjoy her you put your heart into these boats! NEXT!!!! Cheers!
  236. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    how about taking away some of the "entitlements" (and that mentality) from those that are capable and make them work for a living like the rest of us??? ....(Oh I forgot we would have to pay them $15.00 an hour and they aren't worth that) More B.S. holding a job and being a responsible citizen...
  237. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    I wish I knew the answer... I would be happy to pay the price if we got what we paid for but it would all still be politically controlled so like I said we will all just pay the price and go on It really is sad though because there is so much here in this state to enjoy and in the last 30 years...
  238. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    I Don't know I'm sure we would all just pay the fee and keep on fishing but I for one am getting sick of all the fees on top of fees it is just getting ridiculous we pay user fees for everything... State parks, PS crab Columbia river salmon, access fees, levy for this levy for that levy to...
  239. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    So how does all of this relate to the ESA listing of the Orca's? It seems like all the whale fanatics want to increase the Chinook population for the whales at any cost, while at the same time you have the WFC that wants to kill off all of the hatcheries it seems to me that these 2 groups would...
  240. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    done! I have also read that if there is no state budget by July 1st that there will be no fishing anywhere in the state. that ought to work well...that will really suck!
  241. Mr. Doodles

    A11 Report

    Because of the way the tide pushes up against Dolphin and how Blake splits the currents the north side of Dolphin can be good on the flood also as it pushes bait up against the ledge out in front and the fish going south need to make a choice there, drag the bottom that's where they are, also...
  242. Mr. Doodles

    Wasabi 2.0 - The final wrap up and its going in the water Monday (you're gonna wanna see the pics)

    Wow! always nice to have friends in the right places...very nice!
  243. Mr. Doodles

    Only in Seattle...

    Well this could get interesting tonight... What could possibly go wrong?????
  244. Mr. Doodles

    West port bottom fishing past 30 fathoms

    If we could you would not be here....oh, and it should be TOO with 2 o's... you're welcome! And besides that this section is for reports!
  245. Mr. Doodles

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  246. Mr. Doodles

    Bottom fish westport

    First off you don't need stolen numbers and further more if you get involved a bit and get to know the guys before you try to slide it in you will find that the guys here are a great bunch and all have each other's backs. asking in the right context will get you anything you need mouthing off...
  247. Mr. Doodles

    Bottom fish westport

    Hmmmm...must be the troll from under the bridge...
  248. Mr. Doodles

    Crab pot weight

    In past OE seminars Tom Nelson has advocated the use of small zincs and to avoid cooper/lead combos as the Shrimp don't like the current...Don't know about crab or even if the zincs make a difference but I do have them on my shrimp pots and they seem to catch shrimp...I like rigger weight in my...
  249. Mr. Doodles


    You didn't mention how nice it is for that user group to be using the area 10 yards out right in front of the docks while returning to the launch... let's see no kings in 10... pinks galore... boardwalk closed kayak and paddle-board rentals at the corner of the beach... scuba divers... don't...
  250. Mr. Doodles


    Here is something more to worry about there, Sounds like the City of Des Moines is working on a new parking plan for the area and their study says that except for Sunday AM's there is a surplus of trailer parking and not enough single vehicle spots so they are working on a plan to allow single...
  251. Mr. Doodles

    A11 Dolphin Pt

  252. Mr. Doodles

    New boat and first blood

    Nice fish Chris! Congrats on getting back in the game!
  253. Mr. Doodles

    A11 Report

    Nice fish! Dolphins is always the start of things in 11 Time to get out there! Cheers!
  254. Mr. Doodles

    Pray for Goatram

    Get well soon BD WA needs our fearless leader!
  255. Mr. Doodles

    Area13 Dungeness

    Go back and check the area at slack tide low would be best they are probably still there.. Good Luck!
  256. Mr. Doodles

    You got that right ! Keep up the good work and keep us laughing! See you tomorrow night!

    You got that right ! Keep up the good work and keep us laughing! See you tomorrow night!
  257. Mr. Doodles

    Sand dab fishin'

    The Berkley grubs work well work up a dropper set up with 2 hooks and get 2 at a time, find a sandy spot out of the current and in 20 - 60' of water shouldn't take long if you get nothing in a couple minutes move Cheers!
  258. Mr. Doodles

    Now that I know, there is no going back......dang it.

    Does this have anything to do with that big announcement you spoke of on the PSA Board?...You know the one you need to shave for... strange times we live in....
  259. Mr. Doodles

    landing net for tuna

    HEY! That's Vance's cousin!
  260. Mr. Doodles


    IN!!! Big burp you in? Clockwork? come on guys get it on!
  261. Mr. Doodles

    A little Salmon action in Westport this weekend

    Very Nice! Time to get our butts in gear!
  262. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 shrimp

    There we go! Nice haul for 13 the kids look like they had a blast!
  263. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 shrimp

    Still no pics... I guess it didn't happen.....
  264. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 shrimp

    Well..... did you do any good?
  265. Mr. Doodles

    Gardiner boat launch

    Wow!.. no stripper... Striper couldn't begin to afford the problems with the former... not my boat was thinking of launching at Sequim but wondered if that could shorten the drive a bit... probably will just do JW
  266. Mr. Doodles

    Gardiner boat launch

    Does anybody here use or have advice on the Gardiner boat launch? I'm wondering if it is suitable for a 19 foot stripper? Thanks!
  267. Mr. Doodles

    Koolaid and other groceries

    "CLEAN-UP IN THE SEAFOOD AISLE!!!" Bring a knife!! Nice haul!
  268. Mr. Doodles

    Clalum bay butts

    I Do! We used to get them off of A pier at Shilshole when we were kids back in the mid 70's wow getting old.... To the OP, Way to get em! nice!
  269. Mr. Doodles


    Here's the funny thing at La Push last week they had a shitload of checkers but all they cared about were the Sea Bass... did not need to hear about the Halibut or want to see them at all They must already have their count and there is no need to see the actual...
  270. Mr. Doodles


    You got that right!!!
  271. Mr. Doodles

    Suzuki 250 HP outboard help

    I don't think I would take it back there even 1 more time if they have not gone far to compensate you for your troubles already... trace all of the battery cables and look for a loose small accessory wire that could be the charging issue look for one that may not have been re-attached Good Luck...
  272. Mr. Doodles

    Anybody have one of these? try this or just google "Jabsco wiring Schematic and a page with a bunch of their stuff comes up hope it helps! cheers
  273. Mr. Doodles

    Halibut and Tuna?

    WOW! Tuna in May???? That's like having a Beer on your Cheerios So who will bring in the first one this year?
  274. Mr. Doodles

    Ocean Shrimp

    It looks like there is an interesting slope not too far out to the south of Duncan rock that would be a good place to try, and not quite as deep as the areas further out. Would love to hear about someone dropping there, 200 shrimp per person may be worthwhile if they are there??????
  275. Mr. Doodles

    Discovery Bay Shrimpin Question

    Also if the crowd gets tight at Disco the east side of Dallas bank can produce well too! 250'-350'
  276. Mr. Doodles

    Suzuki 250 HP outboard help

    I would ask for a refund for all the other charges associated with this CLUSTERFUCK of maintenance as well (For your inconvenience) then I would stay as far away from that shop as possible And Yes Mike is Da Man! Good to hear your up and running! Cheers!
  277. Mr. Doodles

    Suzuki 250 HP outboard help

    were you able to run it at home with the rabbit ears ? and get it to piss? If so I would say impeller for sure
  278. Mr. Doodles

    Suzuki 250 HP outboard help

    First thing I would do is find a new shop if they worked on it twice and didn't test it either time and got it wrong both times I'd say that tells me to go somewhere else. could be a number of things, starting with a clog to the pee line... simply run a piece of weed wacker line through it...
  279. Mr. Doodles

    Deadliest sport catch? Or beer fueled fun?

    OK guys post up your best Flaming Hook pics and Vids!!! This could get interesting with this crowd....
  280. Mr. Doodles

    Has anyone ever fished for butts in area 10?

    Maybe... maybe not... a couple of years ago we ran from Armeni to Mutiny Bay and we picked up a nice one about 70lbs first ever in my own boat and when we returned to the ramp it was a total shit show when the fish checker asked to see what we got ,people all around went nuts over it and it was...
  281. Mr. Doodles

    Has anyone ever fished for butts in area 10?

    11 is closed always... But there are some ineresting banks (allen bank) between Dolphin Pt and Blake Island... and stories of Hali caught at Blake, Right T2 ? ...just need a lot of patience and a "Butt"-load of luck!
  282. Mr. Doodles


    Certain places are just packed other area a bit more spread out... We fished an area that was not crowded , there were plenty of boats around but not on top of each other, only a few potting down close but overall not bad What people fail to realize is that the prawns are everywhere you just...
  283. Mr. Doodles


    Yeah good day! we had limits for 3 after our 3rd pot with a few to go back, then hung around to watch our friends get their limits while we "returned" the contents of our 3 remaining soaking pots back to where they belong... probably would have been 3+ more limits. Water got a bit choppy but...
  284. Mr. Doodles

    Something a little extra with your tuna ??

    Mr. lecter... your sandwich is ready....
  285. Mr. Doodles

    WTB: Pot puller

    of course you need one... you can not live without one what are you thinking... :cheers:
  286. Mr. Doodles

    LaPush Lodging

    Bump! The only guy's "looking for it" will be at the campground!:frehya2:
  287. Mr. Doodles

    LaPush Lodging

    We have a 4 br house sleeps up to 10 not far from the Lapush Shit Show from 05/12-5/16 . The Bedrooms are taken but still have a loft and hidabed/cots anybody need a place to stay while fishing La Push and interested helping to split costs send me a PM for details Cheers! Cool house lots of...
  288. Mr. Doodles

    deep fryer tips

    I'm getting hungry!!!!
  289. Mr. Doodles

    WDFW Director on NOF re: MA10 closure

    I have Never spent a penny at any of their Casino's and never will! That goes for all of their other Tribal non tax paying businesses, they take but do not give back to anyone but the polititians.
  290. Mr. Doodles

    Here is where it begins

    Took care of it the other day over on the Sno-King PSA board Thanks! Come on guys Get with it!
  291. Mr. Doodles

    Proud member of Sno-King PSA

    Proud member of Sno-King PSA
  292. Mr. Doodles

    ok so now what???

    Here is an intance where good old common sense would trump all the degrees and political wisdom the so called experts have...It may not be the perfect solution but great ideas and pursuit of a common ground!
  293. Mr. Doodles

    ok so now what???

    I like where you are going with this Troy, and hope to meet and talk with you one day, looking for others input is a wise choice and will let us all know where we stand. I admit that I don't know all of the technical details and much of this issue is beyond me but for what it's worth I joined...
  294. Mr. Doodles

    ok so now what???

    This is true... the destruction of the habitat is the biggest culprit, our population is to blame for that one, and the rest all have different degrees of fault... but the thing that bugs the shit out of me is that the different groups don't have to play by the same rules. I can understand...
  295. Mr. Doodles

    The New Fishin' Luhrs is Ready to Rumble

    Very Nice, Now after all you do for us go out and enjoy some time on the water. Good luck for the coming season!
  296. Mr. Doodles


    I think what you meant was... "There are no Salmon Fisherman in Puget Sound" Soon to be true!
  297. Mr. Doodles


    You're a little late to the on and join the bitch-fest... Cheers! and if you blink you will miss the MA9 season also!
  298. Mr. Doodles

    RIP A10 summer kings

    It's the gill nets in particular... as stated before Purse or beach seines can be fished selectively and must be actively worked...Gill nets hanging across rivers or tied to pilings and bridges for days or weeks or who knows how long just kills everything in their paths. Maybe we should try to...
  299. Mr. Doodles

    Ocean Salmon Season PFMC work in progress

    HMMMM...for all the money we all spend on our sport we all sure suck at catching fish
  300. Mr. Doodles

    RIP A10 summer kings

    I may be wrong, but I do not believe there are ANY non native gill-nets inside Puget Sound No one should be using gill nets anywhere in my opinion... I can live with purse seiners but all gill nets should be outlawed and no one should be above the law...not even the "natives"
  301. Mr. Doodles

    Somehow local news cares about salmon.....

    Just saw it on the news! Way to go Dan! but you should have let go with both barrels!! a little restraint was probably a good thing to start with. Thanks!
  302. Mr. Doodles

    Time to be honest with the board.

    Don't sweat the small stuff just pretend you are fishing in MA11 it is always like that here Cheers! And if you ever want to come to 11 for a boat ride I'll make room for you on my boat!
  303. Mr. Doodles

    RIP A10 summer kings

    WRONG.... They will be taking every king they can get as they did last year and every other year... Gill nets do NOT fish selectively!
  304. Mr. Doodles

    Proud member of Sno-King PSA

    Proud member of Sno-King PSA
  305. Mr. Doodles

    Ocean Salmon Season PFMC work in progress

    You guys arguing over who did what are starting to look like a bunch of 3 year olds fighting over a stupid toy! Enough already! To each their own, and suport the ones you feel are worthy then work together when we can this crap just makes you guys look STUPID!
  306. Mr. Doodles

    RIP A10 summer kings

    Keep all of your sacrifices in mind and then in July and August go down to the locks and see where those fish are will see the Mucks with their boats tied to the uplake side of the fish ladder taking them as well as gillnets strung both above and below the locks... That is in no way...
  307. Mr. Doodles

    Ocean Salmon Season PFMC work in progress

  308. Mr. Doodles

    Lead melt.

    Wish I could be there last year was kick ass and I'm sure this year will be too! Bad habit I gotta work :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv Have fun and be safe guys!
  309. Mr. Doodles

    Shrimp "season"

    Word was too much participation takes up all the quota...
  310. Mr. Doodles

    Canvas snap lube and repair

    They make a nice snap connect / removal tool that helps with the stretch and release ask about it at your local marine supply store
  311. Mr. Doodles

    Canvas snap lube and repair

    Very easy if you have the tool and snaps... I just got one as a hand me down if you were closer to Redondo or Fife (work) I'd try it out on yours but it would be much quicker and easier to run by a shop and have them pop one on. Tool and supplies are spendy, best to make friends with a good...
  312. Mr. Doodles

    New to me boat

    Nice boat great crew good weather and fish to boot! Congrats! sounds like life is good!
  313. Mr. Doodles

    Downrigger mounting

    One very simple thing no matter where you mount them make sure you make or buy release clips that are long enough to reach from the DR line back to the boat comfortably then you can just scoop up the release clip with the end of your rod and pull it back to you to clip in, makes it simple.
  314. Mr. Doodles

    Fishfinder Problems

    I would make a point of finding our where either Nellie or the Salt Patrol are fishing and run into them. or check their websites
  315. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 shrimp

    That seminar goes kind of long... then this year Ron Garner is speaking on B-fish and Hali, look them up on their web site no recording as far as I know but the fun part is they give away a ton of crap and have the best prices of the year on crab and shrimp gear. If you just need more info and...
  316. Mr. Doodles

    Look at these curves

    Very nice now let's go kill some fish!!
  317. Mr. Doodles

    Forgot my barbie pole, dang it!!!

    Don't be a puss... just reach in and grab 1 go for a ride!!!:D:D:D:D
  318. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 shrimp

    As stated follow the leaders....Also go to the Outdoor Emporium's Crab and Shrimp seminar next week you will get plenty of info
  319. Mr. Doodles

    Anybody know anything about subdividing a property?

    Thanks guys, Looks like i will need to poke around with the city of Des Moines. we are on a private road and the area has street access so that part is good it is a hillside but if built vertically could possibly be a view lot so we will just have to see where it goes Thanks again for the...
  320. Mr. Doodles

    Anybody know anything about subdividing a property?

    Thanks Rick, That will get me going in the right direction
  321. Mr. Doodles

    Anybody know anything about subdividing a property?

    Does anybody here know anything about subdividing a lot in the city of Des Moines? (or comparable) Our house sits on a large lot 1/2 of it wooded and when purchased it came with a Geo study that shows it as subdivide able with an area suitable for building. would like to possibly subdivide and...
  322. Mr. Doodles

    Colored Balls

    Who is this guy "Truck" you speak of?...
  323. Mr. Doodles

    Braid and Release Clips??

    The one thing not mentioned here is that the braid has 0 stretch and the mono top shot will provide a little forgiveness if that big King takes a wild run away from the boat, I'm thinking going all braid also, but I like T2's method with the length of topshot equaling your set back and always...
  324. Mr. Doodles

    It's Time To Import Some Polar Bears

    California is having a problem with the young ones dying and washing up on their beaches maybe we should send them south to help with their bleeding heart liberal consciences... or... Didn't the natives hunt those back in the day? Maybe we should encourage them to take their 50%... i hear they...
  325. Mr. Doodles

    Input on spending my money on crab/shrimp gear

    Yeah I guess we had to help it a little but I was surprised how much the puller did pull it...
  326. Mr. Doodles

    Input on spending my money on crab/shrimp gear

    As Dan pointed out heavy wire is a must, I run Penn electric riggers so when I got my Brutis I wired in a Scotty plug using heavy wire (8 gauge I think) The only time I pop a fuse is if I snag something like last year at Pt beal while pulling a buddies lander pot and we snagged onto a mooring...
  327. Mr. Doodles

    Green Decoys

    Inslee sucks!! Hew will destroy this state even more than the Grinch that preceded him...
  328. Mr. Doodles

    Kayak buddy takes 16oz wrecking ball to the head

    I bet he hates that song as much as the rest of us do and now he's branded with it for life... great video Cheers!
  329. Mr. Doodles

    Input on spending my money on crab/shrimp gear

    The brutis w hands free is a must have, love the hands free! If you have room, a round trash can or one of the "muck buckets" (small plastic tup about the size of the bottom 1/2 of a trash can) works great to manage the line never have to worry about it! For pots and line consider how often you...
  330. Mr. Doodles

    Wild Fish Conservancy Wants to Survey My Property...

    THat the way to do it!!! let us know if you hear back from them
  331. Mr. Doodles

    Lake Washington fishing opportunities

    LOt's of big cutsc ome from south tip of Mercer I. I think Salmon U had a write up on them once or check with Auburn Sports or Sportco for the Details. Lots of nice sightseeing (See how the Real high-rollers live) Great tour for out of towners and good eats too also don't forget about Seattles...
  332. Mr. Doodles

    Right On Jordan!

    Where's Ronald Reagan when we need him? Sadly we don't have anybody like that these days, that pussy in the oval office would make him sick!!!
  333. Mr. Doodles

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    Where's colon now ? Oh yeah his season is over
  334. Mr. Doodles

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    At least the Doodle is smart enough to go with the Hawks! and come see him if you want to talk babytalk to him he will rip your little Clintondick to shreds.. Have a nice day LOOSER!!
  335. Mr. Doodles

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    looks like Clintonsdick is the one who needs a life when all he can do is knock the Hawks must be crying cause he don't get to play.... Go HAWKS!!!!!! should be a good one!!!! Sounds like the 12's have overrun AZ should be loud!
  336. Mr. Doodles

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    Post your suport here! Vids,pics,Meme's Go Hawks!
  337. Mr. Doodles

    Anacortes Salmon Derby Canceled

    What a shame and sad to hear, I have never fished this derby but it is on the list that I would like to. Would be interesting to get an estimated cost to the local economies on this, maybe that would help to give clout to the sport fisheries with the state and Feds. Our system does not work...
  338. Mr. Doodles

    What are your 2015 plans/intentions, let us know?????

    Catch more Shrimp, Halibut, Lings, Salmon, Tuna, Crab and more Salmon... Want to get more Salmon close to home 14 was good but could have spent more time durring the King run as short as it is. Want to maximise Shrimp close to home as well as hitting ma6 for more Also would like to find...
  339. Mr. Doodles

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    why not?
  340. Mr. Doodles

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 7

    since 2003
  341. Mr. Doodles

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    That's all you ever talk about.... Bloody Decks...Tuna... and head!!!! well, How about this!!!!!
  342. Mr. Doodles

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Incredible work man... you should be extremely proud of her! got a name yet? maybe the invincible mullet? Cheers!
  343. Mr. Doodles

    Mats mats bay boat launch?

    try Kingston never an issue easy run to the bar or pnp
  344. Mr. Doodles

    Crab 8-2 - boat pics

    Nice! She looks very intense! never too young to learn! I know what to do if you run short on crab bait... Good job! Cheers!
  345. Mr. Doodles

    Saturday Tuna - Wasn't meant to be

    Wow! pretty intense time on deck I can see why once in a lifetime would be enough Kudos to the CG glad to know they are always there. We were crabbing out of Warrenton at that time probably watched him go by, I always look up and watch as those big orange choppers go by they are pretty awsome...
  346. Mr. Doodles

    Stable small skiff?

    Like Dave said, You can't go wong on the livingston, I had a 13' for over 20 years with an oldder reliable 25 Johnson, center console steering and the ugliest little windsheild/ bow cover you had ever seen...But, it was incredibly reliable and extremely functional and always felt safe (even in...
  347. Mr. Doodles

    Open Seat: Crabbing MA-1

    Come on guys we need a fourth!
  348. Mr. Doodles

    Bill of Sale template

    Search Microsoft office you will get a ton of options
  349. Mr. Doodles

    You gotta' see this!

    way to go! looks like a nice trip!
  350. Mr. Doodles

    ok..... change.

    Next comes the honeydew list and guess what... Your fishing time is not at the top of the list...
  351. Mr. Doodles

    20' Alumaweld Super-V Center Console

    Congrats on the sale chris, What's next?
  352. Mr. Doodles

    Shootings at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School

    Did anybody see the kids Twitter / Facebook posts??? No way the parents should not have seen a problem coming... much of the responsibillity lies with the parents to allow such goings on as well as allowing access to the gun in the first place. Condlences to all, such a sad state of affairs.
  353. Mr. Doodles

    Hmmmmm... Baby Orca dead...

    Baby orca dead... Wild fish conservancy trying to kill off all hatcheries.... Natural spawning habitat in the wild pretty much destroyed already. Southern resident Orcas eat Salmon (mostly Chinook) Baby Orca is thought to have died due to lack of an abundance food... Are we about to get...
  354. Mr. Doodles

    Anybody know anything about S Sound Chum Salmon????

    Right now (3:30 pm) there are 2 seiners working the pt Robinson area I guess I'll have to give that a try... Ryan you up for some of that?
  355. Mr. Doodles

    Anybody know anything about S Sound Chum Salmon????

    I have never targeted them but hear there are some heading south and that they put up agood fight. I have heard of seiners and gillnetters working the east side of Vashon even see them occasionally but never hear the results. I have read to look for jumpers and pull cut plugs or gear (green) in...
  356. Mr. Doodles

    just a thought

    X2, I still think this place is great!
  357. Mr. Doodles

    Any reports for MA 11??

    Heard of 1 fish last week from the Redondo side down deep 120+ Pt Defience reports a few Blackmouth from around Dalco (Pt. D Fishing report 253-591-5325) and I saw a few Gillnetters working Pt. Beal and Dolphin Pt. I think they are after Chum that run down the east side of Vashon. Let us know...
  358. Mr. Doodles

    recommend me some gear

    Also try Ed's surplus and Marine just off 99 Dan will give good advise too All of the above are good choices then join up with a PSA chapter that will get you going. Good luck! Cheers!
  359. Mr. Doodles

    Any reports for MA 11??

    heard of 1 on the Redondo side also, down deep not many fishing pretty quiet, also may be some Chum showing up Better to go north Cheers!
  360. Mr. Doodles

    Any reports for MA 11??

    Nope. Heading north this weekend
  361. Mr. Doodles

    Sriously Cabelas ..spend $250 and you charge .5 for a damn bag?

    It's all OK we will have the $15.00 min wage soon then everyone can afford their own bags. save the world at all cost!
  362. Mr. Doodles

    Clean up aisle MA 13. (Pic heavy)

    Nice!! Soon my friend... very soon!
  363. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 open seat for 10/5

    Congrats on the sale you got my # and you can always bring "Extra Limit" Too!
  364. Mr. Doodles

    Sriously Cabelas ..spend $250 and you charge .5 for a damn bag?

    saving the world 1 bag at a time... don't forget to hug a tree on your way out
  365. Mr. Doodles

    Poachers, stupid or ignorant people!

    as ussual areas 10 and 11 remain closed
  366. Mr. Doodles

    Poachers, stupid or ignorant people!

    It's bad enough when we have the natives carpet bombing preceeding our summer crab season, then we get no winter season even though the summer season sucked (mostly shorts, soft or fems) now I look out and see some morons (2) in a Hewscraft 180 Sportsman with blue sides and red graphix with a...
  367. Mr. Doodles

    Westport boat launch

    They should put a continuous loop of that video at all boat ramp pay stations and require a sign-off before you receive your parking ticket! probably still wouldn't help though....
  368. Mr. Doodles

    WTB: bait tank.. 42gl or there about.

    I second Swede's request!
  369. Mr. Doodles

    PSA Sno-King member

    PSA Sno-King member
  370. Mr. Doodles

    scaling salmon

    Never! Rinse, cut and package... if scales get on the meat rinse again no sweat! Cheers!
  371. Mr. Doodles

    A11 report

    Nice work!, and I do mean work, been very slow in 11 I was out tues night had only one take down turned out it was a 20" blackmouth that thought he was a full grown King put up a good fight pulled line and I thought we had a nice fish, but NOT Cheers!
  372. Mr. Doodles

    Grady226 won dat shit

    Congrats! Nice to see BD well represented!!
  373. Mr. Doodles

    Westport (A2) closes Friday night

    Yes Kevin, we do appreciate all you do and you have my full support! Thanks! Don't let the Morons in this world get you down!
  374. Mr. Doodles

    Splitting Tournament Winnings

    For the ECD my rule was $200. in the fuel tank and split cash prizes evenly other prizes go to the person who caught the fish each participant pays his own ticket. And it yes has to be stated beforehand. the boat share covers the derby fuel +
  375. Mr. Doodles

    No NB Love????

    Knock-em dead Erik, I wish I could travel like that but just doesn't work for me. At least the local fishing is picking up! Good luck and as you always say, Stay safe! Chyeers!
  376. Mr. Doodles

    Banner day in A11

    See... I told you so! nice fish!
  377. Mr. Doodles

    How High to Mount Rocket Launchers??

    Terry, You mentioned building a hardtop what did you come up with? Looking forward to seeing pics of your project as I would like to do something similar maybe
  378. Mr. Doodles

    Fishing is good 9-12-14

    Yes I would tend to agree! What area are you fishing?
  379. Mr. Doodles

    Westport 9-12-14 On Fire!

    Nice! way to go Chris! Can't beat that!
  380. Mr. Doodles

    Trying my Hand at starting my own business.

    I shutter to think what might happen after a night of Fireball when Larry sees a brown bag with the words "Tuna" and "insert" not so clearly in front of him... More dead kittens...
  381. Mr. Doodles

    After School Coho-ing in Edmonds

    Nice! Way to go keep them kids in the fish it's good for them! Beautiful night I love fishing the eves when they are like that!
  382. Mr. Doodles

    Edmonds Derby, Dropped the ball!

    It's not only about the prizes although it's nice to "WIN" I believe it's more about the participation and the joy of sharing and supporting our sport, especially with the kids! Keep that in mind as you wait to hear who won, My little fish only ranked 255th but it was there, and my crew and I...
  383. Mr. Doodles

    another brilliant boating family

    8 people in a 12' boat as it is getting dark...lucky to be alive, but I hope they don't have to cross the street... and to put your 4 year old and dog in that position... there ought to be charges! and no metion of PFD's...
  384. Mr. Doodles

    Columbus vs Boldt

    Yeah... but they are only asking for us to respect them as equals... so said the report.... Equals?????Respect???? Yeah....
  385. Mr. Doodles

    MA11 8/23

    Way to go Swanny! nice quality A-11 fish!
  386. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 crab and shrimp 8-20-14

    Nice Haul! What did you find for pots?
  387. Mr. Doodles

    What would you have done?

    Could not have said it better myself! It seems that is the problem with the world today. At least you tried!
  388. Mr. Doodles


    I know they're out there I seen'em I see clouds and lower temps toinight I think it is about to get good !! Cheers!
  389. Mr. Doodles


    First off, if you don't mind the worms they won't hurt you just a little extra protien...most all white fish that hangs on the bottom has them, and sometimes even salmon, Check the packaged white fillets at the supermarket you may be suprised! if you turn them over and look at the white side you...
  390. Mr. Doodles


    I think some of these guys out here think that the bigger the boat the more they can be the bigger Asshole! At 3-tree yesterday AM, a big yacht "La Barca" out of Des Moines running up on a plane ran through the group of boats fishing the point (in close maybe less than 100yds off the rocks)...
  391. Mr. Doodles

    Westport Aug 11-14

    Way to go Nice fish!
  392. Mr. Doodles

    I did not think this would happen again.

    Way to go Aaron! We never know what could be next glad this one worked in your favor Keep it up! That is why I take my Dad whenever I can! C-mon everyone let's all get our dads out there while we can! Or at least remember them on your next trip! Cheers!
  393. Mr. Doodles


    Seems to me like they gave you the answer you need with the 3 hour reference. Maybe do like C-Dawg said and print that out, but go a couple steps further and highlight the 3 hours, write in the time you parked and post it in your window...then sit back for an uninterupted Power Nap Ahhhhhhhh....
  394. Mr. Doodles

    Area 10 closing for chinook

    one last shot for me tonight in 10 somewhere between Medow Pt and Edmonds
  395. Mr. Doodles

    Need a lift.

    If you care to hit 11 some late afternoon let me know I'm just over the hill from you less than a mile to the launch! Cheers! And keep a safe distance from Mike and Todd!
  396. Mr. Doodles

    Area 10 closing for chinook

    Got the e-mail notice from WDFW it's true!
  397. Mr. Doodles

    My 2014 WTC video Recap

    Great Video! Nice work guys
  398. Mr. Doodles

    A10 Kings: Do you know the struggles?

    Damn! Your on fire! I'm going back to my previously announced stratagy! " Follow the Bait 2 Plate" Boat! I'll be back out there Thurs night Do you ever fish Eves?
  399. Mr. Doodles

    What would you do?

    This was the fish in my report "A10 Today" and yes, I Bonked it! it was right around 20lbs +/-. I was getting ready to turn it out of the net then took one more look and thought of a post and the reply's on a Sno-King PSA post and I am pretty confident this is just a bad clip job and is indeed...
  400. Mr. Doodles

    What would you do?

    In a marked selective fishery area, Bonk! or Release?
  401. Mr. Doodles

    A 10 today

    Patrick, Where were you I called for you on the radio but no luck... I wanted to try my new stratagy and follow you but I guess plan B was good too! Eric, We ended up with only 6 keepers but 1 pot had 26 stuffed into itbut only 1 keeper the rest were al realy close and nice crab
  402. Mr. Doodles

    MA11..Hoping for Good Things...

    Me thinks it is about to get good in 11....
  403. Mr. Doodles

    A 10 today

    Got out early dropped crab pots and had gear in the water by 6:55 am 10 minutes later after adjusting speed this guy hit like a freight train and wanted to just keep going. Put up a great fight with long smoking runs and never came to the surface until time for the net. Nice fish no weight but...
  404. Mr. Doodles

    A10 Kings: Do you know the struggles?

    Nice fish, again... you've been doing pretty good out there lately, will you be out tomorrow? My new stratagy is to find the Bait 2 Plate boat and follow it...seriously though I'll be in A10 tomorrow my boat is on F dock maybe see you out there. Good luck! Cheers!
  405. Mr. Doodles

    MA11..Hoping for Good Things...

    Yeah... Erik, I think you are just getting old and cantankeours... I remember when the fish were everywhere and all we ever used was a cut plug herring mooching, or motor mooching, no downriggers, no hoochies, no GPS, and just the flasher style depthsounder, and that was the new high tech...
  406. Mr. Doodles

    Late Report- First TUNA Trip 7-25

    Very nice! Going to have to try the live bait It's cool how many different things you see out there. I just can't get over how clear and blue the water is! Nice pics! Yeah... I hate to say it but I think I'm getting the sickness! Cheers!
  407. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    I think whether we return or not will depend on the company's response to all of us either by e-mail or a statement on this or other forums (they surely know where this is coming from). Removing them from their shelves a statement to their customers that are in the store shopping but not to us...
  408. Mr. Doodles

    First time offshore Tuna 7-26

    Met up with Clockwork and Big Burp at 4:00 am in Fife then off to WP. Loaded ice dumped the boat in then off to the grounds. On the way out it seemed we saw heards of sunfish they were everywhere... saw something following in our wake but we were still in green water so kept going. Finally...
  409. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    Confirmed results good job everyone! I stopped at the Federal Way store today and they are completly gone off the end rack they had occupied...empty space... so I asked the kid working there "What happened to the cheap chinese knock offs of the Silver Horde spoons?" he just said ..."I don't...
  410. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    I will stop in at the Federal way store to check this out tomorrow and maybe ask about them
  411. Mr. Doodles

    WP - Split an ice tote Saturday 7/27?

    We will be there between 6-630 if someone wants to split a tote... Clockwork 25' Grady
  412. Mr. Doodles

    WP - Split an ice tote Saturday 7/27?

    Heading out for Tuna with Clockwork in the AM anyone else that might want to split a tote?
  413. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    This is bigger than just Wa, I see a few from Cali but let's get more from all of the boards it effects us all as Americans!
  414. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    Sent! I have been a customer of your Federal way Store in the past because of your convienient location but not any longer. Since your company has choosen to sell cheap Chineese knock offs of the Silver Horde Coho Killer and King Fisher lures I will no longer set foot in your store and I...
  415. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    It's even worse than first thought, I went into see them myself and not only did they copy the Coho Killer but they did the King fisher too! And get this all they did was switch the names around so now they have the "Coho Fisher" and the "King Killer"... how lame is that, same words just...
  416. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    It's even worse than first thought, I went into see them myself and not only did they copy the Coho Killer but they did the King fisher too! And get this all they did was switch the names around so now they have the "Coho Fisher" and the "King Killer"... how lame is that, same words just...
  417. Mr. Doodles

    Please read

    Sportsmans will not see me in their stores EVER! except maybe to post a printed copy of this on their photo wall...
  418. Mr. Doodles

    Quan's New Ride

    Congrats ! From your previous postings I'm sure you're going to enjoy the shit out of that new ride! Nice! And Where would we be without "Super Mike" he seems to be everywhere and gets everything done! Way to go Mike!
  419. Mr. Doodles

    Westport 7/4-7/6 report

    Can't beat the fun at WP trhis year congrats on a great trip! Check with the county cops on the wallet, the one that was doing inspections had 2 sets of keys he found at the ramp maybe he has your wallet too! If he does he won't need the fireball so just send it to me! good luck!
  420. Mr. Doodles

    Ilwaco Tuna

    Maybe he was only trying to "wake" the shark....
  421. Mr. Doodles

    Like Clockwor

    Westport fishing was just like Clockwork a steady stream of willing participants. Thanks again Ryan
  422. Mr. Doodles

    Center Cut?

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  423. Mr. Doodles

    Trac Pot Puller feedback

    X2 can't beat the customer service I broke a switch and needed it working in 2 day sent them an e-mail to inquire about purchasing one they replied and sent me one overnight with detailed instructions at no charge. as stated go heavy wire! good luck!
  424. Mr. Doodles

    Gieco Motorcycle Insurance

    Would not trust Geico for anything... long story long fight nuff said!
  425. Mr. Doodles

    Could 1 July be any slower getting here

    What are you waiting for ??? There are plenty of fish to catch out there! Go get-em!
  426. Mr. Doodles

    Oooops! Sorry about that Washi Boys

    Well..... At least it's right side up....
  427. Mr. Doodles

    Help With Transducer/Lowrance Elite 4 HDI

    South King County PSA has a guy speaking on sounders next week specifically the Lowrance system might be a good learning experience, check their web page for details
  428. Mr. Doodles

    PA Halibut Report ??????

    We went out of JW at Sequim looked good on the inside and doable when we got out, Headed to Eastern bank, too rough for dropping pots so right into Hali fishing, no luck just a few dogfish, finally dropped the pots and went back to fishing still nothing good then about 1:30 or 2 the wind kicked...
  429. Mr. Doodles

    Washington Salmon Migration Track?

    Popcorn and a beer please.....
  430. Mr. Doodles

    Live Bait for salmon?

    As a kid growing up in Ballard and fishing the docks of Shilshole we discovered that if we tossed a small treble hook with no weight out into the schools of herring circling the docks, let it sink down below the school then snag a herring and wait a couple of seconds... Then BAM! just under the...
  431. Mr. Doodles

    No lubercastion needed.

    Been following your posts and I finally have to ask, What do they do with hagfish? Keep up the posting it's most interesting, hope to see you in port sometime!
  432. Mr. Doodles

    WTB 1/2 in mesh shrimp pots

    Would like to try out coon stripe shrimping anybody got any 1/2 in mesh pots they would like to get rid of? PM me or reply here Thanks!
  433. Mr. Doodles

    Ace Line Hauler "Brutus" Help

    Heavier gage wire as stated by the crowd, and call or contact ACE through their website if problem persists. My on/off switch broke on the Wed Shrimp opening and I would need it again on Sat. so I contacted them through their website, they got back to me by that evening and said that they would...
  434. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Ramp

    By Sunday they may have the rest in, Who knows??? but you will still have to fight the native crabbers that have the ramp blocked with their trucks and trailers full of Crab pots because we all no there are not nearly enough already out there...yesterday saw one picking their pots and tossing...
  435. Mr. Doodles

    And so it begins...

    The anual native carpet bombing has begun from Dash Pt to Des Moines, and beyond
  436. Mr. Doodles

    Shrimp Wed

    We'll be out in 11, running out of Des Moines Marina on 68 Doodles out!
  437. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Ramp

    June 1st it is they posted a sign last year after I pestered them so much, wouldn't want to risk having a storm damage them...funny thing is we're just as likely to get bad wether in June as we are May you would think they could at least have them in for the Shrimp and ling cod openers at the...
  438. Mr. Doodles

    Puget sound shrimp... don't be shy.

    It's not rocket sci Bait 4 cans of canned mackerel 8 cans of Friskies ocean whitefish Fish oil, fuel, etc... attractant Shrimp pellets Grind the pellets in your wife's food processor (she won't mind) in a bucket mix the ground pellets and the rest of the stuff use a paint mixer on a drill...
  439. Mr. Doodles


    That Neon Rose will look stunning in the back window, you could name her Rosie!
  440. Mr. Doodles

    Glass float critters and cleaning

    Very cool find! congrats! Just curious does anybody know when they stopped using those?
  441. Mr. Doodles

    Boater Safety Card

    What everyone else said... got mine in the mail yesterday I had been holding out but this year it is required It's all common sense to us that have been on the water most of our live no study needed just time and $10. for the state. The insurance discount should offset the cost and trouble so...
  442. Mr. Doodles

    Fishing Browns Point

    Don't forget Salmon U. also, and study up on all tactics if they work elswhere they will work here. Like Dave said don't get too excited eary in the season and even late season you have to put in your time to make it work. Also don't forget Lings open May 1st and there are many good places for...
  443. Mr. Doodles

    Feds Weight Protecting Orca Off the Washington Coast

    Maybe they should list the Puget Sound Angler???
  444. Mr. Doodles

    Do I really need a Harpoon?

  445. Mr. Doodles

    Do I really need a Harpoon?

    Definitely get a harpoon, it will save you from a rookie mistake on even a smaller fish and do more good than harm. like has been said already they aren't that much money, or make your own they are not complicated. My first trip out 2 years ago we ran from west Seattle to Mutiny Bay I had only...
  446. Mr. Doodles

    How Many Left?

    That has to be really old... They have RAY'S boathouse at harbor island I grew up in Ballard and it had been on Seaview ave since way before I can remember. Same RAY'S????
  447. Mr. Doodles

    Another dead whale on an Oregon beach

    Awe poor thing....Hey I have an Idea!!!!
  448. Mr. Doodles

    Any house painters?

    Did mine in about 03 sold it in 07 and it still looks good, I worked with a guy years ago that was a little obsessive with keeping his house freshly painted, he would paint 1 side of his house each year, didn't take more than a week and it was always fresh paint....still too much fishing time...
  449. Mr. Doodles

    Oldschool's progress

    Wow! Very impressive nice work! you have a lot to be proud of! Cheers!
  450. Mr. Doodles

    How to keep my new kicker

    Hang a small bag of Meth on the back of it and they will become your friends! And probably won't want your kicker anyway...
  451. Mr. Doodles

    Sockeye ? - How does one target them in the Salt?

    Sounds like this will be a learning experience for everyone look to the Canadians for advise as they catch them in the salt a lot from what I hear. Also hearyou can hang lots gear off your cables (3-4 spreads off each cable) looking like a school of fish the have a pink mini shrimp on your...
  452. Mr. Doodles

    Shrimping - Line Management

    Like everyone says I use the garden tubs and just keep coiling the line into it, then it comes out the same way it went in. I can get 4 shots of 400' into 1 tub, ( they make a couple sizes use the taller one for the line then have a shorter one also, then the bigger fits into the smaller one for...
  453. Mr. Doodles

    What rap has done to Canadians lol!

    Classic! funnier than hell!
  454. Mr. Doodles

    Trollin Trollin Trollin...Keep them fishes reelin...Fish-on!

    Trollin Trollin Trollin...Keep them fishes reelin...Fish-on!
  455. Mr. Doodles

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    THanks again Vance Great to meet you ! , had a blast ! Nice to meet the rest of the OG that were there and the rest of the crowd too. Learned a lot as well since it was the first time pouring lead. no injuries, lots of lead poured good food, good drinks and good company! ! Hope to see you all...
  456. Mr. Doodles

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    Now That is cool!! Any chance those new Salmon stickers will be out soon???
  457. Mr. Doodles

    Pro-Guide outdoors in A-7?

    That was my thought, Thanks for the explanation, Nelly
  458. Mr. Doodles

    Pro-Guide outdoors in A-7?

    Did anybody watch this today and notice something not quite right?
  459. Mr. Doodles

    Home Security tactics and simple solutions !!

    For under 20 bucks you can get a wireless driveway alert motion sensor you can place anywhere put that in a high traffic or direct path to your property and get instant warning of intruders, also clear away hiding and cover spots, lots of lights. Also watch people driving through your...
  460. Mr. Doodles

    Fished Lopez and Thatcher Passes today

    Maybe you should come down to area 11 or 13...we really have no fish down here and I do better than that here... Man, that must be frustrating as hell from all your posts it sounds like you are doing the same as everyone else +/- you would think that you would catch one even by mistake for all...
  461. Mr. Doodles

    Attn: Washi-homos ;)

    YEAH BABY!!!! Now that is what a BD Salmon sticker should look like!!! I'd be proud to sport that on my boat and other Vehicles!!! When can we get it?
  462. Mr. Doodles

    100gallons of free gas in my driveway

    If not already spoken for I can be there late this afternoon and fill my truck and a couple cans, Let me know...
  463. Mr. Doodles

    Westport Boat Basin

    anyone heard anything about the Coho fishing in the WP Boat basin? Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  464. Mr. Doodles

    Leader tips and tricks

    Eric, For Spoons I always tie straight to the spoon with a swivel at the other end then as you said that snaps onto the tail end of the flasher, I usually go through all of my gear sometime after Coho season and before BM/King season and retie everything with 40- 50 ' leaders with the swivels...
  465. Mr. Doodles

    I need Help...Jet pump to outboard conversion.

    What Tex said... and check out Blackmouther's Trophy in the classifieds I don't think you can find a better bang for the buck than that.
  466. Mr. Doodles

    Trolling on mains

    What he said... plus less fuel, probably electrically isolated from your mains in case of electrical problems (fuel also if you have a dedicated tank) and much quieter than the big main especially if you have 2-strokes. If weight or space is not the issue I would do a kicker. Cheers!
  467. Mr. Doodles

    Trollong Speeds

    Some times a dry spell is just that..a dry spell...That said varying the speed probably makes the biggest difference and if the fish are thereyou will get them. Now the bad news, correct me if I'm wrong but I think wild Coho are legal in area 9? I'd have to check the regs for sure... now go...
  468. Mr. Doodles

    Need feedback on Trophy brand boats

    I have the outboard version of this boat, 2001, and al in all it is very functional and extremely dependable rides nice handles most you could throw at it, but as stated not the highest quality fit and finish but functional, everyone has the same fish box problem but turn on the pumps and the...
  469. Mr. Doodles

    Loading a bunk trailer discussion

    A lot goes into this including the size and style of both boat and trailer and how steep the ramp is and even it's conditionand make up. There are many ramps where you can't or shouldn't power load and you need to respect that. I almost always power load it's very quick and efficient, if I...
  470. Mr. Doodles

    Nice MA-11 King

    Friday night at the high slack picked up this nice beauty! dragging bottom in 120' on a Q-cove Red Rum and a green spatterback hoochie stuffed with an Ace High :hali_olutta: 34" long 24" girth adds up to about 25lbs on the chart, my best from a-11 a few crab to round out the night and I'll take...
  471. Mr. Doodles

    westport help

    Go to the "saftey related" Thread and review the "let's talk bar crossings" that will do you might as well read the rest also good info! Also search out "Leroy's Ramblings" (on the PSA state site) he has lot's of good info too! Cheers!
  472. Mr. Doodles

    Boat Name Ideas

    How about you just put Grady265's avatar on the back and call it good! Should look good running through the waves!
  473. Mr. Doodles

    Boogered my prop today

    Thanks guys, Going in today!
  474. Mr. Doodles

    Boogered my prop today

    Boogered up the prop on my Merc 150, Any recommendations for prop repair or replacement in the Federal way/Tacoma area? Thanks!
  475. Mr. Doodles

    Bellingham crab MA7, the grind.

    Two words... GO DEEP! 250-300' They are out there and less picked over
  476. Mr. Doodles

    What's for dinner?

    What's for Dinner? MSN Entertainment -
  477. Mr. Doodles

    Lk WA Sockeye - 24K, 326K to go

    That makes better sense to me, I would hate to think that we were so far gone that they would be dip netting the fish ladder that was put in as an after thought (to orig cost.) so that the fish could migrate home.
  478. Mr. Doodles


    Does it come with the attachment to connect it to the Honda?
  479. Mr. Doodles

    Anyone for Chopped Scuba Diver?

    O.K. So I'm out last night to set crab pots and a guy and his 2 sons in a small boat asks me to tow them in to the launch (dead motor and no oars) As I aproach the launch docks at Redondo anothe boat with 6 people comes by me on the inside at about 1/2 plane leaving the biggest wake he can just...
  480. Mr. Doodles

    Boat sinks in the Westport Marina

    Sucks to have that happen but at least it was at the dock and nobody lost! I'm with you Swanny, and I go 1 step further and be that guy when on someone else's boat, unless it's already in the water...and dry!
  481. Mr. Doodles

    Squid for bait

    Thanks for the ideas guys, I may try a few of them, or worst case toss them in the crab pots I've heard they are good for that. I'll let you know if anything good comes out of it! Cheers!
  482. Mr. Doodles

    Fisheries to remain closed due to budget cuts and layoffs?!?!?

    Sounds like that stupid "Voice of Reason" lady from the Sound Transit comercials, We all know how good they are with our money!
  483. Mr. Doodles

    Squid for bait

    Has anyone ever tried using fresh caught squid behind a flasher instead oh hoochies? Just a thought as I saw some guys catching4-6" squid off of the pier the other day. Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  484. Mr. Doodles

    Fisheries to remain closed due to budget cuts and layoffs?!?!?

    BULLSHIT!!!! I'm fishing anyway! This state has gone too far with this political BS! I don't know how any of us are going to be able to afford to live here let alone enjoy ourselves with a hobby that acctually helps the economy. Pure BS! Rant over! Maybe we should make some cute little signs...
  485. Mr. Doodles

    Lk WA Sockeye - 24K, 326K to go

    Everything is closed until july 16th then it is still closed in Shilshole bay, that keeps us away from most going through the locks and into the lake.
  486. Mr. Doodles

    Lk WA Sockeye - 24K, 326K to go

    Wow!!! Unbeleivable.... I grew up only blocks from the locks and never saw anything like that, Gill nets right up to the entrance and exits, yes, but not dipnetting the ladder... They truly have sunk to a new low...I guess they must have dipnetted there from the cliffs back 100 years ago...Yeah...
  487. Mr. Doodles

    Lk WA Sockeye - 24K, 326K to go

    Those are Gov. employees or researchers, Native would not be wearing PFD's... That said the natives do have a large presence in the run as they are a big piece of the new hatchery on the Cedar river. Not that I am any fan of theirs but facts are facts. I think once the new hatchery gets...
  488. Mr. Doodles

    New boat, first trip

    Nice boat I met you at the ramp, Glad you did a "little" better than we did! hope to see you out there again soon! Cheers!
  489. 2013


  490. Mr. Doodles

    Wednesday PSA meeting in Kent

    See you there, Airways 5:30?
  491. Mr. Doodles

    Anyone planning on crabbing shilshole on the opener????

    I'm not sure why, as in years past I have never seen this before but yesterday I noticed a large commercial/Dive boat off of Redondo loaded with over 100 crab pots and then noticed that all of the "carpet bombed" pots were gone???? Seems the natives sent 1 boat and a small boat to pull out all...
  492. Mr. Doodles

    Salsbury Point

    We'll be out Friday for last chance inside. Tides look good this week Was there on Sunday left out of Shilshole and lost 1 at the boat due to tangled lines (40-50lb range) hope to see you there!
  493. Mr. Doodles

    Salsbury Point

    Thanks Josh, I guess the that if I can deal with Redondo that one will be a piece of cake! Thinking of a quick trip to Mutiny Bay for 1 last shot at Hali, without going too far.
  494. Mr. Doodles

    Salsbury Point

    Anybody ever launch at Salsbury (north of Hood Canal Bridge? Any concerns for launching there? Any info would be nice, Thanks!
  495. Mr. Doodles

    Eastern Straits Halibut

    Nice fish! Way to get it done, Good to see someone did well we spent 3 days and nothing to show for it but empty gas tanks, a few Shrimp and a great time on the water!
  496. Mr. Doodles

    Sequim/banks first halibut trip!

    We'll be there as well, Staying at a cabin at John Wayne Good luck, see you guys out there!
  497. Mr. Doodles

    Native Greed 2013

    As one person said "We are an invasive species" Humans have been since the beginning of time, someone or something was always there first, so where does it end. It is way too late now to go back and undo what was done. Wouldn't it be nice if they (and everyone else) could just all play by the...
  498. Mr. Doodles

    Any news on additional shrimping days in areas 8.2, 9 or 10?

    Check out the Seattle times blog, "reeltimefishing" he had catch reports and quotas per area, and projected some areas to reopen on the 22nd Good Luck all! Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  499. Mr. Doodles

    MA 6 Butt fishing opening weekend story

    great story and good times! congrats! That was me last year, 2 years of study and prep then I had only one chance to get out and we put a nice 70lbr in the boat at Mutiny Bay, a first in my own boat. That was a kick! This week we will be fishing out of John Wayne and will see if we can get it...
  500. Mr. Doodles

    Sequim Halibut (1st post on BD!)

    Welcome aboard! nice trip We'll be heading out of Sequim next week maybe we will see you out there! good luck! Cheers!
  501. Mr. Doodles

    Area 10 ling

    35" going to look for more tomorrow:hali_olutta:
  502. Mr. Doodles

    Ace line hauler accessory-The Bull dog

    Same story as the rest with the Bulldog Spring tension or adjustment to the Shiv with the washer kit I will have to check and see what solves the problem. But better with than without....
  503. Mr. Doodles

    Area 10, Spot Prawn Opener

    Pretty slow in 11 tried Redondo to start pulled zero's so made the run to Pt Beal pretty rough running into the wind got there and stayed slow finished with just over 1 limmit for 3 of us. Rough water, strong current, and strong wind made it really hard. Hopping our next shot will be better...
  504. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Ramp

    The funniest thing is once you have negotiated all of the obsticals and then start to back down the ramp the stupid people walk right behind you while you are moving...:Dynamite:thn last year I had a women get pissed at me because I almost backed over her little "Rat Dog" that she had playing in...
  505. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Ramp

    Soon???:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Really now, I have started my yearly rant at the city of Des Moines and they told me that they have built 2 new sections of dock to replace a couple that were bad, and they recovered the 2 sections that were torn away in the storm and have them rebuilt and...
  506. Mr. Doodles

    Securing a cooler to the stern

    Check out Pihrana locks these are pretty cool and work for almost anything
  507. Mr. Doodles

    Halibut-April 11, Ron Garner, Steve Kaimmer, IPHC, with huge raffle

    You won a Gaff??? We came all the way up from the south end and I thought that Ted took home all the Raffel prizes....:waglleybooty::waglleybooty: Agreed, Great talk and great info! Thanks all! Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  508. Mr. Doodles

    Shrimp pot rigging

    400' is plenty like they said weight your pots and have plenty of floatation, Instead of Garden hose reel I use a large Tub about the size of the bottom half of a garbage can, just let the line fall in when pulling and no tangles. Good luck!:hali_olutta:
  509. Mr. Doodles

    Never see this in Pudget

    Talk aout a P-Nut Gallery... You guys comenting on our fisheries are the real Nuts! While you won't get called in by radio anywhere up here (not just area 7) nor should you anywhere, If you put your time in and get to know people most will help out. I often drive thrugh the local launch to...
  510. Mr. Doodles

    Lawsuit filed alleging WDFW violated public disclosure law

    Interesting, But before throwing money at Lawers I'd like to hear from Ron Garner, PSA, and CCA on these issues. Could hurt more than help? More info would be good. Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  511. Mr. Doodles

    Who's going?

    Area 5 & 6 closes to Salmon on the 10th I, thinking of making a run ot of either John Wayne or CQ on Sunday, Anyone else thinking of the same? Just wondering who might be out there... Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  512. Mr. Doodles

    Shut UP and FISH

    Nice work! Thats what it's all about! are there any docks in at CQ? thinking about a run out of John Wayne but CQ ? Hmmm? Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  513. Mr. Doodles

    Good Luck!!!

    Good luck all! I wish I could be there but not yet in the cards, maybe next year, ths derby sounds like a blast!!!:2gunsfiring_v1: Again good luck to all!, Be safe, should be a beautiful time on the water! "GO GET'EM BD BROTHA-HOOD!":2gunsfiring_v1: Keep us posted we'll be watching from...
  514. Mr. Doodles

    Time to stir the pot

    We now have a world economy while it's nice to buy American and local you can't always do so, a good price is good but there is more to it than that. I don't want Crap, and I want a little customer service and a product that someone stands behind at a fair price! That is all! Cheers!
  515. Mr. Doodles

    Maps / Charts

    What are the best Charts and where do you get them for studying the details and contours of Puget Sound. I use the NOAA online charts but there has to be something more detailed. Any sugestions would be good. Thanks! Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  516. Mr. Doodles

    where to buy shrimp pots

    Outdoor Emporium is having their annual Shrimp & Crab seminar on 4-06-13 they always have a bunch to give away in their raffle and good sale prices if you don't win one Worth a try.. good info too! 10:00 AM -1:00
  517. Mr. Doodles

    Action Alert!!!Please save the WDFW Commissioners

    Thanks! Ron Done! and will help spread the news!
  518. Mr. Doodles

    Boat jack stands

    I think GHfishin had a thread about using blocks to remove the boat from the trailer maybe try searching that out. it was pretty detailed if I remember right. good luck! Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  519. Mr. Doodles

    How about something like these to replace the decals?

    I think it should be in the style of the Tuna stickers but with the shape of a Salmon or Halibut. Who's with me? :hali_olutta:
  520. Mr. Doodles

    Trailer wheels

    Sometime this season I am going to need to replace the tires on my trailer and at least 1 wheel. Trailer is a single axle Escort with a 21' trophy sitting on it, the Wheels/tires are 16.5s 6 lug, not sure exact tire size, 16.5's seem to be harder to find than 16's would it matter if I just put...
  521. Mr. Doodles

    non-native art stickers

    Well said, This was never about any of this CRAP and Bay Wolf needs to pull his head out of his ASS because he seems to be the only one that doesn't get it. It was a simple request for support about getting a different style of sticker I have nothing against any individual, we should all...
  522. Mr. Doodles

    Good eats within walking distance from the docks

    Wow what memories that shack brings back... When I grew up in that neighborhood fishing the docks along Shilshole that place was called the Hungry Sailor, then The Turbulant Turtle, and then Gordo's, they always had the best Burgers and big square cut fries that were incredible. As kids we...
  523. Mr. Doodles

    non-native art stickers

    The point is they're fugly and I won't put them on anything I own! :finger:
  524. Mr. Doodles

    non-native art stickers

    What are the chances of us ever getting non-native art Salmon and Halibut stickers? Would love to have some for my boat and vehicles :hali_olutta:
  525. Mr. Doodles

    Legal Size Chinook

    As I heard this the idea came from the south sound where there is a majority of smaller fish and a real problem with Fur-bags. The problem is the mortality rate and if they are released even a fish that might normally survive is then usually picked off by a Fur-bag. That said I would still not...
  526. Mr. Doodles

    Win a $1000 Shrimp pot puller Thurs 3/14 Buck Setera

    Sounds interesting I think I will drive up from Redondo!
  527. Mr. Doodles

    Shake down run this Sunday

    If you head north take a swing in through Redondo, I will watch from the hill and would love to see her in action! :hali_olutta:
  528. Mr. Doodles

    Anyone on here with experience understanding state senate bills?

    This ought to be interesting... TexMojoII in politics? :hali_olutta::hali_olutta: Go Tex! any thoughts on running for Gov next time around? we could use a change in this "Nanny State" :2gunsfiring_v1: Go Tex!
  529. Mr. Doodles

    What do you eat raw?

    Way to go Tex! You nailed it! We can always count on you to bring something "RAW" to the table! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  530. Mr. Doodles

    Poll: Reports. Favored Style. Put Up, or Shut Up

    I agree with Blackmouther on his assesments, (never met him and sometimes he gets a little worked up but I can understand his and everyone elses passion for their home turf.) Me, I like to post with general MA area's and will pass on the rest of of the info to people I talk to or PM with...
  531. Mr. Doodles

    Pot puller: gas or electric?

    I have the Ace also and now the bulldog to go on it can't wait to give it a try!:hali_olutta:
  532. Mr. Doodles

    Post count

    What you and other FNG's don't get is that what is pointless is guys like you! I have been around this board for about 3 years now and have met some from here and look forward to meeting many more. I don't have the time or budget to do as much fishing in as many places or have as big or as...
  533. Mr. Doodles

    How deep are you? Here's an article on deep trolling,
  534. Mr. Doodles

    MA7 hawg

    Nice ! I'm jelous!!!
  535. Mr. Doodles

    Ace line hauler accessory-The Bull dog

    I ponied up for one last night looks like it will be great but will have to wait until shrimp season to find out. They had none in stock so offered to ship it to me for free, can't beat that ! Cheers!
  536. Mr. Doodles

    Boat In BIG surf

    WOW!!! That's just crazy...
  537. Mr. Doodles

    Outboard engine question.....

    I have a 150 Merc Saltwater and All of the above apply, Clean out salt deposits, clear out Pee hole and replace the thermostats they are cheap (like $15.) while they are out clean their housing area too, then repeat every year it is a constant but easy fix. Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  538. Mr. Doodles

    BAMF saga continues

    everyone should just stop by and ask about their warranty policy...
  539. Mr. Doodles

    gun violence a new idea

    That old saying, "When you outlaw guns only outlaws will have them" is so very true. What they really need to do is make it very "painful" to get caught with a gun that is unlawful in any way and/or the irresponsible use,or possession or unsafe storage of a gun. Instead a juvenile has to...
  540. Mr. Doodles

    retired low income

    Got to agree with everyone on this post! My Dad always goes free but every now and then he makes me take some gas money or something, But the money is never an issue, point is there is always a spot for him because 1 day I will only be able to wish he could be there. Show your dad this thread...
  541. Mr. Doodles


    Very nice! Gonna' have to find someone to go out and chase some of those with me very soon! :hali_olutta:
  542. Mr. Doodles

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    Way to go Mike! great party again, great to meet a few more of you guys, Each party gets better than the last! Sure get a lot of wierdos out on a full moon! :rofl:
  543. Mr. Doodles

    Feds to review whether Puget Sound orcas keep endangered status

    They wern't looking too endangered as they headed south past Pt Robinson Saturday afternoon... there were at least a dozen or more out there more than I have ever seen at once down here. There was also a bunch of porpoise in the area at the same time and some guys in an inflatable following...
  544. Mr. Doodles

    Bottomfishing closure off of our North Coast alert for 2013

    Done! This shit is unreal!! Thanks Ron for all you do!
  545. Mr. Doodles

    Look what the mailman brought

    Way cool! Congrats! Aah....the sweet smell of "Tuna"
  546. Mr. Doodles

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    Driving from Des Moines, Carpool anyone?:finger:
  547. Mr. Doodles

    The Journey

    How about this? But seriously, nice work! And thanks for sharing it with us!
  548. Mr. Doodles

    What is Next?

    I'm with you guys never had an issue with fuel but it's always on my mind. post up a pic! and congrats!
  549. Mr. Doodles

    Corvette for Truk

    Not sure yet what I'm looking for just beginning to look need something that will pull my 21' Trophy well I'm mostly a Chevy guy but open to others.
  550. Mr. Doodles

    Corvette for Truk

    Just a thought, Looking for a good truck anybody got one to trade for a 2000 Corvette convert? about $16,000. value
  551. Mr. Doodles

    BD Annual Southend gathering

    The Tides sounds good! Maybe we could get some of us out to fish during the day then hit it.
  552. Mr. Doodles


    Sounds like a fun and exciting off season home improvement project! Please post the pics so that the rest of us can be inspired! :rofl: :finger:
  553. Mr. Doodles

    Lesson learned/Lucky to be alive

    Nice wake up call glad your ok thanks for posting, it always better to learn from others mistakes than to repeat them ourselves, I fish solo often and I think maybe a few reveiws are in order. Good luck it sounds like you are going to have your hands full for a while.
  554. Mr. Doodles


    Beautiful! Steve you are a very talented guy! And Jamie you're 1 lucky dude! looks nice! Let us know how you guys do out there today today. Nice work
  555. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    Reel time fishing Seattle times Maek Yuasa, WDFW is suposed to anounce this afternoon or tomorrow AM
  556. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    Looks like MA 10 and 11 will be closed... bummer!
  557. Mr. Doodles

    Winter Crab

    I just read that WDFW will anounce this afternoon the winter Crab season will open 10-13-12 in most Puget Sound areas. Does this mean that the Tribes pots have to come out? Looking forward to another great winter crab season! Cheers All!:hali_olutta:
  558. Mr. Doodles


    Hey gus, SKC PSA meets in Kent 3rd Wed each month at 7:00 PM me if you would like to tag along to the next one and I can also show you some of what everyone is talking about> Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  559. Mr. Doodles

    Collision off of Shilshole 1 dead

    A sad day for sure, I grew up fishing in small boats there and large boats chargeing through the crowds is the norm, with the Marina traffic and the locks traffic you really have to watch your back in a small boat. It may not be the law but it is a good idea if your in a small boat (or any...
  560. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo ramp "Toast" for the season

    Yesterday I drove past the launch and noticed the floating breakwater had broke free from it's moorings and was pushing up against the docks making them completely unusable (no way in or out between the docks) I talked to marina personell and was told they would try to get them pulled back out...
  561. Mr. Doodles

    I hate thieves.

    I feel for you Scott, Had that happen to us a couple years ago, we were only gone for an hour. It seems like the authorities don't care nothing they can do about it... would just like to get a hold of them for a brief "Visit" to make me feel better! Good luck!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  562. Mr. Doodles

    Do you smell Skunk in MA!!?

    Seems like we have all had the same learning experiences...:waglleybooty: I tell all my fishing partners that asking if the plug is in is never a stupid question! I also make sure to ask that question when going with someone else it's always interesting to see the look on an experienced...
  563. Mr. Doodles

    Coho Tactics

    x2 what Bugeater said + cut plug or anything you have confidense in! See Kettle o fish's report in Reports section. Good luck! Go get-em!
  564. Mr. Doodles

    Another Skunking

    I've never been too concerned about the Human scent and don't use gloves but my theory is that with all the scents used they probably get a little rancid aftere a while and cleaning with soap cleans that off. It has consistantly helped the crab pots after sea stars for sure.
  565. Mr. Doodles

    somthing you just dont see every day

    Makes you feel just a bit small doesn't it? Been out there before when the whole fleet goes by Makes you proud and gratefull all at the same time! Thanks to all those that serve!
  566. Mr. Doodles

    Another Skunking

    We all know the methods that work, some better for each of us than others, just keep changing it up until you find what's working on a particular day. one thing I have found helpful when I'm in a dry spell is to wash all my gear with lemon joy and re-tie and check leaders for length and twist...
  567. Mr. Doodles

    Derelict Gillnet: 6 Coho, 30 Crab, 200 Dogfish, Seabird

    Good job Deryn! The credit for this goes directly to you! Thanks for that! It' is really too bad io has to get that far with everything the tribes do, it makes it really hard to have any respect at all for them when in fact their ancestors do deserve repect. I don't go to extremes but I try...
  568. Mr. Doodles

    Derelict Gillnet: 6 Coho, 30 Crab, 200 Dogfish, Seabird

    Please let us all know when you plan on retuning the net. I'm sure you will get plenty of support. Good on you for the pursuit maybe King 5 will want to talk to you as well!
  569. Mr. Doodles

    We slayed them on the "Reel Tight" out of Westport 9-23-12

    Nice! way to go! Congrats on the possible record! good luck!
  570. Mr. Doodles

    Who's rolling the Everett Derby?

    Just OK for us, We boated 5 for the 2 days biggest weighd in at 10.8 the rest in the 6lb range saluted anothe rBD'r in a hardtop Trophy on Sat north of the shiwreck. The awards were a total CF and we ended up not being able to leave Everett until 6:45 for our run back to Shilshole, arriving...
  571. Mr. Doodles

    Who's rolling the Everett Derby?

    I'll be there running out of Shilshole:2gunsfiring_v1:
  572. Mr. Doodles

    20+ LB Coho posted on FB by John Martinis!!

    Nice Hawg! Let's hope there are a few more!
  573. Mr. Doodles

    Land an albacore on a Barbie Rod

    I can see it now, Bloody Decks Bloody Barbie Derby! Say that three times fast!
  574. Mr. Doodles

    ECD - Everett Coho Derby

    Who's doing the Everette Coho derby??? I'll be running out of Shilshole for the weekend...:finger: Cheers all!:hali_olutta:
  575. Mr. Doodles

    Afternoon/Evening fishing for silvers

    Coho will most always be mid water column and up as the sun goes down they come up a little more. Watch your FF and run where the Bait and or fish show and above that should help, they are also ussually out in deeper water 200-500' but that said I have been getting mine mostly in close in...
  576. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 Coho

    Thought so! Yeah fun fishin right now, I'm going to try to get out a few times in the eves this week, Who's with me?:hali_olutta:
  577. Mr. Doodles

    Gear rotation

    Just wondering for Salmon how often does everyone switch out or rotate gear before finding what is working that day? I seem to make the first few passes using whatever was hot on the last outing then start changing depths and if that doesn't produce I start throwing different combos at them...
  578. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 Coho

    Nice Dave!, I was off all week and was out most days at Redondo good for at least 1 Coho each day, Left the boat at Des Moines Saturday night and got out early with my Dad to hit Pt. Robinson and got 3 between us biggest was 10lbs and my Dad lost 3 at the boat so pretty good action for the day...
  579. Mr. Doodles

    Fun day at Richmond Beach

    Nice! looks like maybe you hooked more than just Coho!
  580. Mr. Doodles

    MA11 coho on a Koke

    Yeah, blue fenders, Trophy with Merc, and the BD flag toss me the salute if you see me again, I'll be out tomorrow AM at Pt. Robinson.
  581. Mr. Doodles

    MA11 was good today!

    Nice fish, way to go! still seeing some Kings around! and lot's of Coho
  582. Mr. Doodles

    MA11 coho on a Koke

    Nice! I was out there too, was pretty crowded we only got 1 Coho but lost a nice King at the boat when my buddy tried to get it in the net the line got caught on the small screws on the yolk of the net and cut the line, the fish circled on the surface for about 15 minutes dragging my flasher...
  583. Mr. Doodles

    Lets see your BD Picture!!

    Here's a couple!
  584. Mr. Doodles

    plastic outboard tank

    A few weeks back the tank for my Kicker motor was stolen off the swimstep of my boat in front of my house. That tank was my emergency fuel source giving peace of mind if main tank gets low. Not wanting to test the limits... I need to replace the tank. Anyone have a vented plastic tank for...
  585. Mr. Doodles

    I'm done

    Maybe there needs to be a 12 step program for times like these!
  586. Mr. Doodles

    working MA 11

    Been working MA11 hard all season with only a few here and there to show for the effort. Now the Coho's are starting to show up and this past week I have been hitting it pretty hard with mostly the same results. Thursday: No fish a few shakers, 2 boats towed in to safety, 2 limits of Crab to...
  587. Mr. Doodles

    Any luck MA11 or 13 lately?

    I stayed close to home at Redondo and did Very well will file a report later today!
  588. Mr. Doodles

    NW Salmon Bloody Decks Stickers

    It would be nice to have non native looking stickers for both Salmon, and Halibut, Only then will I add them to my boat. How about it BD?
  589. Mr. Doodles

    Any luck MA11 or 13 lately?

    Bummer dood! I'll be down that way Sun AM I'll watch for you, What color yak gets the Salute?
  590. Mr. Doodles

    Any luck MA11 or 13 lately?

    Look up the Pt Defiance boathouse they have a recorded line with daily fishing report and daily tides good general info. pretty slow around area 11 heard of some action at the mouth of the Puyallup, (That would probably be good in a Yak) Browns Pt. and the usual areas at the Pt. Lots of debris...
  591. Mr. Doodles

    Coonstripe shrimp?

    Thanks for the info guys (esp.W2T) looks like I will need some small mesh pots... Cheers!
  592. Mr. Doodles

    Coonstripe shrimp?

    Anyone ever fish for Coonstripes? This years Spot Prawn supply is gone already so a few questions... Is it worth the effort? Will you get any in a standard 1" mesh pot or are they too small and will escape? Last question are they any good? Thinking this may require some experimentation since...
  593. Mr. Doodles

    MA 11

    Don't be so hard on yourself, you just got to be in the right place at the right time. The fish are here we saw several caught this AM about 1 in 4 boats seemed to get a nice Nookie, seems like the "bite was from 7:00-about 9:00 AM, we just had shakers and a small Coho + a few Dungies. Gotta...
  594. Mr. Doodles

    Ms Magoo 8/7 - 8-9 20012

    Way to go! And great job Dave and crew he's one of the best!
  595. Mr. Doodles

    How Important Is It To...

    Check out he has a step by step video and I think he say what sizes he uses. Cheers! and Good luck!
  596. Mr. Doodles

    South Sound fishing Derby

    X2 but the fishing was good! It was the catching that was bad! We left Redondo at 5:00 and ran north to West Point, we fished it hard thowing all sorts and combos of hardware at them even tried old school mooching and nothing! after West Point hit Point Vashon, Dolphin, and Beal, all for not...
  597. Mr. Doodles

    King Crabs in Puget Sound?

    Wow, never seen anything like a tanner here, Where about? and how deep? (nothing specific) I don't think they are even mentioned in the Wa regs... I guess then that they would be legal as unclassified Yes? No? ?
  598. Mr. Doodles

    Wounded Warriors

    As a side note to this, SKCPSA is doing a Wounded Warrior program this weekend out of Des Moines on Saturday. This will be my first time doing an event like this and it will be a great honor to show these guys we care and are greatful for their sacrifices. We will be on the water Saturday AM...
  599. Mr. Doodles

    AREA 3 & 4 Closed to bottom fishing

    Why not make this a requirement (like barbless hooks are) while fishing for bottom fish of any kind, Seems that would be simple enough and if you have it you most likely would use it. I will be picking up at least 1 just in case, to keep rigged on a boat rod. recently we picked up a copper on...
  600. Mr. Doodles


    Great info guys, Thanks for the responses I think I will avoid the thunderstorms as much as possible!
  601. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 King

    I was out there last night dragging gear around and bait and fish were showing at different depths all over. Kept chasing up and down on the rigger with no luck, maybe time to break out the bait and go back to mooching! :hali_olutta:
  602. Mr. Doodles

    tempress elite lowback seats

    Do you have pics of the fresh install?
  603. Mr. Doodles


    I know it's not a good idea to be out on the water with a thunderstorm overhead, but what are the increased risks of getting struck? My assumption has always been that on open water you are the highest point so more likely to get hit... But would it be better to be close to shore? with trees...
  604. Mr. Doodles

    Area 11 King

    Nice fish for sure! I'll be out there this evening! Either Beal or Dolphin!
  605. Mr. Doodles

    Warning watch your ditch bags!

    I was missing a tool box for a few weeks and thought the same thing why would anyone take a crappy tool box with a bunch of junk in it when there are better things to take? I knew I didn't take it off the boat, but could not find it inside the side door where I kept it. I looked over and over...
  606. Mr. Doodles

    Skagit Sockeye

    It would be nice to know when and where the tribes (and comercial also) are allowed to fish crab etc.. That info is probably out there maybe someone can tell us where, Anybody??? I was out in A11 the other night and there are still pots from the tribe out there by 3 Tree Pt even on a Wed. when...
  607. Mr. Doodles

    Stolen Motor

    That SUCKS, These pieces of shit need to be delt with!
  608. Mr. Doodles

    made some float weights

    Nice! great idea, I put screw together joints in my flagstaffs above and below the bouys so that they can interchange bouys (different names of crew) and use for shrimp also. Easy to take apart and store as well as just less to store.
  609. Mr. Doodles

    good news

    Good story on King 5 about wild Steelhead returning past the removed dam. Sounds like a good start! 162079635.htmldown-fish-return-to-Elwha-River-162079635 Cant seem to get a link check it out at
  610. Mr. Doodles

    area 11 report

    I think maybe I'll hit Beal or 3-Tree tonight, Has anyone been out on the afternoon/eve tides? :hali_olutta:
  611. Mr. Doodles

    Puget sound herring

    As a kid we used to snag them from the docks at Shilshole and wait for the Salmon that followed the schools to come up from underneath and grab the wounded Herring, so look around the any of the marinas and their fishing docks for schools then drop in with a herring jig, that should work. We...
  612. Mr. Doodles

    area 11 report

    Was out early yesterday in north 11 2 19-20" shakers, 1 good take down with nobody home and 2 pots with 10 dungies, all undersized or female and 1 Rock Crab. Gee I wonder where all the crab went??? On the bright side there is TONS of bait in the water so when the fish arrive they should be FAT...
  613. Mr. Doodles

    How do you tell when someone has been stealing from your crab pots?

    The reality is there are plenty of scumbags out there But, if you consider the value and enjoyment that comes from both Crabbing and Fishing, the rare "stolen pot" and the few times that someone pulls your pots and steals your crab are sort of the "cost of doing business" Don"t get me wrong I...
  614. Mr. Doodles

    grinding herring?

    I use a 5 gal bucket and a paint mixer on an electrirc drill works pretty good and all the bait + whatever you want to mix in is already in the bucket ready to go. l
  615. Mr. Doodles

    WELCOME TO AMERICA! And happy 4th

    Nice! Should call that one Uncle Sam-on!
  616. Mr. Doodles

    Tribes at it again!!!!

    Reality! Nuff Said!
  617. Mr. Doodles

    Charters out of Wesport

    X2 on MaGoo Dave the owner is top notch been with him many times and know him well. Check him out at He has scheduling and availability there as well as other info. Good luck!
  618. Mr. Doodles

    Crabbing Bonus

    Well headed out to area 11 for some fresh dungies on the opener, seems the areas where I usually do well were pretty picked over. set the pot at first spot and started dragging some gear lookng for fish went back after a couple hours pulled all 4 pots got 1 keeper and tons of small and females...
  619. Mr. Doodles

    How was your crabbing today?

    Crabbing Sucked for us in 11, 4 pots 3 pulls on 1-2 hour soaks only gave us 2 keepers. Tons of undersize, females, and red rock that went back. Pretty slim pickings at all my usual places We even tried deep-water crabbing 200-250 ft no luck there. On the bright side picked up a nice 10-12lb...
  620. Mr. Doodles

    Who's Hitting The Crab Opener?

    I'll be out in 11 maybe into 10 I got a few secrets for this year! Question? Do the carpet bombers have to pull their pots ??? Cause right now they are still wall to wall out there... Good luck all! Cheers:hali_olutta:
  621. Mr. Doodles

    Don't be that Guy!

    Almost! got mine done online and got tabs in the mail tuesday! If you do them online you can print the proof and be good to go! but subject to getting checked. Cheers!
  622. Mr. Doodles

    Crab in MA11

    Carpet bombed from Tacoma to at least area 10 from what I have seen, not looking too promising for the opener but I will give it a go at a few places that may have gaps in the bombing grid
  623. Mr. Doodles

    Sockeye season in Lake Washington??

    I remember years ago don't remember which season it was but I had a 18.5 Jetster with a 460 jet drive in it and we were 3rd in line at Sand point at 3:30 am at I walked up to the gate it was closed but not locked so we opened it up and everyone got in and launched. We took off from the dock at...
  624. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Thieves!!!

    Don't underestimate Mr. Doodles he can be 85lbs of pissed off Poodle!:Dynamite::Dynamite: but I wouldn't want to face Momma if that stupid crackhead pulled out a gun and shot him! I'll be putting on that water seperator and get back at it! Cheers all! and thanks for the support! :hali_olutta:
  625. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Thieves!!!

    Swanny you are 100% right on all of the above, It's not worth my fat butt confronting them but from my perch at the window something less than lethal a pellet, or paintball gun or even a wrist rocket with ball bearings would sure make me feel better. It seems like every 6 months some tweeker...
  626. Mr. Doodles

    There I was...

    Now that is funny SHIT! way to go!
  627. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Thieves!!!

    Couldn't get downstairs to them quick enough I think I will need something that can reach out and touch them, Maybe a pellet gun with a laser sight? It didn,t look like they were interested in anything but the gas But best secure the kicker a little more.
  628. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Thieves!!!

    This morning at 6:00 AM I hear a vehicle outside and look out to see an older probably 65-66 chevy or GMC stepside PU dull grey with orange or red primer on the Pass side park in front of the neighbors house, then a guy gets out of the pass side dark pants white t shirt putting on and zipping up...
  629. Mr. Doodles


    This morning at 6:00 AM I hear a vehicle outside and look out to see an older probably 65-66 chevy or GMC stepside PU dull grey with orange or red primer on the Pass side park in front of the neighbors house, then a guy gets out of the pass side dark pants white t shirt putting on and zipping up...
  630. Mr. Doodles

    MA11 POint Defiance

    That SUCKS! But I know you won't give up that easily, That said headed there tonight, Best bring the harpoon!
  631. Mr. Doodles

    area 11

    Sounds like several people hittin area 11 after a few reports, that's great to see for a change! Who's going? Give a shout on 68! I'll be out Thrsday evening and maybe a couple more times over the weekend (probably solo) if anyone's wants to fill an empty seat if I have room let me know...
  632. Mr. Doodles

    Great day in MA11

    Nice work! I was contemplating getting out there myself but watching the wind waves stayed home. Gotta get out there soon!
  633. Mr. Doodles

    The game is Westport Saturday & Kings are Wild

    Bummer Dude! but a bad day fishing aint really all that bad! Maybe later in the summer when the big ones come in we could get a whole boat full of BDr's :hali_olutta:
  634. Mr. Doodles

    Spanaway house sitter needed

    Hey! Save that stuff for our next southenders meeting! I can store the boat and maybe some of the other things in the Garage!:rofl:
  635. Mr. Doodles

    Westport is off to a good start

  636. Mr. Doodles

    Only 3 people showed up

    Thanks Again to Duct tape for putting this together and to Stryker for "Runnin' the ball" Great time! Great to meet you guys!
  637. Mr. Doodles

    What really stresses Orcas

    They have guys in chase boats with butterfly nets following the Whales waiting for shit to happen! They even have a dog that can sniff it out! :_diarrhea_:
  638. Mr. Doodles


    And, we pay their wages!
  639. Mr. Doodles

    Native Crabbing

    Ok, I was going to give this little Bitchfest a rest but here's 1 more, I drove over the bridge on the Green river at the Kent golf course and looked down and there's a net 2/3rds across the river... I don't think there is much for them to net in the river right now?... Anyway whatever...
  640. Mr. Doodles

    Mason, Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, and all others.

    Better take roll call! I'm in!
  641. Mr. Doodles

    Native Crabbing

    Let's not forget about taxes (or lack of) For Smokes,Gas, Fireworks etc.. The rest of us all have to make up for that!:finger:
  642. Mr. Doodles

    Native Crabbing

    Show me a land anywhere that was not concurred by someone "Just saying" Now, go back to your native land we don't need you here! Just Saying! :_diarrhea_:
  643. Mr. Doodles

    Mason, Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, and all others.

    I'll probably be there would like to meet a bunch of you guys! anyone else from the area around Redondo in?
  644. Mr. Doodles

    Hitting this would SUCK.

    Maybe that's what they were waiting for?:rofl:
  645. Mr. Doodles

    Native Crabbing

    Yeah they have pretty much carpet bombed the area from Poverty Bay to Des Moines as far as I can see. They have been at it now for about 2 weeks and I keep seeing more pots coming daily. Gotta love it! It really sucks! That's why I do not patronise native business, It may not help but it's all...
  646. Mr. Doodles

    What's in your MEDICAL KIT?

    I have a kit from Costco that is very well organized with foldouts and information and complete with pretty much everything. If more is needed I'd be calling for help ASAP!
  647. Mr. Doodles

    Mason, Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, and all others.

    Bring it north just a bit there are a lot of us guys between Seattle, Renton, and Tacoma that would probably be game! :hali_olutta: Cheers!
  648. Mr. Doodles

    sekiu in late August?

    Try this for research, go to the wdfw website and check the creel reports, there you can look at several years of data by week and location that will give you a good idea of what might be around at that time. Welcome! Now you will probably get a bunch of crab unless you introduce yourself. Good...
  649. Mr. Doodles

    Dolphin Pt

    Way to go! I was just about to launch the boat this afternoon to head that way but looking at the water rolling over the launch dock decided to wait until tomorrow. Nice to see Salmon on the reports again! Great Report! Cheers! :hali_olutta:
  650. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Launch

    Right on Siv! Funny, but right after the letters went in I got all kinds of response and they got that dock in at 10:30 Friday night! Even got an e-Mail back from one of the city council and Scott from the Marina called and talked with my wife She said he was very concerned and a nice guy that...
  651. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Launch

    Yeah that sucks! I was thinking of bringing my own hose it will be interesting to see the look on the face of the next in line when you unscrew it and take it with you...
  652. Mr. Doodles

    MA 13 Shrimp

    I've been wanting to get down to 13 and try for some Spot Shrimp since it stays open the entire month of may, so yesterday afternoon I launched solo out of Redondo and made the run south just past Fox island. The water was flat not even a ripple When I got there there was already another guy...
  653. Mr. Doodles

    May Fishing Extravaganza (Neah 5/10, 5/12 & 5/19 / PA Halibut Derby)

    Nice Report Keep it up! Must be some serious tunes on that boat!
  654. Mr. Doodles

    MA 6 Was Good to Us!!

    Nice! 2 butts are always better than 1! Sounds like you have the same list as I do, we got a nice butt out of area 9 on Sat and now I'm hoping to give Ocean Salmon a try for the first time in my boat if all falls into place. Great Job! Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  655. Mr. Doodles

    Good Day Fishing

    I wouldn't worry about a true weight, Nice fish! what the chart says is good enough for me! any Butt inside Puget Sound is a nice catch! Maybe the weight difference is due to the difference in Ca. butt and Pacific Butt we picked up a 53 incher on Sat. and the chart said 70lbs and it was...
  656. Mr. Doodles

    New to the Fort Lewis area

    Welcome to the geat northwest Wayne! I have yet to hit the big pond but the time is getting close for that. I fish local a lot (area 11out of Redondo) A lot of times in the afternoons until dusk for Salmon and also Crab PM me if your are interested in that and I'll let you know when I have an...
  657. Mr. Doodles

    Area 9 Hail Mary

    Way to be resourcefull! As said before nice Fillet skills! Check out Miller Marine on the WWW they are in Gig Harbor and do some really nice tables all custm and not out of this world on price. They can fit into your rod holders or whatever, Worth a look! Way to go on the Hail...
  658. Mr. Doodles

    Area 9 Butt

    Way to go! Area 9 seems to be doing pretty well this year! :hali_olutta: Cheers!
  659. Mr. Doodles

    area 9 big Butt

    Yeah, He said they don't see too many of those at the alki ramp It drew a pretty good crowd when we hung it off the side of the boat so he could measure it and we could get some Pics:rofl:
  660. Mr. Doodles

    area 9 big Butt

    Still having trouble uploading pics but here are a couple more. What a great day it was, The cool part is that while I've caught Halibut on charters before this is the first one on my own boat and after 2 years of studying, making sure I had all the right gear, and gleaning the info from our...
  661. Mr. Doodles

    area 9 big Butt

    don't know why but pics are not loading well I'll try again later
  662. Mr. Doodles

    area 9 big Butt

    Having trouble getting pics to load
  663. Mr. Doodles

    area 9 big Butt

    Well, last year had problems for hali had to wait for this year to give it a try, this year was looking like a bust also with trailer issues, I don't trust it yet for the long haul so we launched at West Seattle this AM at 6am and made the 30 mile run north to the hali grounds. First drift Ken...
  664. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Launch

    North side docks are in!!! Yeah!
  665. Mr. Doodles

    Port Townsend Halibut

    There are several "banks" accessable from PT as well as humps and areas close in check out he has maps of all of the banks and bays. Good Luck! :hali_olutta:
  666. Mr. Doodles

    Memorial Weekend Plans?

    Finally gonna try for some butts, I haven't been able to get a shot at them at all this year yet due to circumstances and the trailer still needs some work so can't go far so going out of Shilshole tomorrow AM at 6 to fish Mutiny bay maybe further if we deem neccessarry and try for lings on the...
  667. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Launch

    Wow Guys, Great responses it"s cool to hear the stories of the old days. I grew up in Ballard and up untill the 70's we had several Bait and boat houses in operation, I remember my Dad renting the small heavy wooden boats at Ray's and dropping in on the elevator to fish out in front on oars...
  668. Mr. Doodles

    Redondo Launch

    I've been telling everyone who would listen to do so, I got the Mayor and City council e-mail addresses off of the cities web site here they are if anyone is interested: [email protected]; [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]