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    PV Report for Nov 4-8

    Congratulations Paul on a great trip and report. Hope to see you this season.
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    Tuna Weekend

    Trolling / lures or live bait? Thanks for the report, nice to see some quality tuna in range. I’ll be back in the water in Nov. Tks
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    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    Punta Mita harbor is only for locals. Your only option in Punta Mita is to anchor out in the harbor and paddle out on surf board or get a local panga to shuttle you. They aren’t cheap, so I’ve heard.
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    Marlas day trip 10/17/2019

    Wow, that’s like the good old days at the rock! Sure hope that is a sign of a change. Those Dorado are awesome.
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    Trolling 10hrs oct 15th El Matador sport fishing

    Love the video of the marlin release. Good job!
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    Corbeteña rock fishing oct 14th yellowfin tuna

    It’s been a long time since Corbetina has produced any cows. Sure hope it comes back around. Nice fish and your Joker mates rock it.
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    Looking for Fishing Captain

    You won’t go wrong with any of the Marla Captain’s
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    Ok, maybe not SO overrated!

    Wahoo’s gone? You guys know how to get it done. Nice job!
  9. Fishemup

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    Good point Jeff! I would guess you are right on!
  10. Fishemup

    Tuna are overrated!

    Corbetina? Nice size to those hoo’s
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    El Matador report January/1st / 2019

    Thanks for your help Manny. You always seem to have it dialed in. I really want to catch one of these bad boys on my boat.
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    El Matador report January/1st / 2019

    What’s the trick to catching those Cuberas? Sounds like drifting dead skippies works. Weighted or flylined? Any preferred depth or just look for structure.
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    Dorado in the bay

    That’s the ticket! Worked for us on Saturday. Two wahoos in that zone. I owe you Jim. Gracias
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    todays fish

    Jim thanks for your info. Yesterday we caught two of our first ever PV Wahoo. What a kick to finally see them show up. We also lost one Dorado and two other blind strikes. Very rough water yesterday and watch out for the long lines. We caught one in our prop. I can’t tell you how much we...
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    todays fish

    Thanks Jim! We are finally out tomorrow for our first trip after boat maintenance. Hope you left a few for us.
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    El Matador fishing report 12/20/2018

    Awesome Capt Manny ! Thanks for the report, it’s looking really good.
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    Dorado in the bay

    Pink, go figure! Thanks Jim, very helpful . See ya out there!
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    Dorado in the bay

    Thanks for the update Jim. I just got my boat in the water and can’t wait to get out.
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    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Danny Osuna on the El Pescador Dec 6 - 10.

    The El Pescador was actually a salmon charter boat in San Francisco many years ago. That is the reason for the high rails on the walk around deck. Typically those boats might have twenty passengers fishing both side and across the stern. Trolling very slow with 2# weights. I believe Josh...
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    1st place tuna in the Puerto Vallarta international

    Awesome good job Captain. How big was the winning marlin?
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    More fish aboard El Matador,

    WAHOO Amigo! Great day and thanks for the report!
  22. Fishemup

    Great fishing Nov 8th

    Sounds like a great day. Thanks for the report.
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    car won in tournament

    Good for you Jim. Way to share it with your crew. I see the Marla’s placed third in the Sailfish division and won $100,000 Pesos. What a great third place finish. Surprised the fishing was that slow.
  24. Fishemup

    car won in tournament

    Awesome Jim. More details please. What species and how much did it weight. Where were you Fishing?
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    Popper fishing yellowfin tuna at the rock!

    Awesome video and report. That model reel were you using to cast those poppers?
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    We went to Bisbee Black and Blue to view only

    Good for you. Go get them! Give us a report
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    We went to Bisbee Black and Blue to view only

    Good luck Jim, I know you have a good team! Are there any minimum weight set for fish weigh in at the la Cruz tournament? The Bisbee tournaments do a good job setting a weigh in minimum of 300# for marlin and points are deducted if the fish is under that weight. Just look at the percentage of...
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    Marlin released aboard The Aleta .,

    Lots of hard work between the Captain and the mate! Exciting but dangerous. Good job on the release. Can’ wait to catch her again. Tks
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    El Matador sport Fishing, Puerto Vallarta .

    Good luck Jim. I appreciate your reports. Can’t wait to get back in November.
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    we won 2nd place sailfish in 12 torneo internarional

    Good going Jim. Sounds like a lot of fun.Congradulations.
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    International tournament this friday and saturday

    Good luck Jim,! Give us a daily report if your not too tired from cranking on the big ones!
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    Más atú today , aboard El Matador

    Thanks for the report Manny. Hopefully I can check it out this week.
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    Saturday’s don’t suck aboard El Matador

    I tried that Michael, but the wind was out of the West and my bait was flying over Dolphin Adventures. NO BUENO! Time for you to make a trip down!
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    Saturday’s don’t suck aboard El Matador

    Thanks Manny appreciate the report and info.
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    More grouper yesterday

    Awesome Jim! Glad to see the bait guy has squid. Does Rex have to call in a order the night before? Are you just fly linking the squid or are you dropping down with a sinker? Thanks for the report.
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    Shipping rods from CA to PV

    DHL is very reliable here in PV. Check with them and they could ship to the office of Marina Nuevo.
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    many tuna at corbetena rock

    Thanks for the report Jim. That’s awesome news. Hope to get out there next week.
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    Grouper caught today on live squid

    Awesome Jim! Rex must have friends in the right places.
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    Punta de Mita 9/23/17

    slow trolling live bait ? Awesome day , the for the report.
  40. Fishemup

    More marlin for El Matador,

    Flat blue water with the rock in the background! Nice job on the release! Tks
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    3 Dorado today

    Good news Jim. Can't wait to get back at the end of Oct. Hope the longliners don't wipe out the dorado before I get back.
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    Todays Blue Marlin

    I personally know Jim's friend / worker Chuy. He has fished enough with Jim to know that all Billfish are released on Jim's boat as is mine. Chuy and I have talked about that. But if Chuy made that request, he made it for a reason. It is the slow season in PV and many folks are unemployed right...
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    Copper wire

    Thanks, Jim that is a very valuable tip.
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    yesterdays report

    On the East coast of the US the Mexican Cookie bait is called a Blue Runner. Is is a member of the scad family and as Jim says they are very durable. Dorsal fin has a very sharp point that can scrape your hand. I use to clip that off. Unlike a Goggle Eye they do get to about three pounds...
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    yesterdays report

    Good for you Jim sponsoring the young man and teaching him how to fish. Many times when those pargo are on the surface they won't bite. I have been told they are spawning.
  46. Fishemup

    Need real fishing reports

    Toros are definitely the money fish for the charter boats.
  47. Fishemup

    last trip of the year = 55 yellow tail

    Isn't the Mexico limit Five fish of one species?
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    Today many Pompano beautiful Grouper

    Couldn't go wrong with that crew. I was out on a half day with Laura's brother Pacheco since my boat is down for repair. We were in the same spot and also did well on the pompano , until we ran out of squid. Nothing on artificials after that. It was a nice day and Pacheco worked hard to find them.
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    New Tackle Store in Nuevo

    I didn't really notice any bait. I doubt it. Better luck finding squid at Walmart.
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    New Tackle Store in Nuevo

    I stopped in the new tackle store in Nuevo Vallarta. Saw the bill board on the hwy 200 and never took the time to stop. Today wife was out to lunch with her girl friends, so I took the time to stop. Sure glad I did, this shop is very well equipped with everything a PV fisherman needs. Hector the...
  51. Fishemup

    Looking for current reports in Vallarta

    Jim you need to get out of El Tigre more! Go over the bridge toward the Nuevo side of Marina, pass Porto Bella. Keep going and the road dead ends at the Port Captain's office. Eddies is on right at the entrance to A dock, before Port Captain. Eddie's is the Go to place for guys going out on...
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    Marlas epic cow trip!

    My Amigos were so stoked today, they called as soon as they had cell coverage to start bragging. Capt Scott and Capt Alonso, congratulations on putting them on the fish of their dreams. Stopped by Jon's and picked up some beautiful filets today. We sure enjoyed them tonight. Wish I could have...
  53. Fishemup

    Marlasportfishing tuna hunters!

    Awesome! It has been years since the tuna have been around Corbetina and in range of a one day trip. Thanks for the report Danny. Go get them guys.
  54. Fishemup

    Fishing and more

    I need to plan more like you Jim. I think I should get a captain too . It is a constant battle keeping up with the boat in this climate. Hope to see you out there.
  55. Fishemup

    Heading to El Banco/Marias 12/2-8

    We fished About 5 miles West of Corbetina last week and caught a nice Black maybe 300# on a orange and black Mold craft chugger. Tagged and released for you.
  56. Fishemup

    Dorado have arrived

    Thanks for the report Jim. Sounds like some nice size ones too. Any long liners in that area? Hope to get out this week.
  57. Fishemup

    big tunas just moved inn to el banco area

    I understand your Grady is For Sale? Maybe I'll buy it and you can sit on the beach and enjoy a cold one! Looking forward to seeing you, hurry up they killed a lot of fish this weekend, with the tournament.
  58. Fishemup

    Overnight trip aboar el Matador 10/20-21

    Beautiful marlin. Thanks for the release.
  59. Fishemup

    where are the dorado?

    I don't have any clue about the nuclear issues from Japan, but as I am sure you know the long liners out of La Cruz carpet bomb the entire area when the Dorado show up. It doesn't take long to wipe out the local fish.
  60. Fishemup

    no problem

    Nice to know Manny. Jim we'll see you out there in a couple weeks.
  61. Fishemup

    How's the dorado fishing?

    Not to mention the long line fleet out of La Cruz supplying all the PV hotels and restaurants. Sport Fishing / tourism is taking a back seat .
  62. Fishemup

    Bikini Jam Wrap Up (Lot's of photos)

    Things have sure changed in eight years around here!
  63. Fishemup

    Best panga in PV

    There are three Marina's, check to see where your staying and how close they are to the various marina's. If you don't have a rental car, taxi can be expensive.
  64. Fishemup

    Punta Mita Report - Roosters and Jacks on the Popper

    Great report, thanks. Toros aren't as glamorous as Rosters, but they are kick ass fighters.
  65. Fishemup

    850lbs blue marlin aboard El Matador

    Wow that is a huge Blue. Congratulations
  66. Fishemup

    too many tuna!

    Good for you Jim, that's awesome. About time the tuna are in range for us. I had to come back North early this year and look what happens.
  67. Fishemup

    Maximus - still a gag order?

    Yes they had life rafts. That's what they were in when rescued. Could be seen on some of the news clips. As a boat owner my interest in this issue is more informational so maybe I can be better prepared to handle a similar situation.
  68. Fishemup

    Awesome trip to Corbetena!

    Chuy does know how to get it done. Glad to here the tuna are back around the rock. Thanks for the report.
  69. Fishemup

    tuna yesterday

    Wow, good day Jim. Glad to hear the tuna are a little closer and hungry.
  70. Fishemup

    Blu Marlin World Cup

    Good luck Larry! I have a buddy who fishes this tournament every year out of Cabo. He is confident that it can be won by someone fishing Mexico. Bermuda fishermen are always thought to beat.
  71. Fishemup

    tough offshore fishing but great inshore!!!!

    King of the Pargos. Nice job Capt. We had the same problem with the tuna on Wed.
  72. Fishemup

    Offshore weather report for PV

    I haven't checked any web sites, but every morning on CH 22 @ 8:30 am they give a local weather forecast. It is supposed to start blowing on Thurs - Sat. As a cold front moves down. It was colder today and a little rough in the morning at the rock.
  73. Fishemup

    illegal tuna fishing help

    Might ask to be emailed privately. Some local Captains may be concerned about giving up this info. Good luck stopping this, the sport fishing industry in PV really needs to put a stop to this illegal commercial fishing. The long liners were really bad back in Nov and Dec when the Dorado were...
  74. Fishemup

    Broken Rod Protocol

    The thing we are over looking in this post is that the Tuneros are hitting the area hard. The islands are one thing but Corbetina is another. Some how we need to find the right person of influence and do a email campaign. Cabo was successful it pushing these guys out past the 50 mile limit. We...
  75. Fishemup

    pargos inshore bite!!! (secret spot)

    Good job Danny! You sure have those Pargos figured out. Next time give us a photo of your GPS and then your secret spot won't be a secret! We could call it the Bloodydecks secret. lol
  76. Fishemup

    inshore hot pargo bite!!!!!

    Nice! You sure know how to find those grande pargos! Happy customers.
  77. Fishemup

    There is fishing and there's catching.this is catching!

    Awesome Jim. Good thing you got your heart fixed last year.
  78. Fishemup

    Dorado 12/26/2015 They are here now

    We started just past Punta Mita. After awhile we started hitting the long lines. After clearing the third one from my motors, luckily none got in the props, we headed to the rock. Worked that area for Nada and started s troll toward Nuevo. Ready to pull the plug at 2 when two lines went off...
  79. Fishemup

    Dorado 12/26/2015 They are here now

    Thanks Jim we are out Thurs and will give that a try, if Nada we will head to the rock.
  80. Fishemup

    Dorado 12/26/2015 They are here now

    Thanks for the report Jim. Did you have any problem with the long lines? Last time I fished that area I got tired of trying to dodge them and keep them out of my prop.
  81. Fishemup

    Drones in PV ? Welcome or nay ?

    Hang a bait from it. May be easier then a balloon or kite.
  82. Fishemup

    fishing with danny osuna, puerto vallarta - 12/9-13/2015

    Nice video. I love the beginning when Alan does a text book hook up when using a circle hook! Slowly moves the drag until the rod loads up. Nice!
  83. Fishemup

    Panga options on 12/31

    Several options in Nuevo Marina. If that is convient for you?
  84. Fishemup

    fishing with danny osuna, puerto vallarta - 12/9-13/2015

    Great report and trip Alan. I knew you would like your experience with the Osuna boys. Next time plan on staying a few days and I'll show you around. Happy Holidays
  85. Fishemup

    Dorado are here now

    Awesome Jim. Going to check it out tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
  86. Fishemup

    Arriving to PV tomorrow back at it on another 2 week trip

    Thanks for the releases, wish more would do. I am in Nuevo if you want the tags and stick. Just another fun thing to do.
  87. Fishemup

    Arriving to PV tomorrow back at it on another 2 week trip

    With as much as you like to catch Marlin and I assume you are releasing them. You should join the Billfish Foundation and put tags in a few. It is fun to see if they get recovered and where. I have ten tags and a stick if you want to borrow it and give it a try.
  88. Fishemup

    Arriving to PV tomorrow back at it on another 2 week trip

    Good luck! Appreciated your reports from your last trip. Hope to see some more.
  89. Fishemup

    overnight trip with Capt Danny Osuna in PV on Dec 9 - 13 available

    Alan are you in and out, or are you spending a few extra days?
  90. Fishemup

    Dorado for thanksgiving dinner

    Good for you Jim. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your Dorado dinner.
  91. Fishemup

    PV Tournament

    Got invited by my neighbor here in Nuevo to fish on his team for the 60th Torneo de Pesca in PV. 12-14th. Day one fished corbetina for nothing. Day two fished the zone out of Punta Mita 10-15 miles. One 22# Dorado off a log. Day three we went to El Banko with maybe thirty other boats. Picked up...
  92. Fishemup

    PV starting to pop off

    Thanks for the report, can't wait to get my boat in the water. Sailfish population will go down after this week's tournament. Wish they would put more emphasis on releasing.
  93. Fishemup

    Yesterday at the Rock

    Agree! The long liners out of LA Cruz and Sayulita have knocked the shit out of the Dorado for years. 50 mile limit for commercials is not enforced.
  94. Fishemup

    Ifish Adventures planning an offensive

    You should fish the tournament next week if you are finding Dorado and Big Blues. Don't think there will be many Dorado on the board. Thanks for the report. I hope to splash next week.
  95. Fishemup

    dorado today nov 2

    Good to hear some Dorado are showing up. Surprised the trash line is so far out. Hope to get back in the water next week. Enjoy the new motors.
  96. Fishemup

    Ifish Adventures planning an offensive

    Good luck and appreciate any reports. You fishing the tournament?
  97. Fishemup

    Major hurricane Patricia Heading towards Puerta Vallarta

    Gmoney , sounds like we can blame you for this hurricane. Please let us know where and when you book your next trip!
  98. Fishemup

    Short Mita Report

    Glad to hear some tuna are moving into el Banko. Looking forward to your full report
  99. Fishemup

    Today tuna corb rock

    Thanks for that Jim. Often the problem, going with too heavy line and leader. Michael, you got to be kidding me. You need to get down before that!
  100. Fishemup

    Today tuna corb rock

    Awesome Jim! Nice to see some tuna in range for us small boats. Lures or bait? See ya out there the end of the month. Say hi to Chuy.
  101. Fishemup

    Ice Cream Lure?

    OK, now you can tell us what your using them on and how you fish them!
  102. Fishemup


    Go get them Jim. You full timer now or just down to check on things?
  103. Fishemup

    El Banco Blue, August 22, 11:48 am

    Mr. Honeydo are you ready for the new season to start? I Fly in on Oct 27th. I need a fishing buddie.
  104. Fishemup

    Dorado catch down again this year in San Carlos

    Very interesting read Jeff. The web site is Down now, but the sport fisherman need to fight this battle. No one else will. The long liners out of La Cruz, and up the coast are blanketing the water when the dorado are in. Last season I couldn't troll North without running into miles of lines and...
  105. Fishemup

    Birthday sailfish and dog tooth snapper yesterday

    Chuy and Imelda are good people! They sure look happy, good for you Jim. Sounds like the fishing is awesome. Back for a week, maybe I need to launch or catch a ride. Needs a mate?
  106. Fishemup

    5 29 report

    Sounds like a good day Jim, lots of action. Can't believe that water temp. Thanks for releasing the billfish. I am back on the 20th for a quick trip, if the action is that good I may have to splash my boat.
  107. Fishemup

    Sailfish,Toros and many bonita 5/19

    Thanks for the report Jim. Sounds like a good day. Most likely big pargo and they can be tough to hook when your using a big bonito for bait. Have fun.
  108. Fishemup

    No Narco for me, only tuna...

    Very frustrating to see them and they don't like your bait. Mighty nice of Keith to give you a tow out. Good thing you didn't piss him off you might have ended up in Cabo. We live in Nuevo and I agree with you. No big deal on the increased police activity. Go fish!
  109. Fishemup

    My Marlin Charter

    Where is his new ride located? Nuevo?
  110. Fishemup

    Bloody Deckers go Psycho!

    Glad someone showed Michael the promise land. I thought he was lying when he called me and asked if I had any freezer space in my condo. Great video shows the truth. Good job.
  111. Fishemup

    Fishing el banco

    If your staying in Nuevo, super easy to get aboard El Matador. I would rather have a few extra minutes on the boat ride then get into white knuckle cab ride! Just saying!
  112. Fishemup

    Black marlin aboard the El Matador 02/25/2015

    I second that! Thanks for the report Manny, nice to know they are still out there. El Matador always has some great release photos.
  113. Fishemup

    81.5 degree blue water at El Moro yesterday

    All on plastic. Had 10 cabbies but never needed them because the dorado were not shy and jumped all over the lures, especially the pink ones. El Morro is is a rock that is maybe 7 miles West of the Marietas. Not quite half way to Corbetina. If they are biting like yesterday you could do a half...
  114. Fishemup

    81.5 degree blue water at El Moro yesterday

    Jim your info was right on and very helpful. Gracias! We went out yesterday and pick up four dorado past El Moro. We quit before 11 with all the fish we needed. All nice fish with our largest at about 35#.
  115. Fishemup

    81.5 degree blue water at El Moro yesterday

    Awesome Jim glad you found them. Chuy said you were going out. Thanks for the post, I'll give it a shot this weekend.
  116. Fishemup

    Apollo in PV

    Apollo is still out. Sucess came in a couple days ago and Maximus just came in either yesterday or this morning. Have no idea on their scores. Can only see the boats from my condo deck! No reports might tell you something.
  117. Fishemup

    Need Help: Esmeralda in PV

    If that is where you are staying, it's not a hotel, you are just outside Bucerias and very near La Cruz. Stick with the guys out La Cruz for convince. Danny Gomez or Danny Osuna are best choices out of that Marina.
  118. Fishemup

    How is the bite in PV?

    Your right Danny! I think it's time for another lesson. Tough being a Gringo in Paradise!
  119. Fishemup

    How is the bite in PV?

    Had a half day before Step Son flew out. Started trolling five miles past Mita and hit it hard for Nada. Ran over a long line that had to be a mile long with only soda bottles for floats. After clearing the motors, my trolling spread got hooked on the floating poly long line. While clearing that...
  120. Fishemup

    How is the bite in PV?

    Fished El Banko on Friday. Very dead from 9-3. Two huge Toros, one nice Rainbow runner all on live bait, downrigger at the high spots. Trolled home for two hours with lures and only picked up two skippies. Two other boats had nada! I would suggest a over night trip that way you are in the zone...
  121. Fishemup

    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Osuna brothers on the Marla

    Holly Shit what a great report and pics! Congradulations to you and Marla Sportfishing for a great trip.
  122. Fishemup

    PV Report 11/26-28

    It's like the good old days to see a report from Barnes and his Hard Core Amigo Danny LuLu. Maybe the only thing missing was the two of them in head locks at 3 am. Congradulations Barnes on being C&S for the past year. Good job Amigo, I'm sure that wasn't easy! Hope to get out with you if you...
  123. Fishemup

    PV Report Mid-Nov.....Pop Pop BOOM

    Thanks for the up to date report. Looks like your hard work paid off. I have fished with Chuy before and he is a very good Capt. Good job guys.
  124. Fishemup

    Fishing reels not allowed as carry on anymore

    If any of you guys want to drop your reels off, I will be glad to meet you prior to your flight. Retired and living in Mexico is a bitch. Donations accepted!
  125. Fishemup

    Only a few days away, what is the fishing report looking like in the PV area?

    Your timing should be perfect! Rain has stopped and temperature is back to Nov normal. Good luck and give us a report.
  126. Fishemup

    Tuna Time

    Thanks for the report. Live bait or lures? If this rain stops I hope to get launched!
  127. Fishemup

    Grouper and Snapper any good in PV area in Nov?

    There are two very nice super pangas docked very near Ana Marie in Nuevo. The captains are usually around and you should be able to book right there. Also a few docks down are some smaller pangas. There is a 24' boston whaler that has a single outboard and a smaller kicker who is very good...
  128. Fishemup

    soft-sided cooler

    I use the soft cooler bags all the time. Packs easily in suitcase for the trip down and usually use it for carry on for the return trip. Still frozen to San Francisco, not sure about a long flight back East.
  129. Fishemup

    Fishing in Nuevo Vallarta

    Michael get booked, things are looking up! I've ordered my boat parts, some fishing gear and looking at a couple new rods. Can't wait. We fly down on Oct 28. Let me know and I can pick you up.
  130. Fishemup

    Fishing in Nuevo Vallarta

    The Myan is a very nice resort and located very close to the Marina Nuevo Vallarta. However they do like to keep you captive, so you use their expensive Resturants. Quickest way to the marina is to walk to the right down the beach. It will dead end at the inlet. Walk up the stairs and go right...
  131. Fishemup

    marlin video el Matador

    That is a awesome video. Thanks for making the release. I need to get you guys some tags.
  132. Fishemup

    Good fishing onboard the El Matador,marlin,sailfish..

    Awesome Manny! That customer is sold forever on PV and El Matador! One marlin and one sail, he is a happy camper. Good job and thanks for the report.
  133. Fishemup

    Team Ana Maria win 1st Place Marlin July 19th see all tournament results

    Thanks for the update on the tourney, was wondering how it went. Looks like a few of the big boys are showing up. That is one nice marlin. Ana Maria always seems to be on the board in tournaments they enter. They must have their act together. Good job.
  134. Fishemup

    All inclusive resort and PV fishing

    Might look into the Decameron in Bucerias. Never stayed there, but I know a lot of families stay there. Not far to La Cruz Marina for you!
  135. Fishemup

    6/17 2014 2 Dorado 2 Sailfish

    Nice day Jim and close to home.
  136. Fishemup

    6/13/2014 Sailfish

    Awesome day Jim! Sounds like things are getting better. Has a trash line formed offshore from all the rain? That should pull the dorado in. Keep up the reports , I may have to come back soon.
  137. Fishemup

    6/7/2014 rainbow runners and tuna

    Those are some nice Rainbow Runners and great eating. Glad the tuna are finally getting closer for you. Chuy looks like a happy camper!
  138. Fishemup

    5/29/2014 Corbetena Tuna

    I hear ya on staying out of those areas! Yes we need to get together in the fall and nail things down. Keep the reports up, so I know what I'm missing.
  139. Fishemup

    5/29/2014 Corbetena Tuna

    Damn Jim your killing me. Awesome report. I knew I should have made one more run to the rock before taking my boat out of the water. Heading back to CA on the 4th. We need to get together in the fall. I just had lunch on Wed with one of your neighbors Martha and Mike. I also saw Chuy the other...
  140. Fishemup

    Radon to La Cruz

    Beautiful rig! You are arriving at the right time. Fishing is just getting good. Looking forward to some reports.
  141. Fishemup

    5/18 Report blue water

    Next season I hope to see you Dennis! Your always welcome on my boat. Plus we need to drink some beers that we never got to do.
  142. Fishemup

    5/18 Report blue water

    Oh boy now you created a problem. I was going to take the boat out of the water for the summer, now I might have to make one more run. Did you find them on palapas or just blind strikes? Thanks for the report.
  143. Fishemup

    Yes we're from Benicia. We have a condo on the Nuevo marina between Estudio cafe and Dolphin...

    Yes we're from Benicia. We have a condo on the Nuevo marina between Estudio cafe and Dolphin Adventures. We have lots of friends in El Tigre, we will have to get together sometime since it appears we are the only two Gringo that are here most of the season that post on Bloodydecks. We head back...
  144. Fishemup

    El Morro Thurs

    Got a load of live bait from the bait guys in Nuevo. Glad they are still working. Started outside the Middle Reef where we caught Pargo and AJ's last week. Worked our way out to El Morro and slow trolled that area until about 1pm for nada. Knowing the full moon was out I should have self in and...
  145. Fishemup

    5/12/2014 report

    Thanks for the report Jim! I will also be out Thurs. I plan to hit the middle reef for pargos and AJ's. If you find the tuna I would appreciate a shout to Krazy Kat. It's that time of the year when they show up on the South side.
  146. Fishemup

    Wahoo in PV ?

    I can confirm a small wahoo was caught this past Sat on Mr. Honeydo's Grady with Capt. Danny Osuma on board. We went to Corbetina to check out things since there have been no reports. Water was green but had some bird activity. So we decided to see if we could make some bait. Put out two...
  147. Fishemup

    Need some info.

    The closest all inclusive hotel to the Nuevo fishing fleet is Villa Varadero Hotel. It is one block from Manny's El Matador and other cruisers. There is also a small fleet of pangas to chose from. It is a small and older hotel that many Nationals use for their vacations. Also down the road is a...
  148. Fishemup


    Had the same experience twice last week. Some boats were getting some pompano at the middle reef, but they all had live sardines. I did catch one on a small jig. Had one hit on a cabbie, but didn't stick. Nothing at El Morro and also did not see any birds in the bay. Might be time to check...
  149. Fishemup

    happy bird report,released bird,kept woman

    What a difference a couple days make. Thanks for the report and good try. I'm out on Fri, hope they show up.
  150. Fishemup

    Puerto Vallarta MONSTER SNO0OK

    Now that is a hog Carlos! I can't believe they get that big. I think we'll go to Earnesto's this weekend cause I have a feeling Martha's garlic / butter fish is going to be delicious snook! Good job Amigo.
  151. Fishemup

    Yesterdays fishing report

    Again you saved me some gas money with your report about El Banko! I've heard that El Moro and some days the buoys at Mita are holding the fish. What did you catch the pompano on? I heard if you don't have any sardines or live squid, you are out of luck. Thanks for the report!
  152. Fishemup

    fishing report with no fish caught

    Heard the same report as you, sorry to hear you didn't find anything. One of my crew fished a week ago with Lora off Litabu and caught pompano, so we headed there on Wed. Of course we were a week late and the fish were gone. We trolled the beach with live cabbies and had one rooster strike...
  153. Fishemup

    Did Lora get his 30' Cat to PV yet?

    Thanks for the pics, now I know which boat to follow! Beautiful boat. Yesterday there was another Cat picking up customers in Punta Mita called "Y Knot". Thought maybe that was Lora, so looks like the Gato are everywhere.
  154. Fishemup

    inshore fishing on board CC DHAMAR whit lulu

    Holly shit! Barnes is still alive! We miss you man, things haven't been the same since Hard Core moved back North! Get your ass back down here.
  155. Fishemup

    inshore fishing on board CC DHAMAR whit lulu

    Awesome Danny. Nice to see a report.
  156. Fishemup

    Sailfish Catch and Release Go-Pro - Barra De Navidad

    Great report and pics! Thanks for the release, good job. If you want to add to your billfish releases, join the Billfish Foundation and order their tags. Tag your billfish and send in the info. If your lucky someone will recover the tag and you receive the info on the recovery. I've had a couple...
  157. Fishemup

    Long Lining

    Here is a piece of a long line that got caught in my prop last year near El Banko. This rig was set to kill big fish with mono that had to be 500# and then a braided wire leader attached to that will a huge heavy hook. Not even a shark could bite thru this. I cut out only what I needed too, but...
  158. Fishemup

    Fish Magnet style

    Looks like you had a great trip Todd. Tough to beat the one you caught a couple years ago. Thanks for the report.
  159. Fishemup

    heart attact fish

    Wow, that was not the report I expected to read. Glad your going to pull through and your Capt got you back in time. Did he take you to the public ramp in Nuevo and have an ambulance waiting? I quess I can see why my wife doesn't want me to fish alone! Speedy recovery!
  160. Fishemup

    Just Fishermen??

    Also a local! Have a 29' center console Twin Vee. Get out 2-3 times a month when I can get help with the fuel bill. Picked up a nice 30# dorado today North of El Morro. Very confused seas today. The problem with us locals we are flying by the seat of our pants, because we are not out every day...
  161. Fishemup


    Fishing rods and reels aren't cheap down here. If it a two piece spin rods I've carried them on and just put it the overhead or if you have a window seat stick it next to your seat and the window . But I'm not talking a 9-10 surf rod!
  162. Fishemup

    Drag problem EX-30

    Correct, in Mexico until June. Sure hate to put it on the shelf until I get back to the US. Shipping from here like giving a customs official a new Ex-30.
  163. Fishemup

    Drag problem EX-30

    Got a new EX-30 for Xmas, my second one. Just loaded it with line and went to set the drag. The drag knob will tighten down but it won't back off very far. It stops and the drag pulls very hard to the point where it is hard to pull line. My other EX backs way off. Is there anything I ca do to...
  164. Fishemup

    El Matador big Amberjack

    Awesome catch. I love the last pic with the skippy tail sticking out of the AJ's mouth. Surprised the hook found some meat. Manny your the Man!
  165. Fishemup

    amberjack yesterday

    Thanks, I love that spot! Again that is a great catch! Happy Holidays.
  166. Fishemup

    amberjack yesterday

    What a bonus catch. Was that at the rock?
  167. Fishemup

    fast trolling on board the CC DHAMAR

    Thanks Danny. Guess I need to speed it up a bit. See you out there in Jan. Merry Xmas to you and the Family.
  168. Fishemup

    fast trolling on board the CC DHAMAR

    Nice Danny! You have some happy customers there. How fast is fast?
  169. Fishemup

    Favorite Mahi Mahi lure

    Black Bart's Mai Candy in pink color. Just bought a Mold Craft 8" Wide Range also in pink which I think should be equally as good. Dorado seem to like pink. Just my 2 centavos.
  170. Fishemup

    Keith's gettin' a few.

    It looks like Keith was in the wheel house while his angler got wet in the rain. One smart Capt. Look good for the pics!
  171. Fishemup

    Big Blue Marlin caught yesterday at El banco fishing aboard the Ana Maria

    Thanks for making the effort to release that fat boy. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to play with him again in the fall. Great report!
  172. Fishemup

    Team Maverick wins 3rd Place Marlin

    Awesome team Maverick! Looks like it was a good tournament with lots of action. We heard from First and Third place finishers. Who came in second? How big was the winning tuna and dorado?
  173. Fishemup

    Marlin fisihng onboard El Matador today..

    That would be a money fish in the tournament. Good luck in the tournament and can't wait to see your picture with the Corona Girls in the winners circle. Thanks for the report and great pics.
  174. Fishemup

    Inshore has been great guys!!!

    And why did I come back to CA for the summer? I need my head examined!
  175. Fishemup

    Puerto Vallarta May 2013

    Where is Banco Norte? You say it is off the islands, are you talking the Marrietta's or the Maria's. I would love to get into that marlin bite. I was going to Corbetina tomorrow, but would like make sure I'm in the right area. Got my step son visiting and would love to put him on a marlin. Thanks
  176. Fishemup

    Looking for a PV or punta mita charter Apr 21-24

    If your staying in Nuevo I would recommend Manny on El Matador. His boat is docked there and just happens to be one of the best.
  177. Fishemup

    Maximus Heading Out

    Keep working Dennis, somebody has to pay my social security check! Have to go back to the States for a couple weeks the end of March and then back in April - June. Hope we can connect. If you don't bring your boat back your welcome on mine.
  178. Fishemup

    Maximus Heading Out

    Sitting on my deck having a cocktail and just saw Maximus heading out of Nuevo Marina with the sun setting in the back ground. They are looking good. All the guys are on the back deck, I can feel the excitement. Wind is down and I expect a great trip ahead for those guys. Wish i was aboard...
  179. Fishemup

    Prison Riot

    Awesome news on your last trip and new home. I just got use to seeing you around the corner and became concern when I didn't see you for a week. I was back in the states for a month and missed your move. I'll swing by in my little whaler and say hello.
  180. Fishemup

    Prison Riot

    Heard on the Banderas Bay Cruisers Net this morning that there was a riot last week at Las Marias Islands. It is now under control, but the security zone has been moved out to 20 miles and security has increased. Port Capt. has advised caution. Haven't seen Maximus at the dock for over a week...
  181. Fishemup

    New Year in PV

    Sounds like a great way to celebrate the new year. Glad the long run paid off for you Dennis. That cow looks awesome on your deck. Congradulations! I've had to go back to the states for a family emergency, but hope to be back in Feb. When your back let me know and I'll buy you a beer. Awesome...
  182. Fishemup

    Recent PV trip.

    Nice report. Toros fight like hell and a great way to get the kids hooked and into some action. Close to home is a bonus.
  183. Fishemup

    Late report - 3 days on Maverick

    Video says it all! Awesome report, you river guys sure got your cherry popped!
  184. Fishemup

    Corbetena on fire!

    Well done video. Nice release on the Sails.
  185. Fishemup

    cows and billfish at Corbetania on Dhamar

    And you sure know how to kill them Amigo!
  186. Fishemup

    La Cruz Tournament

    Thanks for the report on the tournament . Sounds like a good turn out. Where did most of the sails come in from? I have some teen agers coming to town and I would love to put them on some sails. Your help is appreciated!
  187. Fishemup

    Just back from paradise!

    Only worry would be if you got pulled over by the cops and had to walk a straight line. Did most of your fish come on live bait or lures?
  188. Fishemup

    Maximus Cow Slay Oct 4-7 Pic Heavy

    Way to start the season Keith and Crew!
  189. Fishemup

    Good Fishing

    That is one grande bull dorado. Can't wait to get back! Thanks for the report Juan.
  190. Fishemup

    Ride Share

    Now that's a generous offer! Great way to meet other BD'ers. Dennis called me to see if I was down. Just got out of the hospital here in CA with emergency appendectomy surgery,but will be back in Oct. would love to share a ride your boat or mine. Good luck!
  191. Fishemup

    inshore Pta dde Mita

    Thanks for the report. Sorry no love in Yelapa, but sounds like your Capt went the extra mile and saved the day.
  192. Fishemup

    Yellowfin from Yelapa to Chimo

    Damn, did a double post! Hell getting old.
  193. Fishemup

    Yellowfin from Yelapa to Chimo

    Awesome report! Glad to hear your side of the bay is back on fire. I love fishing that area, makes me want to book a flight. Go get em!
  194. Fishemup

    30-60lb tuna crashing around Pizota

    Thanks for the report. Nice to see some quality fish back in that area. But it does become run and run because of the half day boats.
  195. Fishemup

    mas pargos en la roca

    The Marla boys sure have those pargo dialed in. Must be something in their genes. Thanks for the report Danny and good job.
  196. Fishemup

    mas pargos en la roca

    The Marla boys sure have those pargo dialed in. Must be something in their genes. Thanks for the report Danny and good job.
  197. Fishemup

    Not cows but lots of fun in PV

    Nice! Glad to see your timing paid off for you this time. Boat problems compound during the rainey season. That humidity is a killer on all the electrical stuff.
  198. Fishemup

    PV yellowfin with El Matador

    Awesome report! Hope you load the boat again. Good job Manny,looks like it's on again.
  199. Fishemup

    tuna bite is hot!!!

    Nice to see everyone hooked up. Thanks for the report Danny, glad things have picked up and they are closer to home. Guess I left too soon. Go get them Dennis, hope your timing is better then mine.
  200. Fishemup

    No fish-first PV trip for the boys-trip report

    Glad you found some of the great eating spots in the neighborhood. We ate at Eddies two nights ago, always good and now that Manny has moved in i enjoy my view from the Resturant even more. Myan will rape you with their food cost and try to keep all the places you mentioned a secret.
  201. Fishemup


    Soon as I go home for the summer! I should of put money on that one! Glad you and Manny scored.
  202. Fishemup

    New Teasers

    Very realistic. Love the way the dart back and forth. The trailer teaser adds to it. Like to see a close up of what they look like. Let us know if the hit the streets.
  203. Fishemup

    Fishing Report PV

    That why it pays to go with one of the PV Pros. Danny will go the distance to put you on the fish. Look forward to your report.
  204. Fishemup

    Fishing Report PV

    Went to check out El Banko yesterday. Water was 87 and not real blue. No birds or other sign. Caught 6 skippies on the high spot. Very disappointed. Lots of dolphin and birds on the North side of El Morro and the main island. Didn't find any tuna under them, but the most sign we saw between the...
  205. Fishemup


    Normally PV boats kick ass at this Tourn. So who were the big winners? Dhamar, Marla boys, Maverick, Animal House?
  206. Fishemup

    Need fishing charter in Riviera Maya

    Walk North up the beach from the Myan until you hit the inlet. Walk up the stairs and turn right toward the marina. Cross the road and you will see Manny on the Left. Can't go wrong there.
  207. Fishemup

    YFT near Yelapa?

    Gave it a shot this morning and had one hooked in the first 30 min. Only my wife and visiting Daughter on board. Put my daughter on the fish while I tried to clear lines. Unfortunately came unbuttoned. Trolled out toward Cabo Corrienties, no bites or bird life. Came back to where a small fleet...
  208. Fishemup

    YFT near Yelapa?

    Thanks for the report. Maybe this rain will get them on the chew.
  209. Fishemup

    YFT near Yelapa?

    Last year at this time I caught them in this area. Time to check it out, water temps are finally up.
  210. Fishemup

    Nuevo Vallarta Fishing Next Week

    Wow the neighborhood just got better!
  211. Fishemup

    Just heard on lets talk hookup, 400+lbs yft

    Danny any idea on a time of arrival and which marina.? I would like to see this fish getting weighted in, especially if it becomes a world record.
  212. Fishemup

    3 dogs Kill Cows in PV.....

    Saw you coming in and it looked like you were riding lower in the water then when you left. Nice load of quality fish. Good job Capt and crew.
  213. Fishemup

    Fish at Las Animas??

    There yesterday for a Easter Lunch and beach day. Water still 75 and green. No bait or birds seen, so didn't wet a line.
  214. Fishemup

    Maximus 2.5 day April 2012 Tuna trip

    Again the Maximus rocks! Good job finding them Keith. I assume everything was 100 miles plus, but how did the bank look?
  215. Fishemup

    Swordfish Report

    Awesome catch ! Congratulations to all the crew. Nice meeting you the other day in the canal at your dock. See you again.
  216. Fishemup

    out standing cow fishing on the marla!!!!!!

    Way to slay them Captain. Thanks for the report. Hope you left a chum trail on your way home, so those Tuna find their way back to the Banko and Rock.
  217. Fishemup

    PV Hitch Hiker

    Heading off shore yesterday when I looked down and saw a big Iguana walk casually to the stern of our boat. Scared the crap out of me. We finally moved him up to the bow where he looked over the rails and I think was a little surprised to see he was about 5 miles off shore. It sat up there for...
  218. Fishemup

    Headed for PV this Friday

    Good choice with Danny! Bring a jacket, the mornings are cool! especially with Danny's new yamaha's , he likes to get to the fish quickly.
  219. Fishemup

    Back safe and sound!!!

    Sorry we didn' t connect. I am sure you were busy getting the boat settled in. I was very busy with the holiday and family stuff. Hope we can connect in the future. Glad you had a safe trip. Paul
  220. Fishemup

    Which direction for fishing this Saturday??

    Nothing going on in the yelapa area. In one month the water temp has dropped from 82 to 73. All those in close football tuna are gone. I haven't seen no birds at the river mouth or on my last couple trips to Yelapa or Las Animas. My next trip will be the islands .
  221. Fishemup

    The "TANK" is headed to PV

    Be safe and hope to see you when you arrive.
  222. Fishemup


    Quess your just going to have to be the Capt. And let Hector and others run the deck! Good seeing you the other day and thanks for the tips. See you out there. Take care Amigo!
  223. Fishemup

    400lbs of tuna on the dharma

    What a great inshore trip Danny! Dorados and sails makes one he'll of a inshore trip. Can't wait for some of that action. Way to go! See Ya soon.
  224. Fishemup

    Maximus~Offshore Tuna Report

    Great report and pics. All the guys hooked up on the stern is the best. Nice to see Carlos back out on the ocean. He's a good fisherman.
  225. Fishemup

    In flight wifi to PV

    You Bay area guys should get your shit together and go catch some fish. Your most likely sitting next to one another on ASA220.
  226. Fishemup

    Awesome Fishing in Cow Town

    Marla boys get it done again. They rock! Excellent report and the photos were awesome. Hope the bite holds up until Thanksgiving.
  227. Fishemup

    El Banco 10-6-11

    I heard all the prison guards wear wearing HARD CORE ATTIRE!
  228. Fishemup

    Inshore fishing report Oct/11/11 aboard the Gaviota Super Panga

    Sure looks like flat water. Calm before the storm. Those are some quality fish and close to home. Can't beat that. Make me wonder how many times I ran over fish to go to the rock. Thanks for the report and great pics.
  229. Fishemup

    Jova Tuna on the Martuni

    Thanks for the post and great pics. Awesome trips!
  230. Fishemup


    Thanks for the report Danny,way to kill them! does your Doc brother know how to clean fish?
  231. Fishemup

    Bogii & Barnes relesed from Prison

    When I saw the title of this post, thought oh no not again! Happy to see the adventures of Barnes and Bogi continue without hand cuffs. Awesome guys what's next on your bucket list?
  232. Fishemup

    buena pesca en la roca

    Nice post Danny. Great pics and happy customers! See ya soon at the gas dock.
  233. Fishemup

    Swim with the Dolphin?

    Didn't realize they had dolphins at the water park. I have never gone there, but one of my neighbors took his grandkids there and he said it was a fun day. He did not mention the dolphins. If you can do both dolphins and the water park then that sounds like a nice day with kids. The Vallarta...
  234. Fishemup

    Swim with the Dolphin?

    Manny is right the Dolphin swim is run by Vallarta Adventures and it is with in walking distance of the Myan. It is the only one in town, however they have several options at different prices. You need to make that decision based on the age of your kids and their comfort level. They have a...
  235. Fishemup


    Good job team Dhamar / Hardcore ! Thanks for the report and awesome pics. Looks like a keeper there Barnes! Maybe you should have stayed around for the tournament.
  236. Fishemup

    Dock space Paradise Village private house

    Went by there last night on a booze cruise with the wife. Looks really bare without Tigerlilly and Fresh One. Where did Matt move to? Great space for someone!!! Paul
  237. Fishemup


    Saw you go by a couple of weeks ago when I was getting fuel in LaCruz. I think you had just launched. Couldn't find you to say hello after we finished fueling. You must have gone to find some blood. Dhamar is looking good and I think I could see a big smile on your face! Congradulations!
  238. Fishemup

    PV south side report for Wed.

    Took my neighbor Capt. Happy, back into the same area as last week. Water temp is now 88 deg and looking blue. Hit a football YF Tuna around 10:30 and then it was Skipjack mayhem. Boated eight and then stepped up the lure size to discourage the little fu------ers. Had a huge boil on one out...
  239. Fishemup

    June 1-2 PV report

    Dennis we were blind trolling, no birds or jumpers. Had small maruders, tuna clones, and some yellow and green feathers. All seemed to produce at least one. The loins on this fish are the perfect size.
  240. Fishemup

    June 1-2 PV report

    Ran into Danny and Scott Osuma fueling up the Marla's in La Cruz. They were heading up to the tourney in San Blas. Hope they had good luck and hopefully someone will report. Danny and Scott confirmed the earlier post from Capt. Jaun Moll (thanks Capt) about the tuna bite off Yelapa. Danny got...
  241. Fishemup

    PV Report May 26,27,28

    So the bite is down off Yelapa and not pass the rock?
  242. Fishemup

    Barnes and Bogii busted again...

    Damn Barnes that is unbelievable! I thought you were taking Hard Core North? I couldn't remember when you were comming, sorry I missed you! But then again maybe NOT!
  243. Fishemup

    Hard Core Out

    Say it ain't so!!!!
  244. Fishemup

    Nuevo Vallarta, Mar 23 - Apr 1

    Yea, I heard the Myan Palace got their tit in a ringer over the dredging and shore changes they did. Now there are two channels at the river mouth. All the mangroves that were on the Myan side of the river are now an island. See pics I took when departing from the airport in March. Yes there...
  245. Fishemup

    Nuevo Vallarta, Mar 23 - Apr 1

    Thanks for your report and looks like you had a great day. The beach in Nuevo really changed after the big rains last winter. There is now a huge sand bar at the end of the Myan beach near the river. The water on the river side of that sand bar drops off very quickly to 50' + . The river...
  246. Fishemup

    PV Fishing and Prison Report March 11-20, 2011

    Unbelievable Barnes. Glad you guys made it home safely. Your last two PV trips haven't been the greatest. That was a 40th BD to remember!
  247. Fishemup


    Oh Boy! Barnes and Bogi, this is going to be a good one!
  248. Fishemup

    PV Open Seats 3/14

    Great opportunity for someone! Sorry I'll pass you in the air Mi Amigo! Good luck and can't wait for your report. Paul
  249. Fishemup

    The Rock 'N Reel in PV

    Hope you will be in shape to go fishing after all the partying!
  250. Fishemup

    PV March 5th to 14th

    Smart move Mo! Bring lots of beer. PS: Danny also likes beef jerkey from Costco.
  251. Fishemup

    La Cruz fuel dock - Ethanol?

    Where are they taking it Bogi in the US or at the PV airport? I was going to try and ship some in my suitcase. I did find the Star Tron product at the little marine store near the launch ramp in Paradise. Expensive however, but cheaper then replacing fuel injectors.
  252. Fishemup

    La Cruz fuel dock - Ethanol?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the fuel sold at the La Cruz fuel dock has ethanol in it? We have been keeping our tanks topped off when we are going to be away for awhile and the boat was on the trailer. Always told this helps avoid condensation in the tank. We have had water issues in the...
  253. Fishemup

    yellow tail in pv

    Nice catch! Thanks for the pic. Happy New Year to you and the family! Pablo
  254. Fishemup

    PV Wrap Up Report (pic heavy)

    Glad you finally surfaced Barnes! I was wondering what happened to you after the message you left me on my cell and didn't return my calls. Sorry we missed each other at Thanksgiving. Paul
  255. Fishemup


    Barnes told you to quit looking at Porn! He's going to have to clean it up again, might cost you this time!
  256. Fishemup


    Nice to see you posting Carlos! We rode by your casa a couple weeks ago on the way to have dinner with Martha and Ivan. Place was dark . Told Ivan to say hello. We have to find your new resturant. That is a grande rabalo! Pablo
  257. Fishemup

    Tuesday 11/23 - Sailfish!!

    Nice report and great pics. Thanks for the release.
  258. Fishemup

    Information Request - Used Boat Sales Puerto Vallarta - Web sites - Brokers, Info?

    Nick Rau at Vallarta Yachts is a good source. Google them! However I would guess he is dealing in boats over your budget. You could check Craigslist for PV it is being used more down there. Kurt's deal sounds like a good one, boats in your price range are hard to find. Paul
  259. Fishemup

    PV Report 10/25-10/30

    Maybe you need to go back to work! That will bring you back to reality! NOT !!!
  260. Fishemup


    <FORM method=post name=showMessageForm action=showMessage;_ylc=X3oDMTBubmxpZHRvBF9TAzM5ODMwMzAyNwRhYwNkZWxNc2dz?mid=1_602574_AGHHjkQAACsJTJsLFAlOLEyscbY&fid=Inbox&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&filterBy=&.rand=1235335555><INPUT value=1 type=hidden name=fromMsgButtonAction><INPUT...
  261. Fishemup

    inshore whit the fam, DHAMAR

    Glad to see you haven't lost your touch! Gary and I will be down in Oct. See ya soon!
  262. Fishemup

    can't wait to fish PV aug 30, 31 and sept 1

    Danny loves beef jerkey! Big bag from Costco!
  263. Fishemup

    Hard Core Fishing 9/18-12/11

    Oh Shit! I better get down there quick and stock up on the beer and Tequila! I have a feeling there may be a shortage in the near future. Good for you Barnes, maybe you can retire after winning the Bisbee!
  264. Fishemup

    Recommended PV charters (cruise ship)

    Cruise ships come in near the main Marina Vallarta. You would not want a charter out of Nuevo or LaCruz. I would think Capt. Kurt on Esperanza would be a good choice since he has a fast Grady and can get you out and back on your cruise ship schedule. His info is in a post at the top.
  265. Fishemup

    Puerto Vallarta fishing July

    Were these caught in the bay? Circle hooks would allow those fish to still be swimming for my Grandkids to play with in a few months.
  266. Fishemup

    Tried out my new Avet Sx MC reel today

    Do you place the lever all the way to the rear when casting with the MC reels or in the second position?
  267. Fishemup

    PV Report July 6th and 9th

    You guys will be talking about that trip for awhile. Loved the smiles and thanks for the report. Danny works extra hard and especially when a kid is aboard. Good Job Danny.
  268. Fishemup

    PV Fishing Report Sailfish and Tuna!

    Now that would be a kick to catch sailfish and dorado in that close. Great for kids and wife. Is this a common thing and do they hang at a certain depth? Or are you looking for the bait balls? Thanks for the reports.
  269. Fishemup

    Clarion Island 5/31-6/7

    Awesome Barnes! Thanks for the great pics and congradulations on breaking the 300# mark with your cow! Now lets see one come over the rail of Hard Core this fall in PV.
  270. Fishemup

    PV Adventures with Danny O and Danny G

    I heard all the Capt. in PV are changing their name to either Danny or Manny!
  271. Fishemup

    PV Inshore w. Danny G - AJs, Roosters and Pargo

    Thanks for the report. Awesome job by Danny and his crew. Danny loves those amberjacks and that one is a beast. Paul
  272. Fishemup

    PV tuna and a blue with Top Gun 5/31

    Where were you fishing? Banko or the Rock?
  273. Fishemup

    Tigerlily PV road trip 2010

    Bogii, go fish the Gringo's tournment and win the thing! Please!!!!
  274. Fishemup


    When are we going to see the pics of all the little bitches in the salon? Maybe that was the old gig! Beautiful yacht, now go get it bloody.
  275. Fishemup

    PV TUNA with Danny Gomez 4/27

    Good job. Looks like you had Dhamar full of Tuna. She runs better that way! Thanks for the report. Paul
  276. Fishemup

    PV inshore fishing with Danny Gomez 4/28

    Awesome ! Danny knows that spot and can really pull them out of there. We tried like crazzy to hook one of those amberjacks on our last trip with him, but couldn't get the hook to stick. Good Job and thanks for the report. Paul
  277. Fishemup

    PV inshore

    Nice report and great pics! Do the sails come inside the bay very often? That would really make a short trip. Thanks. Paul
  278. Fishemup


    Yep that's Danny LuLu! He is "one big bad ass Mexican", maybe not in size ( but I guess I don't need to explain that to you), but in his fishing ability. The guy is #1 in my book! Paul
  279. Fishemup

    pv croc attack

    Kurt was this in the river next to the Myan and was this the Myan course?
  280. Fishemup

    PV Report 3/11-3/15

    Thanks for the report Barnes! The smiles on your Son's face says it all. Good job putting them on the fish Danny and the Dhamar crew! Paul
  281. Fishemup

    Fun day fishing off Mita

    Nice little bonus sail and that close to shore? Wow! Was everything on live bait? Thanks for the report , looks like a fun day. Paul
  282. Fishemup

    Tuna bite is on in PV

    Thanks for the report Matt. Nice grade of tuna. Go get em this weekend Danny and gives us a report from the good luck Dhamar panga. Flat seas and tight lines, Paul
  283. Fishemup

    PV Report 2/8-2/14

    Awesome Barnes! Sorry I couldn't make Monday, but then again, Maybe Not. Might have killed this Old Boy. 200 mile round trip sounds like a day for the Young Guns! You and Matt lead that pack. Gracias Amigo. Paul
  284. Fishemup

    Fishing with Danny Gomez in PV

    Thanks for the report. Danny runs a great operation and always asked if we want to hook our own fish. But like Merle says you have to live with the results. I'm like you let me feel the bite. Wish they would stop killing those Roosters. Paul
  285. Fishemup

    Report:Good yellowfin bite in Puerto Vallarta

    Matt it was nice meeting you and Ron at the yacht club supper bowl party. Looks like your hunch on that temp break holding the fish was right on. Glad you got them and it looks like you led Barnes to the promise land. Can't wait to see his report. See ya down there in the future. Paul
  286. Fishemup

    PV Report 1/3-1/4

    Barnes I want one of those computer chips you must have designed to replace the brain cells you must lose on every one of your trips to PV. I think you must have had a hand in the design of the Engerizer Bunny! Happy New Year!
  287. Fishemup


    My buddie, Gary and I can take credit for maybe 5 of those 541. Looks like some nice size to them now Carlos. May have to give it another shot at the end of the month. Ernesto's in Jarretaderas is now one of our favorite resturants, the ribs and pork chops are to die for. Happy New Year Carlos...
  288. Fishemup

    Punta Mita Lobster

    A buddie of mine has a condo in Punta Mita and he was down a couple of weeks ago. One evening they walked down to the marina and saw some local fisherman carring a basket of lobster off one of the pangas. As best they could understand from the fisherman they caught them free diving. Language...
  289. Fishemup

    Puerto Vallarta Report 11/21-11/24

    Great Report Barnes! Sorry my timing was off by one week, hopefully next time I can join you guys. Danny I missed fishing with you again. Glad we got together for the Thanksgiving Bird, our first for Mexico. What happened didn't Danny Lulu make you guys his famous sandwiches or was it just a...
  290. Fishemup

    PV Report 10/10-10/17

    Barnes, nice report and pics! You sure put your time in and live up to your Hard Core name. See ya down there soon.
  291. Fishemup

    Vallarta Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna

    Tom I totally agree with your report on circle hooks and I can tell you that the Blue you see hanging was caught on a circle hook. Lynda is taking lots of heat, but I can tell you that after a two hour fight in 90 degree water this blue rolled on us. Did we try real hard to revive it? No! But I...
  292. Fishemup

    Vallarta Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna

    Linda you kicked ass Girl! You sure lived up to your name, can't believe you fished five days in that heat. It paid off and you got your dream sailfish and you did it on your spin gear, all on your Birthday. The Gods were smiling. Paul
  293. Fishemup

    PV Report 9/26-27

    Gotta love Bloodydecks! You read these reports and you start to recognize the players. When I went to the bar at SFO before my flight to PV and see a guy sitting there with a shirt on that says Hard Core Sportfishing, I couldn't believe this guys was still alive! I remembered Barnes and Bogi's...
  294. Fishemup

    Palladium in Punta Mita

    I'll second Chuy! His new Super panga is beautiful and will be comfortable for your wife. Good Capt and speaks good English.
  295. Fishemup

    Going Rate for Speeding Ticket in PV?

    I got stopped twice on one trip. $60 and $20 what it took for me to get off. I had a red rental car with a big Budget sticker on the bumper. Next trip I told Budget no red car and one without stickers. They told me to let the rental car company know about this because the cops are taking...
  296. Fishemup

    July31st w/ Chuy Gorrillas on Strike One

    Just got an email from my fishing buddie here in the SF Bay area. He made a quick trip to Punta Mita and caught some nice pargo and a few tuna. He was very excited about his favorite panga Capt. Chuy's new super panga "Strike One". Looks like a nice addition to the Punta Mita fleet. Here is...
  297. Fishemup

    Corbetana July 24th - Marlin, Mahi, and Snapper

    Quality fish! Sounds like a good birthday. Thanks for the report.
  298. Fishemup

    Danny Gomez in San Blas tourney

    Good job Danny! Hope it was a good payday for you! Did you find the pictures I left on your boat back in May. Sorry I missed you, but was only there for a few days and no time to fish. Thought your mates might enjoy them. See you in Sept. When we have a big group fishing with you and the Marlas...
  299. Fishemup

    Nuevo Marina Snook

    Quick trip over Memorial Day weekend. Not enough time to go offshore, because of condo business. I did cast a few plugs off the dock in front of the condo, but have never caught a snook that I hear are in the marina. I saw a couple of locals come down and one guy had a spear gun. He walks out on...
  300. Fishemup

    punta mita shore casting?

    A Snook certainly would have been a highlight. Good Job.
  301. Fishemup

    March PV inshore report

    Great report Kurt, thanks! Nice mix of fish and plenty of smiles!
  302. Fishemup

    3/2/09 Roosters with Danny G on Dhamar

    Sorry I mispelled Caot Danny Gomez's boat name in the title. I couldn't find a way to edit the title. Hell getting old! Its Dhamar Sportfishing out of La Cruz. Thanks again Danny see ya soon.
  303. Fishemup

    3/2/09 Roosters with Danny G on Dhamar

    My buddie Gary and I were back in PV for our annual Homeowners meeting for our condos. Last year, about this time, we went with Capt Danny Gomez on his panga Dhamar and had a great day on the roosters. We decided to get out with Capt Danny again this year. When we called Danny to see what was...
  304. Fishemup

    PV Feb.26-5

    Going down for a Home owners meeting at our condo. Hope to get out a couple of days. Anyone else fishing next week? Any private boaters need a couple of mates to share in expenses and clean up? Danny Gomez we sent you a email. Paul
  305. Fishemup

    Info on Boat in Nuevo JOSEPHINE GRACE

    Fro, we will be down on the 26 - Mar 5. Going you still going to be around then? Maybe we can share notes sometime. Sounds like we both have the same plan and like to fish.
  306. Fishemup

    Info on Boat in Nuevo JOSEPHINE GRACE

    Fro this boat is docked at my condo. The owner George lives in the condo below mine. But we have never met, always there at different times. I have looked at the boat and it is a great fishing platform. Has tons of room with a upper and lower helm. Unfortunately I can't give you any info on the...
  307. Fishemup

    Need help in PV

    Sent you a message here on BD. Good Luck Paul
  308. Fishemup

    Share a Panga in Sayulita

    Don, call Bob when you get down there. See his responce above. He is in Punta Mita and is fun to fish with. You'll make his wife happy, because she won't have to worry about him drifting around the point in his float tube!
  309. Fishemup

    PV Report 12/16-1/03

    Awesome report Barnes! The smiles on your faces say it all. Sounds like your getting everything figured out. Paul
  310. Fishemup

    Tagging fish in PV

    My Dad and I have gotten back two tags from Sailfish tagged off S. Florida. It is very kool to see where the tag was recovered and how long the fish was swimming around. Funny one of my tags was recovered two days after my release and 35 miles South. That fish had some bad luck. Tagging is fun...
  311. Fishemup

    Delray Beach at Xmas

    Going to be visiting my Mom over the Xmas holdiays looking for someone that might have room for 2-3 to share their boat. We're good for fuel, washing and cleaning fish! Father passed away a couple of years ago so we sold his boat, miss getting out there and don't care to ride on the Sea Mist or...
  312. Fishemup

    Shore fishing in PV

    Lobo, if you rinse those reels off they will last a little longer! Good to see you posting and congradulations on the fish! I'm jealous, cold and foggy here.
  313. Fishemup

    The road to PV (11/22-12/2)

    Great report and hope to make that trip down some day with our boat in tow. My wife and I were having lunch upstairs in the La Cruz Yacht Club when you pulled in on Thurs. I can say you did an awesome job picking that Parker and outfitting it. How did those tuna tubes work for you? I have been...
  314. Fishemup

    91/2 hour fight at the Rock last Wednesday......story coming with pics

    Thanks for the release. Wish we would see more of that down there!
  315. Fishemup

    Anyone going to PV for thanksgiving wanna buddy up?

    I will be down from Nov 26 - Dec 2. Have condo next to the dolphin swim, so near you guys. Have some business to handle, but would like to get out at least one day. Paul
  316. Fishemup

    PV 10-26 and 10-27 With Captain Chuy

    Great report and excellent trip. Chuy is the BOMB!
  317. Fishemup

    PV Oct 19-26 Bad Taste in My Mouth

    Don't understand the deal with not being able to pick you up in Paradise? It's the shits to have to take a cab, when it is on their way from the main PV Marina. If your going to have to take a cab, better going with someone in La Cuz. At least you don't have to back track. Paul
  318. Fishemup

    HELP...NEED BOAT OCT 27-29, Share ok!

    Good luck G! Look forward to your report. What happened to Bogi's boat? Must be bad if he is out for the rest of the year. Paul
  319. Fishemup

    Best time of year for inshore Punta Mita

    Look at the Casa las Palmas in Punta de Mita. I think they are the best price you'll find in that area. If there are no wives, this place will work. Paul
  320. Fishemup

    Mexico in March

    The pic of the shark is the first shark pic I have ever seen in a PV report. I was beginning to think all the sharks were just on land. Nice pics.
  321. Fishemup

    Oct 4th - Panga?

    I second Danny on Dhamar. He can find them!! Plus you don't have to drive all the way to Punta de Mita.
  322. Fishemup

    Boat insurance for boat in Mexico

    Sorry guys no fishing report, but with Barbie fishing rod making the board it may be time to ask a question. Just wondering what my fellow gringos have for insurance on your boats that you are keeping in Mexico? What companies, coverage, cost? I also understand that the boat permits are no...
  323. Fishemup

    PV YFT WFO 7/19-7/21

    Great report and thanks for releasing the sails!
  324. Fishemup


    Awesome Carlos! Those are some thophy size snook! Can't wait to give this a try with you some time! Let us know if you plan a trip back to visit your inlaws in the Bay Area. We would like to take you fishing. Pablo
  325. Fishemup


    Sweet, Good job Danny! Gary Phillips and I missed you on this trip, you were booked with the tourn. Hope to see you in Oct. Pablo
  326. Fishemup

    July 4th World Cup

    Anyone fishing the July 4th World Cup out of PV? My friend, Dave Christman, is bring his Egg Harbor "Easy Doz It" over from Cabo to PV to give it a shot. He will be in Paradise on July 1st and heading back across on the 8th. I'll be on board, so please give us a shout. Paul
  327. Fishemup

    World Records and Line Classes

    Wait until Todd Frazier chimes in and tells his story. I think he had a record that faded away. Paul
  328. Fishemup

    Osuna Linx

    Too bad they closed the salmon season on us. Scotty would have enjoyed that. If he is still in town I'll take him sturgeon fishing. Paul
  329. Fishemup

    Tigerlily 1 journey home

    I can't wait to see Bogi's report and pics on the party he has onboard Titlewave to make the official name change to Tigerlilly. Nope there are no virgins hanging around!
  330. Fishemup

    May Avet Reel Contest

    Yesterday May 14 I went out to the Mothball Fleet in Susiun Bay near Benicia, CA. and fished for Sturgeon. Fished the last couple of hours of the high tide with no good bites, then the first hour of the outgo I got a good pulldown. Set the hook and my Avet SX started to scream. Using 65# Power...
  331. Fishemup

    Rigging needles

    Bass Pro Shops. Either store or catalog.
  332. Fishemup

    37' Bertram for sale in Cabo

    Art, it is listed in the boats for sale section and all the info is there. But I will try and attach. I'm posting for a buddie and I have nothing to do with setting the price, but will pass your comments on to him. Thanks for your comments and interest. Paul
  333. Fishemup

    37' Bertram for sale in Cabo

    Last week I posted in the classified section a 37' Bertram that is located in Cabo. This is for a friend of mine and I can forward questions to him or his phone number is located in the ad. Good opportunity to find a awesome boat already down there. Ready to fish! Thanks, Paul
  334. Fishemup

    PV Marlin Tournaments?

    Thanks Steve that is what I've been looking for. The site I was looking at was different. Clarke I appreciate the numbers they will come in handy. Gracias, Paul
  335. Fishemup

    PV Marlin Tournaments?

    Thanks for the dates Steve. Do you know if this is part of the International Gamefish Tournament series? Matt you were right I couldn't find anything on the site you gave. You would think the promoters would have info available now. Plane tickets are going up and it would be nice to start making...
  336. Fishemup

    PV Marlin Tournaments?

    I have a buddie that likes to fish Marlin Tournaments. He thought there is one in June or July, but we can't find any info on it. Can anyone give me any info, the dates and maybe a link to this tournament? I know about the Pez Vella y Marlin Tournament in November and of course the Bloodydecks...
  337. Fishemup

    Inshore tackle question - PV

    Cliff I see your from Vacaville. If you go to the Outdoor Pro shop in Oakland they have a good selection of poppers. They have the Roberts popper, which has been a popular one on this board for tuna. They also have the knife jigs, I don't use the shimano ones because they are too expensive, and...
  338. Fishemup

    Anyone know how to get in touch with Bogii asap

    A new TigerLilly? What did he buy and is it going to PV? Paul
  339. Fishemup

    PV Tunas and Roosters 3/1 - 3/2

    Thanks for the report and great pics. Have a good show! Paul
  340. Fishemup

    Rooster with Danny Gomez on Dhamar

    My partner and I went out with Danny Gomez yesterday 2/6/08 with Danny Gomez and mate AKA, Snoop Doggie on the panga Dhamar out of La Cruz. Danny runs a very comfortable panga with brand new twin Merk 90 four strokes. I think He said he got almost 4,000 hrs out of his old pair. I was impressed...
  341. Fishemup

    Fished La Roca 12/02

    Saw your boat tied up at the dock and wondered how you were doing. Sorry to here the water is green. I leave on wed and was only here for a short time working on the condo. No fishing for me this trip. Saw Tim on the Rednceck at the chili cook off on Sat, he said he was going out on Wed. Good...
  342. Fishemup

    great day with Danny Osuna and crew

    Great report and pics! Thanks for the release on the marlin. Paul
  343. Fishemup

    My First 'Heifer'....My First Post

    Good day and congradulations on your first cow. Thanks for the post, keep them up. There are alot of us that feel your pain with the marlin. But it sounds like you tried to bring it back and that's what counts. Would also like to hear more about your panga. Looks sweet. Paul
  344. Fishemup

    Anyone heading to PV?

    We have a group leaving tomorrow AM from San Francisco if that is any help. Fishing with the Marla boys on Thurs and Fri. Paul
  345. Fishemup


    I want to know what he rifle is for? Crocks, snakes? Great pics. Can't believe you get those snappers in the river. Next time I'm down I need to charter. Pablo
  346. Fishemup

    We lost a Great Friend and BD Member 5/7/07!

    Well said Gmoney! Thanks for sharing your memories of Ed. It helps us all know him. God speed Ed!
  347. Fishemup

    Dana Point boat

    Thanks for that info Brian. Boss will be back tomorrow, so I'll see what they thought of the boat. They pulled it, surveyed and sea trial yesterday. Before he left he did think it was under powered. Most likely what contributes to the fuel burn problem. With your name being Bertramfreak. You...
  348. Fishemup

    Dana Point boat

    Sorry to put this thread on the Mexico board, but I know a lot of the viewers here might be able to help. My boss is looking at a 52' Egg Harbor Sport Fisherman by the name of Southern Cross. Do any of you guys know this boat and can share your thought on it. He plans to leave it in Cabo...
  349. Fishemup

    Wide Open PV Inshore w/Capt. Scott Osuna

    Is this off Salulito? Nice reports and pics. Thanks! Paul
  350. Fishemup

    PV report 3/5-3/11

    Very Kool! Thanks for the post and wonderful pics. That is some blue, clear water and that Dodo is glowing. Gracias, Paul
  351. Fishemup

    Best small boat for PV?

    Kurt do you have problems getting the high grade two stroke oil to run in you E-Tec's and how much does that cost in PV? Bull I would look at a Center Console Cat, but those Fountains are sweet and available. Paul
  352. Fishemup

    PV Sat. 2/17- Dodos, marlin, snook & cougars

    Always love your reports. Thanks! A marlin within 4 miles of the point! Sounds like a lot of quality fish may be overlooked, just to make the run to the rock. Thanks for exploring. Paul
  353. Fishemup

    New Years Resolution "Suelteme"

    My boss has a boat in Cabo and he tags and releases all billfish. On my last trip with him I caught a marlin which was tagged and he sends the tag info into the Billfish Foundation. A couple of weeks after returning home I got a nice certificate from the Billfish Foundation thanking me for the...
  354. Fishemup

    Delray Beach - Xmas

    Sons and I will be in Delray Beach over Xmas and would love to find a private boater that would like some boat buddies to share expenses and cleanup. Fished the area for years until we had to sell my Dad's boat due to illness. So we know the ropes and have a 25' Grady that we fish in the San...
  355. Fishemup

    PV- Saturday 12/16- 3 tunas & 1 pargo

    Awesome report and nice fish. Are you in the marina in Nuevo? I am curious where these snook are. Thanks, Paul
  356. Fishemup


    Good job Carlos putting Ken on some nice fish. Ken runs some great stores here in the San Francisco Bay area. He has a lot of my money. Paul
  357. Fishemup

    11/26 at El Banco and 11/27 "Inshore"

    Awesome report and some great pictures. Sounds like you had a great time. Glad to hear about the fish in the marina especially the snook. I have wanting to give them a try. Next trip. Paul
  358. Fishemup

    50 in PV

    Happy Birthday! Great post and pics. What's the story on the Royal Pelagic? Looks like a real beauty! Paul
  359. Fishemup


    Great post and good pictures!! Do you come into the river by boat from the ocean? I don't think I would want to wade in that water looks like crock heaven! keep the post comming! Paul
  360. Fishemup

    Marla Sportfishing - New Avet Reels

    Well I guess we won't see anymore stories from the Marla clients about a Shimano TLD 50LRS breaking a frame! Good news and well deserved !
  361. Fishemup

    cabo to pv with td 19

    You took a 30' Grady from SD to Cabo and now to PV? Man you must have some big fuel tanks! You got my vote for the "Big Balls Award"! Good Luck and can't wait for a follow up report. Paul
  362. Fishemup

    Dhamar Sportfishing Pics PV

    I love fishing with Danny! He knows his shit and fishes his ass off! Paul
  363. Fishemup

    PV 315lbs & Marlin

    Good job tagging the marlin. I wish more PV'ers would do that. Paul
  364. Fishemup

    Puerto Vallarta license question

    Carlos those are great pictures and great information. See that is some fishing I didn't know existed in PV. Please post more often and I'll save your contact info so I can book you on my next trip. Paul
  365. Fishemup

    Slow trolling with scent?

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed it this morning. Paul
  366. Fishemup

    PV Trip with Marla Boys

    Glad you found the site Don. This is the place for Mexico updates. Thanks for the report. Paul
  367. Fishemup

    Danny Osuna -- Marla II 322 Pound Tuna Pics

    Bill the guys told me it took almost two hours because they only had a 80# topshot on 130# Spectra. They later switched to 100# topshot when they saw the size of the fish that were being caught. This was the first fish ever caught on Gary Phillips' new Calstar and Avet 50 SDS. I told him to hang...
  368. Fishemup

    Marla II, 290 pound tuna pics

    That fish was caught by Dun Luckenbach. Don is is from Benicia, CA and was part of group from the bay area Coastside Fishing Club that charted both the Marla boats. Thanks for the post, I know Don is one happy camper! Paul
  369. Fishemup

    A "NOTORIOUS" weekend

    Great report and pics! Good job on the tag and release.
  370. Fishemup

    Danny Osuna -- Marla II 322 Pound Tuna Pics

    The same crew fished with the Osuna Brothers on Sunday and they got a 165" on one boat and a 290# on the other boat. The Osuna's third boat went inshore and pick up a huge Rooster 50+# off Mita. Those Northern CA guys are having the time of their lives. They called last night to rub it in! God I...
  371. Fishemup

    Danny Osuna -- Marla II 322 Pound Tuna Pics

    I forgot to mention that they were at El Banco. Good job guys! Paul
  372. Fishemup

    Danny Osuna -- Marla II 322 Pound Tuna Pics

    Mike Pearl from the San Francisco Bay Area was the lucky angler. He is with a group from the Coastside Fishing Club that are fishing with Danny and Scott for three days. Tomorrow is their last day. I just talked to them and they are having a fiesta at Gary Phillips condo, which is in the NV...
  373. Fishemup

    Follow up pic's of marlin and tuna

    Great pics and I can only imagine what the video looks like. I'd be watching that every night! Good Job, Paul
  374. Fishemup

    292.7 yellowfin PV 2006 Tigerlily

    Good Job and great report. Glad everything held together under all that strain. Paul
  375. Fishemup

    PV Report: July 31 thru August 2

    Great report! Sounds like you put your time in and it paid off. Just looked at the pictures and you are right about catching fish of a lifetime. That is one of the biggest Dodo's I have ever seen. Then a cow and a big pargo, hope you bought a lotto ticket upon your return. Good job Marla crew. Paul
  376. Fishemup

    Fishing P.V. 7-31 & 8-2

    Thanks for the great report. Sounds like you made the right decision to come inshore. Can't believe you caught a sail while fishing for roosters. How deep were you? Don't you usually fish roosters in the shallow water along reefs? Paul
  377. Fishemup

    PV RPT 7/23&24

    Boy, things really get active when all the Capt. are stuck at the dock. Now you know how us desk jockies feel every day. Good Luck tomorrow! Pablo
  378. Fishemup

    Surf Fishig in PV

    I hear there are snook in the marina. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to on my next trip. Might try on the inside of the jetty on a slack tide with plastics. Paul
  379. Fishemup

    Big 300lbs plus cow and a broken reel marla's sport fishing

    Now I know I need to sell my TLD 50LRS. I have heard of these frames breaking. Anyone want to trade for a Avet 50W? Good job Danny, a broken reel really added to your challage of landing that fish. Paul
  380. Fishemup


    Wow that was fast! The water didn't hurt the motor or wiring? Paul
  381. Fishemup


    Not Good! Poor timing for the Blue Marlin World Cup that Hunter was talking about on July 4th. Maybe with your entry fee you get a rocket launcher. Paul
  382. Fishemup

    Fishing Predictions-PV June 24-30th?

    Jeff sorry to hear about your amigo. We can only hope there will be lots of tuna in the next life. I just came back and the rock changes daily. We had a great time on the little guys. Every now and then you would see a massive boil. So they are around! Go get them and think of your friend. Paul
  383. Fishemup

    PV week of June 4th

    Just returned from ten day vacation in PV. I was able to fish two days out of Punta de Mita with Capt. Chewey and Mate Tomas on the super panga Jennifer. Nice boat and a great fisherman. Friend / fishing buddy, Bob Locker couldn’t stand to see me go fishing by myself and he found a last minute...
  384. Fishemup

    Corbetena May 29 th

    Nice step up Scott! I thought my GW looked big on the trailer, but yours wins the prize. Good thing you got tripple axles. When you going to haul this one down to PV now that you've blazed the trail? Paul
  385. Fishemup

    Corbetena May 29 th

    Nice catch Bill. I'll be in town Friday for 10 days. If you decide to stick around another week I would love to hitch a ride. Paul
  386. Fishemup

    PV June 3-10

    I will be in Punta de Mita the first part of that week and in Nuevo Vallarta the end of the week. Is anyone else going to fish during this time? I would be interested in sharing a charter or sharing expenses and work on a private boat. Thanks, Paul
  387. Fishemup

    MARLA ll Report & Pics - PV 5/12

    The same crew went with Danny on Sunday and scored on the Dorado again. They had one marlin hook ,up but it was on light gear while catching dodos and it spooled them. I'm going to fish with Danny in June, nope the tuna are in! Paul
  388. Fishemup

    Trip pictures computer

    In PV if you are at the Paradise Village Marina there are two internet cafe's in the shopping center. Paul
  389. Fishemup

    boat is at the dock

    Sounds like we finally have a Northern Ca. group of BD's. all with interest in Nuevo and fishing. Sounds like we should ralley our resources. Paul
  390. Fishemup

    Best gloves for Spectra?

    I use a pair of motorcross gloves. Maybe a little more money but have leather palms and fingers and mine have a mesh back so they don't get too hot. You can usually get a tight fit and they are rugged. Paul
  391. Fishemup

    Hanging tag lines for kites??

    Thanks Josh! I know the Florida guys like the lewis kites. I have an Aftco and it's too much like work, guess it's time to switch.
  392. Fishemup

    Hanging tag lines for kites??

    Josh what brand kite do you use?
  393. Fishemup

    got a new toy!

    Nice step up Alan. Hope you get to catch some salmon on her this year. Looks like you how have a tuna machine. See ya at the 601. Paul
  394. Fishemup

    34' Sportfish vs 88' Yacht, who ya got?

    When you are talking about Paradise Village marina are you just talking about the side where Paradise Village is or are you talking about the whole marina? I was wondering what it is like on the side where Marla is docked? I understand they are rebuilding that side and adding fuel.
  395. Fishemup

    Puerto Vallarta RPT Feb 19-23

    Great report, thanks. Sounds like that rock could but a major hurt on one of us who trailers down and isn't familiar with the area. guess that's why it pays to fish with the locals. Paul
  396. Fishemup

    PV Feb 9-13...

    Thanks for the report G, been waiting all week! Excuse my stupidness but what is a Chili Verde? Is it a blue runner, aka hardtail? Sounds like the road to Mita hasn't improved any.
  397. Fishemup

    just got home from PV

    Glad you had a great trip Scott. Where did you end up staying? Too bad the blue water wasn't there. Paul
  398. Fishemup

    Quick Trip

    Nice report Capt Gerry! I was admiring your boat over Thanksgiving at the Marina in Nuevo Vallarta. We just purchased a condo right next to Dolphin Adventures and I was wishing I had my Grady sitting next to yours. Maybe one of these days. Do you keep it in PV all the time? In the water or Dry...
  399. Fishemup

    GPS charts?

    Scott give me a call at 707-321-2292. Paul
  400. Fishemup

    GPS charts?

    Just sent you a private EM. When are you going? I have just purchased a condo on the Nuevo Vallarta Marina. It is not quite done, but it will be available for rent very soon. Get a slip on the public side and you will be able to walk from our unit. Paul
  401. Fishemup

    the difference between pv and punta mita

    I was down there a couple of weeks ago and there was only two of us and we didn't want to pay the big bucks for a cruiser so we chartered Danny Gomez on the Dhamar. We decided to try Corbetena eventhough Danny said the bite was off because of cool water and the comercials had just hammered them...
  402. Fishemup

    PV Cow with JT 12/6-7

    Congradulations on your fish of a lifetime. Great report and super pictures. I couldn't help but notice the Suzuki OB is this a new boat or a change in power for Prime Time? Paul