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  1. EJ Swanny

    Single vs Twins

    Well, the U.S. Navy insist most their planes are two engine planes, one engine goes down, you can limp home on another. However, twice the engines is twice the maintenance, the money, and the weight. Also twice something can go wrong. However, limping home on one engine on plane, is better...
  2. EJ Swanny

    Let's talk shrimp pots

    I think it is obvious at this point.....the bigger the pot, the more bait it can hold, the larger your take. Are bigger pots, that take up more space worth it, life comes down to cost/benefit analysis???????? That's up to said shrimper. This done?
  3. EJ Swanny

    Pretty stoked

    Yeah feed is everything, sage fed mulies in rut, no thanks. My first buck was a sage mulie, and thought to myself, why the hell am I killing these things as they taste like shit. Then I had some grain fed white-tails. Where I hunt on the Palouse there are equal mulies/wtails. They both feed...
  4. EJ Swanny

    Let's talk shrimp pots

    Age old or fishability. With one day seasons, run the biggest pot you got and get out of that shit show. With usually 5-6 people on board we get limits in 3-4 pulls. Yeah they take up some space, but they catch a shit-load of shrimp.
  5. EJ Swanny

    Pretty stoked

    Looking at their necks, and seem to be a bit swollen. I think their in the rut right now. Which is/was good news for you. Women make you do stupid get shot and die. Great timing and another great shot....650?? Wow, very impressive.
  6. EJ Swanny

    Pretty stoked

    Kinda like Eastern Washington in the small towns. You break down and the FIRST person will stop, not ZERO people. It's refreshing and reminds me to not lose faith in man-kind. Dandy buck, nice job.....and nice shot.
  7. EJ Swanny

    Crab cooker Coleman stove

    Actually, I'll buy it for 20 bucks......even though I have both of those....sold
  8. EJ Swanny

    Crab cooker Coleman stove

    Shit, that's one helluva a deal Siv. Easily worth triple... These will be gone tonight...
  9. EJ Swanny

    It’s a little chilly

    I used to hunt the Northport area. Lot's of game up there. But, wow, it does get cold up there. Especially when you get a Nor' easter blowing through. Are you close to that? Goodluck
  10. EJ Swanny

    Squiddin’ in Tacompton

    In addition to Garrett's advice, it can be very productive if you daisy chain your squid jigs. About 2-3' apart. Once your on the squid, you'll get doubles or triples. Hell, you can get doubles on one jig if you're on the squid....I would suggest giving it a shot, It's fun, and easy, when you...
  11. EJ Swanny

    Columbia River Crabbing

    Happens to the best, just one or two seconds of distraction, then SHIT, Houston we have a problem...embarrassing...completely, but shit happens Great crabbing my digit viced once. Just a few years ago. Up at Orcas we were piling a bunch of crab in a cooler. I asked my wife how...
  12. EJ Swanny

    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    For those of us that don't know you and would rather have a small charter than a party boat, where do you run out of, and specialize in?? Thanks
  13. EJ Swanny

    Survey says....

    Depends on how much line, need at least 325' of leaded line...minimum Also, buoy's, would be nice to have a 10-12" red, poly tag buoy with the yellows. Also would be nice to add some weights, but now we're getting expensive... Hope they're big-ass pots.
  14. EJ Swanny

    FRESH ONE!!!!

    She's beautiful, congrats. She has salt running through her veins. Some great news in a bad period of crap....awesome, you should be proud.
  15. EJ Swanny

    Boat Cover Help

    Just make sure the cuddy/cabin has some type of moisture absorber, it can get ugly in those cuddies if not.....
  16. EJ Swanny

    Back to basics- vessel insurance 101

    How about some type of risk/reward paragraph for smaller vessels? For instance, if I have a 10k or 20k boat, should I pay the higher premiums, that I'm guessing a vessel only insurance company would charge? Sure I get better coverage, but is it worth it for a smaller boat owner, than just...
  17. EJ Swanny


    Dandy, great WT. Good job....let's hear the details, more pics....haven't been alot of hunting posts this year......
  18. EJ Swanny

    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Just curious if you made the purchase with this conversion in mind? If so, I hope you got a smokin deal. Good looking boat from the picture. Good luck, would be interested to see it done, with alot of $$. Nothing wrong with I/O's many of us have been there...
  19. EJ Swanny

    Ebey Island Buck

    That's a very nice BT. You rarely see BT's that big (at least I don't), nice score. Should be good eatin' if feeding on corn/barley most it's life. Yep, looks like rut. Great job
  20. EJ Swanny

    Boat Cover Help

    Yeah Katy is good people, I'm guessing that is a locker or is that wet? If it's a locker, not sure it will be tall enough. If wet, my bottom paint is getting old. It would just take one bottom scrubbing half way through, but I'd rather not pay that per month, as I'm not doing any BM fishing...
  21. EJ Swanny

    Boat Cover Help

    Thanks all, I really appreciate all the advice. Thinking about buying just a big-ass cover for a 24-26' Hard-Top / T-top. I had the costco car-port before. Worked well for the old maxum, just not sure how to extend it 6-8' higher, and be...
  22. EJ Swanny

    Boat Cover Help

    Hey Guys/Gals - Need a new boat cover. There are so many sites and prices my head is spinning. I have a 2005, 21' Proline walkaournd (pictured). However with the anchor sponson and the out board on the back, it measures in at about 25' total. Anyone have a solid place or cover they would buy...
  23. EJ Swanny


    Just got my kicker tucked away for the winter (thanks to @Mr. Doodles). Those things weigh a ton, and I can see why people are hesitant to take them off every year, definitely a pain in the ass. If not, light them up, through bolt them, but a nasty chain/cable on them. Audio alarms with...
  24. EJ Swanny

    Wyoming Elk 2020

    Helluva a job. Very impressive. Just wondering, should one be worried about storing meat in water? Lots of nasty microibs and shit in there. It could be perfectly safe, that's why I'm asking, I have no idea. Memories forever, you guys will be talking about that hunt the rest of your lives...
  25. EJ Swanny

    Winding down locally, where is everyone going this winter/spring to fish?

    Winter, fishing for a Lotto Jackpot. I've had a few nibbles, I'm close. Spring, who the F*** knows???? Seems like a lifetime away with all this shit going on.....I'll be fishing for a vaccine, boat upgrades, and service to get my ass back on the water for an epic 2021 fishing season!!!
  26. EJ Swanny

    Opening day 4x4

    Text-book, that'l be a nice eater. Great Job.
  27. EJ Swanny

    Vancouver (WA) Mule/Hold & A Report

    AHHHH...a licker huh??? Just like acid or peyote, hope you don't have any harsh trips.. :cheers:
  28. EJ Swanny

    Double Ooops

    A battery sawzall and all the lead you want, not sure of the purity, but it will sink....
  29. EJ Swanny

    Squidding A10

    I don't think it matters, you find a school, anything that glitters/glows, they will hit. My Dad couldn't keep them off his cutt-throat gear in 8' of water, back in the day.
  30. EJ Swanny

    Double Ooops

    We were heading out squidding this afternoon and found two boats washed up on the beach. This was between Des Moines and Saltwater State park. I was just out there a couple days ago and they were not there. We had some brutal winds/seas the last couple days. Weird to see two boats. The...
  31. EJ Swanny

    Pour Concrete Driveway Work?

    Thanks Jamie, I'll give him a call....I appreciate your help.
  32. EJ Swanny

    Pour Concrete Driveway Work?

    Hey Guys - Anyone know of someone that can pour a panel driveway? We have a 4 panel driveway and need one replaced (or two) and need a drain installed on the front of it. Yes I know I can rent a mixer and do it myself, but want a professional, as we're selling. I know it's a long shot, but I...
  33. EJ Swanny

    Squiddin’ in Tacompton

    Probably going out on Thursday (around 2ish) if anyone want to join on another boat. I have a good idea where they are at. We'll be between Des Moines and Redondo.....
  34. EJ Swanny

    Coho Limit Increase

    Just saying flooding damages hatchery runs just as they do wild stock. It's tough enough these days, we do not MANA making things tougher..which I'm sure will happen, unfortunately...
  35. EJ Swanny

    Preview of opening day for modern firearm season

    That's where I got it....plenty of posters in the clear cuts, and (like J was saying), driving around in trucks/quads with cigarettes hanging out their mouths.
  36. EJ Swanny

    Coho Limit Increase

    Mother Nature, and she is angry. Was it last year she flooded it and we lost alot of the smolts, or has it been every year???
  37. EJ Swanny

    New Electronics / FishFinder - advice?

    This may be biased, not sure, but here is a link to boat-traders best of 2020 IMO, unless you are Hard-Core, most FF's will be comparable. Just look for ease of use/user friendly. Like me, most guys stick with a few basic...
  38. EJ Swanny

    Free Cable Spools

    Very cool, as struggling college students, many of us used those for furniture. Probably still applicable if someone wants to trim one end and stain the rest.....
  39. EJ Swanny

    Come join me:Apollo Puerto Vallarta March 2021

    I've spoke with Mikee enough to know he's legit, and would be a great trip. Sorry Mikee, not this year, we're looking to head north for one last Tyee chase. Maybe next year...
  40. EJ Swanny

    Wide open squid bite

    We got into some yesterday. We searched for them on the Fish-Finder, never really saw any. Came up on a boat that I could tell was squid fishing, and he "claimed" he caught 5-6. So, WTF, we decided to motor a bit away from him and gave it a shot. Nothing on the screen. We jigged for a few...
  41. EJ Swanny

    Meadow Point

    Absolutely, used to fish Vaughn/Rocky Bay near Allyn. Damn fish were jumping constantly, but had lock jaw. Had to put something red in front of their eyes with alot of vibration (Blue Fox Vibrex in Red). Most frustrating fishing in my life..... Good luck guys.....
  42. EJ Swanny

    Scotty 1101 and boat cover fs

    I'm down for the boat cover if Coldeye backs out....damn gotta be checkin' shit every 10 minutes...
  43. EJ Swanny

    First Bow

    Have you thought about a muzzle-loading season for Deer/Elk? Lot's of opportunities out there. I used to hunt them quite a bit. I have all the gear you need if your interested. At this point, I don't see myself getting back into it.......
  44. EJ Swanny

    Preview of opening day for modern firearm season

    Been there done that for modern opening of elk hunting, many, many, years ago...Tamarack Springs, pumpkins everywhere....looking for a spike. Last time I ever hunted modern elk.. Goodluck all, be safe out there...
  45. EJ Swanny

    Scotty digital display

    Your the man Howie, but really, you're a hard-core fisherman and bitching about 55 bucks? Hemorrhaging money is the deal we all signed up for. Embrace it or leave it. Bird watching is fairly cheap, just a good set of binos and a few gallons of gas :cheers:
  46. EJ Swanny

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    WOW, the only word for it. I love that the trim tabs are still wired up, and they have the two best kickers on the outside....lot's of logical thinking going on. Still can't figure out what the middle kicker brackets are made out of, and what is in the out-drive hole, some type of rudder...
  47. EJ Swanny

    Wide open squid bite

    I always figured night was better with some illumination?? Is that not the case? I've got my boat moored right now. So I can just use a squid jig at noon, and it's just as good as night? Thanks for any info, as I've only tried it at night.
  48. EJ Swanny

    Got one. Shark Week.

    WOW, helluva a catch. Just curious on how you lose several leaders and still catch it? Did it bite multiple times after it broke the leaders? Would really love to see the table fare. Soak it in buttermilk? I hear threshers are "the veal cutlet" of sharks. Man, I bet it was a helluva a...
  49. EJ Swanny

    Fun trip to Sekiu last week

    Gotta love the Q, sounds like a relaxing time. Not alot of hours on the water, but sounds like you made them count. Great job...
  50. EJ Swanny

    Anyone going out in this crap?

    No problems now, does not mean no problems later, if it was "quite a jolt" you may want to just double check a few connections, and be prepared for an unforeseen issue down the road. I'm sure your fine, just be ready for a couple gremlins that may safe ducky...
  51. EJ Swanny

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    I grew up fishing CQ in a 18' Glaspar with a 55HP. My Dad fished it for many, many, years. One time the visibility was literally 25'. I was 10 years old. I had NO clue where land was, let alone the marina. My Dad got us back no problem. I had no idea how he did that. Years later I asked...
  52. EJ Swanny

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    Of course this turned political, wouldn't be BD if it didn't. I just hate the Kali guys coming up here, selling their 1m dollar homes down there, coming up here and pricing out Joe Washington resident that worked their whole lives up here, scratching away to finally make a down payment. Not to...
  53. EJ Swanny

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Damn - Do I have to get into the tire kicking business again? My toe has healed (it was very bent for awhile). Damn, this is almost the boat I would buy in 2-3 years. Yellow - Please hold it for a few years and I will give you a 50-50 guarantee I will buy it. But keep it maintained...
  54. EJ Swanny

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    Yep. Was a small mom & pop town when I moved to PA in the 1970's. Now it is truly a California town. Highest per capita bank account dollars in the state due to the California influx: Sell your property for $750,000 to 1 million, drive to Sequim, pay $350,000 for a very nice spread, the...
  55. EJ Swanny

    Sunglass holder

    OK, I'll bite....why not just croakies? Hang from your neck when not needed...........always there when you need them...
  56. EJ Swanny

    Oregon Kid Missing

    Finally, some GREAT news in this world we live in. That's really awesome.....good to hear a positive outcome.
  57. EJ Swanny

    Pursuit 2670 CC Cuddy

    I believe it....trim the bow up a touch, and that thing will skip along and squash that chop in the mid-section. You have to know your boat though... Nice boat, and price, GLWS
  58. EJ Swanny

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    I suggest you visit September, November, December, January, February, March, and first half of April. It's all the same, cold and wet, especially on the coast. During the winter we get 7 hours of daylight. Born and bred here, stay away. Frikin' Kali nomads...too many already..
  59. EJ Swanny

    Anyone want to do another Seafood buy?

    Could you post an item list again please? Once my wife sees it, we'll be down for something I'm sure. Thanks for the offer.....
  60. EJ Swanny

    Free "aged" Appliances

    Once SkyNet takes over all technology, you'll still be able to make pancakes, and grill a medium rare rib-eye.. :hali_olutta:. To the recycle center it goes soon...
  61. EJ Swanny

    Hiring soon Fleet and Facilities coordinator

    Sounds like a great gig. 60k+, full benies, and a work truck to drive. Very nice...should get a bunch of interest.....I'll ask for others....paid O.T. available or is it pure salary???
  62. EJ Swanny

    Free "aged" Appliances

    Tearing down and remodeling. Have a stainless steel fridge, lower bottom drawer is cracked. Great beer fridge. "Classic" Jen-Air range with all the attachments (griddle, grills, and drip pans). Microwave as well, if one wants.... Jen-Air available now, fridge in a week or so. Going to...
  63. EJ Swanny

    Electrical Panel Help

    Got it, thanks, but what's the point of doing your own work if you have to ask a fishing forum how to do it? The inspector can tell Andre to rip it out and start over. No offense Andre, just giving you another perspective....I'm all for DIY, but sometimes calling in a pro, will save you in the...
  64. EJ Swanny

    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    This is why I have no desire to fish Buoy 10. I've been in the fray up on VCI, where no boat is allowed to fish pass a certain buoy (lower Qualicum River), and boats would just get boxed in along the line restriction. Stupid thanks, no more...
  65. EJ Swanny

    Electrical Panel Help

    Are you a licensed and bonded electrician? If your structure burns down, and it's linked to your box, bye-bye insurance. I would get it started and call in a "professional" to finish the job....those money-grubbing insurance agencies will find ANY reason not to pay. My 2 cents............
  66. EJ Swanny

    Westport thieves 2020

    If you can prove that.......SHIT, now that's a kick to the nuts. Very pathetic. Wonder if it's a "good ol' boys club" down there?? All outsiders lose, all insiders gain?? Doubt it, as it's not that small of a town, but troubling whatsoever...
  67. EJ Swanny

    Last week of September for Sekiu Coho?

    One could used to make bank on silvers at CQ end of September. It was a given. These days, no such guarantees. If I were committing, may as well try the last week, history supports that... Good luck whatever you decide.
  68. EJ Swanny

    Place to stay in the San Juan’s?

    I'm sure you know the Juans, but a few places I wanted to boat camp (with a dock) while visiting for day trips is Matia (hard to find dock space, but it's doable if you just wait a couple hours), and Jones Island. Patos is awesome, with cliff camp-sites over-looking the bay, but no dock. Take...
  69. EJ Swanny

    Place to stay in the San Juan’s?

    Stayed there a few times, nice place. Try Smugglers Villa on the North Tip of Orcas. I'm sure they have an open condo...kinda spendy, but worth it.....
  70. EJ Swanny

    Seigler Reels Anyone?

    That thing looks like a tank....looks rock solid..impressive specs. I like the guarantee..kinda vague though, is it lifetime? Good luck with it...let us know what you think, could be a life-time reel.....
  71. EJ Swanny

    Scupper thru-hull fix

    One thing I HATE about the design of the sculpers on mine as well, they're not flush to the bottom of the deck divot. Water/small rocks just collect in the bottom of that divot and turn it green/black/brown etc. I hate it....shouldn't that be design 101?
  72. EJ Swanny

    WTS Complete Scuba Setup

    How about a size like...the gear will fit a person from X height'" x Xlbs?? Just for us newbies wanting to get into it... Thanks
  73. EJ Swanny

    How do you guys cram pots onto your boats?

    For those with a hard top, put an automotive car basket on the top (paint it white with non-rust marine spray, or keep it black) and storage out of the way of everything......if not, try increasing the size of your swim step, and lash a couple down on that.....not hard, just custom...
  74. EJ Swanny

    Road trip with fishing

    Lake Conconully resevoir or the lake itself. Fished and hunted up there for years. Sit'n Bull Cafe had a great prime rib special. The freshest, best horse-radish I ever had. There are a TON of little lakes and camp-grounds, and small towns/diners around everywhere. Gods country up in the...
  75. EJ Swanny

    Westport thieves 2020

    Any ever been to "chop-chop" square in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia??? They don't fuc around...heads, hands, eye-balls. Maybe Westport should take notice. We all work SO hard for something, and kapow, gone in a couple seconds...pitiful..
  76. EJ Swanny

    Another joining the 30' club

    IF you don't get it, there WILL be times when you kick yourself, and say....I f'ed up, should have got it. When your boat camping all over the Juans and into BC, dock space is very limited (as I'm sure you know). Get it....
  77. EJ Swanny

    WTB- Pipe jigs/large scampi jigs

    I've bought from Eric, his stuff is top notch...BTW, how do we get the Octopus JIg again?
  78. EJ Swanny

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Without proper bottom-paint, it can get bad fast. Like G said, stay on top of it, if mooring more than a few months w/o bottom paint or even 6-7 with. Divers I hired used carpet scrubbers. I believe I paid about a hundie each time, WELL worth the hassle of doing it yourself. It grows...
  79. EJ Swanny

    Canadian border closure extended

    Closed does not mean closed. My Dad's Alberta outfitter is applying for some type of status that allows US residents in to hunt. Claiming his business "relies" on US customers for their livelihood. I would imagine this would extend to charters/resorts as well if they want to apply.....
  80. EJ Swanny

    SeaEagle 10.6 inflatable tender

    What's the storage situation...weight & size of bag etc. I'm guessing the model # of 10.6 indicates the length? That thing will really hold a 15hp on the back? Looks great....
  81. EJ Swanny

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    Yep, just replace welds and chase stray currents your whole life :cheers: Chris knows his shit inside & out, but I'll never relent to knuckle-busters. Give me a level-wind Penn everyday... Hawksfan can wax you entire boat without a ladder. Nice pics, very nice........
  82. EJ Swanny

    Neah bay 7-25/7-26

    Awesome, Scagway holds some big'uns. You're story sounds very familiar, same place, same fish (30+), a few years ago. Way to go, and way to keep at it......
  83. EJ Swanny

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    Wow - What a concept, go where the fish are are, never thought about that. I always wondered why I'm not catching 20lb slabs in my bath-tub. Genius......hmm wonder why there are 100's of boats of Jeff-Head, and PNP?
  84. EJ Swanny

    Port Angeles Mooching: The 1970's

    Mooching or Motor Mooching?? I grew up motor mooching with cut-plugs. Easy to cover the entire water column with a 3oz banana weight. Speed up, slow down, easy peasy. Seem to catch just as much with a DR, and keep the bow-wows, and other by-products away. No need to mess with soft herring...
  85. EJ Swanny

    Found crab pot protocol

    I lost one, and I found one. Up at the Juans one year on horrible tides plus 20kt winds, I'm guessing kelp/seaweed clung to my buoy and pulled it away. A week later I get a call, my pot was found miles away in an island of junk. Told the guy thanks and keep the pot. Found a pot floating...
  86. EJ Swanny

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    Forgot #1 rule...match the hatch. Hang out at the local cleaning tables and see what their eating. Match that with said hootcie/spoon/etc. Also if you can find some inshore kelp beds, troll those on a flood tide, very shallow, 15-30'.
  87. EJ Swanny

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    You're the best times of day (tides) and be out there for first light and last light. Line up the slacks with lights, double bonus. When fishing hard, we don't "try" and stay on bottom, we adjusting every 1-2 minutes. It's a pain in the ass, but it produces. We only fish...
  88. EJ Swanny

    Custom Fish Thumper

    What is the inlay? Is that wood as well, almost looks like a metal inlay? If that is wood how did you get it so white? Beatiful none the less. What are the dimensions?
  89. EJ Swanny

    Advice on loading reel with heavy braid

    You may be over thinking this. Put the spool on some type of straight bar/stick, and have another person hold it (they can wear oven mitts or gloves or towel for friction) controlling the tension. Fairly simple......maybe I'm missing something??? Edit - Captain Decent posted about 20 seconds...
  90. EJ Swanny

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    You are absolutely correct Hooker. The first time I checked I "thought" I saw the "closure message" on the opening page for accessing resident and non-resident licenses (and/or Salmon Conservation Stamp). Last time I accessed it, a couple weeks ago, the message was gone, and the "Apply Now"...
  91. EJ Swanny

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Jamie - You are not crossing the border if you don't touch land, anchor, or tie up to another boat at anchor. Last time I checked, BC fisheries are selling Non-Resident licenses. That means you. I've done it for going on ten years at Orcas. Used to be this silly SVRS (Small Vessel Reporting...
  92. EJ Swanny

    Channel your inner female.....

    Salish Lodge, at Snoqualmie Fall's. Pretty damn cool. Not sure about any restrictions, but very fun none the less.
  93. EJ Swanny

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    Cave, between 75-130'....
  94. EJ Swanny

    Swiftsure / Neah Bay

    I rarely catch suspended fish at CQ or NB except at sunrise/sundown. Like RuPaul always says..pound that bottom, just like winter BM. It's not a lazy man's game, even with the depth changes, keep adjusting...
  95. EJ Swanny

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    I always wanted to dry brine. Just can't get over wet brining as I think it infuses it more. One cup Kosher Salt, One Cup Brown sugar, to a gallon of water. Brine 12 hours, pat dry, let stand 1-2 hours to get a glaze. Wet or Dry brining, here is where it gets serious. Do Not, over smoke...
  96. EJ Swanny

    Thanks For Nothing!

    up to a 900% increase in average buoy counts. This level of increased effort was entirely unexpected and ultimately has led to early closures of the shrimp fishery in Discovery Bay, Marine Area 6 and now MA 7W, which will remain closed starting this week. Please explain this to me like I'm the...
  97. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing area 9 & 12

    Zip-tie all your access points closed with colored zip-ties. If they are missing, crab thief, if not you doors came open on the drop down. Now they can still by-pass those by trying to pick them through the crab doors, but that is a BIG, pain in the ass. Also mark your pots with GPS, you...
  98. EJ Swanny

    Sad News From Westport Fishing Community

    I can't imagine how terrifying that would be. Sad, very sad, I really feel sad for their sorry..
  99. EJ Swanny

    Spot shrimping closed....

    I guarantee we'll see the same thing with MA4 salmon. WDFW geniuses open it up for TWO salmon per person (hatch or nate). In one week they'll go to one, then a week later it's shut down. It'll be shut down by mid-July, just like last year. Now I ask you, is that sustainable fishing? It's...
  100. EJ Swanny

    Spot shrimping closed....

    Typical WDFW planning, shut down an area with no warning right before a national holiday. It's not surprising anymore, it's more the rule instead of the exception. PITIFUL.....
  101. EJ Swanny

    New 20-21 Regs Out

    New regs are out with a new format. I like it better, you don't have to wade through 300 pages of crap to get to a certain MA. Fish'em up Guys...and Gals
  102. EJ Swanny

    north river eye candy

    WOW - That is a nice house. Please Lord....bless me with a PowerBall winner this week..
  103. EJ Swanny

    north river eye candy

    Any guesses on asking price?? That is one helluva a craft....all you'll ever need. Except new tow vehicle, and thousands on up keep each year...but still, cherry..
  104. EJ Swanny

    Monday Morning Bubble

    Great job, just for everyone's education, what's considered a "hatchery" when the adipose is "miss-clipped" Obvious that is the case on this one, and I had one up at CQ last year that was similar. Just curious if they regs claim or the wardens consider a miss-clipped or not? Any info would be...
  105. EJ Swanny

    sekiu fishing guide

    I'll guide you...the cave..on the deck. Ace-Hi-fli purple haze, green-spatterback hootchie, or herring aide 3.5", with flasher of your choice (green or green). Put your time in and you'll get fish......
  106. EJ Swanny

    Monday Morning Bubble

    Very nice...those are my two, all-time goto set-ups. Very productive. Great job, that will be a delicous meal. Outa-Sight......great report.
  107. EJ Swanny

    Area 4 Report

    Great report, and well done. That second picture made me have a slight episode. Thanks for the report.
  108. EJ Swanny

    Great Fathers day weekend

    Very nice, I like the quote "memories forever", as that is why we spend untold amounts of $$ on our boats each year. Memories's well worth the $$ and hassle. Great job, I'm jealous...
  109. EJ Swanny

    Old Fishing Reels

    Those level wind Penn's are built like a brick-shithouse. No frikin plastic gears, I have several I use as back-ups. The Shakespeare and Daiwa spinning reels are starting to enter the "antique" realm, some pay up for older reels....
  110. EJ Swanny

    Bloodydecks gear review you have a "cliff note" version of this post Andre? Not that I don't want to spend the time to read it, It's just that I don't want to spend the time to read it.... :cheers:
  111. EJ Swanny

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Looks familiar with my knives. My Dad's Gerber filet knife was spotless for 30 years, probably still is.... sitting on the bottom under the cleaning dock at NB....doh..
  112. EJ Swanny

    Kicker motor fuel line with primer recommendations

    So obviously you have an I/O. Just put the bulb outside the dog house closer to the kicker. You'll still get plenty of draw when pumped. Fairly simple, and alot easier to access.
  113. EJ Swanny

    Garmin Dealer

    @Semperfifishing knows his shot. I would shoot him a PM, he can recommend you a model, and you can check it out locally before buying. My 2 cents...
  114. EJ Swanny

    Day 3 deepwater lingers

    Way to go Paul, did you catch that ling while reelin' in a sea-bass or was that just for effect? Nice slabs...
  115. EJ Swanny

    Shrimping report

    Four of us took our boats to Alki for the annual shit-show (@kenzmad @Siv @hawksfan75). We all limited and were all out before 11a.m. Pots ranged (on my boat) from 27 - 200ish. Had the usual clowns doing 30knts plowing through the middle of the grounds, and pots set within 10' of ours...
  116. EJ Swanny

    Fight for your right to fish

    The way things are going, we need ALL the help we can get!! Sounds like a grass-roots movement for us by us. Let's hit them from multiple fronts.....hell, what's happening now is obviously not working too well........
  117. EJ Swanny

    Canal shrimpers beware

    That is some dirty pool as my Dad would say. So obvious as well. Dirty, dirty, dirty, this as they are opening up their casinos. WOW....
  118. EJ Swanny

    Scratching the itch this week

    Watch out this weekend guys/gals. I believe the biggest minus of the year. Minus 3.5 at noon in Des Moines, obviously will vary elsewhere. Bad tides = shitty shrimping/fishing. Time that slack, and be safe..
  119. EJ Swanny

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    Just tried to buy an online license...this is what I got: Important Notice In order to be consistent with current border closure in effect for COVID-19, DFO will not be issuing recreational licences to non-residents. Licence issuance to...
  120. EJ Swanny

    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    Pulling against tides in the Juans, on one pull I was popping fuzes like popcorn. Even melted some insulation on the wires. Tacoma Marine put in ten gauge and 40amp, puller has been pulling like a mule since..
  121. EJ Swanny

    Etec’s toast....

    Bass Pro summer sale....$9.97 a gallon (2&4 stroke) when you buy a case of four. Great deal.....
  122. EJ Swanny

    Tanacom 750's with 80# J-Braid 8 plait $479.99

    Wow, if you guys need all the gear in one buy, this is a great deal...very good, just need a tag float and weight, and your shrimping. Oh and a puller, unless you want a bit of exercise....
  123. EJ Swanny

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    Run in, fish, run out, claim ignorance if caught, but definitely have a Canadian Fishing license and passport on board (I know not needed). In all the times I fished the Nuck side, I've never ran into Canadian Fishery Boat. Knock on wood. For those spending the night, or on a fishing resort...
  124. EJ Swanny

    Best Roofing Company in South Sound???

    Thanks all, I really appreciate all the info, will definitely follow-up with your suggestions.
  125. EJ Swanny

    Best Roofing Company in South Sound???

    Crap, when it rains it pours. After the last rainfall, I just noticed a small water stain on an interior ceiling. I knew the roof was getting "aged", but thought it would last longer. Anyway, if any of you all can recommend (by personal experience) a solid roofing company for the South Sound...
  126. EJ Swanny

    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Got mine yesterday, they look deadly. Thread the jig-head on and add a stinger to the bottom. Thanks Chief..
  127. EJ Swanny

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    I'm ecstatic, have not been told to fuck off since last time you told me... best night for a long time. Full disclosure, I read your post too quickly, I thought you said "I doubt for a minute that you are an honest guy". I missed the "don't" I'll take my medicine on this bad
  128. EJ Swanny

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Really G???? It was an offer, take it or leave it...........if there are better offers, go for it. Dude, chill out... I now expect a quick quote and hateful it comes boys....
  129. EJ Swanny

    2020 Shrimp season

    HMM.....any more info? Areas, times, etc? It's a mellow am tide..only a 2 ft swing from 5-9am. The flood to ebb (9-4) is a bit rougher, about a 8' swing. Better than past years of 12' swings....hope it holds...and comes to fruition.. MMMM..Spot Prawns...MMMM
  130. EJ Swanny

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Here are a few spendy options.. Claims to have 16" of vertical lift Probably won't fit the bill, but I thought I'd throw it out there...
  131. EJ Swanny

    Gotta do it

    Hey Chargin' - Moving up in footage, or chilling for a bit? Goodluck........
  132. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    What really chaps my ass is the tribes don't own the water. They can keep us off their reservation all they want, that is their "sovereign/treaty" right. I'll gladly fish MA4 from CQ. This really is disgusting. Any lawyers want to represent us when we fish MA4 waters as a "state" resource...
  133. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    SNAFU................WDFW needs to think on their own, for our sake. The tribes have mastered this mantra. It's embarrassing.....
  134. EJ Swanny

    Newbie boat buying?

    I have a 9,9 Merc that can give it the needed BOOST. What this "No Fishing" crap? I would talk him into something he could fish with down the road. As you're right on the doorstep of Kunuda....
  135. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Just got my June 20th cancellation from Hobuck? I'm guessing all the July and beyond reservations are still on for all lodging and docks? You lucky July MoFo's. Everything has been booked since the first week of January, Goodluck finding any lodging now if it open in July....
  136. EJ Swanny

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Sry to hear about that, I agree with the others. We all work hard for our boats. It's tough enough to upgrade your boat, even tougher with shit-balls stealing our stuff. I'm guessing your kicker was in the garage or elsewhere? Or maybe you troll off your mains? Either way, shitty day...
  137. EJ Swanny

    Can’t make this sh*t up

    Order sent....thanks Chad
  138. EJ Swanny

    Lake Washington Troll

    X2 on wedding ring, tip it with a worm, small dick-nite spoons are deadly as well.....
  139. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Scotty Riser Pedestal Mounts and/or Gimbal Mounts

    Thanks Benjamin, appreciate the offer...... May as well add another to the pile. Anyone have a boat trailer winch lying around they are not using (preferably lightly or never used)? Prefer two speed, with about a 2,000lb capacity (min). Electric would work as well. Boats going in to Tacoma...
  140. EJ Swanny

    Can’t make this sh*t up

    How much Chief? I'll give a couple a shot. Just thread them on a lead-head? Is an interesting color pattern, how did you come up with it? Thanks
  141. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Scotty Riser Pedestal Mounts and/or Gimbal Mounts

    Yep, my bad. Looking for a 6" to 12 " riser. A riser that goes between the baseplate and and swivel base. Not a necessity, just a luxury at this point. Gimbal mount would be 9", and I'd attach a swivel base to the top. Thanks for any info
  142. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Scotty Riser Pedestal Mounts and/or Gimbal Mounts

    Broke a gimbal mount last year on a hung up shrimp-pot, and someone walked away with my other while moored at slip. Looking for 6" or bigger pedestal mounts to help the old back out. Thought I'd throw out a hail-mary, before paying retail. Any info appreciated. Thanks, Swanny
  143. EJ Swanny

    Seafood Sale Potential? Need feedback.

    Just curious if these are all wild caught, farm raised, or a mixture depending on species? Still a helluva and offer, Matt. Need to make some room in some of the freezers. Are you doing a second order. Thanks again....
  144. EJ Swanny

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    Yep, he said ALOT of nothing. Just wants to get his mug in front of the people and assure them there is no plan. Cinco de Mayo fish tacos???? Slim to none, and slim just moved to Canada....
  145. EJ Swanny

    Okuma Cold Water 453d

    I'll take it for $60 bucks....
  146. EJ Swanny

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    First and foremost, thanks for your info and reports. So, I guess what you're saying is after two years of sport season shutdown in MA11, we are WORSE off, than the past full summer season two years ago when they shut it down???? Actually that seems about right, we're fucked no matter what we...
  147. EJ Swanny

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Shit, sorry bud, genie's out of the bottle. If anyone is making a run, I'll take a few of these....great job Eric...those look "perfect"....
  148. EJ Swanny

    1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken

    Wow, nice boat, ALOT of boat for the price. Good luck with sale. Hopefully you qualify for the VLO program, and can make it back here full time...
  149. EJ Swanny

    Little underwater action

    An old rumor is that Jacques Cousteau called the San Juan Islands as he's quoted "the second best place to dive in the world" I'm sure it's a myth :) ......the tides can be brutal, I would stay away.. I'm always kicking myself not to get into diving....maybe it's not too late....great post...
  150. EJ Swanny

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Thanks Jamie, you're solid. Beef looks great. I owe you one...Erik
  151. EJ Swanny

    More new applicants for crew

    and her carpet and cushions needs a good scrubbing
  152. EJ Swanny

    2020 Shrimp season

    Us as well....every July we shrimp the islands, and they taste like May caught shrimp to me. Actually, I've never encountered a "soft shell" shrimp. Just like every shell-fish they have to molt I'm sure, but how come we don't see thousands of empty shrimp shells on the beach like we do crab...
  153. EJ Swanny

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Last update - fever since Friday...A bit of a recap. Hit like a brick-shithouse on Friday the 13th. Within 30 minutes went from feelin' OK, to I'm screwed. Spiked to ~102 instantly, and huge body/head aches (past injuries especially seemed to be bad) . Over the next couple days...
  154. EJ Swanny

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Never smoked, I fought wildland fires for about 8 years though. Ran a couple road-races/marathons after my fire career, never had problems. I have had lung X-rays about three years ago (thanks Doodles), and showed no signs of anything abnormal or unhealthy. They were focusing on whether my...
  155. EJ Swanny

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Update - 12 days into it. Have had fever the entire 12 days (it seems to be going down for the most part), and still headaches. Went through a bout of diarrhea for about 2-3 days half-way through. In the last few days I can feel it in my lungs, more pronounced. It feels like a tight belt...
  156. EJ Swanny

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Update - Today, fever down, chest pains up. Fever about 101 with Tylenol. Couple things I want to share with you that I have learned. If you are using an "ear" inserted thermometer, you should add one degree. If you are using laser, temporal, oral, or the best ANAL..gotta love that shit...
  157. EJ Swanny

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Hey Brothas - I want this thread just to educate and help people really understand the facts/risks of this issue. If you want to add, you are welcome, if you want to disparage, people have died fighting for that freedom of speech. The more "real", accurate info we can post the better for all...
  158. EJ Swanny

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    It's funny how you see different personalities battle this pandemic. The insecure, but outspoken, think they can pound on the keyboard and make this go away. They throw out unrelated statistics, that mean nothing. THE ONLY thing we have to go on, are the experts. They say it's going to be...
  159. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    I agree to a certain extent. If they want to get "back to their culture", I say use the boats and implements their past culture used. Paddle out with a dug-out and harpoon it ten times until dead. Using motor boats and fifties to finish the job is/was not their history. IF they want to...
  160. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    🍿,,,getting it ready...don't stop now boys. I'm officially quarantined...need something to read in the next two weeks....
  161. EJ Swanny

    Some good Puget Sound news - massive herring spawn

    Finally some good news. Maybe I'll return to my Scandinavian roots and just eat pickled herring the rest of my life. A few rods with some sabiki herring rigs and I'm set...
  162. EJ Swanny

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    All we need now is a limevirus and saltvirus, and all is good...
  163. EJ Swanny

    Tuna cord spreader

    Yep - That's the one....I still manage to get that tangled every so often as well, not as much as a spreader bar. Nothing is un-tangleable (if that's a word). Just have to have a bit of patience on the way down......both have pro's/cons.
  164. EJ Swanny

    More stuff for sale....

    Wow, now that's a deal on a kicker. Wish I would have seen that a month ago. Someone is getting a smoking hot deal..hell, I thought about buying it just to re-sell it...but I'll let someone else that needs it have dibs.....GLWS
  165. EJ Swanny

    Brutha needs some support

    Prayers are sent and with you to get better....
  166. EJ Swanny

    Thursday 27th area 7

    Wax on Wax-Off....WTF... On the troll.....I've know of alot a guides claim that say spoons out fish bait. A spoon/hootchie/plug is working/fishing 99% of the time. You can't catch fish checking bait every 15 minutes making sure it is "working". Frozen will turn to mush, and cured..well, it's...
  167. EJ Swanny

    First time making pipes

    Depends on what kind of bottom you're fishing. Those trebels will get you hung up alot if fishing inshore crags/crevices in the juans. Try a double stinger from the top for structure. If your fishing SJ's banks you should be fine with that set-up. Fishing structure with a stinger set-up...
  168. EJ Swanny

    Crab pots -

    I'll take them if Bud does not....
  169. EJ Swanny

    Borrow/Rent Honda Eu2000 Generator

    I have a GPE 6000 Peak Watts / 5000 Running Watts portable generator you can borrow...
  170. EJ Swanny

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    That's awesome, congratulations. Just curious about the towing situation..(dry weight, over-sized load, tow vehicle, need a chase car, etc.)? What a what's this fine vessel's name???
  171. EJ Swanny

    I got one Dad

    Who cares about the gear?? Most of us grew up using drop lines, rusted poles, reels that would grind, sputter, and have such old line it would bird-nest in a second. Pure fishing joy...that's what it's all about...."I got one Dad'...freakin beautiful...
  172. EJ Swanny

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Andre - Welcome to BD during the winter...........alot of good advice, but it's worth what you pay for it.....keep chargin' NOW, BD'rs let's turn our attention to fishing in BC waters....haven't seen this thread pop-up for at least 6 months now....good stuff...
  173. EJ Swanny

    Garmin 3D vision card w/relief pics

    WOW, I'm still in the electronics stone-age. However, it has exactly what I need. Great contours (with upgraded chips), and very nice fish imaging. Can't say I'm not jealous though....very nice..
  174. EJ Swanny

    Downrigger Upgrade

    MA NA is tough on a good day. Even on a perfect day, shit can, and WILL go sideways. What everyone is trying to the best to stack the odds in your favor. If you have a Scotty and break a belt, or need a part, there are a shit-load of guys out there that will probably have what you...
  175. EJ Swanny

    WTB - 9.9 Yami/Merc/Honda Elec Start/Trim

    A boat..... Hey Guys....I really appreciate the PM's, been searching CL and other sites for months now. Just lucked into this one the other day. A wealthy guy that lived on Lake Wa, I got lucky, $1,700. Thanks again for PM's. I'll be putting my old one (9.9 Merc, manual everything) up...
  176. EJ Swanny

    Lingcod Charter Recommendation?

    I recommend PNW Drifter Charters. I hear the guy has a new boat. May as well try it out and put some blood on the deck, and some coords in the plotter?? Hopefully all is OK.....
  177. EJ Swanny

    Effects of high water on salmon runs?

    Add it to the list, great question. It could not be good, but this is the path we are down. Seems we can't catch a break sometimes. We have to control what we can, and we can't seem to do that either. Happy some guys got paid.....
  178. EJ Swanny

    WTB - 9.9 Yami/Merc/Honda Elec Start/Trim

    Thanks Andre - Yeah, I saw it. Just a bit heavy for me. Thanks for the note though..
  179. EJ Swanny

    Only turn 40 once…

    I stayed at his place a few years ago. I have a few tips for you for sure. Let's talk over a cold one with the other savages, and I'll give you my opinions/recommendations.
  180. EJ Swanny

    WTB - 9.9 Yami/Merc/Honda Elec Start/Trim

    Hey guys - Looking to buy a 9.9 (or 8) hp Yami/Merc/Honda. A newer zuki could work. Needs to have electric start/trim. Body is starting to break down a bit...huh, never though it'd be me :cheers:. Been looking alot, tested one Merc that seemed to have a wood-pecker in it, and a zuki, that...
  181. EJ Swanny

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    Well...River it is...for a German Shorthair....kinda ironic. I grew up with one, he hated the water.... But one hell of a nose, and one of the most loyal dogs ever....I'm surprised the Feds don't use them more...their nose is the one of the best, but they can be a bit high
  182. EJ Swanny

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    BTW guys - Been on boats up north....common practice up north to let the big females back to spawn, I hope we start following that practice..
  183. EJ Swanny

    Life raft 350.00

    Second in line....
  184. EJ Swanny

    Do you top shot?

    What he said...perfect..
  185. EJ Swanny

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    Though true at'd be amazed how many big lings hang out in shallow water as well. You have enough graggles and kreggs, you'll find big lings hanging out in their little ambush hole/den. One of the biggest inshore lings I have ever caught was in 15-20' of water (on a minus tide)...
  186. EJ Swanny

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    What are some of your favorite memories of fishing and spots/ports that you have fished? Examples: Neah (obvious Neah Bay) - Translation "ever moving", or contrived from Deah - the limits of ones territory or land. Sayq (Sekiu) Pushy (laPush) Or a favorite halibut/salmon bank Swift...
  187. EJ Swanny

    Life raft 350.00

    How long is the re-pack good for (three years)? If the date is expired, will the CG bust you, even if the size of your craft does not require a LR? Thanks..
  188. EJ Swanny

    In memory of grandpa

    Very Grandpa was larger than life to me. All the stories he would tell sitting around the campfire growing up..amazing. Way to honor your Grandpa. May I suggest adding a small brass plaque, detailing who harvested, when, and where....great job...
  189. EJ Swanny

    Only turn 40 once…

    I'm interested as well, if concentrating on some BIG fish..would love to catch a 40+..
  190. EJ Swanny

    Washington Car Ferry For Sale!

    It's going to be ripped apart and sold as scrap, most likely some Chinese firm will buy it and that's-that..ashame. The costs just to transfer the title will be huge, then to own, moore, insure, upkeep, power, crew, ancillary costs....WOW..Any guesses on the final bid?? Thinking 5-6 hundie...??
  191. EJ Swanny

    Blk Mouth 1st trip this yr.

    Great job Bob...very solid...
  192. EJ Swanny

    Only turn 40 once…

    If you grew up in Washington fishing salmon, I'd think the answer is fairly obvious. The big salmon are going away. Go for the once in a lifetime Tyee before they're all gone. Not sure where the biggest hang out these days..used to be R.I. If it were me, I'd do a River Inlet, C.I., or H.G...
  193. EJ Swanny

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    Google is your friend my friend. You said you don't mind putting in the time, so spend time there. There really are no secrets anymore (except a few well guarded ling holes) :cheers:....Big salmon has maps, John's sporting goods, etc, etc,...
  194. EJ Swanny

    BD late winter/early spring swap meet

    I bought so much junk from you savages, may as well try and sell it back to you....I take that we should all have red plastic cups??
  195. EJ Swanny

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Just FYI Guys...The Sportco booth has Huk bibs 50% off, and same with Simms jackets. Also they have some good Grunden deals. Actually they have alot of great deals worth checking out. Oh, and one P-Line booth has alot of great halibut lures...just 5 bucks only, no tax...seems a...
  196. EJ Swanny

    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Zigging, and zagging (in an open area where you are causing other boats on the troll to avoid you) is great. Especially if you're running two rods. You can cover more of the water column, and while one side rises, the other side will sink,. It will also cause change of speeds (obviously)...
  197. EJ Swanny

    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    Just curious if you have tested them in the water and where you get the mold design from?? Seems like one needs to get the tail just perfect to get that awesome "thumping"flutter that makes the whole tail vibrate/shake. Most I see are oval shaped, but hell, I'm no expert....
  198. EJ Swanny

    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Very good info...maybe start a new thread so not to hi-jack this one. I'm sure the whole board would like to see this and give input. Personally, I wouldn't mind giving it one or two more years to recover, than start back up with a 2-3 crab limit. It was FK'n DESOLATE that last few years of...
  199. EJ Swanny

    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    I like it alot Chief. I know they see in "grays", but are you thinking of different seems to work for us. Can you make an 8" as well, or are you sticking with one size? How much per unit? I'll take some....
  200. EJ Swanny

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Was there fine print on the derby release form you had to sign? No one reads that shit... Have any of you EVER heard of "we have to raise the prize money after the tournament"? Sounds "fishy" to me...get it "fishy" HAHA, damn I'm clever... Seriously though, I sure hope it works out and you...
  201. EJ Swanny

    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    "That appears to be a shiner perch which is pretty unusual fare for a salmon, although they do occasionally end up in their diets. " Yep, no doubt about that...BM have been known to frequent piers, and will even head into a marina for a look around. Their adaptable, as they spend alot of time...
  202. EJ Swanny

    WTB Chainsaw

    Stihl is the best, husq's second, everthing else is garbage IMO. I've tried them all..Stihl 044, one of the best saws built. I've felled thousands of trees with that gem. Not sure what replaced it, but I'll never buy anything but a stihl....
  203. EJ Swanny

    Winter boat projects...

    Great Job....I really love that storage cradle on top, you don't see that much and space is at a premium on all boats, that's great use of space. I plan on doing the same, but downsizing. Buy a car roof basket, give it a coat of marine white paint, and slapping it on my hard-top. Great for...
  204. EJ Swanny

    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Sry, but you lost me on this one Greg....why be pissed??? Hell, if it is the WDFW, they have very few vessels to tackle the poaching, and the mismanagement (not to mention assisting stricken boats) we disdain and bitch about all the time. We also have a resource down that needs to be on the...
  205. EJ Swanny

    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Our WDFW license money at work, and being well spent as usual. HMMM some newbie officer forgot to put the plug in? Hey maybe they can salvage the fenders, they still look good....UFFDAH.
  206. EJ Swanny

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This new format is all bright and cheery. This thing is burning my retinas....I liked the black/dark old BD forums. You guys agree or like the new "fancy" BD?
  207. EJ Swanny

    Downrigger weight styles

    Mostly lead......
  208. EJ Swanny

    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    Yeah, I think she needs a mini bra or more support for her junk.....uhh, I mean lunch meat...
  209. EJ Swanny

    He says, "You fish poorly".

    Just watched it last weekend for the 10-15th time. Top ten for about a simple life..find food, shelter, fight for your life..simple, but HARD. Right now most are living complicated lives, but fairly easy.
  210. EJ Swanny

    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    OK Guys, I know it's winter, so let's not turn this political...Trump Rules...he put a missile up an Iranian shit-head..YES. Let's not turn this political....I hate tweeker thieves as much as all of you..f'ker's...
  211. EJ Swanny

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Funny guy..and witty too, maybe someday I'll be like you? I'll buy it just to spite your ass!! About to sell the house and get some cash out, but your right, I'm just interested to see a bunk layout in that cuddy....I'll get an angle on you soon....:cheers:..and never let-up... WOW, that's a...
  212. EJ Swanny

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    X2, very interested to see the bunk-bed set-up, and porti, with holding tank. GLWS, very interesting...
  213. EJ Swanny

    Fishing Thailand?

    Holy Cow, sounds like a vacuum that needs to be filled. Alot of money to be made in places that need a just a start..
  214. EJ Swanny

    Crab Fishing

    Study some NOAA maps. Look for sand bottom with eel/crab grass. Don't be afraid to crab very shallow, or extend your shots to crab up to 200'. Most guys out there buy the 100' crab shots. Pots are usually found in 40-80'. Mix it up. Good-luck, watch the weather/dead-heads, and be safe.
  215. EJ Swanny

    Merry Christmas!

    You Bunch of savages, Merry Christmas and may 2020 be your best..
  216. EJ Swanny


    Any of you guys tried the Lowrance SonicHub Marine Audio Server Pack? I'm thinking about trying it out. Seems to make sense, but I'd appreciate any feed-back as well.
  217. EJ Swanny

    1991 Rebuilt Alumweld 19ft Boat

    That's a Colombia Killer, and spotless. I'm sure you'd share your sturgeon honey-holes as a bonus huh? GLWS, and I'm sure we're all curious on what the "BIG" boat is? You and Mikey going into to business together:cheers:?
  218. EJ Swanny

    some things just suck

    Done, this is a no brainer you guys. Everyone of us have fought the cancer battle in some way or another. Our prayers are with Kenny and Lea.
  219. EJ Swanny

    Sportco/Outdoor Emporium Membership - What's up?

    Wow, $2.50, you may have to take out a second mortgage, or deny your wife/kids x-mas this year. Dude, post something worth reading......
  220. EJ Swanny

    Thoughts on re-gifting

    Nice, knowing those tweekers they'll probably think it's hashish and try and smoke it. I did it old school when I was four yrs old. This old lady neighbor psycho had this f'ed up dalmatian. It not only tried to chase and bite me when it got loose, it took dumps in out in our yard and as a...
  221. EJ Swanny

    Crab Fishing

    Fresh bait = more crab, be it fish, chicken thighs, or turkey legs. Weight your pots, watch the tides/winds and don't go out if it looks dicey. Good-luck and thanks for your service.
  222. EJ Swanny

    Made an app

    Hit me...unless of course it has a back door Trojan Horse that will melt my sent...
  223. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing Kingston careful out there, I hit a submerged (not visible) dead-head two years, almost ripped the entire out-drive off the boat. If I wasn't within 1/2 mile of Redondo ramp, we would have been swimming to shore. These rains/tides will drag alot of junk out there. Try and have at least one...
  224. EJ Swanny

    Been a good year

    Very nice and "full" season you had. Congrats. Looks like you have a fine son that will carry on the tradition. BTW, what type of pistol is your son carrying? Almost looks like a .410, but the angle is off, so probably just a .22 huh? Great job....
  225. EJ Swanny

    Clama lama ding dong

    Nice haul, nice crab..good thing you didn't give up, like the U.S. didn't when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  226. EJ Swanny

    Heart attacks and bigger boats

    Wishing your gramps well Andre. Could have been much worse. My grandpa was a huge influence, one night he died in his sleep, so take solice in the fact he's getting his rings rebuilt, and should be good for another 25k miles. Go for what's in your soul, and what you feel is best for you and...
  227. EJ Swanny

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Stupid question time...not knowing as I've never used an electric reel. Does one use the electric part for checking/swapping baits out? When a halibut or ling is on you hand crank? Or does one use it for pulling up fish as well? I get it for checking/swapping baits, but doesn't seem too...
  228. EJ Swanny

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Broomstick, and winch...old school I like to say...or cheap-school as most of you would say...yes, but I still like to feel the burn.... Yes, it makes sense...I'm sure I'll relent soon..just like pot-puller instead of handlining, and electric tilt/start on the kicker.....
  229. EJ Swanny

    WTB: Used Yamaha F250 Outboard Motor, maybe F225

    Shit Joe, you should know better....although it is winter, so I guess we need some outlet...good luck with your real request though... I think it depends on timing, those things can cost alot at certain times. It looks high performance, so it can probably run great at times on pure alcohol...
  230. EJ Swanny

    Fishing the San Juan islands

    X3, epic scenery and boating/camping opportunities. need some really good inside info...hell, even crabbing is getting that way these days, beautiful none the less....
  231. EJ Swanny

    ELK Quest

    From the pics, it looks like a total success. Some of my most favorite hunting memories came from not seeing or shooting anything. It's the journey, not the destination.....I'm sure not one of us here would turn down that epic hunt...
  232. EJ Swanny

    Winter boat projects...

    That's classic, brings back shameless memories of rythmless white-boys trying to put down the beat on the floor...but get it's C+C, and "Gonna Make you Sweat". "I paid the price, to control the dice I'm more precise, to the point I'm nice The music takes control, your heart and soul...
  233. EJ Swanny

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    Sounds fun, and we are all about helping out (especially vets). Just curious why is this event in November? I would think the event may get alot more participation if it was a bit earlier. Alot of us have winterized our boats by Vet's day. Also, if you could post a reminder a month or so...
  234. EJ Swanny

    Trailer Swap

    So you want to put the boats on opposite trailers and fix bunks on one? Is that the gig? If so, dump them both in the water, put one boat on the other trailer. Pay for guest moorage (or maybe someone has a slip you can use, or spare trailer). Fix bunks on said trailer, put the boat back on...
  235. EJ Swanny

    FS: Proline 20' Walkaround Hardtop Boat - 2007 Four stroke Yamaha

    Solid boat, lot's of upgrades, should sell fast. GLWS...
  236. EJ Swanny

    WTB: Mule Tape/Crab Line

    Hey Allen - I get it, and I hope it works out. However, pulling a whole carcass over those distances (especially on the west side) maybe more trouble than it's worth. Have you thought about butchering on-site, and employing some young guns to pack the meat out? Hell, you give a shout out to...
  237. EJ Swanny

    Downrigger advice

    Actually both, and I am in the market for a pedestal mounts. Not sure how many have their riggers mounted above their waist? Either way, I don't like hand feathering a brake in one hand and with rod in the each their own..
  238. EJ Swanny

    Downrigger advice

    Back to DR's. I would go with a "power down" option. Scotty thinks "gravity" is the best way to descend your gear. I disagree, I hate bending over the DR, feathering the damn break, as I'm watching the counter. I would rather push a button that says "down" and stand-up straight watching...
  239. EJ Swanny

    ELK Quest

    That's God's country there...the Beginning I take it...
  240. EJ Swanny

    Free Upright Kenmore Freezer

    Free freezer with crab bait (if wanted, vacuum packed sockeye, about three years ago..probably still smokeable)....U pick-up....Redondo area.
  241. EJ Swanny

    Best information I could ever pass on

    Same answered it, thanks. An additional question......we are programmed to hearing if we "bundle" we save money. It makes sense to me, as if you have all insurance under one company, it cuts down on over-head, separate work, etc. So is that a con? Thanks
  242. EJ Swanny

    DIY Solo Public Land Buck

    I grew up shooting .308 (150deer/180elk). When growing up funds are tight. I went for inexpensive factory ammo at that time. What's funny is the Remington Core-Lokt ammo gave me some of the best recovered shrooms I have yet to see with top-shelf ammo. The groupings were not the best in...
  243. EJ Swanny

    Best tool for the job?

    A rope and a four wheel drive...but what do I know, only been wrong all my life..
  244. EJ Swanny

    Winter boat projects...

    Installing a rear FF Dad loves to steer, but he lost his "see-through" qualities long ago. New (to me) kicker... E start/tilt. WTB...if anyone has one.. Radar...if any of you have a Lowrance/Simrad/B&G 3/4G radar that's burning a hole in your boat...let me know.... Stereo...
  245. EJ Swanny

    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    WD-40, spray the crap out of every square inch. After your reel shits the bed, buy a new one....
  246. EJ Swanny

    Saltwater Pimp gear, not just for fishing anymore.

    Awesome..look at the neck on that thing..full rut for sure. That's a nice rack for a BT. Did you call him in, rattle, or scent? Great job, very nice..
  247. EJ Swanny

    Solo buck down.

    Very nice, been there done that. I would have drug it out as well. You can do a much better job butchering at home then the field. Put another notch in the rifle and memories in the grey matter....great job.
  248. EJ Swanny

    First deer camp

    Great job....that's post-card country...frikin' gorgeous. Looks like prime habitat. Is it all private and posted? Very nice....
  249. EJ Swanny

    Muley down

    Great job Jeff, that'll be a good eater. You were packing some good optics, as finding that third point at ~280 can be challenging. Nicely done....
  250. EJ Swanny

    ELK Quest

    That's awesome you have a gal that into those interests. Hell, she's right, as long as you're not packing it in....toss in the kitchen sink, if it fits....keep her comfy (and you too).
  251. EJ Swanny

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    Great job...I'm sure the four magic words were said after the shot (we all have said them many times).............................. "Now the work begins" Way to go...
  252. EJ Swanny

    ELK Quest

    Good-luck,take a lot of pics for us (and you), and most important, be safe, and have a great time...
  253. EJ Swanny

    Dinghy advice

    I hate to discourage anyone, as your missing 50% of the puget sound if you are not on it. IF you have no parking ability, it will get to be a pain in logistics, and prep work with an inflatable after a few times. If you're serious about getting out on the water, I would get a Livingston...
  254. EJ Swanny

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Gentlemen, you could be getting played like a piano.......
  255. EJ Swanny

    Want to Borrow left handed round reel (and rod) tuna set-up

    Goodluck Bob, you seem like a good guy.....if you love this site, just be ready for some shit once in a's part of the fabric of this site, like it or not....have a great trip..
  256. EJ Swanny

    Trolling squid for salmon

    I think not...Salmon King is spot on. I caught more salmon on green hootchies than any other lure. That "skirt" they have is not replicate tentacles, its to give it fluidity/flow in the water. You guys should try larger test leaders, it transfers the action from the flasher to hootchie or...
  257. EJ Swanny

    United marine SEAMASTER, time to sell the boat!

    Sweet ride for the cabbage....I'd wish you GLWS, but this thing will go FAST. So, what is the upgrade??? Sticking with clorox?
  258. EJ Swanny

    Replacement Rod Tips

    Auburn Sports Marine...easy, easy.....
  259. EJ Swanny

    Edmonds Coho Derby

    Best word of the whole thread.................actually every Edmonds Derby in the last 5 years has been pathetic!
  260. EJ Swanny

    Striking gold !!

    MMMM..fungus..MMMMM, I love it...great job Allen
  261. EJ Swanny

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    Makes me want to sign up immediately, before they increase their rates to cover all their fuk-ups...
  262. EJ Swanny

    1106 or 2106 ???

    Faster retrieval speed puts more stress on the braid and will find those little spots in the braid that are suspect. Just buy Scotty sure-stops with built in snubber, what's another 15 bucks at this point in our addiction...
  263. EJ Swanny

    MA-11 King

    Great job Bryan, nice boat as well. Let's not turn this thread into another "you can't post this or that". Save this for winter-time......
  264. EJ Swanny


    Those are some decent pinks...great job guys...
  265. EJ Swanny

    Kill or no kill are all savages. With any luck, I would call NOAA and report marine life in distress. I would then cut up and sew all available upholstery to fashion a marine sling to fit said Marlin. Then position my downriggers (and pot-puller) to gently lift that poor marlin halfway out of the...
  266. EJ Swanny

    Spent the day at Sekiu 8-15

    That kicks ass Allen. Great job. I bet some of the wilds were BIG huh? I know your pain. Funny, we had no luck on CK's..only bigger presentations worked for us. Last day for nookies at the Q. Great job.
  267. EJ Swanny

    Long run for silvers but well worth it.

    Hey Marc, nice caught some fresh fish, that's awesome. As we all know (well most), it's not necessarily how big, or how many, it's the time on the water. I bet that hour and a half was one of the best commutes you've had in years..smelling salt instead of exhaust...nice job.....
  268. EJ Swanny

    Two Scotty 1106 Downriggers

    Helluva a price drop.....I'll take em both for 350....:cheers:....
  269. EJ Swanny

    Westport salmon 8/12

    Hey - That's what it is all about. He'll remember that trip the rest of his life. Great job Dad....
  270. EJ Swanny


    Shannon is correct, tomic tubby's were designed to fish slower. You can fish one side on flasher/hootchies, and the other side on tubby's at the same
  271. EJ Swanny

    Surprsing at CQ

    You are sooo right. 180 change from NB (though Wadah can produce)....couple times I was thinking "why fire up the main, just troll all the way to the dock"....also I noticed everyone cheering for each other when landing a nice one. Nice change, and great to go back...
  272. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Great job...glad to see they lifted the slot limits on that side. Way to go....
  273. EJ Swanny

    Took a kid from Kirkland Sturgeon fishing today!

    Great job what is your best recipe for them. You can them? That is the only way I've had them, and it was tasty.....
  274. EJ Swanny

    Surprsing at CQ

    I've had a few people comment that purple haze is working for them as well (in other locations). I used to be a green/green guy (flasher/hootchie), but I would suggest you guys try p-haze flasher / ace-hi fly anywhere. Kenz - We were fishing shit tides and still managed to scratch some out...
  275. EJ Swanny

    Surprsing at CQ

    Good our first two keepers had seal teeth marks on them. The pic is a bit deceiving..
  276. EJ Swanny

    Surprsing at CQ

    Hit CQ last week for the first time since 83..was there for 4 nights. Brought back alot of memories...walking to boat, fog, fishing grounds within 100 yds of dock, etc, etc. Went with my Dad, and a very close cousin. I had pre-concieved expectations based on other reports. I figured the...
  277. EJ Swanny


    Would love to see the launch and retrieval system. I'm guessing it is alot like a bunk/roller trailer on rails that extends out the back then slants down at some point?? Have some sort of piston to push it out and back in???? Easy to see the padded piers on the side. Even with Powerball I'm...
  278. EJ Swanny

    Bananas were on board.

    Been there, done that. I was unlucky enough to hit a frikin stump with a root-wad attached. At least 8x8' floating 12" beneath the surface. After I smashed into it, the entire lower unit broke off all the mounts and I was looking a the back propeller facing me. The lower unit did a 180 degree...
  279. EJ Swanny

    Cast 4 Kids

    I'll do my best. May need a deckhand though........Mr. Doodles or Siv wanna help?
  280. EJ Swanny

    Swiftsure reports??

    Slot limit on the Canadian side 45-80cm in all of 121 No Slot limit in 20-5 (Sheringham Pt. & East...Sooke area). Just one 45cm minimum chinook. Nate or wild. Motoring across from CQ.
  281. EJ Swanny

    Good Times on the High Seas

    Great post and very Cool, my Dad will be running the boat this week (mostly at the troll, but he can still push it down). He's 84, hard of hearing, and a bit forgetful, but I love seeing him on the helm. Gotta keep that photo album filled to the end, as the end gets closer....great job..
  282. EJ Swanny

    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    If you drove I-5 everyday of your life to go to work, you may understand my disdain for irresponsible drivers. It costs valuable time. Our time is our most valuable commodity. I would rather not waste it stopped on a road. Get it ...........
  283. EJ Swanny

    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    Could care less about that clown. What pisses me off is this idiot is going to cause massive delays. I HATE sitting in traffic that is stopped/barely moving because some ass-hat forgot to get his shit tight or is driving like an idiot......
  284. EJ Swanny

    Anyone passing thru Tacoma on thier way to the OP friday?

    Haha, Oh Yeah, still waiting for what the crew wants to do.....
  285. EJ Swanny

    Anyone passing thru Tacoma on thier way to the OP friday?

    What about 08/01? May be able to help.....
  286. EJ Swanny

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    Duh, you don't cut plug rats. Use a rat helmet (chartreuse or green), and a tooth-pick to get the right bend in it.
  287. EJ Swanny

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    I prefer the bow knot, very easy to untie. Man, you post a knot subject on this board and everyone needs to puff up their feathers...
  288. EJ Swanny

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    That's why I'm going 8/1. That's about all I'll say. Anyone heading over to CQ that time. Shoot me a PM....
  289. EJ Swanny

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    I agree with Fred, was up for just a couple weeks ago, no pinks yet. Pinks didn't really show in 2017, so not sure how they'll be this year. Buy a couple deep-sixes and troll whatever you want. I would go with small white flasher and small pink hootchie. You could also run cut plug...
  290. EJ Swanny

    Fishing gear

    Good that a pink polka-dot fiat, or mini-cooper? Rockin' the crocs with white socks. I'm right there with you..I rock them with black socks usually...yeah, we know the rest of you savages could rock them like we do...
  291. EJ Swanny

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    Every-time a decent fish pulls the hook. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.....SOP on my boat.........yes, both pulling hooks and FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Now there is an art to can start loud and tone it down, you can start low and end at a crescendo, or all at max volume...that's when you lose that "every...
  292. EJ Swanny

    Crossing into to

    Thanks Erik, but more ambiguous bullshit from WDFW. I underlined the words above in the regulations. One word says "required", and one word says "should". In another paragraph is says "is not required". Anyone want to start a class action lawsuit on WDFW for pain and suffering?? Oh, yeah...
  293. EJ Swanny

    Crossing into to

    We're all fucked up, as usual, on this matter. Last year it was documented on one of these posts that if you entered Canadian waters from WA (and you did not anchor, touch land, blah, blah blah) it was optional to go to some WDFW website and enter your "float plan" into Canadian waters. That...
  294. EJ Swanny

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    Yep, that was my plan as well (September for some big ho's), but Dad and my cousin can't make that, so gotta go soon....should bring back some good memories.......
  295. EJ Swanny

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    OK - Adapt and overcome. WDFW cancelled our trip to NB, so back to good ol' CQ. Haven't fished the cave in over 35 yrs. Love that morning fog. Hopefully our Northern neighbors will cooperate on 08/01. Anyone heading that way? Goodluck safe..
  296. EJ Swanny

    Sekiu Neah Inaugural Trip

    Great you got the nate the last day in MA4 huh? At least you took one last one allowed by this f'ed up fishery. Was that sole wormy or clean? Those mussels may be rank from pollution, but they make killer crab bait....great job..
  297. EJ Swanny

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    So MA5 is open for clipped kings...clipped coho's. Anyone know if reservations are easy to get, what would be the best place to stay? Can I fish that side of Canada for wild Chinook? Haven't been there in 35 years. Thanks for any info...
  298. EJ Swanny

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    Fric, I've been up at Orcas the last two weeks, limited internet.....just read the closure. Canadian side is open correct?? WTF....these clowns open it up for two kings, the down to one in one week, then close it in three weeks??? Who are these geniuses?
  299. EJ Swanny

    FWIW 8-2 Crabbing

    Yeah, I'm not sure about the "molting" season in the PS. Couple years ago, I brought up an epic pot of dungies in late July...I was stoked. Probably a 12-14 big males. Every crab was soft..broke my heart. No sense even thinking about keeping those...DON' meat, let them grow into their...
  300. EJ Swanny

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    Hey Guys - Hitting NB next week, anyone else going that week? Never hurts to have a buddy boat out to Swiftsure. Also to share intel, let me know. Thanks guys...
  301. EJ Swanny

    Pro-Troll Prochip 8" Flasher Lure Kit @ Costco

    I would not classify Pro-Troll as junk. Supposed to be a decent coho season. The smaller flashers allow you to fish faster (at coho speeds) and won't pop you off the clip. Those 11" create alot of drag.....not a bad deal if you want to target coho..thanks for the info....
  302. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay for newbies

    Great report, made memories for life. That pass is bullshit. After I started going back again for a few years I asked the guy at Big Salmon and he admitted it was a BS pass, I really did not need it, and they would do nothing about it if you didn't have one. Great job...thanks for the report.
  303. EJ Swanny

    Time for new tabs

    Please elaborate? Give me your plate and I'll pay for your replacement plate....kinda means those plates will be sticky for fingers....
  304. EJ Swanny

    Time for new tabs

    Yep, thanks for the reminder to grit my teeth, and bend over. Don't forget your trailer tabs as well. Make sure you have the registration on board...I put in the same place as my dumb-ass boaters education card..cause they'll ask for it ALL..if boarded.
  305. EJ Swanny

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Tough question as Safety is paramount...#1. Hand lining could be dangerous as you have line all over with (looks like) very limited space. I would go with a very short but stout rod and a big reel. A longer rod would make it tough to land the fish. Get the fish in fast, but safe. Bleeding...
  306. EJ Swanny

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Clean looking boat. Yoehave a good list of checks. A few more are...Make sure you roll the boat back a bit off the rollers where it usually sits. Check for damage there. Go through the fuse box/breaker panel. Look on the inside of where the kicker bracket is bolted. Hopefully it has some...
  307. EJ Swanny

    Bad News....Another lost..

    Yeah - Except without the suffering in the water for an hour hoping some boat may come close enough to help. Drowning is not exactly the best way to go.... How about, you're 105 yrs old, you just reeled in the world record Tyee, you toast all your children/grandkids/great-grand-kids with a...
  308. EJ Swanny

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Can you send us a link to the boat in question? Bought two used boats and I know (now) what to look for.....yes, I'm slow...
  309. EJ Swanny

    Bad News....Another lost..

    CRAP - I'm sure some of you have heard about this. Anymore news on anything???? I guess "Larry" his golden retriever was with him. Those, like other water dogs, are very...
  310. EJ Swanny

    Rich Passage

    In addition, try and throw back those big female lings. Most responsible guides up north do this as a practice. Keep those big bitches safe guys..
  311. EJ Swanny

    Cast 4 Kids

    Been wanting to do this for awhile now. I'll do my best to make it this year Jamie....
  312. EJ Swanny

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Really don't need a permit. Just head down to the Big C, spot a sea-lion, throw your daughter in the water. Then shout..."It's coming right for her",and dispatch said sea-lion. Simple self-defense, no jury would ever convict a loving father for protecting his loving daughter. Just like Ol'...
  313. EJ Swanny

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    Depends on if you have any stray current or a black box. Wire can actually attract salmon or repel salmon...depending on the current your boat is emitting. If you don't want to fart around with a black-box and wondering if you have a current leak, go braid..much easier to deal with in the...
  314. EJ Swanny

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    It's a start..gotta start somewhere. Just the words of "lethally remove" is good news. Get "Jane Q. Treehugger" to accept a little removal for the greater good, then, bit-by-bit keep expanding. Still don't get why the tribes can't declare it a cultural/native tradition to hunt sea-lions and...
  315. EJ Swanny

    BRAND NEW Honda 9.9 Longshaft/Electric Start

    Nice..........Tax deductible???
  316. EJ Swanny

    Mille Lacs Trip

    Nice, way to keep a buddy's spirit's up, with spirits, fishing, and great friends. Gotta love it. BTW, you have a fish fry with some of those tasty wall's, or was it all C&R?
  317. EJ Swanny

    Help Me Find Tax Loopholes

    Yep, It's called feel lucky? I have a "friend" that believes the chance of getting audited minuscule. IRS has VERY limited resources these days (like every government agency), and they are concentrating those on the "big fish". If by chance one is audited, my buddy says, play...
  318. EJ Swanny

    questions for engaged experts: Struggling with 4-halibut annual limit

    Holy understand what you are asking for on this train wreck some call a forum (though it's the best one of the lot)????? While your at it, you may as well ask for no taxes, and our political system to actually work. GL with your request...
  319. EJ Swanny

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    You can teach skills, you can't teach character, work ethic, or want to succeed. Unfortunately, in this F'ed up world a bachelors degree is bare minimum to even get an interview..... In hiring for a local aerospace company, it's pathetic the brain dead, unmotivated, self-entitled, dribble...
  320. EJ Swanny

    12’ HiLaker, Motor, and Trailer

    Nice boat Terry...looks like it has brackets for a middle bench as well...very clean, lot's of extras. Should sell fast...GLWS..
  321. EJ Swanny

    F'ing chipmunk

    Please don't let this vermin out smart you...spend the night up in your crawl space with a pump BB gun or CO2 pellet pistol. It's getting to the point of manhood now..........we're all counting on you....
  322. EJ Swanny

    Crab open dates wtf

    I'll try and be gentle...NO FUK'N CRABBING IN MA11 or MA10.....DEAL WITH IT...I hope I am right...we need to shut it down for ALL (NO Nates either). I'm willing to wait another 2-3 years, if ALL are shut-down. For the rest of the MA's, I would expect the same seasons as usual....
  323. EJ Swanny

    BD’er potty training

    Wow, that little guy has a helluva a bladder, that's alot of pee.. Way to get him going early...(not necessarily going in that way, but it's needed), but great job in getting him some boat time, the best thing you can do.....thanks, let's keep this train rolling..
  324. EJ Swanny

    Garmin radio and other stuff

    Hey Whaler - PM Sent on the Lenco stuff..thanks
  325. EJ Swanny

    Freshwater Bay

    2nd crack...hope you make NB this year...
  326. EJ Swanny


    Dam you..your going to make me buy this...even though I can only use 25% of it.....PM sent...
  327. EJ Swanny

    Understanding a woman

    On every first, third Tuesday, and Saturday of the month. Plus, what spectrum of the color array can you hear, when the moon is in the Waxing Gibbous, past the full, into the Waning Gibbous. Strange creatures....
  328. EJ Swanny

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    You go Patrick........bieber Wow, just curious what others are using. I guess we're all idiots. A hundred bucks or less is alot of insurance, for not alot of coin. But hey, that's just my opinion, you're opinion is buying enough batteries to power four boats (on this forum no less), and...
  329. EJ Swanny

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Have a pair of Maui Jims I'll swap for those. Your Krptonite... Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui Jims...mmm Maui...
  330. EJ Swanny

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    That was another application I failed to mention, but I was thinking about. Especially in the South Sound during a weekend, or up in the Juans during the summer. Their either out of gas (I usually carry a spare 5 gallons) or dead battery from rocking out to Def Leppard for 4 hours while...
  331. EJ Swanny

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    Yeah, I get it, buy the best batteries, best charging system, use an ACR, cranking battery for your starter and house battery for you electronics (though they make some combos that are good). Just looking for a bit of back up..
  332. EJ Swanny

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    Hey Guys, probably should have done this years ago. However with dual batteries, you sometimes take "turning the key and it starts" for granted. Not alot of $$$ for some extra insurance, plus the ease of charging cell phones, I-pads, etc. Looking at this model...suppose to be top-rated by...
  333. EJ Swanny

    2 legit 2 quit

    Can't make the license out in the top photo. Any guesses on where this is? There's no way that hawg can do street speeds with that tiny dragger wheel. Guessing just taking it from their RV spot to the ramp.... good engineering skills though..if not exceeding 10mph...........
  334. EJ Swanny

    Elliott Bay Shrimp

    What the fuck is wrong with you? nothing that a change of who runs oregon California and Washington wont cure....I take it that Hillary is your girlfriend and fauxahontas is your side slut Funny Jamie....I was going to post the EXACT same reply.... doug....go away, you're an ass-hat and an...
  335. EJ Swanny

    Full kitchen

    Apparently I have a very shitty kitchen. If I were to remodel, my kitchen would look like that....gas range though..
  336. EJ Swanny

    Maui Jim’s

    Agree with most. Polarized glass lenses are well worth the $$$$$. You breathe on a plastic lens and it seems to scratch, glass lenses you can n abuse more. If you pay $$$$ for a good pair, you will take care of them. Buy a good sunglass strap. I like gators, they are either on my eyes or...
  337. EJ Swanny

    Remote house security

    Lots of motion lights, put the fake cameras where the motion lights are. Lot's of signage (alarms, attack dogs, etc.). A loud alarm would work even if no one is notified, as the thief's don't know that. Also, it was an easy hit. So they will come back at some point if not alot has changed...
  338. EJ Swanny

    Impeller Rubber

    Funny guy..... I meant with when you travel... on-board or on-truck. Not like it takes up alot of space (about two square inches), so if it was on-board you would never forget it. Impellers are a single point of failure, bad impeller, not alot of work arounds. It can fail after 4 hours or 4...
  339. EJ Swanny

    Impeller Rubber

    Trojan makes some good stuff, comes pre-lubbed as well. BTW, just curious, how many of you guys keep a spare impeller on-board? Seems like a good idea..
  340. EJ Swanny

    Elliott Bay Shrimp

    Fukn unbelievable...chicken-shit ticket for 26 shrimp...that will get rail is one supposed to count their shrimp in the pot when they are flopping around? There are poachers out there taking 26,000 shrimp. Man that is bad PR for the WDFW IMO....
  341. EJ Swanny

    Shrimpin ain’t easy

    That's a helluva a pot. Nice job.......
  342. EJ Swanny

    Let the shit show begin!

    Big pots, great bait, and a great time.we had some nice sized ones and some smaller, mixed bag, but that's fine.
  343. EJ Swanny

    Let the shit show begin!

    Yep, the shit-show didn't really materialize. Everyone knew, for the most part, what they were doing. Had a few ass-hats plow through the shrimping grounds full speed, had a couple close sets, but not bad. I believe we filled 6 limits in 3.5 pots. I HATE rail dumping. Glad everyone was safe...
  344. EJ Swanny

    Let the shit show begin!

    Where is this "roll" going down? I'd like to witness it!! We have a small flotilla converging north of Alki and south of Canada. Be safe out there....
  345. EJ Swanny

    '19 Neah kick off

    Great job kiddos this trip?
  346. EJ Swanny

    Ocean hali/ling report

    WOW, great job in letting it go. Those things are intelligent. What did you think you had on the line while reeling up? Did it try and make some runs, and give you a few shakes, or was it pure dead-weight?
  347. EJ Swanny

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    Dam that thing is CLEAN. Very nice. Why is there a barber chair on the back? Did it come with a flowbee? Make some extra dough... Great job...
  348. EJ Swanny

    Lings in the sound

    Huh? How long you fish it? You fish the slack? I'm sure you did. No keepers, or just no bites at all? Thanks for the report...I would have thought a couple would have been caught on opening day....
  349. EJ Swanny

    Salmon Bellies for halibut bait

    Hey Bill, wondering if you were still around. Good to see it. You still rocking the yak? You plan on pulling shrimp pots again with it this year? You've always been very generous with offers of bait and such. Could use some fresh crab bait in July if still available? We all appreciate your...
  350. EJ Swanny

    Rent or borrow a trailer to swap outdrive

    If you could wait a week or so, you can use mine for however long you need it (less than a month I hope).
  351. EJ Swanny

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Than DO SOMETHING about it. I agree with a couple of your posts, but bitching/posting, bitching/posting, bitching/posting, bitching/posting, bitching/posting, bitching/posting,bitching/posting, bitching/posting, bitching/posting,bitching/posting, bitching/posting...
  352. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    My goal is to frustrate you Richard. You still owe me for taking that 1/4 side of beef :cheers: off me. Seriously, it is a "want", not a "need". I was going to pull the trigger on that one and it went bye-bye. If someone has a dar they don't need, great, if not, no big deal. Doesn't hurt...
  353. EJ Swanny

    Shopping for Handheld VHF

    Of course, after, a large insurance policy has been taken out on her......:cheers:
  354. EJ Swanny

    Need to clear out your freezer?

    Hope all is fine now. We all have life speed bumps, as long as we just slow down, and don't stop, that's good. With shrimping coming up I have a few questions: How long to boil spot prawns if one just wants a simple boil/peel/eat? I know (I think) after boiling to give them a quick ice-bath...
  355. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Everyone is doing last minute upgrades....any spare radars out there? No harm asking......thanks for any leads..
  356. EJ Swanny

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    All this bullshit aside...we don't EVEN KNOW our fucking seasons yet? Yeah, we have some scribbles on a cocktail napkin (like 2 salmon limit in MA4...WTF does that mean, 2 kings, or 1 king and one something-the-fuck-else?)? Why can't they go from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st like our friends up...
  357. EJ Swanny

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Who the fuc are you voting for in your messed up fishery??? A Cali guy giving us shit..classic...
  358. EJ Swanny

    Electric or propane heat?

    Have the same set-up as Siv...yeah, it takes a few fans in August....but over-all our heating bills are relatively modest. With two children taking 30 minute showers and not knowing how to turn a light off......
  359. EJ Swanny

    Ez steer system

    That is a sweet Someone better jump on this...or I will and sell it for double..
  360. EJ Swanny

    Horizontal propane tank

    Free huh? Sweet...
  361. EJ Swanny

    Beer flash

    Just like you left it Siv..a few splashes of bleach, and it will be fine...
  362. EJ Swanny

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Sweet sacred J, it's been a looooong winter...too long. Seems like a lifetime ago I last fished. Not making NB opener, but will definitely be fishing in May... Be safe all...try and find a buddy-boat if heading out into some long journeys, and suspect weather (i.e. Swiftsure or other spots)...
  363. EJ Swanny

    Lake Sammamish Perch Derby-MAY 18

    Thanks for the post. Lord knows, these days we need to support every fishery out there. Only fished pile perch on the saltwater docks and surf perch as a kid. I'm sure catching some lake perch isn't rocket science.......
  364. EJ Swanny

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    My Q-Coves are either braking away prematurely, or not breaking away at all...I just use them these days for the color schemes....seem to work better that others..
  365. EJ Swanny

    Beer flash

    See you manana you fuk'n savages....
  366. EJ Swanny

    North of Falcon Updates

    Not saying it's all the tribes.....just saying if the sports had more resources ($$$$$), we could fight the fight in Olympia for all. These days, if you don't have the "voices" you don't have the vote. Everyone in government is trying to make a "Deal". If someone votes for their agenda...
  367. EJ Swanny

    North of Falcon Updates

    Yeah, WTF!! Not sure how to compete with the tribes?? Need ALOT of $$$. Lobbyist cost $$, and they are effective. Slick, forked tongue devils, but they are good at their job. Keep the kibosh on mentioning Canada..they will be shutting our shit down soon enough...
  368. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay Fuel Octane Rating Concern...

    How can they not know what octane they are selling?? Seems ridiculous to me. How do they not know what they are buying?? Different octane ratings cost different amounts. How do they know (after watering it down) if they're getting a good deal or not? How do they set their pricing?? They'd...
  369. EJ Swanny

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    No butts in Mutiny Bay...go farther west and hit PT......
  370. EJ Swanny

    Vintage Salmon Gear

    Shit!! PM sent..
  371. EJ Swanny

    ***** RIP *******

    Screw the Taco Hell shits...Taco Time is the fershizzel bitches...Crisp beef burrito with mexi-fries...MMMMMMMMMMMMMM...eatin good in the hood...
  372. EJ Swanny

    Yaaay more effing Westport tweakers got me twice

    Sorry bro...I wish you could "finish the job" on those ass-hats. Fuckers..I hate em... What were the electronics? I say we all comb all the pawn shops, craigslist, and let-go. Find these, and put the screws to these shit-bird, low-lifes...
  373. EJ Swanny

    Beer flash

    Will do...I'll secure all loose items. Like kickers, VHF's, trailer tires, wash-down pumps. Anything I can get my hands on...I'll make sure they are "secure" on craigslist...
  374. EJ Swanny

    Beer flash

    In, I'll bring maps, so all you fuckers can put an X on your secret squirrel spots. :720icon:
  375. EJ Swanny

    Couple Saws and a Hammer Drill

    Hey Ben - If you are going to use these alot....go for it. To me, it was just a good deal, and I may use them now & again. If you need them, and have a definite purpose for these, they are yours to buy...
  376. EJ Swanny

    Rookie shrimper with gear

    Do you need help in the boat itself or just a buddy-boat? PM sent?
  377. EJ Swanny

    Couple Saws and a Hammer Drill

    Man, I don't need them, but want to buy them anyway...PM sent...
  378. EJ Swanny

    House for Sale in Sekiu

    Yep - I get Dad turned down his sisters house, at Long Beach (on the beach) for free this summer. He said the same thing....not looking forward to that..if I make it that far....
  379. EJ Swanny

    House for Sale in Sekiu

    HMMM!!! How the internet connection? Would be a sweet house for a .dotcom person that can work virtual...Nice place Mike..your house? Where you going?
  380. EJ Swanny

    Went Fishing PV last week

    This thread will turn out as usual......:argue:.........getting old
  381. EJ Swanny

    Testing the waters

    Whoever is starting up and needs the "correct" gear for salmon/crabbing/halis/lings, this deal is SWEET. I priced it out last night (yes i have no life) and came up with it "heavily' discounted at $2,500-3K....GLWS Pete...your giving this stuff away...
  382. EJ Swanny

    Jig hook placement

    A - Less snags...good catch rate. Bottom fish don't nibble, they inhale..........
  383. EJ Swanny

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    Nice little unit, has everything one would need. Does it have an internal water tank or is everything from hook-up? What is the towing speed of that, could it handle I-90..pushing 70mph?
  384. EJ Swanny

    Puget Sound Ling Cod Season

    Just curious, how long have you been fishing in the Puget Sound?
  385. EJ Swanny

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Nice, are you suckling on the sweet teet of unemployment benefits? If you're not you should..extra $600 bucks a week in your paid into, may as well use it. I would hit the N-Bay....awesome place...
  386. EJ Swanny

    WDFW Crabbing dates SCREWED US ALL AGAIN -

    All BD members chip in a grand. We'll buy some beach rights, fence those sea-spiders in, feed them all our salmon/tuna/ling/hali scraps, and reap all the fresh crab the rest of our lives. Seriously though...Not a bad start-up'd have to compete with tribes for the next 10 years...
  387. EJ Swanny

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    So this is separate of our Federal Income tax W-4? It is a "state" refund? Is it only boat fuel we can collect off of, or all fuel? If so, I can collect a bunch of receipts for a few bills...thanks for the info....
  388. EJ Swanny

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    So what is the rub/pain involved? Do we have to keep every fuel receipt, and mile logged. If we take the basic deduction, and we do not itemize, is it still possible, or do we have to choose to itemize everything? Thanks
  389. EJ Swanny

    Worst Shot Ever..

    I hear you there. For me, doesn't matter if I have a barely legal in the cross-hairs or 200+ B&C trophy. I'm still shaking like a hound dog shitting carpet tacks. Some say....the more you shoot at ranges, the less excited you get..I tend to disagree...I get no "rush" shooting paper on a...
  390. EJ Swanny

    What is this animal

    Haven't seen one for a while....kinda forgot what they look that a the 40-45lb range?
  391. EJ Swanny

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    Nice Siv....Hope the boat ran like a top. Sometimes those "initial" runs after winter (especially our f'ked up winter) causes problems......
  392. EJ Swanny

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    If you look early in the video, there is a van with some Sydney name. Obvious this was filmed from the land down under. Those blokes like their suds and sports..this rotten looked like he played some Aussie rules football, or Rugby in his that boat though..trailer seems a bit on the...
  393. EJ Swanny

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    Gotta love the tenacity....hanging on like a pit-pull on a pork-chop....interesting boat....some Australian safe all, and chalk those tires....
  394. EJ Swanny

    Area 10 Shrimp

    Thanks, however, I can find no documentation that it is a two year closure. Website has changed though so alot of the original postings are gone. The following though is what was released by the state on May 12th, 2018.. Marine areas 11 and 13 will not open for crabbing this summer OLYMPIA –...
  395. EJ Swanny

    Winter into Spring...2019

    The last picture shows you were docked as an Orca swam by. You may want to delete that before the Orca police give you a $1,200 ticket for obstructing an endangered marine mammal. Great job..holy cow I am sooooo ready for sun/salt....
  396. EJ Swanny

    question re. prop guard vs trolling fins

    I think Mac's helps with steering to some degree. You have about 2" of directed thrust by the guard that would otherwise be dissipated. Believe it or not, with the right tides and current/wind, one can still get their DR line caught in their kicker..with the Mac's. Takes skill though...I...
  397. EJ Swanny

    WTB small chunk of 12 or 10 gauge wire

    Or a sculper ball/valve...been some "mysterious" sinkings lately.......
  398. EJ Swanny

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Glad your safe and thanks for the reminder, as I can attest....on a side note.......... Listen to your children when they are in pain as well. About two weeks ago my son (10 yrs old) was complaining of stomach pain at night. We thought it would die down, and kept him out of school (me out of...
  399. EJ Swanny

    8lbs 9oz Fisher.... wife frowned upon Dominator, Ace, King, and Awesomator....ended up with the ol'.......... name him after Grandpa Jay... You're life just changed for the better...remember what is important, and give Fisher every second you can spare... I'm happy for you....
  400. EJ Swanny

    Bob Double Stroller

    When saying "gout" you mean vagina..correct? :cheers:
  401. EJ Swanny

    Business opportunity

    I'm your, fishing trips, and equity sharing up front of course..then you get access to the best, beer soaked, semi-cognizant, border-line Alzheimer's, brain in existence.... I'll make us both broke...uhhh, I mean rich..
  402. EJ Swanny

    Seattle SX Room

    At first glance, I thought your thread said something else. I started feeling frisky....
  403. EJ Swanny

    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    That's because John Martinis maps say that is where you should fish. Most people don't bother looking for the structure, habitat, halis like on NOAA charts. They just want easy, free, advice on where to fish... It's not rocket science...find a bank, with the right substrate, and fish...
  404. EJ Swanny

    Salmon season looks less than stellar, again.

    I agree with Siv...less than stellar....sure, compared to many years ago. However, they predicted promising signs of some returns. In addition, I do not take alot of stock in forecasts. At least in the South Sound. Few years ago they predicted record coho was crickets down south...
  405. EJ Swanny


    How many sides do you have to offer?
  406. EJ Swanny

    Maui surf fishin

    Do the locals guard surf fish-spots, as much as their surf, surf spots? Does one have to watch out??? Plan on going in a couple years..thanks.......
  407. EJ Swanny

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Goat.....never say he wasn't always the sophisticated, and Shakespearean poet. Maybe I'll make a nursery rhyme out of that and sing it to my future grand-children....:cheers:
  408. EJ Swanny

    2006 Jet Sled with 90/65 ETEC pump

    Is that the sturgeon catching machine?? Nice ride.....gotta love that rude....
  409. EJ Swanny


    PM sent
  410. EJ Swanny


    Dennis - I wish it were black and white, and simple. Save salmon by limiting gill-nets (especially stretched across an entire river). Unfortunately, it is 50 shades of grey. No longer is it a common "conservation effort", it is a political game of give and take. When it turns political, the...
  411. EJ Swanny

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    I hear ya, my Dad caught a ~56lber at NB in front of the Garbage Dump...I believe around 1960ish. Those days are lucky to scratch out a 35-40lber these days. Caught a 33lber at Scagway in 2015....bye-bye Tyees...
  412. EJ Swanny

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Me, Mom, & Dad (with comb-over flapping in the wind)...CQ 1975 or 76......Kodachrome baby, gotta love those old pics.....Good times....
  413. EJ Swanny

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    Electron microscope please.......
  414. EJ Swanny

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    The text I'm writing and reading seem to have increased to "mega" font, is it just me or did the site do something????
  415. EJ Swanny

    Road grime removal

    Like your location, name, and boat...........
  416. EJ Swanny

    Kicker advice

    Even in the sound, you bucking an unfavorable wind and tide, 6hp will struggle for emergencies. Sure, you can tack back & forth, and use the land formations around you to help, but......a few more horses would help alot..I went to this site, and bought a Tohatsu 8HP about 7 years ago.
  417. EJ Swanny

    Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots?

    Trailered up to the San Juans for a long time. Last year to Orcas it was a bit over three bills, for a Tahoe, with a 23' trailer. You only pay one-way, there. Reservations are also easy to get. I like having the trailer in case one has to pull the boat out for whatever reason. You can also...
  418. EJ Swanny

    Westport thieves

    Yep...plaster your property with ADT/Comcast...any security monitor sign you can find. Reproduce it, laminate it, and post it every-where. The, "beware of attack dogs", "Forget about the dog, beware of my .45", works. Motion activated lights are cheap and easy to install as well. They are...
  419. EJ Swanny

    Truck Questions

    Make sure your muffler bearings and germ bar are tuned as well, or it will be all for'll lose at least 20% torque if not tuned.
  420. EJ Swanny

    Papagayo Bay, Costa Rica

    Sounds six bennies for eight hours? Nice, was this a catch and release trip, or did it include processing as well? Snorkeling included (Bring own gear)? Meals & beverages were decent? Just show up with sunscreen, and a bottle of rum huh? We're looking at going there in the next...
  421. EJ Swanny

    Trout stocking for a private lake

    I remember fishing Ellensburg "lakes" or ponds when I was at college. While shore fishing I witnessed, more than once, huge trout meandering by..probably at least 5lbs. My dad thought that they were brood stock that were released. Kinda the "stud" trout for the hatcheries. Maybe you could...
  422. EJ Swanny

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    On my list, I'll do my best to be there this summer. All of us are pretty time...let us know the dates ASAP...thanks
  423. EJ Swanny

    Washington hits PV and Kicks ass

    Good job Mikee, way to come through. Us Northern pricks can be a bit "abrasive" so I've heard. If Coho is satisfied, that is about all the endorsement needed for me. How many trips did you do and which one was the most successful (I guess the term "success" can be relative)? When you plan...
  424. EJ Swanny

    COW Down in PV - Mexico!

    Hey Mike - I was very interested on how this trip went. Looks like Mikee Da Guy came through...good news. Looks as though you all caught some nice table fare as well. Glad to quit this screwing off and get going on my lamp :cheers:. Have alot more questions about the trip, but...
  425. EJ Swanny

    Just waiting and waiting

    Frikin' AWESOME.....We're all glad to hear all is A-OK. Now, just time to heal and give her love/support...make sure you get it as may get tough as well at times.
  426. EJ Swanny

    Stiches replacement...hmmm

    Looks great, but Super Glue, every boat should have a bottle on hand. It was used in Vietnam to help close battle-field injuries. Works in a pinch...literally...
  427. EJ Swanny

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    At least for me..anytime before May...thanks guys..
  428. EJ Swanny

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    Is someone wants to make a batch (more cost effective), I would buy 4 or so as well.....
  429. EJ Swanny

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    X2...I'm having trouble as well Dennis.. I think we all would love to clean up excess hatchery fish....more the better. Are people saying that the hatchery fish are competing with nates, and causing their decline? The more hatchery fish, the worst off we are??? Is this an accurate summary...
  430. EJ Swanny

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    What about a pressure washer? If you have the detergent bottle feeder (usually for soap), put anti-freeze, or rubbing alcohol in it?? Just watch the drainage. BOOM, million dollar marketing idea, wasted on a bunch of savages...:rockin:
  431. EJ Swanny

    Back in the Day

    I grew up fishing these, and loved it, and eating them. I have listened to many biologists that are smarter than you and me. I have also being doing a great amount of research on my own in the past few days. These salmonids have made an incredible comeback, and are abundant in many areas...
  432. EJ Swanny

    Back in the Day

    Really???? One of the only fisheries that is actually healthy. Hell, if people want to eat salmon so badly, buy atlantic farm raised. If people want to eat crab that badly, eat pollock substitute, eat farm raised shrimp that taste like card-board. I'm not a big "catch & release guy"...
  433. EJ Swanny

    Good Price on DR balls..

    Same place the shrimp are....hmmmm, I'll just say I'm going way North...some can go south, and some west. We all know not here...unless you want some barnacle covered, lead poisoned Reds, which at this point, sound tasty..
  434. EJ Swanny

    Back in the Day

    I've seen it first hand. From our house we could see the kelp beds we used to fish. One huge kelp bed, and a minor one a quarter mile away. We noticed commies fishing it for a few days ...not only wiped out the fish...the bed itself was wiped out. I cruised by there last summer, still no...
  435. EJ Swanny

    Good Price on DR balls..

    Not a bad idea....hell, I was thinking about just buying some clay, make a 1"X2"X12" channel, and doing a straight pour, drill a couple holes, and weights for crab/shrimp. Zip tie as many or as few as needed....better than a brick, and fit nicely in the sides...
  436. EJ Swanny

    Back in the Day

    Is there anybody in the "know" that can tell us if WDFW is getting close to considering opening Puget Sound back open for rock-fish? Have heard for years they are making a great comeback. Sure would be nice to harvest 1-2 for some quick fish-n-chips. Not to mention the sea-run cutt-throat...
  437. EJ Swanny

    Good Price on DR balls..

    Not only DR balls. More $ get's wasted in "stolen" pots (stolen by the tides) than fishing gear on a snagged ball. Those rubber/vinyl coated crab/shrimp pot weights cost a bundle. If someone wants to make up a mold that pours 10lb flat stock with two holes drilled in each end (for zip ties)...
  438. EJ Swanny

    Help with Crappie!

    I use Pepto-Bismol, not sure you need to drive far to find it. Local grocery store should have it. Good luck with your crappie...:cheers:
  439. EJ Swanny

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    Very nice, tempted, but need a radar first, GLWS, beautiful piece.
  440. EJ Swanny

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    Like most, my Dad has decades old mono on his reels. However, they are from a different time when "if it doesn't break why fix it". Mono has memory though, I used to hate those damn loops, so I only use top shot now, and try and replace every 2 years or so. I believe mono is more susceptible...
  441. EJ Swanny

    Do you tow with Canvas on?

    Avatar says Proline, picture shows Striper (looks like a Proline)?? Both great boats, anyway YES, take them down. Not only for the stress it puts on the snaps, the bug splats, and a bit of stress on the hard-top. Liability, is a big issue as well, say one of those sections blow off, cars...
  442. EJ Swanny


    Way to go get some...what's your best sturgeon recipe? I've tried canned sturgeon from a local on Long Beach, pretty tasty....
  443. EJ Swanny

    Re-Spool Time...

    I hear ya....I just hate the blow back, especially deep. Braid just slices through. I do like a bit of mono top-shot for the stretch and the clip. Never had a knot fail, but the albright (or whatever one uses) knot seems to pick-up crud as it slides down the line and hits the knot.
  444. EJ Swanny

    Re-Spool Time...

    DR trolling with salmon reels, and lings/hali with the bottom-fish reels. I was using 65lb braid to spool all reels. The diameter is so thin, it causes no blow back while trolling, and should be sufficient if tying into a larger ling or hali. If you know how to play a fish and adjust the...
  445. EJ Swanny

    Shorelines of Stone

    Hey All - KBTC recently ran a show on "Northwest Now" titled "Shorelines of Stone". If you can set aside 20-30 minutes, it is an interesting program on the salmon decline. It covers things like global warming, fish on meds, the usual suspects, etc. However, I never really thought about how...
  446. EJ Swanny

    Re-Spool Time...

    Master Chief does has a good point. However, though the bottom layer of braid is not subjected to abrasions, tension, UV, etc. It is subject to getting salt wet, and then drying over hundreds of times, not sure how that de-grades braid... Thanks guys...
  447. EJ Swanny

    Re-Spool Time...

    Gentlemen - I use that term loosely...time to re-spool all my reels with fresh braid. Just curious what you guys use, and the best place (affordable) to buy?? I like to run braid with ~30' of mono topshot. Gives the DR clip something better to hold, and gives you a bit of stretch, or shock...
  448. EJ Swanny

    Something odd about this article...

    Hmmm, Orcas are "picky" eaters huh?? They are one of the most intelligent mammals out there. It's a proven fact some southern pods have learned to attack great white sharks and feed on their livers. Others have learned to eat sting-rays... So these geniuses are saying a hungry Orca will...
  449. EJ Swanny

    Coasties get paid

    OK - I think we have the politics post covered. As usual, it starts out harmless enough...... Who wants to start a religious fervor post? We have a couple months to kill...........
  450. EJ Swanny

    Area 9/10 sunshine

    Nice job, that's one hell of a bonker..when not smashing fish heads you can always use it to take out dry-wall or your driveway..:rolleyes:.. Way to get the kiddos out, making me feel guilty..
  451. EJ Swanny

    Has it finally begun?

    I think I just jizzed my drawers...and this coming from the bluest state in the fkn world. Boys, we have hope yet....
  452. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    400-500 is alot to me....I've missed used (just the 3G domes) going for 3G domes are $1,299 + tax + shipping....I can't wait until 500 bucks is not much..:cheers:. Still playing the lotto though....
  453. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    TTT.........ANY 3G or 4G Simrad, Lowrance, or B&G would work....these are proving to be a bitch to find. I just spent 4-6 hours (on work time of course) searching every craiglist ad from here to Florida...thanks for any info...
  454. EJ Swanny

    Worst Shot Ever..

    95% of us "tense up" when seeing a nice buck or any buck....."non-clinical" term, buck-fever. My uncle tells a story about ejecting every round in his rifle when confronted with his first buck (a spike). No shame in manifests itself in many different ways...
  455. EJ Swanny

    1994 270 SeaRay Sundancer, $8,900

    Perfect cruiser for the Juans and South Gulf Islands. Plus you have the piece of mind of a solid motor, once installed....GLWS....
  456. EJ Swanny

    Worst Shot Ever..

    Hey guy/ alleviate this winter's boredom(unless you water-fowl), I'll start..I have made some amazing shots, and some miserable ones. Let's hear some epic failures...I'll start... Opening day, watched a legal buck for about 5 minutes, decided to take it.. 50 yds broadside, I was...
  457. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Bump...Anyone find any new domes under the tree (radar domes) and are upgrading? Still looking for a Lowrance, any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  458. EJ Swanny

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Nice boat....nice price (throw in kicker/mount/inspection/towing/etc. Jason, I think what you need to do is sit down with the boss, and decide exactly what kind of boat you really want/need. I get's an exciting time in your life, you have a chance to pull the trigger on a sweet ride...
  459. EJ Swanny

    This Is A Real Trophy To Me

    Very nice, that's a x-mas present from the duck gods. I'll stand-by Chessies till they day I die. They are stubborn, but that stubbornness turns into loyalty to you and your family. Don't want to turn this into a dog picking contest, but just lost her last year.... Great job, mmmm smoked...
  460. EJ Swanny

    Chairs and desk

    Sweet, those are worth some $. Perfect computer desks. Someone can turn something free into a very nice X-mas present for others. Nice post Bud
  461. EJ Swanny

    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    I feel sorry for us as well...WTF does "Going forward, the government will be considering what additional measures are required to enhance protection within these areas of critical habitat to assist with the recovery of the whale population." They say "additional", I did not know there were...
  462. EJ Swanny

    Halibut 2019

    Would be nice if they opened the inner Sound to rock-fish someday. I used to do well in certain spots. Anyone have any info on inner sound rock-fish recovery? I'm thinking it will never happen, at least in our life times....
  463. EJ Swanny

    Lifetime hunt

    Thanks for the info Alice, I'll help you out a bit....
  464. EJ Swanny

    Tax Deduction - 1st Special Forces Group

    Maybe make it easier and start a "Go Fund Me" page?? I'm all for this....
  465. EJ Swanny

    Osprey Northwind 22

    He'll have to do alot more wishin' & tire kickin' than that to live up to my three year journey. I'm happy with the results though. One could pull the trigger on a boat sight -un-seen, have the shit kicked out of it on the travel up here, put 100's of hours (and $1,000's) into it, then give...
  466. EJ Swanny

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Lot's of "free" advice, you get what you pay for...:cheers: However, many of us have been in your situation. It's great you are taking advantage of the awesome PNW. The inner sound is 20% of that. I think folks are just trying to let you know how much more is out there. Maybe tag along...
  467. EJ Swanny

    Wine Barrels - A hobby gone wild...

    X2 on the price list. Or should I contact you direct, or should I pound sand cause this "hobby" is turning into "work"? Great looking pieces.
  468. EJ Swanny

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Congratulations on deciding to pull the trigger. This will open up a ton of new opportunities for you and your family to make some more, great memories. I would lean 85% to fishing/crabbing and large seas/overnight comfort, and 15% to freshwater tubing/skiing. Hell, a small skif or container...
  469. EJ Swanny

    1994 SeaRay 270 Sundancer

    No price mentioned, good looking boat. Would be a perfect San Juan, Gulf Island cruiser. GLWS...
  470. EJ Swanny

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    1. Listen, don't hear, listen. 2. Accept being wrong at times, deep breaths and cool off. 3. Due to #2, go to bed mad if need be. During a fight, disengage. It's amazing what a night of sleep will do to your perspective. Realize no one will win in the heat of the argument, because no one...
  471. EJ Swanny

    What’s your porn name

    Yep - Here comes winter.....Master Pump-Her..
  472. EJ Swanny

    Warm Under Garments

    Everyone nailed it. What is always important is knowing the weather (duh, yeah I know I'm a geniuso_O). Dry, stick with down, wet stick with wool, with new fabrics on the inner layers (wicking). Hiking in to a stand, peel down, do NOT sweat. Layers all the time, a good pair of insulated...
  473. EJ Swanny

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    "Interpretation is open to whatever you want to make up in your own mind" You said it best.......everyone on this board knows you are never wrong. I apologize for offering safety to a fellow board member. Sorry Jason, don't be safe. The Cartels will look after you.....I'm done.
  474. EJ Swanny

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Sorry Bro, that sucks hind tit. Nice picture of Pt. Rob. What about an insurance claim? I remember some guy had his engine catch fire and insurance covered it. If you can produce legit maintenance records, may be worth a shot, why not try? If you need help with anything let me know......
  475. EJ Swanny

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    Haha, wow, just warning someone to be careful, better safe than sorry. BTW, I travel internationally for a living. Some years more than others. I do have access to some of the best International travel advisories (public & private). My cousin just got back from living in PV for three years...
  476. EJ Swanny

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    Hey Jason, very jealous.....just be careful. Things down there are getting dicey. I'd go in a second, but I couldn't talk my wife into it for all the money in the world. Just stick secure areas, and keep your head on a swivel. Overkill, maybe, but why not be cautious...good-luck with...
  477. EJ Swanny

    DR Clips...

    Agree 100%, hard to catch fish when you're resetting. I want every edge I can, so I want to keep using scent as well. When I think the scent may be making it slip, I'll scrub down the pads, not much help. Maybe the scents permeate the pads? I'll try buying new pads for all my releases...
  478. EJ Swanny

    My 2018 Montana Whitetail

    Washington??? That's a dandy, I would have no passes on that (let alone three). Great job....
  479. EJ Swanny

    Alberta Deer

    Thanks for letting me know, they showed on my preview...weird...
  480. EJ Swanny

    another dead furbag...

    I'll be Blondie, you be Tuco, I'm the better shot..oops that may be evidence. Anyway, let's wait till the "bounty" gets bigger....I won't let you rot for toooooo long. We got the Good, got the Bad, we're just missing the Ugly......
  481. EJ Swanny

    Alberta Deer

    My son and I flew up to Alberta to take part in my Dad's Alberta Deer hunt. He's been going to this outfitter (Grease Creek Outfitters for over ten years now. His group rotates a moose tag between them every-year. This year it was just Mulies/Whitetails for...
  482. EJ Swanny

    another dead furbag...

    $5,500 reward posted for any info leading to the arrest for these attacks. Snitches get stitches....:Beat_Them.....keep stacking em' up....
  483. EJ Swanny

    Razor Digging Thanksgiving Weekend

    Careful, heavy rains/wind hurt the "shows", not to mention the safety aspect. I haven't checked recent forecasts, so goodluck if you pull the safe..
  484. EJ Swanny

    Free complete set of house plans

    Nice looking home, does the 1927 sq. ' include the garage or is that living space? We're looking for a new house. Is there a general website where we can get more basic info, or are the plans the only info? Thanks for the offer....
  485. EJ Swanny

    Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 2019

    Good-luck guys, I'm interested to how this turns out, as are many.... This will probably make or break you Mikee (as far as NW anglers go) as Cohoho is a straight shooter and will not sugar coat things. Good-luck all, and most important get shit-faced all day long...just safe...
  486. EJ Swanny


    I would suggest you chew REALLY good. There could be smaller worms or eggs you cannot see. But if you want to lose some weight (the hard way), best food out there...
  487. EJ Swanny


    Previous two posts spot on. Probably full of PCB's and they tend to be wormy as well. Easy to catch and mild flavor, but I would stay away. Make good crab/ling bait though...
  488. EJ Swanny

    DR Clips...

    May have to give Pro Release a shot....replacing pads is not typically the issue, It's the tension....or maybe just shit-can the whole DR thing and go back to motor-mooching or jigging.
  489. EJ Swanny

    DR Clips...

    Hey Guys - I love the ease of the Scotty clips, but either their tension springs or the pads lose their grip. I always have a top-shot of mono, so I'm not clipping to braid. I have a ton of them laying around that seem worn out (will not hold the line, keep popping out). I was thinking maybe...
  490. EJ Swanny

    Looking for a Grays Harbor Real estate agent

    OH BOY...Sry Dale, I do not, but good luck with this.....
  491. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Sorry for the confusion............ I was able to contact Master Chief and he graciously hooked me up with one of his Lowrance MFD head units. Looking for a radar dome unit. The boat should be all plumbed ready to just bolt on a dome unit......thanks...
  492. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Bump - Any high-graders want to let go if a Lowrance head unit?? If not, I'll bump again after X-mas, when all you lucky guys find all new electronics under the tree. Oh, forgot Mawlid-al-Nabi Islamic (birthday of Mohammad) on 11/20, and Hanukkah (Chanukah) Dec. 3-10, 2018. I'll even take...
  493. EJ Swanny

    11-9-18 BM

    I think I noticed you out there, were you just South of Redondo? Either way, great job, way to get some fresh BM's. Smoke one up for T-day appetizers.
  494. EJ Swanny

    A whale of a story...

    "three- to five-year moratorium on viewing southern resident killer whales by all boats in the Puget Sound" The person that published this article seems out of touch. What the F### are "southern resident killer whales"? First, "Killer Whales", really, that term is a bit dated...Orcas, maybe...
  495. EJ Swanny

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    Oh Boy, I'm tempted.......but I'll leave it at.... shitty luck is insurance treating you? You know one time I remember you saying you had some epic, customized, Oyster Bamboo Fly rods. Those are $$$. Make sure you list those on your claim :cheers:. Goodluck with replacement...
  496. EJ Swanny

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    Agree, but the more it gets out that "It's open season in Snohomish County, do whatever you want" the worse it will get. I prefer not to advertise free fishing, no rules...because it will get worse and worse. You give an inch they'll take a mile. They're looking for ANY opening...ANY...
  497. EJ Swanny

    Good Squidding During the Monsoon Sat.

    Yep, the smaller ones work better, at least that is what I keep telling myself...but they actually do for squid...
  498. EJ Swanny

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    Maybe Mods should shut this post need to share this...
  499. EJ Swanny

    Fuck yeah

    Most that have served, and have seen combat, don't go spouting off on public message boards. They are content to save their breath for more important things. They know what is worth defending. They don't have to respond to every post, and would rather be in the shadows helping their brothers...
  500. EJ Swanny

    Night clamming tips

    Been going to Long Beach since a kid...too many people seem to vanish (some clam diggers, some not),my advice... Know exactly what time the tide is changing, and try and finish before the flood change. Pay attention to any strong on-shore winds. Have a non-clammer watching the surf, spotting...
  501. EJ Swanny

    Lance Camper SOLD

    How much for the whole package (truck/camper)...????
  502. EJ Swanny

    Rockfish party

    Great job....way to get after it this time of year. Hell, the way the climate is changing, need to re-think pulling the boat out in first week of October. Good to see some fish caught at this time...mmmmmm fish & chips...
  503. EJ Swanny

    Garage sale.

    PM sent on the boots
  504. EJ Swanny

    Kevin and Cyndi Lanier Live in Mexico Beach Fl In The Eye Of Cat 4 Hurricane Today

    My family's prayers and thoughts are with all of you that were impacted. Kevin/Cyndi, can you recommend a donation site that will do the most good? Gotta pay it forward, as they need our help, not to mention someday a 8.5 quake will hit Seattle, and we'll need all the support we can get.....
  505. EJ Swanny

    On my way home early. 14 dead animals

    Very nice....Wyoming? How is antelope meat? My dad shot a trophy lope a long time ago, and said the dog wouldn't eat the meat. Back then, they didn't take care of the meat as well as possible. Hope all is tasty... Great job...
  506. EJ Swanny

    Idaho bull

    Very nice, man that's alot of good eatin'. BTW, how the hell did you get the thing on that side-by-side?? Great job....
  507. EJ Swanny

    Good Luck to all, and to all be safe..

    Well, 2018 is in the books. Had a good time with Dad and Son. The deer count was definitely down this year. No one was sure why, as the winter wasn't excessive, no blue-tongue around, no over predadation....hmmm. Anyway, downed one Sunday morning. Nothing big, but it will eat well. Here...
  508. EJ Swanny

    RIP Paul Allen

    That's how fucked up cancer is. He had UNLIMITED resources to fight it, and still lost. I HATE cancer....takes so many too soon. We will find a cure, technology will find a way. He was a great steward with the wealth he had. If every billionaire around the world, could follow his...
  509. EJ Swanny

    First Deer Ever

    Bravo Richard. Something tells me you were shaking like a hound-dog shitting carpet tacks after it went down, I still get that adrenaline surge after a put-down. Hope your son got back over to you after hearing the shots (I'm guessing he's the one taking the pics)?? How did your first...
  510. EJ Swanny

    Boat Pictures

    Now that is a boat I can appreciate. Grew up fishing out of my Dad's 70 Glaspar 18', with 55hp evinrude, sounded like gears grinding w/o oil (probably was). That thing has cleaner lines then the ol'glaspar. From your avatar it looks like that is not your daily fisher boat though??? I...
  511. EJ Swanny

    Good Luck to all, and to all be safe..

    You had plenty of success, you succeeded more than most Dad's this weekend. Your son will remember it forever, new rifle, time with Dad, etc., etc. Killing things is secondary (IMO), spending Dad/son time is primary. Great job..
  512. EJ Swanny

    Good Luck to all, and to all be safe..

    Well men (and hunter women), another modern season is upon us. Overall, weather is looking marginal/good. The east-side got a some rainfall (in my spot) last few days, so it should help keep the dust down, and the ground forage less crunchy. Will definitely freeze in the higher areas...
  513. EJ Swanny

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    I like the albright as well, never had a failure. I'm certainly open to new knots, faster and better than the albright.......
  514. EJ Swanny

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    NICE, you should see the ensembles I can put together..Three different camo types, and two different types of outdated rain-gear (that works), but not very comfortable.....
  515. EJ Swanny

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    Fair question..... it would be fishing rain-gear.....not on a bank, or a dock, not in a river or lake, it would be in a boat, licking saltwater off my lips. Doing boat fishing activities, such as, cleaning end-less weeds off all gear, staring helpless at the horizon when you have not had a...
  516. EJ Swanny

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    My crew and Ma Nature went head 2 head in a few battles this spring/summer. I got my ass kicked, soaked to the bone, my frog-skin gear took a shit on me. My Dad, with his blue-jeans (bill-fold always in back right pocket of course) didn't do so hot either. He's old school, blue-jeans for...
  517. EJ Swanny

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Wow, if we could put this kind of time/passion into solving our fisheries, we'd all have limits by 8am. You go you "CSI geniuses" and "I'm right, fuck the rest of you clowns". A boat takes on water, a long way from shore. They luckily have a buddy boat close to help....It sinks, and Thank...
  518. EJ Swanny

    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    Obviously not only effects tuna on their feed, but this warm current has reached up to parts of BC/Alaska where our salmon go to feed and get BIG & FAT....reduced their bread&butter feed, equals reduced salmon AND salmon sizes. Can we help hatcheries........yes Can we help river habitat..yes...
  519. EJ Swanny

    Southern Orca task force draft recommendation doc

    Exactly, the people that the commission rely upon, for their "so-called" studies (Biologists/Scientists) make alot of $$$$$ off of "Grants". It's called the grant-game..if you spent $$ on a PhD, and are published, you're considered an expert. All sorts of disciplines play the grant-game...any...
  520. EJ Swanny

    Vancouver Island Timing

    Spot prawns were shut down about 1st week in July this year in the Juans. I planned a two week trip in July at Orcas (with emphasis on spot prawns)..WDFW assholes shut it down at a record early date. Getting earlier and earlier every year. Unless you come in June, I would shit-can the prawn...
  521. EJ Swanny

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    Hey Man - I would delete that post and videos don't want that pic and vidoes getting out.........didn't you read emergency rule change 17.402-1?????? From the picture.. it looks like that is a new protected species, claimed endangered in the new rule change. That is a...
  522. EJ Swanny

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Damn - All this insurance talk reminds me when I got screwed by insurance. Time-frame.....1991, had a sweet 1981 RX-7, some ass-holes took a screw-driver to my lock and jacked my (almost brand new) Pioneer CD player. Then to rub salt in the wound, they took all my change in the change cup...
  523. EJ Swanny

    Maple Valley boat/rv storage

    Does free fishing at your soon to be "fish pond" included?
  524. EJ Swanny


    Way to get some..great job. No need to mention all the "wilds belly-up", we all have the same frustration, trust us. Made some good memories at least...Any pics/fish porn???
  525. EJ Swanny

    Marine service

    So you moved up here, hence the words "I am new to the area"?? Where are you located?
  526. EJ Swanny

    Need to Read....Crazy fishery ideas/myths

    I about shit my pants when I read some of the suggestions: To name just a few: • Outlaw downriggers to limit the ability of fisherman to catch king salmon. • A 5-year moratorium on all fishing, up to Alaska, in order to allow chinook to get to the SRKW (Southern Resident Killer Whales). •...
  527. EJ Swanny

    Need to Read....Crazy fishery ideas/myths

    I know it's easy to quickly gloss over some of the sub-forums on this site, but I think all need to read this post on the "Fishing Rights" forum. Very troubling..... As Fish_kid pointed out..."it should be pointed out that the author of the post on PSA is well connected and on the task force...
  528. EJ Swanny

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Admit you're over your head, and pay a pro do it right, while it still may be salvageable. Cut your losses, don't invest in expensive dies/cutters/files you may, or may not know how to use. My 2 cents, or maybe 2 grand.... I do like the plasma cutter idea though....yeah, buy one of those, and...
  529. EJ Swanny

    Had to put our little buddy down today

    Very Tough...went through this last spring. Part of caring for a family member.....It's tough in the end, as they give you UNCONDITIONAL love...their there 24/7, no questions asked. Sry for your loss.
  530. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Yeah, i guess your right, I'll just go out to the back-yard and pick a few thousand dollars off my money-tree. Anyone need a few while I'm picking??
  531. EJ Swanny

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Hey all - Looking for just the dome unit of the radar. The boat is plumbed with everything else, just need to duct-tape on a dome unit........these are the days of heavy fog, especially in the straights..thanks for any info, appreciate it..
  532. EJ Swanny

    Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 2019

    I was seriously considering this trip for my dad and myself. I was a bit frustrated with the lack of any type of itinerary, and other details, so I asked ALOT of questions. I also wondered, if these were such great trips, why isn't the Cali community all over these trips, and why he is...
  533. EJ Swanny

    Easy limits this morning

    Great job....nice fish. Weird, but that one on the right almost looks like a pink. Small scales, and different mouth. I know pinks only run in odd years around here, just looks a bit off. No big deal, still legal...way to go..
  534. EJ Swanny

    Barkley Sound end of summer trip w/ pics

    Very Nice...great job. You did well and added to your memory album, sweet.. Just curious, was anything (big) feeding off that stank island?? You break your old faithful gaff? See a pretty one on the last pic.....need to break that cherry in..
  535. EJ Swanny

    Mushroom Thread

    Eat em' or sell em'??? I know some go for big money. Not sure I would put in the time just to munch on some fungi. Give up the ghost guys???
  536. EJ Swanny

    6 gallons 2 stroke oil CHEAP

    I'll take it...thanks
  537. EJ Swanny

    MA 10 silvers

    Way to go Mike, that's some EASY fishing huh? Gotta love it, way to get some....
  538. EJ Swanny

    Best place to buy trailer springs?

    Goodness sakes Terry...not only you seem to have alot of problems (who doesn't), it seems you can't find the right boat (who can). Put the boat on the BD classifies, why not, what do you have to lose. But a few tire kickers like Sency, and Decent..:2gunsfiring_v1: Hope your not giving up on...
  539. EJ Swanny

    Guess what fish

    That's no sand-dab.....that I know, at least the sand-dabs I catch...some type of sole???
  540. EJ Swanny

    Busy busy summer

    Up at Port Hardy a few years ago, while trailing the boat, on a side road, a local threw a rock at us coming from the opposite direction, shattered our window. Saw it clear as day, but not like we could turn around and chase the guy down..fucker... Anyway, congrats on an AWESOME
  541. EJ Swanny

    MA 11 HO's

    Very that pic of the one jumping. It amazes me that we can keep wild ho's in MA11, WTF?? Where does that make sense? WDFW probably figures.......uuhhh...........well, I have no clue why they do this, beats the hell out of me?? Anyway great job Bryan
  542. EJ Swanny

    Son's First Ho

    Very nice.....way to get some. Green is gold...give us a narrative on your sons first Ho?? I'm always coaching..keep your tip up, keep reeling......good to see...
  543. EJ Swanny

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Go ahead and get out guys..I encourage it. Less competition for slips/lodging/etc. Good riddance......I hope you find paradise. NO other place offers the bio-diversity than this state.................... Why am I encouraging this..go, get out, hasta la vista..the sooner the better.....
  544. EJ Swanny

    Honda 8hp kicker setup

    WOW......parted out one could easily clear 500 bills..I'm done selling for awhile, but this seems like a no brainer....GLWS
  545. EJ Swanny

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    We're selling in a couple months....moving from Redondo to Auburn (???????, don't ask), looking for a reasonable price with a bit of land/shop and space.. PM your address, thanks
  546. EJ Swanny

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    I'm sure we can all relate to this. Our family (and extended family) have to make reservations for certain places many months ahead of time or we lose out. We TRY and make these decisions based on the last seasons closures. We got screwed this year with a historically early closure on the...
  547. EJ Swanny

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Born and raised here..I LOVE this state. The liberal/socialist/hippie fuckers can go to hell, their not going to chase me out...they're just another annoyance in life, like a spot of boat rash, or a bad seaweed day....just too much good shit here to let the tree-huggers get me down..
  548. EJ Swanny

    MA13 Vacation

    SOLID...great job, way to get some....freezer is full for a while, nice
  549. EJ Swanny

    8-25/8-26 tuna boat ride, mackerel, salmon

    Way to get some....just for future reference, if I come across a boiling mackerel ball, how did you target them? Casting/jigging/both?? Nice Ho's, great job....
  550. EJ Swanny

    John McCain..

    Holy shit...the guy was tortured for 5 years, refused early release, and followed his convictions for years as a US Senator. He served his, OUR, country..PERIOD! Like to see some of you haters in his position at the Hanoi Hilton for five years. His role in keeping morale up and refusing to...
  551. EJ Swanny

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    Hey about a few pics of the place...not for advertising, just for ...ummm..uhhh...knowledge of the out-side, a couple pics of the inside to make sure we can find it....thanks
  552. EJ Swanny

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    You're not losing anything with a locking carabiner, those are solid. Alot better than a mess of knots.. Wow, I thought this short-notice, mid-week cluster the WDFW granted was going to really cut the crowds down. Way to go for getting some....wonder what the growth rate are on those things...
  553. EJ Swanny

    Swap even stevens

    Just curious Goat, what is your beef with the cannons? I was thinking about switching...I like the power down ability and the "so-called" bottom contour adjusting ability. Thanks
  554. EJ Swanny

    Fishing report Lake Quinault fishing derby, 8/18/'18

    Way to go Bob...looks like you have that lake dialed in...
  555. EJ Swanny

    New Member to the site

    Solid...looks like you'll be giving more advice than taking....hope you don't have a sensitive vagina....welcome aboard
  556. EJ Swanny

    Safeway hiring

    Sage advice....learn "hard work" as young as possible. Doing the kid no favors by finding him a easy job (not saying you are). I started wild-land fire-fighting young. Long/dangerous hours....digging a ditch, running saw, scouting land, for 24hrs straight in 110 degree weather while...
  557. EJ Swanny

    First Chinook for 2 Grandkids at Neah Bay

    Way to go....good for you on getting after it with your grand kids. You just made memories for a life-time for everyone. Great job....nice fish too...
  558. EJ Swanny

    Scotty Line Puller Model 2500 New

    A buddy of mine was a Costco employee. He told me a story about a guy buying a BOAT in May and returning it in October for a FULL refund. Costco takes anything back. Gotta love Costco....I can't step foot in that place without at least blowing 2 bens....
  559. EJ Swanny

    New electronics advice needed

    I second Semperfifishing, he knows his shit inside & out. He's willing to answer all questions, and help...great resource.. Make sure you tailor your electronics to your fishing habits....obvious, I know, but important...can save you $$$.. Let us know what you decide and why.....
  560. EJ Swanny

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    They are notorious for silver and black-mouth killers. Several articles out there on how to rig. Here is one...... Good luck Terry
  561. EJ Swanny

    Sons salmon

    Way to go Dad...memories forever. BTW, what did you use to secure your rear work-station / table to your transom? Very clean look, but I take I'm guessing it is permanent, or can you remove it?. Great job.
  562. EJ Swanny

    Sons salmon

    Nice fish. I like your bleeding method. String the DR line through its mouth/gills, rake the gills with knife, and drop salmon back in the water on the DR line for a quick least that is what I'm assuming. Alot easier then my shitty method....rake gills with knife, then hold in...
  563. EJ Swanny

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Every year while spending time in the Juans, we witness a frikin flotilla of boats motoring just outside the so called "limit" they are allowed to be near Orcas. They all are in cahoot with each other...they all call each other when they spot a pod and descend on it like a pack of wolves. Only...
  564. EJ Swanny

    PS Kings, Shoulda Known Better

    Bravo, looks like they were feeding on candle-fish based on your jig. Did their gut show anything? Great job....boy that background looks familiar for some reason...
  565. EJ Swanny

    17 Foot Mako in trouble!

    That's why I switched to Verizon....not trying to give any plugs out to any service, but I found Verizon works well at NB and while we were on the Canadian side by Orcas. Just FYI for you all....another working tool in the kit can't hurt...
  566. EJ Swanny

    Hard Fishing / Beer Fishing

    One week of hard fishing, then about 16 days of relaxing fishing....nothing huge, nor epic, but a good month or so of life. OK, hard fishing first........6/30 to 7/6 at NB. For the most part got are asses blown off the water most days. Blowing 25+ first 4 days or so, then got manageable...
  567. EJ Swanny

    Neah 2018, Round 2 with kids!

    Very nice, they will remember that trip the rest of their lives....I know I did...
  568. EJ Swanny

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    Missed you by a week or so...we were up at Orcas for a couple weeks, just got back......... next year we'll stop by for sure....good luck....sounds like my kinda place...
  569. EJ Swanny

    Puget Sound King Opener

    No fish reports in the "Fish Report" section please....the world is hanging on our every post......seeing (and knowing) there was a shit show out at Mid-Channel would make me less likely to go.....
  570. EJ Swanny

    I'll have mine on the rocks, please

    Holy can that happen?? I thought most people knew that there are these silly things called "tides"!!! The rock he's stuck on is a bitch jutting up..but still....something went tits up...boooze, stupity....woman (in the cuddy)??? Trifecta???
  571. EJ Swanny

    Blue Kai for sale

    Nice boat.....GLWS, should be a grand slam for some lucky guy....
  572. EJ Swanny

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    Yeah thanks...great boat at great price...
  573. EJ Swanny

    Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    You wouldn't happen to have a promo code # would you. How does this discount work? Everyone likes to save a few shekels to donate gear to Davey Jones and his vast locker.....
  574. EJ Swanny

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    Alright guys....someone must know a guy that needs a great starter boat. Reduced to 6k.....basically giving it away....
  575. EJ Swanny

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    Try these Terry. I was going to put them on my old buns but never got around to it as mine never got stuck too bad. Couple guys on the board have used them and been happy. Goodluck
  576. EJ Swanny

    How desperate are you for crab ??

    Don't see any issues, he's got at least 8" of free board. Plenty of room for error, if crabbing in your bath tub, and you don't accidentally drop a bar of soap....
  577. EJ Swanny

    NB Salmon Roll Call

    Look's like it's going to be snotty boys, wind chop 5' on Monday..crap... TODAY SW wind 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft. W swell 3 ft at 9 seconds. Numerous showers in the morning then widespread showers in the afternoon. TONIGHT SW wind 10 to 20 kt becoming W to 10 kt after midnight. Wind...
  578. EJ Swanny

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    I'm bringing some when I see your crumpled up truck/camper/boat along Lake Crescent I'll alleviate your obvious headache. Slow and steady wins the safe Eric
  579. EJ Swanny

    Possession...Fresh vs. Processed

    We got checked on the water (by the garbage dump) and there was a trifecta of feds/locals..Warden, WDFW, and local sherriff. Then as we pulled the boat out to go home there was a Bonney Lake deputy at the ramp. He said during busy times WDFW contract out warden duties. He mad us empty our...
  580. EJ Swanny

    Possession...Fresh vs. Processed

    Hey Guys - With most of us heading out for red meat, just want to make sure everyone is set on the rules. It has been debated on this forum before. I have been checked, going home from NB in the past. They make you empty all coolers and count out every fillet (vacuum packed or zip-locked)...
  581. EJ Swanny

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Nice set-up....Eric, it is healthy to be nervous, I'd be worried if you were not. New set-up and such..... I'm sure you did your due diligence. After navigating to I-5, and about ten minutes rolling towards'll be fine....and doing 70mph in the carpool lane...not
  582. EJ Swanny

    NB Salmon Roll Call

    How is the water clarity this year...any algae blooms going on???
  583. EJ Swanny

    NB Salmon Roll Call

    Time for some red-meat boys..........Be there the 30th through the 5th. Staying at Hobuck...middle loft cabin. Will split time between Swiftsure, and some other "local, near-shore" spots. Had to take a hiatus for a few years as that nasty C word ravaged our family. Quick question??? How...
  584. EJ Swanny

    Looking for best price- new Yamaha 9.9 high thrust 25” shaft, elec start

    X2, best prices, free shipping, to tax, etc. I talked to some boat shops and they said they can't compete with this outift.....
  585. EJ Swanny

    CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    Even though you got the skunk, still good reading story......bad day fishing still better than a good day working.....goodluck..stay safe...
  586. EJ Swanny

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    Sry Floater...just can't resist.... I'm upper, upper class high society God's gift to ballroom notoriety And I always fill my ballroom The event is never small All the social papers say I've got the biggest balls of all I've got big balls I've got big balls And they're such big balls Dirty big...
  587. EJ Swanny

    Looking for Neah Bay Lodging Needy Brother Round 2 July 5-8.

    I just booked one more night at Hobuck...July 4th. So things do open up. If you want to come earlier, we have room for one more at Hobuck from 6/30 through 7/5. Others may be able to squeeze the rest of you in on one off's. You may not be able to sleep together, but fish together all the...
  588. EJ Swanny

    Breaking News, High Seal Numbers Decrease Salmon Populations!

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, I thought it was due to my wife's farts that are causing global warming. Whew..I was feeling really guilty for a while. The more "educated" studies are published on this problem the better. Get the word...
  589. EJ Swanny

    Scotty pot puller for sale.

    WOW...I'm thinking about buying it and reselling it Mid-June 2019 for that price......someone better grab this.......+$600 with tax at Sportco..this is a steal....
  590. EJ Swanny

    Got (Good) Gas??

    I appreciate all the thing I failed to mention is I ALWAYS run additive on any ethanol gas....and some times on pure gas. It was mostly my kicker that had problems with e-gas or BS gas......thanks again..
  591. EJ Swanny

    Got (Good) Gas??

    Just curious about what your favorite (Non-Ethanol), easy-in, easy-out, gas stop you guys use on the way to CQ/NB? Maybe it has just been coincidence, but I have had bad luck with the fuel at BS. Now that I have a tank that I can put some volume in, I would rather not trailer that volume all...
  592. EJ Swanny

    Traveling Boat Detailers?

    Hey guys, anyone know if there are any boat detailers that will travel to the boat (house)? Or anyone looking to make some extra $$$. Life is getting to be not alot of time on my hands. A basic scrub-down inside and out, basic but good. No wax, or buffing...unless it's relatively...
  593. EJ Swanny

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Don't get all worked was meant to be a generalization that if bad shit goes down I am ready. Of course, I would call the police first, but if for some reason things escalate and they enter my home and my family is threatened....... TRUST ME...I have alot more lead to dish out then a...
  594. EJ Swanny

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Ordinarily I would not be suspect.......but if you do more research and look close, he gets out and points at both boats and says "Two Boats". You could see both kickers from the road, so walking up to each boat would be fairly obvious. Plus we have a "door-bell" camera...he never rang the...
  595. EJ Swanny

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    My wife recorded this on one of our video cameras yesterday. The guy gets out of his minivan and seems to point to both boats (one is in the side yard, the one in the driveway is for sale, yes shameless plug) and he seems to say "Two Boats". Then he is fidgeting and scratching (like most...
  596. EJ Swanny

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    TTT....How many times do I have to sell this? Had it sold three times (handshakes), one genius realized his minivan was not a suitable tow vehicle, one his loan fell through, and one had a family member fall suddenly ill they needed the cash for. These are all from Boat-Trader where it is...
  597. EJ Swanny

    Geo Duck

    I was looking as well. We'll be up at Orcas for a few weeks in July during the minus cycle. My honey-hole down south here has a long run of sand/crab-grass. So check the charts for a shallow bay/flats with sand. It should hold them. Usually I don't bother in less than a minus 3'. You'll...
  598. EJ Swanny

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    So what is the latest on this?? Anyone know WTF is going on?? Maybe I missed a thread that actually has facts and info....
  599. EJ Swanny

    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    This may sound dumb and cliche, but make a list of everything you have always wanted to do.....AND DO IT. Check off the easy ones first, then figure out how to do the tough ones..tough usually means $$$, but figure it out. Then give away all your unused electronics to needy BD...
  600. EJ Swanny

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    Went with a boat on the this found on this section way back in October. Sockeye71's 2006....
  601. EJ Swanny

    Alcohol and boating

    Does that trailer look just a wee bit small for that boat or is it just me??? Another genius helping our insurance rates go up......looks like no one was hurt...that is what is most important.........
  602. EJ Swanny

    Sony Big Screen

    Those actually have a very sharp picture when paired with HD cable. The obvious issue is their size.
  603. EJ Swanny

    Hot Bite, better gas up though

    Obviously our sand-dab secret made it's way to the commie fleet across the ocean...poor little fellows got slaughtered........
  604. EJ Swanny

    So much for fishing salmon out of Sekiu this summer in .CA

    I may be biased, but all other coastal areas pale in comparison to the PNW (our neighbors to the north included). Now, I understand our fisheries are so screwed up, but give me a nice summer day in the Juans, or Gulf Islands, or on the, crabbing, shrimping, cruising...
  605. EJ Swanny

    So much for fishing salmon out of Sekiu this summer in .CA

    Fuck, screwed again, this time from another country....was planning on hitting it this year. Fuck...I have a back-up plan based on the data.....I think it's fairly obvious...
  606. EJ Swanny

    Meanwhile out in A3... could fit your head inside that mouth!!!! Very nice!! I would have kept it as well, but it's common practice up north to release big females. Does anyone know how to tell a male from female at that size? I've never had to make the choice, but curious?? Great job...
  607. EJ Swanny

    Neah in June

    Depending on tides, wind , etc. I never rule out passing on one side of the rocks or the other, which-ever way I'm passing.....there is no golden rule for the slot...except keep your shit on point. My Dad used to commercially fish NB...two years ago we eyed it up, and I said "let's not" the...
  608. EJ Swanny

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    1998 Maxum Cuddy Cabin, 1900 SCL Olympic Edition - $6K Reduced to 6k - Someone has to know someone that needs a great, inexpensive, do it all boat..... Hey All - After many years, I finally upgraded. This is a great boat for someone to look to not spend alot, but it can do it all. It has...
  609. EJ Swanny

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    Sounds about right for me...minus the Rot....I'll have to add a few things though....try and crank the motor..nothing...oops battery switch is in the "off" position. Also, go to crank the motor and I have no keys to crank it with. Also, everything goes smooth...boat is in the...
  610. EJ Swanny

    BD brother needs help

    Click on the link above, you bunch of fuckin assholes. Get a hanky ready, and your cell phone..just sayin.....title says it all....
  611. EJ Swanny

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    A+ as well, but called anyway. My best friend lost both his kidneys at a very early age. Luckily his Mom was a match, he's still wreaking havoc and enjoying life. First and foremost, NEVER, lose hope. This is just another challenge in life you WILL overcome. The brain and attitude are a...
  612. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Absolutely agree 100%, just reporting what I'm seeing......
  613. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    My Dad has a condo down there and walks the pier every night. Last week he saw an undersized, unclipped, out of season blackmouth being cleaned at the station. They are definitely all subsistence fisher-people, Ukrainians, Viets, Chinese, Cambodian, etc. They'll keep anything and everything...
  614. EJ Swanny

    A little Mudbug rpt

    Thanks for the pics, gotta love the Juans and Friday Harbor. Great job......
  615. EJ Swanny

    San Juan island boating ban

    Fucking Joke!!!! I'm all about saving the whales, but the problem is lack of food, not frikin engine noise, fish-finders, etc. Yeah, maybe a Navy Destroyer optimized for sub-hunting can put out enough wattage in the water to harm some marine mammals, but not our meager FF stuff.... I was...
  616. EJ Swanny

    Upcoming Remodel. Stuff to Salvage

    Man, I love the outlet on the oven, frikin sweet. I've got an old Gen-Air that will go toe-toe with that beauty. Actually, I hear the old ones are starting to become sheik again....who would know..
  617. EJ Swanny

    Gary Vault / Safe

    Looks like it kept your package of white powder safe.......gotta keep that shit locked up..... That thing looks beefy as hell...GLWS
  618. EJ Swanny

    Some boat stuff

    PM Sent on crab pots/anchor line.....
  619. EJ Swanny

    Homeowners insurance?

    Holy Shitskies.....An over 100% increase....whatever Pemco exec decided to pass along that kind of hike is short for his job. I guarantee every member will be shopping/comparing then leaving with that kind of increase. We had State Farm forever...for some reason my wife changed a few years ago...
  620. EJ Swanny

    How many axles need brakes on a triple axle trailer?

    Exactly, you try and give yourself enough stopping distance with the vehicle in front of you, others just pile in...even frikin semi's. Seems like I lose at least a quarter mile every 2 miles. I don't let it change me though....everyone is welcome to plunder my following distance...I'll just...
  621. EJ Swanny

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Fuck.....that about sums it up...damn. The waves/currents around that passage are gnarly, but usually consistently gnarly. Once you start making your approach and commit, it's a fairly consistent tide, strong, but consistent.. Wonder if a rogue wave rolled though there without anyone else...
  622. EJ Swanny

    “Fully Involved” on it’s side

    First.....and most important.... no one was hurt...second...grass is kind, earth is not. I would get that boat checked out from bow to stern from a boat surveyor...compliments of insurance.....every millimeter....just takes a micro-fracture and over time your screwed....
  623. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Hey Josh, I understand. However, your last sentence IS the issue, and the entire issue. They are not held accountable for any rules/regulations they blatantly disregard. They do what they choose, when they choose to do it. Only "tribal enforcement" (for the most part)can hold them...
  624. EJ Swanny

    Lake Wa Cutts

    Very nice...wish they would open up (harvest) the PS for CT's. They have made a come back long ago. Very healthy stocks. I'm sure its just fallen off the WDFW radar. and my Dad used to slay them..6-8' of ring tipped with worm..dy-no-mite....
  625. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    No keeper males....females were thick, as were rocks. I started resorting to keeping more rocks than I ever did. They were BIG and healthy. Seemed to me they started invading spots I would usually not see rocks. Not the big dungie males to fight them off their territory, I'm guessing...sad...
  626. EJ Swanny

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Good, keep it closed for two years (TO ALL) if that what it takes. Once it does re-open, don't let the commies/tribes nuke the area.......... Only thing that sucks, is now MA10 will be nuked by ALL.....
  627. EJ Swanny

    Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    Sry for all your losses, especially the fresh at least a month of scheduled fishing with my Dad this year. Then all the ad-hoc trips. At 83, he's still kickin hard.... Dang wife must be cutting a bunch of onions in the kitchen...can't seem to keep my eyes dry.....
  628. EJ Swanny

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    WTF????? better give a fuck.......Just for clarity, it's not OUR fishery and THEIR fishery. Most of the salmon that return to Washington rivers get intercepted by Alaskan boats and Canadian boats. Fish don't give a fuck about what fishery they are in. We can work our asses off to...
  629. EJ Swanny

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Let the shit show begin............
  630. EJ Swanny

    Bird dogs, chickens and ducks

    I grew up with one....their instincts and ingrained traits are very strong. They will point at uplands, no worries there, period. I would not worry about distractions by other birds. They are DIALED in....
  631. EJ Swanny

    Area 4 Fun

    NICE, fat looking sea-bass, nice lings too....great job.....get your favorite breading ready....
  632. EJ Swanny

    Drano Lake springer

    Nice, great job, fished the lake/river couple times in the winter. Froze my ass off and only had one "bump" to show for it. Soft biters.....way to get some...good job
  633. EJ Swanny

    Transducer.... another thread

    You got that right.....I'm sick of hearing that shitty knocking sound. Then hanging off the transom head first, as my legs are held, trying to pop that little fucker back in its cradle. But the other option is just as crappy, drilling a hole in your boat on purpose...that's a head scratcher...
  634. EJ Swanny

    Ling and Current question

    Ditto with all said....once the tides start ripping, you'll be ripping jigs off your line due to snags, unless you're a big fan, and good at back trolling.
  635. EJ Swanny

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    Hopefully SOME good comes out of this tragedy.....Two weeks ago one of my friends passed in his sleep. He was very active, scuba-dived, skied, biked, etc. Cardiac arrest in his sleep....he had heart disease and did not know it. This is sad...I hope, at least, one of you guys out there, that...
  636. EJ Swanny

    Best Cancer Center Who

    Sorry to hear....I'm no doctor, but play one with my wife...(I know pathetic joke), but it sounds like you have some type of very aggressive skin cancer (melanoma)???? My brother-in-law has had chunks cut out of his skin for years now. My sister and his sister have researched the BEST skin...
  637. EJ Swanny

    Cleaning my garage, free stuff part 2

    I'll take the BBQ please. I'll come pick up with the other stuff...probably Friday afternoon....I'll shoot you a pm...thanks again...very generous....
  638. EJ Swanny

    Cleaning my garage, free stuff and more...

    I'll take the tackle boxes full of random stuff, and the cutting board with RAM mount.. Can pick up anytime you want. PM sent.....
  639. EJ Swanny

    Miracle on I-5 & Razor Clams

    Count your blessings that you at least get one vote. I seem to live in a communist relationship......happy wife, happy life.... However, her directives are very relaxed...I'm pretty lucky..
  640. EJ Swanny


    Two things I PROMISED my wife I would never get annoyed with her for asking, no matter how many times: the plug in the boat we have the keys and she asks, every time...very well trained....she's a keeper..
  641. EJ Swanny

    My New Tow Rig

    NICE.....I just feel bad for the poor sap that buys that thing (no offense). Looks like you got a great deal, but car lots are not in the business of making great deals. So I'm guessing they slap a quick paint job on it, sand blast the under carriage, and try and do some fast talking. Glad to...
  642. EJ Swanny

    Did ok

    Way to go...karma gave you a bit of payback. Thanks for your efforts in helping out another. I think we're all curious. I can only guess they were powerless (or out of gas) and getting blown into the jeddy?
  643. EJ Swanny

    Big Blue Bumpers

    OK - $67 to ship much you want for each?
  644. EJ Swanny

    Wanted - Set of MANUAL Downriggers

    I have a set of cannons, loaded with new braid....similar to these No swivels bases, but my we can bring them up when picking up the other package.....
  645. EJ Swanny

    More Batteries??????

    Seen it mentioned only a few times...but my advice it make sure you have a good Automatic Charging Relay (ACR). Obviously it senses what battery has the lowest charge and sends the charging to that battery. These days they make really good "combo" batteries, that are both great for cranking and...
  646. EJ Swanny

    clamming advice

    Love Potlatch......make sure you check the biotoxin closures........props on the scouts...I'm sure most of us were in the club at one time or another....
  647. EJ Swanny

    Hoping tocharter a boat in orca island

    WTF...I'll throw you a bone....try Outer Island Excursions. You can also try to rent a small boat and fishing gear out of West Beach Resort and DIY. Where are you staying at limp dick oops, I mean whiskey dick?
  648. EJ Swanny

    Preliminary Salmon Fishing Options

    Wow, you're hitting all the sections. Try the Hunting and Classified's next...... I think Terry's post in the thread back in 2010 "Whidbey Island Hotspots" you resurrected/jacked from a vet, is your best bet. I'd PM Terry, that is his neck of the woods, and he knows that area well.....or...
  649. EJ Swanny

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Up North, I read an article that scientifically, over a period of thirty or so years, tracked the # of sea-lions vs. the # of salmon. It was undeniable proof, that sea-lion/seal predadation caused the salmon decline. It's such guys remember the clowns that tried to remove...
  650. EJ Swanny

    Magma grill and gimbal mount

    Damn it Eric......stop bringing this too the're beating me down...what does the inside look like, or do I wanna ask?? Any rust issues?
  651. EJ Swanny

    Hoping tocharter a boat in orca island

    Was this one just too easy and the board took mercy????? Very odd......
  652. EJ Swanny

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    Thanks all, appreciate your help....
  653. EJ Swanny

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    Thanks Jeff/Calico/Bones....PM's sent, I sure appreciate the tips/offers..."Bones", sounds like someone already bought it?????
  654. EJ Swanny

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    Thanks Lee....need a 7 though..I appreciate the offer..
  655. EJ Swanny

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    Hey Guys - Looking to buy a Lowrance HDS 7 head unit only to put on the new ride. Previous owner transferred the head unit to his new ride. While I'm at it....looking to buy a Lowrance radar unit (Dome Only). Boat is already plumbed/bracketed for the radar, just need the dome.... Been...
  656. EJ Swanny

    Shotguns for Kids

    All good shows there is not really the "right" answer. I think another consideration should be, if your like most hunting families, is that whatever you buy for your son will be passed down to his. My Dad received his Dad's, I received my Dad's, and my son is now shooting those...
  657. EJ Swanny

    Cruise to eat

    Docked at the Ram many times in T-town. Actually, there are alot of options at those public the Ram, C.I. Shenanigans, Harbor Lights, Dukes, etc., etc. Also while your in the bay, on a nice summer day, you can get up close and personal to some pretty huge cargo ships that are on...
  658. EJ Swanny

    Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 2019

    Damn, that went too fast....back-up list for two please Mikee
  659. EJ Swanny

    Magnetic break away systems

    Yeah, I use QC alot. The motto (fight the fish, not the flasher) is great, and it works. However remember......if you are fighting that flasher, the fish on the other end is as well. It causes more drag, and that drag helps keep the hook in. So......"six of one, half dozen of the other". It...
  660. EJ Swanny

    Do it deeper

    OH BOY...that combo with CK and Micro hootchie looks awesome. That will mimic a long candle-fish nicely (as shown). You got the wiggle up top and the flow below..nice. Any entrepreneur may want to patent that.....that may be you... Great job........
  661. EJ Swanny

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Full disclosure, I got sea-sick once when I woke up hung over on a shitty weather day at westport. That was 95. Not since. So I KNOW, the pain... What i feel sorry for is the crew that comes on the boat (no booze the night before) and are miserable. My cousin fishes NB and Gulf Islands with...
  662. EJ Swanny

    Adulting Sucks

    Pretty simple to me....if you have outstanding debt that is affecting your family, way of life, or peace of mind, sell your least favorite boat to help the strain. If not, enjoy both, for their differences...............
  663. EJ Swanny

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Keep it simple guys, just like the old days...drink enough the night before so you're still f'ed up at 5 am. The just keep feeding it.......if it starts to fail, throw in some meth/coke/oxy.....all found without those complicated Dr's & prescriptions...
  664. EJ Swanny

    Ducer help!

    Oh, thank made a decision...I've had trouble happy to hear, the universe is at peace now... Embrace the hole....we all have apprehension of the hole in the beginning... BTW smart-ass...I kicked a tire last weekend, and I liked it. Maybe you'll see my new ride...
  665. EJ Swanny

    Scotty Liquidation sale

    We could all use a bunch of the "perishable" items. Clips, belts, sockets, bases, etc, etc. If someone could pickup a bunch of the common items for a great deal, I'm sure they would move fast on this board, and they could make a few $$$$$. Who doesn't need a couple spare clips/belts at a...
  666. EJ Swanny

    They didn't get this one!

    Way to get out after it.....are they safe to eat after those vermin slobber all over it? Or is that crab bait?
  667. EJ Swanny

    FS 14’ Sterling Skiff, 20 hp Tohatsu 4-stroke

    GLWS Terry, that is a sweet looking boat...great lines. What is your "Dream Boat"? Inquiring minds want to know.......