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  1. tsutomu

    First Ahi on New Boat

  2. tsutomu

    06 Dec 2013 ahi kaneohe waters!

    Nice! Congrats
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    Fujinon Stabilized Binoculars?

    yup worth every penny. only complaint is they're heavy.
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    Too Close for Comfort!

    It happens to us when we akule. close enough to feel the spray's but thats usally when the bite is good. Sometimes we move, sometimes we just hope the whales move off. Scary as hell though when its dead quiet and then you here a whales spout!
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    Banks 10/19

    Nice Job guys! Will send the you guys the replacement soon. Aloha
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    Kaneohe - 10/16/2013

    Nice fish Russ!
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    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Thanks guys. I'm sure we all know that terrible feeling. Glad we were able to get out. The fish was a great bonus!
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    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Friday morning get to the harbor little late, get the boat set up and put her in the water. Click, click... [email protected]#k boat doesn't start. Pull her back out and trouble shoot it, I stay at the harbor with the boat while B makes a 3 hour diver in traffic to get a part from home. Get it fixed and get on...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    So I know I'm a few years late to this thread but we just picked up this 24'. Skipjacks are a rare boat in Hawaii but from what I've read and from talking to a bunch of guys who fished them , it sounded like a good boat. After fishing it on some really rough days this summer I can say I'm...
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    Three for Three

    no wonder only had shibis for us. You caught all the ahi off of it. Good going!
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    Soft Head 9-8-13

    AHi Machine!
  12. tsutomu

    Fishing Hunt - Waianae 09/04/2013

    Perfect size... Good going on the fish guys
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    Banks Rodeo 9/8

    nice catch Jerry!
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    Battle in the Dark

    Ted's got it right guys. We make a cut behind the pec fin and then in the gill membrane. Stick a hose in the gill cut and pump the fish with water. This helps bleed the fish and also cool off the stomach cavity. Here's a pic of a bigger one with the water holes still in it
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    Battle in the Dark

    This past thurs we made plans to make a run after work and then camp over and fish friday. Get in the water about 4:30 thurs afternoon and head for S buoy. We hook a small marlin right away but it pulls hooks after a short battle. After working the area for a little we head out until about...
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    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    Thanks guys. Blessed and lucky to have an encounter with a fish like that!
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    8/4 Waianae

    Nice one Jesse!
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    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Nice one Walter. Congrat's
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    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    Two weeks of waiting was to long. Friday morning head out to the 1000 early and slide to the right. Right as hope for the pre dawn bite fades away bam goes the rigger. This fish goes easy on us, it hardly runs or puts up a fight. The only problem we have is our leg won't lift so we take the fish...
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    ahi 03aug

    Nice one!
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    Very Lucky!

    Hope you get yours soon. Maybe this weekend the Ahi's bite again. Best of luck!
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    Calm before the storm

    Nice one gang! Like the vid too
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    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Nice one Chuck and Roy, Congrat's!
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    Very Lucky!

    Thanks guys.
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    Late Ahi Saves the Day - July 22, '13

    Nice one Mike. Congrat's
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    Last fish on the small boat

    Good last run. On to bigger and better things. Congrat's!
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    Very Lucky!

    Saturday reports from the Royal tournament was not good and everyone was saying the bite is slow. Took the week off from fishing so we pushed off on sunday and hoped for the best. Mid morning we find our 1st pile outside the pinnacle but it doesn't producer, the plan is to head for the buoy 2nd...
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    OMG Ono

    Nice Ono!
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    live action

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    First Ahi and Blue Marlin with Wife and Kids

    Great catch Ted. Food looks good too. - - - Updated - - - Great catch Ted. Food looks good too.
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    waianae fun

    Congrat's on the Toad!
  32. tsutomu

    Lucky Trips

    Thanks guys. Ken is from wisconsin, I'm trying to convince him to buy a time share and come every Ahi season! We're slowly figuring out a menu that bites. @tony489 new ride is a 24' skipjack
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    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    Way to stick it out Russ. Congrat's!
  34. tsutomu

    Can I come?

    Your girl is the best crew you can find! Congrat's on the Ahi Jess, Hij and crew
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    Lucky Trips

    Every other year my friend Ken visits Hawaii and every time we take him fishing we get lucky. Friday 7/12 we head outside makua and set lines. The area looks like it died down from the day before so we start hunting and praying. We we're lucky enough to get a bite at tide change, land that fish...
  36. tsutomu

    Back to the Important stuff

    Picked up a new ride (24' Skipjack)and of course spent lots of time and $$$ getting it rigged and ready. Took us awhile to figure out a good spread for the boat, got poked in the eye a lot this year. :rofl:Anyways II area sunday morning first pass we get the monkey off the boat by 7 am. Then...
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    Tuna Report. Waianae.

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    5/31/13 Monkey is off my back

    Nice Fish Nic. Congrat's!
  39. tsutomu

    New Layout

    I agree!
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    wow thats a sick rebuild. Congrat's!
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    18' Force for Sale

  42. tsutomu

    18' Force for Sale

    Howzit guys, Gonna put this on CL soon but thought I'd post it here 1st This boat is turn key ready. Here are some details Trailer w/extended tongue completely rebuild this year Custom Js Marine T-top Isinglass by Ricky's Custom upholstery Honda 90 (4 stroke) Yamaha 9.9 (4 stroke)...
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    Classic! LOL
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    Finally Fishing

    Thanks guys. Glad to be back fishing. Those were some crazy porpoise we were chasing that day. What the hell? Glad to hear the lure still producing. Glad you like it! Thanks for pulling one in your spread. Aloha!
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    Nice catch! Never got a uku on the troll before, maybe i need a super ninja! Congrats on the great day
  46. tsutomu

    Long day!

    lol, from now you going always want your spear gun when trolling and wish you was trolling when diving.
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    Finally Fishing

    never post so long i forget how. Heres some pics
  48. tsutomu

    Finally Fishing

    Been super busy with work and life but finally got out there last friday. Straight out from waianae and set it up just before the 1000. Been some talk about the yellow guys around so thats the target. Double Mahi around 10am was the only action for the day. Lots of piles outside kaena but looked...
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    Wicked Ahi

    awesome job!
  50. tsutomu

    Almost a year Ago.. Monster Mahi

    Nice! :hali_olutta:
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    Little entertainment

    Thanks guys! Everyone on BD have been so great to me over the years. Can't thank you all enough. Ziggy... yes Force 18. It does the job for now!
  53. tsutomu

    Little entertainment

    Little something to pass the time. Thank you to all the BD members here. Best of luck in 2013!!
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    Nice fish Pat. Is it a big stripey?
  55. tsutomu

    Monkey off The Back

    Nice fish Don... Congrat's!
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    Marlin lure..

  57. tsutomu

    MahiMAhi Tado

    That lure is so sick I don't even notice the fish!!
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    Not As Late A Report: 12/13/12

    Nice one R!!
  59. tsutomu

    New trolling lure design

    Looks good Ryan!
  60. tsutomu

    Grey Chub Safw to Eat?

    yup grey chub is a Nenue. I eat it all the time, poke, dried, grilled. Its a good eating fish!
  61. tsutomu

    13" Invert

  62. tsutomu

    Lure colors/heads/sunny/overcast

    Its good to read the books and articles but as mentioned the best way is to get out there and experience. Everyones boat has its own hot lure and color. Believe in what you know works for you.
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    One fish more experienced

    Nice Ono Kevin. Bullet and Invert lures when trolling faster and drop the lines back a little deeper. Also wearing boots is a good safety idea.
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    Hi Kai - 10/24/2012

    Nice Mahi Russ
  65. tsutomu

    090812 P.D.L.

    Still slaying them. Congrat's and you're a good man for leaving in time for dinner!! :hali_olutta:
  66. tsutomu

    Summer Fun

  67. tsutomu

    Only 1 bite

    Thanks guys! Ha you know the Kinimaka's? hit me up when you get back. I'm pretty sure it fogged up because we took 50 mins to land the fish. The beginning was clear, went to turn it off and it was foggy. Was going to wipe the inside after we put the fish away and set up and it was clear...
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    Waianae hot spot

    Straight to the spot, drop lines, catch ahi, and get it on film. Thats how it should be done!
  69. tsutomu

    Waianae hotspot 2

    217 gutted thats a Toad. Congrat's
  70. tsutomu

    Waianae 8/19/12

    nice ono Randy, your Ahi is coming soon!
  71. tsutomu

    Only 1 bite

    So we fished monday from dark to dark, watching the sunset while riding around the pinnacle area and not getting a single bite all day. My friend Alex was determined to catch a ahi since the last time we fished together he wasn't able to come through with the gaff shot. So we put the boat on...
  72. tsutomu

    Early morning luck

    Congrat's Ron and crew...
  73. tsutomu

    Finally a BD post from Nemo

    Nice Fish....Congrat's!
  74. tsutomu


    Yeah Boys!! Congrat's on closing the deal :2gunsfiring_v1::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
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    Sunday Come Back Fish 7/15

    Thanks guys, I heard they still biting...Lets go get em!
  76. tsutomu

    Sunday Come Back Fish 7/15

    Well we hit it on thursday early in the morning and spent the day getting poked in the eye by everyone:rofl: Congrat's to all of them! We managed a nice ono and a #21 aku outside the pinnacle. The water was nice that day so we hung around til the bitter end. At 6:30 pm hail marry run straight...
  77. tsutomu

    Deja Vu

    hij... you got the hardest part down, thats finding them and hooking them. The rest will come. hit me up when you have time.
  78. tsutomu

    couple onos

    Nice... Ahi coming for you this weekend!
  79. tsutomu

    Word got Out

    yeah boy... :2gunsfiring_v1::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
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    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    That's Nuts!! Congrat's on the Ahi... awesome job
  81. tsutomu

    Got lucky yesterday.

    Thanks guys! JB, would like to see the post, hopefully you can talk him into it. Thanks Yeah it's just covered in blood. It's a blue salmon color.
  82. tsutomu

    UPDATE and 070512

    So many flat line bites, your boat must be sending out the sweet vibrations. Another nice one for you. Congrats!
  83. tsutomu

    Waianae 06-30-12

    Right on Steve... Congrat's!
  84. tsutomu

    Got lucky yesterday.

    Haven't been able to fish much these days but we made it out there yesterday. Hit the water early and ran up toward bo and out 19 miles before the wind got up. Worked that area for most of the day with no luck. At about 2 pm we decide to leave and start sliding back toward the middle. 30 mins...
  85. tsutomu

    Blind squirrel found a nut

    Nice Fish JD!
  86. tsutomu

    New to forum, AHI FERVER team178

    Mean Vid Boy's. Congrat's!
  87. tsutomu

    24' Skipjack fly bridge Questions??

    I'm sure it won't be able to go where Kimi Ann goes but hopefully better then what I have. Thanks Thanks for the link We mainly troll and I'm looking for a boat with a bridge. Tired of getting smashed in the rough water on a little 18' boat. Thank for the info. I didn't know the...
  88. tsutomu

    24' Skipjack fly bridge Questions??

    I looking into get a Skipjack here in Hawaii. From what I've read they are good rough water boats. Please help if you have answers to some of these questions. Is the 1970 hull a good year as far as design? I'm assuming the design improved over the years, any info on the hull? Can anyone...
  89. tsutomu

    new head

    Lol I would guess everyone from HI knows someone who is Super Moke! ah going on a surf trip this year instead of the fever!
  90. tsutomu

    painted inserts

    tom, I sent you a pm.
  91. tsutomu

    Gaji Lure Co.

    yeah those look sick!:hali_olutta:
  92. tsutomu

    new head

    Sometimes lead, sometimes in resin
  93. tsutomu

    Lure Candy

    Nice work Kawika. I like the little tear drop ice blue one a lot.
  94. tsutomu

    Sticky Goop.

    The link above is the file I was talking about. yeah it looks like a cheese grader. Gotta use water while spinning it on your lathe or drill. Just dip a small sponger in water and let it drip on the lure while you shave off the stickies. Start with light pressure and go slow at 1st it can...
  95. tsutomu

    Sticky Goop.

    bondo file work well too
  96. tsutomu

    east side 5/14

    Breakfast of kings, fried akule,eggs rice and kimchee Traded the tako for some akule with a guy at the wash ramp!!! anytime Hij, heard your boat is down. hope you get out there soon
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    Recent Catch Updates

  98. tsutomu

    Trolling hooks?

    Chip Van Mols gotta be one of the coolest names around. Glad that you're sharing your knowledge with us!
  99. tsutomu


    Pat save some for the rest of us! Congrat's on the great day.
  100. tsutomu

    Trolling hooks?

    Mustad 7691's on the go to ahi and marlin lures for sure but I use the hanapa'a hooks for ono and mahi stuff. Just gotta take the time to keep them sharp and she go!
  101. tsutomu

    east side 5/14

    Took advantage of the light winds and set out to get some akule. The bite was really slow so early in the morning we decide to go and check the can. At first light we pull up and find Nesei loading em up. We pick up 4 shibi in the mid 20's range and a few small aku. About 8am we head for home...
  102. tsutomu

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Thanks Gang!
  103. tsutomu

    Shark, Shibis, Ono - May 6, '12

    Nice ono MikeO, Congrat's on the good day!
  104. tsutomu

    Tado Tubes

    So Slick, So SICK!
  105. tsutomu

    Waianae 5/4/2012

    Nice ono Brian and the Kawa yum!
  106. tsutomu

    4/14- 4/15 Good Fun

    Big load Congrat's! can't wait to see the vid.
  107. tsutomu

    Do you support you local lure makers?

    Wow I can't believe that was 2009.... Like Capt Clay said "every lure maker is and artist" . There are so many local guys that make sick lures and many do it quietly just to give to friends. Lures are exactly like women's shoes, you can go nuts and have to many but they're all...
  108. tsutomu

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

  109. tsutomu

    Two april trips

    nice catches JD, glad you got out there!
  110. tsutomu

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    thats a great solo run Russ. Congrat's!
  111. tsutomu

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Made a run up to the bank with my pops on friday. Lots of boats working the tip and lots of scattered piles. About mid morning the short corner goes screaming and with no jumping in sight we start wondering if we got the monkey. Takes us about 10 mins to get color, sh!t its brown. Nope not a...
  112. tsutomu

    ono waianae

    Like the vid. Congrat's on the ono
  113. tsutomu

    Waianae 4/14/12

    Nice catch Steve!
  114. tsutomu

    MOLOKAI 4/14

    On the fish as always Capt! Nice catch!
  115. tsutomu


    Nice catch... The boat looks sick with those long riggers. I like it!
  116. tsutomu

    4-11-12 VIDEO

    Mean! great work Nick.
  117. tsutomu

    4-1-2012 Mahi Action

    Sick pics, can't wait to see the vid!
  118. tsutomu

    Hi Kai - Honolulu side of the Banks

    Nice catch Russ!
  119. tsutomu

    Waianae 4/6/12

    sounds like a fun day Steve!
  120. tsutomu

    all smiles

    Great catch B... Congrat's!
  121. tsutomu

    welding Some pics of my boat and a couple of Jeff's. I've seen pictures if towers Josh build and they look sick. I think he did Foxy Lady's tower. Contact him for more pictures.
  122. tsutomu


    JS Marine # 864-4315 ask for Josh or [email protected] I got a t-top from him and am very happy with it. Let me know if you want see pictures.
  123. tsutomu

    Ono Run

    Cool Vid. Congrat's on checking the Ono off the list. Next up on the to do's Big Ahi!
  124. tsutomu

    Hawaii Kai 3/30

    nice Ono!
  125. tsutomu

    South Side Mahi's

    Finally went fishing for maybe the 4th think this year. Ran out from Sand Island with pops and headed for hh. Nothing going on at the can so we start sliding away and soon run into a bunch of open schools. We manage a few before we have to limp home on a bad engine. Got to fish, got some fish...
  126. tsutomu

    Aloha from Afghanistan

    Nice boat. See you on the water!
  127. tsutomu

    1st and 2nd trip of 2012

    Wow thats a big Stripey. Congrat's on the great catches.
  128. tsutomu

    Troy's Mahi (2/14/12)

    Nice Mahi, you guys on a roll. Congrat's!
  129. tsutomu

    1st trip of the year

    Thanks guys! thats the secret to a great day on the water! :hali_olutta:
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  131. tsutomu


    good start to a hawaii fishing career! Congrat's..
  132. tsutomu

    1st trip of the year

    Haven't been on the water much since the end of last summer. Finally said F#%k work and made a run yesterday. Ran out to BO 1st light, nothing going on there so we slide back to the west. An hour or so into our day we ran into some stripey's going 1 for 5 in the morning. Ended the day with...
  133. tsutomu


    Killing it bro! Congrat's
  134. tsutomu

    Lucky Me

    looks like Gary Yamamoto's.... That would be sensei Yamamoto to me!
  135. tsutomu

    Fish head plungers for OZ

    Some lures from a recent order I sent to Australia. They took some pretty nice promo pictures. These are just a couple. :hali_olutta:
  136. tsutomu

    Tsutomu video 2011

    Sorry about the blank previous post. Here's a short video of some high lights from 2011. Hope you all enjoy and best of luck in 2012.
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  138. tsutomu

    Holiday gift

    Nice.. I really like the bottom one!
  139. tsutomu


    Sick stuff Tommy!
  140. tsutomu

    Christmas Gift Hawaiian Style

    Thanks guys!
  141. tsutomu

    Christmas Gift Hawaiian Style

    Finally made a new color to share. Merry Christmas to all the lure guys here!
  142. tsutomu

    Thanks you Tsutomu!

    Not the best but enough to keep us interested!
  143. tsutomu

    Jetted Tado Tubes

    Sick set! Bet those throw some nice spray.
  144. tsutomu

    late marlin report!

    Nice one Brian, thanks for the pictures.
  145. tsutomu

    Mahi on the 12' Makai Video

    Shaun and Neil Congrat's... keep the vids coming
  146. tsutomu


    dam you guy's got the hot hand! Congrat's on another fine catch
  147. tsutomu

    I see that most people in Hawaii ...

    Al, I think the reason you see less cpr here is, 1st most guys here take care of the fish once caught. 2nd guys here know how to make it taste great. Kind of like barbecue... they use the lesser choice meat and make it taste dam good. My friend makes this smoke marlin spread that you put over...
  148. tsutomu

    October 26, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    yeah.. those some monster nabeta's good to see the mahi's are around too!
  149. tsutomu


    Congrat's on another fine catch Pat.
  150. tsutomu

    waianae still get fish!

    Nice catch B!
  151. tsutomu

    first marlin

    Nice one! congrats
  152. tsutomu

    9/19 report

    Nice catch Darren! Your lures seem to be working just great. I made a solo run that day. i heard the marlin bite was good. Left at 6 back at 4 bolo's for me.
  153. tsutomu

    Better lucky then good

    Congrat's B
  154. tsutomu

    late report 9/12 ahi

    Congrat's on the solo ahi!
  155. tsutomu

    Last minute solo trip

    Congrat's on the solo marlin Russ. I'll get you another bullet soon.
  156. tsutomu

    Surf fishing..

    try here
  157. tsutomu

    KANEOHE 8/28

    Nice catch as always Capt. Congrat's!
  158. tsutomu


    Congrat's JD..
  159. tsutomu

    Skirt color suggestions for these heads?

    Randy... thats a fine collection of heads you got there. Thanks for picking out one of mines. I like this color combo on that head. It's not very flashy but it bites pretty good. Best of luck with all of your lures!
  160. tsutomu

    Some ledge action 7/30

    Nice JB! glad the lures producing for you. Thanks for putting them to work.
  161. tsutomu

    7/30/11 Town side

    sorry to hear you lost the lure JD. I'll save you 1 from the next batch. nice aku's!
  162. tsutomu

    shake down run 7/30

    yeah thats a sick looking boat Ian. From the shake down trip it looks like it'll be treating you to many great fishing days. Congrat's
  163. tsutomu

    Late tuna report 7/27

    Congrat's on another fine day! got your replacements ready.
  164. tsutomu

    Late report

    Congrat's B!
  165. tsutomu

    kaneohe late report 7/31

    awesome Randy, the kids face is classic!
  166. tsutomu

    Waianae 7/24 - 7/28

    Thanks guys! well i had to give it one more try but late afternoon run on sunday came up empty. thanks, it does feel good to get them on your own creations. You're going to get many on your lures for sure. Best of luck out there and look forward to seeing the post when you get yours!
  167. tsutomu

    7/26/11 Waianae

    Congrat's man! think we might have to start calling that one the "Mahinahina plunger"
  168. tsutomu

    Waianae 7/24 - 7/28

    Heard the bite was pretty good out west so I decided to take a vacation and go fishing. Sunday morning out on the Lexi Ann at 4:30 am to see if we can get lucky. Lots of boats in the Nanakuli area but not a lot of catching going on. Finally at 11:30 we get a good bite that pulls half spool then...
  169. tsutomu


    when the bottom gets cloudy most times it means the resin is getting old. Use the rest of the older resin to pour the colored hats/tinted tops. Get a new can of resin to pour the clear. It still a good looking lure you got there!
  170. tsutomu

    Mixed bag 7-16-11

    Congrat's on the great day JD Thank you for taking the time to take the great picture with the lure. I'll have to send you a little something for your effort so check your PM. Thanks
  171. tsutomu

    Late Report Kaneohe 7-15

    Richard and Russel Congrat's on the awesome day of fishing. Funny how kids and females seem to some how pick the good color combos. Thanks for letting the lure swim behind your boat!
  172. tsutomu

    Thanks you Tsutomu!

    Thank you Ali! Anytime you need help with donations just let me know. Aloha
  173. tsutomu

    Fireworks on the 4th

    Killing it. Congrat's on the great day!
  174. tsutomu

    Waianae 7/5

    gotta agree that the kids smile say's it all. Congrat's
  175. tsutomu

    waianae Sat 7/2

    Thanks All.. yeah scott that one has been swimming good for us lately. Glad it is for you too. i think it was about 450 or 500. Aren't you glad you don't have to go northwest til after the season!!!
  176. tsutomu

    Better late than never! 6-30-11

    Another sick one Tony! Pennywise all time tops. You guys killing it. Congrat's!
  177. tsutomu

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    So Sick! great video,classic song... Congrat's!!
  178. tsutomu

    waianae Sat 7/2

    yesterday we pushed off at 4 am headed for the corner and beyond. The morning was pretty slow outside of mokuleia about 20. About 10 am we're bouncing between piles when the corner goes and then the rigger. We lose one and get a nice otaru. Heading us down sea to set back up and soon after we...
  179. tsutomu

    6-26-2011 Lucky white wash save with/video

    Nice one Nick...Congrat's!!!
  180. tsutomu

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    Killing it this summer... Congrat's again guys!!
  181. tsutomu

    Giving away lures for Ahi Fever

    Howzit gang, I'm giving away lures to those who weigh in a fish caught on one of my lures during Ahi Fever. Please follow this link for details and instructions for this give away...
  182. tsutomu

    part 1 north shore 6/12

    oops wrong date 6-12 monday! Headed out of Haleiwa on the little sled monday 5am. My friend J-boy also heads out same time on his boat. We run up the ledge til we get a good angle on the can and then start to head out. The water is pretty much smoking, big swells, wind blowing, ugly current but...
  183. tsutomu

    Need some help from you lure guys

    I'll throw down a couple.
  184. tsutomu

    6/9 Wai'anae - 3 marlin

    wow 3 in one day!! Congrat's Randy Nice pitures, next trip going be 3 ahi's
  185. tsutomu

    Mine dat is!

    Nice load there Scott. Thanks for the picture and congrat's
  186. tsutomu

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    score! nice fish..
  187. tsutomu

    kaneohe 6/8

    Sounds like a action packed day. Congrat's on the Ono's!!
  188. tsutomu

    Cracks today!! Fishing was good

    congrat's on the ahi!!!
  189. tsutomu

    Got a new ride

    wow thats a sick new ride.. Congrat's!
  190. tsutomu

    Weekend Recap

    Wow same lure and weekend as last year. Next years memorial day weekend we going follow you!! congrat's on the ahi
  191. tsutomu

    5-30-2011 Good times good fish w/Video

    classic story nice.. Looks like the toad was to big for the fish box... Congrat's!
  192. tsutomu

    Seas was bad but....

    Nice catch guys.. Congrat's on the Ahi!
  193. tsutomu

    Waianae 3/2/11

    Yesterday we had to take a couple of celebrities for a quick dive in the morning. That would be Kimi and Captn Andy of the "Time Bandit" Drop them and their film crew back at the fuel dock about 11am and head out for some fishing. Water was hella rough again. Lots of scattered birds and piles...
  194. tsutomu

    Waianae yesterday

    nice one Jeff.. Congrat's on the Ahi!
  195. tsutomu


    Nice hebi PJ Good luck with the ahi on your next trip!
  196. tsutomu

    well today kicked my ass!

    sorry to hear about the rough day but as least your dues are paid. Next time you going put em in the box for sure!!!
  197. tsutomu

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    good times for sure... ahi cutting party at your house next!
  198. tsutomu

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    On tuesday we put "Lexi Ann" back in the water after 2 month of dry dock to repair some damage we got from the tsunami and for some upgrades. The crane puts us in the water at about 8am and then we top of at the fuel dock. Start heading for the west side at about 9 am. Our plan was to head for...
  199. tsutomu

    05/20 late waianae report

    nice ono B.. fish friday, dive saturday..... hunt on sunday????
  200. tsutomu

    5/20/11 West Side

  201. tsutomu

    May 23, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Looks like summer is in full swing on Maui. Great catches!! Been meaning to thank you guys for the "Start me Up" bag and goodies. :hali_olutta::hali_olutta: Thanks!
  202. tsutomu

    Late post waianae 5/14, 5/20

    ho fatty otaru.. congrat's!!!
  203. tsutomu

    The Apprentice

    Nice bullets! looks like winners for ahi season. I think your uncle was one of the guys who showed my sensei how to make lures years ago. Keep up the good work and bloodline.
  204. tsutomu

    Kaena ledge ono

    nice catch Randy!!
  205. tsutomu

    Got my little sled back

    Thanks guys. I definitely spent the money it took to do it right. But considering I don't have the 60 to 100k to upgrade to a Kami, Knife or similar, the cost for quality craftsmanship was well worth it. I wanted something solid that would last, which is why I went with a T-top. The fact...
  206. tsutomu

    5/1/2011 Holo Holo Kauai Style

    nice marlin.. sick video of it jumping out the back!
  207. tsutomu

    Got my little sled back

    Got my 18' force back yesterday and I'm super stoked. JS Marine did a sick job on the T-top and Ricky's upholstery did the enclosure. Josh @ JS marine went the extra mile with some fine points like custom outrigger mounts, seat mounts, pole holders and a lot of little things to convert my old...
  208. tsutomu

    one for the good guys

    I just wanted to share this... Sunday afternoon Josh calls me to see if there is any fish at the buoy's. He has no crew and no marina because of the tsunami so he's just bring 2 pole w/spinners, a king buster and a 5" lure. Couple hours later I get some pic text of a double mahi, then a stripey...
  209. tsutomu

    Late Report- HK 4-8-11

    those the days that keeps us fishing.. Congrat's guys!!!!1
  210. tsutomu

    Hi Kai - 04-13-11

    Nice day of fishing for sure. Enough strikes to keep you going and some fish for fuel and to eat! Thanks for putting the lure out there but its the good fisherman that catches the fish!!!
  211. tsutomu

    Hawaii Kai, 4/13/2010; 2-speed reel worth every penny

    Congrat's on the great solo catch!
  212. tsutomu


  213. tsutomu

    waianae 4-9-2010

    nice catch guys!
  214. tsutomu

    4-10-2011 A ledge day...

    Like that customs eye on the lure! Thank for the report.. guess we'll be on the look out for ducks.
  215. tsutomu

    Hualalai Tado's

    G'damit those are sick!
  216. tsutomu

    Bryans first Ahi

    Email me your address and I'll send them over.
  217. tsutomu

    Bryans first Ahi

    Congrat's on the ahi!!! Glad the lure accomplished its mission.:hali_olutta: You guy's can send the ahi's over to us now!
  218. tsutomu

    Waianae 4/5

    Nice catch Justin.. I haven't eaten Moana Kali long time.
  219. tsutomu

    4/1/11 South

    Thanks Johnny... let me know if you want one
  220. tsutomu

    4-4-11 Nerlie and me...

    Nice Pat!!! thanks for including the lure in the pic.
  221. tsutomu

    Hawaii Kai to Banks short day, 4/3/2010

    Nice catch Bob!
  222. tsutomu

    4/1/11 South

    Should be something in your mail box on monday. Are you fishing on weds? I heard it works good on everything but marlins. So far I hooked a blue in the tongue and this guy. Did have plenty that didn't stick so I not sure yet. Dam hooks are expensive. Go get em tomorrow! ha ha green machine...
  223. tsutomu

    Hi Kai - 3/30/11

    I'm glad the lure made it into your permanent line up! Thanks for putting it to use. I'll call you tomorrow about the solar info.
  224. tsutomu

    Hi Kai - 3/30/11

    Nice catch Russ...
  225. tsutomu

    Vomit head

    Like the scoop faces John.. Ono's and ahi's are going to slam those. Might want to cut the 1st step down a little more on the 1st head.
  226. tsutomu

    So - are HH and BO missing or not?

    Bo is there for sure.. saw it yesterday
  227. tsutomu

    Hawaii Kai 4/2/11

    Nice tuna short of a sweep!! been meaning to say your boat looks sick in your avatar pic.
  228. tsutomu

    4/1/11 South

    Went out for a day of fishing with my dad yesterday. Headed for bo but there was a boat already there. Picked up a mahi and small shibi there then worked outside. Lots of piles here and there, lots of misses and we broke a hebi off at the boat on a 5" lure. Had enough fish by lunch time so we...
  229. tsutomu

    Coming out of the closet.........

    awesome lures as always!!! Like someone said earlier Ron has been turning out sick bisques for a long long time...
  230. tsutomu

    steve coggn lures

    I 2nd that!! Shitz nuggets I need more practice...
  231. tsutomu

    Waianae Sat. March 19

    Nice fish guys!
  232. tsutomu

    Crazy weekend

    Russ... must be something good going on for you to be that way??? Hope those strikes turn into catches for you soon. Thanks again for giving it a try! Yeah boat owners boss... you know the big one... didn't like the idea of leaving the family behind. I thought for sure we were going out as...
  233. tsutomu


    thats cool.... i should try that on the ahi's
  234. tsutomu

    Lure-Making 101/102 Student Work

    I grew up reading all the "fishing hawaii style" books. I still look threw and read them once in awhile. I think all 3 volumes have info on lure making and "off shore hunter" has some good info on how shapes perform. I haven't picked up the lure making book yet but all the older books has help...
  235. tsutomu

    Heads that need new dresses

    ho thats some pretty neat shapes you got going there Joe. I like it!!! the last red one is my favorite.
  236. tsutomu

    Crazy weekend

    After saving the boat on friday and checking to make sure all was well above and below we pulled into alawai to get ready for the mitches. The tournament was a good way to relax after the craziness of thursday night and friday. La Mariana is completely wiped out from the tsunami. On day one we...
  237. tsutomu

    Spreader bars in HI?

    i'm sure the boats will accommodate you if you want to try the bars. But it's probably a better idea to let the capt./crew do their thing if you want the best chance at catching fish.
  238. tsutomu

    Sticky Skirts

    Jeff.. you can try Pledge, the kind for furniture. works for me. i'll email you later about the paint. shoots!
  239. tsutomu

    Solid colored inserts

    Very nice!
  240. tsutomu

    a little help please.

    I agree with Capt G... I don't use glitter often but when I do I buy it from fiberglass hawaii... Saves you the headache of trying and testing different glitters. The ones made for resin work good.
  241. tsutomu

    new head

    Finally have a new shape and size to share. No new paint schemes but I'm pretty happy with this one. 14 inch short corner bait I call "super moke" Hope you guys like it....
  242. tsutomu

    Waianae 2/19/11

    Nice catch.. :hali_olutta:
  243. tsutomu

    "V" Producing

    Nice catch Joey!!
  244. tsutomu

    Monkey off the back

    Nice load!!! Congrats! Save some fish for us next time.
  245. tsutomu

    Dolphin pattern

    i second that!!
  246. tsutomu

    February 14, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Nice, good to see the striped marlin are around there to! Congrat's on the catches!
  247. tsutomu


    Nice catch Pat! i think you gotta get a bigger fish box, summer time comes and you'll fill that one up in no time. i see the old faithful lure is still in one piece and still producing!
  248. tsutomu

    T-Top Dealers and Outboard Engine

    Call josh @ Js marine #864-4315 Email is [email protected] he does really good work for t-tops
  249. tsutomu

    Let's See Your Lures

    a few in action!
  250. tsutomu

    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    Headed out of sand island yesterday at 6am headed toward BO. The buoy has some boats already there so we decide to slide down west. We get a knock down in the morning then nothing much going on. About lunch time we miss our 2nd fish and then a little while later take a double stripey and land...
  251. tsutomu

    a little vedio entertainment

    Just a little video i made for fun. hope you guys enjoy it. thanks
  252. tsutomu

    feb 4 2011

    Nice mahi's Ian, glad the lure worked for you. thanks!
  253. tsutomu

    2-5-2011 Small action with a swim w/Video

    Another great vid! I like the blueberry stick bait and the new avatar lure is sick!
  254. tsutomu

    02-05-11 Banker's Hours Part II

    Sorry to hear of the big girl that broke loose but you sure are putting a lot of them in the boat! Congrats on another great catch!
  255. tsutomu

    Great day 2-5-11

    Nice catch josh!
  256. tsutomu

    Good start 1/30/11

    Set out from "La Mariana" yesterday for our 1st run of 2011. The water was super flat as we ran down to BO. Nothing at BO for us so we start to work toward the cup. Few miles later the rigger comes down but doesn't stick, then the other side comes down and after a few more whacks we come tight...
  257. tsutomu

    1-22-2011 Found some fish w/Video

    Great vid Nick. Congrat's on your guys pinocchio's!
  258. tsutomu


    Thats a fatty Hebi... good going Pat!
  259. tsutomu

    Some lures for Cabo H.E.L.

    Very nice!
  260. tsutomu

    Molokai and Maui Bound

    Those is the Ahi killers!!! I really like the long cut face. is that one new?
  261. tsutomu

    1/8/11 Town Mahimahi

    Good going one the mahi Steve. knew a band called Surftout. Were you in that band?
  262. tsutomu

    1-8-2011 town

    Nice catch! Looks like tricky Ricky comes through again!
  263. tsutomu

    7 in. lures going to Isla Mujeres

    i like #3 on the left but they all look nice and clean!
  264. tsutomu


    Here are a few 12" plungers i just finished. I got the blue/gold and blue/yellow/white skirts from a friend for cheap and tried to match them up. I had to repainting inserts a couple of times, its hard to see in the pic but the top lures blue hat has a few coats that make it shine some greens...
  265. tsutomu

    FINALLY back in the shop.

    Great looking stuff Jeff. good to hear you're healed up and back at it!
  266. tsutomu

    Something Fishy

    So Sick! Great work..
  267. tsutomu

    Skirted up

    Very nice. I especially like the top one. Looks sick with the salmon.
  268. tsutomu

    7" Stocking stuffer

    This ones going into some ones stocking. Pretty happy with the way it matched up. Hwn style ice blue, everyone here has a lure with this skirt combo. Maybe I should make myself one as well.
  269. tsutomu

    Waianae 12/12

    Congrat's Zack.. awesome catch
  270. tsutomu

    Mahi action with the brother in laws

    Nice catch... Mahi head soup must be hitting the spot in this weather.
  271. tsutomu

    Kaneohe 12/9

    Nice one Brandon.
  272. tsutomu

    HK 12/5

    Thank guys! K... I've been wondering why you haven't been out there. What's wrong with the machine and how much longer til you back? Ah.. the 5" blue fish bullet was going good... lots and lots of small malolo around. The 7" blk/purple cut face did good too. Fish was hungry though, I...
  273. tsutomu


    Sorry to hear about that. I felt the 1st hand effect of being robbed earlier this year. It sucks but on the other hand there are more important thing as you well know. Thoughts and prayers for you wife and family.... Hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday season. aloha
  274. tsutomu

    Copy Cat

    Killer scoop face!
  275. tsutomu

    KANEOHE 12/5

    Nice catch as always Capt!
  276. tsutomu

    Makaha Mahi Mahi

    Good going on the mahi Joey. Great memories for your boy and fresh fish for dinner!!
  277. tsutomu

    HK 12/5

    Yesterday we set out from HK and turned left. Soon after we cleared the point we started finding open schools and taking a lot of blind strikes. Found a nice floater and baited a few then back to lures. Lost a nice hebi next to the boat. Back on the dock at 6:45. Nothing big but lots of action...
  278. tsutomu

    A few more ready to

    Nice Work.. I really like the little black snipper on the bottom.
  279. tsutomu

    Results of JR's 101/102

    I just realized it's Ron B. Saw the video of the screamer marlin, sorry you lost the fish and the lure. Might as well just run all of your own creations from now on. They look good and work good too!!!
  280. tsutomu

    9" Balloon Fish

    Another sick one!! Post the Ahi you catch with it this weekend!
  281. tsutomu

    Results of JR's 101/102

    Very nice shapes... Ono's love them ice blue lures!!!
  282. tsutomu


    Thanks guys... hopefully they make it into some local braddah's stockings for Christmas. Franks... Those went to a local shop but whenever you ready just let me know which ones. I down for a trade.
  283. tsutomu


    We cancelled fishing this past sunday because we thought the wind was going to blow. Turns out the wind came down and the tunas were biting aaggghh! At least I got to finish these up.
  284. tsutomu

    farting around

    Very nice Mark!
  285. tsutomu

    Thoughts on the different brand skirts

    I like Yozuri skirts the best. They make them on point every time and it has slimmer hips which keeps a nice line from the head through the skirts. I like OC colors but the cut and color is inconsistant and they're a little thick. I agree with Capt. G about the eyes, either get eyes skirts or...
  286. tsutomu


    Thanks for the input guys!
  287. tsutomu

    The Real McCoy

    Yes in deed, you can put Ron's work up there with the best.
  288. tsutomu


    Ah maybe I'll post it later.. going to make a few more heavy one soon. I'll save one for you!!! Shanus... The cup faced pearl with the side ports looks sick!
  289. tsutomu


    here's a few thats been pretty good for us. 9" stuff 7" stuff
  290. tsutomu


    I'm thinking of pinching the nose to keep the lines of the head similar to the lines of the insert... I think the purple one with the pinched nose looks better but a fatter face makes for more splashy splash..... Any thoughts?
  291. tsutomu

    Let's See Your Lures

    Thanks Mike!...... i hope to see all the battle scared lures although I'm sure those are kept under lock and key.
  292. tsutomu

    "Glands" FBS

    Very interesting information and good looking lure. Thanks Capt. G
  293. tsutomu

    Let's See Your Lures

    Aloha, just thought I'd revive this old thread with a couple of lures that have been good to us. thanks <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  294. tsutomu

    Cracked Shell

    wow nice work!
  295. tsutomu

    I got a 12 incher to show you

    One of my favorite lure makers, that one is sick!! Is it a Locknut?
  296. tsutomu


    Congrat's Pat!! Awesome catch..
  297. tsutomu

    Few new ones..

    Thanks all!! Frank, think your plastics are killer, maybe we should work out a trade? Yes sir.... Hope there will be a few being dragged around Maui!!!
  298. tsutomu

    KANEOHE 10/24

    Saw you guys leaving the parking lot at the can. Looks like that was the right call for the day. Congrat's on the big marlin!!
  299. tsutomu

    Few new ones..

    Turned these last week. 12" and 9" plunger, couple of 9" bullets and a couple of scoop jets... thanks!
  300. tsutomu

    This is Hawaii

    Nice Load!!
  301. tsutomu

    Kaneohe 9OCT10

    nice catch!
  302. tsutomu

    Kaneohe 10/6

  303. tsutomu

    little bullet

    Haven't made any new shapes or paint jobs in awhile, just been admiring everyone else's work. Finally got something to show, this one is a 5.5 bullet. Turned it friday, tried in on sat and thankfully it worked. Got a mahi on it and missed something else. Black top blue fade malolo style paint job.
  304. tsutomu

    Hk Sat. 10-2

    Headed straight out from hk yesterday about 7 am and spent the day looking for open schools. We only found 2 all day and was lucky enough to get these mahi. Got the ono just as we hit the banks. There was a good amount of tiny aku around but no big strikes off of them. Hopefully someone got the...
  305. tsutomu

    P-Banks this morning

    Awesome catch Randy.. I'll get you some new ones as well as a replacement soon.
  306. tsutomu

    Question for Hawaii Fishermen??

    Aloha Mark, I''ll take a stab at your question's. Like Matt said probably the main reason is that we eat them. Seems like a lot of people who don't live in Hawaii think that marlin meat isn't very good but if you know how to prepare it, it is very good. Let's just say that marlin is...
  307. tsutomu

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    Congrat's again Jeff... Great video! Maybe I gotta switch the 12's and 14's for some 5" on circles.
  308. tsutomu

    HK 9-26

    Thank you everyone. Nick, John, and Allen... I really admire and respect the work you guy do. Keep turning out those killer lures! Walter, glad to hear you have that one and it's getting bit.. seems like you're the marlin man and I hope you hang a big one on that lure soon. Thanks...
  309. tsutomu

    Waianae last week

    Good going Randy! When you going again?
  310. tsutomu

    HK 9-26

    Yesterday we headed out of Koko Marina and ran out. Shortly after setting up we had a nice size marlin take the center, pulled some line for awhile then come off. After looking around for awhile the center goes again and we get a nice bull mahi. Maybe #30?.... It pretty slow out but there are...
  311. tsutomu


    Congrat's on the Ahi's Jon!
  312. tsutomu

    New Guy lure pics

    Very Nice! I like the clean lines from the head to the skirts. good Job.
  313. tsutomu

    Prayers Answered

    happy to hear the good news. Continued well wishes to your family!
  314. tsutomu

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    Awesome fish... Congrat's!! Looks like a Futa stinger was the magic bait!!!
  315. tsutomu

    8-25 Waianae

    Keako... call in sick and go get one!! Nah I'll try to swing some by since you gotta doggie sit now.
  316. tsutomu

    Waianae 8-26-2010

    Nice fish and welcome aboard!
  317. tsutomu

    Waianae 8/26/10

    Slamming the marlins...congrat's!! Good looking lure too!
  318. tsutomu

    8-25 Waianae

    We left Koolina and headed for BO first thing in the morning. No one home there so we kept going out. There was a lot of birds coming down the 1500 so we turn right and about 5 mins later the center goes. This guy jumps all over the place then gives up and comes to the boat easy. Maybe about...
  319. tsutomu


    Congrat's on the great day!
  320. tsutomu

    8-22-2010 Giant Bird Pile, Otaru and Mahi Mahi With Video

    Great vid as always Nick. Your dad sounds just like my dad, makes the vid even better. So classic listening to his comments! :rofl:
  321. tsutomu

    2 days 1 fish

    Scott,.. I should be dropping some 7" stuff there next week. Hopefully a few more weeks for the 9" ...
  322. tsutomu

    Waianae 8/20/10

    Congrat's on the Ahi!!
  323. tsutomu

    2 days 1 fish

    Kekoa.. thats the same lure, my friend lost one of those on thurs to a big marlin. Jason.. i think Roy's has some bullets if you want to check them out, [email protected] is my email. Thanks!
  324. tsutomu

    First Marlin

    Great fish.... Congrat's!
  325. tsutomu


    blue salmon and blk purple for us.
  326. tsutomu

    2 days 1 fish

    went out on weds and worked an area outside flotilla, 1st thing in the morning we take a screamer on the rigger and look back to se a very big marlin blowing up the ocean. The fish tail walks in a big circle and cuts the main line. Later in the day we pull the hooks on a nice tuna. We end that...
  327. tsutomu

    waianae 8/9

    you guys killing it! Congrats
  328. tsutomu

    Show me your pics! Best catches for 2010!

    this was the 1st one of the year with Kimi, got it the week after the fever. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"...
  329. tsutomu

    Request for prayers

    continued prayers and well wishes to your wife and family..
  330. tsutomu

    7/27 a couple

    scott 9" blk/purple under, same one from the fever but didn't have the original colors at the shop. russ, that ones a 7" bullet purple/blk bars and silver. Think roy's has one left but its skirted and hanging. Thanks! <a...
  331. tsutomu

    7/27 a couple

    Yesterday we came out of Koolina and ran north around the corner then way outside. Nothing going on out there but on the way back we picked up the mahi and lost one a little later. Got back to the inside late and picked the ono's up, 3 passes 4 ono's, 1 cut line and 2 misses. thank goodness for...
  332. tsutomu

    north shore marlin

    Was hanging out after the Haleiwa arts festival when my friend told me someone was off loading a big marlin at the ramp. I down know these guys and since its not on BD yet I figure I'd post it. Guys down there was saying it was 800 plus, biggest marlin I've seen in person. Congrat's to whoever...
  333. tsutomu


    Nice one Pat, congrat's!!
  334. tsutomu

    7/13/10 Kaneohe

    Nice load.. congrat's!!
  335. IMGP3014


  336. drren ono:lure

    drren ono:lure

  337. darren ahi:lure

    darren ahi:lure

  338. tsutomu

    7/9/10 west shore friday

    Went got out on friday and was lucky enough to pick one up out side kaena point. The fish went #177 gutted the next day, we also pick up a ono running home at 15 knots. <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  339. tsutomu

    Waianae 6/30

  340. tsutomu

    Pictures how we eat.

    who knows what this is??
  341. tsutomu

    Couple of Bullets

    Not sure exactly what you're making but I just paint mines with model paint and a cheap air brush gun. let me know if you have any other questions. Aloha
  342. tsutomu

    Kauai fishing Report 6-14-10 better late then never

    Nice toads!! Congrat's
  343. tsutomu

    Our #221 saturday

    Thanks! Roy's fishing supply has some. If you not on Oahu, i should have some by monday and can send it to you.
  344. tsutomu

    Our #221 saturday

    Thanks guys! Took a couple days and a lot of people congratulating form all island to realize "wow we just won Ahi Fever" how crazy/lucky is that. Yup that was us, i knew you guys looked familiar holding those Budweiser's Good to meet you guys. Congrat's to you!! 5g's and a fat ahi...
  345. tsutomu

    Our #221 saturday

    We got really lucky on sat. fishing the in "The Fever". We headed north with everyone else and then out. As soon as we set up we get a small mahi and a couple hours later a double ono. Rest of the morning is pretty slow and then at about lunch time while riding around with a bunch of other boats...
  346. tsutomu

    Kai "Nana's" weekend and then some...

    Congrat's on the fish Pat!! Tried to radio you on sunday but didn't know about the name change. Good going!
  347. tsutomu

    Is HH Bouy gone?

    It was there couple weeks ago.. way off the mark almost under water the day we found it.
  348. tsutomu

    Comment by 'tsutomu' in media 'MDGC0905 (3)'

    how do you paint your inserts, and get your resin so clear.
  349. tsutomu

    4-28 banks

    Yeah we had plenty of misses too, i think mahi's was just fickle, maybe more of a reaction bite then feeding. We took our share of cracks out there, had to hang on to your beer so no spill for sure. nope not my boat hella to rough... had the pleasure of fishing on the "Lexi Ann" Force 30...
  350. tsutomu

    4-28 banks

    picked the mahi's up in singles all in the blind, found a nice bird pile but not much was biting, ended the day with a triple ono bite.
  351. tsutomu


    Nice Load Scott!! The water isn't so bad as long as you're putting the fish in the box right? Look into JS Marine for your t-top Josh does really good work. 864-4315
  352. tsutomu


    I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone here, those who called, texted and emailed. I really appreciate all the help and support. It feels good to know so many people are willing to help when your down. Thank you again everyone.
  353. tsutomu

    east end 3/20/10

    Boat trouble in the morning made for a late start on Sat. Couldn't find T so we head out to MM, dead there but found a pile a little more outside. 5 bagger right as we get to the pile and we get them all. As we climb back up to the pile we see a small crate, and take a double. It's already late...
  354. tsutomu

    Trolling speed?

    In my favorite conditions "flat" I like about 8 knots but most time I just go what ever speed the ocean allows. Aloha Fred, do you think that high speed trolling less productive because of the noise and wash an outboard motor makes? Maybe just a excuse I like to lean on but when i fish with...
  355. tsutomu

    hawaiian lure

    Try contact "5 oceans 7 seas" I think that guy sells his lures there. Location: 24 Sand Island Access Rd. Honolulu, HI, 96819 Phone: (808) 843-8111 Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  356. tsutomu

    Pictures how we eat.

    lucky in deed!! no need catch, no need clean, no need cook, just crack the beers and EAT!! Aj going try that style next time it sound good. Russ's spicy tuna looks really good and the smoke marlin picture as well!!
  357. tsutomu

    Pictures how we eat.

    yo Jesse, the spam is mainly for when we don't catch fish. I've been eating a lot of spam lately. Moana Kali is my favorite goat fish, got to try the saimin thing next time. Tell you the secret way to steam fish, you not going to want to cook it this way but once you do you probably won't...
  358. tsutomu

    Pictures how we eat.

    Maybe we can keep a thread going about what our catches looks like on the table? Here is a couple to start: Breakfast of fried Akule and Kinilau. Kona crab poke! Anyone else want to share??
  359. tsutomu

    Hand lining for akule

    Aloha Capt. Clay I sent you a reply email, hit me back when you have time and I'll mail a couple your way. shoots
  360. tsutomu

    Hand lining for akule

    we use black line, gotta stretch em out really good 1st or it's going to get tangled a lot the first time you use it. Electric tape on the fingers works too. Flutter em on the way down and pull up really slow. good luck!
  361. tsutomu

    Tsunami Double...

    Congrat's Pat how big was the stripy, looks good size.
  362. tsutomu

    Fishing slow....lure making

    Russ, feel free to PM me if you need help getting started.
  363. tsutomu

    Banks Run

    Thanks Daniel.. Since he already posted the head.. here's a look mines. Gotta hit Kekoa if you want the magic skirt combo. I haven't caught anything on mines yet but I'm hoping it'll work during Ahi season.
  364. tsutomu

    Are super ninja heads better than other fish heads?

    My email [email protected] Thanks!!! Maui Sporting Good in Wailuku Maui is the only tackle store they are in. But if you live on oahu you can come by the shop if you want to see them in person Anyone else from the islands who stumbles upon this and wants to try something, feel...
  365. tsutomu

    The banks...

    Really good advice here. As we all know the weather man is wrong a lot of the time. I like to have a day of nice water the day before I go and a forecast that it will be nice the day of and the day after. Also good to find out from guys who have been out the day before on what the water was...
  366. tsutomu

    Banks Run

    Right on Kekoa... Thanks for letting the lure ride with you.
  367. tsutomu

    Got Her Wet

    Congrat's on the Mahi's.... Good way to start off the sweet new ride.
  368. tsutomu

    1/29 Hawaii Kai

    Thank you everyone. Water was flat in the morning then SW about lunch time but not to bad. hopefully it was a sign of better fishing and more reports for everyone. Best of luck out there!
  369. tsutomu

    Are super ninja heads better than other fish heads?

    I agree with RJ as well, you gotta pull the lures that give you the good vibes. Like mentioned the plus side of a super ninja is they catch fish and don't break. Thanks to you guys who are giving my stuff a try. I really appreciate it! I think matsu's and hawaiiansea lures make great stuff as...
  370. tsutomu

    1/29 Hawaii Kai

    Ran out to the banks on fri. and found some action. Not long after setting up we got 2 mahi's, then we found a small pile and took a triple shibi. Set back up and continued out and then took a shibi/mahi double. With enough fish and the cold ones flowing we decided to head back early. Lucky day...
  371. tsutomu

    Polishing resin heads?

    I just use Turtle Wax, wipe it on with my finger and use a old shirt to wipe it off. Keep it on the lathe while polishing.
  372. tsutomu

    Polishing resin heads?

    Aloha, Like Jesse said a lathe is a good place to start. A bondo file, a regular file, Then wet sand paper starting from 180, 320, 600, 1500. Apply polish and wipe with rag. Hope this helps.
  373. Stripey #2

    Stripey #2

  374. russell marlin2

    russell marlin2

  375. Ahi #4

    Ahi #4

  376. ahi7


  377. IMGP0679


  378. Ahi #3

    Ahi #3

  379. Kimi Ahi:lure

    Kimi Ahi:lure

  380. blaze Mahi

    blaze Mahi

  381. brando Marlin#2

    brando Marlin#2

  382. IMGP1286


  383. IMGP1014


  384. IMGP0978


  385. IMGP2014


  386. IMGP0880


  387. IMGP2010


  388. tsutomu

    New guy lure pics

    Nice work!
  389. tsutomu

    Hi Kai - 1/09/2010

    Nice Aku!
  390. tsutomu

    New Years Eats for 2010

    Alan, Can I come eat at your house for New Years to?
  391. tsutomu

    Sticky Skirts

    Pledge works too
  392. tsutomu

    HH Marlin

    Right on Jeff!! Sure that makes up for the other week when you were sick. Congrat's!
  393. tsutomu

    Comment by 'tsutomu' in media 'GetAttachment.aspx'

    Very nice. how did you get the eye to be red and still be able to see the inlay?
  394. tsutomu

    Haleiwa 12/22/09

    Nice catch Ryan!
  395. tsutomu

    South Side 12/16

    good going on the Mahi's, early morning fish makes for easy drinking afternoons!!! :food-smiley-014:
  396. tsutomu

    Some new stuff by "Happy Ending Lures"

    WOW!! I can't decide which one I like the best. Beautiful work as always.
  397. tsutomu

    east end

    Thanks all!! Sounds like there are a few fish on your side Jones. hope you get a chance to get out there soon. dam right! Russ we went on sunday, water was nice but big swells. MM was fine, we got the Ono on lures. got there late, dragged the saltiga and king king w/ no luck. If the...
  398. tsutomu

    Almost...In the Dark

    That's a stout Onaga!! good going on that one..
  399. tsutomu

    east end

    I haven't fished my boat for 2 months. Left hk and ran up to makapuu and around the corner. Found a really nice aku pile in the area of T but couldn't get any. My friends got some nice ones out of the pile #10 kind size. At the M we managed to scrap a ono. Nice boat ride the whole way there and...
  400. tsutomu

    Windward 12/3

    congrat's on the great catch!!!
  401. tsutomu

    Givin' Thanks...

    congrat's Pat... awesome fish!!!!! was it on the soft head or the repaired Kai'io magic bait?
  402. tsutomu

    South Shore

    Wanted to share this nice catch the guys aboard the "True Grit" got on Sat. They set out at 7 am. from sand island and worked straight, toward the buoy. They found the aku pile first then the mahi's a few miles after. Hopefully its a sign that things are picking up out there.
  403. tsutomu

    Couple of Bullets

    Here's a couple of heavy bullets that i made this weekend. Thanks for looking!!
  404. tsutomu

    Show me some pics!

    I wish I had some great secret to share but the truth is we've just been lucky this year. Just plain lucky and I'm thankful for that. :hali_olutta:
  405. tsutomu

    Show me some pics!

    One day I hope to find a pile like that w/those results. Great pics everyone! Russ I mostly fish west side unless the wind is way down. Planning to get a curtain soon so we can fish more places and not get soaked.
  406. tsutomu

    Show me some pics!

    great idea starting this thread Russ. All this wind has been a bummer but looking back 09 has been pretty good. my cousin with #1 for the year Kimi's 1st and 2nd, hope there will be more to come. 1st stripey on the little boat a nice blue also got this nice one on a...
  407. tsutomu

    Creating Lead Insert Question

    i think the easiest way is to take the shape from your resin mold, then grind the resin down so it fits into the mold 1/8" clearance. most guys use a square shape. they sell electric melting pots but they're small, probably can find it online. Lead can be hard to get/pricey to buy. Ask around...
  408. tsutomu

    Ideal Boat Wish!

    for me it would be a 33 Kami or 30 Knife. big but still can trailer to whatever side of the island the fish is.
  409. tsutomu

    here's a few skirted ones..

    Aloha Mike PM sent Original post is kind of old so I must have deleted the pics off photobucket. Here's a couple: Thanks Rob... The set you made looks great! I like the shell insert and the short pearl head. Keep pulling them, they going catch fish!!!
  410. tsutomu

    cutting the shoulders

    I'll try to explain a little more of Magic's post... Use the blade to take away the tacky resin, then the file to shape the shoulders and back to the blade to make a clean edge on the steps. I'll try to post some pics when I get back from Cali. I find going medium speed when using the file...
  411. tsutomu

    rocket launchers fabrication

    Josh does really good work, you should give him a call
  412. tsutomu

    Big and Little

    Looks like a couple of winners!! Nice shape on the big one. Is it a 16" lures??
  413. tsutomu

    small bullet

    here's a little bullet that I hope will work in Cali.
  414. tsutomu

    Resin heads

    Troy... PM me!!
  415. tsutomu

    "On the short corner"

    nice catch Pat!!
  416. tsutomu

    Insert Help

    Crow has good points that you should definately try... also you can try to sand the lead insert so it sicks better and make sure that when you wrap the reflective paper around it overlaps itself, maybe 1/4".. If your insert looks good before you pour your lead shape should be okay. Also...
  417. tsutomu

    Fabricator for Aluminum Tower

    JS Marine does sick towers... [email protected] or call Josh 864-4315
  418. tsutomu

    Saturday 8-22 East Side

    nice catch.. you guy's on a roll for sure.
  419. tsutomu

    8/22/09 went to the ledge...

    Right on Pat!! Congrat's on the fatty.
  420. tsutomu

    Lucky Day 8/17

  421. tsutomu

    Lucky Day 8/17

    Ha, yeah we went to grab a bin and said Damn #195 plus the one you guys had iced. We didn't really fell like taking pictures after that. Good going on yours, wish I could have taken a close look at that magic lure. Thanks for posting pics. Thanks Pat.. the nairagi is kind of orange. We'll...
  422. IMGP0579


  423. IMGP0766


  424. IMGP0457


  425. IMGP0745


  426. IMGP0819


  427. IMGP0761


  428. tsutomu

    Lucky Day 8/17

    Yesterday we left waianae at 5:30 and played around S as the sun was just cracking. The area looks good lots of birds around, see some aku's splashing. We try to get a couple of aku for the dinner but have no luck so we head out and start working toward Kaena. Just outside of the R the long...
  429. tsutomu

    Sunday 8-16

    I saw that fish sitting on the scales at the block when we pulled up. That thing was a monster. Good going on the 2 Ahi's AJ!!! I hope we get one like that someday.
  430. tsutomu

    fish heads

    Those are 12" heads but I was thinking of making some green in a small size. i don't make green very often so if you see a light tackle one in green shoot me aline and I'll send you one. I didn't forget about sending you some smaller stuff to fish. Maui's got me tied up right now..
  431. tsutomu

    white pearl head polyester resin help

    i get that smell every time i pour in bulk.. you get used to it after awhile haha or some times i use a resperator..
  432. tsutomu

    It's not the size of your boat.....or is it?

    Medium boat say 24' to 26' would be the most fishable. I understand the small boat no need crew but I a medium boat gives you more range and comfort/safety. My pop's is 60 something and still fishes his 26' solo. Nothing worse then hearing the tunas going off at 20 plus miles but the wind is...
  433. tsutomu

    white pearl head polyester resin help

    If it's the same pearl that I'm using, comes in a powder you do need to add the white. I think the opaque is the same as violet pearl and that will give you a strawberry pearl color but you need to use enough to get out the clear. Like Capo said catalyst goes last, mix the pearl into the resin...
  434. tsutomu


    you can get your shell inserts here Mother of Pearl Shell Veneer from Aqua Blue Maui or POP has them... you can also use a small flat sander to shake the bubble out when making your RVT molds.. not as good as vaccum but gets the job done.
  435. tsutomu

    fish heads

    turned these guys last night.. hope you enjoy!!
  436. tsutomu

    Congratulations, waynesworld (BD)!!

    my friend that i fish with sent me this today.. he runs his RT flat line close 60' max and catches a lot of nice marlin on it. this one was to spent to release... Magic Lures = fish for real!!!!
  437. tsutomu

    couple of scoops

    made these for BicolBoy along with a blunt bullet. Sorry for the long wait C.. hope you enjoy!!!
  438. tsutomu

    Hey El Capo!

    Ha... I've been doing the same thing as you... Fishing, surfing... SLACKING!!! its summer why not and you can add drinking to my list. Look forward to seeing the next batch!!!
  439. tsutomu

    Resin heads

    I have both but two piece molds are probably better... good luck
  440. tsutomu

    Resin heads

    I use clear casting resin.. sounds like the same one use mentioned..
  441. tsutomu

    Any tips for someone just starting out?

    Graham.. feel free to PM me if you have questions and Good luck!
  442. tsutomu

    Hey El Capo!

    Wow that a fricken hugh Mahi.. congrat's to the both of you. It's been awhile since you've posted pictures of lures Capo. What do you have brewing in your magic pot these days????
  443. tsutomu

    waianae 7/21

    Thank you everyone!! thats my cousin in the pic, normally fish with him. I've tried but I'm not good enough to catch fish solo yet. Capt. Don I gotta wipe the drool off my chin every time I see pics. of your boat. my pops has a 26 funai but you have the dream boat for sure. I haven't...
  444. tsutomu

    waianae 7/21

    we worked the pinnacle at first light, got a ono and lost a lure to one. the 1500 looked dead to the power plant, came back down the 1000 and got this marlin. Sucker screamed out a bunch of line, then fought straight up and down. Thought it was going to be a toad ahi all the way until color.
  445. tsutomu

    whatta ya think????

    you can go City Mill and buy the rubber stopper then drill out the whole. Cheaper then buying them from a tackle supplier. Or you can drill the brass out in the back of the head so your crimp just fits, pull the crimp into the drill out whole to lock hooks in place. shoots!
  446. tsutomu

    lures for sale

    Thanks for the shout out RJ. Don't be afraid to loose them I'll make you more. Mingo, if it ends up you can't find the ninja, feel free to contact me. shoots!
  447. tsutomu

    Fishing Maui

    JS marine builds some sick towers.. Call Josh 808-864-4315 or email [email protected]
  448. tsutomu

    J buoy Gone?

    pretty sure it's gone.. played that area twice last week and didn't se it.
  449. tsutomu

    Waianae 7/6

    Sorry about the hard day... Would have been awesome to land one solo but I guess you gotta take double the heart ache to achieve double the trill. Good luck on the next one!!
  450. tsutomu

    Novice Trolling Lure Maker - Bleeding Mac

    yeah great talking with you the other day. Sounds like Gary is having a good time up there. hopefully i'll make it up there one day and we can have a few. Aloha!!!
  451. tsutomu

    Novice Trolling Lure Maker - Bleeding Mac

    Very nice work!! Can't wait to see the next batch..
  452. tsutomu

    Question about shibis and aku

    I don't do to much deeper jigging unless it's absolutely a must but here's a little help. Shimano butter fly jig works but its hard work, use a spinner with power pro and floro top shot. Drop it down deep/like 300' and jig up. This normally works. The hand line one that you see might be a...
  453. tsutomu

    Kaneohe 6/28

    nice load of mahi's.. I heard the price is really good right now.
  454. tsutomu

    Creampuff variations by Happy Ending Lures

    I think its safe to say that every local guy here has at least 2 pearl heads. They're not the nicest heads but for some reason they catch a lot of fish. Pearl heads match well with most skit combo's. I bet if you start a thread in the hawaii section to show your pearls you would see every color...
  455. tsutomu

    New Spreader With Bird..Hawaii here I come.

    i think you really got something good going with your style of bars. Between Gary, Miguel and myself you got plenty of help with resin. I think should be make some resin heads for your bars. Let me know if you need help... shoots!!
  456. tsutomu

    New Spreader With Bird..Hawaii here I come.

    they both look great... send them on down!!! thanks
  457. tsutomu

    New Spreader Bars Freshly Made! Tsutomu look at your new toy

    oh yeah.. looks great!! can't wait to try it out. thanks again for everything Jesse.. Aloha
  458. tsutomu

    "Goofy II" The Skip and Dip Lure

    what the?? how come i never seen that one before?? now i know your secret mahi colors..haha.. looks like a sick bait and the fish agree. Great work as always!!!
  459. tsutomu

    A Passionate Fisherman

    I can't remember where I read this but sounds like a good plan. Go down to the docks and find a charter that you like/seems cool. Find out what type of beer the captain drinks. Come back at the end of a charter day with the beers and offer the captain a drink and to help clean up/wash boat. Do...
  460. tsutomu

    Icey Blue???

    Ice blue seems like its been pretty consistent but I've heard just about every color has been working. We took this one on a ice blue-ish combo <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  461. tsutomu

    Kimi get's 2

    For all you ol' salts, that forgot the thrill of catching your 1st Ahi... You can read the story in Kimi's words here: Thanks! going to be in Malibu for the 2009 spear fishing nationals.. how far is that from you? If...
  462. tsutomu

    N'other Double Ahi

    good going on the double and good luck today! we'll be wait for the update
  463. tsutomu

    Kimi get's 2

    So we went out just past the 1000 yesterday and was lucky enough to get 2. The 1st fish bit just as the first rays of light came over the mountain. 5 am bite, gave is a little trouble at gaff but in the box at about 6 am. Pink/white 7" jet......#2 slammed a ice blue scoop jet on the short corner...
  464. tsutomu

    Got one!

    yo Scott, I'm not sure on the leader, normally run #250 or #300.. Marlin stuff I'll go #400... Trailer hook outside the mouth on the hook up but it was the second one at the boat and he had some slack line while we worked one the first one. Thanks for helping Kimi out and pulling for her. I...
  465. tsutomu

    surface runner for wahoodad by Happy Ending Lures

    that's the Ahi killer right there. nice work as always!
  466. tsutomu


    Congrat's on the fish!!
  467. tsutomu

    Got one!

    thanks for helping kimi out!!! I heard fish came up within your reach, hopefully you have time to go this week. PM me later. That skirt combo is just a flashy root beer over kajiki. I call that one the scooped face chicano!! Steve.. where going to fly out to Maui on thurs or fri. but...
  468. tsutomu

    Name it.....

    That's a sick looking one Matt!! I think you should call it "The black Mamba" deadly strikes to come...
  469. tsutomu

    Got one!

    Fished sat. on a friends boat and ended up with 2, sounded like everyone was out and a lot of guys caught fish from V to R and out to the pinnacle. Took the little force out on sun. thankfully the water was a lot nicer. We took a double in the blind, broke the 1st one off at leader but was lucky...
  470. tsutomu

    Pirates catch

    Glad you got out there dave and good going on the fish. Seems like most of the mahi around are small and we just got lucky on the bull. I think the 5" bait is a smart choice right now for the mahi's. all my friends catching marlin, call me crazy but I dying to catch one on my boat. I going...
  471. tsutomu

    Pirates catch

    my friend Josh "True Grit" got this one early this week out on the banks. yesterday HH was slow so we worked down west a little and picked up some mahi. Came in early cause the kid was in bad shape. Threw up 8 times but he toughed it out long enough to get this nice one. <a...
  472. tsutomu

    2009 Nationals fundraiser t-shirt

    Aloha everyone, My girlfriend is fundraising for this years Nationals. T-shirt is of an oil painting she did. If you're interested please go to If this post is breaking any BD rule's I apologize, just trying to help her out. Thanks!
  473. tsutomu


    sup Kekoa, it's kimi's boy here.. welcome BD, we fish the south side a lot so hope to be trading info w/ you. shoots!!
  474. tsutomu


    Thats a hot shape!!! I bet she wiggle's with the best of them...
  475. tsutomu


    Another fine lure artist on BD. I saw some of Matt's lures on another post, he does great work. Show us some more please!!!!
  476. tsutomu

    Shallowest Spots of Penguin Banks for Free-Diving?

    Diving the banks is possible, I blue watered it a couple of times.. Like Mike said though it is the open ocean and the current can be ripping even on a glass day. HSD board to hook up with someone is a good idea. Looks like you can dive/looking for untouched spots. I would stick to the water...
  477. tsutomu

    Shallowest Spots of Penguin Banks for Free-Diving?

    I heard it's as shallow as 80' in a couple spots... You would definately need a depth recorder for the banks and I would say that when you consider the time it takes to run out there and find a spot, it wouldn't be the best plan. You would be better off crossing over to Molokai... I don"t...
  478. tsutomu

    blunt fish head bullets

    I'm sure I mentioned it in some of my post and I know I've told some of you through email that this man is my Sensei. I've been very lucky to learn the art from him and my lures would not be much without his help. You guys should look him up and drop him a PM. Gary has a wide selection of...
  479. tsutomu

    kauai custom fishing lures

    oh that was the great lure maker list. I didn't get into the all time greats ( thats the list for you!!!) by the way i was at POP today and your section is running pretty low. looks like everyone bought you out to gear up for Ahi season..
  480. test


  481. tsutomu

    Waianae 5/23/09 Temperature's Rising

    Yo... thats a nice one. Good going on your guy's fish. Looks like your friend had the right idea, take a nap on the run in so he's wide awake to drink beers and celebrate later!!!
  482. tsutomu

    A Red one!!!

    i like them sashimi and steamed. My girl's a great cook but she keep's it simple for Onaga's.... Steam with Chuncho then cover w/green onions/cilantro and pour a little smoking hot peanut oil over fish and greens. Onaga's taste just as good as they look and yep they look good at the block as...
  483. tsutomu

    kauai custom fishing lures

    brett... feel free to PM me if you're interested in a lure. As mentioned a bunch of good lure maker on Kauai. Steve Fountain is another I think his web site is I'm sure you'll be stoked with any of these guys work. Good Luck and enjoy your trip!
  484. tsutomu

    A Red one!!!

    mrmahi... that was my first time bottom fishing. I have no idea how to find the fish. I know you don't need to anchor and you need a good recorder and a good captain to put you on the fish. Sorry I'm not much help. ah i thought that was you... good going on the Ahi... looks like the weds...
  485. tsutomu

    A Red one!!!

    This is my 1st Onaga!!! I think it was swollen from coming up from 600+ feet so it looks bigger then it really weighed. Aloha...
  486. tsutomu

    Big Blue Marlin for Tuia

    Aloha Steve, Did they catch it on one of your lures? I bet it was the Mango... I hear great things about that head of yours!!! Let us know what that big blue fell for??? thanks!!
  487. tsutomu

    Havent caught anything nice at all yet. (whipping) :(

    You could also try walking the reefs on a rising tide. Hawaii Kai and believe it or not on the reef outside Alamoana beach park. I used to whip there in the evenings after surfing or when the surf was junk. Thats how I got back into fishing. I threw mostly curly tails behind a bubble float...
  488. tsutomu

    Caught a fish trolling.... at least the weathers nice...

    nice catch RJ.. looks like a box full of Ono's.. good going
  489. tsutomu

    blunt fish head bullets

    Thanks! The fish head insert is lead wrapped in reflective paper, then I pour the shape in clear cast resin. Do you airbrush your swim baits? if you do then I need to get some lessons from you!! hmm if it's the place i'm thinking of with the weird decor. it's not there anymore. Zippy's...
  490. tsutomu

    blunt fish head bullets

    getting some bullets ready for Ahi season.. hope you enjoy!!
  491. tsutomu

    The "mini biker" by Happy Ending Lures

    damn thats a sexy shape... everything going slam that thing. nice work!
  492. tsutomu

    Contrucion Pic's of Clone Sardine and Greenie

    Those look great!! What kind of fish do you normally target with them? casting or slow trolling?
  493. tsutomu

    open school shibi's?

    i was watching fred archers cool video clips but was tripping out on the size of the shibi's they were pulling out of those huge bird piles. I was wondering if anyone especially on oahu have seen open schools of shibi's like that? I seen Aku/big Aku and ahi in huge piles but never shibi...
  494. tsutomu

    here's a few skirted ones..

    Aloha John, Feel free to Pm me if you want more info on the lures. Thanks!!
  495. tsutomu

    Lures for Big Pancho by Happy Ending Lures

    I like that green shell insert and the skirt combo is perfect for it. Looks like the perfect size for slurping right down, should have a good hook up ratio. nice work as always!!
  496. tsutomu

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    I don't want to get into this fight. I just want to let the "Start Me Up" that I like/look for the picture of marlin in your reports. Mahi's and Ono's are cool but the big ahi's and marlin interest me the most. Not saying i'm not down for conservation but I like eating marlin just the same as...
  497. tsutomu

    here's a few skirted ones..

    Thanks for the support guys, for those who are interested feel free to PM me. I should have some jetted stuff next week to show. Frank, you sound way to local.. you must not have been a way long ah? The bite has been picking up Mahi's getting big and the Ahi's already starting to show up...
  498. tsutomu

    akule/opelu fishing

    For Akule red/white flies work well, blue/white and plain white. Pretty sure it's similar for opelu but maybe not during the day. I bet Jim has the answers, pretty sure he has it in one of his books.
  499. tsutomu

    here's a few skirted ones..

    from my sanding/polishing session this past weekend... a 12", a 9" and a 7" hope you like them and thanks for looking!
  500. tsutomu

    Went Lookin'

    Is you friends name Brett by any chance? is it purple/yellow/pink under skirt or orange/pink with a strip of plum? what ever it is your avatar and the condition of that lure head tells me i should add one of those combo's to my lineup.
  501. tsutomu

    Went Lookin'

    good looking Hebi there Pat, even better looking lure. Nice bulb tapper on it... is it a Kobash head? Definately got the ahi colors on it. we had a similar bite on thursday, double mahi on the corners and a screamer on the center that came off. Figured it was a marlin but when i checked the...
  502. tsutomu

    Do you support you local lure makers?

    Thanks for the shout out Dave! For me what makes Bd a great site is the people who freely share their knowledge/tips and fishing reports. It give's all of us something to stay connected with our passion til the next time we get out on the water. For those that are interested feel free to...
  503. tsutomu

    Fishing report 5/4

    Yo Pat you're right the hysteria has started, a few guy's came driving by while we we're washing up, asking and saying they heard came up here/there. Not to mention all my friends who called ready to call in sick today if we found them. Jason, the hooks are mustad 11/0's and yep thats my...
  504. tsutomu

    Surf Fishing Turtle Bay Oahu

    You can try fishing right around the hotel area. There's a rocky point that the hotel sits on, lagoon on one side, open ocean in front and on the other side. Try the outside edge of the lagoon at night. Shore fishing on Oahu is pretty sad but you can try walking along the beach just to the right...
  505. tsutomu

    Fishing report 5/4

    Got info. that some tuna's came up in the porpoise outside BO area so we got out early and heard that way. We got to the miles/degrees and there waiting for us was a huge pod of pilot whales. Ran back and threw the nanakuli valley area, good amount of scattered birds but nothing. We managed to...
  506. tsutomu

    Help! Novice Resin Lure Head Maker

    I do about 50 - 60 drops of catalyst for 6 ish oz. of resin. You'll get to know your molds after awhile and can adjust the catalyst. I pour indoors at about 70 to 75 degrees. If you don't want to wait for the weather to warm up I think you can make a curing box. Jim has it in one of his...
  507. tsutomu

    fishing report tuesday 4/21

    You guys always inspire and motivate me to keep turning lures. I'm sure everyone knows the quality of work both Miguel and Steve produce. Thanks guys! Today is one of those days that makes me wonder...... We rolled out of Waianae this morning and turned right down the 40. It's another ugly day...
  508. tsutomu

    fishing report tuesday 4/21

    thanks for the kind words, it's fun to catch fish on lures you've made but it can also be chitty when everyone is catching and you start to wonder if yours is as good as the real lure makers. I'm going to fish the west side tomorrow and look around for Pat's honey whole. hopefully find an ono or...
  509. tsutomu

    fishing report tuesday 4/21

    Headed for hh yesterday, it was rough and cold. A couple miles before we get there we drop 3 lines and about 10 minutes later a small marlin grabs a 7" doorknob and takes off. We get him in the boat and continue to the can, there's a couple charters there and couple boats jigging. As we turn to...
  510. tsutomu

    one week!!!

    the south side is slow.. we played up to the banks and in the channel yesterday and only managed 4. Maybe the Mahi's coming up north side, there's a good amount at the block. Any fishing is better then no fishing. i'm sure you'll find them when you get here.
  511. tsutomu

    Boat parking??

    Thanks, moving up to a 22' Islander w/extension and trailer comes out to 30'. $300 sound okay, guess its worth not getting soaking wet every time. Thanks agian...
  512. tsutomu

    Boat parking??

    Does anyone know of a place I can park my trailer boat on Oahu? Looking for a safe place to rent parking for under $400 a month. Please pm me if you have info or reply to post. thank you!!
  513. IMG 5234

    IMG 5234

  514. IMG 5205

    IMG 5205

  515. IMG 4297

    IMG 4297

  516. IMG 5277

    IMG 5277

  517. IMG 5317

    IMG 5317

  518. IMG 5268

    IMG 5268

  519. IMG 5306

    IMG 5306

  520. IMG 5231

    IMG 5231

  521. Lures


  522. tsutomu

    6" flying fish by Happy Ending Lures

    I was wondering when you were going to show us something with wings. Very nice! Must be cool to see it in action.
  523. tsutomu

    Marlin Lures

    Very nice work Bulldog, I see the Reidee influence but like how you dip the nose down a little more on the 9" blue tinted top. I'm lucky to have Gary Yamamoto teach me a lot about making lures. I study the original when ever I pay him a visit. El Capo is right lots of work... but fun and...
  524. tsutomu

    show me your lures!!!

    here's some of my regular runners.. pretty basic skirt combo black/silver over purple, blue/silver over purple or pink, gay bob <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  525. tsutomu

    Need opinions on lure choice

    thanks for the kind words about the lures, feel free to pm me if you're interested in some. yes the fish heads are a bit more but only because there's more work involved in making them. the rest are pretty cheap, thanks again.
  526. tsutomu

    Need opinions on lure choice

    here's a few from my garage..... <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <a...
  527. tsutomu

    The "#5" island style by Happy Ending Lures

    Nice work El Capo.. I like the forward and reverse tapper. Clean shape looks like a winner!!!