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    Series Two

    Thanks for the info!
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    SOLD BLUE pro gear 545

    Avid cult following....and a looker too!
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    WTB SS 6470 LB <*((((><

    I have an extra. Very good but not mint. $300. Should see in person I'm in San Diego.
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    Series Two

    Hi, does anyone know what changes were made in the Extreme reels when the series two were introduced? Thanks, Tom.
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    Getting through snotty seas

    Not a lot in a 25' boat. Bigger tabs maybe but those days the ocean is in charge.
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    Thru hull location

    Also check the outside bottom of the hull to avoid any strakes or chines that might be inline.
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    Large lot of big trolling feathers. Looking for pricing advice.

    I'd be interested in the Collector and the chrome jethead if it's made by Burns.
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    WTB Looking for a cheap boat shipper

    Be prepared to put the money saved towards insurance..
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    Fish never showed at 209/267 this summer?

    Same story on the 182-181 ridge area all year...
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    Political BS Trump Flags

    Save um for free admission to the soon, not too distant future all new Trump University..
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    First Boat Parker 1801?

    Sounds like you have good taste. Stretching out the boat length early as much as you can will probably result in keeping it for additional years thus saving additional bucks ....
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    WTB WTB - ParkIt 10K B2 or B3 Trailer Dolly. I'm in Los Angeles

    Power caster or power mover. Not cheap but really work well.
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    WTB WTB - ParkIt 10K B2 or B3 Trailer Dolly. I'm in Los Angeles

    I've had other brands that also work very well...
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    For Sale REDUCED Many Penn International Reel all BP by Cal

    I'll take one of the 12lt's.....and a 16s. Ship to san diego. Please pm for info and total.
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    Right price for custom tower???

    I think this year everything involving the boating industry has been strong.....including pricing.
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    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    22' grady would be on the search list.
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    In the listing title an extra "e" was added to the word violator. looks funny!

    In the listing title an extra "e" was added to the word violator. looks funny!
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    Help me find my next boat. Looking to move up from an eastbay 37'

    Wesmac 46 .... google "Pilar" on a end tie @ Dana in Mission Bay. .... Extreme drooling!
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    Hi. I'll take the 12t. Thanks, Tom. 760-473-2464

    Hi. I'll take the 12t. Thanks, Tom. 760-473-2464
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    Beware Cabrillo dry boat storage

    Unless there is a signed service contract where they state plugs must be kept in at all times....I think it's on them.
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    SOLD Parker 1801 with 150HP 4-Stroke - SOLD

    Nice boat with a cult of luck.
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    Help with finding the right boat Model San Diego Fishing

    The Pursuits are top tier boats! Looks out of state for most selection.
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    Help with finding the right boat Model San Diego Fishing

    google the word compromise and there is a picture of a boat there....
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    Help with finding the right boat Model San Diego Fishing

    Gradys are fairly available through the years with shapes and sizes..very few complaints.
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    Towing my boat

    San Diego boat movers does that.....or a pro that is local to you....plan your offload!
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    Slip fees in San Diego

    If you use it it's cheap...if you don't it's expensive. Expect 350-375. I like Marina Village.
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    Outing a member ?

    permission granted!
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    SOLD L. B. Super Seeker 2x4 Green Glass Composite

    I have a new no line 16VISX in gold to trade...Tom.
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    Epic Service

    Just had a small issue with a reel that was sent in for service. A combination of Will and Justin jumping on it with both feet had the issue corrected and delivered to me in less than 24 hours. Very impressive! Thanks, Tom.
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    Re-power suggestions 17ft Whaler

    If you want to carry a kicker the 90 is too heavy. A 70 is plenty for that hull.
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    Best one man boat for fishing SC Tuna ect.

    Often the best fishing buddies are those that have or have had their own boats. They are the ones who understand first hand all that is involved. SCI is a big ask solo.
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    Best one man boat for fishing SC Tuna ect.

    Marina Village has 25" slips you could rent for a month at a time. Magic for a solo guy. After Labor day is a good time.
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    Best one man boat for fishing SC Tuna ect.

    When I read the headline my thinking/experience is that 25' should be included....especially if in a slip. Chasing fish means you'd like min. 20 mile radius. Some boats are much more solo friendly than others. (deck space-bow access) I've had many during my two foot disease. Favorite solo...
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    WTB Old Saltiga Star drag reels

    Hi. Tom here. I have some in most sizes. Which models are you most interested in?
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    Sounds good! Find someone you like in advance.
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    The Zukes are great motors. But they'd have to clearly beat the yami in either price/warranty/ or local mechanic/ service or turning the bigger prop for me to choose them over the Yami's.
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    Does any one know ?

    Most all have limited outdoor seating based on room. Quite a few within walking distance.
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    For Sale Saltiga 20, 30T, and 40

    Very useful sizes. And after a trip to Ken's as new! bump.
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    Skiff Mooring Help (no stern cleat)

    Stern railings are not substantial! You can get by only using one side transom eye (determine which side neighboring boat are using) using a good knot and then tying again on the other transom eye for backup looping outside the outboard. Make sure the knot you choose is done right.
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    Daiwa... Why...

    long time daiwa fan. I think they've long been under rated!
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    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    This is especially bad if one has to pay some one else to do the work. You will be upside down very quickly not counting lost time using the boat this season. Imho find one that's ready to go even if it doesn't check all the boxes. For most of us our first boat is not our last boat....unless...
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    School me on livewell ball valves

    Seek out CC regs on through-hull fittings. You've done the hard part put in the good stuff.
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    Montauk Gas Tank Suggestions

    If plastic I like the ones where the built in fuel gauge can still be seen where it is mounted under the seat.. If fiberglass or metal some have a vertical see-through strip that shows the fuel level.
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    1977 Boston Whaler Newport to Newtauk

    70 is the right motor for that hull...
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    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    I once had heavily clogged inline fuel filter inside the main tank vertical pickup. Motor would die (fuel starved) only on the way home when less fuel in the tank meant if needed greater suction to draw fuel through the dirty filter. However it would restart after 5 or so minutes. Last place I...
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    Seems like a dumb question/tire size

    x's 2 on the 16". Probably have to pay a ugly premium when you do find them. Also key word "near future".
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    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Thinking back at some point the scupper location was changed from on the cockpit corner floor to just above that spot mounted vertically. They do not drain as well but a tad more scupper height.
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    For Sale Big Bluefin Gear - Accurates, United Composites, CalStar

    Bump for the rods! Still standing by for seller info.
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    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Earlier you mentioned a earlier Seafarer. As fourstroke motors became more popular the hulls went from beams of 8' to 8.5 to help deal with the added weight of the fourstrokes. Hopefully yours is one of the wider hulls. Grady will know over the phone..
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    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Talk to the nice folks at Grady before cutting anything. That is a long lived model with lots of backyard experiments and they have seen it all. That hull is a great tweener...narrow enough to trailer, not too small but not really big enough to move/add heavy weight around the back end. With...
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    Scupper thru-hull fix

    NO plastic below the water line! Looks easier if you replace everything in sequence.
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    Parker 2520 Pricing help!

    Sellers market..aim high! Love buying stuff but hate selling it. Been very happy with [email protected] Seaforth yacht sales.
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    Bait tank question...

    If everything currently needs to flow to the rear transom maybe reroute either port/starboard. The drain can go out the side. The inflow line can loop around or along the gunnel where ever you might find room?
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    Out of State Purchase

    I've done it 3 times and it's gone well. You should have copies to share of both your insurance and the shippers insurance. You don't have to pay top dollar..but don't go cheap! If it's on it's own trailer extra straps/support for boat and motor and at least one extra tire and maybe a...
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    Robby Gordon at West Coast Marine

    I know guys that would not even speak Ian's name. They wanted to keep it quiet like a secret fishing spot!
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    Robby Gordon at West Coast Marine

    Robby IS the best! Been around forever use him while you can.
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    I'm a sucker for fresh bling as much as anybody but I've got a couple of this vintage trollers I might never sell. Ya can't kill em if you wanted to..Bump.
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    Who handles uphill the best?

    Are you speaking outboards only???? Years ago the Albin 28 was rated by multiple reviews as the best riding hull in its class...
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    SOLD WTB Daiwa Saltiga 40 HA (found thanks BD)

    I have a extra. I'm in Escondido. 760-473-2464 Tom.
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    WTB deletewowndndv poenfvp

    The "V" denotes 5th generation while the "VI" denotes 6th generation. The S is two speed and the X means no top bar or topless.
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    SOLD 17 ft Boston Whaler or similar center console

    I would expand to one days driving range. Lots of pics will answer most questions. From there if fires up and idles well you're almost there!!
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    SOLD 17 ft Boston Whaler or similar center console

    Good choice.....but you'll need to be quick on your feet!
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    WTB deletewowndndv poenfvp

    I have a new vsx gold 50. Two speed-topless.. two years old-never used! $480.00
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    WTB Wanted - Albin 28 TE

    42 gal. BT from Mark Wisch was a perfect fit behind the engine deck hatch (23"-24" of room) and the rear hatch covering the fuel tank. A very big 28 footer.
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    WTB Wanted - Albin 28 TE

    Really liked mine...moved to a bigger one. Features to look for imho are extended hardtop and the flushdeck to allow a westcoast style bait tank. Brought from Fl. but many up and down east coast. Right after their season in the north when they pay to pull them and keep them on the "hard" is...
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    Outboard Cables In The Way

    Second hole closer to the transom depending what's underneath....a low profile box and put the bait tank on top of it....just brainstorming.
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    Tips for buying out of state

    How old and how far away?? I've done it 3 times and each time is a little different.
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    Parker 2120 SC vs Cabo Cuddycon. (Yes I know this is a Parker thread)

    The Cabo's have a loyal following. There is a reason why they stopped making them...Research on Google.
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    SOLD Accurate Dauntless DX2-600

    Really nice...wish is was an "N"
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    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    Everyone is a compromise. The GW 25 with a single plus kicker is very manageable solo. Also wouldn't upgrade for less than 4 feet....
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    Boat draining excessive amount of water?

    Also the rub rails can leak. Through the years if they've had a decent bump to the rubrail (trailer-dock-piling) it can cause the fastening screws to deform and leak. Then when passing through waves the water will rise up and can can creep through top and bottom fiberglass hull portions...
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    For Sale Knife holders

    I'll take two of the 8's.
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    Boston Whaler listing to port

    Fixable...but a pain to sort out. Seek out the whaler pros on this site or on the "Hull Truth".......Might seek a partial refund if not disclosed.
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    The little whaler that could

    Looks like a "do everything" 17'.....great job!
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    is there a reason to pick VIS over VISX ?

    Try're the best! Thanks!
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    is there a reason to pick VIS over VISX ?

    Thanks for the clarity. Figures I couldn't figure out that "V" would denote 5 and "VI" would denote 6......Are there any other letters or numbers that Penn consistently uses?
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    What Trolling Lure Is this???

    Just what I'm looking for if there are any available??
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    Bad water pump/impellor?

    Good info above. Also I've had some Yami's that did not want to pee using the muffs. Muffs that have water inlet/flow on both sides work best. Even then I would have to (carefully!) crouch down and put hand pressure on each side to get them to pee. They would pee fine in a tank. Did the...
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    Anyone have experience with Casita camper trailers?

    They do seem nice...I also like the "A" frame style pop ups...
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    For Sale BNIB Penn International VISX 16 Gold

    Bump and question...What will the 20 do that the 16 can't???? A bit more line?
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    Would i regret 200hp to 150hp

    I can speak to the difference on a 20' GW center console. I went from a 225 2 stroke that went near 50mph to a 150 4 stroke. Still went into the 30's and never missed the bigger motor. Weights of the two motors was the same....check yours as it could make a difference..
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    Lady Angler 370lb BFT

    get the fish out of the way...
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    How much ice?

    just for extra I'll freeze multiple plastic gallon water jugs in addition to buying crushed ice. If I don't need it I refreeze and/or use it for emergency drinking water..
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    Tern 600 and 600N 4.7:1 Gear Ratio Inches Per Crank

    Just checked the site...I see it on there.
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    For Sale Nice Boston Whaler Montauk 17 with nice trailer

    Still a desired hull. Priced right though it will go fast.
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    For Sale UC Centaur Custom Wrapped

    I knew you were one of us......I picked up a reel from you years ago when visiting in LA. So long ago I can't remember which one...
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    For Sale UC Centaur Custom Wrapped

    Very nice! When you go back into the closet can you look around for a 20??
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    What to buy? Gas vs. Diesel

    Also diesels are big and heavy by place for them is low and centered. It will take up too much real estate in a 20' boat. Go with what you know.
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    Political BS Masks or no masks.

    Veiled threats?? Touchy!
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    Political BS Masks or no masks.

    Takes one to know
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    Political BS Masks or no masks.

    It's a fair question....maybe more than fair. Don't be afraid of a fair answer!
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    is there a reason to pick VIS over VISX ?

    As the reel sizes go up is there a point where there is a transition to prefer the "heavier" heavy frame reel??
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    is there a reason to pick VIS over VISX ?

    Though some of (my silver 30) the vsx models are topless.
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    Wing and a prayer Yamaha limp mode

    Thanks for we all know another thing to check.
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    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    very nice rig...
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    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    On the Albin having the "flush deck" model gave me plenty of room for a 45 gal pacific edge fiberglass bait tank. On the engine box model your are looking at bait bags on the stern or tank on the step. Many years was rated as best riding 28 footer by boating mag.
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    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    I had a 28 Albin flush deck. 3 sides with drop curtain...many things to like about that boat! Also Shamrock and Osprey.
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    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    also keep in mind your personal sightlines at near plane when bow wants to come up. In so cal I don't think we need all the benefits of a pilothouse vs WA. Higher rails are always better!
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    Need fish id help

    Good luck cleaning one for the first time. Excellent meat/flavor well worth the effort.....Hello warmer water.
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    For Sale Old School Pro Gear Reels

    I just got back my 280 AS from Ken's in Oceanside and Shoot...It's still as nice as anything else out there!
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    Seadek install

    Very impressive! Also like logo on the bait tank....
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    SOLD Lot of Pro Gears Gone to ebay

    Sorry for your loss. Good gear and if your BIL wanted to be remembered. He will be!
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    WTB Factory wrapped blue seeker osp 2x4

    San Diego tackle traders in Clairemont has one...
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    Outriggers- who made these?

    Maximizers...precision marine. Let me know if you decide to sell. Tom.
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    Boat covers Custom or Off The Shelf ?

    Just for storage a shelfer is fine. For traveling, which is very hard on them, go custom.
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    Road trip 2020

    We like Florence to Reedsport. Just east of Reedsport is a very cool Elk viewing/preserve and the river drive is awesome!
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    WTB Black accurate 600N 30N

    Have one of each in the Matte. Tom 760-473-2464
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    Drone Footage of 4 GW's

    Also..Luv the Albin!
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    Into the Depths 6/16

    From the timeline it sounds like they were not far out?
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    TRADE Long Beach 1x3

    I have a D8 wrapped by Yo;s. Nice shape. Tom.
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    For Sale Two(2) Cal Blueprinted Accurate ATD30-30T Reels

    They don't seem to be topless ....( T ).
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    Best 15 foot ocean fishing boats ?????

    many would think a 17 whaler as a minimum. A 15 you best know your stuff. Research Livingston boats as a suggestion.
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    SOLD Shimano Borona Tackle Bag sz LRG

    I'll take it. Thanks Tom. Send info for exchange
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    WTB Whaler 13-15’

    Saw a 15 advertised in the Mulege CL a week ago....looked good for 4k.
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    18' top tier cc vs. 21-22' mid tier cc

    Top tier is great advice...better to back off a year or two and stick with top tier. Remember the package is boat, motor and trailer top tier. 21' is a great manageable size that you won't soon grow out of...moving up is expensive. Make sure the outboard manufacturer is still producing the...
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    WTB WTB - Pro Gear Albacore Special

    I have a nice 280 just back from service at Kens custom reels. $225.
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    SOLD Calstar 6480 New

    I have one in honey color $190. New. Tom.
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    WTB looking for penn 30 visx

    I have a new silver topless Penn 30 vsz. $450. Tom.
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    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    If you liked your grady....the 28 to trailer or the 30 Marlin to live in a slip. Choose the drive motors first then go find them on the boat you want. Hot boat market now.
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    WTB 800H/6480 or equivalent

    I have a unused calstar 6480 factory rod DH with shrink wrap in the Honey color. New Condition. $190. Tom.
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    For Sale G Loomis Sun Blocker hats and sun shirts

    I'll take one each of the hats color wise. Thanks Tom. PM for details.
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    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 30HA $290

    Nice reel, Good seller. Lucky for me that base is covered..
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    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Wear the face covering for this season and move on!
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    ATD 30 Frame stud

    I've heard of "Guns and Gold" but I guess Accurates are in there too...
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    WTB old school star drag Daiwa saltiga 20/ original newell p 229

    I have some of the equivalent Saltiga "plus" Japan Z series. If those work let me know.
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    SoCal Return, What to Expect

    Don't agree with everything.......but like your answer.
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    WTB Trolling rods and penn reels

    OK,OK, Gary's garage is bigger than mine....
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    WTB Trolling rods and penn reels

    Hi. I've got two extra honey color calstar trolling rods. Down at the boat can get pics tomorrow. Lots of stuff in the garage....
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    WTB Penn Int 50vsx

    I have a gold 50vsx new/unused, put spectra and mono on it, then back in the box. Tom.
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    I have a silver unused vsx 30 with line....would trade one for a 20.
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    Bluefin 5-22.

    love the gaff..
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    Charkbait customer service

    Miss the San Diego store.
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    SOLD Valiant 500n 2 speed (price drop)

    Pay Pal and shipping to San Diego?
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    WTB 20’-23’ Walkaround

    Don't forget to give your dad a bad time...
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    SOLD Electric trailer dolly/ mover

    These work like magic. You can probable get a bigger boat! glws.
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    WTB 20’-23’ Walkaround

    Checkout the Pursuit in Washington St. a couple pages down...
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    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    If you do have the option of bow in - bow out and depending on the lay of the slip many at my Marina like to have the bow into the weather/wind/sun prevailing direction if possible.
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    You could always take a long look at it yourself first. (think 3 parts. boat, motor , trailer). If everything seem to be working as it should tell the seller your good and give a refundable deposit pending a scheduled survey/seatrial. If any of the 3 parts seem too much of a project to you, get...
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    The hardest part pre-purchase will be what was mentioned about the hull foam. If the foam sandwich hull has absorbed water it could seem sluggish from water weight absorbed in the type of foam used. Sea trial must show max rpm and mph for that motor/hull. Blue Porpoise marine used to weigh...
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    WTB Need Accurate Dauntless 600N (2 speed)

    Bump for luck...let me know if you find two...
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    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Wait and see is expensive for the owners and no fun for the fishermen but that's where we find ourselves. My vote is doing what is smart for the long term and what is sustainable for the industry that we want to keep alive. I don't think we can expect this not to be painful or worse. We, as...
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    Dump trailer ?

    My PJ has never failed but I would spend more next time.
  143. B

    SOLD Snippers

    Thanks...They look very close.
  144. B

    SOLD Snippers

    If these are made by Shimano then say so....
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    WTB WTB Accurate 600n single speed

    WTB Accurate 600n single speed in nice condition. San Diego area or shipping ok. Cash or lots to trade. Thanks, Tom.
  146. B


    I was able to recover some good stuff with police report and then spotting it on the site "offer up" good luck.
  147. B


    They look good! GLWS.
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    For Sale Gold and black pro gear 545

    I put one together like that for a buddy who is a big Steeler fan.....
  149. B

    WTB 8FT MH rod

    I have a new-never used calstar 6480 rod, honey color. $175 (escondido)
  150. B


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    FREE green egg BBQ

    Sorry to mislead...The "fresh" one was new to me and as new but pre-owned. The older two were original made in Japan units. Green Egg copied them so closely on the large model that all parts interchange.
  152. B

    FREE green egg BBQ

    Hah...I just did the Same thing! I fell into a new one and made the guy take both of the older ones. Funny.
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    SOLD Honda 3000 Generator Price Drop.

    I put a set of the after market beach wheels on mine and made a huge difference in moving around anywhere...
  154. B

    SOLD Seeker CJBF80H 6480H or XH

    I have a calstar 6480 in honey color factory rod. Unused $175
  155. B

    FREE Thank You BD- titan05

    Hey Jim. I'm a member of the Big Scar Club too. Don't rush it and you'll be back out there just fine. Best, Tom.
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    For Sale Beautiful wooden tackle box

    LL...a 26 Albin cc....very nice!!
  157. B

    For Sale Calcutta gaff

    I'll take it! Thanks, Tom. 760-745-7396
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    WTB Travel trailer 18-24ft

    Mine sold.....
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    Grady Marlin 30 versus World Cat 320EC?

    I've had 4 Gradys while moving up. I bought them nice and kept them nice. When the time came they sold very quickly. Best of luck!
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    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    Looks like a good archery backstop.....just trying to help.
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    For Sale 1994 Grady White Escape 20 - Yamaha 175 - $15K

    I kept one of those in Baja for 10 yrs.....very near the perfect boat for the Sea of Cortez. GLWS.
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    SOLD Trailer Valet XL like new, used very little.....

    You get to buy a bigger boat if you have one of these! glws..
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    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga30

    Very fair price too!
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    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    Hey JC. One of our group was bumped and we wound up over on the dark side going on Doug's trip.....we still ran out of wine! Best, Tom.
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    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    Bump for JC.....your name came up recently!
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    WTB Travel trailer 18-24ft

    I have a 23 I am about to sell. 2015 Snow River made by Artic Fox. Extreme light use by one person (me) in excellent cond kept under a carport. Made for 1/2 ton tow vehicle. Check the north woods travel trailer site for all the specs Tom 760-745-7396
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    WTB WTB Burns Jetheads

    Wanted to Buy Burns Jet Head lures (six shooters) in the Scoop face style head. Any color. Thanks, Tom.
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    WTB Super Seeker 6480 H

    Can you share your shipping method? Most are thinking anything over 8 feet gets pricy...
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    WTB WTB 6470 Super Seeker 7' 30-50# or 8'. $300

    I have an extra...Can be in Mission Bay on Saturday..Tom
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    For Sale New filet boards

    Will you be @ Del Mar?
  171. B

    SOLD Penn slammer 3 7500, saltiga 40Ha, UC Delmar 9’

    Happy hour....I'm in! I'm in north county and can match up! Cell- 760-473-2464
  172. B

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Trailers are hot items in all of Baja!
  173. B

    SOLD Penn slammer 3 7500, saltiga 40Ha, UC Delmar 9’

    I'm good for the Saltiga if you find yourself in the San Diego area. Tom. 760-745-7396 (Home)
  174. B

    WTB Power Trailer mover

    Selling my trailer soon and will have one available. Tom.
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    Question for those of you who bought a boat on the East Coast and shipped it to California.

    I've done it three times. First time on a 25 Grady while it was still under factory warrenty located in Maryland from a dealership so rolled dice and bought sight unseen....lots of pictures. Next two from Florida. They were listed on a brokers website so similar to real estate, seller pays...
  176. B

    WTB 17’-18’ Whaler Montauk

    Don't hesitate to use the Yamaha 4s 60hp. I had that combo on two of them after repower of a Yam 90 2s. Plenty of power and at that lower weight could still carry a kicker....
  177. B

    SOLD Seeker Factory Black Steel 6480H

    Nice. wish you were closer!
  178. B

    SOLD Seeker D8 - Shimano Torium 20

    Thanks for the meet. Best of luck!
  179. B

    SOLD Seeker D8 - Shimano Torium 20

    I'll take it! Arrange pickup at your convenience. Tom 760-745-7396
  180. B

    Opinion of Sea Pro boats

    As recreational fisherman/boaters we, as a group look at the glass as half full. Time is short. Unless you truly enjoy the project part of the equation......Buy the one that needs nothing cept to go fishing. Tom.
  181. B

    Penn International II 16s 2 speed vs Talica or Torque

    Also for us old farts...I believe the penn's have the loudest clickers for private boat trolling...
  182. B

    WTB Old brass Krocodiles

    I was looking a lot for these the last year plus. Something of a pain but my best luck was with the "bay". Good Luck.
  183. B

    SOLD Super seeker jig sticks

    I'll take the 6480h if it's the older style. Thanks, Tom. 760-745-7396
  184. B

    WTB WTB Burns Jet Head Six Shooters

    Looking to replace some favorites. "Burns" brand only "Scoop Face" jet head lures in any color. Thanks, Tom.
  185. B

    For Sale WTS TRINIDAD 16DC!!

    No worries. I'll get the next one.
  186. B

    For Sale WTS TRINIDAD 16DC!!

    Thanks beat me to it...
  187. B

    For Sale WTS TRINIDAD 16DC!!

    Mailbox is full.....Text sent.
  188. B

    For Sale WTS TRINIDAD 16DC!!

    I'll take the 6480h. Are you are coming to San Diego soon or can meet in the middle. Thanks, Tom. 760-745-7396
  189. B

    WTB Seeker 6480

    Interested in your SS 6480h if still available...Tom 760-745-7396
  190. B

    self fishing processing

    The biggest enemies that you have some control over are temperature, time, and exposure to oxygen. More cold = more better product. I'd suggest always having more ice than you think you'll need. On the ride back in or in the channel separate fillets from carcass ...leave skin on as added...
  191. B

    WTB Old silver Saltist 20 and 30

    Hey Robert. Let me know when you'll be down this way....Tom.
  192. B

    Yamaha Service Shelter Island

    Big fan of both those guys. Save your invoices for future possible needs showing that you followed Yamaha service/hour recommendations to satisfy any warranty claim. Tom.
  193. B

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    Is this still available? Thanks, Tom.
  194. B

    SOLD Phenix 909XHJ & Super Seeker Salty Crew 6480-H

    Interested in the S Seeker. Still available? Tom.
  195. B

    WTB Calstar Factory Troller

    Hi Robert. Still have some left....what length weight model....all roller or stripper ....Tom.
  196. B

    SOLD Progear Albacore Special 540 For Sale $220

    Hard to let go even if you...(we)...have too many.
  197. B

    WTB Looking for inexpensive reels and rods for my annual SD summer charity charter...

    Is the a place in Mission Bay I can leave some things? Tom.
  198. B

    For Sale Honda 15hp outboard and Bruce anchor

    All of the items have sold.....Thanks, Tom.
  199. B

    For Sale No more

    Are you shipping or coming to San Diego?? Tom.
  200. B

    For Sale Honda 15hp outboard and Bruce anchor

    Excellent condition short shaft - pull start Honda 15hp outboard fuel tank and line. Recent service runs perfect. $1,500. Escondido or Mission Bay. Tom. 760-745-7396. Also two real Bruce anchors....25lbs and 33lbs. 75.00 each.
  201. B

    WTB 90hp for a 17' montauk

    I like the 70 4 stroke. The heavier motor will really squat if you try to add a kicker...A great little boat...but you can't forget about the little part.
  202. B

    WTB 90hp for a 17' montauk

    Keep in mind the weight of a 4-stroke on that hull......
  203. B

    WTB 60-100 lb 6-7 ft Rod

    It's on my boat. Might be a day or two to get down there...
  204. B

    WTB 60-100 lb 6-7 ft Rod

    I have a factory calstar honey colored. six foot excellent cond. Fuji reel seat. 50-100 rated striper style... top and bottom roller the rest regular guides. 80 bucks. Tom.
  205. B

    WTB Seeker American Series or Classic Series 7ft. 270 or 870

    I have both the 270 and 870 factory in very good shape. I could do $65 each plus shipping. Tom 760-745-7396
  206. B

    Punta Chivato?

    Any two year updates for tomorrow????
  207. B

    WTB Calstar Troller-Factory WC (honey color)

    I have some....5 1/2 50-100 aluminum seat all roller. Tom ([email protected])
  208. B

    WTB Want to buy 30 to 36 foot Express Fisherman with a tower

    Big selection on the east coast...just by sheer numbers you should find something just right....shipping is not that bad with a 12' beam and tower is easier to breakdown than flybridge.
  209. B

    Boat of the day - Amazing Price!! 33 L&H Walkaround

    Looks a lot like another boat on E dock in Marina Village called a "Predator"....any connection?
  210. B

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    Late to the party..I have a large original Japanese Kamado with extra's if interested. $200 Tom 760-745-7396
  211. B

    For Sale Fishing Rods - Seeker - Calstar

    pics of 6460 please. Thanks, Tom ([email protected]) 760-473-2464
  212. B

    For Sale Penn Squall 40LD & Cousins 75MH

    Pay-pal sent on the Saltiga....Tom.
  213. B

    SOLD Boston Whaler RPS Seat

    More pics of the vintage Beemers please.........Tom.
  214. B

    2006 Parker 2820 xld

    It sucks but that's the model hp where about 15% were affected. Most with the issue didn't show till out of warranty. The one I had was fine..ran like a top for years. Most buyers will want to cover their fanny ...just work it out. Good Luck.
  215. B

    Bait Tank Sales & Installation

    My previous boat was a 257 Grady. I did the install and thought it was straight forward and very possible for any owner. Measure twice and drill once is a good thought though.........Tom.
  216. B

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    Cummins 370 will do won't find a bigger 28 footer....
  217. B

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    A lotta, lotta boat for the price..........
  218. B

    Jabsco marine toilet manual pump style.

    Clean unit in box. Just replaced with an electric model....$40 offer. Tom.
  219. B

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    The last two big storms resulting in a lot of boats needing replacement....likely swinging toward more of a sellers market.....
  220. B

    Sold, delete please

    Will do........Thanks JC!
  221. B

    Sold, delete please

    I'm on the water Wed. available thurs-fri...ect.......
  222. B

    Sold, delete please

    Haven't seen a blue one...I'll take it. Call me for a meet up. Tom 760-745-7396. ([email protected])
  223. B

    FS Navionics Classic

    Navionics US644XL in original case... covers Calfornia and Baja $100 760-745-7396 Tom.
  224. B

    Grady vs Whaler

    Have owned a number of both. With that vintage both will be very nice. I'm a Yamaha fan. The whaler layout and construction loses some underdeck storage due to the sandwich hull and maybe fuel capacity....and can be heavier. A not often asked question is which one will HOLD plane at the...
  225. B

    7-2-2017 fish report.....

    Hey Gary......was out there also with the same result. Our time is coming....Tom.
  226. B

    Super seeker 270-8 new-sold

    How old is the rod? Long Beach made or current generation? Aftco reel seat? guides? thanks, Tom.
  227. B

    For sale newell orignal p series / super seeker 6480

    Jeff, thanks for the beautiful rod........Tom.
  228. B

    Accurate BX2-30N

    Pay Pal? shipping?........Tom.
  229. B

    WTB Fuji Polaris 7x50 Binos

    found some........Thanks.
  230. B

    WTB Fuji Polaris 7x50 Binos

    Looking for a nice set of binos in these specs only. Thanks, Tom 760-745-7396
  231. B

    Pair 2005 Yamaha f250's Lowered price/ sell separately.

    Ian is an independent and mobile contractor. Never heard a negative word about him going back to the Blue Porpoise days.....Tom
  232. B

    WTB Quality rowing skiff

    You are a stud! I wish I had the skills and patience. I found a Gig Harbor 14' lucky......
  233. B

    WTB Quality rowing skiff

    Found one........Thanks.
  234. B

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    On our Alaska bear trip we were in open country. Our pilot/guide did not carry a firearm but always had two or three road flares in his back pocket....That's all I know.
  235. B

    WTB Quality rowing skiff

    Looking for Gig Harbor or similar Whitehall 14 style rowing skiff. Thanks, Tom.
  236. B

    WTB, 25-28 outboard powered, quality, cuddy or pilothouse

    Perhaps another requirement is that the lower units fully clear the water when tilted fully up. Some of the ten year old hulls with twins were not yet redesigned for the weight of the four strokes....or repowered two strokes. Slip kept anyway. Good luck.
  237. B

    YFT at The Ridge 9/8/16

    Also, nice fillet job.........
  238. B

    Aftco Gaffs

    I'll take the two aluminum. Thanks, Tom 760-745-7396
  239. B

    benjamin marauder 22cal.

    I'm interested...still available?....Tom.
  240. B


    This week I received a 28 Albin from Miami. I used Flynn Marine shipping and would use again. My second east boat I've brought out. The purchase price there should offset the shipping. The bigger deal is the increased inventory to choose from. Use pros and it should be fine. Tom.
  241. B

    F/S Shimano TLD 30 with Full Tiburon Kit

    Tim, Thanks for a extra nice reel. Best, Tom.
  242. B

    WTB 30-33ft Grady or Pursuit express

    Was just on this road looking hard this past year. On many of the Gradys w/ big twins the lower units will not clear the water when tilted fully up....The Pursuits will. An issue if it will stay in the water full time. I changed course a bit and am about to close on an Albin te. Best of luck...
  243. B

    WTB Albin 28 (2004-2006 ish)

    Fair amount of examples on the east coast and will go for the pick of the litter and ship if I can't find one on the west coast.....Tom.
  244. B

    WTB Albin 28 (2004-2006 ish)

    Thanks Mike! I'll come see you when I get back in town...Best, Tom.
  245. B

    WTB Albin 28 (2004-2006 ish)

    Everything I hear/read sounds positive keeping in mind every boat means a compromise somewhere. I'll work something out with the bait I'm sure.....Thanks for the thoughts!
  246. B

    WTB Albin 28 (2004-2006 ish)

    Looking for a Albin 28 for the next boat. Also welcome input from those that have spent time on one. Cash buyer, ready to go. Thanks, Tom.
  247. B

    WTB 2000 or up Proline 2950WA

    Good luck with the search.......the 3070 guys seem to be a proud bunch too...
  248. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    Hopefully just a fender support bracket/brace....check the bad side vs the good side......anything more serious take it to a pro...
  249. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    Bump.....will in Baja for the month of May...
  250. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    Looking at pretty much the same layout but a 30 footer.....and naming it "The Last One"........
  251. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    I believe the 400hp is a result of Yamaha introducing their very new 4cly inline 200hp 4 stroke motors. The majority 258's hulls are either single 250 or twin 150's that both give strong performance. There are also many single 225 hp out there when those were/are an available option...This...
  252. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    I moved the boat over to "E" dock...E17. The black hull liner was damaged in the big wind storm so I bought a new one from affordable marine and moved to a hard to find 35' slip when one came available....Thanks
  253. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    47k less 1k if the new owner can't use the liner........
  254. B

    Thanks for that.....Not hard to find a trailer. If he has no need for the liner I will knock...

    Thanks for that.....Not hard to find a trailer. If he has no need for the liner I will knock off a bit and keep it....Tom.
  255. B

    Sold the a slip in Marina Village in a liner with bottom paint in Marina village...

    Sold the a slip in Marina Village in a liner with bottom paint in Marina village. Tom 760-745-7396.
  256. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    Bump and a price reduction/.....
  257. B

    German Shorthair

    Sorry for getting back late. We are set for now with a pup....but good luck finding a home. Tom.
  258. B

    German Shorthair

    Just confirmed that we are good to go on one of the pups in Bakersfield.....Cool. Thanks for all of the input. Tom.
  259. B

    Game processing San Diego??

    Also keep in mind regardless of who's doing the processing that temperature is your friend from field to cutting room...the lower the better.
  260. B

    German Shorthair

    Thanks for all the reply's....and will use any phone numbers you guys have. My wife and I went to Bakersfield today but are near back of the line for a female.
  261. B

    German Shorthair

    Thanks Jeff.....I'll put that info to good use. Tom.
  262. B

    German Shorthair

    Sorry to say I lost a true favorite recently and looking for a new pup to honor his memory. Does anyone have a any tips on a recommended local breeder in SD county or So Cal for an all-around dog? Thanks in advance...Tom.
  263. B


    Mark...if you haven't already check out Punta Chivato. There are some water fronts available in a great area...
  264. B


    Are you in San Diego now? Tom 760-745-7396
  265. B

    WTB Small outboard 5-15 HP

  266. B

    WTB Parker 2320 with 4 stroke outboard

    I brought one out from Maryland 4 years ago. The one I chose still had two years under a Yamaha 6 year warranty and the hull still had one year left so that gave a comfort factor. Also bought from a dealer and everything went well without me making a trip there...a little luck doesn't hurt....
  267. B

    Accurate 500N Extreme 2 speed and M. Mariner Wahoo special FS

    Thanks for that. If your coming anywhere south sometime I'm good for $400 and can meet. Tom.
  268. B

    WTB PENN 12 LT

    I have two of the LT single speeds. Topless frame, Tib handle and clamp, Cofe Free Spooler on each. Excellent plus. $225. ea. ([email protected])
  269. B

    Accurate 500N Extreme 2 speed and M. Mariner Wahoo special FS

    location?.....possible trade? Thanks, Tom.
  270. B

    Wtb a kicker motor

    Send me an email to [email protected] and I'll send some.
  271. B

    Wtb a kicker motor

    9.9 Yamaha 4s 20" shaft very good condition 90's vintage $650.
  272. B

    Wtb a kicker motor

    size.... length?
  273. B

    SOLD.....Reliable Fish Bag BNIB 30x60

    Oops...If Bryan doesn't take it I will..Tom 760-745-7396
  274. B

    Norton sharpening stone

    Picked up...Thank You.
  275. B

    WTB Small outboard 5-15 HP

    I have a older Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 with 20" shaft. Very good condition kicker so almost no hours.....$650
  276. B

    SOLD.....Reliable Fish Bag BNIB 30x60

    Can you give the dimensions? Thanks.
  277. B

    Norton sharpening stone

    PM sent. Thanks, Tom 760-745-7396.
  278. B

    Norton sharpening stone

    I'd take it in a heartbeat if you ever coming south a little...Tom.
  279. B

    Over the bed table or table for whatever you want...

    Matt...thanks for my new "wheeled shooting bench".........Tom.
  280. B

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    Hi Jason. I was signed out when a windows update occurred and now can't sign back in. I've tried to reset my password but it won't work when I type the new received password in (using case sensitive correct?) but will work a couple times when I click on the direct email sign in link that was...
  281. B

    Over the bed table or table for whatever you want...

    Cool Gary....we got two nice fish on thurs (lumpy though) plan to get this thurs also...
  282. B

    Over the bed table or table for whatever you want...

    I'll take it if still available..Tom. 760-745-7396.
  283. B

    navionics for older units

    great tip...thanks.
  284. B

    Accurate bx2 600n & penn fathom 25n

    Transaction completed...thank you.
  285. B


    Can you confirm what is available now? Thanks.
  286. B

    Accurate bx2 600n & penn fathom 25n

    standing by for pickup as agreed....
  287. B

    Accurate bx2 600n & penn fathom 25n

    Noon Sunday will work me. My email is [email protected] for directions...Tom.
  288. B

    Accurate bx2 600n & penn fathom 25n

    Santee is nice this time of year. I have time Fri. am ...but then company in town till Sun. afternoon. Thanks, Tom. 760-745-7396.
  289. B

    Accurate bx2 600n & penn fathom 25n

    450$ on the 600 and can meet in the middle....Tom.
  290. B

    Wtb Tld 20 or 30 2 speed

    I think there is one used at Ken's custom reels in Oceanside.....
  291. B

    Reel Adventure II gets the luck today,,,7/24/2015

    Hey Gary. I was out there too with the same result....turned around just shy of Oceanside for a really nice boat ride. Lots of sightings but really boat shy...Tom.
  292. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    No trailer...great slip though...
  293. B

    not mine but....

    Hey Gary..all is well. PM sent.
  294. B

    not mine but....

    I know the owner....if you're even thinking of something close you won't find a cleaner one.....looks better in person!
  295. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    That's it....I'm moving up........
  296. B

    Grady White 258 with Yam 250

    A heads up for members who are looking. I just listed my Grady slipped in Marina Village for sale. For all the details and pics it's listed with Seaforth Yacht sales in Mission Bay.....Tom.
  297. B

    Looking for an Accurate 270

    single on the bay......
  298. B

    Bimini top

    Thanks for meeting us...Tom.
  299. B

    Bimini top

    Alan, nice talking to info is [email protected] 760-745-7396 thanks, Tom.
  300. B


    I'd like to make an offer of $450 for 600n.......Tom 760-745-7396
  301. B

    FS Diawa Saltiga 30

    good deal.....
  302. B


  303. B


    I'll take the surf 30. if still available. Tom 760-745-7396
  304. B

    Needed: TN 40N

    there is one on the "Bay" ending today......
  305. B

    WTB kicker motor

    also have a 9.9 Yam 4 stroke...excellent older model $500.00
  306. B


    good to excellent cond. with line. $250.00 can meet somewhere in the middle..Tom 760-745-7396
  307. B


    have a 282...where in ca. are you?..
  308. B

    WTB Used ProGear CS625

    Try Ken's custom reels...they are the pro gear pro' have the line on new/old stock parts......
  309. B

    WTB Garmin Airmar P66

    Hi. I have an extra 66 unit, cable and shim....Tom.
  310. B

    Daiwa Reels

    30T arrived....Thanks!
  311. B

    Daiwa Reels

    Thanks pal sent....Tom.
  312. B

    Daiwa Reels

    How bout a reply????
  313. B

    Daiwa Reels

    I'll take the Saltiga 30t. Thanks, Tom. 760-745-7396
  314. B

    WTB tn40n

    Have one...would prefer to trade for Saltigas...??
  315. B

    What's it worth Brand New in the Box 541 Pro Gear

    Hey you been? Great reel with strong cult following but suffers slightly because the wider frames are less in demand. The 545's get snapped up pretty fast. I wouldn't take less than $200 for such a solid reel...good luck, Tom.
  316. B

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    Thanks guys.........
  317. B

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    Wanted to buy a Daiwa Saltiga 30T in very good or have lots to trade..Tom 760-745-7396
  318. B

    Hoyt Pro 38 Cam & 1/2

    Spot on Nate......Too short for my draw to trades.........
  319. B

    Hoyt Pro 38 Cam & 1/2

    Hoyt compound bow with camo finish and with extreme light use. 60-70 lbs and 27-28.5 draw length...$200 obo Tom 760-745-7396
  320. B

    Saltist 50 and Torium 16

    The Saltist has fresh 30# and it says "Super Torque" on the front. The Torium has fresh 20 line on it. Both excellent condition. These came to me this week from a friend who is moving and just sold his I need to thin out.
  321. B

    Saltist 50 and Torium 16

    Saltist is non level wind (Silver) in very good condition $115 Torium 16 is in very good condition $115 ...or $200 for both Tom 760-745-7396
  322. B

    Binoculars Fujinon FMTR-SX 7x50 mil-spec, the best of the best

    By Far the best glass for the money...this model especially...
  323. B

    71 lb bluefin 8-2

    Ice is good.....more ice is better......
  324. B

    lever action plinker advice?

    The Marlin 39 was also my first gun. It was stolen and then 15 yrs. later it found its way home when a pot farm was busted in nor-cal and they ran the numbers... You can't go wrong on any of these but I like the Marlin the best....
  325. B

    Two Seekers For Sale

    Rod lengths?....
  326. B

    PRICE REDUCED: Calstar Grafighter, Super Seeker

    Shipping to San Diego on the SS?.........
  327. B

    Wtb: pro gear 545

    try Ken's custom reels...they are big fans......
  328. B

    WTB: CMAP NT card

    I have one I'm not using from my 1650 that went bad. But I'm in Baja for two more weeks then home in Escondido. Email me at [email protected] with contact info. Needs a home...$25 bucks.....Tom.
  329. B

    Looking for a Local FFL dealer so I can purchase fire arms mail order

    Hey Gary, x's 2 on Gusslers. that's mostly what they do and are very good at it. Check for odd hours. Tom.
  330. B

    does tejon still do pig hunts on the south side

    Nate, rifle or bow this trip...looks like it might be breezy early this week...good luck..
  331. B

    A double ham slammer

    Great job you two.....I've had to go over to the dark side myself...Tom.
  332. B

    FS: Extra rod, extra reel

    Hi, what is the length of your 760...looks long. Tom.
  333. B

    FS: Super Seeker SS6470

    Very close to me...can match up. give me a call or [email protected]
  334. B

    FS: Super Seeker SS6470

    I'm in Escondido...ever make to north San Diego county..I'll take it. Tom 760-745-7396.
  335. B

    Calstar 765L

    If you ever make to north San Diego county I'll take it...Tom 760-745-7396
  336. B

    Thoughts on the Ruger .308 scout rifle?

    I have a really nice Browning BLR in 308. No takedown, straight stock, excellent cond. $600 if that helps. Tom [email protected]
  337. B

    Big Agnes Encampment sleeping bag

    Just to confirm, Reg or the long size? thanks.
  338. B

    Guided Hog Hunt?

    If you can put together 6-8 hunters Tejon is a great value for a weekend semi-guided weekend hunt. Lodging and food is covered....
  339. B

    Browning A5 question

    You have a very nice gun. The Japanese Browning A5 barrels with chokes will fit the Belgium model fine. I have them in 20 and 16 ga. The walls of the interchangeable choked barrels are slightly thicker so a tad heavier.. you may or may not notice a change in "liveliness". The gold trigger...
  340. B

    Anchor chain and rode for sale

    Hi sent...Tom
  341. B

    Bear Recurve bow

    Two weeks ago I took Rod Jenkins two day archery clinic in Santa Fe NM. Ten minutes in I'd wish I'd done it twenty years ago. He has some dvd's available through his brand Safarituff. He is really big on starting with solid fundamentals so 'You' can recognize when something isn't right...there...
  342. B

    WTB Camper

    Hi I have a nine foot Northernlite. They split from Bigfoot campers but look like a bigfoot twin. I tow a boat and/or jeep and don't need and extension. For a full size 8' bed......Tom 760-745-7396.
  343. B

    Archery Targets, 5 Bags and 1 3D Boar

    If you ever make it to san diego I'll take them...Tom 760-745-7396
  344. B

    Trolling Lures

    I'll take them if you will take paypal........Tom
  345. B

    TJ Rubicon Wheels

    Hi, can you tell what series or year of jeep the wheels came off?....thanks Tom
  346. B

    30-06 ammo

    thanks Mike.....
  347. B

    .44 special

    thanks..will do..
  348. B

    .308 Win 125 Gr Core-Lokt PSP

    I'll take it Gerry. I'll come see you Friday....Tom
  349. B

    .44 special

    thanks, I see some online I'm chasing. This will be nice setup for Tejon Ranch archery pig backup......Thanks for all the good leads....Tom
  350. B

    .44 special

    Kerncat, thanks for the tip. I got snake river arms on the phone and bought the one they had on to find lead free ammo........Tom
  351. B

    .44 special

    Kerncat, I'd love one of those. There were a fair amount around.....6 months ago. I'm looking, please give me a heads up if you know of one...Thanks Tom
  352. B

    .44 special

    Thanks but I have a large frame 44...looking for the smaller frame dedicated to 44 sp only........Tom
  353. B

    .44 special

    looking for a medium frame 44 special revolver to carry..Tom 760-745-7396 [email protected] thanks
  354. B

    Yamaha Boat Fuel Management Meter Gauge Kit

    Hi, do you have a model number?.....thanks Tom
  355. B

    Archery Target

    iF STILL AVAILABLE I'll take it......can meet in esc.......Tom 760-745-7396
  356. B

    Wondering if anyone manufactures a semi

    Hi Gary, I use the sub-sonic 22's all the time, several brands, truly less noise than my pellet gun. They are 22long but not long rifle so sometimes they do not cycle..some guns better than others. So long as you use them in a long gun they are really quiet....Tom
  357. B

    Large Dansforth Anchor For Sale

    Once it get set, it won't let go.....
  358. B

    Remington 870

    Out on the water...get some pics out when I can......Tom
  359. B

    357 or 38 revolver

    Hey Richard, what model is it ?.....looks nice...Tom
  360. B

    Remington 870

    I have a nice one from the 70's in like new condition with xtra barrels. would like more info on the woodsman......Tom
  361. B

    Pelican waterproof box

    If you have a reason to come anywhere in San Diego I'll take it and can meet up...Tom
  362. B

    Pelican waterproof box

    model number or size?
  363. B

    AC Trailer Dollie $850.00

    Bump...have the same unit and love it.........
  364. B

    WTB 204 or 22-250 rifle

    My friend has one for sale .....Bill - 619-519-0268
  365. B

    9/16 Anchor Rode (300ft)

    Where in so-cal?....
  366. B

    Trailer for 25' Parker

    Hi, I have great aluminun that I've used for my Grady that would work well. Can e-mail pics Tom [email protected],net
  367. B

    honda generator

    price drop to $425.00..............
  368. B

    Aluminum Boat Trailer

    Vantage is the brand, brakes on two of the three axels and can e-mail pics anytime............Tom
  369. B

    newer Honda 2000 generator

    I can help you with a 1000 760-745-7396
  370. B

    Yamaha 450 Kodiak 4x4

    2006 Blue Yamaha Kodiak Quad. Great shape with fresh dealer service. 4x4, Auto trans. and independant rear suspension. $4,000.00 obo can email pics Tom 760-745-7396
  371. B

    Aluminum Boat Trailer

    10,000 lb triple axel used three times in great shape. Adjustable to fit any boat 25 to 29 feet. $4,100.00 obo can email pics Tom 760-745-7396
  372. B

    20ga dbl barrel shotgun

    I'm at $750 which would be a great price. Also have same in a really nice 1949 LC Smith [email protected] $1,400 would sell one of the two...don't care which em both..........Tom 760-745-7396
  373. B

    20ga dbl barrel shotgun

    hi,i have a 20 ga. sxs charles daley miroku in great shape. it's more gun than the 311 though............tom
  374. B

    Large SKB Box

    Thank you Greg.
  375. B

    honda generator

  376. B

    honda generator

    thanks for the trade offers, but looking for cash..............
  377. B

    honda generator

    Honda EU 1000 looks good, runs good. $475.00 Tom 760-745-7396.....SOLD THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  378. B

    Browning Model 12 28 ga.

    PM me your email address.........
  379. B

    Browning Model 12 28 ga.

    Grade one but grade two wood. Unfired but one small safe scar, has box. $725...great price Can email pics 760-745-7396
  380. B

    Pelican 1750 Gun Case

    PM sent............Tom
  381. B

    Remington 16 gauge

    there's a 1100 16 ga on calguns website this morning @
  382. B

    Remington 16 gauge

    Shoot the one ya like......but try one on a true 16 ga. frame...........
  383. B

    Power mover dolly

    Thanks Jeff...........
  384. B

    7mm-08 / .358 ammo

    Hi, I can use the 7mm...........Tom
  385. B

    S&W Model 57 .41 Mag

    Hi, is the 41 still available?.........thanks Tom
  386. B

    28' boat trailer

    I have an aluminum 28-29 triple.........760-745-7396
  387. B

    value of shotgun

    more info might include, fixed choke vs interchangable, length of barrel, factory pad. Some guysw like the older too.........Tom
  388. B

    8' + Jig stick

    Super Seeker 6480 looks like new.........$160..........760-745-7396
  389. B

    Brand New Phenix, Shimano Terez/waxwing, Calstar + MORE .. RODS!!!

    Which of these have the longer trigger handle? Thanks
  390. B

    Over Under

    I have a number of bows, both traditional and compound....Tom 760-745-7396
  391. B


    I saw one in the used rack at Squidco this week.........did not check the weight.........
  392. B

    Team Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z 203A

    Thanks...I'll take it. Send me your info and we'll hook up, thanks Tom 760-745-7396
  393. B

    Team Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z 203A

    Hi, do you have pics of your reel...........thanks Tom
  394. B

    Today 9/15/10

    Hey Doug, glad to see you did well....we were out the day before and just got tossed around for nada. thanks for the report.............Tom
  395. B

    9 ft Boston Whaler FS

    pm's answered........still available
  396. B

    Inverse 1.5 dayer onboard the Eclipse

    I was on the 14 guy trip before you that you mentioned. I agree with everything you wrote, especially about the crew and going on that boat again..........Winning the jackpot didn't hurt either.........Tom
  397. B


    Hi, does the 545 have a clicker?........
  398. B


    I have a saltiga 30 I would trade straight across for........Tom
  399. B

    How to ship a trailer boat???

    I brought one out from Baltimore in March and it went smoothly. FYI, your ins may not cover your boat while some one else is transporting it. Also if you have time to allow the shipper to arrange a backhaul it can save some cash.........
  400. B

    9 ft Boston Whaler FS

    freshwater boat from Lake Tahoe..
  401. B

    9 ft Boston Whaler FS

    9 ft boston whaler tender beautiful cond. $950 for the hull....fresh water boat...... can send pics to a email ...... Tom
  402. B

    Accurate BX2 600

    I'll take the 870 if we meet in the middle sometime, I'm in San Diego........Tom
  403. B

    Stainless thru hull fitting (New)

    If you need more I have some also.
  404. B

    Looking for Super Seeker 6480H

    My SS is a "H" can send pics to a email address
  405. B

    Accurate BX2-400 and Seeker Black Steel

    How far south do you in regards to the rod? Tom
  406. B

    7 1/2 HP Outboard

    still available..........
  407. B

    7 1/2 HP Outboard

    Pics sent........
  408. B

    7 1/2 HP Outboard

    Mercury 7.5 hp outboard for sale. excellent condition just serviced with new water pump impellar. can email pics $375 760-745-7396
  409. B


    Dennis @ affordable marine service/armored hull marine 619-578-5979 he likes referals and is a good guy...........Tom
  410. B


    Dennis has some used ones at his place AMS in san diego, I have one and he just installed one for my neighbor for a good price........Tom
  411. B

    Rocket launchers

    I'll take it, pend pics or inspection [email protected]
  412. B

    Reliable Rod Rigger

    I'll take it...thanks Gerry.........Tom
  413. B

    Bait Prep/Fillet Tables

    I'll take the large one.........thanks Tom
  414. B

    for sale Avon 10 ft. inflatable

    Avon "280 Air" excellent condition High-pressure inflatable floor just serviced @ The Dingy Doctor in Point Loma. Has wheel is $2,200 @ West Marine.....$750 OBO...Tom 760-745-7396...................SOLD thanks Phil
  415. B

    16 ga. over under

    Looking for a good quality 16 ga. over under if anyone has one for cash or I have others to trade. thanks Tom 760-745-7396..found one thanks
  416. B

    Black progear 545

    If it is the clicker model I'll take it.........Tom
  417. B

    25' boat trailer

    Hi. What's the weight capacity, length? I'll come see it. thanks Tom 760-745-7396
  418. B

    25' boat trailer

    Looking for a good trailer for a 25' saltwater hull in good condition...760-745-7396 Tom
  419. B

    Fiberglass bait tank

    WTB Fiberglass bait tank 40-45 gals. in good condition...thanks 760-745-7396
  420. B

    Trailer 25~27 footer

    What is your location and you e-mail more info? Tom
  421. B

    Grady White 208 Adventure

    bump........what's the next boat?
  422. B

    Galvanized Removable Tongue Assembly

    I'll take it, thanks. Tom 760-745-7396
  423. B

    Daiwa Luna 203 and Penn International 965

    Hi, I'll take the luna....Tom 760-745-7396
  424. B

    MORE RODS #3

    I'll take the 700l if still available..760-745-7396
  425. B

    Old Fenwick PacificStiK Royale

    Dan, I can use your rod if Angelo passes.......Tom 760-745-7396
  426. B

    Calstar Rods

    I'll take them if still available....Tom
  427. B

    Hickory Long Bow

    small fyi.........Tred had a very serious incident earlier this year and is now in a wheelchair, probably permanently.
  428. B


    still availiable?...still interested
  429. B

    Daiwa Saltiga 50 lightly used

    I have a lightly used saltiga 30 plus 40 bucks..........Tom
  430. B

    rod rack

    I'll take it......Tom 760-745-7396
  431. B

    penn downriggers

    Gee..........."I think I'm interested" vs "I'll take it" with no conditions.......easy call...(not my call, but easy call).....Tom
  432. B

    penn downriggers

    I'll take it.......Tom..760-745-7396
  433. B

    JBL Woody Magnum Speargun

    any trips planned to San Diego?.....Tom
  434. B

    Shimano Tiagra 16 with Baker topless frame

    I have a nice saltiga 30 plus 125.00 if your interested.........Tom
  435. B

    Diawa Saltiga 40

    have a 30 in great shape for 275 ,Tom 760-745-7396
  436. B


    I, just saw your boat pic in the magazine today......very nice.Tom
  437. B

    Saltiga's FS

    pic's sent
  438. B

    Saltiga's FS

    30t spf...thanks
  439. B

    Saltiga's FS

    Saltiga's.. 30t and 30. Light use on both.. excellent condition. $275 ea or $500 for the pair. Tom 760-745-7396
  440. B

    20 ga. pump

    Thanks...but they say not for six weeks or so........
  441. B

    20 ga. pump

    WTB Looking for a youth size 870 in 20 ga. thanks Tom..760-745-7396
  442. B


    Ruben..I have a pg 255 towards trade ( plus $20) that we spoke of awhile back. Let me know..Tom
  443. B

    Ben Pearson Recurve Bow, make me an offer!!!!

    I'm interested and would like to see the bow...Tom..745-7396
  444. B

    pro gear for sale

    Pro Gear 255 just serviced from Ken's. Just a few light scratches on gunmetal body but in great shape. 145.00 Tom 760-745-7396