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  1. spike

    OPAH!!!!! Aztec Sportfishing 2-day 7/16-7/18 Epic trip! Pic Heavy

    The most fun trip I've been on in along time, in large part to the group we were fishing with, and I mean the anglers. Everyone got along great and I could really feel the comradery amongst the group, it's one reason I really like fishing sportboats, fishing with a good group is a lot of fun. We...
  2. spike

    Mexico bluefin limit?

    Mexican Boats can currently possess 2 fish per angler, US; Long Range Boats, Overnight Boats, and Private boats may not take or possess BFT in Mexican Waters. I believe in a few weeks it will be resolved, kinda, but not as soon as I would like. I think, that a few select boats will get some sort...
  3. spike

    Bloodydecks Sponsored Aztec Trip A Success

    A great group of anglers, it was a pleasure to be aboard helping out.
  4. spike

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Currently 250nm W. of SoCal's Coast, moving N. No albacore in our local offshore waters this year.
  5. spike


    Congrats to all on an excellent trip!
  6. spike

    DP ghost 3/24

    If life gives you lemons................. Well done on the Lemonade!
  7. spike

    BoLA Jurel part II

    Well Done!
  8. spike

    Malihini 3/18

    The Ole' Magic-Weenie (Malihini) Sorry about the seal's.
  9. spike

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    And to reiterate, I apologize for my previous snide comments, everyone on BD who has fished with me knows that is not how I act on board trips. "Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture, you can change a person’s life"
  10. spike

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    There are still some people that remember back in the mid 80's when Sardines were nonexistent, zero, straight chovy from the receivers. Could you imagine doing a multi day trip with nothing but chovies? Five day, Eight days, Ten days, and even up to a 15 day trip to Clipperton, (see the Bill...
  11. spike

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Enough said......
  12. spike

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Well, I'm gonna have to apologize for my comment, "#3) quit being such a whinny bitch, it's got to be embarrassing, grow a pair and quit complaining" it is bad behavior and I don't condone it while on the boats, I don't treat people that way and I don't appreciate others treating people this...
  13. spike

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Accurate Fishing Products, Racking up Sharky Beauties & Fresh Tuna for over 22 years!
  14. spike

    Rail fishing question

    Get a Smitty Pad, works good!
  15. spike

    JOURNEYMAN - As Good As It Gets (March 1-2)

    Russel does a great job, congrats on the trip.
  16. spike

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Too answer your question there are Three things that may help you "With Your Bait" shortcomings. #1) collar hook the chovys #2) there are plenty other bait options besides sardines & chovies, get a bait rig and make your own, mini mack's, brown bait, Spanish mack's, ect..... Soft bait's, hard...
  17. spike

    Alijos Fall Wahoo

    Most times...... Some of the first boats down, like late September usually mop the floor with Wahoo, the boats to follow then come down and they can be off the bite due to sore mouths. Don't discredit the Ridge or offshore Kelps or Logs.
  18. spike

    Overnite on the Matador 2/10

    Good Trip Congrats, is that Ramsey C. with you?
  19. spike

    Anyone have info (411) on the coronodo islands? Navy, Yellowtail?

    Sunday I saw every private boat from Ribbon to S. Island get checked by Max. Navy. No boat was detained long or kicked out from what I noticed.
  20. spike

    Fishing on the San Diego

    HawkGobbler69, you were weird. Good trip, best of the year so far, a lot of fun.
  21. spike

    Medical Evacuation

    No Passport??? "That Guy"
  22. spike

    Maximus Finale ...Part 2..Trip 5 of 5

    Awesome trip, Congrats to all!
  23. spike

    San Quintin Jan 18,19,20 2014

    Good job on the beer ladies.
  24. spike


    Awesome Ling Rox, got any special recipes for it???
  25. spike

    Mission Belle 1/15/14

    Good times Congrats
  26. spike

    Trevor Rogers Accident

    I talked with someone close to the family yesterday at the hospital and that's where I got my info, I may be wrong, but that's what I was told. I hope Trevor has a speedy recovery.
  27. spike

    Prayers needed for Capt. Trevor Rodgers

    Trevor is a great dude, a smart dude, in fact the only one smart enough to wear a seat belt in the car he was in, everyone else in the vehicle rest in peace, I'm hoping Trevor has a speed recovery, so sad.
  28. spike

    Trevor Rogers Accident

    Trevor is a great dude, a smart dude, in fact the only one smart enough to wear a seat belt in the car he was in, everyone else in the vehicle rest in peace, I'm hoping Trevor has a speed recovery, so sad.
  29. spike

    How does Shogun ride?

    The fatter the Ass end the more stable the boat is in the trough. Narrow boats with oversized houses can get tipsy tacking sideways through the swell.
  30. spike

    What's everyones favorite big bait rig?

    Winning! If your gonna fish a big bait you have got to have the tackle to back it up, no sense going elephant hunting with a Beebee gun.
  31. spike

    Softest and best handling fluorocarbon on the market...???

    I've always been queer for Seaguar, it never let me down and confident in using it, every time you make a cast having confidence in you gear, bait, jig, plastic, ect... is the best way to get a bite, you try harder.
  32. spike

    Chilean Patagonia 12/26/13 - 1/2/14

    WOW! Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  33. spike

    Great Winter Fishing in San Quintin!

    Fantastic fishing and congrats!
  34. spike

    Mission Belle 1.7.14

    Good winter fishing and good job getting out.
  35. spike


    To be safe I'd say do an eight day, 7 day can get it done but lacks solid opportunities.
  36. spike


    I Love Clamming, good job.
  37. spike

    Where is Flemish Cap?

    It's out by the Whirl Pools, takes some guts, most boats stay clear of in fear of being sucked in.
  38. spike

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Outstanding! That will be a very memorable trip.
  39. spike

    Sweet spot!

  40. spike

    puerto vallarta fishing febuary

    How close is the Success allowed to fish to Tres Maria's? Is it the 12 mile radius for offshore bird schools or are there special permits now, just a question not trying to thorw stones the trip sounds interesting.
  41. spike

    Mexican Fishing License Online
  42. spike

    Is it legal to sell sport caught fish in Mexico? VIOLATIONS  It is illegal to capture and maintain alive any fish for ornamental purposes.  It is prohibited to receive any financial gain from the product obtained through sportfishing.  It is prohibited to dump...
  43. spike

    Is it legal to sell sport caught fish in Mexico? before going out into the field, not after pulling the trigger.Restaurant is illegally...
  44. spike

    Jigging for big yft

    For Long Range, this is the right answer, I'm pretty partial to a PL68 and have had great success using it at the Hurricane Bank, PV, and the Atoll, not so much at the Revilla's or Cabo banks.
  45. spike

    fishing clothes

    I like Fishworks.
  46. spike

    Jigging for big yft

    Two very different types of fishing, from technique, to tackle, and location. Like they say... "Everybody Fucks Different" The reason Spinning Outfits do not work to land Cow tuna on the Left Coast aboard a Long Range vessel is the 80% of the time when targeting Cow YFT the boat is anchored...
  47. spike

    Is it legal to sell sport caught fish in Mexico?

    Every time I read one of your comments I seriously wonder why you post at all, you never have any idea what your talking about. You should try the Nonsense Anything Bored Threads.
  48. spike

    Box Canyon 12.14.13

    Gorgeous Weather past few days, nice going.
  49. spike

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending Dec 20th, 2013 - Woody Hunting Knife

    Match Dot Com. Helping Freaks get laid since 2009.
  50. spike

    Couple of pictures to add to RR3 Accurate

    No trip is miss more than this one, Leo almost talked me into going this year, maybe a few years down the line. Congrats, I'm sure everyone had a blast.
  51. spike

    More Maxmus 4.5 day fish porn photos

    Congrats on a fantastic trip!
  52. spike

    What's your favorite thing about long range?

    The Journey, the People, and the Accommodations.
  53. spike


    First class! Congrats to all teams who participated, looks fun.
  54. spike

    Limits of humongous Lings off Colnett on the "PacVoyager" 11.30.13

    Fantastic Fun Fishing aboard the finest overnight boat around!
  55. spike

    Rockfishing DP

    Better than Turkey.
  56. spike

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    Too slow to pull the trigger, good luck, I'm sure it will be fun.
  57. spike

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    I'll get back to you soon, thank you. If someone else signs up I understand.
  58. spike

    American Angler 10 day fish report Nov 3-13

    Fantastic trip congrats and great trip rundown!
  59. spike

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    Fred, what day would that be flying home??
  60. spike


    Quality Lings, glad to see Rox get a good one.
  61. spike

    Tyson, well deserved WIN!

    Ty is 5th from left. Tommy, Donnie Berger, Jiro, Jack Webster, Ty, Rodney, Spike, Cal, Glenn.
  62. spike

    Tyson, well deserved WIN!

    I know it doesn't have to do with Long Range fishing, but many of you know Ty Valli formally of the Q-105 & RR3, a long range deck hand for many years. He and I worked under Jack Webster, Sam Pattela, Andy Cates, Jeff Debuys and many more. He's my best friend, I've known him since we were both...
  63. spike

    RP on the way to the bank

    Tell Terence I said "go clean the heads" Safe travels & good luck.
  64. spike


    Congrats on the good Season RON, better get out and do some codding now.
  65. spike


    Congrats Honda, dudes been at it a long time. Well deserved.
  66. spike

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Congrats on a good LR trip aboard a sensational vessel like the RP Cory. Terrance is the man.
  67. spike


    Hoop or Hoop not, there is no try.....
  68. spike

    PRIDE- Late Season Pickings(*Pic Heavy*)

    I enjoy the up to the minute on the water rundowns, that boat have WIFI?
  69. spike

    Tribute report....

    The 1st morning 18 anglers ordered the breakfast burrito, 5 ate the breakfast plate, and 1 chunked. Sounded like a fun trip with good Fall fishing.
  70. spike

    Opening day for sea lion hunting

    The over population of seals is a major problem along our coast, but..... one persons impulse actions out of frustration at that current moment only jeopardize the rest of us fisherman as a whole. Simply put, what a fucking idiot, your fucking it up for everyone else dick! If assholes were...
  71. spike

    Hurricane Raymond Cat 3 / RR3 report

    Fred is a great dude, glad he got a good one.
  72. spike

    Asuncion Fishing Report...& Surfdoc's grave update.

    Very cool Chuck! I'm ready for some more pic's....
  73. spike

    Hurricane Raymond Cat 3 / RR3 report

    Ande is pretty in tuned with weather reports and has made the run countless times regardless of what move they will have to make, weather depending Cates will steer them to the Fish'. Good luck, safe travels.
  74. spike

    RR3 - 8 Day Seaguar sponsored Oct 11-19, 2013

    Great 8 day aboard the RR3, congrats.
  75. spike

    40 lb Halibut Takes the Lead

    Brian Wooley is the best captain out of Dana Wharf, it's that time of the year when they begin looking for those big Flats. I was a the beach with my family and saw them pull up on 'the spot' I told my wife, they are targeting Butt's. I paddled out and said hello, and a Kayaker got a nice one...
  76. spike

    Vagabond October 12 - 20th

    Nice trip, great vessel and crew, well done on your trip and thanks for a killer report.
  77. spike

    On our way home... Intrepid 15 day

    Dumb question, have the derogatory comments since been deleted? Or are they still up? I'm sure it's the same three people that leave shitty comments anyway? I'm just curious...
  78. spike

    On our way home... Intrepid 15 day

    Safe travels. Weather sucks, sounded pretty nautical.
  79. spike

    10/5 to 10/13/2013 - spirit of adventure

    A tough trip aboard a great LR vessel, but still beats not going. I always enjoy your reports, they are with out a doubt the best around. To comment on your first opening statement about pulling hooks, and I'm sure you've heard it before.... Make sure the line is taught before setting the hook...
  80. spike

    KNOT HOME BFT 10/12-10/13 - Limits!

    Nicely Done and congrats on the good fishing!
  81. spike

    Shogun gets into Big Bluefin

    Great times, the Shogun knows how to get it done!
  82. spike

    CONDOR 2.5Day Oct12-13th Big Bluefin, Limits YT, YF, Dorado TRAINWRECK

    Ron it's October, your not suppose to do that.... WELL DONE SIR!
  83. spike

    ISWAC 2-Day Charter

    Awesome and Congrats!
  84. spike

    late post new lo-an 1.5day 10/6

    Good deal JJ, awesome trip!
  85. spike

    Wahoo survey

    Yes Sir! Good deal!
  86. spike

    HELP!...I've Run Out of Ideas!!!

    Cunnilingus, that's what I do for my wife, seems to work.
  87. spike

    Wahoo survey

    While fishing with wahoo bombs or jigs for wahoo; Wind Fast....... if you think your your Winding to fast, your actually winding to slow. While on the drift cast out, with the wind in your face, let your wahoo bomb or jig sink for 90 seconds (give or take), this way you are covering more of...
  88. spike

    Heartbreak on the Spirit of Adventure

    Joe, still a nice fish and could have been a lot worse of a loss, at least it's on the boat not missing too much meat, good Long Range fun!
  89. spike

    Sunday family paddle

    Good times with the Fam!
  90. spike


    NEVER, EVER, rinse the meat in Fresh or Salt Water, pat dry with paper towels, we don't rinse off Cow do we? By the way looks great, must be rough getting off a stellar LR trip and routing for the best team in football.
  91. spike


    Trip looks like a blast, congrats and thanks for a 1st class report.
  92. spike

    First Blood............. Pumpkins and A Butt

    Nice work Screeching Weasel,, Otto must have been hook and handing.
  93. spike

    Fishin' on the Tribute this weekend

    Nice Photos and time well spent with your son!
  94. spike

    PRIDE- They Deserve To Die

    Yes, must be his wife.
  95. spike

    PRIDE- They Deserve To Die

    I like the Pride, always chartered now, must be because Greg and the crew do such a wonderful job. Does that boat have a WIFI, how do they always have such awesome up to date fish reports?
  96. spike

    Anybody ever done a 5 day at New Years trip?

    You need to remember generally 5-day range is Benitos or Cedros which during Winter is generally only Yellowtail there have been banner 5-days that have done well during that time of the year, but also they have hade trips that have not done so well. I have been on a handful of Christmas 8-days...
  97. spike

    Problem with the Excel

    Your surrounded by water, do a few drops really matter? And FYI, when a LR vessel begins making a SHARP turn broad side into the wind, you best get off the rail cause there's some liquid coming up over the bullworks.
  98. spike

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Peak season, some boats fold and loose sense all customer service. My advice prebook a real LR boat for next year. It's a shame you had such shitty service, Seaforth, Fishermans, & Point Loma landings I think are far superior to the service's provided by H&M (Heroine & Meth).
  99. spike

    Indy 09/14- 09/21- Fish report- "Victory at sea"

    Well it doesn't get any better than that, well done aboard the Indy, but hold the sauce please.
  100. spike

    Problem with the Excel

    No disrespect to the Rooster, I love that boat. It was the thread title that got me, sorry, it's a horrible joke.
  101. spike

    Problem with the Excel

    On the Excel bungee your rods along the side of the boat, on the Royal Star bungee your tackle box to the rack, and on the Rooster bungee your girlfriend to the boat...... Carry on.
  102. spike

    Spirit of Adventure - 6-Day Trip 9/14-9/20 Fishing Weatherman Report

    Good trip Chris, though I missed your weather report.
  103. spike

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    You get what you pay for when you sign up on a cheap trip.
  104. spike

    9/14-15 2 dayer aboard the PacVoy

    Any trip on the Pacific Voyager is a good one, congrats!
  105. spike

    New "That Guy"..... His name is Weasel

    I've seen an "angler" who rode a few 15-day trips or longer, every year, aboard the same boat leave a $20.00 for the entire trip, each time. He would do about 3 trips a year, long ones, and always a Twenty, good or bad fishing, mostly good. A decent stick, kinda a pain in the ass know it all...
  106. spike

    Interesting Event Happened at Fisherman's Landing Yesterday

    It was insanely epic. Limited out on Yellowfin and Dorado by noon. YF absolutely killed my megabait every cast. Chewed the paint off of it. By 10am: Good times for sure.
  107. spike

    SEA Bass

  108. spike

    A School of White Seabass, No Spear

    PRETTY EPIC VID! I'd been going nut's. Seems like quite a bit of current too.
  109. spike

    New "That Guy"..... His name is Weasel

    Always a shitty deal having one of those aboard, especially when it's a non-tipping, thinks he knows everything, asshole who all the anglers hate; Regular Passenger. It makes the boat look bad continuing having jerks like that re-ride, But...... the Office does not discriminate on $$$$$. I'm...
  110. spike

    Interesting Event Happened at Fisherman's Landing Yesterday

    Props to the Shogun for doing it right! How was the trip?
  111. spike

    1 day of catching 1 day of fishing on the Pride 9-16-17-13

    1st class operation, Greg is fun to fish with, glad you had a stellar trip high fives all around!
  112. spike

    9/15 Pacific quest WFO YFT!

    Tell Don to get his knife sharp and the smoker on.
  113. spike

    OO 2.5 Day 9/13 - 9/15 - 300+ Mixed YFT, BFT, YT and Dorado

    The Ocean Obscenity strikes again, well done on the Black Jack!
  114. spike

    "Bloody" Decks and Blue fin mayhem on the First String

    Slay Bells! Nicely done and glad you had a good one.
  115. spike

    Anyone here going on the Pacific Quest Sunday 2 day?

    Have a good trip and enjoy your time Jeff.
  116. spike

    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    Fantastic Trip, glad you got into some good fishing, the Sprit of Adventure is often forgot about in the LR scene, but let's not forget they have a huge following and repeat anglers!
  117. spike

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    She's obviously a 'horn blower' and not a guitar gal.
  118. spike

    Czech Mate Trip - Terrible

    Well at least no one sawed you off............
  119. spike

    How Bad is the Infection at BD?

    Let me know when fixed, took me 5 minutes to post this, my computer works fine for everything else.
  120. spike

    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Best thread on BD.............. since your last one, 1st class and thank you!
  121. spike

    How Bad is the Infection at BD?

    Sucks, not working too well. Side note; sure seems to be a lack of reports as of late, is it because of the issues, over run on Facebook, or from the same few 'internet hero's' always being assholes which most never go fishing?
  122. spike

    Intrepid crew update

    Terrell Owens and Randy Moss each played for a lot of teams themselves.
  123. spike

    H&M - Who's heard of the Invicta?

    Heroin & Meth.
  124. spike

    Open Spots Pac Voyager Oct. 4 day Ltd Load

    I love this boat, let me check the dates with work, question though, and I understand October is a ways off, but is this trip suppose to go any where in particular, like Cedros or something, cause 4 Days offshore could be monotonous, I like YFT and all, but that might be over doing it. Was...
  125. spike

    trip cancellation policy.

    LAME, I could understand a week before the trip or something, but next day....... that's fucked.
  126. spike

    Report form the Condor Crew

    Patience my young apprentice, there coming, it's going to be a long season, much like 2012, fishing into November for YFT on 1.5 trips, and the good thing about that the weather will be sheet glass due to the Santa Ana breeze.
  127. spike

    Boat Fishing Jackpot Rules

    Gentlemen's Jackpot, try to have fun, I wouldn't predicate your trip on whether or not you won the JP. I've seen some 'anglers' get so worked up over the JP, they get this tunnel vision that they must win the jackpot or it's an unsuccessful trip, you know, Asshats. Enjoy your time on the water...
  128. spike

    Nados: 8/27 Yellowtail

    "I love it when a plan comes together!"
  129. spike

    Pacific Voyager 8/24 - 8/26

    Fantastic outing, I love that boat, great job.
  130. spike

    Royal Star 6 day report - 121# Opah

    Congrats Gene, that's one hell of a backlash, who knows maybe your on to something. Great picture as well, the colors on that Opah look brilliant.
  131. spike

    Distracted Driver Rant

    Sorry, Seabass information, had to.
  132. spike

    137lb on the pride!

    Pretty nice trip Fran! No wonder Greg is chartered up thru the month, good operation.
  133. spike

    18 Albacore in Santa Cruz 8/21

    Outstanding Darin!
  134. spike

    Albacore and opah

    Wow, congrats!
  135. spike

    Apollo 2 day limited load Sept 21-22

    Let me know, I may be able to swing this.
  136. spike

    Apollo 2 day limited load Sept 21-22

    I'm a harcore maybe, my wife and kids are out of town but gonna check w/ work.
  137. spike

    Late Report Saturday on the Cortez

    Where did the "Like" Button go, because that's awesome!
  138. spike

    New Lo An 2Day Report Aug 16-18th, Drew Ford Charter

    Good times, and fun fishing, congrats!
  139. spike

    Offa Oceanside 8/16 Yellows, $, and a big supprise

    You went fishing, must be no waves.
  140. spike

    FKG new PB Halibut 20.2# on 8/17 out of LGB

    Congrats to Garret............................................ and Dad!
  141. spike

    Great Day On The Water! First YT

    Well done and congrats, now your hooked!
  142. spike

    My first offshore trip ever!!!

    Good job John.
  143. spike

    On the water fury reviews?

    I thought they cast great, I was using short 3-ft top shot's of flouro with a full reel of spectra backing and slayed my limit of Yellow, I liked them.
  144. spike


    50lb class Rooster, fantastic catch, and even better job on the release Sir! Well done all the way around!
  145. spike

    LIMTS of BFT on the Pride 08/14/13

    Well done getting Josh on some fish!
  146. spike

    "Like" button goes missing again?

    I like the "Like" button, but also think we should add a "Dislike" button.
  147. spike

    Cedros Island 8/5 - 8/9

    45lber! Well done Mark you deserve it!
  148. spike

    Fun trip on the First String (8-11)

    Your Son looks stoked, well done!
  149. spike

    SHOGUN 5day report 8-9 to 8-13

    Great job being getting your daughter hooked up on an awesome trip, well done!
  150. spike

    Searcher Braid 4 day 8/9-8/13

    Good trip Chris, that's what Long Range is all about! Your Sister, not only Hot, but a good angler as well!
  151. spike

    LORETO, Catfish and Spanking Dodos Report

    Now that made me laugh, you must be Saltydawg's twin brother!
  152. spike

    Mahi Jihad

    Great job on the fish and also containing your excitement. You must have some fucked up teeth or something, at least pretend your having fun. Just kidding. And I've also came up with a name for PorkChop's bun in the oven............................................................. Applesauce!
  153. spike

    Seeker Fishing Boat - July 27th 1Day Tuna Pens

    Robert it's great you got a taste of what's biting, hopefully you'll have the opportunity to get on a good bite this year, there's still plenty of time to get on a wide open or even steady scratch bite. As for your tackle, it's best to rent or get a loaner from the boat, it's a good sign that...
  154. spike

    BOLA Report - Aug 6 - 10

    That Picture is Great! Well done on the family vacation and your Sister looks hot!
  155. spike

    1.5 day on the Islander 8/12/13

    Your son looks stoked, well done! And I'm assuming the crew were awesome.
  156. spike

    La Paz/Las Arenas August 10th, 2013 Reports

    Looks like good times and thanks for posting Jill & Jonathan!
  157. spike

    Listen to the Crew

    Got to love Long Range fishing, time on the water!
  158. spike

    Who was on the PRIDE overnight 8/10-11

    Yes, limits for 11 anglers, pictures on the Prides facebook. Greg is awesome and works hard, but single screw boats drift them pretty darn good as opposed to a triple screw. Not to disrespect the crew of the Pride, they work hard and have a great attitude.
  159. spike

    Last meal of THE mako

    That seal stole one of my yellows once, I'm glad I now have closure to the situation.
  160. spike

    Urgent Message ** ON WATER ROBBERY and ASSAULT**

    What a shame, sorry to hear that, hope they are caught.
  161. spike

    Monterey Tuna 8/9/13

    Awesome job on the Longfins!
  162. spike

    The Pride 2 day trip

    Indeed! Well done on the trip!
  163. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2 day 8-9-13

    Great boat and crew, a pleasure to fish aboard. Congrats.
  164. spike

    8/8 on The Pride overnighter

    Radical, Greg is awesome to fish with 1st class, and excellent grade of BFT as well. I wish you would have not of posted a picture of yourself, I thought that was you in the avatar.
  165. spike

    8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

    I get it, and agree with your comment, in fact I only agree with 89% of what I write. I think you hit the nail on the head about "etiquette". I really don't care if someone rolls up on a spot I'm fishing, I've seen boats come up and just blow the fishing for not only themselves but for others...
  166. spike

    8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

  167. spike

    8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

    I didn't say anything about the spots, of course there will be boat traffic in those areas, in fact all areas during the weekend. I just believe keep your numbers of general forums, and for the record I do use Fishdope great information. I didn't mean to be so derogatory, I apologize. Unless...
  168. spike

    Tips for fishing trip in Ketchikan, Juneau, or Skagway

    My Grandmother just did that same cruise, she went fishing one day out of Ketchikan, she was able to book the whole trip aboard the cruise ship. She caught the only Spring, a 35lber, but countless Pinks. She had fillets flown home threw 6-pack operation. My Grandma is 86, she said the whole...
  169. spike

    Trip Report - NorCal Tuna Club 7 Day - Intrepid, Another Perspective

    Good fishing and great rundown of your trip, congrats!
  170. spike

    8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

    Some one cut me off on the Freeway yesterday, I may start a thread about it.... Good job on the Feessh! Posting your location, that will keep em off ya.
  171. spike

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    Good boats don't charge for sacks. If I was on a boat that did charge for a sack I'd expect that thing to like as nice as a Crown Royal Bag.
  172. spike

    Pacific Voyager

    Mark is one of the best in the fleet. Congrats on your trip.
  173. spike

    Aug. 8th The Pride overnighter

    Cory, I'm interested in the trip as long as that's a photo of you in your avatar.
  174. spike

    Monday, August 5 th. on the PRIDE

    Well done Fred and I enjoyed your post, a true assessment of hoping on a boat to fish the bite when it's Hot! I've never had a bad trip on the Pride, I've had slower trips but never any qualms with boat or crew. Greg works hard and fun to fish with.
  175. spike

    North 9 Yellows today 8/06

    I love the photos, congrats on the catch.
  176. spike


    Looks like a great family outing catching fish, congrats.
  177. spike

    190 NM on the Skiff

    Great looking plate of food, and got to like the smiles........ I heard Porkchop is having a piglet.
  178. spike

    Cedros Island 7/26-7/29 with Cedros Outdoor Adventures pic heavy

    Fantastic trip and thanks for the detailed report.
  179. spike

    Bluefin on The Pride

    What kind of shoes do you recommend we wear while smoking??
  180. spike

    Cortez 1.5 8/2-8/4

    Awesome fishing, always nice great fishing with Jim no matter the conditions.
  181. spike

    Bluefin Counts Getting Smaller

    I wish I was on your 2.5 day trip, things should be great for BFT, YT, and Mahi, and 2.5 days is plenty of tie to make a good catch, if anything the 1-day range tapered off but will rebound.
  182. spike

    Intrepid New Capt.

    He's on the Excel again.
  183. spike


    Well done Girls! Good getting out and getting it done!
  184. spike

    Limits of Kelp Paddy Yellowtail 8/4/13

    Launched at Shelter Island Sunday at 3am traveling South West. Found a decent sized kelp during grey light by nearly 6am. We slid up and loaded up on Yellows! They were biting! No great shakes, they were 10 to 15lbs, but still fun and loads of them! Got some on sardine before switching to...
  185. spike

    Bluefin Jim 5 Day Red Rooster III Report with Pictures 7/26-7/31/2013

    Outstanding trip, Bluefin Jim has been doing charters aboard the RR3 for years now, always picks a good time of year to make a catch! Congrats to you and the twins, you look happy together!
  186. spike

    The Qualifier 105 in her new home.

    You know it's awesome to see the boat looking so great, I have not seen it that nice since 2000 when we did a complete overhaul to her and made the stacks smaller. Some things you can never change, what's done is done you know, just nice seeing her look taken care of instead of rotting away...
  187. spike

    Dana Pt YT / Catalina Bloody Marys / Home by 4pm

    Your Sister is Hot! Congrats on the Yellow!
  188. spike

    Mola riding - it is for real!

    Putting one on your boat is bad luck and will jinx your vessel, I wonder what happens if you mount one?
  189. spike

    Aug 1ST 2013 THE PENS

    Well good thing Otto was there! Good going guys!
  190. spike

    Apollo 2day 7/26 - 7/28 (Semi Late Report)

    Epic! Glad you had a good one buddy!
  191. spike

    SEEKER 1 1/2 DAY GREAT TRIP!!!! 7/31

    Thanks for the killer report and congrats on the fishing, good to know about the boat as well!
  192. spike


    Offshore Mossbacks? Good job on the Yellowtail!
  193. spike

    Bluefin on The Pride

    The PRIDE is back at it today!!
  194. spike

    what happened to fishing manners?

    Everybody Fucks Different. When running Private Boats I prefer to steer clear of other rigs and find my own fish, being in solitude can pay off, and if someone rolls up on our stop or kelp, it is what it is, I'm not gonna start a war with them, still better than a day of work. Some people are...
  195. spike

    Tun pens and more 7/28 on the Pide

    Greg and the Pride with that 'single screw' sure do drift em' up! Greg and crew also work hard and are very personable, I like has updated facebook posts, guys got away with reports, a regular Hemingway. Great attitude on the your trip and congrats, I'd imagine he wanted to steer away from the...
  196. spike


    Congrats on a great trip, hard to go wrong with MarkO and the PV.
  197. spike

    Cool Marlin Vid, if already posted, I don't care :D

    That's gonna leave a mark.
  198. spike

    BATTLEGROUND BAJA- A 7 Day Chronicle on the INDY-July 20-27

    Killer report of a great Long Range trip. I see Nancy, former office gal of the Q105 was on the trip, anyways congrats always nice fishing with Jeff, Kevin, & Jesus, the three of them have known each other a long time and used to be roomates in the 90's.
  199. spike

    Nice one Ben...

    Pretty Rad photo and awesome little kid!
  200. spike

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Well Done on the RELEASE!!!! Sportsmen!!!!! Keeping BD proud!!!!
  201. spike

    SCI 7-28-13 yellows

    GOOD Fishing, congrats!
  202. spike

    Pacific Queen Bluefin and Yellows

    The PQ & Drew run a fantastic operation, a lot of history in that rig and I love to fish aboard her, congrats on a great trip and cool rundown, thanks.
  203. spike

    Bluefin on The Pride

    Little boat with a heart of gold for putting on fish, Greg is awesome to fish with. Congrats on the slay.
  204. spike

    TRIP REPORT-2nd Annual Ray Jarvis Memorial/Gumba Lounge/Fishybuzz Trip on FV Intrepid

    Fantastic Voyage, fishing & catching amongst friends aboard a solid platform, well done and congrats to all!
  205. spike

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    Putting any of those Charters together??????? That would be an ideal situation and a great problem to have plus your already fishing aboard a state of the art fishing platform, a pick bite on big fish on those rigs is awesome! To answer your question, "different strokes for different LR...
  206. spike

    Which boat

    Bradley - 1st String
  207. spike

    Fished the Mirage out of Channel Islands Sportfishing 7/23-7/24

    Great trip Ruben, 1st WSB with a Central Coast Slam, congrats!
  208. spike

    Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    Good fishing, great boat, congrats!
  209. spike

    Camping Twin Lakes with the Family picture Rundown!

    Backside of Mammoth Mountain, and it's nice because your only 2 or 3 miles from town, very easy getting around.
  210. spike

    Camping Twin Lakes with the Family picture Rundown!

    Fishing Lake Mary- My 2.5 year old son really enjoyed it and caught over two handfuls, it got to the point that he would wait for the bite and bring it in himself, nothing big on the Rainbows, all pretty small. My daughter only wanted to bring in a couple but she did catch the biggest of the...
  211. spike

    Ali is fishing too deep

  212. spike

    Trip to Mammoth with Family

    Tony, our family just returned from there a couple weeks ago and went the year prior as well. We fished Lake Mary two days for nonstop action for the midgets. Best success on the SW corner of Mary w/ Green Power Bait w/ Trout Sparkle added. I'm not sure the age of your kids but zip-lining, and...
  213. spike

    Great overnight on the Pride 7/23

    The Pride has been doing real well, from seabass to Bluefin, Greg has been on em'. I especially like his up to date Facebook posts, very helpful and entertaining.
  214. spike

    Tailhunter July 20th, 2013 La Paz/Las Arenas Fleet Report

    Jonathon, please keep the epic reports coming in on BD!
  215. spike

    My First tuna of 2013 and my PB

    Well done Mark! BFT- Big Fucking Tuna
  216. spike

    new lo an 1 1/2 7/19 good fishing

    Good fishing HERMAN! Wish I could have gone with ya!
  217. spike

    Tribute overnighter 7/21

    Congrats on the Fesh' Brian! "It's not just a song, it's a Tribute"
  218. spike

    BFT Meat vs YT Meat. Help a Somewhat New Guy Out.

    That's a bummer, call the landing / boat, I'm sure they will make it right, and if not....... there are better boats that will, good luck, you should get what you paid for, mistakes happen, but I'm sure they'll make it right.
  219. spike

    Holy Sh*t!

    Pretty Rad, but...... "Insurance doesn't cover stupidity"
  220. spike

    Twin Lakes Camping and My Boys first fish!!!!!

    Very cool! Me and my family just did that exact same trip, and the kids are always dirty to say the least but very fun!
  221. spike

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Cool, I sell a lot of wet veg to Smart & Final, celery, Broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbages, ect. I talk to Al Ramirez at Riverside. Congrats on your killer trip!
  222. spike


    Good Times! I'm willing to bet there are some good S. Swells today as well!
  223. spike

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Radical Trip Nic, looks like a blast! Just curios, what do you do for Smart & Final?
  224. spike

    Epic BFT fishin on the "Apollo" 115, 113 1st day 7.17-18.2013

    Just like bucketing bait with out the headache. Nice fishing, congrats!
  225. spike


    I like you rig! Dark out, must of been fishing Seabass.
  226. spike

    Worst galley cook ever, business killer!

    I'm 90% sure I know who you are speaking of and YES, she is pretty rough crusty old bitch. You should have tried to get on another rig, driven to Point Loma or something.
  227. spike

    3day on the First string

    Nice going Juan, glad you had a successful trip!
  228. spike

    Jumbo Blufin

    WELL DONE!!!
  229. spike

    FREEDOM 7.15-7.16 Awesome day on the water!!

    Epic Local Yellowtail Bite, congrats Paul!
  230. spike

    1.5 day trip on the Daiwa Pacific

    :appl: I don't care what you caught, well done!
  231. spike

    Best Deck Hands!!

    A picture is worth a thousand words!
  232. spike

    Shogun 3 Day

    Good fishing and nice rundown!
  233. spike

    Releasing Small Yellowtail

    I often release small Yellows and released quite a few the other day. I release my own 90% of the time, I get it done prior to them coming over. As for the count, kindly let the crew know out of each stop how many you released. For letting fish go and salvaging your hook use 30 or 40lb, light...
  234. spike

    ID this fish please

    WOW! A rare Golden Boccaccio. They taste just like Boccaccio.
  235. spike

    Red Rooster Mahoney & Mcvey: 8 Day Fishing adventure June 28th

    Outstanding trip and pic's! Congrats!
  236. spike

    Independence 4 day july 10th - 14th

    Good trip & report John! Oldies but Goodies!
  237. spike


    Give it 10 years, they'll be back sooner than the Chargers win a Playoff game. Cycle of life.
  238. spike

    First bluefin and first yellowtail.

    Congrats on the catch, great boat, glad you scored!
  239. spike

    Shogun Bluefin Rain!

    Michael, fun trip and great food, I'll see you on the Shogun soon.
  240. spike

    Shogun Bluefin Rain!

    Fished aboard the Shogun for a 1.5 trip which departed at 4pm Wednesday the 10th. Once we loaded on some fresh big "hog dick" sardines Captain Cole hustled down the line wanting to start at 130 miles South. Around 3am it begin to dump, rain drops the size of quarters, still very warm outside, it...
  241. spike

    Pacific Dawn/White Sea Bass

    Well done, looks like it was worth the drive!
  242. spike

    Marcus Does It Again

    Way to wax some BFT! Great rundown and congrats on the score!
  243. spike

    Tribute 1.5-day (6/29)

    Nice BFT on the Yoyo!
  244. spike

    WSB and more on the Cortez!

    Always nice fishing with Jim Hughs "The Other Bald Guy" of the Cortez / RP, a class individual. Good job on the Seabass!
  245. spike

    On d water rr3 report

    I can hear it now...... "FEED THEM!" As Ande is up on the tank, "Look at them, they are like MUSH! CREAM CORN!!! Try for them"
  246. spike

    Late Report? Is 4 weeks late?

    I hope you and your roomate had a great time.... Good trip, and thanks for the detailed report.
  247. spike

    Rooster on some hoo's

    Theres a Coaches Beefer clogging the port forward head. Have a good trip, always great fishing on that one.
  248. spike

    Voyager 1.5 6/29 quick report

    Short & sweet rundown and great job on the catch aboard an awesome vessel.
  249. spike

    first SeaBass mission......SUCCESS!

    Good job on the Beer, Simon looks like shit. Nice C-bass!
  250. spike

    Pride - Seabass Special -- any info on these trips??

    Greg & the crew of the Pride provide a great service to the anglers on board, I'd recommend it, maybe catch the C-bass of a life time!
  251. spike

    C "B" Ass & Butts

    Great trip with some super flat Butts!
  252. spike

    What a way to kick off my summer

    Two reasons for me and many others; 1) It's much more abrasion resistant than mono, you end up getting a lot less 'chew threws' on those bigger grade C-bass, I'm able to feed them 60lb flouro, I stand a better chance of getting them to the boat. 2) I fish very short top shots, most of my...
  253. spike


    That's a great shot! Good going on the Biscuit Joe!
  254. spike

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Video Weather Update 6/26

    Great job again Chris, much appreciated! Stay Classy Phoenix, gonna be warm for the next few days! Good Morning Vietnam- Its Damn Hot!.mov - YouTube
  255. spike


    Right on Mark, good times with some Hog-Dick Yellows to boot! 1st class report!
  256. spike

    Red Rooster on the water report

    Bill, today when you guys start hanging fish and everone is on tell Ande you have a reading light out in your stateroom and you would like him to replace it ASAP!
  257. spike

    Penn 8-day aboard Shogun hammers the bluefin!

    EPIC Long Range trip! I had a few buddies on this one, congrats to Derek on 2nd JP and winning a reel! Come on Jeff, let's see some pic's!!!! The Halibut fishing sounded insane from Aaron!
  258. spike

    Where's all the reports?

    I too miss the Long Range trip reports on BD, it's always nce to hear the anglers perspective from an awesome fishing experience from great fishing platforms. I think part of it is due to the fact that you can go to Facebook and get day to day fish accounts and photos, and maybe all the LR...
  259. spike

    Super moon = Super Seabass

    Very Nice, High Fives all around!
  260. spike

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Hoops that's a good couple days of fishing! Great family vacation, and I would imagine your kids now out fish you!
  261. spike

    Seabass Hunters...........

    I'll stay out of the political BD run about from what ever happened. But I will add this, I see a lot of boats leave there squid lights out ALL night, generally you will get a lot more night time C-bass & Yt's with YOUR lights out. Make your pieces to fish with then go DARK! I saw a lot of...
  262. spike

    ***PICS - 2013 Yellowtail Tournament***

    Looks like fun, congrats to all the rigs that stayed inside in search of the Home Guard Slug Yellows, way to swing for the fences! Is there a prize for the smallest fish??????????
  263. spike

    What a way to kick off my summer

    The guy on the far left is prepared! Look at that Beer holster!
  264. spike

    YT at Todos Santos

    Good day of fishing Alex!
  265. spike

    Pride tonight! 6-20

    Very Nice! - - - Updated - - - Excellent!
  266. spike

    Pride Seabass Trip 06-21-2013

    Very nice Nick! The PRIDE is always on Seabass, there were a lot of Sportboats out there Friday for Saturday, only few caught fish, many Sportboats Blanked. We were the boat that you anchored near at 9:30pm, we had GREAT fishing also, saw you guys in the am, congrats on the trip.
  267. spike

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    LIKE, you take them time to write the post, I read it, and I liked it. The button is there, fuck it.
  268. spike

    Special Thanks to Tailhunter International and the WTC-a LaPaz report

    Jonathan and Jill are the best, when going down there the truely make you feel welcome and fully taken care of! Congrats on your trip.
  269. spike

    Red Rooster on the water report

    "A mans got to try..." I'm sure your all having fun!
  270. spike

    What a way to kick off my summer

    Awesome Brian, and congrats, that was me in the aluminum skiff that was off your Starboard side. Well done, Greg runs a tight ship, always fun aboard the Pride!
  271. spike

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Fished aboard Aaron & Cole of the Shoguns skiff Friday afternoon till Sunday morning with Tim Williams in search of the ever elusive coastal tanker seabass. We got to the area at 4pm and jigged up some squid and quickly putting it to good use going 4 for 5 on big fish. As darkness came upon us...
  272. spike

    Tipping the crew

    I love Tipping, it's great this time of year.
  273. spike

    Pride tonight! 6-20

    Good luck, Greg is a good dude, I really like his facebook posts, very descriptive and enjoyable I feel like I'm there, he should be an outdoor writer.
  274. spike

    cbass and a yellow, big models

    "big models"<!-- google_ad_section_end --> I love big models, good job all the way around!
  275. spike

    Summertime Rolls....

    Sounds like good times, what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. Congrats Ali & crew!
  276. spike

    Dana Point Weekend Report

    Excellent weekend congrats! Things are TURNING ON South of DP, currently!
  277. spike

    If you can only 2 set-up's on a 2 day trip??..

    I would agree for the typical 2 day, 30 & 40lb, if line shy you could always add 25lb Flouro to the 30lb outfit.
  278. spike

    How fat is too fat?

    Like Saluki always says. "Size Doesn't Matter" Big, small, or indifferent, the office will never discriminate against your deposit. Me, I don't care, I'll be in the mast till the boat stops anyways. Great attitudes trump ones physical apperance any day of the week. I do have a pretty funny...
  279. spike

    El Capitan 1.5 day 6/13-6/15

    Very nice and good job on the BFT. I'm considering going on the 2-day this weekend, full moon.... maybe dey bite....??? It's nice to hear such positive feed back about the boat.
  280. spike

    Overnight Pacific Queen Bluefin on father

    Right on! Way to get it done aboard the PQ.
  281. spike

    San Clemente Island (Pyramid Cove) Closed for the rest of the year?

    I have heard that they are closing the 29 Palms base and that Camp Pendlenton & SCI will grow in size housing and training more Marines, I've heard whispers about a lot more SCI closures because of this and even more closures down towards Las Pulgas and the Barn, granted only whispers, but...
  282. spike

    Happy B-day rdrrm8e

    Were out of Coors Light, HBD anyway.
  283. spike

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    Ahh.... June Grief..... Sometimes Stellar, sometimes an ass kicker. All in all though, decent trip, great group of anglers and crew, wet a line catch some fish, the long trips can be alot of work when it's a pick / slow bite. Congrats on your trip!
  284. spike

    Man gets to 2nd base with Sea Lion

    Just goes to show...... seals are Gay! Fucking "Sail Freaks", can't live with em', can't shoot them either, oh well.
  285. spike

    Pacific Voyager gets 1st Bluefin of the season

    Nice write up and even better boat, the Pacific Voyager is a fishing machine in big part from Mark, I love ridding that boat, infact if anyone has light charters on that thing let me know, I'd be down to fill a spot. Congrats on the 1st Bluefin for the "overnight fleet", maybe I'm wrong here...
  286. spike


    Wow, great fishing! Only thing better than that is Jared Allen sacking Aaron Rogers.
  287. spike


    Actually Some were jigged up West of the Cortez two weeks ago, not many and not a sportboat.
  288. spike

    CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    Nice to see you back on the water Ron, good trip.
  289. spike

    I Like BIG Butts

    Nice Flat Butt's!!!
  290. spike

    6/7-6/8- Somebody pinch me...I think I can C-Bass- Mardiosa 1.5 trip

    A fun looking trip! Catching was a bonus, congrats!
  291. spike

    Blue fin in 1.5 day

    CSI team reports - The Pacific Queen called in from their 1.5 day with 13 yellows already boated and bluefin tuna in the area! Still good news though.
  292. spike

    06/05/2013 White Seabass on Island Sprit

    3rd time is the charm, way to go!
  293. spike

    BzBoys back in action!

    Happy Birthday, and very cool, let me know if your recruiting for the BZ boys, I was just worried that Hogans had some spongers working for them.
  294. spike

    BzBoys back in action!

    WHO? Congrats on the fish.
  295. spike

    Season of the fish

  296. spike

    High Surf Advisory

    SOUTH SWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90% of the time South Swells equal pleasant offshore conditons, but still use caution, a stupid fish is not worth dying over. I'd refrain from fishing boiler rock bass & inshore beach halibut drifts! Be safe, use common sense, and have all your saftey gear in order...
  297. spike

    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    The same you would tip at a restaurant, 15 to 20%. Some tip more, some tip less. The crew are your guides for your trip use them to your advantage to have the greatest success possible, make sure they earn your gratuity that's would you paid for and that's why they are there.<!--...
  298. spike

    Second trip, suggestions please.

    Mooseknuckles, Check the link bellow, you can get an estimate for pricing, you can easily do an overnight and maybe a 1.5, if you can definitely try to go mid week, less folks and sometimes $20 bucks cheaper, money you can use to tip. Good luck I look forward to your report...
  299. spike

    Long Beach Marina - Enterprise - 3/4 day trip (6/2/13)

    Congrats on your 1st YT. Tell your Mom to stop texting me though.
  300. spike

    Rusty hooks use or toss ?

    I don't always fish rusty hooks, But when I do they are mother-fuking-biting!
  301. spike

    Awesome Tankers. 5/30

    Winner! Congrats on a successful trip!
  302. spike

    Target not acquired, only innocent Bass-standers.

    Greenie. And Joe, I failed to mention..... at midnight the current switched to going out to sea, still slightly uphill but out to see never the less. We stuck it out and hoped for it to switch, other boats bailed, but heard they never conected anyway and also found out to sea / uphill flow...
  303. spike

    Report: Simon went fishing

    I know what your plan was. Too bad no big pay outs, still fun though.
  304. spike

    Target not acquired, only innocent Bass-standers.

    Fished down the beach Saturday night till Sunday morning, 5pm till 7am, in between Honey Do's, would loved to have given it more time, it was just not in the cards. Left DP and hustled down the beach with Squid & Mini Mack's as ammunition. Our goal was set on Tanker Biscuits, we made a few...
  305. spike

    CA Fishing License suspension - Because I'm a deadbeat dad

    I am not aware of your circumstances, but this is awesome!
  306. spike

    Shogun Lands Bluefin on 1st Day of Trip!

    Nice going Aaron & crew, and congrats to the anglers, Spring trips, ya just never know.... YFT as well and it's not even Summer, awesome year upon us fella's!
  307. spike

    Busted my girlfriends cherry!!

    Oh, a first timmer, congrats on the fresh blood
  308. spike

    Angler survey for school project

    D- A+
  309. spike

    Tuna Fishing

    "June Greif" Keep after it, "A mans got to try!" "No mammes Sharks"
  310. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day report 5/24 - 5/27

    You must have had awesome dreams with all that sleep
  311. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day report 5/24 - 5/27

    FUn group of folks, we should have paid more and stayed an extra day.
  312. spike


  313. spike

    Do you guys tie down your tacklebox that have rod holders on LR tackle rack?

    Failing to prepare is only preparing to fail. Yes tie them down, you never know. But I don't think they will want (allow) you to put your rods in the tackle rod holders there, too many casualties threw the years. Do however bring a milk crate rocket launcher for up top though and the crew will...
  314. spike

    Marlin Madness - on a kayak at the East Cape!!

    Theres a Wahoo in your hotel room? You must have mounted it, HAHAHAHA! Congrats on your trip.
  315. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day report 5/24 - 5/27

    HA, It was a conspiracy, Simon, Mikey, and Gabe would open a Coors Light take one sip then toss it in the trash. I did find out why Gabe was so tired, I think he had too much fun prior to deparutre.
  316. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day report 5/24 - 5/27

    Great trip, wonderful people, lots of laughs!
  317. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day report 5/24 - 5/27

    You were sleeping so much someone had to step in, but then came to the conclusion that it was too advanced for me.
  318. spike

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day report 5/24 - 5/27

    Fun trip, lots of laughs and a great group of anglers! I've always had an exceptional time aboard the Pacific Voyager, Mark and crew do a phenomenal job. Chuck, you were a 1st class charter master and I believe everyone had fun, but come on, let's see some pic's! Day 1, Offshore; Kelp paddy...
  319. spike

    Does anyone have any confimation on this ??

    Dey R Biting! 1000 of your closest friends tomorrow. Good Luck.
  320. spike


    Excellent Spring haul! "Bass Stare" Guy has the smallest one though.
  321. spike

    First drop TANKERS

    Congrats Dan & Matt, fucking radical!
  322. spike

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 day weather

    Well..... good thing were not going to Guadalupe Isla. Point Conception to Guadalupe Island is a big area, I'm willing to bet it will be pretty fishable on the inside, even for a little bit of offshore lurking. 10 to 15 knots, that's typical offshore weather for a nice day, obviously not aboard...
  323. spike

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 5/22

    Awesome intel once again! Thanks Chris.
  324. spike


    One Bogus Albacore report and this hole site goes to shit. WTF over. I just realized I need glasses. I'm kinda glad this is a BS report, cause I'm gonna catch the 1st SoCal ALB of the season.
  325. spike


    Congrats! Seen it before when you get jig bit by Bonita, but got to chum a bit to get alb bit on stops when there mixed. Way to go.
  326. spike

    One more week...Excel 15 day

    Mike "Herman" Loust got a 197lb during his watch, last night, got to love wi-fi. Have a good trip Jeff.
  327. spike

    Mission Belle 5/16

    Nice going on da' Yellows!
  328. spike

    So What Did I Learn...?

    Good read Jim I really enjoyed it. Being able to adapt to the conditions not only as an angler but as a person running or working on a boat is they key to cathing success. The 'train track' mentality of the some old routine may get it done occasionally but the guys or the boats who are not...
  329. spike

    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    None of the crew who was working on 5/13/13 ever picked up a rod and made a cast. There were two crew members who came out as anglers which accounted for our 55 anglers on the manifest, they too thought it was going to be a light load with better fishing. Hindsight is 20/20, best thing for...
  330. spike

    Mission belle 5-13 at the coronados

    Congrats on the YT Christian.
  331. spike

    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    Let me say that the stroller photo did not come from me, and that is not the San Diego in the photo, that pic came from the Jungle from the looks of it, LA. As for the boat and the amount of anglers, I know as we pulled away that it would be a strugle but the San Diego is a good boat, I was just...
  332. spike

    5-13-13 Coronado Halibut

    So much for "10 knots or less", kinda seemed like a coastal eddy blowing down the fog line, still made it tough especially mixed with the strong downhill current. At least you got the Flat!
  333. spike


    I like your style
  334. spike

    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    I'd been watching the weather leading into yesterday for a few days, and with the bitchen forecast that was predicted for Monday, and unable to soak a line Sunday due to Mothers Day, I opted to try my like for a San Diego Yellowtail mop up. I thought the warm high pressure would spark a decent...
  335. spike

    'anyone know how the bait situation looks?

    Is there any more talk about having to move the receiver in SD bay? If that happens the bait will be equivalent to hammered dog shit.
  336. spike

    The Pride?

    Great opperation, Greg put a lot of money into the boat, and fishes hard. Good crew, good food, everyone is very personable. I'd recommend 15 to 16 folks max if your gonna do it. Good luck.
  337. spike

    a Blue Fin Tuna in the troll at 179 miles from Pt Loma

    I'm willing to bet a lot of Broomtail Zucchini Zukers are sold this week.
  338. spike

    Offshore Exploratory

  339. spike

    Dana Point continues to Surprise!!!

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, keep after it, and "Stay Golden Pony-Boy".
  340. spike

    Offshore Exploratory

    Oh, by the way............... the 1st BFT of the season was just caught aboard the Indy, this morning.
  341. spike

    Offshore Exploratory

    HERO........ or I'm on one this year, seems like all signs are pointing in the right direction. The weather will be a factor, good weather = good chances; bad weather = not good chances. Good news to hear the Shogun finding a school of BFT with in 200 miles two weeks...
  342. spike

    shogun/accu 15 day

    That is one nice looking Marauder, very cool, too bad it didn't work, but you GOT to pull it no matter what!
  343. spike

    Pacific Quest May and June Open Party

    I'll be out soon, looking forward to fishing with "Charger" Josh
  344. spike

    Epic Local Yellow Fishing!

    I wouldn't fret the small stuff keep catching and keep posting, congrats.
  345. spike

    Remembering Surfdoc on his Birthday

    RIP Buddy. I had the opportunity to work with Stan for a few trips, we were hard up for a cooks assistant.............. Great Dude!!! ...... Horrible boat Chef, always good for a laugh. He's missed.
  346. spike

    1.5 dayer on the Pacific Voyager 5/4/13

    I like your disposable camera, always a fun time aboard the PV.
  347. spike

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Fantastic trip and outstanding report! Pretty cool getting a little Stone Yt fishing in as well. Congrats all the way around!
  348. spike

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    Great job to the Capt & crew of the New Seaforth!
  349. spike

    Frozen Squid at its best

    Are they sold now any where around Dana Point?
  350. spike

    Rpt-Wed-05-01-13 WFO Lingcod Fishing!

    Danndy Reds at that, and good inshore fishing!
  351. spike

    Fishing Incidents attorney referral

    Obviously you didn't catch much???
  352. spike

    6 turn surgeon's loop vs bimini

  353. spike

    Which knot do you use for Heavy Dropper Loops

    Yep. A great knot don't get me wrong, the Rose/Surgeon is great for doubling up your mono, I use it all the time, and also for creating double lines in my spectra for doing the Worm knot, (spectra to mono connection). But be advised, you will loose a lot less 12oz sinkers tying a Spiders Hitch...
  354. spike

    High School Graduation Present on the Intrepid

    Congrats Cory! Good kid and well deserved.
  355. spike

    Openings, 8 Day on the Angler

    Prediction - Offshore BFT, Inshore Cedros Yellows, Alijos Rocks YFT = Winning! Good luck!
  356. spike

    4/26 Update for the Nados

    Sugar cubes, rocks, Elmers glue................... "Ain't nobody got time for that"
  357. spike

    4/26 Update for the Nados

    Alex, good getting out and giving it a try, day late, sure beats my day though. Sweet Brown's Cold Pop Escape (Original Video) - YouTube
  358. spike

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

    He might be a head case, but I hear his imaginary girlfriend is smoking hot. Brandon, how did you find out about this breaking news??
  359. spike

    Surfing and bloody decks

    What a life!
  360. spike

    FREEDOM Finishes with 8 Yellows! Trip Tonight

    I understand the need for filling the sacks, but personally I'd rather try for Yellows if there around. Hero or Zero. Freedom = Good Boat, Awesome Crew, Great Operator!
  361. spike

    San Diego YT 4/25/13 - Best YT bite of the year

    Excellent, but you should have taken a pic' with that blonde haired Gal holding a fish, either way good trip!
  362. spike

    PL 68

    PL68's work! I especailly like them at the Bank or Clipperton, I've only seen them work at Clarion a few times, better at the other two places. A 50 or 50W Accurate with 130lb mono top shot is what I prefer....... during my night watch.
  363. spike

    Last summer's small yellowtails.

    Migratory fish, born into open water, and yes they filter into structure areas and move up and down the coast. It's always a bummer to watch anglers tag them. We have seen countless times many kelps with those shit bag yellows on them, pounding a grinding away kelp to kelp, but then you find one...
  364. spike

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    Outstanding and congrats
  365. spike

    Proud Dad!

    That's awesome Jeff, Derek is becoming a little man, being apart of working deck you meet a lot of interesting folks, some good some bad, but you learn a little bit just taking it all in. I recall fishing with Derek when he was just a little squirt, nice to see kids growing up not hooked on...
  366. spike

    Mission Belles morning update 4/24

    Your day is already better than mine. Good luck.
  367. spike

    Bluefin on the Shogun! (almost)

    It's been a while.
  368. spike

    Royal Polaris Trip Report 4-13

    Fantastic Report & Trip! Congrats and high fives all the way around.
  369. spike

    RedHot YT bite 4/20 Cabo

    Good job on the releases, SBY's! How do sign up for one of these trips????
  370. spike

    Bluefin on the Shogun! (almost)

    With the way the season has started off on the early side and the lack of crappy weather has got to leave any angler chomping at the bit for a great season. Congrats Barnhill, good find and a nice building block.
  371. spike


    LIKE, I wanted to come on this trip but couldn't swing taking off both days. Congrats on the score.
  372. spike

    Voyager - Todd - 4/21 - Nados

    Very slow but beats a day of work, pleasure fishing with you, too bad we never had a good shot on the exotics.
  373. spike

    Voyager - Todd - 4/21 - Nados

    HAHAHA, famous last words, "Should have gone to SCI" - Hooops! Sounds good!! Thru the office I guess, he is on facebook daily if that helps. Good things still coming! Jody bought the Apollo, sold the Voyager to Todd. As the prop turns these are the days of our lives.
  374. spike

    Voyager - Todd - 4/21 - Nados

    Fished with the new owner of the Voyager, Todd, formally of the Pacific Voyager. We fished the Coronados, sun up to nearly sundown, bouncing from spot to spot with zero success and not much to look at in the way of Yellows. We fished all the spots around the Nados at least once if not some...
  375. spike

    Joe Crawford Living legend R.I.P.

    Joe leaves behind two great kids in Jake & Chris. The services were great, a wonderful celebration of life.
  376. spike

    Boat's kite rig????

    Unfortunately what probably happened is that the kite rig was in a tangle prior to another anglers use, and the spectra got damaged by being tangled with another fish with spectra. I would assume the fish were dumped during the initial first run, when the fish was screaming out line. It's a...
  377. spike

    Boston Marathon explosion

    WOW, there is a lot of clues in those photos one would think.
  378. spike

    Furthest South you've caught a BFT on a LR trip?

    Yes, Jeff & some other goon, but no, aboard the RR3.
  379. spike

    Transiting the Canal and Fishing Hannibal on the Chiron - Pic Heavy

    OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on an incredible fishing vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  380. spike

    Amazingly stupid question

    Thanks I'd love to but I'll be working that day more than likely.
  381. spike

    The Mortality Rate Needs to Be Higher

    Cycle of life. They tag the released sea lions, and it's unfortunate that they keep rescuing seals which have already been tagged, it will never end at this point. Let nature take it's course, or else will end up with a lot more "childrens pools". I spoke with fisherman and marine expert Todd...
  382. spike

    Amazingly stupid question

    "Hey, can I have your fish, I have this big fat Samoan wife, she can eat a 200lb in one sitting" - Del Marsh
  383. spike

    Furthest South you've caught a BFT on a LR trip?

    Fly down Fly home, we did have a few anglers with us, not many.
  384. spike

    We found the yellows yesterday.

    Good deal on the Yellows and congrats, the 'Chub' is a very fishy little rig, I always enjoy fishing aboard her.
  385. spike

    Furthest South you've caught a BFT on a LR trip?

    The Rosa Bank, West of the Ridge in April. No passengers on board managed a handful on a foamer that came up, a few years prior Jesus got one there on the long rod, same deal, foamer out of no where.
  386. spike

    I got a new board and it's Magic

    Long Haul for you, I'll see you down there one day. I don't make the walk unless it's worth it, easier time wise to SUP certin spots when only 2-3ft.
  387. spike

    Love being a dickhead

    Good, that must mean "she's" gone.
  388. spike

    The Tranx

    It's an impressive level-wind, I'd highly recommend the reel for kids & novice anglers, easy to use but still has a lot of power to catch a big Yellow.
  389. spike

    Love being a dickhead That's enough, goodbye.
  390. spike

    I got a new board and it's Magic

    Tim, you still going to Middles a lot?
  391. spike

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Nice to see Jay Johnson happy with a pile of fish, good man and congrats!
  392. spike

    Any boats check out mag bay in the Spring?

    The Jamie Bank can be productive, mostly smaller fish during this time of year though, but the water off Mag is mostly too cool in Spring. Every year is different, but those inner banks generally shut off and no real volume of fish.
  393. spike

    Q105 follow up

    You & Him must be very happy together. :rofl: Sorry, just kidding, couldn't help myself, I always enjoy your posts.
  394. spike

    Me and 64 others heading out on San Diego with Ryan

    Honestly that boat fishes many people well, Ryan knows what he's doing. A lot less tanles with yoyo jigs, if everyone was fly-linning it would be bad. Sometimes..... a lot of yoyo jigs all coming up and going down simultaneously can spark fish to bite, like a big school of bait. Go F-ing get...
  395. spike

    Me and 64 others heading out on San Diego with Ryan

    The Pride is going out all this weekend with 20 anglers, just saying. Good luck and props for going out, wish you luck. "#65 your burger is ready"
  396. spike

    Opinion on overnight to the islands

    Less people onboard, and more time, not much but more.
  397. spike

    yellowtail and the new moon today

    Obvioulsy you can predict your trips a few weeks out depending on the moon phase, but you can't predict the weather. Best thing, go when there biting. As for the lack of fish caught before the storm when only 3 were caught, who gives a fuck. I'm excited about the current fishing, check out the...
  398. spike

    Legend no longer at Seaforth?

    Neglect. Now it is only a Legend.
  399. spike

    3 day shogun baja rock fish and lings

    Excellent Codding, I saw some pic's, good fishing and congrats!
  400. spike

    San Diego 4/6 coronados

    Bryan, very "Militant" rundown, I like it! And congrats on the Toad YT!
  401. spike

    Rancho Las Cruces/Cerralvo report

    Great fishing & cool photos!
  402. spike

    Coronado Islands on the San Diego 04/03/13

    Sure beats working, good job getting out, hopefully next time they decide to bite, and nice video.
  403. spike

    Great Trip On Pacific Dawn!

    Sounds like a fun trip with good codding to boot!
  404. spike

    Just gets better....its now a "mortality event"

    I paddle boarded a long stretch of beach yesterday down and back, I counted 5 on the beach, not together but staggered out in about a 1/2 mile stretch, it's a beach which see's very few people, especially during this time of the year. I like every other fisherman or women would prefer to let...
  405. spike


    GOOD LUCK! Your gonna need it.....
  406. spike

    help, losing my memory

    Ah' the Drama of Long Range fishing, as the propeller turns these are the days of our lives. "Please no jig casting aft of the bait tank, up the side or in the bow, thanks!" How come sometimes this needs to be said countless times on a trip? Maybe the same reason we continuosly have to be...
  407. spike

    That Guy

    The girlfriend passed away, and the guy no longer fishes to my knolledge.
  408. spike

    3/28/13 Coronado & Rock Pile we tryed

    Live squid! If you have time, bring them candy, it's what they are eating there any way.
  409. spike

    Whats with these yellows....

    Better to target these large mature Yellows than the Firecrackers Herms kill on the offshore trips. I wonder what our Springs would be like if all the peanut yellows offshore were released....... Go get em' and release the turds!
  410. spike

    Maximus boat rods

    Yeah she does, remeber when you sawed her off? "fucking old ass saltydawg hogging the corner"
  411. spike

    Maximus boat rods

    Our wives must be friends. They each say the same thing.
  412. spike

    Ho Made Raiders

    I got to hand it to you Chris, you never let those bad comments get to to, well done, and I hope your trip on the Angler is a success!
  413. spike

    Fury Open Party SCI trip Friday night 3/29

    GOOD DEAL! That place is going to go off soon. Might be the place to be considering the Coronados is going to be a parking lot.
  414. spike

    Yellowtail Tackle Recommendations

    Great SoCal write up! Fishing the past couple weeks aboard the 3/4 day boats out of SD I've seen many anglers with the right concept but with the wrong applications. I've seen to much Chrome! It's not the time of the year for Chrome jigs, or mega baits as well, these fish are keyed in on squid...
  415. spike

    Maximus boat rods

    Great craftsmanship! I still take full credit for your LR career.
  416. spike

    Albacore Outlook for 2013

    Ended up West, way West last year, pic's from Hawaii. It sure seems with this early start to the season that the tail end of the month of May could be ripe offshore, but will see, it does remind me of years past when the albacore trips were in full swing come Memorial Day. We can only...
  417. spike

    Will I be Ok using loaner gear on my first 14 day trip?

    Yes you will, call Lori in the office, she will make sure you have the right equipment.
  418. spike

    Ho Made Raiders

    I had a great day fishing Calicos at SCI with this High Tide pulg. But jigs and lure companys are a dime a dozen, I'd rather give my money to a hard working polite individual. Many anglers make home made wahoo bomds and jigs, to openly blast someone on a public forum is bad bussiness and...
  419. spike

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    Sweet Baby Jesus! :rofl: I love BD! Good job getting out.
  420. spike

    Rockpile and SKR 3/27/13

    Good fishing Todd! Did you make it to Harbor Town Pub after?
  421. spike

    That Guy

    "That Guy" looks like this What a DICK
  422. spike

    Ho Made Raiders

    BRAD, I think your a Doucebag Piece Of Shit. I've thought that since I met you at the FHS long beach a few years ago when, you were humping my leg trying to pitch your surface irons to me, I told you your jigs were kinda lame, and then you got real pissed and flipped out. And I know you think...
  423. spike

    Ho Made Raiders

    I'm sure they'll work, and you will feel the satisfaction of catching a nice Hoo on something you created.
  424. spike

    Questions on Fly Down Opportunities

    Couldn't agree more! Worth it, Safe, and taken care of, plus.... good fishing.
  425. spike

    La Jolla Kelpin

    Proven! Nice work keep it up!
  426. spike

    WSB overwhelms unusual salmon catch in Baja Norte

    Seems Spring is in full afect! Hopefully April Showers don't don't damper this hot start to the season.
  427. spike

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Most everyone on the boat tried to mirror her grinding skills. Who's to say, but it was tried.
  428. spike

    night trip

    Have a rod rigged with 40-50lb mono and a yoyo iron ready at all times. If you do happen to get a mark you need to drop on it FAST. These Yellows are on the move going from spot to spot to spot and not holding to any one place. Also bring a rod with 25lb for fly lining a Sardine.
  429. spike

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Good fishing with you Ryan, where is the video of my buddy??????
  430. spike

    Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach

    "Take a bite out of crime!" Good dog!
  431. spike

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    I decided to try my luck fishing aboard the 3/4 day boat the San Diego Monday. After two down days of catching for the fleet Saturday & Sunday I was a little leary, but better to go out on the up swing than the down swing. Me and my buddy Ryan Burson thought, maybe less boat traffic, warm days...
  432. spike


    Huh! Yellows, I may need to pull the triger on this trip!
  433. spike

    Trip turnaround on the rooster

    There not fishing for Yellows.
  434. spike

    Trip turnaround on the rooster

    "Try For Them" Always good times on the Super Chicken!
  435. spike

    Wide Open Yellowtail on the MALIHINI! 3-21-2013

    WOW, Public forums what can you say, anybody can post, and some of these replies are absolutely fucking ridiculous.
  436. spike

    Urlacher still wants the big money........

    "With the 20th Pick in the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select, Manti Teo!" :rofl:
  437. spike

    shortboard sizing Try this link, I'm not saying you need a Firewire, but fill out volume calculator for demensions to fit your needs. "The VOLUME CALCULATOR is only a guide! Working in conjunction with, we’ve refined the...
  438. spike

    Saluki Perfect Girl? Wonder what she looks like

    I guess you guys had to cancel your circle jerk. Try going outside and gathering up some fresh tail.
  439. spike

    Added another

    Nice, congrats. I just bought my first 5 fin last week, 6'0 PotatoNator by FireWire, I'm very happy with it turns on a dime, very light, and floats me well for being a 189.9lbs.
  440. spike

    Where are the Royal Star Clipperton Reports ??????????

    I'd rather see Bruces FULL account of the HAMM radio trip aboard the Shogun, I saw his video which was epic, but I want more!!!
  441. spike

    The San Diego St Patty's Day Yellowtail "whale of the banshee!"

    Thank you, long season, a lot more Yellows to follow!
  442. spike

    Seasons over

    Friday the 22nd , 9:51am; Middle grounds, be there a be square.
  443. spike

    that guy recall

    Looks can be deceiving
  444. spike

    yellows coming in

    I'd highly recomend using 40lb mono as your topshot while YoYo jigging, 50lb is not bad either but might not match up to your reels to well. Lose less jigs, catch more fish, the longer there on............ the more likely they are to bust off. They are already bitting a piece of iron, they will...
  445. spike

    Saint Patrick's Green overshadowed by Yellows.

    Spring has Sprung! Great title!
  446. spike

    Tough guy now.............. but just wait until it gets real.

    "He's got a pretty mouth." I hope he chokes on one.
  447. spike

    The San Diego St Patty's Day Yellowtail "whale of the banshee!" Video by Elmer Mun during our best stop of the day when I hook and handed the second fish to the kid.
  448. spike

    Mission Belle 3-19

    I'm at work.... your gonna have a better day than me, but I still hope you coon some Yeller's.
  449. spike

    My Best Ling Ever - Released! 3/17

    Local Toad Ling, way to go!
  450. spike

    Saluki Perfect Girl? Wonder what she looks like

    NOT THIS CHICK I came across this chick while searching for, "fat, harry, bisexual asian Bear fan"
  451. spike

    Vikings have a new leader.......

    Back Up QB, better than what they had.
  452. spike

    Cooning cod ma

    Report?? BS with out Tomcod pic's!
  453. spike

    MB 031713 St Flatty Day

  454. spike

    Huge Halibut and Calico Video

    Excellent 1st cast, sure gets the sweat off early.
  455. spike

    The San Diego St Patty's Day Yellowtail "whale of the banshee!"

    Fished 3/4 day aboard the San Diego Sunday for St Patty's Day, a full boat, but the Yellows wanted to bite! Good grade Yellowtail, 18 to 33lbs and every fish was hooked on the Yoyo jigs, Blue & White, Scrambeled Egg, Mahi Patteren, and Mint & White were what got bites, so obviously color was...
  456. spike

    Rainbow Runners

    Rainbow Runners work well fly linned at the Atoll, and on the kite if you have anough wind.
  457. spike

    Shogun 15 day in May

    The Accurate trip should be a good one. As for the speed of the Boat, they are no longer refered to as the Slowgun, they have picked up speed since then. Have fun.
  458. spike

    Thanks to Dream Weaver Sportfishing

    Good fishing! And by looking at the photo's nice release on the Carp's, most boats like to hug them before released, build up the self esteem I guess before swimming off.
  459. spike

    Have you guys seen this?

    Smart! Very cool!
  460. spike

    Royal Star is at Clipperton

    Some folks hate the atoll some folks like the atoll, I love it, great place you really feel like your on the corner of the map. I think a 'jigging & popping' trip could be a lot of fun down there! I look forward to Bruce's post, he is fishing aboard the Shogun and should be back any day.
  461. spike

    Carl's personal best Yellowtail

    Never met Carl but I hear he is a great lady angler! Congrats on the day.
  462. spike

    Is that right, Coronado Island is now

    You said it not me.....
  463. spike

    NOAA Seeks Comment on Red Snapper Rules

    Riveting, Objective Observer Out.
  464. spike

    Go to wahoo lure?

    "You fucker, you just sawed off my $50.00 Marauder"
  465. spike

    Great new show! Thanks Evan and Phil!!

    I think that kid is the love child of Josh Temple & Boogie.
  466. spike

    "Wicked" fun at Fred Hall Show

    Pretty f-ing slick! The Accurate booth is always my favorite.
  467. spike

    Go to wahoo lure?

    LIKE Agreed, but I was always partial to pulrple & gold, and green & gold, but nothing makes up for cranking the fastest.
  468. spike

    "The Local Angler" Targeting Local Slugs 365 days a year!

    Free publicity, safe. Go ahead.
  469. spike

    Go to wahoo lure?

    Oldie but goodie, Dockski Bomb = money!
  470. spike

    History made again at Fred Hall Show

    Good "News"! Congrats Rojo, Guy, and the rest of the crew.
  471. spike

    Yellowfin Tuna are discussed

  472. spike

    "The Local Angler" Targeting Local Slugs 365 days a year!

    I'll sell you mine for $30.00
  473. spike

    Recommendations for first time LR trip

    Alex, congrats I hope you have flat seas and good fishing, been many times and seen many extraordinary things, enjoy your time. You'll get a lot of great info searching the Long Range Forum, but also you may want to take a look at Bill's book, pretty much covers all Long Range fishing destinations.
  474. spike

    Rockcodding aboard the Pride, 3/2

    You would have enjoyed the trip, great fishing and anglers, hope to see you soon but I doubt it will be on any boat we have fished on together before....
  475. spike

    California History. Fishing, Ports, Piers, Tribes, Old history

    Wow, great article, thanks!
  476. spike

    Fiji 2013 ** Pic Heavy **

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  477. spike

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    Anyone Know when the Shogun is due back to SD?
  478. spike

    "The Local Angler" Targeting Local Slugs 365 days a year!

    I've just finished reading Brandon Haywards new book "The Local Angler", and I got to say, it's not only a good interesting read, but it also may be the best handbook a local angler could get there hands on, especially for the private boater. Local fishing has evolved in the sense of, coastal...
  479. spike

    Rockcodding aboard the Pride, 3/2

    I thought he meant, don't be late, which I really wasn't.... you guys just left early. And the boat was only 200ft away as a ran down the dock.
  480. spike

    BSB video

    I always enjoy your posts, very cool.
  481. spike


    Your smarter than everybody says you are.
  482. spike

    Seeing Red

    Congrats to you, Coors Light Bob, & Pork Chop, nice gaggle of local Rojo's.
  483. spike

    Rockcodding aboard the Pride, 3/2

    A great group of anglers, everyone seemed just happy to be out and not intent to make a killing, the fish caught were a bonus. I know, payback is when I got back to Seaforth and had a flat tire, then a broken jack. The trip was still worth it.
  484. spike


    Check Seaforth next month under Tribute.
  485. spike

    Rockcodding aboard the Pride, 3/2

    Fished Friday night for Saturday aboard the Pride, and first off I'd like to apologize for being late but thanks for coming back for me. Weather was fantastic, and the codding was ok, I'm not gonna saw epic, but, the quality of the Reds was outstanding, I'd say for fishing baja, best average...
  486. spike

    3-2 Taco Time!

    Your Sister is hot, good fishing!
  487. spike

    San Diego Yellows

    Quality Winter Tail!
  488. spike

    Pacific Quest 2day Rock fish opener Friday night

    Sorry I'm going to miss this one, I'll be there soon though!
  489. spike

    No Tails on the "San Diego" 2.28.13

    I like that Boat! Yellows will be soon coming for that rig and others. Congrats on getting out Harry and giving it a try.
  490. spike

    My FIFTH post...or "thread"...with one reply.....Its going to get personal boys...

    Though I have a feeling I'm going to regret even getting involved with these threads. Why not come down off your pedestal and name your true identity? Maybe you are better than the rest of us, maybe your not, but it's as if your acting like a renegade crusader, hidding behind a mask making...
  491. spike

    Pacific Quest 2day Rock fish opener Friday night

    Thanks for the update, I look forward to fishing with Josh and the rest of the boys of the Quest soon! Gonna be an awesome weather weekend! "50 Fathoms, Let eeemmmm gggggooooooo!"
  492. spike

    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    Agreed, nice read, and great stories, but nobody wants to be talked down to, get off your pedastal and you will be welcomed and appreciated. I agree there is a little too much BS going on on BD, and I would like to see more fishing than nonsense, banning the Bear and Packer fans would elievate...
  493. spike

    What a joy to fish on the "Pacific Voyager" 2.23.13

    Hospitaly and an eagerness to please combined with enthusiastic know how about fishing is what makes Mark and Pacific Voyager leaders in there industry. I'll be ridding that boat soon! Congrats on a great trip!
  494. spike

    Clearlake Day 6..... Epic, epic, epic!

    FKG is a bad ass!
  495. spike


    The tale of two different 1st posts.... Welcome!
  496. spike

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    This is how you were suppose to do it.....
  497. spike

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    I really doubt my daughter would apreciate some fuckstick blow hard calling her Dad an idoit. Pound Sand asshole. And if you want to have a dick measuring contest, hold on while I whip this thing out!
  498. spike

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    Pretty rad, the whole thing is about an hour, and it does show Lance getting corn holed by a YFT. The other camera guy was on the RP when they dropped LAnce off, stayed with him for a few days while the RP fished, then left with the boat, returning with us aboard the RR3. 41 days solo on...
  499. spike

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    Yeah, good old Lance....... We picked him up aboard the RR3 actually 2 days early due to a low category hurricane approaching. Lance, and all his stuff plus 41 days of trash was hualed off by me and the rest of the crew. Good guy, I wouldn't call him a tree hugger, but maybe a tree humper, he's...
  500. spike

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    Here is a short history lesson (copy and pasted) which aids in the mystique of Clipperton atoll. I would urge all Long Range vets to vist this unique and distant fishing destination! And if you do head there I would recommend getting a hold of Jacques Cousteau's documentary about Clipperton "The...
  501. spike

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    Why not lead by example? You seem very knowledgeable about Sport Fishing So Cal and into Baja, why not share your stories or post some input or helpful tips to new anglers in the professional matter in which you preach that we are doing it wrong! Sitting on your pedestal calling half or all of...
  502. spike

    Clearlake Day 5 ...... 20 big bass

    Let FKG give the final report! And props to a great dad even if he is a Bear fan.
  503. spike

    Intrepid family loss

    Prayers sent for his wife and children, horrible loss.
  504. spike

    Excel to Clipperton

    Great Atoll Threads to veiw!
  505. spike


  506. spike

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    Him and Mille were fun to fish with, never worked for him but they would come out as passengers. Sorry for the thread jack, great 1st post.
  507. spike

    San Onofre

    It's being done now, and yes a few flats are being caught during the right tide.
  508. spike


    A lot more Long Range booths at the Long Beach show, I think it's better than Del Mar for that reason. The LBC FHS is a fishing mecka!
  509. spike

    Excel to Clipperton

    Clipperton is incredible, and worth going at least once for the avid Long Range angler! I've been eight times thru the years, and only had poor fishing once, also we were able to go oshore seven of those times, the first time the swells were too massive to attempt a landing. But I'll say the...
  510. spike

    Clearlake 2/ 2 More Bass, much more!!!

    Outstanding fishing B & G!
  511. spike

    Tips on surf fishing from San Onofre

    Fishing the high tide is imperative, unless you paddle out and fish off a board. There is so much kelp and rock that fishing the low tide does not look to fun unless your off a board outside the breakers. If you are there on low tide walk 1/2 mile North to the natural bay at the Marine Base...
  512. spike

    Yellows at La Jolla for Triple Limits! Feb 18, 2013

    Outstanding, way to get on top of them!
  513. spike

    Mulege Yellows

    Good Times!
  514. spike

    2 supers first day

    Congrats on a stellar trip, good times all around.
  515. spike

    Clearlake 2/17 Big Bass!!!

    Excellent Fish Kiler Garret.
  516. spike

    Massive Boners, Reds and Lings Pac Voyager, Colnett, 2/16

    Great boat and crew, nice Reds to boot!
  517. spike

    San O' and the barn

    I fished Saturday afternoon around Seal Rock area and Trestles in hopes of a Halibut, only managed Sand bass and Calicos. Screaming downhill current mixed with the offshore breeze created too fast of drifts. Fuel burned, calories, fished off the Paddle Board.
  518. spike

    Buffalo Rock Cod Wraps | Chef Steve Black

    Looks Delicious!
  519. spike

    Dana Halibut 2.13.13

    Good getting out Joe.
  520. spike

    personal best

    Good Winter fishing, congrats!
  521. spike

    AA - Another Super, that makes 4

    SUPER! Congrats to Ray, the Crew, and the Anglers aboard!
  522. spike

    Magdalena Bay, Baja remains remote

    Great article! Keeping the Left Coast proud, and brings back good memories! Thanks!
  523. spike

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    FHS is a great place to see the new gear for the up coming season, run in to friends and old acquaintances who we used to share the rail with, book trips for the up coming year, meet with owners and operators and get a feel for there operations, and seminars for LR and PB anglers! I believe the...
  524. spike

    Another good fisherman is gone out to sea.

    Jim was a great guy, never fished with him but would see him around DP often, many people loved him, he will be missed.
  525. spike

    Hey Spike.... got an extra $125,000,000?

    Do need him, Don't care. Later Percy! P.S. Crack may be giving you the migraines
  526. spike

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    This thread is so all over the place, so I'll contribute as well.
  527. spike

    NOAA Releases Rockfish Outreach Video

    My Kids like this video almost as much as Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
  528. spike

    1st annual Valentine's Day Poem Contest............

    Roses are Red Violets are Blue I know I got to eat a lot of pussy tonight To go fishing with out you
  529. spike


    Quality Reds, and some great folks to fish with! Congrats to all.
  530. spike

    The Legend siezed?

    Yup. Bummer, though some very mixed reviews about the Legend I've always had a great time aboard her, and met some wonderful folks. Things kinda went to shit once Aaron left. And though Shawn is a little dry with rough edges I always enjoys his enthusiasm and liked him running the boat. It...
  531. spike

    Fishing around a Storm?
  532. spike

    Fishing around a Storm?

    Strong winds will roll the sea surface temps over, always better to go fishing prior to any storm as opposed going after when water temps have dropped. And the aged old question, "Do fish bite in the rain?" Hell ya, they are wet already WTF do they care! I think the thing you would want to focus...
  533. spike

    Biggest fish caught on a Newell

    Taped out 187lb YFT skip jigging at Clipperton. I ended up breaking two different Newell handles off while fighting the fish that I hooked prior to sundown, ended up landing the fish while using a pair of 12 inch vice-grips as a handle. Newell 540-3.2, I used the 3.2 knowing that if I had a 5.5...
  534. spike

    Seasons Sportfishing 'New Addition To The Fleet' 2013

    Congratulations! Good fishing, great service, and excellent customer relations with your anglers, that is the secret of your success; sorry I spilled the beans.
  535. spike

    What keeps you coming back to BD?

    I used to fish and be on the ocean at least 250 days a year, never a need or a desire to check a fishing forum, now I fish maybe 50 days a year, a dreaded weekend warrior. BDoutdoors keeps me in the loop with the ongoings of the LR & SoCal scene and the fish porn not continues to keep my thirst...
  536. spike

    ensenada 2/8 YELLOWS

    Awesome! Way to slay in the Winter!
  537. spike


    Makes you wonder if that people that act like this have the same disgusting habbits at home.
  538. spike

    3 Top Places to Catch Wahoo

    I'm guessing you have never been to Hurricane Bank, or Long Range fishing, I couldn't disagree more about "Top 3 Places to Catch Wahoo".
  539. spike


    Well, it's funny you ask...... Most LR anglers come out and treat the ongoings of the boat with respect, realizing they are sharring the ride with 30 other passengers, curtious and clean for the most part. Some 'anglers' come out and are fucking slobs, and need to be told where to put there...
  540. spike

    168lb Wahoo?

    That's no Lincoln Log, that's a Sequoia!
  541. spike

    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update

    Thanks Chris, much apprecaited, looks like a good Honey-Do weekend followed by Sunday morning surf. Keep up the awesome weather forcasts.
  542. spike


    I can understand the enjoyment of bringing a nice folding chair, relax, read, have a beverage, soak up some rays, and enjoy the ride! The crews dislike them when anglers leave them laying around all over the deck like Sanford & Son. I think you have every right to bring a folding chair with you...
  543. spike

    Summer, 2013 predictions

    Prime Rib guaranteed, take that to the bank! That being said, late July BFT and Yellows, that's what I'd be hoping for!
  544. spike

    Dana Halibut 2.6.13 The Window Opened

    When you see a window, you got to jump and get out. Very nicely done on the Flat, and nce run down.
  545. spike

    dropping in

  546. spike

    Please help. Wahoo fishing 2011
  547. spike

    The 'Vine

  548. spike

    Long range schedules

    Thank You,
  549. spike

    Thank you Salty Dawg

    Very cool!
  550. spike

    Top Hooker

    I love it, that being said I probably wouldn't watch it anyway. "NEW YORK (AP) — How far can reality television go? A new competition series will debut this summer called "Top Hooker." Get your mind out of the gutter. It's on Animal Planet, and it's about fishing. The network says the...
  551. spike

    Spreading Sickness on LR

    Wow, unfortunately this brings back memories, bad memories. I think it would be difficult to dodge a virus like this, especially on a long one down to the lower zone, just no where to hide. I've seen plenty of times the common cold make it's way aboard the boat and spread from one angler to...
  552. spike

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    Great report & pic's Tom, congrats on an excellent trip aboard da' Indy!
  553. spike

    Show your paddle board.

    No fishing pic's but some family photos.
  554. spike

    AA 12 day / some afterthoughts

    Good trip, great report, excellent LR boat, congrats.
  555. spike


    What are you targeting? Different strokes for different folks! Why so vague when asking questions herms, get to the point and fire away! It's like your asking a chick out for the first time! Put you big boy pants on and do this! Seriously!
  556. spike

    A couple for my 16day on the RR....

    Nice, I'm sure you'll enjoy them even more bent over like an umbrella!
  557. spike


    Everyday is different, what worked yesterday may not work the next. Different applications for each season as well, don't get stuck in a rut only using one application all year. These fish can not eat the same thing day after day, there body won't let them. I'd say for slug seabass going bold is...
  558. spike


    Lynndeva you need a manicure..... eesh
  559. spike

    Mexican visa issue

    Do what ever it takes! I don't care what they ask of you, bend over and take one for the Left Coast. Good luck, and thank you.
  560. spike

    Shogun Skiff Trip

    Interesting............... and LIKE
  561. spike

    MLK day at Los Coronados

    Good getting out and going fishing Bill!
  562. spike

    2013 Baja Part 1

    Looks like a fun little road trip down to Baja, fishing & surf, very nice!
  563. spike

    Going Belly Up?

    Well, I was wrong what I said earlier in this thread, in fact looks like Jody on the Voyager has a 1.5 going to Colnett this weekend, lets see what transpires and maybe someone will report back! Good news I think, but still a lot of work to be done in opening up these "closures"...
  564. spike

    The important things.

  565. spike

    Q105 sold?

  566. spike

    Going Belly Up?

    Sad but true, I think that VISA issue ways heavier on the Overnight fleet, 1 to 2 day trips as well as 3/4 day, than Long Range fleet, but still issues remain with Guadalupe. Normaly by now, the overnight fleet are running 1.5 to 2 day cod trips, as of yet none have gone and most landings are...
  567. spike

    Q105 sold?

    Like riding an 'air mattress' Sorry for the thread jack hummor, I couldn't contain myself, now it's time to go outside and embrace the sunshine.
  568. spike

    Q105 sold?

    I think Lennay Kekua bought it.
  569. spike

    Florida Middle Grounds

    Pretty cool, thanks for sharing.
  570. spike

    Calico Bass in Watercolor

    Fantastic Work! Looks life like!
  571. spike

    Islas Secas, Panama

    Trip of a life time, congrats to all!!
  572. spike

    John Clayton reports
  573. spike

    First Tarpon & Snook on paddleboard

    When no waves yes, I just target halibut along the surfline, fishing off the board is quicker than walking along the beach, it would be RAD to fish off the paddleboard in mangroves though, pretty sick.
  574. spike

    1/14 dana point squid trip!

    The City of Dana Point wants the squid caught by Wharf boats cut onboard, it is done this way so anglers do not 'ink' up the board walk and parking lot, I recall when this first went in place becuase it was a fucking mess. Good call I think because the boardwalk was a stinky stained up mess...
  575. spike

    Lost DOG!!!

  576. spike

    Easiest way to catch a tarpon.........

    The fish won that battle.
  577. spike

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    Get to know the crew and listen, and take all the advice they will feed you, for they are your Guides for the trip. Often times beginners can out fish the 'Vets' because there willingness to listen, a newbie LR angler is like an unsculpted ball of clay for the deckhands to mold. More often than...
  578. spike

    WO Perch bite HB Pier 1-13-13

    Your Sister is hot! Good local Winter angling!
  579. spike

    Friday Night Squid Fiesta on the New Seaforth

    Your Son looks stoked, job well done!
  580. spike

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy Birthday Weirdo
  581. spike

    DP Bass Fishing 1.14.13

    Congrats great place to live, I wish I would have pulled the trigger and bought Gabes place, like you said great area, tell Bob to crack a CL.
  582. spike

    DP Bass Fishing 1.14.13

    Nice day of Winter bass fishing with PorkChop, did you move into Gabes old house across from Bob? Great house!
  583. spike


    As the boat pitches from the swell it's best to have a litlle less drag pressure to keep the fish from busting off, especially in the bow where the boat is yawing more, factor in Spectra not stretching and yes more hooks can be pulled. Maybe using a slightly bigger hook during the windy...
  584. spike

    Shogun Freezer Special April 5, 2013

    Good deal,