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  1. tsutomu

    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Friday morning get to the harbor little late, get the boat set up and put her in the water. Click, click... [email protected]#k boat doesn't start. Pull her back out and trouble shoot it, I stay at the harbor with the boat while B makes a 3 hour diver in traffic to get a part from home. Get it fixed and get on...
  2. tsutomu

    Battle in the Dark

    This past thurs we made plans to make a run after work and then camp over and fish friday. Get in the water about 4:30 thurs afternoon and head for S buoy. We hook a small marlin right away but it pulls hooks after a short battle. After working the area for a little we head out until about...
  3. tsutomu

    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    Two weeks of waiting was to long. Friday morning head out to the 1000 early and slide to the right. Right as hope for the pre dawn bite fades away bam goes the rigger. This fish goes easy on us, it hardly runs or puts up a fight. The only problem we have is our leg won't lift so we take the fish...
  4. tsutomu

    Very Lucky!

    Saturday reports from the Royal tournament was not good and everyone was saying the bite is slow. Took the week off from fishing so we pushed off on sunday and hoped for the best. Mid morning we find our 1st pile outside the pinnacle but it doesn't producer, the plan is to head for the buoy 2nd...
  5. tsutomu

    Lucky Trips

    Every other year my friend Ken visits Hawaii and every time we take him fishing we get lucky. Friday 7/12 we head outside makua and set lines. The area looks like it died down from the day before so we start hunting and praying. We we're lucky enough to get a bite at tide change, land that fish...
  6. tsutomu

    Back to the Important stuff

    Picked up a new ride (24' Skipjack)and of course spent lots of time and $$$ getting it rigged and ready. Took us awhile to figure out a good spread for the boat, got poked in the eye a lot this year. :rofl:Anyways II area sunday morning first pass we get the monkey off the boat by 7 am. Then...
  7. tsutomu

    18' Force for Sale

    Howzit guys, Gonna put this on CL soon but thought I'd post it here 1st This boat is turn key ready. Here are some details Trailer w/extended tongue completely rebuild this year Custom Js Marine T-top Isinglass by Ricky's Custom upholstery Honda 90 (4 stroke) Yamaha 9.9 (4 stroke)...
  8. tsutomu

    Finally Fishing

    Been super busy with work and life but finally got out there last friday. Straight out from waianae and set it up just before the 1000. Been some talk about the yellow guys around so thats the target. Double Mahi around 10am was the only action for the day. Lots of piles outside kaena but looked...
  9. tsutomu

    Little entertainment

    Little something to pass the time. Thank you to all the BD members here. Best of luck in 2013!!
  10. tsutomu

    Only 1 bite

    So we fished monday from dark to dark, watching the sunset while riding around the pinnacle area and not getting a single bite all day. My friend Alex was determined to catch a ahi since the last time we fished together he wasn't able to come through with the gaff shot. So we put the boat on...
  11. tsutomu

    Sunday Come Back Fish 7/15

    Well we hit it on thursday early in the morning and spent the day getting poked in the eye by everyone:rofl: Congrat's to all of them! We managed a nice ono and a #21 aku outside the pinnacle. The water was nice that day so we hung around til the bitter end. At 6:30 pm hail marry run straight...
  12. tsutomu

    Got lucky yesterday.

    Haven't been able to fish much these days but we made it out there yesterday. Hit the water early and ran up toward bo and out 19 miles before the wind got up. Worked that area for most of the day with no luck. At about 2 pm we decide to leave and start sliding back toward the middle. 30 mins...
  13. tsutomu

    24' Skipjack fly bridge Questions??

    I looking into get a Skipjack here in Hawaii. From what I've read they are good rough water boats. Please help if you have answers to some of these questions. Is the 1970 hull a good year as far as design? I'm assuming the design improved over the years, any info on the hull? Can anyone...
  14. tsutomu

    east side 5/14

    Took advantage of the light winds and set out to get some akule. The bite was really slow so early in the morning we decide to go and check the can. At first light we pull up and find Nesei loading em up. We pick up 4 shibi in the mid 20's range and a few small aku. About 8am we head for home...
  15. tsutomu

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Made a run up to the bank with my pops on friday. Lots of boats working the tip and lots of scattered piles. About mid morning the short corner goes screaming and with no jumping in sight we start wondering if we got the monkey. Takes us about 10 mins to get color, sh!t its brown. Nope not a...
  16. tsutomu

    South Side Mahi's

    Finally went fishing for maybe the 4th think this year. Ran out from Sand Island with pops and headed for hh. Nothing going on at the can so we start sliding away and soon run into a bunch of open schools. We manage a few before we have to limp home on a bad engine. Got to fish, got some fish...
  17. tsutomu

    1st trip of the year

    Haven't been on the water much since the end of last summer. Finally said F#%k work and made a run yesterday. Ran out to BO 1st light, nothing going on there so we slide back to the west. An hour or so into our day we ran into some stripey's going 1 for 5 in the morning. Ended the day with...
  18. tsutomu

    Fish head plungers for OZ

    Some lures from a recent order I sent to Australia. They took some pretty nice promo pictures. These are just a couple. :hali_olutta:
  19. tsutomu

    Tsutomu video 2011

    Sorry about the blank previous post. Here's a short video of some high lights from 2011. Hope you all enjoy and best of luck in 2012.
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  21. tsutomu

    Christmas Gift Hawaiian Style

    Finally made a new color to share. Merry Christmas to all the lure guys here!
  22. tsutomu

    Waianae 7/24 - 7/28

    Heard the bite was pretty good out west so I decided to take a vacation and go fishing. Sunday morning out on the Lexi Ann at 4:30 am to see if we can get lucky. Lots of boats in the Nanakuli area but not a lot of catching going on. Finally at 11:30 we get a good bite that pulls half spool then...
  23. tsutomu

    waianae Sat 7/2

    yesterday we pushed off at 4 am headed for the corner and beyond. The morning was pretty slow outside of mokuleia about 20. About 10 am we're bouncing between piles when the corner goes and then the rigger. We lose one and get a nice otaru. Heading us down sea to set back up and soon after we...
  24. tsutomu

    Giving away lures for Ahi Fever

    Howzit gang, I'm giving away lures to those who weigh in a fish caught on one of my lures during Ahi Fever. Please follow this link for details and instructions for this give away...
  25. tsutomu

    part 1 north shore 6/12

    oops wrong date 6-12 monday! Headed out of Haleiwa on the little sled monday 5am. My friend J-boy also heads out same time on his boat. We run up the ledge til we get a good angle on the can and then start to head out. The water is pretty much smoking, big swells, wind blowing, ugly current but...
  26. tsutomu

    Waianae 3/2/11

    Yesterday we had to take a couple of celebrities for a quick dive in the morning. That would be Kimi and Captn Andy of the "Time Bandit" Drop them and their film crew back at the fuel dock about 11am and head out for some fishing. Water was hella rough again. Lots of scattered birds and piles...
  27. tsutomu

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    On tuesday we put "Lexi Ann" back in the water after 2 month of dry dock to repair some damage we got from the tsunami and for some upgrades. The crane puts us in the water at about 8am and then we top of at the fuel dock. Start heading for the west side at about 9 am. Our plan was to head for...
  28. tsutomu

    Got my little sled back

    Got my 18' force back yesterday and I'm super stoked. JS Marine did a sick job on the T-top and Ricky's upholstery did the enclosure. Josh @ JS marine went the extra mile with some fine points like custom outrigger mounts, seat mounts, pole holders and a lot of little things to convert my old...
  29. tsutomu

    one for the good guys

    I just wanted to share this... Sunday afternoon Josh calls me to see if there is any fish at the buoy's. He has no crew and no marina because of the tsunami so he's just bring 2 pole w/spinners, a king buster and a 5" lure. Couple hours later I get some pic text of a double mahi, then a stripey...
  30. tsutomu

    4/1/11 South

    Went out for a day of fishing with my dad yesterday. Headed for bo but there was a boat already there. Picked up a mahi and small shibi there then worked outside. Lots of piles here and there, lots of misses and we broke a hebi off at the boat on a 5" lure. Had enough fish by lunch time so we...
  31. tsutomu

    Crazy weekend

    After saving the boat on friday and checking to make sure all was well above and below we pulled into alawai to get ready for the mitches. The tournament was a good way to relax after the craziness of thursday night and friday. La Mariana is completely wiped out from the tsunami. On day one we...
  32. tsutomu

    new head

    Finally have a new shape and size to share. No new paint schemes but I'm pretty happy with this one. 14 inch short corner bait I call "super moke" Hope you guys like it....
  33. tsutomu

    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    Headed out of sand island yesterday at 6am headed toward BO. The buoy has some boats already there so we decide to slide down west. We get a knock down in the morning then nothing much going on. About lunch time we miss our 2nd fish and then a little while later take a double stripey and land...
  34. tsutomu

    a little vedio entertainment

    Just a little video i made for fun. hope you guys enjoy it. thanks
  35. tsutomu

    Good start 1/30/11

    Set out from "La Mariana" yesterday for our 1st run of 2011. The water was super flat as we ran down to BO. Nothing at BO for us so we start to work toward the cup. Few miles later the rigger comes down but doesn't stick, then the other side comes down and after a few more whacks we come tight...
  36. tsutomu


    Here are a few 12" plungers i just finished. I got the blue/gold and blue/yellow/white skirts from a friend for cheap and tried to match them up. I had to repainting inserts a couple of times, its hard to see in the pic but the top lures blue hat has a few coats that make it shine some greens...
  37. tsutomu

    7" Stocking stuffer

    This ones going into some ones stocking. Pretty happy with the way it matched up. Hwn style ice blue, everyone here has a lure with this skirt combo. Maybe I should make myself one as well.
  38. tsutomu

    HK 12/5

    Yesterday we set out from HK and turned left. Soon after we cleared the point we started finding open schools and taking a lot of blind strikes. Found a nice floater and baited a few then back to lures. Lost a nice hebi next to the boat. Back on the dock at 6:45. Nothing big but lots of action...
  39. tsutomu


    We cancelled fishing this past sunday because we thought the wind was going to blow. Turns out the wind came down and the tunas were biting aaggghh! At least I got to finish these up.
  40. tsutomu


    I'm thinking of pinching the nose to keep the lines of the head similar to the lines of the insert... I think the purple one with the pinched nose looks better but a fatter face makes for more splashy splash..... Any thoughts?
  41. tsutomu

    Few new ones..

    Turned these last week. 12" and 9" plunger, couple of 9" bullets and a couple of scoop jets... thanks!
  42. tsutomu

    little bullet

    Haven't made any new shapes or paint jobs in awhile, just been admiring everyone else's work. Finally got something to show, this one is a 5.5 bullet. Turned it friday, tried in on sat and thankfully it worked. Got a mahi on it and missed something else. Black top blue fade malolo style paint job.
  43. tsutomu

    Hk Sat. 10-2

    Headed straight out from hk yesterday about 7 am and spent the day looking for open schools. We only found 2 all day and was lucky enough to get these mahi. Got the ono just as we hit the banks. There was a good amount of tiny aku around but no big strikes off of them. Hopefully someone got the...
  44. tsutomu

    HK 9-26

    Yesterday we headed out of Koko Marina and ran out. Shortly after setting up we had a nice size marlin take the center, pulled some line for awhile then come off. After looking around for awhile the center goes again and we get a nice bull mahi. Maybe #30?.... It pretty slow out but there are...
  45. tsutomu

    8-25 Waianae

    We left Koolina and headed for BO first thing in the morning. No one home there so we kept going out. There was a lot of birds coming down the 1500 so we turn right and about 5 mins later the center goes. This guy jumps all over the place then gives up and comes to the boat easy. Maybe about...
  46. tsutomu

    2 days 1 fish

    went out on weds and worked an area outside flotilla, 1st thing in the morning we take a screamer on the rigger and look back to se a very big marlin blowing up the ocean. The fish tail walks in a big circle and cuts the main line. Later in the day we pull the hooks on a nice tuna. We end that...
  47. tsutomu

    7/27 a couple

    Yesterday we came out of Koolina and ran north around the corner then way outside. Nothing going on out there but on the way back we picked up the mahi and lost one a little later. Got back to the inside late and picked the ono's up, 3 passes 4 ono's, 1 cut line and 2 misses. thank goodness for...
  48. tsutomu

    north shore marlin

    Was hanging out after the Haleiwa arts festival when my friend told me someone was off loading a big marlin at the ramp. I down know these guys and since its not on BD yet I figure I'd post it. Guys down there was saying it was 800 plus, biggest marlin I've seen in person. Congrat's to whoever...
  49. tsutomu

    7/9/10 west shore friday

    Went got out on friday and was lucky enough to pick one up out side kaena point. The fish went #177 gutted the next day, we also pick up a ono running home at 15 knots. <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  50. tsutomu

    Our #221 saturday

    We got really lucky on sat. fishing the in "The Fever". We headed north with everyone else and then out. As soon as we set up we get a small mahi and a couple hours later a double ono. Rest of the morning is pretty slow and then at about lunch time while riding around with a bunch of other boats...
  51. tsutomu

    4-28 banks

    picked the mahi's up in singles all in the blind, found a nice bird pile but not much was biting, ended the day with a triple ono bite.
  52. tsutomu

    east end 3/20/10

    Boat trouble in the morning made for a late start on Sat. Couldn't find T so we head out to MM, dead there but found a pile a little more outside. 5 bagger right as we get to the pile and we get them all. As we climb back up to the pile we see a small crate, and take a double. It's already late...
  53. tsutomu

    Pictures how we eat.

    Maybe we can keep a thread going about what our catches looks like on the table? Here is a couple to start: Breakfast of fried Akule and Kinilau. Kona crab poke! Anyone else want to share??
  54. tsutomu

    1/29 Hawaii Kai

    Ran out to the banks on fri. and found some action. Not long after setting up we got 2 mahi's, then we found a small pile and took a triple shibi. Set back up and continued out and then took a shibi/mahi double. With enough fish and the cold ones flowing we decided to head back early. Lucky day...
  55. tsutomu

    east end

    I haven't fished my boat for 2 months. Left hk and ran up to makapuu and around the corner. Found a really nice aku pile in the area of T but couldn't get any. My friends got some nice ones out of the pile #10 kind size. At the M we managed to scrap a ono. Nice boat ride the whole way there and...
  56. tsutomu

    South Shore

    Wanted to share this nice catch the guys aboard the "True Grit" got on Sat. They set out at 7 am. from sand island and worked straight, toward the buoy. They found the aku pile first then the mahi's a few miles after. Hopefully its a sign that things are picking up out there.
  57. tsutomu

    Couple of Bullets

    Here's a couple of heavy bullets that i made this weekend. Thanks for looking!!
  58. tsutomu

    small bullet

    here's a little bullet that I hope will work in Cali.
  59. tsutomu

    Lucky Day 8/17

    Yesterday we left waianae at 5:30 and played around S as the sun was just cracking. The area looks good lots of birds around, see some aku's splashing. We try to get a couple of aku for the dinner but have no luck so we head out and start working toward Kaena. Just outside of the R the long...
  60. tsutomu

    fish heads

    turned these guys last night.. hope you enjoy!!
  61. tsutomu

    couple of scoops

    made these for BicolBoy along with a blunt bullet. Sorry for the long wait C.. hope you enjoy!!!
  62. tsutomu

    waianae 7/21

    we worked the pinnacle at first light, got a ono and lost a lure to one. the 1500 looked dead to the power plant, came back down the 1000 and got this marlin. Sucker screamed out a bunch of line, then fought straight up and down. Thought it was going to be a toad ahi all the way until color.
  63. tsutomu

    Kimi get's 2

    So we went out just past the 1000 yesterday and was lucky enough to get 2. The 1st fish bit just as the first rays of light came over the mountain. 5 am bite, gave is a little trouble at gaff but in the box at about 6 am. Pink/white 7" jet......#2 slammed a ice blue scoop jet on the short corner...
  64. tsutomu

    Got one!

    Fished sat. on a friends boat and ended up with 2, sounded like everyone was out and a lot of guys caught fish from V to R and out to the pinnacle. Took the little force out on sun. thankfully the water was a lot nicer. We took a double in the blind, broke the 1st one off at leader but was lucky...
  65. tsutomu

    Pirates catch

    my friend Josh "True Grit" got this one early this week out on the banks. yesterday HH was slow so we worked down west a little and picked up some mahi. Came in early cause the kid was in bad shape. Threw up 8 times but he toughed it out long enough to get this nice one. <a...
  66. tsutomu

    2009 Nationals fundraiser t-shirt

    Aloha everyone, My girlfriend is fundraising for this years Nationals. T-shirt is of an oil painting she did. If you're interested please go to If this post is breaking any BD rule's I apologize, just trying to help her out. Thanks!
  67. tsutomu

    A Red one!!!

    This is my 1st Onaga!!! I think it was swollen from coming up from 600+ feet so it looks bigger then it really weighed. Aloha...
  68. tsutomu

    blunt fish head bullets

    getting some bullets ready for Ahi season.. hope you enjoy!!
  69. tsutomu

    open school shibi's?

    i was watching fred archers cool video clips but was tripping out on the size of the shibi's they were pulling out of those huge bird piles. I was wondering if anyone especially on oahu have seen open schools of shibi's like that? I seen Aku/big Aku and ahi in huge piles but never shibi...
  70. tsutomu

    here's a few skirted ones..

    from my sanding/polishing session this past weekend... a 12", a 9" and a 7" hope you like them and thanks for looking!
  71. tsutomu

    Fishing report 5/4

    Got info. that some tuna's came up in the porpoise outside BO area so we got out early and heard that way. We got to the miles/degrees and there waiting for us was a huge pod of pilot whales. Ran back and threw the nanakuli valley area, good amount of scattered birds but nothing. We managed to...
  72. tsutomu

    fishing report tuesday 4/21

    Headed for hh yesterday, it was rough and cold. A couple miles before we get there we drop 3 lines and about 10 minutes later a small marlin grabs a 7" doorknob and takes off. We get him in the boat and continue to the can, there's a couple charters there and couple boats jigging. As we turn to...
  73. tsutomu

    Boat parking??

    Does anyone know of a place I can park my trailer boat on Oahu? Looking for a safe place to rent parking for under $400 a month. Please pm me if you have info or reply to post. thank you!!