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  1. Miss Fitz

    Replacing Airmar M256 shoot thru with ???

    So I have an old M256 airmar shoot through hull ducer that never operated very well to start with. This is center hull mount and connected to a Raymarine C80 with DSM300 (works with no "DSM connection lost" error) in the starboard hull of my power catamaran. The original specs for Airmar unit...
  2. Miss Fitz

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    Looking for a single speed reel for surface iron YT I prefer 6.1 :1 retrieve What's your fav and why?
  3. Miss Fitz

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    SooOOOOooo my insurance company decided to raise my annual insurance rate by almost 40% WITHOUT asking me. I made zero changes to my policy coverage and upon investigation (calling in to BoatUS Insurance I was told that this was legal ?? Anyhow, I have a habit of NOT opening my yearly...
  4. Miss Fitz

    Oxidized Fiberglass restoration- Final seal question

    So I am getting down to the last few passes in removing oxidation from fiberglass that in areas that will have foot traffic and heavy moisture. This includes reconditioned anti skid fiberglass textured areas on my foredeck as well as the top sides of both gunwales which receive normal use. In...
  5. Miss Fitz

    Dual axel trailer- alignment job

    I have a dual axel trailer that is showing alignment issues with uneven wear on the drivers side tire. Looking at the tire, it appears the right side of the axel is slightly too far forward, causing the uneven wear on the outside edge of the rear drivers side tire. I've done some googles...
  6. Miss Fitz

    Leaky Watts water maker faucet head

    So I just installed a replacement faucet head for my 3 stage water filtration system. Everything installed without incident and the system was working for about 5 days before I started to notice a small leak coming from the new faucet head. I've checked the hoses and connections and they are...
  7. Miss Fitz

    Can you still use Soft coolers for carry on?

    I haven't been to PV in a few years and wanted to see if anyone else has been using soft coolers to bring back fish as a carry on. Alaska Air was cool about it and I was able to bring back about 20lbs of fillet on my last trip in 2013, but will be flying SouthWest out of John Wayne this time...
  8. Miss Fitz

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    So my next trip at the end of Feb is a 3.5 day on Maximus Knowing the probability of encountering importation/gringo bingo issues, I plan on bringing my reels down empty this time and bringing new spectra that I will spool up with on the boat. Looking at the 30W specs, it appears that: 100 lb...
  9. Miss Fitz

    Chumming- Getting the bite going

    Compared to the sporties, most little boats cannot compete in the chumming game. During pick bites like this when we are forced to fish little baits and chum most of your tank, its a great idea to buddy boat or call in other boats and share the chum duties. I have absolutely zero issues with...
  10. Miss Fitz

    Black Friday Sales- Who's got the best prices

    for Spectra? and Flouro? Hooks? I just got an email from Charkbait that they will have some 15-20% off special offers. Any intergoogles sources? This seasons shopping will be done on the couch!
  11. Miss Fitz

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    Took my wife and my man friend Mots down to BOLA this past weekend. Spent 4 amazing days down in the Bahia fishing with Enrique Daggett on his 24' Super panga "Heidi I". We fished well north of the bay both days and got lucky with good weather, great food and killer fishing. Fished the Baja...
  12. Miss Fitz

    Baja Travel Clubs- Need info

    I am considering joining a Baja travel club. The two I know of are Discover Baja and Vagabundo's. What's your thoughts on travel clubs and which one is your favorite?
  13. Miss Fitz

    Raymarine DragonFly- Like? Dislike?

    I've had some bad experiences with RM products, however, I was gifted a DF5 with the down vision feature and decided to install it. So far I have not been impressed for tuna fishing. The DF works great in <300 feel, but not so much over 300 feet. It seems to struggle in the pre-set auto range...
  14. Miss Fitz

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    My one report for the year :D Fished in absolute amazing running conditions yesterday. Sheet glass at 0400 made the run NW a mellow ride. Started off trolling straight west of oside in 72 degree water. Worked a number of small paddies for nada. Working our way east, we encountered enormous...
  15. Miss Fitz

    10' Fixed Procision Outriggers- No Bases

    I have a pair of lightly used 10' fixed outriggers (do not collapse) made by Precision Marine. These came off a 19' CC and made a huge difference in offshore lure presentation. Awesome addition to any small boat that fishes offshore. This pair does NOT come with mounting bases or hardware...
  16. Miss Fitz

    Plastic swimbait help- Home Remedy for removing mold release

    Anyone have a suggestion on what to use for cleaning mold release off of plastics? So far I have used regular table salt and a towel to get rid of most of the slime, but I am interested if anyone has a better mouse trap? Suggestions are appreciated.
  17. Miss Fitz

    WTB-10-15lb Anchor w/chain and rode

    I need a spare pick with a budget for ~$50. You live in SD and I will pick up. Does NOT have to have chain/rode included.
  18. Miss Fitz

    WTB- Used Round White or Orange Fender

    Looking for a single round fender in either 18" or 21" variety. Either color. Please be in SD. I will pick up. Send PM
  19. Miss Fitz

    WTB- Tuna Hoop for 26' Pilot House

    Looking for something basic (no control station, no top, etc.) to stick on the pilot house that isn't a billion doll-hairs. Anyone got?
  20. Miss Fitz

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    I've gone through my fair share of useless Ho's that talked a big game and ended up being totally worthless on the water AND on land. Here's a few tips to help get you invited back on a boat: 1) Be available when you say you are available. I give new guys 1-2 trip trip pings. Can't make either...
  21. Miss Fitz

    Going Heavy- 80lb+ Ringed vs. Roller Guide Rods: Fashion or Function?

    So totally bored today, so I thought I would poke the bear and get some feedback on 80lb+ rigs and which guides perform best given the application. In this case bait rods for WC style bigger YFT, BFT etc. Personally, every heavy outfit I have for big YFT except one is an all roller guide...
  22. Miss Fitz

    Inshore Trip Planning- Poke Fest 5/26 Tuesday Bali Hai

    Anyone going tonight?
  23. Miss Fitz

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    So as many of you know, I've been a huge fan of Suzuki 4 strokes....up until recently. Why? Because these jack wads have discovered some issues about the original engine design that WILL end up costing you $$ to rectify if you already own a Zuky. These costs should be considered if you are...
  24. Miss Fitz

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I have a 2009 toyota tundra 4x4 that needs fresh rubber... visited and a few others. Looking hard at the Nitto Terra G2's and staying the fuck away from BFG's:1041677399: currently running 275/65/R18's and I do light towing most times, with the furthest being about 60 miles when...
  25. Miss Fitz

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    I only really care about responses specifically for ROLLER GUIDE rods. Because that's what I own.... So I'm getting hyped on my next big tuna search and will be bringing my standard 100lb ALL ROLLER outfits with me. These are matched with an Avet and Shimano 30w and 50w class that I intend on...
  26. Miss Fitz

    Cabo 4/3 Report- Billfish Heating up!

    Took the wifey out on a killer 8 hour trip aboard the Fin Addict. Absolutely immaculate rig with tournament ready gear and a highly experienced crew. Started the morning fishing live baits and butterfly jigs for grouper and ended up catching a few nice ones. So so bite had us move on and start...
  27. Miss Fitz

    AIS- and I'm not talking Insurance

    Any truth to a rumor I heard that AIS (Automatic Identification System) is going to be mandatory for all vessels some time in the near future? I've been looking around the internets but have not found conclusive evidence or a date to enforce. If this is true, I would be forced to buy some kind...
  28. Miss Fitz

    Please Help! Local Clairemont family loses house to fire

    These are neighbors of mine and also a fisherman. Anything you can donate would help a family through a pretty rough Christmas season:
  29. Miss Fitz

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    I've killed my fair share of these tasty fuckers recently and need to start storing/freezing the bugs I can't eat fresh. For years I have been tailing them alive before freezing the tails uncooked. It works for me, but curious about how others store them. Do you: 1) Tail them alive and freeze...
  30. Miss Fitz

    Normandy, France Charter Fishing?

    So later this month I'm headed to France :gay: for 2 weeks and will have a whole week on the Normandy coast to kill. I've done some searches on the internets but the Googles hasn't found me squanto on a salt water operation in this area. I plan on doing a little tap water fishing in the area...
  31. Miss Fitz

    PB Boat Question RE: Passport V. CA DL

    So a friend was telling me that it's ok to fish a private boat in Mexi waters without a passport as long as you have a CA drivers license and Mex permit. I couldn't find any recent threads about this. Is this true or is there an internets link I can check/verify? -Zack
  32. Miss Fitz

    Electronics- Your favorite?

    I'm strictly interested in MFD's (radar, FF, GPS). I'm done with Raymarine and interested what others feel is a good product with good customer service. Why do you like yours??? -Zack
  33. Miss Fitz

    Raymarine C80 - General experiences

    so lucky me, my Raymarine C80 has never had a fully functional suite of electronics (FF, GPS and Radar) all working. Most recently, the FF took a dump and was sent back for "repair" (never worked in the first place) and I got a $650 service bill with it. to date: $3000 initial purchase $400...
  34. Miss Fitz

    What VHF radio to buy?

    My ICOM-M502 just took a dump on me after 5 so-so years of operation. I have a budget of ~$400 for a replacement fixed mount unit. Recommendations? Any to avoid? -Zack
  35. Miss Fitz

    What Handheld VHF- Submersible

    Looking for a new handheld for the boat. I have a $200 budget. What brand and model do you like and why?