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  1. Redwine

    Shark Fishing Port Canaveral

    July 3rd my wife and I got a chance to run out of the Port with Captain Greg Rapp and his family. We headed to the beach to fish for sharks aboard the Sea Leveler. Plenty of bait and the tarpon - sharks were chewing. We caught a handful of blacknose sharks then Greg switched us over to some...
  2. Redwine

    Belep Island New Caledonia, December 2016

    blown away, what a trip. wow.
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    great, now the whole world knows...
  4. Redwine

    DP harbor YT

  5. Redwine

    BOTE SUP crabbin in NJ

    freakin cool!
  6. Redwine

    Shark Fishing Cocoa Beach

    keep it up.
  7. Redwine

    BOTE realtree camo - tarpon report

    Date night with my wife. Grabbed the new inflatable paddle boards and headed off to some new water. Did about 2 miles each direction and had to hop across a few ponds. We ended up catching a handful of tarpon to finish off the evening. It was a good time and I'm pretty impressed with the new...
  8. Redwine

    Florida Keys, fishing report - Rush Maltz

    we need to grab the crew and head down brad.
  9. Redwine

    Florida Keys, fishing report - Rush Maltz

    On a recent trip to the Keys for a series of BD meetings, the crew got to sneak away for couple of quick fishing trips. Capt. Rush Maltz has been a long time friend of Mikey our video guru. They put together a trip for our team to go reef fishing out of Key West on Capt. Rush’s charterboat...
  10. Redwine

    Fishing off SUP, BOTE Ahaba.

    sometimes a couple miles, sometimes we are only fishing a few hundred yards from the launch.
  11. Redwine

    Shark, the new bait?

    that's crazy. funny the cobia fell for it too.
  12. Redwine

    California Sharkin

    cool sharks and report!
  13. Redwine

    Return to th Elbow

    that super cube is awesome. i use to fish with you guys back in the day, every time we went to the elbow i had dreams of catching a cubera.
  14. Redwine

    Fishing off SUP, BOTE Ahaba.

    Fishing has been good in the Banana River and Indian River lately. This small black drum came off artificial which in not normal in our area.
  15. Redwine

    black tip challenge

    that bull is fat.
  16. Redwine

    A Mountain of Fish

    wow!!! great haul.
  17. Redwine

    Shark, the new bait?

    jewfish are going to take over the world.
  18. Redwine

    Killer Shark Art By Californian Artist
  19. Redwine

    Mass of Lemon sharks footage - Mark Zona, Stevie Impallomeni, FL Keys
  20. Redwine


    that sucks! my wife had one of her charters jump off onto sharp barnacles, she had some nasty cuts. hope you heal fast.
  21. Redwine

    Sharks and diving

    this looks to be to close for me. check this video out! tons of sharks up close and personal as K.C. and friends hunt cobia.
  22. Redwine

    Massive Shark attacks Marlin

  23. Redwine

    Huge Great White Shark in the Florida Keys

    Check this out. Capt. Ryan Logan has a Shark Encounter with a huge white off the Florida Keys.
  24. Redwine

    SUP paddleboard and Shark

  25. Redwine

    A day I won't forget. Guess the weight, win a BD Tee!

    minus 100 pounds what jason says it is. so roughly a 200 pound delicious thresher.
  26. Redwine

    Used Blue Kayak for Sale

    Blue Kayak, Used once, small brown stain on seat. I will consider any offer as I will not be using it any longer.
  27. Redwine

    Ten Days of Sharks these tiger sharks are massive!
  28. Redwine

    Who's up for a swim??

    Who's up for a swim, the water's nice.
  29. Redwine

    White trash Florida BOTE paddle boarding

    thanks scott! i could not agree with you more.
  30. Redwine

    White trash Florida BOTE paddle boarding

    I'm waiting on my son to give me the pics off his phone, he got 2 tarpon off this maiden voyage. He uses a 2 inch storm shad on 10 pound coffee grinder combo around the mangroves behind our house. Pretty fun on SUP.
  31. Redwine

    White trash Florida BOTE paddle boarding

    My son's new 12' BOTE realtree edition paddle board. Not sure why we get so much grief here in Florida for being the white trash capital but whatever I bet we are having more fun.
  32. Redwine

    2014 keys lobster report! crushed them! Huge bugs.

    i completely agree. Scott Goodwin and I did it for years and it became such a chore. Now I have a 15 year old son who would rather spend all day in the water hunting and gathering then almost anything else.
  33. Redwine

    Mid July Port Canaveral

    Nice catches chris.
  34. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Throw back thursday. Scott Goodwin and I catching limits in the KEYS - 1999. Now days I try to get as far away from the Keys as I can during mini season.
  35. Redwine

    2014 keys lobster report! crushed them! Huge bugs.

    nice job scott. How were the conditions? I actually left the Keys the day before season opened. It gets a bit ridiculous down there.
  36. Redwine

    Oct Toe Puss eaten ALIVE by little fish

    a bad way to go for sure.
  37. Redwine

    Port Canaveral Otherside Trip

    where was my invite??
  38. Redwine

    2014 keys lobster report! crushed them! Huge bugs.

    Keys Lobstering - Nailed it.
  39. Redwine

    fishing clothing

    i just wear normal board shorts, aftco, fishworks, long sleeve aftco shirts to keep the sun off, etc. can't really think of any performance clothing that would help paddle boarders.
  40. Redwine

    SUP PaddleFish fishing video - fishing off paddle board

    that was fun! Cody is always doing cool stuff with his go pro.
  41. Redwine

    Key West Winter Fishing Recap

    incredible catches and pics. keep it coming!
  42. Redwine

    SUP Fishing Platform FS $800

    nice SUP fishing setup.
  43. Redwine

    SUP paddle board fishing report

    Captain Alex had a handful of kids and their Dad for a Spring Break SUP fishing charter Tues. The weather has been very windy lately here on the Space Coast of Florida so the party had to hide in Sykes Creek to catch a break from the windy conditions. Fishing live shrimp near the mangroves on...
  44. Redwine

    indian river paddle

    cool pic of brooke!
  45. Redwine

    SUP paddle fishing reports

    My wife runs a SUP paddle boarding company in Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Florida. The big request lately is fishing off paddle boards. This last couple weeks the SUP fishing has been pretty good with redfish and black drum being the most consistent along with trout, snook and a few tarpon...
  46. Redwine

    redfish on the paddlefish

    nice redfish jeff.
  47. Redwine

    SUP paddle fishing

    Fishing has been good on the Banana River, Florida lately. Nothing real big but plenty of consistent action. Redfish and black drum have made up the bulk of catches – also enough redfish, snook and trout to make it interesting.
  48. Redwine


    good deal.
  49. Redwine

    Carter Andrews gives the PaddleFish a try.

    SUP paddlefish information
  50. Redwine

    Longboard & Butts.

    nice fish.
  51. Redwine

    Ultimate SUP Paddle Boards for fishing

    Paddle board fishing has really taken off in the last few years. I think the simplicity of it all has a lot to do with it. Here's an interesting article Captain Scott wrote for BD - Check out some of these set ups.
  52. Redwine

    Carter Andrews gives the PaddleFish a try.

    yes back holds tackle, cooler, safety equipment and hopefully a 40 pound cobia!
  53. Redwine

    Carter Andrews gives the PaddleFish a try.

    TV host Captain Carter Andrews brought his outdoor loving daughters over to the Banana River yesterday.We spent the day exploring the area and checking out lots of wildlife. Carter was pretty stoked on our new PaddleFish seats my wife offers charters. She found that if they can sit and rest...
  54. Redwine

    Quick Tampa Bay/Sarasota fishing report

    Scott Goodwin and I Fished with Capt. Jason Stock this past weekend on the west coast of Florida. The drive over from the space coast wasn't bad at all. Roughly 3 hours with a few quick stops. I will leave most of the details to Scott since he's working on and article about our adventure. We...
  55. Redwine

    morning fishing

    where's the snook for the slam?
  56. SUP paddlefish

    SUP paddlefish

  57. bote drift

    bote drift

  58. paddlefish


  59. SUP


    SUP pictures
  60. Redwine

    SUP paddlefish adventures

    The neighbor kids borrowed a few of my wife's SUPs and PaddleFish... needless to say when they returned she was not happy! boys will be boys.
  61. Redwine

    French Polynesia ( Tahanea, Motutunga, Tepoto) Dec 2013

    wow! incredible, every freaking picture. bad ass.
  62. Redwine

    Quick trip pays off

    Such a good time! That cobia was massive..."the grinch". Thanks brad for the call, it worked out perfect.
  63. Redwine

    1st.Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing Trip!

    nice job. let's see some pictures.
  64. Redwine

    1000 Island Paddle

    awesome pics jeff. i like the shore lunch. where's the fish?
  65. Redwine

    Girls and SUP/ Paddle boarding pictures

    Girls and paddle boards, I'm a pretty big fan of both. Here's a bunch of recent pics from my wife's SUP/paddle boarding company.
  66. Redwine

    Sunday family paddle

    awesome pics buddy!
  67. Redwine

    SUP Diving - Breeze Stand Up Paddle board is perfect

    we have tried a lot of the blow ups and BOTE is certainly the way to go. They are the most rigid i have seen so far. we have 2 we beat the hell out of and they are still going strong.
  68. Redwine

    SUP Diving - Breeze Stand Up Paddle board is perfect

    Diving in the keys with my son and friends we used the BOTE Breeze inflatable SUP for diving, carrying flag, keeping fish away from sharks, ETC. it worked out pretty awesome!!!
  69. Redwine

    Jimmy styks Blue Heron for first fishing SUP?

    i don't know much about boards under $1,000, sorry.
  70. Redwine

    Mountain trout on the SUP

    looks fun.
  71. Redwine

    Sunrise Marina question?

    bummer, scott is the man.
  72. Redwine

    SUP fishing

    cory said thanks ali.
  73. Redwine

    fractalius fish

  74. Redwine

    First time no skunk

    i have one also. it's 11 foot BREEZE and i have caught a bunch of small fish off of it so far. it's very stable and surprisingly sturdy. we have some offshore trips planned very soon in the inflatable BOTES, i will tell you how it goes.
  75. Redwine

    First time no skunk

    congrats. I'm over 6 foot, 215 pounds and i'm very stable on a 12' BOTE board. I ride a 10' 6 flood when i'm in the surf or just trying to get exercise and I can see how that would be unstable.
  76. Redwine

    Youth Pig Harvest - lots of pics

    Alden wanted me to include theses pics for gun safety advocates. The angle I posted above looked funny like the unloaded gun was facing his family jewels. It wasn't the case. He was careful to have the barrel facing away from any part of his body.
  77. Redwine

    Youth Pig Harvest - lots of pics

    The other evening my 14 year old son Alden and I headed over to my friends hunting land lease by the St. Johns river in Central Florida. Alden has been anxious to harvest a Hog for the freezer. He really wants to get more into hunting. Our friend Steve is one of those guys that loves to...
  78. Redwine

    Black Bass in Panama!!!!!!!

    awesome. SUPER DAD.
  79. Redwine

    Optimism prevails as wind recedes

    Fun read Gary, thanks for the hard work!
  80. Redwine

    Spring unfolds as fishing springs to life

    great job gary, awesome report.
  81. Redwine

    Black Drum on Bote Breeze SUP

    awesome kevin, i'm sure you will like it. we are super stoked on ours. good luck and looking forward to some reports!
  82. Redwine

    Reel Life Fishing

    go fishing!!!!
  83. Redwine

    The Florida Middle Grounds...Hot in April

    love the report thanks!
  84. Redwine

    Kings and Cobia

    great stuff chris!
  85. Redwine

    Black Drum on Bote Breeze SUP

    thanks. he talks of being a chef, he likes his cooking.
  86. Redwine

    Fat Black Drum

  87. Redwine

    New to paddleboarding

    Personally I like the Bote HD. Very stable, tracks straight, and minium hull slap. Check out the dimensions on it.
  88. Redwine

    Black Drum on Bote Breeze SUP

    Nothing keeps a family together like fishing in my opinion. A perfect trip last night after work kicked off our holiday weekend. Our awesome neighbors told us they were on a big school of black drum the past week and where we could find them. Within a few hours I finished up my work while...
  89. Redwine

    How To Catch A Sheepshead

    bad day to be a sheepshead. great pics!
  90. Redwine

    Fishin' Chick Krista Tucker

    and she cleans boats.
  91. Redwine

    Venice bulls

  92. Redwine

    igfa world record species

    is there a picture. i would love to see a sheepshead that big!
  93. Redwine

    NE Florida Wahoo Shootout Mid Tournament Report

    welcome aboard erin. we expect some fishing reports from you guys too not just tournament spam :) bring it!
  94. Redwine

    Sea Vee 39 "Spanish Fly"

    watched the show today Julio, it was touching...we enjoyed it very much. good job buddy. take care.
  95. Redwine

    BOTE - Breeze - inflatable SUP

    it's very durable. i'm going to take them to the keys and the bahamas for some exploration missions. they pack up in a small back pack, come with a pump and a telescopic paddle.
  96. Redwine

    BOTE - Breeze - inflatable SUP

    We got some cool inflatable paddleboards in over the weekend. Super cool! Fun to ride. I broke it in properly with a couple snook and tarpon. Here's some pics of my son fooling around with it in the backyard. anyone else try one yet? I'm thinking they would be fun to take over to...
  97. Redwine

    Can invasive lionfish be stopped?
  98. Redwine

    New Guy

    awesome andy.
  99. Redwine

    San Onofre

    nice butt. dang i want one.
  100. Redwine

    Show your paddle board.

    ali that is so cool man!
  101. Redwine

    Pending #8 Louisiana State Record Amberjack

    nice fish. nice spinning combo too. i got to use it in California on bluefin tuna last year and really liked it.
  102. Redwine

    Clearlake 2/17 Big Bass!!!

    looks fun!
  103. Redwine


    nice fish, outstanding.
  104. Redwine

    Miami Boat Show 2013 Pictures

  105. Redwine

    Caterpillar to aide Ocearch shark research

    good company...a cat 3208 is hard to kill.
  106. Redwine

    Buffalo Rock Cod Wraps | Chef Steve Black

    i know right!
  107. Redwine

    Islas Secas - No WOW!

    dude that is awesome.
  108. Redwine

    Everglades bass report 01/28/13

    looks like fun bass fishing.
  109. Redwine

    Bucket List

    i'm very sorry for your loss. if i can be of any help please let me know.
  110. Redwine

    Looking for the BEST Maui Fishing Charter

    My wife, son and i fished with Start Me Up and we had a real good time. Here's my families experience. I hope this helps. congrats on your wife's clean scan. i hope whatever trip you go on is fantastic...
  111. Redwine

    Paddle Boarding in Panama

    On our recent trip to Islas Secas, Panama we had a lay day with no fishing so Brant and I set out to explore the islands. Pretty amazing experience to say the least. Crystal clear water with fish, turtles, rays and more pouring our of every crack. The scenery on the beach and the wildlife was...
  112. Redwine

    Show your paddle board.

    the live-well looks perfect with the rod holders.
  113. Redwine

    Owens River Video

    looks like a fun trip.
  114. Redwine

    Triple Tail Madness Out Of Canaveral!!

    thanks for the invite.
  115. Redwine

    Weeki Wachee Red

    nice red.
  116. Redwine

    Panama Fishing Report- Come Fish Panama

    wow, looks delicious!
  117. Redwine

    An all Florida week to remember

    Incredible report! thanks.
  118. Redwine

    Show your paddle board.

    man that is awesome. let's see some fish you caught off it.
  119. Redwine

    Winter Time Fishing in Islamorada

    keep it up nick.
  120. Redwine

    More Japanese critters

    cool fish.
  121. Redwine

    Show your paddle board.

    haha, exactly stanley.
  122. Redwine

    Epic Wahoo Beat Down

  123. Redwine

    Show your paddle board.

    Let's see your boards. I have a few BOTE paddle boards which we love.
  124. Redwine

    Islas Secas - Shark Week

    awesome carter!
  125. Redwine

    First Redfish on Paddleboard!

    holy crap, what the hell was that guy doing?
  126. Redwine

    First Redfish on Paddleboard!

    haha! that was fun, damn i miss that guy. i haven't got a redfish on mine yet. i need to go give it a try again soon. what kind of board do you have mikey?
  127. Redwine

    Fishin' Chicks | Playboy Playmate Shawn Dillon

    i didn't have that one. Yes please!
  128. Redwine

    Fishin' Chicks | Playboy Playmate Shawn Dillon

    i have a few left over pics from the article, i will post them if i can get 20 "yes please" responses.
  129. Redwine

    Just like Catalina...

    i've been and agree. great pics.
  130. Redwine

    Islas Secas, Panama

    haha carter. Thanks for everything bro. I certainly don't feel like I over sensationalized any of my report. ronzo thanks for the info. Veneto does have quite a "snapper buffet" if you are in to that kind of thing. :) as well... yes there are fishing opportunities from shore or...
  131. Redwine

    Interesting Floater off Kona

    wow. cool.
  132. Redwine

    Florida Middle Grounds

    Great trip and report, thanks!
  133. Redwine

    Islas Secas, Panama

    Sorry I think I had the images stored in a private directory. Should be all good now.
  134. Redwine

    First Tarpon & Snook on paddleboard

    The area is wide, plenty of room for my backcast. Tonight I had some wind which made it a bit of a pain, I did manage 1 tarpon and jumped one. I'm looking forward to knocking some more species off the list.
  135. Redwine

    Bass Fishing Arizona

    cool man. All our boards are Botes, how do you like them?
  136. Redwine

    Islas Secas, Panama

    Panama – Islas Secas I'm trying to stick to the facts but i'm finding it difficult to not sound like an infomercial. Last Week Ali, Brant, Mikey and I headed to Panama to see what Captain Carter Andrews has put together on Islas Secas. Half of us flew to Panama from Florida...
  137. Redwine

    Or lack of....

    Damn!!! yikes.
  138. Redwine

    Islas Secas fishing report

    Panama – Islas Secas I'm trying to stick to the facts but i'm finding it difficult to not sound like an infomercial. Last Week Ali, Brant, Mikey and I headed to Panama to see what Captain Carter Andrews has put together on Islas Secas. Half of us flew to Panama from Florida...
  139. Redwine

    First Tarpon & Snook on paddleboard

    Who's fishing off their paddleboards? Certainly not big fish but a fun challenge fly-fishing off the paddleboard...2 snook and a tarpon.
  140. Redwine

    Islas Secas fishing report

    using this thread to sort pics for report.
  141. Redwine

    Cebaco Bay & Hannibal Bank

    congrats on a good trip!
  142. Redwine

    FL Keys Gator Trout

  143. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Looks like I will be home for awhile. The last few months have been pretty crazy between work and family. Of course there have been plenty of ups and Downs but I guess the point of my journal is to highlight the good. Time to go through my pics and get this thing caught up. Thanks for all the...
  144. Redwine

    What do you think?

    it's clean and it pops...looks good yusef. i like it.
  145. Redwine

    NMZ Redfish&Trout on fire!

  146. Redwine

    Fishing The Banana River

    awesome job guys!
  147. Redwine

    Banana River Fishing

    nice job man! thanks for all you guys do!
  148. Redwine

    Melton's Movember Mustache Contest - Ends Movember 30th, 2012

    I'm in... actually i tried last year. i can't grow facial hair.... sorry.
  149. Redwine


    the fighting chair back-rest looked painful...
  150. Redwine

    Bugs limit for 3

    front page
  151. Redwine

    1st Annual Billfish Classic "Update"

    i was out of town... how did the tournament go?
  152. Redwine

    Incredible Swordfish Photo!

    so bad ass.
  153. Redwine

    Wreck and offshore North Key Largo REPORT

    thanks for the report.
  154. Redwine

    Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Video

    nice video guys.
  155. Redwine

    Maui -Start Me Up!- mahi and ahi

    glad you had a good time.
  156. Redwine

    New Yellowfin........ 24 hour report

    awesome kitty mitchelle!
  157. Redwine


    nice chris.
  158. Redwine

    Late report.. R/S 6day 8/4 - 8/10

    holy crap an escolar (white tuna), cool.
  159. Redwine

    Reel Life Fishing

    Great Pics.
  160. Redwine

    Fishing Maui - ono, mahi

    The end of last week I took my family on a charter out of Lahaina onboard the Start Me Up. I'm working on an article about the experience and Maui but I wanted to give you guys a fishing report while it was current. Our fishing trip was fun despite some bad weather! I have to say Captain...
  161. Redwine

    Insane King Mackerel Bite 30 July

    Brad these guys are Alden's best friends since they were practically in diapers. If you ever need a crew of the best kids ever let them know. They are available for boat washing and bait catching too.
  162. Redwine

    Insane King Mackerel Bite 30 July

    awesome brad! Lee has Alden and all his buddies out there today, hopefully they will get on them.
  163. Redwine

    Thursday 7/19 12 hour trip with Hubbard's of Clearwater

    nice job, i used to love going on the 21 hour hubbard trips.
  164. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Welcome aboard Sharats. Our good buddy Jason (shrats) recently made the journey north to see us. As with all of our gatherings we focus on good food, cocktails, relaxing, shooting and sometimes some fishing. Early afternoon I skipped out of work early when he arrived and we took our...
  165. Redwine

    Getting Rid of Lionfish

    tell people they will make your package bigger, charge 50 bucks per pound, ship them live overseas and and they will be extinct world wide in 2 years. problem solved.
  166. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Family and Friends as good as it gets. A call from our friends Scott and Pam Father's Day morning resulted in one of the most memorable Father's day ever. Scott said "I know your dad and Cory's dad is in town today, why don't we all jump on the Relentless II and go Island hopping". As you can...
  167. Redwine

    epic pargo fishing at the rock

    yes please, i want one.
  168. Redwine

    Cedar Key weekend

    trout and cobia, perfect!
  169. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Man O Man, Life goes by fast, currently I'm packing for our yearly scalloping adventure and about to celebrate my 40th birthday...oh geeze. Didn't I just turn 21 a few months ago??? Do I really have a 13 year old child?? The past few months are a blur starting somewhere around Memorial Day...
  170. Redwine

    Marlin with No Dorsal Fin

  171. Redwine

    Fun Day out of Canaveral

    oh man kramer. awesome.
  172. Redwine

    Two great days on the Indian River Lagoon, FL

    great report chuck, i need to get out on the river soon!
  173. Redwine

    Ed Dywers O'Side Tournament this Weekend!!!

    How's the weather look brad?
  174. Redwine

    Cedar Key weekend

    Looks fun. I have always wanted to visit Cedar Key.
  175. Redwine

    FSFA report

    welcome aboard chris. thanks for the report.
  176. Redwine

    PC 6-1 and 6-2 Hoo and sails

    awesome wahoo! nice report thanks!
  177. Redwine

    accurates for bottom fishing?

    i'm thinking about trying them.
  178. Redwine

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie! Incredible fish, I put it on the front page.
  179. Redwine


    I just ordered spiderwire for bottom fishing here in Florida, I guess I will find out how it works.
  180. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    For those with the outdoor channel there's a good rerun this weekend with Julio Meza (super nice guy). Tonights show is Part 1 of the Baja Mexico Expedition where Jose and Julio Meza target Pacific Yellowtail off the small fishing towns of La Bocana and Abreojos. Show airs on the Outdoor...
  181. Redwine

    BAJA MEXICO w/ Juilio Meza & Jose Wejebe

    Good rerun this weekend with Julio Meza (super nice guy). Tonights show is Part 1 of the Baja Mexico Expedition where Jose and Julio Meza target Pacific Yellowtail off the small fishing towns of La Bocana and Abreojos. Show airs on the Outdoor Channel tonight 8:30, Saturday 11am, and Sunday...
  182. Redwine

    Black Drum fishing With PENN

    thanks for the info jim. I have had limited success with fresh clams when sight-fishing. we have had luck on fresh scallops and other crustaceans before. txwoody - lucky for us we also get them in slick calm, sunny conditions too. I have blind fished for them on structure but i really enjoy...
  183. Redwine

    Black Drum fishing With PENN

    jim, those fish are great man. 90 pounder awesome, i couldn't imagine one that big on the flats. are you using crabs?
  184. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Like kaptankido said the weather has been nice...up until Memorial Day weekend that is. I guess all sunshine makes a desert right? Previous to this past weekend the month of May has been pretty awesome. My wife and I have been spending a ton of quality time hanging out and fishing together. I...
  185. Redwine

    I Got the 1st Bluefin of 2012 on the Sea Adventure 80

    nice going, looks fun! i put your catch on the front page.
  186. Redwine

    Panhandler bottom trip - 5/26 - limit of red grouper and mixed bag

    great report, i added it to the front page.
  187. Redwine

    Tuna Feeding Frenzy

    Man this is an amazing tuna frenzy. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  188. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Last Saturday I fished the CFOA tournament with Bussen, Kramer and Jeff. The usual departure time roughly around the time bar patrons are leaving Dennys... I thought the bottomfish were going to fire considering Scott and Corey had caught some big grouper the day before. I think 4 over 35 or...
  189. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Welcome aboard. Good luck on your move to Georgia! Haha! on the coots, I was thinking the same thing but TK and Brandon talked me into them and they were good. Very surprising. Thanks Brant.
  190. Redwine

    Bucket List

    the airport is only about 45 minutes from port canaveral. the port has plenty of good places to east. i think the raddison is the closest hotel.
  191. Redwine

    Hooker Rolls Some Meat!!

    are you trying to figure out how to get it in? her fish. into the boat i mean. what's she got? a snapper? sorry navina.
  192. Redwine

    May Florida Keys Fishing Report

    that yellowedge is bad ass. nice job on the charters!
  193. Redwine

    Hooker Rolls Some Meat!!

    I would be distracted also Thomas. Nice job brad and crew! You guys looked like you were having a good time when you came by. We however were beat down – the fish just didn't want to bite for us. I caught a 7 foot sandbar shark after you left. Joy.
  194. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Work, work, work..."Draw me a fish clown!" Just finishing up the yellowtail artwork for the upcoming YTSO held in San Diego. Next – getting website ready to launch by tomorrow. I always go back and forth if I'm sick of full color designs or not. I am actually happy with the way this one came...
  195. Redwine

    Bucket List

    thanks, yes i'm still pretty sad about losing one of my closest friends. it sucks. fishing here in east central florida has been good. inshore - redfish and trout are consistent if you have some decent weather. offshore-nearshore there's cobia, kingfish, sharks, and a few tarpon which should...
  196. Redwine

    Bucket List

    please just let me know how i can help as you know more. chris and brad are also both good people in my area so it seems like you have a team of people to make this happen. standing by.
  197. Redwine

    Which 40 should I get?

    I have a Sig P226 Elite 40, the gun has been great to us. I like the new grip and the beaver-tail. We have shot about a 1,000 rounds or more through it so far with no jams or misfires. My thirteen your old son shoots it pretty well. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
  198. Redwine

    Bonefish, Belikin and warm Belizean Breezes... Front Page
  199. Redwine

    Bonefish, Belikin and warm Belizean Breezes...

    best report ever...i feel like i lived your trip with you. just had the greatest vacation ever sitting in my office chair. congratulations - I'm going to add it to the FP here in a bit. again thanks for taking the time i know it can be a pain in the ass.
  200. Redwine

    I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad!

    that's a nice one.
  201. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Speaking of getting caught up at work &#8211; I just published an article about Ali and I catching a swordfish and alligator on his last trip to Florida. We had a blast. Here's a few pics I didn't have room for in the article.
  202. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    thanks pam! i got alden and i a bunch of goodies from aftco before the tournament this weekend. it's hard to ever find him fishing clothes that fit... aftco had size 28s so he was super happy. i need to put up our tournament report from the CFOA this weekend when i get my work caught up...
  203. Redwine

    3hr. Jug Fishing 5-14-12 Catfish

    cool stuff.
  204. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    yes way to go culling the winners the day before the tournament! i guess if we had gone to weigh in we would have had 3rd grouper? you get pics of your black-bellies kramer?
  205. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Yesterday I went commercial fishing with my close friend Captain Scott Bussen aboard his boat the Relentless II out of Port Canaveral. I'm going to keep the report short because – truth even my fingers hurt. Our friend Jeff who like me works in an office for a living and I thought we would give...
  206. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    great! i'm glad it worked out. to bad the sun didn't shine for you in those slick calm conditions, mike is good at fishing for reds...i should know i have caught a ton of reds with the guy. nice job on the trout!
  207. Redwine

    Bucket List

    i would like to help. what month?
  208. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    lol! coming up kramer, flex fit ok? i have a bunch of stickers too for carson and the kids.
  209. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    A couple weeks ago my son Alden and I got to roll out with our friends Captain Scott Bussen, Corey, Dave and Neal in one of the Port Canaveral fishing tournaments, the Saltwater classic. Departure time was the usual WAY to early...I think we left around 4:00 so we could be the first ones on a...
  210. Redwine

    Fired Up Charters...Florida Sportswoman....Check it out

    good to hang out with you all the other night, i'm up for a river trip when ever.
  211. Redwine

    Florida Sportswoman...Fired Up PICS and Report

    nice. thanks for the report!
  212. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    thanks everyone. mikey hopefully you guys will find someway to keep the Spanish Fly name alive through his family, friends and partners! i don't think most people knew he had a daughter who has the same passion as jose about people and the sea...
  213. Redwine

    Baja Bytes Conditions Recap 05.01.12

    wow gary, excellent! i want to go fishing now!
  214. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    I guess things are getting back to normal but no less sad. We got the news about a month ago that one of my family&#8217;s closest friends, Jose Wejebe, had passed away in a airplane crash. Since then I have not really been able to even think about enjoying the water, until now. From the time we...
  215. Redwine

    Fishing in Cuba

    sweet charlie!
  216. Redwine

    New Wahoo tattoo

    wahoo looks great, congratulations.
  217. Redwine

    New SoCal Species

    I guess pretty cool if it works...
  218. Redwine

    White Sea Bass in Florida cool article.
  219. Redwine

    Crappy Surfing... Great Bikini's

    i think so...possibly. :)
  220. Redwine

    More Tilefish, Snowy Grouper 4/25/12

    good eats, congrats. i love those golden tiles.
  221. Redwine

    41010 Buoy Trip - Bear Trap - Video

    nice video, great trip troy.
  222. Redwine

    Sebastian Inlet - St Pattys

    i always wanted to go to do the inlet with you guys kramer.
  223. Redwine

    BD Welcomes Trophy Room App for Iphone

    i purchased the app and it works clean and easy.
  224. Redwine

    Christine Perez RIP

    sad, she will be missed.
  225. Redwine

    2/18 ponce

    Welcome aboard, let's see some pics!
  226. Redwine

    Golden tiles 2/19/12

    nice one!
  227. Redwine

    BIG BITE BIG FISH Video/Photos

    welcome aboard, nice report.
  228. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    haha! i guess the new name stuck.
  229. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    I guess our new "camping gang" is going by the name Shipwrecked. My wife cory just reserved our spot at Jetty Park for our next outing...I'm looking forward to it, especially the food! Since the new year I have changed a lot of my eating habits but some camp food is just what the doctor ordered...
  230. Redwine

    Cobia Reports Are Strong!!

    mike come over i will show you, ez.
  231. Redwine

    Cobia Reports Are Strong!!

    shhhh. don't let ali see!
  232. Redwine

    New to BD - Palm Beach

    welcome aboard.
  233. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    i thought it was the "albonics gang"... i will do a post on "THE GREAT OYSTER RUN" after work.
  234. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    He even brought his night-vision goggles... haha - jason when are you coming to visit! i have my own pontoon boat and guns now. :)
  235. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Besides buying a pontoon boat last year – I think I mention we also bought an 18 foot pull-behind camper. My wife had been bugging me for years about getting one, so when a friend was selling his for a good deal we jumped on it. In my mind I was thinking this would be just another thing to take...
  236. Redwine

    Nice Cobia out of Islamorada during tournament

    nice cobia, i'm looking forward to the arrival of more up this way.
  237. Redwine

    New Mexico Elk Hunt

    delicious. nice trip to the grocery store.
  238. Redwine

    Indian River Trout on fire!!!

    oh man chuck, nice trout. welcome aboard brother.
  239. Redwine

    East Central Florida Fly Fishing Report January 2012

    slick water and nice fish, great pics. Man, I need to get a black drum on fly. It's not for a lack of trying.
  240. Redwine

    Billfish flies

    yup Cam Sigler's billfish fiies have always been the go to.
  241. Redwine

    30th Anniversary of The Miami Billfish Tournament

    hopping to fish it again, always a great event!
  242. Redwine

    Giant Tuna

    Check out this Giant Tuna Story!!! Did they eat a million dollar tuna?
  243. Redwine

    Port Canaveral

    nice job on the kings!
  244. Redwine

    Rotations Pet Food presents - Caption Contest Ending Jan 30, 2012

    POOP! There it is! POOP! There it is!
  245. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Alden and I decided Friday night while feasting on wild game with the "Shore Crew" that we would take the pontoon boat fishing the next day. We awoke Saturday morning to sunny skies and Alden quickly put together some snacks and drinks, I loaded the boat and we headed off into the Banana...
  246. Redwine

    Sails and Tilefish!(Video report)

    love me some golden tiles.
  247. Redwine

    Sailfishing With Mike Ellis

    Awesome, great report and pics. Mike is a good dude – congratulations on a good trip.
  248. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    I would love too but I'm camping with the family. Raincheck?
  249. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Haha, who is this kid you speak of, I wish he was like that at home. :) Thanks for the kind words. Jeff welcome aboard.
  250. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Speaking of second favorite subject. Merritt Island, Florida is a small, laid-back community with many residents that will give you the shirt off their backs. My near-by neighbors are just such people. We got the call from Danny on Shore and Brad (brassyhooker) that their cobia trip...
  251. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    This past Friday I snuck out in the afternoon with my buddy Capt. Mike Gulik aboard his skiff the Reel Job. Him and I use to fish together quite a bit. I am ashamed I have let so much time grow between us and our last trip. The early afternoon was slick! The water level in the Banana River has...
  252. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    The last last 2 weekends have been loaded with good eats, family, great friends and incredible sea trout fishing. The weekend after Cory and I went down to Fort Lauderdale Adrian Grey came up here to visit. Unfortunately &#8211; the weather sucked or BLEW as I should say. As Adrian rolled in on...
  253. Redwine

    Ed's Jigs Do It Again!!!!

    nice catch harry.
  254. Redwine

    Panhandle Guides

    my pleasure chris, i will let you know if i hear anything else.
  255. Redwine

    Panhandle Guides

    My friend Robert Potts sent this to me. Robert Potts The Relentless out of Destin Harbor is top notch. Its a 65' and right behind AJs on the boardwalk. Its pricey, but the boat and Captain are superb.<abbr title="Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 11:38am" data-utime="1326904737"...
  256. Redwine

    Empire Strikes Back...sort of...

    ali misses snook trooper.
  257. Redwine

    Slob Snook

    nice snook. i think i remember a 34" snook being around 13-16 pounds – it's been a long time since i weighed one.
  258. Redwine

    Monster Amberjack!!

    hey kramer was that gutted weight?
  259. Redwine

    Monster Amberjack!!

    101 pounds, i win Kramer!
  260. Redwine

    Monster Amberjack!!

    crap man, andy got him a piggy! i didn't hear about it, thanks for the pic brad.
  261. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Hopefully I will get time this week to publish a story from Ali about Gator hunting & swordfishing. Things are busy here at the ole' BD Outdoors Florida office &#8211; not sure if anyone noticed but we just hit 80,000 members and traffic continues to grow at a fast pace. Charlie Levine our...
  262. Redwine

    2012 1st Crazy Tuna Feeding Frenzy ( W'ere Back!!!!!)

    incredible action! On the front page.
  263. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    usually lake poinsette.
  264. Redwine

    Bikini girls, THIS IS BS!

    hehe. I like my job but right now the grass looks greener on Charlie's side.
  265. Redwine

    Bikini girls, THIS IS BS!

    This sucks Charlie gets to go on assignment to the 2012 Surf Expo and photograph bikini girls – pictures here and I get to stay in the office and work. Oh well at least it's Friday and he provided some entertainment for the day...
  266. Redwine

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club with Pics Jan 1-5

    GREAT trip and nice front page!
  267. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    snatch hooks on old bait runner 6500s spooled with braided line. so far the biggest we have caught in past years was 11' 6" captured by my wife.
  268. Redwine

    More reds and trout

    keep it up, great fish!
  269. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Mike and I wouldn't know anything about that. :) Look for an upcoming story about Ali getting a Swordfish and a Gator on the same trip to Florida.
  270. Redwine

    Mosquito Lagoon Florida Redfish/Daytona/NewSmyrna/Orlando

    looking good, gotta love the river this time of year.
  271. Redwine

    First Few Trips on the Boat

    yum, mutton snapper!
  272. Redwine

    !st Cobia of 2012!!!

    thanks so much brad for taking the family. alden said he had a blast and he can't wait to go again. there's no wonder ashley turned out as great as she has! i am a little worried they are already showing up... cobia tonight for dinner, thanks brad.
  273. Redwine

    9 Wahoo

    nice fish x 9! you are on the front page, congrats.
  274. Redwine

    Not the East Coast Reds....

    nice job on the reds! i love it when they chew like that after a front.
  275. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Over the past weekend my wife cory and I decided to spend the weekend in Fort Lauderdale with some close friends. I love the fishing and culture in South Florida but there is NO way I could ever deal with the traffic. The first day we fished with Adrian Gray, our plans were not to over do it...
  276. Redwine

    New to Forum From Florida, Pic Heavy

    nice brad. alden's suppose to go look for some piggies tonight with steve.
  277. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    kyle - it's not always this good but this time of year tends to get good. Si Como No - Thanks Well it's time, over the past summer I shot a second show with my friend Jose Wejebe host of the Spanish Fly. The show should come out pretty funny, the episode is us using various watercrafts to...
  278. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Thanks Guys. Red Drum - 32 pound redfish on 10 is a fatty, nice catch. I would love to see the picture. I like fishing up by Symrna. Yusef - Not yet, to much going on. We are going pig hunting tomorrow evening. Almost Time - Ha, a little ghetto...ok real ghetto. What ever gets the job done...
  279. Redwine

    Our Final Grouper of 2011!!!

    Oh man brad that looks fun! I miss bottom fishing. Go Hookers!
  280. Redwine

    Offshore venice LA

    I'm ready for some wahoo and tuna!
  281. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    With all the redfish we have seen lately I was inspired to paint our Banana River icon. I found a piece of wood floating up in some mangroves and I figured it would be the perfect foundation. So far I have most of the paint laid down and I just need a couple evenings to add the detail I think...
  282. Redwine

    Banana River Reds

    Welcome aboard. The Banana River has been giving it up lately, awesome. I hope it continues after the front.
  283. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    One of the highlights for me over the holiday was seeing a lot of my friends and their families out doing the same thing. Mike on the Reel Job had his family out there between charters, Jeff and Brooke fished daily, Tyler and Carrie were out too! All of us stayed in communication fishing the...
  284. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Last fishing trip of 2011. On New Year's eve Cory, Alden and I loaded up the battleship. We had food, bait, tackle, guns, clays and the kitchen sink. We arrived late in the afternoon to "the spot" and we were glad to find that all the early birds had already got their worms. The river was...
  285. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    In the last couple months we made a couple purchases because the prices were just to good to pass least that is how we justified it. A 24 foot pontoon boat and a 18 foot Cub camper. Both are in pretty good shape and turn key. My wife cory not really happy with my decision to leave...
  286. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    thanks corey, we need to get together soon.
  287. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Local "Port Rat" all grown up–Brad took me fishing on his little Hewes at the beginning of the week. We ran out to a spot close to the boat ramp and even closer to some duck hunters pounding on some blue bills. We were able to squeeze in close enough at dusk to sight cast a bunch of reds on...
  288. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    One of the many good things that has come with selling BoldWater is justifying some free time in the evenings. A family meeting resulted in a unanimous vote to bring back weekly art night. It's been very cathartic to paint again after a few years of just not having any time.
  289. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Somewhere during the beginning of the holiday break my good friend Tyler from Castaway Customs took me fishing on his new HB. Our other friend Brandon had called us in on a good bite of redfish he had been fishing to himself all day. When we got there the reds were plentiful and cooperative...
  290. Redwine

    Put Me Outside, The Journals of Derek Redwine

    Put me back inside, now... After spending the last 6 days on the water I had to take today off from fishing and boating. I appreciate the generous vacation Ali and Jason gave us but I'm ready to get back to work, Immediately. 2011 has been full of ups and downs for me, some tragic losses in...
  291. Redwine

    Mahi Okinawa

  292. Redwine

    Kuwait spearing

    thanks for sharing, cool stuff.
  293. Redwine

    Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser!!

    next time brandon, we are way over due for a boat ride.
  294. Redwine

    Fishing Report: Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

    brandon do you have pics of your sweet 'stache?
  295. Redwine

    fishing dream

    i have some friends over there i will see what i can find out.
  296. Redwine

    Thanksgiving in BOLA!

    great pics and report thanks!
  297. Redwine

    Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser!!

    My wife Cory and I ended up joining the Brassy Hooker crew for the wounded warriors shrimp boil last night at Patrick Airforce base. Ali and Jason sent us off with some BD Swag and stickers for donations. Brad, Ashley, Danny, TK, and Jimmy had the boat loaded down with shrimp and all the tools...
  298. Redwine

    Grand Cay Run 2012!!!

    they weren't all white were they now...
  299. Redwine

    Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser!!

    i have some stickers and a few bdo giveaways i will get with you in a bit.
  300. Redwine

    Florida Keys / HawksCay:

    looks like a great time, hawk's cay is a nice area.
  301. Redwine

    Lady Pamela 2 Fishing Charters Nov 24

    nice getting him a sailfish, i'm sure the kid is hooked.
  302. Redwine

    new to lobster fishing.

    some hoop netting help here too.
  303. Redwine

    Chicks Who Fish

    navina with a good hunt.
  304. Redwine

    big goat

  305. Redwine

    Offshore Venice la

    loving the 'Hoo-ters!
  306. Redwine

    Grand Cay Run 2012!!!

    ali can we go? :)
  307. Redwine

    El Salvador fishing trip Black Bart Miller

    the ride out the inlet looked a little dicey for sure!
  308. Redwine

    Gulf Coast "Stock Assesment"

    nice, i'm jealous. i'm not sure a good fishing trip is an accurate stock assessment but none the less it's nice to keep hearing how many good catches are coming out of the gulf.
  309. Redwine

    12/1/11 Florida Keys Everglades report.. big reds and snooks!

    nice job, it's odd seeing capt. richard next to a skinny water fish and not a swordy.
  310. Redwine

    Fishing Report: Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

    what a good time charlie, i'm glad it all worked out for us. the wind sucked or blew and i wish i had put together the fly shots but it still was nice to be on the water. the mosquito lagoon is such an incredible "old florida" fishery. looking forward to our next trip. thanks for poling us...
  311. Redwine

    11/23/2011 Fishing with the boys..

    perfect day, way to go.
  312. Redwine


    i heard navina killed a deer with her bow last night.
  313. Redwine

    After work redfish and trout.

    got a chance to go fishing with my friend jose after work yesterday at sunset. we only got to fish about an hour on the banana river but the trout were the sun was setting i got a nice surprise redfish. running out at lunch today to see if they are still around...shhh don't...
  314. Redwine

    Chicks Who Fish

    here's the remainder of pics i could not get in the article. navina is a super cool fishing girl from our area who loves to fish, shoot and hunt. definitely down to earth and outgoing.
  315. Redwine

    Tampa Fishing Charters - Fish Report

    nice on the trout. thanks for the report.
  316. Redwine

    Carter Andrews - Islas Secas Panama

    let's see some pics.
  317. Redwine

    BrassyHooker Port Canaveral It's Triple Tail Time!! 16 Nov 11

    sounds good i'm all ready thirsty.
  318. Redwine

    BrassyHooker Port Canaveral It's Triple Tail Time!! 16 Nov 11

    awesome brad. take me! i got some swag for you at the house, call me later.
  319. Redwine

    Gulf Grouper

    dang. i have wanted to get over there for years now and fish for gag (black, grey) grouper. bummer we can't get on the same page.
  320. Redwine

    Wahoo @ La Playita

  321. Redwine


    yes please. nice.
  322. Redwine

    NMZ redfish and black drum

    I just posted up a cool slide show from a trip myself and some close friends made to the 'No Motor Zone' Last year. The redfish and black drum were biting pretty good in the cold weather. click the big arrows to...
  323. Redwine

    massive slot snook

    man, i miss snook dinners.
  324. Redwine

    Venice Offshore- Off the hook and into the ziploc

    looks great guys, i'm jealous.
  325. Redwine

    Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show... Boats and BABES!

    nice charlie.
  326. Redwine


    entry from LEE MEYERS
  327. Redwine

    Heavy mother fnnnnnnnnn****** Bluefin Tuna

    the week we were there 2 people got theirs eaten off the stick... ours got whacked 2 or 3 times. need to put a leash on it next time or a 14/0 circle. :)
  328. Redwine

    51 cocks in 50 minutes

    wow, nice my son would love to do that.
  329. Redwine


  330. Redwine


    where's the butter.
  331. Redwine


    nice chumkin!
  332. Redwine


    submitted on facebook by the Butler Family. more to come.
  333. Redwine

    Jet SKi Pullage!

    great pics.
  334. Redwine

    Jose Wejebe - water jet pack

    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe> haha, check out some fun jose is having with a new gadget. Jose Wejebe has a James Bond experience learning to fly the Jet LEV water propelled jet pack at the Hawks...
  335. Redwine


    ha, the ducks are sweet.
  336. Redwine

    huge balck fin tuna in hillsboro inlet

    man, that is a fat local blackfin tuna! congratulations on the meal.
  337. Redwine

    Monster Sheepshead!

    nice 'head.
  338. Redwine

    Lobster check warning!

    yup, says you can keep the feet.
  339. Redwine

    Gulf Of St. lawrence Tuna report..

    nice job guys. congratulations.
  340. Redwine

    ready, ready

    my son is amped and ready to go.
  341. Redwine


    i'm sure everyone got this email but still kinda funny i guess.
  342. Redwine

    Big Puss and Little Butts

    that's one HUGE 'puss. cool, nice catch.
  343. Redwine

    Ciguatera poison in fish...what to avoid on the dinner table

    it's caused by predators that feed on fish that graze on coral correct?
  344. Redwine

    Catalina Classic 2011

  345. Redwine


    that is awesome.
  346. Redwine

    Loreto 7/06/11

    looks fun.
  347. Redwine

    Shands Pier 9/6

    sweet haul!
  348. Redwine


    we do this all the time but mix glitter in with chum and not fish scales. i really never thought of the glitter as littering til now i guess.
  349. Redwine


    hook and keel down.
  350. Redwine

    Fishing for Pompano question

    are you guys fishing close to the beach in the trough and is there a better tide then another?
  351. Redwine

    8/24/11 Florida Keys Backcountry Report - big sawfish!

    nice sawfish i love those things.
  352. Redwine

    Dove Eclipse

    nice opening day.
  353. Redwine

    Good thing to come and good times right now- Pelagic Charters

    man, thanks for the info very cool.
  354. Redwine

    Anyone have any rogue wave stories?
  355. Redwine

    Anyone have any rogue wave stories?

    i'm listening to a book on cd called The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean' Susan Casey rides along with big-wave surfers and talks to wave scientists who are exploring the mysteries of waves. it is pretty dang good in my opinion. It certainly puts a little haunt...
  356. Redwine

    Good thing to come and good times right now- Pelagic Charters

    thanks for the report, very nice. i didn't realize you had very many tarpon, is this common?
  357. Redwine

    Three Reasons Why Venice, Louisiana Is The Perfect Place To Fish Offshore

    i agree louisiana is a great place to fish. i tried to look at your photo gallery but non of the images would come up for me. a lot of our members don't like to leave the shadow of bd maybe you can post some of your great catches over here for us to see.
  358. Redwine

    Have you ever seen this? :)

    my wife says "birds are in".
  359. Redwine

    Mosquito Lagoon Redfish - August 2011

    happy clients, good job.
  360. Redwine

    Bahamas Yellow Fin, Yellow Eyes and Shark Encounters

    the yellow eyes look delicious. fun trip.
  361. Redwine

    HUGE Tahiti waves.......

    <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  362. Redwine

    8/25 ono

  363. Redwine

    As promised...

    thanks you all.
  364. Redwine

    Hoo The Hard Way

    congratulations on the groceries bill.
  365. Redwine

    Great Day with a Mixed Bag off Montauk!

    the monkfish is to cool.
  366. Redwine


    you ain't kidding.
  367. Redwine


    great story gary bummer it didn't end well.
  368. Redwine

    Seward wrap up 2011

    damn andy. nice. cover material
  369. Redwine

    Buck Down!!! first archery buck

    congratulations on your deer.
  370. Redwine

    Reel Life Fishing

    nice job - nice cover. loving all the mangrove snapper.
  371. Redwine

    Excellent Fishing @ Coronado Islands nice report!
  372. Redwine

    Manny Delivers Happy Ending, Carnage in Corbatena

    nice job. it's on the cover too.
  373. Redwine

    Kelp monsters in LJ 8/4

    looks delicious.
  374. Redwine

    9.7# Calico Bass at West Cove in the dark!

    nice fish and homepage.
  375. Redwine

    2011 Bisbee

    nice wrap up thanks.
  376. Redwine

    Seward Slam......

    killer andy, can't wait to come back up.
  377. Redwine

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    nice job dave and nice cover.
  378. Redwine


    HAVING A GREAT TIME IN CALI WITH ALI AND KORINE. They really know how to party. We just got home from some comic convention and they even had a cool costume for me.
  379. Redwine

    Key West Blue Marlin Tournament

    seems like a good turn out.
  380. Redwine

    Cali Boy Requesting Some Local Knowledge

    Captain Bussen will will work hard for you. check out his latest fishing report he's an entertaining local writer as well. Well…. with the passing of Memorial Day Weekend, I guess we can officially kick off the summer season. Does that mean I can wear white or can I not wear white? Aw...
  381. Redwine

    Kids day on the tuna grounds

    nice catch and cover shot.
  382. Redwine

    Back bay bonefish and fish ID please

    fun fun – ali took us back there last year. there was a small dispute whether there were really bonefish in Cali.
  383. Redwine

    White and dark meat.

    i'm in florida and get it from him all the time next day. we have never been disappointed.
  384. Redwine

    ICAST Day 2 Photos Continued

  385. Redwine

    girls, grouper and guns - relentless

    you ain't lying kramer, i'm still smiling!
  386. Redwine

    The Keys

    should be a good time, enjoy.
  387. Redwine

    girls, grouper and guns - relentless

    recently we went on our yearly tournament fishing trip for my wife's birthday. each year it takes place aboard the Relentless with our close friends Captain Scott Bussen, pam, kramer and mike. i don't have a lot of free time at the moment so i will let the pics do the talking. it was a great...
  388. Redwine

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    "mommy – please don't hurt the sea kitten!?"
  389. Redwine

    Christmas Island

  390. Redwine

    Texas Red Snapper!

    nice snaps!
  391. Redwine

    Texas is on FIRE!!!!!!

    wow, amazing trip!
  392. Redwine

    so you like hogfish....i know a guy.

    that's pretty cool, i have always wanted to catch a hog on hook and line.
  393. Redwine

    Snow(ies) in the forecast

    sounds delicious, nice job.
  394. Redwine

    Catalina 6-25

    happy kid, nice job.
  395. Redwine

    Cape Canaveral info

    i sent him a pm that i would call him monday.
  396. Redwine

    Thank you Fishworks!

    SQUIG! :appl:
  397. Redwine

    Looking for info advice caneveral area

    email me your phone number in the next few days and i will help you out, i live in canaveral.
  398. Redwine


  399. Redwine

    Seas was bad but....

    great day, i'm hungry. congratulations.
  400. Redwine

    Dominican Republic Marlin Mayhem

    damn...i'm jealous.
  401. Redwine

    Coaming Pads ????????

    my friend tyler installs these – they are peel and stick and if you trash a section you can replace it pretty easily. video i thought it...
  402. Redwine

    11 Pound Calico

    i just looked at the records. All-Tackle - Calico - 14 lb 7 oz Newport Beach, California , USA 10/2/1993 Thomas Murphy has anyone seen or caught a bigger one?
  403. Redwine

    11 Pound Calico

    nice bass congrats! has anyone tried this tool?
  404. Redwine

    Son break 50 lb mark

    nice memories!
  405. Redwine

    Puerto Vallarta - Martuni May 13th - 16th

    man...looks like a good frick'n time.
  406. Redwine

    Bloody Decks

    nice cobe. how do you prefer to tie your jigs?
  407. Redwine

    SD Sportfish "How long did it take to pay this off"

    what a great story. congrats on the addition to the man-cave.
  408. Redwine

    Where to start, Alaska info ? here's an article to get you excited. a lot of us have fished with andy and have had a great time.
  409. Redwine

    What hooks for Tarpon?

    i'm far from a tarpon expert but dead-sticking as you were doing – it seems to me the size and style hook you were using should have worked. tarpon are notorious for spitting ANY style hooks though.
  410. Redwine

    Seven Ghosts Indo Tidal Bore Discovery

    yes, bad ass.
  411. Redwine

    cobia! cobia! cobia!

    nice healthy fish right there.
  412. Redwine


    excellent day, congrats.
  413. Redwine

    Cant see the right hand side of the screen ?

    set your monitor to at least 1024, you will have a much better viewing experience.
  414. Redwine

    Cebaco Bay, Panama Popping-WOW! January 2-5, 2010

    love the "super cube" on popper.
  415. Redwine

    Cold water fish kill video, snook and tarpon

    We are having some super cold weather here in Florida. Many fish species aren't handling the dropping water temperatures very well. Tyler Shealy and I shot some video footage this evening of dead and dying fish at some local Merritt Island ponds. VIDEO ON YOUTUBE...
  416. Redwine

    IGFA will release important decision tomorrow

    IGFA World Record Largemouth Bass Announcement I guess we can all sleep at night now.
  417. Redwine

    News Flash--World Record Largemouth Contender

    UPDATE IGFA World Record Largemouth Bass Announcement also a video of the weigh in.
  418. Redwine

    World Record Largemouth bass

    Potential World Record Largemouth Bass I thought this was interesting news considering all the controversy about this catch. IGFA announces news on Manabu Kurita's 22 lb 4 oz largemouth bass from Japan’s Lake Biwa. Here's the link to IGFA news on IGFA Largemouth bass news
  419. Redwine

    New season of Spanish Fly airs this morning

    Jose Wejebe's new season starts today, not sure what his left coast following is but i thought i would share. Spanish Fly Saltwater Fishing Show | Saltwater Fishing Video & Outdoor Television | Diving, Spear Fishing & Fly Fishing TV ? Spanish Fly TV / Jose Wejebe Saltwater Fishing & Fly...
  420. Redwine

    Check this out...

    super nice.
  421. Redwine

    Cajun Pineapple

  422. Redwine

    New Here...wanted to show what MA has to offer!

    incredible pictures and memories.
  423. Redwine

    July FT.Pierce fishing

    plenty of good charter boats in Fort Pierce. this side of the gulf stream trips (about 14-30 miles out) in july fishing should be ok for sailfish, kingfish, dolphin, wahoo, bottom fish. charters are prolly around 700-900 bucks. otherside of the gulf stream about 55-90 mile run, fishing...
  424. Redwine

    New fishing boat in Puerto Vallarta

    shirt please.
  425. Redwine

    Alligator hunting in Florida

    mo, there's a handful of guys that you can charter, not sure what the cost is, i can ask around. season starts around august depending on what phase you get. here's a repost from some previous years trips, you guys can see how we fish for them...
  426. Redwine

    hidden bank yft

    looks like a blast on the long rod.
  427. Redwine

    Florida Species

    The shark pics are rad.
  428. Redwine

    157lb bluefin from a kayak!

    pretty cool.
  429. Redwine

    Sad News

    good luck jason.
  430. Redwine

    Alligator hunting in Florida

    you can kill 2 with each permit, permits are issued by lottery.
  431. Redwine

    Alligator hunting in Florida

    this years alligator hunt on the st.johns with captain lee meyers another successful one. we fished (hunted with rod and reels) with his girlfriend Jen, seadek tyler, my wife cory and our son Alden. The weather was perfect and there were gators everywhere...
  432. Redwine

    FS Refugees?

    the new forum didn't end up very well in my opinion, hard to read, layout is ackward.
  433. Redwine

    Redfishing in Louisiana with Capt. Greg Dini

    thanks everyone, the trip really was good, easy, mellow and inexpensive. sam at took all the pics so i will have to ask him about his cameras.
  434. Redwine

    FS Refugees?

  435. Redwine

    Hot fall Redfish Action!!!

    nice fish.
  436. Redwine

    Redfishing in Louisiana with Capt. Greg Dini

    Recently I got back from Louisiana fly fishing with Capt. Greg Dini and photographer Sam Root from Saltyshores. We flew into Louisiana Monday night about 8pm, right when Tropical storm Ida was making land fall. Unbelievably Soutwest airlines did not cancel our flight. We flew in right...
  437. Redwine

    Fall smackdown in venice

    nice tripletail and tuna. I'm on my way to Louisiana monday.
  438. Redwine

    Hannibal Bank showed us all.

    Fantastic photos.
  439. Redwine

    Shimano Talica Review

    outstanding review your effort is appreciated.
  440. Redwine

    Channel Islands Marlin~on the Martuni

    nice fish. congratulations.
  441. Redwine

    Pending World Record YT

    whoaa, good stuff.
  442. Redwine

    Hard day fishing turns into a fish of a lifetime 8/14/09

    i can't think of a cooler fish in the ocean to catch, congrats.
  443. Redwine

    Giant Tuna in Lakeside???

    they look great ali! congrats.
  444. Redwine

    Seward Alaska - business as usual

    looking good andy...well not all the pics.
  445. Redwine

    Key West Wahoo & Sharks

    here's a video of jose wejebe diving with sharks and spearing some very nice wahoo. youtube YouTube - Spearfishing Key West , Florida for Wahoo, Tuna & Shark and Costa Del Mar - Channel C
  446. Redwine

    Seward Late June/ Early July report

    nice work andy, can't wait to get back up there.
  447. Redwine


    good stuff.
  448. Redwine

    Blue Marlin World Cup

    congratulations james! i just saw some pics from charlie levine, wow.
  449. Redwine

    Surfing behind sportfish and spearfishing.

    another video from dusty. he got so lucky with this fish. <object width="660" height="405"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  450. Redwine

    Need Tuna Graphic.

    Thank you!
  451. Redwine

    Bahamas Yellowfin Videos

    good stuff.
  452. Redwine

    World Record Wahoo taken on Bite Me

    looking good, nice fish.
  453. Redwine

    Surfing behind sportfish and spearfishing.

    exhaust does suck pretty bad.
  454. Redwine

    4" yellowtail

    i don't know if they ever got an official weight, i don't think so but i would believe their guess of around 100 is maybe off by 10 or 20 pounds. big anyway. InterMedia Outdoors Forums: East Central--General Info: 100 DOLPHIN ? ON TUG
  455. Redwine

    Daytime Swordfish

    lookin good.
  456. Redwine


    Got our goods tommy, showed up in florida on time, ice cold and perfect. thank you.
  457. Redwine

    Surfing behind sportfish and spearfishing.

    here's a couple videos i thought you guys might think were cool. GP surfing behind my friends sportfisher. <object width="660" height="405"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  458. Redwine

    BD Tatoo

    looks nice.
  459. Redwine

    Coming to Orlando/Kissimmee, Sunday May 3rd - Choices?

    as ali posted both are good guys and would go above and beyond to show you a good day on the water.
  460. Redwine

    Key West Wahoo & Sharks

    ESPN 2
  461. Redwine

    Florida East Coast Snook

    there's plenty of good snook fishing during june in florida. what area will you be in?
  462. Redwine

    Key West Wahoo & Sharks

    this is one of my favorites off his site. nice wahoo for sure.
  463. Redwine

    Panama Carnage - Paradise Fishing Lodge

    fantastic trip and pictures.
  464. Redwine

    My first visit to Panama

    nice report thanks.
  465. Redwine

    Grouper Fishing NC Style

    nice grouper catch.
  466. Redwine

    Fun with flies and roses

    cool pics
  467. Redwine

    Redfish - Palm Coast/Mosquito Lagoon

    great seeing you andy. can't wait til you park your new ride in the driveway.;) i hope the family enjoyed cocoa beach.
  468. Redwine

    Bermuda BLUE MARLIN photo report...

    doesn't look fun at all james. :) happy holidays.
  469. Redwine

    New Stuff from Fishworks

    you ain't lying. i'm trying to convince myself i'm just putting on winter weight...for the last 5 years :(
  470. Redwine

    New Stuff from Fishworks

    fashion aside. i have been sold on the quality. i have put the pants through the test. my kid got a pair of shorts last year and he won't wear anything else. slicker pants were the answer in alaska.
  471. Redwine

    PC 11/28

    nice tilefish!
  472. Redwine

    Some Crocodile pictures

    cool croc pics.
  473. Redwine

    Mag Bay 2008

    very cool.
  474. Redwine

    50lb Gag was the highlight of the week

    so cool sam...keep up the killer work. looking forward to flamingo.
  475. Redwine

    Alligator Fishing

    thanks guys. here's a link to out first gator of the season. here's a repost telling a little more about what we do. ------------------------------------------ They do taste a little like chicken but with a...
  476. Redwine

    Alligator Fishing

    powerhead back of the head.
  477. Redwine

    Alligator Fishing

    Cory had one more tag to fill on this years alligator permit. after work on monday we hauled butt to the river to meet captain lee. we stayed close to lake poinsette lodge because we needed to make it a short night. the weather was perfect and we saw a good handful of gators. we pulled a 6-7...
  478. Redwine

    Alligator fishing

    -what's up james...hope you are crushing the fish. -cocoa beach is all sand. waves are mostly small but we get a good swell now and again. -the small gator i had referred to just pulled the treble before we got it near the boat. -i have only eaten tail meat but i heard they had some good meat...
  479. Redwine

    Maui, Hawaii -- The Action Continues!

    nice catch, pretty fish.
  480. Redwine

    Alligator fishing

    They do taste a little like chicken but with a seafood, lobster thing going on. Alligator fishing really is one of my favorite hunting-fishing experiences. we use spinning rods with large snatch hooks. some guys use bows or harpoons from airboats. i like using the trolling motor and sneaking...
  481. Redwine

    Keys in November, need a nice place to stay.

    i have stayed at the islander quite a few times, its pretty nice. good sushi place close by and few other good places to eat.
  482. Redwine


    incredibly nice fish.
  483. Redwine

    Los Suenos Fishing in Late October - Malo?

    we fished out of los suenos in october a few years was pretty slow only a few sailfish. did end up catching a few rooster fish, snapper, dolphin out front though. rain wasn't to bad while we were there...resort was very nice. looking forward to a return visit. good luck.
  484. Redwine

    Alligator fishing

    Working hard and playing even harder. after a grueling past week at the office, friday could not get here fast enough. at the office my phone was ringing off the hook with buzz of offshore winds and big pre weekend waves. i got out of work early and hit the ocean with andy fish and corey...
  485. Redwine

    Snook Season

    fished port canaveral last night and no bites.
  486. Redwine

    late report 08/30/08

    slam sir is a nice snook.
  487. Redwine

    New to B/

    welcome, you are just up the road.
  488. Redwine


    very cool. a friend of mine just painted this one. I'm in awe. I can only imagine seeing one in person. congrats on an incredible catch. The Fish Mount Store :: Full Mount Replicas - MANY IN STOCK ! :: Opah Full Mount - Very Unusual - IN STOCK
  489. Redwine

    Who thinks Jose should keep fishing?

    why don't you like hippies? i smell pertuli oil.
  490. Redwine

    Stunt Gaffing

  491. Redwine

    PANAMA BY PANGA JUNE 20-28, 2008

    great read thanks. enjoyed it.
  492. Redwine

    Tarpon + Permit, Tampa , Boca Grande, or the Keys

    myself and friends have all had good success fishing with joe rodriguez, south florida. Fish South Florida and the Keys with Capt. Joe Rodriguez tarpon, bonefish, permit.
  493. Redwine

    The Bull and the Blue

  494. Redwine

    Guatamala Sails

    brant, i just got this newsletter from jim. March 7-9 finds Ray Contreras and party from Puerto Rico, fishing aboard the Spindrift with Captain Nicho Alvarenga. The group raised 142 sails had 114 bites and released 79 sails. Not bad for a three day Sailfishing trip! 19-21 finds The Elias...
  495. Redwine

    Guatamala Sails

    nice trip! i'm looking forward to visiting guatemala, casa vieja.
  496. Redwine

    Jigging huge AJ'S and groupers

    looks like a good time.
  497. Redwine

    tarpon in tampa area

    man. the amount of giant snook on his site is impressive.
  498. Redwine

    Ascension Bay Report - March 16, 2008

    good read. congrats on your trip.
  499. Redwine

    Alaska in june

    what nik said. my wife and i traveled with 2 other couples and i never heard a complaint outta of any of the wives in 12 days. it was a pretty romantic setting other then it was light almost 24 hours per day. andy and nik...
  500. Redwine

    where to fish in alaska ??

    i enjoyed seward the best. we saw more wildlife there then in danali. we fished andy and nik (crackerjack)and caught plenty of cool stuff. the over night adventure was incredible. you would need to ask andy details on where we went. talketna is...
  501. Redwine

    Fred Hall Long Beach

    how was it? you get home safe yet?
  502. Redwine

    Fred Hall Show Report

    great pics.
  503. Redwine

    MoJo Magic/ 3 WSB to 58#'s

    amazing fish, congratulations.
  504. Redwine

    Hooked-Up Cooking Show

    nice catch. the school of black drum is impressive.
  505. Redwine

    Mosquito Lagoon Kayaking

    i like: top waters in the morning. skitterwalk etc. and then a soft plastics the rest of the day. i also like black berkley gulps on a black jig head (vader) for tailing reds. good luck.
  506. Redwine

    Paradise Lodge (Chad

    incredible pictures, thanks.
  507. Redwine

    Puerto Rico Tarpon

    great trip aaron. i'm jealous.
  508. Redwine

    West meets East? Fishing from Fort Pierce to Port Canaveral

    it was a fun trip for sure. swordfish next trip!
  509. Redwine

    Nice Red Snapper on the Iron

    nice caddy. who did you fish with?
  510. Redwine


    i don't know about you guys but i'm not sure i want to put the "shit :shithappens: of shits" all over my food. no offense but not sure what kind of shit you are selling. sounds like good shit but just not sure about that kind of shit. i will look for the shit next time i'm at the store and see...
  511. Redwine

    CK Grouper 1/6

    nice work.
  512. Redwine

    calico painting on a rod

    love it.
  513. Redwine

    Son's first speckle trout

    congrats...keep it up!
  514. Redwine

    Harbour Island Bahamas

    Boat harbour?
  515. Redwine

    Cabo Pargo fishing

    barred pargo? which is a "lisa"?
  516. Redwine

    florida -orlando

    here's a link for offshore trips Port canaveral florida fishing charters cocoa beach offshore bluewater deep sea sportfishing charter Relentless Offshore Adventures with Captain Scott Bussen - Port Canaveral Florida Offshore Sportfishing Charter Deep Sea Fishing For Sailfish Dolphin Mahi-Mahi...
  517. Redwine

    12/30/07 Port Everglades on the Yellow Bird

    delicious fish box. hog snapper yum!
  518. Redwine

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    cool pics and variety. it would be interesting to compare the amount of species between east coast and west coast.
  519. Redwine

    Spanish Fly TV - New Season Starts 12/30 on ESPN2

    i'm looking forward to the new season. rob fordyce will be on tomorrow's show. really funny character.
  520. Redwine

    A Return to Gagnation Aclote, FL 12/14

    nice bottom catch!
  521. Redwine

    florida -orlando

    do you want to go inshore fishing or offshore? inshore - redfish, trout, tarpon, drum, flounder offshore - dolphin, wahoo, sailfish, grouper, snapper, cobia if you need charter info for either let me know. orlando is 50 minutes from port canaveral.
  522. Redwine

    Looking Back on 2007

    great year. looks like you have a lot of good people in your life.
  523. Redwine

    Some of my best captures

    great all the pictures. keep it going.
  524. Redwine

    Epic Footage! From Spanish Fly / Capt. Jose Wejebe

    Costa Del Mar - Channel C pretty incredible footage of tuna in tank...also the mating tuna!
  525. Redwine

    Ireland travelogue.....again. Very lonnng post.

    awesome... loved the pics...all of it.
  526. Redwine

    December Panama Report

    looks great andy! i wish you could have made it by here - the giants are chewing off the dock!! mrs. cory loves your snapper pic.
  527. Redwine

    Crab Warriors

    Sunday night before sunset we headed for the slick waters of the banana river to check our crab traps. hunger and the tinge of a wine buzz prompted us to seek a crustacean dinner. fortunately for the BW Tribe a good friend afforded us the opportunity to haul all of us to the crab...