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  1. kdrouet

    Boat Ho needed for SCI- Thursday, October 3rd

    I have one spot available to fish for the big BFT on Thursday, October 3rd to fish SCI on my sport fisher. I have the all the big gear, kites, flying fish, helium etc. The plan is to leave around 6:00 am from Mission Bay and head to SCI. You must have a good attitude and know your way around a...
  2. kdrouet

    Looking for crew members

    Hello All: It is that time of year where the pelagic fishing is starting to shape up. I’m looking for some reliable fishy crew members that can fish the weekdays. I haven’t fish the weekends in a long time and I find that the weekdays are much better. I am looking for some fishermen who like...
  3. kdrouet

    302 and in between the 371 and 425, 7-2-2019

    We headed out early from Mission Bay around 4:30 am looking to get into the zone. It took some time to find the fish as the reports have been all over the place. Monday’s report had the BFT going crazy at the 9 mi bank. We decided to head out and start looking above the 9 mile ridge. We marked...
  4. kdrouet

    Wednesday, 5/15 Tuna fishing

    I have 1 to 2 spots available to fish tomorrow on the Arjuna. It is a 42 ft sportfisher docked in Mission Bay. The plan is to meet at 5:30 am and then head out to the fishing grounds. You must have a Mexican license and have your own gear. Thanks, Keith
  5. kdrouet

    Marla's Sportishing, February 7-11th. Ultra Cow and Super Cow Landed

    I first want to thank all my fishing crew members making this the most memorable trip ever to Puerto Vallarta. Prior to arriving in Puerto Vallarta, some of the flights were either cancelled or had to be re-booked due to the weather. The farthest traveler was Matt from Milwaukee who had to...
  6. kdrouet

    SOLD WTB Makaira 30 SEA or 50 SEA

    Hello: I am looking for a slightly used and will consider new at the right price for a Makaira 30 SEA or Makaira 50 SEA. I am based in San Diego and let me know if you are interested in selling and let me know how much. I will be matching the new reel with another rail rod. Right now looking...
  7. kdrouet

    Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    Live from SCI AT 32.50-118.34; 3:10 pm. We just landed a 200 plus cow, 70 inches long, 48 inch girth. Take a look at the pics. We still have more time to fish. Tight lines.
  8. kdrouet

    Tuna Redemption continued- 8/27

    My friend Jon uploaded a new video of the BFT venture last night on the Arjuna. Enjoy the video. We had a blast last night tag teaming to land a beautiful cow BFT.
  9. kdrouet

    Tuna Redemption-SCI, 8-27

    Got a chance to get out on the boat again to fish the big BFT. We got a late start and left Mission Bay at 9:45 am and got to the fishing grounds around 1:30 pm. The area was really fishy and fish were up on the surface breaking when we arrived. We saw PAC Queen, New Loann, Top Gun 80, Outer...
  10. kdrouet

    August 16, 2018: Dodos near the 43 and Big BFT tuna at SCI

    I put together a trip to SCI yesterday with the goal to land some nice grade BFT at SCI. A few guys from the Boat Ho Section accepted my invitation and we set off to SCI with the plan to stop on paddies on the way up to the island. We found several paddies from the corner to SCI canyon. The...
  11. kdrouet

    SCI trip, big BFT

    I’m planning another trip to SCI to fly the kite for the big BFT. The plan is to leave late Thursday, August 16th am from Mission Bay and head up to SCI to fly the kite to dusk, then head back to Mission Bay. I’m looking for a couple of guys who are interested in flying the kite. I have all the...
  12. kdrouet

    Friday, August 3rd

    I’m tentatively planning an offshore trip around the 302 to 371 on Friday, August 3rd. The plan is to target YT, dorado and possibly tuna. Would be looking for at least two guys to go. We would leave around 5 am from Mission Bay. If interested, send me a text, 619-246-9737. Keith
  13. kdrouet


    Looking for some boat hoes to fish SCI for the big BFT. The plan right now is to leave Thursday after 12 pm and fish the late afternoon dusk bite through Friday and heard back Friday night late. If you are interested, send me a text. You must have the right gear to fish the BFT. Text me at...
  14. kdrouet

    Tuesday, July 24th, SCI

    I’m looking for possibly one experienced angler to fish on Arjuna, 40 ft sportfisher. The plan is to fly the kite, thrower poppers and hit some kelps along the way. The plan is leave around 4 am from Mission Bay. If interested, please send me a text, 619-246-9737. The estimated cost for the trip...
  15. kdrouet

    Tuna Fishing Baby- 7/13

    Fished today, West of the 302 and we were welcomed with a ton of life, big bird schools, breaking tuna...yellowfin and bluefin today mixed together. The afternoon bite was epic and so much life and nice sized schools of BFT crashing on big bait balls. All the fish were caught on poppers, colt...
  16. kdrouet

    July 13th, BFT fishing

    I’m looking for 1 to 2 people to fish on my boat, Arjuna, 42 ft Sportfisher out of San Diego, Mission Bay. The plan is to leave either Thursday night, July 12 or early July 13th. Must have your own gear and some experience. We will be fishing for BFT and YT. Text me at 619-246-9737 if...
  17. kdrouet

    BFT fishing on Yummy flier

    Looking for some guys to fish on my boat to commit to the kite fishing on the yummy flier. I have the gear and a 43 ft boat. Trying to get a regular crew available to go. Looking for some hoes that have some experience. Happy to teach but experience is important. Send me your digits. I only fish...
  18. kdrouet

    For Sale Autopilot set up for Simrad

    I am selling my Simrad autopilot which was recently removed from my boat. The items listed are the following: 1. J3000X Junction Unit 2. RC25 Simrad Rate Compass 3. RF300 Simrad rudder feedback You will need to supplement the set up with an autopilot pump and head unit. The price has been...
  19. kdrouet

    For Sale Complete Simrad Autopilot

    Hello: I am selling a complete Simrad autopilot which was recently removed from my boat. The items listed are the following 1. J3000X Junction Unit 2. RC25 Simrad Rate Compass 3. RF300 Simrad rudder feedback Asking: $350 I also have two autopilot control units that I’m breaking up; Simrad...
  20. kdrouet

    For Sale Furuno Navnet and Radar package

    Hello: My electronics installer just removed the Furuno Navnet monitor, Furuno Navnet display off Arjuna. These items are in working condition and it would a great addition to any boat. You can follow my boat customization link on BD regarding the recent upgrades. I also have a complete Simrad...
  21. kdrouet

    Customs windows and repair

    Hello: I’m looking for someone who does custom aluminum marine windows and repairs who services San Diego. Looking to do some more work on my boat. Thanks, Keith
  22. kdrouet

    New Furuno electronics

    I just pulled the trigger on some new Furuno electronics; TZT12, Furuno 711C autopilot, Furuno DRS12AX Radar, DFF3D sounder, B54 multibeam transducer and a B260 transducer. I will be installing this stuff hopefully soon. I used to have the Simrad NSE set up with the digital 6 kw radar, BSM2...
  23. kdrouet

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    I recently picked up a 2004 custom M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher. The boat was commissioned by the Grimstad family and named Arjuna. A lot of time and effort was spent on designing the perfect hull to fish offshore with great fuel economy . An article about the boat was published regarding...
  24. kdrouet

    1987 32 ft Blackfin with tuna tower for sale

    It has now come time to put my 1987 Blackfin 32 ft Sportfisher up for sale. It is being listed with Kusler and more details will follow. Quick overview: A total of 750 hp; Cat 3208 TA 375 each Starboard engine has approximately 700 hr Port Engine: 60 hrs The starboard engine was replaced in...
  25. kdrouet

    Massive BFT school- Local US WATERS

    I was just sent this video from yesterday. The BFT are still here active. They are North West and not in MEXICO. Good luck!
  26. kdrouet

    Fishing Hoes needed

    I'm looking for one to two hoes to fish this week for the big bft on the kite. I have all the gear and just need 1-2 guys to join in. The plan is to fish either Wednesday or Friday in Mexican waters. The cost will be split between the crew. If interested, send me a PM.
  27. kdrouet

    7/7- Offshore BFT

    Heading offshore from Mission Bay to fish the big BFT. The focus will be fishing the kite. Looking for one angler to split the cost of fuel. Right now, we have 3 and looking for a fourth. PM ME if interested.
  28. kdrouet

    Wtb bow bait tank

    I'm looking for a bow tank for my 32 ft sportfisher. I'm located in San Diego. Please send me a PM with your info if you have one availabile.
  29. kdrouet

    Yeti 40 Hopper

    I have a brand new with tags never used Yeti hopper available for sale in San Diego. I thought I needed it but after thinking about it, I don't need another cooler. If you have read the reviews, this is an awesome cooler and will hold ice for 2 days and will keep up to 36 cans of beer ice cold...
  30. kdrouet

    WTB Super Seeker 2x4

    Im looking to buy a Super Seeker 2X4. I'm located in San Diego. Thanks, Keith
  31. kdrouet

    WTB Okuma Makaira 30 SEA

    I'm looking for a slightly used or new Okuma Makaira 30 SEA. I'm located in San Dieg and I would prefer local pick up but I would consider shipping to San Diego. Thanks, Keith
  32. kdrouet

    Same day report- BFT at SCI

    Just got back after doing approximately 160 miles today. We started at the cove to make squid which was very difficult. We only managed 3 pieces of squid which resulted in 3 hook ups. There is bluefin up and down the island and we saw 100 lb bft boiling on chum and live bait. Unfortunately...
  33. kdrouet

    SCI- Tonight, Wednesday, 10-12

    I may have a last minute opening to fish SCI for some BFT. If interested, please send me a PM. Thanks!
  34. kdrouet

    SCI- Leave tonight 10/11

    I may have a last minute opening to fish SCI for some BFT. If interested, please send me a PM. Thanks!
  35. kdrouet

    October 8 to 9

    Looking for 1-2 hoes to fish SCI tonight into tomorrow. We have 2 right now and need 1-2 more. We would be leaving from Mission Bay on my 32 ft Blackfin sportfisher. If interested, send me a text at 619-246-9737. Right now the trip is a maybe. Keith
  36. kdrouet

    Bft at SCI-9/26

    We left Sunday night from Mission Bay on the Sweet V to make squid at Pyramid Cove. The water was flat and we made it to grounds in about 3.5 hrs. We metered a lot of squid and some fish as we were about 1/2 mile from the cove in 250-300 ft of water. We proceeded to go shallower so we can...
  37. kdrouet

    9/16 Yft tuna at the 181

    we fished the 181 today with the fleet. We broke away and were about 2 miles from the high spot. We started to chunk and had fish boiling around the boat. The YFT were nice class of fish up to 50 plus lbs. We had a lot a casualties but managed to land this baby on 20 lb line on chunk. If you are...
  38. kdrouet

    Bft at SCI

    I have been trying to get the boat ready after having to sit out and wait for the boat to be fixed. I replaced my fuel tank right when the the bluefin bite was turning into a hot bite at Desperation reef. The boat finally was finished on Saturday and we were finally ready to go fishing after...
  39. kdrouet

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Just wrapped up a trip on the Pacific Queen overnight. We got 7 fish, 4 on the kite with the yummy flier and 3 flylined macs on 60-80 lb test, long soak early morning. The kite fish were 120-130 lb and the flylined were about 70.
  40. kdrouet

    Boat Ho Available- week of July 25th

    My boat is down for repairs and I am looking to get out on the water for an opportunity to get on the big bluefin tuna. I have a ton of boating experience and a lot of fishing gear to get on the bigger fish. If anyone is looking to get out this week and have room for 1 or 2 more people, please...
  41. kdrouet

    Boat Ho Needed for Friday, 6-17

    I had a cancellation and I have one spot avaialble to fish for BFT out of Mission Bay on my 32 ft Blackfin. You will need to be able to throw poppers/irons to catch the elusive BFT. You will be fishing with three other guys and we will split the fuel, ice, bait, etc. four ways. Please make sure...
  42. kdrouet

    Looking for some good boat Ho's for Fri 6/17

    I'm looking for a couple of boat hoes to fish offshore in Mexico on Friday, June 17th. My regular crew is missing in action due to travel and work. You must have your own gear, know how to throw irons and poppers and be willing to pay your share of fuel, bait, etc. I have a 32 ft Blackfin SF...
  43. kdrouet

    WTB Shimano Stella 10000 SW and rod

    I'm looking for a Shimano 10000 SW and rod, assuming the combo is available. I am located in San Diego. Please PM me if you have a set up that you are interested in selling. I am willing to buy outside of San Diego and have it shipped to me. Thanks, Keith
  44. kdrouet

    Want to buy Shimano Tranx

    I'm looking for a slightly used or bnib Shimano Tranx. I'll consider either model but would be more interested in the PG model. I'm based in San Diego and would be interested in doing a local pick up. PM or text me if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks, Keith 619-236-9737
  45. kdrouet

    25 ft Sea Fox for Sale- 2003, $15K

    A nice 2003 Sea Fox is for sale. Not mine...comes with a trailer and it's located in San Diego. My buddy is moving to Chicago and wants to sell his boat. It's priced to move. Take a look at the link.
  46. kdrouet

    April 1st, BFT no dice

    Here's a short report. We worked the upper 9 and found life. Trolled around the Dolphins and worked the bird schools. Made a few stops on crashing birds and Dolphins with live bait. Tried different things and it wasn't our day. We had a lot of good sonar marks and we were hoping. The water was...
  47. kdrouet

    Bft offshore- Friday, April 1st

    I may be running offshore tomorrow to chase BFT in US waters. I have a 32 ft Blackfin SF with tower. I'm looking for 1-2 people to share with expenses (fuel, bait, etc). The boat is located in Mission Bay. If interested, please send me a PM with your contact information. I'll be finalizing...
  48. kdrouet

    Wtb makaira 30 sea

    Hello: I'm looking to buy a good condition makaira 30 sea preferably loaded with braid. I'm located in San Diego and can do a local pick up. Thanks, Keith
  49. kdrouet

    Tuesday, Dec 1st

    We are planning to head offshore most likely in Mexican waters for yellowfin tuna. I might have a spot open for one angler. Must have own gear and know how to fish. We will launch out of Mission Bay. No smoking on the boat. I have a 32 ft blackfin SF with tuna tower. The cost per person is...
  50. kdrouet

    Tuesday, Dec 1st

    We are planning to head offshore most likely in Mexican waters for yellowfin tuna. I might have a spot open for one angler. Must have own gear and know how to fish. We will launch out of Mission Bay. No smoking on the boat. I have a 32 ft blackfin SF with tuna tower. The cost per person is...
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  52. kdrouet

    Standard Horizon Eclipse VHF Radio

    I'm selling a standard horizon vhf radio, which was replaced with a new vhf radio after I upgraded all my electronics and accessories. I'm asking $50 for the radio. I'm located in San Diego and local pick up only. Please PM me or text me with any questions, 619-246-9737. Thanks, Keith
  53. kdrouet

    Sitex SP70 autopilot

    I replaced the SP70 autopilot system from my blackfin 32 and upgraded all the electronics with a new autopilot. I am selling the SP70 control unit, processor and adjustable reversing autopilot pump as a package. I also have the rudder angle indicator too but it's not shown in the picture. I'm...
  54. kdrouet

    Wahoo 6 mi from MB- live report

    On the water fishing wahoo and got hit 6 miles straight out from MB on black and purple Marlin jig. Good fish about 50 lbs. We are going for more
  55. kdrouet

    Nice Bull near the 226

    We decided to go out on 9/18 to look for some wahoo as it was reported some wahoo were seen near the San Salavador knoll. We left MB bait barge around 5 am with probably the best bait we have had all year. Some really nice dines with quality anchovies thrown in. We started our descent with the...
  56. kdrouet

    Report. 8/27/2015- East End of Catalina

    We left MB Wednesday night to fish the BFT spot reported on Tuesday around 33.12 x 118.24. We found a school of breaking fish but we weren’t able to get them going even though we had fish breaking at our bow and stern. The fog rolled in and we headed towards the back end of Catalina around 33.16...
  57. kdrouet

    Wtb makaira 30

    I'm looking for a good condition makaira 30... Preferably the SE model loaded with braid. If you have one available for sale please let me know. Thanks, Keith
  58. kdrouet

    RPT...8/13 277/Mackerel Bank

    We decided to head out to the 277/ Mackerel bank area to have a chance at some nice grade bluefin. We left MB at midnight and made the 5 hr hike, about 55 NM to the spot. Crossing the Catalina channel was rough and had some water crashing over the bow of my 32 Ft Blackfin sportfisher. We...
  59. kdrouet

    7/13 RPT:Off La Jolla

    Jesse, Chris, Daryl and I went looking for some tuna today. Started off with some nice dines at the Mission Bay Bait Barge. Set the coordinates from the spots that were yielding tuna during the latter part of the week. We pulled up to a paddy five miles off MB, which yielded 5 nice YT up to 15...
  60. kdrouet

    WTB a Calstar 700 XH or Calstar 700H

    Hello: I'm looking for a Calstar 700xH or Calstar 700H to purchase. I'm located in San Diego and have cash in hand. Please send me a PM or a text, 619-246-9737 with pics and your price. I would prefer to do a local pick up, but I am open to having the rod shipped to me. Thanks!
  61. kdrouet

    Bluefin Tuna at the 9 mile bank

    We fished the tuna grounds at the 9 mile bank today and were fortunate enough to get two troll fish on purple and black cedar plug. The fish were in the 30-40 Lb range. We have been able to land bft so far in April, May and June and each time landing the tuna was a little different. Today's...
  62. kdrouet

    Bluefin tuna at the 312 Area

    We fished today around the 312 area and worked 6 miles east of the 209. We saw a lot of tuna and boils popping up and some bird schools. The first fish landed was on a 50 lb fluoro top shot on a flyline sardine with a long soak....25 lbs. The second fish was on a paddy around the same general...
  63. kdrouet

    Factory Super Seeker 3x5

    I'm selling a new factory Super Seeker 3 x 5. I have included some pics for review. This is a great rod for fighting monster tuna at the rail or used as a kite rod. This rod retails for $535 plus tax. I am offering the rod for $450 or best offer for local pick up in San Diego. I'm willing to...
  64. kdrouet

    ***SOLD***Todd helm chairs

    I recently removed two Todd helm chairs from my boat and I'm selling these two as a pair. I'm asking $150. The chairs come with the aluminum posts. One of the chairs have arm rests. I believe the measurements are the following: Todd helm chair with arm rests: Dimensions D W H Outside 18 1/2"...
  65. kdrouet


    My buddies and I went offshore on 4-18 to find BFT. We found big schools of BFT over 100 lbs. We lost two big models at the boat right at gaff but we were able to get some fish in the box.
  66. kdrouet

    Looking for a third-Coronado Islands- 4/15

    Hello: Looking for a possible third for tomorrow (4/15) to hit the Coronado Islands. Right now, it is just two of us. I have a 32 ft Blackfin SF. We are planning to leave around 6:00 am from Mission Bay. The estimated cost per person is ~$120 to cover fuel and bait. You must have your own gear...
  67. kdrouet

    Friday, October 24th, Tanner Bank or Down South, TBD

    Hello: We are trying to decide between heading down south around the hidden bank or 1010 trench area or try our luck at Cortes Bank. We are experienced fisherman looking for 1 or 2 people to join and split the cost of fuel and bait. We will be deciding on the game plan later tomorrow. Should we...
  68. kdrouet

    Fallin' for Dorado, hidden bank,9-20

    Fantastic day on the water! Background behind the video, after setting up on "the magic paddy" My buddy hooks up to this nice dorado -- 5min later, he works the fish around the boat to avoid tangling on another paddy we pass by. He missteps and falls in the water. He hands me the rod and the...
  69. kdrouet

    Nice tuna drift off the 371

    My buddy Tom put this video clip together from our trip on 9/4, fishing 2 miles south of the 371. Everyone caught tuna and a bunch of rat yellows. We got 8 yft off this drift.
  70. kdrouet

    302 area, 8/20 19 yft

    A late report but what a great trip. Took out four guys out on the Sweet V, fishing outside the 302 for multiple hook ups. All the fish were on bait to catch some nice grade yft, in the mid-20s. The fish were caught off two bird schools. Check out the video! Sorry, it's raw video and has not...
  71. kdrouet

    Near the 371 Tuna report

    We got limits by 9:30 am yesterday. Landed 7 yft off one paddy heading to the 371. Coordinates were 32.21.945 117.30.215. We lost around 3 on the paddy. We drifted from the paddy and made a chum line. Left the paddy in search for more fish and saw a bunch of birds diving and tuna boiling. We...
  72. kdrouet

    WSB- San Onofre 6/9

    Left Mission Bay at 6 pm and headed to the Barn Kelp. Had a difficult time making squid. A lot fin bait. Headed 2 miles north and tried another spot. Made a few pieces. Decided to go to San Onofre and we were able to make enough squid by jigging. The sea lions were on top of the squid. 5 am we...
  73. kdrouet

    Furuno 582L for sale

    I have a Furuno 582L for sale in good condition with manual. I removed it from my boat during the middle of 2013 and replaced it with a chirp sounder. If interested, make me a reasonable offer. Unit is located in San Diego. Thanks.
  74. kdrouet

    Missing hoop net over in Mission Bay, 12-27

    Hello forum. I was out with my wife last night hooping over in Mission Bay and lost a hoop net. We picked up some nice bugs; however, I bummed that the net was lost. If you picked it up by mistake last night, please send me a message, [email protected] There were only two boats out last night...