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  1. Fishingguy

    For Sale Jabsco 6.0 GPH Washdown Pump Kit (new)

    Brand New in Box. $150 Retails for 339 at west marine
  2. Fishingguy

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    As always, its been an interesting season to say the least. There is something very special about bluefin tuna that always seem to captivate me. Not just the catches, but even the trips that we dont catch that always ends up with our minds asking more questions about this elusive creature...
  3. Fishingguy

    Consistently Catching Bluefin Tuna!

    Ill be first to admit that it hasn't been easy but given the right preparation and taking advantage of our opportunities, solid chances can be had. Over the last couple of trips, yesterday being the most recent, there hasn't been any pattern to these fish. We did have some "foamer" style of...
  4. Fishingguy

    For Sale Boat Pouches or Parker Pouches

    Ive been having these made and sharing with fellow Parker owners. But can be used for any boat. They are thick vinyl pouches that have velcro that just stick on the Parker wall. Makes it super convenient to hold you wallet, keys, tackle, etc.... let me know if you'd like to purchase one. $120...
  5. Fishingguy

    Parker Pouches (super convenient)

    Ive been having these made and sharing with fellow Parker owners. They are thick vinyl pouches that have velcro that just stick on the Parker wall. Makes it super convenient to hold you wallet, keys, tackle, etc.... let me know if you'd like to purchase one. $120 plus $7 shipping. Venmo...
  6. Fishingguy

    Creating New Memories with Bluefin

    The bluefin scenery never gets old and always keeps us on our toes. I actually was not on my boat, but rather on a clients new 2320 they had purchased last year. (Dustin, from this board as well). The boat is rigged really nice and very similar to my own. Kevin from West Coast Parker always...
  7. Fishingguy

    Bluefin Report.......and what I've been up to...(Picture Heavy!)

    The bluefin were making a strong showing leading up to the new moon last weekend and now are a bit scattered. We got a few good shots of them at the hidden, 371, as well as 302 and even went wayyy south about 90 miles and got a couple there too. Seems like they are just bouncing around. Im...
  8. Fishingguy

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Been a minute since ive been reporting here but everything is going well and ill be posting more. Went out yesterday, April 8th, to go take a look around and found some bluefin tuna close to range. Ended up with a couple nice bluefin in that 30-45 pound range and saw some bigger models...
  9. Fishingguy

    Useful Modifications

    Hello all. Just thought I’d share some things I found really useful. 1. Removing bench and replacing with 160qt yeti cooler. I keep my ice, food, drinks here which really saves space and doubles up as a cooler. Ernesto does all my custom work for the back rest as well as all things vinyl on...
  10. Fishingguy

    New Youtube Video--Bluefin on the kite

    Takes more time to put these videos together than actually the fishing trip itself but I enjoy it. Thanks for watching and share if you like it
  11. Fishingguy

    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    Stay tuned for more. Update 1: 5/30. Trailer video update Update 2: 5/30. Received electronics package. Dropped off to Kevin as he’s taking care of everything. Personally, Ive never owned or purchased a brand new car or boat before so to be able to accomplish this goal has absolutely been...
  12. Fishingguy

    For Sale Brand new in box. Talica 50. $900

    great deal. Don’t bother getting a used one if you can get a new one for only $900 Great deal for you.
  13. Fishingguy

    For Sale Brand new shimano talica 50 and shimano Carbon Fiber bent butt rod

    rod is sold. Brand new in box talica 50: $900 Used shimano terez tzc-STH2SC $450 (retail $679) Length 5’ 6” Power: heavy Action fast Perfect Set up for bluefin! Saves your back and land big bluefin much faster. Carbon Fiber bent butt can be used stand up or in rod holder. Rod is used...
  14. Fishingguy

    2007 Parker 2320 fully rigged.Mint! (SOLD!)

    Asking $69,000 With new boat(s) and projects coming in, my 2007 Parker is now for sale. I bought this boat 2 years ago and dialed her in perfectly for our Southern California style of fishing. She has proven her worth by putting on dozens of giant bluefin tuna, hundreds of yellowtail and...
  15. Fishingguy

    New seat and seat post (Propedastal) for parker 2320

    Myboarker friends, let me tell you, I wish I had done this the very first day I got the boat. Such a huge difference in comfort. Contacted Propedatal, Greg, and he was more than helpful in answering all my questions. Ended up going with a 30inch post so I can sit a little higher. Mention my...
  16. Fishingguy

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    Well, Ive been lacking with reports this year on this forum but life has been busy. With fishing, working, and family, it leaves me very little time to post on here. Many times, I just call in to Fishdope and leave my info on their as well as posting updates on my Instagram (billykfitness) and...
  17. Fishingguy

    Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    Whats up Guys! My apologies that it takes me a few days to make these reports and videos. The editing/reviewing takes a few hours and with work, wife, and family, time is always of the essence. Went out last week in search of some "foaming" popping bluefins. Starting to make some of my...
  18. Fishingguy

    Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    Well, where do I begin. Plan was to fish two days to get the best shot at them. Called up some friends and lined everything up. Got a chance to fish with @svue , @toadstoadsonly, jason, Justin, and Jerry. Goal was to just catch a tuna of any size. One of those big ones would be a complete...
  19. Fishingguy

    I'm back! First real trip with full limits of quality yellowtail! (Video too)

    feels good to be posting again. Had some boat upgrades over the winter which included new seadek flooring by blue seas fabrication, new bait tank and added a microwave. If you don't want to read the can watch it here. Took a lot of effort to play captain, deckhand, fisherman...
  20. Fishingguy

    New bait tank for my parker 2320

    just got it back and can't wait to install it. I prefer pacific edge tackles bait tank over the other brand all day. Mark also color matched the tank to the Parker off white. Excellent craftsmanship by Mark. This one was custom made 2 inches taller for more bait capacity which comes out to...
  21. Fishingguy

    Biggest Bluefin of Last Year (for us)

    Whats up guys, Not sure if Im posting this in the right section, but I'm finally getting around to finishing up more edits on my fishing trips. Heres another one when we caught our biggest bluefin at the 43. Enjoy
  22. Fishingguy

    Ready for some Bluefin? My 2016 highlight video

    Finally finished my highlight video of my 2016 fishing year. Didnt get to squeeze in everything but should be fun to watch. Looking forward to another great fishing season. Ready for some more bluefin? Dont forget to tag a friend or share this video. Thanks for watching and all your support...
  23. Fishingguy

    How much usable Fuel in Gas Tank

    I have a 07 2320 with a 150 gallon fuel tank…. I have never ran it all the way dry but i am curious out of the 150 gallons, how much is usable? 135 gallons? 140 gallons? Is there an "x" amount where the pump can not suck? or is all 150 gallons usable?
  24. Fishingguy

    Rough weather but still biting.

    Had some friends fly in from Texas and wanted to take a swing at the bluefin. Decided to make this a combo trip and hoop catalina island before heading over to tanner bank. Only brought 5 hoops as my parker was packed with gear and extra fuel for tanner. We ended up with 9 legals for a few...
  25. Fishingguy

    my first fishing vide0….from last wide open bluefin trip

    Yes, I suck at editing. But i figure something is better than nothing. Im sure you can pick up some tips on the video. Documented my whole season, so have plenty of more vids to come. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  26. Fishingguy

    Limits of bluefin in the dark. 11-25-16

    saw a tiny weather window. We are cleaning fish as we speak at 5:30 in the morning. Left 2 pm on Friday and arrived at tanner at 6. Fish bit from 8pm till midnight when got #10. Flat fall fish and sliding egg sinker. Incredible. Limits for 5 guys and home early. They are still there!!
  27. Fishingguy

    And the beat goes on....WOW.

    To no surprise, the bluefin bite has been going off at Tanner bank. I finally decided to give it one more hoorah (*i think). Called up Vu (Svue) and made a last minute decision. Locating squid was really tough as we just got voicemails from bait barges. Nacho wanted no...
  28. Fishingguy

    Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    last minute decision to run yesterday. Wanted to take my dad out later this week but saw some weather coming. I did not expect to have it come pouring on us yesterday. Didn't matter though as we were in a wide open bite for 3 hours. What started with 1-3 boats, became over 100. Some caught...
  29. Fishingguy

    WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    For more detailed Info: Instagram:Billykfitness Youtube: Billykfitness Face book: Billy keleman (live videos , fish cleaning, real time reports, recipes) Been mia for a minute. Crazy month of work, travels, remodel, and my sons 1st b day. #adulting as they call it. Been doing the lobster thing...
  30. Fishingguy

    Stainless steel bow rail (came off Parker 2320) $50

    this was the factory one from my parker 2320. Not sure of other applications but I'm sure you can cut and make it work. Literally only asking $50 bucks for this.
  31. Fishingguy

    Harmon 3206 with gps antenna and transducer. Cheap $80

    I pulled this off my boat as it came with it. Everything was working on sea trial. I didn't even use it once when boat was delivered. I took it all off and added new electronics. Ebay goes for around 3-400. Selling everything you see with all wires, Hubs, antennas and transducer for just $80...
  32. Fishingguy

    Very lucky. Bluefin, MORE bluefin, and WFO yellowfin tuna twice.

    Where shall I start.....this report is 4 fishing trips combines. 2 last week and 2 this week with Wednesday the most recent. As always, it's been a humbling experience to catch all these fish and I am grateful for every opportunity I get to fish these Southern California waters. I'll start...
  33. Fishingguy

    And it keeps getting better.....big yellowfin and more bluefin

    and the season just continues to get better. Not sure how but it does! Forgot to note, but I'm sure you saw Brett's report. Went out with them last Friday and we hooked up on another nice bluefin. Fish literally jumped out of the water and ate the yummy while the rod was in my hands...
  34. Fishingguy

    Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    Went out twice last week and one trip resulted in good fishing while the other was pretty all show- no go by the tuna… Been fishing the 43-182-181 area last few weeks. This area has provided me with a few of the bigger quality models. We flew the kite again and didnt get any fish on the kite...
  35. Fishingguy

    First local super cow bluefin

    I'm just kidding. Not a super cow but it is my first one over 200 lbs. we didn't get it weighed as we came in late and just didn't care for it. We were just happy that all of our hunting and expericence has led us to this fish of a lifetime. Svue had already posted the report so all details are...
  36. Fishingguy

    Limits of yellowtail. Coronado island

    Took out friends of mine who have never fished the ocean before. Brought out all spinning gear for them to use and as always, the Stella's performed flawless. Fished coronado islands and found some wide open schools. Ended up with limits of yellowtail for 3. Ranging from 6-23lbs. They are...
  37. Fishingguy

    Parker 2320 w/ Yamaha 225 hp ….change prop? better performance?

    Hi guys… hoping i can get some answers here. I own an 07 2320 with a yamaha 225 4 stroke engine. I had a friend ride the boat with me and mentioned that I may need to re prop to get better performance. Im pretty sure it has a prop from the factory. I didnt pull it off to see the numbers...
  38. Fishingguy

    Bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, yellowtail. (Pic heavy)

    This post is for a few trips in July up until Friday. Ive been so busy with being a new dad, work, trade shows (ICAST), running a business and everything in between so my apologies that I can't post all the reports immediately. So where do I start… Its been a phenomenal year so far and its been...
  39. Fishingguy

    Calstar / shimano tescata rod / shimano Stella 10000 for sale. Great prices.

    update: stella and cal star are sold. Two rods for sale: Used one time and in immaculate condition: Calstar 755-xh 50-100 Retails at 379 and selling for just $160 Used Shimano Tescata Rod TSC -80L 12-30lb $50 Shimano Stella 10000. Used and works great. $350 First come first serve. All...
  40. Fishingguy

    Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    Was able to get out early in the week and ended up with another trophy for our efforts. Caught the fish around 312 area but worked the 209 and 9 as well. Saw a tiny school, made one cast, and was rewarded with this estimated 140-150 bluefin. Fight was only 15 minutes or so with the stella 20k...
  41. Fishingguy

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    Short version: lost a bunch, caught a bunch, with 2 over 100 pounds. Got them weighed at Fishermans Processing with one at 118 and other ar 138.5. (Thought they were bigger as we all do, but wanted to get official weight). Long version: Starting to sound like a broken record, but what an...
  42. Fishingguy

    And it keeps getting better.....big bluefin on the spinning reel.

    the 20th bluefin on my boat is my biggest one yet and it was caught on my spinning rod. A little less than an hour on a popper. Shimano Stella 14000, 65lb spectra with 50lb leader. Excellent fishing continues. Just look for the birds Here is my gear I've been using. Since I'm a really tall...
  43. Fishingguy

    Bluefin Bite Continues in epic fashion...( 5/27 and 5/29)

    The Bluefin Tuna bite continues…just epic… (5/27 and 5-29) Decided to run offshore on Friday in search of some more bluefin. Plan was not to over think things and just go fishing. Ended up metering some fish early outside Coronado islands en route to 425. Heard there was fish from hidden...
  44. Fishingguy

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    Hey guys, Just need a little help finding some jig rods to match these reels. To be honest, I have zero experience casting an iron correctly besides just throwing it blindly. Over he past few months, I've been more and more intrigued with the proper set ups and techniques. Caught a few of...
  45. Fishingguy

    WTB: Shimano Trinidad 20 DC. Willing to pay $700

    Made a mistake of selling my back up one. Would like to have another one. Send me a pm if you have one. Willing to pay a tad more if its brand new. Thanks guys .
  46. Fishingguy

    Bluefin Fever

    Fished earlier this week and was rewarded with bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and some bigger grade bonitos. Fishdope has been great in helping me with my trips and providing some great insight on whats going on out there. Chased yellows at the finger and headed off shore in the afternoon searching...
  47. Fishingguy

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Some know me, some don't, but I've made a lot of great firends on this forum. My name is Billy Keleman and I'm a fishing addict. Long story short, I started a 6 pack a few years back called Spectra sportfishing but just couldn't make the numbers work and lost everything. It killed my love for...
  48. Fishingguy

    10" Aftco Flying Gaf Brand New only $100

    Brand new, never used. Retails for $329 on Meltons. Only looking to get $100 out of it. Email : [email protected] or send pm
  49. Fishingguy

    2002 Seaswirl Striper 2300, Dual Evindrude 115 Outboards, 420 hours. Very Clean! Steal at $8000!!!

    For Sale: 2002 Seaswirl Striper 2300, Dual Evindrude 115 Outboards, 420 hours. Very Clean! Priced for quick sale because one engine does not start. It cranks over and has compression but may need some injectors or something. Boat ran great all year but just had some issues near the end of the...
  50. Fishingguy

    GG-Loomis NRX 854C JWR 7' 1'' Fast Heavy 5/16 - 3/4 OZ 14-20lb

    G-Loomis NRX 854C JWR 7' 1'' Fast Heavy 5/16 - 3/4 OZ 14-20lb Only used a few times. Rod is in immaculate condition $250 Message for pictures. Practically new.
  51. Fishingguy

    Shimano Talica and Stellas, Accurate BX2-400, Accurate ATD-12

    you all know what they look like. Shimano Talica 25 2 speed. New w/no box and no clamp: $430 Shimano Stella 3000 FD= Used $325 Shimano STella 10000=sold Accurate BX2-400=Sold Accurate ATD 12- $850 no box, with clamp No low ballers and not looking for any trades. Send pm if...
  52. Fishingguy

    Shimano Calcutta 100 TE DC Mint Condition, New Crucial, and 2 Cumars

    you know what they look like... Super clean, no boat rash or anything.... $325 for reel Not taking anything lower, so no "offers" Thanks Brand New Shimano Crucial Rod: $100 CRC-SBX610MHA 6'10 inches Used Cumara CUC70 M- 7' 8-15 mono, 20-40 power pro: $90 Used Cumara...
  53. Fishingguy

    New Shimano Stella 20000 SW and Used Shimano Trinindad 16 A

    Stella is sold. Used Trinidad 16 a : $360. send pm if interested. Prices are firm. Not reducing at all.
  54. Fishingguy

    G-loomis NRX,gl2, Shimano Crucials, Terez, Cumaras, Graphite USA Great Deals

    Just thinning out my gear. text is best 714 454 8267 Crucials, terez sold. Brand New Custom Graphite USA Trident heavy trolling/tuna rod. I paid over 300. Selling for $140 All Aftco Parts. Graphite USA 70 HP: 7' 25-50lb Made by dans custom rods. $120 G Loomis NRX...
  55. Fishingguy

    Shimano Stella 20000 SW Great Price

    Only took with me on one trip. Reel is in immaculate condition. I just dont have a use for it. Cant find the reel bag. Just for reel. Has some small scratches, but camera cant even pick it up. Super Clean. $650 ALso have Stella 10000XG for sale, used $650 SEnd...
  56. Fishingguy

    Shimano Trinidad 16 A Brand New in Box W/ Warranty

    call or pm or text...... FIRM $400. sorry not interested in any trades. Hands down the best reel in the market in the most popular size. Has warranty card, clamps and box.... Get yours yet?
  57. Fishingguy

    Shimano Calcutta Handles, TE handles, Tady White Seabass Jigs, Stella Bags, swimbaits

    Call or text or pm 714 454 8267 Just selling a bunch of random stuff: Shimano Stella 1000 FB, 2500, or 3000, reel bag. $40 This came with the newest stellas: 6packTady A2 Single hook Jigs: $25 They retail for almost 10 each. These worked the best for me: Smaller White...
  58. Fishingguy

    Shimano Calais 200 DC, Calcutta 200 TE DC, Tiagra 30lwrsa and more

    text or call. ...7.1.4..454-8267 or pm. Barely used Shimano Tiagra 30 LRWSA, new series with better drags, upgraded gold reel clamp and Shimano Reel bag as well. $450 comes with New 850 yards of 100lb Power pro Spectra (over $120 just for that) Reel is immaculate: Shimano Calais...
  59. Fishingguy

    Custom Seeker Black Steel 6465XXH 60-100LB and Graphite USA Trident

    Color is Black and Mettalic Red. Very nice and clean. almost new Barely Used Seeker Black Steel All AFTCO PARTS, roller guides, handle. Rod is rated for 60-100lb 6465XXH $175 Never caught a fish on it. Brand New Graphite USA Trident 6 Ft Rated 50-130# All AFTCO parts. Paid $400 to...
  60. Fishingguy

    Shimano Tiagra 50 LRS and Torsa 40 brand new, Calcutta 400 bsv, Curados

    Shimano Tiagra 50 L>R>S 2 Speed. Used. Just got serviced at shimano : $375 SUPER CLEAN Brand New Shimano Torsa 40: $430 Brand New Shimano Curado 200 E7 and 201 E7: $125 Each Brand New Shimano Calcutta 400 BSV: $140
  61. Fishingguy

    Random Stuff..Shimano Trinidad 12 A, Torsa, Calcutta rods, Crucials, 8ft Custom Spinn

    Bunch of random stuff I have for sale. No low ball offers. sorry. Send PM... Shimano Calcutta 9 foot Jig Stick, Brand New in the Bag CLC-90H Line Weight: 25-40. SiC guides. Titanium light weight. Not many companies make a jig stick this light Price : $140 Shimano Trinidad 12 A, no...
  62. Fishingguy

    Shimano Talicas and Trindad A's

    Please guys, I am not even going to bother lowering any of the prices.....thanks... Please send PM if interested. Shimano Talica 8 or 10 all brand new in box (3 8's and 1 10) all sold Shimano Trinidad 16 N A new in box $ sold Shimano Trinidad 30 A new (no box) $360
  63. Fishingguy

    Shimano Trinidad 16a and Shimano Trinidad 16

    Brand new in box, 16a SOLD Brand new gold trinidad 16, $225 Send Pm
  64. Fishingguy

    Brand New In Box Shimano Talica 8 II Two Speed

    Well you all know what it looks like... Brand new in box, with clamps and everything. SOLD Send me a Pm, Im in Orange County
  65. Fishingguy

    Shimano Talica 16 2 Speed, Trinidad DC 16, Tiagra 50 LRSA

    Please, dont lowball me. I live in Orange County, so meet up only. Please send Pm.... Thanks Talica 16 II Speed, used 3 times $375 275yd 80lb Phantom Red Power Pro Spectra Shimano Trinidad 16 DC *very clean* $225 *******SOLD******** Shimano Tiagra 50 LRSA *Brand new* $390
  66. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Last Minute Open Party Trip Sat/Sun November 13/14

    Hey guys, I just had a charter cancel out and have this open. Trip leaves Saturday Night approx 8pm returning 8pm the following day. We will be targeting White Seabass and Yellowtail at one of the outer islands. Trips is $340 and includes all meals. Lots of room on a private...
  67. Fishingguy

    Spectra Gets Some Yellows, Seabass, Halibut, and Lobsters!

    Wow What a great week of fishing. We all know how strange this year has been. Its the season that didnt really start that is not really ending.....if that makes anysense. Spectra has consistantly been catching exotics and this weekend was no different. Fishing has been excellent, especially for...
  68. Fishingguy

    SBI Yellowtail Open Party trip on the Spectra

    Hey guys, Looks like great weather and the fish are cooperating, we only have 1 open party charter this week. We are departing Wednesday night 7pm and returning approx 8pm on Thursday. Give us a call at 562 266 6228 We only carry 6 passengers. Price is $320 per person. Bring the...
  69. Fishingguy

    Still Produces White Seabass for the Spectra!

    We had a private charter with 3 passengers over the weekend and over to Catalina Island we went. I got a new camera 20 minutes prior to departure and had no idea how to use it, so I just snapped away at a bunch of pictures from our day trying to learn it. Anywho, I am always interested in new...
  70. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Open Party Trip, Leaving Saturday Night Fishing Sunday Catalina

    Hey guys, We have one open party avail for this weekend! Trip Departs this Saturday October 23 fishing Sunday October 24 and we should be home appox 7pm. Price is $280 includes bait, fish cleaning, and coffee....Please bring your own food and drinks. Microwave and Fridge is available...
  71. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Does it Again. Awesome Catalina Island Yellowtail Fishing

    Spectra TV <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  72. Fishingguy

    First Person View....Spectra Sportfishing Tuna Video, boils, hook ups, bad weather...

    Hey guys, I just put together a video from our last tuna trip. Sorry for the foul language and unstable camera views but its raw so bare with me..... As you can see from the video, the weather was a bit uncomfortable... I was able to capture a few unique things with always having the camera...
  73. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing First Offshore Trip 9-20 to 9-22 Excellent Fishing

    Spectra gets some tuna!!! Alright, here we go.......<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> The islands have been really slow and so has been the local fishing. Yes rock fishing is great, but with all these reports of tuna, I just had the itch to go. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I had...
  74. Fishingguy

    Shimano Trinidad 12, 14, 16 DC digital Control, Shimano Tallica II 16 w/ Spectra,

    Just making some room for my new gear. Pick these up at a steel. Shimano Trinidad 12 w/ spectra backing: $200 Shimano Trinidad 14 w/ spectra backing: $200 SOLD Shimano Tallica 16 2 Speed w/ Power Pro 80lb spectra backing, with box and clamp: $400 Shimano Trinidad 16 DC, w/ box and...
  75. Fishingguy

    Need a few more...Spectra Sportfishing, leaving tonight Friday fishing Sat

    Leaving tonight 8pm (Friday August 13) Fishing Saturday August 14 $270 Give me a call at 562 266 6228
  76. Fishingguy

    New Personal Best Yellowtail for me on the Spectra of course!

    After coming back from vacation, I really wanted to go out and just relax and do a little bit of fishing. Fishing as we all know has been very inconsistent. Just like you guys, I wish the tuna were here and we could all share our fishing reports and stories on slaying them, but that is not the...
  77. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Open Party Aug 9th and 10th

    Upcoming Open Party Trips: We have a few open party trips coming up, all trips are $270 Leaving Thursday August 12th 8pm Fishing Friday August 13th *6 Spot Available* Leaving Friday August 13th 9pm Fishing Saturday August 14th *6 Spots Available* Please give our office a call at...
  78. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing with limits of White Seabass and Excellent Local Action

    We had a great week of fishing at the local hot spots and all three islands. We met some really great new friends on these trips and had a great time on all. We all know fishing has not been the best but every day is a different day and we really try hard to put our customers on fish. When we...
  79. Fishingguy

    Open Party Trip Leaving Tonight Aug 7!!! Spectra Sportfishing

    Hey guys, I havent been able to post up recent reports but one trip produced 8 white seabass, and the most recent trip (Thurs) produced limits of white seabass for passengers and crew for a total of 30 White seabass. OPEN PARTY TRIP TONIGHT! We have a few spots open: Leaving Tonight August...
  80. Fishingguy

    More Open Party Trips with Spectra Sportfishing

    Hi guys, We have 1 Open party trip for this weekend as the trip leaving Friday night fishing Saturday has been filled. We have 3 trips coming up: Leaving Saturday July 31st Fishing Sunday August 1st *5 Spots* Leaving Friday August 6 Fishing Saturday August 7 Leaving Saturday August 7...
  81. Fishingguy

    Awesome Fishing & Great Weather: White Seabass and BIG Goats on the " SPECTRA " again

    <FONT face=Calibri>This is Billy reporting for the Spectra. WE had another great weekend of fishing!!! We had an open party trip with 4 anglers and a private 2 day charter with a group of 5 guys. ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> I cannot...
  82. Fishingguy

    SPECTRA SPORTFISHING Upcoming Open Party Dates !!!

    We have a few open party dates available for you guys! The full moon coming up will give us a good shot at the White Seabass. These trips are $270 targeting White Seabass, Yellowtail, Halibut, and Calico Bass. Please call us at 562-266-6228 in order to reserve your spot. Here are some...
  83. Fishingguy

    All New Shimano Reels/Rods/Lures/Clothes with Pictures!

    Hey Guys, Found this on the internet and thought I would post it up for you guys. I have the perfect boat to try out all this new gear! Please check out my website at This year I am going to post things a little differently. I am going...
  84. Fishingguy

    White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, 20lb Sheepshead, and 10.4lb Calico on the Spectra

    10.4 Pounds Caught by David Uradomo 21.5 Pounds Caught by Dacy Holt The fish gods have been very kind to us. Fishing the last few weeks has been good. Although we have had trips that were not as great, we definitely put in the effort to try to find the fish and make our customers happy...
  85. Fishingguy

    2 Spots Left, Leaving Tonight July 10 fishing Sunday on the SPECTRA

    Hey guys, We just had a last minute cancellation. We have 2 open spots for tonights trip fishing tommorow (Sunday July 11th). Give me a call at 562-266-6228
  86. Fishingguy

    4 Spots left, Leaving Tonight (monday) Spectra Sportfishing.

    Fishing has been awesome! Come fish with us. Call us at 562-266-6228 to reserve your spot Please contact us through email at [email protected] or call us directly at 562-266-6228 or 714-454-8267 Leaving Monday July 5th 8pm Fishing Tuesday July 6th *3 Spots* Leaving...
  87. Fishingguy

    Another Day of White Seabass Limits on the SPECTRA!!!

    Well, the last few weeks has been really hot! Conditions are just getting better and better. With it comes the great fishing as well. The white seabass had slowed down a bit and we had our ups and downs. There was definetly heavy heavy traffic at Catalina but we were able to break away from the...
  88. Fishingguy

    Overnight Open Party Trips on the Spectra. White Seabass trips!!!

    Hey guys, The WSB have been biting very well all week and WE HAVE BEEN SLAYING THEM!!! Come fish with us and target those elusive white sea bass. This is a perfect platform to fish on, many anglers really enjoy our crew and our boat. *Spectra currently holds the title for Largest...
  89. Fishingguy

    Amazing Day at Catalina Part 2: Limits of Seabass again.

    Well we did it again with 22 seabass. Limits of seabass for all 6 passengers and 4 more for the crew. Really good fishing guys! Most fish were caught on the lead head and sliding egg. We have a few open party trips coming up, all trips are $270 Leaving Monday June 28th 8pm Fishing Tuesday...
  90. Fishingguy

    Amazing 3 day Trip to Catalina Island

    Lets start off with the customers summary of the trip and we can go from there: <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  91. Fishingguy

    Catalina Pumps out Big Seabass 59lbs on the Spectra

    Well here is another report from the Spectra. This was from yesterdays trip. It was a bit of tough fishing but we were still able to get 3 nice seabass, one which tipped the scales right around 59lbs. It seems like everything is picking up right now from tuna offshore, to local seabass, and...
  92. Fishingguy

    Another Great Weekend At Catalina Island on the Spectra

    Fishing is definitely getting better and better for us. Summer is here so get your gear ready and come out fishing! Captain Jack Dalla Corte did an awesome job today!!! Our six anglers were able to land 6 White seabass, 8 Halibut, and 1 yellowtail. Catalina Trifecta. We had two anglers that...
  93. Fishingguy

    2 Spots left for Leaving Thursday Night (17th) fishing Friday (18th) on the "Spectra"

    Hi guys! We have 2 open spots for this upcoming open party trip. We do not have anything else open for this weekend. Here are some of our upcoming dates as well. All priced at $270 Leaving Thursday June 17 8pm Returning Friday June 18 6pm 2 open spots. Leaving Thursday June 24 8pm...
  94. Fishingguy

    Catalina White Seabass, Yellowtail and Halibut!

    Well finally got some pictures in from the boys on the boat. These are some photos from our last 3 trips. Catalina is getting better and better!!! The dropper loop set up still remains the most popular rig that constantly produces. A few fish were caught on the white jigs tipped with squid as...
  95. Fishingguy

    Leaving This Saturday Night June 5th at 8 PM, Fishing Sunday June 6 "Spectra"

    Hey guys We have 3 Spots left for this Sunday. Weather is going to be really nice! Come out and fish with us!!! We will be targeting white seabass, yellowtail, calicos, etc. From previous trips: Call 562-266-6228
  96. Fishingguy

    Catalina Tanker C-bass, Halibut Video, and Local fishing

    Well, we were able to get out last Friday with a light load and had a private group on Sunday. Fridays trip was at Catalina, Started at the bait grounds with a lot less boats the previous. Fish didnt bite as much as the did the previous day but we were able to catch one of the nicer model c...
  97. Fishingguy

    We have 2 open spots available leaving tonight....

    Depart Thursday May 27th @ 7pm Return Friday May 28th @ 6:00 PM 2 Spots give us a call.... 714 454 8267 or 562 266-6228 come get some c bass before the big weekend crowd
  98. Fishingguy

    Catalina White Sea Bass

    Hi Guys, Got back from the island yesterday and ended up going 1 for 4. There were quite a few boats in the area and although they did not bite as well as the night before, they were still biting. Overall pretty decent fishing. We got a handful of other fish as well, your usual suspects...
  99. Fishingguy

    Online ALL WEEK as weather permits! Spectra Sportfishing.

    Looks like the fish are biting over at the island. We are leaving tonight and will be fishing Catalina for the C-bass. I am not sure how the weather is going to effect this weekends trips so I am just going to have the crew on stand-by, we will leave with only 4. Please call 562-266-6228...
  100. Fishingguy

    Bring a Jigstick and some 30lb line! Cuda anyone?

    I got a few calls on guys wanting to chase the cuda so I have a few spots open. I know the weather calls it to be a lil rough, reports out there says that the weather has been pretty nice, lumpy but fishable. So want to give it a shot the Spectra? There is plenty of room, never a crowd, and...
  101. Fishingguy

    Old School vs New School on the Jig sticks! (Duplicate Report)

    Hi guys, I have a lot to learn from the fisherman around me. I am always observing the people I fish with in order to better my skills and learn from them and share it with others. One thing I have always been fascinated with was throwing the "iron" Well, the fish were biting at Catalina...
  102. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Upcoming Open Party Dates May 27-31

    Please visit for updates and more pictures. We had beautiful weather for the last few days and now we have some bad weather coming for this weekend. There will be no open party trips this week or charters as well. All have been canceled due to weather. If you...
  103. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Upcoming Open Party Dates

    Spectra Sportfishing Open Party Dates fishing Catalina 562-266-6228 or 714-454-826 7 Fishing WHITE SEA BASS, HALIBUT, YELLOWTAIL & CALICO BASS The price is $270.00 per angler Check out our website at Spectra Sportfishing :: Southern California Charter Fishing to check out updates or...
  104. Fishingguy

    Day at the Docs.....Spectra Sportfishing

    Hi guys, We took the boat down from Pierpoint Landing to Point Loma Sportfishing last night in preparation for the Day at the Docks event. This is our first year here and pretty excited to meet everyone. And the Spectra girls will be here as well. We will be running out of Point Loma...
  105. Fishingguy

    4-9-10 and 4-10-10 Catalina Starting to turn on...

    Catalina is starting to turn on. More and more reports are coming in as conditions are slowly starting to get better. It’s been up and down with the weather lately. We have good weather for a few days then just when it’s about to get good, mother nature plays her part just enough to make...
  106. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing Upcoming Open Party Trips

    Spectra Sportfishing had its first open party last week and we were able to score some white sea bass. We are booked this weekend so unfortunately no open party trips. Here are some of the open party dates for overnight trips in the next few weeks. If these spots fill up fast, I will post...
  107. Fishingguy

    First White Seabass on the SPECTRA

    Hey Guys, We got back from our first overnight open party trip today fishing Catalina Island. The wsb bit well over the weekend so I figure with the boat being dialed in, she was ready for her first open party trip. Captain Tino ran the boat today. From what he was observing, conditions had...
  108. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing First Open Party Trip W/ Tino Leaving Tonight/ Clemente Report

    Hi there guys, I ran the boat over to San Clemente on Saturday to Pyramid cove. some of the boys have been saying the cove looked pretty fishy so I decided to run over there and investigate. Well I guess we all know, Catalina went off! So tonight we are leaving for our first open...
  109. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing First Open Party Trip Leaving Mon Night to Cat!

    Hey Guys, Well the boat has been running great and mostly everything has been done to the boat. The fish have been biting well at the islands. This trip will fish Catalina island with Tino behind the wheel We probably will be leaving a little early and staying a little late :) Departure...
  110. Fishingguy

    3-17-10 Spectra Sportfishing Rockfish Report

    Well I am pretty much running the boat everyday to put some wear and tear on her. I need to make sure she is reliable and ready for this upcoming season. If any of you are interested in any local trips or exploratory runs just send me a pm or email me at [email protected] Anywho...
  111. Fishingguy

    3-15-10 Clemente Island Report on the Spectra

    Hi there guys, Im in the process of running the boat and working out all the bugs and kinks out of her. This was her first run to the islands and wanted to make sure everything was in working order... Had a few bugs, but nothing major. We tried to make squid at the Istmus (sorry for the...
  112. Fishingguy

    Long Beach Rockfishing, Shakedown

    So after a few months of boat work, we needed to take her out and run her to test out all the new stuff that had been done to the boat. So I put together a few guys just to go try her out visiting the local rockfish spots. We got limits of boccacio and some nice reds near the rigs. Bass fishing...
  113. Fishingguy

    Spectra Sportfishing would like to THANK YOU

    Hello Everyone, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone for coming out to visit the Spectra Sportfishing booth at the Fred Hall Show this past weekend. Many of you came by and left some very kind words, and I really appreciate that. I would also like to thank all those who supported Spectra by...
  114. Fishingguy

    For Bloodydecks Members Preview: Spectra Sportfishing Meet and Greet! Sunday Feb 21

    Hi there guys, I mentioned in the other thread that there will be a meet and greet at Pierpoint Landing Sunday February 21 from Noon till 6 P.M. Come out and check out the boat and bring down the family as well. I have some snacks and drinks for everyone! Pierpoints Address is 200...
  115. Fishingguy

    Welcome Aboard. Spectra Sportfishing / Long Beach Squid Report

    Here is my story that all started from the internet forums. About 3 or 4 years ago, I got back into fishing after a 5-year hiatus without so much as a rod or reel. As soon as I did pick one up though, I got instantly hooked into the sport again. This time around, I learned about fishing...
  116. Fishingguy

    Long Beach Rockfishing

    I went fishing on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I went out with a few guys from the boards. I recieved alot of pms asking where my spot was and I just told them that I cant give them the coordinates but you are more than welcome to go fishing with me at the spot. So we had a bunch of guys go and...
  117. Fishingguy

    Took out some kids fishing in Long Beach Big rockfish

    A good friend of mine asked me if I could help put his kids on fish and some of their friends as well. So I said sure. We had 3 dads, and 4 kids total. so i went to an old rockfish spot in long beach about 315 in depth and the fish bit well. We only ended up with a few fish, as the kids were...
  118. Fishingguy

    21 Foot Cabo 216 Super Clean, ready for lobster :)

    Please dont move mods, for some reason, i couldnt post this up in the right section. so i appoligize ahead for the guys who are gonna have some trouble with a "boat for sale" in the wrong thread. Selling Cheap as I am ready to buy my new boat $9300 1995 hull, 1997 motor I hate to let...
  119. Fishingguy

    ----Epic Local Night -----

    Limits for all......dove and hooped in about 40 ft of water. Bugs were on the crowl early. Steady pickens all night. Used macks and catfood. Not many shorts..... water temp around 65. never left 40ft area.
  120. Fishingguy

    Great YFT, Dorado and Yellowtail Fishing, 1010,hidden bank, 425, s9

    well headed back again in search of the amazing wide open fishing. to be honest, we struggled a bit at the 1010 and went towards the hidden just like we did the other day. fish werent really there. not too much radio fish, some people found them, most of the people didnt. We got a few on the...
  121. Fishingguy

    WFO Fishing. Drop everything and go! 9-2-09

    With all these reports, I just had to go. Went to the 1010, started trolling at 6am....Limits by 7am on Yellowfin. We could not believe it, a sure first for me as much as I fish. First stop was double on the troll....1 on cedar, 1 rapala xrap deep diver. Then 10 on bait WOW. just fun fun...
  122. Fishingguy

    More Yellowtail Slaying 1.5 day Cortez Trip

    Pretty good day of fishing, as the yellows bit very well. Went on the toranado last minute.....boat was ok. Boat ended up with toal of 5 bluefin, and 70 yellows....plenty to go around for everyone. Out of the 70, i say 60 of them were caught on squid with 1/4 ounce egg sinker. Weather was...
  123. Fishingguy

    14 Yellows, Trying out Shimanos New Two Speed Tallicas

    So I saw those new Shimano Tallicas in stores early and they looked pretty nice. I bought two of them, the Tallica 8 and the Tallica 10. The 8 is the size fo the Trinidad 12, and the 10 is the size of the Trinidad 14. I was very curious to see how it felt on a went out to the 425 in...
  124. Fishingguy

    N. 9 No Thresher for me 5-4-08

    Last years thresher put a flying gaff in my leg and grabbing that flying gaff again brought some memories. Hopefully no accident this year ahahahah but here we go...... Didnt want the weekend crowd so waited till today. Right out of the harbor, 4-6 foot swells and pretty close together (not...
  125. Fishingguy

    Quick Double Limits Hooping

    quick hooping trip for me and my buddy chris......Local waters, same info as my last report.....Had 7 legals in one hoop. Long soak. 2 hours hooping for 14 bugs. our prototype "riser" ahaha. will be for sale soon. works GREAT. AND MUCH CHEAPER THAN THE "OTHER" RISER...
  126. Fishingguy

    Lobster Porn, Just getting warmed up....

    Took some friends out diving PV and Cat last two weeks. have MUCH more pictures and reports coming. Divers point out where to drop hoops...and it was amazing. A few things to mention before I get the hate emails and posts: 1. I do know all the rules and regulations. 2. All fisherman/divers...
  127. Fishingguy

    Never thought i could catch this on 40lb.

    Short Version: 1 hour and 45 minutes on 40lb, Trinidad 40 Narrow, with GUSA 65xh. Went to Cabo San Lucas. Captain estimated at 140 pounds. give or take. Got owned. my friend Svue took over as my back was done and the fish was gaining more and more line after the 1 hour and 15 min mark. I let my...
  128. Fishingguy

    WFO...Tuna Fishing Part 2

    im so tired....out all day... Skippered my buddys 2320 parker and with some hot sticks on board, they slayed. tried to post as soon as i could to help out the guys going out tomorrow and the weekend..... Go late, launched at to 209 and found porpoise instantly at 11 am, fished...
  129. Fishingguy

    WFO The best fishing I have ever experienced

    Skippered my friend Chris's parker 2320....a truly amazing fishing platform and my friend O. Wfo. Every single bait that hit the water resulted in quality size yellofin tuna. TRIED calling in ANY boats, giving out numbers and only 6-10 boats showed up. EVERY BOAT WAS HOOKED UP. Many called...
  130. Fishingguy

    WFO Yellowfin Tuna.......with Manny

    In Puerta Vallarta that is........... Fished on the June 30 - July 2 short version: went with Svue and some other on this board but i forgot his user name, fields of foamers, fish everywhere in the 20-45 pound class. Everything that was thrown was bit, 1 fish per cast. Started to catch and...
  131. Fishingguy

    371-425 Friday 6-20 Albies and Yellows

    Read all these fishing reports and got a fishing erection. Toook my boat out to the 371 to take a shot at the albacore. Went out with my friends dave, winnie, and O. Left Orange County at midnight,get there after fueling around 230. Launch , bait and get to 371 before grey light. FOG WAS...
  132. Fishingguy

    Yellow is My favorite Color-8 yellows, 34lb biggest

    Decided to make a run to the 371,425, rockpile, Long story short, im tired, fish were biting... if not yellows on patties, then big bonies....fished with my good friends svue and ben. somehow lonely big yellow was caught off of a patty at the rockpile...... DFG weighed it at 34lbs. My new...
  133. Fishingguy

    WFO Cudas Newport

    Left for Catalina Friday night fishing Saturday. Long story short, went to the grounds, very few hooked up, weather picked up, really nasty. 20 knot winds, white caps everywhere, so we booked it home to newport and found the cudas..... At least we had something to pull was fun chasin...
  134. Fishingguy

    Memorial Day Catalina Parking Lot / Cuda hunting

    So went over to Cat after hearing about the epic bite and it was a "shoulda been here yesterday" kind of a day. Long story short, one bite, no wsb or yellows, run over to clemente west end, lots of calicos all released, a ling, bonies......the went home. then this morning, wednesday may 28...
  135. Fishingguy

    Triple Limit Lobsters/Rockfishing next day

    hooped in some deeper waters in long beach, that was the ticket. Triple Limit by 8:34 P. M . home with boat washed by 930. went home and decided to go fishing in Long beach next day with some friends. Dinner for tonight was hotdogs...forgot the relish so just onions. big as a...
  136. Fishingguy

    LOTS AND LOTS OF BUGS...a few trips this past weekend

    Before i get flamed or get all this shit from some members: 1. Yes i know limit is seven per person. 2. No i am not hooping anywhere illegal. 3. I only have at most 7 lobsters in my possesion (including my freezer) 4. I did not keep any fin fish that was caught in the hoop. thats it..... so...
  137. Fishingguy

    425, 371 9/8 justt two dodos...a lil rough

    got nice bait, headed to 425, on the first paddy hooked up on a lil guy..... cruised all day, lots of got a lil snotty after 10am....lots of dry paddies off of the 371 but managed to get one more.. went to islands for evening bite, wide open for an hour....that report is in...
  138. Fishingguy

    Yellows at Coronado Saturday

    sorry for the late report..... took two friends out and let them pull on some fish.... It went wide open for about an hour out the middle grounds.....was like that yesterday too. A friend called and said the same.... Got five in a hour then bite shut off..... Quality yellows...very...
  139. Fishingguy

    1 Shy of Triple Limit of Yellowtail- rockpile

    Got their early...3rd boat at rockpile... got some rudolf the red nose sardines.....but still worked great... anchored 72 degree water. Took two friends out...They had a blasted Landed 14 yellows by 9 am......lost a few, few double hook ups and one triple. 3 on iron too. we were...
  140. Fishingguy

    Bluefin, Albies, and yellows at the 390..

    fished on Monday....left SI at 2 am headed to 390....dropped the trollers at grey light...and it was on..... It was only Svue and I. Three of 5 troll rods go off....we managed to get all three and no tangles while clearing lines...both of us fought our fish while the third fish swam around...
  141. Fishingguy

    One of my best calico..of course did not bring scale...

    fished in long beach... got this guy...25.5 inches long....but no scale...and no decent camera shot...only cell phone picture....
  142. Fishingguy

    Decent white sea bass, and yellows

    fished this guy then moved to clemente for iron yellows ....frontside everytone cought yellows
  143. Fishingguy

    fished long beach for these pigs...

    fished two nights this week tues and thurs....tues was 50 fish night and thurs was 64 fish..... personal best sandies
  144. Fishingguy

    Yellows Again at the Coronados

    Fished coronado islands on the dinnertime with Svue and fishguru. Bite was decent. 61 degree water. all on sardine, one on mac. Lost a few cuda. landed total of 5. here are some....biggest being 17 ish......others were about 12-16 pounds...nothing great but fun to catch. first pair: Nice...
  145. Fishingguy

    YELLOWS! Nice 34lber!

    Went out to middle grounds in AM..nothing biting.....went offshore for paddies.....found one that was holding......landed two, seal came and killed the bite.... Landed this guy at 34.6 pounds: Although background shows was caught offshore. Come back to middle grounds for...
  146. Fishingguy

    Nice Checker on the Butterfly Jig....not sure on weight?

    clemente, in the kelp, a few days ago...water temp 62... Had no scale.. want to take a guess on arm extension here
  147. Fishingguy

    Guess the weight? On the Butterfly Jig, nice checker

    Fishing in the kelp....landed this guy....didnt have a much do you thing it weighs?
  148. Fishingguy

    Calicos on the Chew

    Took some friends from texas to fish long beach....i didnt fish that much...had a decent night 40-50 assorted fish. mostly checkers...some sandies, perch, cabbies, calicos..etc.... Had no scale so im not going to claim any lbs numbers.....all fish released.... a pair its nice [/img]...
  149. Fishingguy

    Yellows feel so gooddddd

    Fished San Diego on Saturday morning...launched at soooooo many boats. 8am wide open on yellows.....every bait got bit...everyone hooking up.... We landed 6 for 6. and left early after bite shut down........ all cought on sardines and one on the iron.... blue and white salas...
  150. Fishingguy

    San Diego Bay 3 Legal Halibut, Spotties, Bonefish

    Fished 7am to 3pm in san diego bay, water temp around 63-63, fished all plastics on small swimbaits with UNI-BUTTER....lots of spotties, 3 legal halis, 6 bonefish, 2 batray......ALL FISH RELEASED.... Most spotties were between 10-14 big lunkers but lots of little on...
  151. Fishingguy

    White Seabass, Lobsters, Fishin with Mike Gardener, Calicos, Butterfly Jig

    Havent really posted online but here it goes. I ve been fishing almost everyt other day in March and here are the pics. I went sculping fishing, to lobster hunting *before season closed*, to chasing the infamous ghost at catalina, to lake bassing, to trout get the point :beerbang...