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    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Do your healers nip at the back of strangers calves while walking on your property? I sent a Tile Contractor to a friends house to quote a job and he said he got bit twice and wouldn't do the job!

    For Sale 2 Houses on 16 Acres in Boulevard, CA $479K

    He's the one with the looks I was up there last weekend there are a ton of properties For Sale out there GLWS!

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    No cattle boats Some of those Parker 4-Packs rip it up at night

    For Sale 36hp prodrive powered duck boat

    Does it come with a set of Headphones for that 36HP Lawnmower?

    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    She points Pheasants & Quail, Retreives all my Ducks & Doves, but still looking for her first daybreak sleeper......................

    Pl 11/21 with a string of bad luck

    We had a bucket of KFC last night and still managed 9 bugs maybe that only affects fiberglass boats.........

    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    The water is still nasty and I don't think it matters what time of year it is. But the water is so glassy coming and going it really makes you wish you had a wake board or skis!

    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    The blind is completely surrounded by sheets of burlap down to the water and it would be hard for a dog to get out of the boat as its a fairly tight fit; we wait until we've knocked down 4-5 birds then he just drives the boat out of the blind and we pick them up. Rinse and repeat.

    Last day luck!

    Nice Shot Congratulations that's a Wall Hanger for sure!
  10. DOGHOUSE26

    Lead free 8-71/2

    In steel you'll want 6s instead of Lead 7-1/2s
  11. DOGHOUSE26

    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    You just need waders to get in and out of his skiff otherwise its High & Dry Mud Free Hunting
  12. DOGHOUSE26

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    Did you destroy the blades on your props or did the hubs just become unglued and they began to slip? Hubs aren't cheap but they can be replaced and most blades can be trued up or even re-welded as $1500 replacements give you some wiggle room for repair. Wilmington Propellers or Propellers of San...
  13. DOGHOUSE26

    Aztec 11/15-11/18

    Congratulations on a great catch and thanks for the well written report! But honestly, IMHO I think you slept too much after the nice catch; you had today and the rest of the week to catch up on sleep at work 😝
  14. DOGHOUSE26

    Nice mixed bag of ducks 11/15/2020

    Sounds like a great shoot and I see you're using the right weapon!
  15. DOGHOUSE26

    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    My 3 buddies and I haven't had much luck so far getting reservations at Wister or San Jacinto this season, the only one was San Jacinto Opening Day which was a bust for us. So one of my buddies searched the net and found an option that called for hunting from a boat on the sea @ $250/hunter (2...
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    Ring necks

    For it being the 2nd Opener I'd say you did pretty good! Arizona opens this Friday I hope I can make it. Thanks for the report!
  17. DOGHOUSE26

    On the water 9 day fishing report

    That's a Great Trip & Report! One night @ Guadalupe on AA I fished a ridge at night with the crew while everyone else was asleep and it took a 30 wide 2 speed with 80# to keep those 35-48# toads out of the rocks until a 14' GWS hung under the stern grabbing everything that came up.
  18. DOGHOUSE26

    Broadbill Gear

    Good Luck finding a Reel Crankie Attachment
  19. DOGHOUSE26

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Electrolysis of the hull will slowly occur over time with the positive lead attached to the battery; its even worse if there is any residual water left inside the boat. My 1986 18' Bayrunner leaked like swiss cheese I has so many pinholes in the hull and some were as big as 1/4". I had to strip...
  20. DOGHOUSE26

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Aluminum Boat Owners Please disconnect the battery it will save you hundreds in welding later on.........
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    Wister Conditions

    Union is more for geese never shot but a few incidental ducks cruising our snow spread and that was a long long time ago. I prefer the northern end of the refuge for bigger ducks or the Us & Ts for more Teal and Shovelers
  22. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Conditions

    No I just Day Hunt there get there by 10PM and sleep in my truck. If the rare chance we hunt both weekend days I'll bring my motorhome and tow a Jeep and leave the coach in the Main Parking Lot never been hassled
  23. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Conditions

    Wister shot over 100 geese Saturday; I was guiding a Pheasant Hunt @ Woodlands and the wind was 20 MPH by 10AM and 25-30 after lunch I thought Wister would shoot good! When you take the shit ducks out of the count (Coots Ruddys Scaup Ringnecks) the average gets cut by 1/3-1/2 @ SJ which most...
  24. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Conditions

    Has anyone hunted Wister so far this season and how are the water conditions? Do all areas have decent water or are they behind schedule just like last year?
  25. DOGHOUSE26

    How do you keep your lobster?

    Go to Smart & Final or Food For Less and get some 6.5 X 8.5" Styrofoam Trays; fold up 2 paper towels to fit in the tray and set 2 tails spikes down on the paper towels then slide into a 1 gallon bag and vacuum seal. Rarely will the spikes go through the towels and styrofoam to create a leak
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    San Jacinto Opening Day

    Not really by us. There was good shooting north of us
  27. DOGHOUSE26

    Buggin with bug rider

    Thank God the limit is 7 and that's a 2 person sled otherwise you'd be sinking by 9:30PM As Always Great Work!
  28. DOGHOUSE26

    Air travel with firearms.

    I only have experience with Shotguns; however I would think the only requirement would be ammunition in a separate piece of baggage as there is a separate question for this on your Firearm Declaration Form.
  29. DOGHOUSE26

    San Jacinto Opening Day

    Its hard enough to get a resi @ San Jacinto let alone Opening Day and we had high hopes for a great day. I can't stress enough how nice the staff is at that site they are more than helpful with directions and site selection. And that was the highlight of the trip. We haven't hunted SJ all that...
  30. DOGHOUSE26

    Draw Results Posted

    Does anybody know if the San Jacinto Parking Lot is open tonight or do we have to wait until 2-230AM? I'd rather drive up there by 10PM tonight so I can get 3-4 hours of sleep in instead of leaving my house at midnight with little sleep and start a 16-20 hour run.
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    Happy 10/22 day

    You have to clean the magazine & action every 10-15 years
  32. DOGHOUSE26

    Air travel with firearms.

    I've traveled to Canada for Goose Hunting for 8 years prior to this one and I would purchase at least 4 locks either keyed alike or combination; put 2 on your gun case and keep the other 2 in your carry on baggage. I've had them cut off, I've been paged after checking in to come install another...
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    Duck drawing

    Gun - Ready- Shells- Ready - Dog is ready - Cleaning the Dekes tomorrow Got to buy my Fed Stamp
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    Draw Results Posted

    My buddy pulled a #25 for San Jacinto Opener can't wait first time opener there!
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    10/9 Kelp Buggin

    Been there done the exact same thing
  36. DOGHOUSE26

    Shogun - Police

    Why feet towards the bow if I might ask?
  37. DOGHOUSE26

    Challenge to CA assault weapon's ban allowed to continue

    Newsome signed the Microstamping bill yesterday; now for every new handgun admitted to the roster they must remove 3 off the current roster. How F'd is that?
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    Decent day offshore 10/1

    Excellent catch and an even better DETAILED report looks like a great day; flat ocean to boot! There is hope for the rest of the month! Thanks Ron for the timely report!
  39. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    With all do respect Gary, its not the PBer that's setting up the strobes, its the Commercial Party boat Skippers using it as a tool so they don't have to spend as much time and fuel day to day finding the magic patty thus giving their customers a better chance at a decent catch and also...
  40. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    No on either; I'd rather BE FISHING than talk about it and I usually am.
  41. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    That looks much better I think I'll thaw some for tomorrow night!
  42. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    I have a Commercial Fishing License and I am well aware of CFR 33- 151.67. It is not illegal to install a strobe light to mark a Navigation Hazard which a large kelp could be considered as. A strobe Light is not considered as a piece of plastic trash, let alone a $4500 strobe and GPS...
  43. DOGHOUSE26

    9-27-20 Grande

    Congrats to you Dad on an epic day with memories and pics that will last a lifetime! Thanks for sharing and make it an annual family event!
  44. DOGHOUSE26

    9/27/20 Fortune 1.5 Day Trip

    Looks like a great day and Thanks for the Report
  45. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    Obviously since most of us are not equal to your level in intellect perhaps you could explain yourself in layman's terms so we could all get a better understanding of the point you are trying to make rather than us writing you off as just another kook. I hope your explanation will focus on the...
  46. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    One of the first signs of Covid is the loss of taste and smell. YOU need to get tested and keep your mask on 24/7 I sure hope we haven't become infected by posting
  47. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    The only fishy thing I eat raw is hopefully shaved but I will admit that looks inviting........
  48. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    How will that settle it? Probably marked days ago so you think its off limits to everyone else? I'm a believer in first come first serve, let the rest work it out. And as far as the Tribute Captain goes, I can understand his frustration. If you look at the boat's fish count history, rarely are...
  49. DOGHOUSE26

    Another good fish

    Title says it all Congratulations!
  50. DOGHOUSE26

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    Kind of nice leaving the driving and boat cleaning to somebody else. And a nice weather day to boot. Thanks for the report?
  51. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Is there a story behind the mentioned "Blow up"?
  52. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster diving at Catalina

    No you can't bait them until 6AM and don't forget to fill out your card FIRST! Catalina is always a DFG Priority you're going to get checked
  53. DOGHOUSE26

    425 9/21

    Thanks for the timely report, at least it wasn't as bumpy as your wife's chest. I'll take a pic of that too if you're passing out pics :p
  54. DOGHOUSE26


    They only give you a receipt that you paid; maybe you could write the data on the back of your receipt for the opener and show it to the Warden; let us know how that works for you.......
  55. DOGHOUSE26

    Fish smoking service recommendations?

    Easy & Simple: 2-3# of chunks in a 1 gallon Ziplock and add 1/2 bottle (16oz?) of Yoshida Teriyaki Sauce; rotate fish in Ziplock to fully cover and set in the refrigerator overnight. Low Heat Smoker for 1.5-3 hrs. Let it cool down, Put into portions and vaccuum seal .
  56. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla 9/19

    I didn't get up there until 8AM Sunday and it was dead; I never saw another bent rod all day except one in the afternoon with a seal eating a calico. Half the boats slow trolling bait, other half soaking; we caught 6 bones on Rapalas. The morning half day caught 10 yellows maybe before we got up...
  57. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Reports?

    After 4 beers and as you can see Geometry was not my strength
  58. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Reports?

    Right now there are 3 Higher Percentage places to concentrate on marlin in the SD Area: 425-371-302-Pukey triangle; The La Jolla Canyon; and the ridge between the 182-181. You have Mexican Paperwork to deal with in the 425 area, increased swell and wind in the afternoon on the 181 ridge, and a...
  59. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Reports?

    September is the best month; with the water as warm as it is now we might have a shot thru first couple weeks in November. They will head to Catalina and maybe beyond until the first major storm comes in from the north; by the 3rd storm and when the water drops to 67-68 they will head south in...
  60. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Reports?

    I fished the LJ Canyon yesterday where my buddy caught one Friday late afternoon and several were hooked Saturday until 9AM then headed for the 181. We never saw any fish or bait in there just one pod of porpoise. Got to the ridge around 1015 and headed downswell towards the 138s and 20 minutes...
  61. DOGHOUSE26

    Baja fish tacos.

    Great Work now he'll need another 8 weeks of Therapy he was almost finished
  62. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Reports?

    They have arrived and are anywhere from the hidden to Santa Cruz, you just have to put some time in out on the water. Fish Dope can be your Friend.
  63. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Belle 9/10 fish report

    I guess the rumors on the dock are true he is tapping the cook!
  64. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Belle 9/10 fish report

    Sometimes happens that way cowboy I hope at least you had a great Cheeseburger for lunch! Thanks for the Report
  65. DOGHOUSE26

    9/8 -9/10 SCI report

    Congratulations on a Great Trip it all went down as planned now you're up to your ass in BFT! A couple of days to remember for all of you; Thanks for the awesome DETAILED REPORT!
  66. DOGHOUSE26

    Eagle roof tile 9/10/2020

    50' yacht its a shame you could only fill your martini glass half full for the ride home. Meanwhile us little boaters were getting our teeth knocked out! Oh how nice it is to be connected, congrats on a great trip! Thanks for the report
  67. DOGHOUSE26

    302 Beating

    We steak out the backstrap and marinate in Italian Dressing its pretty good on the BBQ; the rest is either smoked or canned and it is excellent too! I'll generally keep the first 1-2 of the season and then release the rest. Don't knock it until you try it and any fish overcooked is a tragedy.
  68. DOGHOUSE26

    302 Beating

    Well not really, it wasn't bad until we got to the 371 and had to head back uphill. 2nd trip in a row where the weather prediction failed us. Saw 40-50# YFT Jumpers just south of the 302 followed by a sleeper we almost ran over in the mixed up swell. couple of miles farther south towards the 230...
  69. DOGHOUSE26

    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Lets not bring your family into this
  70. DOGHOUSE26

    9/8/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #14 scored 2 BF

    Flyers, Poppers, or sinker rig? Thanks for the report!
  71. DOGHOUSE26

    Paid off truck. They still have my title.

    Feds put a Lien on it:oops: Quick Claim your house to me before they get that too we'll settle up later:drunk
  72. DOGHOUSE26

    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Once again Weezy you don't know WTF you're talking about. Trump had nothing to do with Crozier that was all Navy as I have a relative high up in the Pacific Command and the guy just F'd up by using non-secured email plain and simple which showed a lack of judgement. The Secretary of Navy...
  73. DOGHOUSE26

    Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    That Doubles pic is AWESOME, a wall hanger for sure! Great Work and Thanks for the report!
  74. DOGHOUSE26

    Imperial Valley Scout Trip 8-26-20

    Glad you got out and had some success! I've done the same tire scenario with both my motorhome and my enclosed trailer just replace them all and get it over with; nothing worse than worrying about your tires when you're on a trip. Thanks for the Report
  75. DOGHOUSE26

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Good Luck up that way we might be Catalina Way the next few weeks if the carp ever settle in and bite maybe we'll cross paths.
  76. DOGHOUSE26

    Limits again mahi mahi and yellowtails.

    I'm following you next time :daman: Nice work Thanks for the Report!
  77. DOGHOUSE26

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    What is your Boat Name and are you out of SD ,OC, Inland,, or LA
  78. DOGHOUSE26

    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Believe me I'm educated about war as I have a brother and cousins in the Vietnam era, nephews in both Iraqi skirmishes, and my father was a proud WWII Vet; try educating yourself on things you can have a say in rather than bitch about things you will never have any control over. By the time...
  79. DOGHOUSE26

    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    So get used to it it's the lesser of 2 evils, has been and always will be. You don't have to love the man, but I like what he's doing for America getting us back in the right direction, screw PC and put an end to illegal immigration and free handouts. Pick your poison but don't ever vote for...
  80. DOGHOUSE26

    Duck drawing

    2020 Waterfowl Season Lottery Picks are now available @
  81. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    I guess you didn't mention the black and blue bruises on your shoulder and the torn ligaments in your fingers/thumb I can't remember which after your first Wister Hunt 😝 You must be looking for more safe space what are you after now?
  82. DOGHOUSE26

    Shelter Island Parking Issues.

    Look at it this way if you got there late and took either a car only spot or found a place on the street, then I guess that Pay to Park worked out just great for you and the other 150 boaters who got a boat trailer space thank you for their support. Welcome to SD
  83. DOGHOUSE26

    Leaving tomorrow for Utah Elk

    Noisemaker or Apache Style?
  84. DOGHOUSE26

    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    I could have gone all weekend without this one:shake: its below the belt where are the moderators
  85. DOGHOUSE26

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Was all your stuff in the late PM? Good luck on your trip be sure to stop in and tell the Minneapolis Mayor he's doing a great job
  86. DOGHOUSE26

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Radio reception was unbelievable yesterday, had several conversations with buddies up that way who did pretty good on big boys later in the day from the 381 up to Northwest. several tackle failures though. Also a Commercial Swordfish Captain with 4 fish onboard and while he was landing the...
  87. DOGHOUSE26

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    I'm not sure what you're asking in what year my Blackman but its an 87 and I'm the second owner and had it for 15 years. The rear bait bag is for extra bait capacity on tuna runs but when we're fishing for marlin its our Drop Back Bait Tank; we bait up a mackerel on a 30-50# Trini 30 or 4/0...
  88. DOGHOUSE26

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Left MB with a nice scoop around 430 and headed for the 425; arrived around 615 and put the marlin jigs out. went a touch south then headed for the 371 and found a buddy on a paddy a little inside and below the high spot but he only found rats so it was on down to the Hidden for us. Weather...
  89. DOGHOUSE26

    Pt Loma 9/3: 4 Baits one Fish

    Could also be a 6 gill shark but you can stop those most of the time. Probably a BSB as they do start to school up in Sept-October see them in groups of 3-6 all the time diving off LJ Shores
  90. DOGHOUSE26

    Dove Opener Bang Bang

    You did much better than most I talked to yesterday great shooting and thanks for the report!
  91. DOGHOUSE26

    Arizona Doves September 1-3

    We hunted a melon ranch 85 miles east of Blythe for 3 days and saw very few hunters for a midweek opener. We arrived Sunday afternoon and did a little scouting there were birds everywhere. We settled in for dinner when the clouds erupted for a couple of hours of heavy rain which dashed any hope...
  92. DOGHOUSE26

    Imperial Valley Scout Trip 8-26-20

    Had to Check out an upcoming jobsite in El Centro so I thought I would check out the SE portion of the Valley to get an idea of what the dove conditions were. Didn't get down there until 830AM or so so I could only locate birds either roosting or around the canals and watering holes and yes...
  93. DOGHOUSE26

    Duck drawing

    I don't think it usally comes out until the first week in September
  94. DOGHOUSE26

    Duck drawing

    Next month go to the Fish & Wildlife Website It's easy Look for the Application for Hunt Days at State Waterfowl refuges which includes San Jacinto among others . Its a Lottery System as you buy your Hunt Day Choices for each...
  95. DOGHOUSE26

    Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Anywhere Within the Mexican EEZ which might be up to 200 miles
  96. DOGHOUSE26

    Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Nothing better than the rattle of big reds on your rod before you hit the bottom nice fish Thanks for the Report!
  97. DOGHOUSE26

    Mahi mahi and yellowtail 8-23

    Fun day for all way to get them on the fish! Thanks for the DETAILED report
  98. DOGHOUSE26

    Bitchin day at the Island

    Very Nice Checker thanks for the report
  99. DOGHOUSE26

    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    No our biggest problem on the radio right now is this Mr. Wong jackoff and the day we RDF and find the mofo will be his last day on the water.
  100. DOGHOUSE26

    Point Loma stones! 8-21-2020

    No its just a reflection in the ice..................
  101. DOGHOUSE26

    Recon Report 8-21

    Thanks for the Offshore Intel!
  102. DOGHOUSE26

    Sailfish/Marlin behind Channel Islands

    Was that a deep drop fish? The pink lure has me wondering.............
  103. DOGHOUSE26

    San Pedro angler suffers multiple injuries from Bluefin Tuna.

    Great Video Like the Tunes and Thanks for the Report!
  104. DOGHOUSE26

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    No problem,you're just another for the Ignore List:finger:
  105. DOGHOUSE26

    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    He did, Paragraph 3 if you missed it and it was dead. Based on his post I wouldn't hit the Hidden tomorrow. Haven't heard a report from the 390 or the 295 maybe you could check it out and let us know. Thanks for the report
  106. DOGHOUSE26

    Yellows 8/20

    Great choice on the 101; I thought about it yesterday when we left the rockpile but the water was so dirty down there I didn't think it would produce. Nice catch and thanks for the report!
  107. DOGHOUSE26

    8-19 LaJolla Yellowtail

    Nice boat, Great Catch, and Thanks for the Report!
  108. DOGHOUSE26

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Are you the Dick that reflamed this thread?
  109. DOGHOUSE26

    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    I honestly don't know if it has anything to do with Cream of Tartar, but I did see the Hidden Valley Ranch Label.
  110. DOGHOUSE26

    Islands 8/19/20

    We fished the islands as well in beautiful conditions no swell and very little wind. We arrived around 615 and slow trolled sardines for about an hour with no luck. We saw a few birds picking below the pens so we stopped and chummed heavily with the great sardines from MB. We got the short cuda...
  111. DOGHOUSE26

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Damn Mike so sorry for your loss, but she's in a better place now and I can't imagine how hard it would be to sit down share a post like this. Take care buddy
  112. DOGHOUSE26

    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Its just a sauce used in Fish Tacos; my buddy Hijole used to use Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and spice it up a bit made for great Fish Tacos at Club Meetings
  113. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    You killed it today Nice Work and thanks for the report!
  114. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT at SKR 8/18

    Congrats on a Great Trip Thanks for the report! We're on it tomorrow
  115. DOGHOUSE26

    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    I thought so too at first but If you look closely I think they put the cream on first then the fish but what do I know
  116. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronado Islands August 17, 2020

    Looks like a great day of fishin the smile on Jr's face says it all Thanks for the report! Keep more Reds ditch the calicos they taste better than bass anyway
  117. DOGHOUSE26

    Sucks lately...

    I'm on it Wednesday don't take them all Ron...........
  118. DOGHOUSE26

    tanner bank 8/15

    Did you go last Thursday where's the report?
  119. DOGHOUSE26

    Sucks lately...

    Heard guys talking on 11 yesterday morning and was shocked when he came on and said he had a 30# BFT @ Middle grounds but I was a little skeptical until he came on an hour later with his 2nd fish. I was going to head on over until I realized we had California limits of reds onboard wouldn't have...
  120. DOGHOUSE26

    Its almost hunting season, time to wake up this forum

    Yes we pulled the plug on our annual Canadian Goose Hunt in October so looks like we'll hope to get on your schedule this fall. I'm anxious to hear how you work your calls.
  121. DOGHOUSE26

    Pargo in Baja, ran into school of 100 earlier in the day

    Wow that is some good eats right there; you went down to 60' to get him? That's some fine work Thanks for the report!
  122. DOGHOUSE26

    9 mile bank August 14, 2020

    They liked whole live sardines or strips just as well the 9 is loaded!
  123. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Butts 8/9

    Congrats on a fine day and Thanks for the report. Generally when you find keeper there are several others close by so you need to stay close and strip mine the entire area.
  124. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Thanks for the update its not going to get any better by Sunday too much pressure
  125. DOGHOUSE26

    Anyone fishing the 43 or corner or points south?

    My brother and I trailered our Bayrunner down there early June and late October from 1981 to 1995 stopping at Los Barrilles first and if the wind was howling then on to Cabo. We had Penn 4/0s with 50# and one year we destroyed 3 reels in one day on fish that size even bigger couldn't slow them...
  126. DOGHOUSE26

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Nice catch I bet that donkey pulled like a tractor Congratulations and Thanks for the report!
  127. DOGHOUSE26

    Anyone fishing the 43 or corner or points south?

    Jeopordy Daily Double Question for $1000: Is that the Cabo Weigh Station in the Mid 80s?
  128. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Intrepid will make a coarse change way before Cedros as the U.S. Fleet is no longer allowed to fish it. The Mexican Operations aren't even fishing Cedros as the only runway at the airport is damaged and has been closed for awhile now.
  129. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    There's no way the Grande can make an 85-90 mile trip on an Overnight that's the 1-1/2 day zone. All the 3 SD 3/4 day boats threw a helmet today
  130. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Keys are under the seat its all yours and Billy has a new pair of Lamb Full Body PJs he'd love to share with you I'll be in AZ for a 3 Day Shoot leave my mackerel alone they are hard to come by
  131. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    No we had no desire to make the 85-90 mile run and be back in SD for the 6:30 same day weigh in.
  132. DOGHOUSE26

    8/7 - 289 to SCI

    Talk about finding a needle in a haystack Congratulations and Thanks for the Report
  133. DOGHOUSE26

    SAVE your gas, 8/9/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #11, first skunk

    What a relief you're Human after all; get back on track and start another streak so I can go out again!
  134. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Yeah Right you'll be in Full Camo at work all week before the opener and you'll set up camp in the Valley Monday morning after scouting for your spots.
  135. DOGHOUSE26

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    Start thinking Big Yellows @ Cortez or yellows and calicos @ SCI
  136. DOGHOUSE26

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    Oh yeah forgot to mention Madrugador picked up a free $2500 6 pack charter on a yacht for bringing in the most offshore Mylar Balloons - 1. I never heard of that catagory prize; Maybe that explains his rare visit to Party City the day before................
  137. DOGHOUSE26

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    Fished in the Western Outdoor News Tuna Tourney Saturday which looked to be a great time when we entered however as the date got closer both the fish slowly disappeared and the weather forecast became unfavorable to say the least. The local tuna dried up Thursday, and Friday most boats moved...
  138. DOGHOUSE26

    8-4-2020 San Diego Cod fishing

    Actually I like Salmon Grouper well rinsed within a couple of days of the catch otherwise it gets too fishy
  139. DOGHOUSE26

    8-4-2020 San Diego Cod fishing

    2 week old in the bottom of your fridge Salmon Grouper
  140. DOGHOUSE26

    8-4-2020 San Diego Cod fishing

    Generally found in deeper>400' and taste like $h*t Nice going on the Cow nothing beats those nice Reds & Lings! Thanks for the Report
  141. DOGHOUSE26

    Tuna 8-4-20

    Nothing like an 8-9' rod to kick the newbie's ass! 3 Great Videos Thanks for sharing!
  142. DOGHOUSE26

    Monday 8/2- 302/226 causalities

    No with circles you just wind the line tight and let the hook set itself in the corner like its supposed to. If you jerk a circle hook you are more likely to disrupt the path of the line and the circle wont get a good bite at all. The turned in barb of the circle only catches the skin when the...
  143. DOGHOUSE26

    Monday 8/2- 302/226 causalities

    Small circles have a tough time getting enough meat to get a grip on the corner of the mouth; with those size fish you really need a larger circle than what they are biting on now but that's the price you pay to get bit. I just use regular Live bait hooks and set them early
  144. DOGHOUSE26

    8/03/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #10, 4 BF + 3YF, Tuna # 30 and skunk yet YTD

    Maybe on the first 2 or 3 trips but brother I think you guys got it down! Mostly on the sinker rig or flyline?
  145. DOGHOUSE26

    8/03/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #10, 4 BF + 3YF, Tuna # 30 and skunk yet YTD

    You guys are like Bird Dogs you always find them! All on Flyers? Great job and thanks for the report!
  146. DOGHOUSE26

    Monday 8/2- 302/226 causalities

    If that's your Mom then get ready for a PM from Hustler, he's getting tired of all those solo trips! Nice Catch and Thanks for the report!
  147. DOGHOUSE26

    School is back in

    Excellent move Pops I'm sure they will never forget the day. Thanks for the report!
  148. DOGHOUSE26

    Mixed bag 8/3

    Looks like a Great Day Thanks for the DETAILED Report Might need a pair of slickers Friday for the ride home stay safe!
  149. DOGHOUSE26

    8/2 Coronado Canyon BFT/YFT

    Great Write Up Congrats and thanks for the Report
  150. DOGHOUSE26

    8/2 Inside 302

    Wow I only missed it by 6 miles Congratulations on a fine day & Thanks for the Report!
  151. DOGHOUSE26

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    Yeah feels great gushing through the toes of bare feet
  152. DOGHOUSE26

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    Would you bring a 2 gallon bucket to a 3 alarm fire sometimes tuna on the deck get nasty after you stab them
  153. DOGHOUSE26

    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    Buoy Weather is predicting up to 20 kts of wind starting Wednesday developing into 5' swells @ 7 sec Saturday outside the 381; Windy calling for big winds as well right through the week. Hopefully things will change as the week goes by
  154. DOGHOUSE26

    What Wash Down Pump do you run?

    I received good service from the Blaster Pumps but when the last one tanked my buddy told me about the Jabsco Pump which acts like a Fire Hose; if my deck was painted it would probably blow the paint off. Very handy for blowing that tuna blood off the deck and gunnels after you finally get the...
  155. DOGHOUSE26

    La Mantia Crew 8/1/2020

    I think you made the right choice Congratulations and Thanks for the report!
  156. DOGHOUSE26

    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    I don't know what's worse, your yesterday quote or the thought of fishing that WON Tuna Tourney next Saturday with 15-20 kts of wind predicted from Tueday through the weekend with big money on the line
  157. DOGHOUSE26

    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    [email protected] 34 over 34 at greylight and headed west passing a sporty with a couple of fish going then we had a group of tuna birds lead us to some puddlers we were able to get up on and throw some bait. Put out a butt hooked dean on 25# and got picked up within 30 seconds; let it run a little...
  158. DOGHOUSE26

    One Dead, more Missing off San Clemente Island: 7/31/20

    Notice the ocean was fairly flat in the video with small swells spaced far apart; when the accident happened the swells were 5-6' @ 5-6 seconds and they didn't have a chance. they must have mistakenly turned into the swell direction and pearled the front end causing water to flood the 2 forward...
  159. DOGHOUSE26

    Place to stay and slip in SD or Mission Bay?

    Try the Hyatt Islandia in Mission Bay; in the same basin as the Bait Receiver.
  160. DOGHOUSE26

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Are you 100% sure it is untreated sewage?
  161. DOGHOUSE26

    Aztec 7-30

    Nice Ocean! Be glad you were on the Big Boat!
  162. DOGHOUSE26

    Huntington Beach Harbor - Please be courteous to your fellow neighbors.

    Put it in a hoop net you can thank me later..........
  163. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission at Night

    Any Batrays in your catch, I bet they would be a fun ride in your sled.
  164. DOGHOUSE26

    DP to SCI 7/30 Report

    Wow what a great report including the new tactics that were proven before our very eyes. Thanks for the VERY DETAILED report in the nick of time for the weekend and congratulations on a fine day in shitty weather!
  165. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Really think about it if it drifted stern first all your lines in the stern would go under the boat instead of to the right or left depending on which way the boat was traveling; during the slide all lines head to the stern but as the boat drifts the boat will turn more sideways one way or...
  166. DOGHOUSE26

    Personal Best Bluefin

    Congratulations it used to be you had to go on a 16 day trip worth $4000 to get one that big; getting a PB will be harder an harder each year! Thanks for the report!
  167. DOGHOUSE26

    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Excellent Work and thanks for the Helpful Tips! Did that baby get up to the surface and then it was Game On or did it take off after you gunned the boat and the line came tight?
  168. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Wrong Tourney ours is in 2 weeks on the 8th of August. I just put $3600 into my boat to get it Tip Top ready; he put over $20K into his new sled and sadly it still has serious issues that hopefully will be corrected by Tournament Time and if not we'll postpone our challenge to another tourney...
  169. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD N.I.B.TRANX 500PG $500

    Is that the Hi-Speed Model for throwing jigs?
  170. DOGHOUSE26

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

  171. DOGHOUSE26

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

  172. DOGHOUSE26

    7/26/20 7.5 NW of the 43

    You wear those shorts anywhere in public besides fishing and you'll have every Lesbian within 1/2 mile tracking you down, and that could be a good thing. :oops:
  173. DOGHOUSE26

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I've searched for the BH 86N can't find it anywhere; ended up with a Shimano Ocea 8'8" By the way to the OP - get rid of the topshot go straight with braid and an 18-24" 80-100# mono leader above the popper.
  174. DOGHOUSE26

    7/26/20 7.5 NW of the 43

    Congratulations, Thanks for the report and those shorts are going to stink for DAYS!
  175. DOGHOUSE26

    Carlsbad Kelp Beds

    I think Swamis to the pipe is in a MLPA
  176. DOGHOUSE26

    7/24 Tuna Skunk but Large Calico

    Thats a great screen shot does your unit have CHIRP?
  177. DOGHOUSE26

    Looking for YF found Halibut

    Nice butt and no I'm not talking about your wife Congratulations & Thanks for the report!
  178. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay How much for a scoop

    35 half 45 full scoop. supposedly 3 passes half 6 passes full Sportys pay Everingham 15% of the ticket for bait
  179. DOGHOUSE26

    El Skunko has Return-O 7/24/20 Offshore

    "Ate dinner, showered, feel refreshed. Can't wait to get back out there " Maybe you'll have second thoughts after you refill your fuel tank:mad: We did the same thing over 135 miles traveled and there was 1 fish between the 5 other boats I talk to. We only had one foamer that stayed up and I...
  180. DOGHOUSE26

    Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    Took a 25 minute wait today for bait in Mission Bay with 2 lines going; it would go alot faster if the next boat behind the boat getting bait was just behind it maybe with a guy on the barge holding the boat back rather than having the boat 100-200' back and the rest of us in line get to watch...
  181. DOGHOUSE26

    Best day ever triple limits

    Great day for you, and a few of the unlucky ones! Way to share the wealth Thanks for the Report!
  182. DOGHOUSE26

    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    No wonder it was all on poppers doesn't look like a good batch from Everingham this trip
  183. DOGHOUSE26

    Expedited Visas

    are you talking about a Land or Marine Visa
  184. DOGHOUSE26

    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    Great Work I guess the Captain got tired of going up and down the ladder and got it done from the Bridge! Nice video Ronson Thanks for the Report!
  185. DOGHOUSE26

    Popper Rod for a Stella 18000

    Looking for suggestions on an 8' popper & stickbait rod for a Stella 18000 using 80# braid; 9' is too cumbersome to store in the cabin. Thanks!
  186. DOGHOUSE26

    7/17/20 Go Now

    Holy Shit you were't kidding when you said your son in law was hot Nice Work! How big were the Flyer Fish?
  187. DOGHOUSE26

    Alaska Hunt/Fish Trip

    Be prepared they won't let you into the state without a clean Covid Test within 3 days of your arrival
  188. DOGHOUSE26

    Blues and yellow 7/14/20 on the mission belle

    Nice Ocean! Congrats on the catch and Thanks for the Report!
  189. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    Oh yeah you really downgraded to your latest sled let me know when you want to dump it its the perfect Solo Runner!
  190. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 2003 Blackman Outerbanks

    My 87 Blackman is on its 3rd Engine/Outdrive Package, First AD41 200HP went to 4468 hrs; 2nd AD41P 200HP went to 5500 hrs; In 2008 I re-powered with a D4-260 which makes it a completely different animal and I'm looking at 2335 hrs now. I know of a 23 Blackman out of Hawaii that put over 10,000...
  191. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Sat July 11 2020

    Only at night when we're buggin
  192. DOGHOUSE26

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Check the Pic at the top of the post; not Biggest Ts. There's no open windshield and oddly enough looks like the same Denali Tow Vehicle. Looks Like the trailer might have been bent in the recovery. I'm pulling your badge Inspector Gadget
  193. DOGHOUSE26

    New Lo An 1.5

    Nice Fish and Great Report, I'd take that trip rather than wait for a turn on the kite any day !
  194. DOGHOUSE26

    Need another Cooler 7/11

    Thank you for your service and congrats on a great catch! We fished the 9 last Sunday everywhere was plugged with reds, although we didn't see anything that nice just solid 3-4# fish.
  195. DOGHOUSE26

    Sh***y day 7/12

    Ouch, but those are nice bass. Thanks for the report!
  196. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Sat July 11 2020

    We had luck just outside the north tip of the outside Bait Barge
  197. DOGHOUSE26

    Need another Cooler 7/11

    Very Nice I hoped you marked it!
  198. DOGHOUSE26

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Congratulations on your fish, Nice Work! And Yes You Got F'd Post the Name!
  199. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Yeah too bad I was at the desert that Halibut weekend maybe we could have solved it back then But now with enough notice you're on FUCKTARD see you at the weigh in. Remember, bring your crew but you drive your own boat Captain
  200. DOGHOUSE26

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    Dude if they ever bring back Beverly Hillbillies you could be Jethro and make a killing! Nice Catch but next time you pick up your California Fishing License maybe grab a copy of the Fish I.D Book too might save you some cash.
  201. DOGHOUSE26

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    You know what you're doing on the kelps and in regards to your next post Rick you should drive that bus like you stole it! Nothing better than the sound of your spinning FlowScans drowning out engine noise!
  202. DOGHOUSE26

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Maybe when there are only 1 or 2 boats on the spot I'll agree its hard and you probably have to reset once or twice to get where you want to be with enough spacing and it frequently happens to me. But when 30 boats are in a 1/2 mile square area and all the boats are on the hook with all their...
  203. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    I'd rather be fishing on my own boat at least 2 times a week and I don't have to save my lunch money to go once or twice a year on somebody else's boat so they can give me an opportunity to catch something but they always get mad at me cuz I try to throw iron off the stern of a sportboat...
  204. DOGHOUSE26

    DP-E drive oil dark

    That's why it is so important to tell your clueless fishing buddies to keep track of their lines and don't let them get into the props, That's probably what caused the seal to fail and your bearings are the first to go when the salt water invades them. Thank God the newer DPH Outdrives have...
  205. DOGHOUSE26

    O95 day and a half 7-9

    At least you got bit! Although not a happy ending and not a lot of fishing details due to lack of fish, Thanks for the report!
  206. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Hodgman Brighton Neoprene MAX-5 Size 9

    Its only been 6 months since you first put them up maybe time to donate to a veteran or something
  207. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    #1 Because you started at the rear corner and you didn't get bit by the time you passed Galley entrance, and where are you supposed to go when the 30 other anglers drop their bait in the rear corner under the Chum line? The boat drifts sideways with the wind and when the boat is drifting and if...
  208. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Not really, most sport boats will drift sideways to the wind in order to get more rail space for their anglers. Now where the chum goes is a different story; in the beginning it goes with the current whichever way the current might be going, but it will eventually end up upwind of the boat or...
  209. DOGHOUSE26

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Way to stay with it Congratulations on a nice catch! Thanks for the report
  210. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Oh you again still throwing that iron 500 yards off the stern? Remember you would have had to throw it over 2 boats to get to me you're still a clown
  211. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    You don't need AIS in broad daylight get off your throne and find your own fish Jesus
  212. DOGHOUSE26

    Bookends by 11

    Thats a great video who's running the drone?
  213. DOGHOUSE26

    1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    Congratulations on a nice fish and Thanks for the Detailed Report! Yummy, Flyer, or bait/sinker?
  214. DOGHOUSE26

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    If a Sporty pulled up on a paddy that he knew I was fishing I would pull right back up no matter how close and fish it. I was on a hot seabass bite right next to the nest in the middle of the fleet one of the Seaforth boats pulled in right off my bow set his anchor then backed in within 30' of...
  215. DOGHOUSE26

    Honey, I'm HOME

    Jason finally came out of the Closet and Ali ran off with his Hot Intern other than that its been quiet:oops:
  216. DOGHOUSE26

    6/30 Bluefin Biters

    Great Report and Congratulations on an Awesome Day! Nice to know somebody is putting the wood to them! That first pic is a Wallhanger get 4 copies made so years from now when you keep in touch with your buddies over the phone you can look at that pic and brighten your day with the memory!
  217. DOGHOUSE26

    Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Great write up and thanks for the report. We were in the same area just before lunch and marked a ton of bait so we hammered the ridge waiting for the afternoon slack but they never showed anywhere in the afternoon. Sick-Wide for the previous 3 afternoons but not this time; Unfortunately that's...
  218. DOGHOUSE26

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    You sly dog I like it! Does it work while Hoopin too?
  219. DOGHOUSE26

    White seabass at Reindeer Island June 28

    Those are some beautiful Reds you got there with the Biscuit and Hamachi plate, 180 miles in that rig take all of 4 hours actual travel time in those sea conditions, my heart bleeds for you. Congrats and thanks for the report!
  220. DOGHOUSE26

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    You must be the Asshat with a 6X Jr impaled in your forehead still wondering what happened. The smart thing to do would be to leave the paddy alone and try to find the current break its on and move up or down the break and find another one probably close by. when you pass it mark it on your...
  221. DOGHOUSE26

    Catalina Success

    Oh My that's a day many dream about Congratulations!
  222. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Sank Near GG Bridge

    My hat's off to you, you risked your family to save another while keeping your cool and getting it done when the CG couldn't get there in time; Job Well Done Thank You!
  223. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT 6/26

    Fantastic Trip Thanks for the Report and by the way Congratulations!
  224. DOGHOUSE26

    Live Flying Fish

    I believe all finfish must be caught by hook & line unless specifically listed for catch by any net. There are a few local commercial boats who supply the Tackle shops with flyers and I bet they would be on the radio or phone to the DF&W in a heartbeat if they saw anyone scooping flyers at...
  225. DOGHOUSE26

    Oceanside reports question?????

    Remember there are 365 days in a year and you picked one of the 3 lucky ones! Nice catch by the way.
  226. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    For every 50 fish like your size I bet 2-3 are landed on 30#; we were victim #49 on a 180# BFT after 90 minutes yesterday 5 miles below your numbers. Saw a lot of fish yesterday to the west but they didn't want the flyer or yummy, and its tough to sit soaking up to 4-6 hours waiting for that one...
  227. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    If a little Church can save someone like you then I'm a newfound believer Amen
  228. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Congrats Ron Nice Fish!
  229. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    When you get as old as I am you never know when or where you'll need it and I'm still running low.
  230. DOGHOUSE26

    SD bay not bad

    Different Day Different results I was pretty sure where you were talking about and we gave it a shot Tuesday morning early and only a couple of missed bites in your zone; but that was our whole day all the way inside to the Aircraft Carriers. Great bait all day and we ended up with maybe 5-6...
  231. DOGHOUSE26

    6-20-20 Mission Belle - Coronado Yellows!

    Those 3 - 3/4 day boats are really working hard to keep their patrons happy and they are miles above the rest! They realize you're shelling out big dollars and they go over the top to earn your business with late trips like these!
  232. DOGHOUSE26

    SCI Island report 6/20

    A little nicer grade than we're seeing here down south Nice Catch!
  233. DOGHOUSE26

    6/20 Point Loma and La Jolla

    The Kayakers are a good indicator of what's really going on in La Jolla, often with their stealth mode of no motor they will catch big YT and WSB while the PBers come up empty it just means you need to change your tactics and adapt to whats there. Keep an eye on the Spearos too they're a good...
  234. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Thanks but when Universal was in short supply I loaded about 250-500 28 gauge loads with it and couldn't believe all the crap left in my receiver trigger assembly it shoots dirty and I have 3# left. I'll eventually use it on 20 gauge Pheasant Loads
  235. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I would have thought you needed a fast burning power with steel but what do I know? I did some reading and its quite the opposite since the made for steel wads are thicker and have no cushion in them.
  236. DOGHOUSE26

    WE ARE NOT ALONE! 6/20/20

    Come on, I know its a Parker one of 75 @ the islands; hang a Trump Flag off the back so we can start a Parade and nobody will know your catching!
  237. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Did a little research for you: From Shotgun World - . Ballistic Products Inc. "Advantages", current edition <<< main steel shot resource. Advantages has about 100 times more recipes for steel shot than anything else. With that manual in hand, you can exactly answer your thoughts on various...
  238. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I load them all the time using AA Specs they have the same plastic inner base the only difference is the 6 star crimp and the steel base. They don't reload as many times as the AA though the steel needs to be resized frequently Did you ever see a published recipe for Longshot using steel shot?
  239. DOGHOUSE26

    WE ARE NOT ALONE! 6/20/20

    What kind of boat do you have, I need to follow you around:oops: Great work and Thanks for the report!
  240. DOGHOUSE26

    6/20 Point Loma and La Jolla

    Great write up Ryan thanks for the report! Were the yakkers catching anything?
  241. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    Ronson Was that after the islands yesterday? Nice Work! Nevermind just read Fishdope!
  242. DOGHOUSE26

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I've reloaded Longshot on some 20 & 28 gauge shells and its works well however a pretty dirty burning powder you'll really notice in autoloaders. Have you seen Longshot used in other published Steel Loads as its slow burning and typically used in High Base and Magnum Shotshells. I would think...
  243. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    That's a nice one great work! Thanks for the report!
  244. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados 6/20

    Great Video, nice catch, and thanks for the Report; I find it a little disturbing to hear you got rocked on 30# in 80' of water by 12-15# yellows flylining sardines. On 20# sure thing. Maybe get a scale and bump those drag settings up a little bit.
  245. DOGHOUSE26

    When to fly what, Yummy & Flying Fish

    The Dead Flyers won't hold up skipping them at the required 7-10kts so skip the yummys and drift/fly the Flyers
  246. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados 6/19 Biting

    Sounds like a great day to me Thanks for the Report!
  247. DOGHOUSE26

    Friday at the Nados

    Nice work way to stay with it, Thanks for the update!
  248. DOGHOUSE26

    Islands yellows 6/19

    Nice Catch glad to see you got them where everybody else wasn't! Thanks for the Report!
  249. DOGHOUSE26

    small bait fish ID

    Thanks, I always wondered what they really were I saw many of them over sand while snorkleing, you learn something new every day!
  250. DOGHOUSE26

    Rockpile and SKR 6/18

    Glad u got some Thanks for the report! Were the YT Bigger this week?
  251. DOGHOUSE26

    Time to book hunts for the 20-21 Season

    I just checked and Semi Autos are OK but it is model specific
  252. DOGHOUSE26

    Time to book hunts for the 20-21 Season

    If Canada doesn't open up and change they're Semi-Auto Ban I'll be giving you a call. Can I pay with West Jet Travel Coupons?:p
  253. DOGHOUSE26

    SoCal WSB - Significance of Moon Phase

    Location, Location, Location.....................
  254. DOGHOUSE26

    Filming a documentary fishing in mexico tomorrow...

    Cell Coverage might be a problem @ the 371
  255. DOGHOUSE26

    New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    Thanks for the report, you'll get your limit next time. Its all about time on the rail.
  256. DOGHOUSE26

    Rod and reel type

    Do us all a favor and take a speed reading class then you can pick what you want to absorb so we don't bore you and if you need hard numbers go study the Fish Counts!
  257. DOGHOUSE26

    New Lo Ann 1.5 Day 6-15-20

    Congratulations on a nice catch, and thanks for the report. Looks like you had your fish under control, lord knows what would have happened if it got hold of your Taser..............
  258. DOGHOUSE26

    AA Trip Report

    Glad you got them on a Great Boat; Thanks for the Report!
  259. DOGHOUSE26

    Here We Go Again with the Annoying Pop Up Ads

    We understand the need to advertise but really this is getting to be too much somebody needs to get the settings straight. Ad Blocker here we come...........
  260. DOGHOUSE26

    Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    Yeah that fits the timeline better glad you smoked them and thanks for the report.
  261. DOGHOUSE26

    Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    Thanks, You realize Pukey is the North tip of North Island?
  262. DOGHOUSE26

    Diesel skipjack propeller size ?

    Probably has a 1.96 and should run @ 3600-4000 RPM WOT. A4s would be a better fit unless you're not getting at least 3800-3900 fully loaded WOT now.
  263. DOGHOUSE26

    Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    Great catch did your boat get most of the yellows off SKR in the afternoon or off Middle grounds earlier?
  264. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados 6-13

    Hit the islands @ dawn yesterday nice ride down small swell with no wind. Didn't see anyone else @ Middle grounds so we stopped @ gunsite and threw out a net of sardines and it was all the 12-18" Calicos you could want for 20 minutes and all released. We dropped in a couple of X-Raps and headed...
  265. DOGHOUSE26

    Diesel skipjack propeller size ?

    Depends of your outdrive ratio whether its a 1.78 or 1.96:1; you don't state the length of your Skippy so its hard to tell based on gross weight. Most 26' Blackmans with 1.96 run A4s and 1.78s run A3s. You might be a little lighter so you might be able to go up a size, especially if yours is a...
  266. DOGHOUSE26

    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Dan you're a breath of fresh air in these challenging times; I'm sure that your gift will be at the top of Corbin's list forever and an inspiration to the rest of us thank you!
  267. DOGHOUSE26

    WSW or SSW Tomorrow for BFT?

    Hope you find them out west
  268. DOGHOUSE26


    You might be a day early but Good Luck go get them should get better as the day goes!
  269. DOGHOUSE26

    SD BAY 6/8

    Fished the incoming tide this morning for an assortment of butts, bass, and corvina with a few other surprises. Started in the main Channel off Ballast point for a lone Sand Bass then we moved inside and started getting more action across from the ramp couple of shorts and a few spotties until...
  270. DOGHOUSE26

    Huge fish caught and released at Coronado Islands

    Sounds like Black Lives Matter however For the record, properly cooked I doubt you could tell the difference just like in real life.
  271. DOGHOUSE26

    Thunderbird report was Clemente. Tomorrow going off shore 6/820

    12' @ 9 secnds I bet he stays in Pyramid Cove until heading for home
  272. DOGHOUSE26

    It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    It isn't as easy as you think............
  273. DOGHOUSE26

    Tues meeting for opening fishing in San Diego

    Bryan I sent the guy a PM and he just doesn't get it he thinks its not a partyboat its OK and you would hope somebody gets nailed on it as he gave up everything but the slip number I'd laugh my ass off if a few gents were waiting at the dock for their return.
  274. DOGHOUSE26

    Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

    Thats a nice fish Congratulations we were in the same area and saw you out there couple of times. Not so lucky for us only a yellowfin and bluefin on bait in the 30# range same area early. My condolences to LongBoard on the 17' Invader we listened to your pain during the fight but never heard...
  275. DOGHOUSE26

    Tribute report

  276. DOGHOUSE26

    Tues meeting for opening fishing in San Diego

    WTF Do you do with your 30' Grady White just a wax & polish please?
  277. DOGHOUSE26

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Wow thats Wicked Tuna Quality right there! Congratulations and thanks for the DETAILED report it was a pleasure to read!
  278. DOGHOUSE26

    Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Wow Ali thanks for the seminar it can't do anything but help us all catch fish! Although you were 40 miles from home quit your bitching what did it take you 90 Minutes to the Dock Thanks for the DETAILED Report!?
  279. DOGHOUSE26

    Tuna Seiners

    The Mexican BFT Quota was reached by the middle of February above Cedros Island; I’m not so sure the American Quota has been reached yet I haven’t seen anything published
  280. DOGHOUSE26

    Blood on the deck 5/29/20

    Maybe a battery switch so you can isolate the starting battery from the house battery
  281. DOGHOUSE26

    Blood on the deck 5/29/20

    Looks like a great day you got some big ones there! Thanks for the DETAILED report. What was up with the motor?
  282. DOGHOUSE26

    I need kites!!!

    Dana Landing Tackle Shop next to the Ramp @ Mission Bay 619 226 2929
  283. DOGHOUSE26

    Fishing Mexican Water Offshore Question

    Technically you need to avoid and stay outside the 12 mile limit including the Islands unless you have a current FMM and Manifest. Couple years ago one of the overnight boats was coming back up the line from fishing 390 area and they cut within 5-8 miles of North Island and they were stopped by...
  284. DOGHOUSE26

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Unless they are Disabled Veterans I'm pretty sure Bad Company or Good Karma are open for charter. Keep in mind Texas and East Coast boats frequently have to run 60-100 miles just to get in the zone and sometimes its only 6- 15 miles for us out here rarely over 60
  285. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    Its the way it is get over it or don't go
  286. DOGHOUSE26

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    I'm not a Sashimi Guy but that looks GOOD!
  287. DOGHOUSE26

    5/26 bluefin

    Sounds like a Great Day Congratulations! Did you troll the flyers off a balloon or just slow trolled way back on a flat line? Thanks for the report!
  288. DOGHOUSE26

    Back Bay Fishing Turned Off

    After watching your other video last week I thought it would be cool to catch one of those Corvina as I've never caught one in the bay, ever. Low and behold I caught 2 on live sardines while drifting for butts in shallow water next to the Coronado Helicopter Hangers. Nice fight, fish went about...
  289. DOGHOUSE26

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Call Dana Landing Tackle Shop, they have a TRIPLE OUTBOARD rocketship with you in mind no bullshit 619 226 2929
  290. DOGHOUSE26

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    Nice catch the ocean doesn’t look that bad was that your only bite? Looks like the neighborhood will be eating well this week Thanks for the report
  291. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT ON 5/23/20 (PB)

    I’d trade a 240 for a 130 anytime nice work way to stay with it! Thanks for the report
  292. DOGHOUSE26

    Fishing Mexican Water Offshore Question

    If you’re farther offshore than 12 miles then a Mexican license is all you need. The fish are 45-55miles from the point now and most will leave around 3-4AM and cruise at 10-12 kts until it gets light enough to see then open it up to 18-30 until they get to the grounds by 7AM or sooner. Some...
  293. DOGHOUSE26

    Hidden bank area - We sucked. 5.22.2020

    Great advice and thanks for the report; nice to know even the very experienced pull a zero every once and awhile but that’s BFT fishing
  294. DOGHOUSE26

    BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    Congrats on a great day those are nice fish in anyone’s book and thanks for the DETAILED report! Good job on the YT too no need to waste them
  295. DOGHOUSE26

    DP-E drive oil dark

    If you find any mono wrapped around the propshaft you won’t need a pressure test; in severe cases you can see the damaged seal easily maybe even some melted mono I’ve been there a couple of times
  296. DOGHOUSE26

    5-21-2020 BFT REPORT

    Great pics looks like those kill bags will be full. Thanks for the report, how were the Ocean Conditions?
  297. DOGHOUSE26

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    You're right they have all been nice and its not they're fault don't take it out on them.
  298. DOGHOUSE26

    05.20 BFT

    Thanks for the DETAILED report; were you in your boat how bad was it coming home?
  299. DOGHOUSE26

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    Those assholes are the 1st Tier of the MLPA both past and future not very fond of them but if they see violations they will radio a uniform and try to get you to stick around.
  300. DOGHOUSE26

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    They can't unless you are in your boat offshore and they are with the Coast Guard which has been tracking you and then they know exactly where you have been. A look at your GPS Track would help if you want to help your case. But like I said, if you have a Mex Fishing License and you filled out a...
  301. DOGHOUSE26

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    It rarely happens if your boat is in a slip but if you launch at the ramps every time it does happen frequently. The real concern with them is during the Rockfish Closure in CA from Jan-March 1st; they want you to document you caught the fish in Mexico not CA. Also possession limits come into...
  302. DOGHOUSE26

    The Day of Reckoning is Here................ Payback's a Bitch!
  303. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronado Islands Casino?

    When I was in my Early Teens we would get in there tight and jig squid at night during Christmas Break on the overnight boats and catch Nice Yellows, WSB , and Big Halibut the following day; I dont remember the entire buildings being there but the pilings were still up.
  304. DOGHOUSE26

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    Its called the Declaration Form available on the DFG Website
  305. DOGHOUSE26

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    The Day of Reckoning is coming...
  306. DOGHOUSE26

    DP-E drive oil dark

    Grey is generally water in the oil and if it really stinks Bingo! Have you had any Fishing line wrapped around the prop maybe getting into the seals? Did you pull the Props?
  307. DOGHOUSE26

    Went hunting for BF and ending up PADDY HOPPING for LIMITS

    You turned an average day into a great one with your last stop; way to keep at it! Thanks for the Report!
  308. DOGHOUSE26

    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Yes there were big enough no explanation needed! They really kick you ass, were you fishing 80 or 100#?
  309. DOGHOUSE26

    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Mark I kind of understand the 52.5 X 52.5 but call me stupid what do you mean by 80/800?
  310. DOGHOUSE26

    California lock down.

    Nothing says Hello like a GWS in the Slick no matter what size! Did it come by close enough for a good facial display?
  311. DOGHOUSE26

    Nados tails 5/16

    Keep an eye out on Craigslist!
  312. DOGHOUSE26

    California lock down.

    Good Point that Adam Schiff can be a real asshole at times!😝
  313. DOGHOUSE26

    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    Not to bust your balls Cory but nothing says Look At Me Fan Club better than just a picture; Nothing beats your videos!
  314. DOGHOUSE26

    California lock down.

    Fuck No Joe NEVER say never , I was born and raised here and although the state itself is a beautiful place to be, it is a far cry from the state I grew up in. I still have hope that maybe some day citizens in the major cities will open their eyes and get tired of stepping through human feces on...
  315. DOGHOUSE26

    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    Nice Catch Thanks for the DETAILED REPORT you're the best!:worship:
  316. DOGHOUSE26

    Tips locating Rockfish

    This kind of rigging is OK if you're fishing shallow(less than 250') and is fine for smaller cod but when you find the right spot @ 300-450' and start catching a couple of 3-10# fish each drop they start to twist the line as they come up and soon you will lose your sinker and the bottom fish...
  317. DOGHOUSE26

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Now thats Old School Rockcodding like in the days before GPS and Color Screen Fishfinders but jeez you really need to get the NOAA Buoy App so you can see the ocean conditions and pick nicer days to go! I can remember setting a course from the MB Jetty and timing our travel to get on the Upper...
  318. DOGHOUSE26

    Tips locating Rockfish

    We caught a bunch of those Sunsets on my buddy's boat in 165' off La Salina, Mexico and we never knew what they were for sure now I know Thanks!
  319. DOGHOUSE26

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Yes it was and still is; we have a release tool onboard where we can send them back down and release them. Last week this big FKR cost me 5 - 20oz sinkers and my $28 release tool when my line broke after releasing him @ 200'
  320. DOGHOUSE26

    Tips locating Rockfish

    What are you calling "Sunsets"?
  321. DOGHOUSE26

    Tips locating Rockfish

    If you really want to be consistantly sucessful you're going to need a decent Fishfinder to start with; probably a 500 -1000 watt unit which shows good pictures to at least 500'. My unit doesn't have the latest CHIRP Technology, but we seem to do OK. The first thing to do is get it off the AUTO...
  322. DOGHOUSE26

    Passport Purgatory

    My buddy paid the $60 Expedite Fee in March, and he still waits
  323. DOGHOUSE26

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Yes but for most even a fat wallet can only go so far...........
  324. DOGHOUSE26

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Just like the Cruise Ships, it might not be happening until August prepare yourself
  325. DOGHOUSE26

    5/9 Shake down trip... BFT Report

    Nice Fish and a Great Pic suitable for Framing. Thanks for the short Detailed Report!
  326. DOGHOUSE26

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Where did it say one person per Stateroom? I've done a lot of trips on its sister ship the AA and to my knowledge there is one stateroom off the galley and 10-12 triple bed bunkrooms down below but I could be mistaken and I don't think they will go with only 15. I could be wrong let me know
  327. DOGHOUSE26

    Offshore report and FD vent

    You Bastard you had me fooled I'm posting this from the Dumping Grounds
  328. DOGHOUSE26

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    So I take it you think all of us on BD are Dirtbags?
  329. DOGHOUSE26

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    I think the CDC and the Coast Guard will let them know when they can leave the docks on overnight trips; you can bet SAC and LoPreste are doing everything they can at whatever cost to get the guys back out on the water ASAP
  330. DOGHOUSE26

    Seriola ensalada

    Holy F that's a nice one!
  331. DOGHOUSE26

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    The FMM Site was working fine; I sent my receipt and Manafest to the Ensenada Port Captain as required and haven't received a response from them; but that is normal. Usually don't get a confirmation from them for a week or so.
  332. DOGHOUSE26

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Wednesday Night I purchased my FMM for 4 anglers and then went to the Biosphere site and purchased my 1 year Bracelets, no problem. And where in the Fish Counts or Schedules are they posting 7 angler Limited Load Trips? I've heard of a few Crew Trips but nothing for the public. Could the Coast...
  333. DOGHOUSE26

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Half and 3/4 Day Boats will be able to fish long before Overnight or LR Trips leave the dock. Just as long as they can keep their 6' Social Distancing and good luck with that!
  334. DOGHOUSE26

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Commander Pinhead does the No Coronado Islands Fishing apply to both private and Sportboats when they are able to go?
  335. DOGHOUSE26

    Rockfish are there

    We fished a little outside you guys today with similar results; our nicer reds were caught 30' off the bottom on squid. We lost 5-20oz sinkers and my release tool getting this guy back down to the bottom The water was dirty on the Border but seemed to be clean green on the edge of the canyon...
  336. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Boats opening

    The Shogun isnt any different than the rest of the fleet; Nobody is going at least until after the 15th and probably longer. It is nice to see them getting a little cash flow going however.
  337. DOGHOUSE26

    Buddy boating today with member Split172

    There can't be much stainless steel in your knife grabbed by a magnet better wash it with WD-40
  338. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Boats opening

    If you booked a trip on the Shogun, or probably any other overnight boat this weekend, might be time to start looking for an alternate date cuz it ain't happening. The AA Report says it all.
  339. DOGHOUSE26

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Double or nothing I Don't think its going to happen this weekend and it will be awhile longer for overnights
  340. DOGHOUSE26

    Sun May 3rd Fuel burning exercise / BFT skunk

    Screw fishing Lou the red tide will kill us for another week the real question is are you still getting hot chick action with the new boat! Glad to see you're getting out keep those reports coming and now I'll be able to tell who that screamer was passing me coming back from the 43. It really...
  341. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    Plenty of room for your hoops up front Billy as close as you set them you could probably pull 2 at a time.
  342. DOGHOUSE26

    Sun May 3rd Fuel burning exercise / BFT skunk

    Thanks for the great detailed Report! 32 on the way home what are you running in that Racehorse?
  343. DOGHOUSE26

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Looks like BugRider is after Big Game
  344. DOGHOUSE26

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Take another dude and if you get stopped just tell them he's your lover and I guarantee they'll leave you alone. But it doesn't work with a little kido_O
  345. DOGHOUSE26

    Won't be long now.

    Be smart people know if you have more than 2 adults on board there is a greater chance you might get checked for the same household; keep your masks on until you leave the harbor lets not blow it!.
  346. DOGHOUSE26

    Won't be long now.

    Just make those checks out to Jeff Meeker , escondido, CA.
  347. DOGHOUSE26

    Isolation on the big blue pacific lake

    Not a whole lot of water that blue within 50 miles of the beach Nice Catch, Thanks for the report!
  348. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla PM 4-26

    Looks Much Better! I didn't know Parker made an Icebreaker
  349. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla PM 4-26

    Snuck out past the Authorities this afternoon headed for La Jolla and guys you're not missing a thing. Dead red @ 80' and shallower, a little better but streaky out to 150' and just plain dirty after that. It will be at least a week maybe 2 before the inshore ocean sheds its Corona. Made it as...
  350. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    When you add salt to water it lowers the temperature required to make ice; I don't know exactly what that temperature it is but it would require alot more cooling power. I've seen the RSW holds in the LR Boats get down below 32-34 degrees but the water never freezes
  351. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    The last week of the lobster season was the beginning of the shutdown and wholesalers saw no future demand; and I bet he still has his 1000 pounds in a freezer. And as far as getting kicked in the nuts, ever since the Chinese were buying up everything which artificially drove the price up over...
  352. DOGHOUSE26

    2020 offshore season hopefully

    I learned something today and stand corrected. Thanks!
  353. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo g5 dp props

    Can you get 3500RPM WOT with G5s? I have a 260 with G4s but maybe my ratio is 1:78 I'll have to check
  354. DOGHOUSE26

    Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    All the way from Dana Point You da Man! How was the ride home? Thanks for the report
  355. DOGHOUSE26

    2020 offshore season hopefully

    Fish Dope would be the best $200 you ever spent you get the Temp & Chlorophyll charts which show the water color along with a decent daily Fish Report. You'll save Time and money. Temp Break does not show Chlorophyll Readings and they don't always line up with the Temperature Breaks. I watched 2...
  356. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo g5 dp props

    Are you running a D4-225 or 260?
  357. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo g5 dp props

    What motor are you running and what is your gear ratio? Are you running 3s or 4s now? How many hours did you get out of your first Outdrive?
  358. DOGHOUSE26

    Rpt.-Thur.-04-23-20 Great to get out, very slow!

    Thanks for the report Cory nice to know somebody is getting out!
  359. DOGHOUSE26

    2020 offshore season hopefully

    If you're looking offshore Follow the color line on FishDope or Terrafin from west of Clemente all the way to the Hidden; anything inside that including the 43 is dirty no life. The inshore is very streaky you just have to find a cleaner spot to fish.
  360. DOGHOUSE26

    Offshore report and FD vent

    Follow the color line on FishDope or Terrafin from west of Clemente all the way to the Hidden; anything inside that including the 43 is dirty no life
  361. DOGHOUSE26

    Won't be long now.

    I still have $100 on May 1st
  362. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    Great news makes sense they only left out the most important fact: When's the Fn Start Date!
  363. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    There's nothing wrong with a commercial Guy with a Retail License selling directly to Markets and restaurants as long as he has a retail license or the market has a Receivers License. You might get more money for your catch going this way, however there are many times when they already have...
  364. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    I have heard of 2 active NMFS Investigations concerning 2 different vessels in SD over just what you have described and they are not messing around; they want to make an example out of them. One of them is a constant repeat offender who should get his boat chained to the dock. It has been going...
  365. DOGHOUSE26

    4/11 Fishing SMB in Rough Conditions + Underwater Footage at 160' (Video)

    Get him a small levelwind reel and put a small flat Rockcod plate just above rod handle, he can rest it on the gunnel and keep the reel straight up and down
  366. DOGHOUSE26

    CIH and Ventura opening with crazy rules

    Andrey count your blessings we're still stuck ashore for another week down here in SD
  367. DOGHOUSE26

    4/11 Fishing SMB in Rough Conditions + Underwater Footage at 160' (Video)

    Great Video Eli Thanks for sharing! I hope you let the little guy @ 5:00 minutes reel in a monster he was really putting the wood to them!
  368. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    We went to Pirates Cove below Needles last week and it was open with the Launch ramp open to Campers only; no day use. It was about half full during the week but full over the weekend. Did a little target shooting out there as well in the ravines. Went to Havisu for a day not alot of boats on...
  369. DOGHOUSE26

    Won't be long now.

    Hatred isn't always taught; I'd bet it is more often learned
  370. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    Are you selling to receivers or end consumers; you need a retail license @ $112 to sell to end consumers
  371. DOGHOUSE26

    Won't be long now.

    I'll put my money on May 1st for MB to reopen, but it wouldn't shock me if it was this weekend
  372. DOGHOUSE26

    Cannot buy ammo?

    It might be a store to store difference
  373. DOGHOUSE26

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Or course no problem for Arizona citizens, I was referring to Californians trying to buy ammo in AZ.
  374. DOGHOUSE26

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Some stores will not sell you ammo unless you have an AZ Hunting License
  375. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    Well then I guess you could call your friend stupid for leaving his FG numbers on the boat
  376. DOGHOUSE26

    Commercial hacks

    And how is their Outboard Manufacturer going to know its now commercial?
  377. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Trumps tax plan eliminated business entertainment expense and I claimed 33% of my boat costs that way; by going commercial I can write off 100 % of expenses but you need to show a profit every now and then
  378. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    I just received an email from the CDFW office explainng what is needed to acquire a commercial license and it appears nothing has changed. You need a personal Commercial Fishing License, an Ocean Enhancement Stamp, and most importantly if you want access through the harbor you will need a...
  379. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Things have changed this year. Rod & Reel Commercial Fishing licenses were about $600/year covering your personal license, the $55 Ocean Enhancement Fee, and your Boat Permit. However, if you didn't have a Commercial License in 2019 or if you did and you did not renew it before the April 1st...
  380. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1982 Skipjack open for sale "UnReel"

    Must have been in Witness Protection and just got out! Are you still pluggin those big butts Behdad (Not talking about possible jail) up there ?
  381. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 1990 bayrunner open deck 18’ $7000

    That is a steal won't last long GLWS
  382. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    You would be so surprised in MB
  383. DOGHOUSE26

    Duncan v. Becerra, Live stream 4/02/20 9am

    Yes and the Male Judge in the back seemed to cherish his AR as well I think it went well for us
  384. DOGHOUSE26

    World of Fire Pop Up

    Yeah, and gas in that Hot Rod of yours too! I've ordered quite a few pairs of shorts off the AFTCO ad good stuff, I thought something wasn't right as that World Of Fire takes over the screen. Completely understand and thanks for the quick response; I'm surprised you didn't pull a Trump and...
  385. DOGHOUSE26

    World of Fire Pop Up

    OK we've seen enough of this can somebody turn the F'n thing off!
  386. DOGHOUSE26

    Late March 2020 - Dogs down

    Nice Catch what was your weapon of choice? Were you using an electronic call?
  387. DOGHOUSE26

    Duncan v. Becerra, Live stream 4/02/20 9am

    Is that a wish or a fact? Where did you find it? By the way thank to the OP for the original post and heads up; since I wasn't doing anything I watched/listened to the whole thing and it looked good for us from the start with the questions they asked of the State's representitive. I hope this...
  388. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Browning Invector Choke Tubes

    I have a few Browning 12 Gauge Invector Choke tubes @ $15 Each: 2-IC, 1-Mod, 1-Full 1 Browning Choke Wrench - $20
  389. DOGHOUSE26

    Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    Good news get us the scoop when they get back
  390. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    When I looked into it this is what they said Commerial License resident $149 Ocean Enhancement $ 55 Commercial Boat $387 Commercial Fish Business License $ 2,195 Commercial Retail License $112 Commercial Swordfish $534...
  391. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    If you don't have one its only about $4,000 for first timers I think I'll wait
  392. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    If they're smart they'll wait until dark
  393. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Just what we needed to hear thanks!
  394. DOGHOUSE26

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Jason you're a breath of fresh air......NOT! Thanks for the update
  395. DOGHOUSE26

    I found my dream boat!

    Please Clarify, are you and SSU Fish Hooked Up?:p
  396. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    I preferred to use a colon, but at least you could figure it out so there is some hope
  397. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    WTF Don't you understand? Yes I said the death rate is 2%; BBC said it was stupid then made a statement about millions in the country that have not been diagnosed there must be something going on, and I quoted it as being just as stupid. Then you come in and can't follow the posts and pop off...
  398. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    First Lines are the original post by 500BBC Click on th BD Help button for any future problems understanding before you triple check next time
  399. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    WTF are you really that dense? I never changed my story and stand by my posts. I've read some of your other posts on other threads and you appear to be a full blown retard but to each his own I guess. Life goes on..........
  400. DOGHOUSE26

    I found my dream boat!

    Yep $368,000 as shown at the Show. You can buy alot of used boats double the length for $368,000 right now. And I just can't see you pulling hoops over that nice new gelcoat!
  401. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    No I'm quoting 500BBC's post get a clue efore you pop off
  402. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    How did you come to that conclusion?
  403. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    I hate to say it but this video is the stupidest post ever
  404. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    Really Genius? I could say the same thing about you: There are millions of people in this country alone that have had it and were not diagnosed with it. This is not about the virus, What is really going on? What do you base that statement on Einstein and do you think this involves the...
  405. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    While you're at it why don't you throw in Racist too its obvious. Everything is politics to these bitches
  406. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    WTF Get off the Crack and relax a little. Those were the FACTS we had today, tomorrow they will change. As more testing is available statistics will become more accurate. Science uses these statistics to develop models which shows trends. You are so worried about the Death Count and its all...
  407. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    Those are the FACTS as we know them today yes based on reported cases. You can only base those rate on THE FACTS in front of you and although not actual, they do show a trend and give us some insight as to what is ahead.
  408. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    The death rate has jumped 33% in 2 days its up to 2% now and climbing
  409. DOGHOUSE26

    Going out Tuesday 3/31

    Great Effort and thanks for the report. Your report is the best prescription for those of us stuck on land PLEASE ANYBODY KEEP THEM COMING!
  410. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Thanks for the heads up Ali!
  411. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Did a Lifeguard boat stop you or was it on a loadspeaker from the Harbor Office?
  412. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    We have been holding at a death rate of 1.5% for 10 days, today it was up around 1.7. The Total World rate is around 4%+/-
  413. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    Who is going to know unless you touch Mexican Soil?
  414. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    They didn't see the citation; the 2 guys were in front of the restrooms bitching about the tickets
  415. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    I don't know if its the video or the music, but I've been stuck on this one thanks to BD
  416. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    Its really none of your F'n business what he did on his own time. Maybe his wife and he had an agreement it was OK we'll never know. He obviously had the money, I doubt it affected you personally, and look at the bright side at least it was Stormy a true whore and not Rosie O'Donnell
  417. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    OK you're just letting somebody else make the decision for you, just don't bitch its not going the way you want it to or think it should go.
  418. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I called the US Coast Guard Station San Diego this morning and asked if Mission Bay is considered as a Federal Navigational Waterway and they stated it is indeed, so I guess you can tell the Lifeguards to go pound sand
  419. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    I called the US Coast Guard Station San Diego this morning and asked if Mission Bay is considered as a Federal Navigational Waterway and they stated it is indeed, so I guess you can tell the Lifeguards to go pound sand
  420. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I will call the Coast Guard SD Office in the morning and verify jurisdiction; Mission Bay is listed as a San Diego City Aquatic Park and I'm not sure Federal Waterways would apply.
  421. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    I will call the Coast Guard SD Office in the morning and verify jurisdiction; Mission Bay is listed as a San Diego City Aquatic Park and I'm not sure Federal Waterways would apply.
  422. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    It wasn't today; couple of days ago I thought I saw it on a LR Website but I couldn't find it so it was either in the BD Long Range Reports or Chit Chat. I believe someone from the RP or Shogun posted about the meeting on an ongoing thread. He stated they got the go-ahead from the CG with...
  423. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    WTF where are the politics in this thread? If you or anyone else was insulted maybe you should take a Midol and sleep on it. Its called Freedom of Choice and I don't see anything else in this thread, make your own decision and yes its a complicated one. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...
  424. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    A buddy of mine launched @ Coronado Glorietta Bay yesterday and fished SD Bay
  425. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    The Coast Guard gave the LR Fleet the OK to run under certain conditions yesterday; the real question is is who is going to be lame enough to get on board not knowing where the other passengers have been the past 2 weeks and knowing if shit happens you will be a long way from immediate hospital...
  426. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Another reliable source in the know says they can't close navigatable waterways so who wants to be the Test Pilot any Volunteers?
  427. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I just heard from a reliable source the SD Lifeguards were stopping active boaters and telling them to return to their slips. So if you want to go out you will probably need to be underway before dawn. With no Boater Traffic will EB stay open?
  428. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok to pass time

    Forgot to mention 7 hoops lost in 4 different spots and 1 recovered 1 week later; 186 Engine hours put on my 1st year outboard. Still cheaper than going to Las Olas for dinner @ $50/plate
  429. DOGHOUSE26

    New bill, and it’s FEDERAL

    I can't understand how these Democratic Politicians constantly think that more laws that really only impact Law Abiding Citizens will ever have a substantial positive affect in reducing gun violence in America. We have more than enough laws already on the books (too many in CA.) and even if they...
  430. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok to pass time

    Its pretty easy just see how many lines were used on your card, hopefully you were the boat owner and you went on each trip. We had 6 different anglers on 41 trips in San Diego & Mission Bays taking 291 bugs for a 7,1 Boat Average. We had 8 Double Doubles, 3- 0fer trips, and our second half...
  431. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok to pass time

    Nice - Over How Many Trips?
  432. DOGHOUSE26

    1st timer and a double

    Very Cool Memories For Life!
  433. DOGHOUSE26

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    Looks like a Great Day thanks for the report!
  434. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    Mission Bay Barge Open 24/7 Small 3-5" Sardines San Diego had alot of Mackeral in their mix but guys were complaining their bait rolled
  435. DOGHOUSE26

    Rockfish run with the Pacific Scout

    How did you final night hooping go?
  436. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    We fished the Lower 9 this morning for rockfish limits then bounced outside towards the 302 @ 19 knots in search of BFT;tremendous amount of bait outside the 9 all the way to 3 miles inside the 302 where a sailboat trolling daisy chains called us in as he was seeing fish pop up in the area. We...
  437. DOGHOUSE26

    9 Mile Bank Beautiful 3/21

    No oddly enough the Mexican Rockfish taste like $hit! Usually found in deeper water what depths were you fishing? We were on the 9 today too what a beautiful day on the water. We ended up with 18 nice Reds, 10 grouper and a couple of Widow Rockfish on squid as well. Most of them came from 360-410'
  438. DOGHOUSE26

    Costco Corona Shit Show

    A well known Captain posted his latest struggle with the Corona Pandemic: 😩🤔 I went to COSTCO during this crazy corona virus time to buy a bag of food for the dogs. Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog. I stare at her....Why would I be buying dog food, right? So I told...
  439. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    And yes that Karma is for real as our set before we passed you the bug was a 0 but the next and final was a 4 spot that topped us off and sent us home
  440. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bug run of 19-20 season

    I bet you down here in SD Bay we had 6 to 1 legal females over males throughout the season I hope it doesn't affect next year!
  441. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    That's awesome glad you got them! What's funny is that little spot only went richter with the heavy rain it had always been a ho-hummer but I don't know if the dredge had something to do with it. That whole side of the channel went off but I think it did slow down after a couple of hundred or...
  442. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    The regulations say through the first Wednesday after March 15th so I would think all day Wednesday until 12:01 Thursday Morning
  443. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    Congratulations you've got it down now great job on the early limit! We doubled again last night but it took a litle while longer and we got 3 out of the hole you left and we passed an extra on to a Kayak buddy who was having a tough night. Write down some notes from this year as you will...
  444. DOGHOUSE26

    SD Bay 3/14 - lotsa bugs out

    Its a Mexican Weather Buoy that must have broke loose from Friday Nights storm
  445. DOGHOUSE26

    Thick rain hooping Friday the 13th

    Congratulations I Hope our little chat paid off!
  446. DOGHOUSE26

    LB Hooping Report

    Yeah and be careful my brother got pinched on the finger 2 months ago and still doesnt have feeling in it
  447. DOGHOUSE26

    Crowded buggin tonight

    Ocotillo will be a mud pit you'll never get your bikes clean again doubt if you'll see any dust though!
  448. DOGHOUSE26

    Crowded buggin tonight

    I hope your buddies don't consider those as Foreplay:oops:
  449. DOGHOUSE26

    Crowded buggin tonight

    You bring those bugs and you'll have more friends than you ever knew
  450. DOGHOUSE26

    Point Loma 8Mar2020

    That's a very nice sled I bet it rips!
  451. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bugs of the season

    Clear and Calm last night and as it turns out I believe old freezer bait was the cause of our poor showing Monday Night but we're back on track one shy of double limits our sets went 2-6-1-0-0-4-0 with 4 octopus 1 sculpin 1 guitarfish 6 stingrays and 20 shorts; definitly more life with fresh bait.
  452. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bugs of the season

    But that takes the fun out of it!:eek:
  453. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bugs of the season

    Went Monday night and what a disaster it was! Set our hoops out to secure our spot and waited an hour before baiting them up 90 minutes before our first pull; ended up losing one to kelp or ? I don't know the current was pretty stiff both ways maybe even too stiff where the bugs don't want to...
  454. DOGHOUSE26

    Quick trip with the son-in-law

    Yes that time change is going to make those last few nights LOOOOOOONG........
  455. DOGHOUSE26

    Quick trip with the son-in-law

    Your trips have been consistant, Nice Catch! How often are you pulling, every 30 minutes?
  456. DOGHOUSE26

    Personal Best Bug this season

    Those Male Lobsters like the one in the pic have such big heads compared to females it really throws you off when you catch so many females like we did this season probably 4 to 1. Please post the weight when you get it; we had a big one last week I was thinking at least 5# but it only went...
  457. DOGHOUSE26

    This should improve the hunting!

    Let me give you a hint: He's Gay:p
  458. DOGHOUSE26

    King of the harbor on the spot report

    WOW that's a nice haul!
  459. DOGHOUSE26

    Who has the KOH Report?

    Curious how it went Saturday Night any winners on this Board?
  460. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Alfa 209 Primer Starter/Blank Pistol

    Jesus Gerry find some .22 blanks and I'll loan you one of my Ruger Single Sixes
  461. DOGHOUSE26

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    Way to hammer them for a good score!
  462. DOGHOUSE26

    Just one bug last night, but got the skunk off!

    We were out last night as well and it was extremely slow for us; only 8 shorts and finally a legal @ 11PM. From then until 2AM they crawled a lot better for us with another dozen shorts and 5 more keepers. Made me a Zombie today though didn't get too much done workwise. PM me when you think...
  463. DOGHOUSE26

    On the water LB bug report

    Way to get it done early; plenty of time to hit the titty bar on the way home!
  464. DOGHOUSE26

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Was it a Sevice Body Truck in the Video? My Buddy in R Cucamonga has their trailer stolen recently by a Ford Service Body and they recently caught them
  465. DOGHOUSE26

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    Oh My that's a big one! Nice Catch Thanks for the report
  466. DOGHOUSE26

    Don’t be that guy!

    For once I'll have to agree with you! I know where a lot of guys on this board hoop their favorite spots and rarely will I fish them and definitely not if they or somebody else is in there. Believe me there are plenty of other good spots to hoop you just have to explore a little and find them...
  467. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    By the way I have a little better luck with the ones I drill random 3/8” holes in the screen so they can get to it
  468. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    Google Danielson Bait Cages I think they came from Fisherman’s Headquarters $7.99
  469. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    I like them the best as they hold enough bait to get them coming in and they are easy to re-bait up I leave the lids secured to the hoop and just unscrew them. They have been grabbed by the seals but never compromised unless you don’t screw the lids tight. $8 on Amazon $10 shipping on 6 at a time
  470. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    Found a new spot in the Big Bay Hung out for a double limit but came up 1 shy they're still crawlin'!
  471. DOGHOUSE26

    Painting honkers

    Wow they look Great!
  472. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Those Drain Caps are a Great Idea!
  473. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    I think the gift in the same house is a bit of a stretch
  474. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    Perhaps another reading of the Lobster regulations is due my friend it's 7 in possesion at any time not daily. I crack up everytime these guys talk about how they go to Catalina with a 3 Day permit and bring back 21 bugs each; that will be a hard lesson to learn if they get checked on the way...
  475. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    Congratulations on a great trip Thanks for the On The Water Report Please keep them coming!
  476. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    We need a Live Feed Camera this Impeachment is killing TV
  477. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    I didn' want anyone to wonder who this guy was that looks like he just polished off a KFC 24 piece bucket by himself Yes Jason there was quite a few flights of geese were circling our part of the refuge; with resi # 7 we were one of the first groups to get down there and I think they heard us...
  478. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    We also use tubes in our hoops and to save you some money Danielson makes a nifty screened barrel with a screw off lid, a stainless steel swivel to clip the baitbarrel into the hoop netting or lower ring, and we drilled random 1/2" diamer holes in the screen so the bugs can actually get to the...
  479. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I feel your Pain Franklin we had the same problem along the MB Jetty last month where we had 5 hoops with the Promar Cages get opened and robbed by seals after pulling 2 legals and several shorts from them the set before. Each hoop was empty although one of the hoops had a small cage heavily zip...
  480. DOGHOUSE26

    January 22nd-Quick Hunt

    Thats some Honeyhole you have up north, glad to see you're getting the pup out and doing what she loves to do.
  481. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 21 Center Console

    Somehow it doesn't seem the trailer in these pictures was meant to haul this boat; are you sure the trailer is still within it's weight rating?
  482. DOGHOUSE26

    This should improve the hunting!

    They said the meat was white not pink another mind in the gutter:p
  483. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    Gerry and I hunted T-12 today and I'd have to say it was kind of slow for the area; pretty slow Flyoff at first light except for a lone GWT which made the mistake of landing in the dekes just before shooting time and then challenging Gerry to the draw which Gerry won with one clean shot. From...
  484. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping with my son

    Sounds like a great trip 7 bugs; last time I came in from hoopin by 8:30 was via Vessel Assist. We were thankful to come up with 2 last night. You got it down!
  485. DOGHOUSE26

    Spreader Bars, Birds Daisy Chains & BFT

    Daisey Chains have worked here on Marlin, BFT & YFT; the problem with Spreader Bars here in SoCal is they act like ocean rakes and collect every piece of floating debris in their path and need to be pulled and cleaned every 10-15 minutes which is a royal Pain in the Ass as we have a ton of kelp...
  486. DOGHOUSE26

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    Great Video Thanks for the Report
  487. DOGHOUSE26

    Ensenada 1-12

    Looks like a great trip; Thanks for the Report!
  488. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-15-20

    Location, Location, Location, and at least 3-5 dozen dekes..............
  489. DOGHOUSE26

    Teal Day-Jan.15th

    John, Is the Mojo working for you this late in the season? I haven't used mine this year as I had mixed results on different days last couple of years. Some days it pulled them in, but 2 different days I couldn't get the birds to decoy until I pulled my MOJO down then birds came in as usual...
  490. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-15-20

    3 of us hunted the lower half of Wister today in sunny skies with little wind and we managed to scrape up a smorgasborg of 12 ducks during a long day. one of the previous posters a week back said the Us & Ts were shooting good so we took the hint and after a slow flyoff for us we saw steady...
  491. DOGHOUSE26

    Slack tide bugs

    Yeah when Bugrider calls you...........8-)
  492. DOGHOUSE26

    Slack tide bugs

    A week ago Sunday we had a 17 and 10 on Monday night with both nights having a 3/4 moon but only a 1.5' swing between tides; Wednesday night was my first skunk of the season on the full moon but a 5' swing on the first half of the evening. Trying to work out an equation to this for future trip...
  493. DOGHOUSE26

    Found hoop net on the front side of Cat 1/10/20

    My mother in law and you can have the net
  494. DOGHOUSE26

    Still picking away

    That is one big cookie jar you've been dipping into!
  495. DOGHOUSE26

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    Thanks for the link good to know.
  496. DOGHOUSE26

    The wife smelled skunk

    Had my first one last night only using Salmon Heads not even a short
  497. DOGHOUSE26

    3 days in the salt

    That looks like a great trip, Thanks for the report!
  498. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    Looks like the Spoonys have finally come down in numbers we have reservations the next 2 wednesdays I'll post a report
  499. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Looking for a beretta a400 plus Max 5

    If you find an older A400 MAX 5 you can get the new bolt release from Briley Chokes; they were the first ones to have it which led Beretta to install them on the newer models
  500. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Naw I was just joking about the Mid East hope all goes well with your emergency take care
  501. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    You're not shipping off to the Mid East Are you Curtis?
  502. DOGHOUSE26

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    I have shot both over decoys in Canada, the Benelli is lighter to carry which is great for an Upland Gun; the Beretta is heavier and thus has less noticeable recoil. I guess its really up to what you're hunting; I use my Beretta A400 on waterfowl with 3" shells and I'll bump down to a 20 gauge...
  503. DOGHOUSE26

    Short trip

    How was the swell? Thanks for the report
  504. DOGHOUSE26

    9-Mile Sheephead 12-28-19

    There isn't anything 9 miles deep out in this ocean; how deep was the goat when you hooked it?
  505. DOGHOUSE26

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    Billy did you notice if you are catching more legal males now than in the beginning of the season? Up until Thanksgiving we caught maybe 3 or 4 legal males to over 40 females. Now it's been 75-80% males and last night all 4. I wonder if there is something to this maybe a reproduction migration I...
  506. DOGHOUSE26

    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    I don't care what they say about you on the radio I think you're a stand up guy Hardcore; Thanks for all the videos and wish you a Merry Xmas. Thank God you finally got a bigger boat!
  507. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    You forgot to add "in the MPA"; the sea urchin gave you up Just kidding Awesome Haul!
  508. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    No kidding Einstein! That's an indicator of how much traffic hits the shelf as we would see 3-6 boats on top of each other. But where do the shorts go they can't just disappear, or do they? 1 short in 5 hours compared to 2-6 shorts in every hoop I would hope they didn't get poached
  509. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    I'll say one thing though after your 3rd set pull and that one legal goes into the tank after so many empty hoops your outlook on life certainly changes for the better and if you get a second legal bug it makes the night no matter how late!
  510. DOGHOUSE26

    Found hoopnet

    If they're talking about Ilene and Flo; they were old and full of crabs
  511. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    I haven't been skunked yet either, but those 10-14 bug trips are long gone. We've been blessed with 2-3 bugs each of the last 3 trips and we always get our 2nd on that late last set pull of the night. We are trying new spots with half our hoops for the first half of the night then if nothing...
  512. DOGHOUSE26

    One guy, Two Rods

    Get your head out of the gutter! Would you like to meet for cocktails and are you a Pitcher or a Catcher?
  513. DOGHOUSE26

    New bill introduction

    Another Bullshit Legislation that WILL NOT cause a drop in Violent Crime; only place a heavier burden on law abiding citizens. Its no wonder why this idiot didn't qualify for the next debate
  514. DOGHOUSE26

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    Congratulations what Class is that; All 2 Strokes? Any Huskys, CZs , Bultacos?
  515. DOGHOUSE26

    The Crawl Goes On...

    I believe there is a greater risk of having them stolen than confiscated; fortunately so far in San Diego Bay the other guys have respected my gear and left it alone as I do to theirs. I can't say that about Mission Bay. As the season goes I will frequently set 5 traps in a proven spot and...
  516. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Its not like the Offshore scene is booming right now and we're a couple of months away from a WSB bite and he knows his shit. The guy has helped a lot of googans over time and maybe he can teach them some class and new spots so you won't have to pull some idiot's hoopline out of your props after...
  517. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    You can come along anytime and be a Seal Sniper
  518. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Nice Video can't get that music out of my head LOL!
  519. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    Great post Tim I feel like we're almost brothers! But I will go back there in a second, only next time in my Rubicon I've never got it stuck in those conditions @ Wister. Just like you, I just didn't think it would rain that much down there Wednesday so I took my F-250 as we had 2 dogs and alot...
  520. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    I bet the guest with your fingertip in the middle of their plate didn't go back for seconds! Did you put it with the white meat or on the dark meat side of the platter?
  521. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    The guy at the Check station told us there were 3 or 4 trucks that got stuck on the south end of the refuge and they were charged $600 each to get out so at least I got a bargainLOL
  522. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    They just posted the Wednesday results for Wister and they knocked 60 snows from the sky; the first 2 spots taken were on the Union tract and although I'm only there 3-5 times a season I haven't seen that happen since the 80s. Duck numbers were good too just like I thought. Rain scheduled for...
  523. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Start trying different spots with maybe half your hoops, look for structure on your FF and place your hoops up current depending on the tide and maybe you'll find a new honey hole. Its been tough out there lately but after a couple of skunk trips it makes you appreciate those 1 or 2 bug nights a...
  524. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    We had a great first half of the day but the second one was one I never want to experience again; My buddy Gerry pulled a 94 for Wister and with only 10-20 reservations showing on any given day I knew there would be plenty of good spots to take so 3 of us headed out and hunted a new spot for us...
  525. DOGHOUSE26

    TRADE Ruger Red Label 20 guage

    Fixed Skeet X Skeet makes for a tough day on the Trap Range; those Red Labels are nice O/Us GLWS
  526. DOGHOUSE26

    Four coyotes down 11/23/2019

    Now that looks like a great day thanks for the report!
  527. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    The 2 other times I've been checked @ Wister really crack me up and I bust their balls on it each time. We're sitting in our blind, 300-500 yards from an access road, waiting for something to fly by, when all the coots and miscellaneous waterfowl which have worked their way to the corners of...
  528. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    Is that @ Wister? I've only been checked in the field @ Wister 3 times in the past 44 years and unfortunately for me I had 1 Dove Load in my vest pocket right after we had to switch to steel and that cost me a couple hundred years ago when steel was first mandated.
  529. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    We use 3"Steel BBs @ 1550 FPS and it does a pretty good job on them, however I too have shot at grounded cripples up to 50 yards away and missed 3 straight shots. A load of 6s would be better but when you're limited to 25 shells @ Wister how many of those are you going to carry? After our...
  530. DOGHOUSE26

    Broadbills Exist

    Congratulations on a great catch and I'd get that those pictures framed and up on the wall ASAP!
  531. DOGHOUSE26

    SD BAY deep drop Lobster 11/17

    You must have been hoopin the Jurassic Park Channel! Nice catch thanks for the report!
  532. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Did he pull you out of a burning whorehouse in Ensenada?:eek:
  533. DOGHOUSE26

    Crushed them... again.

    Put a Washdown Pump on your Xmas List! Nice going and thanks for the report, again!
  534. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    150' go ahead knock your socks off! Let me know how you feel after your first set pull. I think I would just as soon wait a week
  535. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Sorry to hear about your loss; glad to see you're right back at it with the new pup as she will be the best therapy you could ask for and good luck with her. Nice shot Curtis are you using BBs or 2s? No ducks this time?
  536. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Carl what kind of pup and how old now?
  537. DOGHOUSE26

    Imperial valley upland slam

    That's some mighty fine shootin and a pretty good pile on your tailgate!
  538. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Racist!
  539. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    54 Snows saturday @ Wister
  540. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    An 18' Bayrunner makes it easy hoopin Congrats!
  541. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    SD or MB? One of the only times I can safely say Your child has a nice pair! Nice catch it was slow for us we tried a new spot with 3-4 other boats and I've never caught so many shorts (12+) in the bay. Quite a few were missing an antennae or 2. Ended up with 4 keepers
  542. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Sorry you're a little late Big Guy have family plans at the desert that week
  543. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Pre 64—-308

    That's a beautiful rifle Jim worth every penny you're asking
  544. DOGHOUSE26

    Sea Duck

    When I was Commercial Lobster Fishing off Mission Beach in the late 70s and early 80s I would bring my 870 along and blast the Black brant that would fly low just outside the kelp line and I would occasionally see Scaup Flocks fly by but I never shot any. I got checked by the DFG one day with my...
  545. DOGHOUSE26

    11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Yeah those Albacore can be ball busters
  546. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Did you fight it or puss out and pay it?
  547. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    After studying the pic closer I think the bug size is your least problem; if I were a LEO I would have strip searched the perp in the pic for drugs;)
  548. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    If that what it takes, so be it. The sooner these rogue wardens get their butt reamed by a judge the sooner it will stop. A measurement is a measurement and if it touches with no play then its legal.
  549. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Ronson, If a warden wrote you a ticket for a bug like that I'd take the same picture and bring it to court there's no way a judge would fine you for it.
  550. DOGHOUSE26

    Anyone know of a local place that has fillister head screws for scopes?

    Maybe Marshalls Hardware off Miramar Road & Production or Distribution Ave I forget
  551. DOGHOUSE26

    Good Time Thanks to a Friend

    Yep its not the quanity it just the chance to get out and decoy some birds; although 10 is a fantastic day in my book. Congratulations!
  552. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Looks like the sweat line might get busier soon
  553. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    I had 37 for Wister yesterday and everyone backed out and wifey says you're not going alone. No wonder the count shot upwards!
  554. DOGHOUSE26

    Santee/El Cajon gunsmith?

    Then I guess it all worked out for the better as an AR15 is miles ahead in quality than an AK IMHO.
  555. DOGHOUSE26

    Santee/El Cajon gunsmith?

    Wow I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune, as I have nothing but good things to say about Guzzlers as I have had several transactions with them without a hitch. The Feds have been really cracking down on FFL Holders and I'm sure Guzzlers might have erred on the side of caution in handling your...
  556. DOGHOUSE26

    10-22-19 full day

    Nice to sea you stepped up from the Half-Day trips, congratulations on a great day, and thanks for the report! Sure beats those 6" Reds off Del Mar doesn't it!
  557. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB 28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher This has your name all over it I'll take my commission in Outback Giftcards;)
  558. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    I wonder how long it takes to get Wister ponded at all sites? And was the new Manager unaware of the Opening Date?
  559. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    Does anybody know how the Private Clubs around Wister shot over the weekend? Or were they dismal too?
  560. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    No I do have insurance that covers my boat in Mexico, I just never carry a copy of the policy when I'm offshore; only when I am trailering in Mexico. And it doesn't have to be a Mexican Insurance Company; several US Companies cover boats in Mexican waters although a few have restrictions like no...
  561. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    Read the report today for Wister Opening Day and is wasn't pretty only a 1.41 average on Saturday and .61 for Sunday; they have a new Manager this year and I hope things get better and he gets some good help. Get the update on...
  562. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Who told you of an insurance requirement at sea this is the first I've ever heard of it.
  563. DOGHOUSE26

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    If there are at least 2 anglers with cards
  564. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Looks like they did pretty good @ SJ Yesterday: Hunters were treated to an outstanding opening day at San Jacinto Wildlife Area for the start of the 2019/20 waterfowl season. A great average bird harvest was taken under clear skies and temperatures just topping 80 degrees. Cinnamon Teal were...
  565. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Not a bad day for the upper desert and with your Dad I'd give it a 10
  566. DOGHOUSE26

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    What is that bump on the forward hull?
  567. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Your Passport Card is linked to your Passport; it is recognized as a legal form of identification for land and sea travel between the US, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean by those countries. It is not accepted for travel by air. The military patrol boats have computers and radios; If they had a...
  568. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    I only carry my Passport Card offshore and I have been checked 3 times over the past 5 years and it has never been an issue. Just remember your Passport Card is not acceptable for Air Travel in Mexico.
  569. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    I believe they only have that right to board you inside their 12 mile limit. When the 6 pack boat ran into the Bluefin pen around the Hidden, the Coast Guard told the 6 pack crew Do Not Let Them Board Your Vessel and the arriving CG Helicopter took drastic measures which kept the Mexican Navy...
  570. DOGHOUSE26

    Upcoming Goose Hunting

    We saw 4 times as many Specs this year as we ever had on our Canada Trip the first week in October; and plenty of Rosscoes that wanted to die. Saw quite a few snows later in the week however getting them to decoy was another story. We had continuous flights of snows flying outside our spread on...
  571. DOGHOUSE26

    Any reports for Sunday 10/13?

    It sucked for us today 2 skippys on the troll But the Lower 9 is holding some nice rockcod!
  572. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Of coarse you would you already have one under your belt recently; I would have felt like a new butcher at the Jack in the Box Taco Factory doing my best to make 2 for 99 cents profitable
  573. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Everybody in the little town we stay at heard about it and were bugging me for the next couple of days at the diner and gas station telling me to go back and carve the moose up. the Ravens and magpies were all over it 2 days later.
  574. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Went on our annual Goose Hunt the first week in October and although it was better than last year it was still below average for our standards. Plenty of mallards this year to keep us busy, and I've never seen so many specs in this part of the country. However the Snows and Honkers have been...
  575. DOGHOUSE26

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Congratulations Ali we can only hope to join you up in the Elvis Club some day. And thanks for the awesome Report!
  576. DOGHOUSE26

    4 weeks of chasing pointy nosed fish in So Cal / 9/2-9/22 Report

    That was a Great Read and Thank you for the report!
  577. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1986 Boston Whzler brand new Outboard..

    Time for your 20 Hour Break In service
  578. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Was this boat ever damaged by a hurricane or Flood?
  579. DOGHOUSE26

    Baja hunting permit regs......I'm pissed

    My group has boycotted the past 2 years; that's the only way it will bring change back to the old ways. That's 6 guys spending money on guides, hotels, and restaurants 2 weekends a month for almost 6 months.
  580. DOGHOUSE26

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Outstanding Curtis Congratulations can't wait to hear the full scoop!
  581. DOGHOUSE26

    San Clemente

    Our day was nothing like yours, but we were off a different island. We ended up with 40# BFT limits for 2 and a couple of YFT west of the Coronado Islands. Broke down on the way home and Vessel Assist got us in our slip before midnight. I talked to a crew that thought they had a 300# tuna to...
  582. DOGHOUSE26

    San Clemente

    Did I talk to you on 78 late yesterday in between Vessel Assist calls; I heard there was a big one going into O'side last night let alone 3 other monsters! Congratulations Again!
  583. DOGHOUSE26

    Yuma dove where are they.

    We hunted off AZ melon fields 85 miles east of Blythe as we do each year and it wasn't the normal can't-get-shells-in-fast-enough opener but we did get limits Sunday & Monday. Huge Monsoon rains and constant lightning hit Sunday night which drove a lot of birds out in my opinion. The local...
  584. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    At COA we left our coolers in our trucks and they packed our vacuum sealed fillets into large trash bags then put them in soft coolers less than 50# each cooler for the flight/trip home until we returned to our trucks then we put them in our coolers. They did a great job on the vacuum packing...
  585. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Lets Make A Wish Results?

    Sounds more like it Thanks!
  586. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Lets Make A Wish Results? Slow day Saturday but we would have won the Small Boat Division with a 24# BFT and YFT of 17, 15, & 12# Big Boat Division caught some nice ones over 200#!
  587. DOGHOUSE26

    Offshore 8/24/19

    Way to stay on it for the Payday, Nice Fish! Thanks for the report.
  588. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Yeah I'm getting owned by some punk who's afraid to take a challenge and Put your money where his mouth is. Sorry no EBT either. Just leave your rent rod at the office, grab your gunny sack , STFU, and we'll see you again next year.
  589. DOGHOUSE26

    267/209 8/25

    8-10' visibility, Great Whites & Killer Whales seen up and down the coast recently and you're jumping in after 10# yellows? Hope you like Tequila Shots and I'll say a prayer for you. Thanks for the report!
  590. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Oh yeah Private Charter that goes out once a year and we're gonna kill them all thanks for the tip - Pro you're my Hero:worship:
  591. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Your Captain, not you found the fish, you were still on your 3rd Breakfast Burrito. If you had any balls or knew WTF you were doing you would be in your own boat finding your own fish maybe catching a few. The deckie throwing chum won't allow dickheads to throw iron in the back of the boat cuz...
  592. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    "I could of nailed your boat with my jig while you was running over our lines before the yacht came through." I doubt it Ironman God I bet if you hunted deer they would all be 500 yards shots; you would have been throwing over 2 other boats to get to me; we originally set up upswell outside the...
  593. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    They added another page to the chapter yesterday we were just 100 yards east of his buddy the Legend and about 50 yards south of a yacht that had the tuna going off on his stern with a couple going, our baits were right in the middle of it when the Old Glory got between the yacht and the Legend...
  594. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    At COA you tip everybody at the end. My Captain got $80/day
  595. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    Bush was my Captain and yes I think he is one of the better ones @ COA; between my broken Spanish and His broken English we had a great time!
  596. DOGHOUSE26

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    You'been talking about this for a long time; Good Luck and get it done early so you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Mine don't have scopes but when I take my Pelican case to Canada for Goose hunting, I ditch the foam and pack my soft clothes and jackets in with my 2 shotguns in order to save a...
  597. DOGHOUSE26

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    As always Great Video Corey. Did you win the Lotto there's quite a difference feeding those 2 motors on the new boat compared to the Prius you were driving before. Higher gunnels on the new boat a little safer for your Solo Trips! Thanks for sharing!
  598. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Advice

    So what Shotgun did you choose?
  599. DOGHOUSE26

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    If you think you're too close just put it in reverse and IDLE back out of range, especially if your directly up swell which causes his lines to go under your boat. They don't mind it so much if you're off their bow or stern during a drift when they are not using iron. I was right off their stern...
  600. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    It all depends on what you call an extra charge. You can take a plane straight from Brown Field directly to Cedros if you like for an additional $400. You arrive 4 hours earlier than the flight from Ensenada and get more fishing that first day but no fishing the 4th day. We fished the afternoon...
  601. DOGHOUSE26

    976 is so bad for the regular angler!

    They will always post their great days, but not so much the shitty count days. So many of the freelancing anglers check the counts from 1-2 days before and then hop on the hottest boat of the week but it always doesn't turn out that way; they'll never jump on a boat with a shitty count.
  602. DOGHOUSE26


    Congratulations and thanks for the Great Report!
  603. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Moon

    Bluefin, Blue Marlin, and White Sea Bass bite pretty good on the full moon. Stripers and other tuna no.The theory I'm told is the Stripers feed on squid @ night and I would generally agree
  604. DOGHOUSE26

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    I know a couple of boats that troll the 40 size over sand and gravel in 35-50' of water and they get nice Halibut and a few big yellows with them.
  605. DOGHOUSE26

    O'side to 181 7.30.19

    Save your gas and head to the Corner/43 Checked the 425/Hidden/371/230/224 for 3 bonito yesterday
  606. DOGHOUSE26

    300 WSM

    Plan on taking a Grizzly with the .358?
  607. DOGHOUSE26

    300 WSM

    Nate, What were the calibers on 1,2, &3?
  608. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    Awesome Video Thanks for sharing!
  609. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Yep I knew it looked kind of funny when I wrote it, Thanks for the Heads Up!
  610. DOGHOUSE26

    Public land for archery target practice

    Take them to a State Capitol Assembly Meeting and let them fly.....................
  611. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Sportfishing

    Recently I gave my Captain $200 for 2 guys for 2.5 days of fishing and he was happy. He became even happier when I offered the irons we caught our fish on and anything else he wanted from my tackle box; he picked 25 yard spools of 40 & 50# Seaguar Floro.
  612. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Just got back from a fabulous weekend @ COA and I can't say enough about the operation. The people were so nice and accommodating, food was great, and we never had to handle our gear from our rooms to our panga each day as it was ready when we boarded our craft. I had fished Cedros 3 previous...
  613. DOGHOUSE26

    300 WSM

    Pre-94 Remingtons like pre-64 M70s, although not available in 300WSM , will outshoot many of the rifles you listed Nate.
  614. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures is only open June-October; Jose says August is the best month. I just got back from a 4 day on Monday and their service is beyond expectations, Food is great and the accommodations are excellent.For us fishing was pretty good too,I'll post a full report in the reports...
  615. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    That's going down swell in a following sea Jim and we don't have that problem anymore; with 235 or 260 HP we can outrun the swell with our tabs up so the bow doesn't plow down like it used to with an AD41.
  616. DOGHOUSE26

    dove cross?

    So much for nature's camouflage; it's a Dean Man Walking
  617. DOGHOUSE26

    Looking for captain to fish bola

    Bring a jacket it gets cool at night F'n August?
  618. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    When running above 20-22 knots our tabs are all the way up anyway and the boat will ride straight up until you or the autopilot start a turn or someone moves from one side of the boat to the other even ever so slightly. But I will agree 20 knots is plenty!
  619. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    The Blackman shop did my D4-260 in 2008. It is more than enough power for the boat with G4 props. I just looked at the Volvo Marine Site and it looks like your choices are either 230, 270, or 300. The 230 is a big improvement over the AD41; the 270 has more than you will ever need and I think...
  620. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    What are you going to repower with?You would be very happy with the D4-260 and you won't believe the difference a completely different boat.
  621. DOGHOUSE26

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Great trip and report, could probably leave out the Sponsors Promos for an even better report. I commend your Team for making the decision to go north instead of south for tuna. I wish the San Diego LR Boats would consider the Channel Islands as an option this time of year as they are currently...
  622. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros WSB Sat. 6/22

    Hope they're still around in 3 weeks I'm there!
  623. DOGHOUSE26

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Great to see you back in the Saddle Cory! Keep those reports coming in!
  624. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Smith& Wesson 629-6

    Too Much Muzzle Flash? You'rea bigger man than me; I would have quit after 2 rounds:gay: Beautiful Grips however nice weapon!
  625. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    I like it , a much cleaner look!
  626. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    Did that skiff come with bench seats originally?
  627. DOGHOUSE26

    Yellowfin in June...

    We got 5 on Wednesday same general area on Mag 20 Rapalas in Skipjack & Blue Mackeral. Nothing on bait
  628. DOGHOUSE26

    Grand opening sale at Turners El Cajon today!!

    He's the only one in the store with a Tongue Piercing and if you talk nice to him he'll show you his Nipple Ringso_O
  629. DOGHOUSE26

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    1st Tunaslam Report with no pics so I'll have to give it an 8 instead of the usual 10+. Glad to see you're back in the saddle Cory and look forward to the day you can get back on the water!
  630. DOGHOUSE26

    Juvenile Great White

    I don't think its a tag unless it was a rookie with an AR-15Tag stick as there are several others on the trailing side of the Dorsal
  631. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    If you guys are hunting near Mendels Fields you should expand your range and hunt the other side of the Valley you'll find more wild birds And by the way, if you run a dog I wouldn't hunt South of I-8 and West of Clarke Rd; now its mostly Solar Farms anyway but their is a fungus in the soil...
  632. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Leupold V III 4.5-14 x 50

    How old is the scope and what was it mounted on?
  633. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Browning citori 12 gauge

    Those are beautiful O/Us pics might help the sale. How many chokes come with it and does it come with a case?
  634. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo Penta DP-E 1.68 - $6000

    The KAD300 will eat that drive up between 500-1000 hours GUARANTEED! The Gs rarely make it to 1500-2000Hrs
  635. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    It's a pretty big Valley Poacher maybe you can get a clue and find your own! If your not on his leased property then go ahead and give him the BD salute; just be sure you know where you are!
  636. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Belle/Coronados 5/15

    That's a Great Honest Report, Thanks!
  637. DOGHOUSE26

    LJ Mothers Day

    My buddy and I got up there around 3 PM and didn't see much happening; we both trolled Rapalas and he worked the Northwest and I went inside towards the Cove. The PM 1/2 Day was up off NW when I got there but they made a move to the inside as well. Probably 8 boats drifting/anchored off NW and 6...
  638. DOGHOUSE26

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    No there were years when it was 28"
  639. DOGHOUSE26 steel.

    I hate to call bullshit on DA but I have my .270 set @ 2# from the factory and it goes off when I'm thinking about pulling the trigger!
  640. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    Woodlands Hunt Club near El Centro is having their Final Weekend this Saturday & Sunday May 11&12 for Pheasants and Chukars; I believe he has quite a few birds left over so he's going to put them out in the fields rather than feed them another year. Gerry and I are heading out Friday for a hunt...
  641. DOGHOUSE26

    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    Sea Keeper on a Skiff? Nice Fish Ali!
  642. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    If you're fishing Baja I don't think the deckies will let you fish with anything less than 250; when they see my selection of 3.5s & 5.5s they will cut the 250 leaders off my 5.5s and put them of the 3.5s. But for SoCal 250# is overkill most use 130-150#.
  643. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Advice

    When we are goose hunting in Canada over decoys we use Winchester 3" 1-1/8oz BBs @ 1550 FPS and it blows the close ones up ducks included and is fairly consistent out to 40-45 yards. At wister we're using 3" Winchester or Fasteel 1-1/8oz #2 @ 1550 FPS and we don't have any problem knocking them...
  644. DOGHOUSE26

    We found them!

    Very Nice BFT - Bait, Iron, or Popper? Thanks for the report and get that picture framed and up on a wall!
  645. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    Yes the Lumo Sprocket works up here too especially in warm water years. And yes that P&B 5.5 lives on my starboard short corner as well and the 2 years we had water in the 80 degree range I was going through 1-2 of those each week on Wahoo!
  646. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    That's a shame but I'll tell you that Pakula line was pretty pricey and probalby didn't turn over for them very often; but IMHO I don't think they outperformed the $15-$25 Zuker 3.5s on a daily basis in our waters.
  647. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    I had these guys confused with Williamson Lures; - they carry them: Melton International Tackle Anaheim, CA 92805 Ph: (714) 956-9192
  648. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    Pakula probably doesn't sell direct to the consumer; probably have to go through Williamson Tackle or better yet JDs Big Game Tackle in Newport Beach I'm sure he can get what you want
  649. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    That's how I started in a 17' Gregor Aluminum with a 40 HP Johnson Outboard and a Dial A Chart no GPS in the late Seventies. It can be done but there's a lot of luck involved when you're in a skiff because you are so low to the water it's harder to see the fish in the water to know You're in...
  650. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    We start to see a few marlin scouts in late June /early July along with the front edge of tuna schools coming up from the south when the water is 64-65 degrees Fahrenheit and by August they start showing in schools 40-60 miles below the U.S./Mexico border and continue to move north into U.S...
  651. DOGHOUSE26

    What a POS.

    Wow I guess he didn't like Red Tails!
  652. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    David, Its very rare we get to see Blues up here in Southern California I think there have only been 4 out of the last 40 years we actually had a enough in numbers you would have a decent chance at one.When they do come most guys are under gunned and either get spooled or break them off after a...
  653. DOGHOUSE26

    My annual Texas pilgrimage for piggies

    That's alot of bacon hanging!
  654. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Advice

    You can get by with the 3" Chamber for Ducks & Geese but if you plan on hunting Turkeys the 3.5" chamber allows for more shot in your pattern which helps on those long shots. 2 3/4" in shells for Dove and Quail will shoot fine in 3" and 3.5" chambers
  655. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    80-220# with the average around 130#
  656. DOGHOUSE26

    Lots of Turkeys in SLO County

    You took a hog with a turkey load?
  657. DOGHOUSE26

    Lots of Turkeys in SLO County

    What was your weapon of choice this time Curtis?
  658. DOGHOUSE26

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    I believe right now they are legal to own, illegal to purchase, and illegal to use until the appeal is heard in a higher court
  659. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    Yes that's me Mike we'll fish the Catalina Zone later in the season normally after the first week in September when the majority of fish move up that way. If you want to catch Makos slow your trolling speed down to 6-7 knots and wire up your lures, those Black Barts are not cheap! Purple &...
  660. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    We troll 30# on the riggers using Shimano 30 TLDs with 200 yards of 30# mono over 300+yards of 65 braid. We believe the lures swim better on 30#. On the short corners we have either International 30s or TLD30 Wide 2 speeds with 200 yards of 50# mono over 300-500 yards of 65 Braid. Our Bow...
  661. DOGHOUSE26

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    I believe the deadline was 5PM TODAY Friday April 5th Duh, date post above
  662. DOGHOUSE26

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    Thanks for the Heads Up! Done
  663. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 17’gregor 40hp evinrude

    So now it runs pretty dry?
  664. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 17’gregor 40hp evinrude

    That stuff looks just like 3M 5200 which is what shipyards use on all their thru-hull fittings. So you basically caulked both sides of the keel and then sprayed bedliner over that?