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  1. Huntersmoon

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Guardian Charters, San Diego. Fast, comfortable catamaran with a great captain
  2. Huntersmoon

    Some good official news on SD beach fishing on 04/27

    All getting fired in November and beyond. Never forget.
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    That’s what we all dream of....little or no boat traffic
  4. Huntersmoon

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    The bite at 15-30 miles is epic, just inside 302, 60-80lb fish eating surface iron. It’s beyond brutal.
  5. Huntersmoon

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Saw private boats leaving this morning out of mission bay.
  6. Huntersmoon

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    More fake news. The fact is every point made is mute based on the fact EVERY person is visiting the grocery stores, target, hardware etc. “Necessity” does not negate the exposure factor as extremely high. Closing the boat launch ramps accomplish nothing in regard to the virus. There is a...
  7. Huntersmoon

    Boat Ramps closed?

    According to temp and chloro charts, bluefin should be stacked up between upper finger and hidden banks. Tuesday prime conditions
  8. Huntersmoon

    BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    It was 67 degrees in Antarctica 1982, and records only go back to 1961. But if you’re worried, stop using fossil fuels.
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    San Diego in April/salt options

    There are several great 6pak/4pak charter boats in San Diego. Highly recommend over jumping on a cattleboat with 40+ anglers if the bite is good. You have flexibility on what your target fish is, time of departure if it’s an early morning or late afternoon bite, and they travel at 3 times the...
  10. Huntersmoon

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Plastics by far the best bait, 3.5”. Visa, mastercard, etc. they all bite
  11. Huntersmoon

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    I think insurance would have totaled the boat. Is the title now “salvaged”? Would be nice to know the cause of the “took on some water”
  12. Huntersmoon

    Aztec refused to clean my fish!

    Your mancard has been revoked.
  13. Huntersmoon

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    I attended a seminar this year specifically about the local bluefin and their patterns. The marine biologist said the data gathering is still in progress, as the bluefin heads were a key part of the study. He did conclude no spawning has been documented here off California, and its still...
  14. Huntersmoon

    Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    Wait...there’s sharks in the ocean?
  15. Huntersmoon

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    That’s part of local fishing, learn to share with your neighbors, or leave to find your own spot. I’ve had plenty of sportboats pull up to paddys I was alone on, and start fishing within 30’ of my boat, some while I was in the water diving. No worries
  16. Huntersmoon

    Sci water color

    Green with 10’ vis on lee and windward sides of island on Saturday, that’s why im not out there today.
  17. Huntersmoon

    Check the paddys

    Alexander Bluewater with 72” 3/8” shaft and reel.
  18. Huntersmoon

    Check the paddys

    Ha! It took the sun going down to get him back in the boat.
  19. Huntersmoon

    Check the paddys

    My buddy stalked the other for 45 minutes, when he finally had a shot, his gun malfunctioned. She’s still out there.
  20. Huntersmoon

    Check the paddys

    Diving for tuna all day last week off SCI, found a few breezers of jumbos but the vis was less than ideal..8-12’. Jumped at least a dozen paddies, all dry. Last one at around 7pm in the canyon, 70 degree water, 8-12’ vis. Barely saw two of these under it, taped at 48”, 44lbs. She was a...
  21. Huntersmoon

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Beautiful fish and day!
  22. Huntersmoon

    12hr Tour 279/209/181/43/312/182

    A few miles further south would have changed what you saw, but not your catch.
  23. Huntersmoon

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    A bit south of there had wsb, in the morning on the microbait. Not sure if they’re hitting jigs.
  24. Huntersmoon

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    My thoughts exactly. I have experience molding and casting silicone, urethanes, etc. The bites on the flyers are reaction, it doesn’t matter is its real or artificial
  25. Huntersmoon

    4/20 Poseidon full moon bluefin bite

    All sounds good except the tip part...if someone suggests or hints about that, 100% not getting one for that reason, and I’ll be happy to explain why to them. If the captain and crew are counting on that as salary, then it’s time to bump up the trip price and pay them accordingly. Any tip...
  26. Huntersmoon

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Nice work finding AND catching!
  27. Huntersmoon

    Big Eye near the 302

    Blood knot. I did it on a bigeye after it blew a penn 4/0 on it’s initial run. 2.5 hrs later, 175lb bigeye hit the deck. It’s a great knot to learn
  28. Huntersmoon

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    $10 per fish to clean? That’s something like $100 per hour, if he’s really slow cleaning fish. No tip needed
  29. Huntersmoon

    SOLD 17’ Twin Vee

    2002 Twin Vee center console skiff, 60HP Mercury auto mix, excellent condition, runs great. Heavy duty galvanized trailer, T Top, lean post, Lowrance ff/plotter gps, vhf radio, bait tank etc. One of the best driving and economical boats made, great offshore, islands and inshore. All papers...
  30. Huntersmoon

    30 Minutes of YFT Mayhem - 9/11

    I liked your map track...why did you remove it?
  31. Huntersmoon


    Apparently you need a daily use biosphere wristband now around any of the islands
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    9 to 182 on 8/10

    I was diving a paddy 15 miles out, only boat on it, my dive flag on my antenna 20' high. A 50' yacht trolls by about 15 minutes later, 25' from the paddy and my boat....I'm still in the water! Caught up to them, passed, then deployed my deep diver yo zuri as I passed thru their full spread. I...
  33. Huntersmoon

    center console

    Still available? Im in san diego 619-301-7014
  34. Huntersmoon

    Yellowfin Tuna Feeding Frenzy of Dana Point

    Poppers?? Usually when they're doing that the popper is a great option
  35. Huntersmoon

    8/17 425

    If you can stop on the marks and dive 50-60' with a spear, it might do the trick. Works for bluefins
  36. Huntersmoon

    Broke a Black Hole 801h on 200 pound plus.

    On one 4.5 hrs in July, not much you can do with pulled hook.
  37. Huntersmoon

    8/11/16 lots of medium tuna no biters

    Great detailed report! These fish have been a challenge to get bites on since April. I used to do the solo spearfishing way offshore, I consider myself lucky to have survived that stupidity.
  38. Huntersmoon

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    Completely legal for a panga to circle a long range boat until they leave also. Guests in mexican waters, they need to respect the locals or face the consequences of not being able to fish the area. Imagine if the san diego long range fleet showed up at the Channel islands to fish the great...
  39. Huntersmoon

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    It's not coincidental that after seiners rape an area the fishing drops off to nothing. Real sporting using spotter planes etc to wrap stuff a couple miles off the beach. Commercial fishermen are nothing but greedy turds. Yes, the fish moved...from the ocean, to nets, to canned catfood...
  40. Huntersmoon

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Perhaps you can rape our resources further offshore, 100 miles +. You must have a large family, since one set with a seiner takes more than ALL sportfishing catches for the entire year
  41. Huntersmoon

    6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    Imagine if you could change over from that 30/40 lb line to 100lb and the 50w. I've done it, hoping to get a video of my giant tuna rescue rig in action soon.
  42. Huntersmoon

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Do they put mackeral in the counts? Ethically as a sportboat captain they should be driving away from these dinks. I agree, its currently legal and a few kept is up to the fisherman. The same case can be made for other pelagic fish such as bluefin. Sportfishing, as a whole has 0 effect on...
  43. Huntersmoon

    24-1/2 Skipjack Diesel Flybridge/Priced to Sell Quickly

    Dont do the paypal. There are scams, not sure how they work it, but if you cant confirm the payment its shady. He can easily get a cashiers check sent overnight, and try to meet in person first. Police station parking lot is great place to meet.
  44. Huntersmoon


    Thanks for the timely report! Were the fish/ whales moving any particular direction, west, south?
  45. Huntersmoon

    New record BFT 269.7

    Almost to the exact day, last year he shot a 174lb bft on July 3, 2015. Kevin is no stranger to hunting big tuna.
  46. Huntersmoon

    Boat report - on the prowler

    Great report and boat. I respect a captain who keeps his word and pursues the target species. Its very rare to have a shot at hooking 100-200lb+ bluefin, that one school can make all the difference.
  47. Huntersmoon

    6/26 oside

    Saw a trigger fish on a paddy 20 miles off la jolla last year, last thing I expected to see.
  48. Huntersmoon

    Overnight Out of Oceanside Late Report

    What a great trip! Thanks for sharing
  49. Huntersmoon

    San Diego Charter

    Avoid Guardian charters, not a good experience.
  50. Huntersmoon

    Anyone Find Them On Tuesday? Going Thursday.

    Hit 181/182 and down 9, nada. Weather not so good. I would suggest outside 9 area, some boats found them
  51. Huntersmoon

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Had the opportunity on Monday, two big swords 400-500, other about 200. Considered the 200, but the big one was closeby, within 100yds. If it bleeds, we can kill it
  52. Huntersmoon

    Fish movin out!!

    Lots of tuna on the southern banks, not sure how he missed them. Two huge swords south of 371 also
  53. Huntersmoon

    Couldn't get them to bite at 302

    Spears are working good, hard part is getting in position, and swimming fast enough to intercept them.
  54. Huntersmoon

    302 - 425 6/13/16

    Same story for us, morning up till noon weather was great. Saw 2 swords, one monster over 500, 10 miles south of 371...nothing to throw at them. Yft were acting like bluefin.
  55. Huntersmoon

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    Your post and sharing of information are greatly appreciated and interesting. The point of view from a sportfisherman, is imposing limits on us is not affecting the fishery in the slightest. Our take, as compared to commercial, is not substantial enough to affect populations of a highly...
  56. Huntersmoon

    Trophies only 6/8

    Amberjack were caught off San Clemente Island during one of the previous el nino years
  57. Huntersmoon


    Seeing the same on my boat, some sink out, others too busy eating to care about boats. Dove a few schools with scales and tunados, 1000's of fish out there
  58. Huntersmoon

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    Unfortunately when they arrive in Japan to "spawn" they are decimated by a fishery and country that refuses to place limits or quotas on the take. It is motivated by greed, and has no concern for the resource. Limiting sport caught fish is only putting more money in their pockets.
  59. Huntersmoon

    Offshore SD 6/5

    It was good south of 371/425 15-20 miles
  60. Huntersmoon

    6/3 between the 371 & 425

    It was an amazing day out there. We hooked a few on surface jigs. I boated a 90-100lb, my buddy lost 3, including a 4hr+ fight on one. Trick for us was passing up the smaller spots for the acreage.,,.they were not boat shy and ate everything.
  61. Huntersmoon

    2.5 day on the Eclipse

    Pretty sure a passport is required everywhere in mexico.
  62. Huntersmoon

    Same Day report 5/13

    Same for us yesterday, constantly metered bait(anchovy) and chased birdschools. A few fish under the bait, but nothing came up. A few miles outside the 9.
  63. Huntersmoon

    Lower 9 and North Island Thursday

    We were in the same area most of the day, 10-4, lots of bird activity, acres of anchovies, and plenty of wind/ mixed swell.
  64. Huntersmoon

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    Sad and disgusting. You should be embarrassed for killing infants, thats why no pics. Just like all the pics of micro tuna..
  65. Huntersmoon

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    10-20lbs? Pics? Its sad how 5-7lb yft and smaller yt are being kept. Let the infants go. The sportboats need to step up and put a minimum size limit for the boat, they can still report the numbers, with "released" next to them like calico bass.
  66. Huntersmoon

    South of 302 sept 19.

    Great catch! Football yft bit of a stretch, most are nerf or easter egg size. Let them grow, next year they will be 35lbs!
  67. Huntersmoon

    Bait tank, 35 gal excellent condition

    Includes mounting hardware, hoses and fittings, with lid and bait net $180 619-301-7014
  68. Huntersmoon

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Nice catch! Pretty amazing going long to get 4 dodo, then come across paddy on the upper 9 mile bank, and bag another dozen? We were on the nine withe 25 other boats yesterday also, not a single dodo caught or seen. Amazing
  69. Huntersmoon

    Sauerfish some fishing and some catching

    Great catch! Should be eating good at the station for awhile
  70. Huntersmoon

    Tax man video as promised

    Thought they like cold water
  71. Huntersmoon

    8/18/15 Bumping - 8/19/15 Chunking - 2 Days on the water with the kids!!

    I used to get my daughter out when she was about 6, could drive boat, operate radio and catch tuna. Then they grow up
  72. Huntersmoon

    How to deal with divers

    Plenty of fish in the sea, and not worth getting your panties bunched up over. I fish and dive, I have speared fish on paddies, and watched fish eat hooked baits while doing it. Never forget the day 8 miles off del mar, paddy to myself, spearing dorado. Cattleboat shows up and parks not 25'...
  73. Huntersmoon

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    The outer limits had a banner day, 1 yt and 3 doritos, hate when the big boats push you off the paddy
  74. Huntersmoon

    Will bite come on in July?

    They are still hooking 150-200lb bft locally
  75. Huntersmoon

    Big blue

    The diver has shot several yft, a few over 200lbs. He had the experience, and the right gear, this fish took nearly an hour to finally subdue.
  76. Huntersmoon

    Big blue

    Yes its submitted for State record. Stopped on 3' paddy, carpet of 100-200lb blues under it
  77. Huntersmoon

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    If you want to boycott, best to start with Mitsubishi. They are stockpiling bluefin in the anticipation of the coming collapse. They currently own nearly 50% of the WORLDS bluefin stock. Japan and other countries have made it clear they will NOT comply with any International quotas or bans...
  78. Huntersmoon

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    Not sure if you were out this year, but in over 30 years fishing Calif and mexico, never have I seen so many bluefin tuna. The answer is not reducing sportfishing limits. I enjoy fishing, and catching, and plan my trips so the chances are high I will catch alot. Example, took a day boat last...
  79. Huntersmoon

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    Is sportfishing really the place to be imposing reduced limits? 5 is a better minimum, for the trip cost, etc. 2 fish is not worth it.
  80. Huntersmoon

    14 days starting now!

    Fun trip! Outside Abreojos should be epic wahoo, tuna, dorado
  81. Huntersmoon

    Coronado wahoo

    Diving the islands Friday speared quality yellows and a surprise 45lb wahoo! Always an adventure off the North Point
  82. Huntersmoon

    If Tomorrow Is Like Today This Party's Over

    The 9 wahoo on one boat, one day is confirmed thursday. Fish are here, just need good info
  83. Huntersmoon

    If Tomorrow Is Like Today This Party's Over

    The 'hoo are there, get lucky when they bite. Marauders with wire the ticket
  84. Huntersmoon

    If Tomorrow Is Like Today This Party's Over

    Hmm, several boats had limit dorado and tuna fishing. One boat had 9 wahoo near the 9, I say its hit or miss.
  85. Huntersmoon

    10/22 San Salvador-East Butterfly

    213 and 1010 have been producing for a few weeks now as well
  86. Huntersmoon

    Tribute overnighter 10-20-14

    Brian, i was on the same trip with you and i have to agree 100%! The boat and crew were outstanding, and everyone on board got along and fished great. With nearly everyone hooked up on quality dorado, it was a fun time. The Capt and crew were right there to help and get everyone fish...
  87. Huntersmoon

    Tribute overnight had 2 Wahoo

    Was out yesterday, 10/20, outstanding crew and nice boat to fish on. One paddy and done in 30 min on quality dorado. Captain Jake catches fish!
  88. Huntersmoon

    DFG - WAHOO Filing

    Nice fish! Its a good thing to apply for and keep records, it's a legacy and record of the sport we are part of. As far as the paperwork being complicated, truth is far from it, I've applied for a few and its straightforward, easy. Photos, witnesses, certified scale, common sense things...
  89. Huntersmoon

    Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    Well, two 3/4 day boats with 9 had over 80 tuna today, thats as good as it gets
  90. Huntersmoon


    Nice one! First ever in Calif, i bet seeing them was one of your more exciting dives.
  91. Huntersmoon

    Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    Still full limits yft out of san diego
  92. Huntersmoon

    Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    You are a lucky dude!! Good on the guy posting he found them
  93. Huntersmoon

    WFO fishing on the Legend 1.5 day

    Was lucky to go on an 8 day on the Excel, wfo 7 of 8 days
  94. Huntersmoon

    Not a bad morning-Local Wahoo

    Couple more today on sportboats
  95. Huntersmoon

    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    Excel is THE fishing experience...first class operation and crew. The food is icing on the cake, delicious!
  96. Huntersmoon

    9/16 @ 182

    Great day and attitude!
  97. Huntersmoon

    Does anyone want to know where the multi day sport boats are fishing

    Past few hurricanes may have played in the decision to stay local also.
  98. Huntersmoon

    100lb plus BFT 8/13/15
  99. Huntersmoon

    100lb plus BFT 8/13/15

    Might want to read that's an inaccurate report from a fishing site about an alleged verbal ok. Nothing in writing, its still illegal to take bluefin tuna in mexican waters. Refer to the recent Make A Wish tournament forum on the Mexican response. But....since your date is...
  100. Huntersmoon

    100lb plus BFT 8/13/15

    Awesome catch! You might have the date incorrect, bluefin closed since 7/15/14....
  101. Huntersmoon

    New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    Just lazy, sloppy crew. For what they charge each fish should be cleaned and cared for is their job, and again....customer service is the job.
  102. Huntersmoon

    Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Sounds like a great trip! Tip whatever you feel, better than a kick in the balls. I worked as a deckhand a few years, customer service is everything. God only asks for 10%, and I'm sure here rarely gets anything near that. :)
  103. Huntersmoon

    The biggest Bluefin ever caught in CA on rod and reel.........

    Same year we caught a few 200 lb+ bigeye tuna on lower 9 mile bank, getting spooled by the bluefin happened a few times
  104. Huntersmoon

    absoltue YFT slaughter SW 425 9/5

    2 yft for Prowler? That sounds hard to do with all the fish and intel available. On a one day hes no more than 60 from pt, more likely 40 ish. 425 is fairly easy location to make a run to, especially with 2 yft on boat?
  105. Huntersmoon

    Late Report but Epic Drone Video - WFO on Impulse 7/21

    A drone or camera on a kite while fishing the cow tuna long range would be next level, along with underwater. Could carve out a niche on some high end long range groups.
  106. Huntersmoon

    Late Report but Epic Drone Video - WFO on Impulse 7/21

    Amazing video, that shot of the deck full of fish is epic
  107. Huntersmoon

    unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Sportboats, many of them, will slide right in without a care to the PB. Its a big ocean and tons of fish this year, if you dont like crowds its easy to find fish away from them.
  108. Huntersmoon

    Local Marlin.

    On your knees bitches, kneel before the great fish god Marlin !! Looks like he caught some non skid marks on his knees anyway. So much for the rich snob, nose in the air stereotypical marlin sportsman...
  109. Huntersmoon

    Local Marlin.

    Wow. Might think twice about throwing a few harsh words at paddy crashers next time, gangbangers on boats now
  110. Huntersmoon

    Wahoo on the 267

    I think it will be first ever in US/california waters
  111. Huntersmoon

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Great idea, that is exactly what should be happening, checking documents, passports etc. in the name of safety and security. Anytime they come within 3 miles of the coast it should be expected. Im sure the LR will think twice about rolling into the local hotspot knowing an inspection is...
  112. Huntersmoon

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    A little common sense would go a long way in regard to the Long Range operators. Obviously the locals don 't like them fishing their spots, so why not choose another location? Seems to be tons of fish this year, that was certainly not his best option. Both captains made some poor choices...
  113. Huntersmoon

    Great White chewing on an Opah at the South Nine

    Whats more amazing is you had a dead balyhoo onboard
  114. Huntersmoon

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Its only affecting bloody decks, landings have no changes, bluefin still being targeted and taken
  115. Huntersmoon

    Solo Quad BFT

    Yellowfin, positively
  116. Huntersmoon


    chance of a lifetime...
  117. Huntersmoon

    125 Yellowtail , 4 Bluefin on the San Diego

    They out fished all the 1 day and 1.5 today, by a wide margin!
  118. Huntersmoon

    Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    Well sorry this turd has no clue, most divers are looking for unoccupied places to dive. I have been on paddies and had boats come in, no problems with exception of a sporty who parked no less than 20' from me in the water- close enough i could tell which knots they were using on their hooks...
  119. Huntersmoon

    300 lb SWORD!

    That is a spear shaft she's holding....could have been used as a makeshift flying gaff. That would be a good way to finish one off instead of a flying gaff. Unfortunately spearing (in the water spearfishing) a sword is not legal in California waters. Must have been a hell of a fight, congrats!
  120. Huntersmoon

    Tuna and the mammals!

    Be happy...that's a seal eater...not a diver eater. If it came anywhere near me it would have a steel rod for a spine, and I'd have a nice set of mako jaws on the wall.
  121. Huntersmoon

    O-side to 209 for YFT on the Porpi !!

    Down deep under those porpoise are bigger units, 50-75lbs, per first hand observation. I little too deep to hit with the speargun, but maybe a jig dropped deep will connect.
  122. Huntersmoon

    Johnson outboard mechanic

    thanks for the info!
  123. Huntersmoon

    Johnson outboard mechanic

    Looking for an outboard mechanic, to check some minor issues with my motors. Can anyone recommend a shop near mission bay/san diego or a good mobile capable mechanic in the area? Thanks!! Gene [email protected]
  124. Huntersmoon

    Lost Gun with 50lb wsb attached. @ Back Side of Catalina.

    I hope the gun gets returned to the rightful owner, these guns are custom made and cost many hundreds of dollars....they can last a good diver decades if taken care of and....not lost to big fish. Please help this person understand it would be a good thing to give the gun back to it's owner...
  125. Huntersmoon


    32/28....lower 9 and south area is loaded with stripers and footballs. Only two footballs for us, no marlin gear...I was fishing la jolla with my daughter and made the run out to this zone since conditions were so nice.
  126. Huntersmoon

    Friday 9-7 371

    Hey Mark, sorry we missed you out there yesterday. Dove some paddies between the 425 and 371 for 4 yellows 20-28lbs. Not many paddies were holding fish, but lots of them. Traded the aluminum for a 22' whaler so I'm riding that now, I bet the ride was nasty in a 17'.
  127. Huntersmoon

    BAD DOG'S BLUE MARLIN + 6 YFT w/pics

    The last few sentences sum it up, except his ego is bigger than his belly full of striped marlin.
  128. Huntersmoon

    Briana amost killed me

    Yeah! Bills here!!! You guys are gonna love this guy, and unlike others I doubt he will be able to offend any of you. I'm not sure if Bill can even remember what it was like to fornicate...:rofl:
  129. Huntersmoon

    launching a bigger boat in Puertocitos

    been a few years here too, but I took an inflatable, on a trailer. The road past san felipe was terrible, and the ramp is really steep....high tide launch and retrieve only...not going to happen with anything less than that. Was there in spring and dive conditions were not good, vis very poor...
  130. Huntersmoon

    1/30 La Jolla: Bombs below!

    WTF! Thought you get extra points for catch and release? Nice job guys, no point in going long range when they're in out backyard.Death_To_