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    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    My 3 buddies and I haven't had much luck so far getting reservations at Wister or San Jacinto this season, the only one was San Jacinto Opening Day which was a bust for us. So one of my buddies searched the net and found an option that called for hunting from a boat on the sea @ $250/hunter (2...

    Wister Conditions

    Has anyone hunted Wister so far this season and how are the water conditions? Do all areas have decent water or are they behind schedule just like last year?

    San Jacinto Opening Day

    Its hard enough to get a resi @ San Jacinto let alone Opening Day and we had high hopes for a great day. I can't stress enough how nice the staff is at that site they are more than helpful with directions and site selection. And that was the highlight of the trip. We haven't hunted SJ all that...

    302 Beating

    Well not really, it wasn't bad until we got to the 371 and had to head back uphill. 2nd trip in a row where the weather prediction failed us. Saw 40-50# YFT Jumpers just south of the 302 followed by a sleeper we almost ran over in the mixed up swell. couple of miles farther south towards the 230...

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Left MB with a nice scoop around 430 and headed for the 425; arrived around 615 and put the marlin jigs out. went a touch south then headed for the 371 and found a buddy on a paddy a little inside and below the high spot but he only found rats so it was on down to the Hidden for us. Weather...

    Arizona Doves September 1-3

    We hunted a melon ranch 85 miles east of Blythe for 3 days and saw very few hunters for a midweek opener. We arrived Sunday afternoon and did a little scouting there were birds everywhere. We settled in for dinner when the clouds erupted for a couple of hours of heavy rain which dashed any hope...

    Imperial Valley Scout Trip 8-26-20

    Had to Check out an upcoming jobsite in El Centro so I thought I would check out the SE portion of the Valley to get an idea of what the dove conditions were. Didn't get down there until 830AM or so so I could only locate birds either roosting or around the canals and watering holes and yes...

    Islands 8/19/20

    We fished the islands as well in beautiful conditions no swell and very little wind. We arrived around 615 and slow trolled sardines for about an hour with no luck. We saw a few birds picking below the pens so we stopped and chummed heavily with the great sardines from MB. We got the short cuda...

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    Fished in the Western Outdoor News Tuna Tourney Saturday which looked to be a great time when we entered however as the date got closer both the fish slowly disappeared and the weather forecast became unfavorable to say the least. The local tuna dried up Thursday, and Friday most boats moved...
  10. DOGHOUSE26

    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    [email protected] 34 over 34 at greylight and headed west passing a sporty with a couple of fish going then we had a group of tuna birds lead us to some puddlers we were able to get up on and throw some bait. Put out a butt hooked dean on 25# and got picked up within 30 seconds; let it run a little...
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    Popper Rod for a Stella 18000

    Looking for suggestions on an 8' popper & stickbait rod for a Stella 18000 using 80# braid; 9' is too cumbersome to store in the cabin. Thanks!
  12. DOGHOUSE26

    Here We Go Again with the Annoying Pop Up Ads

    We understand the need to advertise but really this is getting to be too much somebody needs to get the settings straight. Ad Blocker here we come...........
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    Coronados 6-13

    Hit the islands @ dawn yesterday nice ride down small swell with no wind. Didn't see anyone else @ Middle grounds so we stopped @ gunsite and threw out a net of sardines and it was all the 12-18" Calicos you could want for 20 minutes and all released. We dropped in a couple of X-Raps and headed...
  14. DOGHOUSE26

    SD BAY 6/8

    Fished the incoming tide this morning for an assortment of butts, bass, and corvina with a few other surprises. Started in the main Channel off Ballast point for a lone Sand Bass then we moved inside and started getting more action across from the ramp couple of shorts and a few spotties until...
  15. DOGHOUSE26

    The Day of Reckoning is Here................ Payback's a Bitch!
  16. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla PM 4-26

    Snuck out past the Authorities this afternoon headed for La Jolla and guys you're not missing a thing. Dead red @ 80' and shallower, a little better but streaky out to 150' and just plain dirty after that. It will be at least a week maybe 2 before the inshore ocean sheds its Corona. Made it as...
  17. DOGHOUSE26

    World of Fire Pop Up

    OK we've seen enough of this can somebody turn the F'n thing off!
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    For Sale Browning Invector Choke Tubes

    I have a few Browning 12 Gauge Invector Choke tubes @ $15 Each: 2-IC, 1-Mod, 1-Full 1 Browning Choke Wrench - $20
  19. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I just heard from a reliable source the SD Lifeguards were stopping active boaters and telling them to return to their slips. So if you want to go out you will probably need to be underway before dawn. With no Boater Traffic will EB stay open?
  20. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    We fished the Lower 9 this morning for rockfish limits then bounced outside towards the 302 @ 19 knots in search of BFT;tremendous amount of bait outside the 9 all the way to 3 miles inside the 302 where a sailboat trolling daisy chains called us in as he was seeing fish pop up in the area. We...
  21. DOGHOUSE26

    Costco Corona Shit Show

    A well known Captain posted his latest struggle with the Corona Pandemic: 😩🤔 I went to COSTCO during this crazy corona virus time to buy a bag of food for the dogs. Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog. I stare at her....Why would I be buying dog food, right? So I told...
  22. DOGHOUSE26

    Who has the KOH Report?

    Curious how it went Saturday Night any winners on this Board?
  23. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    Found a new spot in the Big Bay Hung out for a double limit but came up 1 shy they're still crawlin'!
  24. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    Gerry and I hunted T-12 today and I'd have to say it was kind of slow for the area; pretty slow Flyoff at first light except for a lone GWT which made the mistake of landing in the dekes just before shooting time and then challenging Gerry to the draw which Gerry won with one clean shot. From...
  25. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-15-20

    3 of us hunted the lower half of Wister today in sunny skies with little wind and we managed to scrape up a smorgasborg of 12 ducks during a long day. one of the previous posters a week back said the Us & Ts were shooting good so we took the hint and after a slow flyoff for us we saw steady...
  26. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    We had a great first half of the day but the second one was one I never want to experience again; My buddy Gerry pulled a 94 for Wister and with only 10-20 reservations showing on any given day I knew there would be plenty of good spots to take so 3 of us headed out and hunted a new spot for us...
  27. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    Read the report today for Wister Opening Day and is wasn't pretty only a 1.41 average on Saturday and .61 for Sunday; they have a new Manager this year and I hope things get better and he gets some good help. Get the update on...
  28. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Went on our annual Goose Hunt the first week in October and although it was better than last year it was still below average for our standards. Plenty of mallards this year to keep us busy, and I've never seen so many specs in this part of the country. However the Snows and Honkers have been...
  29. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Just got back from a fabulous weekend @ COA and I can't say enough about the operation. The people were so nice and accommodating, food was great, and we never had to handle our gear from our rooms to our panga each day as it was ready when we boarded our craft. I had fished Cedros 3 previous...
  30. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    Woodlands Hunt Club near El Centro is having their Final Weekend this Saturday & Sunday May 11&12 for Pheasants and Chukars; I believe he has quite a few birds left over so he's going to put them out in the fields rather than feed them another year. Gerry and I are heading out Friday for a hunt...
  31. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-23-19

    SUCKED LIKE A SUNDAY! I'm already home on my 2nd Coors Light cleaning gear up for next year! Landed in the last third of the sweatline and there wasn't much left on the board when we were called so we picked a site up north near other sites that produced well in the past. Didn't really matter...
  32. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-19-19

    The season is almost over and fortunately we don't have a lot of work going on right now so now's the time to hit the sweatline at Wister without a reservation. The hunt has been pretty good the past couple of weeks due to the storms we have been seeing pushing the birds down from the north...
  33. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    My buddy in the code group pulled a #78 for the opener at Wister so we all decided to take advantage and head on down Friday Night. Weather was going to be warm & clear so we figured it would be good morning shoot and since I had to be in Palm Springs by 1PM to carpet a Bank Saturday I had to be...
  34. DOGHOUSE26

    Valley Scouting

    We are just 2 weeks away from the opener and you serious hunters should plan a scouting trip over the next 2 weekends; for you lazy grunts Woodland Hunting Club has 3 fields under contract for the opener @ $150 per hunter and I'm sure they are some pretty good fields as he has connections down...
  35. DOGHOUSE26

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    They are harvesting the Winter Wheat down in the Valley now which makes for great Eurasian & Pigeon Hunts when you find the right place and there are many. I have a job going on down there for a couple of weeks now and I've been hitting them every day after work. Quite a few whitewings around...
  36. DOGHOUSE26

    Desert Pheasants 2-24-18

    My buddy and I haven't been guiding very much at a couple of clubs this season and our dogs really needed the work so we suckered our duck hunting partners into a day of pheasant hunting @ Woodlands Hunt Club on the western edge of the Imperial Valley west of El Centro. We hunted the club a...
  37. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Final Call January 27-28

    One of my buddies pulled a #15 for Saturday and I picked up #82 for Sunday on the final weekend so our other 2 reservation pool hunters joined us for the Final Assault on this dismal season at the sea. We wanted to go back up north where we ended the last day of the season last year on a high...
  38. DOGHOUSE26

    San Jacinto 1-17-18

    Was lucky enough to draw a #8 resi for San Jacinto today; I haven't hunted that refuge in almost 40 years but I figured I'd be able to see what blinds went first so I would know the better blinds for future trips. Got a late start last night and didn't get up there until 930 or so; I wanted to...
  39. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 12-16-17

    Had resi #41 this time so Gerry and I took one of our familiar spots in the middle of the refuge, a spot where we could slide in early and drop are gear off right next to the spot then park the truck and walk in. To my surprise we had to stretch our distance from the marker a little bit just to...
  40. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister In The Heat 10-28-17

    Had Resi # 73 for Saturday's hunt and with a little help picked a decent spot in the middle of the refuge and finally got a spot with decent water on both side of the dike WITHIN THE SITE MARKER! This was my first Wister hunt this year and the first time in 20 years I've hunted this particular...
  41. DOGHOUSE26

    Mec Reloaders & Trap Thrower For Sale

    This site has been good to me so here it goes back at you. A friend of mine was clearing out his garage and found 2 Mec 600jr Reloaders in 12 gauge and 410 Bore; they need new powder and shot bottles and a primer station bushing & spring. The Target Thrower is good to go. $10 each to cover my...
  42. DOGHOUSE26

    2017 Mexican Hunting Regs

    Has anybody seen the new 2017 Bird Hunting Regulations for Mexico and can understand the new changes? If you think we got reamed by FMMs and Island Closures on the Saltwater Scene wait until you see what's in store for this Fall. My Outfitter sent me a letter today outlining the changes: You can...
  43. DOGHOUSE26

    New Pay for Mexican Visas Website?

    I just tried the link I've always used to get my Mexican Marine Visaa and this morning it said "No Longer Available" Is this a Trump thing or have they changed the process?
  44. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    The Union Tribune today reported Mexican President Nieto announced 3 new Marine Reserve Systems and one along the entire Baja Coast yesterday at a Marine Conference in Cancun which includes the Coronados and Todos Santos along with 19 other Islands. No details about the specifics of the...
  45. DOGHOUSE26

    California Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Survey

    Recently I received a letter from the University of Minnesota requesting participation in a Waterfowl Management Survey online; from my past experience in the MLPA Process and all the catch reports I submitted I will be declining to participate as I don't trust anything the current Fish &...
  46. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Went to the 43 Yesterday 8-10-16 first time flying the kite on my boat. Boston Big Game Kite, Aftco Wire Clip Releases, Smaller Yummy Flyer with a single 9/0 hook up thru the back, 6' of 400# Leader. 50W 2 Speed with 750 yards 130# Izor Spectra with a 30' 200# mono wind on leader with 300# snap...
  47. DOGHOUSE26

    Woodland's Hunt Club 2-28-16

  48. DOGHOUSE26

    Woodland's Hunt Club 2-28-16

    My buddy Jim said we ought to try a club he heard about just west of El Centro, his buddies had done good there and you could get 6 Pheasants for $195 or 4 for $150; and Saturday they had a 180 bird hunt so there should be quite a few left over when we got there Sunday morning. We had mine and...
  49. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 11-18

    Used my second resi #52 today for our first trip to Wister this season had a great time however the shooting was SLOOOOOOOW! Started out OK with 2 Gads, a teal and a widgeon before the sun came up for 2 of us, but then 3 hours of zilch seen in the air then a couple of suicidal shovelers an hour...
  50. DOGHOUSE26

    Carnage in the Valley 9-5-15

    Took my son and my good buddy Gerry down to the Valley today hoping to get in another decent hunt; we didn't have a permission slip for Gerry to hunt some private land we have access to so it was head for the desert edge and find a spot where they might be flying. Headed down a canal road and...
  51. DOGHOUSE26

    Scouting the Valley 8-30-15

    The birds are still down there saw quite a few along the canals at the desert edge; but we never found that go-to field. Got pretty hot early in the AM and the birds were headed to roost in the brush. Quite a few Eurasians still alive and well too. Should be an average opener(unless I can find...
  52. DOGHOUSE26

    8-23-15 Mexican Navy Boarding Boats on the 302?

    I read a couple of reports on other sites stating boats were being boarded by the Mexican Navy off the 302. My buddy said he saw the old Mexican destroyer hovering the border this morning but he stayed on this side of the fence. Was anybody actually boarded or did they just pass documents...
  53. DOGHOUSE26

    When Will SWYC Get it Right?

    Fished the Southwestern Yacht Club's 45th Annual Rockfish Tournament this past Saturday and had a Great Time even though I couldn't attend the fabulous dinner and awards presentation that evening due to a previous commitment. If you have never attended this event you should really give it a try...
  54. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    Fished Rockfish today on the shelf 3 miles North of North Island on my buddy Jim's Blackman and we got to meet the crew on the Mexican Gunboat after our 3rd drop, they came screaming out from Middle Grounds. They were very patient with us and kept their distance until we got our lines in, then...
  55. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Sweatline One Last Time 1-21-15

    One of my partners from our Opening Day Hunt got the chance to play hooky today and joined me for an end of season hunt at Wister where my mojo was still hot with a #11 non-resi draw which gave us an opportunity to try a different area I had hunted 30+ years ago with good results. Maybe 35...
  56. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Sweatline 1-14-15

    Hit Wister solo yesterday for a short morning hunt until 10AM; drew the #1 Non-Resi Wednesday night and only 30-35 showed on time. Didn't get exactly where I wanted but did get close enough to see them shoot a few more than me. Not a lot of birds in range over my site. Dive bombed by Teal for...
  57. DOGHOUSE26

    Opening Day Wister

    The Gods are watching over me, I crushed my right foot a month ago when a Fire Safe fell off a moving dolly onto my foot and my Doctor said my foot has not healed well enough to travel on my annual Canadian 8 day Goose Hunt since my buddies flew out last Saturday. However somebody is looking out...
  58. DOGHOUSE26

    Holtville Opener

    Scouting the entire Valley last Friday only found 1 open non-posted field holding a decent number of birds up on the corner of 115 and Worthington, a mile north of Holtville; a milo field which had 2/3 of it down and maybe 1/3 still standing. I thought it would be posted of the weekend for sure...
  59. DOGHOUSE26

    8-21-14 Thursday Thunderstorm in the Valley

    Went down to Brawley this afternoon and it was solid heavy rain from Ocotillo Wells to Brawley from around 2-4PM; rain was coming from the south with heavy winds but I don't know how it was in El Centro or Calexico. it was easing up around 430 when we left but it still was dark to the south...
  60. DOGHOUSE26

    PM Half Day Tuna 7-11-14

    We both had too many things to do in the morning so my buddy and I met down at the dock at 1:00PM and after a stop for some healthy 5-6" sardines we headed out south out of Mission Bay in search of Tuna. The first 20 miles had warm, green water but it blued up after that and by 245 we had our...
  61. DOGHOUSE26

    C-Bass Carnage

    I don't know what they were doing different than the rest of the fleet this morning, but Seasons put the wood to the Biscuits last night and today way to stick'em Jaime! Better book it soon, Seiners moving in working their way south.
  62. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 12-21 Report - Sucked!

    Had reservation #90 for Wister Saturday; unlike the previous Wednesdays I’ve hunted quite a few reservations showed and we were not able to get a preferred spot but took one on the fringe. From what I heard Saturday was pretty slow, but this blind shot like it was Sunday. My partner and I each...
  63. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 12-11: Disappointing Orange

    Pulled a #40 for San Jacinto but one of my buddies called over the weekend and said he drew #92 for Wister and since SJ allows only 2 Adult hunters we ended up joining him on his ticket. Only 25-30 reservations showed so there were still plenty of good spots left; we headed down to our spot...
  64. DOGHOUSE26

    German Shorthair Pointer Pups

    My Breeder had a litter that's just about ready, 4/M & 4/F . My 2 year old pup from her first litter was the easiest GSP I've ever trained; She points, is steady to shot, honors, retrieves to the hand over dry land or over a pond; and is a great family dog as well. You can't go wrong with these...
  65. DOGHOUSE26

    Furuno 582 Manuel

    Cleaning out my Fishing Cabinet I found my old Furuno 582 Operators Manual; thought I would put it out there before it hits the recycle bin. PM me if interested
  66. DOGHOUSE26

    Trailer for 27' Sea Ray

    I have an out of town buddy with a 27' Sea Ray in the water in San Clemente; he needs a #7500 trailer minimum. Thanks!
  67. DOGHOUSE26

    Fishing out of Turtle Bay

    Has anyone got any info on fishing out of Turtle Bay? How good is the road going in from Highway 1, is there a usable launchramp there for bigger boats like a 26' Blackman. My buddy is there now catching marlin every day from his 38' Uniflite, they drove down from SD last week. I know the ride...
  68. DOGHOUSE26

    The Tide Has Turned - MLPA Disapproved !

    The State of California Office of Administrative Law issued a ruling yesterday, September 9th which disapproved the Southern California MLPA Process. Finally, a step in the right direction!:2gunsfiring_v1: You can read the entire ruling at...
  69. DOGHOUSE26

    Guadalupe Permits

    Anybody heard anyhing about the ability to fish Guadalupe this year? My 5 day starts in 2 weeks and I hope it's not just a yellowtail rodeo @ Cedros for a day and a half!
  70. DOGHOUSE26

    Any News if/when Guadalupe Will Reopen ?

    Things don't heat up there usually until August, has anybody heard anything?
  71. DOGHOUSE26

    5-30-09 Halibut Rigs for YT?

    Fished South Island Saturday morning looking for halibut but the first fish, a 8# YT bit the halibut sliding sinker rig in 30 feet of water, so naturally I set out the flyline and nailed 2 more from 7-8#. Had a triple going for a short time but with only 1 angler (me) it was doomed from the...
  72. DOGHOUSE26

    LJ PM 2-26-09

    Arrived on the scene @ 4PM to 8PM to fish the zone minus all the PBers, yaks, etc. There was maybe 5-6 PBers, 4-5 yaks, 7 squid boats, and way too many seals. Ocean was perfect : WE didn't see shit, do shit, or catch shit. One of my buddys called said they got short bit. I snagged...
  73. DOGHOUSE26

    YFT, Rats, and Peanuts Below the 390 10-23-08

    Headed down below the 390 for a last shot at the peanuts for 08; started trolling around 3254 11753, thought I had to tweak one of my rapalas as I was putting it out and it wouldn't run right but low a behold a YT rat inhaled it. Let that one go and found numerous kelps with dozens of rats...
  74. DOGHOUSE26

    Lupe on the AA 8-23 thru 8-28

    Had the best trip of my life on the AA, just got in this AM with quality not quanity; YT 28-45#, YFT 23-140#, BSB to 137# (2 released) 1-25# Bull dodo and 3 separate Marlin attacks of 6 fish, 4 fish, then 2 fish which put on a great show! Started at the middle of island in the PM first day...
  75. DOGHOUSE26

    Any Word On Guadalupe Yet?

    I'm on the AA for a 5 day on Aug 23-28th, anybody heard anything ? The island is surrounded by 72+ degree water, I would hope something shows up soon, Cedros can't take the abuse too much longer!
  76. DOGHOUSE26

    8-1-08 Below the 425 Smorgasboard

    Started @ the 101 for marlin @ 7; looked good but no takers, wandered down below the 425 found a temp break 67.8 metered albie shortly, found breaking fish, ended up with 15 albie to 25#, 3 BFT 15-20, 2 YFT 15-20, and 3 dodos10-15# ( 2 from the 302). Fish bit most of the day in water up to 69.5...
  77. DOGHOUSE26

    LJ PM Shift 3-18

    Checked the area this afternoon/evening looking for signs of squid; didn't see much from the NW Corner to Scripps pier; not alot of bird life either. Did meter a few small baitballs on occasion and never found the mackeral wide open. 60.5 degrees Passed by the only lightboat off Marine street on...
  78. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla - Mission Beach Rockcodding

    Fished the 5 mile zone off Mission Beach up to the weather buoy off LJ today for a few bank perch and small green striped rockies.Very slow fishing in 260-300' using frozen squid. Saw plenty on the meter but maybe they're already plugged with squid. 58 degree water and dirty green. A better bet...
  79. DOGHOUSE26

    American Angler 5 Day 8-20 thru 8-25

    Just got back from my second Chasin Tuna Charter on the AA; picked up our bait @ 1030 AM after Captain Brian examined every box they had to offer and took the best they had. Made it down to Benitos by 2PM and off the ridge at the north end of the Island we were able to nail 40YT to 33# by...
  80. DOGHOUSE26

    Where not to go 7-21-07

    Headed down below the Hidden to 31:55 117:35 and didn't see any birds or meter a thing, headed back up and out towards the 378 then 390 then inside to 3201 11741 on our 5th paddy 65.4 water caught 2- 8# rat YT which turned into a 4 fish albie bait stop. Picked up and searched 5 miles inside for...
  81. DOGHOUSE26

    PM Half Day Tuna Run 7-12-07

    Left MB around 130 with a good scoop of chovy, Baitman said it was slow at the 182, 302, etc and everyone was crying. Headed inbetween the 182 & 224 looking for the cooler 65 degree water which has moved a little west on the Terrafin Chart; put the jigs in @ 3:45 PM at 3232 11743 and changed...
  82. DOGHOUSE26

    Plugged the Boat 7-7-07

    12:30AM Headed down the line for a meat run where my buddy Mike Bratton scored Friday; started at 31:55 117 35 at greylight over a nice wad of fish on the meter. Single jiggy and 1-3 baitfish each stop until 9AM then just single jiggys throughout the rest of the morning within a 2 mile box of...
  83. DOGHOUSE26

    No chovy in MB

    Stopped by the MB Bait receiver this evening, no chovies only sardines for bait. I don't know about SD.
  84. DOGHOUSE26

    Inside the Butterfly 6-29-07

    I wish it would have been scratchy for us today on the tuna, it was a desert! Went to some 6 pack numbers from yesterday where they were done by 930AM(second hand report) about 36 nm 228 degres MB; didn't see or meter an f'n thing, few porpoise, about a 1/4 mile of bait and that was it. Made it...
  85. DOGHOUSE26

    New JX 6/3 Bearing Problems

    I won a new JX 6/3 in a raffle, already have a LX and love it; but this one seemed a little sticky @ freespool and while cranking with noticable grinding. When I took it to Dana Landing to get some Spectra and a topshot John felt the same thing and told me it needs to go back to the factory for...
  86. DOGHOUSE26

    3-20 Last Shot at Bugs for 07...

    was a bust ! Took my 18' Bayrunner skiff for one last shot at the bugs; thought I try 1 trap straight off the jetty kelp in 80' of water but the current was so strong 100' of rope would barely reach the surface @ low tide. It was so tough to pull out of the kelp i had to tie it off on a cleat...
  87. DOGHOUSE26

    East Cape Slow 11-9 thru 11-13

    Just got back last night from Los Barrilles where my buddy has a house and 24' Diesel Skippy next door to Spa Buenavista. Fished Fri-Sunday; beautiful flat seas, warm to 86 degree water but not much other than a couple of sailfish on bait each day with a striper on the jigs every now and...
  88. DOGHOUSE26

    Dodos& YT west of 182 8-16-06

    Hit LJ for easy YT first thing in the morning - NOT! Water temp dropped 3 degrees so 7AM headed for the 182, 8:30 right on the high spot passed 3 boats on the same paddy and found my own 15 minutes later upswell. Caught three lost two, found a couple other kelps for 2 more. Headed 245 degrees...
  89. DOGHOUSE26

    Late report 8-6-07 371,425, Hidden, 230 North

    Sorry for the late report, left MB @315 headed towards the 371/425 areas where fishing had been stellar the previous 2 days. Quite a bit of winds which got worse below the islands; started between the banks heading SE as it was easier to see paddies going downswell. Found a nice one @ 32:11...
  90. DOGHOUSE26

    Sunday Sunset Dodos 7-30-06

    Headed west out of MB 330PM Sunday looking for carp, heard of a couple of bites in the PM @ 44/33; trolled and boxed for nothing headed past the 15 FAD and then back down to the 178 off the nine where we find a paddy as the sun sets; bit a marlin beeper but didn't stick so we pulled up and...
  91. DOGHOUSE26

    NE Butterfly 6-10-06

    Left MB with Time Out 230AM Friday night for a chance at the epic BFT bite the Pacific Voyager had the day before; it wasn't until I set the time to meet at the dock before I read the reports that I realized we needed to be in the zone while it was still dark, 230 wasn't early enough! We plowed...
  92. DOGHOUSE26

    50# Baitcaster - Whhich Avet?

    Going on a 4 day aboard the American Angler in mid-August, I'm looking for a baitcaster which would handle 75-150# Bluefin that occasionally show up on this trip. Not a fan of big monster reels, already have a 30 Trinidad caster for marlin with 50# mono over spectra and want something just a...
  93. DOGHOUSE26

    9 Mile Bank 2-26-06 Plugged

    I know it doesn't have the night life of a BD San Quintin or Colnett Trip but the 9 is producing gazillions of 4-6# grouper, limits of 2-4# reds, and the we kept 2 of 8 lings 7-9.5# off the south wall on mackeral . Caught the reds on sardine strips. Saved the extra long range gas money for lap...