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    Venice Winter Report YFT

    In this age of social media, it makes it too easy for us to share our pictures and reports daily from our phones. So I know its been a while since a report or picture from me but we will try to see you a little more in the future. With rain and wind outside my door tonight, I would say no...
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    Winter Wahoo and Tuna Venice, La

    Well, its that time of year, not time to freeze, although we have had some of that going on too....but its Wahoo and Tuna time. And right on time, the bite has been good.I drove down to Miami to pick up the Triple Threat the first week of February and had her back in time to fish...
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    tuna Report and pics from the show

    yeah, he had a drone. Pretty cool...first time ive seen one in action. Has a gopro on it
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    tuna Report and pics from the show the full show
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    tuna Report and pics from the show

    July 30th , Capt Josh and Capt Mitch along with Out Da Bayou host John Jackson boarded the Triple Threat in Venice to shoot a tv show and catch a few yellowfintuna. The bite had been on but had died the day before so we were a little on edge and hoping for some action. We made our way out about...
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    Venice Tuna TV Show

    Been super busy these days and not much time to post. Promise to get some pics on here soon, I have tons of good ones, need to get them uploaded. Just wanted to share a link to the "Out Da Bayou" Show that we shot about 4 weeks ago on the Triple Threat. I thought John Jackson did an excellent...
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    Mid March, Venice Tuna

    It has been a bit windy.....windy enough for us to cancel last week...the whole week, haha The week before was good to us though. Well, minus the day that everyone fished in the rain storm the entire day....that kinda sucked, but the fish were eating. Roughly 40 yellowfin were caught on the...
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    Last few weeks tuna fishing Venice

    Sorry for the delay posting a report. Fishing had been a little slow and really wasn't much to report but things seem to be picking up. Fishing over the last few weeks has been good, some days, Very Good! Summer is finally here. Seas have calmed, cold weather is gone, fish are showing up....Life...
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    Past two weeks of tuna/wahoo fishing

    The wind has made fishing offshore a bit difficult this month but we have been able to fish a couple of days here and there. The last few weeks, Capt Gray and Capt Mitch have been able to produce fish. The wahoo bite has been a bit spotty but most days they have been able to find a anywhere...
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    Tuna Fishing heating up in Venice!! 142 pound yellowfin!!

    Feels damn good to be back on the water every week! The fishing is not as consistent as I would like to see it but its getting better every day! I cant seem to catch a wahoo this year either and that has me in a bad mood but most people say I stay in a bad mood so i guess everything is normal...
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    Last two weeks, offshore in Venice, LA

    This year the duck season was less than par so I have been on the water a little more in January this year. We really havent had any outstanding trips except for the last trip on Sunday! We fished a few trips last week, fishing hard for wahoo on Friday and Saturday with no hooters to show...
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    Trophy Yellowfin Tuna

    Yes, All I fish are day trips!! I like my bed too much to fish overnighters! haha!
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    Trophy Yellowfin Tuna

    Seems like I never have time to post reports anymore! Wish i could say I dont have time because of fishing but that would be a lie! haha! We have been on the water a lot over the last few weeks though. The tuna fishing has been steady. We never seem to flood the dock with yellowfin this time...
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    Last 2 months Tuna fishing In Venice

    Hey, thanks but I am good to go on that!
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    more pictures

    a few more
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    Last 2 months Tuna fishing In Venice

    I know it has been a while since I have had a report up, I had to go back and look, its been almost two months! Wow! I had no idea. I have been in Venice fishing and any time off I spend working on the house. Not much time for reports. I am here to report that the fishing has been good...
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    more pictures

    a few more
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    Venice Tuna, Marlin and Dolphin

    Its been a little while since a post. Yes, I have been fishing but I have had enough time away from the boat to post. I have been remodeling the bathroom and the babys room trying to get ready for the new addition to the family that will be here in August. My wife and I are very excited, this...
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    Venice Tuna

    I was able to fish two days during the weather break last week. Thursday and Friday was nice then it all went south on Saturday. Thursday, Brad and I had Tonys crew from Texas on the Deja Vu. The guys wanted yellowfin tuna. Tony let me know about ten times that he wanted a tripple digit tuna...
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    Venice Offshore Heating Up!

    I hate when the wind blows but it does allow for some much needed rest and relaxation! The past two weeks have been good for fishing. We have had a couple of days that I wanted more in the box but i really cant complain. The fishing has been pretty solid. We are starting to see a few dolphin...
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    A week of Venice Tuna Fishing

    Thanks to you and a little help from the weather, I was able to fish 7 days in a row this past week. I think the weather is trying to get right but who knows! Just wanted to share a litte info on the past trips. For the most part, fishing has been good. I have not been able to get on a solid...
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    80 and 90 pound wahoo / 3 day report

    This past week was good for us. We had to fish in nasty weather some days but it paid off. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, That is all that we were able to pull off in the weather break. Monday we had Bob Knapke’s crew down from Ohio. The guys just wanted fish with a shot at a yellowfin. We were...
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    3 Day Report! Wahoo and Amberjack!

    I was able to fish the last 3 days and it may take another 3 to recover. Thursday was a tough one, Friday a little better then Saturday, back in the waves! Thursday and Friday Gray and I had Gary Stegalls crew in Venice to go chase a few fish. Thursday didnt produce like we had hoped. We fished...
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    Weekend Report

    You have to wonder, where are the reports of the bad trips? Well, here it is! haha! I guess not too bad but not super good either. We were able to fish Saturday and Sunday. The forecast was looking a bit rough but not rough enough to cancel. Saturdays seas ended up being ok i guess, Sunday...
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    Tuna Video

    This is from last March! Enjoy, Capt Josh Howard
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    9 Yellowfin Tuna

    This past week, we had a couple of our good customers coming down to hunt and fish. We tried to pick the best day to fish and then hunt two other days. The weather man tried to trick us but I think we managed to fish the good day in the end! We made a hunt Wednesday morning, Wind was blowing...
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    New Video Just a little preview of a few things!
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    9 Wahoo

    AWESOME!! Thanks, I didnt even know! HA HA
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    9 Wahoo

    We were scheduled to fish Sunday with 4 people, they did not even know one another, the trip was set up at the request of one person, ironically, this person sent a text to me while I was in the duck blind on Saturday that said, I wont be able to make it!! Bad news is most of the others are in...
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    The past two days have felt like summertime in Venice!! After making our way out of the cold river water on Wednesday, we pushed on to beautiful blue water that was a warm 71 degrees! The site of the warm blue water, calm seas and flying fish everywhere made it feel like it was June again...
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    We were able to fish last Friday, seas layed for one day and we fished in about two foot seas, nice to fish in those conditions! We were fishing around the full moon and went 2 for 4 and nice big wahoo! I Feel sure that we would have landed more if we could have kept the big AJS from smashing...
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    End of June Report

    It was nice to have a little tuna blood in the boat Monday! We had James Stegall and his crew out for a day of offshore fishing! The first two stops were made at places that held tuna a few days before but the water color was not the same! With no luck we pushed east to find a good color change...
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    April/May Venice Tuna Report

    I have not been able to post in the last couple of weeks but here is a quick report! The end of April looked like the tuna were out of town! I fished April 29th with Jim Rebel and crew and we covered 140 miles to have one yellowfin to show for it! Ended the day with a few amberjack and almacos...
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    April 21st Tuna Report

    I know, I was talking about the colors on that pic last night! Thanks!
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    April 21st Tuna Report

    Thursday was my first day back on the water since my ankle sprain! It was nice to fish but a pain trying not to move much and having the brace on my leg pretty much sucked but we managed to make the best of it! We left the dock about 30 mins late just to find plenty of fog! Finally made it to...
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    Early April Report

    Im not sure if it is the fact that I have not fished in almost two weeks or that I have not left my house much in two weeks but I am about to go Crazy!!! The last two days that we were on the water was Thursday and Friday (April 7th and 8th), seas kicked up for Saturday and Sunday so I thought...
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    Yellowfin Tuna report- Venice, LA

    We were able to fish Friday and Saturday (April 1st & 2nd) Friday we had Frank with Brand Scaffold and his crew on the Looney Tuna! Tuna is what we were looking for! Made our first stop, made a little bait, not enough but enough to get started! Got lines out, hooked up very fast. Took a while...
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    Late March Tuna Report, Venice LA

    Hey, I think hunter put one of those fish on the books, the big one!
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    Late March Tuna Report, Venice LA

    The tuna fishing is still strong in Venice, LA! We fished Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Monday was a little slow but still managed to boat 7 yellowfin! Friday we had Jerrid Petrys crew out of Lafayette fishing on the Looney Tuna! I actually had to work Friday because I didnt have a...
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    Mid March report and Video

    WOW, what a week of fishing!!! Over the last 10 days, I fished 8 of them and 7 of the 8 trips were AWESOME! I would like to think that all 8 would have been good if we wouldnt have spent all day Thursday looking for a 200 pounder but that is what the customer wanted to do! We fished hard but...
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    Early March Report

    The wind has us down for a few days so I wanted to get a report out! Over the last few weeks, we have been able to put good fish in the box every day! Most of the tuna are not huge (30-50 pounds) but they are very plentiful! Tuesday, March 1st, Steve Britt had a crew of 6 on the Looney Tuna...
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    Venice Yellowfin Tuna

    A few but not many this year!
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    Friday and Saturdays reports

    We fished Friday and Saturday last week and canceled Sunday due to rough seas but come to find out, it really wasnt rough! Go figure! They never get it right! Friday, we had Miles and his crew from Mississippi to fish for tuna! The action was fast, 2 on poppers, 10 on live bait, total of 12...
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    Venice Yellowfin Tuna

    I have been on the water a lot over the last few weeks! The fishing has been awesome! There have been a few big fish caught but the bite has not been consistent yet! I have spent most of my days at the floaters chasing down 30-60 pound yellowfin and we have had a blast! Most days we are able to...
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    18 yellowfin, 6 amberjack

    Here is a quick report from Venice! We were set to fish Friday, Saturday and Sunday but the weather blew us out Friday and was not much better Saturday but Danny Wilsons crew from Mississippi said they could handle the rough seas if the Freeman could! I wasnt sure if the boat could take 4-6ft...
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    Venice Action

    Capt Gray and I were able to fish Friday and Sturday! We each had customers fishing 2 days so it allowed us to cover a lot of water and try a few different areas and species! Aaron and I had the Trahan crew fishing the Looney Tuna. The guys wanted tuna or wahoo so we decided to run for tuna...
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    More pics

    that is a bearded brotula
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    More pics

    a few more pics
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    Venice Wahoo

    Aaron and I have been on the water a good bit over the last two weeks! We fished Jan 14,15,16,17,20 and 22nd! Wahoo was the main target everyday (not tuna)! Out of all of the days, we were only able to find wahoo three days! When its good, its good but boy when slow, its very slow! I am only...
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    Venice wahoo, tuna, tackle and Freeman

    Yesterday was like Christmas morning all over again! UPS dropped four packages for me to find on my door step! Two boxes from Braid Products, One box from Frenzy Tackle and one box from Owner Hooks! I am still waiting for a shipment from Bomber and Ande but I have plenty of new toys to play...
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    Venice Winter Tuna and Wahoo

    It has been a while since my last post about fishing! 2011 is right around the corner and we are fired up and ready to get back on the water! Over the last six months or so we have worked to help clean up our gulf. We met many great people during that time! I was able to make friends with...
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    Venice, LA charter advice

    Almost any Venice Capt will be Awesome! I just went through the list to see if my name was on it - nope, not on there! ha ha
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    Kids Day Offshore - Free

    Please take a moment to check out this link: KIDS DAY This is a link on my site, this is for our Kids Day Offshore 2010. Please forward to any friends to help spread the word! We are offering FREE fishing trips for kids that may never get the chance to fish offshore! We will take emails at...
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    Venice Big Game Bluewater Fishing

    For the most part, this past winter bite was like a roller coaster! From day to day we never knew where the fish were going to show up or when they would eat! We did have some great days, I think our best day, Capt Gray had 9 yellowfin and I had 7 with a few blacks mixed in! I will post pics...
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    Venice Offshore Action!

    OPEN BOAT (April 15th, 18th & 24th) I fished Thursday and Friday. Thursday, Bradley and I had Susan Freeman's Crew on the Looney Tuna out for a day of amberjack, tuna and wahoo fishing! The water was a bit dirty and we did not have any luck with the tuna or wahoo so we decided to catch our...
  56. deepsouthcharte

    Wahoo and Tuna!

    OPEN BOAT (Sat March 6th, march 7,8,14,21,27&28) It was nice to get on the water and catch a few nice fish for a change. It looked like winter fishing in Venice finally! Huge yellowfin tuna, a plie of big wahoo, talk about a good feeling! Our Sunday Crew was fom Alabama. We they thanked us...
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    Venice Offshore Action!

    OPEN BOAT (March 5,14,21,27&28) I have been on the water a good bit over the last two weeks so I have not been able to post any reports! Tuna fishing has been pretty slow over the last two weeks but has finally picked up a little. With the tuna in hiding, Capt Gray and I have moved over to...
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    Tuna Fishing in Venice on Super Bowl Sunday!

    Every year is a little different but most years Feb and March are good months for us!
  59. deepsouthcharte

    Tuna Fishing in Venice on Super Bowl Sunday!

    OPEN BOAT SATURDAY SUNDAY AND MONDAY (FEB 13,14&15) SUPER BOWL SUNDAY'S TRIP We had Mike's crew from Texas on the boat Sunday for a little Venice tuna fishing. They were originally booked with another captain for that Friday and Saturday but the wind blew them out so I was able to snag them...
  60. deepsouthcharte

    Hand Feeding a huge blacktip shark!

    Here is the link for the video of us hand feeding sharks! YouTube - Hand feeding huge blacktip shark in Venice, Louisiana We fished Tuesday just to be disappointed like the others! Monday, fish were there - Tuesday, fish were gone! Capt Gray took a look at the sat pics to see what was up...
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    100+ Pound Yellowfin Tuna in Venice

    The BIG FISH ARE HERE!! If you want to catch 100-200 pound yellowfin tuna, now is the time! We just started catching them good last week but the bite will only last about 3 more weeks!!! Thats it! Same thing every year in October! When they show up, we have 3-4 good weeks of fishing then...
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    Tuna and Dolphin Action

    THIS PAST WEEKEND We decided to not fish Saturday due to weather but I think it was a nice day to be out there, I fished Sunday and Monday and really had a blast! We were able to find some awesome fish! Sunday, we has paul's crew on the Looney Tuna for a little dolphin hunting, and dolphin we...
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    Its time for those overnighters and Snapper season opens June 1st. We fished Wednesday with Wendy and her husband from New Mexico! Tuna was the target, the seas were calm and we got an early start. After last weekends trip around the world, I knew I would not go east!! Try South!! After...
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    Planning Trip to Venice

    Light house is good, I set up my customers with Kingfish Lodges! Brooke's number is 504-231-2238. She is the owner of Kingfish Lodges and the Venice Palms! She can set you up! They have sat tv, full kitchen, washer and dryer, bar b Q pit on decks, 3 bed, two bath and all dishes, towels...
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    Tuna on Poppers!

    We have an open boat for Wednesday and Thursday! The sea's will be 1-2 ft!! Also have two boats open for this weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I fished last Wednesday and I have spent almost a week trying to figure out how to sugar coat the trip but I cant do it, so here you go!!! IT...
  66. deepsouthcharte

    Amberjack action! Venice Style!

    Most of April is open, Lets go fishing!!! I am running a little behind on reports! Here is a report for March 6th - 9th! Friday, March 6th we had Norman's Crew on the Looney Tuna!! The week before we had slammed the tuna so we were all pumped about being back on the water. Aaron and I filled the...
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    Saturday and Sunday's Trips! OPEN BOATS! We have both boats open the weekend of the 28th and atleast one boat open any day you want it! As many of you know, Venice is home to many great captains! Many of them are know nation wide, so it is hard for us to say fish with us, we are better than the...
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    Saturday's tuna pile up

    Tuna Fishing in Venice OPEN DAYS TO FISH!!! I was talking to Capt Gray Long tonight and we thought it was funny how some captains try to sound busy, so how is this for Original????? I HAVE EVERYTHING IN MARCH OPEN EXCEPT FOR THE 14TH! And to top that- I HAVE BOTH BOATS OPEN! We take care of...
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    THE BITE IS ON! BOAT OPEN (March 1st) & (March 7th & 8th) When the fish turned on this year, they really truned on! After the boat problems Saturday, I was happy to be back at it Tuesday. We had the Betz crew on board with three under 16 years old! The water was a bit bumpy on the way out but...