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  1. Pupule

    22' Islander Sportfisher

    1985 Islander Sportfisher, originally sold by McWayne Marine Supply at Kewalo Basin. Volvo Penta AQ260 inboard-outboard sterndrive (Chevy 350 gas engine) with Volvo 290 Duo-Prop leg. New Michigan Motorz 350 Chevy marine (4-bolt main) engine with new Edelbrock 500 cfm four-barrel carburetor was...
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    Oahu - Ko Olina shore fishing

    If you happen to be there at the right time (low or high tide) you may get lucky and hit a school of oio (bonefish). Strips of calamari will work to catch those. Oio always put up a good fight on light tackle.
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    "It's been almost as long as the Cubs drought that the Republicans have controlled the...

    "It's been almost as long as the Cubs drought that the Republicans have controlled the House/Senate/White House." Actually, it hasn't been that long. Congress 108 and Congress 109 belonged to the Republicans under George W. Bush, 2003-2006.
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    Hawaii Kai - 8/23/2016

    Good going, Russ! How do you prepare the uku? Fried? Steamed? Sashimi? All of the above?
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    July Full Moon Hot Offshore Bite

    That's a mackerel pike, also known as a saury. They're a popular food fish in Japan, where they're known as sanma. Nice haul, guys and gals! Congrats!
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    Aloha "FRIDAY" Marlin

    Nice job! From hookup to the pupu platter in 5:06! Great video. Thanks!
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    Shore fishing Oahu

    Papio (juvenile trevally) are rarely associated with ciguatera poisoning. Large ulua (adult trevally 30+ lbs) are more likely to trigger a case. Dr. Yoshitsugi Hokama, a University of Hawaii researcher during the 1980s reported that ciguatoxin builds up in the human body as more and more...
  8. Pupule

    Shore fishing Oahu

    Check out my reply in the Big Island Shore Fishing thread below. Oama can be found at many beaches in the Punaluu and Hauula area. If you slow troll oama behind your kayak you'll have a very good chance of catching shoreline game fish.
  9. Pupule

    Leeward Coast - 6 August

    Very nice! Those silver bullets are as good as gold. I can just image digging into a plate of fresh aku sashimi and some grilled teriyaki aku bones. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Nice haul, Captain Chuck and crew!
  10. Pupule

    Storm ahi

    Thanks for the fishing report. It's been soooooo slow since the Haleiwa bite tapered off about two weeks ago. Heard that the Kaneohe run of ahi and otaru has been hot this past week. Good going on your catch!
  11. Pupule

    Big Island Shore fishing??

    Oama season is almost here. Catch them using a cheap 5 foot bamboo pole, 2 lb-test line, a split shot lead, and a tiny #18 hook. Frozen shrimp will work for bait (but I think frozen oio meat is best). I don't know anything about the oama bite at sandy beaches on the west side (like Hapuna), but...
  12. Pupule

    Question on Fishing Maui

    Any fish that forages or hunts on coral reefs or in shallow rocky areas near shore has the potential to carry ciguatoxin. Fish that are higher up in the food chain (shallow water snappers and groupers, amberjacks, trevallys, barracudas, etc) pose the most risk because the toxin accumulates as...
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    Mahi Monday

    Nice mahi, Conor. Good idea using that daisy chain of ballyhoo. I need to give that a try.
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    Looking for a 6 pack

    Start Me Up Sportfishing sponsors the Hawaiian fishing forums on this website. They're very consistent in their catch rate. Check out their website.
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    No ahi but ......

    Way to go with the nice haul! Congrats!
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    Clean sweep...kinda

    Nice! That's a terrific catch!
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    Leeward Coast - 17 July nothing much to report

    Thanks for the fishing report, Chuck. Too bad on the missed strike. You'll get 'em next time.
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    Question on Fishing Maui

    About 3 miles north of Lahaina you'll find the Kaanapali resort area, and in particular, the Maui Sheraton Resort and Spa. That rocky outcropping at the top left of this picture is a good spot to catch enenue (Hawaiian chub) and kala (unicorn fish). They're great fighters on light tackle...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm certainly no fishing aficionado, but I can provide a few useful tidbits of info. First, I cannot possibly count the number of times that I've white-washed on two successive trips. Hawaii's tropical blue waters are blue for a reason. The warm water here cannot hold enough oxygen to support...
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    You're right, Chuck. Five days for any of the "deep 7" bottom fish. Thanks. Online fishing reports can be started any day of the month and may be modified anytime until the 10th day of the next month. One thing that we haven't discussed is non-commercial catch of the "deep 7". No license, and...
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  22. Pupule


    To obtain a bottom fishing license, you must first buy a commercial fishing license ($50 per year). The bottom fishing license is free once the commercial fishing license has been purchased. You can apply online at: A monthly catch report...
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    Prayers for the lost fishermen Search efforts were suspended today at sunset. It's a said day for the entire fishing community. The chances of finding them now are very small. If Derek, Clint, and Jensen are not found alive, I wish them well...
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    Not big, but plenty, Kanehoe side.

    Smell that? Did someone just fart?
  25. Pupule

    tunas heading south!!!

    Wouldn't RIMPAC be a more effective military display if it were held near the South China Sea (e.g. Guam)? That's where all the "huhu" appears to be these days, with multiple countries laying claim to its islands, with at least one country building new islands (housing military bases) out of...
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    Not big, but plenty, Kanehoe side.

    Nice haul! Good going Tommy and Ron!
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    Lucky Ahi Kaneohe side

    Congrats Mike, Chris and Herbie.....that's a nice tuna! I'm a bit surprised that you're concerned about the winds when you're running a 29' Blackfin, a "heavyweight" when compared to the average boat used by most recreational fishermen here.
  28. Pupule

    Got lucky yesterday in Haleiwa "broke a little cold streak" lol

    Well, that's got to be the "hottest" cold streak on record. LOL Well done, Spence and crew!
  29. Pupule

    RIMPAC 2016 Will Run From June 30 through August 4.

    Twenty-two nations, with more than 40 surface ships and submarines, will be conducting exercises in Hawaiian waters for the next 36 days. How do you think our fishing will be affected?
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    Little guy

    I'll take a bowl of fresh-out-of-the-water poke anytime! Congrats!
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    Got Lucky 6-2516

    Way to go on your double! Both fish in the boat within 13 minutes? Wow!
  32. Pupule

    The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

    Pat, you really are the most consistent ahi fisherman I know of in Waianae. Congratulations on yet another nice tuna in the box!
  33. Pupule

    Big Country Ahi

    Nice fish, and a terrific video! Thanks for sharing. What marina is that, Waikiki Yacht Club?
  34. Pupule

    Fishing 6/22/16

    Congrats on the double! Nice job!
  35. Pupule

    Something came up so we couldn't go today. We'll be out there tomorrow. I'll let you know how it...

    Something came up so we couldn't go today. We'll be out there tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.
  36. Pupule

    First Tuna for 2016

    Go get 'em, Russ! We're planning on a Thursday trip. During the past couple of years, the ahi bite in Waianae has been running pretty much on the same schedule as the east Oahu ulua bite -- 3 to 7 days after a full moon. Maybe that's how it's always been? I don't know. I'll let you know how we do.
  37. Pupule

    First Tuna for 2016

    Wasabi, shoyu, and Thai sweet chili sauce made for some tasty sashimi. Thanks, Mike. It's been a while. I took a 20 month timeout from fishing when work started eating into my free time. After retiring and tending to my financial affairs, then bringing the boat out of extended layup, I finally...
  38. Pupule

    First Tuna for 2016

    Dex and I shoved off at about 6:15 this morning and headed straight for the pinnacle. There were a few scattered aku birds searching for breakfast as we made our way out. By the time we got to the pinnacle the birds were nowhere to be seen. We turned left and headed south for about 30 minutes...
  39. Pupule


    Kai Nana strikes again with another big one! Good going on that fat boy, Pat and crew!
  40. Pupule

    Island hop

    The Penguin Bank is normally best in April and May, holding mahi, ono, and kawakawa (sometimes as early as March). I've heard that this year was exceptionally slow.
  41. Pupule

    Island hop

    The Marina Store is open daily from 6 AM-6 PM. They sell 40 lb bags of ice for $9.43.
  42. Pupule

    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Congratulations, Noa and crew! Looks like you were running about a 6 ft spread between the two lures. Perfect! You took the strike just 1 mile outside of the harbor? Wow! Is that inside or outside of the 100 fa line? Nice shallow water yellowfin...good going! Now stay on it and keep 'em coming!
  43. Pupule

    Got Really Lucky!! Wed. 25th May Biggest one so far for the season

    Those all look like 130s. Camera distance, angles of perspective, and size reference (or lack thereof) in a still shot can easily distort your perception of size. The best examples to be found are action scenes of crew members fighting fish. The camera has a closeup view of both the angler and...
  44. Pupule

    Got Really Lucky!! Wed. 25th May Biggest one so far for the season

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No need for 80's said: I dont use 80s. 50s and 30s and jig / spin reel. Hence my name. Just cas they use 80s doesnt mean its only 80 pound test. You can spool a reel with what ever test...
  45. Pupule

    Got Really Lucky!! Wed. 25th May Biggest one so far for the season

    Nice. So, which of the boats featured in Wicked Tuna are using 80s? All of them? Your comment that "the guys in wicket tuna (and i know some of em) are only using 80s", implies that they're all doing it. If they're using 80-lb test, then that's the largest diameter 80-lb test I've ever seen. In...
  46. Pupule

    Summer is coming!

    Terrific fishing trip!
  47. Pupule

    Best day yet!

    Whoohoo! Nice haul, guys!
  48. Pupule

    Got Really Lucky!! Wed. 25th May Biggest one so far for the season

    Wow...199 lbs G&G is a monster! Nice catch! No need for 80s, to my knowledge, has never posted a picture of his largest ahi caught on less than 80 lb test. Though, I may have missed it. If so, please repost it. "wicket tuna"...haha. Which "wicket tuna" captains run 80s? No need for 80s should...
  49. Pupule

    How To Set-Up Your Rod & Reel To Catch Fish!

    Nice omilu on light line, Chris! Many years ago (1981) I flew to Christmas Island (Kiribati) for an ulua fishing trip using surface poppers, under-surface mirror lures, 40 lb-test spinning gear and 80 lb-test leaders. It was an unbelievable trip. We fished both from shore and just outside the...
  50. Pupule

    Fishing 5.13.16

    Very nice! Large aku are certainly the gold of our Hawaiian waters. Dried aku is my favorite pupu!
  51. Pupule

    Report this past Thursday WBH

    Congratulations on the nice haul. Finding a nice ripe cargo net is always a blessing!
  52. Pupule

    Leeward Coast - 15 May

    Bad luck on the bill wrapped leader, but at least you took home a prime hunk of aku sashimi.
  53. Pupule

    Kona 4/21-4/23

    Nice job, Vance! Good going! No need for 80s, you're a classic internet troll, sitting anonymously behind a key board, hurling insults at other fisherman. Are you so unsure of your manhood that you feel the need to do this to boost your self esteem? Your words speak volumes about your psyche...
  54. Pupule

    Waianae 4-21-2016

    It was nice meeting you too, Russell. The only way your jump would have worked would have been for me to remove the starter hot cable from my battery and have your jumper cable connected directly to my starter hot cable, bypassing my shorted battery. I didn't think of that. I didn't know that...
  55. Pupule

    Waianae 4-21-2016

    Thanks for trying to start us up yesterday morning, Russel (Kato). Both of my batteries failed load tests yesterday. My brother (Ross) and nephew (Keanu), and I went fishing in Waianae today. This was my first day of fishing in nearly 20 months. Last went fishing in August 2014. Bringing the...
  56. Pupule

    Kahala vs Kampachi

    Kampachi (Almaco Jack) Kahala (Greater Amberjack) Both fish are commonly known as "kahala". The almaco jack was recently named "kampachi", after a Kona-based company started farm-raising them.
  57. Pupule

    Oahu King Charter-stay away

    Regarding the licensing issue: It's stated on the DLNR's Division of Aquatic Resources website, under the licenses and permits section, that Hawaii Revised Statutes 189-2 & 3 require a commercial fishing license to take marine life for commercial purposes. That would include selling directly to...
  58. Pupule

    8-3-14 A couple days late.

    Congratulations Pat and Nerlie! Glad you were able to find some action and place a nice fat tuna on ice. I was out there on Sunday as well, but I didn't find my pot of gold. Oh well, maybe next time.
  59. Pupule


    Nice haul, J_B! Congrats on a terrific day on the water!
  60. Pupule

    Looking to fish Maui this next week.

    Start Me Up is the most successful charter in Maui. Do it.
  61. Pupule

    Gotta love drifting FADs (Saturday 7/26)

    Congrats on the nice haul! It's too bad that nice, juicy floaters like that are such a rare occurrence in Waianae.
  62. Pupule

    Effects of RIMPAC to slow fishing catches

    Very nice! Any ahi?
  63. Pupule

    Effects of RIMPAC to slow fishing catches

    Does anyone have the results for the Pearl Harbor Fishing Tournament?
  64. Pupule

    Effects of RIMPAC to slow fishing catches

    In May and June, the ahi bite seemed to peak from the 2nd to the 6th day after full moon. In July........nothing. During the week of July 14, everyone was returning to the harbor with goose eggs.
  65. Pupule

    Effects of RIMPAC to slow fishing catches

    Checkout this United Fishing Agency trolling dropoff report. It's pretty clear that there has been a big drop in ahi numbers since RIMPAC started (July 6, 2014)...
  66. Pupule

    Glad to be fishing again....

    Congrats, Garrett and crew, on the terrific catches! Keep it up!
  67. Pupule

    Charity run

    Nice marlin, Jesse. There wasn't much going on in Waianae yesterday. Glad to see that someone found some action. Good catch!
  68. Pupule

    West Side Tuna Report

    Way to go, Chuck! It's been slow out there. Good job in finding the fish and bringing a nice one home!
  69. Pupule

    Summer Ono's

    Good grinds! Congrats, and thanks for the vid!
  70. Pupule

    Happy 4th

    Very nice! Congrats, Jesse and Mike!
  71. Pupule

    4th of July Luck

    Great catch! You're loading them up this year!
  72. Pupule

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June wrap-up.

    That's why I said I was quite surprised. Many years ago (1981 through 1994), I was an avid shoreline fisherman and I used to fly to the Big Island to fish at South Point every two weeks during the spring and summer months. For years, we used to catch those fish (most prevalent during March...
  73. Pupule

    6/29 Haleiwa

    That's a huge donkey! Good job! It'll completely fill a chest freezer full of smoked marlin.
  74. Pupule

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June wrap-up.

    I must say that I'm quite surprised, because that fish sure looks like a greater amberjack (a.k.a., kahala). It doesn't look like this.
  75. Pupule

    ahi 6-29-14 kaneohe

    A nice fish on a very calm day on the east side! Can't beat that. Good going, guys! Congratulations!
  76. Pupule

    Mahi & Ono on the Wasabi

    Nice! You're kiiling 'em with the new boat. Congrats!
  77. Pupule

    Dads Birthday Action! (June 27,2014)

    Woah! Nice fish! You guys are really on a roll! Congrats!
  78. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Perfect! I'll e-mail you Monday morning.
  79. Pupule

    Waianae 27 June - Blood in the Box

    Nice! Good grinds in the box. Congrats, Chuck and crew!
  80. Pupule

    Happy Action!

    That was awesome! LOL
  81. Pupule

    First Ahi solo action

    Nice fat ahi! Congrats!
  82. Pupule

    Ono Sunday 6.22

    Good going on the ono! That's a terrific looking boat! Wow!
  83. Pupule

    First time on new boat

    Sweet looking boat! Nice catch!
  84. Pupule Do you know anything about this boat? At... Do you know anything about this boat? At $15,000, one would expect a major drive train or hull integrity issue.
  85. Pupule

    South Side Ono

    Headed out in the channel, bright and early -- now that's a great feeling. Good job on those ono!
  86. Pupule

    6/21- Redemption

    Second ahi in three weeks! Good going!
  87. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    PMs are kept in your BloodyDecks Inbox. You answered my PM yesterday.
  88. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Could you make one of those with a ring on the end (no T-bar), that has a completely straight shank and more of a circle bend in the hook? Kind of like the Mustad hook pictured below. I could use that for the head winch. After securing the fish's tail with the tail winch, I'd use the meat hook...
  89. Pupule

    Is this a mirage?

    When all the ice ends up melted, it's definitely been a fine day of fishing! Congrats!
  90. Pupule

    One of my Bucket list Checked off:)

    What a way to spend the day with the family! Hooooookup! Way to go, Spencer and family!
  91. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    That's what I use -- 4 ft galvanized steel pipes which sit in shotgun holders. Thanks, Brian. Actually, I'd be very happy with fish in the 120-130 lb range. Those don't beat the crap out of me. :) Are you taking about something like this? I took an old ulua fishing slide gaff and cut off the...
  92. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Russ, Thanks, man. Hopefully this will make it easier. I just finished making an identical second winch. Now I'll have a head winch and a tail winch.
  93. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Mahalo, Jimmy. I'm considering several options. Main problem right now is that the galvanized steel pipe holding the winch is only four feet long. In my case, to get a 66" fish over the gunwale, it has to be taller than that. Five feet would probably do the trick, but then the crank handle...
  94. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Thanks a million! I have a prime slab of ahi for you in the fridge. Prime cut from the bottom quarter near the belly. Thanks to you, the meat is in perfect condition. Sent you a PM.
  95. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Max, thanks for the praise, but it really wasn't "solo". ;) By the way, when I first saw your boat at the harbor the name intrigued me. MEIJUN?......hmmmm......MEIJUN....oh okay, I got it! Perfect name for a Waianae fishing boat.
  96. Pupule

    June 19th Action!

    Sweet! Nice action video! Congratulations, and thanks for that!
  97. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Thanks, Mike. I will look for one. Thank you, Robert. It was a real treat. Mahalo, Mike. Yes, at 55 years old, 5'6" tall, and weighing 140 lbs dripping wet, spinach or even protein shakes and a year's worth of pumping iron aren't going get a big one over the rail without some help. ;)...
  98. Pupule

    Is this a mirage?

    Nice floater! Was it holding fish?
  99. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    I had a rough start this morning when my boat engine wouldn’t run at any less than 2000 rpm, and even at that, it was running rough. I removed the air cleaner and saw fuel dumping out of the carburetor primaries. What the h_ll? Then I saw both idle adjustment screws sitting on the intake...
  100. Pupule

    Friday the 13th Ahi

    Nice one! You're on a roll. You should get back out there now, while you're hot!
  101. Pupule

    Friday solo trip waianae.

    Congrats on a fine catch!
  102. Pupule

    5/31/14 Report

    Way to go!
  103. Pupule

    Early Birthday June 1.

    Nice! I would have stopped at nothing to have that fish weighed.
  104. Pupule

    Ahi action on the ski

    Awesome catch! 175 lbs G&G? That's a monster!
  105. Pupule

    Last Weeks Action! (first time posting)

    Now that's some wicked action right there! Congratulations on a terrific week of fishing!
  106. Pupule

    The Captain and Kai’Nana is why… 5/25&26

    Good weekend for the Kai Nana! Congrats, Nerlie and Pat! I caught two goose eggs on Sunday. Couldn't find many signs of life out there. Gotta hand it to always find the fish!
  107. Pupule

    5/22/14 waianae

    Good catch, Max and crew! Action on the west side seems to be smokin' hot!
  108. Pupule

    Waianae -Tuna Report 5/22/2014

    Double trouble! Nice work, Russ!
  109. Pupule

    Pressure is off "First one of the Year"

    160 lbs G&G, that's a fat one! Good on you for assisting a fellow boater. Been there and done that, from both sides of the tow rope. Good going! Sounds like it's finally happening for 2014. Auright!
  110. Pupule

    Rebuilding Penn 12/0

    I normally buy parts locally. You'll be eaten apart by shipping charges if you buy parts piecemeal via the internet.
  111. Pupule

    Fishing waianae 18may14

    Andy and gang, Nice trip! Were all of those mahi caught on lures or bait? Variable winds certainly aren't on my list of favorite fishing conditions, but you sure had a fine day of fishing out there. Congrats!
  112. Pupule

    Waianae 5/20

    Nice ono! You made the best of it on a slow day. Good going!
  113. Pupule

    Fishing Report Waianae 17 May

    Good action. Tough luck on all the misses, though. You're just making a few more deposits to your "savings account", saving the best for later!
  114. Pupule

    Rebuilding Penn 12/0

    Here are a couple of tutorials and an exploded diagram of a Penn 116L. The first tutorial is for a Penn 116L. The second is for Penn 113s and 114s, but all Senator reels are pretty much the same from an assembly standpoint.
  115. Pupule


    Back in the day, I used to shorecast for ulua using Penn 113H reels. Even with a Newell aluminum conversion kit installed, those reels were heavy and didn't cast all that well. Then came the Newell P454F with its graphite side plates and ultra smooth bearings. Now that was a terrific...
  116. Pupule

    On the way to Molokai for relay 5/10

    Ah, the cargo net....every fisherman's friend. ;) Good haul! Congrats!
  117. Pupule

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    ------------------------------------------------------- shinchan wrote: Solid fish!!! Way to kick off the season! Are you using the harpoon with the "arrowhead" shaped dart? Easier than gaffing? I see it on "Wicked tuna" but never knew that it was used here too...
  118. Pupule

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    --------------------------------------------------------------------- patfishhi wrote: Todd, Way to go on the ahi, the water was a little funky yesterday, Mother Nature showed you the way. Good going (glad the marlin broke off, other wise you probably would have gone in)! Cheers Pat...
  119. Pupule

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    Thank you, all! I'm stoked to have boated an early season fish. First one for me in early May.
  120. Pupule

    Solo trip to Banks 05/10/2014

    Nice! The bite on the Banks started a little late this year, eh? I remember when it used to get hot by mid March. Congrats, Russ!
  121. Pupule

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    Left Waianae Harbor at 9:00 (late start today). Headed out in front of Kepuhi Pt. where FAD R is normally anchored, then set the lines. Weather was pretty mild as I headed further out then veered left toward the pinnacle. It got rough pretty quick. There was a north wind and clouds were...
  122. Pupule

    Cinco de Mayo at the Penguin Bank

    My weekend was booked solid with a wedding to attend on Saturday, and two cousins here from Los Angeles to entertain on Sunday. So, I took today off from work to enjoy the great weather on the water. Left Hawaii Kai at 5:30 and hit the first knuckle at 7:15. Right off the bat I saw a pile of...
  123. Pupule

    Banks 04/28/2014

    Very nice catch, Russ! Congrats. Looks like the Banks are starting to warm up. Finally.
  124. Pupule

    4/28/2014 Great White Shark ate my AHI! Video

    Congrats for getting the ahi to bite. Bummer on your bad luck these past two weeks. Your luck will turn. You guys always end up high on the score board each year.
  125. Pupule

    Penguin Bank 4/6/2014

    The wind picked up to 15 mph NNE by 12:00. The trip back home across the channel was wet and rough.
  126. Pupule

    Everyday is different. 4-5-14

    Terrific day on the water, Pat! You always find the gold! Congrats!
  127. Pupule

    Penguin Bank 4/6/2014

    Aloha, gang! Haven't posted in while. Last time I went fishing was in August. My engine oil pan rusted through and I decided to wait until after the football season to fix it. Since the engine had to come out, I thought I'd might as well drop a fresh engine in there. So I ordered a new GM 5.7L...
  128. Pupule

    Waianae Aloha pumps were closed

    Still closed. Pumps are in.......electricians are wiring them up.
  129. Pupule

    Bloody Deck....Really 6/29

    Nice fish, Jerry! Congrats! Hope you can get the leg fixed and get back out on the water soon.
  130. Pupule

    Tuna 1-1/8

    Too bad about the tax man, but you still managed to boat the big one. Good going!
  131. Pupule

    Great Day!

    Awesome catch, Jeff! Congrats!
  132. Pupule

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Sweet ride! Congrats on the double!
  133. Pupule

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Congratulations, Russell and Jonah! That's an outstanding catch! Wish I had better news for myself. Just dropped a two hundred plus tuna at the side of my boat this morning at 12.5 miles and 102 degrees (close to the 1000 fa line between V and CO). There were thousands of scattered birds out...
  134. Pupule

    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Pat, I know you normally don't like fishing during biggest part of the moon, but it sure worked for you and Nerlie this time! Nice work!
  135. Pupule

    First Ahi Ever!

    Nice one! Congrats, Jeff and crew! We passed by a 19' Glass Pros hardtop right around that time and in that area. It was hooked up in a bird pile. We stayed in the area for a few minutes until the pile started heading out to the pinnacle. Was that you?
  136. Pupule

    Waianae 22 June

    Great work Chuck and Jeron! Congratulations!
  137. Pupule

    Bye Bye Monkey

    Good going, Justin. I saw your name on the scoreboard at the Hawaii Fishing Reports website.
  138. Pupule

    6-7-13 In to the backing.

    Business as usual for the Kai Nana. Glad to see that you're back on the fish, Pat and crew! Been tightly holding on to my ticket but no one's called my number yet. ;)
  139. Pupule

    Tuna, tuna,tuna

    Wicked action! I'm looking forward to the day I get to place three ahi in my fish box! Heheheh!
  140. Pupule

    doggshhh! but bettah lucky then good!

    Great recovery. That bad boy gave you a tough fight! Good going.
  141. Pupule

    6-6-13 Lucky Again

    Lil Toot 3 and its crew are on fire! Glad to see you guys back in the thick of the action once again. Congrats!
  142. Pupule

    On a Tuna Roll

    Nice double, Jason and crew! Keep 'em coming!
  143. Pupule

    Our ahi grew a long nose!

    Congrats, Steven and crew! Wish you took some pics of that marlin hanging from the boom truck. LOL!
  144. Pupule

    Double trouble

    You guys are really on a roll. Good going on the double, Brian!
  145. Pupule

    triple 2out3 going in 1 more going home

    Wicked catch! What a banner day on the water. Nice one!
  146. Pupule

    Sunday June 9 Waianae

    Nothing like a nice double strike to get the heart racing, eh?. Glad you were able to boat one of them. Perfect size.....good job!
  147. Pupule

    Waianae- 06/04/2013 Close but no cigar!

    Bummer on the lost fish, but still an exciting day on the water, Russ. Good job in finding the action. You'll get 'em next time.
  148. Pupule

    Kuuloakai Haleiwa Capt Rusty Spencer

    RIP Captain Rusty. Condolences to the family and friends. Never met the man, but I've read everyone of his fishing reports dating back to 2002. Enjoyed them all.
  149. Pupule


    Sweet! Congrats on a job well done!
  150. Pupule

    went looking for tuna

    Nice! A successful trip, indeed!
  151. Pupule

    5/31/13 Monkey is off my back

    Way to go, Nick and crew! Nice fish! Congrats on the first yellowfin on your new boat!
  152. Pupule

    keeping your fish

    Here's Magic Sportfishing's (located at Kewalo Basin, Oahu) policy on the disposition of the catch. Magic's website: Meet Magic | Magic Sport Fishing Hawaii
  153. Pupule

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Good on you for charging on to find that floater. That's a nice haul! Good job, Joe and crew!
  154. Pupule

    New beginning's

    There is no better way to break in a new boat!!!! Sweet looking ride! Congrats on the great catch and keep after 'em!
  155. Pupule

    Kaneohe - May 5

    Wow! Josh, you are on a HOT STREAK! What a haul! Congrats and keep it going!
  156. Pupule


    That's a mighty fine looking ride...ready to hit the water and slay 'em.! Congrats on a job well done!
  157. Pupule

    "Quatro de Mayo"

    Just one week after dry-docking and you're right back on the fish! Nice one, Pat!
  158. Pupule

    Late report: banks 4-28

    That's the way to load 'em up, Josh! Sweet! Good going!
  159. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai

    Nice haul!
  160. Pupule

    First trip to the banks!!

    Nice action on the banks!
  161. Pupule

    Banks Report 4/28

    Good going on the ono. I like the lure head. Is that a Polukai?
  162. Pupule


    Nice! Lots of good eats right there. The white birds are always a great find.
  163. Pupule


    Cool video. It was on this morning, along with an interview of the fisherman.
  164. Pupule

    March 2, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Good job finding the action during these slow times!
  165. Pupule

    2/28/13 North Shore, Oahu

    Way to go! Fair payback for braving the elements. I'm still waiting for the water to calm down. ;)
  166. Pupule

    New Guy

    Welcome, Andy. Nice boat. Try trolling/jigging around VV-buoy, just outside of Keauhou Bay. Good luck!
  167. Pupule

    Power Pro Braid

    I think you'll be able to pack at least 650 yards of 150 lb-test PowerPro line (0.022" diameter) onto a Penn 6/0 reel. Even with the small drag washers on that reel, I would expect that you could stop a big ahi with it. A big marlin? Surely not. I was watching a feature on standup ahi fishing...
  168. Pupule

    Honolulu auction prices

    The site owner for Hawaii Fishing Reports posts those results each morning on his webpage.
  169. Pupule

    double-hooked slide gaffs?

    It's fixed. Universal did a fine job.
  170. Pupule

    Honolulu auction prices

    Here's the United Fishing Agency's sales report for today.
  171. Pupule

    Need some help!

    Pine Trees is the green area just to the right of the Barber's Point Air Station runways.
  172. Pupule

    double-hooked slide gaffs?

    I have one that's 20" long, but the lower split ring is missing. I'll check with Universal Manufacturers here in Honolulu to see how much it would cost to fix. In the mean time, if you find one and buy it, let me know and I won't pursue it any further. Aloha, Pupule
  173. Pupule

    Opelu handline rigs

    Never did much opelu fishing, but from what I hear from people to do it a lot: Use black leader line, 12 lb main, 6 lb hook leaders. Each hook leader 6 feet apart.
  174. Pupule

    February 5, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Loading 'em up as usual. Good going, gang!
  175. Pupule


    Sweet! Nice tuna. Congrats.
  176. Pupule

    A couple of trips no pics...

    Congrats, Pat! Ono kine grinds for the Super Bowl party. Perfect timing.
  177. Pupule

    late post waianae 2/2

    Congrats on a great trip, and with perfect timing. The poké looks delicious!
  178. Pupule

    Newell Reels for Sale

    Newell reels (the 546-4.6 reels, in particular) have been hot selling items ever since the company shutdown its operations.
  179. Pupule

    Newell Reels for Sale

    I have five Newell reels up for auction on eBay. Listings will end on 2/8/13 (Friday). If you pickup the reel from me (Ewa Beach, Oahu), I'll return the $12.35 shipping fee. C344-J5 with plastic bearing cap on the left side. No bearing cap on the right side...
  180. Pupule

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Thanks, all. It was a fun day on the water, and what a stroke of good luck it was to find Magic while he was on the fish!
  181. Pupule

    Back in Paradise

    A big mahalo for all you've done to protect our freedom, Joe! Welcome back home! I hope this time it's for good.
  182. Pupule

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Hi, gang. I hadn't been out for a while due to work and some rough fishing weather, so I was looking forward to my first trip of the year. As I pulled into the Waianae Harbor I was a little disappointed to see just a few trailers in the parking lot. Woops....not biting, I guess. Headed out at...
  183. Pupule

    Christmas present from the ocean!

    That's a nice, fat one! Good job!
  184. Pupule

    12-22-12 Glad the Mayan's were wrong...

    Great trip Pat and Robert! CONGRATS!
  185. Pupule

    Best lures to troll at low speed, with little to no wake?

    Agree on the Rapalas and Yozuri minnow lures. They work well at slow speeds. I once had something drain my spinning reel out near S-buoy while the boat was in neutral, just drifting with the wind. You might consider replacing the hooks with more heavy duty hooks, though, since the off-the-shelf...
  186. Pupule

    090812 P.D.L.

    Pat, Have you ever used 130# mono before, and if so, have you noticed any difference in the number of strikes taken while using 80# mono versus 130# mono?
  187. Pupule

    090812 P.D.L.

    Nice catch once again, Pat! You're definitely the gorilla killa of the west side, and that's surely not P.D.L!
  188. Pupule

    8/21 report, lucky day

    Good one, Darren! Congrats! I hope you get that starter fixed before long and without excessive expense. My cell phone service doesn't allow me to pair with my home computer, so I can't upload pictures directly. I always end up e-mailing myself the pictures from my cell phone via RoadRunner...
  189. Pupule

    Waianae 8/19/12

    Way to go, Randy! You sure are constent with the ono bite while fishing that ledge!
  190. Pupule

    Waianae hotspot 2

    An early morning double strike, now that's a real blessing! Congrats on the nice pair of ahi. 217 lbs G&G? What a monster!
  191. Pupule

    Waianae hot spot

    Nice one, Justin. I could tell it was a big one when you had to stand on the gunwale to get some leverage.
  192. Pupule

    Only 1 bite

    "Tuna Report</COLOR> Only 1 bite"...and a good one it was! Congrats Garrent and Alex!
  193. Pupule

    Finally a BD post from Nemo

    Great catches and great story! Congrats!
  194. Pupule

    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    I don't know how you do it, Pat. You're always at the right place at the right time, and you always get the bite. Outstanding!
  195. Pupule

    Kimi-Some otaru

    That's a nice load of silver bullets right there. Congrats!
  196. Pupule

    Almost AHI!

    Nice haul, guys!
  197. Pupule

    Early morning luck

    Nice fish, Ron! An early finish to a productive run. Can't beat that!
  198. Pupule

    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    Terrific catch, Steve and crew! That's a big one, and a (somewhat) rare catch on the 40. Good to hear that you broke the ice, catching #1 for 2012. Good going!
  199. Pupule

    7-18 trip report

    A quick trip out, load up the boat, and back in before lunch that's a terrific fishing trip! Good going!
  200. Pupule

    7/21/12 Finally got one for 2012

    Very nice! That initial detour put you right in the fish's path! Congrats!
  201. Pupule

    Waianae 07-15-2012

    Back in early with a load of sashimi in the box! Doesn't get any better than that! Congrats!
  202. Pupule

    Summer Ahi-Yesterday was Epic!

    Way to get after 'em, Jeff! That's freakin' awesome!
  203. Pupule

    071412 Plenty chances...

    Wow! That's some awesome action. Good going on that tuna! Bummer on the lost fish and the broken rod. I could see your boat stationary in the distance and knew you were hooked up to something big. I only managed a single knockdown in that pile yesterday and it came off. Oh well, that still...
  204. Pupule

    2012 Ika Shibi Kona

    Nice pair of ahi, gang! Way to go! I've often wondered why I only hear about the "ika shibi" style of fishing on the Big Island.
  205. Pupule

    Oahu still get fish

    Good job, Robert and crew! Nice catches! Thanks for the pics!
  206. Pupule


    Sucks to lose one like that, but you managed to get a big one into the boat. Sounds like a winner to me! Good going!
  207. Pupule

    Waianae 7/9

    Nice one! Swoop into town, pull an ahi out of the water, then fly right back to school. Now that's efficiency! Congrats!
  208. Pupule


    Sweet! You guys on the Kimi-Some are having a terrific year! Congrats!
  209. Pupule

    Got lucky yesterday.

    Awesome catch! That's a fat one! Way do get after 'em!
  210. Pupule

    Waianae 06-30-12

    Way to go, Steve! Nice fish! I think we saw you guys hooked up that morning.
  211. Pupule

    UPDATE and 070512

    Nice ahi, Pat and crew! Still the model of consistency! Keep these victory reports going!
  212. Pupule

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Yes, a bang stick.
  213. Pupule

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Thank you, all! I'll be buying a couple of heavy duty gaffs, better suited to the task. Also thinking about using hollow points instead of blanks, but to tell you the truth, I'm a little hesitant to carry live ammo on board. We'll see. Saturday's fight was a lot more "exciting" than it should...
  214. Pupule

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Congrats to all who've been boating those elusive yellow sickles. Been enjoying all the stories and pics/vids. Sorry to hear about the Navy exercises that appeared to shut down the fishing on Friday. That must have really sucked. I was disappointed to work through last weekend, but I had this...
  215. Pupule

    late report: waianae june 6 ahi

    Good job, Darren and crew! Congrats!
  216. Pupule

    1st Trip This Year to Waianae - 1st Ahi

    Congratulations, Ken and crew! What an awesome day on the water!
  217. Pupule

    Waianae 6/8/12

    Yeah, Brian! Nice ahi! Congrats to you and your crew!
  218. Pupule

    Tails we win!

    Nice sized marlin, gang! Must have been a long, grueling fight. It sure does appear as though the pectoral fin is unable to fold back and rest against the fish's body, and there's only one marlin that has a pectoral fin like that --> black marlin. Congrats!
  219. Pupule


    Another terrific catch for Kai Nana! You're kiling 'em, Pat. Congrats! I had a feeling that you'd be out there on the prowl during the new moon phase. You're giving everyone THE FEVER! I hope to be on the water ASAP following my return from a business trip to the northeast. No illusions of...
  220. Pupule

    Waianae 5/4/2012

    Nice catch, Brian!
  221. Pupule

    Need some locals help

  222. Pupule

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Awesome! Those Tsutomu lures continue to kill 'em!
  223. Pupule

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    &#12288; Hey, thanks Mark. We didn't know that was you out there. We heard you guys talking to another boat up head and saying that you were headed to the 1000 near CO. &#12288; Dex has been sidelined from fishing for a while. He's been dealing with his father's recent medical condition...
  224. Pupule

    Need some locals help

    Here's a website covering some fishing charter businesses on Kauai. Deep sea target species in June will be mahimahi, skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, and wahoo. Kai Bear Sportfishing offers share charters in which you'll be matched...
  225. Pupule

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Thank you, Randy. I initially planned to head out to the Penguin Bank yesterday, but heard it was slow over there. I'm glad we zigged instead of zagged. Thanks, Jimmy. I credit Dex, with his sharp eyes. I think I would have trolled right past that first pile. I didn't see it in the distance to...
  226. Pupule

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    Nice fish, Russ! You've been doing well at the Penguin Bank. Good going!
  227. Pupule

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Randy, the 1500 fathom and 2000 fathom contour lines 25 to 35 miles west of Makua Valley, when viewed on a navigation chart, resemble Snoopy the dog. The "mouth " of that contour is called the Dog Mouth.
  228. Pupule

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Left Waianae Harbor at 0600 and motored straight to V-buoy. There wasn't much happening there so we headed toward the Dog Mouth (25 miles at 85 degrees). We ran into a small pile of black birds on the 1000 between V and CO. Took five strikes within a half hour. Dropped two mahi and caught three...
  229. Pupule

    south point

    I think it's a 28 to 32 mile run to South Point, 3 1/2 to 4 hours each way. It's not uncommon for the trade winds to blow 20 to 25 knots at South Point in June. The first 20 miles down to Manuka wouldn't be too rough because you'll be in the wind shadow of Mauna Loa. From Manuka to South...
  230. Pupule

    4/14- 4/15 Good Fun

    Woah, Nick, you really hammered 'em! That's one impressive load of fish!
  231. Pupule

    Waianae 4/14/12

    Nice pair of mahi, and all those aku sure made for a great day on the water. Good job!
  232. Pupule


    Awesome catch! Stuck with it throughout the rough morning and came back home a winner! Congrats!
  233. Pupule

    Holy COW

    I cannot even imagine the quality of the sashimi from a 400+ yellowfin! Must be loaded with fat!
  234. Pupule

    WAIANAE 2/14/12

    Very nice! Looks like you ended up with all of your baiting hooks in the fishbox!
  235. Pupule

    Banks Mahi

    Congratulations, Jeff! That's a mighty fine haul!
  236. Pupule

    4-11-12 VIDEO

    Steamed taape, Chinese style.......ono! Nice video, Nick. That's a crazy underwater shot of the mahi school. Good going on a terrific day of fishing!
  237. Pupule

    Happy Easter

    Joe, may the ahi crowd your deck when you return home from deployment. You deserve it! Aloha and mahalo from all of us at BloodyDecks. Happy (belated) Easter!
  238. Pupule

    Waianae 4/6/12

    Nice haul of mahi, Scott. Good thing you had a stash of opelu to keep 'em interested. Good job!
  239. Pupule

    all smiles

    Good trip.....congrats! Lots of variety there. Nice sized ono and kajiki.
  240. Pupule

    Hi Kai - Honolulu side of the Banks

    Nice trip, Russ! Good action. Too bad about the jumper.
  241. Pupule

    4-1-2012 Mahi Action

    Sweet! Nice haul. Love that underwater shot. It's not often we run into a good piece of rubbish holding fish on the west side. Sure is nice when it happens, though.
  242. Pupule

    Sunday evening fishing shows

    I don't know if the current Hawaii Goes Fishing situation is as it was after Ben Wong and company left to start the new generation of Let's Go Fishing shows, but back then, Dean Sensui the show's producer was on a shoestring budget. He actively sought out anyone who'd take them on a fishing...
  243. Pupule

    Kaneohe 4/1

    Nice fat one, Mark! Good job!
  244. Pupule

    Fish for the Birthday boy!

    Nice trip! That's a solid catch of mahi. Good luck with the kings, lings and halibut whenever you make it back to Washington!
  245. Pupule

    Palm Sunday

    Nice shortbill. Too bad on the lost fish, Pat. You sure do find the ahi, so I'm quite sure you'll make up for that one in no time.
  246. Pupule

    South Side Mahi's

    Nice haul of mahi, Garrett! Glad you guys were able to make it back on your own power.
  247. Pupule

    double banger on da Kimi Some

    Congrats, guys! We saw the ahi flag up on your boat as you were leaving the parking lot on Sunday. Good job!
  248. Pupule


    Nice! Way to get on 'em Capt. Don and crew!
  249. Pupule

    First Blue Marlin

    Nice catch! I'm no expert, but I've caught a few marlin and lost a few. Most of the marlin I've lost next to the boat were lost while the transmission was in neutral...they either went crazy and made a mad dash, or the hook dislodged due to slack in the line. If you leave the transmission in...
  250. Pupule

    Kaneohe 3/2/12

    Great trip! Good going!
  251. Pupule

    short trip to the big island

    I forgot to mention the time of day and the tides. In general, whipping in the shallows is best near dawn and dusk, and during the rising tide from the trough of the low to the peak of the high. From March 30 through April 4, there will be very early morning low tides. From April 7 through April...
  252. Pupule


    Sweet looking boat; better looking than the original Plas-Tech 19' Kona model.
  253. Pupule

    short trip to the big island

    It's a long drive from the Volcano area, but you might try "rock hopping" along the south eastern shore next to South Point (Ka Lae Cape) . You can drive down there in a sedan -- no 4WD required. Park at the point and walk north eastward along the shoreline while fishing. Bring a cooler backpack...
  254. Pupule

    Bluefin Tuna Caught

    Awesome! What would that fish be worth at a Tokyo auction block? $700,000? More? Sure wish we had those babies lurking in Hawaii waters.
  255. Pupule

    Small Blue and Stripey C&R - 3-3-12

    Nice action! Good job on the catch and release. (I would have boated that striper to make sash and poké for the everyone at the office, heheheh.)
  256. Pupule


    That's the result of a "short run"? Holy moley! Great job!
  257. Pupule

    Back on the water

    Good catch, and that is one terrific looking boat!
  258. Pupule

    waianae 2/26/12

    What a way to christen the new mods, with a yellowfin in the fishbox. Who needs champagne on the hull when you can have blood on the deck! Haha! Boat looks good. Congrats!
  259. Pupule

    Sunday School - 2-26-2012

    Nice fish! Congrats, and thanks for the video!
  260. Pupule

    Any Intel for the Banks?

    It was slow at the Banks today. I managed just one strike and caught a 15 lb ono about 2/3 the way from the knuckles to the corner. There were at least 20 boats fishing the corner; lots of big boats out of Kewalo Basin, but no action. Stayed in the area for about two hours then headed straight...
  261. Pupule

    KANEOHE 2/25

    Capt. Don does it again! Congrats, Don and crew!
  262. Pupule

    What are we doing wrong?!?!?!

    This is generally a slow time of year for trolling, so keep your expectations in check. It gets better going into the spring season, which is not too far away. The mahimahi catch report is showing promise. Keep the lures in the water and they will come!
  263. Pupule

    1st and 2nd trip of 2012

    Nice fish, Walter.....congrats! Didn't hear about your "detour" from fishing until just now. Good to see that everything's turned around for the better!
  264. Pupule


    Good going on your catch. I can only imagine what it must have been like heading into those 20 knot westerly winds; gusting upwards of 39 knots, as I recall. Way to CHARGE 'EM!!!
  265. Pupule

    First trip of 2012

    Nice trip. Just looking at that aku is making me drool....."Jonesing" for some sashimi! :)
  266. Pupule


    You always get 'em. Congrats!
  267. Pupule

    Kaneohe 1/21/12

    Nice haul, and that is a fine looking boat!
  268. Pupule

    February 4, 2012 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Thanks for the report, Lee. As usual, you guys are dialed in to the bite.
  269. Pupule

    Spearfish C&R

    Good going on the C&R, Captain! (I woulda kept 'em to feed the hungry hoard at work.)....hah...
  270. Pupule

    Good Sat. morning on the Windward side

    Nice boat, Matt, and a nice haul of fish!
  271. Pupule


    Good action down Kona side! Nice! Milolii? That's a long run out of Honokohau!
  272. Pupule

    waianae 2/4

    Nice one. Congrats!
  273. Pupule

    Waianae 2/04/12 and more.

    Awesome! It's normally rough going this time of year, but you've been catching the lion's share of fish, for sure.
  274. Pupule

    a little blood b4 the game!!!

    Now that's a bloody deck! Good going!
  275. Pupule

    Hawaiian Style Fishing

    Wow, that was a long trip, but it certainly paid off. Good lookin' tuna!
  276. Pupule

    2-4-2012 Good bye 2012 Monkey w/VIDEO

    Lil Toot II does it again! You guys really do find the fish, even in the dead of winter. Congrats!
  277. Pupule

    2-4-2012 Good bye 2012 Monkey w/VIDEO

    Way to go Nick and crew! Catching two ahi during the dead of winter? Spectacular! Congrats!
  278. Pupule

    Waianae 1-28-12 (Thanks Pat!)

    Thanks, everyone. I sure was lucky. To be honest, when I first thought about jumping in the water, I was worried about the man in the gray suit. That's why I felt so relieved to have Pat's boat back there, where he could at least yell out a warning if he saw something. After working with...
  279. Pupule

    Waianae 1-28-12 (Thanks Pat!)

    I launched out of Waianae on a solo trip on Saturday morning. Headed out to the pinnacle where there were lots of small aku piles and scattered birds between the piles. It looked promising, for sure. Caught a 25 lb hebi in one of the piles, then a small aku a few minutes later. The birds started...
  280. Pupule

    Found net, lost all my ice

    Running out of that's a problem I could live with anyday. Congrats!
  281. Pupule

    Where to troll in KBay?

    With a Zodiac you can fish the shallows between Heeia Kea and Kapapa Island without fear of scraping bottom. I'd recommend 7 ft spinner rods, 10 lb test mainline, 20 lb test leader, and dragging 4 inch Yozuri or Rapala minnow style lures (divers, with the large plastic diving plane at the front)...
  282. Pupule


    Way to go, Pat! I was hoping you'd get it. I was the boat that came in from the south as you were hooked up. As I got within 200 yards of you, I had a strong knockdown on the starboard outrigger. It spit the hook, or so I thought. I didn't reel it in to check out the leader and lure. I just...
  283. Pupule

    Type of ice and price

    I'm a cheapo. I buy 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot, fill them with water, and place them in my two chest freezers. Grab six buckets and place them in the fish box, and I'm ready to go. ;)
  284. Pupule

    small feathers

    It's a Microsoft Word file. I couldn't open it with MS-Word 2003 or MS-Word 2007.
  285. Pupule

    Penguin Banks 12-14

    Nice job on the fish, Josh! Also, congrats to mommy (to be) for sticking with it long enough to put those fine looking paka on the boat. ;)
  286. Pupule

    KANEOHE 12/9 ROUND 3

    Way to go, Stoney and crew! Nice haul!
  287. Pupule

    KANEOHE 12/06

    You guys are killing 'em! Way to go!
  288. Pupule

    Great day fishing

    Wow! Nice catch! Congrats!
  289. Pupule

    Triple otaru on Gaji's

    Nice! You guys are on a roll!
  290. Pupule

    Waianae 12/4

    A hebi is always a great catch! Good going CP and crew!
  291. Pupule

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    Woah, that green Alii Kai is dangerous! That was one long haul, and a smokin' catch.....congrats!
  292. Pupule

    waianae 11/27

    True....Wikipedia isn't exactly the last word in scientific reference material. ;)
  293. Pupule

    waianae 11/27

    Yeah, in some places dogtooth tuna can reach 280+ lbs. I've never seen one more than about 15 lbs here in Hawaii. Another intersting tidbit: The Wikipedia link below states that the scientific name is gymnosarda unicolor, which is the same scientific name (genus and species) listed in the NOAA...
  294. Pupule

    waianae 11/27

    Interesting.....because they were identical to the ones I've seen on the Big Island. Didn't know that the local dogtooth is a different fish. The website below calls the dogtooth tuna the "hagatsuo"...
  295. Pupule

    waianae 11/27

    I've caught three dogtooth tuna before, one while bottom fishing for opakapaka outside of Makapuu Point, and two (a double strike) while working a bird pile near Crazy Corner at the Penguin Bank.
  296. Pupule

    waianae 11/27

    Skipjack Tuna (aku) Mackerel Tuna (kawakawa) Yellowfin Tuna (ahi, and the ones less than 100 lbs are called shibi)...
  297. Pupule

    Kaneohe 11/22

    Another nice outing by the captain and crew of Kimi Ann. Good job!
  298. Pupule

    ThanksGiving Harvest

    Man, you guys are real troopers, heading into foul seas like that. Congrats on your terrific catch! You deserve it!
  299. Pupule

    11-13-11 Couldn't close the deal...

    Tough going with the lost fish on Sunday, Pat, but you're still on the fish. Go get 'em next time!
  300. Pupule

    Late Report North Shore 10-30-11

    Terrific job on the short run, Joe. Nice fish!
  301. Pupule

    103011 Halalu and beyong...

    Congratulations on back to back succeses, Pat and Nerlie! Three ahi in two October weekends? You're gorilla killas out there!
  302. Pupule

    Mahi Molokai 10-10

    That's a fat bully, Josh! Good going!
  303. Pupule

    trip over to Molokai

    Good going on the Molokai crossing, guys. That's a terrific catch. Congrats!
  304. Pupule

    waianae still get fish!

    Nice! Good job in checking out those white terns. We call them "BS birds" because, although they sometimes point out a fish or two, they often seem to make a big fuss over nothing, heheheh. Your daughter's quickly learning the joys of fishing.....another successful angler in the...
  305. Pupule

    Ahi's westside

    Wicked! That's a day of fishing I'm sure you remember for ever! Congrats!
  306. Pupule

    Kaneohe Marlin

    Nice fish and good video, Scott and crew! Shauna must have been stoked -- that's one heck of a first fish! Thanks for that.
  307. Pupule

    First Ahi!!

    Awesome catch, Lee, and a good choice to share the gold with the ohana! Congrats!
  308. Pupule

    AHI 9/3

    Spectacular trip, Glenn and crew! Nice job!
  309. Pupule

    8/25 ono

    It's been slow. Been out there every week (either Saturday or Sunday) and didn't catch anything all month long.
  310. Pupule

    8/25 ono

    Nice! Good going on the ono! That's a lot more meat than most people are bagging these days.
  311. Pupule

    KANEOHE 8/28

    Congrats on the nice haul! Considering how slow the fishing has been as of late, it's nice to see a positive report up on the board. Not at all surprising that Kimi Ann can still bring home the fish when the going gets tough....heh. Good job!
  312. Pupule

    Thanks to an awesome crew!!

    Awesome catch, guys! You killed 'em! Congrats!
  313. Pupule

    Rates for Providing Canoe Race Escort Boat?

    That's what I'm hearing from other sources, as well. Thanks, Freed.
  314. Pupule

    Rates for Providing Canoe Race Escort Boat?

    What are the going rates for escorting canoes for the different Oahu races, e.g., Kailua to Hawaii Kai, Molokai to Hawaii Kai, Hawaii Kai to Nanakuli, etc? I was paid $500 to escort a canoe from Kailua to Hawaii Kai last August. That included my tow truck and boat fuel expenses. They provided...
  315. Pupule


    Awesome catch! Congrats on your first ahi!
  316. Pupule

    Where can I buy....

    You can buy it directly from him. E-mail him at [email protected]<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  317. Pupule

    Need to speak up!!!

    So then, it appears that there is no (publically announced) plan for now. Just a recommedation that a blank check be issued to the adminisrators? Hmmmmmmm.....they intend to fill in the blanks later? :)
  318. Pupule

    Waianae 13 August

    Nice fish, Chuck! I heard you talking about it on the radio. Congrats!
  319. Pupule

    Need to speak up!!!

    Does anyone have a link to the proposal on the table? What's to be disallowed within this protected area? No fishing within a mile? No fishing within 3 miles? No swimming, no diving, no boating? WTF is it?
  320. Pupule

    They'r back!!!!

    Nice mahi! This time of year mahimahi must be worth its weight in gold at the block.
  321. Pupule

    August 3, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    As always, you guys find the fish...a model of consistency. Good job!
  322. Pupule

    kaneohe late report 7/31

    Nice trip, Randy. Those are some fine looking silver bullets. Congrats!
  323. Pupule

    Aug 3, 2011 - Waianae

    Way to go Jared, and Dad too! Congrats on that outstanding catch!
  324. Pupule

    Late tuna report 7/27

    Nice, JBoy! You guys are slammin' up!
  325. Pupule

    Late report

    Good one, Brian and family! That's gotta be a double treat, a big ahi being fought and boated in smooth, glassy water.
  326. Pupule

    kaneohe otaru still rolling

    Been hearing about all the piles out there on the windward side lately. There have also been reports of a few ahi swimming with them and being hooked/boated. Good job with the otaru!
  327. Pupule

    shake down run 7/30

    Nice boat, nice (intense) shakedown voyage, and nice grinds! Congats, Ian and crew!
  328. Pupule

    7/30/11 Town side

    Ouch! Das why hard! Sorry about the lost fish, and the lost lures. Good job with the otaru. Good that you were able to find the school.
  329. Pupule

    Waianae 7/29/2011

    Thanks, Russell. Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I was struggling to compile all the replies using a Microsoft word processor. Somehow, in all my attempts to edit and re-edit my reply, I dropped your post. Take my advice and seek lessons from someone who produces more "variety" in his fishing...
  330. Pupule

    Only the head!!!

    Hey Pete, it was great chatting with you early Sunday morning while we were setting up our boats. When I heard the story about the whales eating your catch I was completely blown away. I've lost fish to sharks and porpoises at the buoys, but not big ahi, and never to whales! Sorry about the lost...
  331. Pupule

    Waianae 7/29/2011

    Mahalo, Jimmy. I was happy to get on the water on Friday, whatever the time. You're not missing anything, Nick. LOL I hope you made a bloody mess of your deck today. That Blackfin of yours is the shit! Nice boat! Not a chance, Mark. Training the birds is (and has always been) job #1 for him...
  332. Pupule

    morris lure strikes again!!

    Awesome catch, Justin! All the better with your wife out there to share the moment! Congratulations on your first ahi of the year!
  333. Pupule

    VIDEO How no to catch Ahi 101

  334. Pupule


    Wow! Solid catch! What did you do, rent the Nisei -- with a tank full of nehu, a bait man and sprayers? LOL Just kidding. You guys really do set the standard. Congrats!
  335. Pupule

    Barbers Point 07-31-11

    Nice otaru, Josh! Too bad about the lost marlin. It appears that the fishing south of Kahe (in the wind) was a lot better than it was behind the mountains. During the early morning hours I heard someone say that he'd caught an ahi in the blind. I don't know where he was fishing, but he...
  336. Pupule

    Waianae 7/29/2011

    Yup, note the winch's the only way to fly. I don't think I could have accomplished da hulimaka flip over the gunwhale without it.
  337. Pupule


    Nice! Congrats on a fine catch, changboy!
  338. Pupule

    Waianae 7/24 - 7/28

    That's one heck of a week of fishing, Garrett and crew! Congratulations on the spectacular catches! Bon appetit!
  339. Pupule

    Waianae 7/29/2011

    After hearing word of ahi action on the west side, I was itching to get out there at the crack of dawn this morning, but prior commitments kept me at work until 9:30. After fueling the boat and buying a bento for lunch, I arrived at the harbor at 11:30. Wisebob and his partner were rigging up a...
  340. Pupule

    VIDEO How no to catch Ahi 101

    This is where the rudeness started, dude: "Lazy fishermen will always loose fish. Pick the f in rod up and put some wood to him." Once someone starts down that path, you get what you get. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  341. Pupule

    7/26/11 Waianae

    Woohooo! Now that's a terrific day on the water! Congrats!
  342. Pupule

    Kona report 7/27

    Thanks for the Kona report. While the ahi fishing may be slow, the marlin seem to be out there, making for some exciting fishing. Congrats to you on those three successful fishing trips!
  343. Pupule

    Lucky shakedown trip

    Good going on a tough rebuild. She looks great with the new flybridge. Congrats on that ahi!
  344. Pupule

    Strike Two!

    Maybe, but I was just passing by. I didn't wash down the boat the harbor. I saw a big twin hull boat at the mauka end of the washdown at about 2:30 pm. Was that you?
  345. Pupule

    quality fish!!

    Too bad on the miss. Congrats on your catch!
  346. Pupule

    7-23-2011 Lucky Catch

    Sorry to hear about the lost fish, but you certainly made a good trip of it this time. Good job!
  347. Pupule

    Strike Two!

    Thanks for the report, Jimmy. Too bad on the missed strikes. I was out there on Saturday too. You had a lot more action on the inside than I had on the 500 and beyond.
  348. Pupule


    Nice! So close to a grander....just one more otaru or shibi for lunch and it could have pegged that scale. Congratulations on the spectacular catch!
  349. Pupule

    HH ahi

    Excellent catch! Congrats!
  350. Pupule

    Waianae 7/16/11

    Thanks, JB. The smaller marlin are always fun, with lots of wild action on the surface. Yup, it's the time of year to train those birds. Racing season is just around the corner. Hey Mark, guess which lure got bit? ;) Thanks, again!
  351. Pupule

    Kaneohe 18JUL11

    Good going on the mahi. At least you brought home some dinner for all your trouble. (I might have considered making kaukau wit da bird. J/K!)
  352. Pupule

    Late Report Kaneohe 7-15

    What a terrific run on the tyra-jae! Congratulations on your fine catch!
  353. Pupule

    Mixed bag 7-16-11

    Nice job, JD and crew! Interesting coincidence: That's exactly what we caught on July 4. One marlin, one mahi and one otaru.
  354. Pupule

    Looking for a boat Kami,yellowfin or saltwalter

    There have only been two boats meeting your criteria on craigslist dating back to last Thursday, both Yellowfins. Might be worth a look.
  355. Pupule

    Kaneohe 7/16 slow

    The water must have been mean out there on Saturday, judging from the seas on the west side. Good going on the mahi, Ray.
  356. Pupule

    Waianae 7/16/11

    Thanks, Majestic. That made up for last weekend when I dropped a mahi right at the boat out at CO, then managed just one knockdown for the rest of the day. It's nice to run over a marlin every once and a while. Been extremely lucky lately. My coworkers are going to feast on a'u poké...
  357. Pupule

    Waianae 07-15-11

    Wow, you really put in some miles, Josh. Not to worry, the fishing will turn around soon. This time of year with the mahi, stripers, ono and shortbills practically nonexistent, I find that I'll either get lucky and run over something big, or I'll arrive home empty...and more often than not...
  358. Pupule

    Waianae 7/16/11

    Went on a solo run today. I spoke with a few people in the parking lot while I was setting up and the news was not encouraging. It had been slow all week long. Bummer. Headed out at 5:45 for the pinnacle. Passed over it without any action then headed for the dog mouth. As soon as I got into...
  359. Pupule

    First Ahi's

    Way to slay 'em, guys! Motoring in by 9:00 AM with the gold in the box -- now that's what I call a terrific fishing trip!
  360. Pupule

    July 14, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Nice! Those big blues are impressive. It's nice to see big smiles on the faces of our VIPs!
  361. Pupule

    - Better Late - July 9, '11

    Nice! After a long, frustrating day, late afternoon trip saving bites can make a world of difference. Good going!
  362. Pupule

    Pearl Harbor Fishing Torunament 7/9/2011

    Jensen and crew, congrats! Good job for placing in two different categories. What a banner day!
  363. Pupule

    Waianae 7/8/11 Mercy... and then more mercy

    Randy, when I got home from work yesterday and saw all the areca palm trees in my yard buckling over in the wind, I immediately thought about the water conditions out there. Must have been smokin'! Good job on that pair of ono!
  364. Pupule

    07/06/2011 Waianae 37# Mercy Ono

    Nice one, Ken! Good job in staying with it.
  365. Pupule

    Waianae 7-4-11

    Thanks, sab. First fish in the boat after several failed attempts. We're stoked. No complaints here! Yes, the marlin was perfect size. Glad to get one into the boat. It's been a while. Thanks, Russ. Mahalo, Brian.It's certainly the time of year to get after the marlin and the yellow...
  366. Pupule

    Otaru's Galore

    Good trip, Kalani! Congrats on the otaru and thanks for the report!
  367. Pupule

    Better late than never! 6-30-11

    Bob, quite obviously, I wasn't being clear. My comment was not directed at you.
  368. Pupule

    Better late than never! 6-30-11

    Hard to tell with the fish eye lense. The coastline doesn't look like a view from the Maili pinnacle. There should be a high point near the middle of the island. Great catches! Three ahi in two days -- spectacular! Agree that the comment of a "secret spot" sounds condescending.
  369. Pupule

    Maui Jim wins 2011 World Cup

    Awesome! Congrats to the captain and crew of Maui Jim. Those marlin sure do grow big and fat in Kona waters!
  370. Pupule

    Waianae 7/5

    The smile on his face says it all. He'll remember that trip for a lifetime. Good going!
  371. Pupule

    7/3/11 Kaneohe Side

    Sweet! Way to knock off the webs and bloody that deck!
  372. Pupule

    Haleiwa 4 July

    Nice catch, Chuck! Good going on the otaru and mahi!
  373. Pupule

    Waianae 7-4-11

    We motored out toward CO at 5:30 and dropped the lures in the water at the 10 mile mark. Passed by the buoy and headed out toward the Kaena Point pinnacle. There were lots of single birds out there once we reached 20 miles. We found a small pile of otaru at 26 miles. The port rigger came down...
  374. Pupule

    Kaneohe 2 JUL and the Magic Man

    Good haul! It's unusual to hear of so many mahi out there in July. Glad you were able to enjoy a productive first trip of the year.
  375. Pupule

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    Great video! Congrats on your solo ahi!
  376. Pupule

    waianae Sat 7/2

    Good going, guys! Nice fish!
  377. Pupule

    06/30/2011 - Victory at Sea!!!!!!!!

    Good going, Russ! Thanks for the fishing report. I'm happy to hear of your long-awaited success with that yellow sickle. Whoohoooooo! You can bet that there will be a lot of anxious people out there with "the feeling" this weekend (including me)! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  378. Pupule

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    Way to load 'em, up, Justin and crew! Congrats on that mighty fine haul! Impressive!
  379. Pupule

    6-26-2011 Lucky white wash save with/video

    The pinnacle is N21 21.362 W158 23.335 (13.5 miles at 55 degrees mag to Waianae). The dog mouth is N21 28.302 W158 37.638 (28.5 miles at 85 degrees mag to Waianae).
  380. Pupule

    Waianae 6-23-11

    Das some mighty fat gorillas, right there! Good going!
  381. Pupule

    6-26-2011 Lucky white wash save with/video

    Great action on the Lil Toot II, once again! Congrats!
  382. Pupule

    Waianae 25 June

    Too bad about the missed strikes. Good job on the otaru!
  383. Pupule

    On Time & On the Money

    Awesome catch!
  384. Pupule

    1150+ Blue Out of Heeia

    Sweet! Catch of a lifetime, for sure. Congrats to the captain and crew!
  385. Pupule

    240 lb. Bigeye

    Good catch! Congratulations!
  386. Pupule

    Ahi fever 2011

    ...also congrats to Richard on Tyra Jae. Nice marlin!
  387. Pupule

    Ahi fever 2011!cpZZ24QQtppZZ16 You can find the Saturday board in the last three photos. The Sunday board and the final results aren't up yet. Congrats, Pat. You had a good weekend out there.
  388. Pupule

    Ahi fever 2011

    Awesome...a real time listing of the fish as they're called in! Looks like a pretty good day out on the water. Thanks, Nick.
  389. Pupule

    part 2 north shore 6/13

    Way to go!
  390. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    Excellent work, Kekoa! You're really getting on 'em, that's for sure. Nice marlin!
  391. Pupule

    Mine dat is!

    Good going on the mahimahi! I thought they'd completely disapeared from Hawaiian waters. ;) Give 'em an opportunity to surround a nehu school, and they will come.
  392. Pupule

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    Nice! I've heard many stories of ahi being caught caught on the inside, sometimes in water as shallow at 15 fathoms. I'm sure that if a nice bait ball is in close to shore, they might follow them all the way into the shore break. Congrats on your spectacular catch!
  393. Pupule


    I wouldn't feel bad at all. It is agonizingly slow right now. Went on a solo run today because my "crew" is quickly losing interest and he's helping his wife's cousin move the shop to a new location. There were a dozen or so traliers in the lot when I made the left turn this morning at 5:30...
  394. Pupule


    That drink was Olympia Beer, and Bruce used to tank that stuff down, chili or no chili ;) That Sunday lineup of Wild Kingdom, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, Let's Go Fishing and The Wonderful World of Disney had me glued to the TV set every week. I remember when Hari would prepare...
  395. Pupule

    Waianae - 06/08/2011

    Woah, a smokin' strike on light gear! There were a couple of guys featured on Hawaii Goes Fishing a while back that were having a good time catching mahi from jet skis. One of them had managed to tow a 600+ marlin back to Campbell Harbor a year earlier. Crazy!
  396. Pupule

    Cracks today!! Fishing was good

    Good going on your catch! After a very slow week, it's nice to hear that there's some action stirring up in Waianae.
  397. Pupule

    Waianae 5/3/11

    Whoa! Nice fish! Congratulations!
  398. Pupule

    Waianae 3/2/11

    Hey, that's awesome! Even rough water fishermen never get tired of being near the water! :D Nice hebi, Garrett!
  399. Pupule

    Late start at Waianae!

    Man, that really sucks. I hope the company's insurance will take care of the damage. Glad no one was hurt.
  400. Pupule

    Got a new ride

    Nice ride!
  401. Pupule

    Seas was bad but....

    Sweet! Now that's what I call a good day of fishing!
  402. Pupule

    Victor gives up some fish

    Nice catches! Good job!
  403. Pupule

    Waianae- 5/30/2011

    A slow day out on the water is still a heck of a lot better than being at work. You'll get 'em next time, Russ!
  404. Pupule

    5-30-2011 Good times good fish w/Video

    That's one fat ahi. Congrats! Like I've said before, Nick, you guys always seem to find the fish. That day, it might have taken a little longer, but you still found 'em.
  405. Pupule

    Mercy fish rule!

    Nice to hear from you, Ryan. It's been a while since you last posted. Glad you were able to find the time to get out there. Nice ono!
  406. Pupule

    Waianae Memorial Day

    Your wife's wish came true. Fresh mahi for dinner, nice! Good going on the mahi, Jimmy!
  407. Pupule

    luckey charms

    Now there's some quality time spent on the water with the family. Congrats on the terrific catch, Brian and crew!
  408. Pupule

    Weekend Recap

    A half day of fishing to fill the box full of gold, followed by a day and a half of R&R. Kickass weekend, Kekoa. Congrats!
  409. Pupule

    Rough Day on the Water

    At least those knockdowns kept the ride every bit as exciting as the wind! It was SMOKING yesterday! Even 8 miles outside of Makaha, the surface was washed out in white caps by early afternoon. We took a beating yesterday too, Courtland. Ran the 40 fathom down to Kahe then straight out to...
  410. Pupule

    Waianae yesterday

    Good going on your first ahi of the year, Jeff! Congrats!
  411. Pupule

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    Whew, what a monster! Congrats on your first ahi of the year!
  412. Pupule

    Late post waianae 5/14, 5/20

    Nice fish, Spencer. You're doing well out there. Keep it up!
  413. Pupule

    Hawaii's best fishing?

    Kona will be your best bet. There's a lot of blue water close to shore, with minimal fishing pressure (as Hawaii fishing goes). Also, fishing in the wind shadow of Mauna Loa makes for a nice smooth trip on most days.
  414. Pupule

    5/20/11 West Side

    That's a terrific haul, Zack. Congrats!
  415. Pupule

    05/20 late waianae report

    Good job! Too bad the porpoise raked one of your fish, but you ended up with some nice kaukau in the bag.
  416. Pupule

    Shakin' it up on the shake down

    Awesome catch, Pat! You da man! We were out there on Saturday as well. A few "technical difficulties" kept us at the dock until about 10 AM. We just managed to get one knockdown on the 40 fathom ledge outside of Nanakuli. Other than that, it was pretty quiet out there.
  417. Pupule

    Tough Day at the Bank

    Hope reigns supreme! LOL The tire shop just called to let me know that the tires are in.
  418. Pupule

    Waianae 05/18/2011

    Glad to see that you managed to find some action out there, Russ. The ahi may have been out there, somewhere, but it's a pretty big ocean and they're tough to find. Good going on the mahi and the aku!
  419. Pupule

    Tough Day at the Bank

    I hope so, Courtland. It's been more than two weeks since I ordered trailer tires from the mainland. I guess they're still sitting in a Matson container somewhere.
  420. Pupule

    5/16/11 - Ono 101

    Those are some very nice catches, Ryan. Congrats.
  421. Pupule

    Beginners luck, jetski trolling

    Nice! Boating a fish from a jetski must be a real challenge, and one thing's for sure, it's a lot cheaper to run.
  422. Pupule

    Tough Day at the Bank

    Good going, Sea Pea! Nice mahi, and now you're all set for the late spring run on the west side!
  423. Pupule

    1st Ahi 2011, WBFC May Tourny Results

    Sweet! Way to get on 'em, Walter! Congrats to all the winners of the WBFC tourney!
  424. Pupule

    Fishing report 5.15.11

    Glad you made it to the party at the pinnacle in time, JBoy. Nice fish!
  425. Pupule

    5-14-2011 Found the Duck pile with Video

    Spectacular catch and video, Nick and crew! You guys always manage to find the fish. Congrats!
  426. Pupule

    Eastside Report 5/16/11

    Good run, Russ. Running into a nice aku pile is always a welcome blissing.
  427. Pupule

    Haul Out...

    Woah, Pat, that's friggin' monster. Nice one! Hope to see you back out on the water very soon!
  428. Pupule

    Fishin with my cuz

    Nice haul, Ryan. Congrats!
  429. Pupule

    5-14-11 Late start + fish = winner!

    Good job, Josh! I know that work's presenting a tough challenge these days. Good to see that you're still able to get way for some R&R.
  430. Pupule

    5/15/11 Waianae

    Now there's a nice pair of mahi to finish off a short run!
  431. Pupule

    Waianae 5/13/11

    Nice marlin, Dean! Gaff marks? They're badges of honor!
  432. Pupule

    Waianae 5/14

    Nice to see the big smile on her face after boating a big one. Nice!
  433. Pupule

    ay kay you - AKU

    You just can't beat that -- a fun outing with the entire family. Good going to all of you, and congrats on your catch!
  434. Pupule

    catch of the day

    Congrats, Brian! The 40 fathom ledge sure looks like "place to be" right now. Thanks for the report.
  435. Pupule

    waianae 5/12

    Whew, that's a fat 43 lb ono, and three other fish to complete a successful half day on the water. Nice!
  436. Pupule

    May 13, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    X2! Good going, guys! It's nice to see some ahi making their way into your pics.
  437. Pupule

    morris lure strikes again!!!

    Nice! I'm hoping to be out there this weekend to target some ono, but I'm waiting to replace an ailing trailer tire, a hard-to-find Goodyear bias 12 x 16.5 12-ply "dinosaur". Get out there again and slay 'em, Justin!
  438. Pupule

    Kaena ledge ono

    Well, one thing's for sure, the ono don't fear the thunder and lightning! :D Congrats on an excellent trip! Wow! I've never managed a strike while moving at that speed!
  439. Pupule

    Dos de Mayo...

    Nice otaru, Pat! Good one! Glad you were able to beat that storm into town. That was a wicked one....with more than 15,000 lightning strikes in one night.
  440. Pupule

    Got my little sled back

    Whoa Garrett, that frame looks solid! You'll be snug as a bug in that splash shield. Is it made of Isenglass or Strataglass, and how much did it cost? How much was the frame work?
  441. Pupule

    Waianae May 1

    Sweet! Nice sized stripey. Congrats!
  442. Pupule

    Cinco de Mayo

    Yet another nice catch, Spencer. Good job!
  443. Pupule

    Help Me Identify This Fish

    That's a pelagic puffer fish. Not very common. I've only seen one of those before. I was drifting with the wind and untangling some trolling lines when one of those hit a 7" lure and hooked up.
  444. Pupule

    4/13/11 Early 1yr Anniversary (LATE REPORT)

    Happy anniversary, JB. Having your wife out there with you on a special day, and with the fish cooperating -- you just can't beat that. Good going on the mahi!
  445. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai - April 26

    Ya just gotta like those early returns with fish in the box! Good going!
  446. Pupule

    waianae 4/26

    Another fine fishing trip, Spencer and crew! You're off to a great start this year.
  447. Pupule

    Easter Weekend

    Awesome! Some of you just have it all figured out. I just hack around out there and get lucky every once and a while, but for the most part, it only happens between May and August. LOL
  448. Pupule

    Easter Weekend

    Woah, my mistake. Not many recreational fishermen on this island can say that they've caught two ahi already this year. My hat's off to you, Pat!
  449. Pupule

    Another Easter weekend report!

    Too bad about the first fish, but you made it a successful Easter Sunday outing with your wife, Josh. Quality time spent out on the water, I'd say. Nice mahi and shibi!
  450. Pupule

    Easter Weekend

    Whoohoooooo! Now that's what I call a successful Easter weekend of fishing. Congratulations on the monster ono and your first gorilla of the year!
  451. Pupule


    Terrific trip, Andy and crew! You killed 'em! Need to rename the boat to "Da Goat Locker". (Heheh, just kidding. Many of the people who work in our office are former US Navy enlisted men, and they joke around all the time.) Good going, guys!
  452. Pupule


    Don and Stoney, on the fish again! Good going. I'm glad that Wendell finally got to experience some of that Kimi Ann magic.
  453. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/23/11

    Hey Bob, I think we ran a few more miles than we did last week, just based on the trip time. I'm glad our "fish per mile" stat went up. ;) Thanks, Brandon. The fish really were scattered out there. We didn't see a single bird pile all day long. The 10 1/2 hour ride was a lot longer...
  454. Pupule

    Banks/ Archer Bar 4/22

    Nice catch, Mark! That's a monster of a bull mahi; pretty rare nowadays. They're fun to catch -- they're strong and tough, and put up a good argument.
  455. Pupule

    Good Friday

    Nice trip, Spencer! Some good eats, right there.
  456. Pupule

    Holoholo with Friends

    Terrific! Glad you were able to find some good action out there yesterday, Courtland. Good haul!
  457. Pupule

    Kaneohe side... 4/22

    A 7 banger! Some welcome chaos to spice up your day! LOL That's an excellent haul, Scott. Congrats!
  458. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/23/11

    We heard that the bite was pretty good at the Bank this week, so we set off at 5:40, anxious to find some action. Dropped six lures in the water at the 13 mile knuckles and trolled along the edge. The place was loaded with single birds, both white and black birds, but no piles were to be seen...
  459. Pupule

    April 21, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    That 700 lb marin is a gorilla! The action looks to be picking up. That's a good sign. Those nabeta sure look tasty...crisp fried and served over hot rice...winner!
  460. Pupule

    Wicked Late Report 4-15-11

    Good sized mahi, Joe. Good job!
  461. Pupule

    Hi Kai - 4/20/11

    Good one, Russ! Not bad on the action, with six strikes out there and two fish in the boat. Fresh fish for dinner; can't beat that!
  462. Pupule

    love what u find, find what u like!!!

    Nice catch! I'll bet the market price is good right now, with the peak of the season still nearly two months away.
  463. Pupule

    one for the good guys

    Two poles with spinners, a king buster, and a 5" lure --> WOW! That's amazing. Cool fishing report, Garrett. Thanks for that!
  464. Pupule

    Late Report - Small Kine Lucky

    Pretty darn good, Courtland! You're right about the calm water...which sometimes makes for a very boring ride. Glad you were able to bring home some fresh fish for dinner.
  465. Pupule

    da aku killa eastside 4/17/11

    Woah, now that's nice a good haul of aku and shibi right there! Must have been a blast on light spinning tackle. That dry box loaded with aku is just killing me! It sure has been a while since I've run into a nice pile of aku. Enjoy the grinds and thank for the recipe.
  466. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai, 4/18/2011

    Yeah guys, you killed 'em! That's one fat ono! Congrats!
  467. Pupule

    Late start/short trip -04/18/2011

    Good one, Russ...that was an excellent short trip! Judging by your consistent results, you really do know your way around that pinnacle.
  468. Pupule

    4-16-2011 Waianae Report

    Nice catch, Nick! Looks like the Waianae action's starting to pick up.
  469. Pupule

    Haleiwa 4-17-11 ono 6-banger...what a treat! That'll pin the excitement meter on its upper peg, for sure. Good job!
  470. Pupule

    Solo Tuna

    Sweet! Glad you were able to locate those porpoises, Mike. Congrats!
  471. Pupule

    Banks Run 4/17/11

    That's a terrific haul, Kekoa! Way to capitalize on the late afternoon bite!
  472. Pupule


    Excellent, a fine nairagi boated during a short 3 hour tour! Congrats on your catch!
  473. Pupule

    4-17-11 Creating a monster...

    Alright! Good haul, and another fine day to spend with the Ms., eh Pat. Good to hear that Nerlie's getting the bug!
  474. Pupule

    Molokai Overnight

    Excellent catch, B! Bottom fishing in Molokai sounds, and looks, like loads of fun.
  475. Pupule

    Rubber Hooks 4.14.11

    Congrats on the catch! Otaru...that's the mouth is watering just thinking about the sashimi. ;)
  476. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/16/11

    Yeah, I meant the 3rd finger from Molokai. I'm sure the sudden shift to light Kona winds and calm seas had a negative impact on the bite. Oh well, sometimes a negative fishing report can be as valuable as a positive fishing report, eh? ;)
  477. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/16/11

    The 6 knot south winds came in and blew all the fish away from the Penguin Bank this morning. We left the dock at 5:40, charged across the channel at 16 knots and reached the Bank by 6:25. After following the 100 fathom line down south for 5 miles we took a knock down on the right corner...
  478. Pupule

    April 15, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Good going, Lee! Those are some mighty fine catches. Your customers have wide smiles on their faces.....they've experienced something that they will remember for a lifetime. Thanks for adding a little BAM to their Hawaiiian vacation experience!
  479. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai, 4/13/2010; 2-speed reel worth every penny

    Thanks for the tip, Bob. I guess the escort boats will be out in force early in the morning to make a fishing trip out of the trek to Molokai. Perhaps we'll need to think about launching very early, and sleeping until sunrise while anchored in front of the Maunalua Fish Pond. ;) A couple of...
  480. Pupule

    West Side 4/10/11

    Congrats, Zack! Sounds like you had a busy morning on the boat -- good job. I'm glad that you were able to provide some good fish for the funeral.
  481. Pupule

    Hi Kai - 04-13-11

    Well, I guess Makapuu still isn't producing much, eh? Zigged when you coulda just never can tell, I guess. That was a long day, but you were able to put some nice fish on the boat, nonetheless. Going job, Russ!
  482. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai, 4/13/2010; 2-speed reel worth every penny

    Nice trip, Bob! Now I'm getting all jazzed up for the weekend. Weather permitting, I hope to be out there on Saturday!
  483. Pupule

    Late Report- HK 4-8-11

    Nice haul, guys really killed 'em! That is an impressive looking sportfisher, dude. Looks to be 40 feet, at the very least -- a monster of a fishing machine.
  484. Pupule


    Great job guys! All that while fishing between 1 and 8 miles out? I would have run right over them, because I normally motor out of Heeia Kea for 10 miles before dropping lines. LOL
  485. Pupule

    waianae 4-9-2010

    Way to go wahiawagrown and cappy! Good decision to H&G the marlin and move on to capture some good sized mahi. You were justly rewarded for the hard work!
  486. Pupule

    4-10-2011 A ledge day...

    Nice sashimi in the box for dinner, Nick and crew! Too bad the ono missed the business end of that lure. It's nice to see, based on your action and nekine's (Spencer's) catch, that they're starting to show up in decent numbers. Thanks for the fishing report, Nick.
  487. Pupule

    April 9, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Good going, Lee! You guys consistently find the action out there.
  488. Pupule

    waianae 4/9

    Nice ono and kawakawa, Spencer! I really like kawakawa for sashimi, or even a simple dinner of fried fish, seasoned with shoyu and green onion. Any way, and anytime! Kawakawa is always a good catch.
  489. Pupule

    2 out of 5

    Good going on the mahi, Brian! Sounds like you had an exciting moment in that pile with a rogue mahi on deck. LOL
  490. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/9/11

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p></o:p>We really got lucky with the timing yesterday. We just happened to get to the right spot at the right time. Thanks, Jonesy.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p>...
  491. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/9/11

  492. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/9/11

    We left the dock at 6:00 and headed straight for the Bank again, doing about 12 knots. As we hit the 10 mile mark (still short of the Bank, in about 350 fathoms of water) we saw a pile of white birds circling a spot and dive bombing a school of long, skinnny flying fish. There were also iwa...
  493. Pupule

    Bryans first Ahi

    Woah, that's a nice fat one! Congrats! That's something we've never tried --> keeping the boat moving at a good clip and hand-lining the fish all the way in. I need to tuck that one in my tool bag for possible future use.
  494. Pupule

    Waianae 4/5

    Nice! It's a given that the moana kali will always be terrific when steamed, but have you ever tried taape steamed Chinese style? She go!
  495. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai to Banks short day, 4/3/2010

    Actually, we did meet at the washdown one day last year. Dexter and I were cleaning up the boat and you pulled up beside us. You'd caught a 375 lb marlin out of Keehi earlier in the day, dropped it off at the auction block, and then you washed down your boat at the Hawaii Kai ramp before heading...
  496. Pupule

    Hawaii kai/ Makapuu video

    Hey, congrats on a fine day of fishing! Nice video. Thanks for that.
  497. Pupule

    Waianae 4/2/11

    Congrats on the double mahi, Dean. Nice!
  498. Pupule

    4-4-11 Nerlie and me...

    Nice one, Pat! Nerlie needs to spend less time at work and more time on the water. ;)
  499. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai to Banks short day, 4/3/2010

    Nice trip, Bob and Steven. Kind of fitting, catching a striper from a Striper, eh? Good job! Is that trailer brand new? It doesn't have a smudge anywhere on it.
  500. Pupule

    3-30-2011 Last trip for March

    Way to go, Nick. You guys did a fine job of locating the fish. Must have been sporty out there near CO; it was breezy on Thursday. Congrats on the clean sweep!
  501. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/2/11

    Thanks, guys. Tony, that wasn't me at the dock yesterday. With the gas prices creeping up to $4.20/gallon, I decided to give my credit card a rest.
  502. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/2/11

    Thanks, gang. I sure hope my post didn't leave the wrong impression. If I were able to catch fish like that on every trip I'd be stoked! My comment about it being "slow" was in reference to all the action we saw two weeks ago on the Bank, and the fact that it's not uncommon for that place to...
  503. Pupule

    Hi Kai - 3/30/11

    Hey Russ, you're a brave trooper heading into the rough water like that. It must have been blowing hard 10 miles outside of Diamond Head. There's not much protection out there. I'd expect it to be nearly as rough as the channel when you're south of the Koko Head wind shadow. Good going on the...
  504. Pupule

    4/1/11 South

    Nice haul, Garrett! Congrats!
  505. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/2/11

    We left the dock at 6:00 AM headed straight for the Bank searching for open schools of mahi. The bite was pretty good two weeks ago, so we were expecting much of the same or better today, since the calendar had finally clicked over to the month of April. The ride across the channel wasn't...
  506. Pupule

    3-27-2011 Small Tackle Action only w/Video

    Nice fish on light line, for sure! Glad you were able to make a successful trip out of a slow dy on the westside.
  507. Pupule

    North Shore 3-28-11

    Nice catch, and nice boat! Good going, Joe.
  508. Pupule

    Waianae 3-27-11

    Good one, Spencer. Glad to see that you were able to boat some kaukau on Sunday. I was out there on Saturday and took a dirty lickin' in the wind and chop. Didn't even manage a tap on the lures. Is that a humuhumu tail in that pic? How do you prepare those fish?
  509. Pupule

    Kaneohe 3/29

    Captain Don and the crew of Kimi Ann, you're definitely a model of consistency. Congratulations, guys!
  510. Pupule

    Boone birds?

    For the past year I've been running 5" birds on every line, with two 15 foot outriggers, a 13 foot center (stern) rigger, and two corner lines. There will be some tangles, but there are things you can do to minimize them. 1. Run the center line at least ten yards longer than the outriggers...
  511. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 3/27/2011

    Nice! I would have never given much thought to fishing on that side yesterday. Turning the corner around Koko Head must have been a wild ride. Good going!
  512. Pupule

    Waianae Sat. March 19

    Shweeeet! Awesome catch! "12' offshore livingston"????????????? WOW!
  513. Pupule

    Crazy weekend

    Nice fish, Garrett! Glad you were able to make your way out of Keehi without incident. Many people were not so lucky.
  514. Pupule

    Mahi and Stripey

    Nice mahi, and a great catch and release on the marlin, Mike. Congratulations!
  515. Pupule

    Good Day at the Bank

    Nice catch, CP! We missed you out there on Sunday. I would have hailed you on the radio had I known you were on the Banks. Action was pretty good from the 18 mile mark down to the corner. We managed 6 mahi, 2 shibi, 1 kawakawa, and a 40 lb ono. Shoulda snapped some pictures, but we got...
  516. Pupule

    Waianae 12 March 2011

    Good going, Walt, and all the other Waianae Boat Club anglers. Nice tournney!
  517. Pupule

    Waianae 3/12/11

    Nice catch, Dean! You might try making some striped marlin shoyu poké (shoyu, ginger, garlic, sugar, chopped white onion, chopped green onion, sesame seed oil, and crushed Thai chili pepper).
  518. Pupule

    Late report Waianae 02/26/11

    Nice trip, Walt! I really like the meat on those rainbow runners. They're good eating fish!
  519. Pupule

    Waianae 3/6

    Bummer on the lost fish and lure, but you certainly turned the trip around and ended on a high note with a fat aku! Good going!
  520. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai, Saturday 3/5/2011

    Nice trip, Bob! Looks like the mahi are starting to make their way onto the Banks. Hopefully, this year's springtime mahi run will be a big one.
  521. Pupule

    Kaneohe 3/7/2011

    Another fantastic day on the water for Kimi Ann. You guys are always dialed in. Congrats!
  522. Pupule


    Nice one, Brian. You're very lucky to have had a chance to fish at a NOAA weather buoy. What a treat!
  523. Pupule


    Too bad you lost the marlin, but that "silver bullet" must have made for some delicious sashimi! Nice one!
  524. Pupule

    3-7-2011 Waianae Ledge Report w/Video

    Great catch -- a three flag day on the inside where the ride is always best. Good job, and thanks for posting the video!
  525. Pupule

    Hi Kai - 3/1 Late start!

    Congrats on another fine trip to the banks, Russ. That hebi's a brute!
  526. Pupule


    Awesome!!! (Anyone care to sell some GPS coordinates? LOL)
  527. Pupule

    First trolling trip of the year

    Way to load 'em up on a solo trip, Jeff. Good going!
  528. Pupule

    kaneohe 2/25

    Kimi Ann does it again! Wicked!
  529. Pupule


    Wow! First off, I've never left port with 500 lbs of ice. I can't even imagine melting it all before getting back home! LOL
  530. Pupule

    Eastside 2/23

    Oh yeah, that's one fat ono, Paul. Add in the mahi, the shibi and spear, and you did a good job of bloodying that deck. Congratulations on the great catch!
  531. Pupule

    Hi Kai - 2/24/2011

    Good run, Russ. It's nice to see that all sides of the island are producing some fish.
  532. Pupule

    2-19 Some Shibi's and Mahi's w/Video

    An excellent haul, Nick. You guys make it look easy!
  533. Pupule

    Waianae 2/19/11

    A nice, productive day on the water. Good going!
  534. Pupule

    Late post 2/20 Eastside donkey!

    Nice marlin, gang!
  535. Pupule


    Yet another fine day on Kai Nana. Good going, Pat!
  536. Pupule

    Waianae 19 & 21st FEB

    Nice haul, Walt! I was out there at V-buoy on Sunday, but only using lures -- managed to pull a 35 lb hebi out of there. There was a small pile nearby but I didn't see much hitting the surface. Good going on the fat marlin, Lee. Congrats!
  537. Pupule

    2/18 Waianae - First trip for 2011

    Nice catch!
  538. Pupule

    February 14, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Those look like fine catches to me! Perhaps the pros from Oregon and California should "walk the talk" and fly over here to show everyone how it's done. No cheatin' boys, don't show up here during the summer months. You need to prove you can catch big fish consistently during the month of...
  539. Pupule

    Waianae feb 14

    Nice! It's a good year for stripies!
  540. Pupule

    MM sunday 13th

  541. Pupule

    Portlock/Kahala 2/16/11

    Four mahi on the inside and back to the barn by 11...spectacular!
  542. Pupule

    2-13-2011 Waianae Yellowfin

    Excellent work, Randay! That's a nice catch -- pretty rare in the dead of winter. Congrats!
  543. Pupule

    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    What an action packed trip! Nice haul! Thanks for posting the video, Garrett.
  544. Pupule

    2/12 onaga

    Onaga...that's the gold. Nice one, Dan!
  545. Pupule


    Good going, Pat! You really have the stripers dialed in. I was out there yesterday. The weather was pretty nice on the outside with 5-10 knot SE winds. The first bit of action happened at the 1500 pocket, with a striper swatting the long rigger a couple of times, bit it didn't stick. Ran...
  546. Pupule

    2-5-2011 Small action with a swim w/Video

    Yet another terrific video, Nick. Thanks for that, and thanks also for posting pics of your lures. Now I have a couple of new ideas for skirt combinations.
  547. Pupule

    02-05-11 Banker's Hours Part II

    You're sure on a hot streak, Pat. Congrats! I need to get out soon while the striper action is good. A lot of people are reporting multiple strikes out there.
  548. Pupule

    2/2/11 Still looking

    You may not have found that school of stripers you were looking for, but a nice big bully in the boat is always welcome, eh? Good going!
  549. Pupule


    Would it be worth bottom fishing on that barge? Is there anything worth targeting at 450-500 fathoms? :D
  550. Pupule

    Good start 1/30/11

    Smokin' catch, Garrett and crew! Blessed with terrific weather, calm seas, and fish swarming around the that's what I call a great day on the water. Congratulations on a job well done!
  551. Pupule

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Jan. wrap-up

    Thanks for the report, Captain Jeff. Good to hear that the nairagi are back. It's been a while. Last time I remember their showing up in good numbers was 2005. Patfishhi's post gives us Oahu anglers some hope that the winter months will produce some striped marlin here, as well. Aloha
  552. Pupule

    1-29-11 Banker's Hours

    Nice catch, Pat! (Again!)
  553. Pupule

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    Woah, dems some massive mods. You're riding high and dry with the new command bridge. Nice work!
  554. Pupule

    Blast from the past!

    Shweeeet, Captain Clay! Nice video!
  555. Pupule

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    That's a very nice catch, Kekoa, and congrats for completing all the mechanical work on your boat. The shakedown voyage appears to have been problem free. Kudos to the captain who towed T-buoy to the dock. I hope to be out there this weekend, weather permitting. Juju, at Lanakila Marine...
  556. Pupule

    Kona Ahi

    Two ahi in the box by 9:00 am! Can't ask for more than that! Nice!
  557. Pupule

    1-22-2011 Found some fish w/Video

    Nice catch! Congrats!
  558. Pupule


    Wow, that's a big one. Sashimi for everyone! ;) Good going!
  559. Pupule

    Penguin Banks 1/15

    It'll be costly, alright. Last time I checked, the old Volvo 290DP steering helmet and steering fork are no longer separate pieces. They're now made as a single assembly, which costs $900 (or more). Oh well, that's the reality of boating, right? Regarding the skinny, shallow channel in...
  560. Pupule

    Penguin Banks 1/15

    We caught a mahi at the Banks after calling off a run around Makapuu Point this morning. The north winds looked threatening so we headed south toward calmer waters. Just after we put the mahi in the box, the coupling from my hydraulic steering ram to the stern drive's steering shaft blew up and...
  561. Pupule

    Kona: mahimahi & shibi on fly & wife's first marlin!

    Wow! Fantastic day on the water! Congrats!
  562. Pupule

    Kindness of Strangers(Fisherman)

    Good going, MAKANALANI! Ensuring that everyone makes it home safely is job one!
  563. Pupule

    1-8-2011 town

    Awesome! Getting the keiki into the game is what it's all about!
  564. Pupule

    Rough Day in Waianae 1/8/2011

    We got to the harbor at 6:45 to find that the west winds were blowing onshore at about 12 knots. Several boats were already parked in the lot, but almost everyone seemed to be standing around and "talking story". Launched at 7:15 and headed into the white water, headed straight for the pinnacle...
  565. Pupule

    Flyfishing for Bones

    Nice oio, Clay. Now I'm craving for a bowl of poi and some lomi oio for tomorrow's lunch. LOL
  566. Pupule

    1-2-11 Mixed Bag and good ones...

    Nice catch, Pat! You make it look easy. That's a terrific New Year trip. Keep it going!
  567. Pupule


    What a spectacular catch! Not just any ahi, but a bigeye, and just in time for the New Year! Congratulations!
  568. Pupule

    New Years Shibi.....

    Good job. Got your sashimi for the New Year celebration. Congrats!
  569. Pupule

    12 22 late post

    Woah, those nabeta are going to make a killah dinnah!
  570. Pupule

    Late report 12/16/2010 4 banger with video

    Terrific video, Nick. Great catch!
  571. Pupule

    kaneohe 12/23

    Way to go! You guys are slaying 'em.
  572. Pupule

    KANEOHE 12/23 HANA HOU!!!!!!

    You make it look easy, Don! You da man!
  573. Pupule

    kanohe 12/13

    Nice size! Congratulations!
  574. Pupule

    MM 12/18

    Nice catch, Glenn. I sure hope the weather clears so I can get out there and catch one of those on Friday.
  575. Pupule

    Waianae 12/17

    Now I realy feel like I'm missing the bus! LOL Nice one, Zack!
  576. Pupule

    Deep bottom fishing

    Very nice. I've always thought of aweoweo as being a surface feeder in relatively shallow water -- mostly 30 to 120 feet. You caught that one at 100 fathoms? Wow! I wonder if that's the same species of aweoweo that we catch in-shore?
  577. Pupule


    What timing... Ahi in the box for the holiday season...Congrats, Pat!
  578. Pupule

    Waianae 12/12

    Way to slay 'em, Zack! Good one!
  579. Pupule

    Waianae 5 & 12 December

    Good going, Walt! Is it just the angle, or does that mahi look not-quite-like a mahi? Looks like one we caught at MM-buoy a few years ago. My friend's father in law, who once captained an aku boat, called it a "shita", or something like that.
  580. Pupule

    kaneohe 12/13

    Congratulations once again, Capt. Don! If I could fill my fish box like you, I'd quit working!
  581. Pupule

    Kaneohe 12/9

    Nice fish, and a just reward for gritting your teeth and charging into the bad weather. Congrats!
  582. Pupule

    HK 12/5

    Woah, I completely missed this post. That's a nice haul of mahi! Good going!
  583. Pupule

    KANEOHE 12/5

    Another fine catch! Congrats!
  584. Pupule

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Nov. wrap-up

    Grander posted an interesting question a while back. He was being facetious, of course, but his question poses an interesting challenge to the law. If you boat a shark, then cut off its fins and throw them back into the water, is that a legal catch? ;)
  585. Pupule

    Kaneohe 11-28-10

    Nice catch! I was considering a trip to MM yesterday but the early morning rain, coupled with a forecast for 14-16 knot winds, turned me off. Settled for a day of NFL football and 12 ounce curls instead. ;)
  586. Pupule


    I can't speak for everyone here, but I can certainly say that would be a lifetime catch for me...and to accomplish that near the end of November? OMFG!
  587. Pupule

    Question to all ! 130lb class star drag reels

    In 2009, Penn started replacing their H-series reels with H2-series reels, which are assembled in China using USA supplied parts. No word yet about any degradation in quality, as far as I know. Here's a pic of the new wide 4/0, the 113H2LW.
  588. Pupule

    Question to all ! 130lb class star drag reels

    I've never had an opportunity to fight any big fish using a 2-speed reel. I use old school Penn Senators. I've had a few big marlin take a 16/0 nearly down to the knot before, and yes, having to pull line into the reel with each crank on a big fish is hard work. Still, if Penn were to produce...
  589. Pupule


    Congratulations on a fine catch. Not only was that marlin hooked, I'll bet those two kids are hooked...for life.
  590. Pupule


    Why is it that every time a huge haul of fish is reported here, Capt. Don is somehow involved? LOL!!! Just kidding! Good job!
  591. Pupule

    Hi Kai 10/19

    Nice one, Russell. Excellent eating fish! (Only after the cig test, though. Years ago, a friend of mine and his entire family ended up at the Hilo Hospital Emergency Room after eating a 25 lb kaku for dinner.)
  592. Pupule

    Third Option

    "Dragging shell" I imagining things? Lobster lures? You go, CP! :)
  593. Pupule

    Penguin Banks almost....10/21

    Awesome catch, Mark! Nice lure!
  594. Pupule

    Great day for a suntan (burn)

    Yup.....I have a few pounds of halalu sitting in the freezer, awaiting a bottom fishing trip to the Penguin Bank. Maybe after I return from a business trip in early November...
  595. Pupule

    Kaneohe 16 OCT 10

    Nice silver bullets, Ben!
  596. Pupule

    KANEOHE 10/17

    Booyah! Is it mahi season, or what? Great catch (again), Captain Don!
  597. Pupule

    Great day for a suntan (burn)

    Not too shabby, guys. At least you're putting something on the table! I've been out twice this month, for a total of 16 hours of trolling without a tap.
  598. Pupule

    Waianae OCT 19

    Good going, Walt. Great idea to go after them using bait these days, now that the trolling action has slowed down.
  599. Pupule

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    In the case of the State of Hawaii, it doesn't have, and has never had, sufficient funding to conduct the research needed to establish accurate, effective bag limits based on scientific data. That's why we see "all or nothing" controls, such as the complete ban on fishing in the Pupukea area...
  600. Pupule

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    Interesting discussion. Jumping back to popoki's last comment: A claim that an animal existed in one location or another is normally supported by physical evidence, e.g., a fossilized bone fragment or an entire skeleton. In the case of the giant shark, megalodon, for example, scientists offer...
  601. Pupule

    This is Hawaii

    That's a spectacular haul! Nice!
  602. Pupule

    Kaneohe 9OCT10

    Sounds like you had a terrific day on the east side. Congrats!
  603. Pupule

    KANEOHE 10/9

    Loaded 'em up again....good going!
  604. Pupule

    Late start Kaneohe

    Good going, Brandon! Nice catch! I was thinking the same thing -- only seen 'em near the shoreline. Do those fish travel into open ocean waters?
  605. Pupule

    Kaneohe 10/6

    Captain Don makes the job of locating the fish look way too easy. There's always a nice spread on his deck come picture time. I just gotta slap myself up side the head. LOL Congrats Captain and crew!
  606. Pupule

    Westside 10/06/2010

    Wow, sounds like it was an action packed day out there. Congrats, Walt!
  607. Pupule


    Well, that's an interesting point, Tonkatoy. A long time troller once told me never to lower the trim tabs while heading down rough seas because the boat will get squirly.
  608. Pupule

    Question for Hawaii Fishermen??

    Does immersion in local and Hawaiian culture normally result in someone's having only negative things to say?
  609. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    Hey, look who's calling the kettle black.
  610. Pupule


    The big advantage of a straight shaft drive is in the engine placement. Mounted further forward, the engine's weight helps to keep the bow down for a smoother ride in rough water.
  611. Pupule


    I don't know of anyone who owns a 26' Yellowfin and doesn't like the boat. It's certainly one of the most popular sportfishers in Hawaii.
  612. Pupule

    West Side Marlin

    A sporty fight on the 9/0 reel! Good one! Nice to see people using Polu Kai lures. Randy does a lot of business with tackle shops and sport fishermen in the Gulf, and that big oil spill really hurt his sales.
  613. Pupule

    Loving good luck

    Good job, Steve.'s been so long, I think I've forgotten what mahi taste like.
  614. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    I just want to point out that this thread still exists.
  615. Pupule

    Great Mahi day

    Hehheh! Just one catch, though, a good floater needs to be ripe with sea growth. It might take a bit longer than a day for limu and barnacles to take hold along your hull. ;)
  616. Pupule

    Great Mahi day

    That's exactly why I'm always scared to be out on the water at night.
  617. Pupule

    Great Mahi day

    Can't explain why, but free floating rubbish seems to attract mahimahi a lot better than fixed floaters.
  618. Pupule

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    Did they post a report on the research they've done to arrive at the conclusion that a complete ban on the commercial sale of billfish is necessary to ensure sustainability? Or are they just guessing?
  619. Pupule

    Hk Sat. 10-2

    Good catch. Looks like that side of the island is getting a little more productive as we head into the fall.
  620. Pupule

    Waianae 10-3-10

    Oh well, you gave it a good try. Better luck next time. I couldn't even get out there this past weekend. Too many things going on.
  621. Pupule

    Kaneohe 3OCT10

    Nice trip, and a nice mixed bag of kau kau. Good job!
  622. Pupule

    Great Mahi day

    Congrats on the nice haul! Now that's what I call a floater. Too bad DLNR didn't tow it back out there and let it reload! ;)
  623. Pupule

    HK 9-26

    Nice trip, Garrett and crew! I've been thinking about heading toward the Penguin Bank soon, looking for a fall run of something....anything. Sounds like it's time.
  624. Pupule

    Waianae last week

    Very nice! The way the fishing has slowed lately, you can take pride in having experienced a mighty fine day on the water.
  625. Pupule

    First Post, East Side Saturday

    Woah, that was a big one! Nice! Sounds like mahimahi are coming around...finally. The usual spring run never happened this year.
  626. Pupule

    Bloody Saturday East side

    Good going on the marlin and the mahi. Too bad you lost that big bull and the gaff. Those Aftco pieces are pricey.
  627. Pupule

    250# blue just outside of BO

    Congrats, Grander. Good going!
  628. Pupule

    9-25-2010 Not to much

    Go get 'em next time, Nick. Yeah, it's pretty slow out there, but you never know. The birds and porpoises are still around and the action was half way decent all week long (so I hear). I gave it the old college try today. Launched at 5:45 and made it about 1/4 mile out before I saw that my...
  629. Pupule

    Moving to Marina - Keeping My Ride Out Of The Salt Options?

    A bit pricey - probably $1600 after shipping. ShoreMaster Dock Shuttle at Boat Lift Warehouse
  630. Pupule

    Kaneohe 19SEP10

    Good grinds in the cooler! I haven't seen much mahi out there for several months. Nice trip!
  631. Pupule

    Super Sunday

    Good going, guys! Running out of ice is a pretty sweet problem... LOL Looks like theeeeeey're back!
  632. Pupule

    Kaimi's Mahi

    Nice mahi, Kaimi! Congrats!
  633. Pupule


    Awesome catch, jonski! Porpoises and ahi at the pinnacle -- that's very good news. I tweaked my back on Saturday and hoped that it would improve enough to get out on the water yesterday. It didn't happen.
  634. Pupule

    Not a Mahi, but I'll take it!

    That's a good sized ono. Congrats!
  635. Pupule

    Waianae -09/17/10

    Nice catch, Russ! It's good to hear that people are seeing bird piles out there once again. It's been dead for quite a while.
  636. Pupule

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    That's a sweet looking boat. Congrats!
  637. Pupule

    Beginners Luck

    Too bad they lost the big ones, but an exciting trip nonetheless! I'll take that anytime over a long, boring boat ride.
  638. Pupule

    Waianae 12 Sep 2010

    My mouth started watering as soon as I saw that rack full of pupus. Break out the Draught Guinness! ;)
  639. Pupule

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

    "Mr. pole bender" is an accomplished shorecaster on Kauai. Here's his post to the Ulua Fishing Forum.
  640. Pupule

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

    Wow! That's a spectacular catch! Most ulua fishermen use graphite rods and light weight reels nowadays. That looks like a fiberglass rod and a Penn 4/0 or 6/0 reel....old school equipment that's tried and true. It took me 14 years of shorecasting and many tough lessons learned before I managed...
  641. Pupule

    fishing in hawaii

    Impressive catch, Blair! Sails are rarely caught from sportfishing boats in Hawaii. Doubles are unheard of, until this year. Your catch is the second double sail we've seen this year. Congratulations!
  642. Pupule

    9/11 & 9/4

    Good going, Pat. Two for two....awesome!
  643. Pupule

    Waianae 12 Sep 2010

    Sweet! Glad you were able to plane that monster out of the depths. Congrats, Walter!
  644. Pupule

    Waianae 9/12/2010

    I left the harbor at 6:00 heading straight for the water barge and found six boats there, some trolling and some jigging. After making a few uneventful passes with the aku lures out, I headed out to the 1000 and turned north. Trolled all the way past Kaena Point without seeing a single bird...
  645. Pupule

    Papio fishing?

    If you want to step up gradually, using those oama to catch papio would be the logical next step, I guess. A reasonably priced spinning setup like a Penn 650SSm reel matched to an 8' Penn graphite Slammer rod (~$150) and 25 lb test monofilament line will work. I like to free line live oama using...
  646. Pupule


    Too much fish to deal with, eh? Fishing can be stressful! LOL
  647. Pupule

    waianae howz da fishing ????

    I don't claim to have the up-to-date, last minute scoop, but from what I've been seeing and hearing, the ahi are far and few between. Someone caught an ahi at the 1500 fathom pocket outside Nanakuli last week (mid-week sometime). Marlin seem to be the "catch of the day", at least for now; not...
  648. Pupule

    HNL to Ka'ula Rock and Back 8/29 - 9/2

    Hey John, My former co-worker's girlfriend has a brother named Gary who works for Navatek. Sound familiar? ;) Small world...
  649. Pupule

    HNL to Ka'ula Rock and Back 8/29 - 9/2

    With a boat like that you should be able to install a crane to pluck any and all fish out of the water using 20,000 lb cable. LOL!
  650. Pupule


    Very nice, Itsu! I saw you weighing in the first one. Didn't know you had a bigger one waiting in the box. Congrats.
  651. Pupule

    Waianae 9-05-10

    Good going, Josh. You're on a roll. Keep it up! Nice boat!
  652. Pupule

    First Ever!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    A just reward for charging into the wind like that!
  653. Pupule

    HNL to Ka'ula Rock and Back 8/29 - 9/2

    Wow, trip of a lifetime! You're lucky to have had an opportunity to fish some of the most virgin grounds in the main Hawaiian Islands. Nice haul. That's a heavy duty boat. What kind of boat is that?
  654. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai to Banks, 9/2/2010

    Nice run, Bob, congrats! The trek across the channel back to Hawaii Kai can be rough, wet and cold, but when you have a few fish in the's worth the effort.
  655. Pupule

    First Ever!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    Terrific catch, Ryan! Good going and enjoy the grinds!
  656. Pupule

    Kaneohe 3/09/2010

    You didn't do anything wrong. Keep steady pressure on the fish and hope for the best. A marlin will often throw the hook, especially when it's shallow-hooked in the bill. Welcome to the asylum. Jump on in and join us...the water's fine. ;)
  657. Pupule

    Waianae 8/31/10

    Today in Waianae, 9/4/2010: Waianae Harbor to S, then to R, to the pinnacle, then to the 1500 pocket, back to R, back to S, then back to the barn. It was slow on the "inside" -- nine hours without even so much as a knock down. The only birds piles were at S and R. There were porpoises at R...
  658. Pupule

    Pinnacle Out Waianae

    6.90 nm, 3 degrees (magnetic N)
  659. Pupule

    Waianae 8/31, 9/1

    Hey, at least you caught something for kaukau, Brandon. I've had back to back days that were a lot worse! :) Nice going!
  660. Pupule

    Waianae 8/31/10

    Kekoa, sorry to hear about your uneventful day on the water. Thanks for the report just the same. You're right about negative fishing reports being as valuable as positive fishing reports. Not only does everyone want to know where the fish have been biting, but it's also good to know where they...
  661. Pupule

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - August wrap-up

    Thanks for the report, Capt. Jeff. When I retire in a few years, I'll certainly consider a move to Kona where you lucky guys get to fish behind those two 13,000+ foot tall wind breakers. ;)
  662. Pupule


    Nice ono, akoni! Nice to see there are a few of those left on the ledge during late summer.
  663. Pupule

    Waianae 8/26/10

    Glad you&#8217;re enjoying the fish, Mark. Thanks again for the lures. The 7&#8221; angle faced lures have all taken several strikes each. &#12288; &#12288; Thanks, Glenn. I know it&#8217;s a long haul over from the windward side, but the odds are looking pretty decent for some action in...
  664. Pupule

    8/29/10 Waianae

    Nice! Too bad you guys lost the bigger one, Walt, but I'm glad to see that your luck has taken a terrific turn for the better. Two big strikes on, good going!
  665. Pupule

    WBFC Keiki Fishing Tournament 8/28/2010

    Good going, Walt! Nice catch, and a nice win. Props to you for all the hard work in introducing the joy of fishing to the keiki. Hey, I like that Easy Corner tent you put up for the keilki and wahine tournaments. Since the first time I saw you running it, I've been thinking of a way to do...
  666. Pupule

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    Holy moly! What a monster! Congratulations, Brian! (You must be pretty sore today.) ;)
  667. Pupule

    Waianae 8-28-10

    Wow, good going, Josh! Those big, fat silver bullets look mighty fine. Enjoy the sashimi!
  668. Pupule

    west side report 8-28-10

    Oh, well, next time you'll get 'em. Any day spent on the water is a fine day, no matter what the outcome. I drew blanks today in Waianae. Just two knock downs at 16.8 miles and 17.4 miles, 64 degrees. At least something kissed the lures and got my heart pumping. It's all good. ;)
  669. Pupule

    BO FAD on Saturday Morning

    Outstanding! I thought the ulua divers were adventurous, free diving 70-80 feet down into caves. Jet skiing out 9 miles into 500 fathoms of water then diving -- now that's hard core fishing at its best! Congrats!
  670. Pupule

    August 17, 2010 Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii

    Lee, your boats are the champions of mahi and ono fishing. Your results are nothing short of spectacular!
  671. Pupule

    kaneohe report 8/25

    Filling your fish hold, as usual. No surprise here, eh? Congratulations on a fine week of fishing, Captain Don!
  672. Pupule

    waianae report 8-22-10

    Nice! Good to see that the action has finally improved on the west side. Good going on the mahimahi!
  673. Pupule

    Kaneohe 8/26

    A few aku and shibi in the boat, I'll take that anytime. Good going!
  674. Pupule

    kaneohe 8/23

    What a monster! Congrats!
  675. Pupule

    Waianae 8-26-2010

    Good one, Josh!
  676. Pupule

    8-25 Waianae

    You guys have been killing 'em, Garrett. Keep it up!
  677. Pupule

    Fishing report

    Whoa, that's a nice haul! Good job on a mighty fine day of fishing!
  678. Pupule

    Waianae 8/26/10

    Brian, the dorsal fin definitely had some white on the edges so I think it may have been an open ocean white tip. Now that you&#8217;ve mentioned it, Don, I think I should have kept a slab for sashimi and poke, but I ended up giving it to my cousin to be smoked. &#12288; I&#8217;ve been very...
  679. Pupule

    Sponson for my boat. Any recommendations?

    Plas-Tech 317 Kilua Place Honolulu, HI 96819 (808) 847-2339 They are the builders of the 19' Glass Pros Kona fishing boats. They used to (might still) offer a sponson as an option.
  680. Pupule

    Waianae 8/26/10

    All week long I've had a bad case of the fishing bug, so I asked my boss for the day off today. Left the harbor at sunrise and headed straight for the pinnacle, then ran over it and kept going. At 17.5 miles and 62 degrees I found a big pile of black birds. It was pretty massive, but spread out...
  681. Pupule


    Wow, that's quite a haul....78 pieces! I can only dream about a fishing trip like that. Good going, and props to Captain Don!
  682. Pupule

    Waianae 8/21/10

    Wow, that really was a tough day, but at least your brother got to see some action. His heart must have been racing. Nice write up. Thanks for that.
  683. Pupule

    Quick west side report

    Nice going on the marlin, John! EDIT: Oooops...sorry. I misread your post; thought you got it. Bummer the outrigger broke. Nice strike anyway!
  684. Pupule

    8-22-2010 Giant Bird Pile, Otaru and Mahi Mahi With Video

    Another awesome day of fishing, Nick! Nice video! Good job!
  685. Pupule

    Waianae 8/20/10

    There you go. Leaving early to catch bait and going through all that trouble to keep them alive is hard work. It eventually paid off. Good job! Nice fish!
  686. Pupule

    Kona Iki trollers keiki tournament

    Congrats to the kids! Nice marlin! they'll have the fever....hooked, for life. ;)
  687. Pupule

    First Marlin

    Hey, nice double strike, and a great story, Brandon! Thanks for the post. Congratulations on your first marlin. That was a terrific catch, and hopefully it was just the first of many more to come. Good job!
  688. Pupule


    Ditto! Good luck to you, Scott. Slay 'em, and post 'em!
  689. Pupule


    Russ, so sorry to hear about the trailer problem. What a nightmare! I feel your pain. A similar thing happend to me a few years back. It was probably my 4th or 5th trip out with the Islander. When making a left turn onto Farrington Highway in Kapolei, the few remaining (non-cracked) wheel...
  690. Pupule

    2 days 1 fish

    Nice tuna! You guys sure are consistent. Good going!
  691. Pupule

    Waianae Marlin-(video)

    Nice one! Cool video! This board has been all lit up with westside fish this week. I'm just wondering if I should launch the boat at midnight tonight, cruise out 5 miles, then shut everything down and sleep until morning! :rofl:
  692. Pupule

    Waianae Marlin-(video)

    It's a bit different in Hawaii. With the large Asian and Pacific Islander population here, more species of fish are considered to be "food fish". Many people in Hawaii eat marlin. Have you ever tried marlin meat that was soaked in teriyaki sauce overnight, dried in the sun for a day, then...
  693. Pupule

    Aug.17 2010

    Nice haul! Good going! Looks like someone finally turned on the switch in Waianae this week. Been hearing about the bite all week long. That's one penalty to pay when having to work a standard Monday through Friday job, I guess. I often get to the fishing spot a day late and a dollar short.
  694. Pupule

    Waianae flotilla

    Nice catch, and a nice story, Kekoa! Congratulations!
  695. Pupule

    8-15-2010 Koolina Tadpole with Video

    After watching that video again I think I understand the difference between our experiences using .44 blanks. Dex and I are 50+ guys who aren't very big and we use old school, one speed Penn 16/0 reels. Often times, it's just me in the boat. It's a simple matter of fight duration. By the time I...
  696. Pupule

    Pinnacle Out Waianae

    Thanks, Pat. I didn't even know Hawaii marine charts were available on the net. That first one appears to be pretty recent. The water barge hasn't been in its present location for very long. It used to be much closer to Ko Olina, and it was originally sitting at 300 fathoms.
  697. Pupule

    8-15-2010 Koolina Tadpole with Video

    I'd like to use real ammo that can instantly stop 'em in their tracks. Heh, to tell you the truth, though, having a .44 blank armed at the end of a bang stick with the fish misbehaving next to the boat is already pretty scary.
  698. Pupule

    Marlin report

    Congrats on your first marlin, sab! Good catch, along with a nice pair of otaru for sashimi!
  699. Pupule

    Pinnacle Out Waianae

    Actually, the pinnacle is about 14 miles outside of Nanakuli.
  700. Pupule

    8-15-2010 Koolina Tadpole with Video

    Nice bloody deck, alright. Good going on the ahi! You're right about using blanks. Without a projectile, you're just pumping hot gases into the fish, so the shot has to be placed strategically. I use blanks, and I try to hit them in (or close to) the eye.
  701. Pupule


    Nice catch! Way to slay 'em!
  702. Pupule

    Kaneohe 8-14-10

    Congrats! Now that's the way every boat's shake down run should end, with a nice fish in the box. Good looking boat. I especially like the tall prow -- must make a for a nice, dry ride.
  703. Pupule

    Outside Waianae 8/9

    Everytime I bring hebi sashimi to work I start a riot! That's good stuff! That was a monster, Russ. I've never caught one close to 51 lbs.
  704. Pupule

    Waianae 8/7/10

    Thanks, guys. Except for a few rat aku and few small mahimahi and ono, it was a slow month. Been getting some good bites, but lost them all. Hey Jesse, it was my pleasure, man. Like I told one of your friends as I headed back out, I've been there and done that. Being dead in the water's an...
  705. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    I object to the notion that someone can claim "too many" fish were caught without first specifying a limit. What's the limit? Anyone can stand at the top of a hill and snipe. That's easy, it's convenient and it's unfair. State the number of fish that won't be construed as "raping and pillaging"...
  706. Pupule

    Outside Waianae 8/9

    Hey, I'll take a nice hebi anytime, Bob. Once you've tossed dinner into the fishbox, the pressure's off! Good going!
  707. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    Thanks, mrmahi. I searched on yellowfin tuna, caught in Hawaiian waters from privately owned or rented boats, for years 2003 through 2009. Here are the results (in millions of pounds): 2003 11.1 2004 4.8 2005 4.4 2006 6.5 2007 11.1 2008 14.6 2009...
  708. Pupule

    waianae 8/9

    Outstanding catch! You guys are on fire! Congrats!
  709. Pupule

    first bull and first ahi

    Terrific catch, kyleponch! Were you fishing at a FAD, or did you bait up that ahi in the blind?
  710. Pupule


    That's a big one ALOHABIRD. Nice!
  711. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    The major issue was that someone crapped on someone else's catch report. Most of us here want to know what's biting and where, and it's always nice to congratulate those who've experienced a good fishing trip. It's also nice to receive compliments from others after having been blessed with a...
  712. Pupule

    waianae 8/6

    Hey, nekine, I've read that Hawaii sailfish are engine shy, and that they're more likely hooked from kayaks, sail boards and sailboats. What engine are you running? Congrats on another excellent catch!
  713. Pupule

    Waianae 8/7/10

    Thank you all for the props, kind words, and encouragement. Arriving back home safely is job one. Helping fellow fishermen in time of need is just a part of the game. Engine's a matter of time...been on the receiving end more times than I'd like to remember. Just two weeks ago, a...
  714. Pupule

    Waianae 8/7/10

    9" Kats lure that someone gave me a long time ago. I run it 2 ft behind the last squid.
  715. Pupule

    Waianae 8/7/10

    I left the harbor at 6:00 am on a solo run, turned right to troll along the 50 up to Makua, then did a 180 back toward Maili. As I passed Black Rock, I noticed a bunch of guys waving me down from their stranded boat. Ended up towing them back to port -- just a short 2 1/2 mile run. Back out...
  716. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    Ooops, my bad. The question was already answered. ========================== BNak's fish is an ulua (giant trevally).
  717. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    All I know is, it's rather entertaining to watch someone who's so eager to "make ass". :D
  718. Pupule

    waianae, 8/3, 8/4

    Nice fish, Spencer! You seem to have that Waianae ledge dialed in well. Woah, fishing Tuesday, Wednesday and're a fishing machine!
  719. Pupule

    Waianae - 8/4/2010

    Good going on the mahi, Russ! Carrying a little bit of bait on the boat can save the day.
  720. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    Jump right in, kiddies! All who have negative things to say about others' fishing tactics or methods can have a centralized repository of comments, all to themselves...right here. Play here and stay here. Don't smear your excrement on other people's catch reports. Fork you very much! :rofl:
  721. Pupule

    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    Agree. The title of this forum is "Hawaii Fishing Reports", not "Fish Hugger's Bitch Board".
  722. Pupule

    Show me your pics! Best catches for 2010!

    That's a beautiful boat, Pat! It must cut through the rough stuff with ease!
  723. Pupule

    Show me your pics! Best catches for 2010!

    Even Magic Sportfishing may be a having a tough time finding action in the blue water. Guess what they've been targeting during their last two trips!
  724. Pupule

    Waianae 7/30/2010

    Hey Brian, nice catch! I didn't know that you'd retired. Congratulations, and thank you for all those hard working years at the Shipyard! Enjoy it brah; I hope to follow you out of that CIA gate in 5 years. :)
  725. Pupule

    Show me your pics! Best catches for 2010!

    Nice fish, Jones. Are you poking us in the eye? Can't possibly be his girlfriend. He paid her for the photo op. LOL
  726. Pupule

    Waianae 7-29

    Hey, that was a long trip. Nice to hear that you boated a big mahi. Good going! Last three trips out of Waianae only produced a 10 pound mahi for me. I've been fishing straight out west of Kepuhi Pt., from R-buoy out to 32 miles. It's been a bit frustrating, dropping four marlin. Three spit...
  727. Pupule

    7/27 a couple

    Good going on the late afternoon bite! Congrats on a fine catch!