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  1. live2fish

    For Sale Bluewater 75 oval

    I have a pretty new offwhite parker color Bluewater 75 $1000 or best offer
  2. live2fish

    SOLD 99 commercial parker 2320

    SOLD Considering selling my 99’ 2320 this is a commercial Hull with the 1/2ton in deck fish hold (very rare) also has a much heavier build than the standard 2320. previous owner replaced the fuel tank With a larger tank I repowered with 2018 suzuki 250 always maintained with genuine suzuki...
  3. live2fish

    WTB Looking for an nss7 evo2 gimbal bracket

    Anyone who flush mounted their simrad nss7 have the gimbal mount? I need a new one as I got rid of the flush mount screen in the tower to replace with a gimbal mount so that it can be removed.
  4. live2fish

    Suggestions on doing a pig euro mount

    My wife got her first mount worthy pig Friday and I’ve already fleshed it and it’s ready for the final steps, just not sure if I should leave it out to let bugs get to it or peroxide it now? Also I’ve seen some guys boil it in peroxide after soap boil or do I peroxide paste it or???? Any input...
  5. live2fish

    SOLD Frozen sardines chovies ect ect

    Bunch of frozen bait out in the freezer come get tonight or by tomorrow dumping the freezer if anyone wants it too located in hb by pacific edge
  6. live2fish

    SOLD Free bait freezer

    Stinky bait freezer come and get it before it goes to the dump. It’s not pretty but it stays cold. Had a plug mishap and it got unplugged leaving everything inside to thaw for who knows how long. Emptied most of the contents but re froze the liquid. (Over a year ago) Little or a lot of bleach...
  7. live2fish

    WTB Mercury top mount single control

    Looking for a single outboard mercury top mount control.
  8. live2fish

    For Sale All parker owners need these

    Hey guys as you know this lockdown has screwed a lot of small businesses. We have been basically put out of business until further notice, aswell as months of work have canceled or rescheduled. So to keep my guys fed and with a paycheck I’ve been doing anything I can. I have resorted to making t...
  9. live2fish

    SOLD Seeker true Blue glass LM9

    Ultra limited run this 1 of 12 ever made solid blue glass LM9 Those who know, know not a simple tinted blank $650obo pics tomorrow or when I get to them if you really need them. Pm me if you want it and have $ for it.
  10. live2fish

    WTB Looking to rent parking

    Anyone in oc area want to rent us a spot to park our camper trailer. 22ft overall
  11. live2fish

    For Sale Or trade 2018 Carson Car hauler

    Sold I have a 2018 Carson carhauler open trailer I purchased new at the end of last year. Deck is 16ft long and 77” between the wheel wells No dents, crashes or anything like that Just don’t need it anymore as we got an enclosed trailer. $2500 obo willing to trade aswell lmk what you have
  12. live2fish

    SOLD Power caster pc3

    Works awesome like new just don’t have a tight parking spot anymore, only used 5-6 times will include the bracket from my parker trailer online I’ve seen used ones listed for 1500-1700 new is 1750+ shipping $1150 obo clearing out the garage *edit* I will not take $800 for it as multiple...
  13. live2fish

    For Sale Upgraded Honda 400ex

    It’s desert season and my wife had moved up from the quad to just cruising in the rail now. The 400 ex is the perfect family quad enough power that I could take it out and have a blast and still tame enough you could put anyone on it and not worry. the bike has a stage 3 hot cam in it...
  14. live2fish

    For Sale Radon 15

    Listing our project. It got put on the back burner with work and life getting in the way it’s 90-95% done deck off restoration with new marine ply deck glassed down 1708 deck new cabin with plenty of room inside: marine foam board construction fully glassed inside and out to save weight but...
  15. live2fish

    For Sale 5 basically new tires

    Selling the stock wheels n tires from my ram 3500 8x6.5 bolt pattern 5k miles on 4 tires 5th is the spare never been run 600 obo make an offer
  16. live2fish

    WTB Looking for box trailer

    Looking to buy a box trailer 16ft or bigger windows and side door great if not can live without cash in hand also have a 2018 Carson open car trailer I could trade + cash for right trailer 562 331 7764
  17. live2fish

    WTB Looking for some spinning reels

    let me know what you have 3000-8000 sizes Pm is key
  18. live2fish

    For Sale Daewoo fridge

    have a black apartment size fridge/freezer few years old great for a garage fridge $50 I’ll try to take some pics Located in Hb
  19. live2fish

    For Sale 2500hd diesel cheap

  20. live2fish

    For Sale Fish tank

    the tank is 48”x24”x20” tall It’s 100 gallons peninsula style with external overflow Tank only no stand Tank was over a grand new Asking $375 obo
  21. live2fish

    For Sale Diesel Chevy 2500 price drop!

    Selling my tried and true work horse 97 Chevy 2500 turbo diesel For bd member $5500. Final Price drop $3800 for bd member Tows my parker 2320 with ease and our 25ft toyhauler loaded to glamis getting around 14-16mpg Truck is a long bed and has good all terrains on it with lifetime warranty...
  22. live2fish

    For Sale Permatrim um-9

    I have a permatrim UM-9 It was used for mock-up Save some fuel and makes all boats ride better increasing plane time at lower speed If you buy it online it’s $170 + couple weeks to get it I’m asking $130 and I’m located in HB across from pacific edge
  23. live2fish

    TRADE Avet HX 2speed

    trade for tranx 500 Avet full of 80lb Willing to add cash for clean reel This reel is ready to kill some bluefin
  24. live2fish

    WTB Nss7 dash mount

    looking to for a dash mount(gimbal mount) for a nss7 and a power cord if you have one please let me know
  25. live2fish

    TRADE Avet HX 2 speed trade for

    looking to trade my silver 2 speed HX loaded to the brim with 80lb Trade for tranx 500 or? Pics “too big to upload” Pm me for pics
  26. live2fish

    WTB Old school rock cod rod

    looking for an old rock cod rod 8-9ft broomstick must be in decent condition lmk what you have.
  27. live2fish

    For Sale Fusion ip600 with starboard mount

    Just sitting in the garage went with the sonic hub deal with my Simrads so no need for it $175
  28. live2fish

    For Sale or trade Brand new in box SIG BDX bluetooth optic with range finder

    Wife ordered a 3.5-10 sig bdx combo for me for my bday and i didnt realize it but i had already purchased one (without her knowing) haha so now i have 2 of these and dont need 2. cool optic that uses bluetooth and makes it so you no longer need your dopesheet or to do any calculations. now you...
  29. live2fish

    For Sale Utv truck rack like toyup

    have a rack I built to carry my can am x3 on top of the truck so I can use the carpool lane and not deal with a trailer or when we take the toyhauler take 1 truck since we had to tow a standard trailer with the other car on it before. No longer need it as my brother sold his car so mine will...
  30. live2fish

    For Sale Fusion ip650

    i have an ip600 fusion stereo. Went a different route and no longer need it $175 obo I’ll snag some pics and post them later today
  31. live2fish

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    looking at getting a rifle for deer pig ect but have friends out of state in az fl ak Montana Idaho Texas who are hunters and want to take me hunting with them. Is a 308 enough for most of the stuff? I want something that I can go shoot and won’t kill the bank. My local buddy here is telling...
  32. live2fish

    For Sale Saragosa 10k and avet hx

    i have a basically brand new saragosa 10k got it for popping took it on a couple boat rides casted maybe a dozen times no need for me I paid 309+ tax and spectra which was about $415 out the door $350obo? Make me an offer Also have a silver HX 2sp full of 80 hollow spectra $250obo Will...
  33. live2fish

    For Sale Lowrance hds7 gen 2

    $250 or trade for guns will add cash on my side Includes power and ducer no bracket it was flush mounted
  34. live2fish

    WTB P238 or similar

    looking for a small pocket pistol for my wife to add to her ccw list. Lmk what you have pm is best
  35. live2fish

    Looking to start reloading 12ga

    just got into shooting clays and am finding out just how costly it can get quickly. I’m looking at reloading to cut some of the costs. I’m not sure where to start what powder, hulls ,wads, shot, primers to get or where to get them for the best prices Any tips? Thanks!
  36. live2fish

    WTB Fusion ra-55 or similar

    looking for a head unit for my little skiff, it’s going to take a beating so looking at the fusions or similar waterproof shockproof headunit Looking for a cheap clean unit let me know what you have 562 331 7764
  37. live2fish

    TRADE Trade overland expedition rig for toyhauler

    looking to trade my expedition/crawler rig. This truck is very capable and basically just point it and it will go. In pismo I pulled a train ( 2 trucks and 5th wheels sunk to the rails) out no problem it’s been to Moab many times and all over SoCal/Nevada/baja
  38. live2fish

    WTB WTB Electric Trailer dolly

    looking for a power caster or similar electric trailer dolly Text me 562 331 7764 send price and pic Thanks
  39. live2fish

    For Sale Simrad go7

    simrad go 7 with bracket $375obo
  40. live2fish

    For Sale 2001 Chevy Duramax cheap

    Everyone seems to think these trucks are worth 15k+ so I’ll list mine for $8500 obo for a quick sale Just put brand new wheels and tires on the truck last week with lifetime road hazard warranty. Strong motor pulls hard ac heat everything works even has heated seats. 2 subs under the back seat...
  41. live2fish

    WTB Looking for 6000-8000 baitrunners

    looking for 6000-8000 size baitrunners Lmk whatcha got
  42. live2fish

    For Sale 2 captains seats 1 from parker with pedestals

    full captains seat with molded arm rests and a short post for a small skiff Asking $125 562 248 6940 Parker seat sold
  43. live2fish

    For Sale Bench seat cushions

    I have a set of newly upholstered Bow/Deck seats. They are in Excellent condition. They are dirty in the pictures but will clean up nicely. I am looking for $175 for all (the set of 4) I bought these a few months back but needed a little longer so had to have a set made just looking to get my...
  44. live2fish

    SOLD 2 Malibu kayaks basically free

  45. live2fish

    WTB Simrad/lowrance ethernet cable

    looking for a 15 ft Ethernet cable If someone has before I go order one 562 331 7764
  46. live2fish

    Headed to homer this week where to fish

    we have arranged a few trips but with wild weather looking for backup plans Where can we fish from shore we have a couple fly rods with us flying into anchorage and driving down
  47. live2fish

    WTB Baitrunners

    looking for 2-4 shimano baitrunners 4000-12000 Pm what you have and a price
  48. live2fish

    WTB Looking for a bench seat

    I’m looking for a bench seat like these if anyone has one sitting around and wants to sell
  49. live2fish

    SOLD Simrad NAC-2 autopilot

    I have a NAC-2 brain brand new never opened. Accidentally added it to my cart when I was buying everything else for my ap system so I ended up with an extra brain. And don’t want to deal with shipping and restocking fee Cheapest I can find online is $849 I’ll take $650 Or trade high end...
  50. live2fish

    TRADE Trini 40 trade for

    have a clean 40, trade for tranx or a few shimano baitrunners or something I also have a trini 30 gold to trade aswell Lmk what you have pm me with offers Looking to trade for electric reels, few baitrunner 8000-12000d or thunnus or tranx 500, trini 12a 14a 16a 20a
  51. live2fish

    For Sale 2 Malibu kayaks CHEAP!!!

    i have 2 malibu kayaks, 1 xcaliber 1 xfactor Xfactor has waterproof battery box lowrance fishfinder/chartplotter wired for bait tank on switch Both have upgraded seats lots of extras Yakama roof rack mako saddles and rollers No holes cracks patches ect! Always kept in garage no I’ve damage...
  52. live2fish

    WTB Parker bench seat

    looking for a bench seat for a 2320 Let me know what you have, cash in hand 562 331 7764
  53. live2fish

    SOLD Pe30 fiberglass bait tank

    clearing the garage was going to put on the radon changed my mind SOLD I don’t have any pics right now I’ll post some tonight or in the morning if it isn’t sold by then SOLD
  54. live2fish

    For Sale JBL portable speaker

    Have some JBL flip 3 Bluetooth speakers awesome for on the boat they are splash proof and can be paired to be stereo I have black blue red grey and teal Asking $60 ea Will trade for reels
  55. live2fish

    TRADE LNIB Lexa400

    looking to trade my lexa for a tranx 3 or 400 Fresh from factory service basically a brand new reel loaded with 65lb izor moss green Will add $$ for right reel I’ll snag some pics tonight
  56. live2fish

    For Sale Bait tank plumbing 1.5” and .75”

    just redid the plumbing on my new bait tank the old hoses were 8” too short so had to buy new ones. THe new 1.5” hose was 5.99 a foot and the 3/4” was 3.49 I have little more than 6ft of ea Bring me $20 for both hoses if u need them it’s a good deal
  57. live2fish

    SOLD Auto pilot 1/2 off retail

    selling a complete and good working comnav 1420 autopilot brain, control, rate compass, octopus pump Edit: everything removed from boat ready for new home plug and play system just add rudder feedback/smartstick includes smart stick outboard rudder feedback that needs to be rebuilt (guy on bd...
  58. live2fish

    SOLD 04 225 merc/Yamaha outboard

    I have a 04 225 4 stroke Yamaha made but merc branded, low hour engine fires right up first crank. A killer deal fell in my lap for a bigger engine and I pulled the trigger on it. so this one is forsale. 25” shaft Standard rotation Hours around 400 Comes with stainless prop 704 controls...
  59. live2fish

    Chest freezer helm chair teak swim step and more

    Got a new freezer selling old bait freezer. She’s a good hard worker but not pretty haha $50 quite a bit of rust on lid but has never failed me Helm seat with pedestal $100 Tall Pedestal with foot rest no seat $50 24” or so Pedestal with seat mount $50 Small teak/stainless swim step $sold...
  60. live2fish

    PAIR of Malibu kayaks cheap!

    i have a mango X factor and a snow camo x caliber Both are set up for fishing, X factor has fish finder and is wired to pelican battery box, has bait tank that’s wired aswell , upgraded seat ect ect lots of extras don’t have the garage space to keep them anymore Asking 1200 for the pair Or...
  61. live2fish

    Captains seat with cushions

    Cleaning out the garage stumbled across this, comes with pedestal and cushions How’s $100?? 562 331 7764
  62. live2fish

    Need help finding a special guide

    anyone know what the guide that is used as a entry for thru blank rods like sabiki stick is called or where I can find them? Need ASAP Thanks!
  63. live2fish

    RADON 15

    Boat has be re fitted with all marine plywood and deck has new 1708 cloth recoating the deck 1/2 cab built out of high density marine foam board to save weight multiple layers of 1708 so its as strong as a brick s***house but weighs next to nothing Power is a low hour merc 60efi with...
  64. live2fish

    Want to buy electric reels

    still looking for electric reels let me know what you have Pm me
  65. live2fish

    sold 2003 diesel excursion

    My brother is selling his excursion it just got a new oil cooler, filter housing and around 2500 in maintenance. Turn key truck turn it into your tow pig 168xxx miles 4x4 Eddie Bauer Fully loaded head rest tvs everything Fresh tires Only bad is it an old wrap that is like 90% removed, I...
  66. live2fish

    Custom Parker 2320 cover

    with my new tower the cover won't work for me anymore full custom fitted cover cost 2800 with a "bro deal" Cover is less than 8mo old I'd like $1800 for it but open to offers Call or text 562 331 7764
  67. live2fish

    Great running, reliable Yamaha 225

    I have a great running ox66 225. Always starts right up first crank, mechanic owned and taken care. Meticulously maintained so it would never let me down. Wouldn't flinch at taking it to San nic tomorrow. Always freshwater flushed after every trip Only reason for selling is repowering to 300 On...
  68. live2fish

    Wtb electric reels

    looking to pick up some electric reels let me know what you have text me pics and prices 562 331 7764
  69. live2fish

    Generator $350

    Selling our 1800w digital inverter generator maybe has 5 hours on it. Used it a couple trips to make squid and once in the desert to give the girls power for their stuff. Starts first pull even after sitting since last year. I paid 600-700 for it, cleaning out the garage. $350 for a bd...
  70. live2fish

    Furuno GPS and radar

    Re did the electronics on the boat I have a 1622 with dome $600obo works good needs new cable or old one to be spliced had to cut to remove Gp-33 color GPS basically new (less than a season on it) retail is like 500 asking $350 for it Last is a 1850df ff chartplotter, don't have a...
  71. live2fish

    conical Hoopnet set

    Have a set of conical Hoopnet rigid frames non collapsible $225 Obo for the set of nets with bridals no other rigging included 562 331 7764 They get the job done
  72. live2fish

    65 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    65 gallon fiberglass bait tank need to sell won't fit my application I'll take any reasonable offer I need this gone it comes with cutting board lid and drain cover 562 331 7764
  73. live2fish

    Traeger Grill CHEAP! Need sold this weekend

    I am selling because got a bigger Traeger and don't have the room to keep both. in great condition less than a year old. Headed to Oceanside Saturday and can bring with me. 300 Obo SOLD Forgot which model it is but it's the small free standing one Costco has for 6-700 iirc
  74. live2fish

    60/65ish gallon square fiberglass bait tank

    I have a square 60-65galon tank don't know exact volume. It is square outside but has rounded corners inside. Has a dump chute on a pull rod to flush those scales out in a hurry, nice flow pattern and can be set to different water heights Foot print won't work in new boat so I'm selling it...
  75. live2fish

    Wtb simrad or lowrance gps radar autopilot

    Looking for a nss or hds system Radar Autopilot Let me know what you have, have cash in hand
  76. live2fish

    WFO cbass

    got out and put the wood to them Limits for everyone in 30ish mins They went Full retard eating 60 and 80 Jig plastics bobber flyline they ate it all Filled the kill bag and put what would fit for a pic on deck Smallest fish was 15lbs on certified scale Had doubles triples & quad hookups...
  77. live2fish

    Brand new in box lowrance side scan

    Was going to instal this on the arima but never got around to it and new boat is all furuno so I don't need it Structure scan HD Brand new in box with lss2 transducer and all cables See it on eBay for 400-650 Asking $375 for a quick sale or trade for a gen2 or newer hds system for use as...
  78. live2fish

    Fs lowrance structure scan HD brand new with transducer

    i have a brand new in box structure scan HD with transducer never taken out of garage. Sold the boat before I ever installed it and new boat is all furuno I see them listed for 400-600 on eBay for brand new in box I'll take $375 cash or trade for a lowrance hds for a chartplotter Let me know...
  79. live2fish

    Need to add ho's to my on call list

    I have a 2320 parker Looking to add guys who can manage themselves and carry their weight(fuel and other expenses) **no drunks or drugs allowed** few beers awesome, if you need a couple 30 racks to get thru the trip don't bother I typically fish during the week and some times Saturday. I'm a...
  80. live2fish

    Wtb windlass, Parker bench seat, tackle stationt, anchor line and few other th inf

    looking for a bench seat and box for a Parker 23 any condition. R Free fall windlass like the profish 1000 or similar Tackle station Standard horizon 2200 vhf Anchor line 300ft or longer preferred Call or text me 562 331 7764
  81. live2fish

    17ft arima pilothouse

    SOLD!!! pilothouse seachaser with Suzuki 90 Lenco trim tabs and more! 17ft x 8ft beam *Aluminum belly fuel tank *48g fiberglass bait tank *furuno Radar low hours *Lowrance hds with wifi hub 600w thru hull transducer Nmea 2000 backbone *standard horizon vhf with ais * top of the line vhf...
  82. live2fish

    Wanted broken rod

    i need a couple broken Rods Lmk if you have anything sitting around near la or oc Thanks!!
  83. live2fish

    Wsb and lots of them

    last Thursday night took the wife to cat for her first c bass. Fished hard in poor conditions and it all fell into place Friday and when it did it went WFO she got her first ever biscuit and a quality model at that! We ended up limiting for the 3 of us in about 20 mins after that all...
  84. live2fish

    Custom cal star spinning rod

    Custom wrapped cal star spinner don't have a use for it really good 20-30lb set up fished it a few times $120 obo or trade? It's either 8 6 or 9 ft I can't remember
  85. live2fish

    Wtb power wrapper

    looking to buy a power wrapper 562 331 7764
  86. live2fish

    Trying some new stuff on a rod for the wife

    Andi's new ultralight finesse bass rod or it will also make a sweet trout rod Never tried a real fade before I didn't keep a good enough count haha Rod #3 for me and I feel it came out real nice I'll practice on this fade thing more to get it more even but I like the look of it what...
  87. live2fish

    The finished spinner

    So this is build #2 for me Lmk whatcha think
  88. live2fish

    Which guide spacing looks better?? Pics attached

    Rod will be used to fish small poppers wax wings ect Top or bottom look better for line transition??
  89. live2fish

    Building a heavy spinner need advice

    Building a 40-60lb to mate to a saragosa 10k 8ft I don't know what I want to do on the handle yet and what size guides/ how many to do Any help? Thanks :)
  90. live2fish

    Trying my hand at this for the first time

    so this is my first solo attempt at wrapping Any tips pointers ect I'm all ears Question for the pros I'm doing (going to attempt) a basket weave handle with seat on another blank how do you jeep the cordage from slipping or moving around on the blank? Do u put an epoxy or...
  91. live2fish

    Wtb rod wrapper/supplies

    Looking to buy a rod wrapper hand or power lmk what u have call or text 562 331 7764 Also could use thread, dryer and any other supplies
  92. live2fish

    17-18ft galv pacific trailer need sold this weekend $1k

    Need it sold lost my parking spot for it need sold ASAP Currently has a 15ft inflatable with a tongue locker/box on it for misc stuff but will be removed so the full length can be utilized. Call 562 331 7764 Text ok too $1k firm need gone this weekend!
  93. live2fish

    10/24 lightning thunder rain and wfo bugs

    Last night got out and limited out on lobster in short order Got over 5 limits and it was fun throwing back legals one after another since we only had 3 people and can only take 21 home with us Andi and Sam both pulled hoops we dropped on a reef side by side and between them we got 15 legals...
  94. live2fish

    Rosa 10/21

    So this weekend is our anniversary and the original plan was a last chance shot at salmon and sure deal on ling cod. Andi has Been aching to get a solid ling. long story short plans fell thru on San Fran trip due to weather but we had an unbelievable weather window Pop up. 5-8knt winds and...
  95. live2fish

    Anyone fishing rosa tomorrow?

    im looking at the weather window might run that way tomorrow just curious who else might be out there
  96. live2fish

    Fri cat limits for 3 again

    We got a late start leaving HH as the sun tucked down and we plowed our way across the channel in shitty conditions Dropped nets around 10pm First hoop had 2 big bugs in it Second had 4 Third had 3 Fourth had 2 Re set and waited 25-40 min soaks We only fished 4 hoops (buddy bet...
  97. live2fish

    10/12 Catalina lobster limits + lost/found gear

    We ran across to cat early morning to fish and scout some dope we had found lots of fish and chased a massive school of tuna right off the island full foamer 15mins long then it started moving south fast couldn't keep up :/ Move in to the island and find a hoop down by eagle reef in the middle...
  98. live2fish

    Lobster and lost gear

    went out for the opener with good success found bugs that wanted to crawl some nice size bugs too We did lose one hoop to another boat driving around while his divers were down, I'm assuming he some how got wrapped up on our rig (not sure how but benefit of the doubt that he didn't...
  99. live2fish

    9/21 Fun day up in Channel Islands

    So last minute I made arrangements to go fish with my buddy who is up out of Channel Islands 100miles north of me Hop in the truck at 345 am and get there at 5:56 awesome LA traffic at O dark 30 Grabbed some bait and headed to the islands first bait I put on a nice little Mac cast it out less...
  100. live2fish

    Fs or trade radar pedestal/mount

    Sea view radar pedestal bought the wrong one and don't want to re drill for the 4.5x4.5 bolt pattern of my radome this one is for larger open array type It's basically new just been bouncing around in the garage $150 Obo or trade paid like 225 or something can't remember exact anymore
  101. live2fish

    14 ft Livingston 40hp Suzuki

    Get ready for lobster season it's time to thin out the boats sadly I'm listing my Livingston which I love. I bought this boat from the original owner a dozen years ago Hull is a 94 Engine is a great running Suzuki dt40 electric start oil injected 2stroke Fresh impeller hasn't been taken out...
  102. live2fish

    Hoop/dive skiff

    PRICE DROP!!! Don't miss out on hooping! Zodiac jet ski Jet boat has Yamaha 2 stroke jetski motor which runs great fires right up has forward and reverse Lots of room great for hooping no worries of tangling a prop since it is a jet with a screen Could use a good cleaning as it was stored...
  103. live2fish

    Wfo first time this year

    after chasing tuna all year finally gave it up for a day and went up to Pyramid Lake yesterday it was wide-open stripers boiling everywhere we managed to get a double limit of stripers all quality finish it was wide-open stripers boiling everywhere we managed to get a double limit of stripers...
  104. live2fish

    Lowrance elite 5 in box like new!!!!

    Lowrance elite 5 color fish finder gps combo Comes with transducer and everything in box it's basically new I bought it got used one trip then put In box when i sold the boat they didn't want it... No need to keep this on a shelf in my garage SOLD!! Located in HB
  105. live2fish

    28ft tollycraft CHEAP! $5500

    My brother is selling this 28 tollycraft on trailer. Has twin straight shaft Engine condition unknown I don't know much else about it, it must be sold by Monday $5,500 obo will trade for cool stuff too Call or text me 562 331 7764 if interested boat will be shown Saturday Located in Torrance
  106. live2fish

    Custom rocket launchers

    all aluminum all tig welded $800obo for how it is in the pics can make changes to it if u want more holders or less ect Lmk or I can start over from scratch on a new one, figure like $75 per hole which is $25 less than most other places want All hand made Call or text me 562 331 7764 if...
  107. live2fish

    Wtb fuel bladder

    Anyone have a fuel bladder they want to part with? I need one for longer trips thru the islands Lmk if you have one 562 331 7764
  108. live2fish

    Wtb onboard battery charger 2 bank

    Wondering if anyone has a new one laying around in their stockpile that would want to sell it before I go and buy a new one 562 331 7764 Thanks Eric
  109. live2fish

    Wtb rocket launchers

    Looking to save some time on building a set, anyone have rocket launchers forsale? Call or text 562 331 7764 for quickest response have cash
  110. live2fish

    Radar pedestal mount

    I have a seaview pedestal would like to trade for any pedestal that will work with furuno 160mm bolt pattern Ita 7 7/8" bolt pattern I'll add a actual pic in a bit when I get home I think it's a raymarine bolt pattern but not 100% sure Call or text me 562 331 7764
  111. live2fish

    F/S Radar mount pedestal

    I have a seaview pedestal would like to trade for any pedestal that will work with furuno 160mm bolt pattern Ita 7 7/8" bolt pattern I'll add a actual pic in a bit when I get home I think it's a raymarine bolt pattern but not 100% sure Call or text me 562 331 7764
  112. live2fish

    Elite 5 in box cheap

    Lowrance elite 5 color fish finder gps combo Comes with transducer and everything in box it's basically new I bought it got used one trip then put In box when i sold the boat they didn't want it... Looking so thin out some of my crap and turn it to cash $225 Obo Located in HB
  113. live2fish

    New Custom pilot house

    So about this time last year I gave up my first real project just as I got her completely dialed how I wanted it (pic of my old boat here) if you missed the thread here it is Keep scrolling to see the...
  114. live2fish

    Port a boat $550

    Sold!!! Selling my 14 ft port a bote never used it bought it to use as a dinghy for cat trips need the space in the garage folds up to surfboard size I bought it used so it's not new by any means Will be on cL for $750obo BD discount $550 need the cash for a new project on the real boat...
  115. live2fish

    Installing power Handle on tiagra

    how do you remove the stock handle, do you drill it out from the back or is there a screw or something in the handle itself to slide off?? I just want to double check before Doing something stupid
  116. live2fish

    Great day with double the excitement!! Hoo + black

    We had an amazing day yesterday started off with hooking our first Marlin of the year on my own skiff get it up and it appeared to be a very small ***edit*** blue marlin **** 90-100lbs quick release (time from hook up to release under 15mins) too busy to get pics had an abnormally long bill...
  117. live2fish

    Lobster tonight limits and then some

    we got our limit of lobsters and had fun doing it, launched the boat just about 5pm and got the gear in the water by 6 after our first soak and waiting for sun to go down we make our pull and right off the bat we get 2 shorts ok life's out that's a good sign re drop and move on we managed 1...
  118. live2fish

    Trade trini 14a for 16a or tranx hg

    looking to trade 5623317764
  119. live2fish

    Trini 12 cheap

    i have a gold trini 12 looking to sell fast full of 50lb spectra to the brim great calico reel $225 562 331 7764 She isn't new but in great condition mechanically brand new carbontex drags and service 2 months ago
  120. live2fish

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    again knocked them out today took the wife and pops out to just have a leisure day catching rats on the trout gear and troll for wahoo. First paddy of the day produced 3 good grade 15-26lb dodos more there but wanted a hoo so kept searching (this was my pops first trip of the season) Found some...
  121. live2fish

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    we killed it yesterday on the 14 I'm uploading a gopro video to YouTube takes forever but it's some exciting footage Straight lift pole action for a while then back to baiting and flylining most the time had triples going and when we didn't it's bc someone was unhooking a fish on the deck. We...
  122. live2fish

    Line winder forsale super cheap!

    I have a Berkley Pro Line Winder for sale in good working condition. She isn't the prettiest but works flawlessly. Asking $250 obo for quick sale. Purchased a new line winder need it gone asap. She is loaded up in my car right now Comes with unspooling device and also spinning reel spool...
  123. live2fish

    Commercial Line Winder

    I have a Berkley Pro Line Winder for sale in good working condition. She isn't the prettiest but works flawlessly. Asking $250 obo for quick sale. Purchased a new line winder need it gone asap. She is loaded up in my car right now Comes with unspooling device and also spinning reel spool...
  124. live2fish

    8/19 wfo tuna with video

    took a couple guys I've never fished with before in search of tuna We ran a lot of miles around 75 miles today looking for tuna. Had a couple stops that only resulted in amazing meter marks and a single I managed on the light gear, headed inside to look for kelp and met a guy who's battery...
  125. live2fish

    Some action video from 8-13 before work slay fest

    hit limits by 9am for the 2 of us but here's a little video of how the action was Highlights (hookups and gaff shots)
  126. live2fish

    8/14 offshore and inshore same day great bite

    My buddy was itchin to get some bluefin on his boat so we planned on leaving at 3am towards the 277 and west. The morning of tho my alarm didn't wake me(I only got 3 hours of sleep from fishing every day this past week) and I randomly woke up at 4 am I texted him while getting ready figuring he...
  127. live2fish

    8/13 quick limit before work

    Invited a buddy over to come fish before work and we killed it anchor Down at 6 am anchor up at 9 with limits killed it yellowtail from 18-30lbs released a few including a big one which ate a bait right after we limited Also 2 of mine had broke off rigs down their throats lol 1 had 2 lines, 1...
  128. live2fish

    WFO TUNA AGAIN TODAY no one insight!

    today we ran from the crowd and found a spot of crashing tuna 10 miles from anyone set up and finally get them up and consistently foaming the corner and we hang one on the mini trini(Trinidad 12) we keep the chunk going and baits going over the side by now we have burned about 1/2 a scoop of...
  129. live2fish

    Wfo tuna with no one insight!

    We got a late start getting to Dana at 6 bait and on our way by 7 found fish with no one around 8 miles out. We found a group of paddys with diving birds metered lots of fish but no biters... So what does a reasonable person do? Jump in and investigate haha Surfaced with this beast! We reset...
  130. live2fish

    8/3 Dorado on the popper!

    Quick planned to work with croaker stroker looking for offshore life Found a kelp paddy with jumping dorado 5ish miles offshore Went wide open got 15 fish total even after leaving for lunch and coming back I got 6 fish on a popper which was a blast and 4 on bait my buddy got 5 all on bait...
  131. live2fish

    WFO tuna Dana 7/22

    long story short left home at 4 to find the bait boat hadn't come with new recruits yet so waited till 830 and with 2 1/2 scoops of fresh soldiers we set out towards the 267 about 3 miles off the point we find a hammer a really big one! Jigs go out have good meter marks but no go as we keep...
  132. live2fish

    7/20 bigeye tuna

    went out despite the 6ft swell following the storm (actually not that bad) got some of the best bait all season from Dana and headed south west. Found the fleet wanted nothing to do with it and kept going. We found a trash can lid paddy with some marks casted some of the primo deans on it but...
  133. live2fish

    Again bluefin bite off the hook with troubles but saved trip

    So today got to the datapoint launch ramp at 6am and see not 1 but 2 other arimas!!!! Grab bait then head towards the grounds... Arrive and bait tanks draining :0 this isn't good go to fix it and the pump has crapped out idk wtf is going on with the boat! Hand off our bait to another boater...
  134. live2fish

    7/13 WFO bluefin bite with no boats around

    We found a spot of fish that wanted to die, called in others to join the party after a little bit, Fishtime if your on here nice meeting you and glad to be able to help you guys make a day. we left when we had enough fish and handed off our excess bait to a couple guys who had all their bait...
  135. live2fish

    Recording footage on board

    besides basic gopro how do you record your trips I know hardcore has a cool set up wondering what it all was. With gopro I'm always changing batteries and or memory cards looking for something that has a hard drive or mass amounts of storage and can be wired into the boat Thanks
  136. live2fish

    Looking for long rod 9-10ft

    looking for ulua 100j 90j 540 ect Something 30or40lb ideal I have cash or a really clean saltist 40 silver star drag I am willing to trade call or text me 562 331 7764 Thanks Eric
  137. live2fish

    Wtb lowrance sonic hub

    im looking for a lowrance sonic hub stereo module anyone have one laying around? 562 331 7764 call or text me
  138. live2fish

    Looking to buy tranx hg

    I have cash burning a hole in my pocket prefer buying a reel already filled with spectra to the brim 562 331 7764
  139. live2fish

    Need help on side of road

    blew out one of our tires and like a jackass I forgot the spare anyone have a tire I can borrow or buy 562 331 7764 I'm at he 5/73 at Avery
  140. live2fish

    Cool cc fishing Machine forsale

    My brother is selling this cc I don't know a whole lot about it at the moment other than it has a Volvo motor and outdrive an aluminum bait tank t top and looks like it would be a sick local fish killing sled he got it in a package deal and doesn't have room for it and is looking to sell asap...
  141. live2fish

    Wtb tranx today have cash

    i am looking to buy a shimano tranx today I have cash in hand Lmk what you have call or text me 562 331 7764
  142. live2fish

    Furuno 1724

    im looking to consolodate screens on my skiff so selling the furuno 24mi and looking to switch to a lowrance 3G or 4G Both screen and antenna are in great condition and minimal use Asking 700 or best offer Call or text 562 331 7764
  143. live2fish

    Need to update my hds

    anyone near long beach/Huntington beach have a sd card and reader on their computer that can help me update my hds? I also would like to do the mlpa maps too if possible Thanks Eric
  144. live2fish

    Wtb jigstick

    looking for 9-10ft jig stick Text me whatcha got 562 331 7764 Thanks
  145. live2fish

    Big blue fin real close to home!!!

    Anyone else see this?
  146. live2fish

    anyone headed out this weekend???

    just checked the weather for saturday.... looks sketchy AF stay safe
  147. live2fish

    First time to coronados

    First off I have searched and read lots of the threads already but I still have questions... So I'm getting mixed opinions, I know you need Fmm Visa and permits 100% but what are the verdict of vhf and passport requirements. I've been told by a couple places not needed or its suggested...
  148. live2fish

    Wtb troll rods

    I'm looking to pick up a couple heavy 60+ rods for my trollers Rollers good but hd rings fine I have trades or cash Text me whatcha got and how much u want 562 331 7764
  149. live2fish

    Looking for hard top or radar arch for 8ft beam skiff

    looking for a arch or hard top or nice canvas for an arima 17 Thanks 562 331 7764
  150. live2fish

    Wtb spear gun

    looking to get back into the water call or text me 562 331 7764 what you have
  151. live2fish

    Anyone have a blue connector lowrance transducer?

    I'm in need of a blue transducer cable for a lowrance. A broken ducer or cut ducer cable if anyone has one let me know 562 331 7764
  152. live2fish

    Check this out!

    set this picture as my screen saver on my phone and no editing or anything thought it came out awesome how it focused into the color of the fish
  153. live2fish

    Wtb Todd or similar seats

    shot my self in the foot when I sold 2 of my spares a couple months ago looking for a pair or single, with arm rests preferred like Call or text me if you are looking to sell 562 331 7764 Thanks Eric
  154. live2fish

    Wtb trim tabs

    Looking for a complete set of trim tabs/actuators everything needed Thanks Eric 562 331 7764
  155. live2fish

    Thanks bd!

    Picked up a new iPhone today and had some stickers from Fred hall Pretty kick ass phone cover My other phone has the bd half of the sticker on it
  156. live2fish

    18ft radon

    SOLD!! Thanks everyone on cl for 6500 Or trade for diesel pickup Just kidding on the radon but it's a poor-mans radon lol the short -18ft glasspar seafair with custom pilot house -85hp suzuki 2stroke -2 scoop Blackman bait tank -8 rocket launcher -radar mount -led nav and deck...
  157. live2fish

    Outboard forsale 85 hp and new 8hp CHEAP!

    I'm selling my suzuki 85, its a great motor with power trim tilt controls prop and extra always starts right up first crank just serviced and fresh plugs bought a new motor at Fred hall today so gotta go priced cheap to sell fast! $1800obo I have been 60 miles offshore and trust this motor...
  158. live2fish

    Advice on spinning reel

    I'm looking for a nice spinner for a loaner rod when I take friends on the boat with me or general dickin around set up. I'm looking at the quantum smoke 50 how's that reel what other similar options are there?
  159. live2fish

    Looking for flushing bag

    Looking to pick up a flush bag if u have one give me a call or shoot me a text 562 331 7764 Thanks Eric
  160. live2fish

    Trinidad 12

    Looking to trade my trini 12 for something bigger like a tn16 20 or similar reel Standard boat rash never beaten or bashed always cared for and cleaned/serviced Call or text 562 331 7764
  161. live2fish

    Free fiberglass bait tank!

    I have a 50ish gallon fiberglass bait tank sitting in my yard needs some love free to anyone who can pick it up... The catch, there is some other ply wood and crap (small glass windows from the boat, big igloo cooler, 6 gallon fuel tank ect) sitting there I need hauled off so take the crap and...
  162. live2fish

    Wtb lowrance wifi unit

    Looking for a lowrance/navico "gofree wifi" unit Please call or text me if you have one 562 331 7764 Thanks! Eric
  163. live2fish

    Looking for diesel pickup

    I'm looking for a reliable tow rig/daily driver Looking to trade my long travel toyota pickup with 22re king coil overs full glass. +6" front and rear fiberglass hood with scoop new 32"bfg km2 on 15" American racing wheels Also 03 yz450f with lots of upgrades Complete FMF Ti race...
  164. live2fish

    Stuff forsale!!! Seats out riggers kicker ect

    I have a pair of captain chairs with pedestals $ best offer Bench seat with storage underneath $75 12ft perko outriggers $75 7.5hp Johnson $20 40-50gal fiberglass bait tank $FREEE!!!! Needs tlc 2- 12 gallon low profile gas tank $65 ea $100 both 2 aluminum fuel tanks 12-18 gal I...
  165. live2fish

    12ft outriggers and more!!!

    I'm thinning out the garage hoard lol I have a pair of 12ft perko outriggers $75 Old 7.5hp Johnson $50 Aprx 50 gal fiberglass bait tank $20 needs tlc 12gallon tempo fuel tanks 3 available $75 ea Few assorted aluminum fuel tanks $20 and up ( 8-30 gal) 3 gal dinghy mate u shaped gas...
  166. live2fish

    Blackman fiberglass bait tank forsale

    I'm sad to post this tank forsale but I have to, I got an oval tank to free up some deck space. I used this tank all season and kept even the crappiest bait alive. Holds 1.5scoop of beat up with ease 2 1/2 - 3 scoops of cured bait This summer when everyone was complaining that their bait was...
  167. live2fish

    Need some help with ID on this bait tank

    I'm trying to figure out brand of this bait tank and gallons I just got it to replace my Blackman tank my buddy john has the same tank on his skippy is it an older offshore tank or?? Thanks!
  168. live2fish

    Looking for a roommate who likes to fish

    My girlfriend and I are looking to rent a room out in our 2 bdrm in HB just about a mile from bolsa chica (Warner/pch part) we are closer to the harbor just a couple blocks to the bay. Both of us are 23 turning 24 in the next couple months. We have 2 chihuahuas that are super nice and don't...
  169. live2fish

    Looking for a roommate to come live in HB by the harbor with us

    My girlfriend and myself are looking for a person to rent a room in our 2 bedroom apt in Huntington harbor area. Less than a mile to bolsa chica you could fish every morning or evening. We have 2 chihuahuas so no other cars or dogs preferred Please be clean responsible and most important...
  170. live2fish

    18ft pilot house

    I have a detailed thread on bd showing the complete build, boat has a new coosa board transom that will never rot, new deck, lots of glass work and a custom pilot house Has a dt85 that runs flawlessly, I just serviced it and replaced the water pump + the plugs at the same time 2 12 gallon gas...
  171. live2fish

    Another great crawl 9/28

    Headed out after work to find 8 boats tonight!!! Fuck it set up the right way and pulled double limit in 1:15 called it a night and back on the trailer heading home at 9:30pm Pics tomorrow I'm tired been up since 4 am worked all day and just finished cleaning everything and putting gear away
  172. live2fish

    Lobster lovers 9/27

    For all who love bugs it's that time of the year. Since no one else has posted any bug threads about catching ill kick it off! Tonight was an epic crawl and with our new hoopnets we put a hurt on them. We got double limits in 30 mins and just shy of triple limits in 1:45 fished till our bait...
  173. live2fish

    Hoop nets

    I have 10 brand new rigid hoops asking $275 Obo Also have a puller arm for $150 Call or txt me 562 331 7764
  174. live2fish

    Wtb trim tabs

    I'm looking for complete trim tabs for my 18ft Thanks
  175. live2fish

    Late report wife got first dodo

    Been 3 years trying to get Andrea her first dorado and only to have everyone but her to get one when we see them. This was the trip we pulled up to a nice paddy off cat and see free swimmers 3 miles out of Avalon! Baits in the water instant rats then huge boil and the show begins! Jumping bull...
  176. live2fish

    8/20 cat yellows

    Ran across with beautiful conditions set up to not so beautiful conditions.... Green water little current but metered fish so what the hell lets try it. Baits in good pick of calicos off the bat then bones start picking up Andi decides she wants to bust out her 8lb spinning gear for bass and...
  177. live2fish

    8/11/14 there was blood! DP

    Launched out of dp at 430 go to the barge to find only mega macs screw it get a scoop. Start heading towards the 277 as the plan was to fish 277-209 area. About 8 miles offshore we see jumpers in a tempbreak so we alter corse following it. After 2 small paddies we found "THE ONE" no birds but...
  178. live2fish

    Wtb wtt freezer

    I need a freezer ASAP if you have one in good shape and not too old call or txt me 562 331 7764 have cash or lots of things I could trade if that's more your style
  179. live2fish

    8/6 wfo bloody mess with a first yft for andrea

    Left home at 230 to get to si at 530. Got to a mess at the barge and by 645 we have a healthy scoop of CHOVIES!!! Plug in the numbers and off we go. Get to the zone lots of boats but no fish so we jog NW and on our run we come across a beautiful sight! Breaking fish no birds no boats, we had it...
  180. live2fish

    8/4 surprise surprise

    Had to cancel my plans to fish because my dad called and said he needed my help... Little did I know at 4 am he would show up at my house telling me he needed help catching some fish! Hooked up and on the road to sd. Get to si a little later than normal but lucked out with no traffic. Go to the...
  181. live2fish

    8/1 today's what keeps us going

    Took my buddy who only experience fishing is for trout and let me say I think he's hooked for life on "real" fishing lol Started the morning a little late a he arrived at my place at 4:45 not 4 like we planned haha but hopped in the truck and we were off. Get to shelter island an d not too busy...
  182. live2fish

    7/30 out of Dana pt

    Got a late start after getting stuck in traffic hit the water and picked up a killer scoop of chove dean Mac mix.... If only we would have needed them... We ran 267 to the 209 zig zagging dragging raps and zukes for nothin stopped on 15+ paddys that woulda been wide open last week, all dry. We...
  183. live2fish

    Local offshore Looking for 1 on my boat

    I'm free mon wed fri tryin to get out and get some more of these local fish Split costs (fuel, bait, launch ect)50/50 on my 18ft pilot house Must be able to fish and have your own gear. Pm me your contact I'm looking to go tomorrow
  184. live2fish

    Lots of stuff cheap!!! Kicker motors bait tank ect

    I need to clear out my boat stuff 7.5 Johnson 2stroke $50 Small swimstep teak+stainless $75 Fiberglass bait tank that needs some love $45 Fiberglass t top box $35 Aquaworld super tanks Little one $20 big one pend Plus more as I find it lol...
  185. live2fish

    Fri 7/25 Dana pt chew

    Launched a little late out of dp due to my sleep going long haha Got on the water around 8am had the game plan of 209 but that quickly dissipated when we saw the forcast failed us and it was pretty sloppy. Ran 267 to the 14 all for nothing but a massive mola on a paddy. Had one guy who followed...
  186. live2fish

    Fiberglass bait tank trade

    I have a 40-50gal tank I'm guessing, I'd like to trade for led 4-8" pole mounted anchor light and or led spreader/deck lights The tank needs some love and holes patched from previous owners mounting of things and such. But hey a solid fiberglass bait tank for under $85 bucks a deal!
  187. live2fish

    Downrigger balls super cheap!!

    I'm selling some 3lb down rigger balls. These are the first pours heating up the mold so not perfect and have wrinkles. $8 ea I also have clean pours for $15 ea
  188. live2fish

    96 ford CHEAP!!!

    Selling gmas 96 ford Taurus. Has around 135k on it runs great super clean interior, power everything Ac blows super cold. She recently was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and needs to sell the car to help cover the cost of nurses and such to keep comfortable. Car is champagne/gold Price drop...
  189. live2fish

    Vessel assist or seatow?

    Which do you have? Pros cons? Currently have VA but its up deciding on renew or switch. The other post about sinkin boat sounds shitty
  190. live2fish

    F/s Radar mounts

    After I made my radar mount I am left with left over material, I have enough to make a few more. Ill add some pics later, they will be blank so you drill your mounting holes $75 ea 562 331 7764
  191. live2fish

    Pilot house people need window help! Where u get yours?

    So I'm almost done with the house I need windows, who did yours? I want them like how Anderson or radon does with the rubber strip and it saddles the wood, I'm not looking for metal framed windows. Who'd you use and how much did they charge? Thanks Eric
  192. live2fish

    Bait tank drain below waterline?

    I have seen a few boats with the drain below water line, question is has anyone had any issues with it like this? I mounted my bottom drain bait tank and it will have to drain about 3-4" under the waterline at the lowest the boat sits. Will this be ok?
  193. live2fish

    WTB nav lights

    I'm looking for some vertical side mount nav lights and an all around anchor light. Figured someone here might have them layin around. Call or txt me if you have them 562 331 7764 Thanks Eric
  194. live2fish

    Looking for lead

    I'm looking for some blocks of lead I need to pour some down rigger balls Let me know what you have and how much 562 331 7764 Thanks!
  195. live2fish

    La jolla Monday??

    We are looking at making the trip down from lb to LJ Anyone else going? Any tips?
  196. live2fish

    First ever trip to sierras

    I'm planning a trip just after the opener to avoid some of the crowds. What should I plan on bringing? Where are good campsites? Streams to fish? Lakes? We have yaks is it worth bringing them? Any low key rules or anything I should know? Thanks!
  197. live2fish

    Custom fab work and some stuff forsale

    I need to get this out of my shed built it a couple years ago. All tig welded and powder coated silver. It's a chase rack or general purpose roof rack with light bar can hold 4 9" lights I'm selling it with or without the lights I need it gone asking 200 without or $400 with lights but open to...
  198. live2fish

    Chase rack/light bar roof rack CHEAP!!!

    I got a new chase rack on my truck so this one has to go taking up room in my place. All tig welded powder coated silver Asking 400 with the lights Obo 562 331 7764
  199. live2fish

    Wtb fishfinder for kayak

    I'm looking for a pair of fishfinders for our yaks here is your chance to sell that finder that's been in your garage collecting dust! Call or txt me with info 562 331 7764 -Eric
  200. live2fish

    In need of bilge pump

    I'm looking for a small 360 or 500 bilge pump for our kayaks bait tanks. We bought 2 yaks and that cleared out the fun funds so I need to pinch pennies where I can now. If you have one that works let me know Also any kayak gear? Thanks Eric
  201. live2fish

    WTB float tube odc420 or similar

    Looking to get back into tubing Let me know what you have 562 331 7764 Thanks Eric
  202. live2fish

    17'6" glasspar seafair restore/pilot house build

    So I have been looking for a seafair for several years now but it had to be the right one I found it so after an all day ordeal I pulled this sweet puppy home The floors were rotted out but the hull was solid and best of all the boat was a 65 and the stringers were glassed in so fingers...
  203. live2fish

    need someone to do my transom replacement

    anyone know anyone good that can do it? im in Lakewood the boats ready to instal it just im not 100% confident in my abilities and I want to get it done before i have to go back to work on the 6th I have all the materials coosa board, glass, epoxy ect please let me know 562 331 7764...
  204. live2fish

    Transom replacement questions

    So I have to do the transom and I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do, should I glass over ply like factory or I have seen this seacast resin transom replacement suppose to be 3 times stronger,floats and won't rot/absorb water. What to do Any advice would be great!! Thanks Eric
  205. live2fish

    Super cheap mercury 85hp need gone

    Selling a clean merc 85 hp repowered want this one gone ASAP just taking up room runs good comes complete with controls and cables Open to offers or trades $450 Thanks Eric 562 331 7764
  206. live2fish

    RODS AND REELS!!! talon, truline, seeker, calstar, shimano, tiagra

    Im trying to free up some funds to get a radar system for my skiff so selling off some gear. Custom wrapped Talon 1087 15-25lb rod $125 Custom wrapped Seeker 6455xh 40-60lb stick $200 custom wrapped trueline unknown model 20-30lb stick $150 Custom Wrapped "real" sabre marlin caster...
  207. live2fish

    Tld 5 best condition one out there

    I hate to sell this reel, took me 4 years hunting for one to find one this clean but need money to finish my boat project Cos 9.5/10 Mec 10/10 All the lettering is still on the reel and no corrosion or anything like that Loaded with spectra $175 obo Call or txt me 562 331 7764
  208. live2fish

    going to be building a pilot house on my 18ft glasspar could use some help

    Im going to be building a pilot house for my 18ft glasspar, original plan was to just tig up an aluminum one but seems too costly right now so I'm looking for someone to help me make a wood or glass house. Im good with metal fabrication not wood lol. Anyone near long beach/lakewood/seal beach...
  209. live2fish

    ski/fishing boat F/S CHEAP!!!! $500

    brought it home last night hoping to have a new fun boat for the lakes or close stuff but wife denied that one lol. Pics say more than I can Clean hull in good condition pink in hand Id like it gone asap text or call for more info 562 331 7764 $300 for a quick sale or will trade for 10...
  210. live2fish

    Lbc lobster 9/29 limits in 3 sets

    All quality didn't get good till the last pull first set singles here and there then last set we had triples and more only had 2 people on the boat but pulled 18bugs in the last set alone all quality bugs biggest pushing 10lbs kept our 14 and went home at the ramp met a couple guys that didnt...
  211. live2fish

    Tiagra 50 and calstar 765m Grafighter

    I have a long rangers perfect set up Tiagra 50 on a calstar 765 M grafighter Asking 500 obo Call for info or Text for pics 562 331 7764 Thanks, Eric
  212. live2fish


    anyone in oc can turn out a rod really quick? I snapped my 530, got a new blank and need it for a trip leaving sunday night. I have the guide set and just need a corktape or tuna cord handle. Please call me 562 331 7764 thanks
  213. live2fish

    1/14 dana point squid trip!

    I took my wife out last night to try for some of these humbolts went on the dana pride night before had 2k squid boated Nice boat clean boat manditory $3 per squid caught cleaning no C&R said its the "LAW" cannot keep whole must be cleaned prior to getting to the dock? Is that true? boat...
  214. live2fish

    5 Rigged hoops cheap!

    I have 5 extra lay flat hoops selling 75 bucks for all 5 Or 15 each I'll even give pointers, tips and tricks for who ever buys these. Thanks, Eric 562 331 7764 Located in Lakewood
  215. live2fish

    5 rigged hoops cheap!

    I have 5 extra lay flat hoops selling 75 bucks for all 5 Or 15 each I'll even give pointers, tips and tricks for who ever buys these. Thanks, Eric 562 331 7764 Located in Lakewood
  216. live2fish

    Bass and rattlers on the chew even in the wind

    Took a friend out and the Gf for a good off trip to try and scratch a Hali after an hr or so we all were bored and didn't even have a raked bait so we said uck it and "made a short little move" haha went to one of my favorite reefs and we started. Right away I get a nice calico on a 4" sexy...
  217. live2fish

    Lb all day bass and bugs 10/19

    One of my friends and his friend came down from Vegas to do a little fishing and hooping b4 he ships out for the marines so we get all loaded up and are in the water by 10. There is a stiff breeze an we round the corner to go hit the first spot and man 1-3ft wind chop/swell inside the wall so we...
  218. live2fish

    f/s 09 Honda 9.9 long shaft with the works

    I have my like new 9.9 long shaft 4 stroke honda with the works electric start, alternator just not power trim/tilt. This was a freshwater only engine used on irvine lake and diamond valley low hours not used more than 6 times at irvine and once at dvl asking $2000 obo msrp is $4000!
  219. live2fish

    Bug opener limits

    So we hit the water around 10pm figured with two hours to kill might be best to cruise over slow and settle in, find our honey hole stuffed with 5 boats but there was room and we worked it out. The count down started. At 11:45 I started cracking glow sticks and baitin traps with da kine bait...
  220. live2fish

    Bug opener on the water report

    Limits with pigs up to 12 lbs post pix when I get home
  221. live2fish

    Lobster bait!!!! All you need is here

    Must be able to take and transport the contents of a 44g brute can in your own container I'm in need of a set of grundens slicks and new xtra tuffs Hook up for life on the primo stuff if you bring me one of these haha Call or txt 562 331 7764 Also have cases of mackerel for $40 bucks each...
  222. live2fish

    Dana 9/21 dodos

    Got on a paddy loaded with dorado jumping then divers rolled up. Fish sank out moved on to another paddy found a couple more with fish but had crappy bait so we called it a day without hangin a single fish. Nice water all day little bumpy on the ride out. Also stumbled across a huge loaded paddy...
  223. live2fish

    Dana point paddy hoppin 9/17

    Went out with the Gf today launched at 7 hit the bait got decent looking deans made a 15 mile haul out found 6 kelps all day decent size full of bait but no one home. I did have a mola roll on a dean though that was interesting back on the trailer by 3 total 50 miles running around avr 7mpg...
  224. live2fish

    Headed out of Dana Monday 9/17 Anyone else going?

    Is anyone else headed out monday? Always good to know anyone else fishing near to call in on fish or if trouble. I'll be monitoring 72 on the "split fin" if you see us out there say hi lol in a catamaran
  225. live2fish

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    This is my expedition/crawler just finished the long travel/coilover/ solid axle swap this year flex Moab Pre sas Moab post sas Romping Click image for video
  226. live2fish

    FREE BOAT!!!! 31' Welcraft

    Its practically free My brother is selling it for 500 TODAY!!!! book on it is 10-15k He needs it gone. call 714 612 6020 if you want it thanks
  227. live2fish

    F/S Nintendo Wii HOT CHRISTMAS DEAL!!!!

    My girlfriend is selling her Nintendo Wii with 10 games including the Wii fit with the balance board ect call 562 331 7764 asking 375 Nintendo Wii barely used still have the box comes with two controllers and two nunchuks. Will give you the Wii Fit and game for it, Wii Sports The Sims...
  228. live2fish

    Taking a newbie and my skiff to sd tomorrow where to go?

    Im towing my skiff down tomorrow 11/9 and taking my friend who has only been fishing once, he wants to catch a couple fish where are some rockfish spots or somewhere he can get a couple? I dont want to let him down and get him skunked on his second time out :( any suggestions? thanks, Eric
  229. live2fish

    Hoopin local LB 12/12 bugs were crawlin

    Went hooping left the dock at 4pm and was back by 7 last night for 5 legals, 1 short, 8 spider crabs, 2 stone crabs, and 1 swimmer crab. Crawl was good on yt heads and wsb heads. i will post a pic when i get them.
  230. live2fish

    Bloodydecker sighted

    in seal beach around 330 yesterday. Excursion with either rhino line or line x on the sides. SWEET RIDE.
  231. live2fish

    anyone know whats going on with the liberty?

    i was out sunday night and the coast guard were hailing them to no answer. Then a little later they put out a message to keep a look out for the liberty. anyone know whats up?
  232. live2fish

    10/24-10/25 BIG BUGS 13lb and a 10lb

    Went hooping on fri. night at the wall and on our first set we pulled a bug in each hoop. The second set the first hoop had the biggest bug i have caught yet. 13lbs. did one more set and then called it a night. Gave the rest of my bait to another guy out there that was really polite and asked...
  233. live2fish

    cooking and preping sheep crabs??

    anyone have any pointers and recipes??
  234. live2fish

    Anyone know about the cruise and carry outboards???

    I got one to use as a kicker on my boat and a way to get around faster in my yak. Its the 6600 which is the 1.5hp engine. It runs great poured in some premix and first pull started up. Only problem is that the gear shift wont engage from neutral into gear. Anyone know anything i could do...
  235. live2fish

    Help me Name my boat

    Been trying to come up with a cat-chy name for my little skiff. Inputs would be awsome. thanks, Eric btw its a catamaran...
  236. live2fish

    HElp ME

    anyone have ascotty mount? i lost mine so now im stuck with a scotty anchor roller and no mount:imdumb:. Anyone have a spare mount layin around?? thanks, Eric
  237. live2fish

    Alot More jokes

    Have you heard about the new mint-flavored birth control pill for women that they take immediately before sex? They're called "Predickamints!" What is the differnce between a golf ball and a G-spot? A guy will spend 20 minutes looking for a golf ball. Q: What do a Texas tornado and a...
  238. live2fish

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

    How many perverts does it take to put in a light bulb? Just one, but it takes the entire emergency room to get it out! What's the definition of a teenager? God's punishment for enjoying sex. Hear the slogan for the Stealth Condom? They'll never see you coming. What do you call kinky...
  239. live2fish

    TURNERS SALE on shimano stuff

    got an email from them.
  240. live2fish

    LA harbor bassin + butts

    went to go try some spots with some killer chovies we got from LB bait... Sweet bait stuff was soo prime. Lime green chovies. bait pump gave up an hour after we got the bait and we were able to keep them alive all day just by putting water in every once and a while with a cup. first drop a legal...
  241. live2fish

    I have a chance to take my skiff up to monteray is it worth it right now??

    My brother invited me to come up and help him out at the car show and if i go i can take my skiff with me. Is it worth bringing the boat?? any fish to be caught? :D Thanks, Eric
  242. live2fish

    OC dodo yft!!!

    fished for the dodos struck out on the way there did run into a school of crashing yellowfin with the porp.s 5-10lb fish. rough conditions in the 10ft dinghy. ran from alimitos to newport. nice down shit coming back. broke the pump and filled the boat like a damm bath tub :D I suck i didnt...
  243. live2fish

    anyone headed out tomorrow

    we will be out there on the 10ft inflatable searchin for dodos.
  244. live2fish


    fish the harbor. if you know it you will know were we were fishing. First cast was a fish and it went from there. Lost count of the fish. Lots of fish. Small ones to very large models. Lost lots of fish and some gear. Facts of life while fishing bass. also caught a fishing rod some tackle and a...
  245. live2fish

    pimp my skiff

    Took my skiff to work with me last week to do some repairs/paint the bottom and re bunk my trailer. finished yesterday and now watchin paint dry... :D heres the pics lots of work but wow she looks really nice now :D The trailer is awsome too. Really comfortable to lay on... :D
  246. live2fish

    Need Bait tank

    14 gal Kodiak looks good any one have one or other 12-15 gal? need one soon. Thanks, Eric
  247. live2fish

    7/18-7/19 Grunion HUNT WITH EXTRAS

    hit the beach at 11 after reading about the grunion run tonight, I said hey its a 10ft walk to the beach :D so i ran out there with my bass rod and a plastic. Checked out the horny little fish... My cam sucks and kept dieing, Couldnt get any good pics. Then i caught my first wiggle of...
  248. live2fish

    Need bait tank for skiff

    I need a smaller sized bait tank for my 14ft livingston. Thanks, Eric Looks like this
  249. live2fish

    Taking my skiff down to SD sat.

    Were should i go??? General areas dont need anyones #.(please no smart ass comments) never taken my skiff out of SD and i want to put some blood on it. :D thanks in advance, Eric
  250. live2fish

    Bait tank help

    im building a bait tank for my skiff, I put a pipe in for the fill and it just has an overflow. Which is better for the flow in the tanks?For the pipe to have slices or drilled holes??? I will post up pics in a bit. Thanks, Eric
  251. live2fish

    Any one want some Hali Fillets???

    I have some left over hali fillets and i dont think im going to be able to eat it all. Call me up if you want them. 714 852 8465 You pick up in Sealbeach Eric
  252. live2fish

    Need a LINE X bedliner

    need to get my trucks bed sprayed. Anyone on here have the hook up??? Call me 714 852 8465 Thanks, Eric
  253. live2fish

    Need vhf antenna

    Yesterday while fishing i managed to snap my vhf ant. on my skiff. anyone have a spare in their garage?? or is there anyway to repair it??? Thanks, Eric
  254. live2fish

    Skiff Trip 6/3

    Left the harbor around 5 30AM ran down the coast to hit the flats for some bass before the party boats got out, I put us on some major marks of sand bass. Clouds that would almost cover the whole water column. Sherm hooked up right away and pulls in a like 5lb sandy... then while I'm...
  255. live2fish

    FS/T berkley crystal fireline

    2lb fireline perfect for surf. 1/2 lb diameter. Cost 16.99 new so trade for some thing of equal value or make an offer. brand new 300 yrd spool.
  256. live2fish

    Catayak FOR SALE

    I'm Running a special Deal on the catayaks this week, normally they are normally $3600 but im taking orders for $2900 and our demo boats are for sale too for as low as 1500 Let me know if your interested. give me a call at 562 592 0010 or email at [email protected] The shop isnt running the same...
  257. live2fish

    Mission Bay 6/14 catayakin

    Fish for an hour or so for a nice little sandy 8-10". Pulled like a huge fish when he hit the plastic. I thought i hooked into a nice hali or a big bass. Slammed the plastic so hard the rod almost jumped out of the scotty holder. That scare made me thank my leashes and now i dont disconnect the...
  258. live2fish

    Breakin in the new rod 6/8

    Hit up sport chalet today for the citica deal. After i hit up HH for 1 1/2 hours of fishing to break it in. 7 fish landed and like 9 hooked. good day for me. My first bean on plastics in HH No pics though forgot the cam in the car. :( the bite is starting to heat up!
  259. live2fish

    NPH 6/7

    Planned on going to SD today but like anything with boating anything that can go wrong will. Ended up getting a really late start and only fished for 2 hours but i did manage 4 bass. Most fish for me in one trip this year... :rolleyes: trying another harbor tomorrow. Hopefully we got all of...
  260. live2fish

    Headed to SD tomorrow

    never yakked sd, Were can i try for threshers?? i normally fish up by my house in OC. Thanks, Eric
  261. live2fish

    can you name this fish???

    dont know exactly what kind it is. thanks guys
  262. live2fish

    Headin out to cat this weekend 5-25 to 5-28

    Anyone else going to be out there?? taking our buddies big boat over then running the skiff around.
  263. live2fish

    Check us out

    new page check us out on myspace we will update our pics most everyweek, right now we I just put up some of our pics from this past weekend, we did alot of bassing. We only took pictures of some of the fish we caught, it was wide open, on saturday night...
  264. live2fish

    I just discovered this part of bd. I like pics from mothersday weekend

    just a couple of the fish we got, it was wide open right when your bait would hit the water you were hooked up, it was soo wide open that we got 15 fish in 30min most of the time was spent pulling these nice bass in. didnt have time to take pics of all of them but these are some of the pics...
  265. live2fish

    san nicholas ling opener 4/1

    short and to the point worked a trip sat-sunday san nic trip lots of big reds, chuckles and my personal best ling, a 21 lber almost all the lings were caught on irons, Jax blue and white, they wouldnt eat anything else. we tried all the colors but they only wanted the b&w. Tryin to get...
  266. live2fish

    Anyone from DP?

    Im going to be fishing Dp from my yak for the veryfirst time this weekend, Can you guys tell me were any good hali spots are? im taking one of my friends that has never been kayaking or fishing so im trying to make it as good as possible. Thanks, Eric
  267. live2fish

    really big surf today in seal beach

    if you watch around 40seconds in a guy is walking with his surfboard just for sizeing of these waves
  268. live2fish

    new world record jacksmelt?

    ???? jk, but it was huge
  269. live2fish

    Check out these Videos!!!

    CRAZY YouTube - Spearfishing World Record Striped Marlin YouTube - Pre Christmas Bash 2006 Part 2 white seabass YouTube - Freediving California White Seabass who said goldfish cant be trained? YouTube - fish
  270. live2fish

    wow around 5 alot of people

    log on, thats interesting. wow i still cant fall asleep... imma be tierd at shool tomorrow...
  271. live2fish

    ITS 4 20AM if you on post up

    just want to see whos up
  272. live2fish

    Lets see your fish from 06

    i made a little slide show, not all the fish i caught just the ones i took pics of, during a wfo bite i dont take pics, and for some reason if i take a camera with me i dont catch fish, so i dont take one so check it out just click the link Myspace was the only place i could...
  273. live2fish

    need help on a place that has a

    perfection marlin caster tip size 10 thanks for the help in advance
  274. live2fish

    Wahoodad ROCKS!!!!

    David went to seeker today for me and exchanged the rod. Im glad that he was able to sort things out at seeker for me. Thank you David. Eric
  275. live2fish

    BD Sighting

    white chevy red bd dodo sticker parked in peters landing parking lot by the starbucks
  276. live2fish

    seeker sucks

    i went in to do a warrenty exchangeon my 6485 and they told me 50 buxx even though the blank is a defect. The blank 5 guides in from the tip to the tip is delaminating and the guy that i talked to about it was a total dick, so all my seekers are going up for sale and im switching over to cal...
  277. live2fish

    any one know about 6/0

    Does anyone know if you can buy the trolling lugs? and if i can were i can? Thakns
  278. live2fish

    Post pics of your best fish.

    Lets see them, its not just the biggest but the best catch, mine is a 40.5lb yellow on 20lb at cat on a dean when the wouldnt eat squid. Or the 25lber in my avatar that i got on 10lb test at SCI.
  279. live2fish

    I just made Striped Marlin last nite and it was good. In 8 easy steps

    Just threw it on the Q with some soy sauce minced garlic and butter for 8min on each side and it was sooooooo gooood. 1.First you have to get Striped Marlin Loins, 2.Next cut it into pieces about 1/2" to an 1" thick, 3.Throw on the BBQ, mix soysauce and minced garlic in a bowl then...
  280. live2fish

    everyone look

    i know this is the wrong fourm but i wanted to get this viewed by the most people, who went out on the Toronado and put a Bloodydecks sticker on wall behind the stairs?? i thought it was cool to know that bloodydeckers ride. I have only met a few BDers while working though.
  281. live2fish

    anyone know how much????

    anyone know how much starman candybars are worth??? thanks in advance, Eric
  282. live2fish

    NOrth OC wide open YFC bite

    1/2hour fishing for perch 1 weird sting ray and 14 yfc 16-19inch and i got 14 today in north oc on camo gulp all on 2lb took 20 min to pull the big one 19". anyone know what type of ray that is i was fishing for sharks and pulled that thing out. L8er
  283. live2fish

    any of you do this?
  284. live2fish

    North OC 2/25 Bean/w pix

    fished the morning with manuel from scsurffishing one 14" bsp all other fish were dinks, then go back out around 3:30 walk out to the jetty to catch some rock crabs, got one. 45 king and 2 of his friends fished with me but all we got were super dinks less then 4" and then Danny hooks what I...
  285. live2fish

    North OC 2/24 All pigs/w pix

    all fattys that i took pics of, hit the beach around 4pm with 45king, fished till about 7pm did pritty well for the weather. Windy and swell but managed some of the biggest pigs this year, one was easy 16-17 inch. All caught on gulp sand worm, few wsp,yfc,and dink bsp,all bsp but 2 9inchers...
  286. live2fish

    hit North OC again today 2/23 am and pm

    when out this morning at 6:30 for wide open bite wsp and bsp fished till 8 with around 60 fish, then i go back out around 4pm and the wind kicked up horrible conditions but i managed 15 fish. What do you call catching a corb, bsp,wsp,and a yfc?? b/c i did it. I felt bad that i killed a big wsp...
  287. live2fish

    North OC wide open bite/w pics

    fished for a half hour and got about 20 fish, Sweet hehe all fish were on gulp natural sand worm. my biggest perch ever this big wal had a 2 huge paracites, but me being so nice and all i pulled them off and tried them for bait, they work got me a dink on one.
  288. live2fish

    North OC going off

    fished for a half hour and got about 20 fish, Sweet hehe all fish were on gulp natural sand worm. my biggest perch ever this big wal had a 2 huge paracites, but me being so nice and all i pulled them off and tried them for bait, they work got me a dink on one.
  289. live2fish

    another hali, but this time yak style

    here she is hit a osprey bass plastic bounce ball type rig
  290. live2fish

    2/20 sunset beach

    went down to anderson for a couple of hours, 3 dink bsp on the gulp natural worm and one nicer size on the grub. sry no pics
  291. live2fish

    a nice halli

    pinheaded one the City of LB yesterday, got a few bass and one 15lb halli on 6lb test and a barbless led head. we had live squid. right when we went to gaff the halli we had another maybe 20inch swim out from underneath, it was cool. Eric Pics will be added later
  292. live2fish

    onagi power

    A man walks into an asian herbal med store and says, im having problems keeping it up for my wife, Then the worker says, try onagi it has the power. The next day the man's wife fell down their stairs and broke her neck, arms, and leg, and had two black eyes. They went to the store and...
  293. live2fish

    they need to put a rod clamp on the sx

    i got the sx and when i got home i realized it didn't have a rod clamp so i cant use it on the jig stick i have.
  294. live2fish

    anyone know how to tell a real trueline

    what color the blank, ect.... thanks
  295. live2fish

    how do you connect the

    ring on a jig, do you weld the ring together or what.. thanks for the help in advance.
  296. live2fish

    need to find a reverse stopper for a old penn squidder

    any one know were i can get one. thanks, eric 562 225 1026
  297. live2fish

    bath room tiler needed

    need to get 3 bathrooms redone, email me at [email protected] or call 1 714 801 2945. thanks, doug mention that your from bloodydecks
  298. live2fish

    heres a game for guys who are bored tetris but as you go she takes off cloths
  299. live2fish

    Did any one hear about..............

    davies locker in newport got a dodo on a 3/4 day trip yesterday, damm i want to know were they are fishing.
  300. live2fish

    any one here know whats wrong with my penn 9/0

    the drag in it doesnt work anyone know whats wrong with it or anything, i need to get it fixed. thanks in avance for the help i hope u can give me.
  301. live2fish

    a woman wanted to have a blue

    baby so she went down to ralphs and talked to this mexican and said,"I want to have a blue baby can u help me?" So the go back to her house and make whooopy and 9 months later she has a baby but its a regular baby, so she tells the mexican that shes calling INS and deporting him. The next...
  302. live2fish

    any one know were i can get

    some good spectra cheap, i really cant afford to go and buy spectra anywere, i need to get some like 40-50lb spectra for my avet sx, thanks guys
  303. live2fish

    went bay fishing

    the bay put out 2 tiny butts on a cast master, a tiny, tiny spotted bay bass and a fat yellow fin croker. but i also saw an awsome enzo for about 1 hour 30 min of fishing.
  304. live2fish

    i got my first yellow!!!!!!!

    Fishing the backside of cat and hooked up at sunrise.It was pushing 30, the scale maxed out at 30. [/IMG]
  305. live2fish

    how good is??

    how good is a okuma convector 55w. Looking at this reel and its cheap at turners right now for 49buxx, any one know if this would be a good starter trolling reel. thanks guys
  306. live2fish

    any one have pics of wsb under water??

    same as obove.
  307. live2fish

    is any one here this desprite to get fish bike crash
  308. live2fish

    these kids are really stupid
  309. live2fish

    need help on stuff to bring on 3 day

    i have a tld 20 newell 440 multiple penn 500's penn 6/0 avet sx spectra with topshot should i bring all or which ones should i bring.
  310. live2fish

    wide open strippers

    Wide open stripped bass at the california aquaduct. Within 6 hours on a pearl white hybrid 300 strippers 1-4 lbs.The aquaduct is out near bakersfield but its well worth the drive.Good luck to any one else who wants to go fish the bass.