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  1. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    BD joined up with one of the cheapest gas stations in SD to bring better fuel prices than Costco, cheap frozen bait (flyers coming next season) and deals just for BD members. Summit Gasoline has you covered. Featuring: -Fuel always at low prices -Open 24/7 -Easy access to pumps for large...
  2. Jason

    FREE Beware these types of scammers

    Usernname: robertamajo Email addresses used [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Phone number 6317214179 IP Continent: Africa Country: Nigeria ng flag State/Region: Lagos City: Lagos Typical private message: Not sure of you already...
  3. Jason

    Position Open at™ Reporter Job Description The™ Reporter is responsible for gathering information and writing daily articles/blog posts in a timely manner to update™ members on the day’s fishing reports and hot bite locations. Time Base: Part-time (15-18 days/month...
  4. Jason

    Where will the Bisbee's be won? Black and Blue starts tomorrow. Where will the winning fish be caught?
  5. Jason

    Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

    So Ali and I started a duck club 8 years ago for just the regulars/our buddies on BD. Since then people have moved on and we have to slip in some new guys. There is two open spots right now... Hit me or Marcus up if you want them... For the last 3 weeks we have had thousands of mixed bwt, gwt...
  6. Jason

    BD is looking for a designer

    Need a designer that has the bandwidth to take on a few quick jobs a week. Has to somewhat understand fishing so we don't end up with a spinning reel upside down. Website design Ad design Contact [email protected]
  7. Jason

    Shark Week 2020 Share Videos, Stories and Photos

    @accuratereels Ben Secrest Dana Point.
  8. Jason

    How Do I Search By Date?

    Click on the search icon. Click Advanced Search. Select by date at the bottom and do your searching.
  9. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Just started reloading dove loads. Shot up a couple of cases of Kent Steel Dove (1400fps, 7/8oz #6) and want to start reloading for a few reasons. I can't find dove ammo anywhere right now and I have two kids that just got their hunting licenses that I want to go practice. I want to mock the...
  10. Jason

    Tuna Tips From Duane

  11. Jason

    Offshore/Inshore Software Testers Needed In Florida

    Helping out a buddy. He's looking for beginners to technical testers. Satfish is looking for 15-20 saltwater anglers to help us test our new map product. SatFish is an all-in-one resource to help you find offshore gamefish, with sea surface temperature (SST), chlorophyll, true color imagery...
  12. Jason

    Oregon Offshore Software Testers Needed

    Helping out a buddy. He's looking for beginners to technical testers that fish out of Oregon. Satfish is looking for 15-20 saltwater anglers to help us test our new map product. SatFish is an all-in-one resource to help you find offshore gamefish, with sea surface temperature (SST)...
  13. Jason

    Charter Sport Fishing in San Diego Still A No Go

    Lots of hearsay on the other threads. Here is the official status
  14. Jason

    For Sale Antique Vintage Classifieds Rules

    Antique Vintage Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to...
  15. Jason

    Furuno Episode 5

    Next episode just came out. What features did you find are best? I like the fish icon's as it will look like an old fishing map where they used to draw what was where. I don't think I would use the weight and photo but that's just me. Might be kinda cool though to go over those later as long as...
  16. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Hot off the editing table. Furuno is doing a series with all the major electronics companies going head to head. I recognize a lot of the electronics they are testing. I subscribed to the channel Which company is best? FYI I...
  17. Jason

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Just off the phone with the fuel dock. Harbor patrol came by and told them that the bay and waterways will be shutting down. They did not have a day or time but with Glorietta Bay ramp closing down this morning that is it for SD launching. I received this email yesterday as well. Forward...
  18. Jason

    Harbor Island Fuel Dock Remains Open

    Talked to Kevin at Harbor Island Fuel Dock in San Diego Bay. They are constantly getting calls seeing if they are open. They are open! 7 days a week 7am-5:30pm. He said fuel for being on the water is the cheapest it's been in a decade.
  19. Jason

    For Sale FYI AFTCO Just put a ton of stuff %50 off Just got notice they put a bunch of stuff on sale. Get it while it's in stock! The youth stuff is just as nice as adults. My kid loves the shirts I got him.
  20. Jason

    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Add to the thread what you are preparing. Caught or harvested, not bought. Todays is smoked YFT.
  21. Jason

    Online Video Games

    What you guys playing while stuck at home? My household all plays Apex Legends, Fortnite (sometimes), Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield 4. PS username xgasman1
  22. Jason

    Long Beach Looking for a few members to help set up the BD Booth on Tuesday March 3rd at Long Beach

    PM Me if you can help. Usually, show up around 12-1:30 pm on Tuesday the 3rd of March and work until it's done. Payments in Tee shirts and a show ticket.
  23. Jason


    Our very good friend Sunny Trent needs help. She has cancer and is fighting for her life. Many of you know Sunny as she was the manager at Turners in El Cajon until she couldn't handle it anymore. Bo Mormann (619)228-5099 is setting up a silent auction to help Sunny pay her medical bills as she...
  24. Jason

    Helpdesk Software what do you use?

    Since we are revamping the whole site we started looking at our helpdesk solution. Right now we are using Freshdesk. What do you guys use and why do you like it?
  25. Jason

    Couple spots still open for 2019-2020 season @ Duck Club next to Wister

    Had a couple members move out of state, couple spots are now available at the BD club on the SE corner of Wister. -160 Acres, 60 Planted, 40 left overs in ponds from previous years. -Dry camping, accessible when raining from English. -$2000 per person/season -Decoys included -Big box blinds...
  26. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    I know of someone that just got bed bugs on an overnight trip out of San Diego. The boat has been notified and hopefully they take care of it. How do you avoid getting bed bugs on the boats? I have always taken a sweatshirt to put over the provided pillow and slept on the blanket with my...
  27. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I got heads up that the parking at Shelter Island is being proposed in the "master plan" to be removed and replaced with grass open space and a bike trail. Decisions are on the 31st of this month, 6 days away! Just starting to put the puzzle together on this one...
  28. Jason

    SOLD 2015 Bowtech Prodigy 50-60 complete package

    2015 Bowtech Prodigy 50-60lb (brand new limbs end of 2018) Immaculate condition, everything. NEVER EVER DRY FIRED! Selling as a package, hoping someone else can get into archery. Fletcher Trigger Release Doinker Flex Hunter stabilizer IQ 7 pin micro adjust site with light Tight Spot Quiver Gold...
  29. Jason

    For Sale BD Deal $5 off San Diego County Fishing Chart Until 4/16

    Use the code sd$5 for $5 off the new San Diego County Fishing Chart.
  30. Jason

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    Turners in El Cajon has 30 round 5.56 and high cap Glock mags still in stock. They stop selling at 5pm tomorrow! Get your legal CA magazines until then.... For 10-22 high cap is selling online to CA until 5pm as well. Calguns also has a huge list going of online stores that...
  31. Jason

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    I have a travel trailer that is 30' long total. I have a 35' space to the street, concrete 17' to house then dg to street. The doors to the trailer is on the left side (looking forward) but my house pad is on the right. If I back it in the doors are over dirt and pointed at my neighbors. I want...
  32. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    We are streaming live from the booth as long as the internet holds up... Subscribe to the Local Knowledge Facebook page or Youtube page (the quality on youtube is much better) to get notifications when we go live this week. If you screen capture Ali picking his nose you get a free tee shirt.
  33. Jason

    Is this a email scam?

    This is an official advice from FBI, It has come to our notice that Bank of Nigeria is about to released 10,500,000.00 US dollars in your name as win price or inheritance fund. The Bank Nigeria knowing fully well that they do not have Enough facilities to effect this payment from Africa...
  34. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Finally got down to the club. Started the day with a banded cinnamon teal. Went to breakfast after an uneventful fly off in the blind I had choose. Came back and saw hundreds of birds trafficking in to one of the blinds with no one in it. Walked in and bumped a couple hundred teal. Did...
  35. Jason

    Building the ultimate workshop wood and metal. Need your input.

    I'm looking to put together a nice little shop that I/we (Ali) can wrench on vehicles, build trade show booths, weld aluminum stuff for our boats, etc. In looking at all the options on Craigslist for used stuff and I realized I don't know what I am looking at for quality/deal anymore. I used to...
  36. Jason

    FREE WARNING Scammers sending Private Messages

    This person from Nigeria keeps signing up and private messaging members trying to get information and money out of them. They say they are from Oklahoma and keep using the phone number (405) 389-3427. They will only text you and won't call you back ever. They want you to send money to them for...
  37. Jason

    How to clean your bait tank

    Found a great way to cut down on scrubbing the inside of your bait tank. Fill to the top and drop in one of these tablets and a gallon of bleach. All the growth, fish slime smell and grime goes away in hours. Learned this from the sport boats.
  38. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Well here we go, this is super embarrassing for me as I try not to make any of my personal problems anyone else’s. This took months for me to get up the courage to post this but I am out of options and fighting for my life. You may have noticed all the vegetarian cuisine that I have been forced...
  39. Jason

    Don't fall for this email scam! I almost paid the guy.

    From: Clara Hayes <[email protected]> Subject: Why have you been wanking in front of cam? Date: May 6, 2018 at 7:12:15 PM PDT To: <[email protected]******.com> Reply-To: <[email protected]> Hello. Have you read anything at all information related to the RAT virus 35070...
  40. Jason

    BD Stickers end up in the best places

    Thanks to @Carl for the heads up on this one.
  41. Jason

    FREE Firearms and Guns CLASSIFIEDS RULES

    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  42. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  43. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  44. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  45. Jason


    USED Fishing Tackle Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not...
  46. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  47. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  48. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  49. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  50. Jason


    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and...
  51. Jason

    Starting a BD team apply in the thread

    This caught my eye and looked like a good alternative to some of the hunting trips us boys have been taking. Imagine how many girls we would get for having our own team. Anyone interested in try outs?
  52. Jason

    California Ammo Laws 2018 - No more private ammo sales

    Per other gun dedicated websites shutting down their private ammo sales in CA due to the new laws that took effect January 1, 2018 BD Outdoors is taking caution and removing private ammo sales in CA. The laws of ammo sales online is...
  53. Jason

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    Seems like the worse season yet at the club next to Wister. Geese are no longer around in numbers at the club. Easy limits of pintail with a side of teal and a couple blue wing. Where are the spoonies? Our club is void of boot lips. Send them our way! Tuesday afternoon was really good with tons...
  54. Jason

    Crocodile Bay Resort New Years Family Vacation

    Continued from Took the family to Crocodile Bay Resort for the holidays. 6 days at the resort then 3 days hanging with @ZZZZZ Brad in Dominical and a day in San Jose. Fishing, wildlife, crazy driving, rain, jungle tours, beaches...
  55. Jason

    Chubasco 2 broken in to mission bay

    Keep an eye out for these items San Diego they belong to captain Ernie Prieto. For all my fishing buddies here is what’s missing. Any help is much appreciated. It could have been much more. All new model saltigas except the spinner. Saltiga 50 (white braid) Calstar 700M custom wrapped...
  56. Jason

    Fishing The Coronado Islands August 25th

    While our boat is down so I can't chase the elusive blue faced tuna I embarked on a voyage on a buddies boat today fishing the Coronado Islands (islands south of San Diego in Baja Mexico). The yellowtail tuna were running pretty small so we opted to catch cod after tossing back a ton of smaller...
  57. Jason

    Making the glow in the dark jigs glow fast with a black light flashlight

    Based upon recommendations from Ahi about their glow finish on their jigs I got one of the black light flashlights off Amazon to give it a try. It charges the jigs WAY faster than a regular light and is fun to use in the bathroom, bedroom and at Ali's desk. This thing is super bright for it's...
  58. Jason

    Bluefin Fishing San Diego 7-20-2017

    Took an OG crew offshore yesterday to fish for big bluefin. Mr. Limpet, Mstonefish, Fulltilt and I. Knowing that the fish are pushing west 5-7 miles a day and getting way out past San Clemente Island I opted to look for new fish a little closer to home. Checking out the SST and especially...
  59. Jason

    San Diego Offshore Fishing Report 7-13-2017

    The Fishdope spotter plane flew on Wednesday the 12th and found tonnage of bluefin offshore with no one around. Not just 1 spot of fish but 4 different huge schools of fish. He reported it to Fishdope and it was in the report Wednesday night. I hadn't planned on fishing until Friday but...
  60. Jason

    Removed the Android BD App

    Unfortunately we are dropping the app. Only 85 users on android that are using it. We could not get the app through Apples rules for no contests and no classifieds therefore it's a waste. We are also changing the core code of the forum software for video upload functionality and the app will no...
  61. Jason

    Want to borrow some goats for my yard in Encinitas

    Anyone have a couple goats I can throw in my yard for a few days? Grass is way overgrown to the point where I can't get a regular lawn mower to work efficiently and kids are on spring break for a couple weeks so may as well have fun with it... Ali won't give up his I already asked.
  62. Jason

    Deal Over Gyros on sale $715

    Deal has ended. Remanufactured Nikon Stabileyes just went on sale at Defender. These are the same guts as the Fujinon Technostabi. They are digital stabilization not a true gyro. They have 2 modes land and sea compared to the Fuji 1 button on/off. Much easier to find the bird schools...
  63. Jason

    Fred Hall Setup Help

    Super late getting up to the Long Beach Show. Estimating 3pm. Need help moving boxes, tagging shirts, goofing off. Comes with a ticket to get in to the show and new BD swag.
  64. Jason

    SOSuspenders Auto Inflating Personal Floatation Device Warning

    SOSuspenders Just browsing around looking for an auto inflatable PFD for those late night and early morning shifts at the helm by myself. I came across SOSuspenders and saw a bunch of them on Ebay while searching for auto inflatable PFD's (SOSuspenders). I started looking up SOSuspenders on...
  65. Jason


    Updated and dedicated Tapatalk apps were submitted today. Give the regular app a try now and let me know if it works for you.
  66. Jason

    1/12/17 Run of Site crossover to HTTPS

    Per the new rules of the internet we are changing over from http to https. The process is long and painful with lots of hard coded URL's in all of the software. You may see blank pages, missing icons/buttons, weird acting forums, etc. Please list all bugs on this thread in order to help us...
  67. Jason

    ID please

  68. Jason

    10/21 Wister Opener

    pretty good hunting today. Very light crowd at wister. Hunted with a buddy and got it done. Good luck to all you weekend warriors that couldn't make it today.
  69. Jason

    Tuna watching 9/7/16

    On the way past the fleet outside the 9 on small yellowfin we ran across more yellowfin on top of the ridge 182-138. Tons of it in there suspended at 50-100' with tons of bait. Started out above the 43 with little wind out of the South. Put the kite up, drug it to the 43. The meter marks are...
  70. Jason

    Make A Wish Fish

    What did you all get? Our team only LANDED 2 small yellowfin and a bluefin. What's your guess on weight of the bluefin? We didn't weigh in as we came back late after the ass kicking in the afternoon offshore.
  71. Jason

    Overnight boats killing cows

    New Lo An just came in with 8 bluefin, 5 over 100 with 2 of them over 200lbs. This one weighed in around 278. Congrats Marcus!! A few charter boats have got it wired right now, New Lo An, Success, Impulse, Pacific Queen (had 14 today with 9 over 100 and 2 over 2), etc. If you want a chance...
  72. Jason

    Need a Mac guru in San Diego to install an OS

    Have a Mac that was acting up. It got wiped today and it's not allowing us to install an OS on it. Need someone that knows what they are doing to install a fresh copy of OS X El Capitan on it ASAP. Contact me direct [email protected] / Private Message and we can line up a time to come by the...
  73. Jason

    Free conference room table out of the BD office in SD

    First come first serve. The table is sitting in front of the office. Need a truck to take it. Nothing wrong with it, we just don't have the room for it. Located off the 15 and Areo drive. PM for address.
  74. Jason

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Ali, myself and Anello found a school of yellowtail tuna that was under the birds East and South of The Coronado Island in the middle of no where with the fleet just outside of us on their own fish. The fish were up from 8am until 10am. Landed our 15 for limits then played around with another...
  75. Jason

    1918 Special License for Navigating the Port of Los Angeles, CA

    Great Grandfathers 1918 Special License for Navigating the Port of LA with his 39' fishing boat the Maiko. Maiko (舞妓 ?) is an apprentice geiko (not exactly same as geisha) in Kyoto, western Japan. Their jobs consist of performing songs, dances, and playing the shamisen or the koto (traditional...
  76. Jason

    1917-1918 CA Commercial Market Fishing License

    This is my great grandfathers California Commercial Market Fishing License from 1917.
  77. Jason

    Local Knowledge Full Episodes First Season Vimeo

    E09 E08 E07 E06 E05 E04 E03 E02 E01
  78. Jason

    Local Knowledge Full Episodes First Season Youtube

    E09 E08 E07 E06 E05 E04 E03 E02 E01
  79. Jason

    Only warning about multiple usernames

    Due to the abuse of the classifieds by individuals that feel they can dupe all the BD members and staff by having multiple usernames just for the classifieds we are enforcing the single username only rule. BD staff and moderators will ban any and all abusers using multiple usernames, no...
  80. Jason

    Local Knowledge Show Info

    News Page Facebook Instagram Twitter Vimeo Channel Youtube Channel...
  81. Jason

    1-6 wister area Bloodyducks Club

    Super slick getting in last night and walking out this morning at our club. Really good teal and spoon hunting this morning with honkers on the club in the am and snows dumping in around 1:30 as we left. Caught this guy. What is he? He hung out with us in the blind today.
  82. Jason

    Mobile guys what you think?

    there was a good amount of request to get the user info in to the phone size name bars as well. They were added. IMO they are too big. What you guys think? Any suggestions?
  83. Jason

    Yes we are changing over the theme of the forums

    No more baby puke colors that we all grew to love... We are tweaking away...
  84. Jason

    Black Friday Gyro Binoculars on Sale

    This is the cheapest I have found the Fujinon Techno-Stabi's ever. Free shipping and no tax. Buddies already bought them this morning... All Binoculars are %15 off with coupon code 15BFRDY
  85. Jason

    Ok I'm finally ready to start hunting ducks

    Got my ammo, hope I hit something this year!
  86. Jason

    11/22/2015 Couldn't be easier fishing out of San Diego!

    This month has spoiled everyone I know with wide open yellowfin tuna fishing close to home. This is a season to remember! I decided to make more memories and get my 8 year old daughter out for her first yellowfin as the weather is flat calm, the fish are super close and easy to catch. Perfect...
  87. Jason

    11-19-2015 Shibi/Aku/Yellowtail Tuna

    Reel close to San Diego. (get it reel, haha!) Find a kelp, CHUM, CHUM, CHUM. Get the yellowtail tuna fired up. The shibi will show up in 10 minutes... Couldn't keep the Aku off the small tuna clones all day long on top of the bank. As many micro fish as you want with some nicer models in the...
  88. Jason

    10/28 2015 Went Catching again

    This time John aka MR Limpet got his first CA great barracuda. They are still out there although the life is starting to dwindle. Got one of these great barracuda on the first tide change. Went back to the inside of the upper 9 for another zip and no stick on this evenings tide change. 73F There...
  89. Jason

    Need 1 for tomorrow Friday 23rd

    None of my regular crew can make it. If you know me it's 9pm now, super last minute. Boat leaves at 6:45am. Bring some food. If you have more than 100 posts on BD and want to PM me I'll be up for a couple hours looking for a ho. 31' Innovator, share costs of fuel/ice/bait. So far it's myself...
  90. Jason

    Wister area 10/16/15

    Setup our club on Saturday which is next to Wister. It was hot 94-95F and breezy. Water temp was around 70F. There was 50-60 nice ducks on the club at mid day when we pulled up. Not surprised as we just started filling the ponds. Saw others over Wister moving around. 100% Northern Shovelers...
  91. Jason

    Does rain effect offshore fishing?

    I just heard that rain makes all the offshore floating kelp beds sink to the bottom. Discuss.
  92. Jason

    Archery Elk opener Colorado Report - Rocking R Ranch

    Got out to Colorado on Tuesday to hunt bull elk for the first season archery hunt at Rocking R Ranch Http:// Yesterday we saw nothing under a 5x5 but couldn't close the gap to take a shot. Today was the same but the elk were bugling a lot more. This evening is looking...
  93. Jason

    First archery buck

    I was hesitating to post this up as it's a very small buck by mule deer standards... Ali and I were invited up to a private ranch in Nevada county for the D3 archery opener by our buddy Jordan. Ali planned it out and we were on our way in a private plane piloted by Ali. We didn't hit any tall...
  94. Jason

    Do Not post content from 9 7 6 websites on BD!

    We have been warned to keep their content off our sites. All content and links to the other 9 7 6 sites will be deleted by moderators to avoid a legal battle. Thank you for understanding.
  95. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  96. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  97. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  98. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  99. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  100. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  101. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  102. Jason

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, SatFish! ***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts*** SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the...
  103. Jason

    We are on Lets Talk Hookup in 5 min

    Listen online. Http:// Ali and I talking about whatever...
  104. Jason

    Planning summer vacation with kids. Jackson Montana where to stay, what to do?

    Flying in to Jackson sometime in July. I have the whole month that the kids (4 and 8) and wife(still 36) are out of work/school so dates aren't a problem. 5-6 days enough? I know we want to spend probably 2 days in Yellowstone. What else is there to do? Where do I stay?
  105. Jason

    HSWRI Seal and Sea Lion Population Trends at the Channel Islands May 14th

    HSWRI's Dr. Brent Stewart to Lecture on Seal and Sea Lion Population Trends at the Channel Islands HSWRI Senior Research Scientist Dr. Brent Stewart will be speaking about the seal and sea lion population in the Channel Islands, including the current high rate of stranding California sea lion...
  106. Jason

    Custom Fishing Leather Work by Needle Crook (Jed)

    So I saw these bad ass Plier Sheaths on another thread Ali and I combined our order to make it easy on Jed. Did some poking around and found that Jed (Needle Crook) does a bunch of cool...
  107. Jason

    NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    This was passed to me today. Here is your chance to let NOAA know what we know about the enviro's pushing for close down of all Bluefin. NOAA has announced a brief public comment period to move forward with making law the proposed bag limits and the new fillet regulations. It is IMPORTANT...
  108. Jason

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    Fished with Captain Travis Hargis (Fishin4Life on BD) of Southwestern Sportfishing Charters a couple days ago down around the Coronado's. Chased around birds and fish with nothing but light diamond shaped colored aluminum Jigs. The fish didn't...
  109. Jason

    Adding a swim step

    this has been an ongoing project that got out on hold for the Fred Hall shows. Finally getting it done. Hopefully done by the weekend. Tom from Pacific Yacht Towers is doing the aluminum work.
  110. Jason

    1981 Grady White 204C w/dual 90hp 1988 Johnson Outboards $2500 SOLD

    Putting this up for another old timer that doesn't know how to use a computer. Call him for questions This would be a nice skiff after a few weekends of love. It will probably need some wiring and a little bit of wood patching and fiberglass. I have not seen the boat myself but my buddy has...
  111. Jason

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    With the passing of our buddy Mario Ghio there was lots of questions as to what was going to happen with Sportsman's Seafood and World Famous Tuna Jerky. I took a trip down to Sportsman's to see what was going on as many of the BD members were all wondering. Joe, Joanne, Manny and Alphonso are...
  112. Jason

    One of the best I've seen in a while

  113. Jason

    Fishdope Mobile for Android Tablet and Phone is live

    The new version of the application is now live in the Play Store.
  114. Jason

    Video Test

  115. Jason

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    We did a major upgrade to the forums software on 1/28-1/29 2015. List all bugs, problems, missing stuff, questions here.
  116. Jason

    Forums Software Upgrade Coming Soon

    When the forums go down tonight don't freak out! We will be upgrading to the latest version with all sorts of bug fixes and new toys for you guys.
  117. Jason

    Twin Anchors out of Business / Liquidation Jan 29 2015

    Auction going on now. For those that need parts, liquids it might be a good deal.
  118. Jason

    Scotch triples and limits for 4 at club freeze our ass off 12/31/14

    @Carl @Ali Ian and I drove through the rugged snow blizzard to reach our latest club. We froze our asses off in the blind. The only thing keeping us warm was our firearm barrels and sharing body heat. @Carl was the hot shot with a scotch triple and a scotch quad for his easy limits.
  119. Jason

    5 New Dodge Ram 1500 Raceline Raptor 20" Wheels / Rims - $800 (san diego)

    I decided to keep my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 stock. These wheels go for $234 each plus shipping and tax, I'm asking $600obo (CASH ONLY) for 5 brand new in the box Raceline Raptor 20x9, 5x5.5, +20 rims. These wheels/rims are replacements for the stock 2010-2014 Ram 1500 with a 5x5.5 pattern. They...
  120. Jason


    If you don't want to get ripped off make sure to meet face to face with cash. Money orders are untraceable and once sent to the seller you can not get back your money if they don't ship the item. What if the item shows up and is broken or not as described? You are screwed out of your hard earned...
  121. Jason

    So Cal Honkers Early Dec

    Forgot to put this up. Ali, Mike and I ran up North to a buddies place in the Prado Basin to help take care of a farmers goose problem. It had just rained and the gooses were on the move. We set up in an oats field and waited. The past week the honks didn't come to play until after 9:30am. This...
  122. Jason

    12/3 mediocre waterfowl hunting

    Went Duck Hunting, it rained. Kayla looking at Carl because wouldn't stop busting ass in the blind. Some ducks Crappy duck hunting strap for Southern California
  123. Jason

    LeSean Mccoy did he eat it?

  124. Jason

    Turners Black Friday $99 10/22 I have never seen one of these so cheap. They must be losing $ on them.
  125. Jason

    How to ignore whole forums in new posts
  126. Jason

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    Go here and check off the forums you do not want to see new posts from. Click save, done.
  127. Jason

    Elk shoulder recipe?

    What do I do with this elk shoulder? Looking for a simple crock pot recipe.
  128. Jason

    North County SD To Newport Boat Detailing BD Deal

    SmithBros Mobile Detailing 760-310-1532 Boats & RV's Exterior Detail (wax) Regular Price: $10-$12LF BD Price: $8LF He does a bunch of boats and RV's from Newport Beach to Del Mar, CA. He will also deal... My wife's friend recommended SmithBros to detail...
  129. Jason

    Free Asstroglide
  130. Jason

    What would you do?

    How do you "fix" this one?
  131. Jason

    How to change the Newbie titles

    Want to act like a regular BD member? Don't like the newbie, captain and well known "member" titles that are assigned to the lazy members of the BD community? Here is how you create a custom title. Everyone knows Gary is not a Newbie Hover over your name on the top right side of the forums...
  132. Jason

    RIP Jeff Logandro

    We lost a BD member on Wednesday night in a tragic diving accident.!/on-air/as-seen-on/Family-Mourns-Drowned-Diver/278017971 He loved fishing and got to break his tuna cherry on a trip on the Tuna Jihad earlier in the season...
  133. Jason

    Firefox upload button not working It works, the new version of firefox pops up the upload window behind the window showing. LAME!!! Use drag and drop to add pictures. Drag your picture and drop it in the post, it will upload.
  134. Jason

    Great marketing!

    Made me laugh.
  135. Jason

    Something a BDr would approve of

  136. Jason

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    We used to do this back in the day and it made it easy to fill a spot for those with boats. Format of Post Name: Location: Availability: Contact Info: Smoke/Drink?: References: Example Name: Jason Location: San Diego Availability: Any weekday need a couple hours notice. Contact Info: PM me...
  137. Jason

    Pride limited load of 16 people! Fishing Thursday the 18th

    Heads up! This hardly happens this time of season. The very hard to get on, always booked up boat - Pride just went online for limited load of 16 for overnight leaving Wednesday 17th fishing the 18th. $240 As you guys already know the Pride and Aztec fleet kill it. Top notch service and they...
  138. Jason

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    Big schools of Bluefin 15-50lbs out there with no one on them!! Random Dorado (not on the big kelps) Yellowfin on kelps Tons of big virgin kelps out there with no one around! Baby whale
  139. Jason

    Report Giant Bluefin Race to Prince Edward Island 2014

    Here we go. First leg of the flight... I'll be updating this thread as the trip goes on. We are going to crash in to the ocean?
  140. Jason

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Report 8/20/2014 (Tons of pics)

    Flew with our spotter plane today after waiting out that thunder storm. Glad we didn't scratch the trip as we found new bodies of fish that no one was even close to (details on Took some pics for you guys of your boats. If you are a Fishdope member and need a high resolution of...
  141. Jason

    Catfish stuck in her ass.

  142. Jason

    Software Bugs Thread

    Post in this thread the bugs you encounter so we can get them fixed.
  143. Jason

    Bad Ads Thread

    In order for us to remove an annoying ad we need the URL of where the ad goes to. Click on the ad and copy/paste it in to this thread so we can review and remove...
  144. Jason

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    So I don't have to keep removing nonsense and eventually banning pain in the asses for wasting our time put that stuff all here so we can laugh. Thank you!
  145. Jason

    8/8/14 Just got out of the Spotter Plane

    Went to a different area than where everyone has been fishing to take a look offshore for our "Northern Members" then worked back down the banks on the way back to San Diego. Thought you guys might like some of the pictures.
  146. Jason

    Bigeye ID
  147. Jason

    7/18 Yellowtail tunas S.9 Mile Bank

    South 9, don't overrun the fish. First kelp, yellowfin and yellowtail. Action was so good we had to stop three times to clear the deck of fish, rinse and repeat. Only had the gopro out after everything was cleaned up. Fish were coming over the rail 4 at a time and we forgot to take pics. 4 miles...
  148. Jason

    7/8 Triangle

    Made mackerel 2 miles off the light house in Point Loma. Look for tern bird schools. Have a jig stick ready. Lots of yellowtail up under the birds around 10am. Chased them around for a little bit but wanted to get offshore. Headed to the 9 Mile Bank saw leaping yellowtail tuna then South past...
  149. Jason

    Stop being a newb! It's making you look bad

    DOLPHIN, DOLPHIN, DOLPHIN. This is a friendly reminder from someone that used to call them porpoise as well...
  150. Jason

    Mosquito Magnets worth $300 each Trade for Alcohol San Diego

    Get these things out of our office! Trade for Alcohol. We just want them gone out of the back of our office. We got these for our duck club. When we realized that since all the surrounding clubs are loaded with mosquito's and that we would be doing no good with these we decided to not even try...
  151. Jason

    Biggest Fish of the Yellowtail Shootout

    The biggest fish was 28.2lbs brought in by team #5 Megabite. They also won 2nd place with a bag of 58.8lbs and will be getting a Phenix Rod and Penn Torque reel for the Biggest Fish prize.
  152. Jason

    Captains Party and After Party Parking and Location

    The gate to parking should be open during the Captains Party and After Party. Pull right in and park. Boat Parking should be done on the street. The captains party is quick, walk in and grab anglers bags, tee shirts, pay up any jackpots or fees left and then you are out. No need to hang around.
  153. Jason

    .22LR Winchester 333rds $24.94 Shipped

    Out of stock...
  154. Jason

    Oceanside 95 on the YT and Yellowfin 6/21

    Got a call for Fishdope. The Oceanside 95 on an 1.5day trip found a zone with yellowfin and yellowtail. 19 anglers with 70+ bigger size yellowtail and 40+ on the yellowfin. Making the SD fleet look bad. It's coming...
  155. Jason

    Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and lots of Yellowtail out of San Diego 6/21

    Reports are coming in as the fish have slipped up in to private boat range. Going to be an interesting week with good weather and overnight trips getting on some fish. Hopefully some of the mosquito fleet can get in on the action. 65 Miles. Exact GPS numbers HERE
  156. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 Limits Yellowtail , some Yellowfin and bluefin tunas

    Captain Scott McDaniels aboard the Sea Adventure 80 called in with limits of Yellowtail, 14 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Bluefin. He found another spot of fish at 140 miles from SD and has set the next 10 trips as WILL RUN. That means if there is 10 people on the boat he's going no matter what. You can...
  157. Jason

    Where to stay Mammoth Mountain?

    Family vacation this year will be at Mammoth Mountain in the end of July. I chose this area due to the good trout fishing, easy offroading, shooting guns and it's foo foo enough for my wife. It's been 12 years since I have been up there. I heard about the new village area, is it something that I...
  158. Jason

    Blue Horizon 6/4

    Captain Mike (Kona Mike) just called in via sat phone. First kelp of the day an estimated 100lb Opah and 15 bluefin. Weather was choppy. 10 anglers on the boat! Will post with an update next time he calls.
  159. Jason

    Henry's first fish 6/1 n.county SD

    The kids needed some outdoor time and were bugging me to take them out on the boat. Wind was up and just plain too lazy to drive very far this evening so we decided to hit the beach for a half hour before sun down. Taught them how to catch crabs and Henry had his first fish shortly after. He...
  160. Jason

    How to find "threads started by" someone or yourself

    Search the Members list or click on a members avatar or name to open up their member card. Click the Messages: NUMBER and it will display all the posts and threads the user has posted. Another way is to click on your name at the top of the Right Sidebar. It will drop down all of your settings...
  161. Jason

    How To Report A Post

    Click on the report button. It will notify moderators.
  162. Jason

    What offshore charts for Westport and Ilwaco?

    What charts do you all use for offshore fishing out of Westport and Ilwaco? Looking for a list of the banks and gps numbers.
  163. Jason

    Testing images

    Testing how pictures display when not placed in a the text box.
  164. Jason

    Fred Hall Del Mar Setup Tuesday

    Last minute. Everyone we had lined up today bailed out. If anyone is around we need arms and backs to put the booth together at Del Mar. Around 2PM today.
  165. Jason

    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    Trying to get the avatars an info above the posts like they were before...
  166. Jason

    CCI .22LR 500rd bricks Cabelas, BACK IN STOCK!

  167. Jason

    HELP! Fred Hall Long Beach BD Booth Setup

    Going to need a lot of help setting up this year as almost everyone that works for BD is on the injured list or female. Need 4-5 tan, oiled, body builder type men to move and set up the booth on Tuesday March 4th around 1pmish. We pay in tee shirts and good times. Anyone available?
  168. Jason

    Just found this gem!

  169. Jason

    Dish vs DirectTV?

    Which is cheaper/better? I'm currently on Cox which doesn't carry the Outdoor Channel in my area. Watch the regular channels like AMC, A&E, PBS and History. I have HBO and Showtime. 1 HD DVR Paying $129.45/mo for the TV. Total bill after phone and internet is $255.18 What you guys got? I could...
  170. Jason

    AB 711 Lead Ban

    During a Department of Fish & Game Commission hearing on February 5th, an NSSF representative asked Commissioner Mike Sutton for a response to the complaint filed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation with Attorney General Kamala Harris. Below is a timeline of events regarding the conflict...
  171. Jason

    How to find conversations

    Click on "Inbox" then click on "Show All"
  172. Jason

    How to find my Private Message / Conversations

    Top right hand side next to your name. Either click "Inbox" or click "Show All" to get to your previous conversations. How to Private Message At the bottom of all your conversations click on the drop down "Conversation Display Options" Then search for username.
  173. Jason

    OOS .22lr 500rds $30.94 Shipped $.06rd

    OOS. 500rds $30.94 shipped. $.06rd|/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104536080/CCI-Blazer-22-LR-Ammo/1804618.uts?destination=/catalog/browse/rimfire-ammunition/_/N-1100192/&rid=11&WT.tsrc=AFF&WT.mc_id=cj3946285
  174. Jason

    OOS .22LR 100rds $8.99 Cabelas

    OOS 1 per order. Minimags...
  175. Jason

    White background in posts

  176. Jason

    How To Add An Avatar

    Click on your name, top right side of site. Click on Avatar. It opens a window where you can switch out your avatar. Click on Browse. It opens a window of your computer file system. Find the picture you want to use. Animated Gif's aren't working at this time. Once a picture has been...
  177. Jason

    Scorecard Research Popup. Please fill out!

    This survey is not a virus. It is a statistics survey by our website tracking company. Filling out the survey will not get you spam in the email. It will help our company grow. If you get the pop up survey you have been selected by the company. Not everyone will be selected as it is a random...
  178. Jason

    How To Find Your Pictures

    Click on your avatar or username. When the software changed in order to save the old pictures we had to convert them over to another "Gallery". On the profile card there are options for the new pictures, old pictures and a backdoor link to your profile which has the old pictures as well. If...
  179. Jason

    How To Put A User On Ignore

    Click on their avatar or username to bring up their "User Card". Click on Ignore.
  180. Jason

    How to use New Posts

    The New Posts section of the forums is the most used / read of the whole site. 90% of the return users live by seeing what is new. So here's a tip on how to use the "New" New Posts Search. Notice I put Search at the end... When the New Posts button is selected it takes a snapshot of the current...
  181. Jason

    How to Add a Youtube Video

    This one is really easy. DO NOT EMBED! Find the video on Youtube. Click on the "Share" button. Copy the and paste it in to your post wherever you want. The video will automatically load. You can also copy the URL (Web Address) of the video and paste in to your...
  182. Jason

    How to Add BBcode (Do really cool things in the post)

    Most of these codes are done automatically through the editing tool bar. Some of these codes can be done by clicking on the BB Code Editor. To get out of it click on the Use Rich Text Editor button lower left corner of the code box. A full list of BB Codes are located HERE The most common is...
  183. Jason

    How to Watch Threads

    This feature is pretty cool but is a little tricky to figure out the first time. Below the "Forums" tab select "Watched Threads". It will display the threads that you selected "Watch Thread" BUT it will only display the threads with new posts you haven't seen yet. To get a list of all the...
  184. Jason

    How to post a new thread

    Click on the button. You can add pictures between text by following the How to add pictures tutorial. Once done click on the Create Thread Button. Sit back and enjoy the replies.
  185. Jason

    .223 $.35rd Brass - 1000 round case $349.95 Shipped

    In Stock - Price $339.99 + Shipping (Total $360.69 to San Diego $.36rd) -OOS Wolf Gold Ammo 223 Remington 55...
  186. Jason

    Classifieds Software Do you want it?

    This is the add on iTrader for the forums. Do we need this? It was on the old software and I don't know that it got used that much. If we need it I will install it. If not then it's one less hack that I have to worry about keeping up to...
  187. Jason

    Last weekend of waterfowl season 2014

    Full club this weekend. Venison, elk, beef, pork, etc was killer last night. Huge fire even though we didn't need it as the temp never got below 50f. Morning flyoff was non existent with wister not taking a shot until after shoot time. That set the tone for the am. Throughout the club only 6 or...
  188. Jason

    FMM Permit Info UPDATED MARCH 17, 2014 Here's a step by step tutorial to get your paperwork in order to fish the baja coast...
  189. Jason

    Live from the blind Sat Jan 18th

  190. Jason

    How to add pictures in posts

    In the posting area drag and drop pictures. They will upload to the post. The pictures will upload and give you the option to use a thumbnail or the full size picture. A picture under 700 pixels wide is ideal. Write what you want and place the picture where the mouse curser is located in...
  191. Jason

    How to quote and multi quote

    Click on Reply on the post to single quote. Click on Quote to highlight posts you want to multi quote. Once you have selected multiple quotes you can add them in to the reply box by clicking "load quotes".
  192. Jason

    How to Private Message another member and delete messages

    Click on their avatar picture or on their name. This pops up. Click on Start a new conversation. How to "delete" a conversation. Click "Leave Conversation" and the conversation will go away.
  193. Jason

    BD Forums going down Tuesday PM to Wednesday Mid Day

    Upgrading the forums. Connectivity to the forums will be down. This will be you tomorrow. <iframe src="" width="600" height="369" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe><div style="padding:5px 0; text-align:center...
  194. Jason

    BD Forums going down Tuesday PM to Wednesday Mid Day

    Upgrading the forums. Connectivity to the forums will be down. This will be you tomorrow. <iframe src="" width="600" height="369" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe><div style="padding:5px 0; text-align:center...
  195. Jason

    1K rounds .223 Brass $349.95 Free shipping

    $.35rd Reloadable Brass. I bought a case a while back and the ammo is just as good as all the Federal stuff I have shot. Can's and paper doesn't know the difference..
  196. Jason

    How do you like your waterfowl cooked thread

    Always looking for new ways to prepare duck/goose. Show off your dish on this thread. Grilled bacon wrapped teriyaki teal Grilled Pintail and widgeon plucked halves buttered and seasoned
  197. Jason

    It's Baaaaack .22LR @ Cabelas. 525 pack. Go!

    Out Of Stock. Item Added to Shopping Cart : Cabela's coupon code: 3winter for free shipping. 1 box max.
  198. Jason

    Suki's first so cal hunt @ Bloody Ducks in Niland

    Would have been done by 7 am if I would have turned my gun around and used it as a bat or boomerang. Fun day. She rounds up hulls as well.
  199. Jason

    Under Armour 100% Guarantee and great service!

    I just had to give Under Armour props for the insane customer service on their products. "Our mission is clear: MAKE ALL ATHLETES BETTER. If you're not 100% satisfied with your gear, return it for a full refund. Anytime. Any Reason. Guaranteed." I bought a hunting jacket in their outlet...
  200. Jason

    Good morning from Bloody Ducks 11/30

    Carl and his buddies only shot 9 minutes early. Lots of birds before shoot time then.... Hardly anything so far. High 50's and no wind.
  201. Jason

    WTS AR 15 Upper in 7.62 x 39 with Magazines, Springs, Ammo and Red Dot

    I was going to hunt hogs with this caliber but have decided to go a different direction (6.5 Grendel). I have shot this upper 2 times for a total of around 60 rounds. This is a complete set, strap to your lower and play. Package Includes: Upper - 16" 7.62x39 1-10 twist non chrome lined...
  202. Jason

    testing 123

  203. Jason

    Maya's first time Lobster Fishing | Hoop Netting out of Dana Point

    Captain Dave Hansen is running hoop netting / lobster fishing trips aboard the Helena out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing now that the season is open. $100 a head, all you can eat seafood salad, steak, etc. This was a crew trip to try it out and get the crew of the Helena all in tune. I brought...
  204. Jason

    Fishdope Report 9/21 big yellowfin!

    Big Yellowfin caught this morning. Will have pics soon. 70 Miles from the point. 55-65lb grade in a 2 hour bite aboard the Sauerfish. 5 Spearfish caught today. Lots of marlin. Great kelp fishing for bigger dorado and micro/firecracker yellowtail. Yellowfin way...
  205. Jason

    Websites to visit when BD is down or FUBAR

    What sites do you guys like? (no porn, everyone already knows all those sites. Adult sites will get you a week off BD if posted. There are new mods itching to get thier first bans!) Http://
  206. Jason

    Black Logo Tees On Sale
  207. Jason

    Big Boned 4XL BD members

    We added a ton of 4xl shirts in all of the styles to this afternoon. Just FYI since you guys usually get left out.
  208. Jason

    Good deal today on streaming video box Roku 2

    I bought this same unit when they came out for $100. It has gotten daily use using the movie channels and kids shows. Roku2 XD Streaming Player w/Bonus Remote $54.99 shipped Instantly stream 750+ entertainment channels in up to 1080p HD quality to virtually any TV. Simple to use, amazingly...
  209. Jason

    Great deal on Leupold Spotting Scope

    Leupold 15-45x60mm Angled Spotting Scope Only good for 12 more hours. The reviews on it are here. Customer Reviews: Leupold SX-1 Ventana Angled Spotting Scope, Black, 15-45 x 60mm
  210. Jason

    AR15 Uppers $379

    PSA Heavy Premium Madness - 16'' Mid-Length CMV CL Stripped Upper - Without BCG or Charging Handle Expires tomorrow.
  211. Jason

    Which Spotting Scope to Buy?

    I would like to buy a Spotting Scope for the target range. Something that fits a $300 budget and can see .223 out to 300 yards (max the range has). I used a buddies Redfield Spotting Scope and it was OK to 200 yards but felt and looked cheap. I don't remember what magnification it has. I...
  212. Jason

    Fun zombie gift for Father's Day or ?

    This is pretty funny. I'm not a zombie dork but I even want one for the office. Zombie Zombies Walking Dead game room mancave
  213. Jason

    Yellowtail Shootout Boat Flags

    This year all boats in the Yellowtail Shootout are required to fly a flag. The flags just came in...
  214. Jason

    Sighting in a new AR

    This was my first one to build. Bushmaster 20" Predator 1x8 twist 5.56/223 upper. Franklin lower with Geissele 2 stage trigger and PRS stock. Millet 4-16x50 scope. Finally took a few hours to go sight it in today. I haven't shot a rifle in forever. I shot 55grain Federal AE .223 and it...
  215. Jason

    Which Rifle Scope for 30-06?

    I just bought a Ruger American and need a Rifle Scope for 30-06. In the $300 range what is the best bang for the buck? I have heard the Bushnell Elite 3200 is good. Forums users all over say the Burris Fullfield Ii is better bang for the buck than the Bushnell. Then others are saying that the...
  216. Jason

    Forum Down time expected Today - Tomorrow

    We are doing a major upgrade to the forums. There will be lots of down time as we convert the database and clean up the files system. Maybe production at your jobs will go up.
  217. Jason

    California - AB711 Bans Lead Ammo - passed

    23ABC News - Calif. Assembly advances bill to ban lead ammo - News Story - Local News - Bakersfield News, Bakersfield, California News & Bakersfield News Local Headlines - KERO TurnTo23 Passed the state assembly. Here we go again... Hope the senate shuts this one down.
  218. Jason

    Stupid lingcod 4-3

    Leo from Aries Sportfishing took a day off chartering and came down to fish with us today out of Point Loma. He is so good that he doesn't need hooks. This one hog tied itself. 24" legal, threw all the lings back but one for dinner.
  219. Jason

    San Pedro, CA 1917-1920 Commercial Fishing Licenses

    Here are pics of my great grandfathers commercial fishing licenses. I will have to scan his tuna fishing contracts for bonito and skipjack in the San Pedro Channel when he worked for Bumble Bee and other companies. I will name a boat the Maiko one of these days.
  220. Jason

    Surfing and bloody decks

    Big Barrels And Bloody Decks With Stephen Koehne | TransWorld SURF
  221. Jason

    America's gun: the rise of the AR 15

    Tonight on CNBC 10pm PST Let's see how bad they try to make firearm owners look this time.
  222. Jason

    New 3 fish bag total for this years YTSO

    Rules are being written right now and should be up soon along with registration and website update. Main Event Winners 3 fish aggregate for a total bag weight instead of 1 single fish. Can weigh 5 fish. Biggest Fish prize. Jackpots $100, $200, $300 and another side pot for Biggest Fish $100...
  223. Jason

    South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Fly Back Hunt | Pepper Slough Outfitters

    Since the end of waterfowl season I have been jonesing to hunt again. Ali had just yapped with Marty Maciel of Pepper Slough Outfitters about how good the snow goose hunting in South Dakota had been for the last few weeks. The snow geese were flying back up through the state eating up all of...
  224. Jason

    AR-15 .223/5.56 Magazine Thread

    In stock 11:45am CA Legal 10 Round Aluminum $13.99 Limit 2pp OOS 9:27pm 4-13
  225. Jason

    Where am I going?

    Shotgun - check Cold weather gear - check 2 cases of Ammo - check Ali, Clint and Mikey - check Sitting in Denver waiting for a flight.
  226. Jason

    10rd .223 Mags in stock OOS $13.99 OOS
  227. Jason

    Blem Lowers $100 Hurry! OOS Out of Stock 1:50pm
  228. Jason

    Stag Arms AR-15 Varmint 20" Stainless Steel $1200 | SOLD!

    I ended up with two of these and only need 1. Putting here before it goes on Gunbroker in case a BDr wants it. Make: Stag Arms Lower / Kit Upper Model: 20" Varmint Caliber: .223/5.56 Location: San Diego Price: SOLD! Will ship (Y/N): Face to Face first, will consider shipping to an FFL if...
  229. Jason

    Used XL fishing shirts and sweatshirts San Diego

    Local pick up in San Diego. Wife said before I buy more swag at Fred Hall I would need to clean out my drawers and get rid of duplicates... Some shirts were not worn. Others have fish blood splatter on them for good luck. Some BD shirts were never for public. A few have pockets most not. All...
  230. Jason

    Smith & Wesson AR-15 for sale in San Diego

    It's gone. Not affiliated just passing it on.
  231. Jason

    Full size truck aluminum locking tool box

    I paid $200 for it and worked out of it for 2 years. New it's $250 from Lowes. It is one of the big ones that can fit 5 gallon buckets inside along with a ton of tools. Built by Kobalt. I had it in my F150. It sat just below the sides of the bed so no one knew I had a box, especially the cops...
  232. Jason

    Mild Politics in Gun Talk ONLY!

    With the recent events pertaining to firearm bans the political discussions have been unavoidable. The moderators of BD have been driven nuts by monitoring every thread that goes on in the Gun Talk section. Until further notice the Gun Talk section is allowing MILD political discussions about...
  233. Jason

    Wister area duck hunting report 1/26

    Slow, slow, slow. Cork ended up having all the birds land on his side of the blind. 3 teal, 1 hen pintail. That was it for the day. Todd's "pintail". Ali signing out for the season. Cork doing brodie's. Someone lost their shoes. Fun at night in the rain. The mud was out of control and...
  234. Jason

    Wister area duck hunting 1/16

    Mellow start this morning with lots of spoons. Got slow then 10am it turned on for a bit. Trickle of spoon and pintail since. Almost limited with only a few of the choice birds in the count. Lots of duck snobbing or else we would have been done already. Light breeze.
  235. Jason

    Wister area duck hunting report 1/12

    OK flyoff in the AM turned to super slow. Just like the previous week a light switch turned on at 10:30am and easy limits were made by all in the club that stayed. Lots of duck snobbing going on picking out the good ducks. A few spoons were hurt in the early morning hours just to make sure there...
  236. Jason

    Wister area duck report 1/9

    Ssssssssllllllllooooooowwwww! Brought out a waterfowl newbie this morning. First duck he connected with came at 11:40am. No wind. Here is Ronson's first duck.
  237. Jason

    Wister area duck report 1/2

    So here Marcus and I sit. Shit for flyoff. No wind.
  238. Jason

    Wister area 12/29

    Sucked. Hardly any birds moving around. Marcus was high count with 3 spoontang. The rest of us zero. Buddies in Mecca 1 teal, others in Wister didn't even pull a trigger. Bugged out...
  239. Jason

    Wister area 12/26

    In the blind report. No wind yet, graphs say it should start picking up around 11. Started out really slow with the first shot from Wister at shoot time. Big balls of teal and lots of spoontang on our club. Single comes through and dies then all the birds get up and swing over the club 3 times...
  240. Jason

    Failed Backflip
  241. Jason

    Where do you guys eat around wister?

    Got a new club in Niland this year, trying to figure out the towns. Where does everyone meet up for breakfast or lunch?
  242. Jason

    Two dudes on a waverunner

    Is that gay? Sitting here in Dana Point and seen two sets of them.
  243. Jason

    Fishdope Plane Report

    Dorado were thick today, not a single boat around. Find out where these schools were on The best kind of seals.
  244. Jason

    Fishdope - Squid in Oside $40 a scoop 10 scoops left.

    All of the fish offshore are stuffed with squid. This is the primo bait to have for fishing the pens and kelps. Fishdope members that have been fishing squid have been doing better than the average score per boat. Darrell of the squid boat Mary Claire has 10 scoops of live squid he caught this...
  245. Jason

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Who's In?

    Tuna Jihad is in. Big Boat division.
  246. Jason

    Got to go up in the Fishdope spotter plane today

    Looked around the warm water break off Oceanside out to the 43. Found blue whales, dolphin and lots of molas. Half way to the 43 there was two kelps holding tons of dorado that only had a few boats on them when I took the picture. When we went back over them there was no less than 20 boats...
  247. Jason

    Need hardwood floor guy

    Requires tile and carpet removal. Aunt was going to use Pergo and Home Depot. I'd rather see a BD member get the job. House is off Clairmont Mesa Blvd and the 805 in San Diego. Anyone?
  248. Jason

    Big Game 90 Price drop for 2.5 day and 2 day trips

    I talked with Irv from the Big Game 90 this morning and he mentioned he dropped the prices on some upcoming trips if you book online. These trips are all within the REALLY GOOD yellowfin/bluefin fishing zones. First trip leaves tomorrow. 2.5 day trip August 5-8 $279 Base Price...
  249. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 8/3 106BFT before 9AM

    Scott left a message at the office here. "Hey we gotta 106 bluefin tuna on board, oh yeah this is Scott on the Sea Adventure 80. Ah man, whew we are still hooked up and bloody. This is bloody decks right here. Pretty beat up right here, very tired and we are still hooked up. Going to add to...
  250. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 BFT / YT / Dodo

    Captain Scott called in. 1 day range! 31 Bluefin on the boat to 45lbs, 12 yellowtail 30lbs+ and 1 dorado. Lots of eyeball fish today, no need for sonar. Back out again tonight... He's all booked for tonights 1.5 day but there is open spots on other boats...
  251. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 On The Water Report 7/31

    Captain Scott Mcdaniels aboard the Sea Adventure 80 reported in with great fishing for the first half of the day. So far his crew has put 56 Yellowfin Tuna, 38 Bluefin Tuna, 81 Huge 25-30lb+ Yellowtail and 4 small Dorado on the boat. The weather is down and the fish are up. Captain Scott...
  252. Jason

    Kelps holding big yellowtail in range

    Finally kelps are holding on the local banks. GPS #'s on 3 Fishdope boats got on them today. Where are you going tomorrow?
  253. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 Update 7/20/12

    Fishdope got a call first thing in the morning as Danny was excited to say at 150 miles there is big spots of bluefin. No seiners around. They had just come off a drift for another thirty bluefin 30-40lb grade. Long drifts with 30-40lb test picking away at the bluefin schools coming through...
  254. Jason

    7/19/12 Sea Adventure 80 On the water report. Bluefin!

    Danny (Yellowfin400) is aboard the Sea Adventure 80 with Captain Scott McDaniels. They are in to a stop this morning at 8am for 21 bluefin to 50lbs. The bite is a plunker bite fished around a tuna pen at 75 miles. While leaving the pen and heading south they got a jig strike that turned in to...
  255. Jason

    Canvas repair San Diego?

    Who is everyone using now? I need a repair on our enclosure.
  256. Jason

    San Diego Bait Barge Part II

    From Buck Everingham owner/operator of the bait barges. Buck requested that we help him push for Location Anchorage 216 Alt 4A. He feels that it would be the best location for bait survival during the October - January time frame that the barges would be stationed there. The barges would move...
  257. Jason

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge! The navy is going to relocate them in the back bay. The water in back is more polluted and doesn't flush like near the mouth. Results will be dead bait. Everyone knows San Diego's bait is always better than Mission Bays due to water...
  258. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 puts first bluefin on the boat 5/26

    6:45am just off the phone with the Sea Adventure 80 Captain Scott Mc Daniels. Danny Lynch (Yellowfin400, Fishdope Danny) just put the first bluefin tuna on the boat for 2012. The fish was caught on the troll with a cedar plug. 18-20lb grade. The weather is fine...
  259. Jason

    San Diego History Center celebrating the San Diego Tuna Fleet

    Anyone been to this? April 21, 2012 to December 31, 2012 TUNA! Celebrating San Diego’s Famous Fishing Industry showcases the rise and decline of tuna fishing— once one of San Diego’s largest industries. During the early to mid-20th century...
  260. Jason

    Catalina bait Saturday May 12 2012

    Calls from the squid boats for this morning. San Pedro and Newport have squid in the receivers. Mary Claire has 25 scoops at Avalon as of 2 am. The Outer Banks has a full tank of bigger size squid from up north and will be at the west end of the island by 9am. Dee Dee Marie...
  261. Jason

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    FishDope member just called in and texted over a pic of a 20+ foot great white shark that kept circling his boat. He thought it was a whale until it went next to the boat where he saw it was bigger than his 22' hull. He was shaking so hard in excitement that this is the only shot that wasn't...
  262. Jason


    READ BEFORE POSTING OR MAKING AN ORDER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are located at 5202 Lovelock St. in San Diego, California 92110 Our phone number is 619 297 9797 and we are a seafood wholesale house and uni-packing house...
  263. Jason

    Trout Fishing Big Bear Lake, California April 9-12

    For this year&#8217;s Spring Vacation we choose to stay in Big Bear Lake, California to do some fishing and hiking. The point was to get the kids outside and in to the woods. Arrived to Big Bear Lake on Monday afternoon and wanted to head straight for the lake after getting moved in to the...
  264. Jason

    Well good morning!

  265. Jason

    Spring break in April

    What the heck am I going to do with a 1.5year old and a 5 year old? Leaving from San Diego. Maybe a 4 day trip. Any ideas? $1000 left on the credit card. Rent a motorhome for 5 days and 400 miles is $600. To go where? This trip will get me tons of fishing credit :)
  266. Jason

    Found- Anyone seen or heard from Dave Hansen? 3/16/2012

    He called me last night as he was rounding West Cove at Catalina headed for San Nicholas Island. He was aboard the Fin Fever. He said he would call in the AM with a report via Sat Phone. No call this morning and I have been calling him throughout the day for nothing. I'm about to call the Coast...
  267. Jason

    3/4 day Point Loma OTW Report

    Maggie texted in. Maggie 2 , CARL 0.
  268. Jason

    March 1st BD Cod Opener, Limited Load SUM FUN 3/4 Day

    We put together a sponsored trip with Dana Wharf for the California cod opener March 1st. This is a limited load 3/4 day with 25 anglers aboard the SUM FUN with Captain Brian Woolley at the helm. Every angler will get some BD stuff along with bigger STUFF given away in a raffle. I have to...
  269. Jason

    Salton sea jan 28th

    Still in the blind, lots of high fliers. Kinda slow, wind coming up. Sunny 79f.
  270. Jason

    DFG to Offer Three Late Season Goose Hunting Opportunities January 27, 2012 Media Contacts: Melanie Weaver, DFG Wildlife Branch, (916) 445-3717 Andrew Hughan, DFG Communications, (916) 322-8944 The California Fish and Game Commission has...
  271. Jason

    Which personality on BD?

    Who would this be? Who's next?
  272. Jason

    Skeleton Bay Left tubes forever

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  273. Jason

    Lobster fried rice

    Super easy to make, add lobster chunks last, bacon first...
  274. Jason

    What is this?

    Caught in a hoop net off the jetty in San Diego. Only 2 lobsters last night for us.
  275. Jason

    Mexican Visa News Released

    A heads up from Brandon Hayward at Western Outdoor News. The most up to date info is at Visa Requirements Announced Wednesday, December 28, 2011 New Visa Requirements Announced just talked to Troy Williams at Mex Tour...
  276. Jason

    Servers upgraded sorry for the closed time Bigger and badder...
  277. Jason

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    We are now automatically adding donation badges at the end of each day. If your badge is not placed on your account within 24 hours of your donation please email us [email protected]
  278. Jason

    Saltydawg Rods SCAM! DO NOT TRUST

    So here is my side of the story. Ali broke a guide on my 700M that I had Mr.Limpet wrap me years ago. I was going to have John repair it but Bill came by the office first. I told Bill to strip it as the epoxy on the threads was all yellowed up then surprise me with what wraps he felt like doing...
  279. Jason

    North end of the sea

    Shot a couple ducks. Would have done better if Corky and I could aim. Birds didn't fly until 8am. Then reflew at 1pm. Still no new birds in the area that we noticed. Maybe next weekend.
  280. Jason

    22" halibut needed for Rocky

    Rocky called and needs a 22" California halibut to mold. Of course whoever brings one to him gets whatever fish mount they want (within reason). He is based out of Ventura but will drive to get it. Give him a call for details Rocky 805-558-0215
  281. Jason

    Ordering certain things online

    When ordering a plain black mailbox online and it says "rural large size" keep in mind that it means huge f'n mailbox.
  282. Jason

    Yellowfin at 180 miles

    The big schools of mixed yellowfin and bluefin were relocated yesterday at only 180 miles from San Diego. This is a perfect zone for the 2.5-5 day sport boat trips. The schools of fish had made it all the way up to 110 miles from San Diego before they started to head back south with the current...
  283. Jason

    Mary Claire Squid boat needs help

    Darrell called and wanted to know if one of his crew members could get a ride out of San Pedro to West Cove from any one going out today. Of course there is free bait (after they catch it tonight, it was rough last night they couldn't stand up to make any). Give Darrell a call if you are...
  284. Jason

    BD Server Upgrades this week

    We are adding another web server and upgrading our database server to some lightning fast super flash gordan server this week. BD may have a few restarts and short down times as the plugs are switched over. Data shouldn't be lost. The host said Friday / Saturday.
  285. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 Update 8/17/11

    Captian Scott McDaniels called in 70 Mixed fish, Bluefin up to 44lbs, Lots of Yellowfin and Yellowtail. 1.5 day range 135 Miles. The fish are eating finbait. Jumpers, sonar marks and foamers. The Sea Adventure 80 is out of H&M Landing.
  286. Jason

    At what point do you call it limits?

    Barrett "Captain Cabo" reported in this evening with a wide open cow bite. Wide open fat tunas at the Adelanto bravo burger restaurant. Average size pushing 200 with some 250s and what looked like a 350+ in the mix. They are inhaling the burger baits but are also being caught on chili, fries...
  287. Jason

    Wow BD was down

    From our internet host. Try telling your customers this (the truth): There has been a wide-spread power outage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that is currently affecting hundreds of customers, including our Colocation Facility. The facility has backup/redundant power generators, which...
  288. Jason

    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    Another one down. 48 years old, passed away on Sunday. Details are personal per the family. They are devistated. Services are not finalized but are planned for ashes at sea a week from Saturday in San Diego. Jim was a personal friend of mine and a hell of a fisherman. He taught me a lot...
  289. Jason

    Interesting cloud formation offshore

    Mother Nature is being funny again.
  290. Jason

    Good schools of bluefin close!

    I'm sure some reports will show up on BD soon. Word is the bluefin snapped a little today within range of SD private boaters. Check Fishdope. :waglleybooty:
  291. Jason

    Albacore caught at 35 miles July 17th 2011

    from San Diego. Jig stop this morning. 18-20lb grade. #'s on FD
  292. Jason

    Yellowfin in range

    Yellowfin are now in range of 40 miles from San Diego. They are hitting the jigs. Check fd.
  293. Jason

    First hooked Marlin and now Dorado

    With the first Marlin we have heard about hooked on one of local banks last weekend one might keep a jig out on the way home. Dorado now seen on 3 seperate kelps locally in the past two days with spotter planes reporting jumpers coming in to the area. Full moon next week. Is it...
  294. Jason

    Bluefin on the backside of the 9 mile bank

    Captain Rod Melchert of the Sweet Teresa called in this evening as he was getting off the water. He ran in to 30-50lb bluefin and chased them for 4 hours at 32.38 x 117.38. Ended up at 32.40 x 117.40 and west to 32.38 x 117.45. Rod will post the whole story this...
  295. Jason

    Saturday July 02 2011 Producer Blue Fin Tuna

    Talked to a passenger this evening that just got off the Producer out of H&M Landing. He said this afternoon around 1pm the boat slid in to an absolute foamer of BFT. All fish were 30-45lb grade. He was using 50lb straight spectra tied to a 2/0 hook and landed some Bluefin. Their count doesn't...
  296. Jason

    Yellowtail schools showing

    Just in time! Reports coming in that there are some nice schools of fish at the Coronado Islands and Rockpile. Next week is supposed to be warm weather. Hopefully they settle in. There are also a handful more Yellowtail being caught in La Jolla this week. Where will the tournament winning...
  297. Jason

    The public comments are a joke
  298. Jason

    Where can I purchase some of this?

    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  299. Jason

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge 2011 Who's in?

    HOOK A WINNER AT THE 2011 TUNA CHALLENGE San Diego, CA (June 2011) – Anglers and enthusiasts are encouraged to come out to 22nd Annual Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge to be held September 10-11, 2011, benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation ® of San Diego. Competitors can win prizes such as...
  300. Jason

    Large Schools Of Barracuda This Morning Weds June 8. Bass Also Bitting.

    Large Schools Of Barracuda This Morning Weds June 8. Bass Also Bitting. Aggressor Limited Load 3/4 Sat June 12. Hi Everyone Barracuda are showing up in large numbers off Huntington Flats this morning (Weds June 8) with very large schools showing. The Nautilus on the morning ½ day...
  301. Jason

    Sea Adventure 80 Good Barracuda Fishing \ Offshore Yellowtail Report

    The Sea Adventure 80 had very good Barracuda fishing in the late evening tonight. They also made 40 scoops of squid last night. Boats went offshore and caught Bonito 12-15lbs along with kelp paddy Yellowtail. Details on
  302. Jason

    Fishing Catalina to San Diego took a look at kelps 5/28

    Left Catalina on Saturday around 11am headed for SD. (nothing in the holds, blown out on the backside where the sport fleet was). Pretty uneventful with mainly 6-8' west swell spaced out, some 10' doubled up swells with the regular 20-25knot wind on it. Maybe a gust to 30 that pushed us from...
  303. Jason

    Barracuda Return Off Huntington Beach May 25

    Hi Everyone The barracuda are back off Huntington Beach today with big schools being seen and some fish being landed. The morning 1/2 day on the Nautilus had 13 barracuda and the Patriot has some onboard as well on their 3/4 day. The fish aren't quite biting yet but it could happen this...
  304. Jason

    Fishing Club Forums

    All fishing club discussions go in to this forum. Feel free to post your fishing club info with the fishing club name or initials in the title of the threads. After many years of hosting the fishing club individual forums we have decided to shut them down. Many of the forums were created...
  305. Jason

    How to change forum style

    You cried and we listened. Enjoy life as it once was.
  306. Jason

    Virus Warning in this forum

    The Google virus detection found a script that was embedded in to a section of the forum. The script wasn't working right (no one got infected) as I had disabled this function long ago. The notice might still pop up as Google has to clear it. Sorry for the scare. If you care to read...
  307. Jason

    It's time

    Damn fever coming on.
  308. Jason

    Post on this thread if you read it

    If you view this thread post something on it. Doesn't matter what it is. This is a test to see how many people we can get to post on it in an hour.
  309. Jason

    Which Mini Van?

    The wifes Lexus has become too small for our family. We are looking at mini vans (For the wife to drive, I swear). Looking at a 2008 or newer. Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna?
  310. Jason

    Calico Flat Bill's See you there. Yes this is spam but we were thinking of you guys when we made it...
  311. Jason

    Trade your guns for sex toys

  312. Jason

    Google Beware Page

    Thanks to those that gave us the heads up on the google warning. Some saw it some didn't. Anyways. It was crying virus. This was caused by a link that was injected in to the forums randomly in threads. It was a software glitch that I have patched and cleaned up.
  313. Jason

    Gun Shop in Solona Beach Article - Not fair!

    Opinion: A gun store in Solana Beach? | Del Mar Times This is one of my home town gun shops. There are always swat, cops and other LEO's in the shop when I go in. The prices beat some of the other chain stores.. Anyways. This chick put this article up and has been deleting all pro gun...
  314. Jason

    Nephew caught posing as gangster

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe> uncle catches nephew tryin to act like a gangbanger on facebook. sets him straight.
  315. Jason

    Sony 21" CRT monitor E540

    The monitor works perfect. It's just sitting in the office. First come first serve, pickup in San Diego. No shipping. It's a beast at 60+lbs. It needs a big desk. FREE. PM me for contact info. Sony STYLEPRO CPD-E540 - 21" CRT Display
  316. Jason

    Sum Fun Halibut Derby On The Water Report

    This 25lb 7oz Halibut caught by Mike Pison is the new derby leader. Son! Dana Wharf boat Sum Fun with Rockstar Captain Chris Pica is out on their Halibut Derby trip today and have these 2 fish so far. 17lbs 3 oz caught by Javier Calvo. Son! Update 3:30pm They are now up to 5...
  317. Jason

    Barrett moving boat back home. Stan look.

    Barrett needs a prepaid mexi cell phone if you can pick one up. He's in Cabo now alone. He has no telcel and hopes to meet you in a few days. "We'll try. Its really blowing down here, really fucking windy. Were gonna try and bail out of here in the morning and make it to santa maria by...
  318. Jason

    Alaska Fishing 2011

    I am just the messenger posting this for general information. Here is the low down on fishing in Alaska in the year 2011. Fishing regulations for 2011 remain largely unchanged. There are two areas: Southeast Alaska, area 2C and South Central Alaska, area 3A. Area 2C ranges from Ketchikan to...
  319. Jason

    I finally killed a spoonie

    I knew the day would come that I would finally get a bootlip. It went like this. Teal 1-Bang dead, Teal 2-Bang dead, swing around and boom Spoonie dead. Ooops. I feel like I finally won the lottery.
  320. Jason

    What is the best kids starter fishing combo?

    My 3 year old girl's New Years Resolution at 12:01am was "Daddy I want to catch a fish". She also said "Daddy I want to shoot a duck" but that one isn't going to happen until later... So in your experiences what is the best starter combo for a 3-4 year old to catch a trout? I don't even...
  321. Jason

    An email we got at BD from OZ

    Hi all, im an avid fisho from Melbourne Australia, ill be in Los Angeles late May early June for 2 weeks ,id love to meet fellow fishermen and women and see how and what you fish for over there , im from the largest fishing club in Victoria and have been fishing nearly 40 years ,im keen to meet...
  322. Jason

    I'm a professional bird watcher

    Horrible season so far for me. Hunting 2 times a week, rain, sun, frost, fields, ditches, ponds, clubs, pits, layouts, private and public lands. The only place I have not been this season is the river. I've only hunted mornings til 10am then gone to work. No time to scratch birds all day...
  323. Jason

    Shooting a shotgun

    One eye open or two?
  324. Jason

    Constitution 5.5 Day to Guadalupe Island

    Captain Darryl Kimberly aboard his boat the Constitution called in to us this morning with a report of their trip. The boat is pointed for home but not with out some fish in the hold. 11 Yellowfin to 80lbs landed after the Tax Man (GW Sharks) took their fair share along with under gunned...
  325. Jason

    Email Scams. Another sneaky one.

    This one is coming from actual friends emails. They are on AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Someone hacks in to their email account and sends this one out using their real email accounts. I sent my friend $1000 to help :D. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  326. Jason

    Freedom slaying Yellowtail at SBI

    Captain Tom Lee of the sport boat Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing left us a short but sweet message this morning. "It's game on still. We have hooked over 70 fish and have 50 brute Yellows on the boat so far. By far the best fishing yet. You guys gotta get out here. I'm headed back out...
  327. Jason

    Ban on lead for Recreational Fishing Tackle Looms

    For Immediate Release Mary Jane Williamson, Communications Director [email protected], 703-519-9691, x227 American Sportfishing Association EPA Decision on Lead Ban for Recreational Fishing Tackle Looms Sportfishing community calls for the dismissal of unwarranted petition for...
  328. Jason

    Yellowtail Fishing California and Baja (picture thread)

    These are some of my personal Yellowtail pictures. I caught the Yellowtail in either San Diego, Coronado Islands, Offshore Kelps (paddys) or in Loreto, Baja Mexico. I know a lot of you guys have good Yellowtail pictures. Let's see them! Make sure to rename your pictures to have...
  329. Jason

    Link to view DFG Meeting Oct 20th

    CAL-SPAN:California State Meetings Webcast Video
  330. Jason

    BD Schuduled down time

    Supposed to happen early this morning for 4-6 hours. Switching servers. Hardware failures on our current one. Don't freak out!
  331. Jason

    Wahoo in LA Harbor

    Got a random text this morning from a regular FD member about a 40lb Wahoo caught between Nacho's bait and Long Beach Bait barges on an iron. He was baiting up and heard about the fish that had just left the dock. Shortly after a picture showed up. The story goes John Hester caught the fish...
  332. Jason

    Looking for Flash Actionscript guru

    Anyone on BD an absolute Guru with Flash / Actionscript 3.0? Send a PM if you are local San Diego or know someone who is. Looking to hire a Freelancer for custom work.
  333. Jason

    Just in time for Make a Wish Tuna Challenge

    32.00 x 117.25 to 117.26 Water temp 67.8F Sardines and Mackerel 30/40lb test were working. Go go go!
  334. Jason

    All Bloodydecks Swag on sale @

    We just got all of our styles back in stock. Get them while they are hot. %25 off everything at Bloodydecks SWAG
  335. Jason

    Big Game 90 at San Martin

    Irv called in to report that the Big Game 90 had 150+ Yellowtail on the boat this morning. Anything longer than a 2 day (2.5 day) will get you there. The fish started to go on the chew at 4:30am with flurries of 3-5 Fish hanging at a time. The fish have spawned out and are 18-25lbs. 2010...
  336. Jason

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    He has 6 Yellowtail over 30lbs on the boat and lost over 15 so far this morning. Other boats in the area are putting the wood to them as well, many lost due to size. Big 400-500 fish per school have shown up at San Clemente Island this morning and want to die. They are eating squid. The...
  337. Jason

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Grab the pop corn and put your feet up here we go! Since September of 2007 Captain Charlie Sims has been on Bloodydecks bad mouthing Start Me Up Sportfishing and taking advantage of you, the end user/potential customer. Besides the slander he has been playing dirty online tricks to get back...
  338. Jason

    Captain Charlie Sims Maui Sportfishing Charters Email to BD

    Would you want to deal with this guy when booking a charter? Charlie Sims of maui sportfishing charters Please Stand Up! Please Stand Up! From: Frank Mays <[email protected]> Date: August 8, 2010 8:05:37 AM PDT To: [email protected] Subject: Fw: Welcome to
  339. Jason

    Kelps starting to hold Dorado and Yellowtail

    At 100+ Miles on a 175 heading from SD. A lot being seen, not so many being caught. Soon.
  340. Jason

    Good Signal of fish at San Clemente Island

    The Freedom lost a few 40-50lb White Sea Bass on the anchor line this morning. The current died so they had to move and go looking. The Calico Bass fishing was off the hook all over the island. They saw a good chunk of fish at the end of the day and will be back on it tomorrow. They are...
  341. Jason

    The Freedom Report SCI

    The Freedom has 15 Yellowtail to 30lbs on the boat. The fish were eating Sardine and Squid. These fish are on the front side of the island. They are seeing scattered schools with the electronics. Captain Tom is running overnights to San Clemente Island this week every night. They are tanked...
  342. Jason

    The Sea Horse out of Dana Wharf needs a Second Captain

    I was just asked to post this, I am not involved. Captain Todd Nelson aboard the Sea Horse out of Dana Point needs a second captain. If interested please give Todd a call at (562)212-2049
  343. Jason

    Freedom Sportfishing overnight light load BD Special!

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing is leaving the dock no matter what. Right now they have a super light load of 12 and want to give BD members a discount if they can go tonight. The trip is an overnight 10pm return 8pm-9pm? They want to get the job done. Catalina or San Clemente Island...
  344. Jason

    Dana Point White Sea Bass Sum Fun

    Captain Chris Pica of the 3/4 day boat Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf Sport Fishing Dana Wharf Sportfishing has a White Sea Bass on board this morning. The White Sea Bass was caught by an angler fishing a Sardine on 20lb with a rubber core sinker casted just outside of the kelp. There has been...
  345. Jason

    Icast 2010

    Ali and Brant have been updating facebook from Icast. | Facebook
  346. Jason

    Finally an SST and Chlorophyll shot 7/13/2010

    Well where would you go? Click to see full size picture
  347. Jason

    Team Bloodydecks Hubbs-Seaworld WSB Donations

    I have started a "team" for Bloodydecks. Hubbs is taking donations to keep their Stock Replenishment Program going. This year we have seen a huge amount of White Sea Bass. The program is working. If we want to see these fish in the future please donate. Join the "Bloodydecks" team and...
  348. Jason

    OTW Report Sweet Teresa another homeguard 7/1/10

    Rod just texted me a picture. He's out on a charter right now. Looks like his client just nailed a solid Yellowtail. I know what comes next after the sun goes down... Rod has a few openings this weekend if you want to go. San Diego Sport Fishing Charters or call him at 858-337-9390...
  349. Jason

    New addition to my growing collection

    Last year I caught a nice size Roosterfish. Everyone was saying "you need to get that mounted" So I called Rocky @ World Wide Fish Mounts Fiberglass Replica - Tuna - Marlin - Dorado - Sailfish - Worldwide Fish Mounts - Worldwide Fish Mounts and yapped at him for a while about the fish that I...
  350. Jason


    39.5lbs was the first Yellowtail to hit the dock at Dana Landing this morning. They ARE NOT in the Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout. This fish could have been worth over $10,000
  351. Jason

    Dana Landing Market Dash For Cash fish is in!

    Team Mclovin hit the dock at 10am with the first Yellowtail. 6 teams fought for the Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout sponsored by Dana Landing Market Dash For Cash in which registered teams race to bring the first Yellowtail back to the dock. They won $1500 at Dana Landing Market.
  352. Jason

    Question? Can I fish for Sharks, White Sea Bass, Ray's, Bass, etc before lines in?

    Had a question come in today regarding the rules of lines in. Question? Can I fish for Sharks, White Sea Bass, Ray's, Bass, etc before lines in? 7. Lines-in shall be Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 5:30AM PDT. 8. Bait fishing is allowed before lines-in. No other lure, jig, or line...
  353. Jason

    We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce to you. is a new group of online retail stores with an extensive inventory of products offering such things as rifle scopes, flashlights, range finders, dog training collars, binoculars and night vision - to name a...
  354. Jason

    Hey Marcus what happend at the DU Event?

    I heard boomer took a piss all over your leg? True? :shithappens:
  355. Jason

    Capt cooter at the FD booth

    This guy is out of control. I had to call the cops.
  356. Jason

    Live Squid in San Diego

    Anyone want a scoop and a half of live squid? Darrell from the Mary Claire has to come back to Mission Bay from Avalon and has a scoop and a half on board if anyone wants it. He will be going across the 14 mile bank on his way home. Give Darrell a call at 949-677-0607 to snatch up this gem.
  357. Jason

    BD Fishing Trip Seward Alaska with the Crackerjack Charters Crew

    It had been 2 years since we had fished with Andy, Jeff and Nik the owner/operators out of Crackerjack Charters Seward Alaska Fishing: Halibut & Salmon Fishing Charters | Crackerjack Sport Fishing Charters in Seward Alaska. Andy heckled us for 5 days during the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach...
  358. Jason

    Crackerjack Sportfishing Seward Alaska Spots open!

    Short notice but June 16th / 17th are now open. Jump on this! Seward Alaska Fishing: Halibut & Salmon Fishing Charters | Crackerjack Sport Fishing Charters This trip is aboard the Crackerjack Voyager (The big boat) with Captain Andy Mezirow. Yes our report from fishing with them...
  359. Jason

    Seward Alaska fishing trip

    If you guys/gals want to follow the bd crews trip this week in Seward Alaska aboard the Crackerjack Sportfishing fleet check out the Bloodydecks facebook page. We had excellent halibut fishing today with captain Andy. Http:// It's just easier to post to it with...
  360. Jason

    On the water report. Coronado Islands The Long Run

    The Long Run sent in a picture from the Coronado Islands. Amanda has a nice size YT on board and they are seeing a lot more Yellowtail. Lots of Barracuda also around. San Diego 6-pack charter fishing boat
  361. Jason

    Need Feedback

    Nate brought it to our attention that there needs to be a forum added for gun talk that doesn't have anything to do with hunting. What do you want it called? where do you want it put? What color panties am I wearing?
  362. Jason

    The things Bass Eat

    This was found in a 2lb Calico Bass caught aboard the 3/4 day boat Sum Fun. Before After What you guys seen?
  363. Jason Another successful fishing report

    This is referring to the Fishdope Thursday May 13th report fishing Friday May 14th. Way before all the posts on BD or any other website. Hey, wanted to say thanks to you and the Dope for the White Sea Bass info. We saw it posted that night when we were game planning and decided to get a...
  364. Jason info wins White Sea Bass Tournament

    Floyd Sparks "Tuna Kahuna" followed the fishdope reports on the White Sea Bass for the week before the WON Tournament at Catalina Island targetting White Sea Bass, Yellowtail and Halibut. He was focused on the White Sea Bass. Right before leaving to trailer up to Dana Point to make the crossing...
  365. Jason

    Amigo Yellowtail or Bust Sunday/Monday Ultra Limited Load BD Special

    The Amigo out of Newport Landing is doing an ultra limited load fishing for Yellowtail leaving Sunday night May 16th and fishing Monday. This is their first trip of the season. They plan on taking live squid if it is available but a jig stick and irons are also going to be the weapons of...
  366. Jason

    La Jolla still loaded. Chubasco II ready to go.

    As many of you know Captain Trevor (Long time BDr) saw lots of Yellowtail in La Jolla today. He said there is some very good signal and that any day now the fish will decide to go wide open. He ran with 6 people! The fish have been found under birds and sonar. The sonar fish have been the one's...
  367. Jason

    Squid at Catalina 5/9/10

    Daryll Wilson aboard the Mary Clare was able to make 15 scoops of Squid last night above Long Point. He's got a scoop and a half left over this morning and is in Avalon. He will be trying to gather more through out the week while the weather is up. If anyone is going over to Avalon from...
  368. Jason

    15% off anything at the Pro Tackle Store! - OFFER EXPIRED

    If you haven't met Peter from Pro Tackle yet check out his introduction. Peter wants to kick off his partnership with Bloodydecks by giving a 15% discount on anything bought through his store to BD members...
  369. Jason

    How do I add a picture to my post?

    How do I attach a file to a post? To attach a file to your post, you need to be using the main 'New Post' or 'New Thread' page and not 'Quick Reply'. To use the main 'New Post' page, click the 'Post Reply' button in the relevant thread. On this page, below the message box, you will find a...
  370. Jason

    Family to family home transfer?

    I'm buying a house from my grandmothers trust. I know a real estate agent is not needed. Heard there are loopholes to get around taxes. Who do I use to do this transfer?
  371. Jason

    San Pedro Bait 4/10

    San Pedro Bait now has squid in the receivers! For the "up to the minute" current bait barge info for San Pedro please call 310-365-2516 310-365-2516.
  372. Jason Contact Info

    For those of you that can't find the info on to get a panga or cruiser lined up out of Ensenada or to book a hotel. Call Jay Spinner 949-678-1187
  373. Jason

    Newport Bait Barge is in!

    The new 115' bait barge is now in place and it has bait waiting for you. 24/7 Starting today. They have full boxes of Sardines.
  374. Jason Rockpile Area 4/2/2010

    Don't waste your time on top of the Rockpile. Go south to the cleaner water. This is a shot from Fishdope of where the fish were today. No other reporting service has this feature. Notice the cleaner water they are in... Catch more fish, burn less fuel. Sea Surface Temperatures -...
  375. Jason

    San Pedro Bait has live squid 3/31

    San Pedro Bait Good morning, the timing is pretty bad, but we’re loaded up with live squid. More likely most of it is going to die before it gets used. If somebody is looking for some to freeze, have them give us a call and we can work out a special price. 310 365 2516.
  376. Jason

    Upgraded the forum software this evening

    If you guys notice anything whacky please try logging out, clearing cookies then logging back in. That should take care of all Token issues.
  377. Jason

    Catalina and LA Bait 3/19

    The Little Viking has 100 scoops waiting for you in front of Avalon. Channel 11 to talk to Mark. Mention Bloodydecks and it's $50 a scoop. Both the Carnage and the Long Beach Carnage are tanked up on Live Squid at the Island. They will be at the island for the weekend selling scoops. Call...
  378. Jason

    Did you LOVE the movie Avatar?

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  379. Jason

    Coronado Yellowtail

    Just as the Fred Hall shows up and we are stuck in a booth. Yellowfishing is going off at the Islands. The Mission Belle had a good hit yesterday, the Malahini murdered them today.
  380. Jason

    California Rockfish Reopens March 1st

    60 Fathom limit. Just a reminder.
  381. Jason

    Freelance running the Twilight Humboldt Squid trip tonight

    Captain Dave Hansen just called in to say he's running the squid trip tonight out of Daveys Locker. Los Angeles Whale Watching & Los Angeles Fishing Website - Davey’s Locker there is only 4 people on the boat right now. He's fishing down the beach on the kids trip as the Newport area is a...
  382. Jason

    Dana Point Fishing Report 2/25/2010

    We were lucky enough to get some live squid from the Fury before we left the dock today and it really made a difference. We fished some of the stones infront of the harbor first thing this morning. Real good sandbass action. The 1 1/2 oz leadheads were the perfect choice. Most of our...
  383. Jason

    World Wide Fishing Guide?

    Is there such a man that has fished world wide, knows all the fishing spots and is acting like a fishing guide? Saltwater and Freshwater Guiding. How many years would it take to Fish the whole wide world and go to every spot? How much money would it take? Would be cool to make a show...
  384. Jason

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Tournament One Year Hiatus

    MARINA DEL REY ANGLERS 4230 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 February 22, 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby On One Year Hiatus Marina Del Rey Anglers announced the annual MDR Halibut Derby has been put on a...
  385. Jason

    Air cleaning ionic thingys?

    All the farting, dog, dust, kid smells and whatever else goes on in my house has caused my kid to get some allergies going. Constant runny nose. No mold anywhere I could find in her room, we don't let the dog in there. So I was looking at those ionic air cleaners. I noticed there is a $50...
  386. Jason

    Olympic Mens Figure Skating

    So here I am sitting on the couch with my laptop goofing around on the internet with the TV on and no one else around. My kid and wife had already gone to bed. Not even realizing what was on TV it turns out I was watching Men's Figure Skating when my brother in law came in the front door and...
  387. Jason

    Humboldts are back in Newport and Dana Point

    Newport boats found the squid last night, private boater out of Dana Point had them 2 miles off the point all day today. Go get um. Newport boats leave at 5:30pm and Dana boat leaves at 5:30 as well. Newport Landing Sportfishing - Southern California fishing Open Party Boat and Charter...
  388. Jason

    BD sticker on Mahi front page of a magazine?

    Who's responsible for that one? I heard a Hawaiian fishing magazine or paper had a mahi on the front with a BD sticker on it.
  389. Jason

    February Albacore out of San Diego

    Captain Bryan Zulka of the 6 pack charter boat El Gato Dos El Gato Dos - The Premier San Diego Sportfishing Charter Boat called in to Fishdope this afternoon with news of Albacore on his trip south to Cabo San Lucus. Fishdope has the #'s Bryan will be back this week with pictures and a...
  390. Jason

    The old spice ad that keeps poping up here

    Cracks me the hell up. "I'm on a horse". Did that come out for the superbowl or is that an online ad only?
  391. Jason

    ESPN Article

    It just keeps on coming! Surely we can keep after all the anglers out there and challenge this craziness. Just need people to keep getting the word out. Thanks for doing your part! Dave David Pfeiffer President Shimano American Corporation Wild Connection - ESPN Wild...
  392. Jason

    Centerfire Weapon CLP

    Has anyone used this Centerfire Weapon CLP from Centerfire Cleaning Systems? I got a bottle and don't know if I can use it on a dipped gun or not. Does it remove paint?
  393. Jason

    The Perfect Calico Bass Setup

    What would it be? Plastics, 30lb braid. Catalina, SCI, Wall, Kelpbeds. Throwing Fishtraps with Unibutter(that shit in the little white bottle that is all over the BD office that smells like vagina and gets put on the toilet seats in the mens bathroom or on the door handle when we know someone is...
  394. Jason

    Tornado hits Sunset Beach today @ 1:15pm

    A Tornado hit Sunset Beach at 1.15pm today and went straight through our marina. Liquid Coast Highway was spared as boats only 50' away from our dock were sunk or had bimini's and aerials ripped off. A 50' catamaran across the channel was lifted into the air and dropped on top of another two...
  395. Jason

    WIN A FREE CALENDAR BloodyDecks / Tidelines Photo Contest

    BloodyDecks, along with Tidelines Calendars, is holding a photo contest and giving away free custom tide calendars that can be created with your personal photos. To enter, post 3 hot FISHING action images* in this thread. Winners will be notified by PM and given a code to create their...
  396. Jason

    It's not the weather!

    Honkey hunted this morning with Ali and a couple other guys. Little wind not much, some rain. It wasn't bluebird like we have been blaming our no duck/goose trend going on. The last week there has been days of 9-18 geese killed each day with lots of chances in bluebird conditions. Today we...
  397. Jason

    The Killzone Outfitters West Coast tour Klamath and Sacramento

    Ali and I have been on tour of the west coast trying to get in some goose and duck carnage. So far 3 days of an ass kicking,going for day 4 today. Klamath Falls was a nice 11 to 28f and snowing. The birds never got moving. 1 Honk, hooded merganser, a widgeon and two mallards for 1.5 days. We...
  398. Jason

    Saluki on the way to Vegas today

    He wanted me to relay the message "Don't speed on the way to Vegas". Between Victorville and Barstow he has counted 11 highway patrol cars with people pulled over. So he's only doing 80 instead of 100mph now.
  399. Jason

    it's bryan's fault

    He wanted it. :gaygroup: Save Trestles.
  400. Jason

    Kent Faststeel vs Hevi Metal 12 Guage Shotgun Rounds

    I picked up a box of Hevi Metal when it was on sale at Turners just to give it a try. So far I haven't found a bird to shoot it at yet here in Southern California. Had it with me on 4 hunts now and haven't pulled the trigger. So I was bored and decided to cut open a couple rounds to find out...
  401. Jason

    & Dem u Put it in ur mout

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  402. Jason

    Shy Ronnie

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  403. Jason

    After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament November 28th

    Final Results 1st Place plus $20, $30, $50 jackpots $3574 - Lip Ripper - 6.8lbs 2nd Place plus $75 side jackpot $2,222 - Wron Sea - 5.8lbs 3rd Place - Produce Man - $300 4th Place - Fish Fetish - $200 The After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament is a go this morning. 41 Boats in the...
  404. Jason

    BD going down.

    Database server is taking a crap on us. Transferring all data to a new one tonight.
  405. Jason

    Wister CA Duck and Geese info?

    I haven't been to Wister since I was 6. I don't remember much other than sitting in a blind with my corduroy pants and tennis shoes getting super muddy and freezing my ass off while my uncle shot 2 ducks for the day. I remember him wading out to get the duck he just sluested on the water and...
  406. Jason

    Why Sodablast bottom paint?

    Many boat owners are unaware of stripping bottom paint than the conventional harsh chemicals or sanding that could cause damage if not done correctly. Soda blasting uses a non-toxic environmentally safe food grade product called baking soda. The baking soda we use is USDA/FDA/OSHA Approved...
  407. Jason

    Tuna, Tails, Dorado still around!

    The temperature break on the South West side of the 60 Mile Bank has been the area most fished the past 4 days. Bluefin, Albacore, Yellowfin, Yellowtail, a couple Dorado and lots of Skipjack still in the area. The Bluefin are running 20-30lbs and are sitting around 60-100 feet under the boat...
  408. Jason

    An easy to do Email campaign!

    Would you mind following the link below and sending support emails to the MLPA committee to limit closures? Anyone you know with an email address can take 5 minutes and fill out the forms, which auto-send to the 6 key people we need to influence. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated...
  409. Jason

    Deno's dad just plugged a nice one

    Hey joto! This Is Deno my dad just killed a nice deer here in D16. Start a thread for me and ill finish it later. start getting the boys all excited...
  410. Jason

    Saturday October 24th

    Hanna and friends all have lots of Bluefin, Yellowfin and Albacore on board. 66 Miles from San Diego. 32.00 x 118.20 There were a couple Yellowfin taken on the Ridge today. Dorado on the Hidden Bank.
  411. Jason

    Lupe opened back up this morning

    Just got word that Ken Franke is telling the fleet it's a go. The boats will NOT have to stop in at Ensenada.
  412. Jason

    La Jolla Hoopnetting 9pm

    Tailwalker Sportfishing Rich Gallegos of Tailwalker Sportfishing just called in 9pm. Said the bugs are crawling very well right now on the downward side of the tide. He has over 110 bugs in the hoops tonight with 5 legals on board and 1 legal farmed? How his crew farmed a bug he doesn't know...
  413. Jason

    Fridays Fishdope Report

    Everyone should have had a good weekend! Channel Islands Yellowtail keep popping up on the Backside of Santa Cruz Island. Look around Yellowbanks, Alberts and Mar Medows. The Calico Bass bite has also been good. Prisoners to Pelican is holding some Bonito and Barracuda. Chinese Harbor is...
  414. Jason

    The Dorado, Albacore, Yellowfin, Yellowtail wanted to die today. Wed/26th

    Had the Okuma guys on the boat today. Never made it to the Albacore numbers down below. 47 miles from home hit huge kelps for limits of Dorado with many smaller 12-15lb ones released. Near limits mixed tuna. Albacore to 40lbs, Yellowfin to 20lbs, lost a 15lb Bluefin, limits if we took um rat...
  415. Jason

    2009 MAW Tuna Seminar this Thursday!

    TUNA CHALLENGE 2009 On Thursday evening, August 27, the Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge Tournament will host its 8th Annual TUNA SEMINAR, at Silver Gate Yacht Club on Shelter Island, San Diego. This annual event is a great opportunity for Tournament Anglers to learn about the latest techniques and...
  416. Jason

    Saturday 22nd While everyone was getting beat up The Boardroom was having fun

    Todd Mansur of The Boardroom and Okuma Fishing, called in via sat phone to let Fishdope members know how his day was going. No complaining about weather where he was at... Enjoy the pictures. Double Blind Jig Strike on Dorado that brought a huge school to the boat... Birds, porpoise...
  417. Jason

    Great little cam for fishing

    Super cheap price for this cam. Super easy to use for fishing trips on private boat. Http://
  418. Jason

    Isn't using a spotter plane cheating?

    We don't care. Fishdope uses spotter planes weekly to look at where the fish are. Today Ali got to go up with one of them with a camera. Here are some pictures taken today on the tuna grounds. GPS numbers are on Fishdope's members reports. Marlin Where did all the tuna go? Small...
  419. Jason

    Coronado Islands going off!

    3/4 day sportboat counts out of Mission Bay and San Diego are very good for Yellowtail! Every boat is loaded up with anglers accept the Chubasco II. Chubasco II Anglers 16 | 53 yellowtail, 18 Cuda, 11 Bonito San Diego Anglers 69 | 104 Yellowtail, 9 Bonito, 11 Barracuda I know...
  420. Jason

    Hoofish radio

    FishFace Radio Network - Radio For Men Can listen on line. They are giving away a flyfishing trip for 2 WITH SUPER MODELS up in Mammoth. Make sure to watch their live webcast as they have some of the "Talent" from Pure Platnum coming in to the studio... I'll be on around 10:45 for a...
  421. Jason

    Albacore fishing dropped off today, but....

    Yellowfin picked up! Now is the time to jump on a sportboat as the run is 90 to 120 miles. This is the next wave of fish that will make it's way to our local banks. Run and gun sonar, birds, porpoise and paddy fishing. 8 to 25lb Yellowfin and 18 to 30lb yellowtail. The Yellowfin want to chew...
  422. Jason

    Dana Point Sum Fun Calico Bass Action

    Report from Brian Woolley Captain of the Sum Fun out of Dana Point to on Friday w/Pictures. Dana Point, Orange County Whale Watching Trips, Sportfishing Charters &amp; Cruises in Southern California (CA) Super good bass fishing. With this swell the water has really...
  423. Jason


    Rocky from World Wide Fish Mounts Fiberglass Replica - Tuna - Marlin - Dorado - Sailfish - Worldwide Fish Mounts - Worldwide Fish Mounts delivered my Bigeye last week. Looks really good Rocky! Thanks for the BD pricing. Makes it way cheaper to get a quality mount.
  424. Jason

    So who's going?

    TicketDerby >> San Diego Pride Festival 2009
  425. Jason

    Great Sea Surface Temperature Shots today

    The Sea Surface Temperature Shots for the California Bight were very good today! Our highway from the south looks to be shutting down for a while. This could explain the drop in the fish counts. Eddy starting up below Ensenada curling to the south. Hope it connects the warm water by...
  426. Jason

    Slow but BDr's are getting them!

    Pretty slow this morning offshore for most. But some BD and FD members have a few on board and are in productive areas. More Dorado being taken today as they are coming in stronger in the warmer water. Reported breezy on the Tuna Grounds. Nice everywhere else. Catalina is still kicking out...
  427. Jason

    Fishfaceradio Check it out right now

    FishFace Radio Network - Radio For Men They have a live feed with webcam. They were writing BD things on the white board at the begining of the show I heard... I talked with them about bringing in strippers from Oceanside to be on the webcam. You have to watch next week for sure! :D...
  428. Jason

    Day started slow but some were found

    40 to 45 miles! With an SST and Chlorophyll you can see where they are. Colder side of the break and in clean water. Black/Purple Jigs. FD Boat limited out.
  429. Jason

    Tuna Grounds Slower

    Fishing is slow this morning on the grounds. Some boats running the stripe most of this morning on the tuna. Good Paddy fishing for Yellowtail from 35 miles out today. Some Dorado 10-20lbs. Weather is fine.
  430. Jason

    1 Day boats Limiting out this morning!

    Now is the time to go! The Voyager out of Seaforth had a one stop limit out this morning right at day break. This is the same zone the Pacific Star found yesterday. The Albacore are very keyed in on Anchovies right now. They are sticking to the corner on a single or double jig strike. This is...
  431. Jason

    Just talked to the Pacific Quest

    17 Albacore 4 Yellowtail 9 Anglers. It didn't bite til around 10am for them. 1 day range a bit further up the line from the other boats! Weather is down. Fishing Charters | Fishing Trips | Sportfishing Boats | Deep Sea Fishing | Tuna Fishing | San Diego | Southern California - Quest...
  432. Jason

    Weather down, Fish come up!

    1 Day range. Boats are hammering the fish right now. Weather is down from what it has been the last two weeks. Just talked to Captain Greg Obymako on the Pacific Star, he's reporting 40+ Albacore and 21 Yellowtail. Blue Fin now being hung as they are popping up everywhere. The Pacific Star is...
  433. Jason

    What would you do?

    I've had my GF for 11 years now (practically lives with me) - small white, petite thang, cooks for me, always been good to me. I go away on holiday for a week, come back and something just doesn't seem right. I asked my Father if he had seen anything happen with my GF and he acts clueless...
  434. Jason

    Go at least 60 miles or waste your time!

    Boats reporting in today from the 182,302,371,425,390 and Hidden Bank. NOTHING. Don't waste your time! 238 to the 295 down to the Lower 500 is your best chance. Black/Purple mini Jet Heads or black/purple daisy chains. Bluefn tuna are eating the B/P and B/G jigs as well. Weather came...
  435. Jason

    Reporting hazards to Coastguard

    To the Forum Administrators, Recently a fisherman reported to the United States Coast Guard, via our Public Affairs page, objects in the water that could be a potential hazard to navigation. We were able to locate the forums where it was discussed after a several minutes of searching...
  436. Jason

    HAZZARD at the 209!

    Metal Stabilizing pipes about 6' long floating all over the 209 bank. They must have fallen off a cargo ship. They are floating vertical anywhere from 2" to 2' above the water and are hard to see.
  437. Jason

    Laguna Beach Mayor needs all fishermen here!

    Wednesday, July 1 Aliso Creek Inn 31106 South Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 499-2271 Get there at 4:30pm to find parking. Meeting starts at 5:30pm. Events & Activities South Coast Summer Public Open Houses June 29 and 30, and July 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13 5:30 - 8:30 p.m...
  438. Jason

    Blue Fin / Albacore Local

    Joe on the Bongos III on a 1/2 day caught 3 Blue Fin Tuna and 3 Yellowtail! Out of LA Yesterday. Just south of there Whales with Albacore found... Within 25 miles from San Diego. And we just heard there are drift nets and seiners on them. Yay!
  439. Jason

    Team Tail Chasers wins Dash for Cash!

  440. Jason

    Coronado Islands MUST READ

    Email from Ross Gordon Please be advised Due to recent near death of a Mexican tuna farm diver via an American recreational fishing boats entering the Coronado’s island tuna farm concession at high speed It is in the best interest of all parties for Baja Aqua Farms SA DE CV...
  441. Jason

    Wierd Al Craigslist

    YouTube - "Weird Al" Yankovic - Craigslist
  442. Jason

    BOLA / San Francisquito

    Here are some pictures. Lots of Yellowtail, dorado, marlin and Cabrilla. No gringos anywhere. Wind only at night. Fishing was decent. Caught on Reebs Lures!
  443. Jason

    BD/FD on Fish Face Radio this Saturday 10am

    FishFace Radio Network - Radio For Men I will be on yapping about Fishdope, YT tournament and how bad ass all the BD community is. I'm sure some of you guys will call in to put me on the spot. I will find out who you are and make sure the favor is returned on BD :D.
  444. Jason

    Will the Yellowtail Shootout be won by a fish from SCI?

    San Clemente Island has been kicking out Yellowtail. Our buddy Todd Mansur on the Board Room sponsored by Okuma Reels sent over some pics of his fish this week. Will the winning Yellowtail come from SCI?
  445. Jason

    What size Yellowtail will win this years tournament?

    Just for fun. What size Yellowtail will win the 2009 Yellowtail Shootout? What size will be brought in for Dash For Cash (first yellowtail to the dock)?
  446. Jason

    60lb White Sea Bass taken from Newport Harbor

    Last Sunday Captain Dave Hansen called me with a report about a 60lb White Sea Bass taken from the Harbor Patrol Dock in Newport Harbor. His buddys were fishing plastics for calico bass and hooked in to this bad boy. Got the picture today.
  447. Jason

    Captain Greg Obymako Halibut Catalina

    Captain Greg Obymako is now doing guide services on your boat through Captain Dave Hansens Guide Service. Greg spent the day at Catalina (Backside middle) the past couple of days. He had a 41lb White Sea Bass the first day and a 27lb Halibut the second. Greg says the island has been slow on...
  448. Jason

    BD might get laggy and go down this weekend

    We are adding a third server to the BD network. We are hoping things go smoothly with the addition. The website might seem laggy as of 9pm tomorrow night til early monday morning. There might be a couple hours of down time. Please do not freak out and hurt anyone! For my friends please...
  449. Jason

    To see who is in the Yellowtail Shootout this year... Presents Yellowtail Shootout We added the registered teams feature back in to the website. Right now you have a 12 to 1 chance of winning 1st place $.
  450. Jason

    Bloodydecks Intrepid Charters 2009

  451. Jason

    Private Boat Yellowtail and Bluefin

    Just so you guys know. They are within 50 miles. 2 FD sources were on them this weekend. The yellowtail are small 8-10lbs. The Bluefin are 12-15lbs with a 20 or so mixed in.
  452. Jason

    Chubasco 2 is now running

    Chubasco 2 Sportfishing-San Diego,CA The Chubasco II has moved docks from Islandia/Mission Bay Sportfishing one dock east to Sportsman Seafoods dock. Park on the street. They are now running 3/4 day trips to the Coronado Islands. Fishing has been good with limits of Barracuda and a...
  453. Jason


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  454. Jason

    Posesseed singing trout

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  455. Jason

    5/8 Pacific Quest lands biggest WSB of the year

    The Pacific Quest tipped the scales this friday with the biggest White Sea Bass for the Catalina fleet this season so far... This 60.1 pound White Seabass was cought on the pacific Quest Friday at catalina Island. Captain Josh Walton Put Angler Jeff Spiszer On the Spot Fishing 30lbs Mono...
  456. Jason

    Silver Salmon off Dana Point

    Brian Woolley on the Sum Fun sent in this picture this morning. Check this out. Coastal silver salmon in the kelp at San Onofre this morning. Nice. Too bad we can't keep his tasty ass. Later, Brian Dana Point, Orange County Whale Watching Trips, Sportfishing Charters & Cruises in...
  457. Jason

    Report from the Sum Fun out of Dana Point

    We get daily reports like this from FD sources... Pretty slow today. A nice swell out of the SW today made things tough to fish up through Laguna Beach. The shallow hard bottom and boiler rocks have been the good areas and with the swell it really churned that inside water up today and made...
  458. Jason

    West Coast Custom Rod Show

    See you guys there today.... The West Coast Custom Rod Show
  459. Jason

    Your classifieds

    So yeah. Went back to the old way to make people happy. The boats will remain in the old software for now.
  460. Jason

    Squid at the islands

    Squid has been at Beechers, Eagles Nest, Platts and the front side of Santa Cruz at Valdez. CH 18 for the Outer Banks if you want to buy squid.
  461. Jason

    Registering a handgun

    I have a Sig Saur that I bought in 1996 off a friend. I have a written letter stating what I paid, date and the serial # with his signature. I have the original box for it. If I want to sell it what do I have to do? Register it in my name first I assume. How can I register it if the guy is...
  462. Jason

    Saluki Wishes he could play this game

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  463. Jason

    Pacific Quest Catalina Seabass 4-22

    Greg sent these pics over while they were at the island. They had just put thier 7th White Sea Bass on the boat. Nicer grade. 40lbs. They went 7 for 15 today on the seabass... They have another overnight leaving tonight from Pierpoint $165 Always 12 person MAX.
  464. Jason

    Sea Bass Biting

    Weather clearing up. Water took a drop in temp but the seabass didn't care. Limits today for those that were there EARLY. Wind came up this afternoon but was mellow this morning. Full float of bait on the backside bait grounds. Go get um! Pacific Quest still has room if you want to hop on...
  465. Jason

    There is something in Tommys Sea Food

    That makes my wife go crazy. I've gotten some the last two nights since I've been cooking Catalina Offshores Black Sea Bass, Pargo and Giant Scallops. Thanks Tommy! Your sea food makes not only my stomach happy but my marriage as well. Wind is up today. Great time to write MLPA letters...
  466. Jason

    Pacific Quest 2 day BD Discount 17th - 19th

    Talked with Captain Greg Pregler Owner of the Pacific Quest. Pacific Quest Sportfishing He has room on his open party leaving this friday the 17th returning the 19th. They plan on making bait then fishing the Yellowtail at San Clemente Island, loading up on reds and lings then back over to...
  467. Jason

    Twilight trip on the Freelance

    Captain Dave Hansen sent this picture over from last nights trip he was running on the Freelance. Hottie. Thanks Dave.
  468. Jason

    Hit in the face with a soccer ball

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  469. Jason

    Locked in Car

    <object width="464" height="376"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" width="464"...
  470. Jason

    Puerto Vallarta Big Game Fishing April 3-5

    Arrived in Puerto Vallarta the afternoon of the 2nd. Checked in to a Bloodydecks members hotel Club Embarcadero Pacifico Puerto Vallarta dropped our baggage and headed out to eat. After eating we met up with Manny Pacifico and Juan down at the docks and yapped for a while. Hopped on the Top Gun...
  471. Jason

    Sliver Salmon Caught at Catalina Island

    Captain Dave Hansen of Daves' guide service Southern California Sport Fishing, Charters and Divings - Liquid Coast Highway Charters was filling in for the regular captain on the Freelance fishing Catalina Island today. Dave had 18 anglers on board and caught 12 Halfmoon, 3 California...
  472. Jason

    PV Fishing April 3-5

    Hung out with Juan, Manny and Lora in PV. Ali, Matt, Ruben and I headed down on the thursday before. Here is what we caught. HUGE JACKS! MASSIVE PARGOS! CHICKS ON THE BOAT! LOTS OF FUCKING! around It felt like I was living a captain Joshua dream in Puerto Vallarta.
  473. Jason

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    San Pedro Bait San Pedro Bait Co Long Beach Bait Barge Long Beach Bait Company Newport Bait - Dana Point, Mission Bay, San Diego Post on this thread once and then keep editing to update your reports. This will be much...
  474. Jason

    3-31 Sum Fun 2 Fer Tuesday

    We went down the line to the cod grounds below San Onofre today. We are fishing in 40 fathoms trying to get our sculpin on the boat and the current is still like a river. The guys fishing the superlines are definately at an advantage today. Almost too much current out here. Heavy lead again...
  475. Jason

    Sum Fun out of Dana Point Early Saturday Report

    Captain Brian Woolley on the Sum Fun Dana Point, Orange County Whale Watching Trips, Sportfishing Charters & Cruises in Southern California (CA) wrote in to Fishdope today. So far this morning there has been zero wind. Finally! We are fishing down the coast off of the Box Canyon area of...
  476. Jason

    I guess I'm going to PV

    Ali won't stop talking about all the good fishing going on in PV. He needed someone to go with so I made the mistake of saying I'd go. I'll make sure I don't catch anything over 100lbs as it all sounds like too much work. Or maybe I'll just catch the bait then take a siesta while the other guys...
  477. Jason

    Brian Woolley of the SUM FUN

    Brian called in this morning with a nice little bass bite out of Dana Point before he ran the afternoon 1/2 day trip. Thanks for the picture Brian. Glad to have you aboard with Fishdope.
  478. Jason

    Pacific Quest WSB

    Greg Pregler of the Pacific Quest Fishing Charters | Fishing Trips | Sportfishing Boats | Deep Sea Fishing | Tuna Fishing | San Diego | Southern California - Quest Sportfishing Charters sent us this picture yesturday along with their daily report for Fishdope. Bill Hennigh of Garden Grove...
  479. Jason

    Squid is back

    Catalina has some squid running again. Bait boats will be outside Avalon and maybe around the backside bait grounds. Get you some. There has been some YT and WSB caught today. Should be a decent weekend. 3 days after the full moon... All the details at you know where.
  480. Jason

    Fishing Slow

    The fishing the last couple of days has been slow up and down the coast. Catalina had some nicer size WSB taken 40-50lbs last week but the bite has dropped off to nothing. Full moon tonight seems to be the culprit. The bite should pick up on friday/saturday...
  481. Jason

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    This list is for ridesharing with BD members. For those of you on the 2008 list please update your information here. How to sign up Name: Age: Boat: Days Available: Referances: Experiance: Drink/Smoke: Contact info: Add a picture if you would like.
  482. Jason

    Fred Hall setup on Tuesday

    Ali and I plan on being up there between 12pm-1pm. PM me your phone numbers and I'll call when we are an hour out. Bring hands, arms, and a screwgun if you have it. Lots of screws this year...
  483. Jason

    Catalina has Squid

    Long Beach Carnage is on the backside of the island this weekend if you don't get filled up at Long Beach Bait or San Pedro Bait. Moon Phase is good. Weather is good. Time to run your boat...
  484. Jason

    What you assholes are like at every BD party

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  485. Jason


    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  486. Jason

    Good Memories of the Fred Hall Shows

    Post what made the old Fred Hall shows so good back in the day. Maybe some of the venders on BD can use some of the feedback to more serve the public...
  487. Jason

    Who the hell is on ch72?

    Scrambled all day. Had to turn the radio off. Annoying as hell and can't even talk to someone if I wanted to. Navy?
  488. Jason

    Ali has some explaining to do

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  489. Jason

    Hottest new item for private boaters Baja Fishing Charts

    I'm pretty stoked on this. Baja Directions Fishing Charts Sportfishing Atlas Baja California Edition Baja Directions just dropped off the new Baja California Atlas. This Atlas has ALL of the long range spots in it that I have always wondered where they were. Along with Colonet, San...
  490. Jason

    Hottest new item for private boaters Baja Fishing Charts

    I'm pretty stoked on this. Baja Directions Fishing Charts Sportfishing Atlas Baja California Edition Baja Directions just dropped off the new Baja California Atlas. This Atlas has ALL of the long range spots in it that I have always wondered where they were. Along with Colonet, San...
  491. Jason

    Hottest new item for private boaters Baja Fishing Charts

    I'm pretty stoked on this. Baja Directions Fishing Charts Sportfishing Atlas Baja California Edition Baja Directions just dropped off the new Baja California Atlas. This Atlas has ALL of the long range spots in it that I have always wondered where they were. Along with Colonet, San...
  492. Jason

    Baja Fishing Charts Long Range Spots

    I'm pretty stoked on this. Baja Directions Fishing Charts Sportfishing Atlas Baja California Edition Baja Directions just dropped off the new Baja California Atlas. This Atlas has ALL of the long range spots in it that I have always wondered where they were. Along with Colonet, San...
  493. Jason

    This could be very fun Taking Advantage Of Technology - Inside Programmable Road Signs Tshirt to the first one that puts BD on it... J/K
  494. Jason

    Lobster cards must be sent out by January 31st!!

    I just remembered that I have to send mine in. Reminding everyone else as well so no one gets popped...
  495. Jason

    Careful Selling a boat

    I'm not stupid enough to fall for this one... Just warning others as I have seen these types of emails sent to me since I've had up this Parker for sale. This one came from boat trader magazine. --- On Mon, 1/26/09, MICHAEL LAKES <[email protected]> wrote: From: MICHAEL LAKES...
  496. Jason

    White Sea Bass Pics 40lbs+

    Need a picture of a WSB being held horizontally for fishdope redesign. Free FD tee shirt to whoever's picture we use. So lets see um. Need them to be attached to this post with out the BD watermark on the picture.
  497. Jason

    Macbook Wheel

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  498. Jason

    Need Marlin Release pictures

    Got a good one with the fish in the water? I need a picture for a new website I'm building. Use the manage attachments so it doesn't get the bd watermark on it...
  499. Jason

    Must read book. The secret. Ari Brouillette's review of The Secret
  500. Jason

    anyone know the rules on launching in AZ?

    We want to launch in AZ at martinez lake. But hunt CA side of the river. We don't have AZ licenses. What is the deal with that? Illegal to bring birds back with us?
  501. Jason

    NOAA adding fee to SALTWATER license

    NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA Proposes Rule to Require Saltwater Angler Registration I don't even know what to say.
  502. Jason

    Intrepid Press Release

    To: All Fishing Media Intrepid Sportfishing has asked me to send you this special press release. The fishing for huge tuna on the 10 - 15 day trips is providing long term anglers a special, possibly once in a life time opportunity to catch, not just a 200 pound tuna, but possibly a...
  503. Jason

    The Dog House

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  504. Jason

    Dungeness crab How do I prepare?

    Albertsons has Dunge's on sale for $3.99/lb. So I picked up 3. How would you prepare these?
  505. Jason

    The wunder boner

    Enjoy your boner. <object width="450" height="370"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"...
  506. Jason

    SNL Skit Jizzed in my pants

    What the hell. They show it on regular TV.
  507. Jason

    Hawaii Fishing Island Video

    So I was looking up the islands and found this. The host cracks me up! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  508. Jason

    Which Island is the best Fishing Island?

    I have only fished on the island of Kona. It seemed like fishing on that island was either on fire or completely shut down. Nothing but quality, no quantity. Which fishing islands is pressured the most by long liners and big commercial fishing operations? I'll go back some day to fish the...
  509. Jason

    For Mots

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  510. Jason

    Mr.Limpet 105 year old today!

    Damn John you are old.:_diarrhea_:
  511. Jason

    Monitor Deal

    Looks good! - Acer P244Wbii Glossy Black 24&#34; 2ms &#40;GTG&#41; HDMI 16&#58;9 Full 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd&#47;m2 20000&#58;1 ACM - LCD Monitors Acer P244Wbii Glossy Black 24" 2ms (GTG) HDMI 16:9 Full 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor - Retail Recommended...
  512. Jason

    Saw stop with a finger

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  513. Jason

  514. Jason

    GSXR Ticket and FAIL

    <a href="">GSXR fights back</a><br/><object width="425px" height="360px" ><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"/><param name="movie"...
  515. Jason

    What's wrong with this picture?

    What's wrong with this picture?
  516. Jason

    The Flip Video

    Talking to Mike ?fisherman about my wifes new toy... I bought her this for our anniversary. She always tries to take my expensive camcorder with her everywhere then it takes me hours to rip all the video off just so she can show family the video of our kid. This is a retard proof mini cam that...
  517. Jason

    MDRA Press Release - White Seabass Release Nov 6, 2008

    MARINA DEL REY ANGLERS 4230 Del Rey Ave. Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Date: November 14, 2008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marina del Rey Anglers released 4,248 juvenile white seabass into the Marina del Rey embayment during a ceremony last week on November 6. This brings the total...
  518. Jason

    Cheap video camera to destroy on the boat

    Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM) JVC MiniDV Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom $129.99 + $5 shipping Good enough to post video reports with... Expires 10pm tomorrow.
  519. Jason

    Fishermans Wiki

    Here is a little site I started that we can all have fun with. Main Page - Fishing Slang - A Fishermans Wiki Accounts are free and users can add and edit to it. This site will be used in referance to all those questions people always have in the forums... IE what is a turdroller...
  520. Jason

    Bloodydecks community acts of kindness

    Gather content of all "good" things BD Community has done and who was responsible for it. This includes scanning articles out of magazines and newspapers. Links and copied text of online articles including BD threads.
  521. Jason

    Discuss - Bashing / dogpiling other members

    In my eyes it gets BD no where but on peoples shit lists. Including the industry and political groups. I am not talking about ribbing each other.
  522. Jason

    T-Shark Discussion

    Without pointing fingers to any individual BD member, discuss the thresher shark fishery here.
  523. Jason

    Funny Fishing Pictures Thread

    Funny fishing pictures go here. They don't have to be of you. Even better if it's your friends... I'll start.
  524. Jason

    When leaving on a 5 day, make sure to know...

    What time the boat is leaving! SDangler "Mark" just made the boat wait 45 min at the dock...
  525. Jason

    The Wierd News Thread

    I saw this on another forum and it was pretty entertaining.. Post on this single thread weird news that you hear about...
  526. Jason

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge

    Who's fishing it this year? Tuna Jihad is in... What size fish is it going to take to win this tournament? dont forget to put bloodydecks as your club...
  527. Jason

    Put your boats away!

    The week after Labor Day weekend is only 2 days away. Time for everyone to put their boats away for the season. Fishing is crappy and gas is expensive. Football starts soon. Weather has cooled off which makes perfect mid day tee times. Kids are back in school which means no more summer...
  528. Jason


    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  529. Jason

    News on BD

    Whenever my wife says "on the news I heard this" I am always saying "I know I saw it on BD already". Anyone else?
  530. Jason


    :D Ernesto Granillo III's review of Ubuntu 7.04 PC Edition [Old Version]
  531. Jason is now LIVE

    Catch More Fish, Burn Less Fuel - Fishing Tools - Reports - FishDope Thank you all for the feedback. Some of your ideas were implemented in the development of We will always be upgrading to expand the technology and from feedback of our users. If you have already...
  532. Jason

    Man Law

    1. No wasted beer in the name of humor. 1A) Have fun but be honorable, respect women, only a real man can achieve this. 2. It has been made official that under no circumstances should the male have to pay for birth control 3. If your best friend is dumped by a girl it is a 6 month...
  533. Jason

    Golden Shellback Waterproof Coating for Electronics

    Thought you guys might be interested in this. Especially Ali... OhGizmo! Archive Golden Shellback Waterproof Gadget Coating (Your Fish Wants An iPhone) Water and electronics tend not to mix very well. It’s shocking, I know. Solutions to this problem are certainly available, but most of...
  534. Jason

    PS3 vs Xbox

    Which do you prefer and why?
  535. Jason

    Advanced comp users that care about BD

    This is what our ads tech wants you to do – it would really help w/ our troubleshooting. Download Tamper Data...
  536. Jason

    So I got a new Kayak and will be fishing LJ this weekend.

    Here it is. BUDDYBOATS | The sportman's best friend
  537. Jason

    4pm-6pm Online Radio Reminder

    All Outdoors Radio Network These guys talk about BD A Lot. Sometimes about BD members or posts on the forums... Kinda fun to listen while reading BD. They also talk San Diego Saltwater... Call in's from Sportie capts that give up info and our own Fishdope Jim aka Wildcat talking about BD and...
  538. Jason

    The Seiners are here!

    That time of season again. Seiners are officially here! Woohooo! Saw a huge spot of 30-50lb BFT wrapped as they pushed us off a spot... 30 miles from the point. 16/40 Hung a few and only landed 1. Our other buddy boats did well. You will see... Chase the birds and throw lots of bait. Oh and...
  539. Jason

    YTSO on Sign on San Diego / Union Tribune > Sports -- Hunting/fishing report At the bottom
  540. Jason

    Stolen Boat! Vista, CA

    Anyone know what kind of boat Reebs Lures owns? Mike called me on saturday saying his boat got stolen from in front of his house by a red SUV at around 5am. I told him to post it up but I haven't seen the post. I know it was a bay/bass boat Center Console with a Trolling motor and AA Marine...
  541. Jason

    Need a concrete guy

    Medium sized back yard, customer wants to fill in the patio around existing walkways and build a BBQ. I believe he wants it stamped. Located in Vista. I don't do concrete... The guy wants it done and is going to look in the yellow pages if I don't give him someone's number.
  542. Jason

    ok the crew is in seward

    long travel days for us all. too excited to sleep so we yapped old stories about gay lumberjacks and vince hitting on eskimos. damn sun didnt go down til after midnight. wendys for dinner. drive through was open and was so slow we ate our whole meals in courses sitting at the drive through. ive...
  543. Jason

    Not get invited back on a private boat

    Since the sport boat how to is so fun....Without mentioning names... Post a report with numbers to a rockcod spot that the owner of the vessel asked you not to share.
  544. Jason

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    This thread is supposed to explain all the tricks for getting fish on a sportboat without being courteous to others :D. This way everyone will know WHAT NOT TO DO on a sport boat. I'll start. Grab someone elses rod w/out permission to fish durring a hot bite because you are too lazy to retie.
  545. Jason


  546. Jason

    Review New Indiana Jones

    SUCKED BALLZ. Very disappointed. Maybe a rent movie on a rainy day. Not worth the hype IMO. Didn't have the sparkle and humor that the old one's had.
  547. Jason

    Blue Tooth Ear Star Trek Thingys?

    I have to buy 3 of these things for my family. What's the best bang for the buck? I'll be using one a lot. Damn people that can't drive with a phone to their ear....
  548. Jason

    Building a West Coast Sport Fisher Part 1

    Finding the Right Boat Ali and I fish together most of the time. Both of us have been running trailer boats for as long as we can remember. When talk came up about upgrading to a bigger boat we decided to sell ours and partner up. We started looking at all of the great boat manufacturers...
  549. Jason

    San Diego Marlin Club's Spring Shootout TOMORROW!

    Marlin Club San Diego for application.
  550. Jason

    Thresher Shark Fishing Sunday

    Matt is no longer a virgin Ali left the boat fueled, mackies in the tank, and beer on ice. Walked on the boat turned on the engines and bailed out of the harbor in no time. Brought Chris Reed from Baja Directions and Matt Bowland (my plumber) on the boat. Both were T virgins. Ran out to...
  551. Jason

    Registration is now OPEN!

    Registration is now open! Click here to Register There is no cut off date and unlimited amount of teams. Late registration starts June 13th and will cost $375 for the team (up to 3 anglers) and $125 each additional angler. Additional meal tickets are ONLY if your guest wants to eat...
  552. Jason

    Sharkin 5/9/08

    Fun day on the water. Lots and lots of knockdowns. Estimated every 15minutes there was action. Same area as everyone else. 2 t's released at the boat (See Video). Lots of knockdowns with long distance releases. Mako that put on the best show I've ever seen out of a mako. Flips...
  553. Jason

    Registration is opening soon! Old Thread.

    Open NOW! Presents Yellowtail Shootout Start gathering your teams and fixing up the boat...
  554. Jason

    South Western Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tournament April 26th 2008

    The 38th Annual Benefiting San Diego Hospice And Palliative Care Saturday April 26th, 2008 Join the SWYC Anglers to help benefit the patients and families of San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care. It will be a fun day of fishing!...Starting with breakfast and ending with the Awards...
  555. Jason

    Day at the docks... BD Tee blowout.

    Blowing out the random shirts/sizes/styles that have been discontinued by BD at Day at the docks. This year will be first come first to find as we are dumping all of the shirts in to trash cans by sizes for YOU to pick through... C U there.
  556. Jason


    Until traffic gets real hot in one specific area I'd like to know how you guys want the forums set up... I created a North East section for you guys... Being that I am only trained on the west coast sections how would you like it divided?
  557. Jason

    Okay the joke is over

    Happy April Fools.
  558. Jason

    First rule for new moderators

    Don't think I am stupid. I have moderator logs as to who did what. Stop fucking with my posts. Don't poke the bear...
  559. Jason

    For the members coming to fred hall this weekend

    Please help us by removing any bd stickers off trashcans floor and any booths. We don't want to lose the privledge of giving out free stickers...
  560. Jason

    at the show

    All set up. All the mods are at the show.... Saluki is the only mod on for the week. He now has a ban button... See you guys when you get here.
  561. Jason

    Dear Cooter. There might still be a match for you.

    AdultSheepFinder - The Worlds #1 Sheep Sex and Dating Personals Site
  562. Jason

    Offshore banks GPS Numbers Needed

    Also need the names of the banks... For way offshore banks below the 118 line to Guadalupe island... Also West of the Dumper to the 121 line. I have all of the banks off of the Baja Directions SD offshore chart. Elephant? Boomerang? Bell? etc.
  563. Jason

    Quick run down of rules on BD

    We are a very relaxed forum. Community shaped... Anything that shows Dicks, lips, or tits is NOT OKAY on BD. Many people view this site from work. No Politics. They are the best way to divide a community... No kids under 13 are allowed to register on the site. Please pay attention to what...
  564. Jason

    Babu sighting?

    Sheriff: Woman sat on toilet for 2 years - Yahoo! News
  565. Jason

    Know your VHF Radio

    Radio, VHF Everyone hates radio abuse...
  566. Jason

    Fred Hall Show Day 2

    Just got in from goofing around with Ali, Manny, his brother Carlos, and Manny's boyfriend Juan. :D. Thanks to all those that have made it by the booth the last two days. All of the die hard bd fans have made LA feel good so far. Thanks to all the guys that come by to help daily and sneek us...
  567. Jason

    Free movies?

    QuickSilverScreen - Watch Movies Online Free Illegal as heck in the USA. But the site is ran in Malaysia where there are no US copyright laws... TV Show Directory Threatened by Fox Web TV Wire
  568. Jason

    2 NEW BD Shirt Designs debut @ Fred Hall Long Beach

    Special Fred Hall Show Pricing on ALL of our designs this year! We will have a fully stocked booth with every design BD has... Sizes Med-3x and in sweatshirts. Albacore Tattoo These designs will be sold online in April as BD will have a booth at both Fred Hall Shows this...
  569. Jason

    Fred Hall Fishing Show opening day Long Beach

    Who's going?
  570. Jason

    Sunset Beach was decent looking Photo Galleries :: Swell brings large waves
  571. Jason

    Ski trip? Who's in?

    Brokeback Mountain Ski Area You guys pick the dates. I probably won't go.
  572. Jason

    Booth Photo's at Fred Hall

    If you would like a chance to have your picture on the backdrop of the BD booth or even on it's own blown up picture. Email full sized non watermarked pictures to [email protected] or upload in a post here using the "attach files" NOT THE GALLERY.
  573. Jason

    Raw Fishing Footage Needed for Fred Hall Booth...

    Want to be a superstar? I have less than a week to get some footage together if BDr's want to be on the Dual TV's at the FH booth... Need RAW FOOTAGE on CD, DVD, or Digital. If you can upload it to an FTP I will set one up. Who's got what?
  574. Jason

    Where can I get Crushed Velvet in N.County SD

    UFO doesn't carry Burgundy and black Crushed Velvet anymore. The stuff we used on our booth for Fred Hall last year. I need 3 yards of each color for repairs on the booth... Yardage Town sucked. Where else?
  575. Jason

    Anyone going to the Miami Boat show?

    Would love to see some pictures from this years show. What's the new gadgets?
  576. Jason

    February 13th 2008 marks 5 years of BD

    BD was opened to public on Feb 13th, 2003 by myself and about 40 of my close friends. It quickly grew to 700 people in the first year. 1,500 the second year. And been out of control to this date :D. Thank you to every member of this site for supporting us. Since we can't send a birthday...
  577. Jason

    Marlin Magazine "Marlin World"

    Thought this was pretty cool. They just released an online magazine for free. It's great to see the fishing industry grow in to year 2000 technology. Check it out 001_FebMar_2008 WHAT MAKES MARLIN WORLD DIFFERENT? &#8226; All website and email links in articles and adverts are...
  578. Jason

    A look back at '03 BD rules

    Ah the good ol days. 200 members...
  579. Jason

    Saltwater Fishing in GA?

    Is there any saltwater fishing in Georgia? I have never seen a report from that area. Closest I have been to there was Huntsville Alabama...When I was 13.
  580. Jason

    I noticed a lot of new Texan's...

    If you guys need additional Texas forums to play on let me know...
  581. Jason

    She's a ....

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  582. Jason

    Video report LJ 1/20

    To go along with this report Right click and save as 15megs
  583. Jason

    Format of the Yellowtail Shootout for '08

    Biggest Yellowtail wins. Teams instead of individual anglers. Top 10 pays cash + prizes. Jackpot slots $100, $300, $500 Start fishing time changed to 5am. Dash for cash now paying $2500 up from last years $1500. New location at The Sheraton Hotel Harbor Island. Bigger Vender Village...
  584. Jason

    Pacific Yacht Towers Pictures

    Hey guys Tom at PYT would like pictures of the work he has done on your boats. They are to be used on PYT's new website that is being built. If your picture is used on the website BD will ship you a Tee shirt for free! Please email full sized pictures to [email protected] Include your...
  585. Jason

    Ship High in Transport

    An interesting fact ? Manure : In the 16th and 17th centuries, everything had to be transported by ship and it was also before commercial fertilizer's invention, so large shipments of manure were common. It was shipped dry, because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet, but once...
  586. Jason

    Gizmoto pulling pranks at CES

    Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES Same thing but in Europe durring soccer games... YouTube - Hilarious Remote Control Soccer Prank
  587. Jason

    January Avet Contest

    This Month's Avet Reel is a ? Rules of the contest... Post pictures of a fish you caught this month After (1/1/08) using an Avet reel. Ending 1/31/08. The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!! We have final say. NO PHOTO TOUCH UP! Format of posting your picture. Picture on...
  588. Jason

    Boat Ho List 2008

    This list is for ridesharing with BD members. For those of you on the 2007 list please update your information here. How to sign up Name: Age: Boat: Days Available: Referances: Experiance: Drink/Smoke: Contact info: Add a picture if you would like. IE: Name:Jason H Age:33...
  589. Jason

    Video camera on the boat. Which lense?

    I just got a new video cam. PV-GS320 - MiniDV Camcorders - Shop and Compare at Panasonic Would like to shoot the action on the boat from the tuna tower. Which lens should I use for fisheye shots? I don't know which one to buy. a .43x or a .38x? Most shots will be within 15' of an angler...
  590. Jason

    Glacier Surfing Alaska

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  591. Jason

    BD moving servers again

    Bigger badder, more of them. I hate downtime, slow sites, etc... Host says moving files today (60gigs) then switch over tomorrow night.
  592. Jason

    West Coast Custom Rod Show May 3rd, Costa Mesa

    I know Docski will be there. Who else? If you do go please take lots of pictures! 2008 West Coast Custom Fishing Rod Show Saturday May 3rd Orange County Fair and Exposition Center Costa Mesa, California Admission $8.00 Pre ordered tickets $6.00
  593. Jason

    The name game

    Using Google Image Search search your first and last name. Post a picture (PG Rated) that comes up.
  594. Jason

    Western Outdoors Magazine

    I see a lot of new members that were referred by it. Who has it and what does it say???
  595. Jason

    New game for the Wii Videos : Dog Attacks Wii Gamer A little too realistic for me.
  596. Jason

    Zero Gravity Awesomeness

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  597. Jason

    Bloody Weekend December 7-9

    BD Swag All marked items in stock 25% off. Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, stickers! Bloodydecks SWAG Discounts run December 7th at 12:00AM to December 9th at 12:00PM All in stock items purchased this weekend will be shipped in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays from...
  598. Jason

    Bloodydecks Timing out for you?

    Ali and I noticed the website will "time out" for a random minute or two. It is not the server. Rite when you time out please run a tracert and either post it here or PM it to me. Start -> Run -> cmd tracert tracert ping
  599. Jason

    What's with this Boating Act Email I just got?

    November 28, 2007 Dear BoatUS Member, Your voice counts! And we need it to make sure the Recreational Boating Act of 2007 is passed quickly. Without this federal legislation you will need to apply and pay for a discharge permit to legally operate each of your boats, starting September...
  600. Jason

    Team Reebs Lures / Unibutter Saltwater Bass Showdown

    Congrats to Jesse Halbig and Kyle Rockwood for winning the Saltwater Bass Showdown in San Diego Bay on Nov. 17th. They not only got big Calico(5.7) but big sandy(2.3) as well. They fished the new Reebs Kelp Assassin 1.5oz jig with a Reebs 5" grub trailer smothered in Uni-Butter...
  601. Jason

    Question for members????

    So how would you go about moderating BD? How would you keep your ass (Ali and I's) from getting sued? Facts 30K plus members with opinions all behind keyboards that can dissapear at any time. A simple post can make or break a business. Government agencies view the site every day. The bills...
  602. Jason

    Coronado / Middle Grounds 11/15

    Boat problems kept us from running down to where the tuna/yt/dodo bite has been good. Pointed it back to the islands. Bonita foamers, breezing yt, and lots of dogs were all we found. Weather was FLAT with a little bit of grease. Bummed we couldn't run the 80 miles offshore...
  603. Jason

    The AC Slater

    In dedication to Babu. EMBARASSING- GF's mom caught me AC SLatering! - Forums
  604. Jason

    Need Demo crew in San Diego

    Looking for a contractor that runs a crew for demo. Commercial building. About 5 days work for 5 guys. Must be licensed. Contact me via PM or email [email protected]
  605. Jason

    Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing Saturday, December 1st, 2007

    Press Release for Immediate Publication Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing EVENT DETAILS: Fisherman's Landing in conjunction with Let’s Talk Hook-up, Western Ourdoor News, and several prominent fishing tackle manufactures, will host Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing. This event will...
  606. Jason

    F'n Hell!

    Sorry about the down time. Server has been dogcrud slow lately. We needa upgrade... Again. That would be 3 times this year... Apache has been taking a shit (too many connects, yes we have tweaked it), running 150 on the cpu... Ram is fine. Need a new processor or go to a cluster. $$$$$$...
  607. Jason

    Turkish Starwars

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  608. Jason

    Coastside survey

    Coastsiders The following press release was released by KPA STRATEGIES. This is a top of the line PR Firm that was hired by Coastside and the other members of our recreational angling coalition. This information went out to all the media outlets in this state along with the...
  609. Jason

    Recent Baja Trip Robbery

    Date: 2007-10-04 17:38:29 Name: Jesse Ferris Message: I was told by a friend that this would be a site that may be interested in a baja incident that happened last week. 3 am Saturday September 29 Don’t drive in Baja at night. Yes, this is another not so good Baja story...
  610. Jason

    Tunaslam 10/4/07

    Fished on Wildcat today with Tracker and Jim. Found life along the 30-32 line up by 55 all the way to the 21 line out. Above W Bfly. 66.5-67F Birds diving on fish, blind jig strikes, puddlers, foamers, sporties, etc. It was all out there. Have to make it past the 55 line and the life turns...
  611. Jason

    October - Pacific Voyager - Seaforth Landing, SD -October 12-14am

    1.5 day October 13 Tuna Trip !!! - Since there is no more BD Charters this season I am posting up the next best option. I am very surprised to see that this charter is not filled! I personally have caught bigeye the last two trips on these dates on this boat. George runs a...
  612. Jason

    Southern California Sport Fishing Regulations
  613. Jason

    Southern California Sport Fishing Regulations
  614. Jason

    nerd porn - Sexy Girls Moaning Your IP Address!