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  1. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    Anybody go check it out yet? Report? Feedback is welcome.
  2. Jason

    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    Really cool. I hope he does well and I will probably give him a call just to do something else one of these years.
  3. Jason

    Salton Sea 11-18-20

    How are you retrieving birds?
  4. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    Did anyone snag BD stickers yet? How many did they give you?
  5. Jason

    Beware another Scammer

    Yup was an email scammer. Good eye! Email address [email protected] using a Virginia IP address 70.32.0.xx From a proxy server.
  6. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    I swear it was put through no matter what we voted. You have to be a moron to vote for more taxes...
  7. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    CA voted for uncapped gas taxes. The Gov can raise them at any time...
  8. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    Trevor talked them into beating Costco prices, selling bait, reducing ice costs, doughnut & coffee, and giving away our stickers for free. :D The owners are listening... Gasbuddy this morning Costco $2.73 Summit $2.69 Diesel $2.69
  9. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    BD joined up with one of the cheapest gas stations in SD to bring better fuel prices than Costco, cheap frozen bait (flyers coming next season) and deals just for BD members. Summit Gasoline has you covered. Featuring: -Fuel always at low prices -Open 24/7 -Easy access to pumps for large...
  10. Jason

    More upgrades on the "Reel Adventure II " (my awesome ride)

    All these years I thought you had a bayliner. 😁
  11. Jason

    FREE Beware these types of scammers

    Usernname: robertamajo Email addresses used [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Phone number 6317214179 IP Continent: Africa Country: Nigeria ng flag State/Region: Lagos City: Lagos Typical private message: Not sure of you already...
  12. Jason

    Position Open at™ Reporter Job Description The™ Reporter is responsible for gathering information and writing daily articles/blog posts in a timely manner to update™ members on the day’s fishing reports and hot bite locations. Time Base: Part-time (15-18 days/month...
  13. Jason

    Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

    We haven't been able to get rid of him. He doesn't scare off easily.
  14. Jason

    Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

    Hopefully this is sneaky enough. Goose bunker West. 360 degree and overhead views. Hope no one cuts one in the blind with 8 people in it...
  15. Jason

    Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

    I'm building the slide away doors for the 16' pit next week... One side flooded the other side planted. Already have 1K snows on the club..
  16. Jason

    San Diego at last

    7 Miles off La Jolla is big schools of bonito. Whale Watch is seeing it daily.
  17. Jason

    Stolen Reels Dana Point

  18. Jason

    Where will the Bisbee's be won?

    I'm told first time. They gave all the money back to the teams minus the cut precent.
  19. Jason

    Where will the Bisbee's be won?

    ZERO fish in the Bisbees. OUCH.
  20. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I need 3" if you got them
  21. Jason

    Where will the Bisbee's be won? Black and Blue starts tomorrow. Where will the winning fish be caught?
  22. Jason

    Satfish vs FishDope

    Fishdope has the reports and is for Southern California only.
  23. Jason

    412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    @PotestaCapt Nice work! Congrats on the 400.
  24. Jason

    Large Walk around vessels.... 53' coming soon
  25. Jason

    For Sale Does someone offer gun consignment for sales?

    Use calguns. I've sold a few guns there and there was no haggling because I had reasonable prices when I listed. Just have to meet at an FFL for the transfer, cash is done outside. Around 45 min for the process if they have their Firearms Safety already done. Worth not losing 30% for...
  26. Jason

    Shogun - Police

    My "friend" hasn't gotten a reply back yet. Horrible customer service.
  27. Jason

    Shogun - Police

    That's what I was thinking. Who doesn't wax these days?
  28. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Back in stock but $.!l=TUPR&i=W12
  29. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    This couldn't be truer. He does provide lots of hulls to reload though.
  30. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Which one?
  31. Jason

    Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

    So Ali and I started a duck club 8 years ago for just the regulars/our buddies on BD. Since then people have moved on and we have to slip in some new guys. There is two open spots right now... Hit me or Marcus up if you want them... For the last 3 weeks we have had thousands of mixed bwt, gwt...
  32. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I got yours done.
  33. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I hooked up with Dave in shotgun world. Learned a ton. Still hard to find ammo and now parts. I’m about done with what I need for the year anyway. Hope I don’t blow up again.
  34. Jason

    Shogun - Police

    Wait, anyone got the hookers number? Asking for a friend.
  35. Jason

    Shogun - Police

    Link to video?
  36. Jason

    Shogun - Police

  37. Jason

    BD is looking for a designer

    Need a designer that has the bandwidth to take on a few quick jobs a week. Has to somewhat understand fishing so we don't end up with a spinning reel upside down. Website design Ad design Contact [email protected]
  38. Jason

    Fish smoking service recommendations?

    Sportsmans seafood. Fishermans smoker I heard was taken apart.
  39. Jason

    Spring Rolls in Tuna Town

    Just got another package being sent.
  40. Jason

    Spring Rolls in Tuna Town

    I was paid in canned tuna.... Still taking bribes.
  41. Jason

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    I fly with a pilot a few times a month for We see kelps with nothing under them but that doesn't mean there isn't fish. We see bluefin and sometimes yellowfin when they are up. We have never seen albacore from the plane. They usually sit 50' down and we can't see through the water...
  42. Jason

    What loads for quail

    What Mike has above. They are the best loads as they are 7/8 where every other brand is 3/4oz. More pellets and faster.
  43. Jason

    Getting ammo and components during COVID

    Rifle and pistol primers are being flipped for 3x the cost now. Lame... Shotgun primers easy to get still. I'm only reloading copper so I can shoot coyotes with the AR.
  44. Jason

    Driving south?

    I talked to a friend that lives in TJ but crosses to work. She leaves at 2am every day to get to work by 8am. If you are American they send you to secondary. She said the average time to get across was 6 hours every day. Going down no problem. Coming back is the problem.
  45. Jason

    Threshers galore!

    on FB they said they shared with the whole pier. I'm sure not a drop went to waste. I don't think a stationary pier is going to hurt the whole fishery. The fish are stupid for going near the pier anyway and it's Trumps fault.
  46. Jason

    Looking for a 1/2 Day 6-Pack Charter for 9/6 or 9/7

    Cool! Never heard of him let us know how he does.
  47. Jason

    Pop ups....

    The Geico is ours. It's not spam/scam. Scroll up to get rid of it fast. It's supposed to only show 3 times per 24hrs. Hitting back resets it and probably is why it shows so many times. It's what is keeping the doors open on BD right now since COVID hit all our advertisers hard.
  48. Jason

    Looking for a 1/2 Day 6-Pack Charter for 9/6 or 9/7 Pacific Ventures Chuck White Oceanside (760)518-5148 website is down right now.
  49. Jason

    Looking for a 1/2 Day 6-Pack Charter for 9/6 or 9/7

    Request Jeremy as captain
  50. Jason

    Looking for a 1/2 Day 6-Pack Charter for 9/6 or 9/7
  51. Jason

    Looking for a 1/2 Day 6-Pack Charter for 9/6 or 9/7
  52. Jason

    SCI Bluefin Tuna Trip 8/30/2020

    You metered a giant sea slug!
  53. Jason

    Malware Scam on BD when using my Samsung S9

    Screen shot and a URL is the best way to send the problems and porn to me. [email protected] email.
  54. Jason

    Malware Scam on BD when using my Samsung S9

    It seems to be android only. We are blocking them when you guys send them to us. On our end we don’t control what ads google fills in and there are bad ads that make it through google all the time. Since covid a lot of our advertisers pulled out and are going under. This means more backfill of...
  55. Jason

    Current Reports BF

    We have done it to individuals posting up Fishdope reports on Facebook. Works great tallies up the penalty pretty quick for the individual that posts it.
  56. Jason

    FREE WARNING Scammers sending Private Messages

    This is still going on. I just banned another private messenger that has a buddy with the item someone was looking for... Keep sending them our way. Same guy scamming other sites too
  57. Jason

    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    And why they aren't "ripe" ==><== don't make babies.
  58. Jason

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    I hope she's kicking Stan's ass right now! Call if you need anything.
  59. Jason

    Three Day Offshore on Red Rooster III - 8-12 to 8-15

    I’d be pissed if the boat lied to me like that!
  60. Jason

    service that offers gps reports? 976tuna does not do it anymore is what you are looking for. If you want to just chase boats then use AIS.
  61. Jason

    Shark Week 2020 Share Videos, Stories and Photos

    Could make someone disappear very fast in the Bahamas!
  62. Jason

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    We axe them all the time. Just like we know who you are and as long as you play nice you won't get banned again.
  63. Jason

    Shark Week 2020 Share Videos, Stories and Photos

    302 on a 17’ boat. Very big girl that didn’t want to be hand fed mackerel. We couldn’t interest her with anything (no hooks involved just feeding).
  64. Jason

    Shark Week 2020 Share Videos, Stories and Photos

    @accuratereels Ben Secrest Dana Point.
  65. Jason

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    My choice is to have a clothing-optional rule on my boat.
  66. Jason

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    "The fleet" is the first to send us a cease and desist. They don't pay the bills, I could really care less for most of them as they run shitty businesses and have pirate crews. There are very good ones but they are getting thinned out as time goes on. Keep blaming us for protecting our business...
  67. Jason

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    He had 4 accounts and is still on BD but only posting under his Des.... account now.
  68. Jason

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    When isn't he on them?
  69. Jason

    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    Furuno is making a huge push to beat out Simrad and Garmin. I don't think Raymarine is even really in their targets... Our Simrads Evo3's are nice when they are working. Garmin makes a great unit as well. We've been watching this series and are waiting for the fish finding part as it's pretty...
  70. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    That's why we all use these but paint them camo. Usually lasts the first hour until we get peppered but black duct tape keeps us in business.
  71. Jason

    Best Trolling Rod and Reel set-up

    For fishing where? Hawaii an 18/0, Puerto Vallarta a 50 Wide, Panama 80W-130W, San Diego 4/0 size.
  72. Jason

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    Had it happen many times with big dogs. They burned off a whole reels worth of line and I couldn't stop them. I'm sure towing around that much line hurt it bad but there is nothing I could do :D.
  73. Jason

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    Tuna found today. It's WAY north of where everyone is looking.
  74. Jason

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    I heard through the grapevine the diver had a large tuna on the line and was getting towed around. Boat was following and somehow the diver ended up in the prop. I’m sure a report will come out. Feel horrible for all involved.
  75. Jason

    WON Tuna Tourney 8/7

    Buddy just back from a 4 day trip looking south. Made it to Geronimo before turning back. Total count 1 Bonita.
  76. Jason

    Huntington Beach Harbor - Please be courteous to your fellow neighbors.

    No it was moved and upgraded. You having problems with it too?
  77. Jason

    SOLD 27’ Custom Aluminum Offshore Fishing Boat “ ALUMINATOR “

    "The Tank". Fish killing machine! So many times I've been on that boat not paying attention and it drove us right in to fish.
  78. Jason

    Wondering about Flying Fish

    That's a huge flying fish. Did it damage the boat?
  79. Jason

    What happened to "views & replies" on new posts ?????

    Major update done this morning..
  80. Jason

    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Was that on a JX? Congrats!
  81. Jason

    How Do I Search By Date?

    Click on the search icon. Click Advanced Search. Select by date at the bottom and do your searching.
  82. Hunting


  83. Hunting


  84. Jason

    Fishermans Processing or Five Star jerky?

    Their smoke is one flavor and I've been in their brick smokehouse. It's super seasoned after all these years and I start salivating upon smelling it. The smoked fish is some of the best in town. Have to use fresh fish, skin on. I tried having them smoke frozen fillets and it was not even close...
  85. Jason

    I suck at fishing, please help

    Dropper loop one, heavy white or glow iron with two squid pinned on and in the rod holder. While casting a lead head 1/2oz-1oz depending on current. Keep one moving while the other is stationary. Cover all water columns and motions that they might want. Try a hook without the ring. If you want...
  86. Jason

    Searching the Forums and Results

    It's on the list to fix. A whole new version of the software is coming soon and a lot of that stuff is fixed so we are kinda waiting instead of custom building...
  87. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Hail Mary, full of grace Carl shot all 3, now look at his face.
  88. Jason

    SOLD Electric Boat Toilet

    I don't think this toilet could handle what you or Todd put out, even with the grinder.
  89. Jason

    Seadek install

    Cleanest self install I've seen yet!
  90. Jason

    Avet Factory is back up and running!

    Is there going to be a JX Star? Good to hear you guys are back at it. Say hi to the brothers for me!
  91. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I bought the longshot based off a youtube video showing me how to reload. But once I started getting into it I started seeing that recipes are far and few between for steel 2.75". So I'll save the longshot for 3" loads if I ever reload those and switch to Alliant Steel for the 2.75 as it seems...
  92. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I got 5 boxes ready to go for you to test for me in your new shotgun. Hurry up and get one.
  93. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Found these on ShotgunWorld as well. Federal hull Win primer 20 grains Longshot Fed 20S1 wad Pressure with 20.9 grains is 10800 and is 9900 psi with 19.7 grains. So in between that. The velocity with 20.9 grains is 1275 fps and is 1220 fps with 19.7...
  94. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I found a couple of recipes on Precision. Federal has one...
  95. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Loaded a few up. The Federal upland steel was the easiest to load and crimp. The Steel Dove Cheddite seems like super pliable plastic and the body would warp if I put any pressure on them while crimping. Loaded 16.5, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 grains of long shot with 7/8 of #6 steel. Will test next...
  96. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    And another. Do you think they are being fair?
  97. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    I bet there won't be any bugs this season! One good thing about CV.
  98. Jason

    Pop ups....

    Can you screen shot when you get them?
  99. Jason

    Pop ups....

    Chips? You do know we have to run some ads to stay alive.
  100. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Wait, I didn't mean it like that. I meant that I never said I wasn't tweaked a little. All God's creatures are put on the earth for a reason. Because they are tasty! Especially Sea Lions, Bald Eagle, Gharabaldi, bobcat, mountain lion, and spotted owl. The elite closes those species down to the...
  101. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I never said I was straight.
  102. Jason

    SoCal WSB - Significance of Moon Phase

    To be drunk while fishing cbass.
  103. Jason

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Just started reloading dove loads. Shot up a couple of cases of Kent Steel Dove (1400fps, 7/8oz #6) and want to start reloading for a few reasons. I can't find dove ammo anywhere right now and I have two kids that just got their hunting licenses that I want to go practice. I want to mock the...
  104. Jason

    Pop ups....

    OK I'll admit I fucked up the configuration on the Night Vision. Now its set correct for 3 per day. Sorry about that! The bottom one please get me a URL. I met with adops and she swore we are not running any of those. Have you cleared your cookies and temp files?
  105. Jason

    6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

    On longer fights you'll start getting blisters between your fingers from the handle.
  106. Jason

    6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

    As previously stated get the right harness and you'll destroy these fish stand up. I've caught PEI bluefin with this combo to 900lbs myself while others have way over 1K on it. Any plate will work but wider is best. There is form needed with stand up harness and keeping your knees together...
  107. Jason

    Pop ups....

    The night vision is ours and should only pop 5x every 24hrs, blockers, use of incognitio, cookies turned off etc will make it display everytime. The rest of them should not be displayed, we turned those off. Is it only on mobile?
  108. Jason

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    It's already in Mexico and will probably be found by border patrol on the Indian reservation abandoned after they tore the seats out and ran drugs and people across the border. This has been the case for 4 of my friends that had their F250's stolen from the landings. Only 1 of them I heard of at...
  109. Jason

    Sushi places north county?

    I was biting my tongue as my wife and I sat down and was ignored for 20-30 min before we got up and walked out... Never got to try it.
  110. Jason

    Tuna Tips From Duane

  111. Jason

    Sushi places north county?

    Sounds like we need a North County Sushi get together...
  112. Jason

    Sushi places north county?

    Mikko is nicer inside but I like the chefs (wears Starwars shirts and plays the goofy Asian) at Kaito. Both are decent, not your regular rolls with cream cheese in them type of places.
  113. Jason

    Sickwide poll ramsnducks vs hookup562

    How much you willing to pay?
  114. Jason


    14 people on the Shogun!! Congrats.
  115. Jason

    Where can I buy Mexican fishing license

    Yeah that's the site I tried. Kept erroring out on all browsers and even mobile. Seems it goes up/down I guess.
  116. Jason

    Where can I buy Mexican fishing license

    Anyone get any of the sites to work? I haven't found a website to buy a Mexican Fishing License that works yet.
  117. Jason

    Radio channel? Fishing Thursday?

    11 squid boats ,65 more serious fisherman, 72 for comedy
  118. Jason

    Fishing Captain Needed

    Sometimes clears $2500 a day :). The $1000 tip does happen. Depreciation of a boat that was paid off counts in paying the bills? Dockage in Dana Point I am told is included in the taxation fees which I included. Maintenance, he's sponsored... Play the cards right and the money is there. And no...
  119. Jason

    Fishing Captain Needed

    Dana Point. I know you guys get taxed at the bait dock, landing, city, etc...
  120. Jason

    Offshore/Inshore Software Testers Needed In Florida

    Helping out a buddy. He's looking for beginners to technical testers. Satfish is looking for 15-20 saltwater anglers to help us test our new map product. SatFish is an all-in-one resource to help you find offshore gamefish, with sea surface temperature (SST), chlorophyll, true color imagery...
  121. Jason

    Oregon Offshore Software Testers Needed

    Helping out a buddy. He's looking for beginners to technical testers that fish out of Oregon. Satfish is looking for 15-20 saltwater anglers to help us test our new map product. SatFish is an all-in-one resource to help you find offshore gamefish, with sea surface temperature (SST)...
  122. Jason

    Fishing Captain Needed

    This is only for the top boats in the 4 pack fleet. After the first year or two the boat is paid off. For quite a few daddy bought the boat, pays fuel and insurance... but normally the boat is paid off. Insurance is $600/year for a charter boat that size. %10 to landing and that includes the...
  123. Jason

    Fishing Captain Needed

    That's about what the 4 packs Parkers are making after fuel and bait. Owner, operator. Some of the go-fast boats charge $2500-$2800 a day for 4 AND you have to fuel their boat at the end of the day. Try fishing charter in Hawaii or Florida. Prices are double what they are in SD. Billy is in...
  124. Jason

    Charter Sport Fishing in San Diego Still A No Go

    Looks like it got fast tracked!
  125. Jason

    For Sale 🦄 🦄 DC20 MAG95

    I know people that paid $2K for the 20DC... GLWS someone has been looking for that reel.
  126. Jason

    Charter Sport Fishing in San Diego Still A No Go

    Lots of hearsay on the other threads. Here is the official status
  127. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Anglers Tackle in Vista now carries flying fish baits.
  128. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    List updated for where they are being sold.
  129. Jason

    2 Meter Radio Recommendations

    Now everyone is on Satellite. $2500 for the unit $50/mo.
  130. Jason

    Triton GailForce

    With the same owner. Give each one a try and see which you like most. I know quite a few people that go on the Gailforce.
  131. Jason

    Any Recent Pt Loma Kelp Reports

    Cuda hasn't been like this in years. Now's the time to pull out all your surface iron and figure out which ones swim and which doesn't. They make great practice for when that yellowtail shows up.
  132. Jason

    2 Meter Radio Recommendations

    Been through many icom's... The best one I've had yet is the Kenwood TM-281A. It was recommended to me because I kept toasting the icom's and having to replace the mic's. The Kenwood is the one that they use in the Baja races. The mod is out...
  133. Jason


    Simple. Just don't read it?
  134. Jason


    Try the edit at the bottom of the first post next to report.
  135. Jason

    For Sale Antique Vintage Classifieds Rules

    Antique Vintage Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to...
  136. Jason

    SOLD New Seeker PH Ulua 93H Green S Glass

    Band and cleaned. Nothing to see here.
  137. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Riiiight... Not even in the same league as using the real thing. Cast away blind while everyone else is fishing sonar and meter marks at fish that are deep. They are so keyed in on the local flying fish they will come up 200' and without hesitation hammer the bait. Many times coming out of the...
  138. Jason

    Anybody fishing off of Carlsbad?

    Halibut fishing 150-160' was decent today. Buddy got some nice ones.
  139. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Back then we didn't know how to rig them and didn't have live ones.
  140. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    $30 is the going rate per bait everywhere. At first we were hesitant to use them. After watching BillyK destroy tuna with them we decided to give it a real try. Now the yummy flier barely comes out and the tuna count has gone up using the dead flyers.
  141. Jason

    05.20 BFT

    FYI, 52 on up was blank today. Gotta go the distance.
  142. Jason

    Furuno Episode 5

    It does! They are currently just above Guadalupe I'm told this morning.
  143. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    And back in stock these shops Island tackle Performance tackle Sav On tackle Hills fuel dock in Newport Hogan’s Tackle Dana Landing Should be in Eric’s Tackle in Ventura next week (6-1) And how to rig them
  144. Jason

    Furuno Episode 5

    Next episode just came out. What features did you find are best? I like the fish icon's as it will look like an old fishing map where they used to draw what was where. I don't think I would use the weight and photo but that's just me. Might be kinda cool though to go over those later as long as...
  145. Jason

    Found a picture of a 1857 chart of San Diego and Mission Bay

    I bet the halibut fishing was really good.
  146. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Had 3g, 4g and now Halo. The G's get you from point a to point b. The Halo lets you snoop on birds 6 miles out and the fleets around 12. If we were higher up it would be further. For regular radar they are all light years ahead of my old Furuno green screen from the 90's. There was a day in...
  147. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Latest Furuno Connections came out today
  148. Jason

    YTSO this year?

    Good luck... They don't allow you do permit taking over the parks in SD from March until November. That is why the bay bass tourney at Shelter Island is so early in the year. We originally tried that.
  149. Jason

    YTSO this year?

    More than likely cancelled until next year. The hall is booked up and with everyone's weddings and such being pushed back now good luck changing to a later summer date...
  150. Jason

    YTSO this year?

    We are waiting to announce. As of now everything is on hold but if they let us go fish on the 15th then it's game on as long as we can gather by the tourney.
  151. Jason

    Offshore report and FD vent

    If you aren't happy I'm willing to refund you %100. We don't want your money if it doesn't work for you. I couldn't find any accounts with your name, email address, IP address or phone number on Fishdope to contact you.
  152. Jason

    Offshore report and FD vent

    Thanks for reporting back to FD. Did you notice no one else out? Or the lack of sport boats that we usually talk with? There is no commercial fishing allowed in SMB. It's one of the hardest areas to get daily info out of without sport boats.
  153. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    What is bad about Furuno auto pilot? I have the head unit for Simrad but don't use it most of the time because I can turn the knob or put my finger on a spot and change course on the NSS closer to me than the head unit. Will a NMEA cable connected to the TZtouch run the auto pilot just like...
  154. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Episode 3 is up
  155. Jason

    Pop ups....

    I'm gonna bring back the bikini guy or more Local Knowledge ads with fat Ali. We farmed our ads out to an ad aggregate that fills the ads. So to remove or change an ad it goes from us to the ad manager then to the network then their ad manager. Our requested tweaks seem to take weeks to get...
  156. Jason

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    2 Years ago Fishdope plane saw a small school of 600+lb fish on the frontside of Clemente. Has not seen anything like it since.
  157. Jason

    I Want to go [email protected] FISHING!!

    The earliest I've heard is May 15th. The latest I've heard is August.
  158. Jason

    Scam ?

    Don't click or download anything Flash. It's a scam. Clear your cookies and temp files. It's a browser thing. Make sure a program called Wild Tangent is not installed on your computer. It comes packaged with online games and free programs.
  159. Jason

    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    Yes Officer, I am the live in caretaker of these 3 retarded men on the boat with me.
  160. Jason

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    As of this minute the website has not been updated and MB is still closed? Pages 16-17
  161. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    New episode is up
  162. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    With all those electronics why do you stil struggle to catch fish? LMAO
  163. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    I know you had Simrad before. What's the differences?
  164. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Me too. We shall see. I've killed a lot of fish with a Furuno 600L before going to Simrad which upped the game a ton when CHIRP came out. Furuno is claiming they are easier to use than the old Navnet system. When we got the Innovator we got rid of the old Navnet immediately after taking Mark...
  165. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    I've done really well with Halo radar on finding bluefin. Birds or boils show up real well around 6 miles out. Further than the Frasers could see. A couple of times in the fog too! With the 4G it displays 1.5' off the sides of the boat. It picks up dolphins riding the wake and targets pop up in...
  166. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    The price layout they have in the video says they are cheaper than Simrad, Garmin, Raymarine, etc. Did you get the 3d Sonar? I'm really interested in that.
  167. Jason

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Hot off the editing table. Furuno is doing a series with all the major electronics companies going head to head. I recognize a lot of the electronics they are testing. I subscribed to the channel Which company is best? FYI I...
  168. Jason

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    We also have a new layer on Fishdope called Chlorophyll 1 day composite. Really shows how dirty it is.
  169. Jason

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    Fishdope flew yesterday from Catalina to the Coronado’s. The red tide is really bad right now. The bait is loving it, though. It goes all The way out to the 43.
  170. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    Or we just eliminate the classifieds.
  171. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I'll ask the developer.
  172. Jason

    ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    60 and 302? You been believing the rumors.... Try 600 miles West. All rumors have been squashed by boats going out looking fri-sat. Yellowfin at 100miles, no albacore.
  173. Jason

    WTB Silaflex pt glass rods

    Used to be until he told Ali and I to fuck off. I wouldn't do business with that guy if you were buying me the gear...
  174. Jason

    Commercial hacks

    This is about San Diego. Closed the bay and ramp to anyone but commercials. So people are getting commercial permits but going sportfishing risking a ticket.
  175. Jason

    New boat for use in so cal

    This might be in your price range.
  176. Jason

    Commercial hacks

    If you take it back to a dealer for warranty work and you have FG numbers on the hull they have to put it in the system. I have a buddy that found out the hard way with a brand new Yamaha 300 last year.
  177. Jason

    Commercial hacks

    I bet most of the new Commercial skiffs have no clue that they just voided the warranty on their new outboards the second they registered as commercial...
  178. Jason

    Scam Pop Ups on BD?

    These are not our ads. They are malware in your browser. Try logging out of BD, Clear all cookies and temp internet files. Restart your computer and log back in.
  179. Jason

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    CA is extending shutdown until May 15 when essential jobs might go back to work. Is sport fishing essential?
  180. Jason

    Offshore report and FD vent

    I believe the report from the south. 31/117 is the area we were told. I know who is on them as well, but without photos, fish on the dock and real numbers we can't put it out on a paid service. Especially the unicorns...
  181. Jason

    Offshore report and FD vent

    Because most people can’t catch a bluefin. Albacore stick to the boat and fight like a White Sea bass. Grandpas and kids can enjoy tuna fishing again. Great fish for getting new people in to fishing.
  182. Jason

    Offshore report and FD vent

    We keep hearing rumors, seeing old photos, talking to people who heard... not going to put up rumors on FD and send everyone out on a goose chase. The rumor is there was fish at the weather buoy that was hooked on surface iron but not landed and not ID’d other than smaller than BFT. We also...
  183. Jason

    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    There is this though.
  184. Jason

    Fishing to open

    I bet it's allowing fishing in the back bay. Of which whoever has a jon boat, kayak and land access will be the only ones in there. If hunting were allowed back in there it could be really good! All the alligators would need to be thinned out before I went walking around in that water though.
  185. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    I don't remember. Cocaine or something. Kevan @fishnfool would know.
  186. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    What's the story? Proof?
  187. Jason

    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    That I know of all the bars are closed right now.
  188. Jason

    Tailhunter Report April 5th, 2020

    You guys are awesome employers! Sad to see it shut down for the time being but let's hope for an awesome rest of the year!
  189. Jason

    Best offer. 40 ocean yacht sportfish

    He's a door to door "sex therapy device" salesman. The quarantine is messing up his program!
  190. Jason

    Best offer. 40 ocean yacht sportfish

    Sell @Marlin Mike , keep the boat.
  191. Jason

    WTB Wanted AR Upper
  192. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    Never said that. Stop making shit up because you are so bitter about not moderating the classifieds.
  193. Jason

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    I know of 6 boats that went today. Only 1 turned around because it was pretty rough for his skiff. No sign of any major stoppage at the harbor mouth or in the bay. For Fishdope we have to post within the law. They told us it’s closed...
  194. Jason

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Just got this from a fishdope member as well.
  195. Jason

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Just off the phone with the fuel dock. Harbor patrol came by and told them that the bay and waterways will be shutting down. They did not have a day or time but with Glorietta Bay ramp closing down this morning that is it for SD launching. I received this email yesterday as well. Forward...
  196. Jason

    City of Coronado launch ramp

    Just closed this morning.
  197. Jason

    Harbor Island Fuel Dock Remains Open

    Talked to Kevin at Harbor Island Fuel Dock in San Diego Bay. They are constantly getting calls seeing if they are open. They are open! 7 days a week 7am-5:30pm. He said fuel for being on the water is the cheapest it's been in a decade.
  198. Jason


    Selling what? If prostitution I think they have to be 18?
  199. Jason

    Steiger Craft - Not many here in So Cal
  200. Jason

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Some did today. Don't even know who to ask there.
  201. Jason

    Redondo Beach Closures

    Thanks Jim. I guess the good thing is everyone’s gear is going to be tip top shape when all the ramps open again.
  202. Jason

    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Venison enchiladas leftovers. Wasn’t awake when it came out the first time.
  203. Jason

    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Wild boar sausage crumble with bow tie pasta, broccoli and havarti cheese.
  204. Jason

    For Sale FYI AFTCO Just put a ton of stuff %50 off

    Yes clothing, sorry didn't even think about hard products.
  205. Jason

    For Sale FYI AFTCO Just put a ton of stuff %50 off Just got notice they put a bunch of stuff on sale. Get it while it's in stock! The youth stuff is just as nice as adults. My kid loves the shirts I got him.
  206. Jason

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Great deals on bigeye, opah, wahoo, etc right now if you know who to call. I was mainly trying to say. They would be fishing if they had a market so why can't we?....
  207. Jason

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Turners is only doing appointment gun pickups as of today. Glock Store is closed in SD too.
  208. Jason

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Sorry in SD and I heard a boat trying to offload up north had no market. I talked to a few boats on the dock today at G street that didn't have a market and said our Dockside market is closed tomorrow.
  209. Jason

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Commercials are all out of business and trying to dump inventory off the boats right now. They would fish if they had a market.
  210. Jason

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Marshal Law and a misdemeanor if caught. I'd chance it!
  211. Jason

    Online Video Games

    Wrong kind of joystick used for those. I know you play with other men but im not judging.
  212. Jason

    Long Range shutdown?

    I knew you were a cat guy!
  213. Jason

    Online Video Games

    I have it, it doesn't get played. PM me your address.
  214. Jason

    Online Video Games

    One of my favorites! Got the kids on it. Will look in to Black Mesa.
  215. Jason

    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Axis meat loaf, ahi poke. What’s left.
  216. Jason

    Long Range shutdown?

    Trump saying any gathering over 10 now should not be open. If they fish Mexico does it count as following USA rules?
  217. Jason

    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Add to the thread what you are preparing. Caught or harvested, not bought. Todays is smoked YFT.
  218. Jason

    WTB Affordable AR upper
  219. Jason

    Online Video Games

    Kids like that one on ipad. They say everyone sucks in it and they like to drive around honking the horn while the other one snipes the people after the car.
  220. Jason

    Online Video Games

    What you guys playing while stuck at home? My household all plays Apex Legends, Fortnite (sometimes), Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield 4. PS username xgasman1
  221. Jason

    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    AR 10 NOT tacticooled out. 10 round magazine. He can build it for fairly cheap and learn about the firearm, how it works. 308 will take anything he wants and there is no kick. Ammo is easy to get.
  222. Jason

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    1/8-1/4 oz lead head with Gulp! Nuclear Chicken Jerkshad or 3" grub. Deadly.
  223. Jason

    Restaurant recommendations in Puerto Vallarta.

    PiPi's, Margaritas, Ocho Tostados, Fajita Banana are the regulars..
  224. Jason

    Yacht world search function.

    Set up alerts on Google. It's decent at finding new stuff. I've jumped on lots of stuff I was looking for by using it. Especially in the gun ban days...
  225. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    I'd be more worried about coronavirus than bed bugs at this time of year.
  226. Jason

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    It tastes just like permit, stripe marlin and tarpon.
  227. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    PM Saluki to let you in.
  228. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Fred Hall getting in the way the last couple of weeks. Back on fixing stuff. I'll be redoing the permissions missing in some of the classifieds. Working on a dark theme as well. Buttgig 2020! @titan05
  229. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Politics now allowed. We no longer give a crap. Argue away Bernie lover.
  230. Jason

    Long Beach fred hall

    Not LB. Dialysis and PT (tore both achilles tendons) has me not moving around so much, let alone standing. Maybe DM after hours to sit in a chair. I refuse to use a wheel chair...
  231. Jason

    Long Beach fred hall

    Thursday is the slowest day. You'll get more talking time with the manufacturers. Don't go to drink and you'll be OK on cash. There are show deals and most of the smaller guys will haggle if you are nice about it. Sundays you can get deals at the end of the show on bigger items that the vendor...
  232. Jason

    Advice for Costa Rica?

    Do eat the white pineapple. I went down for 2 weeks and traveled from the bottom to the top. I thought I would fish a ton but the family determined that wildlife viewing was more fun. Monkeys and birds everywhere...
  233. Jason

    Some people are stupid

    No need to keep this going. Both sides replied.
  234. Jason

    PQ got 2 BFT

    The love from a nude guy and the K guy is what BD is about. I can feel the love in this thread....
  235. Jason

    Long Beach Looking for a few members to help set up the BD Booth on Tuesday March 3rd at Long Beach

    PM Me if you can help. Usually, show up around 12-1:30 pm on Tuesday the 3rd of March and work until it's done. Payments in Tee shirts and a show ticket.
  236. Jason

    39hrs - Best YouTube fishing series (My favorite fishing show ever!)

    Personally this is my favorite series
  237. Jason

    Where to get a Bloody Decks decal ? That first pic reminds me of this
  238. Jason

    19 foot camp trailer retro fit

    Nice work! Looks better than most new ones.
  239. Jason

    Bass club

    I think the bass guys have been distracted with the bluefin bug the last couple years.... when that goes away they will be back pounding the inshore again with their hubs.
  240. Jason


    I added 2 one year Fishdope certificates.
  241. Jason

    Parker 2310 fish box / storage enlargement

    I had a 1996 2310. It had a giant hold between the seats as well as one on each side under the side seats. Limits of albacore for 4 fit no problem. Made the center a slush and the sides ice. The step up to helm was much taller than it is now. I don’t know why they changed that. Your solution...
  242. Jason

    I did not win.

    I didn’t win on all 4 family members but it was amusing seeing the slot machine with fish and fluorocarbon giving me hope.
  243. Jason

    For Sale or Trade, Gun Collection, Benelli, Browning, Smith and Wesson and Many More

    Probably sell quicker there. Why can’t you post there?
  244. Jason

    Taking family to the Florida Keys

    Light line in the mangroves catching mangrove snapper... Fun and frustrating as its sight fishing. Go on the bridges at night and fish under the house's lights. Some people consider them their fish but there is snook everywhere in the lights, sometimes tarpon. Take light pants like Columbia's...
  245. Jason

    Taking family to the Florida Keys

    If you are fishing with a guide they provide all gear. I know provides all top of the line gear.
  246. Jason

    For Sale 10/22 Carbine, Takedown and .920 Stock for sale

    What did you replace Hogue stock with?
  247. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Top right side inside any forum.
  248. Jason

    WHO owns this boat??

    Chris sold it to Ron "Calico". Ron took it to baja and that was the last I heard of it. It was wet when the wind came up but the softest 18' I've ever been on. Felt like a cork under the foot as it absorbed all of the nastyness tossed at it. I sold it for a 23' Parker then 27' Worldcat then...
  249. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This will be going away. I had all these changes early last week and they are on the development server but haven't been moved over for some reason.
  250. Jason

    Not Sword Fishing Report

    He told me he didn't use the ink tablets in the jig but was putting them in everyone's beer.
  251. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    ? I see them at the top and bottom of the posts.
  252. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I was able to replicate and have sent it to developers.
  253. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    when someone replies back to your thread it notifies you on your desktop or android phone.
  254. Jason


    Our very good friend Sunny Trent needs help. She has cancer and is fighting for her life. Many of you know Sunny as she was the manager at Turners in El Cajon until she couldn't handle it anymore. Bo Mormann (619)228-5099 is setting up a silent auction to help Sunny pay her medical bills as she...
  255. Jason

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    Nice work. The guys SE of you on our club did very well on teal and spoons. Saw lots of geese moving around as well.
  256. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    come on now, growing up with slow computers in the 90's where a parent busts in the room while you are "browsing" and the window can't close fast enough you learn to "overlay" another browser behind the in use window for quick click and display...
  257. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    $2500 gets us another color style. It's been requested.
  258. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    These bugs are always welcome.
  259. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I don't have this going on. Which part of the forum is doing it? Forum home, threads, posts? I did see it on (same developers, same software) but it's not happening for me here. We are testing the mobile problem on a dev server right now...
  260. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This is a very well known bug from the software company and they are working on a patch for it. Very annoying.
  261. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Please explain how to get these ads!
  262. Jason

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    I guess it kinda ignores.
  263. Jason

    Helpdesk Software what do you use?

    Since we are revamping the whole site we started looking at our helpdesk solution. Right now we are using Freshdesk. What do you guys use and why do you like it?
  264. Jason

    PENN new product wish list

    PENN’s own Reel Cranky maybe with gear box to go faster on the bigger reels.
  265. Jason

    Local Sd yellowtail

    Yup! Don’t stick to the crowd. Been good schools from Del Mar to IB. Fish the tides. Some of the more productive areas remain the same every year. Whistler buoy, west of 3, drop off, green tank, crystal pier, the bump, Torrey pines bait balls, etc. go looking! as of late they are popping in the PM.
  266. Jason

    Registration Question

    As long as the current sticker is good you probably won’t get harassed. Lots of out of state boats get towed and used elsewhere.
  267. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    That is new web 5.0 to not load too much stuff and stay fast.
  268. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    How does the URL's act when sharing to Facebook? What color is other sites/apps that are commonly used and bigger than BD? Just try to break stuff.
  269. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Which forum section I believe that is a setting.
  270. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I don't understand the pictures thing. The max file size is 20mb. Click on their profile it pops up that info you are looking for even on mobile.
  271. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I see it now saving a home button direct to the forums. Workaround is save the root url then go to the forum from the menu. I'll hit up the developers about this one.
  272. Jason

    Cubera dogtooth snapper eat poppers

    on the grinder?
  273. Jason

    dock cart recommendation

    We use these. Just add more holders to the sides...
  274. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This was caused by BD being down. All the members were on "other" sites.
  275. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I don't understand what you want to do. Show all threads as new?
  276. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    The developers are reading this thread. Did they fix it or am I not seeing something? Arrows work fine and I started from a home screen button I just remade ( I always use homescreen buttons for sites...)
  277. Jason

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    Here is how with the new software. Go to the forum you want blocked. Click ignore.
  278. Jason

    I got some grinding to do

    Just fill the hole with JB weld and sell the boat. Problem solved :).
  279. Jason

    Boat Ho Available 4/29, 4/30, 5/1

    Some dead people in that list. RIP Stan, Papa J, Babu
  280. Jason

    Can I still block forums?

    Its now installed. Can ignore posts and forums.
  281. Jason

    New format bonus

    I've been logged in all day on mobile. We were having a cookie problem with the site the past couple days that should have been resolved.
  282. Jason

    Can I still block forums?

    Coming soon. It's not installed yet.
  283. Jason

    WTB Transducer for evo 3

    Then you want the TM275LHW
  284. Jason

    WTB Transducer for evo 3

    You want the B275HLW if you have a throughhull.
  285. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Font can be adjusted in your account under preferences. Click on your name top right of the forums select preferences.
  286. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Click the down arrow under the Avatar/Name on the right.
  287. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Have an example url? This one was a huge one. New software, new servers, new developers, new BD employees...
  288. Jason

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Need to up the server upload file size. Images have to be small right now
  289. Jason

    Bowfin Spawning in Texas River

    Nasty teeth on them things. What bait?
  290. Jason

    Deep drop skunk report + a couple question

    Buoy guys had 6 this week I was told. No idea where they were just unloading.
  291. Jason

    WTB Affordable 12ga for trap/birds

    I shouldn't have gone looking. I may buy this!
  292. Jason

    WTB Affordable 12ga for trap/birds

    You don't fish with junk, why would you hunt with junk? Spend $800-$1000 on a shotgun and you will have it forever. POS shotguns you will never find parts for. Find a used Remington 1100 or 11-87 autoloader for $600ish. If you want new then go with any of the 3 B's. Beretta, Browning, Benelli.
  293. Jason

    Recommend me a bluefin charter

    Awesome experience! Tony’s and Bruce Bros have the place on lockdown with the family codegroup. Tony’s taken tons of advice from BD and our buddies that run operations out of San Diego especially the stand up gear and techniques. Steve Tagami (ex Mustad) was the one that told us to get up...
  294. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I believe that once the transplant team sends out the packet it's up to an individual to fill it out and get it back. Some went out and sat for 6 months before they considered the lead dead and got another person on the list to fill out the packet. I think they only do a couple at a time. Blood...
  295. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    OK here's the update. Dec 11th I went into the ER barely alive. I had burst a cyst in my kidney and was going anemic with a bacterial infection. I spent 14 days in the ICU and was released on Christmas evening. They couldn't get the bleeding under control in my left kidney so they were going to...
  296. Jason

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Benelli M2 20ga 26" Citori 20ga 26" Beretta A300 12ga 26" The Beretta A400 XTREME is a bad mofo for ducks and geese. I have shot it for quail and dove and prefer a lighter gun for all that... The lighter 20ga guns are 2 3/4-3" shells and the action is quicker than having to cycle the 3.5" bolt...
  297. Jason

    Fishing At Night? How I Repeal Those Darn Mosquitos!

    For spray on these mosquito repellents with 100% Deet work great. Don't get on anything that melts IE Sunglasses. For a non lotion mosquito repellent, we use these and they work very well.
  298. Jason

    Tapatalk Not working

    The new software we are working on converting to is mobile first... Within a month.
  299. Jason

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Had a 1996 2310 Deep V with a bracket and 225 Honda on the back. 1.7mpg, tabs always buried and always had to have the eisenglass on as it was wet. 23-28 knots depending on good days. Many times had to slow down to 16-18 knots and going on/off plane. Have to know how to drive swell and...
  300. Jason

    Tapatalk Not working

    Nope. Tapatalk decided that they would cut out the actual forum and pull down copies of all the content on to their own servers. Then display ads on them. Basically stealing from the forums that use it... Let alone the huge security hole that kept getting us hacked from their open directories on...
  301. Jason

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Because he saved my life. He's a retired fire chief I fish with. Just helping a buddy out after he helped me out. Genuine guy, won't rip you off.
  302. Jason

    FREE Question on rules

    1. The rules of the classifieds are posted. The rule in question is here 2. Mike watches the classifieds way more than Ali or I and contacts us before he does anything. He presents the problem and history and we thumb up or...
  303. Jason

    REMEMBERING SURFDOC in Bahia Asuncion

    I actually deleted his contact out of my phone 2 days ago! Fucking Stan!
  304. Jason

    Fix for Tern reels drag issues.

    We have 2 terns at BD that have been lent out on lots of trips this summer, no maintenance yet and no problems with drag.
  305. Jason

    Requesting Help: Salty Dawg owner Whereabouts?

    Captain Elbows is licking windows on old cars now days. No more boats.
  306. Jason

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Bad ass guys, congrats! Cedar plug kills everything.
  307. Jason

    WTB Info on 80% Lowers

    The problem with Juggernaut FIXED magazine is you are limited to the California law of 10 round magazine. A "featureless" firearm with a standard non fixed magazine release is able to legally use those preban 30-60-100 round magazines you have.
  308. Jason

    WTB Info on 80% Lowers

    That Turners one is the way to go unless you want billet. They both go bang.. Buy 2 or more while you still can on one DROS. AR's are barbie dolls for men.. - One of the main websites that have AR Parts for cheap.
  309. Jason

    Fish ID

    Excellent on the Traeger. Meat falls right off the bone.
  310. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

  311. Jason

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    Current and kelp. Kelp hangs up on the bouy and drags the nets in to deeper water where they just float in the current. Sea lions also grab the nets and take off with them. Add a chain to the bottom of the nets for weight and make sure your buoy is on the correct way with the pointy end towards...
  312. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    There wouldn't be a single boat in the fleet that hasn't had them at one time or another. In PM's and phone calls I've been told over 8 boats since this was posted. I was not on the boats and it's up to the passengers if they want to put it out or not. The boats get fumigated, bunks get torn...
  313. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    None listed on your bio. The thread is not to ruin boats, but to bring awareness to keep from spreading bugs and save yourself from a few itchy weeks.
  314. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    3 others just got off a 2.75 day trip that was infested with them. Passengers knew to look for them after reading this thread!
  315. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Gonna put together a group buy. Who’s in?
  316. Jason

    BFT on Ali’s 34 SeaVee

    Congrats on the cow Stan!
  317. Jason

    Couple spots still open for 2019-2020 season @ Duck Club next to Wister

    Had a couple members move out of state, couple spots are now available at the BD club on the SE corner of Wister. -160 Acres, 60 Planted, 40 left overs in ponds from previous years. -Dry camping, accessible when raining from English. -$2000 per person/season -Decoys included -Big box blinds...
  318. Jason

    Lake barrett reservations?

    2019-2020 Waterfowl Registration for hunt blind locations at Barrett being held at San Vicente Reservoir Public Utilities Department Lakes Recreation Program Saturday, October 12, 2019 7:30 a.m. (additional paperwork will be available beginning at 7:00) San Vicente Reservoir, 12375 Moreno Ave...
  319. Jason

    Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing

    Yeah the rubber coating for grip. How you get it off? I have a maxus that I dont shoot because of it.
  320. Jason

    Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing

    I've been looking at it. Seems like new tech for O/U and I haven't heard of anything wrong with the Cynergy line. I have a couple Citori's and they are pretty much perfect fitting. I don't see how you could go wrong, just don't buy the dura touch as it gets sticky.
  321. Jason

    FREE Possible scammers....

    User is band.
  322. Jason

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    There is a 35' Cabo in our plans to compliment the 31' Steigercraft and 34' Sea Vee. I'm OK with my current owner.
  323. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Report is multiple over 300 with a lot of 200-280's. Private boats still hanging right now on the flying fish. Windy enough to use kite today, no balloon needed.
  324. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Some of the private boats have 9 cows on board right now. Word is everyone has at least 2 on board. Dead Flying Fish, 3 min on the kite and hooked up. There is an inside, middle and long range section right now all in US waters. More fish than anyone has ever seen! Dana Landing market is...
  325. Jason

    The yellowtail?

    They are at and outside of San Clemente Island. Fishdope Airplanes been seeing quite a bit in open water.
  326. Jason

    Tax man came to play

    Those taste the best.
  327. Jason

    Towing boat down to San Diego

    Where you staying? Some hotels let you park in their parking lot.
  328. Jason

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Coastal Waters from San Mateo Point to the Mexican Border and out to 30 nm- 131 PM PDT Sat Sep 7 2019 TONIGHT Wind W 10 to 15 kt with gusts to 20 kt. Wind waves 3 to 4 ft in the evening...becoming 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 4 to 5 ft at 8 seconds and S 3 to 4 ft at 10 seconds. SUN Wind S 10...
  329. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    It was herpes and yes. They are gone.
  330. Jason

    For Sale Shamrock 246 Walkaround

    I'll start at $50.00
  331. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    And another BD member just informed me they got bed bugs off a boat this week as well. Different boat! Yikes.
  332. Jason

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    nasty 8 second mixed swell with south wind. Enjoy. But no, Mexico is the best fishing right now.
  333. Jason

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    The young one is a deckhand on a well known cattle boat...
  334. Jason

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Nice drone work Ryguy. They have been in stealth mode like that for over a week now. Hard to find if they aren't feeding!
  335. Jason

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Way back in there!
  336. Jason

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    The call came in around midnight, when the fishermen realized they were off course. They were coming back from a fishing trip in the Coronado Islands, off the coast of Baja. They had set their power catamaran to auto pilot so they could get some sleep. When they woke up, they were not on their...
  337. Jason

    SOLD 2015 Bowtech Prodigy 50-60 complete package

    Yup. I haven't put it anywhere else. Have a buddy interested but he hasn't looked at it yet.
  338. Jason

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Thread has turned in to drunk posting and personal attacks. Shutting this one down.
  339. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Issue diapers and a tyvek suit for all passengers.
  340. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    The three I’ve talked to about it all said yup it happens, can’t control what people bring on daily (including drugs). Just try to keep it clean after every trip by washing everything and wiping down. The mention of all the scales and blood on everyone also came up as one of the main reasons for...
  341. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    You can try wiping Gulp! all over your neck. Let us know how it works out.
  342. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Now days they have these devices. They get good reviews, just stick one in each pocket and one in the pillow. Should be OK.
  343. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    One lucky soul just scored that boat... We have the Sea Vee and are looking at a 35' Cabo to restore. We never had bed bugs, herpes yes but we got rid of those for good.
  344. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Not the boats fault. People are nasty and bring stuff on all the time. The boats take care of it when it happens. It’s a floating hotel/resort. They get bugs just like hotels/resorts on land. If you haven’t seen any of this stuff then you haven’t spent time on sportboats during the summer when...
  345. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    OK Here's a video
  346. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Just a quick check with any light should give one a piece of mind. Or not.
  347. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Similar but ours are way more expensive.
  348. Jason

    FREE Definite scammer here

    Jones179 [email protected] From West Central Africa Previously banned as casper643 Total scammer!
  349. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    I didn't go back to school for 3 weeks. The itchiest I have ever been and I was constantly covered in that milk stuff they gave us and cortisone. I got it from a friends sisters bed.... :)
  350. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

  351. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Wonder if it will fit on the bunk.
  352. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    How to find bed bugs Can use your UV light that charges up your flat falls to see them in the dark bunk room. Can really creep yourself out....
  353. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    The good ones change out the pillowcases after every trip. Sometimes they wash the wool blankets. I don't think they ever check for bugs but they will spray every once in a while. I've seen ringworm, mrsa, scabies, fleas, lice and now bed bugs. Why I hadn't seen bed bugs before I dunno, lucky I...
  354. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Are you saying you are slower than a bug? HOW FAST ARE BED BUGS ABLE TO MOVE? These irritating pests can crawl three to four feet per minute on most surfaces.
  355. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    Mission accomplished. My skin crawled when I saw the bites and heard the story.
  356. Jason

    Bed bugs on boats

    I know of someone that just got bed bugs on an overnight trip out of San Diego. The boat has been notified and hopefully they take care of it. How do you avoid getting bed bugs on the boats? I have always taken a sweatshirt to put over the provided pillow and slept on the blanket with my...
  357. Jason

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Just signed you up for your prize.
  358. Jason

    Keeping VHF Antenna Upright

    I always tap mine with a wrench after putting it up to snug it. The nut is too loose like everyone said...
  359. Jason

    Whats up for Sat?

    Make A Wish Tuna Tourney out of San Diego Fri-Sun
  360. Jason

    SOLD SOLD SOLD GONE.. Small Kite Rod & Reel /w full spool of new braid

    Moved. I love racking my knuckles on the handles as the drill goes round and round.
  361. Jason

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    IMO the average size is half that. The fish caught by sportboats were 20-60lbs. Right now it's 20lbs. Yes, a few cows on highline boats but most anglers don't have the skill or gear to catch them on the sport boats to get trip limits like they do. But yeah it does count. I think any big game...
  362. Jason

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    There is a tagging program going on this week with Barbara Block (Look her up). A lot of the fish that have been caught are being used for science. The guts and head are being picked up by NOAA scientists daily. They are trying to determine if they are breeding here or just foraging. So far...
  363. Jason

    So Tommy are we fired?

    FYI Tommy no longer works the retail side. It outgrew him.
  364. Jason

    At Clemente now

    Put the light out tonight. Squid has been easy off Eel. Catfishing with flatfall and squid has been productive all night long... Also, most of the biomass moved NW of the 9 spot...
  365. Jason

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    Hunt the CA Side Call to find out about license/permit. I've always had a ca and az but never got checked. Don't know if you don't need one or not on indian land. Stay in Yuma hotels. Famous Daves BBQ for the night before. Fuel up before you leave...
  366. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT Port of San Diego Announces New Public Outreach Opportunity on the Future of San Diego Bay Contact: Brianne Mundy Page O: 619.686.6243 C...
  367. Jason

    This is legit. Lots of scammers on BD

    This is legit. Lots of scammers on BD
  368. Jason

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    You want it easy, hunt the Indian reserve in Yuma. It's wide open but costs $60 for the permit. Lots of spots in IV. Pretty much drive along, see birds, pull over, step off the road and shoot. Scouting last weekend didn't prove there were any real hot areas other than the closed and now very...
  369. Jason

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    I only see 2 parkers but there is at least 5 charter boats in that gif.
  370. Jason

    976 is so bad for the regular angler!

    976 Tuna does a good job of getting the hype out to get boats filled up before they hit the dock for the day. The only boats that are on there are the ones paying. The boats and captains took it to Instagram and Facebook. The most liberal companies there are! Soon they will start getting...
  371. Jason

    FREE Possible scammers....

    Nigerians. We did have one from Ladera Ranch though.
  372. Jason

    I’m concerned

    Really nice grade yellowfin getting netted today off SCI. 40-90lb models. Towards the end of the day they took their allotted 15MT of bluefin with them as well. 9 Seiners in all. The commercial bluefin fishery is almost closed. It reopened on the 11th and will probably close on the 13 or 14th...
  373. Jason

    Mount Baker Eye Cup Mask to Techo Stabils? How?

    I have always put a zip tie around the eye piece to fit in the slot in the eye cups. It's not perfect but stays on pretty well.
  374. Jason

    FREE Possible scammers....

    [email protected] casper643 [email protected] [email protected] Bosgarage57 Both scammers that are banned.
  375. Jason

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    The forum software is end of life and the plugins that allowed us to do that have security holes. We are listing out all of the plugins that need to be rewritten custom and will be updating the site in the next month or so after we have it all developed and tested. We milked it as long as we could.
  376. Jason

    A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    They are fishing live flyers they made themselves. Flyline and kite.
  377. Jason

    Pac Queen Cows

    Yes using flying fish. They weren't anywhere special. Parkers still chasing them around.
  378. Jason

    WTB Can anyone identify this boat?

    3208's are easy to work on, every country has parts for them, used parts everywhere. They are very reliable. With 210hp that boat is going to be super slow 14-18 knots. Nice layout, just super slow.
  379. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Its pushed way back out but I know BK, Ali, MANY others all limited or got close to it today using dead flyers drifting with a kite around foamers after trying the yummy for nothing. 90-280lb size. Seiners are going to make life hell out there as the big yellowfin has now moved in with the...
  380. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Further looking into this some of the right people made phone calls. All this is a draft that the public can comment on until July 31st (which we are and should be doing). The local Port commission is very aware of all the "ideas" that are being proposed and I got reassurance that they are not...
  381. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Live squid from pyramid and dead flyers had multiple fish yesterday... very good bluefin fishing LOCAL as in 12 miles from the point. I’m sure you’ll see the report soon.
  382. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Parking cars isn't the problem. It's trailers and tow rigs. By putting in street parking they will be reducing car parking as well. Right now the parking lot is double the amount of parking spots that they will have on the street. They are also going to create more traffic backups on the street...
  383. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    This is what I sent. I just became aware of the master plan for the Shelter Island area. Growing up in San Diego as a 4th generation resident and fisherman I have seen a lot of changes made to the bay that have pushed out commercial fishing and sportfishing. Now in the sportfishing business, I...
  384. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    email info to complain/suggest updated on the first post.
  385. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    The parking is moved to where the marlin club is now. The recreational open space is described as a bike path, steps to the water and grass.
  386. Jason

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I got heads up that the parking at Shelter Island is being proposed in the "master plan" to be removed and replaced with grass open space and a bike trail. Decisions are on the 31st of this month, 6 days away! Just starting to put the puzzle together on this one...
  387. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    FYI these baits are getting crushed this week. Cast them in to the foamers and breezers and hold on. Fly them on a balloon or kite as well as just using a bobber ziptied or wired to their back. Pool noodle chunks work as well... The fish are on them now...
  388. Jason

    Crew Members Fishing

    Worst fishing I have ever had. Made it worse I had to be on a boat with you.
  389. Jason

    Crew Members Fishing

    Ding! Winning answer. Long Range boats never need the counts to fill. Apparently, some of the anglers on that 8 days were not up to standards to hook a bluefin with how they have been acting lately. I would stand next to the deckhand and ask questions to better my chances as to what I should be...
  390. Jason

    Where to catch Yellowtail off Dana Point

    Out of Dana Point you'll want to make the crossing to Catalina Island for yellowtail. DP has really good sculpin and calico bass fishing right now to the south. Dana Point is not usually a consistent yellowtail area. You need to contact Dave Hansen as he is the...
  391. Jason

    Tuna Congo Line to SCI?

    Commercial seiners behind sci swooping those yft yesterday with a plane... 200-300’ of water from west cove to middle backside of the island. The bft in the area wouldn’t take a hook either.
  392. Jason

    Sabiki yellowfin

    Law is Mexico 4 hooks, USA 2 hooks. Do it in Mex...
  393. Jason

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    I don’t have any pop ups. Android phones get viruses on their browsers. I believe a cache/temporary internet files and cookie delete fixes it.
  394. Jason

    T Mobile Ad pop up phone freeze

    Yup. We don't do pop ups. I'm still chasing the one at the bottom since we were hacked last month...
  395. Jason

    Tuna Congo Line to SCI?

    Albacore and dorado already caught out of SD. Bring on the wahoo. Dorado kelp between the 9 and 182 over the weekend stuffed with the stupid things. Most were shot. Jig boats returning had good schools of longfin at 29.00/127.00. I even got a fillet. Jig boats went out last week I heard.
  396. Jason

    SOLD 2015 Bowtech Prodigy 50-60 complete package

    2015 Bowtech Prodigy 50-60lb (brand new limbs end of 2018) Immaculate condition, everything. NEVER EVER DRY FIRED! Selling as a package, hoping someone else can get into archery. Fletcher Trigger Release Doinker Flex Hunter stabilizer IQ 7 pin micro adjust site with light Tight Spot Quiver Gold...
  397. Jason

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    This is why you set the auto pilot to hit a beach, not the jetty. Best bad case scenario your boat goes up on to the beach and everyone lives. I’ve kept this in mind after talking to captains that fish Catalina daily and how they stayed alive. Glad it’s not a repeat situation like last time. AIS...
  398. Jason

    One of our own needs help and prayers la tigra

    Done. Anything for this chica!
  399. Jason

    Thoughts to Admin.

    That ad at the bottom on mobile isn’t ours. We have been chasing it trying to get rid of it since we got hacked! Don’t click on it, someone else is stealing money. Constant battle with developers and our ad guy trying to figure out where the fuck it’s coming from. The rest of the ads have been...
  400. Jason

    Any recommendations on fishing out of Ensenada?

    For Pangas these guys have been killing it as well.
  401. Jason

    Recipe to smoke whole fish on Traeger

    I'd start with butterflying the fish or doing it fillet skin on, skin down. Take the temp to 145F at 165F/Low. I've pretty much done this with all sorts of fish. Marinate with whatever you want sweet or heat. I prefer to do all my fish with Braggs Amino Acid to reduce sodium.
  402. Jason

    For Sale Brand NewPhenix Black Diamond PSW908

    one bump every 24hrs.
  403. Jason

    Site not working properly

    Yup we are working on it. PITA.
  404. Jason

    Gerber knife add sucks

    Screen shot so our ad guy can fix?
  405. Jason

    Non-lead options in an old shotgun

    As long as the fixed choke isn't full you should be able to shoot lead out of it. I had to sell 3 shotguns that had been in the family forever because of the ban. My kids are getting new $1000 guns just to shoot steel.
  406. Jason

    Getting your fish home?

    One of the things we do when we fly is pack our clothes and gear in to boxes and ship them back slow UPS route. Then take our luggage as the 50lb boxes of fish home on the plane.
  407. Jason

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Damn it! Keep us updated!
  408. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Blood clot on Friday due to a narrowing in my Dialysis Fistuala (big vein). Dissolved blood clot in surgery and ballooned 4 spots. No stent this time. That shit hurt! No anesthesia because I had eaten. No ones made it successfully through donor testing yet.
  409. Jason

    Upload error

    One of our servers took a dump. Fixed now.
  410. Jason

    Deleting and Adding pictues??

  411. Jason

    Deleting and Adding pictues??

  412. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    Back again. Anyone tries to lowball you and has no post history may be this scammer. St. Patrick [email protected]
  413. Jason

    Tomahawk / Bloodydecks trip June 5th

    They had a hit this evening and lost them all. All fish 100lbs+.
  414. Jason

    Native Sun had a good day, but ...

    Sure they are real fish??? Other captains complain daily about the fake counts.
  415. Jason

    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    Still having problems with the mess the hackers left us. Fix one thing it breaks another. Coders are on religious holiday for a week or two.:rolleyes:
  416. Jason

    profile content gone???

    Paid memberships get search features. Coders know it's broken and are looking in to why. It will be back.
  417. Jason

    Best Way to Remove Boat ID #s

    bug spray with Deet
  418. Jason

    Big Island options for fishing?

    Bomboy is our BD go to... The fishing on Kona side starts in the harbor. Turn left out of the harbor for wahoo, turn right to the grounds for tuna and marlin. FADS both directions with ahi, mahi and ono... but it can be very slow. That is where experience and networking comes in...
  419. Jason

    Fishdope VHF Radio

    VHF has been slow. It's on scan CH 72,69,68,18,11
  420. Jason

    Vacuum packing machine for home

    VERY TRUE. I learned this from the fish processors that flash freeze the fish. I was dumping the fish in to a cooler and they freaked out telling me that bashing the frozen fillets around is what pops the bags. I had always had popped bags and lots of freezer burned fish for the smoker. Now that...
  421. Jason

    Vacuum packing machine for home

    Bummer, not what I want to hear...
  422. Jason

    Bad Ads Thread

    I know all about it. Provisioning server for changes is being repaired...
  423. Jason

    Vacuum packing machine for home

    VP215 is no joke but it weighs 100lbs and requires a dedicated spot to really make it worth it. Unfortunatly the one we had here at BD ended up in a spot in Ali's garage... So I bought one of these and have...
  424. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    What was the paypal name I'll list it.
  425. Jason

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    He was back as Nitro Fishing [email protected]
  426. Jason

    Cory update Thursday

    Thanks Lal. Bass have enough time to grow the lips back before he gets back out.
  427. Jason

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Does it come back after clicking OK? Still tracking it down. Developers say it's an ad tag doing it. Ad guy is trying to figure out which one. Keep screen shotting when you get it maybe we will see a trend with the ad displaying so we can kill it. I still can't get it to pop for me on iOS but...
  428. Jason

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    The east coast ones get boiled on while the CA versions get stomped on. Worth every penny to not have to troll all day while fishing these let alone stay up all night making them.
  429. Jason

    Legends of the Freelance

  430. Jason

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Best $5/mo you can spend. Yes hiring a guide like Billy or Dave will excel your skills and confidence thousands of times over in a single day. I've been fishing since conception and still learn from people all the time. it's time on the water and time with...
  431. Jason

    Sabiki PIA

    sabiki rod as well but we also use cheap spinning combos for the action.
  432. Jason

    5/15 371

    Very unique catch there!
  433. Jason

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Hadn’t seen this pop up on mine. Looking in to it.
  434. Jason

    What else?

    No coconut water? You should try Jenkem with that Kombucha, pretty much tastes the same.
  435. Jason

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    The thicker spectra is more resistance in the water putting more pressure on the fish than the 30lb drag.
  436. Jason

    Old posts !!

    Nope. Still chasing it trying to figure out which plugin got hacked and how they are doing it so it can be patched. Buuuut it's Ramadan and they only work 6 hours a time at it.
  437. Jason

    What exactly was it you were fixing yesterday?

    So far I got the coders to agree that something is not running correctly
  438. Jason

    Testing it out

    Still messed up. Message @ZZZZZ to get in to the new long range forum.
  439. Jason

    WTB Boat Trader 2019 or What

    That would defeat the purpose of advertising and was proven by separating them. It's 1 guy posting relevant fishing boats used and new. You can simply put him on ignore if it bugs you so bad.
  440. Jason


    How do we see more details on this boat?
  441. Jason

    What exactly was it you were fixing yesterday?

    Moving threads from one forum to another triggered a bug from one of our custom plugins. Of course it's Ramadan and our custom software team only works 6 hours a day... The database is scrambled and is taking over 24 hours to realign...
  442. Jason

    WTB Boat Trader 2019 or What

    It wasn't supposed to be that way. When deleting the forum they were in we moved them to classifieds as he's now the sponsor of the boat classifieds. He posts once a day, not all at once. The software did that and it was part of the upgrade we had to do to try to fix it...
  443. Jason

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    As embarrassing and violating as it feels, you did a huge favor to BDr's by bringing it up. You'll get your money back...
  444. Jason

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Oh wow, if he's feeling bad now imagine how much he will fish all fixed up! GWS!
  445. Jason

    Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament 1st Place

    Ed's jigs slay every time. But I think the real trick is to get Mikey on the boat. Won it three times with him...
  446. Jason

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    Here is the real ad that the scammer took from When buying on ebay use Ebates aka Rakuten to get another %2-%4 back. is 6% back. Add the plugin to chrome and do a google...
  447. Jason

    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    He fished on Sunday. Saturdays numbers were way down and a ton of our buddies got blanked. He might know some people with satellite phones that he can call at 10pm at night as well ;).
  448. Jason

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    Wait, I didn’t see nudity. Old video BTW Other pic is a basking shark Spearingforum is full of bullshit. Elitists trying to keep people out of the water... Catalina must be wide open right now...
  449. Jason

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    That crew kills fish, no doubt. But for local fishing you might try a 4 pack. comes out to almost the same price with 3 other buddies kicking in.
  450. Jason

    Fish processing prices?

    Use Marios all the time. It's fish in a bag... They negotiate, just gotta ask. Mention Bloodydecks ;). I don't need a waiting room to hang out in.
  451. Jason

    Used Cynergy vs Used Citori - suggestions

    If you buy a cynergy make sure it's not the cammo dura-touch. It doesn't last and gets sticky/gooey. I love my citori's. Haven't shot the cynergy.
  452. Jason

    For Sale BD Deal $5 off San Diego County Fishing Chart Until 4/16

    Use the code sd$5 for $5 off the new San Diego County Fishing Chart.
  453. Jason


    Large kill bags have done us well. They fit inside the cab of the truck (they do stink)...
  454. Jason

    Fish Dope double charged me

    We don't cover surf fishing. Contact me if you are serious.
  455. Jason

    Fish Dope double charged me

    New version of fishdope website coming soon. Will be more clear for signing up or renewing. Old software has its limitations...
  456. Jason

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    Turners in El Cajon has 30 round 5.56 and high cap Glock mags still in stock. They stop selling at 5pm tomorrow! Get your legal CA magazines until then.... For 10-22 high cap is selling online to CA until 5pm as well. Calguns also has a huge list going of online stores that...
  457. Jason

    Bight Sports Fishing

    My bad, ok I heard right then and they are correct.
  458. Jason

    Bight Sports Fishing

    How is 1.5 legal with only 1 captain? I was told 2 captains for 24 hours. You sure they aren't just doing reverse trips during the night time return day? Wes and James crush fish too, I wouldn't hesitate to go with them.
  459. Jason

    The Dreamer or Bight Sportfishing?

    Dreamer with Allyn Watson is #1. He forgets more about those fish than anyone else. Bight will probably be parked right next to him as well though.
  460. Jason

    Aug big bluefin hunt, will the Legend go after em

    For targeting big bluefin you might want to book a 4-6 pack.
  461. Jason

    RIP Mike (Sluester)

    I'm still in shock. Don't have words.
  462. Jason

    FREE WARNING Scammers sending Private Messages

    Another one on here was just banned. Fishing52 / Fishtilldeath / Justim / jacob1212 / TDog77/ 949-338-0048 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] These scammers send you pm's about your products or if you want...
  463. Jason

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Wood and yoga pants should never be in the same sentence.
  464. Jason

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    How do you sit on that to work it?
  465. Jason

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    I have a travel trailer that is 30' long total. I have a 35' space to the street, concrete 17' to house then dg to street. The doors to the trailer is on the left side (looking forward) but my house pad is on the right. If I back it in the doors are over dirt and pointed at my neighbors. I want...
  466. Jason

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    I still talk to him all the time. He's still fishing. He cant comment on the forums until his term is over. It's politics... He's all over these subjects for us but unfortunately he's outnumbered.
  467. Jason

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Serious question. Does anyone do yoga while on the boat? A yoga mat wouldn't take up much room and yoga pants are light to pack and comfortable.
  468. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    backup. Facebook's limit on live feeds sucks...
  469. Jason

    3-5-19 a.m. half day

    Some of those rockfish only get that big. A suggested read is
  470. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    I am married so I don't have to pay for it.
  471. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    That's why I switched.
  472. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    Feed is live now.
  473. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    Hot chicks are a PITA. They want $100hr. They come in on the weekends when everyone is there...
  474. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    I'm supporting from home this year. Brad zzzz will give a shirt for someone touching Ali?
  475. Jason

    Live video feed from the Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    We are streaming live from the booth as long as the internet holds up... Subscribe to the Local Knowledge Facebook page or Youtube page (the quality on youtube is much better) to get notifications when we go live this week. If you screen capture Ali picking his nose you get a free tee shirt.
  476. Jason

    Is this a email scam?

    This is an official advice from FBI, It has come to our notice that Bank of Nigeria is about to released 10,500,000.00 US dollars in your name as win price or inheritance fund. The Bank Nigeria knowing fully well that they do not have Enough facilities to effect this payment from Africa...
  477. Jason

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    You two should fish those bass tournaments. Hardcore! Too cold for me!
  478. Jason

    What to do with TUNA

    Cut in to finger size pieces, wrap in bacon, marinade in any teriyaki sauce for 1/2hr-3hrs. Put on bbq until bacon is done.
  479. Jason

    Gay sex adds?
  480. Jason

    For Sale Bertram 20 Bahia Mar -Price Reduced - 15k

    Neat boat, looks super clean. Rules about first post long gone, too much drama.
  481. Jason

    For Sale SeaVee 39 -2008

    What’s the next boat? How you going to top that!?
  482. Jason

    Caution navigating

    Pass that lettuce and watch out for polar bears.
  483. Jason

    PCS show -who’s going?

    Bomboy coming out?
  484. Jason

    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    I heard they bought the Dominator and are back to fishing this season.
  485. Jason

    New Home Page design and problems logging in

    Don't use the button on homepage. Use the forums login. This changeover would have been smooth had the server not crashed when we swapped the theme over... Now we have to rebuild it live. UGH. Support and forum button is on homepage. If it's something with mobile that you aren't finding please...
  486. Jason

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    The one in MB was my old 27’ Worldcat. They were in the shalllows with two in the tower. A reflection wave from the shallow water caused by the sponsons caused them to flip while at 20+ knots...
  487. Jason

    Daveys locker t-bird

    I believe Jeff runs the valet service as well. make it easy on yourself. Contact him for reservations.
  488. Jason

    Party boat recommendations so cal yellowtail

    Lots of 4 packs that you can use only surface iron on if you want. They are better for the run and gun style yellowtail tuna iron fishing. SD for sure if you want to fish iron. seasons, pinnacle, mad max, in to the depths, etc.
  489. Jason

    TRADE Selling ammo?

    Do your private party transfers at the FFl before July or else you have to buy a $50 ammo card that comes with a background check every 4 years.,_Background_Checks_for_Ammunition_Purchases_and_Large-Capacity_Ammunition_Magazine_Ban_(2016)
  490. Jason

    Local YT

    Always have a jig stick ready! Nice work on the PB yellowtail tuna.
  491. Jason

    TRADE Selling ammo?

    Supposed to do a Private Party Transfer at an FFL. But FFL is not doing background checks until July 1 this year.
  492. Jason

    For Sale BD should buy this!

    Sea Shepard already bidding on it to patrol Southern California bluefin grounds.
  493. Jason

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    FYI Mex fishing licenses only come in 1 day and 1 week right now. Supposed to have annual's again soon but if we have to purchase a new one those are the only options.
  494. Jason

    WTB Browing A5 or Maxus Magnum

    Stay away from the Dura-touch. It looks cool but both my Maxus and Citori covered in it has turned to sticky goo.
  495. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Just enough to make all the members remember how fun it could be so they come back next year... Our club really picked up the weekend after Christmas. Bootlips showed 2 weeks ago. Sprig were a sure thing all month with teal in the AM and end of shoot time. Hardly any widgeon or gadwall this...
  496. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    I shot a half box and couldn’t hit my ass then picked up camp and decoys for combined 6 hours.
  497. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Bonus of the club is weather days. Wind over 20mph and rain if you got the balls. Normal days (open on all holidays) Wed,Fri afternoon (the club next door only hunts Thursday or Friday and constantly fucks everyone around also promotes members coming down early for the party/potluck),Sat,Sun...
  498. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Neighbors don't know... SHHH.
  499. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Tuesday in the wind was good. Done in 3 hours.
  500. Jason

    San Elijo lagoon project

    They are dredging, opening it up to flow better on tides so the houses on the hill don’t have to smell the doors of low tide. All in the disguise of widening the freeway.
  501. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Your excuse is that you are old though. :D
  502. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    I want to try this By far the best recipe I’ve had yet. See Marcus’ salted duck My ass is kicked, whole body is frozen up from walking in the mud. I’m...
  503. Jason

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Finally got down to the club. Started the day with a banded cinnamon teal. Went to breakfast after an uneventful fly off in the blind I had choose. Came back and saw hundreds of birds trafficking in to one of the blinds with no one in it. Walked in and bumped a couple hundred teal. Did...
  504. Jason


    Light um up. We aren’t moderating heavy anymore.
  505. Jason


    Edit the ad and choose the sold tag. We were deleting but members got pissed we were removing sellers track records. It made it easy to scam. Once the post is gone it can’t be used by the cops...
  506. Jason

    Coronado pier and surf fishing

    Skip the fishing this time of year and enjoy the city. San Diego zoo, Sea World, Hotel Del Coronado, Taco Shops, on Tuesdays Balboa Park is free for all the museums, Lunch in Hillcrest, Visit Fishermans Landing Tackle Shop and see the fleet, Point Loma Seafoods, Dockside Market, etc.
  507. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Potential donor. Nothing solid yet.
  508. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    At least you are still kicking! Kinda. :)
  509. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    You weren’t good the first time, would probably let you try again but I won’t get my hopes up.
  510. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    GFR 9, dialysis 4 hours a day, every other day. Getting fatter from sitting and sleeping all day. Dialysis kicks my ass and wastes the whole day. No I don’t feel better and wonder if being on dialysis was the best call. Finding out the bad side of dialysis, infiltration. Where they stick the...
  511. Jason

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    The pay stations should be operating by March.
  512. Jason

    Need SoCal private charter recommendations
  513. Jason

    For Sale Duck Boat (turn key)

    Wait, what. You done with the river?
  514. Jason

    Recommend me a bluefin charter

    Tony's. Your GF and Daughter are going to see dinosaurs!
  515. Jason

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Wise advice.
  516. Jason

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    For us seadek was the cheaper option as our molded nonskid was worn off and slick as could be. We tried LP with sand but it just wasn’t enough. Once we put seadek in the cockpit and used it for a while we noticed we weren’t sore or beat up from a full day fishing. Then we decided to do the...
  517. Jason

    new regs

    Yup, heard depth was increased in and out of cow cod conservation, no sculpin closure, 1 lingcod and able to cut sheepshead on the boat.
  518. Jason

    For Sale 23' Edgewater Center Console - Custom Built for SoCal!! (Back on the market!!)

    Bait is #1! Good to see another well kept, properly rigged boat. GLWS
  519. Jason

    Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    The numbers you gave are in Mexican waters BTW.
  520. Jason

    December Tuna?

    Shelter Island is closed.
  521. Jason

    What do fishing and NASCAR have in common?

    12 noon on NBC Sports for us westcoasters. Just set the DVR, hope we get a glance. Even a wreck would be good to see the car!
  522. Jason

    32 people on the T Bird tomorrow night. Get your Dykes ready.

    Wait, he likes rainbow. Will probably just confiscate it from you.
  523. Jason

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Looks like a high school shop project. Awesome.
  524. Jason

    Duck gun

    Beretta A400
  525. Jason

    If anyone is willing please give me some tips on slinging iron

    The newer rods have fiberglass in the tip. They snap back to form quicker. They can fling faster and are not as forgiving as fiberglass. Many of us use a Calstar 90J or equivalent as they are more forgiving. Slow and easy, don't swing fast. Jig distance from the tip to around where the reel is...
  526. Jason

    Wister Opening Day

    Our club only had 50% of the water filled before the water got shut off. Had to put everyone on only a couple ponds but had good results like you. Nice to have some ducks around for opener!
  527. Jason

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Glad you guys are OK! Hope the others pull through too.
  528. Jason

    For Sale OSY ( off shore yacht) 24 ft center console/w trailer

    2004-2005 engines. 06’ On has a coating in the exhaust.
  529. Jason

    Catching Wahoo and Skipjack tuna

    So let me get this straight. It was in Louisiana but you posted it in the So Cal offshore REPORTS forum. I identify as an alien from Mars. I should post every single thing I do in the Mars forum. I'm not hating. I just had to deal with 14 support tickets from members telling me that some troll...
  530. Jason

    Wahoo caught on colt sniper

    Same video. I'm very close to hitting the ban button for spamming. Quit being a kook. Post in the correct forum section and stop spamming us with your youtube videos trying to get youtube followers to make a...
  531. Jason

    Rockfish with dropper loop -- when to set the hook

    Pin that dab back on and send it back down.. Lingcod love them.
  532. Jason

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    BOTD is dead? Saluki has been running it for years. Here, go play old BD
  533. Jason

    Alijos calico bass ?

    They are like great white shark teeth. No thumbing them or swimming naked.
  534. Jason

    Fishing permits for mex?

    Don't forget the new wristband as well if in the Coronado Island FMM area.
  535. Jason

    Rockfish with dropper loop -- when to set the hook

    You should be fine with that. Switch to an octopus hook or offset hook if you want to fish a J. Try using Gulp on one of the hooks, style doesn’t matter it all works. It will keep the peckers from stealing one of your baits. I like the 6” grub to once again weed out the small fish. Have used...
  536. Jason

    Rockfish with dropper loop -- when to set the hook

    To cull out the small stuff 6/0-9/0 circle hook. Light wire ok. Pin on a sardine and wait for the fish to hook its self. Wind up slow.
  537. Jason


    Chuck is a great one to go out with! Good to hear he put you on them.
  538. Jason

    La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    Thanks for the fillets! That black codfish was really tasty.
  539. Jason

    Tow rig ??

    3/4 ton is king. But. I bought a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel 4x4 with airbag suspension and have been very surprised with my 23mpg average (17mpg towing) and it's towed everything I have thrown at it so far. All my buddies have them and tow 9K all the time. It's not a race horse up hills but it's stable...
  540. Jason

    Boat US confusion

    Make sure you got your BD discount too!!
  541. Jason

    the bugs are very shallow

    Found the secret rock.
  542. Jason

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    Calstar 540
  543. Jason

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    I get my viagra from him. For some reason I pass out when I take them and wake up with a sore butt.
  544. Jason

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Yep. In the green is where they were. See all the markers. Didn't know it was you. I should have known with all the silver hair though.
  545. Jason

    Bluefin off of Santa Cruz

    They slipped further south but were up there thick.
  546. Jason

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Yep you totally suck. We flew over you at least 3 times and saw you drive right past loaded kelps and foamer tuna.
  547. Jason

    Cows landed on the Freedom

    Congrats! Usually that boat is going for counts at Tanner/Cortez and stays away from trophies.
  548. Jason

    Building the ultimate workshop wood and metal. Need your input.

    Got multiple chop saws already. Brands of things I should look for?
  549. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I was going to write, nothing happening just waiting patiently then I got this in the email today!
  550. Jason

    Building the ultimate workshop wood and metal. Need your input.

    I'm looking to put together a nice little shop that I/we (Ali) can wrench on vehicles, build trade show booths, weld aluminum stuff for our boats, etc. In looking at all the options on Craigslist for used stuff and I realized I don't know what I am looking at for quality/deal anymore. I used to...
  551. Jason

    San Diego launching help??

    More fish out of Dana point right now than SD...
  552. Jason

    Aztec first time aboard?

    Greg let’s you know what’s going on and is very passionate about killing fish. You’ll understand on the first stop of the day when you are so pumped up you can’t get a line in the water fast enough.
  553. Jason

    What to expect..

    Guaranteed you'll catch others lines.
  554. Jason

    8/21 bluefin grounds

    Biting right now.
  555. Jason

    For Sale Rainshadow RCJB 84 XXH. New! Dragon scale (Now with FREE shipping in USA)

    Bumped twice in one day. You know better. Thread closed.
  556. Jason

    Pound for pound

    136 KG Toro aka Jack Crevelle would tool any 136 KG yellowtail tuna or big head blue face tuna.
  557. Jason

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    Boil in saltwater then break apart over rice or salad, make a dip. Tastes like fresh canned tuna.
  558. Jason

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    You are going to break the internets with that! I can imagine all the grandpas dusting off their gear now...
  559. Jason

    Bluefin on the plastic squid thing 8/11

    I got one of those somewhere, never caught a thing on it. Probably work on the kite...
  560. Jason

    Hand full of peanuts

    Fry up the umbilical cords, it's like fish jerky.
  561. Jason

    FREE WARNING Scammers sending Private Messages

    This person from Nigeria keeps signing up and private messaging members trying to get information and money out of them. They say they are from Oklahoma and keep using the phone number (405) 389-3427. They will only text you and won't call you back ever. They want you to send money to them for...
  562. Jason

  563. Jason

    SD boats not listed with landings?

    So basically if you aren't a landing boat you are on your own.
  564. Jason

    How To Report A Post

    email user lunchbox
  565. Jason

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    Based upon my calculations it looks like it may be a contender for the winning spot in the Tuna Club tournament.
  566. Jason

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    This type of service is nothing new. Eventually Billy is going to end up getting a salary to take care of and take an owner on his/her yacht. Salary’s for hired captains start around $60k from the ones I know and they can make up to $1mil+ a year depending on how many boats they are managing...
  567. Jason

    Catalina 1905

    And Tuna Club members are doing just that today with the same gear but on new age yachts with electronics. Lots of fish lost this week due to linen line.
  568. Jason

    San Clemente Island Calicos and Appropriate Sized Tuna Report - Sunday 7/29

    How do you make the colored drawn lines on your plotter?
  569. Jason

    San Diego Padres Anglers Night Aug. 16

    I think Ali is singing the National Anthem for this?
  570. Jason

    Haven't read about any Albacore yet...

    No albacore this year but lots of bluefin and yellowtail tunas.
  571. Jason

    Out on the Gentelman out of Cisco’s with my kid 7/20/18

    Scooters are also great fried or grilled in tacos as long as it's fresh.
  572. Jason

    Fish dope map and MPA in La Jolla

    FD has the closures. Click on the closure button in the menu. Per the Fishdope disclaimer do not use the charts for navigation. Here is the Dfg version I use the Navionics chip...
  573. Jason

    Rigging A Yummee Flyer For Kite Skipping

    You will be fine.
  574. Jason

    Rigging A Yummee Flyer For Kite Skipping

    Simple search finds the article
  575. Jason

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Pig out and let us know how it ends!
  576. Jason

    Which boat tonight Prowler 1.5 day or Tribute 1 day

    1.5 a lot of the bluefin are as the sun is going down.
  577. Jason

    Looking for stories of Great White Sharks being fished in California still

    You won’t find much of it in CA. Look in the sea of Cortez. The sharks get murdered there for their fins. Let us know when you get back from talking to them and how it went.
  578. Jason

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Someone pulled a fast one on Cabela's doing a return on a different reel in a higher priced box... Happens all the time when the customer service person doesn't know the difference.
  579. Jason

    Report on albacore They sure are loading up on Albacore!
  580. Jason

    The Mustang out of H&M

    Mustang is pretty good. Haven’t heard of the other one.
  581. Jason

    50% hike in prices at MDR bait dock?

    Seems like they only want to serve the sport boats from what I have heard. Redondo will work with ya.
  582. Jason

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    The reciept is for your record of buying bait that day. If your bait dies or you run out, return with the reciept and get another scoop. You’ll get the next up pricing instead of single scoop as you already bought a scoop.
  583. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    You receive all the time during homosexual intercourse. You answered your own question.
  584. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    FYI I’ve been asked a lot and been learning as we go. I am blood type O+ To be a potential donor they are screening people out that: Have had or participate in homosexual intercourse. Test positive for THC, or have or have had a drug history. People that have family history of heart attack...
  585. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Just a quick update for you all. I’m stable at 13GFR. Kidneys are ready to be taken out but when that happens I’m going on dialysis and we are trying to stay off it for as long as I can. My AV Fistula surgery went well and in 2 weeks my vein will be ready to start on dialysis. I don’t want to...
  586. Jason

    YFT close

    How did you cut the sheephead to look just like shrimp?
  587. Jason


    They changed their discount program that they had been running for years with the NRA. The NRA freaked out and badmouthed them sending all the NRA dicksuckers wild shooting their Yeti products before they knew the whole story. Yeti never said they wouldn’t sell discounted to the NRA. Dicks...
  588. Jason

    Harness use on party boats for BFT

    Bring it, just be ready to move at times.
  589. Jason

    Mrs Legal - Halibut off Encinitas

    FYI I'm pretty sure you were in Leucadia as all of Encinitas is closed to rod/reel fishing. MPA closures. Nice fish!
  590. Jason

    Problem with Log In

    Screenshots please. I think it’s cloudflare acting up .
  591. Jason

    How to clean your bait tank

    Found a great way to cut down on scrubbing the inside of your bait tank. Fill to the top and drop in one of these tablets and a gallon of bleach. All the growth, fish slime smell and grime goes away in hours. Learned this from the sport boats.
  592. Jason

    Fish count websites

    It’s better to follow the boats direct on Instagram or Facebook. The landing pages only put up landing boats (to fill them first) and count websites only put up the boats paying them.
  593. Jason

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    The owner, enough said.
  594. Jason

    sheena was a man!!

    Why wasn’t I invited to your party?
  595. Jason

    Commercial fishing net

    CCA California is also pushing for a ban on drift nets.
  596. Jason

    Commercial fishing net

    Commercial White Sea bass just started. Wiping out whole schools plus everything else that swims in the area.
  597. Jason

    Hook Up Baits?

    Using search
  598. Jason

    Bad Ads Thread

    Clear your temporary internet files on chrome. it's malware on the browser not on the site.
  599. Jason

    Mahilini is back

    Where did they go?
  600. Jason

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    Nate takes a pounding like a champ. 28' is a lot more boat than the small boats they are talking about though...
  601. Jason

    Tuna Science 6-10 2018 report (video)

    Please explain the Kelvin Wave as well.
  602. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Yeah the orientation in San Diego said that it's 4-7 years in line. They also mentioned that I could try to get on other lists as well but would have to pay out of pocket for all the tests to be done to get on the list in another area and hospital. They wanted me to stay within 6 hours of the...
  603. Jason

    Fishing the islands this weekend

    Just a suggestion. Look in the socal inshore/islands section.
  604. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    No idea what’s going on, they don’t tell me anything due to HIPPA rules. Thanks for trying!!
  605. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Thanks, understand. Can’t fix old.
  606. Jason

    What's the deal with

    Dave is the greatest fisherman in the world. Just ask him.
  607. Jason

    Awesome time on the Tomahawk Sportfishing!

    Thanks for the thorough write up! Nice fish too.
  608. Jason

    What ever happened to Bruce Carter?

    Pretty sure he's banned.
  609. Jason

    What ever happened to Bruce Carter?

    I think he passed away.
  610. Jason

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    If you take blood pressure meds it may be that. I was on lisinopril for years and got sick every time I was on the boat. Changed meds and all of a sudden I got my legs back like they used to be.
  611. Jason

    Suspicious people of westport

    Don’t fall for his “I give reach arounds” it never happens and I’ve tried it a few times now.
  612. Jason

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    In San Diego we have Buds training camp. Might look it up. Seals everywhere.
  613. Jason

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    You know the rule, take pictures first before helping save anyone!
  614. Jason

    Rockfish...270 5/27/18

    Whoops, ok eat tacos!
  615. Jason

    What fish is this from SD Bay???

    Those taste good! Very close taste to fresh water eel.
  616. Jason

    Rockfish...270 5/27/18

    You look like you put on 20lbs. Maybe you should opt for a salad and not tacos.
  617. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Thanks, yeah I don’t need a new asshole yet.
  618. Jason

    Oceanside harbor And lack of fish

    Try SD or MB. Never caught anything in Oside but halibut, calico bass, spotted bay bass, sand bass, sand shark, mackerel, bonito, perch and opal eye. It pretty much sucks.
  619. Jason

    Sunday half day report...

    The fishing in their zone has been horrible. I bet he found the best conditions around and stayed in it as there was no where else to go. Either way if it’s finally cleaning up that is great to hear!
  620. Jason

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    100% true. We met up with Larry in PEI a few years back and filmed with him. He is one of the toughest old guys I've ever met. Shows up with a yeti that weighed 90lbs. Inside was beef jerky, cigarets, some wadded up clothes, a camera and home made lures. Got to talk with him 1 on 1 a lot that...
  621. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    The list is full right now. Can get on a waiting list if you want. The number and info is in the first post. Thanks for the support!
  622. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Exactly what I need to learn. Handing me sheets of paper with what I can’t eat for phosphorous and what I can’t eat for gout plus what I can’t eat for sodium leaves me with nothing to eat... I’m totally interested in what the easiest diet is. If I can get a donor then I should only be on...
  623. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    No barter needed.
  624. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I am blown away by the response. The amount of support you guys/gals have given I have no words for. The transplant team is overwhelmed with the applicant response and has started a waiting list as they filter through the applicants they already received. This doesn’t mean stop calling! Thank...
  625. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Fishing in Louisiana for a week.
  626. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Thanks to all the BD brotherhood/sisterhood. I'm wiped out for today. Thanks for all the texts, calls, pm's, etc. I didn't get anything done for work today...
  627. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    It's ok. I like them both.
  628. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Thanks for the nude photos Tom. Defiantly made me feel better about myself.
  629. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Thanks for even considering it. There are trade plans where if someone has an O but needs something else I can trade the one they need for the one I need. I know it’s not the same and you won’t be able to say you have been inside me but it’s as good as saving my life...
  630. Jason

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Well here we go, this is super embarrassing for me as I try not to make any of my personal problems anyone else’s. This took months for me to get up the courage to post this but I am out of options and fighting for my life. You may have noticed all the vegetarian cuisine that I have been forced...
  631. Jason

    1.5 Day Charkbait trip 5/19 - Tomahawk Sportfishing

    Can't control the fishing but can control the food. The food looks good!
  632. Jason

    Headed out 5/20 on private boat. Looking at 371 towards hideen

    The weather isn’t helping. Plenty of fish around there. Mixed 4’ at 8 seconds with 15 knots of wind on it, no thanks.
  633. Jason

    Fishdope chart question

    It's been the most stressful thing we have done yet, an absolute nightmare. It started with paying double digits to have the apps updated to iOS 11 in which when iOS 11 launched Apple decided they didn't like our upgrade fixes and booted us from the app store as Fishdope still uses Flash...
  634. Jason

    Who left this behind at Dutch

    That sticker is a five maybe 6 years old too. We change them every year to date them...
  635. Jason

    The Nados are BACK!

    Nice work on the tuna.
  636. Jason

    Catalina Island Hard Bait Calico Report Saturday 5/5

    I thought Matt was your “hard bait”. Good to see you took some real fishermen with you this time.
  637. Jason

    Anyone using Iridium Go!?

    Ali and I use the Iridium Go on our boat. Everyone can connect to it and text away. it's really nice for communicating with Billy so we aren't putting airwaves out while working together :). Satmoto is the way to go.
  638. Jason

    Don't fall for this email scam! I almost paid the guy.

    It's not a scam? I may be in trouble then.