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    A Spinner for Chef Cosmo

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    Phoenix International rods

    I haven't hurt of em.
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    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Which nut do you fish with?
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    Anybody here fish the Nestucca R. ?

    I think most people will agree that most of our salmon steelhead populations have pretty much crashed. Numbers are down tremendously from Oregon all the way up to Alaska. Seasons and bag limits have been greatly reduced or in some instances cancelled.
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    Bad Kitty

    A handgun would have solved that problem pretty easily.............
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    Panga Fishing Los Cabos - Cow Tuna

    Grandma has been looking all over for her PJs ! How did you wind up with em?
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    Whites Deck Boots cont.

    These are the same people who buy Labradoodles. Do you know why they don't shed? Because somebody took a glue gun and stuck shag carpet on a regular dog.
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    Tha girls

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    ISO BFT Buddy

    Sounds like you should hire someone like Dave Hansen.
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    Looking for rod builder..

    You know that rod builders can ship rods right? Having said that, you can have a great rod built by someone who is not in your immediate area.
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    Skin splitting on my finger after saltwater fishing

    Rub some dirt on it and GROW A PAIR................
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    Site has turned into a chore...

    I have joined the 1 million guys who are manscaped though...............
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    Site has turned into a chore...

    A blizzard of advertisements. Ridiculous. Glad someone is making $.............
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    West end++ cat bft 8.13

    So maybe inglush is not his primerry languish.
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    Time to show your skills... 2021 International Rod Building Challenge

    IMHO if the ICRBE were cancelled next Feb., it hardly seems appropriate that rods would be voted on based on photos alone. If that were the case then a person's camera skills could come more into play, or the quality of their lighting and camera quality could have an unfair advantage to an...
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    Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    That photo is amazing.
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    Catalina seaweed

    You mean they wouldn't eat the Power Bait?
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    Rainshadow Composite Blanks

    I think the entire Rainshadow product line is the absolute best. The years of experience is obvious in their quality.
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    No More Lyon's & O'Haver. Now who?

    Museum quality work.
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    No More Lyon's & O'Haver. Now who?

    Living Designs is as good as it gets. I live in Oregon and have had them do a lot of work. Fantastic quality. The best in my opinion.Great taxidermy is certainly something you do not want to be cheap about. Consider the fact that weather it is bad quality work, or great quality work, you are...
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    Are you a plumber?
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    1545 Jon Boat Conversion

    Really beautiful work. I owned a boat just like that ( it was a Lowe). I think that by raising the center of gravity so much, you are going to have some real stability issues.
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    Out of State Buyers Flocking to Montana

    People that have the means and resources have been doing this for over thirty years. I moved from SoCal 30 years ago to Bend Oregon. People want out of the rat race. All of the smaller towns in the western states are and have been experiencing explosive growth as a result. Bend had a population...
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    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    Are you talking about blue perch or bluefin tuna?
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    1st choice for yo-yo reel

    Fir? Jesus.
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    Conditioning on Rods?

    Turtle Wax is great.
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    Those colors with the blank are really cool.
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    Long Range Sea Lion

    That thing is a fucking monster. The size of a bull elk!
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    Sporty fish.
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    Spinning rod for Begginners

    Are you looking for a left or right handed one?
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    Same one, better pic

    Really nice.
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    Tricks to use in a picky bite

    Throw the tried and true Dupont spinner.
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    Yuma 4-14-20

    So let's see a pic of the stripper..........
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    Yeti Tundra 250

    Boy that thing must be heavy.
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    This has gotten beyond stupid...

    What a dumb fuck. People dying daily. Global catastrophe. Arm chair quarterback criticizing........... You are a piece of work.
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    Opaleye bite.

    Just flush a marine toilet over at Catalina and you will attract plenty of them!
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    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    Break Out Another Thousand...................
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    Late Report Small Kine action

    Nice fish!!
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    One and a half that got away

    There must be a good story behind that photo.
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    Reactor 40 kicker autoPilot

    My son and I used ours for the first time three days ago and it is fantastic. The guys at Portland Marine Electronics where we got it did a great job with the install. My son drove over there to pick the boat up, and they gave him a brief tutorial on how to use it. When we fished on Thurs., he...
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    Diamond plate aluminum flooring

    I just had the deck of my Northriver Seahhawk replaced. I did not want diamond plate . We fish the boat a lot during the summer months primarily in freshwater and it seemed like overkill for our use. Also everyone likes to not wear shoes as much, so it is for sure more comfortable to not have...
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    “Girls fish too”

    All the cork comes from Portugal.Seems funny you list that as something special.
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    Fishing Baja's Uncrowded Beaches

    The camping there looks awesome. Until the banditos show up at 2am. Then not so much.
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    Twisted Sisters

    Your work is always so clean. Beautiful man>
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    Seasick on Sports Boat

    I think the big boats can be worse just in terms of breathing a lot of "funky" air that most people are not used to. Exhaust fumes ,mixed with the downstairs air down below in the bunk rooms, as well as cigarette smoke, and cooking smells. Smaller private boats have cleaner air to breathe.
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    How much does quality cork matter?

    It has been said that the highest quality cork available today would have been considered " cull" or crap cork 10-15 yrs ago. There is so much demand for cork for many different uses besides rod building. It is naturally produced or grown as the bark of a tree and can only be harvested once...
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    Thursday 1/30/20

    Cool scars.Glad you healed up finally.
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    Unforgettable trip: encountered coyotes and a big fish that broke 20lb line

    You have been living in a city too long. I have been an elk hunter for over 35 years. I have spent a lot of time in the woods and around coyotes. ZERO threat.
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    Unforgettable trip: encountered coyotes and a big fish that broke 20lb line

    Being afraid of a fucking coyote. Good Lord! Clap your hands! Fuck me.
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    A pair of fish

    Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks!!!!!!!!
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    Wintertime Bonito Action

    One of the strongest fish pound for pound.
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    Careless dog owner and croc

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    The wife smelled skunk

    I don't know about skunk, but there's only two things that smell like fish and one of them's fish.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    The colors suck. Not too bad if I wear sunglasses though. It about blinded me the first time I looked at it.
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    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    OK butterfly, we won't hurt a hair on their cute little bodies.......Bring it in guys, "group hug"!
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    Regulation Rasta

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    The best dogs ever.
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    Nor Cal is looking good, very good

    I'd say you set the dekes in the right spot!
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    last couple for 2019

    Those are really cool. With those color schemes, they would be easy to find on a crowded boat. Beautiful.
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    Salvaging a reel seat

    If you are going to take the time to build a new rod, you may be better off getting a new reel seat instead of one with that much wear on it.
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    What do you think snapped my line?

    65lb White Seabass for sure.
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    Cutting a blank with hack saw??

    It aint brain surgery................
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    Best rail mount rod holders for trout/striper trolling

    I think Scotty rod holders are great. I have them on my boat and I think they are probably the most popular in the PacificNorthwest where I live.
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    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Just from reading the title, it sounded like something that could be painful and just wrong!
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    Got a new a Ditch bag today! What’s in yours?

    Several fake ID's, passports, and lots of cash.
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    How do you mark your gear

    Home Depot sells several different colors of electrical tape. That way you can really see your gear on a crowded boat.
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    Diamond Valley

    He must be in the witness protection program.
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    Beast Striper!

    Crazy looking lure!
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    1st of 3 for Chef Cosmo in Ensenada

    Your use of metallics as well as your color combinations are absolutely beautiful.
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    WTB Halibut Harpoon

    Englund marine............
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    Update... 10/31/19

    Scary deal. Something most people would never think could happen.
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    Stolen rods from oceanside

    Man talk about getting cleaned out!
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    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    Older roller guides left in a salty environment such as what you are talking about in Mexico can seize up due to salt buildup etc.. The older ones can be a pain in the ass maintenance wise to stay functional.
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    Big boy on fly!

    Ugly fucking things. Do people eat them?
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    Good Luck Rituals

    You can never go wrong with a blowjob.
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    Getting finish down through 2 wraps

    The finish is not designed to saturate through all that thread and finally reach the blank. It does not work that way. If you want to "tighten things up" as you go, you can use a couple coats of color preserver, or apply some finish on the first wrap, let it dry, then do the rest of the wraps...
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    Storing Magnum X-Raps

    X2 on just getting a larger size clear Plano box. That is what I use for mine.
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    Surf fishing Mexico

    Short wire leaders in case you run into Sierras. Otherwise your lure supply will quickly diminish.
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    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    When the Dentist doesn't give you enough novocaine to numb your mouth up and starts drilling.
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    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    When you are taking a shower in prison and drop the soap..........
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    300 WSM

    I have one in a Kimber Montana and absolutely love it. I kill elk with it regularly and shoot 180 grain Nosler Accubonds. You will be very pleased with it. Very minimal recoil in my opinion.
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    Green saber for Jeff Clary

    Nice job on the finish.
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    Rods 2 & 3 for ME!

    In case you do not know, on the two piece rod, you do not want to wrap thread on the male side that will meet up flush with the thread on the female side (when the rod is put together). If you ever look at fly rods in a fly shop you will see this on every rod. The reason behind this is that over...
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    Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    Great pic of the two of you together with your fish.
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    Guess the weight

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    Inshore mako

    Seems like this can go on and on. Why don't we all just bow down and give this nut the "manly man" award that he seems to be wanting so badly and get on with our day...................
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    Inshore mako

    You think you have this all figured out but you don't because it is hypothetically a 300 lb mako. You can count on it doing what you do not expect or want. To think it is going to behave like a big Alaskan halibut and be docile while you drill it in the gills is absolutely stupid. With the short...
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    Inshore mako

    Trying to guess the conversation when the guys in the Coast Guard helicopter find your corpse. " Hey Cap, we got a bleeder!"
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    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    I hear there is a $10 discount if you bring your own EPIRB.
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    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    11 people on board...... I think that on "Deadliest Catch" they refer to them as 11 "souls" on board when talking to the Coast Guard prior to the catastrophe happening. Smooth sailing Gilligan.
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    Inshore mako

    Just curious. Do you drive a lifted pickup truck with big tires?
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    Classic coat

    I have used Classic Coat for most of my rod building career and love it. It is just like a lot of things, the more you use it, the more you get used to its characteristics. I find it extremely easy to work with and the color you see in the cup is a non issue. I have been told over the years that...
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    Inshore mako

    Saying you want to catch a 300 pounder from the yak is beyond insane. I think it would be similar to wanting to hunt a Kodiak brown bear with a recurve bow. I have caught them up to about 125 pounds before. I would say from that experience that a 125 pounder would kick your ass, then kill you...
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    Changing a custom rod

    The cleanest way would probably be to just wrap new thread over the top of it and apply new finish.
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    Reef Donkey Show on the Jessica in Cabo 6/12

    I want to be Charlie Plum.
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    For Sale AC Plug 100$ obo

    Ditto! You can buy a new one with fresh paint for $20 from Allan.
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    Anger Management......kinda long but good!

    No they're Democrats. You're an asshole.
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    F'ing chipmunk

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.............
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    Cory update Thursday

    There are a lot of fish out there swimming a few more laps around the ocean prior to being harvested by you and your newly repaired ticker....................
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    Single strand wire leader for BFT?

    I was just a young kid back then, but believe people that long ago thought that the teeth of albacore could chew you off. If it did happen to work on BFT i would think it could be a game changer. Imagine not getting chewed off anymore.
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    Cory update Thursday

    It is cool to see all the good wishes for such an obviously good person. Good luck and get well soon.
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    American angler 5/11/19

    Puttling fish are hard to approach alright.
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    Single strand wire leader for BFT?

    This is one of those old school things from many years past similar to flying the kite.
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    Single strand wire leader for BFT?

    I don't know that too many people here can remember back this far, but I remember back in the 60's it was common for guys to fish 27lb wire leaders for albacore. Obviously back in those days tackle had not developed to what it is today. I do know that 30-40 lb Malin single strand wire is not...
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    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Good luck. You are a real class act. Hope you will be back on the water soon.
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    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    I think Sears was much more successful in the appliance business than the boat business...........
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    I bet an octopus like that could be a great bait to put in front of one of the big BFT..........
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    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    Even raising the deck up as you have planned could increase the lack of stability. I have actually heard that boat referred to as a "coffin" boat. No joke.
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    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    I do not mean to rain on your parade but that boat ( hull design ) has a history of being VERY unstable. Especially the 12 foot version. A lot of people have gone for unexpected swims fishing that boat. Up here in Oregon that has not always ended well with our cold water. The issue is the hull...
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    Question for a pro rod builder!!

    For some reason fly reels have a different shaped foot. So fly reel seats have that same different shaped hood. I would suggest prior to building the rod, first see if the reel seat will accept/fit whatever reel you have.
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    Dark Fade Wrap Colors

    Try working in a light gray color.
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    What do you do when Snapper wont bite?

    Roofies always worked for me. Just sayin..........:indabutt:
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    What do you guys do with coyotes?

    If its your first one you have to eat the heart............... Also the backstops are the bomb...............
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    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Don't listen to these negative comments. Diaper yourself up and dig in! Sounds like a good meal the night before your colonoscopy!
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    Fishing with Young Children

    Living in Oregon, one of the key things for us was to try to pick good weather, dress them so they didn't get cold, and have extra dry clothes just in case. Probably the best thing I did was to try to fish in "target rich situations" in which the kids do not get bored and not want to go fishing...
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    Why not roller guides on heavy rail rods?

    FYI The name Elvis refers to swordfish. Not marlin.
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    United Composites US800Mag

    That rod would never get misplaced on a crowded Party boat.
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    Quad Rod Dryer

    I had one of the dryers you are talking about a long time ago. I did not keep it long. The biggest thing I disliked about it was when you tried adding a second, third, or fourth rod to it after the first rod was on it. As you work on attaching those rods to the chucks, the forward support piece...
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    Should I strip it!?! What to do with this original unsanded Roddy BR90

    As I recall from many years ago, I don't think Roddy Rods were all that special. I think that given all the time and effort involved in completely stripping the rod, sanding, prep, and painting etc., you would be a lot better off buying a wonderful new blank and building with that instead.
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    Maui surf fishin

    Everyone talks about fishing pretty light gear. Every time I have ever driven between Kehei and Lahina I see local guys out on various spots with a bunch of big heavy rods in rod spikes. Mainly it seems like late afternoon and evening. Obviously soaking bait. 12 foot type rods. No light tackle...
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    Guide to Catching Trout. Would Love Your Feedback

    Poles hold up power lines. Rods are for fishing.
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    Good Day out of South Florida

    Are King Mackeral good to eat?
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    Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo

    He got split up from his buddies coming out of a bar and got grabbed outside. Thanks for your concern.
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    Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo

    My son also had a buddy kidnapped while out one night. He thought he was dead. They also drove him around to ATM's and had him withdraw all his money. He will never go back.............
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    Epoxy Cracking At Foot

    One thing that I do would probably help. It takes a bit more time though. I take a short scrap piece of thread, line it up with the guide foot, and lay it up and over the guide foot. Start wrapping it in maybe 1/8" in front of the guide foot. When you get to the base of the guide foot, put some...
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Then he keeps you in suspense waiting for the next part!
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    Retirement move to socal

    I moved from SoCal 30 years ago to Bend Oregon. Best thing I ever did. I think that one thing to think about is what living conditions will be like the rest of the year when you are not fishing. Say you are able to fish 30 days per season. Say the number is higher like 40-50 days. From what has...
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    Fish 3 times the line test

    265 lb black seabass on 25 lb Ande line in 1976..... 159 lb striped marlin on 20 lb dacron in 1981.....38 lb chinook salmon on 12lb in 2007.
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    OOPS! I spilled my Crayons.

    That is awesome!
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    Can I fix my Broken Kenai Kwik Fishing Rod?

    Contact Lamiglas repair dept, pay a small charge and get a new tip section.
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    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    Very creative and really beautiful.
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    Do You Feel Lucky?

    She could hunch up her butt cheeks and tear your dick off!
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    Fishing around Maui

    After having fished there a few times over recent years, here is my observations for what its worth. The boat captains themselves have told me this as well. The water off Maui are much shallower in comparison to the other Islands. This means you do not have the deep shelves and up welling that...
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    What’s your porn name

    Dick Stroker
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    What’s your porn name

    Jack Hammer.
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    another dead furbag...

    I'd like to buy a beer and box of shells for whoever the sniper is. Good job.
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    That tape really makes the edges of the thread wraps pop.
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    Cool TX buck

    Dark muzzle on it's face.
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    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    I just bought one last night. They really seem nice and well built. Looks comparable to the yeti at a fraction of the cost.
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    Bambi vs 300wm

    That is what the high shoulder shot does. It ruins a lot of meat.
  142. B

    Spike Deer Jerky

    You should try my forked horn smoked deer recipe!
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    Usually not a big marbling fan, but those colors are beautiful.
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    Bambi vs 300wm

    Enjoy eating your deer.......... A little less meat.
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    Vintage Pics

    I saw the most awesome badass photo of Frank LoPreste from probably back in the 70's. It was so cool that Sabre Rod Co used it as a full page advertisement in magazines for a long time. He had the drag locked down on about a size 14/0-16/0 black Penn senator reel on a short Sabre rod. Absolutely...
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    Fried Chicken & Marlin

    That made me hungry,
  147. B

    Back to building

    Really beautiful.
  148. B


    Nice job.
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    Expanding the family

    Very nice.
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    300 pound blue Finn

    Mike, I don't usually do this for other people but for you I did a full analysis. Based on current, tide,chlorophyl data, and moon phase you will have two chances at the 300 pounder.Sunday night at 3:17 AM if you deep drop a mackerel that is EXACTLY 8 3/8" long on a 6 ounce sinker to precisely...
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    Dana Point Bonita and 14 Mile 9-24

    If it were me I would remove the blood line. Doing so would remove any chance of it influencing the flavor............
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    Is this the norm now on San Diego 2day boats ?

    You have people working a low wage paying job trying to earn a living.They have to buy groceries and pay rent to support their families just like we all do. Get over it.
  153. B

    Tagged out the on VAFB G11

    Posting a photo of a dead fawn. WOW...................
  154. B

    Sunday 09-08

    Sounds like taking time for a little boat maintenance may not be a bad idea.
  155. B

    Looking for a Maui Guide

    Cast Fuzzy of Die Hard Charters.
  156. B

    Monday 8 20. Twenty miles west of MB

    Man I would frame the first photo. Really nice.
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    US80 Tilefish for the Bubba Jean 28

    Really beautiful.
  158. B

    Swap even stevens

    Who is Even Stevens?
  159. B

    Pau Hana Quickie

    Look at all the Opah.
  160. B

    Wicked Tuna first mate dies

  161. B


    Call your mom..............
  162. B

    Back from Missoula Montana with BRO... AWESOME

    You have long arms.
  163. B

    Ten days in Sitka

    It seems like that slot limit really sucks on the halibut. You can only keep small fish. Considering what it costs to go there and only be able to keep maybe a 25 lb fish while having to release anything larger. Saving the larger fish for the commercial guys...............
  164. B

    It's gonna be hot, what does that mean?

    It means you don't need a jacket.
  165. B

    Maui Fishing June 2018

    It sounds like Fuzzy with Die Hard Charters is the man if you really want to produce larger numbers of fish. It is also the most expensive. He departs at 11pm and makes his own bait which is a rarity of sorts on Maui. Anyway you help make bait and then he has the time to run the furthest to fish...
  166. B

    Opihi carnage style

    What is an opihi ?
  167. B

    Little Girl Commands Pack of Ravenous Pit Bulls

    Given the wonderful blessing it is to have a child like that, why would anyone put their child in ANY kind of potential risky situation like that. I don't care who you are, it is a FACT that there is a risk in doing that. You are playing a bet with what SHOULD be the most important thing in your...
  168. B

    What's a super 12?

    It's a nickname my wife has for me.
  169. B

    Cartridge Trolls hook up off Kona

    You don't hear about wahoo being released very often.
  170. B

    05-22-2018 Maui Report

    I fished that boat about 5 weeks ago. Great boat and great guys. I would recommend them to anyone.
  171. B

    The Tuna King

    That is awesome.
  172. B

    How much does blood weigh in a 20 lb yellowtail?

    The heart must weigh three pounds!
  173. B

    4 Custom UC's Memorizing Kyle of the Vagabond

    Absolutely beautiful.
  174. B

    Jim's Custom Rods

    I'm bringing my treadmill, you can borrow it...............
  175. B

    When to give up on a rod

    I would say bad guides ARE the builder's fault. More experienced builders know which guides are most reliable. More experienced builders do not use crap because their reputation is based on putting out a quality product.
  176. B

    When to give up on a rod

    Unfortunate. Just because someone says they are a rod builder doesn't mean they are any good at it.
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    Lahaina 6 pack charter recommendation

    I just got back this morning from there. We fished with Steve Carol with Start Me Up. 41 foot Bertram. He just fishes a six hour trip but has his own personal FAD that was very productive. Great guy with Jameson as deckhand.Good tackle too. Fishing there is certainly centered around fishing the...
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    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    Captain Midnight. In 1973 I was sixteen. A team of five of us were fishing in a tournament Billy Casper the golfer put on in San Diego. I only think it lasted for two or three years. It was supposed to be an albacore tournament but they did not show up that year. So the decision was made to make...
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    United Composites US80H-L "Spider-Man"

    Spiderman. I remember when I was seen years old............... Time warp........
  180. B

    Removing abalone veneer

    A heat gun softens everything up, then use some type of pointed tool to get under parts of it and it will start to come off. Just keep doing that and it will come off. Then you still have the messy adhesive shit on there. Just use a rag with acetone and it all comes off and will be clean. After...
  181. B

    Cleaning Elk Ivory Teeth???

    I have cleaned them for years. All we do is rehydrate them by soaking in a cup of water for a day or two. It softens up the "meat scraps". Lay the tooth on some kind of rag and scrape with any kind of blade. Just scraping the meat off............ You know they are called "ivories" but they are...
  182. B

    Texas fishing... too easy

    Can you eat those things?
  183. B

    Hip Replacement

    If I knew I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.............
  184. B

    Stocked Rainbow trout

    The eating quality is also a far cry from eating a trout that actually lived and fed in a wild environment, versus being raised on pellets.......
  185. B

    Shortening a blank

    Ridiculous. Build him the 7'6" and tell him it is 7'2". He won't say a word. A 4" difference.....................Silly.
  186. B

    Fade Wrap question

    No rules.......
  187. B

    Rapala 40 mag speed and depth question

    You could try and run it in an area that you know has a clean bottom. Then experiment until it hits bottom.
  188. B

    Anderson Cooper

    Suck my dick. The modern world as it relates to morality is ridiculous. It is like we all are supposed to undergo sensitivity training to be more accepting of the feminine version of what used to be the stereotypical version of a man. Look at the television programming these days. For lack of a...
  189. B

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Pvc...........Pad it, cap it and have some piece of mind versus cardboard.
  190. B

    Thief on the Docks = Splash

    What an idiot.
  191. B

    Trout fishing

    What is a marblehead?
  192. B

    Gentlemen...I owe someone an apology

    Lets hug it out.........
  193. B

    Montana deer and elk season is over

    I live in Oregon and our family enjoys eating elk meat on a fairly regular basis. I don't mean to be rude, but in addition to your antelope and elk, how does a family utilize a total of 11 fucking deer? Jesus just because it may be legal, it seems like a bit of bloodlust................
  194. B

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    How many of us here on BD has at one time or another puked while fishing. Probably about 90%. It is part of the price of admission for being on the ocean and experiencing all the amazing things we get to see and experience on the ocean. The world is becoming a much different place than it was...
  195. B

    A Pair or G Urushis for John

    Are those pictures of your sister?
  196. B

    9/19 - Limits for 3

    Either those guys have huge feet, or those are really small fish!
  197. B

    Hi Jamie, Great writeup and photos of Russia trip. If you would like info on some world class...

    Hi Jamie, Great writeup and photos of Russia trip. If you would like info on some world class fly rods, you can see my work at
  198. B

    7/14 Cow BFT

    I wouldn't want to be a flying fish trying to live in that neighborhood!
  199. B

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    One time on the Excel, I had a roommate named Roger from Beverly Hills. One night after a full day fishing, I came back to my stateroom and was very surprised. Roger had rearranged things somewhat. Scented candles, some light music, etc. it was wonderful! Then he surprised me with a full body...
  200. B

    Hillbilly tower !

    That would take some balls to climb up in that thing! Especially with some chop on the water.
  201. B

    Recoating old thread wraps

    That is one of the most crapped-out rods I have ever seen!
  202. B

    No Yeti products for me

    My God. All of this bullshit because of a sign. Get a fuckin life. Nothing else to bitch about today?
  203. B

    Chelan/kokanee fishing

    Size on most kokanee is under 2 lbs.. They have very delicate thin mouths and frequently tear off the hook. That is why the soft noodle rods work so well. In my opinion salmon gear would not work well. Should be ok with the vertical jigging lures. If you are just going for one trip, I would try...
  204. B

    Long hard fight, no reward

    Maybe a cow................
  205. B

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    Are 1/2 day reels cheaper than full day reels?
  206. B

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Fortress, because that is one stud of a boat!
  207. B

    I love it when criminals go to jail and their toys go to auction....

    I grew up in So Cal and have lived in Oregon for the last 26 yrs. I am still amazed at seeing Suburbans, the larger suvs, and larger pickups that are only 2WD. It amazes me to see that. I guess these vehicles pretty much only drive on paved roads, like being a large station wagon.
  208. B

    What ever happened to that guy Josh Templeton

    I think his name was Josh Temple. There is a guy with that name that has one of those home improvement shows on TV. I wonder if it is the same guy.
  209. B

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    That didn't take long! We all need more sensitivity training to live in today's world.
  210. B

    It's Xmas!

    Where is Elf on a shelf?
  211. B

    Rob Racks, trays, new design DR weights- Fishfighter Products

    Really cool. I think the tubes are too close together also. If they were spaced more, I would buy them.
  212. B

    SCI 12/12

    You guys have LONG arms!
  213. B

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Crazy. Stretches the term "fair chase" for sure. Not really what we have known as traditional "hunting" in the past. A four person "team" to pull off a shot. Speaking in loud conversational tones with no real danger of spooking the animal because it is so far away. The case can certainly be made...
  214. B

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    I read a book several years ago chronicling bear attack victims in Alaska. Several of them were carrying handguns at the time of attack. Most all of them said a handgun is useless 90% of the time. Two reasons....First the attacks are so crazy fast that they never were able to get their gun in...
  215. B

    Happy bird day bitches!

    Did you say something..........
  216. B

    Acid wrap or not?

    Did you say something?
  217. B

    A Peronal Gripe

    I will have my attorney draw up the contract! Then my people can call your people and we can do lunch!
  218. B

    G-loomis patch

    It's not even Gary's company any more. He is the legend and brains behind the brand. Shimano bought it. Why not get a Shimano patch.
  219. B

    300 WSM - Contemplating getting one

    I have three 30/06's where I live in Oregon. Between my kids and I we have killed over 25 elk with them. Fantastic caliber. We live in Bend which is where Nosler is based. Accubonds rule! Also have a stainless Kimber Montana in 300WSM. Very light with nice Leupold scope. GREAT elk caliber, and...
  220. B

    Lossed video

    "Lossed"..........That's a new one!
  221. B

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    The Iguana. I have a big dick
  222. B

    Oregon Elk hunting

    The deadline to apply for tags this year was in May.........
  223. B

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    What is the point of telling such a young kid that his fish weighed so much more than it obviously did? That is still a nice fish for an 11 yr old. I'm sure he would have been just as excited if it were weighed on an actual scale an got the true weight. This same bullshit happens with all...
  224. B

    O`side late report from 7-17

    Wow taking and posting a pic of yourself naked with a fish is a bit different...
  225. B

    Sierras guide service

    Only allocating two days is crazy............
  226. B

    Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    What rod did you use? 8 feet?