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    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    So killing that tyrannosaurus rex wasn't good enough for him??
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    As others have said, replace the gfi. They don't last forever and trip easier with usage. (I'm an old sparky.)
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    Memories with the Kid

    Awesome! Love seeing hunting and shooting being passed down.
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    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    And what if a sea turtle gets that stuck in his nose????
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    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Just wait till the "self driving cars" take over.
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    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    He had a beautiful rug.....I mean coat.
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    anybody seen the tranny playmate ???

    I'd stay away from "that guy" at work.
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    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    Ditch the "bride" part and you got something!
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    ***** RIP *******

    Worst food on the planet.
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    What is this animal

    I'm going with coon also.
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    Found rod/reel - Dana Point 2/27

    But he is trying to release it!
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    Looking for bed cover for a 2015 F-350 long bed

    I've heard good things on the bakflip too. I would stay clear of the one piece style.
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    Yeti or Pelican for roof of 2320

    Yeti is anti 2A. F them. I have 3 rtic's and very happy with them. Just my opinion. The yeti fans will be here soon though.
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    Local Sculpin Stomach Contents, Nuts?

    Some genius using your sack as his trash can?
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    Boat registration and ticket RANT...

    I'm having a hard believing the Ca. dmv would screw up.:eek:
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    Christmas gifts for children of Guadalupe Island delivered!

    Awesome! That's what it's all about.
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    what to do with 5.56 ammo

    Not true in all cases. Some are rated for both, like the Ruger Mini 14 and many, many others.
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    FREE Bayrunner 16 Thanks For The Help Guys

    And a hand held radio on your person wouldn't hurt.
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    First time fishing today

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    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    Fuck the nfl.
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    The Chargers curse

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    So sick of California, CA taxes, Gov Brown

    You think it's bad now, wait till newsom gets elected by the sheep.
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    San Diego Shark chases Seal

    Glad there was a warning. I'm very distressed now.
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    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Just a door to door salesman. Shoot him please.
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    Mail Box Theft

    I hate thieves. Sorry to hear.
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    The Masters 2018

    I don't care for him because a few years ago, when he did well in a tournament, he was telling the interviewer that he was one of the top 5 best players in the world. But he earned the Masters win. I was routing for Ricky. He's a local boy here.
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    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    I have 2 RTIC coolers. A block of ice lasts 6 days.
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    Gas tax....

    I think if you voted for Brown, you should have to pay the tax. If you didn't, you don't. I can dream, can't I?
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    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    Glad you were there for them. Fresh water bass boat?
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    Irishman's first drink with his son

    I stole this, obviously... IRISHMAN'S FIRST DRINK WITH HIS SON While reading an article last night about fathers and sons, memories came Flooding back to the time I took me son out for his first pint. Off we went to our local pub only two blocks from the cottage. I got him a Guinness. He...
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    beef jerky recipes

    London Broil and start with low sodium soy sauce. I go 50/50 soy and worcestershire, lots of black pepper and red pepper flakes, garlic and onion powder, cayenne, smoked paprika, a touch of liquid smoke, and maybe another spicy dried pepper concoction I have. Par freeze the meat, then slice...
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    Suppressor's maybe and.....

    We are governed by people who don't like that shoulder thingy that goes up.
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    How to Jetty fish...

    He didn't even wet a line!
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    Javelina Hounds

    That's a lot of excitement in one little spot.
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    Damn Russians!
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    VERY SAD...

    Same thing happen to a friend of mine. He was a veterinarian.
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    Merry Xmas to you all...

    Still a lot of time to do damage for someone who's so good at it.
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    Boat capsized off windansea

    Sad. rip.
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    Nothing like a holiday dinner with friends!

    Never had it. Would like to try it though.
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    1993 17' Baja Bayrunner $8500 OBO

    You forgot the price???
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    Lab diving for lobster....

    Hope he has a tag.
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    Pulled Over At 2 a.m.

    Good one.
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    what do you think? 50' shark? Megaldon?

    And a 10' great white was a previous world record they say.:rolleyes:
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    Big cats

    Cool. What part of the world was that?
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    Go Chargers!

    Who are we losing...I mean playing today?
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    Hmmm... tough choice..

    I hope what's her face short circuits on stage Monday. Shouldn't take much.
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    Funny video

    Would be even funnier if it wasn't true. With the dumbing down and pussification of our youth, we're in real trouble.
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    Fishing with a 9mm.

    This looks like fun.
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    Lake Powell tent camping -- and trip fish report

    Looks like fun. Be safe.
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    The Perfect Gift EVER.

    Pretty cool.
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    Kick ass taxidermy!

    Looks great. Congrats.
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    Washer and Dryer Needed - Where to buy?

    Don't get one with all the fancy electronics. Stay simple. Less to go wrong. Check out Speed Queen brand with simple knob controls. They make commercial w/d's and have a great rating. I had to drive up to Riverside to Taylors Appliance to get mine. Worth every penny...
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    La Jolla 6/2

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    I'm tired of talking about gun laws so I went shooting

    I think you'll be o.k.
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    Oceanside Launch Ramp

    Be careful when there's a swell, as others have said.
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    Ripped off!

    F'n thieves! I'm sure you gave the cops the pics. Best of luck getting your gear back.
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    Guns are too easy to buy....for some people

    And yet he tried to blame it on the gun industry for not selling to him. Typical no accountability for his actions asshole lib.
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    You dirty gun owners

    Any chance he's a "D"?
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    Stripers On Chicken Liver? You Bet!

    Yep. Works great at Skinner.
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    Muther F%cker! Now Prince is dead

    We can only hope.
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    Thanks to the guys at Oside Harbor

    Yep. You don't need it until you need it. Glad it worked out so well. Things can go bad fast in the mouth of O.S. harbor without power.
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    Fished LaJolla Today for Only One Bite

    That's a shame. Better luck next time.:D
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    Good Times on the River

    Looks like fun.
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    Leaving for Africa in three weeks

    Nice group. Have fun!
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    6.5 saves a Taco

    Probably texted about it on the road home too. Fuck'n people.
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    The Best Whole Hog Country Sausage EVER

    Damn!!!!!! I want to hang with you guys. But I'm 2500 miles away!
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    Trump Your Face!

    I assume you want to look like Bernie Sanders? Is there an app for that??
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    otter off La Jolla

    I too saw one off La Jolla a few years ago. Not that that means anything.
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    Got One!

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    How I got divorced

    Man that's an old one.
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    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Done. But I feel like a Bieber.:D
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    2000 16' Klamath Alaskan Restoration

    As others have said, you'll want more than a 25. I've owned a number of small boats and there's nothing worse than being under powered especially in the ocean.
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    2/28 diamond valley

    Awesome. There are huge bluegill in there.
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    Should I take my kids to FH show?

    Take'm on Friday a.m. Less crowded. Then to grandmas.
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    DVL 2/26/16

    Good job. Thanks for the report.
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    14' Welded Aluminum w/ 25hp merc

    How much????? Trailer?
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    Proud Dad!

    Awesome. I remember those days.
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    Another Law Proposed by the Ca. Legislature

    If you vote D, you're part of the problem.
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    Diamond valley 2/20

    And that's the beauty of renting. When it comes to fresh water,you have to weigh the costs.
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    Diamond valley 2/20

    Great job! Bass looks healthy. And I'm sure the kids had a blast.
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    Teach Me the Secret Handshake !!!!!!

    Get your kids to do it. Congrats!
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    Crap happens

    Thank God all are alive.
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    Recent home invasions

    Thank gov. Brown and his early release program. Crime is up since then, and very rarely does the news state that the perps were part of the program. Let criminals out early while trying to disarm legally armed citizens. Typical liberal planning.
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    I now have the means to fix all the Chargers problems!

    You're going to need a bigger roll.
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    leave it as it is.

    leave it.
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    9.8 Nissan 4-stroke with a Gregor 15?

    It will putt you around. More would obviously be better. Think of a lake rental boat.
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    SD Bay 1-23

    Very cool. Congrats!
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    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    RIP Spanish Fly.
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    Got in to them yesterday.

    Can't beat that!
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    19.5lb Calico?

    I caught a 10# off O.S. years ago that was every bit as big as that. Hope he gets it certified.
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    Knock, Knock...

    Chargers don't let the door hit you in the ass.
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    Best gift ever

    Yes please.
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    Daughters first duck hunting trip with her grandpas

    Fantastic! Keep it up!
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    I am going to be rich

    I actually know some idiot that fell for one of these. He was out shopping high $ homes as well as new motor homes. We don't talk, but I heard he sent them a few thousand, little by little.
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    The Game Has Changed!

    That's insane! Man I miss surfing.
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    Free electricity

    Once I read "quantum field" I sent them $100.
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    So your fishing in the channel and your boat breaks down

    Damn those people were stupid! Great time to take your life jacket off.
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    Not a deer or elk but you may like this

    Tastes like chicken????
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    D14 buck

    Fantastic! Way to get your boy out there.
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    Eating out (restaruant) for Thanksgiving...... suggestions??

    One year for a last minute plan, I got the Staters pre cooked turkey dinner. Had everything you need, stuffing, smashed taters, gravy, rolls, and a pie. Just add a veggie. Then heat it up in the oven. Wasn't too bad, especially for the price.
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    No lobster is worth your life

    Best of wishes.
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    Who has Prime Ribs on sale?

    I've never been disappointed in a Staters rib roast. Cook to rare, 125, let it rest for 20 min. Delicious.
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    Pig down!

    The main stream media claims that the ar platform is not for hunting, but only for killing humans. We all know that's not true. So let's spread the word.
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    The Chargettes suck so bad...

    Born and raised since 1961, the Chargers suck. I've got nothing.
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    Awesome as always.
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    92 Calibogie Skiff

    Bump for a cool little skiff.
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    Carlsbad kelp bed

    I've spent my whole life teaching my kids and now my grandson morals. I think it's a good thing.
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    new video

    Well done!
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    Furbag Learns to Fly-Hilarious Video

    Wow! That's some air time.
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    Anything happening this evening in San Diego?????

    Having been a Charger fan my whole life, I'm starting to think they're not a very good team.:imdumb:
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    Noceanside 10/9

    At least ya got wet.
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    LJ 10/8

    Very nice!
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    my dad needs your help

    Your pops is leading for now. I'll keep voting. Only one more day!
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    Roofing Contractor?

    Tile roofs don't last forever. After about 25 years, you need a lift and replace. Pull all the tiles, replace, all the felt, 2 layers. Good for hopefully another 20. It's the felt that fails, not the tiles.
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    Should I get a kayak?

  116. Y

    Got one!

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    my dad needs your help

    Done. He's got a nice lead.
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    Fishing License

    Only if you're voting "D".
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    2012 Harley Davidson Road Glide

    Beautiful bike. good luck with the sale. (I sold my last one through a small shop, no one had the cash, and they could finance)
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    I wonder why Sam wasn't in the after show? Was he butt hurt? He did a great job hanging in there.
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    12 Off Golf Balls

    Thanks for the report. Nice work!
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    I'm Reta

    Looks clean. Congrats.
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    Bridgeport 2015 camping and fishing trip

    Excellent job dad! Making memories right there.
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    My First "Bloody Deck" 8/3/2015 O'side

    Very nice! Thanks for reporting.
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    los angeles passes high capacity clips ban

    Just making criminals out of law abiding citizens. The real criminals don't give a shit what laws anyone passes.
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    01 dauntless whaler 16 ft

    If you're going to put 4 on there, 2 better be smoke'n hot women.
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    Crab Sour Cream Enchiliadas

    Damn that looks good!
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    Lightning Shot at Big Bear Lake on 7/28/25

    Cool pic! (when was this?)
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    Big Bull

  130. Y

    ***SOLD *** Pelican 1660 travel case $125

    Great deal for someone.
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    Sharks n Hali n BSB oh my!

    Cool video as always. Thanks for sharing.
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    Lake Otay

    Good job.
  133. Y

    large halibut

    Outstanding! Congrats!
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    PLEASE HELP...!!!

    Best of luck brother. It took me three or four boats to realize..... they all cost more money, in the long run, than you think they should. After 11 boats, I'm stupid enough to get another one if the price is right.
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    This looks to good. Boston Whaler

    Nebraska area code. I'm sure they'll ship it after it's paid in full.
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    Drain often?

    Boat out of water....drain plug out of boat. Very simple. Reverse when.....ya.. boat in water, install plug. I'm not even a hydro physicist yet, am I right???
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    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    Well done!
  138. Y

    Alone in the wilderness, Dick Proenecke

    The original "reality show" Only this guy is the real deal.
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    1963 Glasspar Seafair Sunliner

    Had a 68 19' Glasspar when I was a kid, fished it hard out of OS. Good memories.
  140. Y


    Three sides to every story. Waiting to hear both. And then the truth.
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    slang for small fish?????

    A keeper. I'm not that good at catching.
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    We're better than this

    Great! So now he's drinking even MORE wine. What's he going to come up with now?
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    Kieth Poe was on Bill Boyce Cali Edition

    That guy could type like a mo fo.
  144. Y

    10lb 3 oz Largemouth

    Very nice! Congrats!
  145. Y


    Live'n the life!
  146. Y

    Another round of safety

    Another (common sense) proposal by some idiot with a "D" next to their name.
  147. Y

    School Answering Machine

    God I love the Aussies. Wish we could get away with that here.
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    Big Bear Lake 5/24

    Nice job!
  149. Y

    My Daughters 2nd grade Dolphin research project (video)

    Awesome! You're doing a great job dad.
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    SD Bay Sunday morning 5/24

    Looks like fun.
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    Bonito and baracuda at Catalina

    Sure beats the couch. Thanks for the report.
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    ooops....left the plug in.

    Don't waste that friggin water! Send it down here.
  153. Y

    10 pound bass

    Nice fish kid. Great to see our youth out there fishing!
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    Awesome trip in PV

    Very nice!
  155. Y

    CooL surf session

    Cool! Looks like ya both had a good time.
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    Anybody killed a Red Diamondback lately?

    Gopher snake. Harmless. Good to have around. Keeps vermin count down.
  157. Y

    Anybody killed a Red Diamondback lately?

    Wow. I guess if I had no loved ones to look after, but I do. Sad.
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    Evening Drinks?

  159. Y

    Evening Drinks?

  160. Y

    our new $20 dollar bill

    I thought it was going to be Hitlery.barf
  161. Y

    Evening Drinks?

    Champagne ? You jacked the flow......
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    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    It all comes down to your family's safety or a snakes life. I choose family. And I have a snake as a pet.
  163. Y

    Had an oh shit moment with the Kelli Ann

    Hope you bought the guys a case or two.
  164. Y

    Dildo found in fish......

    Member from Norway? (Old article I see)
  165. Y

    Mexican Pipeline Goes Off

    That guy doing the interview is an asshole. What a dick!
  166. Y

    Bought a New Couch Today..... Damn Comfy.......

    I had a girlfriend.....I mean a couch like that back in high school.
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    Mexican Pipeline Goes Off

  168. Y

    Anyone Wonder Why the NBA is Unwatchable?

    Squeak, squeak, dunk. Squeak, squeak, dunk. No thanks.
  169. Y

    And, The mother of the year award goes too.

    One out of a million.
  170. Y


    Awesome! I'm jealous and hungry now.
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    Not getting first line of post when hovering on it?

    Is it just me, when I hover over a post on a page I don't get the first line or two of the post like I used to. What did I do? (did that make any sense?)
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    What I like!

    Love a good beer also. Not a fan of IPA's. Never turned down an ice cold one though.
  173. Y

    What a boat chase!

    The cops should have Greenpeaced that little boat.
  174. Y

    Anyone have one of these they would part with?

    I would hate to be a broke loser. It's less than $100. Come on dude. Your yard is full of toys, WTF?????LOL I know, free is free.
  175. Y


    I'm wondering about legality as well.
  176. Y

    Revolving carbine

    Looks like too much fun to be legal here in Ca.
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    1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4X4,Great Ride!!

    How many miles and HOW MUCH???????
  178. Y

    New Eagle Scout

    Awesome. Congrats to your boy.
  179. Y

    Men Are Just Happier People

    Men usually die before their wives, because they want to.
  180. Y

    Photos from Lake Mead Today

    Great pics! Damn the water's low. Puts a real perspective on our water situation.
  181. Y

    I am being SUED by my HOA. Need Lawyer!

    And you pay them, every month, so they can fuck with you.
  182. Y

    Garage door guys......

    Coil spring on my residential 16x7 roll up just broke. How much for you to replace? Murrieta. Cash. Need asap. Thanks, Gringo.
  183. Y

    CCW News

    I'll bet K. Harris packs or has armed protection. Of course politicians lives are more valuable than us common folk.
  184. Y


    Never watched that, but I know for sure Mountain Monsters is real. They just have bad luck.
  185. Y

    Crazy Shark Decoy

    What could possibly go wrong?
  186. Y

    False killers and seabass

    They only eat false white sea bass.
  187. Y

    teaching my son to shoot

    Maybe a good 177 or 22 pellet gun (rifle) to start. Start with the basics there, and proceed from there. That's an uncommon site picture, but no reason he shouldn't be a sharp shooter in no time. Are you sure he's not a lefty? My grandson is ambidextrous, tough to teach him shooting also.
  188. Y

    I got beat up on Sunday

  189. Y

    and he did this SOBER!!! WTF

    What an ass! Lucky he didn't kill anyone.
  190. Y

    Ratboy, Jason Collins Featured

  191. Y


    And you know this how??????
  192. Y


  193. Y

    ATF to attempt ban on .223 ammo....

    Next 2 years are going to be hell.
  194. Y

    Wtf has become of my beloved BD?

    Never seen anything like that. You should clear your cookies.
  195. Y

    Fur Bag Flash Mob

    A lot more civil and seemingly more educated than the other flash mobs I've seen.
  196. Y

    Sat. 2/07/15. Did get one 25 pounds

    Good job. I didn't catch a yeller that day. Congrats!
  197. Y

    Fishing Chick - Chasten Whitfield

    What a great young lady!
  198. Y

    Short Movie "The Gun Fighter"

    I may be twisted, but I find some humor in that.
  199. Y

    To paraphrase a classic BD line.....

    Damn! That looks like serious break. Hope he recovers well.
  200. Y

    If u don't want to sell ur boat then don't advertise it!

    And list the damn price!!!!! No price, you're obviously wanting way too much $ for it.
  201. Y

    Looking for a roommate to come live in HB by the harbor with us

    WOW! Every body get's shit faced and fucks up. (Jig) An apology to the op would seem appropriate. But I'm not the one he insulted.
  202. Y

    Oceanside.... That's four trips in a row.

    At least you got there and tried. Better than most.
  203. Y

    New Hunter......

    Awesome! Congrats to your boy, and good job on your part.
  204. Y

    Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Human Silhouette Targets

    Why is there always a "D" after the name of every asinine proposals?
  205. Y

    Maybe Political, But Maybe we Need a Change..........Outboard Motors

    I'm all for LESS government in my life. Everything they touch get screwed up.
  206. Y

    Any .223 ammo deals out there?

    Thanks. I forgot about ammoseek.
  207. Y

    Any .223 ammo deals out there?

    I'm getting low. Need some more cheap target stuff. Checked all my usual spots. No luck. 500+.
  208. Y

    R.I.P. Catalina Harbor Patrol

    Sad. RIP.
  209. Y

    Best advice you ever got?

    I always told my kids, and now my grandson, the one thing you'll always have and be held accountable for is your word. So make damn sure your word is true.
  210. Y

    A question I had to ask;

    Having been born and raised in S.D, I will always support them. From the Fouts era to the crap. Beats jumping on the wagon of whatever team is doing well.
  211. Y

    Great pesole in Murrieta

    Love pesole. Best is one of my bros wifes. 2nd best is a little place on Cal Oaks Rd. called MSR Mexican food. Across from the sports park. Really good if you're in the neighborhood.
  212. Y

    L.J. Fatty flatty

  213. Y

    Has this been posted here before?

    I fell for it I'm happy and life is good.
  214. Y

    Yamaha 703 controls with F150 audible alarm issue

    I just had to have the alarm start sensor disabled on my f150. Mine's older, but it has been a pain in the ass for a while. Finally left me stranded, that was enough. All is well now.
  215. Y

    Who needs hounds??

    Is it April 1st? That picture is more fake than my x-wifes tits!
  216. Y

    Turners Black Friday $99 10/22

    I can always use another. But I'm not into camping out for one. I'll try for one though.
  217. Y

    Hogs in Texas

    Nice. Good eat'n.
  218. Y

    fucking tweekers

  219. Y

    Job interview...

    Oldie but a goodie.
  220. Y

    What say you.......

    Yote. Or a dog like you said.
  221. Y

    Greenpeace at it again

    That's awesome the way they were getting rammed. Wish more people would greet them like that.
  222. Y

    chinese made craftsman tools : (

    Most the parts on my Harley are not made in the USA. That SUCKS!
  223. Y

    17 lb is the new 18 lber LOL

    2- 5lbs'ers. That's almost 18#, right????
  224. Y

    Pops 1st WA Bull!

    Nice!!!! Congrats to your pops!
  225. Y

    Big Pappa made a Big Mistake coming into Mission Bay Jetty (or trying to)

    Why didn't he just turn around and head back out between sets?????? Never mind.
  226. Y

    Bar Joke

    Oldie but goodie.
  227. Y

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Used to surf there all the time many years ago. Even back then had a federally plant a roach in my tent at k38. Been fishing and surfing a few times after that. You can have that place. Don't know if I really want to deal with their shit again. Sure miss it though.
  228. Y

    WTB gun safe

    Happy with my Cannon.
  229. Y

    Big Guns....

    I like guns.
  230. Y

    This is how it's done

    It's Bush's fault.LOL
  231. Y

    Go Chargers... Week 5

    Go Chargers!!!! Hope the don't get complacent.
  232. Y

    Great white shark attacks kayakers

    That'll get your heart pumping...
  233. Y

    Who needs a plane.........

    Looks tippy.
  234. Y

    Ford Ranger "expedition" style

  235. Y

    Lobster season...

    My "ex" wife did the math once. So I did too.
  236. Y

    Bring back the Bieber

    No wonder I hate him.
  237. Y

    My best friend came home today

    They really are part of the family. RIP.
  238. Y

    Kids Catches Her very first fish today at MacArthur Park

    Thank you Dan for all you do for the kids and the fishing industry as a whole.
  239. Y

    Any electricians?

    I would pull all the wires out attached to a pull rope. Then pull all the new wires at once. You'll NEVER be able to pull any new wires with existing wires already in the conduit, especially having having more than the legal amount of bends in the run. Lots of lube, good luck.
  240. Y

    very proud of my girl!!!

  241. Y

    Anyone know palm trees?

    That's the ticket right there.
  242. Y

    Big Calico

    Awesome! (where was the 10#'r?????)
  243. Y

    Question about personal firearms on military base....

    That's where she'll be. Thanks.
  244. Y

    Question about personal firearms on military base....

    Agreed. But I've heard of restrictions on even having it in your home. Any military who know for sure?
  245. Y

    Question about personal firearms on military base....

    My baby (Daughter) is getting married soon. She will most likely be living on an Army base for a while. Can she take, have her personal firearm for home protection in her on base home? Thanks, Gringo.
  246. Y

    260 rds 223 55gr fmj

    I'll do $48. Do you deliver? Am I on ebay?
  247. Y

    Proposal to Eliminate Predator Hunting Contests

    Bet they'd change their tune if their little poodle jumped out of their Prius and got eaten by a yote.
  248. Y

    Thieves took my kicker

    Good God!!!!! You guys need to do SOMETHING about this shit. Every time I log in one of you guys are getting ripped off! Good luck, tweekers suck!
  249. Y

    ?? on bending emt

    Would using a LB into an off set piece of pipe work? Just trying to picture where that angle of bend would be needed. And yes, 1 1/4" is a bitch to bend.
  250. Y


    Poor girl. I bet she got made fun of in school.
  251. Y

    2014 Masters

    If your wrists are too limp to hit a decent drive..... I guess.... I don't have that problem.:gay:
  252. Y

    2014 Masters

    I'm rooting for Ricky Fowler. He's a local boy and went to highschool with one of my daughters.
  253. Y

    Couple question about storing my boat at home in Temecula

    Oh, they can eat shit and die! Do they tell you the way THEY want you to wipe your ass too?
  254. Y

    2009 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

    Nice bike. I put the 16" apes on my Deuce. Very fair price. Good luck with the sale.
  255. Y

    Toilet paper

    Oldie but a goodie. Better hope she has a REAL good sense of humor.
  256. Y

    climate credit on utility bill?

    That ain't gunna cut it here. I will vote against any incumbent who has raised taxes, regardless of their bullshit's for the children....kiss my ass!
  257. Y

    climate credit on utility bill?

    I got the same email this morning. Never heard of this. I don't get it. But I'll take whatever they are giving. God knows I've given them plenty over the years. (It'll probably be $2)
  258. Y

    Please vote!

    Done. Now you have to vote for who I say in 2016.
  259. Y

    BD broken ?

    Thanks... I was just about ready to demand my money back.
  260. Y

    What is a "Manaphin"???

    Trippy. It's a big ocean out there.
  261. Y

    Anyone coming down to San Diego from Menifee soon?

    That's a nice, big, tank. I just checked, won't fit, I have a shell on my truck. Sorry.
  262. Y

    BD broken ?

  263. Y

    RIP Lady....good dog...

    Sorry to hear.
  264. Y

    3 ducks just dropped into my pool...

    Ya, I won't let them make a habit of this. Not a fan of duck shit. And they're lucky I don't care for duck dinners.
  265. Y

    3 ducks just dropped into my pool...

    Heard a large splash in the pool, sounded like someone jumping in. Go out back and see 2 mallards and 1 female fighting in the pool. They all three seemed to fall out of the sky the way they hit the water. The 2 males fought for a few minutes until one took off. Now the remaining lovers are...
  266. Y


    Ocean rapers suck. Hang em high.
  267. Y

    Full sized Broncos

    Nice looking rig. I had a 79 when I was young. 351 4 speed. Would climb anything.
  268. Y

    ATF bullying for private info AGAIN!!!!

    Ya....there's nothing to worry about. They're here to help us.
  269. Y

    Quagga & Zebra Mussels Fee

    Of course it will help. Our government is a well oiled machine that would never waste or misappropriate funds.
  270. Y

    free diving breathe time

    I can touch the drain in my pool.
  271. Y

    VW Bus:

    I hate it when that happens.
  272. Y

    surf's up!

    Nice! Congrats to your boys.
  273. Y

    The Six States of California

    If the Silicon Valley, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer, would fall off the face of the earth... I'd vote for it.
  274. Y

    Insight into Gil Marlin?

    You forgot the "O" in Obozo, which obviously is the stupid people with no bright ideas. You know what I mean. Or do you?
  275. Y

    Can someone please explain................

    If the people would quit feeding the frenzy...buying over priced ammo...the price might come down.
  276. Y

    My boat got robbed

    Beat me to it.
  277. Y


    That's the thickest lip I've ever seen. Did they live? Balls of steel for sure.
  278. Y

    gotta love blondes

    That's not funny Gil.
  279. Y

    OMG This is # 5000......

    You're just a better typist than most.:)
  280. Y

    White background in posts

    Like. However the gray or whatever color the type is below the posts title is illegible for an old guy like me.
  281. Y

    DMV renewal

    No. They are not smart enough to be.
  282. Y

    China's Ruthless Shark Massacre!!!

    And to think they own us.
  283. Y


    Yes please! Very cool of you. Thanks.
  284. Y

    .223 $.35rd Brass - 1000 round case $349.95 Shipped

    Damn! I just paid close to that for steel.
  285. Y

    Roll Call...

    Sending it again to my son the teacher. Ya we know Carl. It's still funny chit.
  286. Y

    The R.I.P. Round of Ammunition....

    Yep, and that's a major problem here in what used to be America.
  287. Y

    Honda EU2000i Generator - (REDUCE) $800.00

    Good luck bro. Maybe the CL crowd.........?
  288. Y

    The R.I.P. Round of Ammunition....

    Condors ate e'm.
  289. Y

    The R.I.P. Round of Ammunition....

    Yep, too scary looking. Never see it here in Cali.
  290. Y

    California, here's your sign.

    Ouch. The truth hurts. (I didn't vote for them)
  291. Y

    Donks vs Cawks Super Bowl

    Never thought I'd say this..... Go 49rs. Sure beats the alternative.
  292. Y

    Omaha! Hurry, Hurry!

    I'd rather see Payton than Brady win. Can't bring myself to say go Broncos though.
  293. Y

    got a zapcat ?

    That's nucking futz.
  294. Y

    Is it me or my poor eyesight

    My screen is bright, and clear. Just like every day here in So. Ca. Must suck to be up where the sun don't shine.
  295. Y

    02 silverado long bed

    I'm interested. Can I see it tomorrow? PM sent. thanks, Greg.
  296. Y

    Any Lawyers on the forum?

    Good luck bro. It really sucks when family becomes foe.
  297. Y

    favorite hot sauce for fish tacos

    Saw this at Stater Bro's today. On sale, I think is was only a buck or so for the small bottle.
  298. Y

    Bronco fans........?

    Which one of you two Broncos fan is this???????
  299. Y


  300. Y

    I thank the Lord for guns!

    Glad it worked out the way it did. Good job protecting your family. And......enlarge your damn founts, you make me have to put my cheaters on.:rofl:
  301. Y

    Bronco fans........?

    Nuff said....
  302. Y

    I'm getting extra websites when I click on BloodyDecks

    I'm not thinking a "screen shot" is the way to go....
  303. Y

    favorite hot sauce for fish tacos

    Good to know. Never tried it. Everyone online is out of it right now. Unless you want to pay almost 3 times as much for it on ebay.
  304. Y

    Australians on gun control.

    This is exactly the "sensible gun control" that you know who, is trying to impliment.:shithappens:
  305. Y

    To all you the Green Bay Fans........

    Made it to next week.
  306. Y

    Which .40 Pistol

    XD40. Most reliable pistols I've ever owned. Goes bang every time you pull the trigger. (thousands of rounds) Pretty accurate as well.
  307. Y

    Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser arrested After Sunday's Victory

    I heard the Raider fan bailed him out hoping for some more luv'n.
  308. Y

    It's about time the Chargers...

    That's fucked up!:rofl:
  309. Y

    23' SeaCraft CC- twin 150hp

    Damn! Bump for an underpowered boat.
  310. Y

    I thought Mt Lions didn't hunt in groups?

    I'm not buying it. Time lapse.... single cat???? Come on now!
  311. Y

    Aaron Rodgers...

    Who the hell is Aaron Rodgers?????
  312. Y

    Anybody want to go poach Veeh Reservoir ?

    YES! Please let me know what day (night) and time. Love, (your local F&G)
  313. Y

    22LR $35 plus $15 shipping for 525 from Natchezss

    I'm still stuck on the bricks for $9. Thanks obama.
  314. Y

    I Saved A Ton Of Money This Year......

    Fuck that! Late entry for worst video of the year???
  315. Y

    Did a little shopping with my wife yesterday

    I shopped the same way back when I was married.
  316. Y

    A-22 last shot at em...maybe

    Awesome getting your girl out there. Those days will never be forgotten, by either one of you. Time flies, especially the older you get.
  317. Y

    Manuals for Every Firearm

    Cool. Thanks, I saved it.
  318. Y


    Congrats to Payton. He is a good qb. His brother is gay. Go Chargers!
  319. Y

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    :rofl:You just answered my question. It would take me a week and a half to type all that.
  320. Y

    Merry Christmas let's see your Christmas cards

    Merry Christmas... God Bless. (good looking little pups)
  321. Y

    La times cuts off climate-change deniers

    I wouldn't wipe my ass with the LA times.
  322. Y

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    So if he made a "PRO" homo quote, everything would be fine. But if he speaks his mind, he's ostercized? Fuck Hollywierd and the social media.
  323. Y

    It's Baaaaack .22LR @ Cabelas. 525 pack. Go!

    This shit is ridiculous. At least obama boosted the production in one small part of the economy. (and fucked the rest)
  324. Y

    drunk Irish lassies

    Gil.... Stop it.
  325. Y

    No tailgating at Super Bowl..

    I bought 2 tickets because I was SURE the Chargers would be there. I might not need them.:rofl:
  326. Y

    Classic Schwinn Tandem Bike

    You may have just started a bidding war!
  327. Y

    No tailgating at Super Bowl..

    What's the world coming too?
  328. Y

    Bloody Decks or Advertising Decks?

    Or perhaps you'd rather write them a check every month? I kinda like it the way it is.
  329. Y

    Even Al Gore Doesn't Believe His Own Global Warming BS

    There's NO WAY our government would lie to us.
  330. Y

    How Tequila Works

    Yep. I always liked this one.....
  331. Y

    WWII Jap Sub

    History is always interesting.
  332. Y

    5.56 Ammo?

    Yes please. And I'll buy ya beer or ten.
  333. Y

    How do you hold a mackerel so you can hook it?

    :rofl:You're all assholes:rofl:I think he was serious. Me, I use a towel. Fuck the slime. (And the life of the bait.)
  334. Y

    5.56 Ammo?

  335. Y

    2 day skunk at DVL

    I know your pain.
  336. Y


    I'm sick of the majority having to conform for the minority.
  337. Y

    Can't Decide Which Gun I Like!

    I liked every single one of them.
  338. Y

    B.U.S.T.E.D. You Are Busted

  339. Y

    Green Bay parents name baby with broken collarbone Aaron Rodger

    :rofl: I can see his first role call in kindergarten.
  340. Y

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    If I had my Gargoyles on, I could have seen what everyone was laughing at....
  341. Y

    KC gets it balls deep from the Chargers 11/24

    Why do you think we got rid of Drew Brees????? Cause we hate winning!!!!!!!
  342. Y

    Day I dreaded might come is here.

    Sorry to hear bro. It does get better. A LOT BETTER. You'll look back in a few years and say "Oh well, good ridens" Life is what you make it. I'm sure you'll be just fine.
  343. Y

    Waves and Fish Tacos

    Nice! Bet the water was chilly.
  344. Y

    Lobster and some Charger football.....

    You guys suck! (not as bad as my Chargers) I'm dying for for some bugs now.
  345. Y

    I think one of the BHG was next to me in the shitter

    That's pretty funny.
  346. Y

    DVL 11/14

    Damn. Nice job on the fish and the grind looks killer!
  347. Y


    Damn! Congrats!
  348. Y

    From God's ears.

  349. Y

    A loving relationship

    Happily single (divorced) Life is good.
  350. Y

    T-Rac truck rack for sale.

    Selling my T-Rack. 2 piece aluminum rack that will fit any truck. Came off my F150, but is adjustable to any size truck bed. Light weight, goes on and off easily with one person. Rated for 700# if my memory is correct. $300.00 obo. Don't hesitate to insult me with lowball offers. I know where...
  351. Y

    Funny shit

    Very disturbing pics. Have seen a lot of them before, (family photo album) but what's with the naked family stack photo? Did anyone go to jail?
  352. Y

    Did Saluki tase Tues?????

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Now that's funny!!!
  353. Y

    Did Saluki tase Tues?????
  354. Y

    Thank you America

  355. Y

    Looking for Camper shell

    Too much.:2gunsfiring_v1: Around $2400 last I checked. But you've got a nice new truck, this will make it even nicer.
  356. Y

    Looking for Camper shell

    I got the Snugtop XTR and really like it. The built in rack is a nice plus.
  357. Y

    AR attachments, pros and cons about sling options.

    This...what Mo said.
  358. Y

    good surf

    What happen to Buttons??? Didn't know. He was from my era of surfing. RIP.
  359. Y

    Go Chargers...

    I think Norv called in those last 3 plays.
  360. Y

    A nice song!! Yeah dammit, a song.

    Never did like Arnold. He was just a Kennedy in Republicans clothing. He outlawed the 50cal. even though one had never been used in a crime, among other things.
  361. Y

    Is this the reason the Gov. purchased all that ammo?

    Just more government fuck fuck. (Waste)
  362. Y

    Washington Redskins name change...

    Shouldn't this be in the PNW forum?
  363. Y

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Awesome. Congrats to your daughter. And well done dad.
  364. Y

    My boat, your spots

    Everyone wants a pic of the first time they got their boat up on plane......
  365. Y

    Black Wolf on the E side

    Blacky, speaking wolf. Very rare.
  366. Y

    Help cleaning the boat after a tuna trip etiquette ?

    If you have to need new "friends"
  367. Y

    that guy of the week

    I bet he's a repeat offender. Looks like he had it down.
  368. Y

    Dan Hernandez Fishing Charter Nov 7/8

    Enjoy Dan! Thanks for all you do for the kids and the fishing community.
  369. Y

    When I'm gone....

    Never met ya, but I like ya.
  370. Y


    I had it figured out till I realized it was fake.
  371. Y

    Kids First Buck - CampPend

  372. Y

    Big Bear Freezing

  373. Y

    Is Tula ammo any good?

    Thanks. I've run a lot of Wolf through another rifle with no problems. Never shot Tula though.
  374. Y

    Is Tula ammo any good?

    Need some cheap plinking ammo in 223 for an AR. Any advice? Wolf?
  375. Y

    22 LR Ammo

    The problem is the price. I can't get past paying $9 a brick pre you know who. I'm afraid those days are gone forever.
  376. Y

    Bait handoff MDR Oct 12

    Some people are special, and the rules don't apply to them. Nice offer though.
  377. Y

    Social Security vs Welfare........

    I'm just happy we can a civil conversation about this without it being shut down.
  378. Y

    White moose shot...
  379. Y

    East county SD public land pig kill

    Nice try kid. Weak, but nice. I found the same picture here...
  380. Y

    East county SD public land pig kill

    Congrats. You could have stood him back up and shot him again.
  381. Y


  382. Y

    Put my Golden down today

    Thanks again.They really are the best family dog anyone could hope for.
  383. Y


    Death to thieves.
  384. Y

    On a happy note...

    Awesome. Congrats. Make it an 18' Whaler so you can hit the kelp beds.
  385. Y

    Which pellet rifle?

    I like my Gamo with iron sights. My buddy got the one with the scope and hated it. 177, and the better pellets are much more accurate.
  386. Y


    I actually know an idiot and his mother who fell for this. (He's in his early 50's) They lost over 3 grand. He was shopping for million $+ homes up here, and had done the paperwork on a 1 mil. motor home. You never think anyone is that stupid, but..... And no, he's not a friend, but the story...
  387. Y

    Affordable Health Care - not so bad LOL

    My rates have gone up TWICE. "If you like what you have, nothing will change" FUCK YOU!
  388. Y


    Now you can say you killed a cat with your knife.
  389. Y

    Bears Vs. Lions

    Now that's funny.
  390. Y

    Bears Vs. Lions

    :supergay: We'll make room for ya.
  391. Y

    What my dog does when I'm not looking

    And why do dogs lick their balls?
  392. Y

    WTB Old Original Honda CB

    Classic old bikes. Had one back in the day. Wish I still had it. I do still have a mint CT90 though.
  393. Y

    Please Pray

    Prayers sent.
  394. Y


  395. Y

    Don't give up.....Keep calling and writing

    Does the "D" after ALL their names stand for DUMBASS?
  396. Y

    Anybody know this guy?

  397. Y

    Game Warden Eric Fleet is nwtf warden of the year!

    It's like someone getting a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. That would never happen.
  398. Y

    It's Deer Season........

    No. The idiot lubed up in deer scent. Old video.
  399. Y

    My Friend Loren

    Hate to hear any fisherman missing. Prayers sent.
  400. Y


    Best of luck Mike. It sucks. Wish I had someone to refer. My advice....25 yrs and then a divorce....they will say (lie) whatever it takes to benefit themselves. Just document what you can. You seem like a great parent. The kids are the most important thing obviously. It does get better. Best of...
  401. Y

    How do you keep a Charger Fan off you lawn????

    I expected much better from you. We're an easy target. You know how that feels. (I'm still getting paid for the lawn right?)
  402. Y

    My 9 Year Old Son is an Addict.

    Very cool. Congrats to the young man! Awesome!
  403. Y

    Go Chargers!!!

    Hey, we're tied for 1st place right now.
  404. Y

    for you young guys in love

    They'll only whoop ya if you let them.
  405. Y


    Going camping up at Lake Arrowhead next week. It was 108 in the shade in my backyard the other day.
  406. Y

    Married life

    :rofl:Funny chit.
  407. Y


    Very nice!
  408. Y

    Pulled overboard by crab pot............

    Just saw that also. Sucks. RIP.
  409. Y

    Vessel Assist

  410. Y

    Put my Golden down today

    Thanks everyone.
  411. Y

    Put my Golden down today

    Thanks Max.
  412. Y

    Put my Golden down today

    She had a good life. 15+ years old. My 3rd golden retriever. I'll miss her.
  413. Y

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    What's wrong? I wasn't on the boat to buy the guy a beer after landing a nice fish on..........well you know.
  414. Y

    DVL Info

    Cool. Had my ass kicked there more than once.
  415. Y

    23 yrs ago...

    He rocked.
  416. Y

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

  417. Y

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

  418. Y

    "that guy" sue 's

    He ran away and called 911. Fag.
  419. Y

    Kicked Ass!

  420. Y


    I have no idea how to fix Detoilet other than just blow it up. Best case would be if all the politicians from Ca. would light the very short fuse.
  421. Y

    Lost rods on 15 freeway

  422. Y

    .22 LLR by NAA mini-revolver

    I always wanted one of those. How does it shoot? I'm sure it's an inside 15' or so?
  423. Y

    A Shocking New Japan Tsunami video

    Mother Nature is definitely in charge.
  424. Y

    Is this more bad news or just more alarmism?

    I don't know what to believe. But I know who NOT to believe.
  425. Y

    Where not to camp during rainy season...

    Not the sharpest tools in the shed, but cool to see.
  426. Y

    Chargers vs Bears, who's in???

    Does a 0-0 scored game count against the real season?
  427. Y

    Urgent Message!

    Too bad your buddy wasn't armed. He could have..... shot the motor?
  428. Y

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    Very strange. You're not in Washington are you?
  429. Y

    $$$$ Time Warner Bundle ?

    I ditched TWC for the same reason. After using them for many years, the price kept going up. Went with Verizon, same package as you, and I'm saving $60 a month. If you tell TWC you're dropping them, they will decrease their price some. They offered to match Verizon after I was already switched...
  430. Y

    2 JBL Sawdoff Speargun's for sale

    Nice. How much for the bench?:D
  431. Y

    58lb Yellowtail at La Jolla...

    I was going to say, I hope when I'm his age...............But he's already got me whipped.
  432. Y

    Cali Boyz

    Congrats! Any more info???
  433. Y

    A 40 Dollar Bullet.......

    I've got 3 of them on E Bay Ca. Legal. Just mail your $ to me.
  434. Y

    Patty Hopping SD 8/2

    Great job. Now fix the pix.
  435. Y

    I need a fence...

    On a serious note... I used to use Golden State Fence. I know they changed their name (imagine that) look it up, but to have the tear out, reset, and stain, in two days, is a wonderful thing. And not that expensive.
  436. Y

    hb hog fest

    I know that chick. I recognise her hook finger.
  437. Y

    What's a good rate per square foot for drywall?

    What he said. Plus with all the recess lighting, that will accent (shadow) any imperfections on the walls. Make sure your straight edge work is tits.
  438. Y

    Man armed with bat attempts to rob gun store

    Ya can't fix stupid.
  439. Y

    Coffee or tea

    I like tea.
  440. Y

    Pay Attention! Such bullshit!

    Do we have a "Quote of the year" award?
  441. Y

    Tiny garden kicking ass...

    Looks good. Now I have to make myself a bloody mary.
  442. Y

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    You're my new hero for the day. Great C&R.
  443. Y


    Should have put that head on a Mola.
  444. Y

    children are so funny

    Stealing it.:rofl:
  445. Y

    Took a left (video)

    Dig your videos. Thanks for sharing.
  446. Y

    Chargers 2013 OFFICIAL Football thread!

    Go Chargers!
  447. Y

    Torrey Pines 7/19 Perch Id?

    That would be a "fish taco"
  448. Y


    I'm sure NOTHING is your fault. I'd sue.
  449. Y

    Feds: Kennedys' sea turtle rescue was a violation

    And then went on to (influence) our government.
  450. Y

    Bermuda! Fishing, Golf, and Relaxing...

    Awesome! Golf course looks killer too.
  451. Y

    New Turner's Outdoorsman in Temecula, CA

    Didn't know that. Not really a fan, but we have very few options up here. I'll check it out.
  452. Y

    shrimp stuffed, bacon wrapped, cream cheese jalapeno poppers!

    Yum! They're good with pepperjack cheese too.
  453. Y

    Oh Canada!

    Nice. Post some pics.
  454. Y

    Sean's boss is a quitter............

    But she was doing such a great job.
  455. Y


    Check the credits. Produced by Pelosi, directed by Feinstein.
  456. Y

    Boy with autism missing in Menifee; search under way

    Yes. My daughter is taking her soccer team she coaches to help search in lieu of practice today. I hope he's found soon and safe.
  457. Y

    Hey Carl...

    That's how we roll (erblade)
  458. Y

    Need auto mechanic 2001 F150 5.3 or whatever

    Coil wires as stated. I've had to replace almost all of mine on my (same) truck.
  459. Y

    Carlsbad perch are hungry

    Been surf fishing Carlsbad for the last few days. Perch are hitting like crazy. Almost every cast at some times. They're loving the Gulp sandworms in camo. Beats working.
  460. Y

    Good lakes near rancho cucomunga and riverside

    Skiers aren't as bad as the dirty diapers floating around. Don't eat the fish.
  461. Y

    What's in your freezer?

    I keep my dead hooker in the freezer too. Nothing like coming home and having a cold one.
  462. Y

    What age did you start fishing?

    I was 5. Blue gill with my little grandma at a little private lake at her mobile home park in Escondido back in 1965? She cooked up every thing we caught. She made it to 96. Good Nors blood we have.
  463. Y

    How fat is too fat?

    :rofl: Fags! :rofl:
  464. Y

    U.S. Open...

    I just wish Johnny Miller would shut the fuck up.
  465. Y

    U.S. Open...

    Had to bring that up did ya. I was thinking the same, but didn't want to say it.
  466. Y

    They say we are just paranoid well...Pay up!

    My state SUCKS!
  467. Y

    Finally got my first 1911

    Great gun. I have one. Watch your rear sight for loosening up. I lost mine in the dirt out at my shooting area, took an hour to find it. Maybe I got the one bad one.
  468. Y

    Wind Farm Approved to Kill Condors

    But it's for the children.
  469. Y

    Missing Trailer Plates

    Yup DMV sucks. (Government run)
  470. Y

    How to Get Rid of Ads

    Get some sun.....Oh... sorry.
  471. Y

    If You Want To Buy A Handgun......

    If I could, I would move out of this state.
  472. Y

    Short Funny kayak vid

    Way to maintain control. Nice fish.
  473. Y

    End of the road

  474. Y

    easy Pickled Tuna salad

    Yum! Thanks.
  475. Y

    Damn texting drivers

  476. Y

    pb surf report 5-13

    Nice. Looks like a good day.
  477. Y

    My interview in Outdoor Life

    Very cool! Weren't you around a few years ago? If so, where ya been?
  478. Y

    14' klamath

    Cool little rig. Should suit someones needs.
  479. Y


    Very cool.
  480. Y

    I need advice...

    If a conservative doesn't like something, he doesn't buy, subscribe, or worry about it. If a liberal doesn't like something, they want it outlawed so no one can have it.
  481. Y

    5-year-old Kentucky boy accidentially fatally shoots 2-year-old sister

    Very, very sad. I blame the irresponsible parent.
  482. Y

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    Try and spool me with my Zebco will ya!
  483. Y

    World's happiest monkey!!

    At first I was going to show it to my grandson.......maybe not now.
  484. Y

    Hey Dog lovers.......

    I had a pure Malamute pup. I could not train that dog to stay in it;s yard, come when it was called, nothing. Would not ever have another. Just me though. My other dogs, are perfectly behaved. (golden retrievers)
  485. Y

    Lake Isabella trout/crappie

    Fatties for sure.
  486. Y

    .223 ammo

    Cricket Sound - YouTube
  487. Y

    Grandkids & local trout

    That's great you have the grand kids involved fishing. Keep it up!
  488. Y

    DMV computers are down....

    Our government is a well oiled machine.
  489. Y

    Should stupid be expensive?

    Ya can't fix stupid. A lot of people just don't know how to prepare for even a short hike. I pay a lot of money in taxes like most, and would hate to get billed should I ever need the services that I already pay for. OH SHIT! They just passed the exact same thing here with the EXTRA fee if you...
  490. Y


    What's the difference?????
  491. Y

    FKG caught new personal best flatty......

    Awesome! See if he'll give you some pointers.:rofl:
  492. Y

    Took my son out for some exercise

  493. Y

    Surfing and bloody decks

  494. Y

    RIP Tom Knapp

    RIP. He was awesome.
  495. Y

    first post

  496. Y

    Cooking more stuff

    Damn that looks good!
  497. Y

    Looking for advice on a pre-owned vehicle

    I can offer a free, full inspection.
  498. Y

    cooking a halibut

    I'm starving now!
  499. Y

    A Bulk box of 22lr

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:I still have the $8 bricks from Big 5. Not for sale.
  500. Y

    Who needs fins?

    That's crazy! Who da thunk?
  501. Y

    Police Dog

  502. Y

    Question for residential contractors...

    I'm not a fan of putting base over flooring. For a number off reasons. Sand your floors, (prep) then do all the trim work, base, casings, dw tu and paint. Last, refinish the floor. You're going to trim out the floor with base shoe. Tits.
  503. Y

    Boston Marathon explosion

    I'm sorry.:rofl:Can you forgive me?
  504. Y

    Article on the Schedule.....

    Well alrighty then. I'll put a grand down on the Chargers in the Superbowl.:rofl:
  505. Y

    Boston Marathon explosion

    What a fucked thing to say. Not surprised coming from you though.
  506. Y

    Striper Fishing in Socal Lakes...???

    They also love chicken liver up in my neck of the woods.
  507. Y

    Love being a dickhead

    Do us a favor, don't make it a fourth trip to Cali. please.
  508. Y

    My life is a beach

    Bitchin boat. Congrats!
  509. Y

    Lead ammo ban!

    YUP! It'll be so painless (the sheep) won't even feel it in their ass as they slowly take your rights away. Once they're gone, you can't get them back.
  510. Y

    Wild aspargus & hatchery Trout

    That's awesome. Bet that asparagus is good.
  511. Y

    Three [email protected]

    WOW! Glad everyone is O.K.
  512. Y

    Big Sandys on the Chew 4-13

    Awesome report. Thanks. Great C&R.
  513. Y

    Jackpot on the Tweekers!

    Good job! Too bad they're probably already out and pulling the same shit again already.
  514. Y

    trailer boat guide ons...

    Wouldn't have a trailer without them.
  515. Y

    How long fish on ICE?

    Yup. Your nose knows.
  516. Y


    What's a shroom?
  517. Y


    P whipped?
  518. Y

    Licensed Contractor to Sign a Certificate

  519. Y

    Surf Report 4/03/2013

    Those are fatties!
  520. Y

    DVL 3/2/13

    Well done! Now get out of my spot.:rofl:
  521. Y

    Hey Kurt your state

    And that's one of the smarter anti-gun kooks.
  522. Y

    Lava Kayaking?

    Doesn't he know that plastic melts?????
  523. Y

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon.

    Response of the year.:appl:
  524. Y

    Is this 9mm worth it?

    XD 40. The wife shouldn't have a problem with it. (Tell her it's a 9 mm)
  525. Y

    Point Loma 3.30.13

    Nice fish!
  526. Y

    "Fishing for baby seal at Children's Pool"

    That was hard to listen to. Ignorance at it's finest.
  527. Y

    This is an interesting twist.

    Why am I not surprised!
  528. Y

    Need .22LR ammo?

    Tuesday at the Big 5 in Esco.
  529. Y

    the shad bite at Vail

    Nice. Haven't fished there in years.
  530. Y

    Pretty pricey

    I want to make some evaporate.
  531. Y

    100 bonus points

  532. Y


    Sign of the times unfortunately.
  533. Y

    Really Bad news

    Damn. RIP. Too close to home.
  534. Y

    Pathology Joke

    What's a cermoid dyst?
  535. Y

    Royal Star WI FI?

    What's wifi and why do you need it to fish?
  536. Y

    DMV 3/21/13

    Where, what is DMV? Sound like a good day.
  537. Y

    How's this for multi-tasking?

    Have no clue what you're talking about. I'm thinking you need a chicken enchilada with a bean and cheese tostada. I could be wrong.
  538. Y

    Anyone familiar with Temecula?

    Smaller is better up here.
  539. Y

    What a Great Guy!

    Very cool. There are still good people out there.
  540. Y

    my son attacked

    Continued prayers for your son and family.
  541. Y

    that guy recall

    And the problem is???????
  542. Y

    US Senate proposed ban DOA

    Un- fucking- believable. Well, not really. Doesn't surprise me a bit. WE NEED TERM LIMITS FOR THESE ASSHOLES. And no benefits for life.
  543. Y

    Tough guy now.............. but just wait until it gets real.

    Read that earlier. What a piece of shit. Hope he goes quick. I'm tired of paying for people like him to live.
  544. Y


    They have been "protected" to death. Literally.
  545. Y

    Epoxy garage floor/Mancave (pic heavy)

    Can I see the custom water heater platform one more time please? Talk about bad ass!!!
  546. Y


    Great report. Food looks killer.
  547. Y

    Chargers sign a BIG POWERFUL RB......

    Maybe we're paying by the foot this year.
  548. Y

    Gil Marlin punks KTLA5 Weatherman.....

    I always new he had a great sense of humor.
  549. Y

    DMV fees **sweet** 2001 vehicle

    I didn't vote for the fucking idiot.
  550. Y

    Tds 2013 pics

    Looks like a good time.
  551. Y

    Rancho Leonero

    Very nice. One heck of a first, or 101st yellow.
  552. Y

    virtual gun control by a virtual president

    Wow! "They" work for us. Theoretically, they just forgot that minor fact.
  553. Y

    Big Bear Lake Trout???

    I'm jealous too.
  554. Y


    There's no room for common sense in the regs.
  555. Y

    Knives in Mexico

    So they can't have guns, and now the knives, and it's still not safe?????? Can't be so.
  556. Y

    Knives in Mexico

    Used to go to Mex almost weekly (surfing) when I was young. Had no idea about pocket knives now a days down there. Hell, I feel naked if I don't one of my Benchmade folders on me. Haven't been to Mex in years. (Obviously)
  557. Y

    Anyone still read the paper?

    Not surprised a bit with the idiots from the media.
  558. Y

    '66 Whaler 16' - Rebuild on a Budget

    Looks good bro. The green is cool but that black is going to be like sitting in an oven come summer. Great little skiff. Enjoy!
  559. Y


  560. Y

    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

    Nice fish! Congrats!
  561. Y

    stained glass fish for sale

    That's some cool stuff. Nice work.
  562. Y

    Director of Tourism says it's safe to travel to Mx.

    I thought guns were illegal in Mex????
  563. Y

    Want to buy ammo? You better not be mad!!

    I didn't she a Dem.........?I mean lib...... I mean....stupid?
  564. Y

    Good husband

  565. Y

    Pond Hopping

    Nice. Did you come across any of my balls in the water there?
  566. Y

    2007 Harley Road King

    10k is a very fair price. Good luck with the sale.
  567. Y

    Need a Smile or Tear?

    Wow! There is hope for the world.
  568. Y

    Dear exLurker...

    :rofl:Could be but she isn't demeaning enough.
  569. Y


    :rofl:Wear your fucking pants where you're supposed to.
  570. Y

    Wild weekend

    You guys know how to have fun!
  571. Y

    California Gun Logic

    Fuck you.
  572. Y

    poor woman has a condition

    I think you fucked up the punch line. Ask Gil.
  573. Y

    Holy crap!!! 1600 buck-a-roos

    Imagine that. Glad "my friend" got his waaay back when.
  574. Y

    Bank Robber...

  575. Y

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

  576. Y

    Hip Replacement.......

    Best of luck. Keep us updated. I need to have both mine done but I'm chicken.
  577. Y

    International Headquarters Bloodydecks

    Hope this helps...
  578. Y

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    That can't be real. NO ONE is that stupid! Oh wait......
  579. Y

    Not a fish story

  580. Y

    Clearlake 2/17 Big Bass!!!

    Looks like a great trip. Congrats to your boy.
  581. Y

    Paradise less then 45 min from my home

    Thanks. Beautiful place.
  582. Y

    Ruger Mini 14

    :rofl: I'll take $2900 for one of mine.:rofl:
  583. Y

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    You, Pelosi, and Feinstein can......never mind.
  584. Y

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Exactly. If you have family and can't protect them, call 911. They'll be there eventually to clean up the carnage, and take a report.
  585. Y

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Does it say you shouldn't have that right?
  586. Y

    Ruger Mini 14

    Are you shitting me? A grand? At least "you know who" improved one products value X3.
  587. Y

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    You make entirely way to much sense. They (the sheep) don't want to hear that which is logical.
  588. Y

    Super Day

    Well done!!!!
  589. Y

    vote for mitchs fish taco

    Done. How did Rubios get to the semi's?
  590. Y


    Nice. Shore or boat?
  591. Y

    Buffalo Rock Cod Wraps | Chef Steve Black

    Gotta try it. I use Franks on my wings. Sounds good, something different.
  592. Y

    SD ex mayor stole $2.1 Million from charity.

    That is really fucked up! Not surprising, but fucked up.
  593. Y

    SD ex mayor stole $2.1 Million from charity.

    She blames it on a "brain tumor" Fuck her!
  594. Y

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    I didn't vote for her.
  595. Y

    Vintage Duck Decoy

    I know nothing about decoys. What qualifies as vintage????
  596. Y

    It's Rant-thirty!!!!!!

    Why would a motorcycle rider pound on your ride? More than 1?
  597. Y

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    I go to the DM show every year. Not to save $, but to check out the new shit, buy VERY expensive drinks, and check out all the beautiful women. Oh, and the parking.
  598. Y

    1990 Valco Aluminum boat 15 ft with Center Console

    I looked at that boat a couple months ago in Corona. Good luck with the sale.
  599. Y

    Roads in and out of Big Bear closed

    I hope all the homeowners up there are armed. (With more than 10 rounds.)
  600. Y

    Weekend off

    Wait.... our government says AR's aren't used for hunting.
  601. Y

    Honda XL350

    What year is the bike?
  602. Y

    La Jolla MLPA DFG watching you

    Guilty until proven innocent.....What???? Welcome to our POS government.
  603. Y

    Killed a snow monster

    I think that is very admirable.
  604. Y

    Trail cameras

    Get more than one to capture the vehicles license plates coming and going from the property. As well as the b&e. I hate thieves. Good luck brother.
  605. Y

    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    Best wishes brother. Stay strong. Family first.
  606. Y

    Another D-bag rampage

    No one mentioned the other compact p.u. just 2 or 3 streets over riddled with bullets and rammed by the cop car. What happened there?
  607. Y

    Piers shoots a 50 cal in texas

    I couldn't get though the whole stupid interview.
  608. Y

    ( Loaded W/ Pics) New Rig / 2-7-13 Early AM Report From Team

    I admire your passion. Great job.
  609. Y

    Live from King of the Hammers..

    So true.
  610. Y

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    You have some very valid points. And I blame ALL the politicians who SUPPOSEDLY work for us.
  611. Y

    Old man in the window........

    They were BD'ers. Don't ask, don't tell. Not sure how he knew which one was the husband though.
  612. Y

    For sale: Samural sword

    Same guy that tries to sell Chinese crap as authentic.
  613. Y

    You're in the Army now...

    :rofl:You're getting better.
  614. Y

    Good business or bad business?

  615. Y

    Ride Streetbikes? Check this...

    Must be uncomfortable riding with balls the size of watermelons.
  616. Y

    Pistachio Boycott: psy is anti-American POS and so are kalifornia pistachio farmers

    Took the word right out of my mouth. Only nicer.
  617. Y

    Visit from Jehova Witness

    No shit??????????
  618. Y

    The 'Vine

    Screw the xtratuf, I'm dig'n those.
  619. Y

    It's official!

  620. Y

    The 'Vine

    Great job Dad. Keep it up.
  621. Y

    CA Applications

    Why am I not surprised.
  622. Y

    Your tax dollars at work!!!

    No problem with my tax dollars going to that.
  623. Y

    6woa range report :)

    Nice! Too bad about the grouping. Keep practicing.:rofl:
  624. Y


  625. Y

    The kid is going to grow to be a pussy, just like his dad.

  626. Y

    Chuck Woolery on ARs

    Well said.
  627. Y

    Torrey Pines golf tourny

    And you can't see your target to shoot at.
  628. Y

    Anyone into motorcycles?

    I've never seen a BMW Bobber. Very unique. Nice job.
  629. Y

    Which Mosquito gun, .22LR pistol

    Ruger 22/45 bull barrel.
  630. Y

    Wife pregnant need some prayers.

    God Bless. Prayers sent.
  631. Y

    Conversation between a man and woman regarding beer.

    A man marries hoping his wife will never change. A woman marries hoping to change her husband.
  632. Y

    missing rescue swimmer

    Did I hear that right, he's back on active duty?
  633. Y

    Wahoo Pizza!

    Damn! That look delicious.
  634. Y

    Parker 1801 Center Console....$13,500.

    What year is the vessel? What year is the motor? Thanks.
  635. Y

    LB lobster report

    Nothing wrong with that! They all looked very edible to me. Great job Dan. Lot's of smiles.
  636. Y

    1/22-FINALLY a HOG- SaMo A.M. Sesh

    He looks pissed. Nice job.
  637. Y

    Any good tamale recipes you want to share?

    I feel your pain. Closest I've come is having one of my buddies wives over my shoulder guiding my white ass through it. Just not the same. I think it's the love the Hispanic women put into it.
  638. Y

    Saluki's fleshlight?

    Boy, us guys can see a pussy in just about anything.:rofl:
  639. Y

    Santee Lake #4, Jan 21

    Way to go! Catching is a bonus.
  640. Y

    Successful Remodel