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    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    The boat office will have the answer. It is my understanding there is a 10-day Non-Resident license which can be purchased at the landing. Also believe with the 10-day there is a requirement to also purchase the Ocean Enhancement Validation. Will know for sure in a couple days when my 10-day...
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    Vacuum Sealer Bags

    We like the pre-made bags from I personally like using the bags instead of making my own from the roll - probably more expensive but worth it to me. Available through Amazon (where we found them initially) but the last order we did early this summer was direct through them...
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    SoA 9/16-9/24

    Excellent report! Thank you for all the details including what was working as well as your thoughts on the boat and crew. Doing my first trip on the SOA in a couple of weeks. I hope we find the fishing as good as you guys did.
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    4 more days

    Good luck!! Back-to-back 10-day trips - great idea. I will be out on a Spirit of Adventure 10-day for most of your second trip. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the high seas, at a distance of course. Would appreciate you letting us know your thoughts and experiences on the adventure...
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    Newbie Info

    Welcome back!! We have a great group of long range regulars here who will fill in more of your questions. I made my first long range trip in 1999 and fished Fall 10-day trips with a handful of shorter summer trips for a few years. Increased work demands and other interests reduced me down to...
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    Flying to with Rod Tube if you have flown recently

    Have not flown with fishing rods in a few years - and apparently not up with the times. Don't remember a specific rod limit regarding how many can be in the tube. I get the Mexico thing, but for a domestic flight it seems odd. For the OP, I had two thoughts... First - with all that has taken...
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    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    I have read through about 2/3rds of the report documents - some really chilling details. Not my place to second guess or assign blame - that's what the legal process is for, but there were many things which could have been done to prevent the tragic loss of so many lives. Any organization (or...
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    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    I've been reading through the report and noticed a few mentions that NTSB investigators were not permitted to interview the Captain by the US Attorney. Here's a quote from Document 91 (6- Survival Factors -Group Chair's Factual Report) "... Although the captain of the Conception, voluntarily...
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    John Nappo at Trophy Fishing Tackle makes them. Titanium Bait Leaders
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    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Excellent report! Great mix of details and photos. Looks like it was a fun trip. Thank you!
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    This kid loves to fish

    Excellent - thanks for getting the next generation involved. Love seeing the youngsters catching fish.
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    Excel 10 day

    Thank you! Excellent update - hope the remainder of the trip goes well and the bluefin are in the right mood.
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    A few observations on wahoo...

    Thanks, Tim - really great information. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience to help others become better anglers is amazing and greatly appreciated.
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    Polaris Supreme Current Trip report

    Good luck Tom - hope this big bluefin bite keeps going.
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    seasickness help

    I am prone to sea sickness - particularly inside the cabin. Most of the time out on deck either fishing or just lounging around it is not an issue. Over the counter stuff has never worked for me but Scopolomine patches are very effective. Have not heard about Scopolomine in capsule form -...
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    Super cheap flat falls

    Shimano Closeouts Selection is limited.
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    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Keep your trip - great advice and reasons already from some very experienced long range anglers. You really never know what a trip will be like until you get on the trip. The one thing you can count on is the skipper and crew to do everything within their power to ensure everyone onboard has a...
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    Royal Polaris - EPIC 3 day trip July 30 - Aug. 2nd

    Great report Doug - thanks for posting. A two-for-one on bluefin - it was most certainly your day!
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    4 For Ted

    Very nice!
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    Vagabond July 15-19 Trip Report

    Nice report - some very good advice also!
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    New PENN Favorite From ICAST?

    Funny - I'm in the same situation on the 15XN. Would have bought the Torque last week if I could have found one in stock! Tempted to just wait for the Fathom. So, of the ICAST intro's, this one is at the top of my list.
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    "A family affair"- 3 Days on the Royal Star

    Great report - love the photo.
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    SCI rookies!

    That is great! Thanks to you and your brother - an amazing thing for those youngsters to experience what the ocean offers. Love seeing the next generation get started.
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    Jumbo Plano airliner 6508

    Ted - call the boat office and ask them where to ship - they will be very familiar with what work best. It's been a while since I shipped since my daughter and son-in-law now live in SoCal. I keep my rods and tackle box at her house. When I was shipping I always used FedEx Ground. You hear...
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    Jumbo Plano airliner 6508

    Ted, I've flown to San Diego for Long Range trips quite a few times. Lots of good ideas already discussed. I settled on using 6-8 inch strips of bubble wrap - wrap the rods in the bubble wrap so they are just the diameter of the inside of the tube and slide them in. Alternate the butts to...
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    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for the detailed report.
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    Skin Cancer; Need Fishing Hat

    Try Cooibar - I've got a couple of their fishing shirts and a hat with a that I wear fishing and sometimes working in the yard. They have something similar to your description - maybe it would not be too hot. I like their products but it is not inexpensive. Coolibar Hat
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    Jigs' lures and Fall flats.

    Just of the Royal Star a couple days ago - spent two days on the bluefin grounds at the end of the trip. The flat fall's worked great the first day, but the second, bait seemed to be a little better. Was sharing my gear and between two of us caught 5 of the 8 bluefin we tagged with the same...
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    Shipping rods and reels

    Vince - I've shipped by Bazooka cases several times. I usually put some heavy duct tape over the end which on the Bazooka brand has a "door" you can open to insert or remove rods. Also put tape over the joint where the two halves slide together. Not sure if the SKB case is the same, but this...
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    AA jackpot

    Pretty amazing catch. I don't have the number of trips some of you guys have, but have been long ranging for 18 years - have only seen two swordfish on deck and both were crew-caught on deep drop at night. larryl - what did the angler catch the fish on? Bait or jig? I'd bet the cameras...
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    Smart Watch

    …..Soon after I return, it'll be my 41st anniversary….. Congratulations on the anniversary and great timing on the trip!!!
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    Very Late Trip Report

    Great report! Wahoo bites can be crazy - amazing to see what all happens in the middle of one of those. Incredible effort by the crew to get the line cut and retied on that wahoo. Good on you for putting it on the deck.
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    ….What's the deal with the red and white fish tags…... Noticed that on a recent RP photo also - maybe they are using tag colors to help separate "processing" versus "take home" fish?? Probably easier than looking for the tail cut when taking fish out of the brine.
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    Great report - heck of a 3 day trip!
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    Where is my damn Passport!!!

    Rick - might be worth calling your US Senator or Congressman's constituent services office and see if they can help. I suspect this question comes up frequently with people trying to get their passport back in time for a vacation. Maybe they have contacts in the Passport Office who can...
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    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    Great report - nice variety on the trip. The fine dining on the long range boats must really be experienced. Looks like you guys had a great trip all the way around!!
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    Wtb Tld 20 or 30 2 speed

    If you don't find what you're looking for locally, I've got a 20 and 30 (both 2 speed) - $100 for either one but will need to ship to you. Shouldn't be too hard to find one in SoCal I would think.
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    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    Bring them along with you - I've been on the Royal Star many times and guys do that just about every trip. They will take care of you!
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    Aborted Intrepid Angler's Choice 6-Day -- Invicta Saves the Day

    Great report Chris. Glad to hear you guys on the trip were able to take everything in stride. Sounds like the Intrepid continues to live up to the top notch reputation we hear about here on BD. Letting the galley crew join you guys on the Invicta and passing the bait over was a great thing...
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    WTB: Looking for tricked out Penn 4/0, yellowtail special, baja special, etc..

    Some great options here - the maroon Tiburon frame is very unique. OP wouldn't go wrong with any of these.
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    WTB Penn 4/0 Senators

    Sent you a PM
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    SOLD - NIB Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N

    Thanks Danny! Look forward to meeting you on a trip sometime.
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    Doug - do you know if the reel was blueprinted when it was converted to two-speed? If so, how did they set it up? Penn 12's are solid reels - this is a great deal. Replacement lugs are available from for a couple bucks each. Probably any of the local SoCal reel guys can get...
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    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Norm Kagawa made this one for me after I got inspired by this topic when it first started! I pretty much only do 7 to 10 day summer or fall long range trips and this is perfect for me. It replaced a mid-sized SKB I used for several years which is an excellent box, but not quite the same as...
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    SOLD - NIB Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N

    Wow, hard to keep up! Looks like the time stamp of posts and PM's show one to Nathan1212 and one to Droddy. PM'ing everyone back now.
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    SOLD - NIB Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N

    For Sale - two new in box Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N reels. Bought four of these at a great price the end of last year when Tackle Direct had them on sale (Penn was closing out the black Torques) with a nice Christmas discount. Will be converting two to 4.8:1 gears for 40-lb bait on my...
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    How to add pictures in posts

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    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    Another vote for the Baby Baja - I'd be on that one quick!!!
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    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Dave, Our thoughts and prayers for you and Dixie in these challenging times. Stay strong. Phil
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    Received shipping confirmation today for my four new 25N's. Probably the best deal on new quality gear I've ever had!!
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    Rods and the NTSB

    I've flown quite a few times with rods in a large Bazooka case - as many as 10 for long range trips. Always put each rod in an individual fabric rod sleeve then arrange them so that half are butt "down" and half are butt "up" and ensure the butt ends overlap the tips. That way the ends the...
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    Looking for Newells

    PM sent on some 533's
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    10 days in Oct or Nov?

    You did the right thing talking to the Charter Masters. Good comment above about the 2005 season and the later October and November 10-day trips turning into cow hunts. I was fortunate to be on a boat during that 2005 bite and had a great time catching my first cow. But for me, the variety of...
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    WTB topless frame for a Penn 16S

    Check with Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside. He had got me a International 20 Tiburon frame pretty quickly last year.
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    I will take Group B - PM sent to work out details.
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    Pro gear 545 and 255 collection

    Cliff, Put me down for one of the 545's any are still available. Gunmetal is preferred!! Send you a PM. Phil
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    Red Rooster III (Oct 31st-Nov 8th)

    Ray, Excellent summary from Freshone21 on you questions. If you've done up to 3 day trips and enjoyed them, you're ready. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much better an 8-day can be. As far as your hearing limitation - don't let that stop you. I've been on two Fall 10-day trips...
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    andaman islands

    I'm interested - PM sent.
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    First Long Range Trip

    Gary, Congratulations!! You are going to enjoy the experience. I have travelled to San Diego annually for a fall long-range trip since 1998 - also from the East Coast. There is alot of great advice already given, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents worth. Call the boat and arrange to use...