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  1. Steinlager

    WTB Promar Ambush Hoop Nets

    Preferably in the San Diego area. Let me know if you have some to sell. Thanks, Tom
  2. Steinlager

    SOLD Windshield and Bimini from Livingston Runabout

    I removed the windshield from my Livingston and raised the seat, so the Bimini is too low. The picture is not my boat, just a pic off the internet showing what it looks like. The canvas of the bimini has a tear about a foot long at the front. Bimini snaps onto windshield. Price is FREE. I'm...
  3. Steinlager

    WTB 48" - 60" Kill Bag

    I'm located in San Diego.
  4. Steinlager

    SOLD 6 Gallon Gas Tank for 2 Stroke

    I sold my two stroke motor but the guy who bought it forgot the tank. He's not coming back for it. I had just filled it last week with fresh gas mixed with two stroke oil. Free. In University City.
  5. Steinlager

    TRADE Trade Kodiak 14 for Kodiak 13

    I have a brand new Kodiak Proflow PF-14 but the UT-13 looks like it would work a little better for me. Seems like a long shot, but if anybody has a similar condition 13 and would like to swap, let me know.
  6. Steinlager

    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    I went up to the Columbia River area last week to buy a 1986 Livingston 14 Runabout that looks like it's hardly been used. It had been in Idaho and Eastern Washington its whole life and was never in salt water. The boat was literally in a barn for years and there are no scuffs or signs a wear...
  7. Steinlager

    For Sale 1989 Mercury 35 2 Stroke

    I went up to the Columbia River area last week to buy a Livingston 14, which came with a Merc 35 2 stroke motor. I'm upgrading to a new 4 stroke and want to sell this one. The boat I bought has been in Idaho and Eastern Washington its whole life and they told me it was never in salt water. The...
  8. Steinlager

    WTB Kodiak 13 or 14 gallon bait tank

    Please send me a note if you've got one to sell. Thanks
  9. Steinlager

    For Sale Moved thread to correct forum: 1989 Mercury 35

    Looks like I put this in the wrong forum. Sorry about that. I’ve moved it to boat accessories for sale. ----------------------------------------------------------- I went up to the Columbia River area last week to buy a Livingston 14, which came with a Merc 35 2 stroke motor. I'm upgrading to...
  10. Steinlager

    Livingston 13 vs 14 Functional Comparison

    I'm looking for a Livingston that I'll use mostly for SD inshore fishing and hopefully the occasional run to the 9 for tuna on a glassy Fall day. I've done a good deal of research and think a 14 with a center console with newer 4 stroke power is the way to go, (if you have one to sell, please...
  11. Steinlager

    WTB Livingston 14 or 155

    I’m interested in buying a Livingston 14 or 16, although I figure a 16 is a longshot given my budget and repowering cost. Please send me PM if you’re thinking about selling yours. Located in San Diego but can drive for the right boat. Thanks, Tom
  12. Steinlager

    Team Redondo Trip Report

    Even though most of the guys on this trip are a bunch of tree hugging mlpa loving socialist peacniks who can't get enough obamacare and don't know which end of the gun is which.... They're actually a really fun group to fish with. In all seriousness though, this was a great trip with a great...
  13. Steinlager

    RSW on a 10 day

    I'm on a 10 day on the RP at the end of September and have a question about the quality of fish caught at the beginning of a trip vs. the end. Is a fish that is in the RSW for 9 days just as good as two or three days? A what point do fish come out of RSW and get frozen on the boat? Also a...
  14. Steinlager

    How to pack irons

    I'm on my first 8 day on the Excel 6/27 and have a couple questions. I'm using an empty plastic tool box for a tackle box, with plastic containers in it to organize my stuff. Problem is when I put irons in those plastic containers the hooks get all tangled. What is the best way to pack them...
  15. Steinlager

    Best iPad/iPod app for long range tracking

    I'll be on the Braid trip on the Excel in June and would like to follow our progress on my iPad with GPS. I know there is a free app from SeaTow, but wonder if anybody can recommend something better.
  16. Steinlager

    2.5 Day or 4 Day

    First post here. I have two trips to choose from after labor day. 2.5 day on the Islander or 4 day on the Independance. The longest I've done so far is 2 days. The four day cost twice as much and I guess could go to Cedros. I just don't know, with the bluefin so close right now, if the...