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  1. waynesworld

    SOLD Icom 402s

    It was a backup for my boat-never got around to installing and has been gathering dust Tested and works fine Has a mounting bracket (not original) $100 Also have two other mounting brackets -63/4" and 8" wide- free if you can use them
  2. waynesworld

    For Sale Fiskars Rolling tote organizer

    I was going to use this as a tackle box-never got around to it.Threw a bunch of tools in it and forgot about it $20
  3. waynesworld

    SOLD Sony Speakers

    One pair of Sony Bookshelf speakers in good working condition Perfect for the garage ,man cave or wherever 91/2" wide 15 1/2" tall 9 1/2" deep *ohm 60watts max. $30
  4. waynesworld

    For Sale Coffeee Table

    Nice wood great cond $200
  5. waynesworld

    For Sale Lures for you

    Or buy them all for $60
  6. waynesworld

    For Sale Blackhawk Shot shell poch

    Holds 20 ,12g shell in elastic bands,more if you just dump them in New never used Drop leg style $20
  7. waynesworld

    For Sale Cousins Bait Rod

    30lb bait rod -brand new Never been out Alps reel seat Oversized guides for better casting $200 Watch Deckers video
  8. waynesworld

    For Sale Fish Holder bag thingy

    Non insulated-you could add one of those bag liners to insulate 18"w - 26" deep -48" across We hung it off the stern resting on the swim step-saved a lot of cleanup $40
  9. waynesworld

    SOLD Daiwa Sealine SL25

    Excellent condition No clamp No line No box No lies
  10. waynesworld

    Police Brutality

    Don't touch
  11. waynesworld

    For Sale Pelican and Doskocil hard cases

    Pelican 1520 - $75 Doskocil Slightly smaller than the 1520-$75 Pelicase- $40 All are used but in good usable shape Located in Sunny Escondido
  12. waynesworld

    For Sale Guzzler Hand pump

    Guzzler 400 $35 Missing the handle-easy to make Great back up
  13. waynesworld

    For Sale More cleanout stuff-added more& Maruadors

    Cleaning out the tackle locker Chrome jigs -spoofer ,hopkins and more -$45 Tuna feathers-$45 Wahoo lures - $sold Shark Lures $15 ea,all for$60 Marlin Jigs $10 ea Wahoo lure (rigged) gone trolling Sebile lures $10 ea Big Game hooks -$SOLD Eagle Claw Hooks - Out hooking Large bag of Marlin...
  14. waynesworld

    SOLD Recliners

    Two of them -
  15. waynesworld

    For Sale Continued cleanout

    Misc lures (1stPic) left to right Teaser -$10 Lil door knob -free with purchase Soft head bullet $10 Bullet head lures $20 takes all 3 Wahoo trolling lig rigged $20 Sebile lures $10 ea 2nd picture Marlin lure skirts -$20 entire box 3rd picture Marauder lures-$140 takes em all 4th picture Tuna...
  16. waynesworld

    For Sale Rapid Access modular panels-Reduced

    I have three of these for sale -asking $225 ea. or make an offer on all.They are brand new.-they would make a great Bug out kit.Hangs perfectly from the backseat headrest of my truck Perfect for trauma /triage center police and fire Approx20" wide X 43" long Ten individual pockets all zippered...
  17. waynesworld

    For Sale Martin fly fishing reel

    12/13 weight fly reel by Martin Brand new in the box $50
  18. waynesworld

    For Sale light bait combo

    Calstar 196-6 (?) in great condition Shimano Triton MKII in great condition,mechanically and cosmetically Great out fit for 15 lb or 20lb $235
  19. waynesworld

    Cocid rule question

    Are they still enforcing the "Family Members " only at the ramp?? Also what if you board a boat at one of the yacht club Anyone got any up to date info?
  20. waynesworld

    For Sale I hate to do this-Marlin gear-Cousins

    After many years of fishing Marlins(and other stuff ) on the light gear,I with great sadness decided to remove some of the gear from my collection.Of course they will work just fine on a lot of species. The Cousins rods are new and were custom made especially for the San Diego Marlin Clubs...
  21. waynesworld

    SOLD Advent outdoor speakers

    Brand new -box is a little beat up,taken out of the box and tested Sound great
  22. waynesworld

    SOLD Shimano/Connely Spinning Combo

    Connley Sailfish Spin 6'6" rated at 15-50lb Metal reel seat and gimbal Excellent Condition matched up with a Shimano Baitrunner 4500 I used this for live baiting sailfish in the keys Would be great for the smaller tunas and yellowtails
  23. waynesworld

    TRADE Lure I.D

    I rescued this lure many many years ago Info anybody? I already know its a Roberts lure
  24. waynesworld

    SOLD Tackle totes Bags

    3 tackle bags and a soft sided cooler Shimano bag will hold several of the large boxes has side pocket for a reel or two (Boxes not included) sold Shimano Reel bag-has two zippers (one stuck) you can still open and close the bag with the one zipper $15 Outfitters bag (Green) ,Holds several large...
  25. waynesworld

    For Sale Fishy Apparel

    Cleaning out Most are XL ,one or two of the hawain shirts might be smaller Marlin Club tournament shirts$10 each-some have a teflon coating ,supposed to repel fish shit Hawain shirts -$5 each Rain Slicker $5 Bibs $25 Rain Jacket (red) $5 I have many more that I haven't drug out yet Go out there...
  26. waynesworld

    For Sale Thermotec Heat insulating products

    One set of header or manifold wraps One heat barrier 36 X 40" Two rolls of insulating tape one pkg snap straps two pkgs of clamp one rill of insulating sleeve (50' Cool that hot motor -all for $100
  27. waynesworld

    SOLD Collect these Collectors

    all are about 9" long and have the plunger style heads.One of them has a slightly shorter head and is a little more rounded All are in excellent condition $25 each or all for $60
  28. waynesworld

    For Sale The jigs up-added#6

    Box#3 another mixed batch heavy-$40 Box#4-Wahoo stuff-$40 Box#5 Misc-$35 Box #6 Tuna feathers-$35 Sorry "No Cherry picking" #2 is gone
  29. waynesworld

    For Sale Cleanout Tool time

    Craftsman box -some sockets missing what you see is what you get .Metric & US ,open end wrench set is metric-$50 Bags of sockets 1/2 " drive $10-$20ea Ratchets $10-$5 each Screw drivers-make an offer Timing light-$20 Sawzall -works,but may need brushes-$20 Wrench holder -$2 Multi socket tool $5...
  30. waynesworld

    SOLD Avet 30 and Tiagra 30

    T Gone fishing
  31. waynesworld

    SOLD Nissan Titan Bed Extender

    Been in Storage all its life -like new Came off of a 2004 $100-OBO also have stock transmission pan ,rear diff cover and Engine cover
  32. waynesworld

    Beef Sale

    We are considering purchasing a cow Has anyone used "Ranch 2 Fork" in Temecula The service and product sound good Not sure on the pricing
  33. waynesworld

    Never tailgate a rhino

  34. waynesworld

    SOLD Penn Torque 300x

    All gone
  35. waynesworld

    Which would you keep and why

    A Shimano Tiagra 16 that has been to Cal's for blueprinting OR A shimano Talica 16 Brand new Both are filled with Braid
  36. waynesworld

    Mustad Sale

    Mainly hooks
  37. waynesworld

    For Sale Covid Cleanout -added more and more

    Bored and decided to meander in the garage Rod tubesL to r in pics Monster tube 7"x96" -$15 Bazuka Pro brand new-$SOLD Phantom 4.5 x80" $20 Homemade 5X 92-$10 Shipping tube 3x97" -free- 8' tag stick -$15 Life jackets (sterns) $10 each Go pro trolling housing (homemade) $20 small tackle box with...
  38. waynesworld

    For Sale Wanna Knobbie

    From Profish -all new Jetted head with two trolling positions $15 ea. 3 for $35 All eight for $65
  39. waynesworld

    SOLD Newell 220m

    all gone
  40. waynesworld

    For Sale Old handheld VHF

    Icom IC-CM5 Older unit Works well on 12v adapter plug Appears to not charge battery for stand alone operation Parts included; 2 -12v cigarette plug adapters 1- ac charging transformer 1- antenna 1- Pelican...
  41. waynesworld

    TRADE oooops

  42. waynesworld

    SOLD Field & Stream 1871 backpack

    Excellent Cond Measures approximately 24” x 14” and I believe it is 45L size. Main compartment has multiple ways to access, multiple mesh pockets, rain cover, and nicely padded in the back. $40
  43. waynesworld

    For Sale Older Calstar

    Elderly honey colored blank Approx. 6' Best guess as to line rating -15-20lb Rod is in great condition $125
  44. waynesworld

    SOLD Nissan titan 4wd

    Yippee ki yea
  45. waynesworld

    Get out your gear -Get out your money

    Yesterday at 4:17 PM...
  46. waynesworld

    Marlin Cub Swap Meet

    February 28th -Yes next weekend 0700-2 pm Approx 10 vendors signed up so far The Marlin Club is hosting another Marine Swap Meet at the Marlin Club on Saturday, February 29th from 7:00a - 2:00p. We are renting booth space (10x10) for $20/Marlin Club members and $30/Public. Tables and chairs...
  47. waynesworld

    SOLD Rail Rod unique

    I purchased this for a tuna trip last year Trip never happened and it doesn't look like it will happen this year I need to make room The rod is a Graftech 7'8" rated at 100-120lb and is brand new ($219 new) sold the reel $175 for the rod
  48. waynesworld

    For Sale Large teasers

    Big boys -rigged up with wire and hooks $50 takes them home
  49. waynesworld

    SOLD Sea Anchor/Drouge

    Not the flimsy pvc/,rot in a few years type This one is Mil spec and was probably included with the survival raft used by the military Made out of heavy duty nylon type material with heavy shroud line 48" diameter $150
  50. waynesworld

    For Sale Rapid Access Modular Medical panel-great for Bug out

    I have two of these for sale -asking $250 ea. or make an offer on both.They are brand new.-they would make a great Bug out kit.Hangs perfectly from the backseat headrest of my truck Check out their website for more details see what they sell for The ID...
  51. waynesworld

    Yule log-

    Its that time of the season
  52. waynesworld

    For Sale Diawa Saltist 20h

    I would call it "BNIB" except I do not have the box Never used or even spooled up $160 shipped
  53. waynesworld

    For Sale Danner Boots

    Sold -sorry can't change the title
  54. waynesworld

    SOLD Cajun Electric Smoker

  55. waynesworld

    What's your "Fisherman Name"

    Look up your birth month and day I am Gaffy Cherrypopper
  56. waynesworld

    TRADE Underwater trolling housing for Go Pro

    I built this after seeing a troll pro housing I have not had a chance to test it,but should work Trades?? Fish fillets labor gold silver Watcha got?
  57. waynesworld

    Noodle this

    Southern Girl
  58. waynesworld

    SOLD Kill Bag

    Brand new -I won this a few years back and it has only seen the dust in my garage 30" X 60" Custom made heavy duty- comparable to reliable Has extra straps and a couple of grommets for securing or carrying Check it out $250-Now $200
  59. waynesworld

    SOLD Weight Distribution Hitch

    Sold the trailer $180 Curt 10,000lb/1000lb tongue weight Round bar Adjustable hitch 2" Ball
  60. waynesworld

    Road Kill Harvest
  61. waynesworld

    SOLD Couple of Older Daiwa's added a 40hv

    I found these lurking in my reel cabinet Sealine SL250H in really nice shape Daiwa 50 h -sold Daiwa Sealine-x sold Gre
  62. waynesworld

    FREE Who remembers this

    Sitex 797 with coupler Who can relate Who wants it Free
  63. waynesworld

    SOLD Penn 50sw

  64. waynesworld

    SOLD Poly Rope 1/2" X Many Feet

    Appears to be in good shape-been sitting in storage Free- come get it -All gone
  65. waynesworld

    SOLD alvet

    Avet SX 5.0 :1 loaded up with fresh 20lb with 50lb backing Great condition $120
  66. waynesworld

    SOLD Camping Trailer

    Up for sale is a 2000 keystone cabana hybrid! $4000. Perfect size for pulling with a six cylinder ... pulled it with my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It has, One fold out King size bed and one fold out twin size bed capable of sleeping six, most comfortable with four. It has new tires,new thermostat...
  67. waynesworld

    For Sale Spinners

    Fin Nor LT 100 loaded up with 80lb P-line spectrex $SOLD Excellent condition with box Shimano Thunnus 12000f 80lb Power pro Excellent Condition $175
  68. waynesworld

    For Sale Cousins f670MH-7

    7' 30-50lb Excellent CONDITION $200
  69. waynesworld

    TRADE Salt away

    Gone away ? ?
  70. waynesworld

    SOLD Sadu lures

    Gone Fishing
  71. waynesworld

    SOLD Tuna feathers

    $5 each 3 for $13 All for $60 great for Yellowfin ,Bluefin, Bonita
  72. waynesworld

    For Sale Cannon SS downrigger Boom

    Stainles Steel 42" with tip $50 Brand new-found it lurking on the top shelf
  73. waynesworld

    For Sale Chit for boats

    Cleaning out the garage (life long job) 3 life jackets -$10 Soft sided cooler (good reel bag) -$8 Emergency bilge pump -$20 Cannon Stainless downrigger boom (42") -$50 Dive lights -$10 Tool boxes Fiskars rolling bag -$20 Many other boxes available I will probably have more as I get deeper into...
  74. waynesworld

    For Sale Dock lines

    all in very good usable condition See pics for lengths and $$ I also have a few smaller pieces avaiable
  75. waynesworld

    For Sale Oyama Turbo Convection cooker

    Brand new 12qt- All heavy glass Cook faster and healthier Great on the boat if you have 120v Cook an entire meal in one cooker It can be cooking while you are fishing $40 Great gift
  76. waynesworld

    Dog training

    Anyone know any good trainers in North County I adopted a 1 1/2 yr old female chocolate lab which appears to have had some training,but would like to talk to a trainer to determine her potential and possibly further training.Had her in the field yesterday -definitely a hunter and has an awesome nose
  77. waynesworld

    SOLD Sony Splash proof Action HD cam

    My plans have changed so this gets to go Sony HDR-AS200vr with remote Includes: Live View remote wristband Camera Under water case Tripod mt 2 batteries Data Cord You will need a Micro SD Card $200 Remote is worn on the wrist allows you to control the camera and view what you are recording...
  78. waynesworld

    SOLD Backpack/Cooler/Killbag

    I won this at a tournament and have not used it and probably not going to use it Great for a kayak or? Holds a lot Big Insulated Back Pack, Proudly Made in USA and located in Escondido Material is similar to Herculite, not that cheap Tarp Material. Heat Sealed edges to make it leak proof...
  79. waynesworld

    Tournament halibut

    2nd and 3rd place Don & Shirly Blackman Memorial tournament,would have had 4th place if there was one fished the dirty water outside IB
  80. waynesworld


    Kenmore 70 series Oldie but goody-No fancy gizmos-it just drys clothes 220v $75-Now $50
  81. waynesworld

    For Sale Reely! Added a couple more reels

    Shimano Triton MKII (Vintage) $120 Shimano Thunnus 12000 80lb power pro ,excellent condition-$175 Older Diawa -great for making bait -$40 New Adds Avet SX 5.0:1,some minor scratches on the left side plate $125
  82. waynesworld

    SOLD Tibby 30tld X2 Reduced

    Two TLD 30's
  83. waynesworld

    For Sale Auto Gaff

    No it will not automatically gaff the fish for you It will deploy the 3" hook from a safe position with the press of a button 5' long when safe ,64" when open Red anodized aluminum I don't remember using it -been hanging in the garage-excellent condition $60
  84. waynesworld

    For Sale Braided Dacron 30lb

    2500 yds brand new by Western Filament $75-Now $50
  85. waynesworld

    SOLD Tank for ??

    you snoozed
  86. waynesworld

    FREE Big heavy fountain base-gone

    I was going to use it as a basking pond for my tortoise- He didn't like it approx 41/2' diameter It is heavy -3 or 4 person job Rocks not included
  87. waynesworld

    FREE Wire Cage

    I used it to trap quail on my property until my wife caught me Approx 5' x 4' x 4' Weeds go with it
  88. waynesworld

    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    Approx 6 1/2' long X 4 1/2 tall Made of foam-wife hates it Not heavy but will need two persons to remove Has pot with hole ,was originally part of a water feature
  89. waynesworld

    For Sale 8'- net ,gaff, tag stsick

    The net is approx 7'8" Tag stick was made by Precision Marine $20 each or all for $30 (Best deal) Make your own squid
  90. waynesworld

    For Sale 80lb setup /tiburon /seeker

    TLD30 2spd with Tiburon kit Serviced at the last Del Mar show by Ken's Awesome free spool Loaded up with 80lb power pro Rod is a Seeker 6455xh -SOLD THE ROD All roller $350 for the reel
  91. waynesworld

    For Sale Sharp knives

    Thinning out my collection- Many New ,some used,all good condition 1.Sog Tactical- SOLD! 2. Kershaw folder -$20 3.Cold Steel -$60 4. Kershaw assist -$50 5. S&W Swat -$25 6.RI-Mei-$15 7.S&W-$10 8. Ka bar $10 9.Buck $15 10. ? -$3 11. Ri-Mei- $10 Fillets knives-$10 each (make offer on them all)
  92. waynesworld

    For Sale Cloolers

    All gone
  93. waynesworld

    For Sale Custom Sticks

    Left to right in the pictures-all in excellent condition. Custom Bait rod By Key Largo rods,7',turbo guides - 15-40lb $120 Calstar 270 custom ,Aftco light roller guides,7',12-30lb $120 Connely Custom Spinning rods,heavy duty reel seats and gimbals (2) 6'6",15-50lb -$75 each Fenwick White...
  94. waynesworld

    SOLD Buried it

    A not so beautiful Rooster fish mount.I think it jumped off the wall one too many times Trade for A couple fresh fillets ,beer ,wine - whatever.I need to make it go away Might look better on your wall than mine- make offer
  95. waynesworld

    SOLD Tld30 2spd's

    I have two both were serviced last season and have been locked up ever since One has 80lb power pro with a 80lb top shot The other has straight 60lb new mono Both have great freespool Nothing major in the way of boat rash Gone to a good home
  96. waynesworld

    SOLD Reel Cleanout

    The herd is now on a diet Most all reels have been serviced and have fresh line and function great ,except where noted Fin Nor lt60 spinning reels (30#braid) -$SOLD Diawa (model ?) fresh 25# mono,drags so-so --$35 Torium 30 (Serviced by Ken's)-$SOLD! Torium 16 (serviced by Ken's) $120 Avet...
  97. waynesworld

    For Sale Locker Clean out added more

    Five boxes of Jigs,tuna, lite medium heavy some hooks /sinkers /misc $40 per box
  98. waynesworld

    Lure ID

    Found these lurking in the cabinet I used to know what they are - not any more Any ideas
  99. waynesworld

    Rod Flex coat repair

    I inherited this rod from my brother in law-it appears that he recoated the windings with the heavy build epoxy.He also mentioned that the epoxy kept separating on him.The result is a lumpy ,thick finish. Can this be repaired? -nice rod other than that
  100. waynesworld

    SOLD JX6.0:1

    Lubed and tuned -ready to do some harm Excellent condition ,a few very minor scratches on the side plate Loaded up with 65 Diawa braid and a short topshot of 25# mono $175
  101. waynesworld

    For Sale Mustad-Eagleclaw-

    Found some more hiding in a cabinet added to mustad and Eagle Claw pile Same great price Eagle Claw $65 4-7/0 5-8-0 6-2 6-2/0 circle 1-7/0 Billfish Was 22pkgs Now 32 packages Mustad $35 6-2 2- 4/0 7-2/0 Was 15 pkgs Now 26 packages
  102. waynesworld


    Need help Looking to do an Alaska /BC lodge trip Any Recommendations?
  103. waynesworld

    SOLD Jigy-Marlin-Jigy reduced

    Marlin ,Tuna and Dorado Trolling lures that is All new Three sets of trolling lures-all are new Great for Dorado,tuna ,Marlin Wahoo #1 Bullet heads,Great for faster trolling speeds-$100- reduced to $65 #2 Straight runners ,great bubble trail-$80 -Now SOLD! #3 EAL lures(electronic Beepers) $100...
  104. waynesworld

    SOLD Metal Cabinet

    Rusty,but no holes.Nothing some paint won't fix.On caster wheels Call to come get in Escondido 760 747 6239
  105. waynesworld

    For Sale VHF Antenna with 4' extension

    SOLD! Still can't change the title
  106. waynesworld

    For Sale Sharky Stuff

    Back in the day,I collected all these shark trolling lures Several Makos and large Thresher proved the lures effectivness They can also be re rigged and high speed trolled for Wahoo Lot1 -$20each,all for $SOLD! Lot 2 $20 each ,all for $100 Lot#3 $30 for all Lot#4 $SOLD Pick up preferred,but...
  107. waynesworld

    SOLD Gudebrods thread

    While in the never ending battle of cleaning out the garage,I came across a bag full of rod wrapping thread-14 in total.Almost all are Guidebrod-how old is a good question Since I know you like a lowball deal ,I am starting out at $40 and we can go from there .Of course offers with offer to...
  108. waynesworld

    SOLD Shimano/Seeker Trollers with rollers-reduced

    These are ready for the big fish coming our way during the next El N'ino Marlin ,Tuna ,Mahi,Sharks Shimano Tld 30,two speeds loaded up with fresh line one reel has 60lb test the other 80lb test The rods are Seeker 6460 xh and6455 xh Both are rated at 40-100lbs Rods and reels in great condition...
  109. waynesworld

    SOLD Japanese fillet knife

    **SOLD** Brand new $75 -same as they use in the Tokyo Fishmarket Single edged, stainless steel knife. The Japanese translation would be "dropped head, wide mouthed knife". This knife is widely used in Tokyo fish markets for breaking down whole fish. You too can fillet this good
  110. waynesworld

    For Sale CAlstar 270 /Avet combo

    Great rod 7' custom wrapped with all Aftco lite roller guides Avet SX 5.0 :1 loaded up with fresh 20lb with 50lb backing Perfect 20 lb combo Great combo for halibut, bass $275
  111. waynesworld

    SOLD SALAPAR (Rapalas spelled backwards)

    $40 Takes them all home
  112. waynesworld

    SOLD New Icom Vhf

    SOLD! The Icom IC-M330E measures only 156.5mm by 66.5mm with a installation depth of 110.1mm, extremely compact for a top performance marine VHF. The reduced size makes installation possible in almost any cockpit or nav station. Intuitive User Interface A combination of the directional keypad...
  113. waynesworld

    SOLD fishing reel tyrnos 10

    Excellent condition Filled with power pro 40 or 50 lb $190
  114. waynesworld

    SOLD Kohler SS undermount sink

    Free or if you have a few fillets to swap 35" wide X 21 "deep double bowl ,one smaller than the other Can't load a pic -says they are too big ,even though I compressed them Now it will let me upload a pic
  115. waynesworld

    SOLD Costa Conch 580g sunglasses

    Never worn Glass lens $SOLD
  116. waynesworld

    Roller guides-roller removal

    I finally got around to doing maint. on my roller guides.I have one roller that will not budge,you turn the screw and the rollers turns.I tried several different ways to hold the roller ,but no luck I have the guide with penetrating oil on it now. Any suggestions ???
  117. waynesworld

    For Sale Truck bed Unloader

    Used but in usable condition -strap on left side needs replacing,but it still functions-$35 Unload all your gear quickly The Loadhandler Pickup Truck Unloader quickly turns your pickup into a dump truck to save you time and reduce stress on your back. This easy-to-install Loadhandler has...
  118. waynesworld

    SOLD Spinning Combo

    Excellent combo for a lot of salt water species and larger fresh water: Fin Nor LT60 Reel,some cosmetic wear ,but operating condition is excellent-will pull 30lbs of drag Loaded up with approx. 300 yds 40lb power pro braid-enough room for a mono top shot Rod is a Shakespeare Black tiger ,7'...
  119. waynesworld

    SOLD Fin Nor LT60 spinner Combos

    Used with some finish wear,great operating condition loaded them up with 40lb Power pro braid ,enough room for a mono top shot Good heavy duty reels ,but not to big-will pull 30lbs of drag ,holds 240yds /50lb braid Finally got around to digging out the matching rods for these reels Deck out your...
  120. waynesworld

    SOLD Rainy Day reel cleanout

    Cleaning out my gear All reels have been cleaned ,lubed and drags checked and replaced as needed All have not been used since 2017 Tld 20 2spd,80lb power pro $SOLD Tld 30 2spd ,60lb mono $200 Tld 15 lever Drag $75 Tld 10 Lever drag SOLD! Speedmaster 3 50lb power pro SOLD Calcutta 400s $SOLD...
  121. waynesworld

    SOLD 12000d Baitrunner

    Excellent condition,I know it went for a boat ride ,but that's about it $150
  122. waynesworld

    For Sale Leather Jacket

    Greenish Color Great shape,no rips,tears or stains Size large -but more like an XL $50
  123. waynesworld

    For Sale Storage Cleanout -Added Rule Bilge more and more and dock lines

    Just getting started-more to come as I dig into the bowels of my storage Rule 2000 gph brand new in box-$75 Cooler ,okay condition,could use new latches-$10 Anchor $20 one gone ,one left Emergency bait pump $30 Ball type fender - SOLD 12gal gas tank $SOLD 5 gal containers are gone-I have more...
  124. waynesworld

    SOLD Vintage Fish Finder -gone to good home

    Free Come pick it up or I can ship on your dime
  125. waynesworld

    SOLD Bait Combos

    Matching custom rods Graphite composite ,7' 12-30-excellent condition Wrapped by Key largo rods Great rod for live lining bait-perfect for those tuna , bonita / skipjack and Yellowtail Tld 15 ld's in great shape $180 ea
  126. waynesworld

    SOLD ONE Home Security system

    Keepsafer Plus Security system by Schlage Older unit has been in my storage for a while (forgot it was there) Great for a garage,or house or outbuiilding (Boat?) Includes two main controllers - has backup batteries ,but removed prior to storage several new door/window switches 2 motion sensors 2...
  127. waynesworld

    For Sale Fishing insulated Kill bag/backpack

    I won this at a tournament and have not used it and probably not going to use it Great for a kayak or? Holds a lot Pack your lunch in ,take your fish home Holds ice or cooler packs very well Insulated kill bag -backpack style Heavy duty with oversized zippers ,straps and D Rings Same as this one...
  128. waynesworld

    For Sale Blue seas Battery Box

    Blue Seas ,two 6v batteries-$65 Open the attached pdf for exact dimensions-it is the 4021 model (
  129. waynesworld

    SOLD Abu Garcia's Toro 60hs -Reduced

    Selling a Revo Toro 60 hs 6.4:1 BNIB
  130. waynesworld

    SOLD Thermodyne carrying case- Reduced

    Protect your stuff from the elements Perfect for photo equip,reels,drones -whatever Brand new case by thermodyne Protect your gear while traveling 24" x24" X12" Brand new -all foam new ,never been cut $75- Now $60
  131. waynesworld

    For Sale Bianchi Holster -large Auto

    New model 7120 size 15 ,fits large auto's same one as this $20
  132. waynesworld

    For Sale 8' Gaff

    Aluminum handle 3 1/2" hook $50-Now $30 Reach out and snag someone
  133. waynesworld

    SOLD 6460XH /TLD20

  134. waynesworld

    SOLD Free Fish cleaning table top

    69" X24" I used it on a pair of saw horses and it was the perfect height to sit and fillet Deep sink has drain which I put a bucket under Could use a good cleaning and a couple of hold downbolts Free in Escondido Come get it
  135. waynesworld

    FREE Floor /wall Tile -reduced

    Get ready for your next project Porcelain tiles 18X18"-15 tiles 13X13" -11tiles 13X3 (bulllnose) -15tiles 6 1/2 x6 1/2" -28 tiles
  136. waynesworld

    For Sale Penn /shimanoTrolling combo

    Set up for trolling 30lb line for light tackle tournaments Shimano Tld 30 2spd in Excellent condition Currently spooled up with 30lb IGFA ,Hi vis mono,spectra backing Serviced a year ago (Clean /Lube) Rod is a Brand new Penn international V ,6' rated at 20-40lbs Roller stripper and tip This rod...
  137. waynesworld

    For Sale Cannon Marlin Downriggers

    I have a pair of Cannon Marlin Downriggers -SOLD!
  138. waynesworld

    For Sale Tyrnos 12II shimano

    Like new - left side plate has some minor scuffs-probably from me moving it aroud Loaded up with 65lb braid Included is a New carbontex drag washer (not installed) $220
  139. waynesworld

    SOLD Southbound?- EAL lures for you

    Original Sevenstrand acoustical lures Brand new -never been wet-Tested and working The large one is almost 14" long and would be a great lure or teaser All great to run -short to medium corner $120 ea $200 for two and one battery $275 for all (2 batteries) Topgun Marlin lures SOLD! Take them...
  140. waynesworld

    SOLD Penn International Trolling Rod

    Penn international vs2040rs60 6' standup rod with roller stripper and roller tip,all other guides are turbo,s rated at 20 -40 lbs,but definitely on the heavier side of that rating Slick butt with aluminum gimbal Brand new -taken out of the package for the photos $165
  141. waynesworld

    SOLD Shimano Thunnus & Shimano Baitrunner

    Shimano Thunnus 12000f in like new condition,loaded up with 80lb power pro-$180 Shimano Baitrunner 12000d in like new condition -$ 160
  142. waynesworld

    SOLD Grander Custom trolling lures

    I have a pair to get rid of SOLD!!!!
  143. waynesworld

    Deleting Old Posts

    I have some going back a couple of years -how to delete??
  144. waynesworld

    SOLD Seeker Trollers

    Seeker custom wrapped (CTS60h) rated at 40-60lbs ,6' perfect for running 50lb All aftco roller guides Excellent conditio SOLD pending funds
  145. waynesworld

    SOLD Tyrnos 50LRS ,2spd

    SOLD to a good hme
  146. waynesworld

    SOLD 2 pairs Costa sunglasses Price reduced

    Both pair are new -won them in a tournament and can't wear them
  147. waynesworld

    SOLD Sevenstrand EAL lures

    Found these along with some others and decided to sell Brand new ,tested working Marlin tournament season is coming up $120 each or $200 for the pair
  148. waynesworld

    For Sale Abu Garcia Revo Ins

    Basically as new -spooled it up and it may have gone for a boat ride Box ,power handle and paperwork included $160 6.4:1 retrieve 6 SS Bearings& 1 roller bearing
  149. waynesworld

    Halibut Tournament Coming Soon

    The Annual Don/Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut tournament is scheduled for June 16th I heard that the top prize was a trip aboard the Intrepid . Contact the Marlin Club for Details
  150. waynesworld

    For Sale Aloe Vera Plants

    Full sized ,sun grown mature plants Ready for transplanting Easy to dig up ,many with pups Great for sunburns ,scrapes and other injuries I need to thin back to make room for a raised garden bed $3 ea (Lowes price $15) ,discounts for quanities Trades? what you got? Fresh fish ?
  151. waynesworld

    For Sale Rods to go

    Fenwick White Seabass Special edition 7'6" ,all Aftco lite roller guides 15-30lb-$70 Shakespeare Ugly Stick Spinning rod 7' 20-50lb - $60 PennBluewater Carnage 6'6" 20-50 Mono/30-65lb braid-$100 Californian XLT series 7' 20-50lb-$ 80 All rods are in Very good to excellent condition-The...
  152. waynesworld

    SOLD Gaffs for sale.

    I hate this format -will not let me use "Gaffs" in the title One left 4"-$125 ea One regular 3"-$85 all are approximately 8' Tail rope $ SOLD
  153. waynesworld

    Glueing Starboard to starboard

    I saw this and am going to try it
  154. waynesworld

    ID this

    Anyone got any info /value on this reel Shimano triton Mark 2
  155. waynesworld

    SOLD More Chit -added pumps

    I finally got around to diving into my storage area Found lots of stuff.I will be adding more to the ad as the weekend goes by Teak Bino Holder -$SOLD Spotlight 12v - $20 Garmin Handheld GPS (Case, Manual ,comp cable) old works great -$35 Lowrance Atlantis GPS -$60 Swim Step Ladder -$15 SS...
  156. waynesworld

    For Sale Abu Garcia Revo Toro Hs

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Hs 60 BNIB $200 Shipped Hard to find with the 6.4:1 Ratio Power handle ,paperwork included Taken out of box for photos (Ok -I did play with it ,spun the handle a few times)
  157. waynesworld

    For Sale Bait bag & Chair covers

    One bait bag (Bag only) 24X 20 (approx) Funky looking ,but no tears-$10 chair covers are gone
  158. waynesworld

    SOLD Schlage security system

    Keepsafer Plus Security system --$50 Older unit has been in my storage for a while (forgot it was there) It was working when I moved Great for a garage,or house Includes two main controllers (probably will need backup batteries) several door/window switches Several sirens light controller Glass...
  159. waynesworld

    For Sale Penn Squall 40ld/Matching rod

    Penn Squall 40ld in really nice condition Loaded up with 65 lb Power Pro backing and a 40lb mono topshot Rod clamp included Ready to fish rod is 7' ,rated at 20-40 lbs mono or 30-65lb braid Rod is black with gold trim-matches the reel Excellent condition $200
  160. waynesworld

    For Sale Penn Fathom FTH15

    Basically brand new I spooled it up and it never made it out of the garage Primo condition -$150
  161. waynesworld

    Tiagra 16 vs Penn 16vsx

    Anyone had any experience with the Penn Vsx? I have a Tiagra 16 that has been blueprinted by Cal Sheets but was thinking of picking up the Penn looking to set it up for 80lb
  162. waynesworld

    wiring work needed

    I have a couple of projects to finish up (patio cover wiring) Located in Escondido
  163. waynesworld

    For Sale Amprobe /Multimeters

    Amprobe ampmeter -clamp on style Amps resistance Volts Older unit but in excellent shape -the case is a little worn ,hardly any wear on the meter or accessories $35 Craftsman -$20 Waveteks -$30 ea. Other-$15 All work ,tested but need batteries and leads Open to trades Talicas,Tiagras -Just kidding
  164. waynesworld

    BFT -California Waters?

    Old Glory and Shogun 1 1/2 day boats-Any one else heard this??????????????
  165. waynesworld

    Annual kids fishing derby-this sunday

    It's Back the Annual Kids Fishing Derby at the SD Marlin Club along with the Marlin Club open house. This Sunday April 15th starting at 7am till 12 noon (same day as the "Day at the Doc's". Open to kids of all ages and fun for everyone! Awards will be new fishing rod and reel combinations for...
  166. waynesworld

    For Sale Whale/Dolphin Mug/platter /Glasses/Set

    Handmade by Ronnies Ceramics in San Francisco 1980's Era This set would make a great gift- Set includes; 2 Wine Glasses 4 Mugs 1 Casserole dish with lid 1 platter Excellent Condition-Must see $100
  167. waynesworld

    Marlin Club Tournament

    Greetings all, We are under way with our first of two month long tournaments of the season. Please see the attached flyer and entry/rules form. You can fish as many times as you like! The event runs through SAT. APRIL 28th. final weigh in is at 4PM and the awards start at 5PM. There will be a...
  168. waynesworld

    Recognize These lures?

    I found these hiding behind my workbench-probably been there since the mid 90's Think they were used for Salmon fishing-I could be wrong
  169. waynesworld

    Lead weight ban proposal
  170. waynesworld

    For Sale Marlin lure Cleanout

    C ALL have gone fishing
  171. waynesworld

    For Sale Battery Boxes

    Blue seas #4021,designed for two 6v golf cart batteries -$65 Todd 4d (Inside dimensions 91/2" w X201/2 L X111/2 d)- $40
  172. waynesworld

    For Sale 3 combos

    Three combos all ready to go,cleaned lubricated,drags checked 1. Penn carnage rod 6'6",rated at 20-50lb mono,30-65" braid Turbo Guides ,in excellent condition with a Shimano Speedmaster4,fresh 30lb-$200 2.Penn squall rod 7',20-40 mono,30-65lb braid ,silcone carbide guides Penn Squall 40 lever...
  173. waynesworld

    For Sale 2018 Marlin Club Tackle /Gear Swapmeet

    Clean out the garage or boat and make room for more Saturday ,February 24th,6am until 1pm $30 to sell,we have tables available to use Call NOW to reserve a space
  174. waynesworld


    Great to have when chasing down those electrical problems Amprobe Clamp on $35 Waveteks $25 ea Craftsman $20 Red one -$15 All work ,I just tested ,but need new batteries and leads
  175. waynesworld

    Boat Chit

    Pelican Case -perfect for those expensive toys 13 1/2 X 10 3/4 outside dimensions 12 X 9 1/2" inside Foam in good shape $35 Garmin Handheld GPS units $30 ea or both for $50 Spotlight $15 West Marine Handheld VHF - $40 Seat pedestal mount (2 1/2 ")$10
  176. waynesworld

    Shimano Time

    Time to get rid of them that is. Thinning out my collection TLd 30 ,2spd ,great condition ,cleaned lubed last year not used since $220 Tld 20 ,2spd awesome reel -recently put $50 worth of line (80pp/60top)-$180 Tld 25's great condition ,been in my lockup for 2yrs $100 ea one left Tyrnos 10 ,2spd...
  177. waynesworld

    Penn Reel parts

    Cleaned out the cabinet and found all these parts -I don't remember what they all go to Reel crossbars 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" Real clamps 2" spacing international gears ( I think from my 12 that I had twospeeded) International drag set (?) Base plate older style clamp Take them all for $40 trade for...
  178. waynesworld

    Costa Sunglasses

    I have a couple of pairs that are brand new MTU 111 Blue mirror 580 glass-$175 KWA 66Green Mirror 580 plastic-$150
  179. waynesworld

    25' Shore power cords

    Used 25' Shore power cord by Marinco 30a.125v Shows its age but still functions well-$30 Newer 25' Shore power cord ,Marinco 30a,125v Included is a 15a,125v to 30 amp Pigtail adapter -$100
  180. waynesworld

    Misc Stainless Steel

    Shakespeare Swivel antenna mount- $40 Engine cover hinges ,removable pins-$25 pair,normally sell for $20 ea. Lockable latches- sold Non lockable latch $12 SS Exhaust clamps 3 1/2 " ,normally sell for $3 ea (in Bulk) buy all 9 for $SOLD Everything is new
  181. waynesworld

    Chicken coop

    $50 and you get to move it -make an offer It was a kids playhouse ,but has been used for our chickens Could use some tlc,nothing major-no leaks Base dimensions -4' X 5 1/2"
  182. waynesworld

    Small Boat tournament

    Should be a good one -this weekend
  183. waynesworld

    Sold The Boat - Updated

    Sold the boat and kept all this stuff waiting for my dream boat to sail into my price range Well that hasn't happened and its time to reclaim my garage Prices are posted on the pictures PM me with any questions Updated the pics and added more stuff
  184. waynesworld

    Hella 500 Off Road lights

    Recently pulled these off of the truck Lights ,mounting brackets,wiring with relay Recently replaced the H3 bulbs One lens has a crack -it has been this way for 2 yrs They work great $40
  185. waynesworld

    Fishing Magazines - Free

    Come get them before the wife does Over 100 Marlin Pacific coast Saltwater Sportfishing Pacific Fisherman Blue Water 1991 to ? Lots of good reading/knowledge
  186. waynesworld

    Shimano 20 2spd combo

    Shimano Tld 20 2spd on a 5'6" custom rod (Star blank) The reel has been cleaned and lubed,great freespool,strong drags Reel has a few cosmetic defects,but is mechanically in great shape Fresh 80lb power pro (400yds) ,100yd 60lb topshot Rod custom wrapped with all turbo guides and a slick butt...
  187. waynesworld

    Snowflakes are among us

  188. waynesworld

    Shore power cords

    Used 25' Shore power cord by Marinco 30a.125v Shows its age but still functions well-$40 Newer 25' Shore power cord ,Marinco 30a,125v Included is a 15a,125v to 30 amp Pigtail adapter -$100
  189. waynesworld

    Shimano / Calstar/Sabre / Fenwick

    Sold the boat and have way too much gear left Left to right in the pics Quantum IR3/bill dance graphite rod ,6' (8-17lb) fresh 12 lb test line-$40 Quantum IR3W/ Bass pro graphite rod 7' (12-30) new 20# line-$40 Custom Calstar 6'8" /shimano tld 15,fresh 25# line - $160 Sabre 7' /Shimano...
  190. waynesworld

    Penn Reel parts

    Cleaned out the cabinet and found all these parts -I don't remember what they all go to Reel crossbars 2 1/2" to 31/2" Real clamps 2" spacing international gears ( I think from my 12 that I had twospeeded) Intl drag set (?) Base plate older style clamp Take them all for $50
  191. waynesworld

    Spring Shootout this weekend

    This tournament was originally set for the 13th ,but cancelled because of the weather. It's on for this weekend See you out there
  192. waynesworld

    Fresh/light salt Combos

    Quantum iron Ir3w on a Bass Pro shops Bionic Blade Graphite rod rated at 12-30 lbs.7' $40 Quantum Iron IR3 on a 6' Bill Dance graphite rod 8-17lb $35 Both combos are in good usable condition-they show some use,but function perfectly would be great starters for the kids or ?? Buy them both for $65
  193. waynesworld

    Someone Needs this -Bisbee Black /Blue jacket

    Oldie but goodie tournament jacket from 1987 Size large-in very good condition,has a few minor spots from moving it /storing it I am the original owner and it cost me a bunch Open to trades -whatcha got? Cash trade for $25 will work also
  194. waynesworld

    Halon Fire Bottle

    Halon 1301 ,model 70cg Full ,never discharged Good for 350 cubic feet of space perfect for those inboard motor compartments -you never expect the worst to happen Call to see/pickup $100
  195. waynesworld

    Halibut tournament with a kayak division

    The Marlin Club's annual Blackman Memorial halibut tournament is going to take place on June 17th. This year we are excited to announce that we will have a separate Kayak division See attached flyer Give Roger a call if you need more info.
  196. waynesworld

    22 long rifle ammo -.06/round

    Midway is selling Winchester plated hollow points for $19.99 per 333 rounds
  197. waynesworld


    Large ,one is an igloo the other is ? Both need latches ,but other than that, in relatively decent condition Gallon paint can in pic for size reference $20 each
  198. waynesworld

    Penn International Stand up rod

    Penn international vs2040rs60 6' rated at 20 -40 lbs,but definitely on the heavier side of that rating Slick butt with aluminum gimbal Brand new -taken out of the package for the photos $165 Diamond wrapped with Aluminum oxide Turbo guides with Aftco roller stripper guide and Aftco roller top...
  199. waynesworld

    Inshore /Freshwater light stuff

    Fishing season is here and they are starting to bite -be ready Abu Garcia high speed reel on a Shakesphere Ugly stick -$35 Shimano Corsair 300 (50# power pro line) on a shimano rod -$55 Quantum Iron IR3 on a Bill Dance Quantum Rod- $40 2 Quantum Iron IR3W's on Bass Proshops graphite rods - $50...
  200. waynesworld


    We are raffling off a trip aboard the Fish Hunter bait &Tackle included Up to six people $1400 value 5 am to 5 pm Tickets are $5 ea. or 5 for $20 We will be selling them at our swap meet this Saturday,day at the docks and at the Spring Shootout
  201. waynesworld

    Marlin Club Swap meet and Boat trip raffle

    We will be holding our annual swap meet this coming Saturday(18th).Lots of boat stuff and fishing gear We will also be kicking off our Raffle of a Fishing Trip aboard the Fish Hunter Bait & Tackle included Up to 6 people $1400 value 5 am to 5 pm Ticket $5 ea. or 5 for $20 See attached flyers for...
  202. waynesworld


  203. waynesworld

    Misc for Sale-Garage sale

    Guest Battery Switch with voltmeter -$25 Battle Lanterns-$SOLD Roto Kabob thingy -$10 Rod Wrapping Motor /pedal -$30 Seat Covers -$10 /pair Seat Pedestal base -$5 Inboard Motor flusher-$10 RTV sealant -$5 tube Perko Strobe -$5 Water pump- sold Pelican Dive light -$20 Bunk carpet - 5'...
  204. waynesworld

    Marine gear Swap meet

    Boat and fishing gear and then some March 18th @The Marlin Club of San Diego Get a space -clean out the garage See attached flyer for details Picture attached is just the tip of the iceberg that I will be dragging down there
  205. waynesworld

    VHF Radio-older model $25

    Tested it today ,transmits and receives,had to make up a redneck power cord.No bracket 2nd station or a backup
  206. waynesworld

    Costa Sunglasses &Hobie

    I finally bit the bullet and bought prescription Sunglasses The following have to go .All are in new (never worn) to excellent condition Fantail tf01 Blue mirror 580 glass lens-$140 Fisch fs10 Blue Mirror 580 glass lens- $180 Harpoon Hr10 Poly lens grey -has a very small scratch on left...
  207. waynesworld

    Fishing Magazines (some gun releated also)

    I HAVE MANY MAGAZINES THAT ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD HOMES Pacific Coast Saltwater Sporstman Bluewater Marlin American Rifleman Fish Taco Powerboat And probably more that I forgot. Dates back to the 90's maybe even earlier You can have as many as you want -but have to take them by the bundle -No...
  208. waynesworld

    FISHING BOOKS-Great Gifts

    Cleaning out our display case,so these are ready to go All books are in Excellent condition,some are signed and one is a first edition Unforgettable Sea Of Cortez (Ray Cannon) 1st edition over $80 on Amazon-$40 Santiago Finest Hour (signed by Guy Harvey) -$30 Blue water Fly-fishing-$25 50...
  209. waynesworld

    Boat gear and stuff Cleanout

    I sold my boat and am selling some of the gear that I have collected over the years. I was going to try a garage sale ,but there is not nuch room for traffic at the house. Two trailer tires (F78x14 same as a 205/14) on galvanized rims,some cracking,but good for spares $75/pair -Pending-sold...
  210. waynesworld

    Tag sticks

    8' fiberglass made by Precision Marine $30 each buy them both for $50
  211. waynesworld

    Small Boat tournament -SD Marlin Club

    October 1st and 2nd-open to anything 26' and under. Tuna /marlin Awards BBQ is on the 2nd ,not the 4th
  212. waynesworld

    Garage Cleanout added Calstar GFGAG800xl

    All Shimano reels - new to excellent condition mechanically,cosmetically Very good to new Left to right in the pics TLD15/ Sabre 7' 15-40- $160 TLD 15/ Sabre 7' ,20-50 -$160 Speedmaster 4 /Sabre 20-50 ,new braid and mono-$150 Calcutta 700s/Sabre 20-50,new 20 # mono-$210 Spedmaster 2 /Shimano...
  213. waynesworld

    Tld 15 Vs Calcutta 700

    Which would you keep?? I have 3 of each ,can't decide which to keep -haven't really been using either very much
  214. waynesworld

    Flojet Automatic Water Pump

    Flojet Model 4406-143 multifixture pump 12v dc 3.2 gpm Excellent condition Sells new for over $100 Not sure how I ended up with three of them -so one has to go Great for fresh water on a boat or RV $65
  215. waynesworld

    2016 Labor Day Tournament -Great Prizes

    any one going to fish this ? I may be looking for a ride -i sold my boat a week ago
  216. waynesworld

    Older Trinidads

    Someone told me that parts for the older Trinidads (Gold) are becoming non-existent Anybody else heard this .I hate to hear this as they are my go to reel and I have several.
  217. waynesworld

    2016 Labor Day Tournament -Great Prizes

    Ist place-Van Wormer Resort ,4 nights and 2 days fishing See flyer and it will also be posted on our new website - Se you out there
  218. waynesworld

    Trinidad parts

    I recently heard that parts for the older Trinidads (gold) where becoming hard to come by? Anyone else heard this?
  219. waynesworld

    Loadmaster Boat trailer 2009

    2009 Loadmaster trailer. All galvanized with 4 wheel disc brakes. Trailer is in excellent condition ,except for the bunks,which need carpeting(sun damage) Everything is adjustable and all the mounting hardware is like new. This trailer was used only in fresh water and only a few times before I...
  220. waynesworld

    Custom Calstar trolling rods snd light bait stick-All match -price reduced

    Price reduced --A matched pair of Custom wrapped Calstar rods,6'6" length ,all Aftco components.I believe thay are a # 665 which is rated at 20-50lbs.These were my go to marlin rods and have been the downfall of many a fish. Excellent condition. Also is included is a Custom wrapped 6' Calstar .I...
  221. waynesworld

    Teramar /Calcutta combo- more combos

    Brand new Shimano Tereamar TMC-X80M.8',10-20LB Shimano Calcutta 400s in Excellent condition ,loaded up with 30# power pro SOLD! Cleaned out the garage (again) added more reels /combos.Pm me for more info or pics Shimano speedmaster tsm4 (excellent) $80 Shimano Bantum magnum lite 6:1 ratio $30...
  222. waynesworld

    Fin nor MA30T

    Brand new in the box-never been near the water $285
  223. waynesworld

    Rod /Reel Combos

    Shimano Speedmaster ,6:1 retrieve on a Shimano Carbo max 6'6" rod rated at 10-20lbsCeramic guides. Rod/reel in excellent condition-ready to fish Perfect for the kelp,bay or light offshore-$135 Calcutta 700 levelwind on a Fenwick White Sea Bass Special rod-all aftco light rollers,7'6" Rated at...
  224. waynesworld

    Halibut tournament -June 25th.

    With the great fishing offshore - there hasn't been much pressure on the Flattes.Water temps are just about right ,should be a great tournament (Great prizes)
  225. waynesworld

    Halibut tournament -June 25th.

    Hello Members, Just a reminder that The Don & Shirley Blackman Halibut Derby is a couple of weeks away. We have some great prizes this year including 5 days/nights for two at the fabulous Palmas de Cortez Resort, Three day trip on the Intrepid, Gift certificates, Cousins rod/reel combo, just to...
  226. waynesworld

    White Sabre blanks/rods

    Older rods -anyone got any info When made? Line classes? Thanks
  227. waynesworld

    SOLD Radar Arch

    Radar Arch made by Pacific Yacht Towers -All Aluminum $750 Very light 6 welded rod holders Radar mount Two smaller pads for lights or?? I was going to install this one my Shamrock predator,but have decided to sell the boat Measures 87" between the legs (legs will flex a little) ,I tried to put...
  228. waynesworld

    Costa Sunglasses

    I finally bit the bullet and ordered prescription sunglasses (ouch) Now its time for my Costa Collection to go All are in like new condition ,some never worn -tried on a couple of times but not worn for any length of time I apologize for the crappy pics. Top row ,left to right: 7 mile SE21-...
  229. waynesworld

    REELY! -Added Rods

    **SOLD** guess I spent too much $$ at the Fred Hall shows and now the budget Dept. is whining,something about a new bathroom? I spent the entire weekend trying to decide what has to go .:hali_parkutuli: Here is what I have -rods will be next week Finally got around to dusting off the rods also...
  230. waynesworld

    The Marlin Club Of San Diego -Bob Hoose ,Guest Speaker

    Our Annual Membership meeting is this Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 Bob Hoose ,our guest speaker will be talking and answering questions about Blue Marlin fishing in our local waters. Should be interesting. Cocktail/Beverages @ 6pm. Meeting @7 pm Southwestern Yacht club. All members and guests invited.
  231. waynesworld

    Penn International 975

    975 levelwind in really great condition Used a couple of times ,serviced and has been sitting in my storage ever since. Recently spooled up with fresh 20lb P-line Includes box ,clamp ,paperwork and Penn bag $200
  232. waynesworld

    Fin Nor MA30T

    Ma03t Marquesa -BNIB---- $285 Model Code Mono Capacity 450 yds /20lb (yds/lb) Braid Capacity 670 yds/ 50lb MA30T FIN-0273 450 / 20 670 / 50 51.3in 6.1:1 27.4oz 18 lbs 40 lbs Reg Price $359.95 + Add to Wishlist Beautiful Reel ,my wife even liked it
  233. waynesworld

    Electric reel

    Made by Reel Power - Old Model I found this lurking in my garage -it does work ,but will need a new power cord installed A fun project for someone $150 Trades? Rods Reels Ammo
  234. waynesworld

    Quantum Aruba ALD20PT

    Brand new in the box-$300 Great beefy reel can pull up to 60# drag See specs below: ALD20PT Aruba PT reels employ the finest engineering and design technologies available in the big water trolling reel category. The true workhorses feature a one-piece CNC machined billet aluminum frame...
  235. waynesworld

    Shimano Rods

    2 Shimano Carbomax rods,both 6'6",one is 8-20lbs. other is 10-20lbs Both are in excellent condition -$45 each or both for $80 1 Shimano Convergance 7' ,12-25lb , excellent condition -$60 Shimano Black Magnum 100gt -as new -$50
  236. waynesworld

    4.0 jeep throttle body

    Took it off my XJ ,don't remember the year .It was the high performance motor. Will trade for a 12 pak of good beer
  237. waynesworld

    Drink Around the World

    Bar set -Vintage style globe with crystal brandy (tequila) glasses and decanter inside The crystal snifters are Turkish made and cost around $17 each-ask my wife she broke one and replaced it Not sure about the decanter -very nice ,and heavy but no identification marks All glassware is in like...
  238. waynesworld

    Shimano Rods

    2 shimano Carbomax rods,both 6'6",one is 8-20lbs. other is 10-20lbs Both are in excellent condition -$40 each or both for $70 1 shimano Convergance 7' ,12-25lb , excellent condition-$50 Shimano Black Magnum 100gt -as new -$50
  239. waynesworld

    Spinning Reel - Okuma AV65

    Great condition ,perfect for 20lb Extra spool $35
  240. waynesworld

    Fenwick 10kg IGFA Trolling Rod

    Fenwick trolling rod in really great condition,the only marks on it are on the reel seat. Its a 6 1/2 ' , all roller guides,rated at 10kg,but will handle heavier line. $125 ,open to trades,up or down
  241. waynesworld

    Custom Spinning rods,matched pair

    These rods are wrapped by Connely Rods in Palm Beach ,Fla. 6' 6" rated at 30 -50lb, E glass blanks One is new and the other has been fished but still looks new I fished these with a Penn battle with 65#pp and a 40# mono topshot -no problem Aluminum reels seat and gimbal GONE FISHING
  242. waynesworld

    Shamrock Predator

    I hate to give her up ---but,no time to get her ready for the water. 1989 22' Shamrock predator Rebuilt 351 Windsor motor with 300 hrs Cuddy cabin with porti potty Furuno electronics - GPS ,separate fishfinder (recently installed) Floscan Vhf radio Large Bait tank Washdown -fresh and salt 90...
  243. waynesworld

    WTB 350 motor& outdrive

    Went fishing with a buddy in his skipjack and when returning boat would not plane right and we could only do 13knts.It appears that the intermediate bearing in the outdrive is bad. Owner wants to replace and decided to drop in a new motor as well (both have a lot of hours) Anyone seen any good...
  244. waynesworld

    Costa Sunglasses

    Your choice - I have a coupon good for one pair of Costa glasses, up to a $280 value. Looking to trade for a rod or reel or?. Should be of a $200 value. Will sell for $200 Coupon must be used by 12 / 31 / 2015. Terez spinning rod would work Let me know what you got.
  245. waynesworld

    Costa Sunglasses

    I have a couple of pairs - Both new Costa fisch fs11- glass lens ,silver mirror ,amber lens-$150 Costa Galvenston GV10-Amber lens-$125 Trades-maybe
  246. waynesworld

    Foul Weather Gear/Fishing Jackets

    All are in good condition $10 each [
  247. waynesworld

    Frabil Bait Motel

    $20 ,no rips or holes
  248. waynesworld

    WTT ,Terez Waxwing for Terez Regular spinning rod

    Terez tzsw-70h-a ,40-80lb-excellent condition,like new Looking for a non wax wing spinner same or close to this line rating What you have?
  249. waynesworld

    Small Boat Tournament

    This weekend ,great prizes and a fun time Or go to the -all the rules ,flyer and entry form are there See you out there
  250. waynesworld

    Good problem to have- fish Blood Stains

    Anybody have a any good solutions for removing fish blood from clothing?
  251. waynesworld

    Any body Going to Fish the Labor Day Tournament?

    Really great prizes
  252. waynesworld

    Fishing Magazines-lots of them

    Lots of info and good reading Saltwater Sportsman Marlin Pacific Coast Sport Fishing Misc. Come get them
  253. waynesworld


    OPEN TO THE PUBLIC- SOME REALLY GREAT PRIZES Click on the file to see the poster
  254. waynesworld

    Large Cabinet -Free

    It originally was a tool storage cabinet.I used it to store paint and just recently used it as a temporary enclosure for my tortise.Now its time to go. The shelves are out,but I have some left as well as brackets to support them. Remove the doors and this would make a great raised bed planter...
  255. waynesworld

    Marlin Lures

    Buy them all for $60 The Doorknob has a cracked head but still swims well
  256. waynesworld

    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament -Saturday

    If you havn't made up your mind what to fish for this weekend- We have a great tournament going on this Saturday.Top prize is a 5 day trip for two(resort),2nd place is a 3 day trip aboard the Intrepid. This tournament supports the UCSD Moores Cancer Center. Tournament Species-- Halibut ,White...
  257. waynesworld

    Frabil Floating Bait net

    65 gallon size Sells new for $89 This one is used but in great condition with no rips $25
  258. waynesworld

    Fishermen Needed - Good ,Bad ,Ugly or lucky

    The Marlin Club of San Diego is hosting its annual "SPRING SHOOTOUT" Yellowtail,White Seabass and Halibut Easy to enter Great Prizes Open to all -Help support "FRIENDS OF ROLLO" MAY 30th- see the flyer for details
  259. waynesworld

    We are looking for a few GOOD FISHERMEN

    The Marlin Club of San Diego is hosting its annual "SPRING SHOOTOUT" Yellowtail,White Seabass and Halibut Easy to enter Open to all -Help support "FRIENDS OF ROLLO" MAY 30th- see the flyer for details
  260. waynesworld

    Winding check repair

    Anyone have any ideas on how to repair/replace the winding checks? I have a few rods that are in great condition,other than the winding check-some are cracked ,one has completly split. Any info would be appreciated
  261. waynesworld

    Tiagra 16 Great condition

    **SOLD** The reel has a few very minor scratches Spooled up with 50lb-I can't remember if there is backing on the reel 8.5 for cosmetic 10 mechanical SOLD!
  262. waynesworld

    94 FORD Tow Vehicle

    Listing this for a friend of mine Would make a great tow vehicle 460 Motor with 140K miles,2wd king cab ,long bed Body in great shape some paint fading on the hood $2500 obo Located in Escondido -registered in Arizona Just smogged See craigslist ad for pics and phone number...
  263. waynesworld

    Sword Set

    Display stand and two swords-excellent condition Sorry -probably not good for filleting Great for display in Office or man cave $50
  264. waynesworld

    Dolphin/Whale Handcrafted Mug/platter set-Price reduced

    Made by Ronnies Custom Ceramics Set includes; Two Wine Glasses Four Mugs One serving dish with lid One serving platter $100-open to trades
  265. waynesworld

    Pumps - Bilge,Bait and Manomatic

    Bilge pump 1400gph--Sold Teel Bait pump -all metal $75 Manomatic whale gusher --Sold
  266. waynesworld

    Engine Pre- Luber

    Originally Designed to provide oiling prior to startup and after shutdown.I used it as an oil evacuation system for my boat. I installed drain pan lines on each motor,plumbed to a valve and then the pump.I could drain the oil by turning on the switch. Asking $100 -as a pre-luber this sold for...
  267. waynesworld

    WTS Spinning Reel

    Okuma Avenger in like very good condition,has some wear marks,with box and spare spool-great for 15-20lb test $50 Will ship on your dime
  268. waynesworld

    7' DART GAFF

    Good condition ,comes with dart and riggin SOLD!
  269. waynesworld

    Shimano Corsair- $50, Diawa SL250h-$60

    Coarsair about an 8/10-has some rash on the sideplate,Mechanically a 10 4.7:1 ratio 330yds 12lb $50 Diawa Sold!! Cardiff 400A Has some very small boat rash,otherwise excellent -loaded up with 30# powerpro-$90
  270. waynesworld

    Shimano Combo ,Black Magnum 100GT/Convergence rod

    Shimano Convergence Rod ,7' 12 -25 Lb New condition matched up with a Shimano Black Bantam baitcasing reel. Reel is in Excellent condition,looks new ,feels new.Perfect for heavy Bass or light saltwater fishing. $75 For the Combo
  271. waynesworld

    The Marlin Club of San Diego ,6 pak Charter Raffle

    We are raffling off a 3/4 day charter abord the Penatrator (6 pak) We are selling tickets at the Fred Hall show -$5 ea or 5 for $20 Come by our booth for more details-Will post more details as soon as I get them
  272. waynesworld

    Penn International 12 LT NIB

    Like the title says -brand new -been in the lock up for a while $285
  273. waynesworld

    Trailer Tire/wheel 205 /75/14

    Load range c -1760 lbs @50psi Great condition with no dryrot and still has the little tits on the tread 5 lug white wheel has a small amount of rust on the back -nothing major Has been stored inside SOLD
  274. waynesworld


    Its that time of the year again and we are hosting a swap meet at the club Saturday March 14th 0700 until Noonish We will be breaking out the BBQ early -Burgers ,dogs and Cold drinks will be available for a small donation. Cost to sell: $30 (Non-Members) for a 10 x10 space...
  275. waynesworld


    Brand new spinning rod-perfect match for a Stradic5000fj Aqua color 40-80lb braid 7' Cork grips
  276. waynesworld

    Eagle Z6100 LCD Fishfinder -$50

    Z6100 with transducer and power cable.Perfect for rental boats or kayak 500 watts peak tp peak 600' depth Waterproof Made in USA Excellent condition
  277. waynesworld

    Cleaning Out the Garage-

    Cleaned out the garage and will be getting rid of a bunch of gear -mainly saltwater-All in really great condition Rods (left to right in pic) Fenwick Trolling $150 Yellowtail Combo .MArlin Club Custom rod/TLD15-$160- SOLD! Calstar Bait Rod 30-50lb-$100 Shimano TDR/Okuma Spinning setup...
  278. waynesworld

    Rods for Sale

    Thinning out some of my gear -All are in excellent to new!!! Left to right in the picture; Shimano Convergence 7', 15-25lb $45 Seeker Inshore 61/2' , 15-25lb $140 Fenwick 10kg Trolling rod ,61/2' $150 Custom Graphite composite baitstick 7' ,15-30lb $110 Calstar Baitcaster 7' ,30lb $120
  279. waynesworld

    Ambassadeur 7500CT

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found this lurking in the bottom of my reel cabinet Brand New Ambassadeur 7500Ct with Cast Control It has one tiny blemish just under the clicker button-not sure where it came from. This model is no longer made...
  280. waynesworld

    San Diego Marlin Clubs 2014 ILTT

    Its that time of the year and the marlin are here. The Gene Grimes Memorial (ILTT) will be held on September 19th ,20th and awards dinner on the 21st. This years Tournament will be beniffiting "The Americna Cancer Society" With great fishing that is going on now ,we are expecting a great...
  281. waynesworld

    Penn 9/0 ,114h ,113h and more

    Penn 9/0 in great condition-no corrosion $120 Penn 114H ,got some uglyness going on,but functions great-$45 Penn 113--SOLD! FinNor 30 light- $125 Shimano TLD15 $75 Diawa SL250h-$60
  282. waynesworld

    Ruger & Smith& Wesson Semi Auto's no more in CA
  283. waynesworld

    Seeker Inshore BCBW 658-6 1/2

    !5-25lb. As new . Has the cork grips which are a little dirty from fondling it with my grubby paws $140
  284. waynesworld

    Penn 980/rod combo

    Penn Power Mag 980 baitcasting reel in great condition matched up to a Kunnan Rod. Perfect combo for 20 lb. Line $150
  285. waynesworld

    Precision Marine Tag Sticks

    8' Fiberglass tag sticks -New $30 or both for $50
  286. waynesworld

    Marlin lures / other Stuff

    Selling them by the group -lots of tuna jigs and iron #1 -$65 #2 -$65 #3 -$50 #4 -$65
  287. waynesworld

    Shimanos for sale and a couple of Diawa's

    Shimano Triton 50w used but works good -$175 Shimano 30- $130 Shimano TLD 25 -$100 Shimano TLD 15 -$70 Diawa SL250h - $65 I also have a large assortment of Marlin Lures,tuna lures and various iron
  288. waynesworld

    Kill Bag

    This is a non insulated bag ,hangs over the transom and allows you to drop your catch directly into it. Lets the fish bleed out with no mess on the deck. Worked really well when the gaint squid were here. Approx. dimensions 45"Long X30" deep X 24" wide $75
  289. waynesworld


    The Marlin Club Of San Diego is hosting a swap meet ,May 31st.Club parking lot Open to all Cost to sell - Non Members $30,Members$20 Starts at 0700hrs and we will be breaking out the BBQ and have refreshments available (small donation) This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the old...
  290. waynesworld

    Seeker Inshore,shimano,Penn ,Okuma Calstar

    Seeker Inshore 6 1/2',as new-$140 Kunnan /Penn 980 Power Mag combo-$150 Shimano Convergence rod 7' 12-25# $40 Shimano Graphite Fighting Rod (Spinning),with a Shimano MK11 Reel-$65 Penn 6000 spinning reel with matching penn /sabre rod- $85 Okuma AV65 Spinning Reel -$60 with spare spool...
  291. waynesworld

    Garage Cleanout

    Thinning out the herd-all are in great condition ,some new. 1. Penn 6000 with Penn/Sabre rod 15-40#.Great 20-30# setup Loaded up with fresh 20#- $85 7.Seeker Limited Edition Custom Troller 20-50# - $150 8. Calstar Custom Marlin Baitcaster #20-50#-$100
  292. waynesworld


    Terminal Tackle - long range and local Jigs -some rigged with wire lures-rapala type Hooks ,many rigged with leaders (flourocarbon?) Line -several sizes ,some spliceable dacron Splicing supplies Plastic Swimbaits Marin lure / teasers Fish finder-paper type Hats ,backpak,gloves There is a lot...
  293. waynesworld


  294. waynesworld

    Marine gear /fishing tackle swap meet

    The Marlin Club of San Diego will be having a swap meet this Saturday We are cleaning out the garages to make room for more gear. Come on down -there are a few spots left for sellers. For details:
  295. waynesworld

    San Diego Marlin Club"s Small Boat Tournament

    Open to all boats 26' and under,Members and Non Members Fishing for Marlin /Tuna Great Prizes and a large raffle. October 5th & 6th If your going to be out there fishing -you might as well sign up Go to: for rules /entry form. See You Out There
  296. waynesworld

    Rods -Calstar850L,Calstar Troller and Okuma Marlin Baitcaster,Reels Also

    Getting rid of some gear that didn't get used this year Calstar GF 850 L Deckhand style,Aftco light roller guides,Excellent Condition -$165 Calstar 6455H 30-80#,all aftco rollers,Excellent Condition- $150 Okuma Marlin Baitcaster,8',Sic Guides 30-50# New-$100 Reels: TLD20spds,with full...
  297. waynesworld

    Lobst Palloza Lobster tournament

    The Marlin Club Of San Diego is hosting a Lobster hoopnetting tournament. Date : October 25th -26th.This is our first and it Sounds like fun -see you there For Details:
  298. waynesworld

    2013 Gene Grime Memorial Tournament - Open to the public

    The San Diego Marlin Club is hosting our annual "Gene Grimes Memorial" ,light tackle Tournament on Sept 13th and 14th with the awards banquet on the 15th The tournament is open to the public as well as all fishing clubs .There are marlin here and we are looking foward to the competetion.There...
  299. waynesworld

    Rods for Sale

    Some of the rods have never seen water ,all are in Excellent condition. Custom Calstar Troller 6455h 30-80# - $150 Okuma Catalina Marlin Bait Caster,oversized Fuji Guides-$120 Custom Calstar GF850L ,deck hand style with Aftco light roller guides-$165 Custom Kencor 40# Fuji sic guides -$175
  300. waynesworld

    Seeker 665h rod blanks

    I found theses hiding in the back of the garage- no time to wrap. Honey color ,80" $60 ea. or both for $100
  301. waynesworld

    Boat Gauges

    Voltmeters -$10 ea Stewart warner direct read water temp /6' lead -$35 Vdo transmission temp - $15 All are new or excellent condition
  302. waynesworld

    Fin Nor reels have to go

    Fin Nor 12-20 Light-$175 Fin Nor 30 Light -$175 Both reels were serviced by Fin Nor several years ago and have been in storage since. Buy them both for$325 Also have an Abu Garcia 6600cl Black [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
  303. waynesworld

    Old Fishing Magazines

    Anybody got a use for them ,or know someone that might want them. I hate to see them go in the trash
  304. waynesworld

    Diawa Saltist LD20t ,2spd

    $275-Brand new ,missing the clamp. <table class="blist_tbl" border="0" cellSpacing="1" cellPadding="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr id="id_tr_grp_3"><td align="center">245529</td><td noWrap="nowrap">Daiwa Saltist STTLD20T2SPD Two Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reel</td><td noWrap="nowrap" align="center">...
  305. waynesworld

    RAMMP BAGS-Check them out

  306. waynesworld


    I cleaned out a bunch of stuff that didn't get used this last year -some even longer. Penn 30T -some cosmetics ,but mechanically good $200. Diawa SL50sh -a little rough but works well-$50. Shimano Speedmaster 6.1-$50. Penn Intl. 12t recently serviced $200--SOLD! Abu Garcia 6600cl New in...
  307. waynesworld

    Walther P99 40cal.

    SOLD -Its got to go -ITS GONE!
  308. waynesworld


    Hosted by the Marlin Club of San Diego-great time ,great prizes-THIS WEEKEND,OCT 6th & 7th. For details go to See you there
  309. waynesworld

    Sea Hunter Watch

  310. waynesworld

    351/289 Eldebrock Valve Covers

    SOLD Cast aluminum valve covers -brand new ,never installed. I purchased them for my boat motor,but they will not clear the manifilds Summit racing price - $119 Bd Price $80
  311. waynesworld


    The Marlin Club of San Diego cordially invites you to participate in their most prestigious Marlin tournament of the year. The 52 Annual Gene Grimes ILTT (International Light Tackle Tournament) for 2012. This tournament dates back to the early 1950”s with many of the top Marlin fisherman in San...
  312. waynesworld

    Galvinized trailer/disk brakes

    SOLD!!!! I bought this trailer and later found out that it wont work for my boat without a lot of $$$$$. It originally carried a 23' Robalo with twin outboards It is a 2004 Zeiman,7000 gvw,galvanixed with 4 wheel disc brakes.The brakes are Hyd/electric. The brakes work but will need rotors/pads
  313. waynesworld

    Sony 32" TV

    Its big and heavy ,but works great-$50 takes it.
  314. waynesworld

    Boat Stuff

    Found these lurking in my storage- time for them to go. Pyramid Power supply -great for checking out your radios.boat elec. 13.9v. [email protected] (surge)---$50 Mayfair Bilge Pump-1400gph-$30 Bait /washdown pumps-(bronze pumps)-$40 ea. Marine Circuit Breakers 5-50A. $20 for all or $3 ea Call...
  315. waynesworld


    Went through the garage and am getting rid of some duplictes (triplicates??) Combo#1:Calstar Custom trolling rod with Diawa 2spd reel-This combo looks like new -the reel IS NEW.The rod is a Calstar 6455H and is rated 30 to 80lbs. It is custom wrapped with all aftco roller guides ,aluminum...
  316. waynesworld

    trailer modification

    Has anybody heard anything -good or bad about Henry's Trailers (El Cajon) They gave me a quote on modifying a trailer to fit the Shamrock,but I can't seem to be able to find any info on them.I would like to know a little more about them before I spend the $$$ Anybody have any other recommendations?
  317. waynesworld

    Newmar 12vPower supply

    Great power supply for the land base-however it just quit working .I had a spare and don't have the time or knowledge to fix this one.It would be a good fixer or for parts.I am open to offers,trades ,what ever,just don't want to trash it.
  318. waynesworld

    Costa Sunglasses

    A brand new pair of COSTA BRINES,with the 580 ,blue mirror ,glass lenses. See Whats out there-$150
  319. waynesworld

    Lewco circulating pump

    Heavy duty 12vdc,9.3A circulating pump,model lmp Used but in good condition $50
  320. waynesworld

    Glassware-Stock your bar

    Handmade imported from Mexico-All in great condition A great start for your Bar-Buy a few or buy them all 6 Margarita Glasses -$30 4 Margarita Glasses -$20 4 Drink Tumblers-$20 4 Tall Drink Tumblers-$20 $60 for ALL!!<!-- START CLTAGS -->
  321. waynesworld

    Mossberg Heat Shield kit

    SOLD! Brand new -fits the 500 and 590 Mossbergs 12ga. ,six and nine shot ,bead site barrels. Marinecoat finish. Made by Mossberg.-- $25 Midway sell this for $45
  322. waynesworld

    Racor filter

    SOLD!! Racor 500FG diesel fuel filter /water separator-brand new -$140
  323. waynesworld

    Ford /Gm 7:4 trailer connector

    Converts your receptacle to a 7 pin and a 4 pin .It also looked like it would plug into my Titan. Brand New --$10
  324. waynesworld


    I decided to touch up my fillet knives and found that I have waaaay too many. The dexters are all $10 each.Not sure what brand the black handled one is ,but it has a real good blade. Take all all for $40-The blades are in pretty good condition,nothing that a good sharpening wouldn't fix.The...
  325. waynesworld

    16" wheel/tire

    ALL GONE!! Free! One 235/85/16 tire on an 8 lug wheel-came off of a 94 ford 3/4 t.Wheel is is great shape -tire is worn ,but will make a great spare. Also have a set of rotors from the same truck-good condition located in Escondido
  326. waynesworld

    Pig Shooting video

    Check this out
  327. waynesworld

    Penn International trolling combo

    I have a Penn international 30 reel with a matching Penn international IGFA Graphite rod. The rod and reel are in great shape,but both have some minor marks from being used. The rod is rated at 30# and has the detachable aftco unibutt.The rod alone sold for $389. I used this combo to catch...
  328. waynesworld

    Daiwa ld20t ,2 speed reels

    My plans have changed and I have to sell these reels.They are brand new in the box,never been spooled up or on a rod They are the Daiwa Ld20t in the blue color.They sell for $349 at Meltons Tackle.Check the link to Meltons,They are item #245529 By them now for $260 ea or two for $500...
  329. waynesworld

    Penn Reel parts

    SOLD!<SOLD!,SOLD!I was cleaning up some stuff in the garage and came across my collection of Penn reel parts that I have been hoarding for a long time. If you are in need of replacement parts or some spares -this is the deal for you. Includes; 4/0, 140 and a 500 frames Spare spools al. and...
  330. waynesworld

    Ruger SR-556

    I am looking to buy one (ca legal)-or even better if you are up for trades
  331. waynesworld

    Light tackle Marlin tournament -San Diego Marlin Club

    Open to all -Our annual Gene Grimes Memorial Marlin Tournament I order to level the field ,we are requiring everyone to use ONLY IGFA rated 30# test line.We have arranged with Fishermen's Landing to provide free top shots(100yds) to the registered anglers in need of IGFA rated line. There is a...
  332. waynesworld

    Mini 14 Stock Question

    I am looking to upgrade the stock on my Mini 14 -Any reccomendations? I like the the tactical look but will have to stay within the sucky guide lines for our state(assualt rifles).I have a brand new Bullpup stock that came with the gun when I bought it ,but have never installed it and don't...
  333. waynesworld

    San Diego Marlin Club -Halibut Derby

    Coming up soon -June 18th.Great tournament ,Great prizes Don Blackman Memorial Halibut Derby benifitting the UCSD Moores Cancer center. For more details
  334. waynesworld

    Nissan 8hp motor

    Posting for a friend of mine. Nissan 2 stroke ,8hp in good condition.Was running great but has been in storage and the fuel line is missing (we have the tank). $450 Give Art a call at 619 253-0420
  335. waynesworld

    Annual Membership Meeting

    April 5th at the Southwestern Yacht [email protected] 6pm. We will be discussing club business as well as voting on some key issues. Our Guest speaker is Gary Graham .Gary will be talking about some of his adventures in Baja and will have a slide show presentation.Should be very entertaining. This is a...
  336. waynesworld

    Dates to remember 2011

    General Membership Meeting April 5, 2011 Club Clean Up Days April 9th, 2011 Open House/Day at the Docks April, 2011 Spring Shootout * May21, 2011 Sundowner May, 2011 Don Blackman Memorial Halibut Derby * June 18, 2011 Presidents&#8217; Tournament August 13, 2011 Juniors&#8217; Tournament...
  337. waynesworld

    Marlin /tuna lures

    Went through my collection and thinned it out.<HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d8d8d8; COLOR: #d8d8d8" SIZE=1> <!-- google_ad_section_start -->All are new , Paypal accepted Package # 1 Two Zukers ZM 3.5 & One ZM2 - $50 shipped [ATTACH]150524[/ATTACH KK Ponos -custom made for the S.D Marlin...
  338. waynesworld

    Mahogany Sidelights for Entry door

  339. waynesworld

    TLD 20'S ,with Tiburon kits

    Brand new reels,never been fished,before or after the Tibby conversion. One reel is loaded up with fresh 80#spectra and a 60# topshot.The other is straight 60# One reel is missing the small cap in the handle ,otherwise they are in excellent condition.They freespool like crazy and still have...
  340. waynesworld

    Caught this -What is it?

    I drug this off of the bottom of San Diego Bay last friday. Any ideas?? More pictures -I took the cap off and pulled out the guts I thought about putting batteries in it and seeing who shows up
  341. waynesworld

    Nikon d200 Body Armor

    I got this for Christmas and no longer have that model camera. The Armor provides impact protection for the camera body.Great for bouncing around in the boat. It also includes a new lcd cover and lens armor with a lens cap leash. These normally go for around $40 $20 will take this one
  342. waynesworld

    This Sucks

    Of Course it does -its a central Vacumn system by Air Vac It is a spare for my house and I am tired of moving it around in the garage. It has dual motors,one motor needs new brushed- easy fix It would be great as a shop or garage vac,or it could be set up as a dust collector $40
  343. waynesworld

    Ornately styled dresser

    SOLD!!!! All wood ,but not our style $100 It does have some scratches from moving it around Open to trades -what do you have? You pick up ,too heavy for my back
  344. waynesworld

    Marlin /Tuna jigs

    Going through my collection and doing some cleaning out- I have way too many KK pono's -$20 ea. --ALL SOLD Aloha's -$20 --ALL SOLD Zukers 3.5 -$15 Zuker's tuna -$5 -_SOLD Sevenstrand EAL -$80 --SOLD Almost all the lures are brand new -zero miles Come take a look ,I have many more and the get...
  345. waynesworld

    Sony Surround system $160

    These have to go -$160 or what do you have to trade?? Fishing gear? They are Sony's surround system Sav -57 (Black Finish) Consists of two towers with self powered subs and two rear (powered) speakers Sony SAVA57 Speakers with Internal Amplifier (Wireless Rear Speakers) They sound great and...
  346. waynesworld

    Latest Fish report

    Adolphs Bad Day... Video Don't know where I have been -never saw it before I posted it ,oops
  347. waynesworld

    30 X70 Binoculars $75

  348. waynesworld

    Evinrude 6hp

    Selling for a friend -not sure of the year.Longshaft -starts right up,be great for a kicker. $400 with the stand and two tanks
  349. waynesworld

    26'Skipjack Pilothouse/Diesel 1991 Skipjack Pilot house with Volvo diesel and 05 trailer.Ready to go fishing- recent service and many upgrades.Check it out at the attached link $44,900 obo-Price reduced
  350. waynesworld

    1/2 Day Trip For Two -H&M Landing $70

  351. waynesworld

    Milwaukee Job site radio

    SOLD----Brand new -only out the box to check it out $85 Powered by a two-way Rockford Fosgate 44 watt sound system with a 3-stage Punch EQ bass boost, the Job Site Radio provides crystal clear sound over all volumes. It features an impact resistant shell, steel handle and a blow-molded base...
  352. waynesworld

    Bait /Bilge Pumps

    ]Rule Master 12v $50 Shurflo 1800 $50 Two Teels part# - SOLD!! One Lewco Bronze body pump ,used but works good $35 One Hypro 120v ,ac pump-pump impeller is froze up but motor runs great-$20 Call to see them 760-747-6239 Located in Escondido
  353. waynesworld

    Abu Garcia /Diawa reels

    Abu Garcia Ambassadoor 550 plus-Hi speed ,ultra cast .Great condition ,but missing bearing cap -$25 Abu Garcia 5000 -really good condition .Loaded up with 12# ande line-Perfect for Calicos in the kelp -$35 -SOLD Abu Garcia Black Max 6600 ,spooled up with 12# Spider wire -$35 Diawa...
  354. waynesworld

    Scotty down rigger

    Used Walker downrigger with 24" boom and two rod holders,add a weight and you are ready to go $125
  355. waynesworld

    7 reels -$100

    7 Reels for sale ,all are used and show some signs of wear ,some more than others.All could use a good going through ,cleanup & lube. 2 abu Garcia 5000c 1 Diawa Millionare II 1 Abu Garcia (Needs work -great for spare parts) 1 Pinnacle Vision 1 Abu Garcia 5000AL (Needs work,great for spare parts)...
  356. waynesworld

    Fishmore Tackle

    Anybody heard from them ? I am looking for Mike ,he (fishmore) owes me a blank
  357. waynesworld

    Marlin club Needs your Help

    This last storm (wind) took down our radio antenna and mast and we are looking for a replacement.If you (or know of someone )have one you want to get rid of ,please contact us. We are also looking for a large ladder that will reach our roof. Thanks Wayne
  358. waynesworld

    Lures- marlin

    Better Hurry -the longer I look at these ,the more go back to my bag Aloha,KK pono -$25 each or 5 for $100 Zukers - $20 each Blue Marlin - $25 ea,or 3 for $60 Sevenstrand Eal -$100
  359. waynesworld

    Release Marine Fighting chair

    This is an older chair ,but in really great condition .It would look good on the back of your boat or in the living room in front of the TV. The chair is at the Marlin Club on Shelter Island Dr.-all proceeds will go to the Club.There is one small tear in the arm covering ,which should be easy to...
  360. waynesworld

    62' Striker going to PV

    The 6pak charter boat "OSPREY" is going to be fishing its way to PV. We leave on Nov 4th and will end the trip on the 18th. We will fish Mag Bay ,Cabo & PV Cost is $3000 per person,does not include the air fare home. Call Art for more details 619-253-0420
  361. waynesworld

    Avet Mxj 6/4 RH

    The title says it all. Email me with what you got and how many$$$-must be pristine!
  362. waynesworld

    2001 Yamaho Electric Golf Cart-$3000

    2001 Yamaha electric (36v) cart built by Marxcarts in Maryland -it is in Excellent condition and has had very little use and has always been stored inside Perfect for the Ranch or trail ,equipped with the tow package. Custom blue paint 7" lift Aluminum wheels with Offroad tires Rear flip...
  363. waynesworld

    Marlin lures

    Joe Yee,Marlin Magic,Aloha and KK Pono -Thinning out my collection.Almost all are new $25 or five for $100,these retail for $30 -40 ea. Sevenstrand EAL - keep one in the spread -$150 Large Rapala style lures from Japan Larger than a Yozuri and have internal rattles.Dives to 40' slow troll these...
  364. waynesworld

    Ist Release for the Marlin club

    The Ist release flag for the club went to the boat "Squared Away" this last firday (July 31st).The Angler was Waayne Slahor.The lure was a "Magic" by Gary Yamamoto.We also managed to snag some Yellowtail off of a patty and h [/ATTACH]ad the marlin jigs out on the way in and got a nice...
  365. waynesworld

    Don Blackman Halibut tournament

    Its this weekend -really great prizes Check it out
  366. waynesworld

    Marlin Clubs Spring Shootout

    Check it out -should be some great fishing for this tournament. This Tournament helps out the "Friends of Rollo"
  367. waynesworld

    Day AT the Docks/Open House

    If you are going down to "Day at the Docks" ,swing byThe Marlin Club and check us out.We will be having a free fishing contest from our docks -sorry you have to be 16 or under.We will also be cooking up some hot dogs and have drinks available. Bring your kids -this is a great way to see what we...
  368. waynesworld

    Marlin Club Help

    We had our annual CLub Clean Up Day this last saturday and it came to our attention that our clubhouse carpeting is in sad shape.Financially we cannot afford to replace it. We are looking for someone to contribute(or sell really ,really cheap) some flooring -we would like to have something that...
  369. waynesworld

    The Marlin Clubs 2009 Annual Meeting

    We are having our annual meeting on April [email protected] 7pm at the Silver Gate Yacht Club and everyone is invited. Bob Hoose from Pure Fishing will be showing us some of his "Candy Secrets"for Yellowtail and WhiteSeabass and Buck Everingham will be there to update us the latest on the MLPa's. Reps from...
  370. waynesworld

    MLPA Meeting -Get the word out

    Sent: Monday, January 05, 2009 12:26 PM<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Subject: MLPA meetings next Monday 1/12/09- Be there or don't complain when they close your favorite hot spot<o:p></o:p> Don’t let the big one get away. We need a gaff...
  371. waynesworld

    Weather Info needed

    Anybody got a good weather site that covers the west coast of Baja???
  372. waynesworld

    2008 Light Tackle /Gene Grimes Memorial Tournament

    Its that time of year and we are inviting all anglers,fishing clubs and angling teams to participate in our 2008 Iltt.This is a light Tackle tournament in memory of Gene Grimes.Tournament fishing dates are September12th &13th. There will be individual team prizes as well as a club prize up for...
  373. waynesworld

    August 08 Newsletter-Marlin Release tips
  374. waynesworld

    Ist Marlin By a Member

  375. waynesworld

    Halibut tournament -this Saturday

    Great tournament -Really Awesome Prizes Ist place -A trip for two on the Intrepid Go to our website for all the details Marlin Club San Diego
  376. waynesworld

    Marlin Club Raffle

    The Marlin Club Of San Diego is raffling off a Custom Rod and a Penn 30vsx. Tickets are only $5 -DO you feel lucky. We will have the rod/reel combo at our booth at"Day at the Docks" or you can stop by the club.See link for more details Marlin Club San Diego We are also having a Kidds fishing...
  377. waynesworld

    ILTT -Gene Grimes Memorial Tournament

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  378. waynesworld

    ILTT -Gene Grimes Memorial Tournament

    Its that time of year for all to be thinking about entering (Winning! )The Marlin Club's Iltt -Gene Grimes Memorial. The tournament is open to everyone and we are encouraging all clubs to participate.There is a Perpetual plaque for the winning club as well as team jackets.There are also grat...
  379. waynesworld

    Sundowner Invitation -Aug 5th,2007

    Come on down to the club and enjoy a late afternoon getogether ,share some stories and listen to Bob Hoose from Berkely / Sevenstrand .Bob is a knowledgable speaker and and will be filling us in on the latest and greatest tackle ,techniqes and general fishing info. The Sundowner is open to...
  380. waynesworld


    ANY ONE RECCOMEND A MECHANIC-Mission bay? I have the 42's with the super charger/turbo charger and when the port supercharger kicks in I get a drop in rpm and a chirping noise,as soon as the supercharger disengages the noise goes away -I am thinking that it is the clutch mechanism -but need to...
  381. waynesworld

    Halibut Tournament -this Saturday

    Great prizes -5 day trip for two -First place $750 shoppping at Fishermaens Landing -2nd place Check it out at Marlin Club San Diego
  382. waynesworld


  383. waynesworld

    June Newsletter

    Click on the link to view the June issue of the GAFFLINE
  384. waynesworld


    Don Blackman Memorial Halibut Derby - June 16th ,. Super prizes check it out. Open to the public Potluck/Sundowner - August 5th @4:00pm. Bob Hoose from Berkely and Brad Abbot from Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are the featured speakers. Bring a dish to share-Open to the public Junior's Tournament...
  385. waynesworld

    May Newsletter

    Clink the link for our latest Copy of the "Gaffline" May Gaff Line
  386. waynesworld

    Marlin Club's Spring Shootout Results

    A great time was had by all ,esp since the yellowtail were on the chew.There were only two Halibut taken for the side jackpot ,but they were "Big Butts" Aee attached link for all results and photos SPRING SHOOTOUT - May 19, 2007
  387. waynesworld

    2007 Halibut tournament- Great Prizes

    The San Diego Marlin Club 21st Annual Don Blackman Memorial Halibut DerbySaturday, June 16, 2007 <CENTER><TABLE id=AutoNumber1 style="BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" borderColor=#111111 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=656 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>Just for the Halibut... Sign up today...
  388. waynesworld

    2007 Halibut tournament- Great Prizes

    How does two Five day trips aboard the Brand New Intrepid sound -That is the Ist place prize for the Don Blackman Memorial Halibut tournament. Sorry guys its the same date as the Bloody Decks Yellowtail tourney - but who says that you can't fish both??? Check us out at The...
  389. waynesworld

    Challehge to all clubs

    Do you have some serious anglers who want to make a stand for your club? Get them together and form a team and we will see who comes out on top .Open to all clubs ,organizations and individuals There are great prizes for both the small boat division and large boat division. For a complete set of...
  390. waynesworld

    Challenge to all clubs

    Do you have some serious angler who want to make a stand for your club? Get them together and form a team and we will see who comes out on top .Open to all clubs ,organizations and individuals There are great prizes for both the small boat division and large boat division. For a complete set of...
  391. waynesworld

    Double 220 21st/22nd

    Had a charter from the Avalon Tuna Club for their light line tournament. We were at the double 220 at first light and had a jig strike at 06:15,we lost the jig fish but had them foaming on bait .All five were hooked up,but due to the light line (3 /6 thread linen) and angler inexpierence only...
  392. waynesworld

    The Marlin Club Of San Diego

    The Marlin Club was first organized in 1931 and became incorporated in 1958.It is located at 2445 Shelter Island Drive ,San Diego. The purpose of the club is to maintain a free certified weigh station for the angling public of San Diego,it also promotes sportsmanship and sport angling...
  393. waynesworld

    Spring Shoot out

    Any one fishing the Spring Shoot Out tournament this Saturday?
  394. waynesworld

    Spring shootout Tournament

    The Marlin Club Of San Diego is hosting a "Spring Shootout" Tournament this Saturday for Yellowtail ,Albacore,White Seabass and Halibut. Over $3000 in awards and raffle prizes,$50 per angler entry fee. A dinner ,and tee shirt are included. Check out our website for nore details and entry forms...