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  1. Walker Inc.

    Salmon rods/reels for sale

    I have 6 Tekota 500LC reels for sale. All rebuilt last spring by Les’s reel repair. Bearings, drag washers etc as needed. Have about 10 Westport salmon trips on them since. Stored with drags OFF. Cosmetically 6-9 out of 10. I have 6 Okuma SST 10’6” salmon rods. 3 are the 1062 H. 20-60lb 4-16...
  2. Walker Inc.

    Team Rinky Dink!

    Team Rinky Dink Charters is growing. Glad to add another rinky dink Coldwater to the fleet. Meet Reel Electric. She will be captained by @South Sounder.
  3. Walker Inc.

    Winter boat projects...

    What’s everybody doing to their boats before spring? Any re-powers? New builds? I’m painting all decks/cabin floors, changing brow and boot stripe to red, and boat name to Anika J all in red, adding a sub-woofer and a few stereo upgrades, with more electric reel plugs for next year. It’s hard...
  4. Walker Inc.


    I hung new power on my boat! Went with new Honda BF250D series engines. I lost another Yamaha due to self inflicted salt water ingestion a few Sundays ago. The engine basically sucked saltwater back thru the exhaust and hydrolocked because of a sudden stop. I had some new Yamhas on order for...
  5. Walker Inc.


  6. Walker Inc.

    Mustang inflatable life jackets

    have 8 of them. 6 need new CO2 cylinders. 2 are showing green. 4 years old. Some fading on a few of them. I would 7.5 to 8/10 in condition. 25$ each? In gig harbor
  7. Walker Inc.

    Airmar/Raymarine B60 20 degree

    600 watt Airmar B60 with Raymarine connector. 20degree. Temp and sounder. Brand new but a few years old. 100$ obo. In gig harbor
  8. Walker Inc.

    Yamaha rigging/6v battery boxes

    Have some misc Yamaha rigging. Highlights include a 704 dual binnacle, with 28ft cables, a 6ft 10 pin extension cable, some trim harnesses, and a full set of non-command link gauges consisting of 2 tachs and a fuel management gauge. Also have 2 6v battery boxes. In good shape but could use a...
  9. Walker Inc.

    50 gal Big Salt/Defiance bait tank

    50 gallon, gray color. Tank is as close to new as possible. Only has a few trips on it from the previous owner. My brother bought it from a friend. Doesn’t work with the hatch pattern on his Osprey project. Comes with rod holder, cover, and mounting blocks $1,200.00
  10. Walker Inc.

    Warranty procedure

    i have 6 Okuma SST salmon rods. Cracked 4 of the 6 reel seats in the last 3 weeks. Year and a half old. What is Okumas warranty policy/period? Thanks guys!
  11. Walker Inc.

    Thrasher Bait Rods

    I have 7 of these for sale. They are a 7ft blank. Acid wrapped with all ALPS guides and reel seats, and Winn grips. The action is 25lb to whatever you want. I have tried to break this blank and never could. They have literally caught thousands of albacore over the last few years. Also doubled...
  12. Walker Inc.

    Avet’s for sale.

    I have a silver MXJ and a Silver LX. BOTH ARE LEFT HANDED!! How about 150$$ for the MXJ and 200$$ for the LX. Both spooled with Power Pro. 50lb on the MXJ and 80LB on the LX PM or call. 253 three 07 76one2 These are in excellent condition, and barley used. Kept them on the boat for guys...
  13. Walker Inc.

    Winter derby side pot part 2

    Guys- I will be at each captains meeting the night before each derby starts. Find me, and I will find you based on interest on this post, or calls or texts. Give me your 100$ and you are in. I will find the winner at the end of each derby and pay accordingly. Rules are simple. Heaviest...
  14. Walker Inc.

    5th wheel adapter........

    no words. Looks way safe!
  15. Walker Inc.

    Winter Derbies

    Who is fishing which derbies? I will be doing the Ressurection, the Roche Harbor, and the Friday Harbor. I will run the BD side pots for all these derbies for those interested!
  16. Walker Inc.

    One tuna seat. Sunday Aug 12

    Have 1 spot tomorrow. Guys were a group of 6. Had one drop out. How does 250$ sound. Call or PM. 2533077612
  17. Walker Inc.


    Fun as always. Congrats to team pursuit. We had a stellar crew!
  18. Walker Inc.

    Need a favor...

    anybody have an extra patch? My wife is making her inaugural tuna trip Saturday. We know she pukes. She’s coming with an IV lock, a few bags of saline, and a pez dispenser of Zofran. I had a few laying around and can’t find them. Cash or beer. In WP at 2:30 today thru the weekend. Thanks!
  19. Walker Inc.

    The good, the bad, the ugly

    the good is the tuna fishing. It was decent today. We ended with 17 fatties all 25 plus pounds. They are 45ish miles from the jetty which is great. They are eager troll biters and taking a few live baits too. There is an edge. Cold water on the beach all the way to the break. It’s been a few...
  20. Walker Inc.

    Seats on Saturday. LaPush.

    3 spots left for Saturday. Lings, Butts, Bass, and Salmon. We got them all last Saturday, and am hoping for the same this Saturday. Trip leaves “D” dock in LaPush at 4:30 AM. BD PRICE IS 350$ Call or message. 253.307.7612
  21. Walker Inc.

    Lapush 6/23

    got em all!, Salmon limits, butt limits, ling limits, bass limits. Awesome day. Salmon came from blue dot. White fish standard Lapush grounds
  22. Walker Inc.

    LaPush Saturday 6/16

    NOAA was wrong AGAIN! Weather and ocean were beautiful. Fishing was slow off the start for us and really picked up after the tide change. Limits and crew fish all around on butts, lings, and bass! As we were being checked I asked the checker what her outbound count was. She said 32 boats...
  23. Walker Inc.

    1 seat. LaPush. Saturday the 16th

    have a seat in lapush tomorrow. Boat leaves at 6am. We are not Obama Charters like some of the other guys around here, so 250$ sounds good. Butts, lings, bass. Snacks,NA beverages, and fish cleaning are on me. Beer and sandwhices are on you. PM or call or txt. 2533077612
  24. Walker Inc.

    Could be a sweet setup

    saw this for sale. At 100k, the sale of the Volvo engine and drive should net you bracket fabrication and a few extra pickups in the fuel tank. Another 38k gets you twin 300 Suzuki’s with 2 sets of controls and rigging. Looks to have 585 sounder and VX2 navnets. 140k for a kick ass boat. Way...
  25. Walker Inc.

    Westport 5/25

    another slay fest. Straight out to 56 square for the Butts and south for the lings. 10 Butts 20 lings. Back by 2:30! Had @JTC and Benjamin. and some other friends on today. Great trip. Saw about 30ish boats coming back in as we were headed out. Ocean laid down about 15 miles out.
  26. Walker Inc.

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    was horrible. Took all day to find them. No lings, no Butts. All Boccaccio. Highly recommend area’s 3-9 on the 25th
  27. Walker Inc.

    Let’s make it interesting....

    So, let’s have a derby. Just like the salmon derby doc holiday did last year. Biggest ling, biggest halibut both from the off-shore halibut days only. Ling is dressed weight. Halibut is in the round. Cell phone picture of weight on a scale? Westport only? Or open to all ports?
  28. Walker Inc.

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Side Pot

    I have been deemed the side pot keeper for the Friday Harbor Derby. I’m fine with that, but in keeping up with Jimmy Lawson and the organizers of the event, who give a huge chunk of change to Salmon for Soldiers, we are doing the same. SO IT’S SIMPLE. 75% OF THE POT TO THE WINNER, 25% TO SALMON...
  29. Walker Inc.

    Need a property surveyor

    need one side of my property surveyed to establish a lot line for a 250 ft fence. Located in Gig Harbor. Who does this? Cash? Cocaine? Thrashers? Avets? Raymarine? Let me know!
  30. Walker Inc.

    WTC registration opened today

    Get after it bitches. Bottom line after last years shennaigans is that it’s a charity cause that needs our support. See you there!!
  31. Walker Inc.

    Tried to salute you. Everett

    old, bald, small lap dog.
  32. Walker Inc.

    Went crabing.

    Had plenty. Not a single undersize!
  33. Walker Inc.

    It’s over.....

    had my last cocktail in tuna town with Vance and two tap. Driving the motorhome home right now. Was a weird season to say the least with lots mixed fishing days and personal shit. Really thankful for my “Westport” family. I really hope the Westport Inn fails to follow through on their promise...
  34. Walker Inc.

    Be like Vance

    @dragonballs knows how to buy more fishing days, even if they are banked for next year. Merry Christmas fuckers. Catch up! @Sammy Hooker is on the program too!
  35. Walker Inc.

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    Any of you guys done a delete on an SCR emissions equipped Duramax? What brand tuner did you use? Not so much worried about power or mileage increases as much as blowing smoke, the burning smells, and funky idling from time to time and the never accurate add DEF light. Had this one a year, and...
  36. Walker Inc.

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    Left at 6 am on a fun trip. Had my good friend Jeff Dawson, @TimeZoned, @DEEP MAGIK , his bro in law Jared, and old man Poon Senior. We took 3 scoops and headed 93 miles SW to 45.50/125.28 to start. You could almost see the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Things got going in short order with a troll...
  37. Walker Inc.

    New Raymarine 4ft 4kw pedestal and array
  38. Walker Inc.

    Raymarine 4kw 4ft open array radar. Brand new

    I have a Raymarine RA1048HD radar for sale. It is brand new. I purchased a year ago, and had to send it back to Raymarine for warranty work. I purchased a dome in the interim to keep running, and like the fact that my boat is 12 inches shorter for towing purposes. Radar was just returned so I'm...
  39. Walker Inc.

    Open tuna boat

    lets go. Whole boat. Weather looks great. They are there but just a ways out. I have a big gas tank. Pm or call 325BD special For Tuesday. As in tomorrow! 253.307.76one two
  40. Walker Inc.

    Weather looks great for the WTC!

    Weather looks great for the WTC!!!! Can't wait to see all you superstitious pricks. Fishing was great today!
  41. Walker Inc.

    Full Raymarine system In Washington Forum. Will ship!
  42. Walker Inc.

    Raymarine System for Sale

    List has been updated! I am selling the Raymarine gear on my boat to upgrade to new displays. I have the following for sale: CP 370 1KW sounder module. 450.00$ now 300.00 2 E125 12" MFD's w/ trunnion brackets. 1500.00 now 1000$ each 1 C125 12" MFD. with bracket. 1100.00$ Now 900$ 5...
  43. Walker Inc.

    Good things are still happening!

    Got a PM from a brother who wants to remain anonymous. He is offering to pay for @LJB + 1 to go tuna fishing before it's to late. Greg- It's that simple. Here's a a few dates, if none work we will make something work that fits your schedule. Aug. 7 Aug 2 Aug 3 Sept 4-7 Sept 14(Jason BD...
  44. Walker Inc.

    Raymarine 18" 4kw Digital Raydome w/cable

    just removed from a customers boat. 18" 4kw digital dome. 1.5 years old, minimal use. Comes with 30ft cable. Compatible with A, C, E, Es, Gs, and Axiom displays. RETAIL IS $1,300.00 How does 1,000 OBO sound? PM me!
  45. Walker Inc.

    Ilwaco OTC

    Who's going? I know after getting the oppurtunity to go to CR with John Kapica and Team Reel Broke last year, I want to go back BAD. We might be serious on Saturday and not drink beer........... Leaving Friday from Westport, fishing all day, then into Ilwaco. Staying and fishing the tournament...
  46. Walker Inc.

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    @carrie's bait boy decided it was time to upgrade from his Lowrance gear to some new Raymarine. With a little help from @DEEP MAGIK we built Norman a kick ass system. He is now running 3 Axioms. A 12" and a 9" at the helm, and a 12" out back. We added a CP 470 chirp module driving a TM 275 1KW...
  47. Walker Inc.

    Sitka Report

    A few friends and i snuck away to Sitka on Thursday afternoon to fish Friday thru Sunday with D Floyd and the Reel Class Charters crew. For May fishing I can't complain. We had 8 kings to the boat today, sorted thru a lot of halibut, and had to pick thru a lot of lings to get keepers in the slot...
  48. Walker Inc.

    I'm dying inside!

    came across this memory from last year. What a fun friend trip. Can't wait to do it again! @Elkfins @Cornfed @T2shortB @silver slayer @Montanadave @Happy Daze I got a little excited watching it.
  49. Walker Inc.

    The Goat Ranch!

    I started early this morning towing the big girl to the Goat Ranch in Stanwood. My new bait tank has been done for a few weeks, but the Goat Farmer had a few derbies to fish. First daunting task was backing up the driveway into the shop. Definitely a 4x4 low crawl up that Goat trail. We then...
  50. Walker Inc.

    Battery Maintenance

    have you checked your water? I know I didn't for 2 years. Noticed things were not like they used to be.......... This was my 500$$ dolloar mistake that was easily prevented. Check your water!! Distilled water only! Thanks @Genie Aye for the battery hook up for the second time!!
  51. Walker Inc.

    Adding another boat for Thursday thru Sunday!

    Really excited to be working with Bo and the guys at Allied Boats. We are throwing this one in the fleet starting august 3 and running it Thursday thru Sunday until the tuna are gone. 32' long and a little over 10' wide. Twin 300 Yamahas, all Raymarine electronics, Shimano reels, and Thrasher...
  52. Walker Inc.

    We're on the board in Roche!

    @Swede is holding down 3rd!
  53. Walker Inc.

    Raymarine Quantum Chirp Radar

    I have a Raymarine quantum chirp dome for sale. It comes with the power cable(25 ft long apprx.) and a 5M data cable. This is Raymarines newest chirp radar. I bought it when my open array failed in August as can interface with any A, C, E, or eS series display running the newest lighthouse...
  54. Walker Inc.

    Avets for sale

    I have 2 different kinds of Avets for sale. All reels just returned Saturday from Avet factory service(40$ per reel). Every bearing and drag washer was replaced based on the bag of parts I got back. Reels are rebuilt to factory specs and ready to fish. I have 3 right hand silver MXJ's. Looking...
  55. Walker Inc.

    Seeker Bait Rods For Sale

    Hey guys- Have 7 Seeker Black Steel G670 7' rods for sale. Ran on my charter boat for the 2015 season. In overall good shape. A few grips have some cuts in the foam, and a little rust around the very bottom line guide from attaching a hook. Some light scratching from an arrant deckhand...
  56. Walker Inc.

    Looking for a Roche Harbor ticket...

    My little brother snoozed and it sold out. He really wants to go. Anybody buy one and their wife said no? Or you forgot about that winter family reunion on the same weekend? Let me know. Thanks!!
  57. Walker Inc.

    If anybody is looking for a re-power.......

    Here is the deal of the century!!
  58. Walker Inc.

    Squidding Tonight!

    Leaving Gig Harbor around 5. Headed over twoards the Girl Scout camp. No seats but come join the floatilla if you and your boat are free! Squid make great halibut bait.......
  59. Walker Inc.

    Winter boat projects.

    Like the title says, lots of projects. 1. 2 new helms, upgraded to 2.4 helms from 1.7 helms. They move more fluid so less wheel turn = more motor turn 2. New steering cylinder. Seastar tournament series. Very ROBUST. with matching tie bar 3. New fusion outdoor speakers on overhang. Still feel...
  60. Walker Inc.

    Help Wanted

    Morning guys- It's that magical fucking time of year again. Looking for anybody who needs some extra work. We have a couple of large Christmas lighting projects going. Particularly need help with one in Sequim. Pay is good. I buy lunch and dinner, and a hotel if you want to stay at night...
  61. Walker Inc.

    Accidents happen!

    When you fuck up your brand new 3 week old truck........ The guys at Collision Specialists on Washington Ave in Kent can fix it fast and RIGHT. And they like CASH!! It benefits both parties if you know what I mean. They fixed it in 5 days!! Can't reccomend John and Drew enough!
  62. Walker Inc.

    Westport Saturday. 2 tuna seats

    Pretty simple. 2 seats tomorrow. Saturday. BD special 300$$ each. Leaving at 6. Killed 30 today. 253.307.7612. Call me and get here!
  63. Walker Inc.

    2 seats tomorrow. Tuna. Westport

    2 seats. BD special 300$ each. Call me 253.307.7612. Westport tuna. Leaving at 6 am.
  64. Walker Inc.

    Racor filters

    Bought these for my boat. Wrong ones. Still new in plastic. These have the 1/2 inch threads on the top. An 18 pack of coors original wins them both. They are in gig harbor currently but can be in Westport when the wind quits blowing
  65. Walker Inc.

    Defiance comes thru!

    I was on my way out this morning, and my new 12kw open array Raymarine radar wasn't right. Targets were weak to non-existent. We cleared the bar, and carefully felt our way SW. Radar got worse as the morning went. Last few days there has been fog for 80% of the run to the tuna grounds. We make...
  66. Walker Inc.

    Tuesday August 2nd

    Have room for 2 guys. Tuna. BD special $300 each. PM or call. 253.307.7612
  67. Walker Inc.

    Landed in Sitka today......

    The adventure begins in the morning. Leaving at o'dark thirty headed to elfin cove to hang out for 6 days. We are going on a halibut hawg quest........ More pictures to follow
  68. Walker Inc.

    Friday July 8th

    Guys- My tuna trip for Friday has fallen apart. 3 seats are available! BD special $300.00 each. Call or PM. I promise that I'm a shitty skipper, the boat sucks, and we won't have any fun!! 253.307.7612 @jcwhite
  69. Walker Inc.

    WANTED: Area 2C CHP lease

    Looking for an area 2C(SE AK) CHP(charter halibut permit). Need 4 rods minimum. This is a long shot on this board, but you never know. Looking for May and June of 2017 specificaly, but will pay whole year lease. Thanks!
  70. Walker Inc.

    Sammy Hooker!

    Had a bad day, but persevered and will be in LaPush! Thanks Rodger!
  71. Walker Inc.

    Need a gutter guy...

    Need new gutters. Rambler. Level all the way around with easy ladder access. New downspouts too. Walked it off and it's around 300 lineal feet with 4 corners. Also have a small outbuilding. 4 corners. Easy access. 80 lineal feet. Anybody do this? What does it cost per foot? Want to trade...
  72. Walker Inc.

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........ Seems a tad high, with dated electronics and all, but cash is king!!
  73. Walker Inc.

    Rough saw Doug for lumber for sale

    As the title says. Have some rough sawn(read homemade) lumber for sale. All Doug Fir. Dimensions are as follows: 6"x12"x20' long Doug Fir beams. 6 total. $60 each 2"x12"x20' Doug fir. 35 availiable. $15 each. Located in Gig Harbor. Can help load. Call or PM Two five 3 307 seven 612
  74. Walker Inc.

    Billy Nik Derby Feb 13th Hood Canal

    Who is going to be there. We are running from Gig Harbor Friday morning the 12th. Staying in pleasant harbor Friday night! Geoduck tavern?
  75. Walker Inc.

    Anybody need some extra cash in the next couple weeks?

    If anybody is not working, or between jobs and needs a few days of side work, I have some in Sequim. It involves taking Christmas lights down off of trees and shrubs and coiling them in garbage cans. Small ladders are involved up to about 10ft high. Pay is 200$$ per day (9 to 10 hours)plus lunch...
  76. Walker Inc.

    WTC Registration is open!

    Get registered. Let's fill this thing up! Team Tailwalker is in with charter clients. Should be fun!
  77. Walker Inc.

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    Does anybody have a 15lb or preferably a 20lb downriver ball mold for rent? Or beer? Or a seat on a charter trip? THANKS!
  78. Walker Inc.

    Furuno Items For Sale

    I have started the electronics retrofit on my boat, and have some items for sale: (QTY 2) Furuno Navnet 1 cMap 10.4 inch display. In good shape, a little corrosion around the edges. Works perfectly. Puget Sound and Coast cards included. Also have trunion brackets, power cords,and knobs for...
  79. Walker Inc.

    Vashon Island Squid

    girl scout camp. 50 feet of water. Seceret bait is hot chocolate and rumplemintz, or fireball and hot apple cider. Lots of fun! Going again soon!
  80. Walker Inc.

    Are your lights up yet?

    Better get after it to make the old lady happy! Lots of winter derbies coming up! See some of you in Friday Harbor in a few weeks!
  81. Walker Inc.

    Some video!

    Thanks Swede!
  82. Walker Inc.

    I finally have some good pictures!

    And it's because Swede brought his camera Saturday. Back story is that to run a charter company, you need pictures of what you catch to sell trips! Problem is I'm always tying a hook, gaffing a fish, driving the boat, or digging salmon hooks from the net, and trying to keep the boat in or on a...
  83. Walker Inc.

    Struck gold on the Gold Rush

    What a day! Long and short is that I took a client fishing on the Gold Rush today to help Kevin fill a few seats as my party of 6 collapsed to one yesterday afternoon. The single that was able to make it had already been thru 2 weather cancellations and now this! Had to get him fishing! We met...
  84. Walker Inc.

    Open Seats

    4 open TUNA seats for Tuesday September 22nd! 350$$ Each
  85. Walker Inc.

    The pink Ande is contained!

    The offender is a changed man. I spoke with him the other day. He was not aware of the situation
  86. Walker Inc.

    Well fuck...... Updated

    As if the playboy too having a shitty day on Friday was not enough, I had a catastrophic engine failure on my new port side yamaha 3.3 liter f250. Engine has about 350 hours since new in April, and after talking with my mechanic we think it had a ring stick. Loaded for a 5am departure to...
  87. Walker Inc.

    One spot Saturday

    Had a cancelation. 1 seat. Tomorrow. Tuna. 300$. PM me!
  88. Walker Inc.

    This guy went tuna fishing!

    He's hooked. Already thinking about leveraging the farm for a bigger boat. Him and Wild Bill are no longer virgins!
  89. Walker Inc.

    Airmar/Raymarine B60 20 degree transducer

    Have a brand new Airmar/Raymarine B60 thruhull transducer. Bought it last year because I thought the temp circuit failed in the original in my old Defiance. Problem was actually in the MFD. 100$$$ sound good? Will be in Westport Saturday afternoon thru Sunday. Part is in Gig Harbor
  90. Walker Inc.

    I love LaPush

    We had a great 3 days in LaPush. I had a group of guys from Miles Resources on Thursday, and an old college friend and his family Friday and Saturday. Fishing was great, the weather good, and the boat fucking awesome! I fall more in love with this thing every time I run it. It ate up the slop...
  91. Walker Inc.

    Pole barns.......

    So, the time has come to build a shop. I have done some code research for the new house I bought. Pierce county says I can't have more than 3000sq ft. I envisioned a 50x100 structure in the beginning, but sounds like 40x70 will be more practical from a building standpoint. I got a quote from...
  92. Walker Inc.

    A little project today!!!

    Today was bittersweet. Awesome because my boat has a fresh set of engines, and sad because my checking acct. is beyond deflated!! Long story short I believe I damaged a motor coming home from the Roche derby, and realized the damage last week. After a lot of cussing, big hammers, and a "hot"...
  93. Walker Inc.

    I added the heartbeat today!

    I installed the bait tank today. All plumed in and good to go. Went with a gray 50 gallon defiance tank. The last one I had in my Defiance was awesome, so I'm hoping this one is too! Also added another display to the helm. Boat came with a 7" nav net, it's a little small when you split the...
  94. Walker Inc.

    Roche Harbor will go on

    A guy named Jesus Christ just told me roche will happen, and there will be some closures and openings to gain days!! Aweaome
  95. Walker Inc.

    King 3 axle bunk trailer for sale

    I have a King 3 axle galvanized bunk trailer for sale. It is he 10,000gvw model, so it has a carry weight of about 8600 pounds. My 33 foot Coldwater currently sits on it with no room to spare. A few notes about the trailer: It has no brakes on any of the axles. It was used to move my new boat a...
  96. Walker Inc.

    Area 7, 1 fish per day effective 1-12-2015

    Just got an email from the roche harbor derby people. 1 fish effective 1-12. Just an FYI!!
  97. Walker Inc.

    Shorepower and Aluminum

    Question. Just added a 120v 30A shore power panel to my aluminum boat. It powers a battery charger on one circuit, and a cabin receptacle on another. I have been reading about corrosion and electrolysis etc, and for the most part have no concerns, except in the shore power area. What is an...
  98. Walker Inc.

    Open Boat Party

    Saturday the 20th of December. Downtown Gig Harbor. The Bujacich dock. Free beer. Come by, say hi!! My wife got to do this when we bought a house, and this is my new house, so what the hell!!!!
  99. Walker Inc.

    Trailer Wanted

    Well, the trailer under my new Coldwater is not up to the task at hand. It's a 3 axle 10k King with no brakes. It was fine for its 3 miles a year in Sitka from the boat storage to the launch, and for oil change haul outs. I'm not sure it's a good idea to go 170 miles from Bellingham to Port...
  100. Walker Inc.

    Merry Christmas Fuckers

    Are your lights up yet? A few shots of my boys and girls doin work in Sequim at the 7 Cedars Casino. Swing by and say hi if you are in the neighborhood!
  101. Walker Inc.'s here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    I bought a new boat! She gets here in late December from Sitka. 30 foot Coldwater walkaround. Twin 250 Yamahas, and some Furuno gear. You guys will see her in the Westport small boat charter fleet next year. I'm beyond excited to run this boat and begin a new business venture!! Here is a few...
  102. Walker Inc.


    So, we were having a discussion last night. When I ran the charter boat this summer, it seemed like at least one person got sick every day, and most days it was usually 3 out of the 6 at some point in the trip. And more often then not, someone was out cold the whole day! The question is, how...
  103. Walker Inc.

    In a Defiance

    Larry- Today I went fishing in a Defiance. The door stayed on, we caught 38 tunas, we ran over 120 NM, the back door still stayed on, and we didn't need extra fuel filters because we didn't fill the gas tank with Fireball like you did in la push! I saw 4 other ones out there. None of them...
  104. Walker Inc.

    1 seat Saturday tuna

    Got one hole tomorrow. Skill level doesn't matter, what does is clean raingear, non marking boots, and most importantly the ability to keep the contents of your guts in your guts all day long. Ocean looks good tomorrow. Fishing has been solid all week. I have all the gear. Pm or text 253.307.7612
  105. Walker Inc.

    2013 Defiance Admiral 250 For Sale

    For sale is a gently used 2013 Defiance Admiral 250 ex. This lightly used vessel has apprx 150 hours on the twin Honda bf 150 mains. Vessel also includes the following: Electronics-Raymarine HD digital 48 mile radar with a C127 MFD at the helm, and A networked A75 on the back deck, and B60 thru...
  106. Walker Inc.

    Bait tank was successful

    So, thanks to Bo Palmer, Jon Larwence, Jeffsk7, and my brother, the relentless has a bait tank. It was 42 gallons of leaky scratched up mess. She is now water tight, anchored to the boat, and ready for battle. It now has what seems like gallons of west system epoxy. Tubes of 5200 smeared around...
  107. Walker Inc.

    Bait tank size and brand suggestions!!

    So, what kind of bait tank are you guys all running, and how many gallons?? What brand, what kind of pumps. The new boat is getting on this week. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in aadvance.
  108. Walker Inc.

    World Cat is Massive

    Wdlfbio's world cat is massive. Spotted him on hwy 18 headed out. That's a great looking boat, almost intimidating coming down the road at you!!! Go get em!!!!